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From the retooled Scooby Doo show What's New Scooby Doo it is Daphne and Velma. I know technically Velma could have been movie version of Daphne [link] It was Daphne giving another outfit that captured her classic look but modern.

Apparently Crystal Cove is trapped in a time warp every one dresses as though it 1960's.

Don't blink Velma

NEXT [link]
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We start off of course with Daphne and Velma from Scooby Doo Where are you? Tied up in garden shed.

next [link]
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For :iconfitzoblong: Kim Possible Crossover Contest [link] Take Kim Possible and put as a character in another TV Show.

Well seems so obvious is as Part of Scooby Doo. Much like the other red haired girl on the show this would be happening to her.
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Velma and Daphne decide to work out their differences with the help of a third party. Unfortunately they chose to see Dr. Penelope Spectra.
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Daria and Quinn are dressed in the perfect Halloween costumes as they challenged to escape from Lawndale's legendary "haunted" house. The problem is they bound a gagged
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Somehow Rhonda ends up at Curly's house after the school Halloween party.
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Velma and Daphne find themselves bound and gagged by the Mummy. But their kidnapper appears to have been captured. Will they be rescued? Or are the girls in for a "knotty" situation? The art accompanies the story "Mummy Knots Best (Part Two)"**
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The latest Barney Brazil artwork for Daphnebound features Daphne Blake once again at the mercy of the great warlord Zen Tuo. But this time, she's not alone. Her friend Mei Ling is likewise bound and gagged. Will they escape his clutches? Read "A Little Trouble in Big China" to find out.
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By barney brazil
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(Request) Daphne was giving Velma’s little sister Madelyn (Abracadabra-Doo) a ride to a Halloween Party. Unfortunately while getting gas a man recognized Daphne as one of those medaling kids who sent him to prison years before.
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I was never a blidfold fan and as you know I like girls in peril, "With 10 min left can Chucky save the Girls in time!!!!"
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For DaphneBounds Competition

Danger prone Daphne has been separated from the gang and captured. Now she finds herself in a dark room with sharp spikes descending down on her
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Based upon the Scooby episode "To Switch a Witch."

To Swipe a Witch



“Oh Please?  Pretty please?”

“But I’ll look ridiculous!  This dunce cap…”

“It’s a wizard’s hat!” Daphne insisted.

“And these moons and stars….” Velma wailed.

“Your robes ARE orange, your new favorite color,” Daphne pointed out.  “Besides, Shaggy always likes magic acts.”

Velma bit her lip.  “You just want me to dress up because it gives you an excuse to wear a costume.”

“I know….” Daphne twirled around, admiring her lilac dress, purple cape and matching hat.  Plus the boots…Freddie couldn’t resist those!  “But I got Arlene a costume, and you’ll look out of place at the party without one.”

“Oh, all right!” Velma snapped, but she was secretly intrigued by the idea of Shaggy being interested in her outfit.  He was wearing simple monks robes, which fit his hippie nature.  Daphne had hoped Fred would opt for the matador costume, but the blond seemed to be eyeing cowboy duds.

“Whatcha get for Arlene?”

“You’ll see,” Daphne added a wicked grin.  “But it will get that Revolutionary War historian’s attention that she’s been mooning over for years.”

“Can you afford it?” Fred asked Daphne, having joined them with his purchase.”

“They don’t call it platinum because it’s plentiful!”


“So let’s like, split up and trick-I mean look for clues!” Shaggy planned.

Velma shook her head.  “I know what you did last year.”

Daphne raised her finger, and then pointed.  “I’ve got it.  Fred, you work on the bonfire.  Shaggy, get the food and party supplies, with Scooby.  Velma and I will go over to get Arlene.”

Velma raised her eyebrow in skepticism.  “That’s so we can keep them busy while Arlene changes for the costume party,” Daphne whispered.

The gal with glasses nodded.  It was not a bad idea keeping the boys distracted.  What if Arlene’s hot outfit was too hot!   Velma reserved the right to say it didn’t match, or it clashed with her hair, or something to convince their friend to forego something too alluring…


Within minutes they were at Arlene’s door, knocking.  This got Gar Mooney’s attention.  He ran to the graveyard to summon his mistress.

“What is it?” she snapped. 

“Melissa, they’re here.  Arlene’s friends.”

Her eyes narrowed.  “Let me see them.”

She walked over to observe the two ladies were at the door.  One was dressed in a strange robes with a conical hat.  The other was wearing a purple and lilac witch’s costume.  It was going to be too easy.  They were playing right into her hands.

“What should we do, Melissa?”

“Let me lead our naïve town leader to their house with my own costume,” she chuckled evilly.  “He’ll take care of the rest.  Just make sure you go with them, insist all three get arrested, and have them keep their mouths covered so they can’t explain themselves.”

“I have a plan,” Gar Mooney replied.


“Yes, Mr. Mooney?” Squire Marley growled at the intrusion at the town hall meeting.

“The witch,” Gar Mooney blurted out as he pointed out the open door he had just flung open.  “She’s returned to Salem!”

The Squire’s eyes narrowed.  “This had better not be one of your schemes, Mr. Mooney!”

All of the townpeople rushed to the doorway.  There they saw the cackling purple-clad witch laugh derisively, point at them and said “My sisters and I will have our revenge!”

“After them!”   The Squire demanded.

The townspeople rushed to grab torches, pitchforks, and other farm tools that could serve as weapons.  “We had better stop them before they cast any spells,” Mooney added as the crowd chased the Wilcox Witch across the square, and back toward the homes.


After several knocks, a tall brunette in a blue turtleneck and dark blue pants answered the door.  Her eyes looked wide with fear.  She wasn’t in any costume.  She motioned her friends quickly inside.

“Are you nervous about something?” Velma inquired.

“Look what I got for you at Vivian’s Secret,” Daphne interrupted before Arlene could respond.  “It’s smash….”

Arlene shrieked.  “You can’t wear those costumes!” she screamed, as if realizing what they were wearing.  “And a succubus is the last thing I should be looking like in this town on Halloween.”

“But that Caleb guy won’t be able to keep his hands off you!” Daphne pointed out.

“What’s going on,” Velma demanded.

Arlene moved her finger to her lips, and then motioned them forward.  “Ever since Square Marley won the Chair of the Town Selectman title in Salem, he’s announced that he’s carrying on a full-fledged witch hunt to root out ‘the evil’ that he’s claiming is ruining this town.  And my family was accused of having a witch in the Wilcox line, going all the way back to Pilgrim times.”

Daphne stood with her hands on her hips.  “We’ll he’s not going to….”

The door flung open.  “Squire Marley!” Arlene gasped in terror.”

“You are right, Mr. Mooney.  It’s a coven of witches!  Seize them!”

“But we’re not….” Velma began, but Gar Mooney pointed at them.

“Bind them and make sure they are gagged, so they cannot make a sound,” he added to Squire Marley’s orders.

One seized Arlene, while another pounced on Velma.  Daphne turned to run.  She ducked past one, but another yanked back on her cape.  It enabled two others to  pin her arms back. 

“You’re making a big mismmmmph!” Daphne managed, before the scarf was tied over her mouth.  She shook her head, but the townspeople managed to knot in place, effectively silencing her except for some mumbled sounds.”

“Now they cannot cast a spell!” Gar Mooney added, in relief.

Squire Marley frowned.  “But how will we get them to confess?”

“Their clothes have already convicted them,” Gar Mooney pointed out.  “There’s no need for a trial.  They must simply be imprisoned this way.”


The three witches found themselves tied and helpless, unable to make a sound, their mouths muffled by cloth.  Each was tied to a separate post in the nearby Salem Museum, where a series of devices used against women accused of witchcraft were to be found.  These look like posts where women were burned at the stake, Velma mused.  I hope they aren’t so medieval in their torture practices.

While Squire Marley and the other townspeople looked upon their captives, pleased with their efforts, they were watched by others.  Shaggy, Scooby-Doo and Fred looked inside the windows in horror.

“That would explain why the gals didn’t show up,” Fred noted grimly.

“Or why they didn’t call,” Shaggy added.  Scooby whimpered in fear.

Fred looked at the two.  “I’ve got a plan.  Shag, you and Scooby keep an eye on Daphne, Velma and Arlene….”

“It’s not like they’re going any place!” Shaggy laughed.

“Be serious!”  Fred announced.  “I’m gonna see if I can find some clues at the Wilcox home that might tell us what’s going on.”  With that, he ducked away from the museum and dashed off into the night.

Shaggy shook his head.  Fred made a funny looking witch-hunter, dressed as a cowboy.  He himself was wearing a hooded monk robes while Scooby himself was dressed as a witch.  “As long as we stay out here, Scoob, we can be fine.”

“That’s what you think!”

Shaggy spun around to find himself face to face with the old guy with glasses and a flat hat that looked like a preacher’s headgear.

“That’s what I saw, Squire Marley…them two peerin’ on in at us, spyin’ on us.”

“It seems you are right again, Gar Mooney,” Squire Marley admitted.  “Another witch, and her helper.  And the witch has changed her form into that of a dog!”

The townspeople fell upon Scooby, dragging him and Shaggy inside.  The gangly guy was locked into stocks while his hands were cuffed in front.  The Great Dane found himself seated into a chair attached to a pole.

“Confess that you are a witch, and transform back into a human so that we may see who you really are!”

Scooby shook his head and was splashed into a vat.  Shaggy moaned with fear.  Daphne rolled her eyes.  This night couldn’t get any crazier if it tried.  Velma tugged furiously at her bonds, while Arlene looked wide-eyed with fear.


Meanwhile, Melissa cackled with laughter as she sprawled out on the sofa.  The night couldn’t have gone better than if she planned it.  Her twin sister was bound and gagged and in jail, along with her college pals.  Dressed like witches, they were the perfect fall gals for her plot.  She would control the Wilcox estate, when Gar Mooney did the paperwork.  She’d let him have the other two properties in her sister’s name across town.  But she’d be worth a lot with her sister’s fortune.  Wouldn’t even have to work.    I could just lie here and….

An handkerchief was suddenly rammed into her mouth.  She reached to remove the offending obstruction, but her arms were seized.  She felt herself being rolled onto her back.  In a flash, her wrists were bound.  She kicked the cowboy abducting her in the back, but it did no good.  When her wrists were good and tied, he tackled her legs, and proceeded to tie them tightly as well.  But if she thought he was done, she was mistaken, for a rope was stretched from the knots at her ankles to her wrists, with the remainder looped around her neck.  For good measure, he tied an orange cloth over the handkerchief jammed between her lips.

“Lassoed you, lassie!” the oaf in the ten-gallon hat grinned.  “Now, you’re gonna tell the others that they’re not real witches, any more than you are.

She shook her head violently.  She would just tell them she was an abducted trick or treater.  Let this cowpoke prove it.

“Okay,” he smiled.  “You asked for it.”  He stuffed her into a bag, and slung her over his shoulder.  He carried her out the door of her house, down to his vehicle, and slammed the back doors.  He began driving.

What was he going to do, she wondered.  She doubted it would be effective.

At that moment, the most horrible sound she ever heard.  It was some cowboy guy yodeling or something like that.  It was hideous.  She couldn’t stand it.

“Slim Whitman’s Greatest Hits!” Fred announced.  “Don’t you like it?”

“Hnggghh!!  Ninggghhhh!!”


Squire Marley stepped in front of the three bound captives.  “If you witches do not confess, you may join your fellow witch in the ducking stool, starting with….”

“If you want a witch, here’s a real one!” Fred called out.

“What is the meaning of this intrusion?” Squire Marley’s voice boomed.  “Do you want to join your friend in this stocks?”

Fred pulled off a bag to reveal…

“Another witch?” Squire Marley gasped.

“No…the only witch,” Fred fired back.  “And she’s ready to confess.”

The witch in a matching pink dress and hat shook her head.  “Want me to play Slim Whitman’s Greatest hits again?”

Her eyes widened, and then she shook her head.  “Want to tell everything now?” Fred tried again.  She paused, then nodded reluctantly.

Fred pulled his ascot from her face, and she spat out the handkerchief. 

As Melissa Wilcox hesitantly answered Squire Marley’s withering interrogation, Fred freed Scooby.  Scooby bounded toward Gar Mooney, who was trying to slip out.


“Then Melissa and Gar blamed each other?” Daphne asked.

“And that’s why they’re both going to jail,” Fred replied.

“So…how’d you capture her?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”

‘Maybe I would,” she teased.  “But I bet  you couldn’t capture me.”

“We could see, after the Halloween Party…”

I may not be a witch,” the redhead mused.  “But I seem to have put a spell on him!”

Happy Halloween!


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Highland Hostage Hijinks

By Jaguaro

Aggie MacDuff glanced around nervously, seeming to jump at shadows.  But the blonde lass from MacDuff Castle near Loch Ness had good reason to be.  And it wasn’t even the famed monster causing her worry.  It was a set of letters, threatening to kidnap her unless she fled the castle and renounced her right to own the historic landmark, adjacent to the equally imposing Blakemoor Manor.

Her heart skipped a beat.  Now she was sure of it, as she heard soft footsteps quietly padding their way, closer to the study where she was composing a letter, begging Scotland Yard for help.  But they seemed so busy with preparing for terrorists that they seemed to have little time for her worries.

Walking hastily to the door, she saw that her fears were confirmed.  A ghostly figure clad in a blue tartan, kilt and tam moved toward her.  His light blue skin was offset by a thick red beard.  It was just like the horror she experienced only a few years earlier, when a Loch Ness Monster and a similar ghost with bagpipes chased all guests away, and nearly herself, from MacDuff Castle.  Only the intervention of her pen pal Velma, and her friends, solved the mystery…or did they?  After all, the villain seemed to have reappeared.

She spun on her heel and darted from the study toward her bedroom, nearly losing her red tam in the process.  Her short dark green skirt flapped just above her long red socks as she ran like a deer down the hall.  But his long boots and lumbering frame were no match her trim, lithe figure and black shoes with a golden buckle.  She reached the door, and had time to deadbolt it before he crashed against it unsuccessfully.

Well, that would hold him, for a time, at least.  But she couldn’t hide up here forever.  She pulled out her cell phone, glad that her plan allowed for a mobile hotspot in this remote location.  Yanking her communication device from her purse, she started to call Velma.  No answer.  The pounding on the door continued, as the wooden structure shuddered.  It sounded like it would give way at any minute.  Time to text.  “Velma,” she typed frantically on the keypad.  “I’m about to be abducted.  Get to Blakemoor Castle and see Sharon about…”

The door crashed open.  The scary Highlander moved in toward her.

“Help!” she added a final word to the text message, and had just enough time to push send before it was ripped from her hand.

Her scream was cut off by a large hand covering her mouth.  It was a futile gesture anyway; all of the other heirs and servants had fled.  The hand dropped and she let out another yell, only to gag on the cloth that was stuffed into her mouth.  As she endeavored to spit it out, he yanked her arms behind her back, whipping rope around her wrists until she was hopelessly pinned.  Then he proceeded to shove the partly-removed cloth back in, sealing her lips with a strip of tape.  Her kidnapper proceeded to bind her legs, as well as her arms to her chest.  Aggie grunted her displeasure, to no effect.  She only hoped Velma would get her text, and fast!


The man with gray curly hair gazed skyward as the plane descended toward the island.  Aren’t you going to say anything, Paul?

The small man glanced up from his beach chair and cocktail.  “You don’t really expect me to say ‘De Plane, boss, de plane!”

“For what I pay you, and the debts you owe, you had better show some interest!” the tall man in the white suit snapped.

Within minutes, the passengers had deplaned, and were headed to the resort.  “Welcome to Fantasy Island!” the white-suited man boomed, with his clipped Latin accent.

“Like wow….I thought that was just a television show!” Shaggy remarked.

“You mean, like the Scooby-Doo cartoon show,” the man observed, pointing to the Great Dane.

Shaggy was taken aback.  He looked at Scooby and said “Good point.”

The small man stepped up, eyeing the five of them.  “Charmed.”

Daphne blushed.  “Why thank you!”

He frowned at the redhead.  “I wasn’t talking to you.”  Noticing her look of shock, he pointed at her hands, entwined with Fred’s.  “You’re already spoken for.”  He kissed Velma’s hand, making her giggle.

“Please do not mind my impertinent colleague, Mr. Dinkwater,” the white-suited man announced.  “He has no sense of style, or manners.”

“You’re Mr. Salazar,” Velma gasped.

“And you’re Paul Dinkwater, who plays the imp on “Tournament of Tyrants!” Daphne gasped.  “I read all about you in ‘Gab’ magazine!”

Dinkwater shifted uncomfortably.  “Then you know I have a gambling problem, and had to leave the show because I didn’t get paid enough.  Now I’m a glorified sidekick to this wealthy patron who runs the island.”

“Enough, Telemachus.  Why don’t you secure drinks for my guests, while I determine what Miss Dinkley’s fantasy that she won in the contest entry is….”

But at that moment, Velma’s cell phone chirped.  She held up her hand while checking the message, but it promptly moved to her mouth as she gasped in shock.

“What is it, Velms?” Shaggy said, bounding to her side.

“It’s…it’s my friend Aggie.  She’s in trouble!  I’m sorry Mr. Salazar, but I’m going to have to cancel…”

Salazar held up his hand.  “Miss Dinkley, if I may…your fantasy was to have a Sherlock Holmes adventure.  Why not have our robot from our simulator accompany you to Scotland?”

“Sounds like a great idea, Mr. Salazar,” Fred Jones smiled.  Velma remained concerned as she reread the text.

Mr. Salazar disappeared, and a few minutes later a tall man with a cloak and deerskin hat and pipe emerged.  “The game is afoot!” he announced with a clipped accent to the delight of Shaggy, Scooby, Fred and Daphne.  Velma maintained a worried expression, however.


“Daphne!” Shannon beamed as she bounded down from the castle entrance to embrace her fellow redhead.  Then she glanced over at her blonde companion.  “Who’s he?  He’s cute.”

“He’s also spoken for,” Daphne snapped.  Then she eyed her cousin.  Shannon was sporting a spiky hairstyle and a plaid skirt, but the Blake girl love of lilac and green was equally strong.

Velma interrupted.  “It’s most important that we figure out what happened to my friend, Aggie.”

“My next door neighbor?” Shannon gasped.  “Oh no!”

Velma and Daphne filled her in on the details while Fred and Shaggy lugged in the numerous bags and suitcases.  Behind them, Sherlock sauntered in, with a bored-looking Telemachus, forced to play the valet.


“We must hasten to the MacDuff Castle from Blakemoor,” Mr. Holmes announced after they were inside.  “Data…data…I cannot make bricks without clay.”

Velma giggled.  Telemachus rolled his eyes at the well-known Sherlock quote.

“I need everyone to come with me to look for clues,” the famed detective insisted.  “Shannon, you stay here to make sure the castle is protected, and in case Aggie escapes and comes here looking for help.”

“Me too!” Shaggy raised his hand.  Scooby-Doo volunteered as well.

Sherlock shook his head, but he could not convince the two otherwise.  Velma shrugged her shoulders and motioned the rest of them to join her.  The British detective android scowled, but moved on ahead.  “Let us not delay further.”


“Well, you boys help yourself to the fridge,” Shannon offered.  “I’m going upstairs to the library to look for evidence on MacDuff Castle to share with Daphne and her friends.”

Shaggy and Scooby darted for the kitchen as Shannon ascended the stairs.  Men, she thought.  So easy to distract.  Now she could get her real research done.  She moved into the room and darted for the bookshelves.  Who could have wanted Aggie kidnapped?  She had to know. 


She researched a local history about a prior case, when Aggie was menaced by a Finnyan MacDuff, the ghost of her great grandfather.  Turned out to be Jamie Craigmore, her assistant.  But the papers said he had been sentenced to prison, and there was no record of him being released.

Could he have escaped?

Shannon typed on her cell phone pad…a text to Daphne with what she found.  Suddenly, she found herself with a hand over her mouth.  It had a rag as well, with a sickeningly sweet smell.  I’m being kidnapped, she thought with alarm.  She reached up to pull it away, only to have the arm painfully wrenched behind her.

“No, no, Shannon…” a Scottish voice laughed.  It sounded vaguely familiar.  But her mind was getting fuzzier.  Her eyes got blurry.  She had to summon help.  But being hand-gagged, she couldn’t call out to Shaggy and Scooby.  She had two choices: use her free hand to try and wrench the hand that held her mouth, or send a quick text.  As her vision faded, she hit send on a simple one word text to Daphne…Help!


As Sherlock examined the room, he announced: “It is clear that Aggie was bound and gagged here, and spirited away from…”

Daphne almost recoiled with horror as she dropped her cell phone, interrupting him.  “How dare you interrupt me!”

“Shannon…she’s been kidnapped too!”

Sherlock threw up his hands in annoyance.  “How can I investigate this crime with…”

“I think this could be another clue,” Fred said, supporting his girlfriend.

“Very well,” Sherlock waved him off.  “We shall go and investigate.”

The four members of Mystery Inc joined Sherlock and Telemachus as they marched back to Blakemoor Castle.

Meanwhile, beneath, the earth, Shannon slowly started coming to.  As expected, her arms were tied behind her back.  The same could be said for her legs and ankles.  A white thin cleave gag was bound between her lips.  She was barefoot.

Next to her, Aggie was similarly bound and gagged.  Ropes not only tied her wrists, ankles and legs, but also lashed her arms to her chest.  Her face had a white strip of tape over her lips.  Gloating over her was a man with pale features.  Dressed like a highlander, he smiled evilly over his thick mustache and beard.

“Welcome, Shannon, to your new home.”


Sherlock vigorously interrogated Shaggy and Scooby for every single detail, sounds, voices, passersby.  Little information was forthcoming, as the two had been so busy in their eating. 

During this time, Velma, Fred and Daphne huddled together.

“Something’s bothering me,” Velma said.   “But I can’t put my finger on it.”

“Sounds like Jaime’s responsible,” Fred insisted.  “We can have Scotland Yard pick him up, now that Sherlock said he was on parole.”

Daphne shrugged her shoulders.  “Can anything be done for Aggie and Shannon tonight?”

“No,” Velma admitted.  “Sorry Daph.”

The redhead got up.  “Then I’m going off to bed.  Fred?”

“If you are…I could always set up a trap, with you as the bait.”

Daphne grinned.  “Knock yourself out.  Just don’t stay up too late.”


Within a few minutes, she had slipped into her favorite pink nightgown, and Fred’s too.  The sleeveless outfit had a slit on the left, and a high lilac collar with black ties at the top.  She slipped into the silken sheets, eagerly anticipating Fred’s arrival.

As if on cue, she heard the door creak open. A few steps and then he slithered into the bedsheets as well.

“I brought your favorite,” she cooed, indicating her nightwear.

In response, ropes ensnared her wrists.  “Ooooh!” she giggled as the ropes continued to bind her arms to her body.  “Are we playing damsel-in-distress, again?” 

As if in response, he started binding her ankles.  “I’ll really make an appealing lure for your trap this way.  Reminds me of when the witch and zombie abducted me.”  His only response was to bind her legs together.

“I…I’m ready for my gag, now, please,” Daphne offered.

She was obliged.  Thankfully, he chose her favorite, covering her mouth with folded cloth, knotting it underneath her tresses.  It was secured firmly.

As he knotted the gag firmly she felt his beard brush her cheek…


With sudden horror, she realized it was not Fred.  It was the highlander, Finnyan MacDuff, who Shannon and Aggie tried to warn about.  Daphne tried to wiggle backwards and forwards, even manage a whimper for help, but Fred’s hammering of the trap made all attempts at noise futile.  MacDuff laughed as he picked her up, and slung her over his shoulder, making his way through the secret entrance.

“Daph?  Oh Daaaaphhhh”  Fred’s teasing voice sought to entice the pretty redhead into coming to see his latest trap.  But there was no answer.  After a few more calls, each sounding more worried, Fred stepped in to determine where she was.

A few minutes later, a panicked blond had summoned everyone around the kitchen.  “Daphne!  She’s gone!” he managed to blurt out when they had all assembled.

“We must split up!” insisted Sherlock Holmes.  “I’ll take Miss Velma…”

“Shaggy and Scooby-Doo can go together,” Fred agreed.   “And I’ll…”

“No offense, Mr. Jones,” Sherlock Holmes insisted.  “But you should go with the tall one and the dog.”  Then he whispered “I doubt they are really ‘Master Detectives.’”  Fred nodded in agreement.


“So where should we begin, Mr. Holmes?” Velma chirped.

Without missing a beat, the famed detective answered “The cellar is the most logical place to commence.  If the damsel has been kidnapped, it would be the best place to hide her.”


At that moment, Daphne found herself sitting on her feet, tied up and gagged, as usual.  But this time, she was joined by cousin Shannon and Velma’s friend Aggie.  The two had eyes wide with fear over their gags, immobilized by a series of ropes.  Unlike the redheaded coed reporter who had a lot of experience in this sort of situation, the two had never been abducted.  Luckily, Daphne had a plan for getting loose, but would it work before the kidnapper returned to gloat, or worse?


Velma and the famed detective Sherlock Holmes tip-toed quietly down the stairs, listening for the others.  “I think I hear them over here,” Sherlock speculated.  He moved to the door.

“What do you hear?” Velma asked, unsure of the answer.

The British detective paused.  “I hear…muffled gasps and sounds indicating restraints, and footwear scraping on the floor.”

He stepped aside to allow Velma to enter the door after first.  She pushed through the door…

….And had a hand clamp over her mouth.  She initially did not resist, figuring he was simply trying to keep her from making a sound.  But when he pulled an arm behind her back, she suspected it was not a friendly move.

With her free hand, she pulled his remaining hand up over her body.  Sherlock, not anticipating resistance, flew through the air.  But instead of a broken machine representing the noted crime solver, a wig flew off.

“It’s Mr. Salazar!”

But those were the last conscious words the glasses-wearing detective would use, as she collapsed to the ground, the victim of a sharp chop.

Her last fuzzy image was that of Finnyan MacDuff standing over her as she tried to avoid drifting off, to no avail.  He cackled as she was easily dispatched.  Looks like a ball gag for her, he smiled, trying the latest method of silencing a female sleuth.

But his world spun upside down and he fell hard on his back.  He looked up in surprise to see Daphne Blake, looking down upon him, ropes loosely hanging from her body.  A scarf was still tied over her mouth.  She had successfully pretended to be bound and gagged; how did she get loose?  As Finnyan struggled to get to his feet, threatening just what he would do to humiliate her, she gave a sharp barefoot kick to his jaw.  It snapped back, and things became even more blurry.

“Mmmmphhh!”  Though the words disappeared into her gag, Daphne had let out a celebratory cheer for having dispatched the kidnapper.  But it was short lived, as another hostage taker grabbed her from behind, seeking to make her a captive again.  He fumbled with the ropes, trying to retie the knots.  It was a golden opportunity for the damsel-in-distress to dispense with her opponent, who looked just like Finnyan MacDuff.

Her bare foot reached back, and kicked him on the shin.  The second MacDuff dropped the bindings to grab the shin.  It gave her the chance to hop to the left, engaging in a roundhouse kick, as the kidnapper failed to secure her ankles.  Her foot connected with the soft belly of her attacker, who grunted in pain.  Time to finish him off, she thought.  While the other MacDuff was doubled-over, her foot kicked his nose.  The crunch sound showed that she had broken it.  With both hands clutching his wounded nose, he was no match for the former damsel-in-distress, who now bound the hands and feet of both MacDuffs with the ropes used to tie her up and down her chest.  Once  they were secure, she went over to check on Velma.  Seeing she was still knocked out, the redhead scampered off to look for help, ignoring the whimpers from the blonde Aggie and spiky redhead Shannon.


“So, let’s see who has been playing the kidnapper,” the detective in the overcoat with fedora pulled over his eyes.  He directed the bobbies to remove the masks.

“Why Finnyan and Faber MacDuff are also brothers: Colin and Angus Haggart!” Aggie exclaimed, having just having the tape peeled from her lips.

“Are they hardened criminals?” Velma wondered aloud.

“Hardly,” Shannon snorted.  “They’re local troublemakers is more of what they are.”

Colin smiled.  “But Lachlan, our father, can keep us out of jail.”

Angus leered as he glanced over at Daphne.  “And it will be worth it, having had the pleasure of binding these beauties, running ropes over their bodies.”

“And covering your mouths was the best part,” Colin smirked.

“You pigs!”  Shannon snarled.

“If we could only humiliate them back,” Aggie wished aloud.

Velma glanced at her friend.  “I think we can.”

A knowing smile came to Daphne’s eyes.  “True…imagine if everyone knew that these two strapping young men were both knocked out by a little girl in her nightgown?”

Colin and Angus gasped.  “No…you wouldn’t!”

Velma clicked a few keys on her laptop.  “Just uploaded the story up to Bing…and it’s already trending!”

Both troublemakers groaned in dismay as their failure became public knowledge on the worldwide web.


Fred, Shaggy and Scooby presently came into the room.  Velma explained what Salazar did, while Daphne explained what Colin and Angus did, and how she defeated them.  Then

Then Paul Dinkwater emerged.  “So the leader of our island…a common crook.  I can’t believe it.”

“Believe it!” Fred mused, “Though Daphne’s the real story in my book.” He pulled her more closely to him.  “So how did the kidnappers nab you without you being able to make a sound?” he whispered.

After a moment, Miss Blake blushed slightly, and leaned in to whisper a response back.  Fred’s eyes widened.  “Perhaps you get to try it yourself tonight,” she added.  The two ducked down the hall to return to her room.

Shaggy smiled.  “Well, since Fred has exited stage right, I guess that leaves me with all of you ladies.  Care to escort me on a Blakmoor Castle tour?”

In response, Velma, Shannon and Aggie all went to coo over Paul Dinkwater.

Shaggy shrugged his shoulders, and left for the kitchen with Scooby.

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Scooby Doo Camp Snare

There’s only one solution, Daphne Blake thought to herself.  Maybe I’ll tie her up and gag her.

It was all the redhead could do to restrain herself as Jessica, the head counselor at Camp Big Moose, seemed to be one step ahead of her in the pursuit of Fred.  Whatever she could do, Jessica was leading the game.  She suggested a campfire song last night.  Jessica suggested a fun scavenger hunt, which the counselors and campers did instead.  When the Fishman chased them, Daphne clung to Fred’s shoulder.  But Jessica jumped into his arms.   

Desperate to win the pursuit of Fred, she wore the khaki button-up camp shirt with the knot tied to expose her midriff, after slipping on some tight purple cutoff shorts.  Jessica countered with the thinnest string bikini ever, which made Fred ignore the redhead like yesterday’s news.

But another creature had been spotted.  Known only as “The Beast from the Bottomless Lake,” the aquatic creature had frightened the nearby town free of nearly every resident.  It was up to the Scooby Gang to solve the mystery.

That meant splitting up, as usual.  Both she and Jessica raised their hands, each hoping to be a team captain, so each lady could draft Fred!  But Velma ended all of that speculation.

“Shaggy…take Scooby down by the river to investigate.”  Both shrugged and left.

“I’ll stay with Fred and work on the trap,” Velma added.

Both gals gasped in shock.  “But I’d like to be trap-I mean be the one who works with Fred on the trap,” Daphne managed.

“And I could help him design it,” Jessica offered.

Velma glared at both.  “Either of you know how to program in any computer language?”

The two gals shrugged.  Evidently not. 

“Thought so…go down to the town to see if you can spot the Beast at the Bottomless Lake,” Velma continued.

Daphne’s only consolation was that Velma wouldn’t make a move on the orange-clad ascot-wearer.

But that didn’t keep Daphne from plotting her next step to eliminate her rival.  Once inside a building, she would make her move, knocking out Jessica.  Would a punch do it, or would she have access to a blunt instrument to make her lose consciousness?

She herself had been kidnapped so many times that she felt she could do the knots easily.  Would she have enough to immobilize wrists, calves, ankles, while still binding her arms to her body?  And with the gag, of course, would it be tied behind Jessica’s hair, or would her tresses fall over the knots in the cloth?’

“Hey Daphne,” Jessica smiled.  “You’re awfully quiet.  Whatcha thinkin’?”

Daphne smiled ruefully.  “Put a sock in it, Jessica.”

Jessica giggled.  “Ha.  Make me.”

You might get your chance, Daphne thought.  It might be worth a sock from her shoe for that.  It could go in before the gag, past her lips…

But then they arrived at the Johnson Family Grocery Store.

“We may as well go in,” Daphne suggested.  “There’s a light on inside, and none others on in this empty town.”

“Good thinking,” Jessica replied.  “Obvious, but good thinking.”

As they entered, they noticed the store was pretty well-organized.  The shelves were stocked.  It was a clean smell.  There was no sign that it had been left a long time ago.  Maybe someone was living here, Daphne thought.  Most likely, someone was still staying here.

An orange tabby brushed by her leg.  Whose cat was it?  Someone must have been feeding and watering it, and loving it.  It couldn’t have been an outdoor cat

“Nice kitty,” Jessica tried to reach out to the feline, but it darted away from her. That was something.

Jessica went to pursue the cat, while Daphne gathered her thoughts.  She checked the products for expiration dates, to see if it was more than just a façade.  No…most had not reached their date, or even came close.  The place must have been restocked earlier.  And there wasn’t really much dust on the shelves, if any.  Ditto the floor and footprints, though she thought she saw a partial small footprint…

A muffled sound from the back got her attention.  She listened carefully.  It sounded as if there was a slight grunting noise.  Jessica was probably trying to lift something, no doubt some practice to impress Fred with her strong muscles.  Daphne had always been too much of a lightweight to pull off something like that.  If she wants to be Amanda Schwarzenegger, I hope she pulls a muscle in her back and is bedridden for weeks.

Daphne continued to look for clues.  Nothing in the register provided any hints of what happened…it was empty.  The books were gone.  Time to check the storeroom.

When she got to the door, she found it closed, not open.  This was odd.  By the time she got it open, the room was dark. 


No response.  She stepped through the gloom, reaching for a light switch.  That’s when it happened.  Her arm was twisted behind her back.  She yelped in pain, but it did no good, as a second hand clamped on her wrist pulling it back.  “Hey…sto-mmmph!!!”  Somewhere, somehow, another hand muzzled her mouth.  The other pair of hands on her wrist was just one, while ropes were threaded through until knots bound her wrists securely behind her back.  Was Jessica kidnapping her so she could move on Fred, what Daphne was planning for her?

Once those bindings were finished, it was time for her gag.  A ball of cloth was wedged between her teeth, and knotted behind her neck.  But if she thought it was over, she was sadly mistaken.  Ropes encircled below her chest, pinning her arms to her body.  Additional ropes linked her legs and the thighs and ankles.  Guess I’m not going anywhere, she mused.  But at least she learned more of what was going on. If I get free, I can let Fred, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby know what’s going on.

A light did come on.  In front of her was Jessica, but she was not the captor.  In fact, she was a fellow captive.   She was similarly bound around her chest, legs and ankles.  Hands were hidden behind her back, tied together, no doubt.  Like Daphne, Jessica had the offending gag bound in her mouth, and behind the nape of her neck.  That explained the muffled sounds earlier that she should have paid attention to.  Both were kidnapped, but by who?

As if in answer, two hulking men walked from behind her to stand in front of her, admiring their handiwork.  One was big and clean shaven with brown hair, wearing a gray vest over his light blue shirt.  The other had gray hair, with a matching mustache, and a brown shirt.  “Nice, very nice,” the man in the vest leered at the abducted angels.

Between them, a green creature stepped forward.  The Beast from Bottomless Lake, Daphne thought with excitement. If only she was free to escape and tell Fred.  But the smarter plan was to wait and see she if she could figure out who the monster really was.  Like Velma, she was somewhat skeptical that there was such a thing as ghosts.  But that was only because she believed Velma was the smartest girl she knew.

Then a woman emerged behind Jessica.  It was the lady they saw earlier in the Johnson family store.  Daphne’s response was muffled by her gag.

“Yes, I’m Julie Johnson,” the blonde identified herself to Daphne.  “I apologize for the need to have you bound and gagged, but you were about to find out about the Beast of Bottomless Lake.  And I can’t have you doing that now.”

“But why are you stealing things…and scaring away people?” 

Despite being gagged, Daphne’s words seemed to be understood by Julie.  “Let me explain.  Log cutters were cutting down too many trees, taking away the livelihood of these people.  We decided to scare them away….and steal the company money.  We’ll give that back to the people of this village when they return, and pay for trees to be replanted now that the lumberjacks have fled.”

As if in response, the man with the mustache shook his head.  “We’ve decided to take the money….and keep it.”

“But these people need the money to replace what they lost when the trees were taken, when the river was…”

“And we’re not from around here, so we’re taking it ourselves!”

“But you can’t!”

“We can and will!  And you’ll have to put up with this or….”

“I’ll tell the authorities!”

At that, the Beast from the Bottomless Lake grabbed her arms. Julie shrieked  “Let go of mmmmph!!!”

The mustachioed man had stuffed a wad of cloth in her mouth, much like the Daphne and Jessica sported.  Likewise, it was knotted underneath her hair.  The hulking brown-haired man produced ropes, and Julie Johnson found herself tied at the legs, ankles and wrists.  Her look of shock said it all.  Daphne realized that she had been telling the truth, and was organizing everything to be helpful.  But now she was a damsel-in-distress, just as she and Jessica were.  Daphne felt a little sorry for Julie.

“What now?” The large brown-haired man asked.

“We should see that these three taken to the campgrounds, while we finish our work,” the mustachioed man replied.

When they had finished transporting them near Bottomless Lake, the three split up.  The two men left, claiming they would go get canoes to take them across the lake to some remote cabin.  The person playing the Beast stalked off to frighten some nearby campers, after informing the damsels that they were tied too tight to escape.

At that moment, Daphne remembered her cell phone, jammed into her back pocket.  Grateful she had not left it in her purse, she pushed buttons with her fingers until a familiar voice could be heard, barely, saying “Daph…are you okay.  Speak if you can.”  Fred knew her enough to know that she’d never pass up an opportunity to gab, unless she was gagged.  He seemed confused, but a few repeat calls would do they trick.  He’d realize she was kidnapped, and then the cops could triangulate where the signal was coming from, until she was rescued.

As she took her time, patiently awaiting her rescue, she began to focus more on Jessica.  While the redhead would be safe soon, she began to worry about what was to follow.  Nothing changed the fact that the brunette camp counselor was always a step ahead of her in getting Fred’s attention.  It would only be a matter of time before that attention would turn to affection.

To her horror, she saw the Big Moose babe wiggling back and forth.  Somehow, some way, Jessica had wrested free of her wrist knots, and was trying to jiggle out of the ropes around her chest.  A moment later, she was working on her leg bindings and ropes restraining her ankles. 

Off in the distance, she heard sirens, and the faulty muffler of the Mystery Machine.  Jessica tore loose the gag from her lips, and put her hands on her hips, haughtily eyeing the other two helpless hostages.

“Sorry, Daphne, but someone’s got to go and tell the authorities, and that hunk of a blond, where to find the two of you who couldn’t get loose,” she taunted.

Daphne struggled with all of her might, but to no avail.  Over her shoulder, she saw the two men returning and dropping their canoes to run, with the police in hot pursuit, following the direction Jessica was pointing.  The Beast from the Bottomless Lake tried to lunge for the two captives to take a prisoner for an exchange, but Fred landed a single punch and the creature stumbled back.

“Get him!” Velma ordered Shaggy and Scooby, pointing to the ropes left behind by Jessica when she got loose.  In a flash, the two wound the bindings around the monster’s legs, so he could not get free.

“Oh Fred!” Jessica stumbled toward Fred, collapsing toward the arms she thought would catcher as she flopped toward him.  To her surprise, she hit the ground as Fred rushed past her to kneel down in front of Daphne. 

“Daph!” he exclaimed.

“Mmmpphh!  Mmmph!”  But her gagged sounds were not cries for help, but rejoicing as Fred clearly seemed to favor her.  Despite the cloth wedged into her mouth, she was grinning underneath the obstruction.  Jessica gaped on the ground, covered in dust and a little mud, in disbelief.

Velma knelt next to Julie, whose eyes were shut.  A tear gently wound down the blonde woman’s cheek, soaking her gag.  “My analysis suggests you were one of the conspirators.”

As Fred wedged the gag loose from Daphne’s mouth, the redhead called out “She was trying to stop the Beast and the others from ruining the town, so that’s why the tied her up and silenced her, as you can see.”

Julie’s eyes widened, with realization that she would not be going to jail.  “Really?” Velma frowned.  “If you say so…”

A slim black-haired Mountie knelt next to Julie.  “Then may I have the honor of rescuing you?”  Julie nodded enthusiastically as he began to work on her wrists.

Jessica glowered as she watched Fred slowly untie the ropes on Daphne, the two of them gazing into each other’s eyes.  So that’s what he was interested in, Jessica mused.  That little redheaded tramp was able to keep him wound around her finger ‘cause he’s got a thing for bondage.  Well, next time Mystery Inc. visited Big Moose Camp, she’d have a big surprise in store for them.

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In one of the first season episodes of Scooby-Doo, Daphne fell prey to a supposed witch and her zombie henchman, disappearing in front of the gang. We later found out she fell through a trap door when the gang found her on a derelict riverboat, bound and gagged and under a tarp.

But we didn't see what happened to Daphne in between, mainly because it would have sabotaged the mystery. So I drew Daphne just after she fell into the bad guys' hands. Because the more we see Daphne in distress, the better we like it.
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Beetlejuice, sentimental old softie that he is, broke down and gave Lydia a pet as a birthday present.

Aww, it likes her!
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Posting old art to reestablish ownership.

This picture was inspired by the costumes Velma and Daphne wore in that Scooby-Doo vs some pirates film that ran on Cartoon Network. I didn't see the film, but I managed to stumble onto the costume party while channel surfing and the costumes caught my eye. Frankly I don't know which one is cuter: Velma as a harem girl or Daphne as a cat girl.
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This is easily the puic that has taken me the most time in my whole artistic carreer XD

it is part os a very, very VEEEEEEEEERY old art trade I had with :iconjaguaro: sadly I can't post the one he gave me cause I lost it with everything else in my pc some months ago, but it was a really cute pic of Naty.

I'm sorry to have been delaying this for that long, but in the bright side, I'm a much better artist now than when I took the trade <_< >_>... lame excuse I know XD

anyway, this is partof a fanwork by Jag called "Fred Jones and the Well of Prophecies" (I'd go deeper in the description of the situation but I'd rather have Jag doing it in his fanwork, i suck at this XD) if you haven't checked Jag's comics go take a look at his page nice stuff with nice DiD ;)

I hope everyone elikes it, and again sorry for the wait Jag.
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yep as you see it the game is back and this time requested by :iconrider28031: we have Megara from Disney's Hercules, kneeling down and cleave gagged, she iis not happy with her current situation either...

:new: We already got a winner, thanks for playing everyone.

The Questions:

1. What is the nickname Hades gives her?
2. Who, unfortunately, hits on her in the movie?
3. How did she end up working for Hades?
4. She had a hand in having Hercules fight a giant monster, what was it?
5. How does she meet Hercules?

so good luck, have fun and don't forget to comment on the pic.
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Yo everyone.

This one is for:icongogol500: as a "thanks" pic for helpig me in the 150K huge project thing (i know it has been a while but at least I'm still working on it XD)

We have Gwendoly Tennyson and Wednesday Addams (my humble version based on the amazin Christina Ricci version) they are simply tied, just anckles andwrists and gagged with OTM cloth gags, looks like Gwen wants to do some team work to get out of the situation... Wednesday doesnt' seem that excited about it though.

anyway comment fave stuff, stuff, stuff, I hope you like it Gogol, and I'll be warning the next guy on my 150K list soon =D

As usual BIGGER version download.
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Este es para Juliefan21 :iconjuliefan21: Tenemos a Jazz Fenton y Sam Manson, de una caricatura que a mi si me gustaba: Danny Phantom...
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Jazz Fenton, de Danny Phantom...
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Ya llegamos a las veinticinco mil visitas, y para celebrarlo decidí poner un dibujo que juntara a tres leyendas dentro del genero DID: Daphne Blake, April O'Neal y Penny Gadget...
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I've wanted to do a pic with Daphne for a while and just got around to it. Blah blah blah.
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Looks like Shocker and the boys have come up with a devious (yeah pun sorry) plan to take out everyone's favorite wall-crawler. Will their plan succeed? Will Spidey save the day? Does anyone really care?

(requested by Peinhokage[link])
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Pretty simple. Ariel and Kim Possible hanging out, tied up and gagged with duct tape. Enjoy
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Here is the new poses of Daphne, after getting caught by the witch, Daphne is now gag and tied up and is place in the boiler room under the haunted house of the witch XD
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At the end, the mini slime man has manage to subdue Velma and what will happen next? Will anyone come to Velma's aid?
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The poses had now switch back to Velma, and Daphne is trying to free Velma but will she be successful in this rescue attempt? XD
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