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A sketch by :iconchibi-challenge: Here is our new OC's, Al and Freedi, chilling out!

I like the outfit CC gave him! Al is definitely a beach goer at heart!
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I GOTS ME A TRAINER CARD Done by :iconcraigwinslow:

If you guys want one for yourself, I know that he is doing them for a small fee! EVERY POKEMON TRAINER NEEDS ONE!
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Al can't Smoke! What a poser! Drawn by :iconchibi-challenge:

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It has a background.


Do you know how long it's been since I sketched a background in?

Way long, bro.

And yes, I ship Roxy and Jake. So sue me. (I ship Jake with Dirk-- I founded a group for them, and yet I ship this. XD> Shoosh~)

I found Roxy is now my favorite female. Just her name is enough to convince me of that. She's too fucking awesome, brothers. So I doodled a bunch of her and posted the one with a background. *nods*

Roxy Lalonde/Jake/Frigglish/everything else-> Hussie
Sketch-> Me
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This is my way of saying stuff is looking up~ Grandma is leaving the hospital today, spending tonight at Aunty's, and bringing my cousins home tomorrow! \OUO/

Sober Gamzee, drawn/colored (messily) while practicing that style you guys all apparently like XD> I'll probably do Tavros or Vriska next o:

Gamzee- Hussie
Piccy- Me
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Headcannons. I gots 'em. <3

Strider- Hussie
Sketch- Me
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Well…this came out alot horribler than expected… e_e

I think it’s time for bed..

god, I tried drawing his nos elike forty times before giving up…XD I’m really sorry this sucks really bad. ._.;

goodnight.. :icondatfaceplz:
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Wanna trade for an Eridan? :icontrollface:
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Fede was just born from a random Iscribble rave party! 8D
No really, I was forced to go onto iscribble *COUGH*even though she knows that I hate it since I only have a mouse <O<*COUGH* And so I randomly made the board an enormousness rainbow and yeah drew a smoker, then wa slike


So then Fede was born~ TADAA:heart:

Art is mine.
Fede is mine.
Left 4 Dead and Smokers belong to Valve
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Yeah, you're pretty cool Canada.

You need to speak up though! Learn from me, okay!?
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"It's France--!
Help me, damn it-!
Spain has come to save the day
I'll try my best to thank him
but in the end, I took a tomato instead"
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I've so busy trying to keep my stupid sorella out of trouble!
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"Hey.. Mae? Is that you?" called out the nicely dressed Roy Blackwell.  

The male was wearing a black pin striped tuxedo that was nicely pressed. It was complimented with a white collared dress shirt and a satin red tie. His dark hair was styled and tousled with gel for the special occasion.

He had spent the entire night searching the crowd for Mae. He saw her silhouette from where he stood and was certain it was Mae.

"There you are. I haven't seen you all night. What are you doing out here?"

The scent of cinnamon candles drifted in the air and pleasant holiday tunes could be heard coming from the packed mansion. The Blackwell family was known to host some of the greatest parties. However, this did not perk even a bit of interest in the young girl that leaned against one of the mansion's pillars.

As he approached the girl, his grey eyes widened.

Mae turned her body in the direction of the familiar voice. Her soft face was paired with nude glossy lips and a slight hint of blush. Dark eye shadow was swept near her eyelashes giving her a foxy appearance. She wore a stunning red evening dress embellished with expensive silver gems.  Her long detailed earrings and silver bangles sparkled brighter than the stars above them.  The straps were thin, the dress' neckline was low, and it revealed the legs of the bashful girl. Her hair was nicely twisted into an up do with loose curls. He was stunned. His mouth gaped in astonishment.

"You er-you- lo-look buh-buh beautiful," he managed to say.

Mae twiddled her fingers through her hair.

"Roy, you're stuttering again," she teased.

Roy had some speech issues when he was young, at one point it was getting in the way of his normal every day talking that his parents had to get him professional help.  After almost a year of working on his speech, the stuttering seemed to disappear.  It seemed to have been his only flaw- but only those close to him knew of it. He tried his hardest to hide his past issue, especially from Mae, although sometimes he truly couldn't help it. She was the only one that truly got him nervous at times. He flushed as red as her dress. In embarrassment, he scratched the back of his neck and quickly looked away into the night sky.

"You-you- just look really nice-that's all."

Roy was able to get a hold of him-self but his eyes started to follow the curve of her collarbone. He felt shameful when they drifted down towards her breast area. Mae could see his eyes wandering about and shook her head while she laughed.

She slowly walked up to him and smiled sweetly. Her heels could be heard tapping the cold ground over the tunes with every step. Although his tie was already positioned perfectly, she adjusted it. She patted his chest lightly after she was done.

"You look really nice too, Mr. Blackwell."

In attempt to forget about how pathetic he was a second ago, Roy changed the subject.

"Aren't you supposed to spend time with your guests Ms. Mae Reed, the best connoisseur of the Hoenn region?"

He tapped her nose and jokingly scolded her. She waved his hand out of her face.

"I get bored of formal talk. I wanted some fresh air- that's all."

"-Don't lie to me Mae."

Her eyes darted trying to find something to concentrate on. Roy knew Mae since he was a child and could easily tell when she was trying to keep something from him.

"Why do you still think of Nero when he doesn't even care anymore?"

His question really hurt Mae inside, but she knew he made a good point. It was only a couple of months from the girl's birthday and she still hadn't even heard a word from him after their break up.

Roy knew he shouldn't have been so harsh. He took a few steps and placed himself against the railing of the mansion. Below was a beautifully lit garden with a running fountain. White rose pedals could be seen swimming in the chilly water.

"It's weird. Normally it's still warm in winter-but I think it's going to get cold soon. Come here for a second.."

He reached out for her hand and placed it in his hand. He guided the other and placed it on his shoulder. He led her in a dance to humming music. It was nice-and romantic.  Their closeness warmed her up a bit. A few minutes passed by and Mae decided to speak.

"Roy… do.. do you think Nero… has really forgotten about me?"

He sensed she started to become very unhappy. She broke apart from him.
Roy shrugged and dragged himself away from the uncomfortable scene.

"I don't know Mae. I don't think he could, I mean, you're you… No one could forget you," he said as he wandered away.

He found a place of rest a few feet away. He gestured for her to come close to him as he leaned over the mansion's second story floor railing. She walked over and peered over into the garden below. The holiday lights helped to light up her pretty face. She was standing on the bottom of the railing with her heels and her behind helped to balance the torso that was over the railing. Her dress tightened near her bum because she was stretching out her body too far.

He couldn't help it. Roy's eyes trailed down her back and onto her lower bottom. They skimmed along her round curves a few times- until suddenly, he felt Mae's knuckles smack his chin with much force.

"HEY!!!" Roy flailed his arms in the air, "YOU'RE SO VIOLENT. I was just— "

"Staring at my ass?!" Mae finished off his sentence. She held her fist up to his face.

"Er--- no.. I was.. there's a bug behind you.. on the ground. I think it was starting to crawl up your dress..."

"What bug?!!!!" Mae shrieked. She jumped off from the railing and started stomping around stabbing the ground with her heels.

Roy grabbed his stomach as he let out a roar of laughter.

"STOP IT!" Mae was just going to give him a blow to his chest when he grabbed her hand just in the nick of time.

"Oh no- not this time. It was a joke, take it easy woman." Roy grinned and unraveled her fist. "Come on, let's take a walk."

Mae couldn't help but lightly smile. She realized she had a great time whenever she was around Roy. She always brimmed with happiness when he was around.. now that Nero was gone.

"Pervert," she nudged her body into his. It almost caused him to trip down the staircase.

"WHOA!" Mae felt her body get thrown into the air. She almost choked the boy as she squeezed tightly around his neck. Roy caught her and hopped down the staircase with her in his arms with ease.

"Alright, I'll let you down now." Mae let go of her death grip and Roy rubbed his neck.

"Ya know Mae.. You're going to accidentally kill someone one day." He grinned.

"Yeah- and it will probably be you first." She said as she walked into the garden.

"Hey.. wait!"

Roy took Mae's hand and had it cross under his. He escorted her formally through the Blackwell holiday themed garden one step at a time.

They were silent as they walked through appreciating the garden for a few minutes.
Confusion settled in on Mae when she neared the garden's fountain. It was the place where Nero and Roy last had a fight over her. They were teenagers then and it was the only fight where Roy got the last word in.

"DON'T YOU DARE TRY TO DO THAT EVER AGAIN BLACKWELL." Nero pushed Roy further away from her.

"One day, you won't be there for her! And- you know what?!" Roy raised his voice loudly. Mae started to backed away from the two boys.

"What?!" spat Nero. He had a fierce face on and was very angry at Roy for trying to surprise Mae with a kiss.

Roy sped towards Nero and tackled him to the hard dirt ground. They wrestled for a few seconds until Roy was on top of Nero's back and had him pinned.

"I'll be the one there for her when you hurt her. You're not perfect Heartly. You make mistakes, and that's when it's over for you two. Just you watch."

Roy's hands waved in Mae's face.

"Earth to Mae! You're off day dreaming or something."

Mae hadn't realized she was staring off into space thinking of her past.

"Oh. Sorry about that."

For a moment they sat awkwardly together on the fountain's edge. Roy reached into one the pockets of his dress pants and took something out.

"Here. I think this is yours."

Roy handed over a familiar item. It was the loveball Nero had given to her. She thought she had lost it when she moved into the large mansion.

"Where-where was it?!"

"I guess one of the maids had it stashed away safely. They thought it was mine and came across it this morning. I laughed, why would they think I would have a pink girly ball?"

Mae glared at the ball in her hands. She recalled the time when Nero gave it to her and their last moments together. She felt her heart break all over again.

Roy sighed and pointed at the ball.

"There's something in it..It's Nero's writing."

She quickly opened the ball to find a folded piece of paper. She unfolded it. She was excited and could feel her heart beat quickly.  

It was indeed Nero's writing. She wish she had seen it on letters that he wrote back to her, but all she had was that small piece of paper.

The pace of her heart slowed down. Her hands started to shake and she felt her eyes water.

From the depths of my heart, I'm sorry for hurting you. I'm so sorry.
I will always be there for you. You're my best friend.
Please remember to move on and stay sweet. I know you're leaving, so good luck.
Just don't forget our memories.
Happy birthday, Mae Reed.
I love you.

She read it over and over again.
I will always be there for you.

She wanted to let out a cry but was speechless.

Nero… where are you now? Where have you been? Have you forgotten me? What about our memories? What about.. our love? I miss you.. why.. don' t you care anymore?


She had nearly forgotten Roy sat nearby. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She wanted to calm her nerves. After months of not hearing a peep out of Nero, she was doing really well. She didn't let memories get in her way, not until now.

"I'm just confused," she confessed.

Roy scooted closer to her.

"I know. I shouldn't have given that to-"

"Thank you," she laid a soft kiss on his cheek. It was the first time she had ever done so- but he didn't smile.  

"Just- thank you for doing that. I know.. you two don't get along too nicely.. and you could've thrown this away instead of giving it to me, but you were man enough to do so. So.. thank you Roy."

He frowned.

"I knew you would be sad though.. I don't want to make you sad."
She poked a finger onto where she kissed him.

"You- didn't make me sad, okay?"

She crumbled up the paper and placed it in the ball. She left it sitting next to her and just rested her head against Roy's shoulder.

"The lights are very beautiful," she commented.

Roy's eyes met Mae's. So many things were racing in his mind. There he was- finally sitting next to the girl he always chased after since he was a child. He was the winner now. He had beat Nero. She had just kissed him on the cheek..

Maybe, I can.. return the favor but onto her lips now… Maybe this is that perfect moment..

He was mesmerized by her eyes. Her tears had vanished. They smiled at him.

"Yuh-Yeah.. they are.."

Roy had envisioned this moment in his head. He planned to walk her into the garden and be there for her, but he never knew, their relationship had grown this close…
He noticed Mae had leaned in closer to him.

Roy nervously leaned towards her. He had kissed plenty of girls before, but he had truly wanted to lock lips with Mae from the start. She was different than all the other girls he had spent time with.

It was the perfect moment.

Mae blinked and grinned. Her pearly whites appeared and the ends of her lips curled. She was genuinely happy.

She closed her eyes and Roy looked at the girl he's always wanted. She was perfect to him in every way possible.

He laid his hands on her smooth shoulders and he leaned in closer and closer to her lips. They looked soft and tender. She was lovely.

He was only inches from her lips…

Then only centimeters…

He was so close----

but decided to lay his cheek against hers instead.

"Hey.." he whispered.

Mae was surprised he didn't take his chance.


"You wanted to me to kiss you… HAHAHAHA!!" He was practically snorting in her ear.


She got up and started to storm off.  He followed her and laughed the entire time until they were at the bottom of the staircase again. She turned around to let out her anger but found Roy standing up right against her instead. She was taken aback.

"Merry Christmas."

He leaned in and kissed her softly. She was shocked to find she felt butterflies in her stomach. He held her for a few seconds and then their lips parted. He grinned handsomely and looked cross eyed for a second.

She blushed and then felt a need to hit him.

"Why are you giving me that look?"

"What look?- OH. One landed on my nose, didn't you see?" He pointed in the air. She hadn't noticed how cold it was out.  Snowflakes were appearing out of thin air. She felt goosebumps run up her spine and she rubbed her arms to warm herself up. It wasn't that cold- it actually didn't snow often where they lived. She had gotten the goosebumps from the prior peck on the lips.

So.. It's going to be a white Christmas after all.

"Anyway, so… that kiss…bet you weren't expecting that," he boasted. He plucked a rose off a bush and placed it in her hair. It looked nice amongst her fancy up do.

"Roy, why are you—why do you.. want me to be yours?"

I have to ask. Nero obviously doesn't want to bother with me anymore with his busy schedule.. and Roy is busy- but why does Roy still want me?

"Because since I was a kid- I had many friends, but none of them pushed me to follow my goals as hard as you pushed me, and no one was there for me when I needed someone to talk to, you were there for me even though Nero didn't like it.. and.."

Roy noticed he was talking too much about his feelings and didn't want to tell Mae to notice he has wished for his for a very long time.

"I have to go back in now my lady."

He bowed and she respectfully curtsied back.

He started to prance off happily, but paused at the top of the stair case.

"Mae Reed. Remember, I'm here for you now," he said in a serious tone without looking back.

Seconds later he disappeared from view.

Mae felt the rose in her hair and looked at the bush where Roy had picked them from. There were red roses right next to the one he chose. She understood why he picked the one he did for her.

"My mother always taught me about roses Mae! I know you like flowers so I will teach something to you!" said the young Roy.

"Hmm?" the little boy had raised her curiosity.

"You should know that bright red roses are for love, dark reds are for beauty, white for purity, pink for thank yous, orange toned ones represent enthu-enthusi-enthu.."

"En-thu-zee-as-em. Enthusiasm," Mae's grandmother helped him pronounce the word. She always had a strong liking for Roy- as well as Nero.

"Right, enthusiasm! Erm… I think I'm forgetting one, can you help me Grandma Reed?"

"Don't forget that kind." She pointed at one of the roses in her vase.

"Oh yea, and the yellow ones with red tips mean friendship or falling in love!" He said proudly.

"OoOoO, cool!" Mae repeated the colors and their meanings back to her grandmother.

"You got it, now run off and play."

The memory warmed her heart. She walked over to the bush where Roy was and sniffed the roses. She loved how they differed greatly from the other ones nearby.

She couldn't help but glance at the fountain in the distance where the love ball rested. She took one last look then started her way back into the mansion. She grinned and played with the rose in her hair while she walked back to the party. She wore it with pride.

Yellow and red tipped… how sweet. This…. is a nice Christmas. Thank you, Roy.

She wanted to join the party and hummed to the music as she approached it's source. She looked up to appreciate the starry winter night. As she appreciated the scenery, she noticed a shooting star fly across the dark blue endless sky. It was time to make a wish.

I won't forget our memories.. I can't... Merry Christmas… Nero. I wish… I wish you the best.



Top preview image is from :iconntdevont:

pfft... the title.. more like RoyxMae LOL



BAHHHHHHHHHH I like both Roy and Nero.... hehehe.

A love story about our Pokemon OCs.
No pokemon in this story though - I wanted to concentrate on the characters :3


*goes to die in a corner*

Mae belongs to ^MzzAzn
Nero belongs to *NTDevont
Roy belongs to both of us (we're designing him together)
Snow flakes belong to mother earth.

Other parts:
MaexNero: Forgotten The smell of apple pie drifted in the air.

"It's almost done! Can't wait- I'm starving here!" exclaimed the young male. His black hair strands blew across this silver gray eyes. He wore a a nice red shirt and stunning black tie under his jacket. He had just returned from an important business meeting. He was quite a handsome young gentleman. He took a few steps closer to Mae who sat with her nose buried in a book. "I really think you need to take a break."
She looked up to see the kind eyes of Roy Blackwell, a close family friend of hers. He was quite the treat for a woman's eye and he was also ambitious an
The Final Goodbye. “It's going to be so awesome once your a gym leader man!” Carter said happily. He swung his right hand onto Nero's back.  
“Easy Carter! You'll break my back one day.” Nero grinned and readjusted his hat which started to slide off his head from the heavy pat.  
“I can't wait to beat you. You managed to see Lugia, your goal was accomplished! I seriously need a goal too. I bet you'll be a gym leader in less than a year! You've got everything.”
Mae smiled in the distance at Carter. Although she was far away, he noticed her eyes were different. They looked sad and empty-and he knew it wasn't due to his de
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The smell of apple pie drifted in the air.

"It's almost done! Can't wait- I'm starving here!" exclaimed the young male. His black hair strands blew across this silver gray eyes. He wore a nice red shirt and stunning black tie under his jacket. He had just returned from an important business meeting. He was quite a handsome young gentleman. He took a few steps closer to Mae who sat with her nose buried in a book. "I really think you need to take a break."

She looked up to see the kind eyes of Roy Blackwell, a close family friend of hers. He was quite the treat for a woman's eye and he was also ambitious and very caring towards others. She smiled and placed the book down next to the marble Dragonite statue she was leaning on. 

"Aren't you cold? It's chilly out here and you're leaning on that. Here-" He took off his green jacket pull over and walked over to her. "Arms up!"

"No- I'm oka-" She couldn't continue. Roy started to tickle her sides and tried aiming for under her arms. She almost cried from laughing so hard. "Okay!!-- stop!! Roy!"

He snickered as he pulled his clothing over her. Her head popped back out of the pull over and she revealed a worried face. He became concerned.

"What's wrong Mae?"

"What if.. what if I get it dirty by accident? It looks expensive. I'm clumsy you know-"

He shook his head as he helped to gently pull her hair out to where it belonged. 

"It's clothes, I can wash it...You look adorable." He placed his arm around her and scanned her pretty face. He leaned in and slowly kissed her forehead. 
"These people around here know how great of a connoisseur you already are. Best in region in my opinion. They would like to set up appointments with you to see if you can determine how well some of their Pokemon match them," he stated as he placed some paper work in her hands. His smile was contagious.

Her cheeks flushed creating a soft watermelon pink hue. Around ten months ago whenever Roy tried to impress her or show his feelings for her, she'd push him aside because she always had Nero on her mind. Nero was her love from her childhood and teenage years. They had a rough unpredictable break up, but they parted ways after revealing to one another they still had deep feelings for each other.
After she left her small home town of Littleroot and came to Mauville city to study about becoming a connoisseur, Mae wrote to Nero every month. They were detailed letters about what she had learned, the people she had met, about herself, and most importantly her feelings for him still. She wanted to keep him updated so she could make it seem as if she was there for him, even though she wasn't physically. She always anticipated the day when he would write back, but she never received anything from him. Normally she would call him, but he was never home at his grandfather's and she knew that so she wrote to him- that way he could read the letters and keep them to cherish. Throughout the months of not hearing from him, her heart yearned for him, but she knew she had to move on.  She thought perhaps Nero had moved on with his life too.. and perhaps developed a new relationship. Her heart ached thinking about it.

I can't just keep waiting on something that will never happen.. Maybe..maybe he just..forgot about me. He's so busy...

She smiled sweetly. He had never kissed her in any way before. He never dared to with Nero around or others nearby. Memories of the past replayed in her head. She could see the two boys and children arguing over toys and as teenagers- arguing and beating each other up over her. She giggled and relaxed herself on Roy's shoulder.
He squeezed her arm lightly and he cherished the moment.

"As much as I love this, we've got to get you filled up! Rena's already waiting inside. I think she wants some pie too. The maids bake the best goodies!" He grinned and helped Mae up. 

Roy Blackwell was a perfect gentleman. Mae felt lucky to be allowed to stay in their household. Their family owned a nearby five star casino hotel combination and a chain of large businesses. They had a strong family history of helping others out and making their family name well known. Being in his presence was always a pleasure, but Nero was still always on her mind. It was coming close to a year after their break up and at this point, Mae was confused as ever about her feelings. 

She felt Roy's fingers try to intertwine with hers as he led the way back into the Blackwell mansion. She was used to him holding her hands now, but she was still a bit surprised from the simple kiss before. She had a moment of hesitation before she clasped her hand in his and allowed him to take the lead. 

Just wrote a short scene of Roy Blackwell and Mae Reed together.

Why didn't she hear from Nero? Does Roy get to be with Mae now? If so, for how long? How will Nero react?

Oh my... so many things could happen after this. :iconteheplz:

I'm deciding on how I want the final chapters of Mae and Nero's relationship to "end" up like.


I'm getting mixed responses on Nero now....

:iconntdevont: and I are working on Roy's look and Mae's grandfather too! Stayed tuned for some pictures :heart:u:heart: Roy is super handsome....
He makes Nero envious sometimes. HAHAHAHAHA.

Thanks for reading the short scene!
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HAHAHA Dan and I usually make piccus together ;u; and here we are~
He didn't want to buy a santa hat on him so I drew one on.. then went crazy ROFLMAO!!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year guys! Love you all :heart:

Cool Santa 1: `MzzAzn
Cool Santa 2: =ntdevont


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OMG took me forever to finish this! ;A;
This is for my love :iconhaydenjaejoong:

I just traced the BG cause I can't draw buildings to save my life! ;A; here's the original picture [link]

The title was Hayden's idea hahaha

So there hope u like it! <3
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For *Miyabi-Chann

Ren belongs to *Miyabi-Chann

Hello guys! How are you?
Uhm sorry for the inactivity the past few days. I promise I'll reply all the messages later.

See ya! <3
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Our new OCs! Names are Martin Steele and Spencer Drew and their pet pug, BUBU! (pronounced Buh-Buh)

They like to drink apple juice and kick ass, and they're all out of apple juice.

*Lineart/Texture/Title/Descriptions: *Chibi-Challenge
*Colors: Me

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HAPPY B-DAY BRO !!! :hug::hug::hug:

i hope you like it :tighthug:
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HAPPY B-DAY SIS:iconlazy-vibe:!!!!:la::la::la::la::la: :party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party:
i hope you like your gift :iconnarutolaplz:
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:iconamelia-le-blanche: commission
her oc Ayashi she is working as a spy for sasori
i hope you like it ^^
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    Commission for Tatsumika @ IMVU.

    For commission details, please visit =F-AYN-T's page.
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Commission by Bacon @ IMVU.

For more info ~ Please visit *F-AYN-T's page :D thankee~
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Sketch Commission for ~maylith from last Ozinefest 2011.

For more details on commissions, please see *F-AYN-T's page.
Thank you :heart:
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Part 3/3 of a commission for ~SSGuardian !

As it turns out the lobster clasps don't go on the thin chain very well (they do fit, but it made me a little uncomfortable) so I upgraded the chain to a type of thick metal chain that's got a neat braided pattern to it. It's very classy. :D


My commission info: [link]
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Eggies!! :la:

Show your love for eggs with this cuuute necklace. With a frying pan and a heart shaped sunny side up!



:heart: love me? :heart:

Etsy: [link]
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Commission Info: [link]

If you're interested in winning a three month DA subscription plus a free charm from me, check out my contest here! [link]
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Heal your heart this Valentines Day. ;w;

Only $10~

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If you have any questions about how I made this or what it's made of please read EVERYTHING here first. [link]

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kaname as grimmjow
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kaname as cloud
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kaname as brs
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