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From the retooled Scooby Doo show What's New Scooby Doo it is Daphne and Velma. I know technically Velma could have been movie version of Daphne [link] It was Daphne giving another outfit that captured her classic look but modern.

Apparently Crystal Cove is trapped in a time warp every one dresses as though it 1960's.

Don't blink Velma

NEXT [link]
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Now from the spin off of the Scooby Doo franchise was Scooby & Shaggy get a clue. Scooby Doo and Shaggy were battling the evil Dr. Phineas Phibes who was after Uncle Albert's nano technology.

Here is the redesigned Daphne and Velma.

next [link]
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When :icondanfrandes: made the request. He did not specify that he wanted DiD. So I did both.

Velma and Daphne are good looking but dancers they're not, the villans decided to stop the routine. They are getting the skinny kid and the dog, they may have butter faces (good looking but her face). Velma wonders how Daphne does this all the time. Daphne wonders why they like Shaggy and Scooby better
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Daria and Quinn are dressed in the perfect Halloween costumes as they challenged to escape from Lawndale's legendary "haunted" house. The problem is they bound a gagged
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Velma and Daphne decide to work out their differences with the help of a third party. Unfortunately they chose to see Dr. Penelope Spectra.
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Another picture based on Daria Jane and Quinn get a ride home from Brittany's party
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This is easily the puic that has taken me the most time in my whole artistic carreer XD

it is part os a very, very VEEEEEEEEERY old art trade I had with :iconjaguaro: sadly I can't post the one he gave me cause I lost it with everything else in my pc some months ago, but it was a really cute pic of Naty.

I'm sorry to have been delaying this for that long, but in the bright side, I'm a much better artist now than when I took the trade <_< >_>... lame excuse I know XD

anyway, this is partof a fanwork by Jag called "Fred Jones and the Well of Prophecies" (I'd go deeper in the description of the situation but I'd rather have Jag doing it in his fanwork, i suck at this XD) if you haven't checked Jag's comics go take a look at his page nice stuff with nice DiD ;)

I hope everyone elikes it, and again sorry for the wait Jag.
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Well, hi.

It's been a hard week for me but I'm still doing my stuff, this is a request by teensniper [link] these are Katara from avatar and Daphne Blake from Scooby Doo, hogties and tape gags/blindfolds, hope you don't mind.

Well, I don't kow if this is OK, I think I made many mistakes, probably is the lack of sleeping, anyway, I really, really hope you like it teensniper and everyone else, if you don't, please tell me, anyway, please comment, I'll try to post something else later, hope today, thanks.
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prize for the 2nd place of the free set game :iconrider28031:

this is Sam from Totally Spies, this is the first time I have one of the spies in my gallery, funny cause I've always found them pretty cute. anyway, GREEN >:0

don't mind the mistake in the proportions, focus on the green <_< >_>.

I hope youy like it Rider, and if :iconjaktherenegade: see this it is time for you to send your details for all the girls in your set in a note.
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For DaphneBounds Competition

Danger prone Daphne has been separated from the gang and captured. Now she finds herself in a dark room with sharp spikes descending down on her
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This is another request I've had for awhile and couldn't quite get around to it.
Young Daphne ( A pup named Scooby Do) when undercover as a harem girl looking for clues but "Danger prone" got herself caught snooping and was place in the crocodile pit.

Sorry for taking so long.
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(Request) Daphne was giving Velma’s little sister Madelyn (Abracadabra-Doo) a ride to a Halloween Party. Unfortunately while getting gas a man recognized Daphne as one of those medaling kids who sent him to prison years before.
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Posting old art to reestablish ownership.

This picture was inspired by the costumes Velma and Daphne wore in that Scooby-Doo vs some pirates film that ran on Cartoon Network. I didn't see the film, but I managed to stumble onto the costume party while channel surfing and the costumes caught my eye. Frankly I don't know which one is cuter: Velma as a harem girl or Daphne as a cat girl.
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Posting older work to reestablish ownership.

The Scooby Gang is rumaging through another creepy old house. And Daphne got herself captured again.

And it looks like Velma's next.

I think somebody else posted this in his gallery. At least he had the good taste to attribute it.
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Y'know how the Scooby gang was always running into some supernatural event or haunted house that inevitably turned out to be an elaborate hoax? Well, I got to thinking what might happen if they ran into some actual ghosts. And when I get to thinking . . .

Looks like the ghosts want Velma to stay a while.
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Gwendolyn looked over at the same time as young Gwen was looking at her, the quizzical look in her eyes that she remembered so well from her youth.




"Ysshs," Gwen said as she looked down at herself.  She had no idea how all three of them had ended up in the same place at the same time – whenever that was – but she had recognised Gwendolyn the moment they had carried her into the room.  It may have been six years, but some things still stood out in her memory.

Gwendolyn turned to her and mumbled "nidewhsdngts?"

"Nnn," Gwen replied as she shook her head.  She watched as her older self started to wriggle her upper body, trying to work loose the bands of tape that were holding her arms in place, but with little success.

"You can keep struggling all you want," she heard a voice say as a door silently opened, "but you won't break free – and so long as you are silenced, there is not a thing you can do about it."

The three looked up at the tall person who had walked in, his purple bodysuit and cloak crackling with energy while a silver mask covered his face.  Both Gwens looked at the stranger, blank expressions on their faces, while Gwendolyn's eyes narrowed and she said "Uuuu..."



"So nice to be recognised," the man said as he looked down on the three captives.  "Make yourselves comfortable – this should not take too long.  Your counterparts will do their work, and then my victory will be complete."

They stared at him as he walked out, the door closing silently before him, before looking at each other.  Gwendolyn turned and looked at the older Gwen.



"jstldwn," Gwendolyn said as she indicated the floor with her head.  With some difficulty, Gwen managed to lie on her side and watch as Gwendolyn slid back towards her, her fingers searching for the tape over Gwen's mouth as she looked over her shoulder.


The red car pulled up at the deserted warehouse, Kevin sitting nervously at the wheel as Ben looked out of the window.

"So, this happened six years ago as well?"

Ben nodded.  "I really will explain it all later – but Gwen forgot almost everything that happened to her, except to say that if it happened, be at this spot at a time she specified – five minutes from now."

"Remind me again why these things happen to you," Kevin said sarcastically as he stepped out of the car.

"Something in the genes," Ben said as he looked towards a building at the far side of the road.  A purple glow started to emanate from the side, which Kevin also noticed as he turned round.

"Follow my lead, and whatever happens do not interfere," Ben said as the two of them started to run towards the building.  Rounding the corner, they saw a red haired young woman lying on the ground.

"Gwen!" Kevin shouted as he ran over and knelt beside her, helping her to sit up in his arms.  She reached up and rubbed her forehead, the sleeve of her red jersey falling slightly down her arm as she did so.

"Kevin...  Ben...  What happened?  I remember fighting the knights, and then..."

"Don't worry about it, you're home now.  Right, Ben?"

Ben nodded, a grim expression on his face as he walked behind Kevin and his cousin.  Quietly, carefully, he lifted his arm and turned the dial of the Omnitrix to show Goop.



Max Tennyson ran to the spot where the ten year old girl was lying, unconscious on the ground.  Ben was a few steps behind him, watching carefully as his grandfather knelt beside his cousin.

"Grandpa... Ben... Oh thank God," Gwen said as she slowly returned to consciousness.  "I have so much to tell you, so many things..."

"Later," Max said as he picked her up in his arms, "Let's check you over in the Rust Bucket first."  He nodded to Ben as he walked part with Gwen in his arms, the young boy walking along behind them as he rubbed his arms.


"Mmmmphwwe," the older Gwen said as the tape was finally pulled away from her mouth.  Sitting herself up, she turned and looked at her younger self.

"I know you're very confused by all this," she said as she turned her back to the young girl and reached over to rub at the side of the tape over her mouth, "but this will all make sense at some point to you.  For now, let me say this much – I'm you, and she's you, and we're all here for some reason which she'll explain to you when she can."


"Yes," Gwen continued as she managed to free the end of the tape and grab hold of it with her fingers.  "Now, this is going to hurt like crazy, but try not to cry out."

"kkkkoowww," young Gwen said as the tape came away from her mouth.  As she watched her older self get onto her knees and back up to Gwendolyn, she worked her jaw before saying "I've travelled in time, haven't I?"

"Yes, you have," Older Gwen said as she picked at the gag over Gwendolyn's mouth," and you will again.  What I don't know is – nnng – why?"

"I do," Gwendolyn said as the tape came away from her mouth, "and we're all in very real danger."

"Why – who is that guy in the purple outfit?"

"His name's Eon – and he's the most dangerous foe we've ever – sorry, you're ever going to face."

"Eon – what's Eon?"

"Much better question then you think – but, much as I wish I could tell you who I think they are, I can't."  Gwendolyn sat back down and looked over at her ten year old self.  "You both still have this in your future, and there are rules about this sort of thing.  Let's just say that Eon is the most dangerous foe you may ever meet – they make Gargax look like a kitten."

Older Gwen looked over her shoulder at the bands of material holding her arms in place.  "So what are we going to do about this Eon?  If the three of us are here - and never mind how may rules of time travel that might be breaking – it means Ben is in big trouble."

"You have no idea how true that is," a voice said from the open doorway.  It was electronically adjusted, so that the three captives could not even tell if it was male or female, but they all could see the tall figure looking at them, dressed in purple with a metal mask over the face.

"Ben Tennyson is the biggest threat I can face," Eon continued as he walked into the room, two armed guards standing behind him, "and you three are going to be instrumental in his ultimate doom."

"Oh yeah," Gwendolyn said as she stared back at their captor, "and what makes you think he won't try and find us."

"Because, dear sweet Gwendolyn," Eon said as he knelt beside her and raised her head with his hand under her chin, "He won't even know you are here."

"Shall we silence them again, Lord?"

"No need – the emanations from the lights in the room will negate their natural abilities.  Let them talk together – it will pass the time before I deal with them permanently."

Eon stood up and walked out of the room, the door closing behind them.  "What did he mean by that," young Gwen said as she looked over at her older selves.

"Exactly what he said," Gwendolyn said, "I've been trying to cast a spell to free us, but nothing's happening."

"Same here," older Gwen said.  "What do you think he meant by that?"

"All I know," young Gwen said as she shuffled over to where her sixteen year old self was sitting, "is that I don't want us to be this way any longer than necessary.  Turn your back to me – I may not have powers, but I do have teeth."


"How are you feeling?" Kevin asked as he helped Gwen to climb into the car.  "I'm not sure – I can't even remember very clearly what happened to me when I was gone," she said to him as she looked up.  "How long have I been away anyway?"

"Not too long," Kevin said as a green glow flashed a short distance off.  "I'm just glad you're..."

He stopped short as a mass of what looked like Green slime flew through the car windscreen, somehow managing no tot destroy the glass but fixing itself around Gwen as she sat in the chair.  She tried to pull herself free as Gloop walked towards her and Kevin, his body cackling with energy as he did so.

"Ben, what the hell do you think you are doing?" Gwen screamed as Gloop came closer.  "I had a note about you," he said as he came closer, raising his arm as he did so, "and it told me what I needed to do."


"You're not Gwen," he said as he shot more of the slime over Gwen's mouth.  Her eyes widened as she tried to breath, before they slowly closed and she fell asleep.

"Man, I hope you're right," Kevin said as the green light flashed again and Ben walked the rest of the way over.

"So do I, but I do know one thing," he said as the slime dissolved and Kevin pulled Gwen out by her arms.

"What's that," he said as he laid Gwen on her stomach on the back seat.

"She was wearing a blue jumper earlier," Ben said as he took a roll of duct tape out and placed her wrists together behind her back, ripping the end free before sticking it on her jumper cuff.  As he wrapped it around her crossed arms, he continued "Now it's red.  I don't think wherever she went has a change of clothing, and besides..."


"She told me that this would happen.  We need to keep her secure and quiet for a little while, and then something else will happen."  He quickly taped her ankles together before rolling her over and covering her mouth with three strips.

"You had better be right about this," Kevin said as he climbed behind the wheel.  "I don't want to see her hurt."

"Neither do I," Ben said as he climbed into the passenger seat, "Neither do I."


"Gwen?  Wake up, Gwen."

Gwen slowly opened her eyes to see Ben and Max standing in front of her, both with concerned looks on their faces.

"Wh.. What happened?  Last thing I remember is the drink that you gave me, Grandpa, and then..."

"You fell asleep," Max said as he held Gwen's chin in his hand.  "You needed the rest, so I made sure you got it.  How do you feel?  You gave us quite a scare when you went out as Lucky Girl."

"Oh come on, you know I can take care of myself as her," Gwen said with a laugh.  "Hey, how come I can't move my arms?"

"Satisfied, Ben?"

Her cousin nodded as he stood up.  "You can't move your arms," he said as he walked behind her, "because we've tied you to the chair."  Gwen looked down and saw the brown coils encircling her arms and chest.  "Now we need to make sure you can't raise the alarm."

"Hummmopgp," Gwen mumbled as the scarf was pulled between her lips.  She glared at Max and Ben, her eyes asking a simple question.

"You would not believe us if I told you," Ben said as he turned the dial, slamming it down as the light filled the room and Gwen saw Four Arms appear.  "Right now, we need to watch you for a while and give you a test."


"Grandpa, why didn't you tell me it had happened for the third time?"

Ben looked over at Max as he sat at the table, his cybernetic arm resting on the steel.

"Ben, how much do you remember of the first time Gwen disappeared like that?"

As he sat opposite his eighty year old relative, Ben rubbed his beard.  "Not much - been scared mostly, and then following the instructions you found in that letter.  You never told me who delivered it."

"Well," Max said as he sat back, "maybe now is the time to tell you.  It was given to me by Gwen."

"Hang on – Gwen gave you the letter?  So she knew what was going to happen to her?"

"No – it wasn't that Gwen, it was..."

The two stopped as a ghostly figure appeared before them.  It was small, and looked like a young girl.  As it slowly took form and shape, Ben and Max both stood up and looked on, eyes wide in shock.


"That's better," Older Gwen said as she brought her arms round and rubbed her wrists.  "Give me a minute to get myself free, and then I'll take care of you both.  I'd forgotten that I learnt that trick."

"Oh yeah – you forgot the games with Jack and the others?"

"As you get older, certain things become just memories – hopefully fond ones," Gwendolyn said as she watched her teenage self remove the binding from around her legs. As she tore the last piece off, she stretched her legs out, before manoeuvring herself onto her knees and starting to remove the tape around her younger body.

"Once I get you free," she said as she unwound the orange tape, "free my arms, and then we can take care of Gwendolyn.  Have you got a plan for what to do next?"

"Get free, get out of here, find Eon, stop whatever he is doing," Gwendolyn said as she watched the others freeing themselves.  Once young Gwen had her arms free, she shuffled over and started to remove the rest of the tape from older Gwen.

"What was Eon talking about - they won't even know we're here?"

"I think I know," Gwendolyn said, "and if I'm right, we may need to warn them."

"Warn them? How – oh, wibbly wobbly timey wimey?"

"Ah yes – Doctor Who on BBC America.  But yeah, something like that.  Let's get free and get out of here first."


She slowly opened her eyes, wondering what had happened to her.  As she allowed them to focus, she found she was lying on a bare mattress, and glancing down saw the bands of silver tape that were holding her legs and arms together, making her resemble nothing more than a silver sausage.

"Whstgngn," she said.  Actually, what she meant to say was "What's going on," but that was what she heard.  That was when she realised why there was a pulling sensation around her mouth and jaw, and why her mouth tasted as if it had not seen water for a week.

"You're awake then," she heard Ben say, and rolling onto her side she saw him and Kevin standing there, looking at her.

"Kvn, hlopm," she mumbled as she tried to squirm her way free.  "Don't try," Ben said as she looked into the eyes of the young man, "That's Plumbers Tape – reinforced, very strong, and constricts the more you try to get free."

She could feel that was the case, and stopped moving round.  She could see the indecision in Kevin's eyes, and decided to appeal to that.

"Kvn pls, hlp m."

"Ben, you said you would show me something?"

"I did, but you'd better brace yourself," he said as he opened a DVD player and switched it on.  Placing a disk inside, the three watched as a face appeared on the screen.  She was a red haired woman in her late twenties, and Kevin looked from her to the young girl on the bed.

"Hello Ben," Gwendolyn said, "You need to listen very carefully to this.  Kevin as well, although he may be a little – distracted at the moment."


The doors slid silently open, and Gwen looked out and along the corridor.  "Guards at the far end," she whispered as the three captives made their way out of the room.

"How are your powers feeling," she said to Gwendolyn.

"Need time," she whispered in reply, "So we do this the old fashioned way.  Gwen," she said to the ten year old, "stay back and watch."

"Cool," young Gwen said as her older personas grabbed the two guards and threw them backwards, using Karate rather than magic or other powers to subdue them.  Leaving them sprawled on the floor, they made their way silently down the dim lit corridors until they came to a balcony.

Looking over, they could see Eon giving orders to a group clustered round several control panels.  In three tubes at the far end of the room stood...


"Doubles, but for what purpose I can't..."

The room filled with light as the three Gwens in the tubes shimmered, and then blinked into the ether.  "Replicas dispatched," the man sitting beside Eon said.

"Excellent," the villain replied as he turned and walked away.  "Keep me apprised of progress.  I will return to activate the devices in due course."

Gwendolyn turned and looked at the other two.  "We need to know what those plans are," she said in a low voice.  "Can you find a terminal and hack in?"

"We'll look around," older Gwen said.  "What are you going to do?"

"Find Eon and have a little chat," Gwendolyn said as she slipped off.  "Meet here in one hour."


"Bnpls hlpm."

"Gwen, stop struggling," Ben said as his yellow eyes glared at her.  She looked up at him, her eyes wide over the cloth in her mouth, as he drew his fist back and whispered "I'm sorry."

The red limb came towards her at a speed unseen, but before it could connect with his cousin's head an eerie violet light filled the room, enveloping Gwen and cushioning the blow before it could make contact.

"Oh god, she was right," Max whispered as the ropes fell away from Gwen, her body rising as the gag around her mouth dissolved.  She looked down on the others, an evil smile appearing on her face as she said "You have discovered my ploy – but it is too late now.  Too late for all of you."


The two Gwens looked through the doorway into the control room, noting the fact that the few people inside were intent on their own work.

Moving quietly, older Gwen gestured as beams of prupel energy shot forth, picking up those inside and holding them against the walls as younger Gwen ran in and sat at a terminal.  "Sleep," was the command given, and as the costumed workers dropped their heads as one she allowed them to drop safely to the floor.

"Managed to break in yet?" she said as she watched the hands of the ten year old moving quickly over the keyboard.

"Almost there," she said as a series of images appeared on the screen.  "Whoever this Eon is, they managed somehow to create clones of the three of us, with a little genetic programming – I think Animo may have had a hand in this."

"His speciality is animals, not humans."

"Yeah – but Eon took his notes somehow.  At any rate, they are designed to..."  Gwen put her hand to her mouth.  "Oh no... We have to get back to our own times, or else..."

"Or else what?"  The voice was one they had heard before, and as they turned they saw Eon standing there, two guards beside her.

"So, you managed to escape – and found out my little surprise," she said as both of the girls were grabbed.  As they stood there, their wrists were secured behind their backs with thin plastic strips, as Eon walked and stood in front of them.

"One of them will succeed, so at some point I will have my revenge," Eon continued.  "As for both of you, I think you need to be prevented from raising the alarm.  Silence them, and then bring them to my chamber."

"We won't let you get awmmmfdgd," Gwen shouted before a strip of cloth was pulled into her mouth, forcing the corners of her mouth back.  "Why hasn't she used tape this time," she thought to herself as she and her older self were pushed out of the room, the guards following behind them.


"Oh dear god," Kevin said as he looked from the screen to Gwen, lying on the mattress.  "It can't be – she looks so real..."

"It can be – I remember from last time," Ben said as he walked to the door.  "You heard Gwendolyn – there is only one thing we can do.  Coming?"

Kevin looked at Gwen as she frantically struggled, before saying "If you're wrong..."

"Then I'm about to look very, very silly," Ben said as Kevin walked out of the door.  He turned and looked at Gwen, before saying "Charmcaster" and walking out, locking the door behind him.  Gwen stared back before her body went rigid, and a purple mist started to appear round her.  As her pupils went yellow, she started to rise into the air as a strong light filed the room.

Outside, Kevin and Ben looked on as the windows flared with light, and then went dark.  Opening the door, they waited for the smoke to clear, before looking over to the mattress.  "Oh shit," was Kevin's only reaction at what they saw.


As the image faded, Ben looked at Max.  "Do you remember the first time," he eventually said.

"How could I forget – it was one of the worst things I had ever seen.  Why didn't you tell me about six years later?"

"Some things – some things just don't bear thinking about."

A shimmering light filled the room as Gwendolyn appeared.  "That was not fun," she said as she walked towards the two men seated at the table.  "Sector 205-A is secure again, but it took a lot out of me."

She stopped at the table and looked at both Ben and Max.  "What is it?  You never saw a smarter cousin get the job done?  Anyone would think I was the bad girl here."

"You are," Max said as he pressed a button.  A column of bright light rose around Gwendolyn, and as she tried to walk through she found it was impossible to do so.  "We know who you are," he continued as he stood up and walked round, "so forgive us if we dispense with the pleasantries.  Obviously, the other two are going to fail, or we would not be here.  A pity you also cannot succeed."

Gwendolyn looked at the two, her eyes wide even as they turned a deep yellow in colour.  The beam lifted from the floor, transporting her elsewhere as a loud popping noise filled the air.

"She should be safe enough in the null zone," Ben said as he picked up a communicator.  "I just hope it does not take too long for the others to get back."

"How can you be sure they get back?"

"We're still here, aren't we?" Ben said with a smile as he walked out of the room.


Gwendolyn walked into the large, ornately furnished chamber.  "Eon – I know you're there, and I know you know I have escaped," she called out.  "Come out and face me."

"Why, young Gwendolyn," Eon said from a doorway at the far side of the room.  "You just walked in – how respectful of you."

"I always give a foe a chance to surrender," Gwendolyn said as she walked in and looked up into the metal mask.  "We know about the replacements, and my younger selves are trying to find out your plan now."

"You mean these two," Eon said, and as Gwendolyn looked she saw the two Gwens being walked into the room, bound and gagged.  "They discovered what the replacements were, and their purpose, but you are too late to stop them.  One of them will succeed, and if they do then we will know – safe here from the resulting time storm."

"Why?  For goodness sake, Ben, why?"

The two younger girls looked at each other as Eon laughed.  "You think I am Ben Tennyson," the masked villain said.  "There are an infinity of Eons – and I am not one of those called Ben.  Like all of us, however, I seek to destroy the Tennyson name – and you will not be able to stop me."

"I wouldn't be sure of that – Gwen?"

The older Gwen kicked out with her right leg, felling the guard behind her younger self before testing and kicking out at her own captor.  Before they had chance to react, younger Gwen had flipped her bottom and legs through her arms, picked up the weapon her guard had dropped and pointed it at both of the men.

"I could have a hundred guards her in minutes," Eon said as the three Gwens came together.

"Not before we had a chance to kill you," Gwendolyn said as she took the gun from Gwen.  "Free yourself – I want to see who I'm talking to, and what sort of man he really is."

"Man?  MAN????"  Eon shouted as the gloved hand reached for the mask.  "What makes you think I'm a man!"

"Oh...  My...  God," the Gwens said in unison as they looked at the lined face behind the mask, greying edges of the red hair falling around her cheeks and forehead.  They stared at Eon as the hood fell back, recognising the woman standing there as...

"I said there is an infinity of Eons," the fifty year old woman said as she walked forward.  "Did it not occur to you that one of them might be you?"
Ir's been a while, but the story continues. There are young damsels in the story, but I hope it will be forgiven this once - especially as I know where this is going.

Hopefully, it will not take me as long to wrap this up.
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Velma and Daphne have arrived at the stately home of Daphne's friend Penny Pitstop, but perils are approaching from all sides.

A villainous fiend, taking the name of The Hooded Claw, has traced a jewel known as The Star of Alamein.  The trail has led to Pitstop Manor - a place where he feel she can avenge the ignominy poured on his ancestor.

Penny had hired Dee Dee, of the San Francisco based Teen Angels, to help with security, but over the last 24 hours the girls have been kidnapped, tied up, nearly killed and generally menaced by not only The Hooded Claw, but another villain who is after The Star - or may be after Daphne.  Dee Dee has been joined by the hero known as Captain Caveman, and a small man by the name of Clyde, who have their suspicions about Penny's brother Peter.

When we last saw them, Velma and Daphne had been rescued from a watery grave by Taffy and Brenda, Dee Dee's colleagues, while Penny and Nida, the real owner of The Star, were bound and gagged in a van that was about to explode thanks to a diabolical, and possibly insane, trap set by The Hooded Claw.  As we rejoin our story, there has been an explosion in the grounds of Pitstop Manor...

"What the..." Velma said as they saw the plume of smoke rising a short distance away.  "Did something just explode over there?"

The four girls reacted by instinct, and ran in the direction of the smoke column, the path taking them through the woods to a small clearing, in the centre of which stood the burning husk of a large van.

"What happened here?" Daphne whispered as a large man mountain ran from the other direction, followed by Dee Dee.  "PRINCESS!!  PRINCESS NIDA!!" he called out as Dee Dee said "Have you seen Penny?  She was grabbed and taken hostage, then..."

"We're over here," Penny said as she stood up, the adhesive from the tape gag still around her mouth.  Beside her was Nida, her face smudged with soot but otherwise unharmed, but it was the man standing behind them that caught Daphne's eye.

He was at least six foot four, and broad shouldered, with white hair cut in a close crew cut.  The red shirt he was wearing was old fashioned, almost sixties in the styling, but hung open at the top two fastenings.  Brushing some flecks of ash from his shoulders, he said "It's a good thing I was on my way here and saw what was happening - I managed to land the Helijet and get the two women free just in time.

"Bannon?  Race Bannon?" Daphne said, before she ran over and hugged the new arrival.  "Is Jonny here as well?"

"Not today, Daphne," Race said as he put his large hands on her shoulders.  "I came on a personal matter, but it appears a lot more has been going on.  Why are you so wet anyway?"

"Long story - but it seems we've only heard the half of it."  As they talked, Dee Dee was in conversation with Brenda and Taffy, when her cell phone started ringing.


"You don't say.

"You don't say.

"You don't say.  We'll be right back."

"Who was that," Velma said as Dee Dee put her phone away.

"I can't say - not yet anyway," was all the young woman said before she turned to Race.  "I don't believe I've had the pleasure..."

"Roger Bannon, OSI - call me Race," he said as he showed Dee Dee a card.  "look, I understand a lot has happened, but I would appreciate been told some of it - and I think you all need showers for various different reasons.  Is there somewhere we can go, change and talk?"

"Back to the manor," Penny said as he looked at the way Hassan was apologising to Nida, "The fair can cope without us for an hour or so.  The bands are due to start playing soon anyway."

Thirty minutes later, Daphne and Velma came into the dining room, having showered and changed into a more usual form of clothing.  They found Bannon and Hassan deep in conversation, while Penny and Nida were sitting down.  Penny had changed into a light grey jacket and joggers, her feet in a pair of black suede boots, while Nida was wearing a green smock top with dark leggings and sandals.

"Now do you believe there is another Hooded Claw," Thelma said as they sat down.

"I do - and I'm sorry I doubted you," Penny said with a smile, "Nida has been telling me something of him."

"He first appeared in my country six months ago - he caused much panic and fear in his attempts to find a large hidden treasure, legend says as great as that found by Ali Baba."

"Ali Baba?  I thought he was a fictional character?"

"Oh no, my dear Daphne - he was very real, and very great.  I know, for I am the custodian of the treasure, as have been my family for generation upon generation, since my ancestor Queen Nida and her husband King Turhan.  Hassan here is my bodyguard, as his ancestors have been for mine."

"What I cannot understand," Penny said as she saw the Teen Angels walk in, "is who this new Hooded Claw is.  After Sylvester Sneakley was incarcerated, there are no records of any children - he wasn't married and died in prison."

"Can you remember what he looked like," Dee Dee said as they all sat round the table.

"Not that tall - only a little more than Velma - but dressed in the ludicrous purple suit and big hat the stories Grandma used to tell me had in them.  What I don't understand is why he ended up here - unless..."

"It is partly my fault," Nida said quietly.  "The Star of Alamein is more than a jewel - it is the key to the location of the treasure, if you know how to use it.  When he came too close with an attempt to steal it, I consulted with my advisors, and they suggested it was sent to a place for safe keeping - here, in fact.  It is known far and wide that the Teen Angels Detective Agency can help a young girl in need, and I did not think her would look here.  So we engaged an agent to facilitate the transport - it appears, however, that he got wind of this and tracked her down."

"To Morocco," Race said.  "The agent is a - friend of mine, by the name of Jezebel Jade.  She managed to send it through a secure courier to New York, from which it was to be forwarded to your ladies, before he caught up with her.   I found her, and she asked me to come and ensure there were no problems - it seems I arrived a little too late to prevent them."

"I went to New York, and spoke to the courier there.  She had sent it on to you, but when I arrived you had already come here.  Did you meet this man?"  He looked at Brenda and Taffy as he said this, and both girls nodded.

"He threatened us, but we had already sent on the parcel to Dee Dee," Taffy said.  "In fact, he seemed genuinely surprised when we said it was here - almost as if he had not expected to come here.  Is there history between you two?"

"History is the right word," Penny said quietly.  "His ancestor tried to kill my great-grandmother - it was only through luck, and the help of some fine young men, that she survived.  Talking of which - where is Clyde?"

"Oh yes," Dee Dee said quietly, "I asked them to do something for me.  Hang on."  She stood up and left the room, as Nida noticed Velma lost in thought.

"What is it, Velma," she said quietly.

"If this man who called himself the Hooded Claw only knew to come here the day we arrived," she mused, "then who sent that card?  The envelope was franked three days before."

"Clyde?  Clyde, are you in here?"  

Dee Dee opened the door to the garage, only to find Peter putting a bag in the trunk of his car.

"Have you seen Clyde anywhere, Peter," she said, as he slammed the lid down.

"Nope, sorry, haven't seen the little guy - well, must dash, have a lot to..."

"Going somewhere, Little Peter Pitstop?"  Clyde appeared from behind a stack of boxes, looking at Peter as he said "You should took a look inside the bag in the trunk, Dee Dee - you might find something interesting in the sock section."

"Really," Dee Dee said as Peter stood by the car.  "Would you like to show me, Peter?  After all, it would look very suspicious if you were to leave with so much going on."

"Well, you know how it is," Peter said quietly as Dee Dee and Clyde walked towards him, "Business to do, people to meet, and the fair is going well enough without me, so..."

"Open the trunk, Peter."

"Well, if you insist...."  Peter walked to the rear of the car, but as the other two approached he grabbed Dee Dee, his arm going round her neck and his hand over her mouth.

"Hands off the lady," Clyde said as he charged forward, only to stumble as Peter kicked a box in his way and fall in, fidnign himself head down in the plastic padding inside.

"I'm truly sorry it has to be this way," he said a she grabbed a roll of silver tape and dragged Dee Dee off, "but I need to make sure I can make a clean getaway, and I need to stash you somewhere quiet."

"This is getting to be a very worrying habit - now Dee Dee has disappeared?"

"Oh come on Velma," Daphne said, "she's only been gone thirty minutes.  What could have happened in that time?"

"Oogga Booga Look what I find," Captain Caveman said as he flew in, surprising both Hassan and Race as they stood up.

"My god," Race said quietly, "so the rumours were true.  Doctor Bannon always wondered if it was possible, but this..."

"Hand off Cavey Wavey," Brenda said as she hugged the latest arrival, "He's my hero.  What have you found, Lil Cavey?"

He blushed bright red before saying "Me fly overhead when me see and find this."  He dug into his hirsute covering, and brought forth a baloney and pickle sandwich.

"Oh sorry, that me lunch," he said as he dug in again, only to bring out this time a hat and cape, both made of purple cloth.

"That - that is the hat and cloak the man who called himself the Hooded Claw wore," Nida said as she stood up.  "Where did you find this, strange man?"

"Oogga Booga hello pretty lady," Captain Caveman said as he produced a bird from his club, who then offered a bunch of flowers to Nida.  "me find these things near car in parking area - what you call jalopy."

"Cavey," Velma said quietly, "Have you seen Peter anywhere?"

"Little man Clyde looking at him - he very suspicious."

"Peter," Penny finally said, "What does he have to do with this - you don't think he's the Hooded Claw?"

"No - but I think he knows something.  Come on."

"Where are we going?"  Penny looked at her watch.   "I have to make a speech to close the fair in ten minutes."

"You go with Nida, Hassan and the girls to do that," Velma said.  "Daphne, Cavey, and Race, you come with me - I think we need to find Peter."

"I don't believe it - she survived, and so did the princess!"

The Hooded Claw put down the binoculars as he watched Penny walk onto the stage, where a trio of musicians were waiting.

"Still no matter - she has kept to the timetable, and she cannot avoid this trap.  Once that bass guitarist hits the pedal for the guitar, it will complete the circuit that will start the timer, and then everyone will have an explosive end to their day.  We can then grab the Star in the confusion - our patsy said they already had it."

Under the stage, a wire through a hole in the wood down to a timing device, around which was strapped a considerable amount of explosive.  Next to that explosive was a dividing support - and on the other side of the support was Dee Dee, twisting madly to try and free herself from the tape bands that held her legs tightly together at the ankles, knees and thighs, as well as her arms tightly to her side.  Her wrists were secured behind her back, and her mouth covered with several strips of the tape.

She knew nothing of the bomb - her eyes were fixed solely on the snake that was making its way slowly towards her, the diamond backed head expanding as it looked at her.

From above, she heard Penny say "Ladies and Gentlemen, it has been a fantastic day today, but we are only just starting.  We hope you will stay for the firework display, but for now, pleas enjoy the music of - The Impossbiles!"

As the quartet walked towards the garage, Captain Caveman flew ahead, before calling back "OOGGA BOOGA COME QUICK - LITTLE MAN IN TROUBLE!!"

They ran in to see a pair of legs sticking out of the top of a box.  Race ran forward, and pulling the man out said "Clyde Wheelwright - I see you still end up in the more obscure places."

"I go where I'm needed Bannon - now put me down, we have to stop Peter Pitstop."

"Why?"  Daphne said as she stood in the doorway.

"Because," Clyde said a she opened the trunk of Peter's car and took his bag out, "He had The Star of Alamein in his possession, and because he's the one who nabbed you earlier, toots."  He dug around in the bag before producing the jewel, and turning round.

"See - hey, where did she go?"

Velma and Race turned round, but where Daphne had been was now empty space.

"Oh great," Velma said with a shrug of the shoulders, "It always happens to her."

"So I hear," Clyde said "but I think I know where she is.  Where's Dee Dee though - he took her off earlier."

There's a new dance that just hit town,
Everyone's coming from miles around.

As the music started Dee Dee watched, wide eyed as the snake moved from side to side, not knowing of the timer that had just flickered into life next to her...
We return to the events at Pitstop Manor, as these questions are asked.

Did Penny and Nida survive the diabolical trap of The Hooded Claw?
Who was watching Peter as he stashed the Star of Alamein?
What bands have they booked for the evening entertainment?
And will this story get finished more quickly than the wait for this part?

You'll just have to read and find out....

All characters are inspired by and/or (C) Hanna-Barbera
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Prologue – New York City

“Report.”  The voice was deep and rasping – almost as rasping as the sound the fingers of the steel glove made as he flexed his hand.  On his lap, a large white cat purred almost in pleasure at the sound.

“We’re in position, Doctor,” the man said as his picture appeared on the large view screen.  He was thin, with slicked back grey hair, and wore a pair of thin metal spectacles that sat on the bridge of his nose.

“We have set up base, and are watching closely the target.  We will be able to secure in forty eight hours.”

“Excellent – and what of the – nuisances?”

“Don’t worry, Doctor – everything is in hand.  We have secured the services of a local operative to provide a suitable diversion.”

“And does he know of our involvement.”

“No, Doctor – he is completely ignorant.”

“Excellent,” the voice rasped, “proceed.  I want Doctor Anne Possible fully prepared and working for me by the end of the week, or Project: Sublimate will not succeed.”


“Hey Monique – how’s business today?”

The dark skinned girl looked up and smiled as she said “Hey BF – how’s it hanging?”  The new arrival had long red hair, and was wearing a green cropped vest top with a pair of blue knee length pants.  “No mission today, Kim?”

“Not today – I get to do some shopping at last,” Kim Possible said as she looked through the racks of pants and tops.  “Anything cool and new?”

“Nah – same old same old.  The new Club Banana range isn’t out for a couple of weeks.”

The door to the store opened, and the two girls turned to see a young blonde haired girl walk in.  She was wearing a pink top with a green collar and long sleeves, slightly cropped to allow her belly to be seen, brown cargo pants and trainers.  She also had a dog walking beside her.

“I’m sorry,” Monique said as Kim knelt down and played with the dog, “we don’t allow pets in Club Banana.”

“Oh let her be, Mon – he won’t be any trouble, will you?” Kim said as he tickled the dog under his chin, “What’s his name?”

“We call him Brain,” the girl said as she looked down,

“Nice hair style.”

“Thanks – I like it,” she said as she put a hand under her two bunches.  “I’m visiting town with my uncle – he’s speaking at the convention.”

“The police one?  Let me guess – you got bored and needed a break?”

“That’s one way of putting it – Uncle Gadget is hardly boring, however.”

“His name is Gadget?  Is he a tech dweeb or something?”

Before the girl could answer, Kim felt her phone go off.  “Excuse me,” she said as she went into a changing room, looking at the screen on her device.

“Wade, I wasn’t speaking of you,” she said to the boy on the screen.

“You are now,” her friend said.  “Listen – we have a situation brewing a few klicks down from you.  Shego has been seen in the vicinity of the Second National Bank.”

“Oh great – just what I needed.  My day off ruined by the green goddess.  I’m on it – where’s Ron?”

“Hey Monique – where’s my lady?”

“Hold that thought – I’ll call you later,” Kim said as she walked out.  Ron Stoppable was standing at the counter, looking at her as he said “Hey Kimmie, what’s whoooooaaaaaa…”

“See you later, Monique,” Kim said as she dragged Ron out, the blonde haired girl watching them as the door swung shut.

“So, see anything?”

“Yeah, but I gotta go – another time,” she said as she head to the door.

“Hey Kid – what’s your name?”

“Penny,” she shouted over her shoulder as she left, “Penny Gadget.”  

Outside the store, she saw Kim and Ron running down the walkway.

“Follow them Brain – see what you can find out.”  The dog nodded and ran after them, as Penny took out her own communication device.

“Uncle Gadget?  Are you there?”

There was no reply, as Penny shook her head and looked around the mall.  A couple of shoppers caught her eye – especially the way they walked shiftily down past the stores, with one eye continually turning towards her.

“Great,” Penny said quietly as she backed off, only to hit a soft, flabby belly.  She turned round to see a large man standing there, reaching for her arm, so she did the only sensible thing – stamped on his foot and hightailed it out of the mall.

The Second National Bank was quiet – too quiet, but then what do you expect when a girl who can fire green energy bolts from her hands decides to make an unauthorized withdrawal?  She walked out of the vault, the money bag in her hand, only to stop when the blonde haired girl appeared in front of her.  

“Well what a surprise,” Shego said as she looked at Kim, standing there in her green combat pants and black crop top.  “I try to get a little spending money, and you show up.”

“Most people use an ATM,” Kim said quietly,  “But then, you’re not most people, are you Shego?”

“OH just shut up and take this like a woman,” Shego said as she fired an energy bolt in the direction of Kim diving in one direction as Kim dived and rolled away from the blast.


“Gotcha,” Ron said as he dropped the crate down, Shego spinning and blasting it out of the way.  That was enough for Kim to leap across and hit Shego in the side with her feet, sending the dark haired villainess sprawling across the floor as she dropped the bag.

From one side of the room, a dog waked over and calmly retrieved the bag in his teeth, before returning to hiding, unseen by all save a naked mole rat that emerged from Ron Stoppable’s pocket.  He scuttled along as Ron dove to avoid Shego, and dropped onto the head of the dog – only to be surprised as he picked it up in his front paw and looked at him.

Rufus grinned and shrugged his shoulders as a voice came from the device around the dog’s head.  “Brain?  You there?”

Brain out Rufus down and waved a warning finger at him before a set of earphones extended from the device and fitted into his ears, while he stood on his hind legs and looked at the screen.

“Brain – there are men from M.A.D. everywhere around here.  What’s happening at your end?”

The dog merely held up the device, as an energy blast shot past the viewer.

“Gotcha – I’m going to go and try to find Uncle Gadget.  You stay there and try to make sure she doesn’t come to any harm.”

The dog nodded and waited until the earpieces retracted, before he looked at Rufus.  The mole rat nodded and pointed to the left, the dog following along with him.

“Hey Possible – what’s blonde and best kept under covers?”

Kim looked at Shego as she said “You,” and fired an energy blast into the ceiling,  

“KIMMMY!!!”  Ron dived over her as the ceiling came down, burying them both in the rubble.

“Now, as I was saying,” Shego said, as she picked up the bag and left.  Brain made his way over to the pile of rubble and started to move it, Rufus moving between the cracks and then squeaking loudly.

“Unnn,” Ron said as Brain removed the rubble from him, “Is this the ultimate humility?  Rescued by a dog?”

He stood up, Kim uncurling from under him as she said “Hey – you’re the dog who was in the shop earlier.  What are you doing here?”

Brain shrugged, and walked off, indicating they should follow.

“Is it just me,” Ron said as he rubbed his head, “or is he walking on his hind legs?”

Kim shrugged and said “hey – could have been a platypus.  Come on – let’s see where he wants us to go.”

Penny was walking through the crowded convention centre, trying to find her uncle.  Normally, it would not be a problem – where ever he went, there was usually a commotion afterwards, but today it appeared as if nothing was happening.

“Penny!  What are you doing here?”

“Uncle Gadget,” she said as she looked up at the trench coat wearing man, “Thank goodness I found you.  There are M.A.D. agents everywhere.”

“Wowzers – they must have come to hear my speech, hear a few lessons from the master and learn from their mistakes!  I’m impressed!”

“Uncle, no – please listen to me…”

“I must go and prepare Penny!  See you later!  Go Go Gadget Skates!”

She groaned as a pair of roller skates seemed to appear from nowhere in his feet, and he set off across the convention floor, knocking people out of the way as he did so.

“Forgive me, little girl, but may I ask you a question?”

Penny shook her head and said “Sure, what is…”

The man behind her had pale blue skin, and a shock of black hair, pulled back in a pony tail.  “Allow me to introduce myself,” he said as he bowed, wearing a blue coat, “I am Doctor Drakken, and I will be your kidnapper for today.”

“My Wh…” Penny said as Dr Drakken fired a gas into her face, rendering her unconscious.

“Like I said, your kidnapper,” he said as he picked the young girl up, and carried her out, nobody really noticing at all…

“All right,” Kim said as she and Ron walked into the alleyway, “What’s going on now?”

Her communicator buzzed into live, and as she looked at it she said “Wade, if I told you I was following a dog walking on his hind legs, what would you say?”

“I’d say listen to him,” Wade said from behind his desk.  “He’s from a different agency – is the blonde haired girl with him?”

“The one from the shop?  No – why?”

As she spoke, Brain received a message on his communicator.  Looking at it, he nudged Ron in the ribs with his paw and then showed him it.

“Er, Kim?  You might want to see this?”

“Not now Ron – I’m talking to Wade.”

“That girl – about five four, blonde hair in two bunches, striped top and cargo pants?”

Kim nodded, and then looked at the picture on the dog’s device.  It showed the young girl, hanging by the rope that held her wrist together from a hook above a vat of something green and bubbling.  Her ankles and legs were also secured with rope, and a strip of tape covered her mouth.

“Where is this coming from,” Kim said.  Brain pointed to the bottom of the screen, where a message said “Come and get her.  Drakken.”

“Great, must be Tuesday again,” Kim said quietly.  “Come on Ron – time to make a house call.”

As the group walked off, a man who had been watching took out a mobile phone.

“Boss?  They took the bait – nab her.”

The hospital was unusually quiet as Anne Possible sat at the desk, working on her latest paper.  She barely noticed the door opening and closing, as she said “I thought you had emptied the trash can already?”

The damp rag that was pressed firmly over her mouth and nose took her completely by surprise, her opening mouth allowing the fumes to enter her body and send her into a deep sleep.  The man smiled as he lifted her up and deposited her limp body into the laundry basket, before wheeling it along the corridor and out of the building.

“Welcome to Drakken towers,” Ron said as he and Kim stood outside the building, “So, where do you think the death trap is?”

“Oh I don’t know – the door?”

“Rufus, mia compadre,” Ron said as he removed his pet from his pocket, “Want to go and have a look?”

The mole rat stood on its own hind legs, folding the front legs as he looked at his owner.

“Pretty please?  I’ll get some tacos later?”

Nodding, the mole rat ran off, as Brain walked slowly to the rear of the building.

Brain looked at the warehouse, and then walked slowly around the side, looking carefully.


“Skylight,” Ron said as Kim fired a grappling hook up, testing the rope before they both began to climb it.

“So, want to catch a movie once we’ve finished this,” Kim said as they reached the roof, “my treat?”

“Sure, why not – what’s showing?”

“We’ll look later,” Kim said as they looked through the skylight.  The blonde haired girl was there, and she could see Drakken standing on a platform, Shego as always behind him.

“All right – I distract them, you get the girl, and we get out of here, got it?”

“Got it,” Ron said as she opened the skylight and they dropped onto the walkway over the vat.  Kim ran along the metal ledge and then used a rope to swing down, crouching as she landed behind the two villains.

“Possible?  How nice of you to drop in,” Drakken said as he looked round.  

“What are you up to this time, Drakken,” Kim said as she dodged the energy blast from Shego.

“You may not believe this, but I’m doing a favour for a friend.”

“A friend?  You have friends?”

“Oh I am wounded,” Drakken said as he put his hand to his head.  “Shego, do the honours please.”

“With pleasure,” the dark haired girl cooed as she fired an energy blast over Kim’s head, cutting through the chain and allowing the cage to drop over the young agent.

Slowly, carefully, Ron pulled the chain up, the blonde haired girl swinging from side to side as he did so.

“There you go,” he said as he lifted her onto the walkway, “Nice and…”

The blank faced dummy took him by surprise, before gas started to seep out of it, Ron’s eyes rapidly losing focus as he fell unconscious.

“OH come on, you two,” Kim said quietly, “How many times have you pulled this trick?  You know I can…”

The electric shock as she touched the bars knocked her out, Shego smirking as she said “Not our trick this time, Kimmy darling.  Nice idea though – how’s her boyfriend?”

“We’ve got him,” the burly man said as he carried Ron over his shoulder.  “You can keep her with the Gadget girl.  Doctor Claw sends his thanks.”

“Yeah yeah – tell him he still owes me fifty dollars,” Drakken said as the man carried Ron off.  “Let’s get her with the other kid – I have such beautiful plans for both of them…”

From behind a set of crates, Rufus and Brain watched, and then looked at each other.

Kim slowly opened her eyes, wondering what had happened.  It took her a few minutes to remember the electrified cage, as she tried to shake her head and speak.


The feeling like cotton wool in her mouth took her by surprise, as did the inability to make anything like an understandable sentence.   She shook her head and looked round, and then tried to figure out why her arms felt so stiff.

A glance to the side told the answer to that, as she saw her left hand held up above her head, attached by a length of rope to the corner of the bedstead she was lying on.  A few more turns of the head showed her other arm held in place, and a further glance down showed her legs spread apart and bound in a similar manner.


She looked again to her side to see the blonde haired girl from the shop, tied to a second bedstead in the same way.   A wide strip of white tape covered her mouth, and from the way her cheeks were puffed out Kim realised the tape was keeping something in as well.

“Must be the same for me,” she thought to herself as she looked round the room.  The bedstead was set up against a wall at a slight angle, but apart from her fellow captive there was no one and nothing else in sight.

For her part, Penny had seen the two M.A.D. goons carry the blonde in and secure her to the iron bedstead, before stuffing the cloth in her mouth and taping it over.  As they did so, she groaned inwardly – she had the opportunity to tell her what was happening, but it had slipped past when she left.  Her one hope now as that someone else had come with her.

“Wthsshngn,” Kim mumbled under her gag.

“Oh goody – you’re both awake!  Excellent!”

The two girls turned to see the image of Dr Drakken appear on a monitor screen above them.

“Thank you both for dropping in,” he said with a sneer, “Now, much as my friend here would like to end your existence right now, I have something much more fun planned.  You’ll like it too Shego.”

“I doubt it,” the bored female voice said as Drakken shook his head and rubbed his eyes.

“Never mind,” he said eventually, “enjoy your rest.  The iron bedsteads you are tied to are wired, so if you try to move, it will be a shocking experience.  Enjoy.”

The screen went blank as Penny and Kim looked at each other.


Kim shook her head, and then looked at the heavy wooden door as it slowly opened.  Penny followed her eyeline as Brain looked round, and then nodded.

“Brn!!  Gdbe!!”

The dog walked over and looked carefully at the bedsteads, then at the two women, before he beckoned to the door.


The naked mole rat nodded as he climbed up Kim’s body and started to nibble at the rope holding Kim’s arms above her head.  Brain turned to Penny, then looked where she was moving her head and started to follow the cables that led from the metal.

Kim suppressed a gasp of thanks as Rufus freed her wrist, and then clambered over her body to nibble on the rope around her other wrist.  As he did this, Brain followed the cable to a junction box, and produced a screwdriver, removing the cover before taking a pair of wire cutters and snipping the connectors free.

Once her hands were free, Kim peeled the tape away from her mouth and pulled the cloth out, before she said “thanks Rufus – now free my legs and I’ll take care of the other girl.”

“Gdwrrkbrn,” Penny mumbled as Kim was freed, and then untied her before removing her gag.

“Hey,” Kim said quietly, “Want to try introductions this time?   I’m Kim Possible.”

“Penny Gadget – pleased to finally meet you properly.  Now how do we get out of here?”

“I suggest the door,” Kim said as they walked out, Rufus and Brain following.  The corridor led to a set of stairs, which in turn led to the warehouse itself.

“It’s quiet,” Penny said as she looked at Brain.

“Too quiet,” Kim said, before she felt the blast and turned to see Shego there.

“Hey, Kimmy,” she said quietly, “Want to dance?”

“Gladly,” Kim said, but to her shock Shego herself groaned and fell forward.


“Hey Kim,” Ron said as he stepped over the fallen villainess, “all done here.  Drakken did a runner, and when I came to I saw you both there.  Hi I’m Ron.”

“Penny,” the young blonde said as they shook hands.  “Well, that’s one threat dealt with – what about M.A.D.?”

“We can discuss that at my place,” Kim said as she headed for the door.

“Hey Mom!”

Kim opened the door to her house and saw her mother standing at the cooker, stirring a pot of something.  She had changed back into her crop top and cargo pants, while Anne Possible was in a red jumper and knee length blue skirt.

“Hello Kim,” Anne said, “who’s your friend?”

“This is Penny – we’re going up to my room with Ron.  Where are Dad and the dweebs?”

“Out – dinner will be ready in twenty minutes.”

“Gotcha,” she said as the three of them headed up to Kim’s room.  Once inside, Ron closed the door as Kim contacted Wade on her laptop.

“There you are,” Wade said as he looked at them.  “You must be Penny Gadget.”

“Penny, Wade.  Wade, Penny.  What have you got?”

“The police picked up Drakken and Shego at the warehouse, but there’s something else going on.  Your group, Penny, have informed me of increased M.A.D. activity in the area.”

“Is someone going to tell me what the heck M.A.D. is,” Ron said as he rubbed the back of his head.”

“Criminal organisation – I seem to run into them every week,” Penny said.  “I was coming here with Uncle when the Chief asked me to make contact with you and check out what was happening.  As it turned out, they struck first.”

“They want world domination,” Wade said, “and all I have heard is they are operating in Middleton on something called Project: Sublimate.”

“Sounds depressing,” Ron said.

“You got an itch or something,” Kim said as she looked at Ron.

“No – just thinking.”

“Kim – dinner’s ready.”

“I’ll call you back Wade,” Kim said as she ended the call, and the trio made their way downstairs.  As they went into the dining room, Anne brought through three bowls of soup, and then walked back, rubbing the back of her neck under her hair.

“Hey, this is good Mom,” Kim called out as she took a spoonful of the soup.  “What is it?”

“Tomato soup with a few herbs added,” Anne called back.  In the front room, Rufus and Brian were sat on the floor, almost as if they were talking to each other.

“Whatever you added to this, it’s good,” Kim said, and then she started to yawn slightly.  “What…  What herbs did you add….”

“Oh you know – basil, oregano, sage, knockout drops…”

“Oh that’s – whaaaa……”

Kim saw Penny slowly close her eyes and slip down in her chair, before she too succumbed to the drugs.  Ron stood up and opened the door, allowing the two large men to come in and carry the unconscious girls out.

Rufus looked up and watched what was happening, nudging Brain and then following the man out, neither Ron nor Anne noticing.  “Go with them,” Anne said, “I must complete my work here.”

Ron turned and walked out like a zombie, getting into the van with a large iron fist painted on the side.  Rufus and Brain climbed onto the tailgate, hanging on for door life as it drove off.

Anne Possible walked slowly to the door that led to the utility room and opened it.  James, Jim and Tim Possible were sat on the floor, bound with ropes and tape gagged, their eyes closed.

Closing the door, Anne said “Detonation sequence activiated.  Timer set for two hours.”  She then sat down, her eyes glowing red…

“Kmmm?  KMMMMM!”

Kim slowly opened her eyes and mumbled “hnnntggn.”  She could feel the tape pulling at her face as she focused, and saw her mother sitting across from her, her knees drawn up to her chest and held in place with bands of rope.  A band of brown sticking plaster covered her mouth.

Penny was sat next to her, also bound and gagged with sticking plaster, but to her shock she saw their guard in the room was Ron, his eyes glazed over as he looked down at all three of them.

Kim stretched her legs out, and pleaded “Gttmfrrrn!”

“Quiet,” Ron said in a monotone voice, “you are the prisoners of Doctor Claw, and he will decide what to do with you in due course.”

“Nnnnn,” Penny moaned as she started to come to, and then looked round.  “Uttt,” she said as she looked at Kim, who nodded quietly.

“Welcome,” a deep voice boomed out over a speaker, Penny struggling as she heard it.


“Welcome,” Doctor Claw continued, “to the results of the first trial of Project: Sublimate.  With the help of Doctor Possible, the mind control chip on Mister Stoppable has worked perfectly.  We are now ready to progress to stage two – and neither of you can do anything to stop it.”


“Come, Miss Gadget – accept defeat.”  They could hear the sound of a purring cat in the background, as they all looked at each other.

“I will talk to you shortly, once phase II has been completed – for now, relax, enjoy your last moments.”

Kim looked at Penny and her mother, and then back at Ron.


“I serve at the pleasure of Doctor Claw,” Ron said as he stared ahead, his eyes glazed and fixed.


He turned his head slowly to look at Kim.


Slowly, he walked over and squatted next to the bound and gagged Kim.



She swung her legs round and knocked Ron’s out from under him, sending him sprawling as he hit his head on the floor, and lay there dazed.

“Nsswrk,” Penny said as she and Kim worked their way round so that they were sitting back to back, and started to work on the ropes around each other’s wrists.  It took them a few minutes, but they were eventually able to free their arms, each of them untying their own legs before Kim removed her plaster gaga and then her mother’s.

“Back of his neck,” Anne said quietly as she panted, “computer chip…”

“I’m on it,” Penny said as she rolled Ron over, and saw the microchip under his hairline.  Pulling it off, she crushed it under her heel and heard Ron moan.

“Wha… What happened,” he said as he rubbed his neck.  “Kimmy – why is your mother here?  And where are we?”

“Let me guess, Mom,” Kim said as she untied her mother, “the work you were doing on behaviour modification?”

“I’m afraid so,” Anne said, “this Claw used it to…   What?”

“If you’re here,” Kim said quietly, “who served us the knockout soup?”

“The what?”

“Penny, I need to get home – can we get out of here?”

“Hang on,” Penny said as she looked at her watch, “Brain, where are you?

“You are?  Find us and open the door.”

“You got your communicator on you Ron?”

Ron nodded as he tossed it over to Kim.

“Wade?  You there?”

“Kim – where did you disappear to?”

“No time – this Claw character has some sort of mind control plan under way.  Which dignitaries are in town?”

“Give me a minute,” Wade said as the door to the room opened, and Brain walked in, Rufus jumping off his back and climbing into Ron’s pocket.

“The VP is in town – you don’t think…”

“I do – contact Doctor Director and warn her.  I need to get home – I think my family is in deadly danger.”

“On it – Penny, your uncle has been looking for you?”

“Tell him to home in on Brain’s communicator,” Penny said, “we could use his help.”

“Got it – Kim, transport is coming for you.  Make your way out – and good luck.”

“Let’s go,” Kim said as she and Ron ran out – only to face a line of M.A.D. goons.


“Oh yeah – more than ready,” Anne said as she stood beside her daughter, Penny and Ron on either side of them.

“Ten minutes to detonation.”

Anne Possible heard the knock on the front door, and stood up, walking out of the room and striding to the door, opening it and saying “Yes?”

“Say freeze,” Ron said as he fired the freeze ray, coating Anne in a thick sheet of frozen ice.  

“Let it down boys,” he said as the grappling hook dropped from the helicopter, attaching it to the block of ice and watching as they hauled it into the air and sped off.

“Where are they,” Anne said as she ran in, embracing her husband and sons before she started to untie them.

“Well, that was fun,” Penny said as she stood outside with Kim.

“Yeah – but does your uncle always make it so difficult?”

“Sadly, yes,” Penny said as she shook her head.  “Let’s do this again some time.”

“Agreed – but next time, we plan for it,” Kim said as Ron walked up.

“Hey – who’s up for chimmichungas  and that movie?”

“Sounds good – want to join us,” Kim said to Penny.

“Why not – hey, where did Brain go?”

“And Rufus for that matter?”

Behind the house, Brain and Rufus were looking at the screen of Brain’s communicator, at a grey haired man with a moustache.  He was wearing a uniform with a double M on the chest.

“Good work, Agent M, Agent D – the threat has been neutralised.  Return to your assignments.”

They both nodded, and then to each other, before going in opposite directions…
For this, you may thank :iconashfan: - he requested a crossover with Penny Gadget and Kim Possible.  But you know me - I like to throw something extra into the mix...

Penny Gadget and associated characters are (C) DIC Entertainment, all other characters are (C) Disney, and are used by way of loving tribute.
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"Why not give my OC Mina a try? Tied with rope and a stuffed cleave or OTM gag. Just the way she likes it! Maybe some suspension bondage involved."

Kicking off the second Requests All Week is :iconwing-saber: 's OC Mina, just hanging around and not seeming to mind much... she's even giving a thumbs up!

Wanted to try drawing an OC that I'd never tried before - and ended up picking two in the end. Hopefully I did her justice.
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part 1 - [link]
part 2 - [link]

Looks like this is becoming a series, with this one being part 3...

Hearing about the V-twins' kidnapping and swimsuit maidifying operation, the Crusaders decide to put a stop to it before things get worse. Yet after the previous pair of heroines were unsuccessful, more traps were put in place for the inevitable followup attempt.

Now there are five more maids, but the V-twins decided to help them stand out more by allowing them to keep the helmets and visors. Small comfort, but someone else will eventually save all the captive maids, right?

Well, there are plenty more potential rescuers out there... or potential additional captives...

Amazon Crusader by :icongunarmdyne:
Feline Crusader (with newcomer Miyuu wearing the outfit) and Gust Crusader by Girltaker
Light Crusader and Rock Crusader by :iconfiredragonkaryu:
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"How about Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Uranus tie and gagged like you had Hypergirl and Gust Crusader in this pic: [link] . Uranus was captured, Jupiter tried to save her but ends up getting tied up next to her."

Haven't drawn any Sailor Senshi in a long time, so I took up :icontoms-mark: 's request for Jupiter and Uranus to scratch that itch. Ended up realizing way too late that Jupiter's pose is way too similar to a recent pic I posted, even though they were done at separate times and using completely separate refs... guess my neurons just clicked the same way both times. On the other hand, the old Hypes/Gust pic did have identical poses, so just a strange coincidence. =o

Always glad to draw my favorite senshi (Jupiter) though, and Uranus was a first for me.
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“Good job getting that campfire started, Scooby-Doo!” praised Shaggy.  “Now I’ll just start roasting the hot dogs for our lunch!”

“Ro, Raggy, ro,” cried out Scooby-Doo in alarm.  He jumped up and grabbed his human friend with a couple of paws.

“Relax, Scooby,” Velma told him.  She was sitting nearby, pretending to read her paperback romance, but in reality watching Freddy and Daphne dancing to the music playing on the transistor radio.  The music kept repeating the same few bars over and over again, so they kept repeating the same few moves over and over again.  “A hot dog is just a frankfurter, or a wiener!  You’ve eaten them hundreds of times!”

“Re-he-he-he-he-he!” laughed Scooby-Doo.  He and Shaggy each put a few hot dogs on long sticks, which they then held over the fire, Scooby-Doo using his tail to hold his stick.

“There is this story that the phrase ‘hot dog’ was coined by cartoonist Tad Dorgan in 1906, when he substituted ‘dog’ for ‘dachshund’ because he couldn’t spell the word,” explained Velma, “but later it was discovered that Yale students had been using that term back in the 1890’s---”

“Gosh, Velma,” interrupted Daphne as she and Freddy walked over, “just because we’re here to meet Professor Aubergine that doesn’t mean we’re back in school!”

“And that must be him now!” announced Freddy, pointing to a navy blue van with “STATE COLLEGE” printed on the sides that was slowing driving along the dusty dirt road towards them.

“Hello, Mr. Jones,” the professor greeted Freddy, after having parked his vehicle.  Dr. Egbert Aubergine was an elderly man with a mop of white hair.  He was dressed in a tweed jacket, rumpled trousers, and a bow tie which was always crooked.  “I believe you know my research assistant, Sharon Weatherby?”

“Yes, Sharon is a good friend of ours,” agreed Freddy.  “We rescued her from her wicked Uncle Stewart one time.”

“I was all tied up, and everything,” Sharon explained with a shudder.  She had long nut-brown hair, and wore a blue dress.  She stepped forward to get a hug from Freddy, but before she could she discovered that Daphne was blocking the way.

“It’s really good to see you again, Sharon,” the pretty redhead told her, and then, seeing that Sharon was trying to get around her, took a sideways step to keep pace.  “Hey, Freddy, don’t you think you’d better help the professor get his equipment out of the van?”

“I’ll get right on it!” exclaimed Freddy, as he hurried away, and opened the van’s rear doors.  “So, Professor, you are still determined to photograph some of the wildlife here in State Park, then?”

“I certainly am,” he agreed, as he held up a large camera.  “Especially the elusive Smallhand, who, I’m sure, is some sort of distant cousin of Bigfoot!  It’s not every day, you know, that a brand-new humanoid creature just suddenly shows up in nature!  The dean at the college scoffed at my suggestion this gentle woodland giant is real, and not just a hoax, but he’ll have to eat his words when I bring back proof of its existence!”

“Um, I could use a little help here,” hinted Freddy, as he started lifting some boxes.

“Oh, how thoughtless of me, Freddy,” replied Sharon, as she hurried over.  “I’ll help you with that!”

“Me too!  Me too!” shouted Daphne as she followed.  “Here, I’ll carry this,” she announced as she picked up a long electric extension cord, and then, “Oops!” as she dropped most of it on the ground.  She took a step forward to pick it up, but tripped instead.

“Eek!” she exclaimed as she tumbled down a small embankment, the cord wrapping around her as she did so.

“That’s danger-prone Daphne for you,” observed Velma.

“Mpfff,” replied Daphne from the bottom of the small ravine where she was thrashing about.  The cord was completely wrapped around her, binding her legs together, and pinning her arms against her side.  Some had also crossed her open mouth, effectively cleave-gagging her.  “Mpfff,” she repeated.

Freddy hurried down to her assistance.  “Daphne, stop struggling like that!” he ordered.  “The more you do, the more tangled it gets, and electric cord is almost impossible to unravel.  Here, Velma, could you give me a hand with this?”

Velma gave a dramatic sigh, and put down her book.  “It’s pretty amazing, really,” she observed, “how Daphne can get herself into these sorts of situations.  I mean, even when no one is trying to, she still manages to get tied up!”  Despite her words, though, she went to work helping Freddy, and they eventually managed to get their friend free once again.

“Ms. Blake!” the professor severely greeted Daphne when she embarrassedly returned to the van,  “you are supposed to be here to help me and thus receive some extra credit for your slipping biology grades, not to fool around like this!”

“Yes, professor,” agreed Daphne meekly.  “I promise it won’t happen again.”

“See that it doesn’t!” he huffed, and then directed the young people to spread out, and start the process of setting up his delicate scientific equipment.
“Mpfff,” said Daphne.

She was standing with her back against an tall wooden pole that ran from the floor up to the ceiling.  Her arms had been drawn straight back, with her wrists tied together behind the pole.  Another length of rope repeatedly crisscrossed her legs, tying them to the pole.  Finally, a large bandanna served as her gag.

“Mpfff,” said Sharon, who was tied up in a similar fashion to another pole a couple feet away, so that she and Daphne were standing side-by-side.  She glanced over at her fellow-captive, and then down at the ground in alarm, for between them there was an old mechanical clock, attached by wires to a detonator and a couple sticks of dynamite.

The door to the log cabin in which they were imprisoned suddenly burst open, as Velma, who had, quite by accident, stumbled across the old building, made her way in.  Unfortunately, before she had had a chance to see her two friends, the heavy door swung back, knocking her glasses off her face,  and causing them to dart across the floor.  “My glasses!  I can’t see a thing without my glasses!” she complained, as she got on her hands and knees, and started feeling about on the floor.

“Mpfff!” Daphne and Sharon said together.

“Oh!” exclaimed Velma, as she looked up, and saw two blurry figures.  “Is that you, Shaggy and Scooby?”


“Is that your stomachs I hear rumbling?” she asked them.  “I don’t see how you two could be hungry already, after having eaten all those hot dogs earlier, which, by the way, were supposed to be for all of us!”


“You know, if you guys would actually respond when I say something then we could have a conversation,” scolded Velma, as she continued to grope about for her missing glasses.  “I think it’s very rude the way you’re just standing there ignoring me, especially since I’m really in a bind here, and need your help!”


“I hate to say it, but your behavior is starting to really tick me off, and … oh, and what’s this?” asked Velma, as she discovered the clock.  She picked it up, and jiggled it for a minute, causing it to stop working.

“Whew!” exclaimed Daphne and Sharon, at least, as well as their gags allowed them to.

“Oh, did I break this?” asked Velma, concerned.  She jiggled it around again, and it quickly resumed its ticking.  “There, that’s better!”


“The time is completely wrong too,” Velma observed, as she felt the hands.  “Here, let me just move them forward….”


“Look out, Velma!  It’s a bomb!” shouted Freddy, who, followed by Shaggy and Scooby-Doo, had suddenly entered the log cabin.  He raced forward, and snatched up the clock, detonator, and dynamite, and hurled them all out the window.  Two seconds later there was a terrific explosion that rocked the forest.

“…and when Sharon and I entered this log cabin,” explained Daphne a few minutes later, “we saw somebody putting on the head of a Smallhand costume!  And then he turned around, and realized we had seen him, and he gave a really loud roar, and then tied both of us up!  And then he set up the bomb.”

“We only saw him from behind,” continued Sharon, “but it must have been the professor.  He hasn’t done any productive research in a while now, and I’m afraid that he decided he needed to fake this whole Smallhand business to salvage his career.  And then he tried to eliminate Daphne and me to prevent his secret from getting out.”

“And that’s the part that doesn’t make any sense,” objected Velma.  “I mean, how was it possible for two active young women to be overpowered by one frail old man?”

“That’s not important,” interjected Freddy quickly as Daphne and Sharon mumbled incoherent responses.  “The important thing is that they’re both safe.  And what we need to do now is expose the professor, by catching him while he’s actually wearing the Smallhand costume.”

“Like, how do we do that?” asked Shaggy.

“Shaggy, I’m glad you asked me that,” replied Freddy, as he laid a hand on his eccentric friend’s shoulder.  “You see, if the professor sees you dressed up as Smallhand then his scientific curiosity will get the better of him, and he’ll chase after you, and you can lead him into a trap that the rest of us will devise.”

“Like, that sounds like a really great plan, and everything, and I’d really like to go along with it,” lied Shaggy with a nervous laugh, “but, darn it all, it won’t work since we don’t have a Smallhand costume.”

“No, but there are a few old bearskins here,” announced Velma, as she held one up.  “They won’t make a real good disguise, but we’ll find some way to attach them to you, and you’ll only have to fool him for a little bit.”

“But, like, we don’t even know where to find him,” objected Shaggy, beginning to feel a bit desperate.

“Not a problem,” replied Freddy, as he held up a small swatch of black-and-white cloth.  “Lucky for us, this piece of cloth somehow got torn off the imposter’s clothing while he was in here.  I’ll just let Scooby take a sniff of this, and then he can follow his trail out of here.  Can’t you, Scooby?”

“Yeah, yeah,” agreed Scooby-Doo.

“Wait a minute, Scoob,” said Shaggy, “aren’t you forgetting that you caught a summer cold, and now you can’t smell a thing?”

“Huh?” asked Scooby-Doo, and then, catching on, “Yeah, yeah, rummer rold.  Ran’t rell ra ring,” he explained as he pointed to his nose.

“Scooby!” exclaimed Freddy.

“Gosh, Scooby, it’s too bad you’ve got a cold,” said Daphne, “because I just happen to have a box of the new and improved Scooby Snacks right here.  But you shouldn’t eat them if you’re sick.”

“Rall retter!” announced Scooby-Doo, by which he meant, “All better!”  He hurried over to Daphne’s side, and swallowed a mouthful from her hand.  He then sniffed the cloth Freddy was carrying.  “Ris ray!” he announced, and waved with a paw, as he started leading his friends through the forest.

“Scooby, you traitor!” accused Shaggy, but, as he was more afraid of being left alone than meeting Smallhand, he reluctantly slouched along behind.

“Like, maybe a camper left out a picnic basket,” said Shaggy hopefully as he and his friends passed by some picnic tables.

“What are you talking about?” asked Sharon in bewilderment.  “We’re trying to solve this Smallhand mystery, and all you can think about are abandoned picnic baskets?  I think those bearskins you’re wearing must be affecting you.”

“No, he’s like this all the time,” sighed Velma.

“Gosh, someone’s running this way!” observed Daphne.

In fact, it was several people.  “Run for your lives!” a frightened tourist shouted at them as he and his companions raced by.  “Smallhand’s on the rampage!”

“Zoiks!  Smallhand!” cried out Shaggy in terror, as he quickly shimmied up a nearby tree.

“Rallhand!” echoed Scooby-Doo, who, momentarily forgetting that he could not climb trees, followed his human friend up into the foliage.

“Shaggy!  Scooby!  Get back down here!” ordered Freddy angrily.

“Never mind them!” Velma told him, as she picked up a long length of rope.  “C’mon Daphne, Sharon!  Take a hold of this, and we’ll stretch it out here.  Then when Smallhand comes out we’ll trip him, and tie him up!”

“Oh, you mean like this?” Sharon and Daphne asked almost simultaneously, as each picked up an end of the rope.

“No, wait, you’re doing it all wrong!” corrected Velma, but it was too late.  With a mighty roar a furry creature burst into sight, and right through the rope the three damsels were holding.  There was a moment of confusion, and then, when the dust settled…

“Daphne!  Velma!  Sharon!” exclaimed Freddy.  “You were supposed to tie up Smallhand, not get tied up yourselves!”

Daphne, Velma, and Sharon were all standing shoulder-to-shoulder in a triangle, with the rope circling around and around them, so that they were hopelessly tied together.  “Daphne!  I told you that you weren’t holding that rope correctly,” accused Velma as the trio struggled to get free.

“It’s not my fault,” replied Daphne, as she twisted a bit from side to side.  This slightly loosened the rope that was binding her, but in the process tightened it around Velma and Sharon.  “I’m sure I was holding it right.  It must all be Sharon’s fault!”

“It’s not my fault either,” retorted Sharon angrily.  “This was all Velma’s stupid plan, so it’s her fault.”

“It doesn’t matter who’s fault it is,” explained Freddy, looking in alarm at Smallhand who was advancing towards him.  He glared at his adversary.  “I’m not afraid of you!”

“RARR!” answered Smallhand.

“Well, maybe I am, just a little,” conceded Freddy as he took a step backwards.

“What’s going on?” complained Sharon, who had her back to the scene.  “I can’t see!  Here, Daphne, move over, will you?”

“Ouch!  Quit it, Sharon!” answered Daphne.  “Stop pushing me.”

“But I can’t see what’s going on,” repeated Sharon as she continued pushing against Daphne, and then, “there, now I can see!”

“Yes, but now I can’t!” complained Velma.  “What’s happening?”

“Like, it sure is lucky for us that we’re safe up here, isn’t it Scoob?” asked Shaggy.

“Yeah, yeah!” Scooby-Doo agreed, and then, crack!, the large branch they were crouching upon suddenly snapped under their weight, and crashed to the earth, right on top of Smallhand, pinning him to the earth.

“RARR!” roared Smallhand, but he was hopelessly trapped.

“That serves you right, professor!” announced Freddy as he took a step forward.

“What serves me right?” asked Professor Auvergine as he stepped into the clearing, followed by a uniformed law officer.

“Professor Auvergine!  But if you’re right there, then who’s inside this costume?” asked Freddy in bewilderment.

“That’s what I want to know!” he replied.  “I was studying some of the photographs, and I realized he was a fake!  So I went and summoned the sheriff.  Impersonating a mysterious creature is a serious criminal offense, you know!  Isn’t that right?”

“Well, I don’t know about that,” replied the sheriff, “but it’s pretty clear there’s something mighty suspicious going on around here, and I intend to find out what!”

“Right!” agreed Freddy.  He walked over to Smallhand, and pulled off the mask.

“Uncle Stewart!” exclaimed Sharon.

The sheriff perked up immediately.  “Well, well!” he announced.  “Stewart Weatherby!  I heard that he escaped from prison.  But I had no idea he was behind this whole Smallhand business!  It sure it lucky you all captured him”

“Uncle Stewart!  Why did you this?” pleaded Sharon, but her uncle only held down his head in shame.

“I think I have a pretty good idea,” explained Freddy.  “After he escaped from prison, he made his way here.  He then made up this whole Smallhand hoax to scare away any campers from this site, so he would have a base of operations from which he could launch his revenge against Sharon, and us too, for having sent him to prison in the first place!  His chance came earlier than he expected, though, when he discovered we had suddenly shown up here!”

“That sounds about right,” agreed the sheriff, as he snapped the handcuffs on Stewart Weatherby.  “Come along now!  It’s back to prison for you!”

“Well, that’s the last of your equipment, Professor!” announced Freddy as he closed the rear doors of the college van.  “Too bad the Smallhand thing didn’t work out.”

“Well, that is a disappointment,” admitted Professor Auvergine, “but I just heard a startling report that there have been sightings of a huge aquatic animal in some lake over in Wales!  So I’m off right away to investigate it!”  He opened the van door.  “Well, come along Ms. Weatherby,” he ordered testily.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Professor,” Sharon replied, “but I’ve decided I’d rather stay here, and help my friends solve mysteries!”

“What?!” exclaimed Daphne and Velma.

“What, indeed!” retorted the professor.  “Are you telling me, young lady, that you’re willing to forgo this unparalleled opportunity to be a member of the scientific team that definitively establishes that natural processes have contrived to re-evolve the dinosaur, which is indubitably what this creature will prove to be upon further examination?”

“Like, what did he just say?” asked Shaggy.

“I’m sorry, Professor,” replied Sharon, “but I had a really fun time here with my friends, and I realize now that I want to spend more time with them.”

“Gosh, Sharon, I think the professor really needs your help,” said Daphne, “and I really think it would be a good idea if you went along with him.  In fact, I insist you do.”

“No, no,” Sharon answered,  “I’m definitely staying here, and … Daphne!  Velma!  Stop tying me mpfff!”

“I just wonder where you the idea, Sharon,” remarked Velma conversationally, as she and Daphne lifted their bound and gagged captive, and carried her to the front passenger’s seat of the van, where they buckled her in, “that someone so insufferably cute like yourself could just show up, and decide to join our gang!”

“Mpfff,” replied Sharon furiously.

“Well, thanks for your help, Ms. Dinkley, Ms. Blake,” acknowledged the professor as he climbed into the van.  “Really, I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have Ms. Weatherby around to help me.”

“And if you’ll take our advice,” suggested Daphne, “you’ll keep her tied up until you arrive in Wales!”

“Mpfff!” protested Sharon.

“That I will!” agreed the professor eagerly.  He started the engine.  “Well, good-bye, everybody!”

“Good-bye!  Good-bye!” shouted Freddy, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby-Doo.  They continued waving good-bye until the navy-blue van disappeared from view.
Sharon Weatherby and her Uncle Stewart are actual characters who appeared in an episode entitled “What the Hex Going On?” And yes, Sharon really did get tied up in that episode, although it is a very brief scene. Professor Aubergine is my own creation.

When I decided to write another Scooby-Doo fan fiction I wanted to keep the idea I used in my first story, which was to have Daphne get tied up over and over again, but I added to that by having Sharon get bound and gagged up as well, since I thought she made quite a charming damsel in distress. Of course, Velma has to get trussed up too.

I tried to insert of a few standards from the earlier Scooby-Doo episodes which I had not used in my first story. The first one that came to mind was how blind (and, strangely enough, hard of hearing) Velma becomes whenever she loses her glasses, which is pretty often. Another one was the amateur detectives showing up the local sheriff.

One other feature I tried to put in was the hint of romantic entanglement between the main characters. When I was young and watched the early cartoons I always assumed that Daphne was Freddy’s girlfriend, and that Velma was Shaggy’s girlfriend. Nowadays I am not so sure about that, but I do believe that Daphne would like Freddy to notice her. While he is sometimes shown as dancing with her, there are no other indications that he thinks of her as being anything other than a friend. That was in the back of my mind, and may be a helpful bit of information to the reader in understanding why Daphne acts the way she does in my story.
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The strains of bubblegum pop filled the malt shop where Freddy, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and (despite the No Dogs Allowed sign in the window) Scooby-Doo himself were enjoying an after-school snack, and trying to think of any spooky buildings in the area which they had not yet explored, for these amateur sleuths were always on the lookout for a new mystery to solve.

“Like, the only mystery right now is what we’re going to play next on the jukebox,” announced Shaggy as the music stopped.  “C’mon, Scoob, help me choose which groovy tune we’ll listen to now!”

“Yeah, yeah!” agreed Scooby-Doo, as he walked over to the Rock-ola with his scruffy friend, and Freddy and Velma came along as well, leaving Daphne alone at the counter with Mr. Martin, the kindly proprietor.

“Business sure is bad these days,” he told her sadly, “I can remember when this place was full of young people from wall to wall, but now, if it weren’t for you and your friends, I don’t think I could make ends meet.”

“Gosh, Mr. Martin,” the pretty redhead replied, “I’m really sorry to hear that, because I and the rest of the gang really like to hang out here.  Is there anything we could do to help?”

“Well, I do have an idea to increase business,” Mr. Martin confided, “but, um, excuse me, I need to check my supply of strawberry ice cream in the back freezer!”

“Well, he’s acting pretty strange,” thought Daphne, as she watched him scurry away.  She frowned, and took a sip of her ‘triple-thick!’ milkshake.  Her mind was still pondering his odd behavior, so that she was completely unaware of the stealthy figure who was sneaking up behind her.

“I like this one, C-7” announced Freddy as he made a selection at the jukebox, causing “Sugar, Sugar,” by the Archies to start playing.  “Hey, Daphne,” he exclaimed as he turned around, “is there anything… Daphne!  What happened?”

“What is it, Freddy?  What has klutzy Daphne done this time?”  asked Velma, as she hurried over with him, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo following behind.  “Honestly, can’t we go anywhere without her getting tied up?”

“Mpfff,” explained Daphne.

“Is something wrong?” asked Mr. Martin as he hurried out of the freezer.  “Daphne!  Tied up, and here in my shop!”

Yes, Daphne was tied up again.  She was still seated on her bar stool by the counter, with her half-finished shake in front of her. Rope had been used to tie her ankles together, and more used to hold them against the base of the stool.  Her arms had been drawn behind her back so that her elbows touched, held in position by more loops.  Her wrists were also bound together, and a strand ran down from those knots to the base of the stool.  This connecting bit of rope was quite short, actually, so that Daphne’s back was arched inward, forcing her head to face up towards the ceiling, where all she could see was the overhead fan as it whirled around and around.

Although she had been expertly and quickly tied, her gag consisted of nothing more than a bandana which covered her mouth and nose, and draped down across her throat.  “Mpfff!” she exclaimed.

“You know, Daphne, you’re not really gagged all that well, and you should be able to talk a little, especially with all the experience you’ve had,” scolded Velma, as she helped Freddy with the untying.

“I don’t see why you’re making such a fuss about this,” replied Daphne, “I seem to remember that you got tied up yourself on our last mystery.”

“Yeah, but I get tied up reasonably often,” retorted Velma.  “I mean, any spunky damsel who goes about having adventures knows she’s going to get bound and gagged from time to time, but really, Daphne, with you it’s always; I mean, you were just sitting in a malt shop, our backs turned on you for only two seconds!”

“Please don’t fight,” begged Shaggy.  “Like, why don’t you two cool down by buying us all another round of shakes?”

“Ranother round rof rakes!” agreed Scooby-Doo, as he licked his lips, and wagged his tail.

“Why don’t you tell us what happened?” suggested Freddy, as the leader of the group.  He sat down next to Daphne, and ordered a Vanilla Milkshake, “and whatever else my friends want,” he added.

“Well,” explained Daphne, “I was just sitting here by myself when suddenly I was grabbed from behind, and the next thing I knew I was all tied up!”

“But do you know why you were tied up?” asked Freddy.

“The person said something like, ‘Don’t you and your friends take it into your heads to investigate the mysterious Screamer over at Curdle’s Dairy, or else!’”

“Or, gulp, or else, like what?” asked Shaggy.

“He didn’t say,” answered Daphne.

“Well, I’ve never heard of there being any Screamer there,” said Velma skeptically.

“Like, maybe he just moved in,” suggested Shaggy.

“Something’s going on out there,” declared Freddy, “and we’re going to find out what.”  He paused for dramatic effect.  “Well, gang, it looks like we’ve got another mystery on our hands!”

“Well, here we are, gang,” announced Freddy as he pulled the Mystery Machine to a stop in front of the aging abandoned milk processing plant.

“Gosh, it doesn’t look very inviting,” observed Daphne.

“Like, could you maybe drive the van back to the malt shop?” asked Shaggy.  “I think I forgot something.”

“What did you forget?” demanded  Freddy.

“I forgot to stay there,” he explained.

“Re-he-he-he-he-he!” laughed Scooby-Doo.

“Come on, you two,” ordered Velma as she opened the rear doors.  “There are no such things as ghosts and monsters.”

“Yeah, but do the ghosts and monsters know that?” asked Shaggy.

Freddy, meanwhile, had walked up the stairs to the enormous double-doors at the entrance to the old building, and was pounding on one of them with an antique doorknocker shaped like an angry bull.  “There doesn’t seem to be anyone here,” he announced brightly, just before they swung open of their own accord.

“G-g-g-ghosts!” exclaimed Shaggy as he jumped into Scooby-Doo’s arms, and “R-r-r-rhosts!” exclaimed Scooby-doo as he jumped into Velma’s arms.

“Knock it off, you clowns!” she exclaimed, opening her arms and causing Shaggy and Scooby to crash onto the sidewalk.  “The doors just opened because Freddy was knocking on them.”

“Oh, yeah,” giggled Shaggy, “like, I knew that.”

“Yeah, yeah,” agreed Scooby-Doo, “Ri rew rat!”

“I wonder why this monster is called the Screamer?” mused Freddy as he stepped inside.

“LEAVE THIS PLACE AT ONCE!” screamed a disembodied voice in reply.

“Zoiks!  Like, no point in overstaying our welcome, Scoob,” announced Shaggy, as he and his canine friend turned to run out the door.  They had to move their legs back and forth for a few seconds before they could actually move, though, and in the meantime Freddy had reached out and grabbed Shaggy’s shirt, and Scooby’s tail, and thus kept them from retreating.


“Oh, yeah?  That’s what you think!” she replied, as she followed the directions, and stamped her foot on the ground on that new spot, just before “Eek!” a trapdoor opened beneath her, and down she went!

“We need to split up and search for Daphne,” Freddy announced.  “Shaggy, you and Scooby-Doo search the Cheese Vault, while Velma and I go into the Yogurt Room.”

“Well, Scoob, look on the bright side,” said Shaggy, as they parted from their friends.  “Like, maybe there are some leftover cheeses in here.  I sure could go for a snack right about now!”

“Rum, rum!” enthused Scooby-Doo.

Considering the plant had been inoperational for many years that seemed rather unlikely, so when they opened the door….


Yes, it was the screamer, all right.  He wearing a large purple poncho, so that all the terrified duo could see of him were his black patent leather shoes, and his hideous face.  And what a face it was, too!  In the front where there should have been his mouth, nose, and eyes, there was instead one single enormous bloodshot eye, that seemed to be glaring at them.

“GET OUT!  GET OUT!” he repeated.

“Zoiks!” exclaimed Shaggy, as he and Scooby-Doo raced out, followed by the monster.  At that precise instant Freddy, who had in the meantime discovered the facility’s PA system, turned it on, and, as it was connected to an oldies radio station, it started broadcasting “My Boyfriend’s Back” by the Angels throughout the entire building.

Run, run, run, went Shaggy and Scooby-Doo, followed by the monster, all the while accompanied by the music that continued to play over the PA system.  “ROAR!” went the screamer as he chased them about, causing Shaggy to wonder how a monster with no mouth could scream so often and so loudly.  He and Scooby-Doo lost the Screamer, found him again, and then lost him again.  And then the Screamer found Freddy and Velma, and started chasing them instead.

“Whew!  I think we lost him!” announced Freddy as he and Velma dashed back into the PA control room, where they noticed Shaggy and Scooby-Doo cowering in fright.

“Come on out you two,” scolded Velma as she switched off the PA system just as the song ended.  “There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

“If there’s nothing to be afraid of, then what’s making that thumping sound?” asked Shaggy.

“What thumping sound?  I don’t hear any….  Jinkies!  You’re right!  Something is making a thumping sound!” she exclaimed.

“Whatever it is, it’s getting closer!” observed Freddy.

Thump, thump, thump!

“Gotcha!” exclaimed Freddy, as he jumped out and grabbed the mysterious figure.

“Mpfff,” replied Daphne.

“Daphne, it’s you!  Where have you been?” demanded Velma.

“Mpfff,” explained Daphne.

What had happened is that when she had fallen down the trap door earlier she had had the wind knocked out of her.  While she was not hurt from the fall, she was momentarily dazed, and so the Screamer had been able to tie her arms behind her back, and her legs together; and then gagged her with another large bandana over her face, before leaving to deal with the other intruders.

Daphne remembered what Velma had told her earlier about her gag.  “She said I should be able to talk, at least a little,” she reflected, so she tried saying “She sells seashells by the seashore,” but all that came out was “Mpfff, mpfff.”  “And anyhow, now that I think about it,” she thought, “the last time Velma got tied up she was gagged this exact same way, and she couldn’t talk any better either.  So she was probably just making that up.”

That cheered her up a little, so she then thought about what she could do to get out of her current situation.  “Although I’m tied up, I’m not actually tied to anything,” she realized, “so I can probably manage to hop a bit.”  She bent her knees, and managed to move forward a couple of inches.  “That’ll work!”

It was slow going, but bit by bit she managed to creep along.  Climbing up the stairs back to the main floor proved to be a real challenge, “But I’m not giving up!” she told herself firmly, and, somehow or the other, she managed it.  She then heard her friends’ voices, and hurried (more or less) over to them, thump, thump, thump!

“Very interesting,” observed Velma as she helped Freddy untie Daphne.  “Apparently this Screamer wants to keep you here, while frightening the rest of us away!”

“That’s right!” agreed Freddy.  “But now that we’ve rescued Daphne we’re going to turn the tables on him.  I’ve got a plan.  I’m going to need you,” he said, speaking to Shaggy, “and Scooby to put on this cow costume I found, and then, when you lure him here, I’ll lasso him with this rope.”

“Like, no way man,” Shaggy told him.  “Ain’t gonna happen.  No way, no how.  Isn’t that right, Scooby?”

“Ro ray!” agreed Scooby-Doo.

“Oh, come on, you guys,” pleaded Velma, as she produced a small box from underneath her voluminous sweater.  “Would you do it for a Scooby Snack?  How about… two Scooby snacks?”

“Two Scooby Snacks for each of us!” agreed Shaggy, and, when Scooby-Doo nodded his head in agreement, Velma tossed each of them a couple of the delightful doggy treats, which were immediately swallowed with gusto.

“Just slip this on,” ordered Freddy, and Shaggy put on the head of the cow, while Scooby-Doo donned the rear, which two parts Freddy quickly fastened together.  “Now, go find him!” he ordered.

“Scooby, how do we ever get ourselves into these sorts of situations?” asked Shaggy as the two of them wandered down a dusty hallway.  “I mean….”

“LEAVE AT ONCE!” screamed the Screamer, as he suddenly jumped out in front of them.

“Zoiks!  Let’s scram, Scoob!”

Scooby-Doo, being able to run faster than Shaggy, led the way, creating the effect of a cow running backwards.  Unfortunately, he could not see where he was going, so he was constantly banging into the walls and pieces of old equipment as he lead Shaggy and the Screamer along.

“No, Scooby!” cried out Daphne when she spotted the pair approaching, but it was too late.  He bumped into her, sending her sprawling into the Screamer, so that, when Freddy released the lasso, instead of capturing the Screamer he neatly laced up Daphne instead.

“Daphne!  This is the third time you’ve been tied up today!” exclaimed Velma.

“Well, at least I’m not gagged this time,” she replied.  “And, oh yeah, I wanted to talk to you about that…”

“Oh, oh,” groaned the Screamer.

“Daphne!  When you bumped into him you knocked him out cold!  Good job!” announced Freddy.

“Oh, yeah, I did, didn’t I?” she replied happily.  “In that case, I did it on purpose, then.”

“And now, let’s see who he is!” declared Freddy, as he pulled off the rubber mask.

“Mr. Martin!” everyone exclaimed in surprise.

“Oh, Mr. Martin, how could you?” reproached Daphne.  “I thought you were a nice old man!  Nice old men don’t go around tying up sweet young damsels!”

“I’m really sorry,” said Mr. Martin, looking completely miserable, “but if you’d just let me explain….”

“Yes, Mr. Martin,” Freddy told him, “we want to hear your explanation.”

“Well, as you know, business at the Malt Shop has been very bad for quite a while now.  So I came up with a plan to improve business, but it needed your help.  I thought that maybe if I could just speak to Daphne first I could convince her, and then she could convince the rest of you.  So I tied her up in the Malt Shop, and gave her that message about not coming here, since I knew that would make you come at once.  Then I tied her up here, and tried to frighten the rest of you away.  But that last part didn’t work.”

“Like, of course it didn’t” said Shaggy, “because we know there’s no such thing as ghosts and monsters.  Isn’t that right, Scoob?”

“Yeah, yeah!” Scooby-Doo agreed.

“Gosh, Mr. Martin,” said Daphne, “if you wanted to talk to me alone you could have just asked me.  But what is that plan of yours to save the Malt Shop?”

“Yes, that’s what I’ve been wondering,” said Velma.

“You see, back when this plant was operational I used to buy all my ice cream from here,” explained Mr. Martin, “and when I did I had the best tasting milkshakes in the world!  So, when I heard that the owners of this building were willing to sell it cheap, I bought it to put it back into business again.  With the fabulous ice cream this place makes, my Malt Shop should be full of customers once again!”

“That sounds like a great plan!” enthused Freddy.  “But what does it have to do with us?”

“Unfortunately, the start-up costs are too high for me,” Mr. Martin replied sadly.  “But I know you have received a lot of reward money from having captured so many criminals, so I thought you could be my investors in this project.”

“Well, I can’t think of a better use of our money than that!” announced Freddy.  “Isn’t that right, gang”

“Gosh, yes,” agreed Daphne, “now that I realize you had a really good reason for tying me up, Mr. Martin, I’m glad to help.”

“Me too!” said Shaggy.

“Re roo!” echoed Scooby-Doo.

“Well, I’m not going too,” declared Velma.  “Honestly, throwing away our hard-earned cash on some run-down dairy that went out of business for what must have been a good reason?  Forget it!  I’m investing my money in my uncle’s ascot factory.  He told me that fashionable neckware is poised to make a comeback.  If you guys were smart you’d get in on this, too.”

“Gosh, Velma,” said Daphne as she finally wriggled out of the lasso, which she now held in her hand, “are you sure you won’t change your mind about that?”

“Absolutely not!” she declared.  “There’s no way I’d… Daphne!  What are you doing?  Stop tying me up!  Mpfff!  Mpfff!”

“I knew it!” exclaimed Daphne.  “I knew you couldn’t really say anything other than ‘Mpfff, mpfff!’ if you were gagged with a bandana across your mouth.”  She turned towards Mr. Martin.  “She was just fooling with you,” she explained.  “Actually, I’m sure
Velma really is very anxious to help you with her money.  Aren’t you, Velma?”

“Well, but she seems to be shaking her head no,” replied Mr. Martin dubiously.

“That’s just to tell you there’s NO way she’d refuse to help you.”

“Oh, well, in that case,” said Mr. Martin happily, “thank you all very much!  And, when I get things going, be sure to come by for the Grand Reopening of my Malt Shop!”

“Oh, no!  Daphne’s tied up again!” exclaimed Freddy as he hurried back to the booth in the Malt Shop that the gang was using.

“She’s not tied up; she’s taped up,” corrected Velma.

“Mpfff,” replied Daphne.

“Like, the tape that’s binding her looks just like the duct tape sticking out of your purse, Velma,” observed Shaggy.

“That’s just a completely meaningless coincidence,” snapped Velma as she quickly closed her bag.

“Mpfff,” disagreed Daphne.

“And here’s your order!” brightly announced Mr. Martin, arriving at the booth.  “Thanks for coming!  But I don’t understand why you’re the only ones here.  I was so sure that with my new ice cream that this place would be packed.”

“Maybe the problem wasn’t the ice cream,” hinted Velma.  “Maybe what you really need to do is update this place a bit.”

“Although we really like the selection in your jukebox,” Freddy explained, “not all the other people our age are quite as hip as we are about music from the ‘60’s, so perhaps they’d rather listen to something a little more modern.”

“Well, I had thought about that,” admitted Mr. Martin, “but the thing is, I have to listen to the music all day long, every day, so I’d rather have music that I like.  Besides, although the Malt Shop’s reopening isn’t going very well, the dairy is doing fabulous, so I can afford to run this place at a loss.”

“Like, I know what I think is fabulous,” announced Shaggy as he squirted some mustard onto his French fries.  “It’s this triple-decker hamburger with boysenberry jam and sauerkraut!  I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it!”

“Shaggy, you must have a cast-iron stomach,” said Velma.

Scooby-Doo, though, looked at the hamburger enviously.  “Raggy, rook rout!” he suddenly shouted as he randomly pointed with a paw.  “Ra rhost!”

“Zoiks!  A ghost!” his terrified friend exclaimed, and without even thinking to look he dropped the hamburger and dived under the table.

“Rum, rum!” exclaimed the Great Dane, as he wolfed down the hamburger, and the fries on the platter next to it as well.

“Scooby, you tricked me!” accused Shaggy as he crawled back out.

“Re-he-he-he-he-he-he,” laughed Scooby-Doo, and since everyone else thought it was funny too they all joined in his laughter, and while they did so he exclaimed, “Scooby-Dooby-Doo!”
I noticed that Daphne is quite a popular Damsel in Distress here on DA, so I decided to write a Scooby-Doo fan-fiction about her. Perhaps it is because I have seen her bound and gagged in so many different poses, or perhaps it is because she has a reputation for constantly getting captured, but whatever the reason, I decided to do something a little different in this story; instead of having her get tied up for a prolonged period of time, I had the idea of having her get tied up over and over again.

The Scooby-Doo cartoons have changed a bit over the years. What I tried to do was capture the spirit of the earliest ones which aired in the late ‘60’s and early ‘70’s (and, in case it is not clear, I meant for this story to take place in the present, although Scooby and the gang act as if they were living back in that time). Of course, I added some of my own touches as well. For instance, if this were an actual episode, then at the end the Malt Shop’s reopening would have been a rousing success. I just thought my version made for a better read.
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Four Damsel in Distress stories, each exactly 100 words in length, not including the titles.  Following, as a bonus feature, a 200-word Damsel in Distress story.

Knotty Jacki and Jill Went up the Hill

Once upon a time there were two country damsels named Jacqueline (Jacki) and Gillian (Jill) who went up the hill to fetch some pails of corn whiskey.  Standing by the still, though, was someone unexpected.

"Hey, baby," The Wolf greeted them in turn, as he measured out rope in his paws.  "Care for a game of Revenuers and Moonshiners?"

Carry heavy buckets up and down or play with Wolfy?  That was an easy decision!  With cries of delight, Jacki and Jill tossed their pails back down the hill.  Minutes later, The Wolf had them gagged and restrained in inescapable ties.

Not Tight Enough

Finally!  After much effort, Caz managed to wriggle a hand free from the ropes binding her.  One hand was all she needed, too.  She pulled away the scarf gagging her and then reached over silently, running her fingers across David's stomach, catching him completely unaware.

David burst out laughing, of course, twisting suddenly to avoid her.  "Stop that," he somehow stammered out as he grabbed her hand.

"Oh, no," disagreed Caz, slipping free of his grasp to resume her actions.  "If you don't want me tickling you then you're going to have to tie me up much better than that!"

A Cliché in Action

"Will Cooper, your daring rescue of your bound and gagged fiancée from that villain has impressed us all," stated television reporter Trixie Nixon in her honeyed voice.  "Indeed, it seemed completely impossible, and yet you thought up such a brilliant plan!  Did you ever doubt yourself?"

"I never doubted him for a second," said Julie Carter, the rescued damsel, speaking for her fiancé.  "I knew my hero would think of something to make his way past all those traps and hazards and stuff to get to me.  After all, everyone knows the saying, 'Where there's a Will, there's a way!'"

The Scooby Script

"This old mansion is, like, really creepy!" shuddered Shaggy.

"Ryeah, rreally rcreepy!" agreed Scooby, shaking.

"Leave now!" ordered an invisible voice, "or face the wrath of the Binder!"

"The Binder?  Oh, no!" gasped Daphne, and then, "Freddie!  Velma!  Why are you tying me up?"

"Danger Prone Daphne," replied Velma, tying a scarf over her friend's mouth, "if we're facing a monster named the Binder, then, let's face it, we all know exactly what's going to end up happening to you."

Freddie tightened the knot holding the pretty redhead's wrists.  "So, we may as well get it over with," he sighed.

The Halloween Damsel
(200 words)

"It's the Halloween Bunny!"

"I never heard of the Halloween Bunny before," said Morty, "but come in, Kitty."

"Thanks, I will," decided Kitty.  She wasn't wearing her usual blue bunny girl outfit, but one with Halloween colors.  Her leotard was black, her bowtie was yellow, her fluffy tail was orange, and her ears were black outside and orange inside.  She wore fishnet stockings and black heels that, at the toes, ended in broad stripes of orange, yellow, and white.  A plastic pumpkin was slung over one shoulder, like a purse.  "Here's a treat for you!  But only if you've been naughty.  This is Halloween, you know!"

"Oops, I've only been nice," sighed Morty.

"Then you'll have to do something naughty, or no treat!"

"Tying up a damsel is the naughtiest thing I know!"

"Then you'd better tie me up right away!" enthused Kitty.  She stood perfectly still as Morty wound yellow ropes about her and gagged her with orange duct tape.

"Hey, there's no treat in here," he accused, looking inside the plastic pumpkin.

"Mpfff!" complained Kitty impatiently.  Somehow, she managed a tiny hop forward.  Morty was so slow!  Couldn't he see her standing right there in front of him?
As I understand it, a drabble is a story exactly 100 words in length, not including the title, which may not exceed 15 words.

Knotty Jacki and Jill Went up the Hill

The Wolf is definitely my most popular character, so (nowadays, at least) I try to include a mini adventure with him in these drabbles. Of course, his Knotty Fairytales will continue as well! Jacki replaces Jack here, as happened when I wrote Knotty Jacki and the Beanstalk.

This quick story is a perfect example of how drabbles help with concise writing. When I first wrote it out, it was much longer than 100 words; much too long to shorten down simply by cutting out words here and there. Therefore, I started over, telling the tale slightly differently, and this time I actually had room to add a few words when I finished!

Not Tight Enough

Caz is :iconnid311: my fiancée and a wonderful damsel. And if you think the events in this little story were inspired by something that happened in real life, well, you’ve got a suspicious mind, that’s all I can say!

A Cliché in Action

I invariably include a story that ends in a pun in these drabble collections. I’m not entirely happy with this one; I’m not sure it’s such a good joke, and it seems a bit labored getting there. I very nearly decided to replace it with another idea I later had for a drabble, but in the end, I finally decided to keep it in. Sometimes I am surprised by the reactions of my readers, so their responses will let me know if this was a wise move or not.

The Scooby Script

Although I felt I was finished writing anything about Daphne as a damsel in distress, this particular idea really only works using her, so, once again Scooby and the gang appear in my deviantART collection.

The Halloween Damsel

I added a bonus double-drabble in my last collection, so I continue that trend with this story. When writing drabbles, sometimes condensing down a story can have the effect of making the story too abrupt so that the reader is apt to miss the point. I felt that would happen with this one; also, while not strictly necessary, I wanted to describe Kitty’s outfit and to have a bit of dialogue between her and Morty, so a double drabble it is.

Kitty, incidentally, is not a new character; at one time, she was a semi-regular of mine. In fact, the interaction between her and Morty here is a variation of how they behaved in an earlier full-length story. It has been quite some time, though, since she has graced my deviantART gallery. It is perhaps well that she did appear now, though, for my readers may as well get (re)acquainted with her, as she will have a part in a very special project coming up in two or three months….
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For my friend Dyne on his birthday, five lovely ladies all trussed up. Our guests are Mizuki Inaba (Full Metal Panic), Remi Otogiri (Power Instinct), Kitsuki Ichiyuki, Alexus Montgomrey and Daphne Blake (Scooby Doo). Hope you like dood.

Kitsuki Ichiyuki (c) :iconyiphan:
Alexus Montgomery (c) myself
All other characters (c) their respective creators/owners/license holders.
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Getting a place together wasn't a bad idea, but perhaps they should have checked out their neighbors first...
No real story here, just though a pic of Winry Rockbell and Akane Tendo would look nice.
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Simmilar to the last picture, only featuring originals.
Megumi (c) :iconlinnawinston:
Elly Hamilton (c) :iconparasyte123:
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