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Kathryn Howard from The Tudors

Kathryn was the teenage "crowned rose" queen of Henry VIII. She was his 5th wife, and has the same fate of her cousin, Anne Boleyn.
She has an affair with Thomas Culpepper, and when the king discovery it, Queen was arrested, condemned and beheaded for treason.
Kathryn was between 17 and 19 years old when she died.

c. 1540

more about her: [link]

pics of this outfit:
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Empress Maud (or Matilda) from "The Pillars of the Earth".
picture of this outfit: [link]

Maud was the mother of Henry II, and the mother in law of Eleanor d'Aquitaine.
She was made as queen after the death of her father, Henry I, in favor of her eldest son, Henry II. But her cousin take the throne, and she declares war against him for almost 20 years until Henry II can finally be the king.

She was the Empress of Roman Empire by her 1th married with Henry V, but only has kids of her 2nd marriage with Geoffrey V, Count of Anjou, one member of the Plnatagenet family.

early 12th century

more about her: [link]
more about The Pillars of the Earth: [link]
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Anne Boleyn from The Tudors

Anne was the 2nd and more famous wife of Henry VIII, was because of her that Henry broke up with the Church.
She was the mother of Queen Elizabeth I, the most famous queen of England!

This is not my favorite dress of Anne in the series, but I really like this one!
I'm thinking in do more fanarts os Anne, one for the season 2 of the show, one of Anne of Thousand Days, e one of The Other Boleyn Girl... What do you think?
Well, we'll see... =)

16th century

more about her: [link]

some references of this outfit:
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Okay another (And probably the only other one) entry for AzaleasDolls-lovers February Consort. Once again it's historically based couple, but there my absolute favorite couple in history to be honest so you can't really blame me. This is of course Richard III and Anne Neville
Little bit of a bio. 
Unlike Shakespeare famous play which proposes they met after her first husband's death Richard III and Anne Neville grew up together. Richard had been a ward under Anne's father the Earl of Warwick and most likely the Earl had intentions of marry one of his daughters (If not both his daughters) to one of the eligible York brothers. We can't know for sure if they were on friendly terms or childhood sweethearts as some authors have proposed but they certainly were raised together and the Earl probably wanting to ensure a match allowed his daughters to spend time with his young ward.
Richard and Anne eventually did marry in 1472, after the death of Anne's first husband Edward of Lancaster and her father's defeat in battle. The marriage was seemly happily and Richard (A man who suffered lots of hatred after his life) is never reported to have cheated on her. Even though he has two illegitimate children, they both seem to be born prior to the marriage.

There life in the North was seemly happy, Richard calls Anne in his private legal documents (An usual place for medieval times) his "Most Dearly beloved consort" and even leaves her as regent over the North in his absence. Together they raised Richard's two children from before his marriage and had one of there own, Edward of Middleham. When Richard took the throne in 1483, they were crowned together in London in July of 1483. The first joint coronation since Edward I.

After Anne's death, in 1483 Richard publicly said that he “in heart as heavy as man can be” and did begin to make plans to marry Joanna of Portugal. Unfortunately for Richard this match never came to be as he died only a few short months after Anne in the Battle of Bosworth. 

Richard's biographer Paul Murray Kendall said on the matter of Richard's marriage: 

"It appears that Richard’s marriage was happy, that he gave Anne Neville his heart as well as his name. Even the Tudor historians, for all their zest in elaborating monstrous legends of Richard’s wickedness, cast no slur upon his marital fidelity, and Mancini gives positive testimony that the purity of his private life was well known to the public." 

*Forget to add that I used photoshop cc to write the words just like my other entry. But nothing else.
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For Arrelline (I'll do the Snow Queen maker one sometime else this week)
Truly the power couple of their day, Eleanor was twice married, once divorced and pretty much a scandal Europe. Eleanor had a pretty disastrous marriage to the King of France, whom she had two daughters by but later divorced (Pretty shocking in Europe for the time) and later married the much younger Henry II prior to him becoming King. Together they had eight children together, two of her most famous children were Richard the "Lionheart" and King John. She also supposeable started the "Court of Love"
Henry of course started my favorite English dynasty "House Plantagenet" so I've always had love for him.
Henry and Eleanor had a falling out in 1173, after her son, Henry the Young King failed during a revolt against his father, Henry later famously locked Eleanor up and she was only let out after her son Richard ascended to the throne in 1189, and during his reign she ruled as regent in his place.
Surpisingly enough their is no contemporary descriptions of Eleanor, in fiction today she is anywhere from Blonde to Black, to curvy to thin. Eleanor was known to have blonde ancestors though so it's very possible she was a blonde based on genetics alone. I personally gave her red haired hear mainly because House Plantagenet is noted to have lots of red heads which means the gene for red hair had to come from both Henry and Eleanor.
Henry is very well described though and he was noted for having red hair, grey eyes, and being "lion like" in appearance. He is sometimes called "Henry the Lion" due to his appearance.
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A couple that doesn’t get nearly as much love as they should, Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. 

This is should be considered there “Wedding Doll”.

They wedded on January 18th 1486, roughly 4 months after Henry had defeated Richard III and claimed the throne of England. 

While many are under the impression that the delay to marriage implies Henry did not want to marry Elizabeth they could not be further from the truth. Henry had to set several things in motion before the marriage could take place, his own coronation, to prove he was King in his own right. He also had to wait for his Parliament to declare Elizabeth and all her siblings legitimate in order to marry her. And finally Henry had to wait for a dispensation from the Pope to arrive in order to make there marriage legal. 

A special dispensation was received in January and Henry married her almost immediately after it arrived, a finally and full dispensation was later sent by March of 1486. 

Although Henry and Elizabeth’s first child Prince Arthur suspiciously a few weeks early from what should have been his due date. This could potentially mean that Elizabeth and Henry’s sexual relationship began in December of 1485. It could also mean that Arthur was premature as well. 

Even though this union was about physically join the Houses of York and Lancaster together it also seemed to be a love match as well. Henry VII is one of the rare kings in history who never takes a mistress, seemed utterly distraught at Elizabeth’s death in 1503. Elizabeth as well seems to be deeply devoted to her husband and there are even love poems written which are rumored to be hers. 

This doll set was requested by lizzie278

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14th century dresses are tight (tailoring appears) with long, tight sleeves and full skirts. They have either pockets or holes, through which one could reach to a purse, tided to a belt.
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Florentine women wear high waisted, loose gowns over their inner dresses. Sleeves are slashed to show off the silk chemise. Hair is worn in a high bun, with some shorter hair worn in curls around the head.

Men wear multi-colored hose and short doublets. Some form of overgown could be worn over doublet, but it was not required anymore.

More late 15th century fashion in Florence:…
In Venice:… or…
In Rome:…
In Lombardy:…
In Northern and Weastern Europe:… or…
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Dressses from 16th century Venice.

Woman on the left is wearing a balzo, headwear that was very popular in the early 15th century and it made a comeback during the twenties.

In 16th century, Italy was divided and each of the regions had its unique style of clothing. However there were similarities in the general silhouette and in the 1520s and 30s it was a dress with quite high, straight waistline and big sleeves that ended above the elbow.

More historical Italian fashion:…
Meanwhile in Northern and Western Europe:… or… or…
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Happy 65th Anniversary Cinderella!!!!!!!!!!!

Much like The Little Mermaid, Cinderella also inspires me as an artist. The way the colors seem to make everything look like a dream. Cinderella is just such a wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL movie!!! Not to mention, it was the first Disney movie I have ever seen! :)
So anyway, here are the characters!

Scene 1: Cinderella (rags), Anastasia, Lady Tremaine, Drizella, Lucifer
Scene 2: Fairy Godmother, Bruno, Jaques, Gus, Mary, Perla, Suzy
Scene 3: Cinderella (ballgown), Prince Charming, The King, Herald, The Grand Duke, Anastasia (ballgown), Lady Tremaine (ballgown), Drizella (ballgown)

Leave me a comment on how I did. If you want to see more Disney movie Dolls like this, leave me a comment or send me a note!!

Enjoy and Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo!!!!

All dolls made with:…
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So after I uploaded those dolls of Briar Rose/Sleeping Beauty, I thought it would only be fitting to submit the other main attraction of Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent! I had a lot of fun remaking her. But for some reason, I couldn't get the sleeves right for the longest time, haha! But in the end, just like my newest Ursula doll, I believe that I captured this very iconic villain very well!

Anyway, leave me a comment on how I did. If you are looking forward to the Sleeping Beauty collection or want to see more Disney characters with this maker, leave me a comment or send me a note!


Made with:…
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After doing my My Little Mermaid series, I thought I would try my 2nd favorite Fairy Tale

made by [link]
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Did I upload this one yet? Aceo sized done in 07.
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9 x 11 Traditional watercolor painting. This mermaid has a sweet canopy bed.
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Another very early aceo in watercolor
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Queen of France in the 1500s

Top Row Left to Right: Anne Duchess of Brittany, Claude Duchess of Brittany and Eleanor of Austria

Bottom Row Left to Right: Catherine de' Medici, Mary I Stuart Queen of Scotland, Elizabeth Habsburg, Louise Lorraine, and Margaret Valois.

Anne I Dreux-Montfort Duchess of Brittany
Born: Jan 25, 1476
Died: Jan 9, 1514
Reigned France 2nd: Jan 8, 1499 - Jan 9, 1514
Reigned Brittany: Jan 25, 1576 - Jan 9, 1514
Wife of Louis XII. Daughter of Francis II Dreux-Montfort Duke of Brittany and Margaret of Foix. She also had red-gold hair which her granddaughter Charlotte inhertited. She had originally been betrothed to Edward V King of England and part of the contract was that the second son born would inherit Brittany. She by proxy married Maximilian Holy Roman Emperor but because of a Peace Agreement by her father with Brittany became a vassal of France and the King had to give his approval on who his daughters would marry. After her father's death Charles VIII forced her to marry him and part of the marriage agreement was that whoever outlived who would retain Brittany but if Anne outlived him with no heir then she had to marry the new King (who was Louis XII, but he was married at the time of the death of Charles XIII) When Charles died she only agreed to the marriage if he was divorced within a year which it was. She spent her life trying to maintain Brittany's autonomy until she died and with her daughter Claude's marriage to Francis it united Brittany with France forever.
Note: Interesting thing had she looked into the family line then she could have given the Duchy of Brittany to a descendant of Marie or Blanche daughters of John II Duke of Brittany (1200's) among the would be heirs would have been the Habsburgs, the Duke of Savoy, the Duke of Julich-Cleves-Berg, Duke of Vendome (also a heir to the french throne), Duke of Guise, and The ruler of Navarre. Or more closely another Marie daughter of Francis I Duke of Brittany whose great great grandson through Marie was the viscont of Rohan.

Mary Tudor
Born: March 18, 1496
Died: Jan 25, 1533
Reigned: Oct 9, 1514 - Jan 1, 1515
Wife of Louis XII. Daughter of King Henry VII of England and Elizabeth of York. Her brief marriage to Louis was childless. She married him shortly after the death of Louis' wife Anne. After the death of Louis she almost right after married Charles Brandon before she returned to England.

Claude I Valois, Duchess of Brittany
Born: Oct 13, 1496
Died: July 26, 1524
Reigned France: Jan 1, 1515 – July 26, 1524
Reigned Brittany: Jan 9, 1514 - July 26, 1524
Daughter of Louis XII and Anne, wife of Francis. Being the oldest surviving child of Louis XII she would technically be ruler of France but due to France going by Salic law the throne went to the closest male family member. Her mother wanted her to marry Emperor Charles but her father refused to agree as he wanted to combine Brittany with France but she only married Francis after her mother died as she refused to allow the marriage.

Eleanor Habsburg
Born: Nov 15, 1498
Died: Feb 25, 1558
Reigned: May 31, 1531 - Feb 25, 1558
Wife of Francis I, Sister to Charles I & V King of Spain and Holy Roman Emperor. Her marriage to Francis was childless, very likely because Francis did not want any of his children to have loyalties to the Habsburgs. Her marriage to Francis was part of the treaty of 1529 called La Paz de las Damas. She had no political power and only performed as Queen at Social Occasions and performed Charity and provided communication with Charles. She also raised Francis' youngest daughters Madeleine and Margaret.

Catherine de’ Medici
Born: April 13, 1519
Died: Jan 5, 1589
Reigned: March 31, 1547 - July 10, 1559
Wife of Henry II, Daughter of Lorenzo II de’ Medici, Duke of Urbino and Madeleine de La Tour d'Auvergne

Mary I Stuart, Queen of Scotland
Born: Dec 8, 1542
Died: Feb 8, 1587
Reigned France: July 10, 1559 - Dec 5, 1560
Reigned Scotland: Dec 14, 1482 –July 24, 1567
Wife of Francis II, daughter of King James V and Mary of Guise. Her marriage to Francis II was childless

Elisabeth Habsburg
Born: July 5, 1554
Died: Jan 22, 1592
Reigned: Nov 26, 1570 - May 30, 1574
Wife of Charles IX, Daughter of Maximilian II Holy Roman Emperor and Maria of Spain. She and her husband had a daughter Marie Elisabeth who died in childhood.

Louise Lorraine
Born: April 30, 1553
Died: Jan 29, 1592
Reigned: Feb 13, 1575 - Aug 2, 1589
Wife of Henry III, Daughter of Nicholas Lorraine Duke of Mercoeur and Margaret of Egmont. Her marriage to Henry III was childless.

Margaret Valois
Born: May 14, 1553
Died: March 27, 1615
Reigned: Aug 2, 1589 - 1599
Wife of Henry IV, daughter of King Henry II of France and Catherine de’ Medici, marriage was annulled and the marriage was childless

Link to AU Queens of France in 1500s:…
Link to King of France in 1500s:
Link to AU Kings of France in 1500s:…

All credit goes to Doll-Divine and Azalea's Dress Up Doll Tudor Maker.
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Queens of England in the 1500s

Top Row Left to Right: Elizabeth of York, Katherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, and Anne of Cleves

Bottom Row: Catherine Howard, Catherine Parr, Jane Grey, Mary Tudor, Elizabeth Tudor.

Elizabeth of York Plantagenet
Born: Feb 11, 1466
Died: Feb 11, 1503
Reigned: Jan 18, 1486 - Feb 11, 1503
Wife of Henry VII, daughter of King Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville. Is technically the true ruler of England as the oldest heir. Is Also 5th cousins with Henry. She had red gold hair and may have had a height of 5' 9" as she was reported to be tall and her father was 6' 4".

Catalina/Katherine of Aragon Trastámara, Infante
Born: Dec 16, 1485
Died: Jan 7, 1536
Reigned: June 11, 1509 – May 23, 1533
Wife of Henry VIII, daughter of Isabella I Queen of Castile and Ferdinand II King of Aragon, and descended from King Edward III of England through his son John of Gaunt who she is descended twice from his two daughters Catherine and Philippa which makes her 4th cousins with Henry VIII. She had reddish-auburn hair.

Anne Boleyn, Marquess of Pembroke
Born: 1507
Died: May 19, 1536
Reigned: May 28, 1533 – May 17, 1536
Wife of Henry VIII, daughter of Thomas Boleyn Earl of Wiltshire and Elizabeth Howard. Is Descended from King Edward I of England twice through his daughter Elizabeth Rhuddlan by his 1st wife Eleanor of Castile and through his Son Thomas Earl of Norfolk by his 2nd wife Marguerite of France. She is also 8th cousins with Henry VIII

Jane Seymore
Born: 1508
Died: Oct 24, 1537
Reigned: May 30, 1536 - Oct 24, 1537
Wife of Henry VIII, daughter of Sir John Seymour and Margery Wentworth. She is actually Anne’s 2nd cousin through their Great Grandmother Elizabeth Cheney. Through Cheney’s second marriage to Sir John Say while Anne is from Cheney’s 1st marriage to Sir Frederick Tilney. She is also descended from Edward III King of England through his son Lionel of Antwerp and is both 7th and 10th cousins with Henry VIII, but is also his 6th cousin through Ralph Neville 2nd Baron Neville de Raby (he is the grandfather of The earl of westmorland, and is jane's ancestor via his daughter Margaret). According to a description she was of Middle height, was no beauty, had pale blonde hair, and not very intelligent. She did not have as high an education as KOA and Anne, she could read and write and was taught household management and needlework. From the look of her portrait on wikipedia her eye color looked to be a hazelish brown.

Anne of Cleves
Born: Sep 22, 1515
Died: Jul 16, 1557
Reigned: Jan 6- July 9, 1540
Wife of Henry VIII, daughter of John III La Marck Duke of Cleves and Maria Jülich-Berg. She is descended from King Edward I of England through his daughter Margaret from his first wife Eleanor of Castile. This makes her 9th cousins with Anne and Henry VIII

Catherine Howard
Born: 1520 (between 1518 and 1524)
Died: Feb 13, 1542
Reigned: Jul 28, 1540 – Nov 23, 1541
Wife of Henry VIII, daughter of Lord Edmund Howard and Joyce Culpeper, she is Anne Boleyn’s cousin and 8th cousins with Henry VIII

Catherine Parr
Born: 1512
Died: Sep 5, 1548
Reigned: July 12, 1543 - Jan 28, 1547
Wife of Henry VIII, daughter of Sir Thomas Parr and Maud Green, is also descended from King Edward III of England through his son John of Gaunt’s daughter Joan Beaufort and thus 8th cousins with Henry VIII. But she was also the great great great granddaughter of Ralph Neville 1st Earl of Westmorland who was also the great great grandfather of Henry VIII making them also 5th cousins.

Jane Grey
Born: 1536
Died: Feb 12, 1554
Reigned: July 10, 1553 – Jul 19, 1553
Granddaughter of Mary Tudor and Charles Brandon. She was said to have hair that was nearly red.

Mary I Tudor, Bloody Mary
Born: Feb 18, 1516
Died: Nov 17, 1558
Reigned: Jul 19, 1553 - Nov 17, 1558
Daughter of Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon, she married her second cousin Philip II Habsburg King of Spain July 25, 1554 and co-ruled Spain from Jan 26, 1556. The marriage was childless. She was said to have had Auburn hair but it was apparently red gold at one point from her portrait when she was 6 years old and betrothed to Charles V, so it darkened.

Elizabeth I Tudor, Glorianna
Born: Sep 7, 1533
Died: Mar 24, 1603
Reigned: Nov 17, 1558 - Mar 24, 1603
Daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, Marquess of Pembroke. She had red-gold hair like her paternal grandmother Elizabeth of York, and was reported to have been 5' 10" in height, although she may have actually been 5' 6"

Link to AU Queens of England: [link]
Link to Tudor Rulers of England in 1500s: [link]
Link to AU Tudor Rulers of England in 1500s: [link]

All credit goes to Doll-Divine and Azalea's Dress Up Doll Tudor Maker.

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Charles I & V Habsburg, King of Spain and Holy Roman Emperor and his family.

Left to Right: Joanna, Maria, Queen Isabella, Charles V and Crown Prince Philip.

Isabella was a princess of Portugal and was Charles' cousin as Isabella's mother was Charles' aunt she died along with her newborn son. Charles is the son of Joanna the Mad and Philip the Handsome, He was also ruler of the low countries and duke of Burgundy and was the most powerful ruler in Europe. He was also loyal to his wife and never took a mistress until after she died. He abdicated as Holy Roman Emperor to his brother and abdicated as King of Spain to his son Philip

Philip, Maria and Joan were the only 3 of Charles' 6 children to survive to adult hood.

Charles Habsburg, Holy Roman Emperor, King of Spain, King of Naples and Sicily, Duke of Burgundy and ruler of the low countries
Born: February 2, 1500 Ghent, Flanders
Died: September 21, 1558 (From Malaria)
Co-Reigned Castile: January 23 1516 - January 16 1556 (he co-reigned Castile with his mother until she died in 1555)
Co-reigned Aragon: January 23 1516 - January 16 1556 (he co-reigned Aragon with his mother until she died in 1555)
Reigned as Holy Roman Emperor: June 28 1519 - August 27 1556
He was the son of Joanna of Spain and Philip Habsburg. When his mother's only brother then her older sister died he became heir to both Castile and Aragon, although his father in law tried to prevent him from inheriting Aragon, and Kingdom of Naples and Sicily by remarrying and having a son who died, but from 1509 to 1516 he and his siblings were under the care of his father's sister as his mother was imprisoned in a convent by her father for not giving him control of the government of Castile. He became the most powerful ruler in all of Europe. He was betrothed in 1524 to his cousin Mary Tudor Princess of Wales daughter of his aunt Katherine of Aragon who wished to unite England with forever, but he broke it off and married his cousin Isabella of Portugal on March 11 1526. In 1527 he sacked Rome and held the Pope prisoner and placed pressure on the pope to not annul the marriage of his aunt Katherine to Henry VIII. He spent a large part of his reign at war with France, in 1529 as part of a peace agreement with France he had his sister Eleanor marry King Francis of France and took his sons Francis and Henri prisoner for 2 years. In 1539 while away his wife died after giving birth to a son who also died, he was devestated by her death an dressed in black for the rest of his life and never remarried. In 1544 he seigned the peace treaty of Crepy with King Francis and in it Francis' youngest son Charles could be betrothed to eithter his daughter Maria and part of her dowery would be either the Netherlands or the Low Countries of Franche-Comté or another bride would be his niece Anne of Austria and her dowery would be Milan. Either case would have made Francis' youngest son just as powerful ruler as his older brother the dauphin Henri and possibly have the younger son support him which would have caused problems, but Francis' son died before any decision on which girl would be his bride. He suffered from the Habsburg Jaw or more accuratly called Mandibular Prognathism and suffered from epilepsy and afflicted by gout. When he abdicated he gave all the Habsburg lands to his brother and the Spanish lands including Naples and Sicily, Milan (Lambardy), the territories in the New World, and the Netherlands to his son. He was Charles V Holy Roman Emperor and Charles I King of Spain.

Isabella of Portugal
Born: October 24 1503 Lisbon Portugal
Died: May 1 1539 Toledo Spain
reigned as Queen of Spain: March 11 1526 - May 1 1539
She was the daughter of Maria of Aragon (sister to Joanna of Spain) and Manuel I King of Portugal. Her brother John III married Catherine of Austria (sister to Charles Habsburg) and she on March 11 1526 married Emperor Charles which became a love Match. In 1527, 1529 and 1537 she gave birth to Philip II of Spain, Maria and Joan who all lived to adult hood, In 1528, 1535 and 1539 she had sons who all died young and she died after giving birth to her last child. She ruled as regent of Spain while her husband was away at war between 1529–1532 and 1535–1539. She was noted for her intelligence and beauty. In 1580 through her her son Philip claimed the throne of Portugal when King Henry (former cardinal) died childless (he was the uncle King Sebastion who died childless).

Philip II Habsburg, King of Spain, Ruler of the netherlands, King of Naples and Sicily, Duke of Milan
Born: May 21, 1527 Valladolid, Spain
Died: September 13, 1598 El Escorial, Spain
Reigned Spain: January 16, 1556 - Sept 13, 1598
Reigned Portugal: March 25 1581 - Sept 13, 1598
Reigned as co-king of England and Ireland: July 25, 1554 - Nov 17, 1558
He was the Son of Charles Habsburg King of Spain and Holy Roman Emperor and Isabella of Portugal. During the early part of his riegn he sent troop to help against the Ottoman Empire. Throught his reign he had to deal with the Dutch revolt he also placed a reward of 25,000 crowns for anyone to kill William of Nassau Prince Orange (the act was comitted but the perpretrator was immediatly killed.) In 1580 after the death of King Henry he claimed the throne of Portugal by claiming rights as the son the grandson of Manuel I.
On November 12 1543 he married his first wife his double cousin Maria Manuela of Portugal who died after giving birth to his son Carlos.
Child 1: Carlos Prince of Asturias (July 8 1545 - July 24 1568)
His son was delicate and deformed, in 1562 his son fell down a flight of stairs which caused serious injuries to his head he was saved but it changed his sons personality and he became wild and unpredicable (the only one his son did not misbehave towards was his wife Elisabeth of France who he liked and treated with kindness) he was forced in January 1568 to lock up his son who died in july.
On July 25 1554 he married his second cousin Queen Mary I (fulfilling Katherine of Aragon's dream of uniting England and Spain) during their reign Calais (the last english stronghold in France) was lost to France. After Mary's death he proposed marriage to her half-sister Queen Elizabeth I who refused.
On June 22, 1559 he married his 3rd wife Elisabeth of Valois (Daughter of King Henri II of France and Catherine de' Medici), he was in love with his newbride and stayed at her side when she contracted smallpox. He had two surviving daughters by her. She died in 1568 after miscarring either a son or daughter. He had no mistresses during the marriage. He was overjoyed at the birth of his daughter Isabella who was his favorite child.
Child 1 and 2: Twin miscarried daughters (1564)
Child 3: Isabella Clara Eugena (August 12 1566 – December 1 1633), married her cousin and had 3 children who all died in infancy
Child 4: Catherine Michelle (October 10 1567 – November 6 1597), married Charles Emmanuel I Duke of Savoy, her 2nd cousin
Child 5: A miscarried son or daughter (1568)
On November 12 1570 he married his 4th wife niece/2nd cousin Anne of Austria (daughter of his sister Maria) the marriage was also a love match and he had 1 surviving son of 5 children. Although the marriage was opposed by many including Pop Pius V. He had no mistresses during the marriage.
Child 1: Ferdinand Prince of Asturias (4 December 1571 – 18 October 1578) died of dysentery
Child 2: Charles (12 August 1573 – 30 June 1575)
Child 3: Diego Prince of Asturias (15 August 1575 – 21 November 1582) died of smallpox
Child 4: Philip III King of Spain (3 April 1578 – 31 March 1621)
Child 5: Maria (14 February 1580 – 5 August 1583)
In 1585 he became angery when Elizabeth I signed the Treaty of Nonsuch which provied troops to the rebels in the Netherlands and in 1588 he attacked England with the Spanish Armada which lost. On on 13 September 1598 he died of cancer although he suffered for 52 days from gout, fever, and dropsy (edema).

Maria Habsburg, Holy Roman Empress
Born: June 21 1528
Died: February 26 1603
reigned as Holy Roman Empress: November 28 1562 - October 12 1576
She was the daughter Charles and Isabella. On September 13 1548 she married her 1st cousin the future Maximilian Holy Roman Emperor she had 16 children with 8 surviving to adult hood. In 1582 she returned to Spain and commented that she was happy to live in "a country without heretics" as the Holy Roman empire was turning lutheran.

Joanna Habsburg, Princess of Portugal
Born: June 24 1535
Died: September 7 1573
She was the daughter Charles and Isabella. She married in 1552 to her double first cousin Crown Prince João (John) Manuel of Portugal (June 3 1537 - Jan 2 1554), her husband died Jan 2 1554 from either Tuberculosis or as historians believe diabetes, a disease he inherited from his maternal grandfather Philip I, 18 days later she gave birth to their son Sebastian who would become King of Portugal but would die in 1578 in battle without an heir. She never remarried and not long after her sons birth her brother called her back to Spain to run it while he was in England, she never again saw her son in person but did have portraits of him painted and sent to her and she sent him letters. In 1557 she founded the Convent of Our Lady of Consolation.

Link to The Habsburgs: [link]
Link to Philip II and Elisabeth of Valois: [link]
Link to Philip II and his daughters: [link]
Link to Philip II and his wives: [link]

All credit goes to Doll-Divine and Azalea's Dress Up Doll Tudor Maker.

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Wouldnt you want RIGHT now to be in a summer warm water in between waterlillys? :)

Watercolor and Ink - 7 x 9"
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My second painting in Dark Fairy tales series....model from wonderful and always inspiring :iconjosemanchado:....

Watercolor, Ink and acrylic - 9 x 12 inch
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Sometimes for a perfect day you just need a little magic...

Watercolor - 9 x 12"

Availiable here:

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Arad, Romania
Ceala forest, November 2010
photo & edit by me
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older shot
photo & edit by me
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photo & edit by me
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I will admit that I'm not very familiar with all the things that Princess Diana did to help others, but I know that she did ALOT! She truly was "The People's Princess." Her life was filled with trials and tribulations but she dealt with them with grace, dignity, and always put others needs before her own.

I love Diana's wedding gown. It's very much and 80's dress, but at the same time it's timeless, like a fairy tale.

This took about 2 hours. And yes, I repurposed the BG from the Kate pic. What do you think? Could this be part of yet another project? ;)

c) Cory Jensen
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Yes, getting up at 3 am was worth it!

Kate looked goergeous, William looked handsome, the service was touching, and the love is real.

A real life fairy tale! May they live happily ever after.

This is my retro-style representation of Catherine's stunning wedding gown designed by Sarah Burton. Not exact. :)

NOTE: I realize that Catherine is not officialy "Princess Catherine" and that her real title is much longer or just "Duchess of Cambridge." (Princess is in there somewhere) But she did marry a prince and doesnt everygirl deserve to be a princess on her wedding day? Thank you.
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Just a Sunday doodle that I liked. Hope you all like it too! :)

I wish Snow White's wedding gown had made it into the final film. The concept designs are stunning! :)

c) Disney
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