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            I watch the stars with my face glued to the car window taking in the view. It's been about a year since my parents divorced and my mother has finally found that one person who makes her happy again. Of course I was happy for her but when she asked me what I thought about moving to South Korea to live with him I wasn't crazy about the idea. It's not that I can't speak Korean or anything; I'm bi-racial even though I was born in California, I know both cultures well. I didn't want to leave my friends and home, but when I saw how much this man meant to her I couldn't take her last chance to be happy away. So here we are, driving through an unfamiliar neighborhood complex full of huge houses somewhere in Seoul. I don't think I've ever seen houses so big.    

            The car finally lurches to a halt in front of a building that looks more like a mansion than a regular home. "Here we are!" My mother sings in excitement. She jumps out of the car and runs around to the trunk and starts unloading some suitcases. I watch as a strongly built man walks out of the house and runs towards my mother. He greets her in a bear hug and I smile at how cute they are. I wish my real father could have been like that, Mr. Lee is wealthy, handsome, kind, and successful.

            Every time my parents were together they were either screaming their heads off or insulting each other. There was no love in their relationship and I felt guilty for being the only reason they were forced to stay together all those years of my childhood.  

            I finally decide to get out of the car and greet my step-father to be. "Hello Mr. Lee," I say with a smile. "Hello Kevin, I'm glad you're here." He says patting my shoulder as I grab a bag out of the trunk and head for the house. I walk along the small stone path up to the front door. I turn the nob and walk inside. I'm amazed at sight before me; the marble floor reflects the dimly lighted candles that make up the chandelier. In the living room a large plasma screen TV sits upon a wooden oak stand along with black, leather couches. The kitchen consists of a long black-top table and granite topped counters matching a black refrigerator and cabinets. Glass windows overlook a large in-ground swimming pool and stone patio making up the back yard. The entire house is breath taking. "Wow…"  I set my bag on the ground as my eyes graze over the beautiful paintings along the walls. "I'm glad you like it, now that it is going to be your new home." Mr. Lee walks in carrying several bags and a suitcase. "It's amazing, I can't believe this is your home, we've always lived in small apartments."  He smiles, finding my amazement amusing. My mom walks in caring the last of our belongings and then lookes at her watch. "Honey you should go settle in and then get some rest, you start school tomorrow." I just noticed how late it is and nod in agreement. I am pretty tired after the long plane ride and jet lag is just starting to take its toll "Take a right up the stairs and your room is the one on the left, across Kiseop's."

            "Oh, okay. Thank you." With that I give them a final smile and make my way up the stairs and to my new room. I'm a little nervous about starting school, it's already hard enough adjusting to a new country and speaking Korean all the time. And it's the middle of the school year. I just don't feel like making new friends, even though it's never been that hard for me to, I am quite social. The only person I'll know will be Kiseop, my step-brother to be, but I haven't even met him yet. I don't even know what he looks like. I stop myself from worrying and quickly unpack some stuff in my bags, only leaving a change of clothes out for the morning. I hurry to brush my teeth, take a shower, and put on some clean clothes before jumping in my bed and snuggling under the covers. The sheets smell clean and fresh, and with the pleasant smell of fabric softener in my nose I drift off to sleep still a little nervous about what tomorrow will bring.

            I wake to the obnoxious buzzing of my alarm clock. I let out a long sigh before forcing my body to move. I slide out of bed and walk over to my dresser to shut up my alarm. I get dressed and wash my face brush my teeth, and comb my hair before going down stairs. In the kitchen I see Mom and Mr. Lee both drinking some coffee. "Good morning dear~"

            "Good morning." I grab a cup of coffe and sit down at the table. "We'll drive you to school on our way to work." mom says between sipping her coffee. I waited for a moment before asking, "Where's Kiseop?" There was a moment of silence before Lee says, "He's already gone. He likes to leave early for some reason. I'm sorry Kevin, he's." He says with annoyance in his tone and he can't even find the right words to finish his sentence.  "Oh... that's alright. I wouldn't want to be a burden." I give him a reassuring smile, even though it would be easier to at least know one person.

            As we pulled up in front of the school I get butterflies in my stomach and start to feel a little queasy. "Ugh…"

"Are you okay honey?" My mom askes with worry in her voice. "I'm fine, bye Mom, bye Lee."  I quickly jump out of the car and head through the crowd of students trying to forget my nervousness. Once I got inside I walk into the office and sit down in a small chair waiting to get my schedule. After the large crowd of students finally make their way into their homeroom classes the morning bell rings. I start to tap my foot impatiently waiting for the office secretary to come back from where ever she is, all I need is to be late to class on my first day.; Ten minutes later she finally walks in. "Oh, good morning. You must be Kevin Woo Sung Hyun , the American transfer." She said in an annoying chirpy voice. "Yes." I couldn't hide the urgency in my voice; I hate being late. "Okay, here is your schedule," She grabs a piece of paper from her desk and hands it to me, "Your first class is Art." She gives me a smile as I exit the office and search the vacant halls for art class.

            Five more minutes have passed and I'm completely lost, roaming the hallways aimlessly. I start to get very frustrated and want to scream. All the classroom numbers are mixed up, and I don't know where to go! I take a minute to stop and try and figure what direction to go. As I scan over my schedule a few more times I hear footsteps coming towards me. I don't bother to look up feeling stupid until the footsteps stop and I look up to see a tall dark figure standing right next to me. He stops to look over my shoulder at my schedule. "Uh…" I start but he just takes the paper out of my hands and looks over it for a few moments. Dark sunglasses cover his eyes and his long dark hair brushes across his face perfectly. His outfit is rather gothic looking, black skinny jeans with a baggy, black hoddie, and black converse. I guess he likes black. I watch as a small smirk crosses over his lips and looks up at me and says, "So, you're Kevin."

            "Uh, yes…"

            "I just got kicked out of art class," he turns around and points down the hall behind us, "It's at the end to the left." He hands me my schedule back and then walks pass me continues down the hall. "Uh, thank you," I call after him but he just waves his hand over his head not bothering to look back. Well I better get to class.  When I get to the art room I hesitate to open the door but force myself to walk in. As I stumble through the door way everyone goes silent and stares at me, even the teacher. "Uh…I'm sorry for disrupting class. My name is Kevin, I'm new." I turn towards the teacher and bow "Oh! You're the transfer student." She turns towards the class and then back at me. "You can take a seat right over there." She motioned to an empty table. "Just ignore all the paint. One student decided to dump a bottle of paint on another and start a fight, making a mess in the process." I smile genuinely at her and then take my seat at the empty table trying to avoid the puddles of paint surrounding the area. As I sit down I notice the girls around me silently giggling and looking away as I turn to face them. I just smile at them causing them to giggle even louder. "Girls, please." The teacher, Ms. Han if I'm correct, who obviously was already annoyed gives the girls around me a warning glare. "Getting back to class…" She started, but I found it hard to pay attention wondering if that weird guy in the hall way was the one who dumped paint on some other student.

            The rest of the period seemed to fly by and when the teacher said we could have the last few minutes of class to talk with friends I just started to gather my things together. "Hey there new kid" I turn to see a group of guys huddled around my desk. "Hi… ."

"All the girls think you're hot." He nodds in the direction of a group of girls quietly whispering to each other. "Okay…"

            "What's your next class?" The leader of the group asks. "I have History, Science, and then L.A." I answer memorizing my order of classes.  The leader grabs my schedule and looke at it. "We have History together, and Junsu has Science and L.A with you." He motions to the innocent looking boy behind him, "And I'm Jared by the way." He says handing me back my schedule. "Welcome to the school." He says with a sly smile.    

            I finally make it to last period, Phys. Ed. I don't really know anyone who will be in my class but when I walked into the gym a group of girls crowd around me and start asking me some random questions. I tried to answer everything they were curious about and be polite but it was kind of annoying having all these girls all over me. I was worrying that I wouldn't make any friends and be lonely, but I guess I didn't have anything to be worried about. I got changed and walked out of locker room with some of my new friends and we gathered around the sports coach, who happened to be the teacher, and listened to him give us a lecture  about basketball. The teacher was a big, buff, scary man who looked more like a drill sergeant than a gym teacher. Once he finished he put us in teams. Another teacher walked in the gym and starts to talk to the coach so everyone starts to talk with the others on their team. I just walk over to the group of people on my team and pretend to join in on their conversation. I take the time to look at the other people on the other team. I realize some girls on the other team staring at me and then looking away quickly when I noticed, I give them a devilish smirk and watch as they start to squeal and giggle. Girls have always paid attention to me, so I'm used to the attention.

             But, my attention turned to one of the guys on the other team instead of any of the girls. He was holding the basketball with both hands and was staring off into space. It took me a moment to realize it was the same guy who helped me in the hall way. He had the same dark wispy hair, and entire black outfit. But now he was wearing some baggy sweat pants and a guinea-t along with one attachable black sleeve on his left arm going up to his elbow. He's so unique looking. I stare at him until he feels my gaze. He looks right in my direction and when our eyes meet I get butterflies in my stomach all over again. His eyes are a dark chocolate brown. I smile at him hoping he recognizes me too but he just looks away. I could feel my smile dissapear, why didn't he smile back? The fact that he just looked away seemes to really bother me.

            After a moment of sulking I watch as some of the jocks in our class walkover to him. One wraps his arm around the brown eyed boy's waist. I could feel a stir of irritation in the pit of my stomach. The jock then leaned in to whisper something in his ear. I watch as the boy's gorgeous eyes widen and he suddenly spins around to face the jocks who are now laughing. The boy throws the basketball directly in the face of the jock that grabbed him causing him yelp in pain and grab his face with blood dripping from his hands. The other jocks stop laughing and their expression turn angry. I suddenly feel a little nervous for the brown eyed boy, that was a stupid move. They're so much larger and there's a whole group of them. One of the jocks advances on the brown eyed boy and grabs his arm harshly, and I almost feela bit panicked. They started screaming at the smaller boy, but he didn't flinch or show any fear of them. Right then the gym teacher runs in and forces the jock to release the other. He yells at the group of jocks and I watch as the entire group helps the one on the ground clutching his face, and take him out of the gym and towards the nurse. The gym teacher turns towards the brown-eyed boy and instead of yelling he just points towards the door closest to the main office. As he walks away he passes me but only glances at me for a second before walking out of the gym.  

            I nudge the girl closest to me and she turns from her friends to look at me. She suddenly smiles and says, "Oh, hey Kevin!"

            "Hi. Um, do you know who that guy was, the one that just walked out of the Gym?"

            "I'm not sure who you mean."

            "He was wearing all black."

            "Oh! That's Kiseop."

            "That was Lee Kiseop?"

            "Yeah! He's so cool! But he doesn't socialize with anyone much, most of his friends are in the grades above us." When she turns to look back at her friends I suddenly feel like smiling. Why am I so happy the brown eyed boy happens to be my future step-brother?
This was an idea I had, I've never written a fanfict before so sorry if it sucks. Kevin and Kiseop are my favorites in U-Kiss so I wanted to try and write one with them. Jared and Junsu are madeup and aren't based on anyone.
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                It's started to snow a little these past few days. Korea usually doesn't get a lot of snow but, even though I hate the cold, it reminds me of home so it's enjoyable. I promised to meet up with friends today at the mall so I force myself out of bed and shower. I get dressed, grab a cup of coffee and am out the door by 9:00am.

                I hug my coffee cup as I walk down the paved sidewalk leading away from my home. I watch as little kids play in the snow. Some making snowmen while others just try to eat it. I always played in the snow with Kibum when we were small. We played outside for hours and then would run back inside to have hot chocolate.

                Once I get to the mall I run inside and search through the crowds of people to find some familiar faces. After a while I find Eli close to the small cafeteria where we first met. "Hey." He greets me with a warm smile. "So…where did Dongho want to meet us?" I ask and we both scan through the crowd again. "Let's check out some of the stores and maybe we'll find him." Eli leads the way and I follow.

                We walk in and out of a few small stores looking around not finding anything too interesting. I don't really get why we even decided to meet here of all places. We wander through the crowds of people some more until we come across a small store completely decorated in Christmas decorations.  It's a little early for Christmas, but since I've always loved Christmas shopping I loop my arm through Eli's and lead him inside

                 We admire some Christmas trees with colorful, glittery ornaments and light up angels on top. The isles are filled with small Christmas and winter knickknacks and everything is just so colorful. "Oh~" Eli leaves my side and I turn to see where he's going. In the very back of the store there's a huge selection of candy canes. I follow after Eli and we admire the many different kinds of mint candy canes. "Yum…" We decide to buy a few different kinds each and once we finish paying we walk out to a nearby bench and sit down. As we eat our candy canes together we watch more people walk by. We trade favors and start feeding each other gaining a few stares but it's fun so we don't care.

                 After a while someone in the crowd runs up to us. "Annyeong!" An excited looking Dongho approaches with a large smile on his face. "Dongho! We've been looking for you!" We blurt out at the same time. "Oh sorry, we got here a little later than planned." He apologizes.

"We?" Soohyun runs up from behind Dongho and knocks into him. He flings a glittered covered ornament in Dongho's face with a goofy smile.  Dongho cutely smiles back at him and admires the ornament the latter presented to him. It's kind of odd…they didn't seem to really like each other last time. "Did you see the Christmas stuff?" Dongho asks.

"Yeah we just got candy canes." Eli says and offers them each a candy cane which they both gladly accept.

"There are a lot of Christmas stores a little ways back, do you want to check them out?" Dongho asks and we all agree. As me and Eli throw away our candy cane wrappers I watch as Kiseop trudges up to our group grumpily sucking on the straw to his smoothie. "You left me." He glares at Soohyun, "And I don't want to hang out with Kevin." He turns his glare towards me.

"Well…I want to hang out with Dongho…" Kiseop and Soohyun glare at each other. Kiseop finally gives up after a few minutes of mutual staring and pouts as we walk throughout the mall. "Stupid Kevin…" I can hear him murmur behind me every few minutes. I walk alongside Eli as Dongho and Soohyun are chatting away in front of us and being all touchy. Me and Eli give each other a few 'looks' every now and then. After one day of hanging out, Dongho and Soohyun seem to be the best of friends.

                We come to the section of the mall where there are dozens of Christmas stores. We all follow each other in and out of each store examining every decoration.  We come to one store with a ton of mistletoe. Soohyun grabs a few pieces of it and runs over to Kiseop. He holds it above his head and yells "Kevin, come here!" and starts laughing. Kiseop gets irritated and shoves Soohyun away and gives him a warning look. I ignore them and find Eli again checking out a section of Christmas hats.

                There are Christmas hats, Elf hats, and Reindeer antlers. Eli puts on a Santa hat and puts an elf hat on me. Dongho comes over chewing on another candy cane and starts looking at the hats with us. Soohyun comes and takes Eli's Santa hat and puts on his head, he takes my hat and puts it on Dongho, and then puts another Santa hat on me. People start to stare at us, I guess we probably look rather childish obsessing over Christmas hats. Kiseop comes and takes a look at what we're doing and soon joins us. He takes my hat and puts in on his head and then puts reindeer antlers on my head. "…I liked the Santa hat…" I glare at him. "You're not qualified to wear the Santa hat." For some reason Soohyun starts cracking up and we all to turn to look at him. "What?" I ask.

"Kiseop wants you to be the reindeer so he can be Santa and ride you." He starts cracking up again and so do Eli and Dongho this time. Kiseop gets pissed and shoves  Soohyun so hard he almost falls to the ground. It takes a few minutes for everyone to stop giggling and then I say, "I didn't get it." That causes everyone to start laughing, even Kiseop this time. "Oh my god Kevin, your mind is so innocent." Eli jokes as he hugs me from behind.

                "I'm hungry. " Kiseop says bluntly and walks away.

                We stop after a while to get some lunch. We've looked at almost every store but haven't found anything good enough to buy. As we continue across the mall we come to an area with a Santa Claus next to a Christmas toy shop. Little kids wait in line to sit on his lap and tell him what they want for Christmas. We eat various types of potato chips we continue to stalk the Santa Claus with the little kids. Dongho, Eli, and I share chips while Kiseop hogs his and doesn't share. Soohyun seems to have taken a liking in feeding Dongho. And a little kid has decided to cling to Kiseop's leg and doesn't let go until his mother pulls him off.

                After our lunch break ends Soohyun keeps telling me to go sit on Santa's lap. "Kevin, go tell Santa what you want for Christmas." Soohyun seems to like annoying me. After 15 minutes of annoying nagging from Soohyun I finally say, "Alright. I'll go sit on Santa's lap." I strut my way to the Santa sitting in the big fake-snow covered, red chair. I make my way through the crowd of tiny children and hop on the fake Santa's lap. Surprisingly this Santa is skinny and doesn't wear a beard. He looks only a few years older than I am, and he's actually quite attractive. He gives me a sly smirk and wraps his arms around my waist. "Have you been a good boy this year or a naughty one?" He says in a rather seductive voice. I turn and see Eli, Dongho, and Soohyun staring with their mouths agape looking dumbfounded, and Kiseop just looking extremely angry for some reason. Turning back to the sexy Santa I say, "I've been naughty." Something in his eyes change and for some reason he frightens me a little. "Well, I should punish you then." His hand discretely travels up the back of my shirt and along my back. Oh shit, this went a little far.

                Suddenly, Kiseop comes up and yanks me off the Santa's lap in one strong pull. He grabs my wrist and drags me back to the crowd hurting my arm a little. "Don't be so stupid! That's how you get raped!" He yells at me, which I find a little unnecessary. He storms away and I'm dumbfounded. What's his problem? I look at the others and Soohyun starts hysterically laughing. "Oh-my-god! That was epic!" He yells out between his fit of laughter. He grabs Dongho's hand and starts walking after Kiseop. I just stare at Eli and he walks over and pats my head, then he follows after the others. After they all leave me I yell after them, "What just happened!?" I'm so confused. I chase after them.

                Kiseop's been avoiding me as we continue to aimlessly walk about the mall. We take another small break and just sit on a small bench. We listen to the soft background music and watch random people walk in and out of stores. Soohyun leaves us to go buy a soda and when he comes back he's also holding a small piece of mistletoe. He shyly raises it between his and Dongho's head and then the most shocking thing happening which leaves us all staring at them.

                Soohyun gently raises Dongho's chin with his hand and once Dongho is facing him, he closes the space between them and passionately kisses him right on the lips. Everyone around us stops to stare and Eli and I are once again dumbfounded. Kiseop just rolls his eyes and walks away. After a minute, Dongho pulls away and looks around embarrassedly, even though there's a hidden smile on his face. Soohyun smiles and wraps his arm around Dongho's waist and pulls him close. The people around us carry on with their own business.

                After a few awkward moments of silence Eli says, "I'm going to go to the restroom." He stands and starts to walk off.

"I have to go too!" Dongho yells after Eli and then follows after him in the direction of the bathrooms.

                I'm left with Soohyun, and for some reason I want to ask him a lot of questions. Finally I ask, "So…are you and Dongho…a couple….?" Soohyun turns to look at me.

"Yeah," He answers bluntly.

"So…you're…gay?" I hope I wasn't being rude by asking. Soohyun takes a few moments to think and then says, "I guess. I think I could be bi-sexual, but I've always just taken more of an interest in guys. I'm sorry if that bothers you. Most people are uncomfortable with it."

"Oh no, it doesn't bother me. I was just curious." It honestly doesn't bother me. I always had a feeling that Dongho had a thing for Soohyun. There actually quite cute together. "What's it like being openly gay…I'm sorry if I'm being too personal." I ask again.

                "It's fine, I've been openly gay since middle school. At first it started out as a big confusing conflict in my life. I always thought there was something wrong with me. I never found girls that attractive and I started hating myself for not being normal. I always knew people looked down upon homosexuals, like they were a freak of nature, but after a while it just became something I couldn't hide from others. First I told my parents, they weren't thrilled about me being gay but they still loved me for who I was. I lost a lot of friends though, it made them all uncomfortable. I got bullied a lot, and after a little while I just got used to not having any friends."

                 "Things got easier when I met Kiseop. He used to always hang out with the popular crowd, but after his mom got sick, he drifted away from them and became somewhat of a loner like me. He didn't care that I was gay, he just wanted someone to talk to that he thought could relate to the troubles he was going through. Soon, I became the only one he hung out with. He lost a lot of friends for hanging out with me but he didn't seem to care. For that I'll always be grateful, he made everything easier. I no longer felt like I was alone." When he finishes he gives me a somewhat sad smile. I slide closer to him on the bench and give him a hug, not carrying that people stare. I never knew that Soohyun went through such a hard time in his life, and I respected him for all the problems he conquered. And for some reason I even seemed to respect Kiseop a little more. Soohyun hugs me back and after a few moments we release each other.

                "Kevin, if you don't mind me asking…but, are you…gay?" I'm slightly taken back by his question. I guess I never really stopped to think about. I never thought I was, but I don't really find girls all that attractive. I don't really worry about having a girlfriend, they just don't seem that important. I'm suddenly overcome by a wave of confused emotions. I can't be gay.

"I don't know…" I say and for some reason I can't look him in the eyes.

"Kevin, just know it's alright if you are."  He says trying to reassure me. His words make me feel a little better, but the subject still bothers me.

I think I need to figure a few things out.
Chapter 8~
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        I wake to an annoying poking sensation on my forehead. I open my eyes to see Soohyun's bugged eyes staring right at me, and the sight of his face almost gives me a heart attack. My body feels paralyzed because my neck is in a twisted position. My head feels heavy and I just feel like crap. "What time is it?" I ask and my voice unexpectedly cracks. It's too early to talk. I force myself into a sitting position.

                "It's 11:00 in the morning." I notice Soohyun is eating a bowl of cereal and I look around searching for everyone else.

                "Where are the others?" I ask.

                "Everyone went home already. We raided your kitchen for cereal while you were still passed out so you're going to need to go buy more Fruit Loops."

                I take a few minutes to remember the events of last night.  "Where's Kiseop?" I ask worriedly for some reason...even though i don't know why I would care what happened to him after last night.

                "He's sleeping. He got sick last night and started vomiting. I think he got an anxiety attack. He probably won't wake up for a while…and when he does he'll probably have a killer hangover." He says, continuing to eat his cereal.

                "Soohyun…what happened to Kiseop?" Why was he an emotional wreck? What was he remembering that scared him so much?

                Soohyun stares at me blankly, almost like he doesn't know what to say. I can tell he's trying to hide something from me, I can see it in his eyes.

                "I don't understand what you're talking about?" He says, but I know he's lying.

"But Kiseop kept going on about how he was scared-"

                "Kevin, Kiseop was drunk. He wasn't thinking straight. He won't even remember last night when he wakes up." Soohyun cuts me off and I can tell he doesn't want to continue this conversation.  I drop the subject, but I plan on figuring out what Kiseop was talking about, one way or another.

                Soohyun gets up and walks into the kitchen to place his empty cereal bowl in the sink. He searches around for his jacket and when he finds it, he walks to the door. "I have to go now, if you need anything just call. See you later." He gives me a smile as he leaves, but I can tell something is bothering him...  What is it I don't know!? Why won't anyone tell me what Kiseop was talking about!? I try to calm myself and let out a long frustrated sigh. First things first, I should go check on Kiseop.

                I walk up the stairs and into Kiseop's room. All the lights are turned off but a small stream off light coming into from the window allows me to see. I walk over to Kiseop's bed and look at his face  half covered under the sheets. Strands of messy hair cover across his face and his entire body seems to be covered in a thin layer of sweat. His lips looks puffy and his breathing is somewhat hitched.  He looks sick…but incredible cute at the same time…

                I brush aside the damp strands of hair covering his face. Why is it I feel so confused around him? It's almost like I can't make up my mind about what to think of him. I hate him so much at times, but just seeing him look so innocent and peaceful is almost comforting. I don't know how to explain it. He almost makes me feel happy…but why? It's not like he's very nice to me. Last night he… I don't even want to think about it…it's embarrassing... and he's a pervert so i shouln't like him at all.

                 He slowly comes awake, moving and opening his eyes lazily. He looks at me but I see no recognition in his eyes.  He brings his hand out from underneath the blankets and moves it to my face. He gently brushes the skin on my cheek with his fingertips. His touch makes my face burn and I can almost feel butterflies in my stomach...

                His eyes widen and he rips his hand back. He sits up hastily, and the moment he does he moans in pain and his hands fly up to grab his head. "Ahhh…" He squeezes his eyes shut in pain. He stays still for a few moments. When he looks up again he stares at me. "Get out of my room Kevin or I'll throw up on you." He says somewhat rudely. I roll my eyes and stand back as he gets out of bed and stretches. He ruffles his hands through his hair and seems to try and air out his T-Shirt.
"I feel terrible."

                Suddenly, all color escapes from his face and his body starts to shake a little. He grabs his stomach and suddenly vomits all on the floor. I cover my mouth trying hard to suppress the urge to vomit as well. Kiseop collapses on the floor his entire body violently shaking now. Oh god, ew.

                I make my way back over near his bed and slowly lift him off the floor. I help him make his way across the room, avoiding the mess on the floor. I take him into his bathroom and carefully sit him down. He's half out of it but tears are slowing falling from his eyes. "K-Kiseop don't cry!" I say and wipe away the tears on his face. I guess he really is sick. I turn the bath water on and let it run until it becomes warm but not too hot. "Alright Kiseop, time to take a bath," I say hoping I wasn't going to have to undress him. He only moans in response. I sigh knowing I'm going to have to do this on my own. I dump a whole bunch of bubbles in the bath tub so I won't have to see him naked, and unbutton his shirt and slides it off and without looking do the same with his pants. With my eyes shut I help him get into the bath tub but accidentally make him hit his head on the wall. He opens his lazy eyes and glares at me but I can't help laugh a little because it was kind of funny.

                 I leave to go clean up his room. It takes me almost two hours to straighten everything out because every few seconds I get the strong urge to get sick as well. I clean the rug and throw his bed sheets and pillows in the wash.  When I'm done I go back up to get him but he's fallen asleep in the bath tub. Ugh. I walk over and poke him in the cheek. He slowly opens his eyes and turns his head towards me. He gives me a look as if he's saying, 'What the hell do you want?' I just stare at him not sure if I should just leave him in the tub or let him rest in his bed. "Help me out." He says and gently starts to stand up but then stops. "Close your eyes!" I close my eyes but as I do I say, "I've already seen you naked." I don't hear him moving so I open my eyes to see him utterly shocked and staring at me.

"What?" He asked dumbfounded.

"I've already seen you naked." I say again.

"When!?" He's getting frustrated and his cheeks are turning red. He's kind of cute when he gets embarrassed.

"Last night, when you were drunk, it was when you and Soohyun decided to run around the neighborhood naked on a dare."  I say trying to suppress the urge to smile at his embarrassed, confused face.

                He stays still, thinking. I can see a speck of memory flash in his eyes and his face turns even redder. "Ughhh…." He groans and covers his face trying to hide his blush. He looks through his fingers at my face. "That's so embarrassing. I can't even remember last night but that is something I would do when I'm drunk. Just hand me the towel. It's awkward with you in here…."

                "Are you sure you don't want me to help you?" I ask as I hand him the towel, he did just vomit all over his room a few hours ago. He must be pretty sick.

                "I'm fine." I look away as he wraps the towel around his waist but when he makes a weird sound I turn around just in time to watch him throw up all over me. And this time, I did get sick as well.

                I sit on the couch hugging my pillow pet completely annoyed and watching TV. Kiseop is hogging most of the couch and is on the verge of falling asleep. He looks at me from the corner of his eye.

               "What?" I say in an annoyed tone.

               He shakes his head slightly and says, "Nothing." And I can tell he's trying to hide a smile.

              "What's so funny?"  I asked getting even more irritated. And completely turn my attention from the TV to him.

               He starts laughing but stops long enough to say, "Nothing."

"It. Was. Not. Funny." I say harshly and he starts to laugh again.

"Yes it was."

               "How do you find vomiting on me funny?" I say, "It. Was. Not. Funny." Just the memory makes me want to get sick all over again. It was distugsting. And to make that whole experience even more fun, Kiseop had to slip and fall right on top of me just as his towel fell off. "I've seen you naked twice now." I say with a somewhat inferior attitude because I know every time I remind him he blushes bright red. His only response is, "Shut up…."

                We sit in awkward silence. Kiseop suddenly tries to take my pillow pet but I kick him so hard he falls off the couch and onto the floor. I start hysterically laughing but he grabs my foot and pulls me off the couch as well and I land on the floor in a painfully loud thud. "You ass," Kiseop says and attempts to take my pillow again. I try to push him away with my foot but he pushes it aside and slides between my legs and grabs the stuffed animal from my hands. His face is uncomfortable close to mine and the position we're in is rather awkward…

                Our parents walk through the door and into the living room. "We're home-" My mom begins to yell out but once she sees us she asks rather abrubtly, "What are you doing?" ...perfect timing.

                Kiseop and I look at each other and both blush awkwardly. "U-uh Kiseop was trying to take my pillow pet." I say quickly not wanting them to get the impression we we're doing anything else.

                 "Ok…so what did you guys do while we were gone?" My mom asks trying to make this conversation less awkward but it's not really working..

                "Kiseop vomited on me." I say bluntly. My mom looks at Kiseop's dad with a confused look but Mr. Lee just rolls his eyes and leads my mom to the kitchen. I relax a little once they're gone but when I look back at Kiseop he looks somewhat hurt by way he watches his dad walk away with my mom. "U-uh…are you okay?" I ask kind of wishing he'd get out from in between my legs. "Just fine," He says sounding almost angry. He switches his attention back to me and smiles almost seductively. WTF!? Even though I could deny it as much as I want…his smile is quite attractive…but very wrong for this moment. Why does he have to make every awkward moment even more uncomfortable.

                "Kiseop, get off." I say remember what he did yesterday. The memories come flooding in my mind.

                "Why are you blushing?" He asks with an almost devilish smile making me become nervous. Does he find this situation entertaining???

                "Just. Stop," I say seriously hoping he'll oblige, but I now he probably won't.

                He rolls his eyes and gets off. Thank god.

               He takes one last tug at my pillow pet but I kick him in the leg as hard as I can. "Get the fuck out!" I yell hoping it wasn't loud enough for our parents to hear. After all that he still tries to get my pillow. I'm pretty sure the only thing i feel towards him is a passionate hatred...i hope...
Chapter 11~

Sorry there have been no indentations in these past few chapters, i'm too lazy to do them right now^^;;
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Sungmin pouted. The bouncer wouldn't allow him to enter the club. "Hyung, he wouldn't believe that I'm in my 20s!!! Can you come over here and bring my id?" He said over the phone.

On the other line, Eeteuk laughed. "It can't be helped that you look as cute as a newborn. If I didn't know you, I wouldn't believe that you're in your 20s."

"Hyuuung!!! Just come over here with my id, okay?" Sungmin pouted some more at being teased by Eeteuk.

After a few minutes, Eeteuk arrived with Sungmin's id and showed it off to the bouncer. The bouncer assumed the it was fake and did a lot of inspections on the id which made Sungmin fume silent. Finally, they were allowed to enter the club.

But then, Sungmin encountered another problem. He went to the bar to order a martini but the bartender refused to give it to him. The bartender thought he was a high school student, who somehow passed off through the bouncer. Eeteuk saved him again by showing off Sungmin's id, which was inspected carefully by the bartender.

"Damnit…I may be cute but I'm not young!!! I'm in my 20s!!! I'm old enough to do adult stuff!!!" Sungmin muttered as he drank everything in one shot. "Give me another one!!!" He demanded at the bartender, who hesitantly gave him a drink because he still believe deep down inside that Sungmin was just a high school student.

"I bet the people here think that I'm a pedophile or something." Eeteuk said. He heard a couple of whispers (which can't exactly be called a whisper since it was said loudly because people had to talk loudly for them to hear each other over the loud music of the club) questioning about Sungmin's age and pointing out the Eeteuk was a pedophile.

"So now you don't want to be with me because people might think you're a pedophile?!?!"

"I did not say that."

"No, you didn't but you're implying it!!!"

"I wasn't implying anything!!!"

"If you wanted to be with me, then why have you touched me yet?!?!"

Eeteuk replied by pulling Sungmin to the dance floor. Crashing his lips against Sungmin's as soon as they got there. Grinding his hips against Sungmin's and hands wondering all over Sungmin's body. "Don't worry, I'll make sure to touch every part of your body before this night ends."


A/N:  I used Eeteuk for this plot because of he's the oldest~ Hehehehe!! Comments please?
This fic is a part of...
Sungmin's Cuteness Series [link]

Title: Looking Young and Cute
Pairing: Eeteuk/Sungmin
Disclaimer: It's called a fanfic because I don't own the characters. You know who they belong to.
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Sungmin was used to people telling him that he's cute, pinching his cheeks because he's cute and hugging him because they can't stop themselves from hugging him because he's just too cute. However, there was one person who wouldn't do any of those things. That was Kibum. Sungmin understood because Kibum was the calm and silent kind of person, who doesn't like physical contact or skinship unlike someone. *points at Siwon*

But then, Henry came into the picture. The first time Kibum saw Henry. Kibum shook Henry's hand and told him that he's cute after the introduction. The second time Kibum saw Henry was that they were simply passing by each other at the hallway but Kibum paused for a moment to pinch Henry's cheek. The third time Kibum saw Henry was that Henry came to him asking for a hug. Kibum instantly gave Henry a bear hug.

Sungmin couldn't understand anymore. How can Kibum do all those things to Henry but not to him? Is he not cute enough?!?! He wanted answers but most of all, he wanted Kibum to do those things to him and so one day, he cornered Kibum. "Tell me that I'm cute."

"What?" Kibum was confused at why Sungmin just suddenly cornered him and demanded to tell him that he's cute.

"Tell me that I'm cute." Sungmin repeated with a pout.

"Why?" Kibum raised an eyebrow.

"Because you never told me that so I want to hear it from you."

"You're cute."

Sungmin blinked. He didn't expect for Kibum to give in that easily.

"Can I go now?" Kibum asked since Sungmin was still blocking his way.

"Pinch my cheek."

"Why?" Kibum became confused again.

"Because you think I'm cute."

Kibum was still confused but he pinched Sungmin's cheek lightly anyway.

"Now, give me a hug."

"Sungmin, I don't have time for this. I'm going to be late for my shoot."

"You don't really find me cute, do you?" Sungmin pouted and became teary-eyed. "You can fuss over Henry's cuteness but never about me. Am I not cute enough for you?"

"Sungmin, you're really giving me a hard time." Kibum said as he suddenly pulled Sungmin towards him. "Literally, a hard time." He made sure that his clothed hard-on would brush against Sungmin's thigh. "Do you really want to know why I do all those things to Henry but never to you?"

Sungmin gulped and nodded. Sure, he wanted answers and for Kibum to do those things to him but the way Kibum was looking at him right now, almost made him want to back out but he really can't escape from Kibum's arms wrapped tightly around his waist.

"I never told you that you're cute because you're way beyond cute. I never pinched your cheek because I'm way more interested with your lips or rather how it would taste like. I never hugged you because I'm afraid you might feel what you are feeling right." Kibum moved a bit so his hard-on would brush against Sungmin's clothed member this time. "With Henry, I never had to worry about those things. With you, I'm worried you might accuse me of rape or sexual harassment."

"Which I might really do if you don't release me right now." Sungmin replied but Kibum made no move to release Sungmin. He could see that Kibum was contemplating. He assumed that Kibum was probably arguing with himself and thinking about to do next. One second, Kibum flashed his eyes full of lust. Then the next second, it was gone.

Kibum released Sungmin and took a few steps away. "If you don't want this to happen again, don't approach me. I really don't want you to be forced into anything but next time, I might really not be able to stop myself."

The fourth time Kibum saw Henry. Kibum was shock when Henry suddenly stole a quick peck from his lips. Henry instantly explained that it was just a dare from a game. Kibum was shock for the second time when he found himself suddenly dragged by Sungmin. He didn't expect Sungmin to have so much strength to be able to throw him against an oak wooden wall and kiss him furiously, violent, wet and all tongue. That really turned him on.

"You can have me but with 2 conditions. One, always do something to let me know that you think I'm cute. Two, I don't want you anywhere near Henry."

"Jealous, are we?" Kibum already knew for a long time that Sungmin had always been insecure over Henry's cuteness. Which was exactly why Kibum used Henry in his plans on getting Sungmin. He knew his plan succeeded that moment Sungmin kissed him.

Kibum made a mental note to thank Henry later and give him enough money to buy a new violin.

But right now, he has to busy himself on pleasuring Sungmin.


A/N: I believe this is the longest story I've done for the Cuteness Series XD Comments please?
This fic is a part of...
Sungmin's Cuteness Series [link]

Title: Not Cute Enough
Pairing: Kibum/Sungmin
Disclaimer: It's called a fanfic because I don't own the characters. You know who they belong to.
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Ryeowook and Yesung were neighbors but they don't even know each other. They're not friends and they go to different schools. But during 2nd year of high school, Yesung transferred to Ryeowook's school. They're still not friends and aren't even classmates but Ryeowook got to know about Yesung's existence.

Yesung became popular in a short amount of time. The students thought his hairstyle and cross dangling earrings are cool. He also looked like a famous actor named Lee Junki, which is the reason why he became a head turner because people just can't help but stare at his face. Then they found out what a great dancer he is during PE class and what great voice he possess during music class. He even excelled in academics too even if all he does is sleep during class.

The teachers look for him to ask him favors such as to tutor a student or check some examinations papers. The fan girls or boys look for him to shower him with gifts or to confess or to talk or even get a handshake or whatever crazy ideas they get to think. The members of the music and dance club look for him to convince (more of forcing) him to join the club. Yesung hates the noise they all make so he escapes to quiet places where he can't be seen.

There's a dark section in the library. Nobody goes to that section because it is rumored to have ghosts or whatever bad things. The books that are placed in the shelves in the dark section are antique anyway and nobody really needs to borrow those kind of books. That's where Ryeowook and Yesung first met.

Ryeowook lost in a bet and because he has no money to buy lunch for his friends, they asked him to do a dare instead. The dare is to get a book from the last shelf in the dark section. He's nervous but he'd rather do this dare because the other dares that his friends came out with are either perverted or embarrassing.

He used the light of his cell phone to light his path. He was near the last shelf when he heard a groan. // What was that? A ghost? An alien? Or what if some scary monster?!?!?! No, Ryeowook snap out of it. You are near the last shelf. All you need to do is get a book and get the hell outta here!!! //

He reached the last shelf when he heard the groan again. He lighted his surroundings to look for the source and found a body. // OMG! Is that a dead body? // He moved the light to the head but there was an opened book covered the head. He was about to reach the book and remove it from the head when a hand suddenly grabbed his wrist.

His cell phone fell to the ground and the light went off. Another hand covered his mouth to keep him from shouting. "Damnit. Stop struggling. I'm not some rapist or murderer." Ryeowook calmed down after hearing that. "I'm going to release you. Don't even think of shouting or running away." Ryeowook nodded and felt himself being released.

Then there was light again coming from the stranger's cell phone. Ryeowook got a good look of the stranger now. It was Yesung. "Sorry about your phone." Yesung picked it up and handed it in Ryeowook. "Is it broken?"

Ryeowook tried to turn on his cell phone. "I guess it's broken. Anyway, you really scared me. At first, I thought it was some ghost because of the groans and then I thought I found a dead body then I thought I was gonna die because of some serial killer or something!!! It would have been nicer if you just told me that you were there!!!" He scolded Yesung. Never mind that Yesung is popular and the  fans would probably kill him when they know he talked to Yesung that way.

"You're so noisy. I hate noisy people." Yesung retorted.

"Were you even listening to me?!?! Ugh…just get my phone fixed." Ryeowook thrusts his phone on Yesung's chest, took a book from the shelf and left with angry steps.

"You took quite some time. We thought something might have happened to you." Eunhyuk expressed his concern.

"Ryeowook is a survivor!!!" Donghae cheered.

"Here's the book." Ryeowook handed it to Kibum and left the library with an angry expression. For some reason, Yesung really got into his nerves. Maybe because he really did feel like he was going to die in there thanks to Yesung.

Kibum blinked as he stared at the book on his hands. "What's up with Ryeowook?" He just arrived in the library and doesn't have any idea about the dare. Eunhyuk and Donghae just shrugged.


The next morning…

"Ryeowook, I can't seem to contact you last night. Was there no signal in your cell phone?" Sungmin asked but started to regret asking as he saw Ryeowook's expression darkened.

"Someone broke my cell phone." Ryeowook stomped his way to the classroom and didn't even apologize when his shoulder bumped Kibum's.

"What's up with him?" Kibum looked at Ryeowook before shifting his gaze at Sungmin.

"Someone seem to have broken his cell phone." Sungmin explained. "But I broke his cell phone last year. He didn't act this way."

"Maybe he didn't like the person who broke his cell phone this time." Kibum analyzed.

During class, Ryeowook took a book from under his desk and a small piece of paper fell to the floor. He picked it up and read. Meet me by the swimming pool. He instantly knew who it was. The swimming pool is currently reconstructed because the school's owner want to have a bigger pool. But the workers had some kind of strike today so there's no other people by the pool.

Ryeowook skipped lunch. He was near the swimming pool when he head the sound of the flute. He did his best not to make any sounds as he entered the off-limit area and saw Yesung sitting by the edge of the unfinished pool while playing the flute. He waited for Yesung to finish playing before making his appearance. "If the orchestra knew that you play the flute, I bet all of the members would be chasing you."

"Which is the reason why I lied and told them I don't play any instruments. I already have enough members from the glee and dance club chasing after my back." Yesung said as he placed his flute inside his bag. "You're early. Were you very excited to see me that you decided to skip lunch?"

"I'm excited to see my cell phone, not you." Ryeowook's glare wasn't effective though because his stomach complained loudly.

"Let's have lunch. How does Mc Donald's sound?"

"Mc Donald's?!?! You're not thinking of going out of school, are you?"

A few minutes later…they were at Mc Donald's with burgers, French fries and Coke in front of them. Yesung was eating while Ryeowook was simply staring at him. "What do you think you're doing dragging me here? We're still in our uniforms and somebody could report us about not being at school during school hours then we'll get detention! Are you listen---"

Yesung placed a burger in Ryeowook's mouth. "You're always angry at me. Can't you at least thank me for the food? I paid for it, you know."

Ryeowook bit the burger and chewed the food but he was still glaring at Yesung. He finished his food and drink quickly. "Can we go back to school now?"

That's how they spend lunch together since that day. Yesung would leave a note under Ryeowook's desk stating for them to meet at some quiet or off-limit place at school. Then he would drag Ryeowook outside school and have lunch somewhere. It's been a week since they've been doing this.

"Where's my cell phone?" Ryeowook asked with his outstretched hand. "This is the last day I'm spending lunch with you. I'm not gonna meet up with you again or allow myself to be dragged out of school."

Yesung placed his cell phone on Ryeowook's hand. "You can use my cell phone until I can give you a new one."

Ryeowook blinked. Did he just hear it right? "You're planning to buy me a new cell phone? Is my cell phone not repairable?"

Yesung shrugged. "It's old fashion so I want to buy you a new one."

Ryeowook's eyebrow twitched. "Fine, be that way. It's your money anyway."

Monday came. Ryeowook received a note from Yesung again. // Geez. I already told him that I'm not gonna meet up with him again. // He crumpled the paper before throwing it in the trash bin. He was going to resume to his usual routine of having lunch with friends starting today. He still receives a note in the next following day.

But Friday was different. There was no place written in the note. Instead, there were only 3 words

I miss you.

Ryeowook didn't crumple the paper or throw it in the trash bin. Instead, he folded it neatly and placed it in his pocket before going to the cafeteria with his friends. // If he really misses me, then he should show up. //

At the cafeteria…

"Looks like I forgot the bring my cell phone. Wookie, can I borrow yours? I just need to send a text message to my mom." Sungmin said.

"Yeah, sure." Ryeowook handed the cell phone to Sungmin.

While Sungmin was texting, Kibum was quietly observing the phone. "Is that your new phone?"

"Ryeowook has a new phone?" Donghae looked at the cell phone. "Looks familiar. I think I've seen it from somewhere…hmm…I got it!!! It looks like Yesung's cell phone."

Some of Yesung's fans, who were seated beside their table heard this. They stood up and took a good look at Ryeowook's cell phone and took it from Sungmin's hand.

"Hey! I wasn't finished texting…" Sungmin complained but the fan girl ignored him.

"It doesn't just look like Yesung's cell phone. It really is his cell phone!!!" Fan girl # 1 declared.

The rest of the fan girls gasped. "Why do you have Yesung~oppa's cell phone?!?!"

"What's your relationship with oppa?!?!"

"You're not his friend!!!"

"You're not even classmates!!!"

Ryeowook was about to reply when he felt an arm drape over his shoulders.

"He's my boyfriend." Yesung declared and smirked in satisfaction as he saw the shock and surprise expression on his fans and other students' faces.

To be continued…

A/N:  This is the first kpop/SuJu multichaptered fic that I've written years ago. I'll post one chapter every day for the rest of the week... or maybe every other day if I get lazy =P  Might post it sooner like on the same day if I get lotsa love and comments ^^
Title: Quiet Places Chap 1
Other chapters... [link]
Pairing: Yesung/Ryeowook, side!KiHae
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: It's called a fanfic because I don't own the characters. You know who they belong to.

I would like to thank Sparkle Graphics Shop [link] for the story poster. ^^
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~~ Ryeowook POV ~~



"Who could that be at this time?" Sungmin sighed, heaving himself off the sofa and shuffling towards the door, I stayed on the sofa wrapped up in a blanket watching soundless TV along with none stop tears, I couldn't even concentrate on the show, my mind was clouded with the activities from this night.

I could hear muffling sounds coming from the door "Minnie? Who is it?" I shouted, almost choking on my tears but there was no reply, I figured it was a cold caller or no one important so I sat and went back to my thoughts. Not long after, I was interrupted from my thoughts by the sound of the door shutting, I could hear him coming back so I did my best to turn around "Minnie? Who was…" I stopped mid sentence, I couldn't talk, I couldn't move.

I looked at the man standing behind Sungmin, tall, dark hair, dark eyes and the smile of the devil. Why? What did he want? I could feel anger growing inside me, I don't know how long I had sat there staring at him but as soon as he took a step towards me I unconsciously flinched backward causing me to fall off the sofa and hit my head on the coffee table.

"Ah…" I curled up in to a ball with my hands on my head, the pain was excruciating, I didn't even realize both Sungmin and Kyuhyun had ran to me and were trying to talk to me.

"Wookie are you ok? Wookie!"

"Hey talk to us! Wookie?"

I could hear the worry in their voices but I couldn't… I mean… I don't know!

"Stop it!!" I shouted, causing the two of them to back off and give me some space to think "I-I'm fine…" I took a deep breath and looked at my hands, there seemed to be no blood so I'd be fine, I wasn't really dizzy so I assumed I would be fine. I tried standing with a little help from Sungmin but when Kyuhyun tried to help I pushed his hand away "Don't touch me!" I backed away from him with Minnie behind me, holding me.

"Wookie listen to me… Kyu need to explain something to you, it may help you straighten out those confused thought you've have for 11 years" Sungmin whispered in my ear, I thought for a moments of the situation, I hate Kyuhyun for doing that to me but at the same time I cant shake of this feeling…

I nodded and Sungmin slowly left the living room and shut the door behind him, it was just he and I in the room… Alone…

"So… Spit it out!" I didn't want to be aggressive, it wasn't me but I was so frustrated and confused, how did he even find out where I lived?

"Wookie you might want to sit down…" his voice was low and soft but I could hear anxiousness lingering, I shook my head.

"No! Why are you here Kyu? How did you even find out where I lived?" The situation was switched; this time it was my turn clouding him with questions, he started walking towards me again and I would have moved back again if there weren't a wall behind me.

"Wookie listen to me!" My eyes widened at his heightened tone, he placed on hand on the wall behind me trapping me in a corner, I had no choice but to listen "Wookie for 11 years you have had the idea that I rejected you… but that's not the truth…"

I frowned, what did he mean? But now my heart has changed… I feel like I want to listen now… now I know there is some hope.

"Wookie… The letter you send me in high school… I never received it"

"What?" the story was bending now… if he hadn't got the letter then how could he have sent one back "Don't lie to me! I still have the letter you returned…" Instantly regretting I had said that I hung my head as he removed his hand from the wall.

"What? You still have it?" I nodded in reply "Can I see it?" I looked at him and could see curiosity in his eyes but I nodded again and shuffled in to my room to get it.

When I came back letter in hand, Kyu was sitting on the sofa waiting for me to return, I sat down next to him and handed him the letter

"So this is what Jenny was talking about… I can see why it broke you heart" I just made out what he said causing me more confusion "Jenny? Who is Jenny?" Kyu sighed and place the letter on the table along with another letter that had been ripped but taped back together, I frowned when I noticed it was my letter. "That's my letter… I thought you just said you never got it? See your lying to me!" Before I could continue complaining Kyu wrapped him arms around me and pulled me in to a tight embrace.

I could feel my cheek growing redder as he hugged tighter; he then moved his mouth closer to my ear "Please Wookie… Listen to me before making assumptions…" I nodded softly after he released me. "Thank you… Now these letters, the one you send me was stolen…"

"Stolen?!" I interrupted again, but stopped when I saw Kyu staring at me in annoyance "Sorry…"

"It ok, anyway… Yes, there was this girl in high school, you probably remember her… she was obsessed with me, do you remember?"

I nodded "Yes but what was her name…" I looked up in thought

"Jenny" Kyu filled in "Yeh she was the one that stole your letter and replaced it with her own and then she sent you a letter pretending to be me…"

My eyes widened in disbelief.

How could this be?

For 11 years I have hated this guy for no reason… I abandoned my best friend because of this stupid misunderstanding!


I suddenly forgot how to breathe… I forgot how to talk… My entire body filled up with sorrow and guilt.

"Wookie? Wookie!" I could hear Kyu shouting my name but I couldn't respond, I was too overwhelmed.

"Wookie breathe!" I could feel Kyu place a hand on my shoulder, I could hear, feel and see perfectly well but I couldn't respond, I couldn't talk and I couldn't breathe. ""Sungmin! Quick come here!" Kyuhyun had pulled me in to his arms, I could feel his heart beat and lungs inhale and exhale "Wookie come on snap out of it!"

"What is it? What happened?" Sungmins voice entered the room

"Its Wookie, I think he is in shock!"

"Oh no… Wookie?" I could feel a hand on my back as well as Kyu hugging me tightly.

"Wookie… Listen to my heart beat, Listen to it beating calmly…" Kyuhyun was trying to calm me down but I don't think it would work; I was already starting to get extremely dizzy. "Feel my lungs inhale and exhale, breathe with me come on…" I could feel his chest move in and out but for some reason I couldn't move my own, my head was overloading with guilt that there was no room for basic information.

"Come on Wookie… Breathe!"

Suddenly my vision blurred making me panic and forcing me to inhale but it was too late…

I could here Sungmins voice, "I see… I can't believe it… this whole time, 11 years you both have been heart broken over this little misunderstanding…"

Now Kyuhyuns voice, "I know… If only I have known sooner, everything could have been different"

"There is no point in thinking that because it will never happen"

"What about Wookie…"

"Well he has defiantly forgiven you but now he has to forgive himself… I think that might take some time…"

"Yes… but it is partially my fault…"

"And mine… I should have gotten Wookie to talk to you but instead I took him away from you, sorry"

"Its ok, you took care of him… will he be okay now?"

"Yes, he should be fine, he started breathing again straight after he blacked out so…"

I could here there convocation clearly but for some reason I didn't want to move, I wanted to here what they had to say, Kyuhyun obviously explained things to Minnie but Minnie is right… How could I every forgive myself and after all these years of hating Kyu, could I ever love him again?

"Mmm…" I groaned and moved a little, it seems as if I was lying on the sofa because the moment I moved my arm fell off the side, I opened my eyes and was happy that it wasn't too bright.

"Wookie? How do you feel?" Sungmin helped me sit up, but I didn't reply, I didn't know how to reply. "Wookie?" Minnie voice was soft but I could hear concern in his voice, I looked up and saw Kyu sitting on the arm chair opposite me, he was bend over leaning his arms on his knees and his head resting on the backs of his hands, he look so worried.

"I-I… I have a bit of a head ache…" I looked away from Kyuhyun and looked at Sungmin, he had bags appearing under his eyes "Minnie?" I reached out to stroke his cheek but he backed away.

"What is it?"

"How long have I been out? You look shattered…" I pouted at him, and he sighed. He looked at his watch "It 3:30 am… Yes I'm a little tired but that nothing compared to your condition" He gave me a sad smile and turned around to stand up,

"Where are you going?" I panicked a little thinking Minnie was going to leave

"It's ok Wookie, I'm only going to get you some head ache tablets" I nodded and he when off to the kitchen.

There was an awkward silence between Kyu and I, I continued too look away, I don't think I could stand to face him… He probably hates me. "Are you not going to talk to me?" I guess I couldn't ignore him forever…

"I-I'm sorry… It's all my fault…" I stuttered

"Don't talk like that, its not your fault… It's no ones fault Wookie"

"So how did you find out… you know…"

"Well… At the party I bumped in to Jenny, She felt so bad… She burst in to tears telling me everything; she was the one that gave me your letter to me… I know you must be thinking it her fault but…"

"No! No… I don't blame her at all, she was a love sick teenager, as was I, I don't blame her for anything…"

"Ok… I'm glad" Kyuhyun smiled at me, his smile looked so sincere and sweet, my heart skipped a beat just looking at it.


"Wait" Kyu stopped me and came to sit next to me "I need to ask you something first…" I nodded and gazed in to his dark brown orbs, he was so pretty but … "Wookie… Do you… Do you still love me?" I could only look away, I didn't know any more, and even if I did I don't think I could show it. "Wookie?"

Kyu leaned forward to try and catch my gaze "I-I'm sorry… I don't know…" I was fighting the tear burning in my eyes; I had already hurt him enough in the past 11 years but now… I turned towards Kyu and was completely shocked!

"Kyu? Are you…" There was actual tears running down Cho Kyuhyuns face, I reached out and wiped one away "Kyu I…" I was cut off.

Suddenly Kyuhyuns lips were pressed against mine, my eyes must have been as wide as they could possibly go. Kyuhyun eyes were shut tight and his lips were pressed firmly against mine. I could feel his tears fall on to my hand and face; his right hand had brushed through my hair and was holding the back of my head.

This kiss felt… Right, like two-puzzle piece fitting together perfectly.

After what felt like hours I accepted his touch and passionately kissed him back, closing my eyes and placing my hands around his waist. What does this mean? Does Kyuhyun have feelings for me?

The kiss broke sooner then I would have liked, Kyu sat back and wiped his tears away before looking back at me "Wookie… I love you".

I stayed silent for a while I had to think… Did I still love him?

Every time I look at him my heart skips a beat.

Every time he speaks I get butterflies in my stomach.

And when he kissed me… My mind went blank.

I raised my hand up to his face and stroked away a stray tear "Kyuhyun Cho… I… I love you too" I smiled at him, he smiled back at me but this time his smile wasn't the devils, it was his.

I leaned in and kissed him, I was so happy, I may still have guilt in my system but I think Kyuhyun can help me; his lips were so warm and just right, they felt safe.

"Hmm… hmm…" The sound of Sungmin clearing his through caused us both to jump and break the kiss, when I looked at him he had a huge grin on his face.

"Sungmin?" I asked, a little scared at his wide smile

"I'm guessing you don't have a head ache anymore" He laughed a little causing me to blush.

"Wait you've been looking for head ache tablet this whole time?" Kyuhyun asked, I looked at the clock it was 10 past 4! Kyu was right what had Sungmin doing all this time?

Sungmin laughed harder "actually I got the tablets ages ago but when I came back you too looked like you needed… some space" I must have been bright red by now but when I looked at Kyuhyun he was also laughing, I now couldn't help but laugh also.

We were all laughing together, happy and now this is exactly how it will stay. I hugged Kyu and looked at Sungmin "thank you Minnie" I smiled

"What for?" Sungmin looked at me confused

"It was all because of you that I met Kyuhyun again and that the misunderstanding was fixed" I gave him a big grin and he returned it, I could tell that we would be happy now and it was all because Sungmin made me go to the School Reunion.

The End
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No ones POV

It was the following weekend and Sungmin had convinced the manager to cancel all their schedules so they could celebrate HeeTuek, Every one was there, even Henry and Zhoumi, The lounge was crowded and there was so much food and drinks.

"Hey everyone!" Siwon shouted to get everyone's attention, as soon as everyone was quiet Siwon continued,

"I want to say a few words…"

"This isn't a wedding" Ryeowook laughed

"I know but I still want to say something" Siwon smiled holding up his drink

"As we all know Heechul and Leeteuk have been a couple for a long time, but when we found out they had split up we were all shocked, I speak for everyone when I say you too are a perfect match and we all wish you a happy future, Amen" Everyone laughed and clinked their drinks together in agreement, It was funny to see Siwon drunk but the other respected his words because they were true.

Leeteuk and Heechul spent most of the night kissing and staying together, around the table was Sungmin, Yesung, Shindong and Siwon they were all eating and drinking, Henry and Zhoumi were on the sofa talking to Ryeowook and Kyuhyun, Donghae was lent up against the wall watching the happy couple making out but then something hit him, He looked around and counted everyone but there was one missing.

Donghae walked up to Leeteuk,

"Hey Teukie hyung…"

"Yes Donghae?" Leeteuk had a huge grin on his face as he had been drinking

"Well… I was wondering, umm… Where's Eunhyuk hyung?"

As soon as Donghae asked this Leeteuk smile turned upside down, he looked down and Donghae started getting worried by Leeteuk reaction

"He… He wont be coming…" Donghae furrowed his eyebrows in confusion

"Why not?"

"W-well, it's a long story…" Donghae looked down, he didn't want to spoil the party

"It's ok you don't have to tell me, but you could tell me where he is, maybe I can talking him in to coming" Donghae gave Leeteuk a reassuring smile.

"Yeh, he is in his bed room" Leeteuk looked towards the hallway

"Thankyou, Ill try my best to get him out" Donghae said before heading to Eunhyuks room.

Eunhyuk POV

It was already 2 hours in two the party, I could hear everyone laughing and having a good time, I was planning on going but as soon as I was dressed and about to go to the party I got a sudden sickening feeling in my stomach, I knew that I didn't want to see Leeteuk with Heechul, at least not yet, I wasn't ready.

Ryeowook had come to visit me a few time and tried to get me to come but I don't think I could stand seeing the guy I love kissing another guy.

I sighed as I heard the music getting louder and the other members getting rowdier, The past few day I had tried my hardest to act normal but today… today was the hardest, I lay on my bed with my gaze focused on the ceiling as I think about Leeteuk and how I have to forget about him, a tear ran down my cheek, 'Why is it so hard!' I mentally shouted at myself and rolled over burying my face in to my pillow.

Knock. Knock.

It must be Ryeowook coming to check on me again "mmmhmmm" I muffled –in a 'come in' style- with my head still in the pillow, the door opened slowly but I didn't move, I didn't care anymore

"Wookie I told you I'm not going…" I stopped when I saw Donghae stand at my door gazing at me with worried eyes, I quickly turned around to dry my eyes before looking at him again,

"Oh mianhae" I bowed my head slightly "I thought you were Wookie…"

"I-its ok, Hyukie why are you here? Why wont you join the party?"

I looked down

"Great… did Wookie send you to make me go…" I didn't mean to sound aggressive but I just wanted to be left alone.

"No, I got worried when I didn't see you there…"

"Worried? Why would you be worried about me?" I looked down at my hands, I was now sitting on the edge of the bed, Donghae slowly approached my and sat next to me.

"Because hyung… because your my best friend and I care about you and…" He stopped when he saw a tear roll down my cheek,

"Hey… Hyukjae please tell me what's wrong, what happened to you?"

I looked at Donghae, he was giving me a reassuring look, I can tell Donghae anything, we have been friends for so long, he is like a brother to me, so I decided to tell him everything.

"Oh… I see" Donghae said as he wiped my tears away, "You loved him but to make him happy you had to let him be with Heechul hyung…" Donghae said going over the situation, I nodded.

"Yeh and now I can't even face him" Donghae put his arms around me and hugged me, I suddenly felt a ray of happiness, what was that?

As I hugged him back he hugged me tighter, his embrace was so warm and comforting, there was a few minutes of silence –other than the party- we finally broke the hug and I looked at him with –I need help- eyes, His smile were so beautiful, he was actually making me feel better.

"Hyukjae…" I looked at him as he called my real name he then unexpectedly held my chin and brought my face close to his

"You never let me finish my sentence before, when you asked why I was worried… your my best friend and I care about you and… And I love you" My eye became big and round as he pulled our faces closer, I could feel his soft, warm lips touching mine, after a while I closed my eyes and accepted the kiss, I put my arm around his neck to pull him closer.

The kiss lasted about a minute but it feel like a life time, I couldnt help but smile when we slowly broke the kiss,

"You love me?" Is all I could say, I was now really confused and had so many questions 'how long have you loved me? Did you plan on telling me like this? Do I love Donghae? Can I finally be happy myself?' all these questions repeated though my head.

"Yes Hyukie, I love you and I have done since we first met" I frowned at his answer and gently hit his head

"Then why hadn't you told me this sooner?" I made a cute pouting face, he laughed

"Because I didn't know whether you were gay or not and I didn't want to confuse you by telling you so I was happy with just being your friend but when you told me about you loving Leeteuk…" He stopped there and looked down,

"What's wrong?" I asked worried about his sudden pause

"Hyukie hyung… do you think you could ever love me?" I was shocked by his question but then I had to take a moment to think 'could I love Donghae? Yes I think so, In the last 30 minute of being with him I haven't once thought of Leeteuk, at least not the way I did 2 hours ago… does that mean I don't love Leeteuk any more… No I still have feeling for him but Donghae has helped me settle down, I could even go to the party now as long as Hae is by my side, wait I want Hae by my side? So this must mean I like him, there is only one way to find out'

I looked at Donghae and leaned in to kiss him, and my thought were right, this kiss felt perfect, a slid my hand in to his, even our hands lock together perfectly, I slowly broke the kiss and took his face in to my free hand,

"Donghae I do still have feelings for Leeteuk hyung, and I know that will be hard to shake off but I know with you by my side I can get over these feeling, because you are perfect for me, the kiss proved this for me." I smiled when I saw his face light up I hugged him tight.

"Really? You really think that we can be a couple?" He asked my smile got wider as I nodded,

"As long as your by my side I know I will be happy" My words were true, I thought I'd have to get through this alone but there was someone there by my side the whole time, and with this we made our way to the party holding hands.

"Hey lets keep 'us' a secret for now, we don't want to steal the party from Heechul, you know what he's like if he doesn't get a lot of attention" Donghae laughed at my proposal "Good plan" We nodded before releasing our hands and going in to the lounge, everyone was happy to see the I was ok and to my surprise the party was amazing and with Hae by my side I had no worries.

The world was perfect.
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It was the end of a school day the corridors were deserted as the students had left school and gone home except one, Ryeowook -a straight A, innocent and cute student- was feeling a bit anxious about today because today he was going to confess to his best friend, he didn't even know if Kyuhyun was gay or not but he couldn't help what he thought and felt.

Ryeowook was quite short and got bullied quiet a lot but he wasn't alone, he had a few friends and was always happy, he always did his work and most of all he was best friends with Cho Kyuhyun.

Ryeowook wasn't going to confess face to face because he was too shy and even if had tried he knew he would fail, so Ryeowook found a way to confess with out failing -or so he thought- he wrote a love letter saying:

To Kyu

When ever I'm near you my heart beats faster and I can't breathe, when you talk to me all I can think about it your beautiful face and your soft lips against mine, when ever I try and confess I end up going all shy or failing completely.

This letter is to the one person I hold most dear

And I love you Kyuhyun.

I've loved you for a while now and I know this may be a shock to you but you need to know and I hope you can reply to me soon.

I love you Kyu and I always will!

I'll be waiting for your reply

Wookie xxx

Ryeowook slotted the letter in Kyuhyun locker sticking out just enough for him to see it, he was confident about this, mainly because he won't be seeing Kyu for a few day as they are in different classes and after school clubs so he won't have to face him, Ryeowook left happy and proud that he had finally done it but then someone else entered on the scene.


Jenny was obsessed with Kyuhyun, if he was a celebrity she would follow him around and do anything and I mean anything to have him as her own, that same day Jenny went to Kyuhyuns locker to post her own love letter but when she got there she saw she was too late, there was already one there.

Furious, she took it, replaced it with her own and went home with Ryeowooks, she was planning on burning it but she decided to open it and see who was trying to steal her Kyu, when she opened it she got a huge shock, it was Kyuhyuns best friend, she couldn't help but laugh a little before getting completely angery jealous, no one was about to take her Kyu away from her and especially turn him gay - that would make him completely untouchable to girls- she read the letter through and suddenly got a cunning idea.

The next morning Ryeowook opened his locker to find and envelope inside, he wasn't expecting a reply this fast but he was happy either way, he removed the letter and went to the music room. Before practicing his piano he opened the letter but was astonished at what he found.

To Ryeowook

Thanks for you letter but I'm not interested.

You may be gay but I'm not so 'us' will never happen and I don't know what was going through that tiny head of yours, what kind of freak falls in love with his friend and not only that but your best friend that's not even gay.

I've been thinking about it for a while now but...

Everyone was right you are a freak...

Don't talk to me again ok; I have a reputation to up hold


Ryeowook was shaking uncontrollably and tears streamed from his eyes as he fell to his knees reading over the letter again to make sure he wasn't hallucinating or dreaming... Unfortunately he wasn't... Wookie is to naive to suspect this was a trick -

Ryeowook was heart broken, he felt as if someone had literally got a hammer and smashed a hole in his heart, not only did he fail to show his love to the 'one' but he has now also lost a friend, he was so shocked from the coldness of the letter that he couldn't move, he couldn't think, he just crumbled in to a mess on the music room floor, it was a while till someone entered the music room.

"R-Ryeowook ah?!?!" Sungmin yelled in shock, he ran over to Ryeowook -who had passed out a few minutes ago- Sungmin knelt down beside the motionless Ryeowook and rolled him on to his back " Wookie ah!! P-please wake up!" Sungmin shook Ryeowook firmly and moved his hair out of his face… He wasn't waking up.

Sungmin finally decided to call the nurse since he wasn't strong enough to carry Ryeowook to the nurses office on his own


"Hello nurse, this is sungmin, I need you to come to the music room, Ryeowook ah has collapsed and I don't know why" there was deep worry in sungmin's voice, the nurse told him she would be there in 2 minutes.

5 minutes later, the nurse arrived to see a motionless Ryeowook in sungmins arms

"Ok, how long has he been unconscious?" the nurse asked as she check his pulse and temperature

"Umm more that 10 minutes, he was unconscious when I arrived 10 minutes ago" sung min wasn't crying but you could clearly hear the worry and sadness in his voice, the nurse nodded and quickly assessed Ryeowook.

After checking and confirming he didn't have a fever the nurse told Sungmin that he had fainted from exhaustion or stress, Sungmin face turned confused.

"But Ryeowook is such a mellow person he never gets stressed or tired... He is always so cheerful and well... Cute" Sungmin looked at the nurse, she knew exactly what he meant, Ryeowook wasn't the kind of guy to get stressed so they figured something really bad must of happened.

~~ 30 minutes later ~~

Ryeowook had been moved to the nurses bed with help of Sungmin and the music teacher -who arrived a few minutes after- Sungmin was sitting next to him watching him sleep, until he suddenly twitched and started waking up, Sungmin stood up and leaned over him fragile friend.

"Wookie??" Sungmin asked, trying to help his friend regain consciousness, Ryeowook slowly opened his eyes to see Sungmin smiling at him but then all the previous memories returned and Ryeowook smile turned in to sadness and tears softly ran down his cheeks, Sungmins smile instantly disappeared too "Wookie... What happened?" he asked softly and comforting.

Ryeowook didn't reply and Sungmin didn't force him, he was free to go home and Sungmin accompanied him, making sure he was fed and comforted, if he hadn't Ryeowook wouldn't have eaten and would have sobbed for hours.

Ryeowook was heart broken… He opted to comply to his friend's request.

He never saw or talked to Kyuhyun again.

~~ 10 years later ~~

'Knock knock'

"I'll get it" Sungmin said getting up from the sofa and walking to the door, Ryeowook didn't bother looking he was too engrossed in the documentary he was watching.

Sungmin and Ryeowook became great friends after that unfortunate event and eventually became flat mates, Ryeowook never officially got over his feelings for Kyuhyun but he made room for the pain, within 10 years Ryeowook has had only one other boyfriend, his name was Kim Jongwoon -Ryeowook liked to call him Yesung- but there relationship didn't end well. Yesung could tell Ryeowook was in love with someone else and even though Ryeowook still loved Yesung he still loved Kyu more even if he did break his heart.

Sungmin walked back with a little pile of letters, Ryeowook took a glimpse and then went back to staring at the TV, sung min sat next to him and looked through the letters chucking the unimportant ones on the coffee table until he got a letter from their old high school.

"Oh... Ya! Wookie are you supposed to be at school?" sung min said playfully, Ryeowook didn't get the joke causing him to look at the letter in Sungmins hand all the attention was now on the letter, they were both thinking 'why do we have a letter from a school we haven't been to in 10 years' they looked at each other confused.

Sungmin turned the envelope around and starts opening it, Ryeowook moves closer to him and tries to guess what it could be, Sungmin already had a hunch on what it could be but Ryeowook was clueless, Sungmin finally pulled out a small blue letter with gold engravings reading (sung min read aloud) :

Dear Mr. Lee and Mr. Wookie.

According to our records it's been 10 years since you have been at Saran may high school (SMHS), so we are pleased to invite you to your 10-year reunion here at the school.

We hope that you will attend, we have invited everyone from your year to the party at the sports hall in June 21st at 6pm, please ring the number below to let us know if you will be attending.

Yours sincerely,

John smith (head master)

Sungmin looked at Ryeowook with a smile but Ryeowook looked back displeased,

"Oh come on it will be fun!" Sungmin exclaimed pouting at his best friend, Ryeowook had to give in Sungmin could rule the world with his aegyo and adorable pouts but gladly he hadn't gotten any ideas, he sighed and shook his head "fine... But don't leave my side, I don't want to bump in to anyone on my own..." Ryeowook looked down at bad memories and Sungmin patted and ruffled Ryeowook head, "hey it will be fine and fun!" Sungmin grinned, as did Ryeowook before looking back at the TV.

Sungmin got up and went to the phone to accept the invite.
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Shindong woke up with someone poking him hesitantly on the arm. He grumbled, and swat the arm away, but the small voice calling for him wouldn't go away. "Shindongie-hyung, please wake up."

He sighed, and opened his eyes, frowning as he blinked. He was completely sure it was either Donghae or Hyukjae. The two often came up with pranks in the middle of the night and would wake him up all excited and bouncy and tell him about it. So he was very surprised to find that the one waking him up wasn't either of the duo.

"Sungmin-ah? What's wrong?" Shindong sat up and rubbed his eyes, looking at the brown-haired male bite his lower lip hesitantly. Sungmin was standing next to his bed, holding his pillow and blanket in his arms.

"I... Hyung, I'm scared" Sungmin confessed. Shindong knew what his best friend was scared of, of course he did. It wasn't like the aegyo king was the only one afraid.

"What are you scared of, Sungminnie-ah?" He gestured for the younger to sit beside him on the bed, and Sungmin did, staring at his lap.

"It's not stopping" Sungmin whispered, trying to hold his hands still, but they wouldn't stop shaking. He was scared, so scared. It had been snowing for days, blizzards raging through the city of Seoul one after another. First they had been happy, they idea of getting a white Christmas making almost all of them bursting with joy, but when the snowing wouldn't stop they had started getting a little nervous.

And three days ago Ryeowook had left for the grocery shop. They had been running out of proper food, and the eternal maknae had offered to go get something to eat. After one hour of waiting for Ryeowook, Jungsu had gotten anxious and left after him. He had returned with a sobbing, cold Ryeowook clutching the bag to his chest. During the brunet's stay in the shop the blizzard had gotten worse, and suddenly it was too much for him. Not considering giving up and going back an option, Ryeowook had continued walking through the storm, getting lost on the way because of not being able to see anything.

Jungsu had found him after searching for almost half an hour, and as they returned they were both freezing and scared to death. Ryeowook had managed to get them bread, milk, juice, and some basic ingredients for food, but now, after three days they were slowly being forced to seek refugee from the back of their closets, instant noodles beginning to be the only food they had besides some bread.

Shindong sighed, setting a comforting hand on Sungmin's shoulder and rubbing it. "Sungminnie, it's okay. Don't worry." Sungmin stayed silent, like he was thinking about something, before glancing up at his friend. "Can I sleep with you tonight, hyung? Please? I don't want to sleep alone."

Shindong arched an eyebrow, confused. "Why don't you sleep with Kyuhyun-ah? You're room mates, after all."

Sungmin shook his head and frowned. "I don't think Kyuhyun-ah wants to sleep with me. And I'm his hyung, I'm not supposed to seem scared. He's the maknae after all. He's supposed to be able to rely on me."

Shindong sighed, and pulled Sungmin down with him. It wasn't the most comfortable thing in the world, sleeping together in a bed meant for one person, especially when neither of them was a bony stick like Jongwoon or Hyukjae. But if this was what would make Sungmin feel better, Shindong was more than glad to sacrifice a little bit of sleep for him.

As Sungmin adjusted his pillow and pulled the covers on top of himself, snuggling against Shindong's side with his head resting on the older male's arm that was draped securely around his shoulders, neither of them noticed the auburn-haired figure standing in the door way. Sighing sadly, the figure turned around, his shoulders slumped, and returned to the room that was now missing one of the people supposed to sleep in there.

The next morning Sungmin woke up to an empty bed, tucked under two blankets. He smiled slightly, snuggling deeper under the covers. He sighed. Since there was so much snow their schedules had been cleared till the weather would calm down.

He didn't want to get up. If he did, he would only be disappointed because the sky would still be covered in heavy grey clouds and he couldn't see five feet in front of himself from the window because of the snow. He really loved the snow, but now it scared him. He wondered when they'd be able to get out the next time.

It was also making some of the members frustrated – Henry was trying to concentrate on anything but the fact that he couldn't get out of the house, which meant that he had dug out all sheet music he could find from the dorm and was playing the violin almost twenty-four seven. Jungsu had started slamming doors and kicking objects the day before because of being so stressed. They were falling behind with their schedules, and he had the We Got Married program with everything else, too. The leader was anxious the separation would ruin his and Kang Sora's relationship and the ratings would drop. He didn't want their manager to be angry with him. Zhou Mi's frustration came out as Chinese – he wouldn't speak with anyone but Henry, and Siwon when he could reach the man by phone since he didn't live in the dorms, and Kyuhyun when he wasn't playing StarCraft, since they were the only ones capable of speaking in Chinese with him.

And the one inside the dorm weren't the only ones anxious. Heechul's manager had called them the day before, telling them the amount of snow had gotten so bad during the day that they couldn't get the diva through it all. He had sounded desperate – none of them questioned why. Hell, they had lived in the same dorm for over six years, they knew what Heechul was like when he got irritated over something.

Kibum was calling them several times a day, apologizing that he couldn't get through the snow, asking if everything was good. He was the most composed of everyone, along with Han Geng, who called them twice a day – once in the morning, once in the evening – and checked what the situation was.

Youngwoon was a wreck. Apparently it took him all of the almost two years of military training to keep his calm and not just take the first tank he could get his hands on and drive through the whole city to get to his hyungs and dongsaengs.

Jungsu spent hours after hours every day on the phone, calling their managers and the company and arranging everything, and being the leader of the biggest group he felt it was his responsibility to check on every other group, too. TVXQ was doing fine – they had loads of food, and Yunho and Changmin seemed pretty content as long as they knew Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong were fine. Taeyeon was doing a good job with her girls, SNSD was apparently doing fine mostly because of their leader's capability of keeping hysteria under control. Taeyeon had promised to take care of the f(x) girls, which Jungsu was very grateful of.

Jungsu had also checked on Zhang Liyin and Kangta. Both of the solo artists seemed very moved by the action, and assured they were doing fine. Before he had had the time to contact The TRAX, Jungmo and Jay had called them. They weren't that close with any of the members left in the dorm, except Sungmin in Jungmo's case, but it didn't matter – they were label mates, and Jungmo had simply stated that if Heechul worried about them, so did he.

SHINee boys, on the other hand, were a mess. Apparently Taemin was completely freaking out, Kibum was on the verge of a nervous breakdown because he couldn't go out, Jonghyun and Minho kept fighting and Jinki was simply unable to handle the mess in their dorm. Jungsu pitied the poor boy, and made sure to check on them at least twice a day if not more.

Sungmin sighed, listening to the sounds of their dorm. Jungsu was already on the phone, and he was yelling. It scared Sungmin. Jungsu never yelled. Suddenly the door opened, and he raised his head to see Shindong walking in, a small smile on his face. The male sat down on the edge of the bed, and Sungmin sat up, taking the cup his friend offered him. He breathed in the smell of coffee, and nodded, grateful for the small gesture.

"Has it stopped?" he asked after taking a gulp, knowing the answer even though he asked. Shindong's smile disappeared, and he shook his head, sighing.

"No. It's snowing even more than yesterday. And the lights flickered this morning. It freaked Teukie-hyung out, he got really scared that we're losing electricity." Sungmin's eyes widened in terror, but Shindong's hand was there, on his knee, rubbing it soothingly. "Don't worry. The lights are on, see? There's nothing to worry about."

Sungmin nodded hesitantly, taking a few gulps of coffee. The drink warmed him up, and he offered his friend a small smile. "Thanks, hyung, for letting me sleep here."

Shindong chuckled, and ruffled Sungmin's hair. "Any time, Min-ah. Any time."

Just then the door burst open, and a pale leader frowned at the two on the bed. There were dark circles under Jungsu's eyes, and Sungmin was scared to see him in that kind of state. "Sungmin-ah"  Jungsu's voice was strained. "Why are you here? Why aren't you in your dorm?"

"Hyung, he slept with me last night" Shindong said, his voice soothing. Jungsu frowned. "Now is not the time to engage in homosexual activities!" he barked, making both of the two gape in horror.

"Hyung, EW!" both of them wailed.

"Teukie-hyung, I wasn't sleeping with Shindongie-hyung like that!" Sungmin exclaimed, nose scrunched up in disgust. "He's my best friend! Ew, eww! I was scared so I asked him if I could sleep in his bed!"

Jungsu seemed to stop in his tracks, and sighed. "Right. I'm sorry, Shindongie-ah, Sungminnie-ah. I'm a little stressed." Shindong snorted. "Right. A little."

Jungsu frowned. "Sungmin-ah, would you please go to your dorm? I want to know Kyuhyun-ah is okay. Also, please ask Jongwoon-ah and Ryeowook-ah to call me. And tell Hyukjae-yah and Donghae-yah to come up here, I want to kick their asses for not answering their phones." Sungmin nodded, a small smile creeping up his features. He knew the leader simply wanted to make sure the two kids were fine. He had promises to keep, after all. And Hyukjae was a cry baby.

Sungmin got off the bed, tugging the hem of his pyjama to cover his thighs, before waving at his hyungs and heading to the door. He ran a hand through his hair as he padded down the stairs, and rang the doorbell. He was greeted with the sight of a tired-looking Jongwoon. The brunet let him in, and he arched a questioning eyebrow, before his hyung simply scratched the back of his head. "Wookie cried the whole night" he murmured "he's sleeping now. Please be quiet."

Sungmin nodded. "Teukie-hyung wants you and Wookie to call him and make sure everything is okay, but I think it'd be better if you went up and visited him. Maybe Wookie could calm him down. He's a mess." Jongwoon nodded, and retreated to his room, closing the door silently behind himself.

Sungmin sighed, and headed for the bathroom. After a quick shower, with a towel wrapped around his hips, he entered his and Kyuhyun's room, just to find the maknae sitting by their desk, headphones on his ears, obviously playing StarCraft. He chuckled silently, and began pulling stuff out of his wardrobe, pulling on a pair of dark blue jeans and a simple black t-shirt, and since it was quite chilly in the dorm he grabbed a random sweater from the floor and pulled it on, making a mental note to ask Kyuhyun if he had told Jungsu he had stolen his clothes. The white thing was definitely from the leader's closet.

After getting dressed, Sungmin approached Kyuhyun – who, apparently, still hadn't realized he was there – and tapped his shoulder lightly. The maknae didn't budge. The older of the two sighed. He really didn't want to interrupt the younger male – Kyuhyun had been oddly angry since last morning. Knowing it was useless trying to reach the gamer, and decided to simply go find Hyukjae and Donghae. Apparently, Donghae had headed to the 11th floor dorm some time during the morning, since he shared a room with Jungsu but was nowhere to be found from the 12th floor.

He didn't have to look for long. The two were laying on Hyukjae's bed, apparently browsing through old pictures. Sungmin peeked over their shoulders and smiled sadly as a picture of Heechul and Han Geng flashed on the screen. He missed the Chinese man. Not that he didn't miss Heechul, but Geng was always good at calming everyone down.

Sungmin plopped himself on the bed, startling both of his dongsaengs. "Hyung!" Donghae whined "never do that again! I almost got a heart attack!" Hyukjae seemed to agree, since the brunet was furiously nodding, holding a hand on his heart and looking like a deer in headlights.

Sungmin chuckled. "Sorry. Teukie-hyung wants you two to go upstairs so he can kick your asses for not answering your phones." Both of the younger boys winced and glanced at each other, and then to the cell phone carelessly thrown to the floor. "Oh, right" Hyukjae muttered "I forgot it ran out of battery..."

The two's hyung sighed and shook his head, before giving Donghae's butt a friendly pat. "Well, good luck dealing with him. I suggest you go up now, instead of in half an hour. He's freaking out." With this, Sungmin stood up and headed to his own room to see if Kyuhyun had finished his game.

He entered the room, and closed the door behind him, just to see the maknae still abusing the keys of his laptop. Sungmin hopped on his bed, propping his upper body up with his arms, leaning his chin on his hand. Kyuhyun was steadily destroying every single alien and what ever things those were that appeared on the screen, a concentrated expression on his face.

"Kyuhyun-ah" he tried after a couple of minutes, but got no response as Kyuhyun simply stared at the screen, big headphones tightly clasped over his ears. Sungmin sighed, and sat up, poking his dongsaeng's shoulder gently. The younger still didn't respond, but after killing a few more aliens he paused the game, took off the headphones and shot his hyung an irritated glare. "What is it, Sungmin?"

Sungmin frowned at the lack of honorific, and crossed his arms, huffing in an annoyed manner. Apparently Kyuhyun hadn't gotten rid of the attitude problem he was sporting, whatever the cause of it was. "I simply wanted to know if you were all right, you ungrateful brat." Kyuhyun rolled his eyes. "Well I certainly am not all right, you interrupted my game" he snapped "now, if you'd be so kind, get out."

Sungmin couldn't believe his ears, and he threw his arms in the air, anger boiling inside him. "Cho Kyuhyun you have absolutely no right to order me to get out of my own damn room!" His voice was raising with every word.

"Fine, stay, but stop bothering me, I have more important manners to attend to than your annoying nagging" Kyuhyun stated, completely nonchalant, and set his headphones back on his head.

Sungmin wanted to scream. He wanted to hit the maknae. Hard. Preferably with something. Like a chair. Or his own laptop. "FINE" he yelled, turning on his heels. "I'll leave your highness alone then, have fun with your precious aliens! I hope some ten-year-old brat kicks your ass and makes you choke on your own stupid spaceship!" He stormed out from the room, slamming the door shut with a loud bang.

Inside the room, Kyuhyun sighed, a dull ache in his chest. "You always leave me alone anyway" he muttered, before resuming his game.

Sungmin stormed to the kitchen, angry tears pricking the corners of his eyes. Why did the maknae have to be so mean to him? He was simply trying to be nice. He was just carrying out the task Jungsu had set him. Kyuhyun didn't need to kick him out of his own room and be so rude.

Opening the fridge and pulling out a carton of chocolate milk, he sighed. Sometimes he felt like Kyuhyun was the closest person to him on Earth, hell, sometimes he even wondered if he felt more than simple friendly attachment to the other male. But then there were these days, when Kyuhyun would act rudely and be mean, and Sungmin found himself crying over how badly the maknae treated him.

Sighing again, Sungmin poured some of the brown drink to a glass, and drank. After swallowing, he glanced at the window, and his mood darkened even more. The storm was only getting worse. At this rate, their Christmas dinner would consist of instant noodles. That wasn't the thing bringing him down the most, though. If the snowing didn't stop, it would mean they would spend Christmas with nine people instead of fourteen.

"Sungmin-hyung" a timid voice said, and Sungmin turned his head to see Ryeowook standing in the doorway, rubbing his eyes, hair sticking in every direction. Apparently the male had just woken up from his nap. Sungmin smiled gently. "Yes, Wookie-yah?"

Ryeowook slowly padded towards Sungmin, and wrapped his arms around his hyung's waist when reaching him. Sungmin stroked his dongsaeng's hair affectionately as the slim male hid his face to his chest.

"Hyung, it's not stopping" Ryeowook mumbled, the fabric of Sungmin's clothes muffling his voice. Sungmin sighed, glad the other couldn't see his pained expression. "I know, Wookie. But I'm sure it will stop in a few days, and we can spend Christmas together with everyone. Kangin-hyung will snap at Heechul-hyung, Kibum-ah will read a book and Siwon-ah will be all happy and tweet stuff about Jesus. Just like all our Christmases."

Ryeowook looked at his hyung and frowned. "Sungminnie-hyung, I might be younger than you, but I'm not stupid. It's not stopping, we both know it."

Sungmin scowled, looking angrier than he had meant to. "It will stop, Ryeowook-ah. It will stop and we will have a wonderful Christmas with everyone." He regretted seeming so angry immediately when Ryeowook pulled back, looking scared.

"Wookie-yah, we should go" Jongwoon called from the living room. "I told Jungsu-hyung we'd come up when you woke up." Ryeowook nodded, still looking at Sungmin, and sighed. "I'll see you later, hyung" he muttered, before joining Jongwoon and leaving the dorm.

Sungmin sat down, folded his arms on the table, and let his head rest on his arms. Great job, Sungmin, he thought. Now you've offended Ryeowook too. Do you have to make everyone angry at you?

Sungmin woke up hours later. The room was dark, and his back hurt from sleeping crouched over the table. The first thing he noticed was that someone had draped a blanket over him sometime during his nap. He smiled, grateful at the person, before noticing that his glass of chocolate milk was empty. He frowned. He was going to hunt down the bitch that had drunk his-

"Sungmin-hyung" a voice cut his plans off, and just now he realized he had woken up because someone had made him to. He looked up, smiling tiredly. "Yes, Donghae-yah?"

Donghae answered with a smile of his own, and it unnerved Sungmin to see it wasn't as sincere as usually. "Jungsu-hyung wants you to come up for dinner. You left your cell to Shindong-hyung's room so they sent me to get you."

Sungmin nodded and stood up, trying to stretch his back a little. "Right. Shrimp noodles, here I come." Donghae chuckled at this, and they headed to the dorm upstairs where everyone was already gathered around the kitchen table.

Sungmin offered his friends a smile, and took a seat next to Jongwoon, avoiding the empty space beside Kyuhyun on purpose. He wasn't going to risk sitting with the maknae, in case he was still angry at his hyung. Sungmin wasn't one to be angry for a long time, but Kyuhyun held grudges for days sometimes, and he didn't want to feel awkward when enjoying his dinner.

Ryeowook set the pot of hot water on the table, and everyone poured their bowls full. A few content sighs rose from the people surrounding the table along with the delicious smell of spices. After around two minutes, everyone dug in. During all this, no one had uttered a word.

"Manager-hyung is taking care of our schedules" Jungsu suddenly announced, startling Hyukjae so that he spilt noodles on himself. Donghae chuckled at the rapper's frown, and handed him a napkin. Sungmin glanced at the leader, noticing the troubled expression on Shindong and Henry's faces as they, too, surveyed their hyung.

"Unfortunately that's the only good news I have for you."

Everyone stopped eating, ten pairs of eyes fixated on the blonde. Jungsu sighed, and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "I made the usual round of calls today. Apparently Jungmo has fallen sick over night. And pharmacies are running out of drugs since planes can't get through the storm."

Sungmin paled. Jungmo was his friend. And judging by the sound of Jungsu's voice, it wasn't just a cough he was suffering from. "How is Youngdeok-hyung?" he answered, voice strained.

"I'd like to say he's fine, but to be honest he's freaking out. Their manager can't do a thing for them since they live in separate dorms. Manager-hyung told us to absolutely not go out, dress as warmly as we can and sleep with as many blankets as we can. Just... Make sure to keep yourselves warm. We don't want anyone to get sick now."

Sungmin moved his stare to his noodles, not really listening to Jungsu's explanation of how all the managers had given all artists the same information, and the hysteria in the SHINee and SNSD dorms was getting worse. Apparently Yuri and Seohyun were total messes while Jinki was on the verge of a mental breakdown because of Taemin and Jonghyun.

"I'm going to call them" Sungmin muttered, not bothering to properly excuse himself from the table. Worried glances lingered on him as he made his way to Shindong's room, where he supposed his phone was.

Finding his cell phone from the night stand, he dialled Jay's number, and raised the device to his ear, anxiously listening to the beeps. After fifteen seconds or such, someone picked up, a tired voice answering: "hello?"

"Youngdeok-hyung, it's Sungmin here" Sungmin greeted.

"Ah, Sungmin-ah. How are you? I hope well."

Sungmin nodded, then remembered Jay couldn't see him. "I'm fine, thanks, just a little stressed. I heard about Jungmo-hyung."

There was a moment of silence before Jay sighed and answered. "Yeah. He's barely able to get up from the bed. It's probably a virus. He has high fever, and his nose just keeps running." He chuckled. "He almost threw his note stand to the wall when he got bored and tried to play guitar, but his nose would run all over his chin if he didn't sneeze all the time. It would have been hilarious if I wasn't so worried."

Sungmin wanted to laugh, he really did, but all that came out was a croak that just made him sound all the more miserably. He sighed. "Okay. Not counting in Jungmo-hyung's condition, how are you generally hanging?"

"Pretty good. We have enough food to last for two weeks – a week since it's Jungmo I'm living with, that pig –, anyway, we were waiting for Jungwoo and Minwoo to come over. They were supposed to come here today, actually, but obviously they can't. I'm more worried about them. Since they knew they were supposed to come here, they don't have that much to eat in their apartments."

"Ah, I understand... Well, I'm happy you won't be starving, hyung. We're practically living on instant noodles, cereals and bread at the moment."

Again, Jay was silent for a moment, before continuing silently: "Sungmin-ah, don't worry too much. Jungmo will be fine. And so will you." Sungmin smiled gratefully. He wasn't really that close with Jay – sure, they had talked since Jungmo was a good friend of his – but still the older male's words comforted him.

"I know Jungmo-hyung will be fine. I trust you to take good care of him, Youngdeok-hyung."

Jay laughed. "Of course I will. After all, even though he's a food-consuming monster that throws stuff around I love him. I don't want to end up living in this dorm alone so I simply can't let him die because he's too lazy to stay alive."

Even though Jay was seemingly joking, Sungmin couldn't help feeling a cold tug in the pit of his stomach at the slight strain in his voice. "Good" he croaked, then cleared his throat. "I have to go now, before Hyukjae or someone else eats my noodles. We're in the middle of dinner. Tell Jungmo-hyung I said hi."

"Oh, right. Jungmo will be happy to hear you called. Say hi to Leeteuk-ssi and Kyuhyun-ah for me."

"I will. Bye bye, Youngdeok-hyung."

"Bye, Sungmin-ah." The line went dead.

Sungmin sighed, and set his phone down, before heading back to the kitchen. "Teukie-hyung, Kyuhyun-ah, Youngdeok-hyung said hi" he announced, before sitting back next to Jongwoon and digging back in to his noodles. They were rather cold, but he didn't really care.

After finishing dinner, pretty much all of them huddled together in the living room. Zhou Mi had wanted to watch Titanic, but Hyukjae and Donghae had insisted they watch it on Christmas day when everyone would be home. So, instead, it was Antique Bakery running.

"Why are we watching a movie about gays?" Jongwoon asked, leaning on Jungsu who was absent-mindedly stroking his hair, and his lap serving as a pillow for Ryeowook. "Because it's pink" said eternal maknae mumbled from near Jongwoon's crotch, desperately trying to keep his eyes open.

"That's a not a reason" Jongwoon answered, though he didn't really mind watching the film. It was pretty cute. "Yes it is", Ryeowook insisted, his words barely audible. "Sungminnie likes pink. Pink will make him happy."

Jungsu chuckled and reached to stroke Ryeowook's cheek. "Such a considerate dongsaeng" he said affectionately. Sungmin looked at the young vocalist, eyebrows raised. "Why would you- "

"It's useless, Sungmin-ah" Jongwoon cut him off, a small smile lingering on his lips. "He's already asleep." And when Sungmin peeked at the eternal maknae's face, he noticed that his hyung was indeed right – Ryeowook's breathing was steady and his lips slightly parted, eyes closed, as he slept peacefully. The aegyo king chuckled, and redirected his concentration back to the film.

After the film had ended, everyone made their way back to their rooms. No one was in the mood to stay up late – they were all hoping they would have to get up early the next morning, since that would mean they had schedules, and having schedules meant going out. Jongwoon proved to be surprisingly strong as he simply picked Ryeowook up from the couch bridal style, smiled good night to the members and headed downstairs.

Sungmin bit his lip as he tapped Jungsu on the shoulder. The leader spun around, looking at him with sleepy eyes. "Sungminnie-ah? Shouldn't you be going downstairs already?" Sungmin looked at his feet. "Hyung, can I, um... Can I sleep with you tonight? If it doesn't bother Donghae-yah."

Jungsu's eyebrows rose, but he smiled at his dongsaeng nonetheless. "Of course you can. I'd enjoy that. Hae has been sleeping with Hyukjae-yah for a couple of nights now, so it won't bother him." Sungmin's eyes lit up, and he hugged the older male. "Thanks, hyung! Uh, I'll get my blanket and pillow and change and brush my teeth. I'll be back in a moment!"

Sungmin dashed out of the dorm and down the stairs, wanting to get back as quickly as he could. He bolted to the bathroom, brushing his teeth with the speed of a lightning, startling Hyukjae in the process. The poor rapper was taking a shower when his hyung simply ignored him and brushed his teeth and washed his face, threw a quick "sorry, good night, Hyukkie!" before skipping to his and Kyuhyun's room.

Sungmin threw the sweater on his bed, followed by his shirt, and glanced at the maknae who was abusing his computer key's while laying on his bed, this time without headphones. "Kyuhyun-ah, I'm going to sleep in Teukie-hyung's room tonight" he announced, pushing his jeans off searching for the pyjama he had stuffed somewhere under the covers of his bed. "So you don't need to worry about me bothering you!"

"Good" Kyuhyun simply answered. "I was considering locking you out of the room since you'd just nag at me for not letting you sleep, and I don't need anyone bothering me because of their well-needed beauty sleep."

Sungmin froze, before his hands curled into firsts around the pink pyjama's hem. Angry, he grabbed his blanket and pillow, and turned on his heels. "Why are you so mean?" he yelled, stomping a foot. It made no sense. He had done nothing to Kyuhyun. Why was the maknae being so terrible?

"Why are you so annoying?" Kyuhyun simply shot back, not even bothering to look at his hyung. Sungmin bit his lip, hard, as he dropped the things in his hands and grabbed he nearest object – a small pink-covered bible Siwon had got him when he had been depressed some months ago. He flung the book at Kyuhyun, and it hit between his shoulder blades.

"FUCK! Fuck, Sungmin that fucking hurt, what the- " Kyuhyun started, but was interrupted as he had to duck. Otherwise a box of toffee would have hit him straight to the cheek.

"What the fuck is your problem!" Sungmin yelled, throwing one last object at Kyuhyun before stomping a foot again, and grabbing his stuff. "I'm fucking tired of you acting like that, if you really hate me so much just say it to my face!"

"Sungmin - "

"SHUT UP, I don't want to hear it! ASSHOLE!" Sungmin exited the room, slamming the door behind him, and kicked it hard enough to cause cracks. He turned around to see a very scared Donghae standing in the doorway of the kitchen, before he choked a sob and rushed to the door, wanting to get out of the dorm as quickly as he could.

Sungmin dragged himself up the stairs, and rang the doorbell. It only took a couple of seconds for Jungsu to open the door, and the brunet pushed past him, not caring if it was rude or not. He headed for Jungsu and Donghae's room, threw his pillow and blanket on Jungsu's bed and crawled under the covers, curling into a small ball of miserableness.

The door clicked shut, and the lights were turned off. Sungmin felt Jungsu sitting on the bed and lying down. "Sungminnie" the leader called out softly, wrapping an arm around his dongsaeng's waist and gently pressing against his back. "What's wrong?"

Sungmin couldn't take it. He couldn't. Turning around, he clutched his hyung's shirt, sobbing into the fabric as tears slowly streamed down his cheeks. "Kyuhyun is stupid" he sobbed "I hate him, he's an asshole."

Jungsu stroked Sungmin's hair, holding the crying male gently. "What did he do?" And Sungmin told everything about how Kyuhyun had started being weirdly annoyed at everything and everyone the morning before, and how it had just gotten worse all the time. "I don't know what to do" he finally whispered, only a few stray tears on his cheeks anymore.

Jungsu sighed, and gently dried Sungmin's face with the sleeve of his pyjama shirt. "I'll talk to Kyuhyun-ah tomorrow, okay, Sungminnie?" he promised, and received a small nod as an answer.  "Good. Now, we should sleep. It's been a long day. Maybe tomorrow will be better."

Sungmin honestly doubted it would, but didn't voice his thoughts. After all, he knew Jungsu was just as stressed about the situation as he was, and for a moment he regretted letting everything out like that. The last thing the leader needed was a fight in his dorm.

"Good night, Jungsu-hyung" he whispered, wrapping an arm around the older male's waist. Jungsu smelled like the vanilla coffee scented shampoo he used. It was oddly calming. "And thank you."

Jungsu chuckled, and held his dongsaeng against himself. "Good night, Minnie" he answered, tucking Sungmin's head under his chin and drifting in to sleep, calmed by the way the other's chest was steadily moving against his own.

Sungmin was woken up by loud, yelling voices outside the room. He sat up, rubbing his eyes, and noticed Jungsu was nowhere to be seen. Trying to wake up properly, he could make out someone screaming, someone else crying loudly, and a couple of voices saying something.

Suddenly wide awake, Sungmin jumped off the bed and ran to the door, yanking it open. He hurried to the living room, coming face to face with a scene that immediately told him something was horribly wrong.

Jungsu was pacing around the living room, cell phone on his ear, outright screaming at someone. Donghae was sitting on the couch, loud wails and sobs wracking his body as an equally, though more quietly, crying Hyukjae hugged him and rubbed his back. Henry and Zhou Mi sat on the couch, gripping each other's hands, looking terrified. Kyuhyun was sitting on the floor, pale as a ghost, his head in his hands, gripping his hair. Ryeowook was on the floor, hugging the big soft dice they sometimes used during games to his chest, his face pressed against one side of it. Jongwoon's hands were on Ryeowook's shoulders, rubbing soothingly, though he looked scared to death.

"What..." Sungmin started, as a hand was set on his shoulder. He turned around to see Shindong standing behind him, brows furrowed in a desperate expression. "Hyung, what's going on?" He was barely able to ask – the answer would surely be something he didn't want to know. Had something happened to Jungmo?

"Heechul-hyung has disappeared" Shindong whispered. Sungmin's eyes widened in horror as he turned to look out of the window. The blizzard was still there – raging, cold and deadly. He turned back to his hyung, his eyes begging for all of the members to just start laughing and say it was a sick joke.

"His manager can't find him anywhere. Our guess is that he's trying to get to the TRAX dorm. Manager-hyung was stupid enough to inform him about Jungmo-ssi's situation."

It made sense. Jungmo was one of Heechul's closest friends. And Heechul might be the biggest bitch on earth when he wanted to, naggy and irritating and mean, but he was one of the most reliable friends one could ever hope to have. Kim Heechul never left a friend behind.

"It's been an hour. Jungsu-hyung is calling the police. For the third time." Shindong sighed, and pinched the bridge of his nose. Sungmin had never seemed his best friend so agitated, and it scared him more than anything.

"Has anyone called Youngdeok-hyung?" he asked, his voice shaky. Shindong nodded. "Teukie-hyung called him right after calling the police for the first time. He also called Kibum-ah, Siwon-ah and Kangin-hyung."

Sungmin looked at his friend, a question hanging in the air, which was answered by a stern shake of head. "No, he didn't call Hankyung-hyung. He doesn't need to know. There's nothing he could do from Beijing anyway, and Teukie doesn't need another scared-to-death dongsaeng."

Sungmin nodded, understanding the situation. He agreed. Shindong continued, "all the other groups have been informed about the situation. Everyone's keeping their eyes out, if Heechul happened to pass by their dorms."

Sungmin nodded again, and glanced at Ryeowook, now understanding why he was hugging the dice. His face was pressed against Heechul's picture. The singer let his knees give out, and he crawled to the eternal maknae, sitting down in front of him wrapping his arm around the trembling figure. Ryeowook answered the touch by hugging Sungmin tightly, the dice now pressed between them, one hand from both of them clutching the fabric.

And then, Sungmin prayed.

Two hours later the dorm had quieted down to the point where it was scary. The only sounds were the howling of the wind outside, and the silent, choked sobs still coming from the dancers that were now huddled together on the sofa. Hyukjae was pale and silent, and held the silently crying Donghae to his chest, his knuckles white as he gripped the fabric of Donghae's sweater.

Henry, Zhou Mi, Jongwoon and Ryeowook were all sitting in the kitchen, a cup of coffee in front of all of them, although none of them drank. Occasionally, a silent clink was heard as they twirled their spoons in their mugs, staring into the depths of the brown liquid, all of them looking tired and scared. Shindong was in his room, sleeping behind a closed door. Jungsu had disappeared, but Sungmin could swear he could hear faint, ragged sobs coming from behind the closed door of Heechul's room.

Sungmin was sitting on Jungsu's bed, blanket draped over himself, leaning against the wall. He spun his cell phone in his hands, having texted Jay ten minutes earlier about if there was nothing new considering Heechul and / or Jungmo. He had closed the curtains, not wanting to see the storm going on outside, knowing his friend could be somewhere out there, laying in the snow, trying to crawl forward as warmth left his limbs–

Sungmin choked a desperate sob as the door opened, and an auburn-haired figure stepped inside. Sungmin raised his head, glancing at the one coming in, and immediately lowered his gaze to his hands again. "What do you want?" he questioned, his voice lacking the venom he had wanted to be there.

Kyuhyun was silent for a moment before answering. "I just wanted to see if you were okay" he then answered, simple and honest, and leaned against the wall, crossing his arms over his chest. Sungmin scoffed. "Well, I'm not. You can leave now." Kyuhyun furrowed. "Hey, I was just trying to be nice, you don't need to be so rude."

Sungmin's head snapped up as he directed his glare at the maknae, his eyes shooting daggers. "Shut the fuck up" he spat, clutching the blanket to prevent himself from launching at the other and strangling him. "You've been nothing but rude to me, and it seems like whatever I do bothers you. Please leave. Now."

Kyuhyun's expression darkened, and his jaw clenched in apparent anger. "Fine, whatever, I'll just continue being rude to you and won't even try to make it up to you- "

"SHUT THE FUCK UP" Sungmin screamed "I don't want to hear it, I don't want to hear you, I don't want to look at your fucking ugly crater face, just get the fuck OUT."

Kyuhyun's face fell as Sungmin's words slapped him straight to the face. The older regretted his words immediately, but he was angry. He was not going to take them back, not now when Kyuhyun was finally showing some emotions.

Just when Kyuhyun opened his mouth, apparently attempting to say something, the familiar ring of Jungsu's cell phone could be heard from the living room. Sungmin stumbled off the bed and hurried out, simply pushing Kyuhyun out of his way. Jungsu sped right past him, and leaped to grab his phone, answering it.

After less than a minute of silence, the phone fell to the floor as Jungsu fainted.

Hyukjae screamed. Donghae screamed. Ryeowook screamed. Henry and Zhou Mi yelled the leader's name. Shindong, being the only one able to keep his cool and sanity, quickly reached for their hyung's phone.

"Park-ssi? Park-ssi, what happened?" a voice called from the device, before Shindong raised to his ear. "This is Super Junior Shin Donghee here. Park-ssi isn't able to continue the call at the moment, please explain the situation to me" he explained as he retreated to his room, shutting the door behind himself to keep the screams out.

After a couple of minutes of screaming, Hyukjae bursting into uncontrollable tears and Jongwoon looking like he was going to faint, too, Jungsu had woken up and Shindong came out of his room. His face was sickly pale and he looked like he was about to throw up as he eyed the leader, curled up and sobbing on the floor.

"Hyung" Kyuhyun rushed to ask. "What is it?"

Shindong took a deep, shaky breath. "Youngwoon-hyung has disappeared along with some soldiers from his regiment."

Jungsu howled like he was in pain, and Jongwoon burst into tears. Ryeowook started sobbing violently, not able to breathe because of the force of them. Kyuhyun had to take support from the wall. Henry slumped, gripping his hair. Zhou Mi's eyes watered as silent tears started running down his face. Hyukjae's sobs increased as Donghae started crying as well.

Sungmin's knees gave way as he fell to the floor. He couldn't breathe. His head spun. This couldn't be happening. It couldn't. Not Youngwoon-hyung too. Not all of his hyungs. Ryeowook scrambled to Jongwoon, desperately clutching his sleeve, yelling and screaming that Jongwoon-hyung had to stay with them, he couldn't disappear too.

Sungmin gasped, desperately trying to get oxygen to his lungs, trying to breathe, but he couldn't. He couldn't. Everything was spinning, and he felt nauseous. He faintly even registered the tears that had started flowing from his eyes, uncontrollable, blurring his vision.

Someone tugged his arm, but he couldn't stand up. There was no strength in his limbs. Another hand joined the first one, and he was forcefully pulled up from the door. Someone started leading him somewhere, who, he didn't care, where, he didn't care about that either.

The last thing Sungmin registered was being pulled on a bed and a blanket draped over him as a strong body joined him under the covers, a pair of arms tightly wrapping around him as he clawed and clutched at this someone's shirt, howling and wailing in physical pain from the amount of fear.

Sungmin woke up, throat sore and sporting a terrible headache. What he concentrated on, however, was the person next to him that held him tightly. He glanced up, and noticed an acne scarred face staring sternly at the wall. Kyuhyun's lips formed a tight line, and there were tear streaks on his cheeks. Had he been crying? Silly question. Of course he had. Sungmin wanted to hit himself for thinking that Kyuhyun, however mean he was, could be heartless enough to not cry in this kind of a situation. Then again, he wanted to slap himself for many things.

"I'm sorry" he whispered, and Kyuhyun's arms twitched. Apparently the male hadn't noticed he was awake. "I didn't mean what I said earlier. I mean, I did want you to shut up, but I didn't mean the... Other stuff."

"Like calling me an ugly crater face?" Kyuhyun's voice was emotionless and dull, and it made Sungmin's chest clench.

"Yeah." He was ashamed of himself, for saying such things to his dongsaeng. His friend.

Kyuhyun sighed. "Why do you spend your nights in other rooms?"

Sungmin's eyebrows rose to his hairline as he tilted his head to look a Kyuhyun. The maknae was still staring at the wall, so he directed his gaze at the male's shirt. "I'm scared to sleep alone" he murmured "I feel so cold."

"Why do you never sleep with me? Do you dislike me so much?"

Now Sungmin was really and honestly confused. Although somehow, the question made sense. It felt like pieces were beginning to find their places. "Of course not" he exclaimed "I just... I don't want to bother you."

Kyuhyun sighed. "Sungmin-hyung, do you really think I would be bothered by you sleeping next to me?"

"Well lately you have seemed to be bothered by everything I do..."

Kyuhyun fell silent for a moment, but Sungmin knew the gamer well enough to not disturb him, knowing he was merely thinking about how to put his words. "I'm jealous" he finally stated, making Sungmin's eyes widen. "And lonely. I'm jealous because you sleep with everyone but me, and I'm lonely because you always leave me alone."

Sungmin wrapped his arms around Kyuhyun's waist, and squeezed as hard as he could. "I'm sorry, Kyuhyun-ah" he whispered "I didn't know, I... I didn't think you would be lonely. I'm so sorry." He felt horrible. He was proud to say he was the closest to Kyuhyun from all the members, but still he had missed something like this. And during such important time, too!

Kyuhyun sighed heavily, falling silent again. Sungmin bit his lip, unable to think about anything to say, to he simply clung tighter to his dongsaeng, wishing he could show the other how sorry he was. He just didn't know how.

Suddenly, there was a phone ringing. Both of them tensed as they recognized the ringtone as Jungsu's. There were grunts, a pained yelp, and a crash. Apparently someone knocked over a lamp, or something.  They heard a voice answering the phone – Shindong. So Jungsu was either out cold or simply unable to do anything coherent.

The phone call was, however, abruptly cut as the buzzer rang, repeatedly. Clearly someone downstairs was abusing the poor button. Someone, most likely Shindong, opened the door. Kyuhyun and Sungmin glanced at each other, confused. Who the hell was coming from outside in this weather?


Both of them stumbled off the bed, the blanket getting stuck in their feet, but they didn't care as they hurried to the door and to the entrance way. Apparently all the others had had the same idea, since the door was already open, and the members were running out from the dorm.

Sungmin didn't know when his and Kyuhyun's hands had found each other, but he gripped harder, his heart beating wildly in his chest and blood rushing in his ears. God, or anyone out there, up there, let it be Heechul, he prayed. Please, I'll do anything, just let it be Heechul, safe and sound.

He ran face first to Zhou Mi's back as the Chinese man had stopped in shock, and Sungmin pushed the lanky figure out of his way as his eyes met the person climbing up the stairs.

Or rather, the people.

Five men clad in all white clothes and black quilted vests were hurrying upwards, towards them, black clothes drawn over their mouths and noses, goggles covering their eyes. They had hoods pulled over their heads and Sungmin couldn't make out any of their faces, but what caught his attention wasn't them, but what they were carrying between them.

Who they were carrying between them.

A figure was supported by two of the soldiers, a blanket wrapped around his body, full lips having a bluish shade and a feverish red shade in the white of his eyes. He wobbled up the stairs, being yanked and pulled forcefully, pushed from the back, and it could be seen that it was hard for him to even stand.

"HEECHUL" Sungmin screamed, but didn't have the time to bolt forward before a voice interrupted him.

"Get the fuck out of my way brats" a muffled, familiar voice ordered, and Sungmin backed off. All of them did. In a tangle of limbs, sobs and wails of "Heechul" and "hyung" the young men rushed back to the dorm, making way to the soldiers.

Heechul was forced up the stairs and into the dorm, as someone shut the door behind them. "Someone go put the shower on immediately, warm water but not hot so it won't burn him" one of the biggest of the soldiers ordered, and Ryeowook immediately ran to the bathroom as the soldiers continued rubbing Heechul's body and started pushing him towards the tell tale sound of running water.

The door to Jungsu's room opened, and the pale leader stepped out of his room, apparently woken up by all the commotion. His eyes, still sleepy, widened, and his mouth opened. "What- what's going on- "

A soldier pushed through the Super Junior members, muttering a "get out of my way" before reaching their hyung and pushing him back to the room, closing the door behind them. Everything fell silent before a loud cry was heard from behind the door, telling them Jungsu was again crying uncontrollably.

"So it's really Youngwoon-hyung" Jongwoon whispered. Shindong let out a shaky breath and slumped to the floor, leaning to the wall and closing his eyes. Sungmin's gaze was shifting between the bathroom door and the door to Jungsu's room, where loud sobs could be heard from now.

Henry was the first one to regain his composure, turning to the remaining two soldiers that had taken off their goggles and masks, and were now standing awkwardly in their entrance way and listening to their leader cry his eyes out. The Canadian bowed full ninety degrees. "We can't express how grateful we are." Sungmin couldn't do anything but admire Henry's strength as he, too, bowed, with all the other members.  Even though the mochi's voice was shaking, he kept strong.

"Please, take your shoes and coats off, you can leave them here. The least we can do is offer you coffee or tea. Unfortunately that's all we have to give right now, we're running short of food. Please, follow me." After the two men had taken their boots off they followed the brunet to the kitchen, the members following them in turn. No one said a word.

After about an hour, a swollen-and-red-eyed Jungsu had joined them in the table, along with an also swollen eyed Youngwoon. Apparently the reunion had been full of tears. It took another half an hour for Heechul, Ryeowook and the two soldiers that had accompanied him to the shower to emerge from the bathroom.

Heechul was still shaky and had to be supported by the two men, but they weren't needed for longer than approximately three seconds before Jungsu had launched himself from his chair and pushed them away, hugging the diva tightly. He kept yelling and scolding his friend, while all the time thanking God and every other higher power he could think of along with the soldiers that Heechul was alive. He kept repeating, "why, why would you do that", "you are a big fucking idiot Kim Heechul" "I hate you", and had to be pried off by Youngwoon so that Heechul could sit down and have a cup of warm tea placed before himself.

Donghae, having been silent and scared, reached a hand and brushed it over Heechul's. "Hyung" he choked out "I'm glad you're safe." This was when the Super Junior diva gathered his strength to offer his dongsaengs and one hyung and weak smile.

"I just might start believing in that God dude of Siwon's, you know" he joked weakly, clutching the tea mug in his shaking, cold hands. "Or at least consider it."

Hyukjae broke into tears for the umpteenth time that day. He was back. Their hyung was back, and safe, and first of all – alive.

Sungmin chuckled, as a hand suddenly wrapped around his wrist and pulled him up. "Excuse us" Kyuhyun said, bowing a little, and dragged a very confused Sungmin after him to Shindong's room, closing the door behind them.

"Kyuhyun-ah? What is it?"

Kyuhyun wasn't looking at him, but at the wall, taking deep, unsteady breaths. Sungmin set a hand on his dongsaeng's shoulder, concerned, and was sure his heart was going to rip itself out of his chest when Kyuhyun turned around, facing him with his lips pressed into a tight line, his eyes red from trying to hold back tears that threatened to spill.

"Hyung" he tried to speak, his voice broken and unsteady. Sungmin stepped forward, yanking his hand from Kyuhyun's grip, and set his hands on the maknae's cheeks, desperately trying to search for the reason to this reaction from the dark watery eyes. He felt helpless, so helpless, watching the other break like that right in front of him.

"Kyuhyun-ah" Sungmin tried, stroking Kyuhyun's cheek, gently, but with a hint of desperation in his touch. "Kyu, Kyuhyunnie, what's wrong? Tell me, what is it?"

Kyuhyun tried to take a deep breath, but ended up coughing and hiccuping. "I- Sungmin" he gripped Sungmin's arms, panic in his eyes as he looked at his hyung. "For a moment I- if it had been you- if it had been you that disappeared- "

Suddenly, Sungmin was yanked into a tight, desperate embrace, Kyuhyun's one arm circling his waist and the other holding the back of his head, pressing him against the maknae's toned body. "I like you, Sungmin" Kyuhyun choked out, his voice broken and small "I like you so much."

And Sungmin knew what Kyuhyun mean as he hesitantly wrapped his arms around the trembling male's neck, stroking the auburn curls gently, with shaking hands. "It's okay, Kyu" he whispered "it's okay. I'm here. I'm not going anywhere. Ever."

For a moment, Sungmin wondered how he should continue. How it would affect him, and Kyuhyun, and the group. Finally he decided he'd think about that later.

"And, Kyuhyun" he whispered "I like you too."

Kyuhyun pulled back, a tear or two running down his cheeks, where Sungmin wiped them away from. They stayed silent, simply staring at each other, drowning into each other's eyes before the taller of the two hesitantly leaned forward, and Sungmin answered by reaching upwards, closing the distance between them as their lips brushed against each other.

Although both of their grips tightened around each other, the kiss stayed sweet and gentle. The slightest bit of desperation could be felt in the way their mouths pressed and moved together, but it wasn't important. Their eyes were closed, hands holding to whatever they could hold on to, as Sungmin turned his head slightly to deepen the kiss.

Hesitantly, Kyuhyun's tongue slipped out to slide over Sungmin's lower lip, and the older gladly opened his mouth to grant access. And no matter the tongues moving together, experimenting and mapping out mouths, it was sweet, calm and gentle, because they knew they didn't need to rush. Neither of them was going anywhere – they had all the time in the world.

As they finally pulled apart, Sungmin's cheeks were flushed and a gentle smile graced Kyuhyun's lips. "Will you stop being mean to me now?" the older vocalist asked, his eyes wide and sweet, and the gamer couldn't help but chuckle softly at the adorableness of his... Boyfriend. Yeah. He guessed that was what they were now. And it made him all warm and fuzzy inside.

"I will" he promised, lovingly stroking the side of Sungmin's face as a smile made its way to those perfect bow-shaped lips. Though suddenly, Sungmin seemed bothered, as the corners of his lips crooked downwards. Kyuhyun arched an eyebrow, and Sungmin hid his face to his chest.

"I don't think you're ugly" the brunet mumbled against his shirt. "I like your scars."

Kyuhyun couldn't help but laugh. Suddenly, having instant noodles as Christmas dinner didn't sound that bad.
Title: I is for Isolated (or Instant noodles)
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: KyuMin, ninja!KangTeuk, superninja!JayMo and HanChul
Warnings: Language
Genre: Drama, romance, very slight angst
Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior or any other SME artists.

FINALLY, the next calendar fic! Nicely after Christmas, but honestly, I've been terribly busy and tired.

This one is for my darling, beloved, very precious brat Kerttu (@needlew). I'm sorry it took me so long, honey. Please don't kill me for making Kyu such an arsehole.

This monster took me days. Days! While normally one oneshot takes me a couple of hours! It's around eighteen pages and over 9,000 words long. Phew.

Anyway. I hope everyone, especially Kerttu, likes this! ^^
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During Christmas time the Super Junior dorm turned into something else. Something dangerous. The atmosphere changed, the people changed, and if one wasn't careful, there was a big possibility of getting into serious trouble. And no one, no one, wanted to get into trouble right before Christmas.

The safest tactic was to simply keep to yourself, preferably behind a closed door. And that was exactly what Hyukjae and Donghae were doing – laying on Hyukjae's bed, shoulder to shoulder, Donghae browsing through the wonder world of internet while Hyukjae played Super Junior shake with an iPhone that definitely wasn't his. There was one thing wrong with that, though, in their opinion.

It was terribly boring.

Hyukjae groaned and rolled on his back, his one arm hanging loosely over the edge of the bed. "Haeeeee" he whined "I'm so bored I'm going to die soon!" Donghae glanced at the rapper and chuckled, clearly thinking about something as he answered: "please don't die, Hyukkie, that would be terribly unpleasant."

"Yeah, then you'd be even more bored since I wouldn't be there keeping you company" Hyukjae quipped, making Donghae laugh lightly. The dancer sighed. "I wish we could do something exciting. Go on an adventure, or something. That would be nice. We could be heroes of some silly story."

Donghae seemed to consider his friend's words, before suddenly sitting up and pushing the laptop's lid shut. Hyukjae propped himself up on his elbows, confused eyes looking at the other, who merely gave him a wide grin and grabbed his arm.

"Come on, Hyukkie" Donghae chimed "We're going to go on an adventure!" He headed to the door, tugging the stumbling rapper behind himself. "Hae, what the hell are you doing?" Hyukjae whined as the brunet stuck his head to the corridor, peeking around to see if anyone was there. Content to see they hadn't been noticed, he pulled his head back, and offered the other male a wide grin. "I told you. We're going on an adventure. Let me show you, okay?"

Hyukjae simply nodded, making the grin on Donghae's face widen. "Good. Now, let's go!" Carefully the younger of the two opened the door and slipped out, his hand sliding downwards to slip into his best friend's hand to make sure the lighter brunet followed him and didn't attempt to escape his amazing adventure.

Slowly, carefully Donghae padded out of the room, turning to glare at Hyukjae when the older simply followed him, not trying to be silent at all. "Shush, Hyukkie!" he scolded "do you want our adventure to end already? They can't see us!"

Hyukjae gave a deep sigh, and gazed at his room. He was honestly a little scared how some of the people – mostly Jungsu and Heechul hyungs – would react when they appeared to bother them. Suddenly, trying to break the iPhone's owner's high score in Be My Girl sounded like the best thing ever. But, being the loving friend he was, he decided to give in and follow the over enthusiastic male.

They sneaked to the doorway of the 11th floor dorm living room, and peeked around the corner. They took in the scene of Sungmin watching cartoons on the couch, while Kyuhyun was generally just bothering him by poking his thighs and ass and whining "hyung, I'm so bored".

Donghae grinned and leaned to whisper in Hyukjae's ear: "here we have a wild mongoose trying to enjoy the day by sunbathing, but it has been made quite impossible because of the curious little bitch of a... A prairie wolf puppy."

Hyukjae's eyebrows shot to his hairline as an amused grin tugged the corners of his lips. "A mongoose? A prairie wolf? Hae, are we on a safari or what?" Donghae giggled, trying to muffle the sound to his sweater's sleeve. "Yup!" he beamed "this is the Super Safari! Oh, now I would like to point out to you that mongoose are very dangerous animals, and a wolf puppy should be very careful while dealing with them."

Hyukjae turned his head back to Sungmin and Kyuhyun, and almost gave them out as he saw Sungmin hadn't even glanced away from the screen, but stuff one woollen sock clad foot into Kyuhyun's face, pushing the squirming maknae away from himself. "I'll keep that in mind when dealing with mongoose. Why is Kyu a prairie wolf puppy, thought?" Hyukjae asked, amused, as they retreated back to the corridor.

"Because he wolfs down all the food we give him, and he's not smart enough to be an adult" Donghae snickered, and set his gaze on their next target. "Now, Hyukkie, we must be very careful when we try to make our way to the kitchen" he declared, kneeling to the floor and getting on all fours. "Or otherwise the mongoose might spot us and go ninja on our respective backsides."

Hyukjae bit his lip in order to not burst out laughing, and followed Donghae's example. Together they crept across the living room – behind the couch, near the wall, under the table – and reached the kitchen doorway without neither Kyuhyun or Sungmin noticing them. They peeked inside, and saw a black-haired figure leaning on the table with glasses perched on his nose, going through a thick pile of paper.

"Oh, look, Hyukjae, it's a... A... It's a baboon!" Donghae silently exclaimed and pointed at the reading male. Hyukjae looked confused. "Why is Kibummie a baboon?" he asked, and as an answer got a shrug. "I don't know, there was a smart baboon in the Lion King and Kibummie is smart. Now stop questioning my knowledge of animals and be quiet or else- "

"Hyukkie-yah, Donghae-yah, what the hell are you doing stalking Kibummie-ah like that?" asked a voice from the direction of the couch, and Donghae froze in the middle of the sentence. Slowly, both of them looked behind themselves, only to see a very confused Sungmin supported by his elbows and an irritated Kyuhyun with his hyung's foot now in his mouth.

"THE MONGOOSE! HYUKJAE, RUN!" Donghae cried out, and the two bolted up from the floor and dashed to the front door, opening and closing it before anyone really understood what happened. They did have time to royally startle Kibum, though, since the poor actor had jumped up fast enough for his glasses to fall half off his nose.

"What the fuck just- " he started, but stopped mid sentence and shook his head. "No, wait. It's EunHae. I don't want to know." Sungmin merely shrugged before slumping back to the couch and continuing his task of watching cartoons and ignoring Kyuhyun.

Once out from the dorm, Hyukjae and Donghae steadied their breaths and burst into laughter. "Congratulations, partner, we just escaped the ninja mongoose" Donghae laughed, hooking an arm around Hyukjae's neck while the older wrapped an arm around his waist. They headed to the 12th floor, and Donghae grinned. "There should be even more exotic animals up there, how about we go say hello to them?" Hyukjae laughed and ruffled his friend's chocolate brown hair. "Sure, you can tell me all about them!"

Wearing matching mischievous grins the two young men opened the door and quickly crept inside. There was no one in the entryway, but judging by the noises the TV was on, and some members were busy preparing different foods for Christmas Eve and checking if they had everything or if they had to go to the grocery store for the umpteenth time. First it had been Ryeowook and Sungmin doing the groceries, but since they always forgot something Jungsu decided to join them. (They still always forgot something.)

Suddenly, there were steps and Hyukjae was shoved out of the way straight against Donghae as a black-haired figure stalked pass them. Heechul glared at the two. "Fuck off from causing trouble, if Ryeowook gets another crying fit and Youngwoon throws another lamp I'm blaming you two monkeys."

The two waited until the diva had rounded the corner and (judging from the annoyed whines) stolen Yesung's place on the couch. Donghae then leaned to whisper to Hyukjae's ear: "that, Hyukkie, was a black mamba. You should stay away from it, otherwise it will bite you in the ass and you will die." Hyukjae glanced after their hyung, subconsciously covering his behind with his hands. He really didn't want to be bitten in the butt by Heechul. Like, really.

Deciding to continue their little tour, the duo peeked around the living room corner, Hyukjae on his knees and Donghae crouched over him. They took in the scene, and for a moment, wondered if it really was such a good idea to start an adventure.

On the couch, Heechul and Youngwoon were generally just lazing around, legs tangled and one of them giving a kick from time to time and grunting something about the other's foot being in his crotch or something along the lines. Jongwoon was sitting on the floor, kicked off the couch, glaring at Heechul as he read some magazine (with his glasses upside down on his nose, which amused Hyukjae terribly). Shindong and Henry were sitting on the floor, too, with the PlayStation 2 controllers in their hands, blasting through some game and letting out incoherent whines and yells from time to time. (Henry's cheeks were puffed out in concentration – Donghae found this absolutely hilarious and extremely adorable.)

And topping all the other noises, there were the frustrated yells of Jungsu and Ryeowook coming from the kitchen, and loud banging and clattering of what sounded like various pots and kettles. From under the two's hysteric yelling could be heard two voices – apparently trying to calm the duo down – which Hyukjae and Donghae recognized as Han Geng's and Siwon's.

Hyukjae nudged Donghae's side, and glanced at him, grinning. "Come on, tell me what we have here." Donghae glanced at the scene in front of him, and thought for a while, before starting. "Well, here we have a... A mongoose and a warthog. It's not a ninja mongoose, though, so no need to worry. This one seems to be quite friendly, as long as you don't plug its console out."

Hyukjae frowned. "Why is Shindongie-hyung a warthog? He's not smelly." "Unlike you" Donghae quipped, and grinned as his friend pouted, offended. "He's a warthog because I say so. And because he and Henry-ah remind me of Timon and Pumba." Hyukjae sighed. "Not the Lion King again, I thought Finding Nemo was your favourite film! ...apart from Titanic, of course, you big cry baby."

Donghae gave the rapper a cheeky smile, and continued, pointing at Jongwoon this time. "Here we have a turtle. It's a little slow, and maybe not the prettiest of all animals, but it's quite sympathetic." Hyukjae swallowed a giggle. "Hae, are you calling Yesung-hyung ugly?" he asked, amused. Donghae shook his head. "Of course not. I'm just saying he's not the prettiest of Snow White's animals."

"You've watched too much Disney" Hyukjae deadpanned, receiving a wave of hand. "Oh, nonsense. Anyway, on the warm cliff there we have the previously mentioned black mamba, and a male lion."

Hyukjae arched an eyebrow. "Why is Youngwoon-hyung a lion when everyone else is something less or more uncool?" Donghae smirked. "Well, you see, in the lion societies the females are the one doing the hunting and other work in the pack. The male is the one who just lazes around all day and humps the females."

Hyukjae was about to choke on his own saliva. "So, where are the lion's females, then?" he asked, though he was pretty sure he knew what the answer was.

"Stalking the prey, of course" Donghae stated, like it was obvious (well, it kinda was), and pointed to the kitchen where Jungsu and Ryeowook were going through their list for groceries once again, Jungsu biting his nails and Ryeowook biting the end of the poor pencil the were using. "There, see? They're trying to decide whether they should eat some water buffalo tonight, or antelope. Or perhaps zebra."

"Which instant noodle flavours are those?"

"I think zebra is shrimp."

"I hope they pick zebra."

"Ew, no way. Water buffalo for me, thanks. Anyway, the two fussing around them are... Um... Well, that bigger one is a zebra. Apparently it's their friend zebra, since the alpha female is not trying to eat it. Anyway, the other is... It's a... A rare Chinese... A rare Chinese crocodile!"

Hyukjae was very confused. "Geng-hyung is a crocodile?"

Donghae smiled sheepishly. "I like crocodiles. I just wanted someone to be a crocodile, okay?" Somehow, Hyukjae though this was very adorable, and gave his friend a cheeky grin. "Okay. He makes a wonderful crocodile. Oh, look, the younger lioness is moving."

They both concentrated on following how Ryeowook threw his hands into the air and stomped out of the room, stopping in front of the couch, his hands on his hips. "Youngwoon-hyung, Heechul-hyung!" he commanded, glaring at the two. "Get up and go to the grocery store. We need you to fetch some stuff, and we're busy."

Both Youngwoon and Heechul simply sneered at their dongsaeng, and kept kicking each other in their search of the Perfect Position For Relaxing. Ryeowook looked agonized, and stomped a foot. "Hyungs! Get up and get out! Come on!" he whined, this time receiving absolutely no reaction.

"Uh-oh, look, shit's about to go down. The lioness got mad at the lazyass lion and snake. They're in biiiig trouble..." Donghae snickered, and pointed at the kitchen door, where Han Geng and Siwon were cowering in fear, holding on to each other for support. Siwon looked like he was praying God for mercy on his friends' lost souls as a dark figure slowly approached the two on the sofa.

"Kim Youngwoon! Kim Heechul!" Jungsu barked. Youngwoon frowned, while Heechul merely grinned, and continued inspecting his nose from a pocket mirror. "Get your lazy asses off the fucking couch on this second or I swear to God you're not getting any Christmas food!"

Both of the two males scoffed. "You wouldn't do that to us. We all know that."

"Youngwoon. You're not getting any until New Year."

Youngwoon looked like blood just froze in his veins as Heechul let out a bark-like laugh. "Whipped, whipped!" he chanted, now checking out his fabulous grin.

"Heechul. I'm giving that ridiculous pink cowboy hat of yours to Hyukjae's dog."

Heechul's mirror snapped shut as he glared at their leader. "You wouldn't da- "

"Try me" Jungsu answered, his arms crossed. For a couple of seconds the two of Super Junior's eldest scowled viciously at each other, before Heechul threw his hands to the air. "UGH! Fine! Let's go, Kanginnie, get your ass up and going!" Youngwoon growled in disappointment, but followed his hyung nonetheless.

Hyukjae and Donghae snickered to themselves, and Donghae whispered: "1-0 for Teukie-hyung!" Hyukjae nodded, still giggling, before he froze. His eyes widened in fear. "Do-Donghae- they're coming here."

And so they were. Making their way through the people scattered on the floor, Heechul and Youngwoon were heading right their way. And God knows what would happen if they were caught by a lion and a snake! Hyukjae's hands flew to his butt. He really really really didn't want to be bitten in the ass and die!

"Here!" Donghae silently yelped, grabbing Hyukjae's arm and yanking him to the door of the nearest bedroom and pushing him in -

Just to be greeted with the sight of a very bony, and very naked slim figure of a red-haired Chinese man.

Hyukjae and Donghae screamed.

"What the HELL is happening and who just slaughtered a box of cats?" asked an angry Heechul as he yanked the door open, only to receive two miserably wailing dongsaengs in his arms while a third one screamed for them to shut the goddamn door already. He might have also mentioned something about hating Korea and all Koreans and taking the next plane back to China, but that might have been just the rest of the members' imagination.

As Hyukjae and Donghae calmed down from their shock of seeing Zhou Mi naked, they realized that it maybe would have been best to simply stay in the room – for now they had to face the wrath of Kim Heechul, and possibly both Kim Ryeowook and Park Jungsu.

"Jungsu-hyung will murder us" Hyukjae whispered as the duo slowly backed towards the door. "Not if Wookie-ah can cook us for dinner first" Donghae muttered as an answer, searching for the doorknob.

"Not so fast, fucktarts!" Heechul barked, his hands crossed on his chest. "You're not going anywhere! What the fuck have you two been doing, stalking us from the entryway?" The brunets' eyes widened, as they glanced at each other, then looked at Heechul again, gaping. Had their hyung known all the time?!

"Well, since you're exercising perverted activities and stalking people, I suggest you do it outside" Heechul then declared, and shoved a piece of paper to Donghae's hands. The younger clutched it, terrified for his poor life. He briefly wished Siwon would pray for him when he was cut into pieces and thrown to a river.

"What are you waiting for?" their hyung growled. "Out! Get out! Out, out, out!" The EunHae duo quickly scrambled to the door, and stuffed themselves out of it, missing the extremely content smirk that spread itself on Heechul's lips. As they shut the door, the Super Junior diva turned around, and waltzed back to the sofa, again kicking down poor Jongwoon who had happily claimed back his old place.

Jungsu scowled at him. "Didn't I tell you two to get out and go fetch me grocerie- "

"Calm down, ahjussi, I took care of it!" Heechul cheerfully declared, giving Jungsu a happy pat on the back, and skipped to the kitchen. "Now, Hannie boy! Make me some fried rice! I am starving!"

Jungsu glanced at Youngwoon, who glanced at Ryeowook, who shrugged and shook his head. "Don't look at me. It's Heechul. I have no idea what's going on in his head."

Outside the dorm, back in front of the 11th floor dorm front door, Hyukjae and Donghae stopped to wonder what just happened. Donghae looked at the paper in his hand, and read aloud: "milk, cereals (the chocolate ones Wookie likes), more cereals (the honey ones Henry and Jongwoon like), the third kind of cereals (the colorful ones Mi and Kyuhyun like), coffee x 5, milk x 8, strawberry yoghurt x 2, banana yoghurt x 3... Hyukjae, is this a grocery list?"

The two blinked.

"Donghae, did we just get tricked into going to the store while Heechul-hyung keeps lazing and bossing Geng-hyung around?"

They blinked again.


Both of them burst into laughter, taking support from each other, fits of laughter shaking their bodies. They had nothing against going to the store, really – it was better than just laying inside – but being tricked into it by Heechul? They found it absolutely hilarious.

"Well" Hyukjae breathed, gasping for air, as Donghae still giggled slightly. "We better get our coats and shoes, then. How about you teach me all about Arctic animals once we get out to the freezing nature?"

Donghae beamed. "I'd be happy to!"

And as Ryeowook looked out of the kitchen window and saw Hyukjae and Donghae skipping down the road, hand in hand, on their way to the grocery store, he made a mental note not to bother with Heechul and Youngwoon-hyungs next time, but instead ask the over enthusiastic duo straight away. It would save them lots of trouble, lots of unnecessary threats, and lots of blows to his manly ego when the hyungs didn't listen to him.
Title: S is for Safari
Rating: PG
Pairing: Frienship!EunHae, ninja!KangTeuk
Warnings: None
Genre: Humor, friendship
Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior.

Oh my God this took me AGES, Christmas is way gone and ugh I'm so sorry I've been so slow, I've been really busy and this one was just so hard to write. I don't know why. I'm not content with it at all. ;__;

Well, anyway. It's for Iina (@superiina), our dear leader, and my dear oppa (erm, hyung? Haha idk), and she's such a sweetheart and I'm sorry darling this is so late and I'm sorry if I annoy you and I hope you like it and slkdjskld.

I was going to make this a romance fic, but then I decided to just stick with friendship. After all, I think the EunHae bromance is one of the best in the whole SJ.

Err, yeah. Anyway. Enjoy, Iina, everyone!
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Never in his life had Kangin seen anything as beautiful as the creature that was revealed as the smoke faded. Leeteuk was a man, looking like he was around his twenties, with a slender but masculine build. His face was beautiful – soft features, high cheek bones, and full lips framed by blonde hair falling on his forehead and around his face. His eyes were the perfect almond shape, and there was a light behind his black irises that gave them a mystical glow. His body was clad in white – white, loose pants, and a loose white shirt, slightly transparent so that his body's outlines were visible. The neckline was wide, showing off his collarbones.

He stood there, looking at the audience, and if Kangin knew he wasn't a human he would have said he was... Scared. The way his eyebrows furrowed in the slightest of ways, the way his fingers shook a little. He looked lonely, and scared, standing there, on a stage in front of over a hundred people, all of them important.

The first to recover from their shock were the reporters. Cameras started clicking furiously, a few flash lights flashed, and they started yelling questions. "Can he speak?" "can he feel?" "does he understand us?" "isn't he just a robot?"

Kangin wanted to scream at them. Stop, for Christ's sake! Stop it! Can't you see how scared he is? Leeteuk stepped backwards, confusion evident in his every move – he stumbled backwards, he turned his head, tried to shield his eyes from the lights, tried to cover his ears from the voices. This was new to him, it was all scary and foreign, and he looked like he was about to flee the whole stage.

But before Kangin had the time the yell, or Leeteuk had the chance to run away, Kyuhyun was there, protectively wrapping his arms around the slender creature. Leeteuk clutched the scientist's jacket, hiding his face in his chest, as Kyuhyun raised his voice:

"Ladies and gentlemen! Please, stop! Put the cameras away and be silent!" Again, his words had an undeniable effect on the audience. Everyone fell silent, the cameras stopped clicking, and everything was calm again. The only audible sound was the silent shushing of Kyuhyun's, his hand rubbing soothing circles on Leeteuk's back.

"It's okay" Kangin heard him whisper "I'm here, Leeteuk. You can look again. Be brave, okay?" He was glad they had stayed near the stage for this moment – it was worth hearing how gently the scientist treated his creation.

Kangin saw Leeteuk nod and pull his face away from Kyuhyun's chest. He was looking at the audience again, staring at them with a fearful expression. The creature confused Kangin. He wasn't a human, but he certainly seemed like one. What in Heaven's name had Cho Kyuhyun created?

Kyuhyun received a microphone from a black-haired man that Kangin recognized as his assistent. He had visited the laboratory a few times, and the two had always been at work together, joking around and creating things he couldn't even begin to imagine.

"First of all, I have to ask you to refrain from loud noises and the use of flash light" Kyuhyun spoke "Leeteuk is not familiar with these kinds of situations, and as you noticed, they frighten him very much. As for your questions – or the ones I head – I will answer them now."

He turned to Leeteuk, and gently guided him to the centre of the stage. "Leeteuk can speak. Or, he will be able to. There is a sound card and vocal chords installed in him that make him able to produce voice. At the moment, his vocabulary is not very wide. Leeteuk, say hello to these people. They helped me create you. Speak to this, and they will hear your voice."

Leeteuk was handed the microphone, and he looked frightened as his eyes roamed the audience, their anxious, scared and excited faces. No, not frightened – absolutely terrified. He clearly didn't want to speak to these people he didn't know, but then... His eyes landed on a man standing in front of the stage, and that was were his gaze focused. Kangin answered the look, trying to seem reassuring, offering a small smile.

"Hello" he spoke softly, silently, and jumped a little as his voice echoed loudly from the speakers. Kangin gave him a small nod, not really knowing why he was trying to reassure this creature that everything was all right, he was safe.

"Hello" Leeteuk spoke again "I am Leeteuk."

If Kangin had thought Kyuhyun's voice made him sound like a god, then this was his angel. Leeteuk's voice was soft, light, but definitely masculine. Slightly high pitched, but that was probably due to the fear he was going through. Kangin stared at him in awe, wanting to hear him speak more. He wanted to hear more of that beautiful voice, the voice that, for a moment, made him forget all of his worries.

Leeteuk looked at Kyuhyun again, and Kangin found himself missing those eyes immediately. Their gaze had been soft and warm, enchanting. Kyuhyun nodded at Leeteuk, smiling warmly at him, and took the microphone back, turning to the audience again. "That is, currently, one of the only sentences he can form. He is still young, and needs time to develop his skills and vocabulary. The second question was if he is able to feel. Yes, he is. He has muscles and skin made of synthetic fibres, and an actual human brain inside him that is connected with wires to the fake muscles, which are in turn connected to his skin. I am not going to explain it to you further, but the main point is that if someone pinches, tickles or hits him, he feels it."

Kangin wasn't listening to even half of what the young professor explained. His eyes were glued to the creature standing on the stage, thousands of questions hammering his mind. What was he, actually? A human or a robot? Could he taste? Could he smell? What did his skin feel like? What was he thinking? Did he need to sleep?

"Someone asked if Leeteuk is just a robot" Kyuhyun continued, his voice strong, a slight hint of challenge laced between his words. "He is not. His body might be artificial, but his brain is that of a man's. He is able to understand us, to learn things, and to feel emotions. You saw it yourself – he was scared. There are even veins coursing through his body, though through them flows ink, not blood. Though, that is just a minor stylish detail" he chuckled "added by yours truly without it having a real meaning in his functioning."

Someone raised a hand, and Kyuhyun nodded, giving the reporter a permission to speak. "Is he able to fall in love?" was the question. Kyuhyun chuckled. "Yes. He will be.  At the moment, though, he is like an adult that has lived in a closet for his whole life. His vocabulary is small, though he knows how to speak. He doesn't know how to write or read, though his brain is fully capable of understanding such things. He will be taught dealing with life, and in ten or fifteen years he will be as educated as everyone of us."

"Why do his eyes glow like that?" someone asked, without given permission. "It's creepy. I wouldn't want to run into him on a dark alley." People laughed at the joke, but Kangin was angered by it. How could someone say that? How could someone say that a creature that looked so fragile, so terrified, could ever hurt them?

Kyuhyun chuckled. "His eyes are made of a certain synthetic mixture. They glow because there are small lights behind them, giving them more life. If there were no lamps, it would be the same as staring into a doll's eyes. Empty, glassy."

"Does he sleep?"

"He can sleep, if he wants to, but he doesn't actually need to. He runs on a battery, as silly as it is, and needs to be charged once in a while. Here, look." Kyuhyun gently took a hold of Leeteuk's shoulders and spun him around, pushing his head down, revealing a small black plug hidden under his hair. He then let go and signalled to the male that it was all right for him to turn back around and lift his head. "His mind doesn't get tired like ours does when we are in need of sleep, but when he starts to run out of battery his body starts to slow down, and he feels that like we feel being tired."

"Will he be able to produce children?"

Kyuhyun fell silent for a moment. It looked as if he was slightly in pain – slightly regretting something. But then he continued. "No. His body does not produce sperm or other bodily fluids, as it is artificial and filled with wires instead of muscles and internal organs."

"Can he have sex?"

Now there was laughter, and even Kyuhyun laughed openly. "Well, he does have the needed body parts, so if the partner doesn't mind his body being completely artificial it is possible. He is perfectly capable of feeling pleasure."

Kangin was getting angry. How could they talk about him like that? How could they just discuss him like an animal while he was standing next to them, looking so helpless and confused? Clearly, Leeteuk had no idea what people around him were talking about. He probably knew he was the subject of the conversation, but... That was it. He looked like he wanted to escape and hide in a dark corner where no one would bother him. And to be honest, Kangin wouldn't have been surprised if a pair of wings suddenly ripped out of his back and flew him to the sky where no one could reach him. He truly looked like an angel.

"Well" Kyuhyun then said, cutting out the laughter that had erupted. "This has been a very pleasing event, but I think we need to go. Leeteuk has been through a lot, and he must have questions to ask from me, too. Now, Leeteuk, come here. It's okay – come here."

Leeteuk looked wary, but quickly stepped to his creator, a hand clutching the sleeve of his jacket. He looked like a lost child, and Kangin wanted nothing more than to save him from the hungry eyes that devoured him whole. Kyuhyun whispered something in to Leeteuk's ears, and after a moment of hesitating the blonde male nodded, moving closer to the young genius, an arm wrapping around his shoulders in turn.

"You may now take pictures" Kyuhyun announced "but please, try to refrain from using the flash light. And please – do not applaud."

The reporters eagerly stood up and started snapping pictures, every snap of a shutter making Leeteuk flinch, every occasional flash making his features twist in fear. Kyuhyun held him close, tightening his protective grip on his shoulders, murmuring comforting, soft words into his ear.

"Could we get a picture of the financiers together with you?" someone suddenly asked, and Kyuhyun nodded. Leeteuk glanced at him, questioningly, and Kangin heard him explaining that there would be people coming to them, but it was all right, they were their friends, good people. He stared, anxious. Someone should take Leeteuk away. Someone needed to save him. Kyuhyun, do somethi-

"Kangin" someone nudged his ribs, making him jump slightly. He saw a friend frowning at him. "What are you standing there? Get on the stage! You're the biggest individual financier!" Jihyun glanced at him, looking questioning, but he simply offered her a quick smile before rushing to the stage.

"Ah, Kim Youngwoon-ssi!" someone called as he tried to make his way to the right corner, next to a fat, sweating manager of SM Corporation. "We want you to the centre!"

Kangin froze, then looked towards the place they had pointed for him. It was in the second row – a few of the younger managers had knelt – right next to Leeteuk, on his left side. Kyuhyun was on his right, and the SM Corporation's CEO on Kyuhyun's right, holding a hand on his shoulder, radiating pride.

Kangin swallowed, and nodded. He moved to the place he was pointed to, gently slipping himself between an old man and Leeteuk. He glanced at the blonde beside him, and was shocked to see he was being watched.

Leeteuk's black eyes watched him closely, wide and open, as if looking for something. For answers, Kangin thought, for answers to his questions. Being this close to Leeteuk, Kangin noticed his skin was inhumanly smooth. There were no pores – only smooth surface. It gave him an odd want to run his fingers over that face, those beautiful features, to see what if would feel like.

"Ready!" someone shouted, and Leeteuk jumped, looking in front of him again. Kangin wanted to grab him and run away. "One!" His fingers twitched. "Two!" He fisted his hands.


And just as the number was shouted, Kangin's hand found Leeteuk's and gripped it. A reassuring, firm grip, though gentle. His thumb traced soothing circles on the back of the blond's hand, and he marvelled in the sensation of the smooth artificial skin under his touch.

The shutters started clicking again, lights flashed, but as Kangin stole a glance at Leeteuk, a smile crept on his face.

Leeteuk didn't look as afraid anymore.
Title: Pinocchio
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: KangTeuk, slight KyuMin
Warnings: Um... Character death? Dunno yet.
Genre: Angst, romance, AU.
Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior.

Heeere you go! Chapter one! I was supposed to write as much as I could during the weekend and then just dump it all here, like two or three chapters at the same time, but I couldn't help myself. I'm starting to really like this story, even though it's still in such an early stage.

Opinions are much loved~! n_n

Prologue: [link]
Chapter 1: you are here.
Chapter 2:
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Yesung....Only he can do this.
:iconiloveyouplz: <3 YESUNG

For other Yesung weird dance GIFS go to my gallery :D

Not my Gif.
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I do not own this GIF.
Yesung..Why do u dance so weirdly :iconorzplz:
More Gifs of his dancing in my gallery XD
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Yesung Dancing weird...again.

More suju and others in my gallery :iconbunnyloveplz:
and more Yesung dance gifs there :iconyaayplz:

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A/N:  Since it's already morning in Korea it's officially Taemin's birthday. This is a little story I wrote.
A little birthday present if I might say.Hope you enjoy.


The school was almost empty. After a long day of classes you felt ready to fall apart. You were walking in the open hallway of your school heading towards the exit.

That's when you saw him. Right across the school yard. Walking down the other hallway. His honey brown hair falling beautifully in his face as he was walking with his head down. The sun shining on him. His cheeks were so puffy and cute. And you could see it even from this distance.

Why? Why did you have to be so in love with him? And why? Why couldn't you just tell him? Questions always in your mind when you saw him.

"You can't!" you always reminded yourself. "He's an idol... Everyone loves him... He'll never look at you..."

You were both walking at the same time. Each one across that school yard. You just wanted to talk to him. For once you felt like you had to talk to him. So you did.

"Taemin ah!" you yelled with your lips breaking in a small smile.

He stopped and turned to look at you. A smile started spreading on his face when he saw you and you felt your heart ready to explode. His puffed up cheeks were just to adorable. As soon as he raised his hand and waved at you, you heard steps coming your way. You turned your head just to see your so called friends walking your way. Your body froze.

Your friends were the meanest girls in school. You never wanted to be part of them but all of your first year in high school you were bullied by other students. Then these girls asked you to be a part of them and when you did the bullying stopped. You were now one for the tough girls. The untouchable girls. And they hated Taemin.

"He's an idol. He thinks he too good for this school." one said.

"All this fame has gotten to his head and he thinks he's better than all of us. That's why we hate him. And that's why we should show him who runs this place." another one added.

"And what's up with his hair lately? He looks like a girl." a third girl said.

And you pretended to agree. But truth was your feelings were much different for him.

Those girls were staring at you now with a questioning look. Wondering why would you talk to a boy that you were all supposed to hate. The feeling sent chills down your spine. Before you even knew it your eyes were back on Taemin. You couldn't believe what you were about to do...

"Babo!" you yelled at him, adding a gesture to emphasize the word. Like it wasn't enough.

All of a sudden laughter broke out. A sound piercing your ears. Your "friends" came up to you and you slowly started laughing with them. Once again pretending.

"Good one girl!" one of them said to you.

"That must be enough to ruin his day." another one added. All still laughing, laughing at him.

You saw Taemin slowly lower his hand. His smile gradually faded. He turned back towards the hallway and kept walking. His head down once again. You watched him walk away but your heart was breaking.

Days went by and you saw that Taemin was not happy. Things were getting worse each day. Half of the students avoided him because of your mean friends' influence. The other half only wanted to be around him because he's famous, practically driving him crazy, trying to hold his hand and taking pictures, blocking his way. But gladly school would be over soon as summer was coming up.

One day you were walking down the empty hallway heading to your class. You heard voices coming from around the corner.

"Come on man. Don't be so stupid!" one of them said.

As soon as you turned to your right you saw two older students talking to someone. Walking a bit closer you realized it was Taemin. And even though it was not your style you just hid in the corner and heard the conversation, peeking at them every few seconds.

"Yeah dude she's one of the untouchables! She's a total bitch like all of them." the other one agreed.

"Don't talk like that. I don't believe it. She's different..." you heard Taemin say. Your head was trying to understand what this was all about.

"Wow dude! You're soft!" one of them said.

"Yeah!" the other added laughing. "She's just a stupid, mean, pretentious bitch."

"I said don't talk like that about her!" Taemin said raising the tone of his voice, walking closer to the older guy and pushing him.

"You wanna mess with me kid?" the other one replied pushing Taemin back. You heard a punch. You turned your head their way just to see Taemin on the floor.

"No one messes with me. Stupid." the guy said and started walking away, fixing his clothes as he went.

You knew you had to do something so pretending you weren't there at all you started walking his way. He was already up on his feet when he saw you coming.

"Taemin... are you ok?" you asked reaching out for him.

"I'm fine." he replied coldly avoiding your touch and dusting off his clothes. "You were right you know..." he added.

"About what?" you asked.

"I really am stupid..." he said and started walking away from you.

You remembered what had happened the other day and your heart broke once again. If only you could tell him.

A couple of day passed and you could see that Taemin was moody and avoided you even in the school's hallways. It was making you sadder than ever but you pretended to be fine.

One night you went out for a walk. It was late. You just felt like you wanted to empty your head out. But all you could really think of was this wonderful boy you had hurt. You couldn't believe how wrong things had gone.

Back on your first day of high school he was the first one who ever talked to you. He stayed with you for a while until girls started gathering up around him. You saw him smiling at them and you felt your heart flutter. It was the moment you realized you had a crush on him.

And as time went by he was always surrounded by people and you were always surrounded by bullies. However, you both managed to say hello to each other almost every day, or chat for a while when no one else was around. You really liked him, even though you were never really close friends, and you always wished he liked you back. But you tried to block out those thoughts of you two being together. And then the "mean girls" came along. And with them you had been so mean to everyone, including him.

Walking through the park you felt tears running down your face. All your feelings were boiling inside you and it had been so hard to hide them for all this time. You sat on a bench and just let the tears flow, hoping it would somehow help you feel better. Then you felt a hand on your shoulder.

"Miss, are you ok?" a gentle familiar voice asked. You raised your head just to see Taemin standing in front of you.

"Taemin?" you said through your tears, wiping them immediately. He retracted his hand from your shoulder.

"You..." he said. He looked at you half surprised, half sad.

"Hey..." you said forcing a smile on your face.

"I didn't mean to bother you." he said. A few seconds of silence followed. "Are you... alright?" he asked.
You nodded positively.

"That's good." he said and suddenly his lips broke into the sweetest little smile you had ever seen.

"I will go now" he added and started walking.

You knew you had to do something. He was right there. Alone, with you.

"Taemin ah" you said in a low voice as you stood up and touched his hand. He froze. "I'm sorry..." you said feeling your eyes getting all teary again. "I'm so sorry..."

The boy turned around and looked at you, now holding your hand.

"For what?" he asked.

"For everything... I'm really not that kind of girl. I just became one of them so I wouldn't get bullied anymore. I'm not mean I promise." you said with your head low the whole time.

"I'm really sorry. I hope you can forgive me for always agreeing with them and being so mean like them. I-I don't hate you... I think you're... really nice. I always did..." you said closing your eyes at those last words. You couldn't believe you were actually saying them.

At about that point you could feel his hand holding yours even tighter. When you opened your eyes you realized he was right in front of you. You could almost feel his breath on your face. Your raised your head just to see him smiling at you.

"Just nice?" he asked.

Your reaction seemed to be exactly what he expected as you lowered your head once again blushing like no other.

"Taemin ah..." you said. You head him giggle.

He reached out and touched your face moving it up so that he could look at you.

"I knew it." he said smiling, wiping some tears of your cheeks.

"What?" you asked.

"I knew you weren't mean... I told them you are different..." he said looking into your eyes.

Then you remembered that day in school, those older students, the conversation. He took a punch for you...

"I think you're really nice too... I always did..." he whispered moving in closer.

"Really?" you managed to whisper. "So you forgive me?"

"Let me just show you..." he said.

Your heart was about to jump out of your chest. He leaned in and your lips locked in a sweet kiss that made your knees feel weak. He put his arm around your waist and pulled you closer as you held on him.
And for the first time ever it felt like the world stood still.

Whatever and whoever it was you would have to fight from now on, you would do it together.
the first installment of a SHINee series.

i haven't written anything in a while and i feel awful. this is not even half decent. i'm sorry if it's bad and you hate it. T_T

i'll try my best for the next ones i promise.

if you can tell me where i kinda got inspired from you get a cookie. :3
Onew and you: [link]
Jonghyun and you: [link]
Key and you: [link]
Minho and you: [link]
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You were sitting at the porch of your house one evening, like you did almost every evening. You loved to see the sun go down. Then all of a sudden a small truck stopped right across the street. It wasn't really a surprise since a few trucks had already been there the last couple of days. But then a big black car stopped right behind it.

Doors opened and five guys stepped out. You first saw a tall handsome guy with short blond hair that shortly waved at you but you were almost immediately distracted by another hand moving right next to his face.

You moved your eyes just to see brown hair, a beautiful face with a sweet smile, two puffy cheeks and two small but cute, smiley eyes, and then a hand, waving at you.

"Jinki hyung! Are you coming?" the tall blond guy asked walking towards the house.

"Yeah!" the other replied.

Then you raised your hand and waved back at him. He smiled again and walked towards the house along with everyone else. You weren't much into mainstream music but you knew well enough who these boys were. As it seemed SHINee were your new neighbors.

A few hours later you were sitting on your couch, peeking out the window every now and then just to see if there was  movement from your new neighbors' house. Then you saw their door open and that same tall blond guy was almost pushing Jinki out of the house. He was fighting back at first but then he gave in and walked out. Then you saw him cross the street and walk towards your house.

You closed the curtain and moved away from the window. Seconds later you heard a knock on your door. You opened and Jinki was standing there with his head low.

"Hello" you greeted him smiling.

"Hi!" he said with a small smile. "I'm Jinki." he paused extending his hand your way. "My friends and I just moved here." he added.

"Yeah I know." you said shaking his hand and introduced yourself as well. "Can I help you with something?"

"I was just wondering... if I could borrow some spices. Since we just moved in Kibum wants to cook and he doesn't have much to work with..." he said kind of awkwardly.

"Sure!" you replied with a smile and let him into your house, giving him whatever he needed.

"He's the blond one that waved at you." he said and you nodded.

"What is he going to cook?" you asked.

"I don't know. I'm guessing kimchi. That's what we've been eating for the past couple of days." he replied scratching his head and laughing a little.

You looked at him for a few seconds and a thought crossed your mind. You could help. You weren't the best cook out there but still, you were pretty good.

"I could help you with that I guess but... I can't invade your house now can I?" you said with an awkward laugh.

"You can cook?" he asked in surprise and you nodded, smiling, in response.

"Can you please come over and give him a hand?" he asked. "Please?"

You would very much like to be stronger and say no but he was just too cute to resist.

"Really?" you asked.

"Yes!" he said and his face lit up.

"Okay." you replied and he only gave you time to grab your keys. Then he took your hand and stormed out the house.

You went to their house and met with the other members too. You helped Kibum cook spicy chicken with rice, which seemed to make Jinki pretty happy. It seemed like a quite delicious dinner.

"Will you join us?" Jinki asked.

"Nah. I'll just head home now." you replied. You were too embarrassed to stay.

"Aw come on. Stay! You helped make this after all!" he said and all of his friends agreed. So you stayed.

And kinda like that your friendship with SHINee started. Days and weeks passed and every couple of days you would all hang out at their place or at yours. Sometimes you would cook for them when they came tired from schedules and performances. You slowly started caring more about them as people than them as idols.

Sometimes they would even let you watch them practice in the practice room they had in the house. They were really good even when they were fooling around.

And once you got to stay alone with Jinki in that room. You heard him sing and it was the sweetest sound ever. A voice so powerful but so soft at the same time. You tried to relax and not show how mesmerized you were.

"Your voice is really great." you said cutely.

"Thanks." he replied blushing a little. "But I need to work harder." he said.

"I don't think you have to... It's prefect..." you added.

He looked straight at you with a small smile and now it was your turn to blush.

"But I guess you know better." you said and lowered your head.

All in all SHINee felt like good friends, almost brothers to you, but that was until one night. You were sitting around at their place talking and laughing with their funny stories. Then came one of Jinki's odd jokes. He was quite the mood maker.

"So the son goes to his dad and asks for 40 bucks right? And then his dad replies ''30 bucks? What do you need 20 bucks for?'' " Jinki said and started laughing.

And as a couple of seconds passed so did you, partially because the joke was not exactly hilarious but mostly because he had the cutest and most contagious laughter ever.

And then all the others started laughing too. That moment found you two laughing out loud but looking at each other.
The laughter slowly started fading but your eyes were still locked. It felt like he could see inside your soul.

And then the moment passed, but for you that was the minute you realized you were in love with him. Out of nowhere the feeling that was slowly building inside had hit you.

But after that night everything seemed to sort of change. Slowly you felt him more distant. You felt like he was avoiding you and when you would come over to their house he would either be in his room all the time or he would barely even talk to you. He was kind when he did though.

You were afraid that you had offended him in some way and you didn't realize it. Or even that your feelings were too obvious and you scared him away. When they would come over to your place, he was almost always missing and his friends would make up excuses why he wouldn't come.

"It's his schedule that's pretty packed lately and he's kinda tired." Jonghyun said once.

"Yeah. I understand.... It's ok." you replied.

It's not like that was a lie. But all of their schedules were pretty packed. It made you sad that you couldn't see him or talk to him, but you couldn't do anything about it.

More days passed and you went over to their house again. Minho had talked you into coming over that evening. It was weird to you since it was the middle of the week but you agreed.

So you quickly baked some cookies, went over and knocked the door. It opened and you were greeted by a surprised Jinki.

"Hey." he said.

"Hi." you replied.

"How's it going?" he asked.

"Good." you answered.  

"We haven't talked in a while..." he added after a pause and you nodded.

"So... what are you doing here?" he asked and you both walked inside the house. You closed the door on you way in.

"None of the others is here so..." he said taking you by surprise.

"Really?" you asked. "Minho told me to come over today... It was kinda odd since I know you guys usually have schedules but..."

He let out a sigh. "I can't believe these guys..." he whispered lowering his head.

He then turned around and walked towards the living room leaving you behind.

You walked into the kitchen and left the cookies on the table and then walked back towards him. This was the only chance you had to finally understand why he seemed to be avoiding you so much lately.

"Oppa..." you started.

"Oppa? What happened to Jinki?" he asked kinda surprised.

"Oppa..." you continued. "I'm sorry." you said.

"Sorry? For what?" he asked.

"I know you don't like me that much. I think you've been avoiding me a lot lately." you replied.

He didn't answer.

"So I'm sorry if I ever did anything that annoyed you in any way. I know I can be way too happy or animated when I am around friends and I hope I haven't offended you... so I'm sorry." you said with your head down most of the time.

A few seconds of silence followed.

" 'anything'..." he said with a small laughter. "It's everything you do!" he said and his words hit you right in the heart.

You imagined he might dislike you but you weren't expecting that. Now your eyes were starting to get teary but they were stuck to the floor. Your heart was racing. You took one step back.

"It's everything." he repeated and walked towards you.

You held your breath waiting for more harsh words. You were wrong.

"It's your eyes...and your smile... It's your kindness and the cute way you laugh at my lame jokes..." he said taking one step closer.

"It's all of you!" he paused.

"And it's because of you that I can't sleep... I can't think... I can't concentrate in any way possible!" he said.

You slowly raised your head till your eyes met. He reached out and caressed your cheek, stepping even closer to you.

"I tried not to fall in love with you but it was impossible... And I thought I should stay away from you, but it didn't make things easier...What have you done to me?" he said in a low voice.

"I'm... sorry..." you mumbled, trying not to break under his gentle touch.

"Don't be." he said. "It's the best thing that has ever happened to me." he added with his lips breaking into a charming smile.

He leaned in and his forehead touched yours. You closed your eyes as you could feel his hot breath on your face.

"I feel the same way." you whispered to him reaching out for his chest and even though you couldn't see it you somehow knew he was smiling.

"Please let me kiss you before my heart bursts into pieces." he whispered and only a small nod from you was enough.

When you lips locked it was almost like you were walking on clouds. It was sweet and soft but there was passion running through it, and through both of you. You could feel it as it sent chills down your spine.

He wrapped his other arm around your waist and pulled you closer deepening the kiss. You slowly slid your arms around his neck and let yourself get lost into the moment, in that sweet kiss and those delicious lips.

The feelings were mutual, and right now it was all you needed to know.
fifth and final part of my SHINee series. ^_^

i really hope you like it and it turned out well. Onew is my bias so i really wanted this one to be good but i'm not sure i made it.

anyways, hope you enjoy ^.^

Jonghyun and you: [link]
Key and you: [link]
Minho and you: [link]
Taemin and you: [link]
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It was really early in the morning. You walked right out your apartment and down the stairs. It was your daily routine. Right before work you would go to the park right across your apartment building and run. About a minute later you crossed the empty street and made your way to the park. It was always empty at this hour and it made you feel nice to be there almost when the sun was coming up.

You started running. You could feel the fresh air hitting your face. Such a refreshing feeling. It managed to chase the thoughts of your work and your horrible boss out of your head. The park was beautiful, full of trees and flowers. The silence of the streets and the subtle sound of birds were just perfect. And as you turned to your left following your usual path you saw him.

A tall figure jogging in front of you. You had quite a distance but you were catching up. It felt so weird. No one was ever there so early in the morning. Who was this guy? He was wearing a dark blue hoodie, his head down, the hood on. It seemed like he was looking at his untied shoelace and not in front of him where a light pole was standing.

"Hey you!" you yelled trying to warn him. He didn't seem to listen. "Watch out for the pole!"

He didn't. He run straight into it, hitting his head.

"Ouch" you said to yourself stopping abruptly. "That must have hurt.". You then quickly made your way to him.

"Damn it!" you heard him say removing the hood off his head. It made you giggle.

"Hey. Are you ok?" you asked standing in front of the guy. He was taller than you expected.

He was rubbing his head, bitting his bottom lip. He lifted up his head and it was like lightening struck you. Two round, dark brown eyes looked straight into yours. Smiling eyes. A few locks of black hair framing them. His amazing skin and incredible jawline were showing off perfectly his beautiful features. Your eyes had locked and the moment seemed to last forever. He looked so familiar. But your mind didn't want to believe what you were seeing.

"Hi..." he said with a soft and deep voice.

"Hi..." you replied still in a weird daze.

He kept looking at you till you realized he had earphones on. And as you slided your eyes on them you lowered your head and giggled. He immediately took them off.

"I tried to warn you about the pole" you said.

"Yeah I... I didn't hear you. I'm sorry." he said with a cute, awkward laugh.

"Well, is your head alright? Does it hurt?" you asked reaching out and rubbing it a bit.

"Yeah, kinda." he said accepting your touch. "But not now. I'm ok." he added smiling. "I'm Minho" he said extending his hand your way.

Your heart fluttered and you were now sure. The handsome guy you had in front of you was Minho. The Choi Minho. Your eternal celebrity crush. You didn't think he lived around the area and that made you wonder why he was there in the first place. You shook his hand and introduced yourself too.

You both sat on a bench nearby. You took a bottle of ice cold water you had with you and gently put it on the area he hit his head.

"Here." you said. "That should prevent it from swelling" you smiled at him.

But soon your brain was screaming you had to go away from him, even though your heart was telling you otherwise. He was an idol. A super famous idol for that matter. This was so wrong in so many ways. He would forget about you anyway. And even though this encounter would be every fangirl's dream you decided to let it go.

So, awkwardly and as quickly as you could you made your way out of there and away from him. You walked away peeking one last time behind you just to see him staring back at you confused.

"It was only this once. You're not going to see him again. He doesn't live around here anyway." you convinced yourself.

You didn't visit the park the next morning, just to avoid possibly seeing him. But you didn't want to mess up your routine so the morning after you once again went out to the park.

You run a for a few minutes and then came back to your starting point. Your heart almost stopped when you saw him. He was standing right next to a tree, wearing a white hoodie this time. But you could clearly see his face. Such a beautiful face. You slowed down you pace as he walked towards you and waved.

"Hey" he said as you stopped in front of him.

"Hi Minho" you said kind of awkwardly.

"You... didn't come yesterday." he said scratching the back of his head and looking at the pavement like a little kid.

"Um yeah... I... didn't feel really well." you tried to cover it up.

"I just... really wanted to say hi and thank you for helping me the other day." he said.

"You're welcome. I didn't do anything really." you replied trying to hide your blushing face.

"Can I run with you?" he asked. And even though you knew you shouldn't agree, you just couldn't say no.

"Sure" you said and that was pretty much the start of it.

You and Minho kept hanging out every morning from that day on. You would run together through the park and talk about each other's lives. He told you how he lived a few blocks away and this park was the only one close to the area.

You told him about your life and your awful boss but you tried not to ask much about his life as an idol. It wasn't what you cared about. You cared about him. More than you expected you would. You two tried to keep this "friendship" as secret as possible. So you would only meet each other very early in the morning, always around dawn.

You two became close. At times you would grab some coffee before taking your separate ways. He was always so kind and sweet to you. And one of those mornings it was your first hug. The way he run his fingers through your hair to get it out of your face. And then how he wrapped his arms around you.

"I can't wait to see you again tomorrow." he said with a sweet smile.

And what a hug that was for you. Warm and comforting. But you felt your knees get weak in his strong arms.
It was then you started realizing that your fears were coming true. You had fallen for him. And every morning was becoming harder for you. Hiding your feelings was not something you were very good at.

You hadn't told anyone about it. Not even your best friend at work. But the thought of him kept distracting you and you boss was fully aware of when you were daydreaming. Sometimes, you would stay a bit more with Minho in the mornings and the time would fly without you both noticing. So you would arrive late at work and your boss always scolded you about it. He knew you were in love, it was like he could smell it.

"If this continues, I will have to fire you" he said to you one day and you knew he meant it.

But the same happened to Minho every time he arrived late for practice. He had told you his manager gets all frustrated and scolds him. He would laugh about it and say it's ok. But knowing the way the industry works, you somehow knew it wasn't ok at all.

You certainly didn't want him to get in any kind of trouble. You knew his career was the most important thing. More important than your feelings would ever be. And this could cost you your own job too and your life wasn't easy. You had to work a lot to get by, pay the rent and the bills. You knew you had to do something for the best of both. And even if it hurt you, you knew you had to stop seeing him.

"Meet me at the park tonight. I need to talk to you." you said in your text, giving a very late hour as your meeting time. It was crucial that no one would see you.

Minho showed up at the park that night.

"Is everything alright?" he asked with confusion in his eyes. "What's so important it couldn't wait till the morning?"
You took a deep breath. This was it.

"We need to stop seeing each other." you said in a low voice. He froze.

"What? Why?" he asked with the confusion in his voice now turning into a hint of sadness.

"It's dangerous for both of us. You're an idol and I'm just a simple girl. And every time I'm late for work I risk losing my job. I don't want you to get in trouble because your career is everything for you.... And I don't want to stay homeless..." you said that last phrase trying to fake a small laugh just to lighten up the atmosphere.

"Please don't do this." he said. You looked at him and he moved closer to you. "I really need you in my life..."

"I'm not that important Minho." you said turning your back.

"You should focus on your career, on being the best you can be... Be a great idol and make this country proud... " Your words were cut off by two strong arms around you.

Your heart almost stopped beating. You could feel him so close to you. He was holding you, and this time it was different. He rested his chin on your shoulder.

"Don't leave me. You can't leave me...." he paused making it even harder for you.
"Because I love you. I really love you. Don't tell me I can't see you again." he said still holding you tightly.

Those words were now ringing in your ears. He loved you. You turned around and took a second to look into his eyes before wrapping your arms around him. You buried your face in his broad chest. It was probably the happiest moment of your life.

"I love you too" you said, not wanting to let go.

"Really?" he asked with what you could tell was happiness in his voice. You nodded.  

"I will make everything alright I promise." he whispered in your ear and squeezed you even tighter. So much you almost couldn't breathe. But it was ok.

He then reached out and gently grabbed your chin. He slightly smiled and slowly leaned in. Just like in the movies. And then his soft lips touched yours. It was a true kiss. By someone you loved and loved you back. He softly broke the kiss seconds later, only to pull you closer and lean in for another deeper kiss. More passionate this time. And you could feel all of the warmth from his mouth and all of the sweetness from his lips. Those moments seemed like heaven.

And he made everything alright as he promised. You had no idea what he was planning but then he suddenly showed up at the shop you were working at. He surprised everyone with his kindness and good manners. He purchased a couple of things and left.

He turned and looked at you as you were standing there to the side of the shop, not knowing how to react. Your face blushing a bright pink but you kept rather calm compared to the other staff members. He winked at you and walked away, leaving customers and staff in awe. Since that day the word spread around the city and suddenly more and more people kept coming in. You didn't lose your job after all.
second story of my series. i'm not entirely happy with this one either. :shakefist:

but i really hope you enjoy it. i'll do better next time.

Onew and you: [link]
Jonghyun and you: [link]
Key and you: [link]
Taemin and you: [link]
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~ U-KISS- One of You :heart: :heart: :heart:
i hope all you awesome KISSMEs love it too hehee!! <3 :iconsaranghaeplz: :iconyaayplz:
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I LOVE YOU KEVIN OPPA!!! SARANGHAE!! :love: :heart: :iconomgsocuteplz: :iconaawplz: :iconmonkeyloveplz:
this is for all the Kevin Woo and U-KISS lovers out there!! hope you all like it!! :love: :iconiloveyouplz: :hug:
LOVE YOU ALL!! xD :heart: :happybounce: :tighthug: :heart: :love: :squee:
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LOVE THEM!!~ U-KISS AND KISSMEs FIGHTINGG!!~ :love: :heart: :squee: :happybounce: :iconaawplz: :iconsaranghaeplz: :iconblushplz: :iconomgsocuteplz: :iconmonkeyloveplz: :iconawwwplz: :iconyaayplz:

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Scoreboards and Sound Checks
Chapter 16
A Big Bang Fanfiction
By Naiya

"I still don't understand why we we're wasting time here when you have so much moving left to do," his exasperated voice rose above the clatter of the restaurant.

"Have some patience," I grumble, aggravated at how much time has passed beyond our appointed 'meeting time' and at myself for feeling such when I know he would already be here if he could.

"Blakely, you know my time is limited. I've already pushed back several appointments to come here on your whim of a request. The time I'm spending here is costing my company money," my father's voice putting unnecessary weight on my already encumbered shoulders.

"He'll be here," I try to keep from sounding as annoyed as I feel.

As if on cue, a tall, slender, well-dressed young man enters the private dining room he reserved for us. Dressed in a suit and tie, I can feel the nervousness radiating off of him as my father and I stand to welcome him to the table. Once my father re-takes his seat, gesturing for us to do the same, he smoothly slides into the chair beside me after giving a respectful bow. I give him an uneasy smile as he finds one of my hands, resting in my lap, under the table and stops my fidgeting fingers. The cool feel of his rings against my bare fingers brings my anxiety down a bit, only to raise it tenfold when I realize how casually he's holding my hand, in a semi-public place, across the table from my father.

"Jo-ssi, I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to have dinner with me," Jiyong's voice coming across more sturdy than I believe mine could be at the moment.

"Ah, you were with Youngbae, at that basketball game my wife and I attended. It's good to see you again…" my father's tone turning into a question.

"Kwon Jiyong," he replies, unfazed, beside me.

"Yes, Jiyong," my father acknowledges, eyes us suspiciously.

"How was the show?" I ask, trying to break the tension building.

"It went as smoothly as expected," Jiyong smirks, arrogance and pride filling his features at yet another win for Big Bang.

I smile in reply, his brownish-blond hair and fading pink highlights slightly darker from the obvious shower he took before meeting us. He really wants tonight to go well. That puts my still undecided heart at a slight bit of ease. After our confessions the other night, while in the moment, it seemed like the simplest thing in the world. He likes me and I like him, problem solved. However, after coming down from my adrenaline rush, it's not quite so 'black and white.' There is an ocean of gray between us, literally.

While I'm well known on the college scene, not anywhere near in the public eye like the musicians I'm acquainted with, I'm still known. I have people occasionally come up to me, telling me how great of an athlete I am and that they practice every day so they hopefully attend college and play ball, asking for my autograph, wanting to take a picture, and I'm constantly getting phone calls from other schools offering me deals to come play for them. Even the paparazzi has taken a notice to my team, but I think that has more to do with a  certain group of somebodies who occasionally make an appearance at our games.

"So, what's good here?" I vaguely here my father asking, before Jiyong gives his opinions of what he deems the 'best on the menu.'

I sigh, looking over the menu absently, contemplating whether this whole arrangement has been a huge mistake. While I'm 'in like' with Jiyong, I'm still very much aware of what exactly that entails. Regardless of the fact that these feelings are mutual, it doesn't change anything. He's the leader of Big Bang, G-Dragon, and while that's only a part of him…it's a very demanding and stipulating part. Our relationship could never come out in the open, technically it could, but there would be great repercussions on both sides. It would be best for us to keep it secret. That would mean completely denying that we're dating. We could say we're seeing 'someone,' but even letting that detail out would cause a snowball effect into the eventual exposure and disaster that would come of our relationship being brought into light. It's not that famous people in Korea don't eventually marry, but most of the time they are much older and the entire relationship is exposed only after the fact.

I feel a slight pressure on my hand and I look up to meet Jiyong's subtle, questioning stare.

I smile, slightly shaking my head, before whispering a soft, "It's nothing," and turning my attention back to the menu.

I feel my father's stare flicking between the two of us, but he remains quiet. I've got to get it together and stop being so fickle. We're already here, and obviously Jiyong is serious, or he could've blown me off with an excuse of 'Hyun Suk sunsengnim set up an interview after the show' or some other reason in which I would've had no choice but to believe.

The waiter shuffles through the door and over to our table, blank slip of paper and pen in hand, ready to take our orders.

"Excuse me, G-Dragon-ssi, would it be too much trouble to ask for your autograph? My daughter is a huge fan," the man in a white, button up shirt black slacks, and black waist apron asks hesitantly.

"Of course, what's her name?" Jiyong asks smiling brightly, slyly removing his hand from mine to sign the sheet of paper in front of him.

"Ah, thank you," the waiter returns the smile, bowing deeply, "her names Ae-cha. She's turning thirteen this year."

"The teenage years, how I'm looking forward to getting past them," my father chimes in jokingly.

Usually, I would glare, mouth something in response, and bump his arrogance down a notch. However, today, I'm too mentally exhausted with all that's been running through my head to make a smart remark.

"I have a younger boy so I will be in the teenage years for a while," the waiter smiles casually, responding to my father's comment.

"Ah, but boys are so much easier to raise than girls," my father's comments slowing digging past my nerves.

The waiter continues to politely smile, nodding to my father, before accepting Jiyong's signature with another deep bow, and addressing all of us, "Are you ready to order?"

Each of us placing our orders, my eyes glance up to see Jiyong and my father staring at one another.


"So do you get asked for your autograph everywhere you go?" My father's tone bland.

Is he insinuating something?

"Yes sir. Regretfully, I don't always have the time or opportunity to sign all of them, but I do as many as I can when I have the chance," Jiyong answers honestly.

"I see. Must be hard," my father added.

He's definitely insinuating something.

"It comes with my career. I admit that in the beginning it was wildly overwhelming, it still is sometimes, but without our fans, we wouldn't be where we are today. I have grown from my experiences and become a better person because of it. I've had the honor of meeting amazing people and being able to participate in things I never thought possible. I wouldn't trade a moment of what I've been through for the world," his eyes never straying from my father's.

My father may be well versed in speaking publically, but Jiyong, who already has a silver tongue, has done enough interviews to put years on my father. I'm trying not to let the awe I feel at his answer seep through my features, so I choose to stare at the impeccably bright choice of wallpaper, adorned with red velvet curtains.

"It's good to hear a young man who knows what he wants and goes for it," I try not to roll my eyes at my father's response.

Of course Jiyong knows what he wants. He's only been working to become the artist he is today since he was in third grade.

"So your group had a performance tonight?" My father's voice sounding less accusing.

"Yes. We won and had to participate in a brief interview afterwards. I hadn't planned for an interview when I made the reservations so I apologize for being late," Jiyong admits.

"I can appreciate where you're coming from. There have been several times in my life that things have been put upon me at the last minute, forcing me to change my plans," my father answered with a sincere nod.

I can't help but roll my eyes after hearing the words that just came from his mouth. Try every school event, Christmas, birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and any other 'family' oriented occasion since my mom passed away. I know most of them are 'American' holidays, but I grew up with them being holidays all the same. They're a part of my life, just as they were Mom's, but he conveniently forgotten that several years ago.

Thankfully, the waiter brings our food out in time to save me from hearing any more of my father's ramblings.


I don't think Blake's said more than one sentence the entire time we've been here. I keep making secretive glances toward her, trying not to look too obvious, but she's keeping her focus elsewhere. It's honestly making me extremely nervous. Is this her having second thoughts? Has she changed her mind and decided to use tonight to tell me she's going through with moving to America, or am I reading too much into her apathy?

I finish my food, finding it tasteless and hard to digest under my inward stress, and place the aluminum chopsticks beside my bowl. I take a glance towards Blake, catching her idly picking at her noodles. I don't think she's eaten more than a bite or two. Her dad, on the other hand, has completely finished his meat and is leaning back in his chair languidly.

Pulling the napkin from his collar, he firmly places both palms down on the table forcefully, causing Blake to shift slightly in surprise.

"So," he begins, "let's get to it. Blakely, why did you want all of us to eat together? What are you trying to get away with now?"

I furrow my brows at her dad's tone. I know they have their differences, and we are here for more than just a meal and idle chat, but his condescending tone strikes me the wrong way. It's like he's expecting her to be up to something. She's not the one he should be addressing. It's me who invited him here with an ulterior motive.

I notice Blake about to speak, but I decide now is the time to prove to her how serious I am. I wasn't just making an empty confession. I told her I would take care of everything and I'm not going to go back on my word of explaining everything to her dad.

"I would like to ask for your permission to date your daughter," I announce.

Blake's face whips in my direction, for the first noticeable time tonight, but I keep my gaze on her dad. I don't want to chance looking away and seeming inferior.

"You seem like a nice guy and Youngbae has had nothing but good things to say about you. However, I can't agree to let you date Blake. You of all people should know how difficult it is dating someone in your position. Add to the fact that the two of you are going to be the entire Pacific Ocean apart of each other. That, and Blakely needs to focus on her schooling. It all spells out disaster," Victor Jo shakes his head disapprovingly.

"I asked Blake-ah to stay, here in Korea, with me. I want her to stay," I announce firmly.

"You did what?" Blake's dad sending me a glare that surely would have killed me if looks could do so.

"We like each other. I want to seriously date your daughter and I want her to stay in Korea so that I can be with her," I try to elaborate, keeping my tone serious.

"Preposterous," his voice exceedingly louder than necessary.

His glare switches from me to Blake, and if possible, becomes even deeper.

"What is going on in that head of yours?" His accusation spat like acid in English.

Blake's posture never wavers, even under the scrutiny of her father's scowl, she remains the same; confident, calm, collected. The only way I know she's losing it, is how tightly she's balling her fists in her lap. Her tan skin held so taut that her knuckles begin to bleed white. I reach over and once again lace my fingers through hers. I hope that she can feel the comfort I'm trying to send her through my touch, but with how tightly she's keeping her fury under wraps, I doubt she even noticed I grabbed her hand.

"I talked to me coach. She took care of everything. I took the liberty of calling USC and letting them know my plans had changed and I will be staying in Korea," her face determined, ready for the brunt of what her confession would bring.

I tighten my grip on her hand, holding it firmly. I've faced scandals, anti-fans, serious interviews, concerts, and various other events that have occurred in my lifetime, but this, this is by far one of the most anxious moments I've met to date. Not that any of the others have been particularly more or less stressful than right now, each of them have seemed the worst while they've occurred. I've always successfully dealt with them because they involved solely myself, I had the group supporting me, along with the rest of YG Entertainment. Right now, in this restaurant, it's me who has to be on the supportive end. I'm not going to be as overly dramatic to say that everything is on the line here, because I still have my career, my health, and everyone I care for around me, but I'm in jeopardy of losing one of those people. One of those people I've come to care about more so than I thought I possible, is still in danger of being taken from me without the guarantee of us ever seeing each other again. That is not something I'm willing to accept.

A laugh breaks my reverie and I refocus my attention on Blake's dad.

"Okay, okay. I get it. This is your way at getting back at me. So I haven't been the greatest lately, but we'll work all that out when we get you settled in L.A.," her dad waving a hand in front of himself, disregarding everything we just told him.

"It doesn't matter what you think. You're my father and I have respect for you, but I'm old enough to make my own decisions. I came to Korea to get away from everything in America and the only reason I was planning to come back was because I was running away from my problems here. I'm tired of running. Even if things with Jiyong-ah and I don't work out, it will be just like it was before I met him. I'll go to school and I'll play basketball, like I always have. I am able to do both of those without your money or help," Blake's eyes sending a glare that rivals her father's.

"This is ridiculous. You're going to base the decision about your entire future around this boy?" Victor practically spat, completely ignoring me.

I've been trying to be nice. I've been trying to play the calm mediator, but he's pushing his luck. My mother raised me to always respect my elders, even the cranky ones who do nothing but complain about the 'younger generation,' but she also taught me that you have to give respect to gain respect.

"Jo-ssi, I haven't known Blake-ah as long as Tae-," I stop, clearing my throat, when I remember that Blake's family addresses Taeyang by his real name, "Youngbae-ya, but I know she's very capable, independent, and able to take care of herself. I'm willing to do anything in my power to make sure she finishes school and is able to keep doing all the things that she loves. I support her and her dreams and she does the same for me. We understand that our lives are drastically different, but as long as we care about each other, everything else is just obstacles that we'll have to work to get over together," I say, genuinely meaning every word.

Victor Jo spares be a brief glance, at least acknowledging my attempt to defend Blake, before returning his focus to her.

"I'm basing the decision of my future on what I want to do. I want to stay in Korea. I'm happy here," Blake answers honestly.

"Happiness is a frivolous thing. It is given and taken away with the rising and setting of the sun. If you are so determined to stay, tell me, what sort of relationship will the two of you have?" His voice hinting at the issue I'm not exactly sure of myself.

I share a glance with Blake, who meets my gaze questioningly.

"I've spoken with Youngbae on several occasions. I know having a relationship with your…lifestyle isn't simple or healthy for either person," her father adds, inadvertently informing me that he knows how different things are here as compared to America.

"We have vaguely touched on the topic," Blake answers, obviously not wanting to divulge too much information.

"Ah…you've 'vaguely touched on the topic.' Is that a roundabout way of telling me you two have no idea what your relationship will encompass? It sounds like you two have suddenly decided you like each other and jumped into this like two junior high students, not thinking of the consequences or what having an actual relationship will entail," her dad scoffs.

I told Blake I would tell her dad. I told her that I would explain everything and so far I've done a bang up job. The last thing I want to do is seem unreliable to Blake and seem like a weak, poor excuse of a man to her father.

"Mr. Jo," I say, addressing him in English, "Blake-ah and I have discussed the issue. With me being a part of Big Bang, and under constant scrutiny of the media, it will be best for us to keep our relationship out of the public eye. Big Bang has lots of fans, many of which would understand and wish for our happiness. However, I cannot deny the fact that we also have fans who believe that we are a possession to be had, not a person with a personal life outside of our career, and the idea of us dating someone is impossible. I have seen first-hand what has happened to several couples who went public with their relationship. It's generally accepted by the industry and most fans, but as I said, there are some who will stop at nothing to make sure we remain single. I would never want to expose Blake to such horrors," I stop, making sure I had Victor Jo's full attention.

"So you're saying that you wouldn't tell people that the two of you were dating; that you would keep it a secret because you're in the public eye? So when you're asked if you're dating, you're going to deny Blake to the whole world?" Blake's dad sounding angrier by the second.

I feel Blake gently squeeze my hand in reassurance, but her dad's words have struck me deep. I've never had any issue with lying before, saying I'm not dating anyone, even when I was in a relationship. With Blake though, it's not just about me and my reputation; she's a highly regarded basketball player at one of the most prestigious colleges in Korea. If a controversy were to erupt, it would undoubtedly bring negative attention to the school…and to Blake. In most cases, the only choice a university is given is remove the person bringing about such 'attention.' To announce our relationship would absolutely cause such events to take place. In the same respect, the selfish side of me doesn't want to lie and say I'm not in a relationship. It wants to let everyone know I'm not single and I'm happy.

"To say I would have no problem telling the media I'm single would be a lie," I pause, sparing a glance in Blake's direction before continuing, "however, doing so would bring unwanted attention from certain groups of people to Blake, and inevitably, to Korea University. I refuse to be the reason that Blake-ah's college or sports career are put in jeopardy.  Therefore, I would never be able to make some sort of public announcement that I'm seeing Blake-ah. We would have to keep meeting as we always have, in secret and always wary of prying eyes and ears. However, when I am asked in interviews whether I am seeing someone, I have every right to decline to answer. This could possibly bring about speculation and rumors, but those occur even when I deny dating anyone. We're constantly in the media, allegedly being spotted with another actress or artist, and therefore we 'must be dating.' I'm used to the rumors and gossip. I will deal with it as I always have, as long as nothing comes back on Blake-ah," I answer as honestly as I can.

"Hmm," her father grunts, uncrossing one of his arms long enough to rub the underside of his nose.

"Appa, I'm a big girl now. I'm capable of making decisions about my future. I agree with everything Jiyong-ah said. I have no problem keeping our relationship in the dark. I have no intention of telling anyone who I'm dating simply because it's no one else's business. By doing so, I'm also able to make sure I do not interfere with anything involving Big Bang and their career," Blake interjects, supporting my statement.

"I think this is outrageous. I can't believe you're even considering any of this. With as stubborn, hard-headed, and generally rational as you are, I can't imagine my Blakely thinking that this fiasco could possibly work," Victor Jo grumbles in English as he rises from the table and tosses his napkin unceremoniously on his plate.

"Jo-ssi, I understand your concern. I know we're jumping into this without thinking everything completely through, but this…us…we've been building up to this point since the moment we met. I can't guarantee anything, but I want to do everything I can to make us work," I ramble in a slight panic, respectfully rising from my seat.

Victor Jo pulls out his wallet, pressing the button on our table to call the waiter over, refusing to acknowledge anything I just said. The waiter quickly hustles into the room, bowing respectfully, acting oblivious to the obvious tension between the three of us.

"Yes, sir? Is there something else I can get you?" The waiter asks politely.

"The bill," Victor Jo grumbles.

The waiter quickly glances toward me and I give him a small nod.

"Ah, that won't be necessary sir. The bill has already been taken care of. Is there anything else I can get for you?" The waiter bows respectfully.

Blake's dad slides his eyes towards me and huffs his breath, "No, that is all."

"Yes sir, and you G-Dragon-ssi? Is there anything I can help you with?" The waiter turns his attention to me.

"No thank you. Please tell the cooks the food was delicious," I bow below ninety degrees as I answer.

"Yes, of course. Have a safe trip home and stay warm," the waiter replies, returning a bow.

I smile and bow once again as the waiter turns to leave, Blake doing the same. We both turn back to Victor Jo, anxiously waiting for him to say something…anything that may slightly resemble approval of us becoming 'us.'

"Thank you for the meal," is all he mumbles before sharply turning to leave.

I move to take a step after him, being stopped by a strong tug on my coat sleeve. I look to my side to see Blake firmly holding the material encasing my arm, glaring in the direction of her father's back.

"It doesn't matter what he thinks. I'm going to do what makes me happy," her voice determined.

I sigh, replaying the night and how drastically different it happened than what I had envisioned.

"It could've been worse," her voice piping in over my reflecting.

I give her a doubtful look, but remain silent, allowing her the opportunity to elaborate.

"He could've constantly compared you to Youngbae..." she pauses before sighing the rest of her sentenct, "or he could've tried to literally drag me back to America."

"Yeah, that definitely would've been worse," I admit.

"I'm going to go ahead. You can call me when you get through tying up loose ends at the studio if you want. I doubt I'll get much sleep tonight," she beams at me, her eyes betraying her cheerful words.

"I can take you home," I furrow my brows, trying to read her unsaid emotions.

"Nah, I'll be fine. Besides, this whole subtly thing isn't going to work out unless we're actually subtle. I'll call a cab," she waves her free hand in a nonchalant manner; her other still firmly gripping my sleeve.

"Blake-ah, I'm not going to-"

I stop mid-sentence when I realize Blake's face is slowly coming closer to my own. I unintentionally begin closing my eyes, preparing for her lips to make contact with mine. After a moment or two, still not having Blake's lips pressed against mine, I peak through one eye to see what it is exactly she's doing. Looking through the slit of my eyelids, I see a somewhat blurry image of Blake, smiling widely, a few inches from my face. I open my other eye, preparing to ask why she feels the need to move her face so awkwardly close if she just plans to stare at me, when I feel her cool breath brush across my face and a warm sensation caress my cheek. I can feel her smiling against my skin before she pulls back and stares directly into my puzzled expression.

"You know Jiyong," she's smiles at the intentional dropping of honorific after my name, "I grew up in America. You're definition of what is considered 'normal' skinship and mine are at complete opposite ends of the spectrum. I'll try not to overwhelm you," she smiles even wider when I give her a smirk.

"I doubt the day will come when I let you know I feel overwhelmed," I try to sound serious, a smirk still playing on my features.

"I'll talk to you later?" She asks, still smiling, loosening her grip on my sleeve and dropping her hand to gently squeeze mine.

"Yeah," I answer without a second though, grasping her smaller hand in my own.

I feel the cold air replace the warmth of her touch as she releases my hand and heads for the door to our dining room.

"Blake-ah," I say seriously, causing her to turn and face me, "what your dad said, about us, it doesn't change anything."

I want to be sure she knows that I'm serious. Even though my confession was sudden, the feelings I've been denying myself, have been here longer than I can remember they weren't.

"The thought never crossed my mind," she answers breezily as she turns and opens the door, exiting the room.

I fall limp into my chair, dragging my hand down my face in exasperation. Though tonight gave me the opportunity to let Blake know that I am, in fact, serious about trying to make us…whatever us may be, work, it certainly didn't go as smoothly as I had planned.

Blake's jab about me being a 'brave man' when I volunteered to explain everything to her dad was definitely not a joke. Blake must have gotten her personality from her mom because there is no way just anyone can handle a man like Victor Jo. I smile to myself, thinking of the expression Blake would make if I told her my thought.

Grabbing my wallet and tossing several won on the table, generously tipping the waiter for handling our tense departure as well as he did, I head towards the private parking section to get in my car and head to the one place I can turn my annoyance into something positive; the recording studio.
A/N: So I was gone quite a bit longer than expected, but I have to say I have completely and successfully moved and unpacked! I feel refreshed!! We moved out of the city and back out into the country. I know many of you will think that’s crazy, but those who were born and raised in the country, thought city life would be better, and realized how much your miss the country lifestyle, will understand.

I actually had this typed and ready to upload several days ago, but I've spend the past few days tweaking everything. It's extremely hard to write a realistically fictional story about a person who actually exists, interacting with your fictional characters. Especially when you don't know the person, on a personal level, and have no idea how they would actually handle such situations. I did my best to represent Kwon Jiyong in the manner I think he would react to a certain occurrence. I honestly rewrote several sections of this story...I can't even remember how many times. I'm still not completely satisfied with it, but I don't think I ever truly will be. However, I know that if I don't post it, I can never move forward. So I hope my betrayal of Jiyong oppa meets the expectations of my readers!! I apologize if it doesn't, but I sincerely tried my best.

I considered starting the chapter as I always have, in Jiyong’s perspective, but it just flowed more using Blake’s. It also gave a little insight to her inner thoughts, without revealing everything.

Also, Jiyong wasn’t actually scouted by YG until he was thirteen. When he was eight he was part of a group Little Roora. They’re contract was terminated after one album. Later, while on a ski trip with his family, he was scouted by SM and trained as a dancer for five years. He left the label and was unsure what he wanted to do. In third grade he was introduced to the Wu-Tang Clan by a friend and at age 12 he started taking rapping classes. By thirteen he wrote his own lyrics for a song he participated in called “Flex” and was introduced to Jinusean when he was 14. The duo introduced him to YG and the rest is history! A brief summary gathered from: [link]

Ae-cha is a Korean girl’s name I found online. Ae means love/loving and Cha means daughter. When put together it means loving daughter. I thought it sounded cute and fit the adoration this father has for his little girl! : ) [link]

SB & SC Chapter 15: [link]

SB & SC Chapter 17: [link]
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Scoreboards and Sound Checks
Chapter 1
A Big Bang Fanfiction
By Naiya

"Can anyone tell me why I let you guys talk me into coming to a college basketball game on our night off?" I state as I try to keep up with the pace Taeyang has set. He might be shorter than me, but he is forcing me to powerwalk to keep up with him.

"Hyung, as a group, we have to support each other. This game is important to Taeyang hyung so it should be important to all of us too!" Seungri replies as he looks back at me over his shoulder.

"Seungri-ssi, what does that even mean?" I question, amused with Seungri's effervescent attitude towards his hyungs.

As we enter the gym, I can't help but crinkle my nose. The smell of gym socks, sweat, and the freshly waxed floor fills my senses. The smell is ten times that of our practice room, but after standing in the building for a few minutes, I soon grow accustom to the odor. A meager crowd fills the stands, leaving plenty of seats available, though I am impressed with how many people from Yongin were able to travel to Seoul on a weeknight.

I take a seat in between Taeyang and Daesung. After scanning the people on the court, I still can't figure out why we, Big Bang, are at a women's college basketball game. If one of these chicks is dating Taeyang, he would absolutely keep quiet about it, and definitely wouldn't let Hyun Suk sunsengnim know he was dragging all of us to watch a game.

Scratching that option off the list of possibilities, I hypothesize that he could have possibly asked someone to meet us at the game, but that idea crumbled when I realize we have been in the gym for twenty minutes, and Taeyang has never once removed his eyes from the court. Maybe Taeyang just wanted to watch the game. He has never shown interest in college basketball, in particular, before though.

I decide that Taeyang has to at least know one of the girls on the team. Therein lies  the next problem with my assumption. Being who we are, we have a very limited amount of personal time off, if any, and of that limited time, we still spend most of it together. We visit our families of course, but it's just hard to hang out with other people our age. They have completely different perspectives and priorities than we do, not to mention how hard it is to get out without being followed around by the paparazzi. The media attention isn't anything new to us, however many of our personal friends don't appreciate having their photos taken and plastered all over the internet, especially female friends. Being seen with our female friends opens a completely new window of trouble for all of us. They are harassed by media and fans alike with accusations of which one of us their dating and we're ridden with guilt for putting them in such a situation. I can't say how many friends I've lost because of this. That being said, it's just easier to just hang out with each other than have to fall off the face of the Earth to spend time with our friends that are outside of the entertainment world.

After pondering on why exactly we are here for the umpteenth time, my curiosity finally got the better of me. I, being the leader of the group, feel the responsibility to look after the guys. Therefore, I know all of their friends, or have at least been introduced to them once or twice. After scanning all the girls' faces again, I decide that I do not know anyone on the court.

Leaning to my right, I speak over the murmuring of the crowd while the girls on the court below began their pre-game warm-ups, "Why exactly are we here?"

I try to follow Taeyang's view, but I can't exactly pinpoint who he is watching behind his dark tinted sunglasses.

"A friend of mine enrolled into Korea University. Since the schooling system in the States is different from ours, she couldn't enroll until the second term. She got a full ride on a basketball scholarship," Taeyang explains, leaning slightly toward me so I could hear his response.

"Ah, which one?" I probe.

"Number twelve," He nods toward the left side of the half court in front of us.

Scanning the white jerseys with crimson accents, I find the ruby numbers one and two printed neatly together in the classic 'sports' font. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little surprised. She was a foreigner. I would guess from the United States. She has her hair tied in a high ponytail, wisps of newly growing hair escaping the tie here and there, making it seem messily 'fixed,' while the tips of the hair that actually stayed pulled up brushed the top of her jersey number. I'd say it probably reached the middle of her back when she wears it down. Her hair is a shade of light brown, a typical shade of what I'd expect from someone with a non-Korean descent, but her skin tone threw me off a little. She was tan, a lot darker than I am. She definitely didn't look 'white.' She must use one of those tanning bed things that make you look like you've been in the sun; something the Korean culture avoids like the plague. The sun is good and good for you, in small doses, but it's not healthy to expose yourself to it without sunblock or the appropriate attire. Foreigners seem to be into looking dark for some reason that we, Korean's, will probably never understand.

From where we're sitting, I can't really see any details from her other features, but she's of a slight build and shorter than most of the girls on her team. For being of a petite frame, it is obvious how much she works out. I can only guess their coach has them in the weight room or on the track a great majority of their practices. She's definitely in better shape than me with how well her toned muscles peaked through her skin, something Taeyang must appreciate. She's definitely his type. Long hair, western features, athletic, and shorter than him. I'd guess she was probably around five-three.

Then again, she may only look smaller because of her baggy white jersey. I like their jerseys though, white with a thick, crimson strip that runs from under their arms and aligns with the strip that runs the length of their shorts. The college mascot, a crimson and black tiger design, is displayed on the front of their jerseys and Korea University, written in Hangul, sits just above the animal, with their jersey numbers underneath. She, along with the rest of her team, have white tube socks that sport two crimson stripes at the top, white Nike's with crimson accents, but what makes her stand out is the brace on her left foot.

"Jo?" I asked, finally being able to make out the Hangul symbol above her number. That is a Korean sir name; she definitely doesn't look Korean.

"Ah, her grandpa's half Korean, half American. He married a girl in the States, had her dad who also married in the States, and they had her and her two older brothers. So that would make Korean?" Taeyang calculates in his head.

"I see. How do you know her?" I ask out of mere curiosity.

"Her family moved to Korea when she was...three maybe? We lived in the same neighborhood. They moved back to the States a little while after we started training at YG. You've met her several times before," he clarifies.

"Really? What's her name?" I can't recall ever meeting this 'number twelve' person.

"Blakely. She prefers Blake though," Taeyang replies matter-of-factly. light bulbs are suddenly turning on, "I can't remember ever meeting her," I conclude.

"She had really short hair when she was younger. It was really more a boy's haircut. My hair was longer than hers to tell you the truth. She said she wanted to be just like her older brothers so she talked me into going with her to get a haircut and when we came back her mom got so mad at us," Taeyang reminisces as he watches her shooting behind the three-point line, "She was pretty tall and lanky too," he finishes before taking a glance in my direction.

It suddenly hits me. The boy that Taeyang had introduced me to after we had become trainees together. We hung out with him several times after we had gotten through cleaning the studio. Only now do I realize that the boy was actually a girl, and she looked absolutely nothing like what I could make out of the person running ball handling drill on the court below us. I choose to keep this to myself, not wanting to look like a complete idiot for mistaking a girl for a guy, even if she had a guy's haircut and was as tall as Taeyang and I when we were thirteen.

A loud buzzer breaks my thought process as I watch the girls below return to their benches. The announcer roars over the microphone, introducing the starters from both Korea University and the opposing team, Kangwon National University.

To my surprise, number twelve is a starter. Basketball isn't quite as popular as soccer, probably a good second place in Korea, but it's still a sport that not just any average Joe can walk in and become a part of the team. So for her to get a full ride to school to play basketball and be a starter must mean she has some serious game.

Looking around, I notice that the gym had become quite full. Most people look to be around my age, students I assume, and many are chanting for Korea University. I glance to my left and see Seungri cheering enthusiastically, Daesung right along with him, and TOP playing it cool; sitting with his arms crossed and staring towards the court intently. There is a blow of a whistle and the game starts.


By the end of the first half, Korea University is well ahead of Kangwon National University. The 'number twelve' girl plays the left forward position, Taeyang told me, which meant she begins most plays at the top of their half of the court, on the left side and that she is a 'shooter.' The latter part was definitely true because, according the stats Taeyang is jotting down on a scrap of paper, she has sixteen of the team's thirty-eight points; the rest coming from the two tall girls underneath the goal, in the post position.

"Hyung! She's good!!" Daesung yells behind me.

Taeyang only nods and smiles sheepishly at the compliment Daesung had given his friend.

"Yeah, I can't wait to meet her and tell her how impressed I am, I mean...for a girl playing basketball!" Seungri adds.

"Yah, Seungri-ya, I would leave that last part off," Taeyang replies warily, "She speaks her mind. I don't know if she'll like the 'for a girl part.'"  

"Ah, okay hyung!" Seungri smiles and nods.

I smile inwardly, imagining Seungri getting cursed out in English. Another whistle blows, starting the second half of the game. Apparently, Kangwon National University isn't taking too kindly the fact that they were being stomped. The referees are blowing the whistle every minute or two, usually when Korea University is in possession of the ball, for a defensive foul on the other team. A member of Kangwon National University would either throw an elbow or purposely knee one of the girls from Korea University as they ran by, nothing too terrible, mainly cheap shots here and there.

I feel bad for number twelve. She's good, so they have two people guarding her, making it almost impossible for her teammates to get her the ball. She doesn't quit though, when someone on the other team pushes, she does her best to stand her ground. When they hold onto her jersey, she runs faster to get away.


Around the middle of the second half, all of the fans on our side are yelling at the refs to watch player such and such or so and so from Kangwon National University. Korea University, despite number twelve being shut out to only scoring ten more points since the beginning of the second half, has managed to keep a five point leave.  With a little more than three minutes left on the clock, the refs aren't calling as much; Taeyang said they're probably wanting to run the clock out.

I have to hand it to the girls on number twelve's team for being so calm despite the lack of sportsmanship Kangwon National University has displayed. I know for a fact that none of us would be able to last as long as they have without blowing up.

It was then that number twelve received an elbow to the eye. Immediately she doubles over, holding her right eye. Where her jersey should have been white is now a crimson color, matching the secondary color of their uniform. The whistle blows and the refs stop the game to get the blood cleaned up off the gym floor. Everyone on our side of the gym stands up and begins shouting angrily at the refs for allowing the game to get as violent as it has. Glancing back towards the court, I see Korea University's entire bench jump up and charge toward number twelve, yelling at the other team only to have the other team yell back at them. The coach runs number twelve down the hallway underneath our seats and within a few minutes, number twelve comes back in a fresh jersey and what I could make out as a bandage above her right eyebrow.

"Wah, hyung I can't believe she came back after that hit!" Daesung yells towards Taeyang as we stand up and clap for Korea University.

Taeyang doesn't bother to respond and I follow his general line of sight and see his serious gaze following number twelve as she joins her team on the court once more.

When the final buzzer rings, Korea University is victorious over Kangwon National University, scoring eighty-three to sixty-five. Taeyang adds up number twelve's stats and we huddle around to see how she had performed. She totaled thirty-two points, four steals, two rebounds, and ten assists; well above the average of the team. It is obvious to everyone why she received a full scholarship to one of the top three colleges in Korea.


School officials escort us to the hallway behind the exit of the girl's locker room. I'm getting a little impatient. I know they have to have their victory talk and change their clothes, but I have a song that needs to be finished, waiting for me in the recording studio.

"Hey, hyung, how old is Blake-ssi?" Seungri asks in, what I would call an impish tone.

"Yah! Seungri-ya! You don't even know her!" Daesung laughs, squeezing Seungri's shoulders.

"No, hyung, I was just curious. Taeyang hyung seems to know her really well. So I wanted to know how to address her respectfully," Seungri recovers.

"She'll be nineteen in August," Taeyang replies, ignoring Seungri's previous comments.

"Ah, so she's not a legal adult yet," Seungri thinks aloud, cupping his chin in him hand and nodding.

"Seungri-ssi," I speak up from where I am leaning against the wall, "I'm watching you. If you cross the line, I'm dragging you back to the studio immediately so don't get any ideas."

"Ah, yes hyung. I understand," Seungri bows slightly as he answers.

Finally, the door swings open. A girl with long, slightly damp, brown hair reaching her elbows stands in the doorway. She's wearing a larger, yellow shirt with black text across the middle, her right shoulder covered while the neckline of her shirt on the opposite side hung mid bicep, exposing her left shoulder and the strap of her black undershirt. Black, calf length tights peaked out from underneath the hem of her shirt and she wore black high top Converse with a lime green and blue paint splatter design, tops folded over and shoelaces spilling around her feet, untied. Her outfit reminded me of something Minzy would wear, but I don't think Minzy is that into Converse.

Her facial features are a little different than I imagined, now being able to actually see them. Brown freckles shown through her tan across her nose and cheeks. If she gets any darker, I don't think they'd be visible though. Her face is small, heart-shaped, with button nose, full lips, and her most striking feature, her ocean blue colored eyes. Not something I'm used to seeing on people.   

"Oppa!" She exclaims excitedly.

Taeyang scoops the girl up, both of his arms around her waist, as she squeezes hers around his neck. Placing the girl back on the ground, I watch as Taeyang brushed his fingers across the right side of her forehead, exposing a nasty looking gash. The skin around it slightly swollen, already beginning to turn a bluish-green.

"I'm fine. I promise. The trainer said I don't need stitches," the girl smiled brightly, waving her hands in front of her to emphasize her point, "It's good to see you."

Now there was something I wasn't expecting. She speaks Korean...fluently. It's a little rough and she has a slight accent, but every word is understandable.

"It's good to see you too." Taeyang answers with a smile of his own, "You remember Jiyong-ah?"

She looks toward me, slightly tilting her head while looking intently, as if trying to remember where she has seen me before, "Ah, yes, we used to play basketball as kids, when you guys got through at YG," she answers smoothly.

I nod and receive a nod in return.

"This is TOP hyung, he's the eldest hyung in our group, and this is Daesung-ah, he's a year younger than me, and our maknae, Seungri-ya, is two years younger" Taeyang finishes, addressing each person's age while making sure she's able to clearly assess each face with the name.

"Hello," She greets us formally bowing to each of them in the order they were introduced.

"Everyone, this is Blake, my friend since childhood," Taeyang smiles proudly.

"Oppa, can we continue our greetings over dinner? I haven't eaten since noon," She chirps, turning her full attention to Taeyang.


We decide to go to the barbeque restaurant right down the street from our dorm. I have been able to gather a lot from conversations between her and the guys. She's more of a tomboy, having grown up with two older brothers, she looks more like her mother while her brothers looked more Korean, taking after their father, and she has no problem speaking her mind. She speaks Korean fluently because her grandfather insisted her dad make sure that they could speak both languages, should they ever decide to visit family in Korea and her passion in life is playing basketball.

She is Taeyang's ideal type to the T and nowhere close to mine. She's pretty, but the polar opposite of everything I look for in a girl. She has long hair, I prefer short, she isn't cutesy, she isn't reserved, and while I enjoy sports and challenging myself, working out is just too troublesome with my schedule. Just on the surface, I don't see us having much in common.

"So I hear you guys are going to be going to Vegas to record a music video?" Blake questions curiously.

"That's the plan," Taeyang answers immediately.

"Vegas is fun. It's a lot more fun if you're an 'adult,' but there's still lots to do there," she states.

"What's the legal age in the States?" Seungri asks in the middle of grilling more meat.

"Twenty-one. At least it's nineteen here. I only have to wait seven more months!"  Blake smiles coyly.

"It doesn't matter how old you are. There's no way you're putting your scholarship in jeopardy for a night of 'fun,'" Taeyang cuts in with a tone I don't here all too often; fatherly.

"Speaking of your scholarship, what time is your curfew?" he asks hitting the home button on his iPhone to check the time.

"Oppa, if you don't chill, we're going to rumble," Blake huffs speaking in English before finishing in Korean, "and my curfew is one, we get a day off tomorrow for our win."

"Yah, it's already midnight," Taeyang retorts.

It is somewhat comical to watch the two. Taeyang goofs around with us, but he has always been more the quiet, serious one of the group. It's hard to get attention when TOP and Daesung's comedy hour hits, and then add Seungri's ego, plus a dash of my responsibilities as the leader. Taeyang can dance, there's no doubt there, and he's worked hard to get his body in as good of shape as it's in, but he's not much for words. Maybe that's why he works out so much?

"Okay, so tell me about yourselves? I watch you guys on YouTube, but you can't really get to know someone unless you're actually able to interact with them," Blake inquires while Taeyang helps her get a better grasp on her chopsticks.

"Well, you know my name is Seungri. I'm from Gwangju, A blood type, twenty years young, an-"

"Seungri-ya, she didn't ask for your bio. You can find all that stuff on the internet," Taeyang interrupts.

"Ah, yeh, hyung," Seungri mutters, blinking several times.

"You've seen us on YouTube?" TOP asks, speaking for the first time since at the gym.

"Yup! I subscribed to the Big Bang account on the YG Entertainment official YouTube page. I buy your music on iTunes too. Some of it I've had to get off Soribada because it wasn't listed on iTunes. All my friends are crazy about you guys!" she replies.

Blake spoke directly to TOP, unflinching...impressive.

"We look more handsome in person, right?" Seungri asks smugly.

"Absolutely. I think you all are much more handsome in person!" Blake smiles a reply, "So what's it like to be famous? Thousands of people you don't know screaming your name, getting gifts in the mail, having girls melt the moment you look at them. You guys must have your pick of who to date."

I almost sprayed my drink all over the table at how casually she brought up the subject of dating. We're grown men and we've all dated secretly a time or two, yes, but dating is such a taboo subject with our fans that it's a little uncomfortable to talk about openly. If we date someone, we don't tell each other about it, that way none of us really know the truth and can't slip up and spill it while recording a show.

"Uh, well," I clear my throat, "we love our fans. It always touches our hearts when we receive gifts from them that they've put their own money, heart, and time into. We appreciate them, but it's hard for us to date. We're so busy with work and promoting that we don't really get a whole lot of free time to play."

I can't remember how many times I've had to repeat that line in an interview. I'm usually prepared for it, or Taeyang will jump in and quote it for me, but she caught me a little off guard with her bluntness to the topic.

"I can't say that I understand completely, but I have an idea. Between traveling on the road to games, practices, homework, tutoring, and finding time to eat and sleep, I'm lucky to even see a guy. Today must be my karma coming back to me because I got five right in front of me!" she laughs.

I smile. Her laugh was pretty. While I can't say that I'm too attracted to anything else, I do think her laugh is beautiful, genuine rather.

"Okay, we've got to get you back to your dorm before we miss your curfew," Taeyang murmurs as he rises from his seat, tugging at Blake's sleeve in the process.

"Hey...fine...It was nice meeting all of you. Thank you for coming to my game. I appreciate your support and I will continue to support you all in your activities," she smiles, bowing to each of us.

"Jiyong-ah, I'm going to drive Blake to her dorm, I'll head to ours as soon as I drop her off. Don't wait up for me," Taeyang finishes, holding Blake's hand and pulling her out of the restaurant behind him.

"He doesn't seem too concerned with who's watching them," Daesung's states, voicing his concern.

"It's late, he should be fine. The school girls will be home by now and his hat should keep anyone from seeing his face directly," TOP interjects.

"She was nice, very pretty too," Seungri adds.

"That's just like you. You're brain revolves around the girl and you have no concern for your hyung. That's not how a good maknae is supposed to act," TOP teases.

"Hyung, I care. You said he would be fine and I trust my hyung's judgment," Seungri falters.

"Well, as long as no one sees him, it won't be any big deal, but running around holding her hand will attract attention. She's pretty and looks like a foreigner so people are going to pay more attention to her as it is..." Daesung points out, throwing his napkin on his plate.

"Jiyong hyung," Seungri turns to me, "You've been quiet. I didn't know my hyung was so shy around girls."

Not really shy, more of feeling guilty for thinking she was a he for the past eleven years of my life.

"I've got a lot that needs to be done in the recording studio. I'm going to head back. You guys can take care to get back before curfew, right?" I ask, standing and stretching my arms above my head.

After each of them assure me they will return to their dorm rooms within the next thirty minutes, I head to the studio to work on some lyrics that have been floating around in my head.
A/N: I am not Korean, however from watching just about EVERY Big Bang video that has hit the internet and studying the Korean language I’ve learned a couple of things. Most know what oppa (older male/brother to a female) and hyung (older male/brother to a male) stand for, but the –ssi, -ya, and –ah after a person’s name are also a form of honorifics.

–ssi (pronounced shi): people who are friends, of a similar age and social status, or a formal way in speaking to someone younger. –ssi is also attached to the end when saying a person’s full name

i.e. Kwon Jiyong-ssi

-ya/-ah (pronounced as shown): a way to address close friends.

It’s not really an “honorific” per say, it’s more of making the name more fluid in a sentence. If the person’s name ends in a vowel use –ya and if the name ends in a consonant use –ah.

i.e. Seungri (ends with vowel) –ya= Seungri-ya

Jiyong (ends in consonant) –ah= Jiyong-ah

I think the guys use –ssi with Seungri depending on who they’re talking to or the situation when they talk to him. Mainly TOP and GD. Taeyang and Daesung always use –ya. GD and TOP switch between –ssi and –ya. It’s really confusing. So I just went with what I felt was right in the given situation.

Sunsengnim: spoken to an older adult.

Sunsengnim is the Korean way of saying Mr./Ms./Mrs. I used this form of addressing YG because writing President Hyun Suk, how Big Bang addresses YG, was just kind of awkward…
In addition, even though Taeyang is older than GD by 3 months, but I’ve never heard GD call him “hyung.” He either refers to him as Youngbae-ya or Taeyang-ah.

Eomeoni (or eomoni/omoni) is the formal way to say mother; eomma (or omma) being the informal version of mom or momma. Abeoji is the formal way to say father; appa being the informal version of dad or daddy. Info found at: [link]

I found this chapter a little monotonous, simply because the first two or three chapters always are. I know many people aren’t basketball fans, so I won’t be having chapters like this one in particular too often. We all know who Big Bang is, but other characters need development into Big Bang’s crazy world in order for the story to work realistically. They can’t just meet one day and be in love the next, makes it just a twinge unrealistic, ya know? Thus, I wanted to get more into the story before I decided whether to keep going or not, so have no fear!! I already have chapter 2 written and will be uploading it shortly! :giggle:

SB & SC Foreword: [link]

SB & SC Chapter 2: [link]
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Scoreboards and Sound Checks
Chapter 17
A Big Bang Fanfiction
By Naiya

I glance up at the clock. It's a little past one in the morning and I'm just now heading back to my room. I got so consumed with sorting through sound clips that I lost track of time. I told Blake I would call her after I finished up, but it's so late, I'm afraid she's already asleep. Sunday's are her 'off' day, well I guess since it's so late today is her off day, but I know she's going to get up early and hit the gym for some extra practice before their game Monday so I don't want to impede on her sleeping.

The elevator 'dings' as the doors open to the floor of our dorm rooms. I pull my keys out of my right, front pocket, desperately trying to quietly open the door. I'm sure Taeyang, Daesung, Seungri are already asleep. TOP, the grouchiest of us when awoken, isn't here tonight. He only stays with us when he's too tired to have someone drive him to his villa. I don't think that guy will ever get his license.

I tiptoe across the floor, my heart stopping when I hear a floorboard creak under the weight of my foot, and soundlessly open the door to my room. As soon as I shut the door, I hear a muffled voice enter my ears. Between my lack of sleep, exhaustion from both our performance and meeting with Blake's dad, and becoming delirious, I vaguely contemplate that someone has snuck into my room. I know this is impossible, no one successfully sneaks into our dorm building. Even if they did get into the building, there is absolutely no way to reach out floor without fingerprint verification in the elevator.

I brush off the voice as myself finally succumbing to insanity from all the crazy scheduling, constant performing, endless practices, etcetera, etcetera, and toss the jacket of my suit onto my computer chair. I make a quick mental not to be sure and have it set out to be taken to the dry cleaners and head to the bathroom for a very long, relaxing shower.


Drying my hair with a towel, clad in plaid, fleece pajama pants, tied loosely around my waist, and too lazy to put a shirt on; I drop my towel on the floor beside my bed as I fall onto the mattress. I really should drape the damp cloth over something to dry, but I just can't bring myself to get up.

The room becomes eerily quiet, allowing me to hear the 'ticking' of my clock as it counts the seconds within the hour. I close my eyes, reflecting on everything that has happened the past twenty-four hours. My eyes snap open when I hear someone talking, this time more clearly. It finally dawns on me that I recognize the voice speaking, as I've heard his one-sided conversations many a time, mentally kicking myself for not realizing it earlier.

I blame the days occurrences for my inability to connect the dots, but as I push myself up on my elbows, I find myself not caring that I didn't realize Taeyang was on the phone earlier and listening more intently to what he's actually saying now.

"So dinner was that bad, huh?"

Bad is an understatement. Dinner with Blake's father was an epic failure.

"Give your dad some time. He'll come around. You're his only daughter, it doesn't matter if you have your differences or not, he'll come around."

"I know you like it here, but your dad is going to think this is about you and Jiyong-ah no matter what you tell him."

Well at least now I know that this will be an uphill battle no matter what we do. Despite the fact that Blake has been living here for almost a year; her dad is going to think she wants to stay in Korea to be with me regardless.

"Just keep doing what you've been doing and everything will be fine."

"Yeah, I'm going to try to come. We've just got a play day planned for tomorrow; paintball and going to the amusement park, our schedule is pretty free for the next couple of days. It's a rematch between K.U. and Yonsei University, right?"

"We'll definitely be there…alright, have sweet dreams. Night."

I hear Taeyang's iHome begin playing music, softly filling the silence of our sleeping dorm. Obviously Blake is still awake, hearing Taeyang's conversation and the mentioning Korea University's basketball game Monday night; tomorrow night. Listening carefully, I decide that I can stay in the comfort of my bed and Taeyang won't be able to hear my conversation over his music.

I sift for my iPhone in the pocket of my pajama pants, pulling it out and sliding my finger across the screen to unlock is, I scroll through my 'favorite' contacts to Blake's number. The phone rings a couple of times before a familiar comes through my receiver.


"Good morning," I smile when I hear her giggle softly.

"Good morning. Are you just now getting home?" She asks casually.

"Yeah. I got ready for bed and set everything out for tomorrow before I called," I omit the few minutes I spent eavesdropping on her and Taeyang's conversation.

"Ah, I see.  Taeyang called to see how dinner went. He said you guys were having a play day tomorrow," I hear the teasing in her voice.

"Yeah, we always try to make some sort of trip once a year. It varies between activities, depending on what we feel like doing. We can't always go, but we have a great time when we do. I think TOP and Taeyang set-up a paintball match too," I answer, aware that she's already heard the information from talking with Taeyang; continuing the façade of not hearing their conversation.

"With how busy you guys have been, you deserve a day off! We're getting ready for the playoffs so it'll be a while before I get a break. If anything, I'm going to be feeling a lot more pressure before things cool off," she sighs into the phone.

"Monday's a big game," I state the obvious for conversations sake.

"The biggest of the season. It's a rematch between us and Yonsei University for the conference champs. Whoever wins gets a bi the first week of playoffs and the other goes home for the season. We're looking forward to the bi-week. It'll give us a chance to rest and we'll get to watch the game between the two teams fighting to play us the following week. We'll have a tough practice week since we won't have a game, but it'll be worth it," Blake enthuses.

"Sounds like you're next couple of weeks are going to be busy," I try to sound nonchalant.

"Mmm hmm. We're having an 'unofficial' practice in a little while," she says airily.

"Unofficial practice?" I question, not quite understanding how having practice can be 'unofficial.'

"That basically means coach is going to leave her office unlocked and leave a piece of paper sitting on her desk with 'Monday's Practice Schedule' written on it. We're all meeting up at the gym and we'll follow what's written on the paper and repeat that work-out again on Monday," Blake replies acknowledging my previous statement with the same enthusiasm as her last.

"You're coach isn't going to be there tomorrow?" I ask in honest disbelief.

"No. By regulations we're required to have Sunday's off, unless extenuating circumstances occur, and no scheduled practices on holidays. When we've got big games coming up like this, she 'accidentally' leaves her office unlocked with itinerary of what we'll be doing the following days on her desk that we help ourselves to. It's an unspoken understanding," she explains carefully.

"I'm glad everyone else is as dedicated as you are," I smile into the phone, "I know that you guys are going to work hard and make it to playoffs no problem."

We get quiet for a moment, the subtle small talk and pleasant conversation over, leaving us with nothing left to discuss but the night's events. It's not as if I'm avoiding this conversation, I'm just not sure of Blake's frame of mind. I know we have things to talk about, but I don't want to force the conversation or make her feel uncomfortable. This is about us, but it's also about her and her dad on a much more intense level.

"Ji?" I hear her voice barely above a whisper.

"Yeah?" I answer, my heart pounding in anticipation of what is to follow.

"About tonight…I'm really sorry. My dad was rude when you were nothing but respectful. He was condescending and judgmental. You didn't deserve that," her voice strained, as if she was holding something back.

"Blake-ah, I have to deal with a lot of different types of people. They don't always like me and more than half of them don't even know me. It's a little more personal with your dad because it's about us, but your dad didn't make any jabs or insults that I haven't heard before," I try to reassure her, without making it sound like I'm completely unaffected.

"I honestly expected more of a fight out of him. Usually our arguments turn into all-out screaming debates, but I wanted to go about this as maturely as possible," she sighs, no doubt as exhausted from the night as I am.

"I know. I feel the same way. As much as I would like to have your dad's approval, this is about us, and I'm not going to let anyone ruin it," I speak honestly.

I hear her sigh, not liking the sound, waiting for her to say something more. Waiting for her to agree and say she's willing to do the same. I grow more uneasy when she remains quiet, only hearing her soft breathing over the low hum of our phones connection.

"What are we doing Jiyong?" She finally exhales.

"What do you mean? We're talking on the phone?" I try to make light of her question, not feeling comfortable with the direction of the conversation.

"Ji…you know exactly what I'm talking about. This is just a disaster waiting to happen. How can you be so blasé about everything?" Her tone taking an annoyed edge.

"I don't see anything disastrous about us-" I begin to explain.

"You keep saying 'us,' but what does that mean? What are we?" She asks, sounding more distressed with each word.

I rub my eye with the heel of my palm. How the hell am I supposed to answer her when I don't even know myself. We're just…us. I'm Kwon Jiyong and she's Jo Blakely. I don't know what sort of label to put on our relationship yet.

I hear her take a deep breath, calming herself. We stay quiet for what seemed like hours before she breaks the suffocating silence.

"Look, I like you. I think you're a great guy, and while you definitely have your flaws, they're things I'm willing to overlook and accept," she pauses and I prepare myself for what is to come next, "however, my dad's not going to let this go. I get that you're serious or you wouldn't have met with him, but I think we need to take a step back and really think this through. I don't think you'll wake up one day and regret anything that's happened the past week, at least I hope you won't, but I want to make sure you know exactly what it is that you want," her decision leaving me no room for argument.

"So what are you saying, we break-up before we even get together?" I furrow my brows, not hiding the hurt in my voice.

"I'm not rejecting you. I'm just saying let's take this slow. I feel like we might have rushed into things a bit because of the possibility that I would be moving back to the States. I don't want any other factors affecting the progress of our relationship. I want to be with you because you want to me with me and vice versa. I don't want my dad, or Youngbae, or any other factors to be a part of that," she clarifies, putting me more at ease.

"Alright, I can agree to that. I don't want to have to worry that you're feeling insecure about anything in our relationship. I want you to know that I do want to be with you. That my confession wasn't given just because I thought you were leaving me," I stop, trying to decide whether I should just spill my guts or leave it at that.

I suck in a deep breath, filling my lungs, before slowly exhaling. If she wants to take it slow and build a foundation for our relationship, then I'm going to respect her and put forth the effort. The only way we're going to get anywhere is by being honest with each other. I'm tired of being in denial, tired of constantly fighting against this gravitational pull, and tired of not being the man Blake deserves by not saying how I really feel. I'm not being true to myself or to her when I'm not completely honest.

"I've been lying to myself for months, trying to ignore my feelings because you had made it clear that I wasn't what you were looking for. I can't tell you when I started having feelings for you, more than friendship, because before I knew it they were just there, consuming my every thought.  I was a coward and couldn't admit to myself, much less to you, that I had fallen for you, but when you said you liked me…there was no point in fighting it anymore. I tried; I honestly did, only because of how much I respect you. I didn't want to bring you into my world only for you to decide this wasn't what you wanted, but I'm selfish and it didn't matter because before I knew it, you were all I could think about," I feel so lame, rambling like an idiot, but it's necessary.

"Past tense?" I can hear a teasing manner to her voice.

"Huh?" I ask, not following her train of thought.

"You said, 'you were all I could think about,' as in past tense," she quoted.

"Ah, well, it seems to be a recurring issue that still plagues me. I think I might need to go to a specialist," I tease in return.

I can tell from her melodious laugh, that heavenly ringing, that she took everything I said to heart.

"I'm serious ya' know," I state for my own reassurance, in a somber manner.

"So you've said," her reply casual.

"I mean it. I have no problem with commitment and I am loyal to the person I am with. I only see you," I elaborate.

"Jiyong-ah, I know you're serious. You're not the kind of person who would tell me sweet nothings in order to get me in bed with you," I nearly choke at her frankness, coughing while she laughs at my surprise, "I've already figured that part of you out. You treat your mom with nothing but respect and I've always believed that a man treats his mother how he will treat his wife. Besides, you wouldn't have agreed to slow things down if you weren't serious."

"Are you saying that was a test?" I hiss, suddenly feeling very angry.

"Not at all. I meant every word. It's just...I've had relationships fall to pieces before they even started because the guy was only looking to score a homerun," she kept her voice even.

"Ah," I sound, feeling a little embarrassed at my vanishing fury.

"Wow…it's nearly three," Blake mumbles in disbelief.

"What time is practice?" A rush of guilt washing over me at the realization that I have been keeping her from sleep.

"Six thirty…" She sighs.

"Oh hell, why didn't you say something? We could've talked about all this tomorrow," I cover my forehead with my free hand, pushing back the still damp locks of hair resting there.

"What? And miss this heart-to-heart?" She giggles.

"Blake," I forget to add the honorific in my exasperation, "What good are you going to be on three hours of sleep?"

"Don't worry! I'm a champ at making it through the day on a few hours of sleep. I'm in college, remember?  I'm sure you're no stranger to it yourself," I can see her smiling through her voice.

"Aish, that's different. I'm…we're…it's just different," I fumble, not exactly having a specific reason as to why it was so dissimilar.

"I'll be fine. Besides, practice is only for a few hours. We'll more than likely go through warm-ups, do some shooting drills, work on our passing game, and scrimmage for the last hour. No big deal," she explains.

"Call me when you get out of practice?" I feel silly asking.

"If you want," I can hear her smiling again, bringing a smile to my own face.

"I'll talk to you in the morning," I chuckle.

"Sweet dreams, Ji," she says softly.

"You too," I reply before tapping the red 'end' button at the bottom of my screen.

I close my eyes, tossing my arm across my face to drown the street lights shining in my room, and feel a great bit more relaxed than I did before talking to Blake on the phone. I know her dad and I are going to have more altercations. I know he's going to keep trying to get her to move back to America, thinking she's only staying here for me, but I know Blake. Maybe not as well as Taeyang, but I know her. She's happy here. She has friends here, she's going to a respected university that most kids spend their entire life working towards, and she's got a good thing going with her basketball. While I wish I could say that she chose to stay because of me, I would be degrading her by doing so. I may be part of that decision, but Blake has other things going for her and I am going to do everything I can to make sure it stays that way.

I smile, making sure my phone is set to ring so that I won't miss her call in the morning, and place my phone beside my pillow before repositioning my arm over my eyes. I've always been a hard sleeper, even harder to actually get out of the bed, but I have a bit of motivation to make sure I wake up. It's not often that I get a wake-up call from a girl.


I flail my arm around, searching for the God forbidden object that is obstructing my peaceful slumber. I pick up the evil mechanism, looking blearily at the screen before realization hits me and I quickly slide my numb finger across the screen and groggily answer the phone.

"He…" I clear my throat before trying again, "hello?"

"Good morning," a sweet voice rings in my ear.

"It's morning already?" I deny to myself, wishing for a few more hours of sleep.

"Actually, the morning is half-way over," Blake clarifies.

"What time is it?" I ask, abruptly sitting up in my bed.

"A little after ten thirty," she says casually.

"Oh wow," I grumble, rubbing my eyes with my palm, removing any traces of sleep. "Are you just now getting out of practice?"

I vividly remember her saying she has to get up and be at the gym at six thirty, giving her only three and a half hours of sleep. She assured me that practice would only be a couple of hours, 'no big deal' if I remember her words exactly, but if practice started at six thirty and she's just now getting out that's a...four hour practice.

"Yeah. We got caught up in making sure everyone knew every position in each play, in case someone was to get hurt and we start running low on players," she rambles.

I feel really bad. I know she's brushing this off, but I can hear in her voice how tired she is. She'll never admit to it, but I'm sure she's running on fumes.

"Have you ate anything?"  I ask, trying to think of a way to compensate for my guilt.

"Not yet. I'm going to grab something from a vender down the road from my apartment," I hear her say as I force myself out of bed and make my way to my closet.

"Give me fifteen minutes and I'll pick you up and we'll get something," I reply, holding the phone to my ear with my shoulder as I push my legs through a pair of gray sweats and begin rummaging for a semi-matching t-shirt.

"Oh, uh…alright," her voice expressing her surprise, "but you don't have to. I can just grab something quick from the ajumma down the street."

"Nah, I insist. It's the least I can do after I kept you up so late," I try to say clearly as I slip my Loui Vittan, black t-shirt with white font over my head.

"Umm…okay. I'll just wait for you in the lobby then. Call me when you're close and I'll come out so you don't have to stop," Blake asserts for my benefit.

"Alright, I'll be in my Bentley," I indicate.

I hear her hum a reply before we hang up and I hustle into the bathroom. My eyes are still blood-shot from sleep, so I decide contacts probably aren't the best idea first thing in the morning. I pull open one of the top bathroom drawers, revealing several different styles of glasses, and opt for the black, thick rimmed pair. My eyesight becoming substantially better, I take a glance at my hair, cringing at how badly bedhead has overtaken my browning hair. I turn on the water in the sink, grabbing my shampoo out of the shower, and adjusting the temperature before thrusting my head under the water and making quick work to wash my hair.

Putting a small bit of gel in my palm, I rub my hands together and toss them through my hair, deciding the messy look will have to do with my lack of time. I quickly rinse my hands, brush my teeth, and rush back into my room to grab my wallet, keys, and phone. Satisfied that I look presentable, I slip on my Nike high-tops and rush out the door.


"I'm coming around the block of your building," I say into the phone.

"Alright, I'll walk out and wait for you at the corner past the entrance," she answers quietly.

I spot her as soon as the words leave her mouth. In her red, black, and white plaid, cotton capris, rolling up to show a black and white checkered design mid shin, white t-shirt, and a pair of Nike high-tops with various designs and colors. I have to say she pulls off the 'I just rolled out of bed' look much better than myself. The top of her head is covered in a black beanie, her hair falling three-fourths of the way down her back in loose waves, from underneath.

She turns when she hears me pulling up behind her and flashes a big grin as she runs around to the passenger side when I pull to a stop. It's not until she's in the car that I notice the design on her shirt; a silhouette of Big Bang, all five of us, with letters in white across the middle. A shirt we all wore during a photo shoot for NII Qualified, I can't remember how many years ago.

"Nice shirt," I point out somewhat sorely, knowing exactly where it came from.

"Thanks. Youngbae gave it to me a long time ago. He said you guys wore it from some magazine photo. It doesn't fit me quite as well as it did him, but it's comfy," she replies either oblivious to subtle annoyance or choosing to ignore it.

"I remember, I have one just like it in my closet," I state coolly.

"So, what do you want for breakfast?" Blake quickly changes the topic.

"I'm not sure what you eat for breakfast," I attempt to not sound too discriminating.

I know she's Korean, or is part Korean, but she's lived in America most her life. From what knowledge I have of the American culture, it's that their food is significantly different from ours. We too eat many of the foods that Americans eat, but generally make them…differently and with a lot less grease.

"Well, there's a McDonald's up the road. They serve breakfast until eleven. We could grab something there, or we could go to a vender and grab a gaeran sandwich," I continue thoughtfully.

I rack my brain for any other places that would serve her definition of 'breakfast' since most of the time we eat a bowl or rice, soup, and maybe a side dish or two.

"I have to make sure I'm taking in 'healthy' calories and if your Mickey D's is anything like the ones in America…," she pauses shaking her head, "I think the street vendor wins,"

Blake smiles as she buckles her seatbelt and I sigh in relief. At least I won't have to worry about trying to fib when I have my consultation with Master Hwang on Monday.

"So what exactly is a gaeran sandwich?" Blake's voice comes over the quiet purr of the Bentley's engine as press the gas pedal.

"You've never had one?" I ask, glancing at her from my stare on the road.

Rather than answer, Blake just shakes her head.

"Uh, well…it's basically a toasted egg sandwich with some vegetables," I try to define it in the simplest explanation.

"Sounds delicious," Blake hums.


"So what are your plans for the rest of the day?" Blake asks, taking another bite out of her toasted sandwich.

I hold up a finger, quickly finishing the food in my mouth before speaking.

"Uh, well I'm not meeting up with the guys until around two thrity. I thought maybe you come with me to pick up Gaho from my mom's house before I go," I attempt to sound neutral, while still hoping she can come.

"Oh…" She pauses for a moment, taking another thoughtful bite from her sandwich.

She takes great care in chewing the food in her mouth, eyes looking elsewhere. I can't tell whether she's trying to figure out if she wants to come or making sure her schedule is open and she's able to do so.

"You don't have to if you don't feel like it. I don't want you to feel obliga-"

"Of course I want to come. I was just double-checking to make sure I didn't have any homework due Monday I haven't finished. All I have is an essay due on Wednesday. I've pretty much caught up with all the work I missed the couple of days I thought I was moving, so I think I'm good to go," Blake interjects, turning in the passenger's seat of my car, to face me.

Movement on the reflection of Blake's sunglasses catches my eye. I look over to spot a man with a camera idly snapping pictures. Blake too must have noticed my distraction and I hear her breath hitch in her throat.

"Shit," I curse, Blake immediately ducking down in her seat.

I quickly start the car, tossing my half-eaten sandwich in the bag by Blake's feet, and throw the car into drive.

"Jiyong, what are we gonna do??" Her face streaked with panic as I race away from where we had been parked.

"My windows are tinted as dark as legally possible, minus the windshield, and your shades are covering most of your face. I'm not sure exactly what he was taking pictures of, but I think we'll be okay. You're not going to be extremely recognizable without being in a K.U. uniform so no one is going to assume it's you…hopefully," I try to sooth her and myself at the same time.

Thinking logically, Blake's not a famous singer, actress, or model. She's not an intern at any entertainment company and she's not generally photographed in anything but her basketball uniform or published in anything other than the college sports column. I can only hope that no one will put two and two together and realize it's her. For all we know, the guy could've been taking pictures of the busy vendors and shops open for a culinary magazine, but the odds of that are a trillion to one. There are not many people who do a lot of driving in Korea, and an even smaller number of those people own a white Bentley.

"It'll be okay, I'll take care of everything," I announce, full of false confidence.


The rest of the ride to my mom's was quiet and uneventful. Occasionally I would try to strike up a conversation, only to be answered with an inaudible hum or a faint smile, before Blake turned her attention back to the passenger window.

I pull into my mom's driveway, taking a deep breath at the renewed privacy of my parents gated home, and brave a glance at Blake. She's sitting in my passenger seat, staring at her hands while she picks at her fingernails.

My trance is broken when I hear my mom come out of the house, followed by a barking, golden, Shar Pei. Blake quickly opens the door at my mother's arrival, bowing well below ninety degrees.

"Blake agassi, it's so good to see you again! Please, come in, come in," my mom excitedly ushers towards the house with her hand.

I walk around the car to Blake, grasping her hand in mine and tugging her towards the door. Meeting no resistance, I took a few steps towards the house, before Blake pulls me to a stop.

"Ji, I'm not going to pretend like everything is okay. I know I could be overanalyzing the situation and that guy could have been a Mr. Nobody randomly taking pictures, but let's be realistic. Your car was parked on a street full of street vendors, serving breakfast, at eleven o'clock in the morning. I don't know how many red flags need to go up in that scenario, but one red flag is too many for me. Are you seriously going to act like this is no big deal?" Blake's tone gradually ascending from worry to anger with each breath.

I turn to stand in front of Blake, grasping her free hand with my own, and holding them both in between us. I stare into her eyes, trying to come up with the right thing to say. Right now would be the time I should say some witty remark that washes all her worry away, something to appease her that I honestly don't believe myself, but I can't bring myself to do it. She deserves the truth, especially after what she…what we went through with her dad last night.

"I have no idea what that guy was doing, if he was trying to get a picture of me in the car or if he was able to do so, but I do know this; whatever happens, I will take care of it. I know if I tell you not to worry about it, you're going to anyway, but please try. I'll talk to Hyun Suk sunsengnim when I get back to YG and we'll figure out what to do if something happens. I will take care of everything, I promise," I speak truthfully, hoping my honesty will put her a bit at ease.

Blake gives me a small smile, nodding once, accepting what I've told her. I can feel the shift in atmosphere. This is one of those moments that you either stare awkwardly at each other, or you make a move. Her eyes are dancing between the both of mine. She's obviously felt it too and she's waiting for me to do something…anything.

I can feel my palms begin to sweat and my mouth suddenly feels as dry as the Nevada desert; with what little experience I can recall from shooting 'Tonight.' My head is buzzing so loudly that the only noise I can hear above it is my heartbeat in my ears.

On instinct, I tighten my grip on her hands, subtly pulling her closer towards me. I lean forward in effort to close the space between her lips and mine. I pause midway; glancing between her eyes and her lips, making sure it's okay.  She smiles gently, her eyes opening and closing with practiced ease, as she calmly waits for me to continue. I give her a nervous smirk, attempting to cover my nervousness, as I move closer. My eyes unconsciously begin to close and I can feel the tingling sensation from her breath on my lips.

"Jiyong, is everything alright?" I hear my mom call as she opens the front door, peeking into the front yard.

I instantly pull away, feeling like I've been caught drinking milk out of the carton, and I take a breath of much needed air.

"Ah, yeah eomma. We'll be in, in just a sec," I call haphazardly over my shoulder.

"Alright dear," I hear the teasing tone in my mother's voice, obviously knowing what she walked in on.

"We should probably get inside. I'm sure my mom is dying to get as much gossip out of you as she possibly can," I joke to cover my embarrassment.

"I'm sure she is," Blake answers with a nod.

"After you," I turn to the side, motioning with both hands for her to walk toward the house.
Once she passes me, I heave a deep sigh. Not only did I miss a perfect moment for a real kiss, instead of the one-sided 'surprise' we shared the last time, now I have the task of introducing her to my dad.

At least, for the moment, I don't have to worry about any paparazzi snapping our picture. That, I'll save to dwell on when I get back to YG. Right now, I'm doing to do my best and make the most of this time I get to spend with Blake. Between our upcoming schedules, we might not get another chance like this for a while.
A/N: This chapter is long overdue!!!! I hit several spots of writer's block and had to literally step away and re-evaluate where I was taking the story. Sorry guys!

Also, I didn't do the greatest job checking for grammatical/spelling errors because I wanted to get this out before I deleted it and started over. I plan to completely re-edit the story after I've finished writing it, so this chapter will be edited again at a later date! Enjoy!!

I’m sure most of you already know this, but getting a driver’s license in Korea is a big deal. All of the members of Big Bang, except TOP, have a driver’s license. The source I used for the info is off of allkpop, which I read with only a grain of salt, but I have the variety show – The Gang’s of Seoul- where TOP reveals he still has yet to get his license. [link]

Yes, Big Bang and their posse actually went paintballing and rode mini-karts on April 25, 2011. GD posted pics on his me2day account! [link]

GD’s outfit reference: [link]

A pic of GD in the Nike high-tops I refer to above: [link]

Blake’s outfit reference (the shirt the guys are wearing is the shirt ‘Youngbae gave Blake’): [link]

Gaeran sandwich basically translates to “sweet egg toast/sandwich.” Koreans generally eat the same kinds of food morning, noon, and night, but lots of venders serve these egg sandwiches for ‘breakfast.’ The link is to a picture of the sandwich and the recipe in case anyone would like to try it! It looks delicious (I happen to love both eggs and sandwiches) so if you try it, let me know!! [link]

FYI Master Hwang (Hwang Sabu) is YG’s trainer…the one who is constantly on Bom about her corn. In case anyone is drawing a blank!

FYI Gaho, GD’s dog, is a Shar Pei.

SB & SC Chapter 16: [link]

SB & SC Chapter 18: [link]
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