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Journal Entry: Sun Aug 19, 2012, 5:52 PM
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My gosh :blushes:

I just... omg:blush:

I really want to thank HaveTales-WillTell for having suggested it and JZLobo for making it possible:huggle: I am really honored, especially since that's kind of an older writing and I've been in a slump with writing lately.

And I almost feel unworthy of it, since the last time I got a DD I wasn't exactly the confident person about it (long story)

gosh, God bless:blush


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Truffula Trove Comic Journal

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 17, 2012, 6:54 PM
Unfortunately I can't update the comic this week again :( I'm sorry! But animation and school work comes first. That includes the commissions. I'm sketching the others out ATM, but I haven't started to digitally update any yet.

Adoptables will come up soon. so yea.

I'm not giving up on the comic, I promise guys^^ I just want to focus on university first. I left off at a REALLY bad place, I know, hehe! You're all probably waiting to kill me XDDD It will continue, I promise!


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Journal Entry: Sun Jul 15, 2012, 12:13 AM

I went up and asked a question.

I was the one with the red beret. I asked if there was anything that had been particularly difficult about the show's production.

I gave them a picture. THIS picture...
What we do Best by KicsterAsh

Dan loved it. He freakin loved it.
Vincent (Phineas) loved it
Alyson (Isabella) loved it
Swampy loved it

Dan said he'd put it in his office.


I died.

.... ok. no more updates until I get back home on Monday. i will make a birthday journal then too, promise. and will sum up my weekend at Comic Con

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NEW PAGE ONLINE: More Engelbaum today!

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 27, 2013, 5:07 AM

UPDATE: The next page of Engelbaum is now online ^-^ *dies*


LOL oops, sorry it's Sunday and the second page hasn't went up yet. This week has been really busy @_@ I went to see the movie Django Unchained (holy shit go see it it's great!) and we had tickets lastnight for TNA IMPACT at Wembley :D It's the first time i've ever been to a wrestling match before and the first time i've been in a live audience for a show. Super exciting! It was so much fun seeing some of these wrestlers I seen as a kid on American TV in real 3D! Hulk Hogan <3 STING! :D Never thought I'd ever go to a wrestling match... it felt so surreal walking into the arena, like walking into TV.

ANYWAY! Back to Engelbaum today then ^^ Page is nearly finished anyway :) 7 panels in this one *lol*


Engelbaum Branch 1 Page 7 by imagni

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edit- as promised, all the NiGHTS albums are available to buy on Amazon. So type in 'NiGHTS into Dreams' or 'NiGHTS Journey of Dreams' into their search bar to gain musicy win.



So I may have twisted a few arms. Look what appeared on iTunes today ....

Volume 1:…
Volume 2:…
Volume 3:…

.... AND ...

Volume 1:…
Volume 2:…
Volume 3:…

Each volume of amazing music is 7.99 each and worth every damn penny! :heart:
Please please go buy them or even single tracks to show support for the wonderful soundtrack and the artists who created them.
I know a bunch of you, like me, own all the music in hardcopy already from import (Hell i own every version of NiGHTS music ever on CD XD) BUT you should buy it to show people give a crap and appreciate good game music!
Also if you dislike iTunes or can't use it, it's coming out on Amazon worldwide soon too!

Enjoy guys! <3
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Journal Entry: Wed Aug 29, 2012, 11:40 AM

To help raise funds for a big giveaway on my website to celebrate NiGHTS' rerelease on modern consoles I'm selling this unofficial one of a kind huge 'Taller than TRiPPY sized' display poster of Reala that i drew and had professionally printed last year. Not selling the metal stand, just the rollerposter. I'll sign it for you too if you want. I want it to go to a massive Reala fan! I'll post anywhere in the world. The Ebay auction can be visted here:…

Please share this around as much as possible. I'm doing this to be nice to the fans *lol* I'd break my own bank to create things to give out but unfortunately(?) I'm moving house in a couple of weeks to another area in London.

Bid bid bid and share share share. I promise I'll do cool stuff :) I have ideas >w<

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Unironic question about cartooning vs realism
A few days ago I asked for help with a drawing and i got a load of great advice. However, while taking the advice a lot of it helped reinforce a notion that frustrates me. The idea that "greater detail and anatomy = better products." Whenever I get criticism for my artwork, the general notion that I get is that people want me to make art more realistically, with greater sense of detail, lighting, perspective, and anatomy. And while I agree I need to work on all those aspects... I have qualms about being pushed in that direction. I like making cartoony drawings, so at what point do you cut off the realism in favor of being more cartoony? Why is being cartoony more frowned upon or seen as being lazy? One person in the threat that was helping me mentioned that while I did good on the artwork in question, I need to take the info with a grain of salt and be careful not to let people steer me towards being a realistic artist if cartooning is what I really want to do. He suggested people try to help push my cartooning skills more to make them better illustrations.

I don't really know where I was going with that, but it is one of those few things I am really torn about. All the feedback and criticism seems designed to push me towards being a realistic artists. I don't know how to fit in being a cartoonist with that because cartoons are frequently more abstracted and non-realistic on purpose. I know I got a lot to work on for improving my artwork, but I'm curious how everyone else around here feels about this sort of thing? I'm really interested in hearing what people have to say about this, and if anyone has any advice or suggestions for me.

New Podcasts
It's been confirmed that we will have more podcasts coming for you guys. We'll be recording another early next week, going up on our site by Friday as usual. I don't know who's gonna be part of this one, but I'm fairly certain I'll be able to make it. I'll post another journal before we record to get more user questions, so save them up for then!

Also, I took some notes from the feedback we got. The biggest thing to work on is the audio levels. A few people mentioned that it was too quiet, and thankfully that's an easy fix. I'll definitely keep it in mind for future podcasts and try to keep everyone on the same level this time.
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For many kids growing up in the 80's, if you were bullied in school you were able to "tough it out" because you knew your social interaction with said bully was isolated only to when you were in close proximity of them. When the bell range and you went home, you could dismiss the bully's taunting and physical abuse and be reminded of friends and family who supported you and kept your spirits up.

But in today's day and age of seemingly constant online connectivity, the "victims" of bullying have a harder time escaping. Once the bell rings, they're still potentially subject to be bullied via verbal assaults online, which often goes completely unnoticed by parents and friends. The worse part of this is that we're often told that because it happens "on the internet" there's no real consequences of trolling or bullying, which is far from true.

I've never accepted the excuse that just because "it happens on the internet" means it can't personally harm you in real life. Part of that is from my own experiences with internet bullying and seeing how it has indeed shaped and changed my day to day life with real people, but also part of it comes from watching what happens to those around me.

Teen suicide rates have increased exponentially since the rise of social media, with homosexual teens peaking the top of the charts of most suicidal. Several years ago a group of unrelated homosexual teens killed themselves within the span of a few days, all the result of internet bullying. Project groups like "It gets better" help, but don't address the underlying core problem of bullying in general, and the more we ignore the problem the worse things are going to get.

We're often told to simply ignore bullying online. Block the offending person and pretend they don't exist, but in many ways I don't think that helps. I think the better solution is to continue to bring these issues into the sun and give them the full exposure they deserve. Bullies should be called out on their bullying and publicly discouraged for their offensive behavior. We're never going to deal with the problem if we keep pretending it doesn't exist.

Recently during an EVE online fanfest panel, the chairman of Eve Online Council of Stellar Management encouraged the audience there to publicly shame and verbally attack another player who had been expressing suicidal tendencies in the hopes that that player would eventually act upon it and kill himself. He even went so far as to display the user's contact information up on the projector for everyone to see. The guy was drunk, first of all, but that doesn't excuse him for what he did and the next day he voluntarily resigned from the Council. Despite him doing the decent thing in accepting his poor behavior, one could say that the damage has already been done. The user who expressed suicidal thoughts now has their contact information floating out there around the internet, and has already probably been the subject of abuse since this incident (I haven't seen a follow up story looking into that aspect yet).

This is the result of how we feel omnipotent behind the veil of anonymity. And we continue to perpetuate it even without realizing it. Let's take another favorite internet pastime as an example: Memes. Now don't get me wrong, I love memes and I read them every day, but at the same time I must acknowledge that part of the reason many of them are "funny" is because they're purposefully being mean towards someone, usually without their awareness. It's the most basic form of bullying about on par with Nelson from the Simpsons: Point and laugh because it's not you.

As another example, just recently ABC News ran a report about cyber-bullying and how it affects children who play video games online. While I'm sure we're all well aware that foul-mouthed online users are common with online gaming, this recent report has sparked a renewed interest from parents in what to them seems absolutely deplorable and scary. Internet bullying exists and average people are starting to become more aware of it.

As the internet becomes more mainstream we are going to have to deal with the serious repercussions this medium offers. It's been fun to troll around and pretend that you can do whatever you want on the internet, but the truth of the matter is those days are probably numbered. Soon, no matter how it happens, the internet will come under the same sort of scrutiny and attention that acts of violence and bullying do in the real world. The internet will no longer be "free" and what you say and do could possibly come back to bite you in the butt.

I would like to implore people to stop for a moment before making a hasty comment and think about what you're doing and why you're doing it. If it's for a cheap laugh and thrill of making your eDick bigger, you should probably just be the better person and not do it at all. Likewise, if you see someone bullying, you should probably point it out and draw people's attention to it, or send the victim a personal message telling them that you support them. It's very easy to be a jerk on the internet, but it's much harder and less encouraged to be civil. If you think you might be seeing something bad happening to someone you know, whether it be on tumblr, facebook, google+, or whatever, take time to stop in and give them some encouragement.

As much as we'd like to believe it, we are not all equal and not everyone is able to separate themselves from the verbal assaults they might receive online, nor build enough of a thick skin to endure it. And frankly, I don't think they should be forced to anyway. The whole notion that "if you can't handle the fire, you shouldn't be here" is an antiquated excuse employed by bullies who don't want to be held accountable for their bad behavior online. We should treat everyone with courtesy and respect, especially those who are new to the online experience. I love the internet and I would hate to see it come under intense scrutiny by government officials who have no business sticking their nose in here. And if we want to avoid that future we've got to start policing ourselves the same way the Movie and Music industry policed themselves. SOPA and ACTA are just the beginning. There's going to be more bills and laws like it coming our way and making the internet a better place to be should be one of our top concerns.

And now my questions for discussion. Do you think that trolling is a form of internet bullying? Do you think ignoring the problem will make it go away? If you came across internet bullying what would you do? Have you ever experienced internet bullying, or known someone who has? What are your thoughts on this subject matter and how would you go about making things right?
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The following list contains intense amounts of SARCASM for the purpose of satire and humor.

1. Never offer artistic advice or hint at the possibility that the way young and inexperienced groups of artists work might in some way be flawed.

2. Every comic must be inherently drawn better and be funnier than the last.

3. Humor is NOT relative/subjective.

4. Nothing is funny. Ever.

5. Even the most trivial aspects of your comic must be taken 100% seriously.

6. Failure to incorporate conflicting suggestions for improvement = incapable of accepting criticism.

7. Trying to quelch flame wars also inexplicably = incapable of accepting criticism.

8. Trying to explain your artistic decisions = incapable of accepting criticism.

9. Having lots of watchers = having an inflated ego.

10. Reaching the frontpage = getting Daily Deviation.

11. Every character you draw (even ones you do for commission/jobs) = your personal opinions and beliefs which you must obviously follow rigidly IRL.

12. Never change your opinion, even if new information renders your previous position undesirable/wrong.

13. Changing your opinion = being weak minded.

14. Never use yourself as the main character for a comic series.

15. Never use the paintbucket to color your comics and instead use a tedious airbrush or magic wand layer selection technique to reproduce the same effect just slower and less efficiently.

16. Drawing the same thing twice in a row = copy/paste even if you did it traditionally by hand.

17. Everything is about semantics.

18. If you don't mention some unimportant niche trivia tangentially related to your comic, that means you must have forgotten it and you want to be reminded about it... over and over and over again...

19. Every person on the internet and in the entire world have had the exact same life experiences as you.

20. Viewing a comic you have no interest in because you're too weak willed to ignore it on your own = the artist shoving their work in your face.

21. Pointing something out for ironical humor = being a hypocrite.

22. Suggesting that anime/manga fans could stand to learn about the underlying drawing structures to improve their artwork = hating all of japanese culture/history.

23. Being an asshole to an artist without giving any sort of insightful help what-so-ever = giving constructive criticism.

24. Never EVER generalize.

25. Writing a casual review of a video game/movie/book/whatever means you must be held up to the same standards as professionals reviewers working in the field.

Happy New Year everyone.
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As some of you already know, I've had some hardware issues with my new PC ever since I got earlier this year and recently it got so bad that I actually had to send it off to be repaired. So, I'm once again stuck using my portable, which is even slower than my old PC and only has Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 installed on it. To put it bluntly, I'm stuck and steamed until I get my computer back (I still have one more commission to finish).

What this also means is that I may have to postpone my erotic fan art's fifth anniversary and all the things I planned on doing for prepartions. It's still going to happen but I doubt I'll make it before March 3rd. As a person who prefers to plan things well ahead, this stings quite hard.

On other news, I've finally bought myself a graphics tablet. It's a large-sized Wacom Intuos 5 Touch and while it's a whole new, weird feel sketching with it, so far I'm liking it. Eventually, I hope to adopt it as my primary inking tool eventually and phase out Photoshop's pen tool. I'm still going to use the pen tool for the more angular stuff I do (such as Danny Phantom art) but I'd rather ink, say, a Darkwing Duck piece manually to give it a more naturalistic feel.

Also, huge thanks for :icondmajorboss: for giving me my first ever dA Premium membership!
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UPDATE #1: my brain finally caught up after the initial shock and I realized that even though I got the news via email from a good friend, no sources were mentioned besides Genndy Tartakovsky and Lauren Faust answering to fans' questions about it. I don't know Genndy's Twitter account or even if he mentioned anything about it on that particular service but I found some vague information from Lauren:….

Again, sorry if this turns out to be fake (or rather, hooray!), I just tend to be very passionate about things that I love and the mere idea of having such a perfect show like PPG to be rebooted is just... no. Why not create something original or, if you absolutely have to use the same franchise, continue the story or create a spin-off? The lousy thing about the remakes is that they tend to completely overshadow the original product (unless they really, really suck). Also, what bothers me is when these reboots/remakes occur so soon, give the original IP plenty of time to age first...

I'll be updating this again when I find more information.

UPDATE #2: :iconptv: provided me with further information about a potential PPG project (…). Again, take this with a grain of salt. What Ringo Starr mentions, though, sounds more like a special rather than a full reboot. The other source he mentioned (…) has been confirmed by Craig McCracken as not being true (…). :iconclxcool: pointed out this comment by Genndy Tartakovksy on Reddit, where he apparently confirms that something is indeed in the making:…

I am so nervous right now.
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As most of you know, I run a side project on the webcam section of my dA page where I highlight cartoon episodes, short animation, animated TV specials and feature-length animations that I consider to fail one way or another. Instead of just placing a screencap there, without any explanation (because there's no text field option for the webcam), I made this thing into a "what if" scenario where the cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000 has to endure watching bad cartoons. Seeing the iconic Shadowrama on top of a screencap pretty much tells you all that need to know. I do write descriptions for each and every webcam picture that are hosted by Photobucket but I don't expect people to go there and read them so the Shadowrama treatment is still, IMO, a must. I aim to change the image on a monthly basis and highlight episodes from different cartoons.

What some of you probably didn't know is that I'm open for suggestions regarding the webcam image. If you recall, most of the pics I've featured have highlighted poor episodes from Danny Phantom, The Fairly OddParents!, Kim Possible and My Life as a Teenage Robot. This is because I'm most familiar with these series and I can safely say which episodes of them I really dislike and, most importantly, explain what it is that frustrates me so much about them. However, I have not watched each and every cartoon series in the world and I'm aware that the majority of those who follow my art are much, much more knowledgeable of on-going and past cartoons.

I choose the episodes based on them having a seriously negative impact on my viewing experience, usually caused by at least one seriously flawed element: a lame story, poor execution of jokes, character derailment, annoying new characters and so on. I usually stick to late '80s, '90s, '00s and '10s cartoons but I may also feature some from the '40s, '50s and '60s as well if I feel like doing so (I usually stay away from '70s and early-to-mid-'80s cartoons because they often fail to interest me). I try to avoid complaining about a cartoon too much based on visuals, although I do feel there are certain things that should've never been made (The Problem Solverz, the 'Sore Eyes' episode of the post-Tartakovsky Dexter's Laboratory). Also, I do not automatically consider an episode bad if it involves the wrong kind of shipping fuel (for example, a lot of people hated 'Wishology!' just because of Timmy/Trixie even though there's plenty of other, unrelated things to dislike about the episodes). After I've selected the episode I wish to feature, I try to get a hold of a screencap of it, preferably in a resolution that's as close to 640x480 as possible. I usually choose a screencap I feel encapsulates the crappiness of the episode I've selected, although in some instances I've just used the title card... which in some cases are themselves effective enough (such as the infamous Bendy episode of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends).

If you have a cartoon episode you'd wish to see, feel free to drop me a note on the comments section or the main page! I'd be happy if you also gave me an explanation why and on what level the episode fails. You can use the instructions on the previous paragraph to pick the episode of your choice. Also, please suggest specific episodes, I know there are entire series which as a whole fail hard but I'd prefer to keep it centered on single episodes.

You can browse all the webcam images here:…
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Img-earthday2012 by techgnotic

by techgnotic

Since human beings harnessed the secret of fire the natural world has been seen by many
only in terms of how best it can be exploited of its abundant riches. It’s amazing now to
look upon the desert sands of the Arab lands and know that this place, the cradle of earliest
civilization, was once known as “The Fertile Crescent.” All Europe was once one great forest –
until all those trees were needed to create the naval armadas of dueling empires. Only the
Earth’s natural forces, like earthquakes, have been more destructive and wasteful than humanity.

“The Romantics” were a movement of poets, painters, philosophers and others who launched
the first Great Dissent against the idea of our Earth as being only a resource to be used up.
They sensed the destruction of the natural environment would mean humanity’s own decline. They
sought preservation, understanding and, especially, the actual experiencing of nature’s terror,
awe, and sublime essence as the key to discovering one’s own humanity.

Humphry Davy, a Romantic philosopher, wrote that the natural world demanded “an attitude of
admiration, love and worship… a personal response.”

In 1849 Henry David Thoreau published his enduring classic, Walden, about his withdrawal
from society to free his mind and live for a while by a pond in the woods. The dissenting
current calling for connection with rather than dominion and exploitation of Earth has remained
a steady force since the time of the Romantics, especially in the arts community.

The first Earth Day was in 1970, another time of political upheaval and radical dissent.
Concerned scientists and environmental activists took the lead in warning of the dangers of
destroying our planet, focusing on air and water pollution and the chemical poisoning of food
and the soil. Laws finally began to get passed and a general consensus was finally established
that wrecking and using up the planet was probably a really bad thing. A cleaner future seemed
in the making.

Now the world is about to celebrate Earth Day 2012. And while the “green is good” consensus
still holds, it appears the headway that was made in the 1970s has now stalled out and even
gone into reverse.

Once again, it may be the artists who have to step up to make the world aware of the problem,
and with communities like DeviantArt, it might just be possible to really fire up intense discussion,
launch artistic environmental crusades and spur genuine change. The new “Romantic” artist response
to the environmental crisis may have already begun with James Cameron’s “Avatar.” Has any recent
movie or other work of art inspired such a resurgence of reverence for natural wonders (and contempt
for corporate environmental misdeeds)?

Now more than ever, as fears that human agency may be fueling global climate change, it is time
to take inspiration in the natural wonder and beauty and rhythms of our Earth. Perhaps artists and
others, once again embracing a “romantic awe” for life on this planet, can create the art and stoke
the passions necessary to swing hearts and minds back to the cause of Earth’s rescue and recovery.

Heidi and Ayame-Kenoshi took action in 2012 by organizing a tree planting
expedition that brought environmentally conscious deviants together from across southern California.

Photos courtesy of kyle-culver

"On April 15, 2012, a group of 20 deviants met in Los Angeles, CA to aid in street tree care. Partnering with, our deviants weeded, watered, and re-staked trees in order to create a more beautiful and green
neighborhood. DeviantART definitely represented, as deviants comprised the majority of the attendees at the event!
After a hard day's work, we ate lunch, drew, and talked all things DeviantArt. Thank you to everyone who came
out for such a fun and rewarding day!"


Did You Know?

Founded by Gaylord Nelson, a former U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, Earth Day began on April 22nd, 1970. Nelson took action after witnessing the extensive damage caused by the 1969 massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California.

In 1990, Earth Day went global, with 200 million people in over 140 nations participating, according to the Earth Day Network (EDN), a nonprofit organization that coordinates Earth Day activities.

In 2010, the Earth Day Network launched “A Billion Acts of Green” -- a service that allows individuals to register the actions they’re taking to protect the environment -- making it the largest environmental service campaign in the world.

Earth Day focused on clean energy in 2000 and involved hundreds of millions of people in 184 countries and 5,000 environmental groups. Activities ranged from a traveling, talking drum chain in Gabon, Africa, to a gathering of hundreds of thousands of people at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

Shafts of Light

by louieschwartzberg

Nature's beauty is a blueprint on how to live a full life. It's her operating instructions that govern our behavior by engaging our sense of smell, touch, taste, and the visual splendors of color, texture, composition, and symmetry. By opening our hearts, nature uses beauty as a tool of survival, because we will protect what we fall in love with.


Questions for the Reader

1How often do you actually stop to contemplate the beauty of nature – in a sunset, a walk in a park, a moment in a garden?

2Do you feel that the sheer amount of amazing technology now filling your life (iPad, XBox, etc) has dulled your sense of appreciating your time in the Great Outdoors? Do you think you need a better balance of the technological and the natural in your life?

3How much inspiration, as an artist, do you draw from Earth’s natural beauty? Do you have a special place to take a trip to, to experience for a while, to re-charge your inspirational and motivational reserves?

4Do you have any ideas on how to celebrate Earth Day that might be genuinely inspirational for an artist (or a simply environmentally aware and concerned person)?

5Where is the one place on the Earth you hope to go one day to experience, and why?

6Is there one law you wished could be passed, what would it be? Or if there is a single simple message you’d like repeated like a mantra in our schools like the Pledge of Allegiance, what would that be?

7What is the most naturally beautiful place on Earth you’ve ever been in? And what is the most horribly devastated by modern man?

Since human beings harnessed the secret of fire the natural world has been seen by many only in terms of how best it can be exploited of its abundant riches. It’s amazing now to look upon the desert sands of the Arab lands and know that this place, the cradle of earliest civilization, was once known as “The Fertile Crescent.” All Europe was once one great forest – until all those trees were needed to create the naval armadas of dueling empires. Only the Earth’s natural forces, like earthquakes, have been more destructive and wasteful than humanity.

Written by: $techgnotic
Designed by $marioluevanos
Photos by *akaNeo16
Thoreau Earth Day by ~silverwarp
Dare to see the truth by ~heart-4-art
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When a subject poses to have his or her photograph taken, the subject tries to project a message about himself or
herself by how he or she “poses”, by the attitude of his or her body language or facial expression.

If the subject is posed by the photographer, the body pulled and prodded into the desired angles,
the facial expression “directed”, it is the photographer who is intending to communicate a message.
In either case, posing or posed, there is undeniably something “false” in the representation. Perhaps
the only “true” thing being represented in this art is a record of how people being photographed or
people photographing other people misrepresent reality for whatever their reasons. Perhaps it’s human
to always want to show a life that’s a little prettier, happier, better.

Grisha 3 by jivotnoetwo good friends by VaggelisFragiadakislooking for by M0THartFree Play by Hengki24

Street Photography takes direct aim at this “falseness” by taking the camera into the streets to record “true”
documentary moments in life.  The subjects are usually unaware as they go about their lives, having no time to strike
a pose to enhance or send a particular message about those lives. There are surely flaws in this simple theory of what
is “truthful” and therefore worthy of possibly being designated “art” as opposed to what is obvious artifice (posings)
which make the “art” designation more problematic.  Certainly there is brilliant artistic photographic portraiture, but
is the art more in the skill in lights and shadows and operating the camera and other equipment itself – vs “capturing”
the soul of the subject?

Of course even in “the street” there’s the kids smiling for Dad’s lens in the backyard pool, and what could be more
posed than a celebrity red carpet event?  But “real” street photography is all about the capture of unscripted, un-posed
moments from human being’s lives where and when a little bit of their true selves is exposed “naked” for just a moment,
and a true documentary of a true event in human history, comic or ironic, heartwarming or horrifying, is recorded for all eternity.

Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”

But sometimes, when looking at a masterful street photographer’s work, we can at least pretend that all in our lives
is not mere artifice, and that there are “real people” out there amongst all those “actors”, real people just living their lives.

Questions for the Reader:

  1. Does the act of posing subjects for photographic composition, to your mind, in any way compromise or lessen the value of the photo as “art”?
  2. Do you prefer posed or “candid” photographs of your pop heroes?  Are paparazzi ever “artists” or is their “art” too assaultive to merit such consideration?
  3. Do you think photography best captures the representational “essence” of a person photographed, or is a person’s essence best represented by a sketch artist or great painter?  (Or even a poet?)
  4. The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle tells us that by observing a subject, we change it in that moment, therefore “negating” or “falsifying” any representation we seek to “capture” or “know”.  Is art, to your mind, about achieving the closest possible representation of the “truth” about a subject – or is it more about the artist’s desire to capture just for a moment the eternally unknowable?

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:icontechgnotic:by techgnotic
Thu Mar 29, 2012, 7:00 PM

For many of us, the first “art gallery” to command our attention (and constant, even daily, monitoring) in our
lives existed within the pages of the local newspaper. It was called “the movie section” and its ever-changing movie
advertisements were like little frames that rarely contained less than pure magic for young imaginations.

The Film Poster has existed since the earliest days of silent movies and the pulse-elevating excitement of the
first sight of an upcoming adventure, action, or sweeping love story that we might have only “heard good things about”
still packs a psychic punch throughout movie lovers today.

It is the first “portal” for the imagination into just what this new adventure (or continuation of an already beloved
adventure) is going to be like in a few months. It’s that sometimes simple, sometimes cluttered first collage of exotic
locales, speeding cars, blazing gun barrels, massively-muscled heroes and deeply-cleavaged damsels all projecting some sort
of explosion that tells you that no matter how badly your life may be going at the moment, just hang on because your needed
adrenaline pick-me-up is on the way.

Ghost Rider Illustrated Movie Poster by nicolehayleyJaws Movie Poster by NewRandombellGodzilla by ron-guyatt

Film Posters are a special form of art in that besides being one of the earliest experiences of art that we have, as portals
for innocent wonder, they are also purposely brutal as marketing tools that can greatly enhance or totally wreck a movie’s chance
at success. If a film poster does not immediately and effectively communicate the essence of a movie in a way the excites the desire
of its intended audience, careers can be shortened or ended. The American movie and the film poster art so important to its domestic
and international releases are at once exercises in dreaming and wonder but also coldly calculated tools for economic life and death.
Sort of both the light side and the dark side of the American Dream as yin and yang elements of commercial storytelling.

Film Poster art so totally insinuates itself into our conscience and subconscious from a young age, that our perceptions and
evaluations of all visual arts can’t help but be influenced by the leading “masters” of this special art form.

How many of us know the name of Drew Struzan?

Even though his work on film posters have influenced every one to come after him or even the posters that might be hanging on your wall?

Richard Amsel’s Indiana Jones poster is so indelibly burned into a generation's brain that other art (in comics or even fine arts) not looking similar just don’t seem right.

SUPERMAN : MAN of STEEL 2012 by MedusoneBatman Beyond by tiguybou:thumb149738585:

It’s no wonder that there’s so much film poster fan art in deviantART. Re-imagining in attempt of re-capturing the first thrill of
awareness of what would eventually become a favorite movie is the sort of aesthetic wizardry that drives so many artists – to express
that first pulse, that first rush of what has now become an integral part of one’s “inner narrative,” one’s emotional and artistic
identity. It’s like a tribute to a core source of one’s evolving aesthetic and pop culture soul.

The best film poster art is almost magical, like a once-in-a-lifetime capturing of lightning in a bottle. The urban legend is
that director Ridley Scott (or was it one of his producers?) was checking out the test audience lined up on a sidewalk at midnight awaiting a
sneak preview of “Alien.” There he overheard one science geek saying to another what would become of his movie’s perfect poster tagline: “In
space no one can hear you scream.” That is “Alien” defined: the terror of no possible rescue in utter isolation. That is, in both its creation
and execution, real film poster magic.

Questions for the Reader

  1. Do you think Film Poster art will decline in its quality and creativity, now that movies are being packaged as DVDs or digitally downloaded?
  2. What was the first movie poster that made you crazed in wanting to see a movie? What’s the best recent film poster art you’ve seen?
  3. What’s your favorite movie poster of all time?
  4. Is there a movie poster you’d like to frame and hang in your home, simply for the genius artfulness of the poster, even the movie being advertised turned out to be horrible?
  5. What movie poster(s) hang(s) on the walls of your current dwelling?

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Contest and exam :,C

Journal Entry: Mon May 28, 2012, 2:07 PM

Hello everyone and peace be to you all ^^!

Its been a while and thought to let you guys know that I pretty much use most of my time to work towards the exam in about 3 weeks then I will need that time to do so(and again to those who still waits for the collabs and artrades, please have patient and I promise I'll get to them once I survive the horror day)
Also I made this journal because of a contest I want you guys to join : D!(if you guys want to that is cause I can't force you and all although I wish I had the ability to do so hehehe >: )

The OHS club is hosting a "Sonic 4 Episode II" themed contest, , so why not try give this a shot and join :D!~You can read all about the rules and deadline from this link here:…
What you'll get out of this is pretty much well... good experience in making art and also some neat prizes too, and there will probably be added some more prizes in the future, but we'll see(mainly because :iconludolik: is the only person in the club who's hosting this and I must admit that I am such a jerk for not helping at all becuase he do all the work,so I'm sorry Ludo, I'll try be a bit active in to this, I owe you)


I wish you all luck and I can't wait to see some awesome contributions of yours ^^!Let me know if you can join ;)

So guys, what are you gonna do in this summer, I'd like to hear : )~?

Take care everyone

And Peace to you all!

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For those who care : )

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 22, 2012, 12:21 PM

~Well guys, I hope you all are doing all well, hope everything goes smoothly with whatever you're doing, whether its school, work or elsewhere.
This is definitely no big news, but I thought to show you guys the interview I had with a member from RadioSEGA. If you guys are interested to know what is said, you can go here if you like :… , just to see what my responses for the following questions are. I know I know, my english is very poor, but try comprehend it while you read X,D. If there's any questions, or anything personal that you dont want to share in public, do send me note, I'll be happy to read them ; )

I have to say it was fun to answer them; especially the quick shots part XD.  I wanted to show you this, so you can get to know a little on how I first started drawing and why I'm a SEGA fan and etc..thank you KC for the interview! It was indeed a pleasure, makes my day ^___^~

~And also I'd like to know if someone out there is a Metal gear fan(causeI'm a big BIG fan of the series :heart:). You guys gotta watch this LiveAction film, a parody based on Metal Gear Solid 4 and Modern Warfare. I totally loved everything in this movie, gave me lots of tears from all the laughing :XD:

When you get some spare time (perhaps 40 min + 1min and 26 sec) do try watch it and bring some popcorn or any other snack to enjoy the video ^^

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Entries:Group 1

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 22, 2012, 3:08 PM

:star: ENTRIES:star:

:thumb291767880:Missyuna Contest - Mephiles Smile by pinktwirlz:thumb291825617::CE: Smile by Amy-OhSmile sketch contest entry by Kolbatsun1226X missyuna contest: Smile by ambersonic96:thumb291878842:For Missyuna's Smile Contest :D by SoulEaterXMakaShadow's Handsome Smile by SilverHedgiethe ultimate life form by mariekehepkema:thumb291923488:contest entry for missyuna by mykittyjasperSmile by DgShadowChocolatefor sonic smile contest by Aqua-aquaria:thumb292009628:Smile :D by KeenTeen24Friendly battle by SpeedComicsSmile by Fruitso.:CE:. Gentle Smile by Chicaaaaa:thumb287696567::thumb292199463:Smile by ChikaTheChameleonThe Shadow Smilez by Hidan457:thumb292261604:Just Smile by ahitosineaSugar High Silver by LuckyShadow123Sonic and Tails by aindaniaScourge and Fiona: A Badass and his Girl by Krispina-The-Derp::CONTEST ENTRY: -SMILE!- by SwedensSweetHeart96Found you, sonic. by bluerosefantasy::CE:: Strollin' with Tails by koda-sodaHappiness is Freedom to Run Around :D by Chiblu:thumb292626466:Smile and make your day a bit Brighter :) by PenfanOHS : Smile, Handsome by SallysFunnyKissTails Sketchin by daQUIET-1:thumb292819539:CE: Hehe that's pretty funny dude by Auroblaze:thumb292962431::CE: Shadow's Smile by spade9180Like this? by SIM0N2:thumb293337550:Contest: Smile by juriesss:thumb293384558::thumb293387317:Sonic Generations after by HearlessSoulDon't worry, be happy by SonicTheDerp:thumb293395246:Chaotix smile by Tabersnack'Smile' by Mitzy-ChanSmiling rouge ('smile'contest) by BreeTheBat:thumb293771667:Team Chaotix Smile - contest entry by Nico-Robin09:thumb293857824:Elise, Just Smile by LunarCakez:thumb293907962::thumb293984640:14.SMILE by soulalchemist002contest entry by chippuuuuSilver with Wisps: Smile by GirlinLuvAnimeDoes it brighten up your day?-contest entry- by EvilGirl3207Smirk - Contest MissYuna by The-navetKidnapped for a Picture by HybridShadowzSilver the Hedgehog_Smile by TheHedgehogManiacCE-Smile by gaper4Smile by RainbowintheDark165Who's a good chao by Shazams:thumb294591073:
:thumb294544844::thumb294594251:Smile! by MayurasanC'mon Shadow. CHEESE by StarryNight-Skye:thumb294640983:Smileeeeeeee by Mimy92SonadowMissYuna contest entry by Furana:thumb294738096:Blaze and Cream by HarusameChanSonic Winds by ShadowyChicaSmile by leziith

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Journal Entry: Sun Apr 8, 2012, 11:18 AM

Gallery | +Watch ME | Note ME | Commission Info | Tumblr

yeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh boooooooiiiiiiiii it crashed xD
tracin a family piccy of George, Claudia, Lizzie, and Jake that ill be submitting tomorrow -u-
come by, ill be bored if you dont xD

  • Listening to: Shooting Star- Owl City &lt;333
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Journal Entry: Sat Jun 23, 2012, 4:57 PM

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oh my god i love owl city
drawing something worthy
finally :D

  • Listening to: Owl City ft. Carly Rae Jensen- Good Time
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Journal Entry: Fri Jun 22, 2012, 2:09 PM

Gallery | +Watch ME | Note ME | Commission Info | Tumblr

sorry about the delay on shit
but idk
i just havent felt like drawing for a few days now
and when i doodle something, its not worthy of being finished

i've had ideas run through my head, plenty of them (more like little kind of story things but whatever ) but i just... don't feel like drawing them out :I

maybe i need to change up my style a bit? idk

but yeah, that's why there's a delay on stuff, srry :S

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Wed Jan 18, 2012, 11:13 PM



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Journal Entry: Thu Jan 19, 2012, 7:51 PM


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Snippy: poem of doom

Mon Jan 30, 2012, 4:52 PM

I've a lot of time on my hands living inside the whale and such. ....So, today I wrote a poem about Captain:

Oh Captain, my Captain! I say it to mock,
You're lucky as hell but to me you're a c***.
Please spare me the missions, I've no head for heights,
Balloons and big lists lead me only to blights.
Evading the probes of an alien race,
Then having to witness your > : ( angry face...

But what choice have I? I'm involved in these fights,
With Cancerous space-monsters full of red sprites,
And Lemonade weirdos and God knows what next,
Just how can you stay so serene and unvexed?
What price should I pay for your simple delights,
Be eaten by whales after soiling my whites?

I know you won't listen, but you'll come unstuck,
And one of these days you'll run right out of luck,
Your empire will fall, and your ego besides,
It's karma for sure, like the turn of the tides,
And then I will lol, sitting in my own muck,
Coz after all this I just won't give a f***.

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Some info about commission prices

Fri Jul 13, 2012, 3:44 PM
durr snurr

I would love to do super cheap commissions, or even do only free art. AND I would if I wasnt a poor little ass who barely has food and time available left xD so im just going to clear some up for those who are curious.

I have 3 jobs. I work at Krillbite (indiegamestudio) from morning til mid day, and then  some days im a product tester at something called Scan4news. The rest of the day I work on my todolist, or commissions or projects I got with other people on the net or real life. I dont really have much spare time. The times I do random free art or art for myself is in my breaks. *0* so I tend to be very tired.

I know a lot of you want a commission or art from me and I am so happy and honored so many likes my art and wants to support me by bying it ;U; <3 without you guys I would starve and be stocked with bills all the time. So a very much thank you awesome people<3

I am however doing great at the moment money wise, ive been living good of the money I got from the mural i did ;U;
hnng so im super thankfull, and ive been cleaning so much and donating away all the thingsI dont use or have a use for or dont really need to those who have nothing ^^

I KNOW many of you feel like some of my commissions are expensive or overpriced, but I cant make them cheaper, mostly because I dont want a humongous list :C I will admit that im not mentally capable of keeping a long list xD(reason why I have no waitlists) it stresses me out greatly and just makes my process in finishing things so much slower for some reason. I guess its a big weakness of mine. And with the amount of time I have to do them isnt as much as I would have wanted, I rarely have any free time, I havent had a vacation since I went to america summer 2011.

It might seem like 10 dollars would be to much for a simple chibi, but when you get say 30 people commissioning a chibi and sometimes more than one character, thats 30+ drawings for me to draw.  And If I lower the price even more people will join in. I hope you see why I choose the prices I do.

I can however just keep slots and I will! I wont probably take on more than 5 at a time so Im able to finish those before new ones.

No one is forced to buy anything from me,  I work very fast with most of my art, because I produce so much, but I wont lower my price because I get faster at doing something. I just have less time than I used to have, and therefore it will take so much longer to earn enough for my bills than it used to, which is also one of the reasons my prices have been put up.

It is indeed very hard to keep track of everything, even comments sometimes, so if I end up as if ive forgotten something, just show me or tell me again xD Im doing my best haha. *U* I spend so much time on here with you guys because I love being here and inspiring others ;u;  <3

Ask if there is something you are unsure about.

Hope those who doesnt agree with my pricing can repsect my decision. Have a nice dayur and ignore my typooosaurs xD!

Gingerbread snuffen!

FAQ's commissionstumblrBlog
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Tiny contest!

Fri May 18, 2012, 4:30 AM
durr snurr

Top 3 winners will recieve a chibi *u*

- Design a super simple character for me.
- max 3 colors
- max 2 markings
- Can be whatever you want it to be.
- No base allowed to being used.
- Post your entry in this journal!

You do not have to draw like a pro to join this contest :D its all about the design!

Contest ends Tomorrow! Supah fast design challenge! :dummy:

Gingerbread snuffen!

FAQ's commissionstumblr
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Tue Aug 21, 2012, 9:33 PM
durr snurr

:icontearplz: Im so happy, I woke up to a thunderstorm, IVE WAITED 4 YEARS FOR THIS STORM D8<  <333333333

hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng flashes , loud sounds and groundshaking <3333 SQUEEE ~

Gingerbread snuffen!

FAQ's commissionstumblrBlog
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Can ya believe it guys? ;D
i know i cant believe i just wrote this whole journal thing and somehow deleted it all -_- oooooooof course...

So this time i'll just keep it short and simple.

May all your hopes and dreams and whatever come true~!
And if they dont..
Theres always next year ;)

I love you all my buddies<3 and hopefully ill be seeing some of you next school year! X3 i shall keep my fingers crossed~!

  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: OWL
  • Reading: CITY
  • Watching: AND
  • Playing: OKAMI
  • Eating: ~
  • Drinking: &lt;3
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A - AVAILABLE: mmhmm~
B - BIRTHDAY: Mar. 25
C - CRUSHING ON: Death the Kid ;3
F - FAVORITE SONG: Symmetry XDDD by Falling Up......i dunno~
G - GUMMY BEARS OR GUMMY WORMS: Worms :3 the sour kind!
I - IN LOVE WITH: DEATH THE KID<3 :iconloveloveplz:
J - JUGGLE: Pshh not for my life
O - ONE WISH: That Death the Kid was real D:
R - REASON TO SMILE: *thinking about Kid*
S - SONG YOU LAST SANG: Soul Eater theme songs..IN JAPANESE XDD that, my friends, takes skill.
T - TIME YOU WOKE UP: umm.....8 ishh
W - WORST HABIT: ....being obsessive? :3 and perfectionism DX
X - X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD: the usual stuff
Y - YOYOS ARE: Yoyo-y!

Random Questions About You:

Spell your name without vowels: Nn XDD
Your favorite number: 13...and 8
What color do you wear most: Blue
Least favourite colour: Yellow TnT
Are you happy with your life right now? Yeahperz....but it would be better if Ki- /SHOT
What is/was your favourite class in school?: Art! :3
Who is your best friend: I haz many~
When do you start back at school/college: Monday -.-
Are you outgoing?: depends :D
Favorite pair of shoes?: I haz many as well!
Can you dance?: Not for my life ;D
Can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth?: Uhh...what?
Can you whistle?: Yeap!
Cross your eyes?: Sure XP
Walk with your toes curled?: Uh-huh~


Do you believe in life on other planets?: Suree
Do you believe in miracles?: Yep!
Do you believe in magic?: :D oh yea
Love at first sight?: hmm...sure!
Do you know how to swim?: of course i do >.<
Do you like roller coasters?: Not teh REALLLY scary ones o.o
Do you think you could handle the stuff they eat on those reality shows?: NEVER.
Have you ever been on a plane?: Soo many times..
Have you ever asked someone out?: XD stupid dares.
Have you ever been asked out by someone?: yep!
Have you ever been to the ocean?: all the time~
Have you ever painted your nails?: yesh


What is the temperature outside?: hot D:
What radio station do you listen to?: The Pulse :3
What was the last restaurant you ate at?: ....I forgot DX or was it Ruby Tuesdays?
What was the last thing you bought: Who knows XD
What was the last thing on TV you watched?: A movie~
Who was the last person you took a picture of?: I dunno...
Who did you last webcam with?: Dunno either!
Who was the last person you said "I love you" to?: Parents~


Ever really cried your heart out?: yeap.
Ever cried yourself to sleep?: nope
Ever cried on your friend's shoulder?: no
Ever cried over the opposite sex?: yes
Do you cry when you get an injury?: depends
Do certain songs make you cry?: only if i try XDD


Are you a happy person?: YA :D
What is your current hair color?: Black/brownish


Laughed so hard you cried: All teh time XDD
Cried in school: when i was REEEAAALLLLLYYYYY little
Wanted to be a model: yea >:3
Done something really stupid: I don't keep track anymore XD
Seen a dead body: in the movies o.e


Pepsi or Coke: Coke
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Strawberries or Blueberries: Strawberries
Meat or Veggies: Meat
TV or Movie: Movies~
Guitar or Drums: Guitar...I wanna learn sooo bad DX
Adidas or Nike: Nike
Chinese or Mexican: ASIAN :3
Cheerios or Corn Flakes: Cheerios

Name one random thing about myself:
Hello there, I am obsessed over Death the Kid :3
  • Mood: Obsessed
  • Reading: Soul Eater
  • Watching: Death the Kid ;D
  • Eating: YOUR SOULLLL :3
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AND IT IS OFFFFFFF...................................
Kid using his Death Cannons.
*fangirl squeal*

XD that's an obsession for ya.

hey lookie here T.T looks like a pulled an all-nighter for the first time...its 6 am...
GRR. I guess I'll just sleep till noon again! Yay!!!!


bwah!?!? D: i thought the jounal skins were supposed to last LOONG after the 1 day Premium? :'( WAHHHHHHH............
  • Mood: Obsessed
  • Listening to: DEATH THE KID
  • Reading: DEATH THE KID
  • Watching: DEATH THE KID
  • Playing: DEATH THE KID
  • Eating: YOUR SOULLLL :3
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