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It was a normal day in West Eastman. Groups of students were walking and chatting around. Some daredevils were skating of the stairs, teachers were drinking coffee, the more active students were playing soccer and so on. It was a beautiful day. And why wouldn't it be. It was the last week of school. Three more days to go and school was officially over …for three months. Everyone was excited, except maybe for two smart chipmunks who just got the hang of school life. Those two chipmunks were Simon Seville and Jeanette. Like others, they were walking around, trying not to be stepped on.

"I just can't believe that school is over." Jeanette said. "I'm gonna miss is here."

Simon chuckled. "Don't worry, after three months we can enjoy our classes again."

Jeanette sighed. "Three months?"

Simon smiled. "You'll see, three months are passed fast enough. We're going to have so much fun this summer."

"Like what?" Jeanette asked, crossing her arms.

Simon thought about it a moment. "Well, we can work on our Chess strategies. We can watch Alvin make a fool of himself. Oh, and there is that Beach Concert we're giving in a few weeks."

Jeanette froze. "T-t-the beach?" She asked, clearly scared. "W-with the s-s-sea and all t-t-that water?"

"Yeah." Simon said, not knowing why she was so startled." What's wrong?"

"I'm not very good with beaches." Jeanette whispered.

Simon laughed. "Don't tell me you're afraid of water."

"NO." Jeanette said angrily. "Well, not of water in the pool or bath or even to drink. I'm afraid of the sea."

Simon knew he had to stop laughing, but he couldn't stop. Jeanette got really angry now, she stopped and turned to Simon. "Simon Seville, that is not funny!." She said rather loudly. "How dare you laugh with that?"

Simon stopped laughing, and dried the tears in his eyes. He couldn't stop chuckling thou. "I'm sorry Jeanette. It's just that …" He stopped and his pupils narrowed. "LOOK OUT!"

He gave Jeanette a hard push and she fell on the ground. Everything seemed to go in slow motion all of the sudden. Jeanette fell on the ground and she had just turned her head in Simon's direction in time to see him smacked away by a soccer ball. She gasped as she saw her friend skipping across the paved ground at an incredible speed. The ball flew at such a speed that Simon couldn't get off of it. Jeanette gasped as the ball hit the school wall with such force, she could almost hear bones break. Something blue fell in the bushes. No movement.

Jeanette woke up from her trance.
"SIMON!" She yelled as she ran to the bushes. She ran past Simon's glasses, which were broken in pieces. Her heart started beating faster with fear. She hoped he was alright. Groups of students ran towards the scene. Jeanette saw girls gasping, turning away from the scene. She saw boys getting pale.

Jeanette reached the bushes, but didn't dare to enter them. "S-Simon?" She asked with a weak voice. "A-are you alright?"

Jeanette saw Simon's arm. Motionless. Suddenly she couldn't breathe anymore. The whole world seemed to go quiet. She felt that she was picked up by one of her friends and put on the table. She saw Alice, a friend of her, talking to her, but she heard nothing. She saw teachers carefully getting something out of the bushes and carrying it away. Jeanette didn't feel well, her head was spinning, she had trouble breathing. Suddenly the whole world went black.

"SIMON!" Jeanette yelled. She couldn't see clearly. Her glasses were off. She felt around her for her glasses. As soon she had found them and put them on, she noticed that she was at Dave's home back in her bed.

She jumped of her bed and ran to the stairs. Where was everybody?


"Don't yell, dear. I'm not deaf." An old voice said.

"Mrs. Robinson." Jeanette whispered and she ran down the stairs and then to the kitchen. In the kitchen was Mrs. Rita Robinson, their elderly neighbor, age 74, with a passion for the music the Chipmunks and Chipettes loved so much. Even at her ages she still loved to rock on. Dave usually asked Mrs. Robinson to look after the six chipmunks when he was away. And she always managed to keep the six of them in order, somehow.

"Mrs. Robinson, Where is everybody? Where is Simon? What happened with him?" Jeanette asked quickly.

"Easy, dear." Mrs. Robinson said. "Dave, Alvin, Theodore and your sisters are at the hospital with Simon."

Jeanette jumped on the table. Simon at the hospital. She felt her head spinning again. Mrs. Robinson noticed that and quickly gave Jeanette a chipmunk-sized cup with water. "Drink this, Dear."

Jeanette drank the water. "How long was I out?" She asked. "How long has it been?"

"Oh, my dear." Mrs. Robinson said. "You've been unconscious for six hours."

"SIX WHOLE HOURS?" Jeanette asked. She needed to sit down.

"Maybe I just have to tell the whole story." Mrs. Robinson said. "First off all, Simon survived his …accident. But he's in a very bad shape."

Jeanette first fell relieved but then gasped. "What do you mean, 'survived'?"

Mrs. Robinson gave a worried, sad look. "Oh, sweetie. The six of you are wonderful, special and smart creatures, but you are still small chipmunks." She said. "An impact with that ball at such speed would have …killed every other chipmunk. But Simon survived, but barely."

"He saved me." Jeanette whispered. "He knew it could have killed him, but he pushed me away to take the fall."

"That's what young men in love do." Mrs. Robinson said, taking a sip of her tea.

"In" Jeanette asked, feeling her cheeks heating up. "With …me?"

"Sure." Mrs. Robinson said. "Maybe Dave, Simon's brothers or even you and your sisters haven't noticed it. But I have."

Jeanette turned her head away to hide her uneasiness. "Are you sure?"

"Dear, I'm almost 75 years old, so I have to necessary experience." Mrs. Robinson said. "And I'm a woman so I notice these things. Surely you must have suspected something?"

Jeanette thought about it. She loved to spent time with Simon, If it was playing chess, doing homework together or sing together. She always felt save around him. With him she could be who she was. And the looks in his eyes. Eyes filled with love. "Oh my god, it's true." Jeanette whispered.

"And I know you love him." Mrs. Robinson said.

"Do I?" Jeanette asked herself. "Yes, I do love him. Always did." She always had felt something for him and she had a crush on him when they first met. But that crush had slowly evolved to a unbreakable friendship. Or so she thought.

Mrs. Robinson got up from her chair. "Well, enough chitchat." She said. "I'm sure you want to go to the hospital."

Jeanette jumped up and climbed via Mrs. Robinson's sleeve to her shoulder. Mrs. Robinson walked to her car and left with Jeanette to the hospital.

As soon as they arrived at the hospital they went to the reception for information.

"Hello" Mrs. Robinson said. "We're here to see …"

"Mr. Simon Seville." The lady said, who had noticed Jeanette. "He's in the 'VIP Wing', room 2B."

"Thank you." Jeanette said.

After a few minutes of searching they arrived at Simon's room.

"you ready to go inside?" Mrs. Robinson asked opening the door for her a bit.

"You're not going in?" Jeanette asked. She had hoped for some emotional backup.

"No, no." Mrs. Robinson said. "This is family business. I'll visit him another time." Mrs. Robinson waved and left.

Jeanette took a deep breath and entered the room. As soon she popped her head around the corner, she was caught in a crushing hug of her two sisters.

"Jeanette, I'm so glad you're okay, I was so worried and poor Simon is hurt and, and and." Brittany rambled.

"Easy, Britt." Eleanor said. "Are you okay, Jean?"

"I don't know." Jeanette said, putting her glasses back on their right place. She looked around. Theodore and Alvin were sitting at the window, looking outside.  Dave was sitting in a chair next to the bed and looking at something at the head of the bed. Probably Simon. "How are you doing?"

"I'm fine." Dave said. "The doctors said it will be a long recovery, but he'll be okay. But you should talk to Alvin. He's taking this really hard."

Dave got up and walked over to Alvin and Theodore. "Alvin, Theodore, Jeanette is here."

Theodore quickly turned his head and smiled sadly when he saw Jeanette. Alvin jumped of the window and walked over to Jeanette. He kept looking at the ground. When he reached Jeanette and looked up, she noticed that his eyes were a bit red.

"Alvin." She asked. "Have you been crying?"

"Off course I have been crying. "Alvin said. "That's my brother in a hospital bed after his accident. Why did it had to be him, Jeanette?"

"What?" Jeanette asked confused.

"We're talking about Simon." Alvin said, throwing his hands in the air. "The smart one, the responsible one. He doesn't get in accidents. Why did this happen"  

"It happened." Theodore said, who had joined the conversation. "We can't change it. How much we want it to."

"But he'll be alright, won't he?" Jeanette asked.

Alvin looked at the ground for a moment and then smiled. "He will be okay …I hope."

"You guys, I think it's best that we leave the room for a moment." Dave said. "We all have seen Simon today, but I think that Jeanette would like to see him alone. Or do you want someone to stay with you."

"My sisters." Jeanette whispered weakly. She felt her head spinning again. She didn't know if she could handle it alone.

Dave and the two chipmunks left the room. Eleanor and Brittany stayed.

Brittany laid a hand on Jeanette's shoulder. "Are you up for this?"

Jeanette nodded, but it took a soft push of Eleanor before she jumped on the bed. When she landed on the bed, she put her hands before her eyes. "I'm not very good at this. I'm NOT very good at this." She whispered. "C'mon Jeanette. For Simon."

She slowly removed her hands from her eyes and looked at the head of the bed. She gasped when she saw Simon. He had bruises and cuts all over his body. He had a bandage on his head, one of his arms was in a cast. The rest of his body was under the sheet so she couldn't see other injuries.

"Did they had do perform any surgery?" She asked her sister on the ground.

"Yes. His ribs were broken and had punctured one of his longs." Eleanor's voice said.

"But don't worry." Brittany's voice said. "He's alright now. We're going to leave you alone now."

Jeanette heard the door shutting. She took a deep breath and slowly walked over to Simon. Her Simon. When she reached him she kneeled next to him and caressed his head.

"I'm so sorry." She whispered as she closed her eyes. "This is all my fault."

She heard groaning and felt movement. She opened her eyes and saw that Simon was slowly opening his. His eyes scanned the room, looking for something to recognize. He was still drowsy. He noticed Jeanette.

"J-Jean?" he asked with a croaked voice. "Wha-what happened?"

"Do you remember anything?" Jeanette asked.

Simon closed his eyes. After a few seconds Jeanette thought he had fallen asleep again, but his eyes sprang open. "Our walk at the school yard. The soccer ball. The pain. And then, nothing." He tried to bring his right hand to his eyes, but then he noticed that it was in a cast. With a little help of Jeanette, he sat up straight. He rested his back against the bed. He looked around. "Can you give me my glasses?"

"I can't." Jeanette said, starting to feel guilty. She clenched her hands on her lap. "They are broken. This is my entire fault."

Simon, with his unbroken left hand, grabbed Jeanette's hand. "Why would it be your fault?" He asked. "You couldn't have seen the ball. I pushed you away. It's my own fault."

"It CAN'T be your fault." Jeanette said, putting her hand on Simon's. "You're Simon Seville. A smart, courageous hero. And nobody's perfect"

"You're pretty close to perfect." Simon said, winking at her.

Jeanette felt her cheeks heating up again. Good thing chipmunks can't blush. "You …you think I'm… thank you." She said. "No-one has ever said something that nice to me."

"I'm just telling the truth." Simon said. "For me, you're perfect."

Now Jeanette couldn't restrain herself anymore. She threw her arms around Simon's neck and kissed him. Simon groaned in pain. Jeanette quickly released him.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry." She rambled.

"Don't be." Simon said. He then realized that he had been kissed …by the girl of his dreams. "Did you just kissed me?"

Jeanette realized that just herself. "I guess I did." She said, turning her head to avoid his eyes. "D-did …did you … l-like it?"

Simon smiled. "You're my first kiss." He said. "And it was the best kiss I ever had."

Jeanette smiled. Just before she could do anything, the door opened again and Dave stepped in. "Jeanette, we gonna have to …Simon, you're awake!"

Immediately, Alvin, Theodore and the two other Chipettes ran in the room and jumped on the bed. Alvin gave his brother a big hug, but quickly released him when he realized that Simon still had broken ribs. "You okay, bro?"

"Well, considering I just had an accident that nearly killed me, just woke up with casts, bruises and cuts all over my body and that you gave me a crushing hug, I'm …pretty good." Simon said, giving Jeanette a quick look.

"We're leaving, Simon" Dave said. "You can't go to school, obviously, but you're brothers, Brittany and Eleanor do."

"Wait, what about me?" Jeanette asked.

"Well, Jeanette." Simon said. "Technically, you were involved in the accident, so you can skip school for a few days."

"But school's ending in three days." Jeanette said. "Can't I go on the last day to go to the goodbye party?"

"I guess you can." A voice from behind the door said. Dr. Rubin entered the chamber. "I'm sorry to barge in like this, but as School Principal I had to come see you."

"I can't believe this is happening at the end of the school year." Simon said.

"Believe me, all the other student agree with you." Dr. Rubin said. "But we've already made arrangement to film the party for you …if that's okay for you."

"That would be swell, Doc." Simon said, grinning.

"Well, good to know." Dr. Rubin said, opening the door to leave. "Sorry for the short visit, but I have to make preperations for the goodbye party. Bye Chipmunks, Chipettes, Dave."

"By Dr. Rubin." All seven persons in the room said. Alvin and Brittany started a game of 'Jinxed, double jinxed' before Eleanor broke that up.

"Well, guys, time to go." Dave said. "Simon, I'll visit you after I dropped the boys and girls at school. I'll bring Jeanette with me, if that's okay with you."

"I have nothing against it." Simon said, giving Jeanette a meaningful look.

"Okay, c'mon Jeanette."

"Okay Dave" Jeanette said, jumping off the bed. "By Simon, see you tomorrow."

As Dave and Jeanette exited the room and nearly reached the stairs, Jeanette realized she had forgotten something in Simon's room.

"Dave, I forgot something. Be right back." She said, running back to the door.

"I'll be at the car." Dave said.

Jeanette ran back to Simon's room. Simon was pleased, but surprised to see her.

"Jean?" he asked as she jumped on his bed. "Why are you …" His words were cut off, because Jeanette planted her lips on his'.

"Just had to give you this." Jeanette whispered. "Get better soon."

"I will." Simon said, stroking her hair. "To be with you, I'll even fake to be better."

Jeanette giggled. "Just stick with the normal method of healing."

The two lovers gave each other a quick kiss and Jeanette left the room.
The first Chapter of an 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' fanfiction I've started writing. The story is set six months after the end of the Squeakquel.
It mostly revolves around Simon and Jeanette but the other couples are in it to (sooner of later).
Oh and none of the Chipmunks are dating each other in the beginning of the story.
(btw: it are the movie version chipmunks and chipettes)
REVIEW please.
Next: [link]
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"C'mon, Jeanette!" Alvin said to Jeanette, who was still in the room 'saying goodbye' to Simon. "We have to go."

"I'm coming!" Jeanette said. "See you tomorrow, Simon."

Jeanette exited the room, giving Alvin an annoyed look. "Don't look at me like that." Alvin said. "I'm hungry and we're going out for taco's."

Jeanette rolled her eyes and she walked with Alvin until they reached the main hall, but then stopped in her tracks and looked back at the wing where Simon's room was.

"What's wrong?" Dave asked who was waiting at the exit of the hospital with the others.

"I don't want to leave him." She said, taking a step backwards. "I don't know why, but I have this bad feeling that if I leave him something bad will happen to him."

"Don't be ridiculous, Jean." Eleanor said. "He will be just fine."

"That what we thought before we got here today." Jeanette said, taking another step backwards.  "And look what happened." She almost started to hyperventilate.

"Easy, Jeanette." Dave soothed. "Do you want to stay here this night?"

Jeanette smiled. "Can I?"

"Sure, I'll bring over some stuff if you want." Dave said. "What would you need?"

Jeanette gave it a thought. "My night dress, the book under my pillow." She began. "Oh, and my dress for the party tomorrow."

Dave stared at her for a second, and then turned to Brittany. "Help me with the clothes?" he asked.

Brittany giggled and turned to Jeanette. "Don't worry, sis." She said. "I'll make sure he'll bring the right dress."

"Thank you." Jeanette said and ran back to Simon's room. "see you later, Dave."

Simon had just started zapping through different TV Channels when Jeanette ran in. "Jean?" he asked. "Did you forget something?"

"No, I'm staying for the night." Jeanette said, jumping on Simon's bed and taking a few steps in his direction. "So, what do you think?"

"I think it's great." Simon smiled. "But what for the party tomorrow."

"I'll dress here and Dave will pick me up." She said. "So, will I sleep in one of the chairs or should I commandeer one of the drawers?"

"Don't be ridiculous, Jeanette." Simon said. "You'll sleep in my bed."

Jeanette froze. "Sleep with you?" She said. "in the same bed."

"Better to be comfortable." Simon said. "Something wrong with it?"

"No, no, it's just …just…" She stuttered.

"I see what's going on." Simon said. "you're a bit nervous to sleep with you boyfriend for the first time."

"Well, we just got together yesterday." She said.

"We will just sleep in the same bed." Simon said. "Nothing more."

"For me it's a big step." Jeanette said.

"Just come lay next to me, silly." Simon smiled.

Jeanette did a few insecure steps in his direction but then quickly took a seat next to him. For a few moments, both chipmunks were a bit uneasy, but that changed when Simon used his arm that was not in a cast, to pull Jeanette a bit closer to him. She cuddled against him and gave him a small kiss on the cheek. "I'm so lucky with you." She whispered in his ear."

"So am I with you." He whispered back. He laid his hand on her soft cheek and looked her deep in the eyes. She looked away, giggling.

Half an hour later Dave arrived with Jeanette's stuff and some more books for Simon. He didn't stay very long, probably to give the couple some time alone. Jeanette unpacked her stuff and saw that Dave had included a digital watch. She saw that the alarm was set, so she would wake up in time to get to the last day of school tomorrow. She gave an annoyed sigh when she saw which night dress Brittany had picked out for her.

"I'm gonna kill you, Brittany." She whispered, yet with a smile.

"What's wrong?" Simon, who had heard her whisper, asked.

Jeanette turned around and showed him her night dress. "It's ones of Brittany's." she said.

Simon could see that. It was a silk pink night dress, with very narrow shoulder straps and it didn't reach further than her knees. "I think she wanted to set a mood." He teased.

"I don't find it funny." Jeanette said, nevertheless getting down from the bed with the dress in her had. She dove under the bed and pulled the sheets a bit down to have some cover.

At that moment, a nurse came in. "Your father called and said that you have someone sleeping over, Mr. Seville." She said. She looked around. "Where is she?"

"I'm here." Jeanette said under the bed. "Just …changing for the night."

The nurse raised an eyebrow. "Why don't you change in the bathroom?"

"Can't reach the door handle." She simply said. She came from under the bed, wearing the pink dress. The nurse gave her a long look. Jeanette shrugged a bit embarrassed. "My sister." She simply said.

The nurse chuckled. "I know what you're going through. I have my own sister." After making sure that the two chipmunks all had what they needed, she left.

Jeanette jumped back on the bed. Simon's eyes nearly popped out when he saw her. "Y-you look …amazing." He stuttered.

"Y-you thinks so?" She asked.

"Do you think I would lie to you?" Simon smiled.

"I guess not." Jeanette concluded. She walked over to the pillow Simon was resting on and took a seat next to Simon. She pulled the sheet over her and cuddled against him. "Good night, Si. You need your rest."

"Good night, Jean." Simon said, putting his arm over her and pulling her close. Soon both fell fast asleep.

The next day all chipmunks, the ones at home as the ones at the hospital, woke up early to prepare for the party. The party would start around 11Am, but all students wanted to go early to say goodbye to their favorite teachers, talk to friends they wouldn't see again for three months and just to have a bit fun before the party.

Alvin and Theodore were dressed the same thing they wore during the Battle of the Bands. The two Chipettes all were dressed in sparkling dresses that had their 'trademark color', like Alvin teasingly pointed out.

Around 9am, the gang decided to visit Simon at the hospital before they would go to school. It was a silent trip to the hospital.

"What wrong, guys?" Dave asked, watching the road. "Last day of school and there will be a party. Why the long faces."

"It won't be the same without Simon." Theodore said.

"Yeah, I know." Brittany said. "But he would us to have fun, even if he won't be there."

"I feel mostly sorry for Jeanette." Eleanor said, holding Theodore's hand. "It will be difficult for to have fun without Simon."

"You can't change what happened." Dave said, parking the car. The Chipmunks ran to Simon's room, where they found Jeanette, wearing her sparkling purple dress. After the sister had exchanged hugs, Jeanette gave Brittany a soft hit on the shoulder.

"What was that for?" Brittany asked.

"That's for that night dress you gave with Dave." Jeanette whispered. "I've never felt so embarrassed."

"Sis, ALL your night dresses look like the ones who are worn by a 80 year old lady." Brittany said. "I thought you needed something more …spicy for your first night with Simon alone."

"All spice you up if you ever pull that joke again." Jeanette said, nevertheless smiling. "But thanks."

"Anytime, sis." Brittany smiled.

"Ready to go?" Dave asked half an hour later.

"No." Jeanette said, giving Simon a sad look. "But I'll guess we have to."

"C'mon Jean." Alvin said, putting his arm around Brittany. "It'll be fun."

"I guess so." Jeanette said with a sad face, trying to smile anyway. She gave Simon a last hug and kiss. "I'll see you later, Si."

"Try to have fun, Jean." Simon whispered, before turning his attention to the others.. "Have fun, you guys!"

"We will!." Alvin and Brittany yelled in unison as they left the room.

After Simon was sure that the others had left the hall and left with the car, he threw off his sheets and called a nurse.

"Time to put my plan to work." He said to himself.

"And that were the Chipettes with 'Hot 'n Cold'!" Alvin yelled in the microphone. An enormous applause cam and the Chipettes took a bow.

"DJ, it's your turn!" Alvin yelled. "Everybody shake what your mamma gave ya!"

The Five Chipmunks went backstage. The Chipettes discussed which song they would sing next. They didn't notice that a door opened and a figure sneaked in. It slowly approached the five chipmunks.

"What's up, guys?" The figure said.

"SIMON?" The five chipmunks said, both in disbelief as joy. Simon was sitting in a chipmunk-sized wheelchair, but smiling brightly.

Jeanette ran to her boyfriend and hugged him. Then she gave him an angered look. "WHY AREN'T YOU RESTING IN THE HOSPITAL?"

"Easy, easy, Jeanette." He soothed. "The doctors said I'm fit enough to go, IF I promised to return after a while."

"You can thank me for that." Dave, who came from behind the wheelchair-bound Chipmunk, said. "I've seen how sad Jeanette was that Simon couldn't make it, so I discussed it with the doctors yesterday and they gave me permission to pick him up."

"Thanks Dave." Jeanette said, kissing her boyfriend on the cheek.. "This means much to me."

"Are you strong enough to sing, Simon?" Theodore asked hopeful.

Simon nodded. "Go and introduce us, Al." He said to his older brother.

Alvin ran on stage and climbed the micro so he could speak in it. "Can I have your attention please?" he said. The crowd became silent. If Alvin Seville had something to say, they'd listen. "Some of you were there when my brother Simon had his …accident two days ago. Some of you heard of it."
Theodore ran in the meantime to the DJ and told him what music he had to play.

"You will be all glad to hear that he's doing fine. He's doing more than fine." Alvin continued. "Can I have a massive, West Eastman applause for MY BROTHER SIMON, who felt fit enough to join us this evening and sing a song with us!"

Simon wheeled on stage, while receiving a thunder of applause. He waved at the people in the crowd. Questions were yelled from the crowd. Brittany came from backstage with the Chipmunks' headset and gave it to them. The three Chipmunks took their places.
"This is a song dedicated to our girlfriend, The Chipettes. 'Cause baby, 'you spin me round and round." Alvin gave the DJ a sign and the music started.

Yeah I, I got to know your name
Well and I, could trace your private number baby
All I know is that to me
You look like you're lots of fun
Open up your lovin' arms
I want some

Well I...I set my sights on you
(and no one else will do)
And I, I've got to have my way now, baby
(and no one else will do)
And I, I've got to have my way now, baby
All I know is that to me
You look like you're havin' fun
Open up your lovin' arms
Watch out, here I come

*You spin me right round, baby
right round like a record, baby
Right round round round
You spin me right round, baby
Right round like a record, baby
Right round round round

I, I got be your friend now, baby
And I would like to move in
Just a little bit closer
(little bit closer)

**All I know is that to me
You look like you're lots of fun
Open up your lovin' arms
Watch out, here I come


I want your love
I want your love

The crowd when wild and the three Chipmunks smiled brightly. Then they went back backstage.

Brittany ran to Alvin and grabbed him in a hug. "Alvin, you've done great." She said, kissing him. "All of you."

"You really were." Eleanor said, hugging Theodore.

"You've done really great, Simon." Jeanette said, kissing her wheelchaired boyfriend.

"Thank you." Simon said. "Let's get off the stage and go meet the other students. I think they all want to say their goodbyes.
Jeanette had the time of her life, now that Simon was here. She laughed with Alvin's jokes, chatted away with her sisters and danced on the music. The six chipmunks didn't dance on the dance floor, but stayed on the small circular tables that were spread around the room. Simon couldn't do much dancing in his wheelchair but he tried his best to let Jeanette have the time of her life. Dr. Rubin, as promised; was taping the Party. Not only for Simon, but also for students who had done their final year at school and wanted a souvenir of that year. When she came to the table the Chipmunks were dancing on, they all laughed and waved at the student who would one day watch his copy of this tape. Everyone had a good time.

But all good stories come to an end. Dave came to pick Simon up to return him to the hospital. Jeanette wanted to come with them but Simon refused. "It's not because I have to leave that you have, Jean." Simon, who was picked up by Dave with wheelchair and all, said.

"But without you I don't have fun." She begged. "Let me come with you."

"Sorry, Jeanette." Simon smiled. "I'm putting my paw down on this one."

"You're mean." Jeanette smiled and she stuck out her tongue. Simon laughed. "see you tonight."

Jeanette smiled and waved as Dave left. "Bye!"

"Feeling better, than an hour ago?" Eleanor asked.

Jeanette gave a loving sigh. "More than you can ever imagine."

"Well, this party will keep going 'till 4PM." Alvin said. "After that we can go visit him."

"That's three more hours." Brittany said to her sister. "If you can have fun for at least two of them, I'll will leave an hour earlier with you to visit him. Okay?"

Jeanette gave it a thought. "Deal!" She said.

The party kept going for two more hours, like Alvin said. The Chipettes had done some more songs and Brittany and Alvin had even done a duet. Eleanor and Theodore had snuck away to a place more quiet and Jeanette was having a drink on their table. In the meantime she was answering question from fellow student.

"Yes, I'm with Simon." She answered.
"Yes, it happened so fast that I couldn't react to it." She answered.
"I think that Alvin wouldn't do that to you, Angie." She answered. "It think it's a prank from the football team."
"Yes." She answered. "He has probably saved my life."

And so one.

Then came the moment that Brittany had to fulfill her part of the deal. Both Chipmunks left early to visit Simon in the hospital. After getting lost and using the phone of a nice passenger to call Dave to pick them up and apologizing to Dave for not calling him in the first place, they arrived in the hospital, where they soon arrived in Simon's room.

They noticed that a doctor was standing in Simon's room. Jeanette felt her head spinning slightly. She had seen him two hours ago. She hoped that nothing bad had happened. She entered the room.

"Did something happened." Jeanette immediately asked.

Simon looked up from his pillow. "Jeanette? Brittany?" he asked as the doctor left. "I thought you were at the party."

"You know Jeanette." Brittany said, giving her sister a soft push. "But to repeat her question, did something happen?"

"No, no." Simon said. "After I had returned from the party I underwent a total checkup. They did some tests and the results said that I can return home In a week or so."

"That's great news, Simon." Dave said, taking a seat next to Simon's bed.

"Yeah, I'll be glad to be back home." Simon said.

Jeanette took a seat next to Simon and kissed him. "I'll be glad too."
Chapter three of the story.
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It has been a month after Simon's accident, of which he was three weeks home. He healed a bit quicker than expected, but it was still a slow healing process. His right arm was healed first and a week ago the casts of the legs came off. He still needed to use the wheelchair for some time, because his legs were weakened. Every two days a doctor from the hospital came to do exercises with Simon. They were often painful for him.
Jeanette knew they were necessary, but it killed her to see Simon in pain. She always was there during his exercises. She always gasped if he nearly dropped on his knees or ran to his aid if she saw that it was too painful. Jeanette had memorized the exercises so that she could practice them during the times the doctor wasn't there. She took care of him, even if he felt it wasn't really necessary.

"Jeanette, please, just hand me my crutches and I'll…" Simon began when Jeanette was trying to get him in the wheelchair to drive him around.

"No dice, Simon." Jeanette said, pushing him rather persistent in the small wheelchair. "I do not want you to get hurt again like last week."

"C'mon Jean, my casts were just removed and I wanted to walk around a bit." Simon said. "That vase just stood in my way. I bumped against it and …"

"Bumped?" Jeanette asked. "You fell and knocked it right of its place."

"Okay, but that was a week ago and since then …" Simon said, trying to get up.

"Since then you have been doing exercises and I see that they hurt." Jeanette said, pushing him softly back in the wheelchair.

"But …" Simon began.

"No buts, Simon." Jeanette said strictly. But after a moment of silence she gave a soft caring smile. "I just want you to heal without further accidents. If you try to walk around to soon, you can get hurt again and I want to have our first romantic walk any time this year."

"We had walks." Simon said. "Yesterday."

"Three days ago. With our siblings and I had to push your wheelchair." Jeanette said, starting to push Simon's wheelchair to the kitchen. "I want to hold your hand when we walk. I want to take a long walk. Just the two of us."

Simon smiled. "Well, that sure sounds good to me."

Jeanette giggled. They arrived in the kitchen where Dave was serving their food. When he noticed the two chipmunks, he quickly picked Simon up, wheelchair and all, and placed him on the table. Jeanette hopped in one jump on the table and managed to knock some glasses over in the process. She straightened her glasses. "Sorry."
Dave shrugged. He was used to the fact that Jeanette was a little clumsy from time to time.

"Guys, dinner is served." Dave yelled to the other four chipmunks, who were watching the television in the living room.

Alvin was first to jump on the table. "Hah, I beat you, Britt. Again." He said, smiling at her.

Although a bit irritated by Alvin's behavior, she smiled at him. "That's no way to treat your girlfriend." She said, giving Alvin a smile by which he always melted. "And by the way, you cheated."

Theodore and Eleanor jumped on the table. "How do you feel, Simon?" Eleanor asked. "Any better?"

Simon rolled his eyes. "El, for the hundredth time, the only thing that needs to heal at this point are my legs, who would be healing faster if your dearest sister let me walk around." He said, yet smiling at Jeanette, who stuck her tongue out.

"Why don't we take a walk after dinner?" Theodore asked, already stuffing his face with food. "And this time Simon gets to walk?"

"That's a great idea, Theodore." Dave said. "You guys have been inside the whole day. A nice walk will be good for you."

"Yeah, if we don't get trampled by a man who is taking his walk." Alvin whispered at Brittany, who giggled.

"Whaddaya say, Jen?" Simon asked. "No wheelchair and I only bring one crutch with me, just to be sure."

Jeanette gave it a thought and then smiled. "Okay" She said, before going over to a whisper. "I you pay me an ice cream. Double Chip Chocolate with sprinkles."

Simon rolled his eyes and smiled. "Deal." He whispered.
Easy said, easy done. After dinner the Chipmunks and Chipettes took a walk to the ice cream parlor. They always went there, because the lady who ran the place had self-made chipmunk-sized cones.  And Jeanette got her Double Chip Chocolate – with sprinkles – ice cream.

"Maybe I was a bit overprotective." Jeanette said, enjoying her ice cream. "You're doing better then you did last week."

"That's what those exercises are for, smarty." Alvin teased, receiving a soft-yet-well-deserved-slap on the head, delivered by Brittany.

"A few more days and I'll be ready to run a marathon." Simon said. "Or at least go up the stairs without Dave's help."

"I hope you guys remember that concert we are giving in a week." Eleanor said. "At the family pick nick of the nice company that made that stuff for us."

"Oh yeah, I nearly had forgotten that." Brittany said. "Which songs are we going to sing."

"Well, It's a family pick nick. "Theodore said. "How 'bout 'We are family'?"

"That will be a real party starter." Alvin said, jumping around the table, doing air guitar. "We should rock out. I'm voting for 'Bring it on'."

"Guys, we have another week to choose our songs." Eleanor said. "Let us just enjoy our fun time now."

"I'm with you, Sis." Jeanette said, taking a bite out of her ice cream. The bites made her shiver, which made Simon laugh.

"Can't handle the cold, Jen?" he teased. In return, Jeanette pushed Simon's chipmunks-sized cone into his nose. "It was worth it." He said, wiping the cream of his nose. Jeanette kissed his nose, licking some ice cream with it. She winked at him.

"You know, Jen. You really changed." Brittany said.

Jeanette was shocked. Changed? How. She still felt the same. "And how am I different, Brittany?" She asked, a bit outraged.

"I mean in a good way, Sis." Brittany said. "Since you are with Simon, you've became more …confident. You dare more, like to try things more. I've haven't seen this since that 'fun' helicopter trick you did 7 months ago."

"That was different." Jeanette said, taking another lick of her ice cream. "We were trying to get away from Ian."

"You mean, 'succeeding' into getting away from Ian." Alvin said. "If you hadn't caught that remote, you still would be in the claws of Ian Hawke."

"If he hadn't barbecued us for trying to spend time with you guys first." Eleanor said.

"I can't believe he really said that and treated you like that." Theodore said. "If I ever get my paws on him again…"

"Easy, Theo." Eleanor soothed. "I don't really think we'll be seeing him again."

"And if he even dares …" Simon grunted, balling his fists. Jeanette kissed him on the cheek, which melted his heart and he calmed down. "Thanks Jen".

"Anytime." Jeanette winked.

After they all had finished their ice cream, they skipped of the table and ran home. The boys were jumping from branch to branch, racing each other. Not long after, Eleanor joined them in their little game and was beating them to it. In the meantime, Theodore had given up and enjoyed the sight of his girlfriend beating his oldest brother. Simon and Jeanette were walking hand in hand, finally giving Jeanette the walk she wanted, if Brittany wasn't chatting through it now and then. After a few more minutes, Eleanor was first to reach the door, followed by an exhausted Alvin.

"Never judge a book by its cover." He whispered to himself. "You're really fast, El."

Eleanor giggled. "Thank you."

The other Chipmunks arrived not to long later. "And I thought you called yourself a jock, Alvin." Simon teased. Brittany and Jeanette giggled and the two youngest brother chuckled.

"Hahaha, real funny, Glasses." Alvin said.

"Are you talking to Simon?" Jeanette asked. "Or is that me you're talking about?" she gave Simon a small mischievous smile.

Alvin became confused. "No, I mean, Simon …glasses …you ….both …Never mind."

Both Simon and Jeanette silently laughed as Alvin, irritated by the 'failed joke', entered the house via the little Chipmunk Door that Dave had installed. It was an exact copy of their door, only …chipmunk sized, like much of their stuff in their house. All six chipmunks possessed a small key for it.

"Hey guys, how was the walk?" Dave asked.

"A bit chilly." Brittany said, rubbing her shoulders. "I'm going to take a nice warm bath." She ran up the stairs. "You coming, Eleanor, Jeanette?"

"Coming!" The two girs yelled in unison. They usually took a bath all together. Well, it was the sink filled with warm water and soap, but it was a bath.

Alvin took a few steps in the direction of the stairs, but was stopped by Simon. "You're not going to peep on Brittany in bath, Alvin."

"Why do you mind, Si?" Alvin asked, trying to get out of Simon's grip.

"Dude, that's my and Theodore's girlfriend that are there too." Simon said. "Pervert."

"Okay, okay." Alvin said. "I wasn't going to peep anyway. I was going to check if I had enough money to buy ..." he mumbled something.

"Buy what?" Simon asked.

"A present for Brittany." Alvin confessed. "Did you two got one for Jeanette and Eleanor? Did you forget that their birthday is in two days?"

Simon slapped his forehead. "Man, I forgot." He said. "Tomorrow present hunting?"

"Off course." Theodore said. "But how are we going to do that, without the girls knowing?"

"Already got that covered." Alvin said. "Mrs. Robinson's gonna take them to a mall on the other side of the town, while Dave brings us to the mall in the town next door."

"You got it all figured out, haven't you?" Simon smiled.

"You're not the only one who can come up with a smart plan, you know." Alvin said.

"No, but your plans mostly fail or go wrong." Simon said. "You said it was a good idea to go to Ian's house to sing."

"Old news, Simon." Alvin said. "This WILL work."

"If you say so, But I think the girls will suspect something." Simon said.

"No they won't." Theodore said.

Unknowingly by the boys, three Chipmunks girls were eavesdropping on their boyfriends. They giggled silently and ran back to the bathroom. Once inside they all jumped into the bath.

"Okay, you were right, Eleanor." Jeanette said, taking of her glasses. "They WERE planning something."

"Told you so." Eleanor said, enjoying the warm water.

"We have to act surprised when they give us the presents." Brittany said.

"Won't be too hard, I suspect." Jeanette said. "We still don't know what they're going to give us. Ooh, I can't wait to know what Simon will pick for me."

"Or Theo for me." Eleanor said enthusiastic.

"Or Alvin for me." Brittany said. "We are all excited, but we can't let the boys know that we are."

The girls chatted away, until Dave knocked on the door, saying that he needed to shower. The girls quickly dried themselves off and went to the bedroom, jumping into their night dresses and going back downstairs for some late evening entertainment, the TV.
After that, they went back to the bedroom, wished each other a good night and went to their beds and enjoyed a well deserved rest.
Chapter four.
next up: The chipettes' Birthday.
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Simon gave the door a push, and watched as it swung lazily open.  He gazed languidly around at the interior of the cabin that he and his brothers were sharing.  The sunlight was shining bright into the room, and was just low enough in the sky to cast mid-day shadows all around that seemed to dance and chase each other from one wall to the next.  

As he stepped out of the hallway and onto the soft, beige carpeting, he breathed a contented sigh.  In some small way, it felt a little bit like stepping through the doorway of home, on a quiet evening, when no one else was there.  It was comforting, and relaxing.  He breathed deeply, taking in the nice tropical scent of the nearby flowers, arranged dynamically next to the head of each bed.  There was also a hint of fresh fruit in the air, emanating from a sampler tray placed in the middle of the dresser.  Something for Theo to snack on later, he thought with a smirk.    

Simon ambled over to his bed, the one closest to the glass doors of the balcony, and hopped up on top of the bedspread.  He spied his bag resting against the pillows and unzipped it, retrieving a simple light blue t-shirt from inside.  With a grunt, he pulled off his sweltering hoodie, then smoothed his matted fur as best he could before pulling the much lighter-weight t-shirt over his head.  "Ah, that's much better!" he remarked to himself, running his paws over the smooth, cool fabric.  

He turned around…and stopped.  Through the large glass doors, he witnessed a sight so captivating that he couldn't help but gaze in awe.   The unclouded sky was the most brilliant shade of blue he had ever seen, it's beauty matched only by the crystal-clear waves that stretched beneath it, far and away to the distant horizon, with a subtle curve that seemed to embrace the very Earth itself.  The afternoon sunlight shone down brilliantly, shimmering on the surface of the water like a thousand tiny diamonds.  "Wow," was all that Simon could think to say.  He was sure that he had never seen anything more beautiful in his entire life.  


Simon stiffened, his heart in his throat.  He knew that voice all too well, and excitement flooded through his body.  "Jeanette?" he stammered, and wheeled around.  

There she was, standing in the doorway, her hands clasped shyly in front of her, her toes pointing slightly inwards, a perfect picture of diffidence and demureness…all except for her eyes.  There was a twinkle of delight tucked away in the corners of those cerulean orbs, a brightness about them that could only be described as magical.  They betrayed all of the excitement, the joy, and the passion that was rattling around inside her at that very moment, desperately trying to find a way out, if she only knew how to show it properly.  And even though there were a myriad of things she wished she could have been able to say to him at that moment, the only thing she could find the courage to utter was a simple, unassuming phrase.  "Um…can I come in?"

Simon, not quite in control of his own rapidly beating heart, could only respond with a slightly less bashful, "O-of course."

Her smile widened, and she came tentatively into the room, her gaze constantly shifting between the carpet at her feet and Simon's face.  She stopped inside a patch of sunlight, the golden rays reflecting brilliantly off her fur, and turned toward the ocean.  "It sure is beautiful, isn't it?"

"It sure is," he said, still looking at her face.  

Jeanette turned her head ever so slightly.  She could see him from the corner of her eye, and a wry smile spread across her face.  "Hey, is that Alvin parasailing out there?"

He bolted upright.  "What!?  Where?" he exclaimed, scanning the water line.  "He shouldn't be out—where is he?  Do you see—?"  He glanced back down at Jeanette.

She was gone.


Someone tapped him on the shoulder, and he all but jumped out of his skin.  He whipped around and saw her standing right behind him, giggling behind her hands.  


He fidgeted with his glasses.  "Of course not," he said, but if it weren't for the fur on his cheeks, he was sure his face would have been red.  

She smiled meekly, and just like always, Simon found himself at a loss for words.  All he could do was stand there, taking her in.  She wore a sleeveless purple dress that matched her glasses perfectly.  Her hair was pulled up neatly, just like always.  But more than anything else about her, it was her shy, quiet smile that set his heart aflutter.  Just like always.  

"I've…been wondering where you were at," said Jeanette.

"Heh, well, when you're trying to keep track of someone like Alvin, you never really know where you're going to find yourself."  Simon snickered halfheartedly.  "I was, uh, actually hoping that maybe, uh…"  He coughed into his hands and twiddled his fingers anxiously.  "That we could, uh…maybe hang out for a while?  Now that we're on the ship?"  He flashed a crooked smile and hoped for the best.  

Jeanette's eyes lit up, and for a moment he was genuinely hopeful.  But just as she opened her mouth to speak, her face fell, and the look that she gave was distinctly apologetic.  "Actually…" she began, "I really can't stay long.  I'm supposed to be getting ready for dinner.  And by the looks of things," she continued, glancing at the sun in the sky, "I really need to be going."

"Oh, uh, yeah, of course."  Simon found it hard to hide his disappointment.  

She flashed him a rueful look before quickly turning to leave.  

Right then, Simon felt something, something that tugged at his heart with an urgency he couldn't resist.  "Jeanette, wait!"

She stopped, turned around, and once again he was faced with those gorgeous blue eyes.  Perhaps it was simply his mind playing tricks on him, but he thought he could see longing in her eyes.  

"Don't…uh—don't go anywhere," he said.  His eyes darted nervously around the cabin, until they fell upon something that gave him an idea.  "Just um, don't move, okay?  Just stay right there."  With that, he turned and bounded away to the head of the bed.  

Oh, this is so dorky, he couldn't help thinking.  

He hopped across to the bedside table, where the flower arrangement was sitting.  There were all manner of brilliant flora bursting out of the vase, each one prettier than the next, but Simon only had eyes for the smallest and most delicate of the bunch: a simple, tiny violet.  He plucked the tender flower from its vase, and, holding it carefully in his mouth by the stem, made his way back to Jeanette, still standing at the foot of the bed.  

She was covering her mouth with her paws, but the unmistakable twinkle was there in her eyes.  Simon didn't say a word as he took the flower gently in his hand.  With their eyes locked together, he came slowly closer, his steps confident yet deliberate, until their bodies were but an inch apart.  Even so, Simon wondered if she could feel his heart as it pounded against the inside of his chest.  He raised the flower in front of her face, and gently placed it behind her ear.  As his paws brushed against her silky hair and her soft ear, he felt a shiver go down his spine—the good kind, the kind that made him feel alive.  

He took a few steps back.  Their eyes never strayed.  

"…Thank you," she said, her voice barely audible.  It was the only response she could think of.  

Simon remained silent, just cracked a tiny smile.  

She cleared her throat, and looked down at the bedspread.  "I really do need to go…"

Simon shook his head, as though awakening from a dream.  "Okay…yeah…"

She smiled meekly at him one last time, then turned her back to leave.  Just as she was about to jump down, she heard his voice behind her.  

"I'll see you at dinner, Jean."

Jeanette's eyes widened.  She inhaled deeply, and her chest fluttered with the wings of a thousand tiny butterflies.  He called me…'Jean.'  She wasn't even exactly sure why this excited her so.  He had just shortened her name, is all.  Maybe it was the way he said it, so casual-like.  Or maybe it was just the simple fact that he had said it at all.  All she knew for sure was how it made her feel…and it made her feel wonderful.

If only she knew how to return the favor…

"I'll save you a seat," she said over her shoulder.  And without another word, she hopped off the bed and out of sight.  

Even after she was gone, Simon continued to stare at the spot where she had been.  He could have slapped himself.  Way to go, lover boy, he thought, chastising himself for effectively driving her away.  But then again, as he thought about it now, he still couldn't think of how he might have approached it differently.  He sighed, and started to amble toward his clothes at the head of the bed.  Maybe he should start changing for dinner as well—


He wheeled around and saw Jeanette at the foot of the bed.  He scarcely had time to react before she bounded right up to him and planted a firm, solid kiss right square on the nose.  

"See you at dinner, Si," she said, before quickly turning and bounding off to the door, giggling as she went, absolutely giddy with pleasure.  

A single peck, that was all it was, but it was all it took to turn Simon into a babbling puddle of goo.  The butterflies danced gleefully in his chest, raising him up to his tippy-toes with their exultant delectation.  And when he found that he could rise no higher, else he should simply take flight from the bed, he closed his eyes with a dreamy satisfaction, and fell back upon the bed with a love-struck giggle.  

He sat there for a long time, adrift in a sea of elated feelings and his own wistful thoughts.  And by the time he ferried himself away from cloud nine and looked around the cabin again, he saw that the shadows had grown slightly longer and the light had grown a shade dimmer.  

He turned his head to look at the ocean again.  The diamonds in the water still shimmered as brilliantly as ever beneath a sky that was just beginning to turn the faintest shade of orange.   

Funny, he thought, it doesn't seem quite so beautiful as before.  

He fell back against the pillow, thought about Jeanette, and smiled.  
And now we’ve come to the end of the story, and probably my personal favorite part. Did it turn out the way you expected? Did you enjoy this story? Please, let me know all of your thoughts in the comments! I love to hear from people!

The inspiration for Jeanette’s dress and the entire bit about the flower in her ear came from this picture here: [link] If for some reason you aren’t familiar with her art, go and check it out now! She is without a doubt one of the best Chipmunk artists on DA!

Chipwrecked is right around the corner! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can’t wait!

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
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Simon took off his hoodie and laid it aside, then slowly slipped his body down into the warm water of the hot tub.  He let out a long sigh, relaxing as he sank further into the nice hot water.  It felt good on his fur, and he was more than content to sit there, taking in the refreshing warmth that spread from the bottom of his feet to the tip of his tail.  

The concert tour had brought them to a secluded little ski lodge, up in the mountains somewhere, far away from the ravenous crowds and the omnipresent paparazzi.  He really didn't mind all of the attention, none of them did, Alvin least of all.  But Dave had said that sometimes it's necessary just to get away from it all for a little while in order to rest up and recharge, and Simon couldn't agree more.  So when Alvin and Theodore decided to go play in the snow outside the lodge, Simon decided it was the perfect opportunity for a little alone time.  

And what better way, he thought, to spend an afternoon to yourself than by relaxing in a tub full of steaming hot water.  He sighed deeply and slowly sank up to his chin.  For a split second, he found himself wondering what his brothers were up to right now.  It was all he could do to not imagine Alvin taking a snowball in the face, and he chuckled despite himself.  

He stiffened at the sound of someone sighing behind him, and nearly choked in the water.  He immediately recognized it as one of the girls.  His heart skipped a beat—he thought he would be alone in here.  Slowly he turned to see who it was.  

Standing a short ways off, her back turned to Simon, was Jeanette, idly humming a tune as she carefully folded a towel for herself next to a bench.  Simon's heart leapt to his throat at the sight of her, partially because he was always glad to see Jeanette, and partially because he knew what it was she was about to do.  

He didn't even have time to think.  He couldn't help but watch as she removed her denim jacket and laid it next to her towel by the bench.  He could feel his heart beating faster as she pulled her pink shirt up over her head, and finally pulled her skirt down to her feet, kicking it over onto her pile of clothes.  

Simon gulped hard.  He could see everything.  The subtle stripes on her back.  Her beautiful, silky smooth fur.  Her perfect, perky tail…  He felt wrong for looking, but at the same time…he just couldn't help himself.  

In his excitement, Simon hadn't realized that he had turned himself around in the tub to see her better, and was resting both paws on the edge of the tub as he watched.  In a bit of misfortune, one of his wet paws slipped, causing him to give way and utter a little grunt.  

Jeanette, previously unaware that anyone was in the room with her, instantly brought her arms up about herself, glancing feverishly around the room.  "W-who's there?" she stammered.

Trying to regain himself, Simon brought himself up again and made his presence known, but still stayed in the hot tub.  "It's me, Simon!"  

Jeanette looked over at him, and instinctively tried to cover herself again.  "Oh, hi Simon.  I-I didn't know anyone else was in here."  

"Heh, well, I was just, uh, trying out the hot tub," he replied with his usual awkward smile.

She giggled a bit, relaxing her arms.  "I see that."  

There followed a short silence before Simon spoke again.  "There's, uh, plenty of room in here if you'd, uh…maybe like to join me?"  Even as he spoke the words, Simon could feel his heart beating out of his chest.  

"Well, umm…"  She hesitated at first, but relaxed a bit when she saw that he, too, was without his clothing.  In truth, she was just as excited to see him in such a state as he was to see her.  So she smiled and said, "Alright."

A feeling of elation swept over Simon's entire body as he heard her speak those words.  He couldn't think of anything else to say, so he just moved over in the tub and allowed her room to come in.  She started by dipping only her toe into the water, then slowly lowered herself into the tub, even more slowly and deliberately than he had been.  When she finally settled herself in, only her head and shoulders were visible above the water.  

At first, they could only trade awkward glances at each other, the only form of communication they could muster up the nerve to make.  Simon occasionally stole another glance at her unclothed body through the rippling water, careful not to let her know what he was doing.  If he had only been paying closer attention, however, he would have noticed Jeanette doing the same.  

Just as the silence was transitioning from bashful to awkward, Simon gathered his courage, cleared his throat in a meaningful way, and opened his mouth to speak.  "So, um, what…uh, brings you here?"  He winced as he realized the stupidity of his own words.  

She just smiled demurely.  He really is cute that way, she thought to herself.  "Well, Brittany didn't feel like doing anything, and Eleanor went outside to play with Theodore, so…" she shrugged her shoulders.  "I figured I might as well do some exploring.  I went to the library first, looking for…someone to talk to."  She caught herself glancing in his direction as she said this, before quickly continuing.  "After that, I thought the hot tub sounded relaxing, so here I am."  She allowed herself to look in Simon's direction again, and noticed that he appeared to be studying her quite intently.  "What about you?" she probed.  

If Simon was being honest, he hadn't paid a bit of attention to what she had just said.  He was too busy taking in her face, watching the emotions flit across it like paint on a canvas, creating an elegant picture each and every time she moved.  But there was something that bothered him a little bit, something that seemed out of place.  "Jeanette, did you mean to leave your hair up in a bun?"


"Your hair.  If you're trying to relax, I would think you would want to let your hair down, right?"

"I…suppose so," she said, instinctively reaching a hand up to her carefully pulled-up hair.  "I guess I just didn't really feel the need to let it down.  Ellie fixed it for me this morning, and I'd hate to undo it just yet."  

"Hmm."  It seemed like an honest answer, but he wondered if there wasn't more to it than that.  He decided not to push it, though.  "You seem pretty close with your sisters."

She chuckled a bit.  "Well of course, I love my sisters!  I don't know what I would do without them.  Though, I admit, sometimes I do get a bit—" She stopped short, as though she had come close to revealing some vital secret.  She cast her eyes downward, and almost shamefully finished her thought.  "Well…a bit lonely, I suppose."

"Lonely?" Simon exclaimed.  "How could living with two sisters ever be lonely?"

"It's not really what it sounds like!" she quickly covered, more nervous than she ought to be.  "I mean, we do all kinds of things together, as a family—we listen to music, we practice our singing and our dancing together, we always share our meals.  But sometimes I just feel like…like—ooh, I don't know!  I just—I just really wish I hadn't said it, I—"

"Hey, hey!  It's alright!" Simon said as he reached out a paw and placed it reassuringly on her bare shoulder.  She instantly fell silent at his touch, and listened with keenest intent as he continued to talk.  "Don't worry, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to.  I was just asking."  As he spoke, he could feel the tension in her body melting away until she became more or less relaxed once more.  

She took a sharp intake of breath as he removed his paw from her shoulder, as though she had forgotten to breathe while he was touching her.  "Thanks, Simon," she whispered breathlessly.  

Simon smiled nervously.  "I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable—"

"Oh, no no no!  You didn't do anything wrong!  I promise."

"Well then…what is it?"

She was hesitant, he could tell.  There was something she needed to get off her chest, but she just wasn't sure of the best way to go about it.  After a few quiet moments, she took a deep breath and started to speak.  "Well, like I said before, we're a family, which is something I never, ever take for granted.  But when your family is as close as ours, it's hard not to compare yourself sometimes.  It's not really a popularity thing—Brittany enjoys the spotlight, but I don't begrudge her that one bit.  And Ellie's happy just so long as everyone else is happy.  But sometimes I wonder, just where does that leave me?  My sisters love me very much, I know, and I love them too…but sometimes I just feel so…"


She looked up at him, and he could see that her eyes were a little misty.  She quickly lowered her head again, and spoke in a whisper that was barely audible.  "Yeah…something like that."

Simon looked down in thought.  He could see where she was coming from.  He had the best brothers in the world, and he wouldn't trade them for anything, but sometimes he wished there was someone who better understood him, as an individual, someone who shared the same thoughts, the same interests…the same desires.  

He looked over at Jeanette again, and noticed her head was still lowered.  He looked closer, and saw the tears in the corners of her eyes.    

"Jeanette?  Are you okay?" he said, reaching out a hand to her.  

She didn't move.  "Can I—can I tell you a secret?"

"Of course," he replied, scooting closer to her.    

"Well, normally I'm not very comfortable around people other than my sisters.  I get all flustered and shy, and I never know what to say.  But, ever since I met you…whenever I'm around you, I don't feel that way.  You make me feel…like I'm not alone anymore."

She looked up at him again, and this time she looked directly into his brilliant blue eyes.  "I guess, what I'm trying to say is…is that I like you, Simon.  I like you a lot.  Do you…like me, too?"

He could practically hear his heart thumping through his chest as she finished speaking.  He leaned in closer, and took a deep breath.  "Jeanette?"

She leaned in closer too, until they were practically shoulder-to-shoulder.  "Yes, Simon?"

"Why don't you go ahead and let your hair down?"

She remained very still, didn't move at all, and to the casual onlooker it would seem as though she were taken aback by his response.  But behind those delicate purple frames, Simon watched as her eyes betrayed her true feelings.  Gazing into her beautiful blue irises, he could see the excitement, the relief, the joy, and the passion all flitter through her eyes at once.  He knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that she had understood his meaning.  She turned around in her seat to face him proper, and without saying a word, reached her dripping hands up to her hair.  She gave a tug, and he watched as her hair fell into place around the back and side of her head.  She ran her hands through it once, shook it a little for good measure, and faced the Chipmunk sitting beside her.  "Well?" she asked, anxiously.  

Simon gulped hard, and said the first thing that came to his mind.  "I think you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen."  

And with tears in their eyes, they embraced each other, holding on tight to the one person that they now knew could make them feel whole.  And all the while, Simon kept whispering this simple phrase into her ear:  "I like you, too."
Oy vei…if only I felt as confident with dialogue as with my descriptions. If that were the case, I could probably have made this one a lot better.

I’ve never really written one of those metaphorical, read-between-the-lines scenarios before, so this is my first real attempt at trying to express something without actually saying it. I fear I may have also interjected myself a bit too much into this piece, rather than staying true to the characters as they are. I’ll let you guys decide that one.

On the subject of the Chipmunks being and perceiving each other as “naked,” I have this to say: Even though they don’t have anything to cover up (or that they haven’t already shown everything anyway over the course of the first two movies), I was operating on the pretense that they do still have a sense of modesty. Besides, if you think about it, the Chipmunks and the Chipettes have never seen each other “naked” before, so it kinda makes sense that they would react this way. Nothing—I repeat, NOTHING—sexual was ever intended, but rather an innocent case of curious fascination.

But by and large, I’m quite proud of this piece and what I’ve accomplished with it. Comments and critiques are always welcome, but more than anything, I hope you enjoy!

P.S. I’m not really sure if ski lodges have libraries in them or not, but let’s just say that they do.

P.P.S. I seriously cannot think of a proper title for this. Any suggestions are welcome!
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Simon tugged at the neck of his hoodie.  It was awfully hot.  He was really starting to wish he'd changed into a t-shirt before coming out on deck.   

Then again, he hadn't really had a chance to, either.  

Upon boarding the ship, Dave had left the boys to their own devices while he went inside to check on the rooms and finish setting up a few things with the captain.  Once again, he had left Simon in charge.  Naturally, the first thing Alvin had wanted to do was explore the main deck.  And by 'explore,' he meant 'cause as much of a ruckus as humanly possible.'  He had wasted no time attempting to woo every pretty girl in sight with his so-called 'animal magnetism,' had attempted to zip-line down the flag pole, and at one point, he had even found himself in the captain's lodge trying to steer the ship.  Simon sighed.  This was going to be a long vacation….

Simon hopped up onto a table in the midst of the crowded deck to get a better look around.  Dave had been gone for quite a while, which made him a little nervous.  Maybe Alvin had knocked him overboard and no one had noticed.  He diligently scanned the crowd for any sign of Dave's familiar visage, but kept coming up empty.  Surely he was still inside somewhere?  Who knew—there were so many people on the boat, it was hard for him to even keep track of himself, much less anybody else.    

Simon suddenly realized that he hadn't seen or heard anything from Alvin in almost half an hour.  In a way, this unnerved him more than anything else.  Not because he was worried for his brother's safety, but because he was worried about what he might be doing.  He quickly scanned the crowd again, standing on his tippy toes to try and see over everybody, but it was no use.  Oh well, he thought, I have a feeling we'll all find out what he's up to eventually.  

He sighed again, and plopped down in the middle of the table with a huff.  The overbearing sun was still excruciating, and he couldn't help tugging on the overly warm fabric.  Looking around, he spied a large bowl of tropical fruit sitting next to him on the table.  I am a little hungry, he thought, and stretched out a paw for a grape.  

Just as he was about to grab it, the grape shivered and moved.  Startled, he jerked his paw back, and watched as the entire contents of the bowl slowly raised themselves up, shivered once, then settled back down into the bowl.  

"What the—?"  He stood up and began to dig through the bowl, pushing aside the apples, oranges, bananas, and anything else he could get his paws on.  Finally, after shoving a pear aside, he looked—and was surprised by what he found.    


Lying at the bottom of the bowl, wearing a tropical green shirt and a smile the size of his belly, was Simon's butterball of a brother.  "Hi Simon!" he exclaimed happily, before squishing a large grape between his teeth.  

"How long have you been in there?" he asked.  

"Uhhh…how long have we been here?"

He couldn't help but grin.  He knew he could always count on Theodore to make his day better.  

"But you can eat fruit anytime," he said, helping his brother out of the fruit bowl.  "Don't you want to see what's on the rest of the ship?"

"I guess so," he replied, shoving one last grape into his mouth for good measure.  "Is that what you're doing now?"

"Well…sort of," he answered.  "I don't suppose you've seen Alvin anywhere lately?"

"No," he said, gloomily.  "And I haven't seen Eleanor, either.  Have you?"

Eleanor.  The girls.  …Jeanette.  He felt a familiar fluttering in his chest at the mere thought of her, and suddenly he felt ashamed for not having thought about finding her sooner.  He caught himself involuntarily glancing around at the crowd again, knowing full well that she was nowhere on deck.  

"No, not since we boarded," he replied.  "But hey, they're around here somewhere," he went on as the expectant look on his little brother's face turned crestfallen.  "Besides, it's a little hard to find anybody at the bottom of a fruit bowl, right?"

Theodore chuckled, his large cheeks jiggling with pleasure.  

"Maybe they're out here somewhere and you just don't know it," he continued.  "Come on, we'll go find them!"

The words had scarcely escaped his mouth when there came a resounding crash from the opposite side of the deck.  The hundred or so people on deck all turned their heads in unison, and it became deathly quiet.  A frightened, but still curious, Theodore quickly tried to scurry up onto someone's shoulder for a better view.  Only Simon stayed below, with one paw on his temple, shaking his head.  

"Oh, brother," he muttered.    

That's when he heard it—that's when they all heard it.  The almost characteristic sound of Alvin's name being bellowed across the entire deck with a fervor so condemning as to even make innocent bystanders feel a twinge of guilt.  If high blood pressure and impending stroke had a sound, this was surely it.  All Simon could do was let out an exasperated sigh.  At least now he knew where Dave was.  

Simon tugged at his hoodie again, his fur wet and matted beneath it.  He glanced up at Theodore, who was hanging on to a woman's shoulder, watching whatever commotion was happening on the opposite side.  He decided that if he was going to change shirts, now was the time to do it.  Besides, he thought as he hopped off the table and headed for the door, it sounds like Dave has got it all under control.
Finally, after months of procrastination and endless revisions, I’m finally ready to show you all my newest story – “Two Hearts”! Told in three parts (of which this is only the first), “Two Hearts” is a spiritual successor to “Simon Hot Tub Story,” so anyone who enjoyed my first outing can expect even more Simon/Jeanette goodness from this new story as well. This is my first ever attempt at writing a multi-part story, and I am quite proud of what I have achieved, so sit back, and I hope you enjoy!

A quick shout-out to :iconsimonjeanettefan: for giving me different ideas on how Alvin could cause trouble on a ship.

And a very special thanks for everyone who has commented, faved, or simply read and enjoyed my work. I’ve received so many kind words from so many different people, and I am immensely appreciative of everyone’s input and opinions! Thank you so much, guys! This story is for you!

Oh, and if you’re thinking that not very much happened in part one, don’t worry. It will all make sense in due time. :D Comments and critique are always welcome!

Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]
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Chapter 17- The Things One Does for Love

Down on the ledge on the inside of the volcano, Simon and Eleanor sat nervously still awaiting their savior.

More lava bubbled up, blowing up more rock. It could blow up the ledge they were standing on at any time.

"Eleanor! Simon!" Alvin called down to them. Both Eleanor and Simon's ears perked up at his voice.

"Over here!" they called waving their arms around. The still rising lava, made it difficult for the chipmunks in the "bicylopter" to lower down to them very far.

"Do you have that rope, Clyde?" Theodore asked. Clyde pulled it out of his backpack and handed it to him.

Theodore tossed it down to the chipmunks on the rock. It was difficult to reach. Even for Simon. They couldn't lower it any more. Simon hoisted Eleanor up on his shoulders. She was now just high enough to reach the rope. She began climbing up. She shook as she climbed.

"C'mon, Ellie! You can do it!" Theodore encouraged. Eleanor, looking directly at Theodore, focusing, made her way up, trying not to think about anything else. Not even the heat waves beating against her back. The air felt cool, as she got closer to the top. Theodore helped up into the basket. She immediately threw her arms around him in a tight embrace. She then began giving him several pecks on both cheeks in a way of saying 'thank you'. Theodore blushed, smiled, and hugged her back, but it wasn't time to celebrate just yet. Simon was still struggling to reach the rope.

"C'mon! There's gotta be a little more left!" Simon cried as he continued to hop up and down.

They all gritted their teeth nervously. There was no more rope to feed. Jeanette took a deep breath and without a word began to step out of the basket and slide down the rope.

"Jeanette! What are you doing!?" Brittany exclaimed.

"I'm going in!" she called back. Another rock melted into the lava. It was getting higher. It would only be a few minutes until it would drown the ledge that Simon was standing on.

Simon was watching worriedly as Jeanette slid down the rope.

"Jeanette, are you nuts!? There's gotta be some other solution to this!" Simon cried.

"But there isn't! I'm almost there!" Jeanette called. She was right. There wasn't another solution. This was a risky one. Not only that, but the others up top were nervous that with Jeanette's clumsiness, she could well… mess up.

"I'll help them!" Alvin said, as he was about to take a step out of the basket.

"No! We can only hold so many of you!" Brittany cried, stopping him. Alvin backed off and held onto the rope again.

The lava was enveloping around Simon's feet on the rock. It was circling. Jeanette made it all the way to the end of the rope. She reached out her arm to Simon. He took her paw and she pulled him up towards the rope. Simon's tail just left the ledge as soon as the lava swallowed it.

"Whoa!" they both gasped as they looked down, the red reflecting in both their glasses.

Simon was just able to get his own paws on the rope and they both climbed up together. They felt their pulses rushing as they made their way up.

"Hurry, guys! The lava's going to explode!" Theodore cried. They each glanced down. He was right. The volcano was close to erupting.

"Clyde, try moving away from the volcano!" Simon called up. Clyde did so. Simon and Jeanette clung tightly to the rope as they moved. Jeanette screamed as her sweaty palms caused her to slip down the rope a little. Simon let go with one paw and caught her.

"You're okay! You're okay!" he said quickly. Jeanette gulped and she reached for the rope again.

The chipmunks up top began to carefully reel in the rope while the two chipmunks continued to make their way up.

Once they were both in, Clyde pedaled away from the volcano as fast as he could. It was just about to erupt. And just moments after they were gliding completely away from the island the chipmunks all watched, as the island got lost in red.  

Finally, they were all safe and sound up in the basket. All six of them were finally reunited. The chipmunks all cheered and danced around a bit. Though it was hard to in the small basket. Even Clyde punched his fist in the air in victory, but it made the bicylopter tilt sideways some. He quickly put his hand back on the handlebar and continued over the sea.

The chipmunks continued to cheer. Wow! They actually made it out and in just the knick of time. Everyone hugged and laughed joyfully. Simon gave Clyde his walkie-talkie back.

"I don't believe it! We actually did it!" Brittany breathed.

"Yeah we did!" Alvin said giving her a high-five. They both leaned against the basket and looked out at the sea. It really was beautiful.
As the other four talked about what all they had been through, Alvin shifted his eyes without moving his whole head to look at Brittany. She was simply looking off at the sea. Might as well get this over with. Alvin didn't want to make a scene really so he simply and inconspicuously leaned over to give her a quick peck on the cheek.

He didn't realize that Brittany had just happened to turn to look at him right then. They were both shocked to feel their pink noses beep against each other. Alvin kissed her lightly and it didn't last very long, but it was long enough to make Brittany's foot pop up in the back.

This one was real unlike the fake ones Alvin would occasionally try to plant on her just for publicity, which of course she would slap him for.

They both turned away, their faces the same color as their ripped up clothing. They smiled. Brittany was going to fiddle around with her tie as she often did when feeling fluttery like this, but that's when it hit her. She was a mess! Her hair was probably even worse than before and her clothes were still shredded.

"I can't believe this!" she wailed. Alvin gave her a funny look and questioned, "What's wrong?"

She had always wanted to be able to remember every little detail about her first kiss when the time came and she felt awful knowing that she would have to remember having her first kiss looking like a wreck.
She frowned and took out her compact mirror and began fixing herself up.

Alvin shrugged his shoulders and muttered, "Okay, then… don't answer me… I'm cool with that."

Eleanor danced around with Theodore playfully and then hugged him again.

"We did it! We did it! We made it off the island in one piece!" Eleanor sang.

"Yeah. You were really brave!" Theodore said.

"You too," Eleanor replied.

"But I'm really, really hungry!" Theodore complained. Eleanor couldn't help, but giggle at this. Theodore rubbed his tummy anxiously.

Simon said softly to Jeanette, "Um… Thank you so very much for what you did. I mean you were pretty much risking your life back there."

Jeanette grinned in her usual timid way and shrugged. She said, "Yeah. Well, the things I do for love." Simon nodded. His eyes then widened as he realized what she just said. He pointed to her and said, "D-did you just say-"

"The L-word? Yes I did," Jeanette interrupted. She put his paw down and held it in hers. Simon beamed, but remained silent.
Chapter 17. I honestly really hated this chapter title. But whatevs.

Next: [link]
Prev: [link]
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Chapter 15- Reunited Six

Meanwhile, back on the beach, the sun was setting. Clyde was getting very excited. He had the structure of his invention all done.

"Fantastic!" he praised himself. He managed to use some of the crashed boat's parts along with some bamboo-like wood, all tied together tightly, forming a very sturdy bicycle type vehicle. It had handlebars and a seat. He fashioned some leaves and soft bark into a nicely woven basket, which he placed on the front of the structure that he planned on using for the chipmunks. He had used a few items from his backpack such as a pillow for the seat and some gears and chains that were spare parts from the many bizarre creations he carried around with him. He intended on using some blocks of wood from the boat and melting the metal from the oars to make the pedals.

The sun had disappeared over the horizon so he knew he would have to work on this tomorrow. As he got ready to go to sleep, he couldn't help, but feel worry for the six chipmunks.

The Chipettes, somewhere out in the forest were unknowingly not too far from the Chipmunks. The three all snuggled together under a large plant. They had had a long day and were looking forward to hopefully having some sweet dreams to escape to.

The Chipmunks, who were just south of where they were, did the same. They found a nice tree to curl up under. Theodore nuzzled his face in his tail and fell fast asleep. His brothers dozed off on opposite sides of him. The three's minds kept rerunning the events of the day. They couldn't wait to get home.

The next morning, Jeanette and Eleanor woke up at about the same time. They yawned and stretched. They gathered up whatever they could find for breakfast. It took awhile, but they eventually woke Brittany up.

"So what's on today's agenda, girls?" Brittany yawned.

"Other than wandering around the forest again? I don't know," Eleanor said flatly.

Brittany buried her face in her paws and moaned, "Are we ever going to get out of this forest!?"

Just then, the girls' ears all perked up to the sound of singing coming from the distance. Familiar singing.

Just north of where they were. They dropped their food and headed in the direction of the voices.

And if we want to get a kiss
We take them fruit or popcorn
Because they always fall in love

Theodore wasn't singing at all. He was asleep. Alvin didn't sound too thrilled to be singing. Simon had already given up after that last line, drifting back to sleep and Alvin finished lazily,

When I play my harm-a-n-on-i-corn….

He stumbled on the last words as he began to fall back to sleep himself.

The girls were so excited to see them. They began bounding their way over.

"Boys! Boys!" they called.




The chipmunks' heads all tiredly went up at the sound of their names.

"Ten more minutes, Dave!" Alvin whined out of habit.

"Alvin! It's us!" Brittany screamed rushing over to him. Just then, the Chipmunks recognized the voices and it finally registered. They all stood up in a heartbeat as if they were never asleep and ran to the girls anxiously.

Cries of, "Ohmigod!", "You found us!", "You're safe!", "Yay!", and more filled the forest. Their little hullabaloo rang louder than they thought…

"Why were you guys singing?" Brittany questioned after a billion embraces among the six of them.

Alvin explained bitterly, "Well, Theodore here had yet another nightmare and woke us up just before the sunrise, so Simon and I had to lull him back to sleep for a couple of hours."

Eleanor put her paw on her heart and cooed, "Oh that's so sweet."

"Easy for you to say. You weren't the one that had to sing for maybe two hours," Simon grumbled.

"Well, you can't blame him. I mean this island is really scary. Plus, we've been through so much already," Jeanette said in Theodore's defense.

Alvin looked at the three Chipettes up and down. They looked like they had just been swept up in a tornado. He couldn't help, but comment sarcastically, "Well don't you ladies look… lovely."

Brittany scowled, "Don't remind me." She had to get him back for that. She said, "Yeah, we just swam out of a sea of poison sumac back there. So who wants another hug?"

The Chipmunks' expressions immediately changed all at once. Their eyes were now the size of records and their mouths were turned kind of crooked and partly open.

The Chipettes all burst out laughing at their horror-stricken faces.

"We're just messing with ya'," Jeanette laughed.

Alvin, Simon, and Theodore all relaxed after hearing that, but sent a little glare in their direction.

Brittany said after laughing, "You know, you boys don't look all that perfect yourselves."

To the Chipettes, they looked like they had just been on a completely out of control roller coaster at least seven times.

Alvin replied, "Well, considering we got beat like piñatas by a rat and nearly fell into a bottomless pit, I'd say that we're pretty good."

"What!?" the girls squealed.

The chipmunks explained the whole story. They were feeling pretty powerful at the moment, after telling what all they had been through. The girls' awestruck faces made them feel even better.

Brittany said, "Not bad, but we had to charm our ways out of a snake pit, so… you know…"

The feeling was transferred from the Chipmunks to the Chipettes. The girls told them their story leaving the boys in awe just as they had done to them. After the few minutes of stardom, Simon started, "Well, I guess we all need to keep moving. And please, let's try to stick together. We're all reunited finally. Let's try to keep it that way."

The six continued on their way. They came across the three mountains in the center of the island that they had spotted when they first arrived. They were unaware that their celebrating from before had caught the attention of a certain tan hawk that was still searching the island for them.

It located the parade of chipmunks and crept around in the trees. They were all about to climb up one of the large mountains in case they could get a better view as to where they were headed. They went to the one on the right, which seemed easiest climb and was the shortest. Brittany had her compact out once again, dolling herself up as she walked. As she groomed herself, she looked closely in the mirror and then… her blue eyes widened in terror. She gasped.

"What, Brittany?" Alvin mumbled in annoyance while he and the others carefully climbed up the mountainside. "Did you discover you have split ends or something?"

"No," she whispered.

"What?" Alvin's annoyance turned to concern.

Brittany answered so quietly that one could barely hear her, "There's a hawk behind us."


"The hawk is behind us!" Brittany screamed. The heads all turned up to see the tan hawk swoop in towards them, screeching.

The six screamed frantically. The bird definitely did not feeling like playing with its food anymore. It didn't even bother to threaten them and torture them. It instead brushed its talons against the dirt and flew upwards to the mountainside. It went right for the chipmunk closest. It darted down and brushed just above Brittany whose scream sounded like one from a horror film.

She squeezed her eyes shut, but noticed no pain or sudden movement. She opened her eyes to see the bird flying away with Alvin, dangling by the hood of his sweater, in its mouth.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH!" Alvin shrieked.

"Alvin!!!" Brittany screamed.

The others appeared at her side.

"What do we do!?" Theodore shouted putting his paws on his cheeks in horror.

"I-I-I- I don't know!" Simon stuttered.

"Keep climbing! It seems to be going up to the top of here!" Jeanette shouted.

The bird had just flown over it and disappeared over the top. Perhaps it was adrenaline rush, but the chipmunks all quickly scurried up the mountain. It was a perilous climb, but they kept moving. Sweat poured down their faces as they dug their claws hard into the rock. They were however able to make it up faster than any human could. The mountain seemed unusually hot.

Brittany was the only one who noticed that the hawk didn't stop up there. It instead curved around the mountain and was heading in a completely different direction. She began to scamper on all fours, just following its trail not even bothering to alert the others.

"Wait! Where's Brittany!?" Eleanor exclaimed noticing her sister's absence.

"And then there were four. Great!" Simon muttered.

"We don't have time to go look for her," Jeanette said.

Brittany didn't know where she was going, she just kept her eyes on the sky. Suddenly, she felt sand. She continued running though, until the hawk disappeared in the sky.

"Alvin!!!!" she screamed again. She realized where she was and kept following the shore for about thirty minutes until she finally reached where they had began.
Might as well update. I know it's been awhile.

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Chapter 16- Rescuing Alvin

In the mean time, Simon, Theodore, Eleanor, and Jeanette had just about made it to the top of the mountain.

"Gosh! Why is this mountain so hot!?" Theodore wondered aloud. The chipmunks' four heads appeared over the top of the mountain. Jeanette was on the far left with Theodore on her left who was next to Eleanor who was next to Simon. Theodore's question was answered. A giant wave of heat shot up and blasted them in the faces. Their faces were glowing red from the reflection of what was inside this mountain. This wasn't a mountain it was a volcano. Though, small it was still very powerful.

"Lava?" Jeanette questioned, her voice shaking a bit.

"But where's the bird?" Eleanor asked searching the sky. She looked back into the volcano. There was a small ledge of rock on the inside. The lava below bubbled and boiled.

It seemed to be rising ever so slightly.

"Great. So we did all that climbing for nothing," Simon said.

"No. We know that we need to get off this island soon. I mean, who knows when this volcano will erupt," Jeanette said.

"You're right. Now all we have to do is find Al and Britt," Eleanor said leaning over the hole of the volcano curiously. Suddenly, she lost her balance and slipped forward. She let out a scream. Simon reached over and grabbed her tail, but was too late, for this pulled them both in. Eleanor grabbed onto the small ledge just inside the volcano with Simon still holding on tightly to her blonde tail. Eleanor managed to pull them both up onto the ledge. Though it was high up to the opening of the volcano it was too long for the chipmunks to crawl out.

"What do we do now!?" Theodore cried. Jeanette was biting her nails nervously. The four all blinked at the crazy and unbelievable happenings that had just occurred. Everything was hitting them way too fast. First, the hawk carries Alvin away, Brittany suddenly disappears, and Simon and Eleanor just fell into the volcano.

"Theodore! Jeanette! Go! We don't want you to fall in here with us! Go find Clyde!" Eleanor called up to the other two chipmunks.

"You think that we'll just get a random stroke of luck and stumble across him!?" Jeanette called down to her. "It's not that simple!"

There wasn't anything else they could do, and they were at the risk of falling in so Jeanette and Theodore did as they were told and began heading down the volcano side.

Eleanor turned to Simon and said, "Simon, thank you for trying to save me." He shook his head and said, "I'm sorry that I failed in doing so and got us both stuck in here." Simon took out the walkie-talkie from his pocket and alerted Clyde of what all had just happened.

"You have to get your invention done and fast!" he shouted into the speaking device.

Clyde, on the other end, was in a complete state of panic. What the four chipmunks didn't know was that Brittany was now with Clyde helping him put the invention together. She thought her heart had stopped when she heard this.

"Have no fear! We're almost done!" Clyde responded. He put the walkie-talkie back in his pocket and began tweaking the propeller he had made out of the ends of the two oars from the boat. He had used the gears and chains to fasten together the pedals and connect them to the propeller so that it was possible to make the propellers move by the movement of the pedals.

With the help of Brittany's small hands to screw in the last few touches to the vehicle, he had finished in just the knick of time.

They both smiled as the propeller began spinning.

"Ha-ha! I have done it! I will call it the bicyclopter! That's-" his famous words were cut off once again by Brittany who hopped into the basket and cried, "We need to go now!"

"Right!" Clyde hopped on and began pedaling. Before they knew it, they were airborne. They hovered low over the forest in search of Jeanette and Theodore.

Fortunately the two chipmunks, were calling for Brittany as they searched for the beach. They felt helpless. They weren't going to get anywhere.

"Brittany! Brittany!"

Brittany's ears perked up at her name and she searched below with Clyde's binoculars and directed Clyde to go in that direction.

The two chipmunks were surprised and overjoyed they found Clyde and Brittany fly over them.

Brittany helped them both into the basket.

"You're going to have to show us where Simon and Eleanor are," Brittany said.

"But what about Alvin?" Theodore said anxiously, "He could be bird food by now!"

Brittany cursed in her head. Jeanette said, "That lava is rising pretty slowly. I think that Simon and Eleanor can wait just long enough for us to find Alvin. Up here, we'll be able to find him no time!"

Meanwhile, the bird was still carrying Alvin. It seemed like it was just trying to torture him for a while. It was circling all over the island in search of more chipmunks, it finally decided to retreat to its nest.

Alvin babbled the whole time, "Really! I'm not the one that injured your friend! It was my brother! I know, people say we look alike, so I can understand your mix up, but he's the one that wears the glasses and I'm the better-looking one with the more muscular build! Really!" He stopped a moment. "What am I saying? What kind of brother am I?"

The bird ignored him.

"Um? Now where are we going?  I'm getting airsick here! Are we going to be flying much longer?"
It screeched causing Alvin to squeeze his eyes shut again.

The tan bird, still carrying Alvin by the hood in its beak flew all the way up to a towering a tree. It perched itself on the rim of a giant bird's nest.

Alvin dared to open his eyes. He gasped as he saw four, pink heads bounce around, and their tiny beaks poking at him like daggers.

The bird lowered him in more. Alvin improvised, "Uh… you really don't want to do that! I taste awful! My diet consists mainly of cheese balls and studies show that cheese balls are bad for birds!"

The hawk dropped Alvin into the nest. Alvin landed with a thud. He was now surrounded by the little, bald demons. They began to close in on him. He was cornered into the nest. He kept backing up not daring to turn around. One bird lunged at him with its neck, nipping at his nose.

Alvin's head jerked back. He was shaking all over. He could feel his heart pounding out of his chest. He glanced down to see how high up this nest was sitting. It felt like looking down a skyscraper. Alvin was surprised that they hadn't hit a cloud being up so high.
He had no idea what to do. His brain was fried and there was no way out. The little birds were coming closer and closer until Alvin had backed up so far that he lost his footing and fell right out of the nest.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" he screamed as he continued to fall. His fur was blowing upward, the wind felt like it could take his whole face off as he fell.

Not far away, Brittany stood up in the basket in the front of Clyde's flying mobile. She spotted the screaming chipmunk.

"That's Alvin!" she shouted, "Clyde! Hurry! That way!"

Clyde made a sharp turn nearly tipping them sideways and flew towards the falling chipmunk.

Though his heart was racing, and he was screaming his head off Alvin's thoughts were running wild. This was the end!

Suddenly, his body went numb and the falling had ceased. He heard a small humming noise and felt like he was floating, but something was holding him up. He hadn't noticed that he was curled up into a complete ball with his tail wrapped around him. He slowly opened his eyes. Everything seemed really bright. He then saw a face- a very sweet, gorgeous face. There was an angelic glow that formed around the face. Was he dead?

"Are you an angel?" Alvin squeaked. The face giggled and shook its head. She spoke, "No, Alvin. You're not dead. It's me! Brittany!"

Alvin squeezed his eyes shut again and then shook his head really fast, and then opened them up again. Yep. It was Brittany! And he wasn't dead!

It turned out that from where they were hovering before it just happened to be in the perfect spot for the sunlight to shine against the back of Brittany's head giving her that glow. He looked down and found that he was in Brittany's arms while in a basket hovering over the island. He looked over the chipette's shoulder and saw Clyde pedaling the vehicle that they were on. The humming was coming from the propeller. Not only that, but Theodore and Jeanette were in the basket with them, looking out for any signs of the two other missing chipmunks.

"Clyde! You got it working!" Alvin exclaimed.

"Yes. I did!" Clyde said proudly. "Are you alright there?"

Alvin chuckled and said, "Yeah. Never better. And by the way, Brittany, I knew that you and Clyde were going to be there to catch me all along, I just thought that some people like you need that feeling of superiority and lea-"

"Do you want me to drop you?" Brittany asked sweetly with a false grin. Alvin hadn't noticed that she had caught him just outside the basket. He immediately threw his arms around her neck in fear that she would actually drop him and cried, "No! No! No! I'm completely content up here. Just could you put me down in the basket? This is getting kind of awkward."

Brittany nodded and gently set him down in the basket with her. Alvin brushed himself off, adjusted his sweater, and puffed out his chest in a way of getting back his cool. For once, without any hinting needed, Alvin turned to Brittany as he rubbed the back of his neck nervously and said, "Um… Thank you, Brittany… for saving my life. I owe ya' one."

Brittany shook her head and said, "No. We're both even. You saved me from Ian Hawke and I saved you from… well… a hawk hawk- or falling rather. Bottom line, all our debts have been paid."

Alvin looked down at his feet, still looking a bit uneasy as he said, "Mm… I think you still deserve something…"

Brittany raised an eyebrow as he stepped a little closer to her.

"Uh… well…" Alvin said. Brittany must have caught on for she was starting to look nervous too as she leaned her head in a little towards his. He did the same, they both closed their eyes, their noses only inches apart when…

"Alvin! Alvin! Brittany!" Theodore cried. Alvin and Brittany's eyes shot open and they both turned to look at him.

"What!?" they cried in unison.

"I think I see them!" Theodore exclaimed pointing towards the volcano down below. Though a little bummed out, Alvin and Brittany anxiously looked over the side of the basket, while sharing the binoculars. There was a dot in the middle of the volcano.
Chapter 16.

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It was 4:23 in the morning, and there was no way I was going to sleep. I was on the floor. I had volunteered to sleep in the sleeping bag because Brittney wouldn't stop bitching about wanting to be on the couch without having to curl up because of me and Jeanette was already on the recliner. I had not slept a wink all night, and we had stopped playing Bull at 2:30. Two hours nad three minutes and I had still not slept.
Finally, I gave up and inched out of the sleeping bag (which, by the way, was Alvin's- and I didn't want to know what he had done in there previously) and pulled on my socks. I padded slowly up the stairs and into the boys' room.
As soon as I entered the room, a voice whispered, "Hey, El."
I jumped. "What? Who's that?"
"It's Simon," he replied, and I squinted and found him in the dim moonlight from the window. He was sitting up in bed.
"Oh. Hey," I responded. "You can't sleep either?"
"No," he replied, then paused for a second. "Teddy's asleep now, but you can go over there anyway."
"Okay, thanks," I started over to Theodore's bed, then stopped and asked, "And you're not going to rat on me, right?"
He chuckled. "Of course not."
"Thanks, Si. Goodnight."
"Goodnight, Eleanor."
I smiled, then crept over to Theodore's bed. I sat down, and as soon as I did, Theodore sat straight up, let out a small yelp, and looked over at me with a scared, wide awake expression on his face. When he recognized me, he frowned and laid back down, muttering, "You scared the crap out of me..."
"Sorry, Theo," I whispered, getting under the covers and snuggling up to him. "i couldn't sleep on the floor."
He grunted, and whispered back, "I was having a good dream too. Gosh."
"I'm sorry!"
He turned away, toward the window. "Okay. Apology accepted. Go to sleep."
We were quiet.

We were quiet for about five minutes. Then Eleanor whispered:
"I can't."
I was so tired, I had no clue what she was talking about. "Can't what? Go to sleep."
"I am trying. I can't."
"Can't what?"
She sighed and mumbled, "Forget it."
I turned over again, so now I was facing her. She was staring at the ceiling, her eyes wide open. I sighed, and sat up. "Okay. What do you want me to do?"
"You're awake. I'm awake. Let's go do something."
"I'm hungry."
As you can see, communication is very important in our relationship.

I walked down the stairs behind Theodore. We went into the kitchen and sat at the table with a box of Twinkies.
"I'm not eating those," I said quietly so as to not wake up anyone else, crossing my arms.
"Did I say they were for you?" he asked, opening the box.
We were silent as he ate a Twinkie, and then started on another one.
"Those are bad for you," I commented.
"So is not getting any sleep," he responded quickly.
"Did you know I was going to say that? That response sounded planned."
"Yes, I knew, and yes, it was planned."
We were quiet for a moment. Then I said quietly, "So... i want to hear more about this girl."
With his mouth full of Twinkie, he replied, looking confused, "Girl?"
"Please don't talk with the Twinkie in your mouth."
He rolled his eyes and swallowed, muttering, "Gimme a break, it's four in the morning."
I sighed, and continued, "You know. The one Alvin is with. Have I ever met her?"
"Oh," he said, starting to unwrap another Twinkie. I stopped him. He gave me a dirty look, but let me take the box and put it away. He waited until I sat back donw, then continued, "Her name is Sophi, and you wouldn't know her. She goes to the Arts school downtown. She's a ballet student, and a singer, although not as good as you or Brit or Jeanette. She's at the art school just for ballet."
"Okay. What does she look like?"
"She's tall- relative to me and you, anyway- and she has brown hair."
I waited for more, but he stopped there. I shook my head. "Wow, that sure was detailed," I said sarcastically.
"I know," he said, smiling. Then he leaned back in his chair, adding, "I don't know what Alvin sees in her. I always thought she was kind of a bitch, you know? She thinks she's waaayyy better than anyone else and, in reality..." he yawned, then continued, "...she's nothing special."

I woke up at four something because i had to pee. I laid there for about ten minues, too lazy to get up. When I just couldn't stand it anymore, I got up to use the bathroom, and walked past the kitchen, where I heardvoices.
"She's not even that pretty. Like, she hardly eats, and she wears a lot of makeup, but htat means she just looks like a skinny clown."
The other person giggled. "That's mean."
"Maybe so, but it's true."
i poked my head in. "What are you two talking about?"
Theodore and Eleanor both jumped, and turned around.
Eleanor opened her mouth to say something, but before she could, Theodore interrupted her.
"Oh, just a girl at the Arts school downtown," he replied.
"Yeah, and there's something we need to-"
"It's nothing important," Theodore added, talking over Eleanor again.
They were acting weird, but i just shook my head and went to the bathroom.

A girl from the Arts school.
Something Eleanor needed to tell me, but something Theodore didn't want me to know.
That should have been clue number one.
Yay! Part ten! i think this one is great, even though it's a little shorter than the last few. There are still some typos in this but I really need to get off.

Tell me what you think! Please, please, please comment! i really need the feedback! The more in-detail you are the better!
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I looked across the table at Simon, who was quietly sipping his coffee. When I looked over, he must ahve been already looking at me, for our eyes met for a brief second before I flushed and looked away, suddenly very interested in my beat-up Sparries. I smoothed out my very wrinkly blue-white-and-purple skirt several times, almost obsessively (like Michelle, who I've noticed has a habit of obsessively smoothing her skirt/jeans/khakis when she's nervous or excited. Or perhaps it's because she's a little nutty about having wrinkles in her clothing, I don't know), then straightened my collar and brushed some frizzy brown hair out of my face. I took off my glasses, breathed on the lenses, cleaned them off, then did it again. All just to avoid Simon's eyes. When I was done with all of that, I went to pick up my coffee by the lid. My fingers slipped and I dropped it on the ground. Coffee went everywhere, and i let out a little shriek. People nearby stared. I could feel my face burn as Simon quietly chuckled, trying to cover it by putting his hand over his mouth.
"Simon, this isn't funny!" I exclaimed as i wiped off the coffee trickling down my leg.
He rose his eyebrows, trying to supress a grin and failing epically, replying, "I'm not laughing."
"Oh, yes you are, shut up..."
Me and Simon reached for the cup at the same time, and our hands landed on it within seconds of each other, me first, then Simon.
I glanced up at him, and my face must have gone firetruck red. He quickly pulled his hand away, muttering, "Sorry."

I sat up as fast as possible, muttering a quick apology. She picked up the cup and tossed it in the general direction of a nearby trash can. She, of course, missed, and a bit more coffee trickled out of the cup.
She sighed, still blushing rosily, and put her hands over her face, saying quietly, "Oh, god. I can't do anything right."
I did my very best to supress a grin and replied, patting her on the arm, "Jeanette, please. That's bullshit and you know it."
"I'm clumsy. I'm so stupid and clumsy. It's embarrassing. I'm so clumsy," she said, her voice still muffled by her hands. "God, I hate it so much. I'm so terribly, awfully clumsy."
"So? It's cute," I blurted.
Oh no. I did not just say that.

... Did he just say I was cute?

She looked at me between her fingers.
We were totally silent.
I thought i was going to fall over and die.
I cleared my throat and opened my mouth to explain, but right then Alvin ran up to our table, panting. He grabbed me by the shoulders, shaking me a little, and asked in a frantic voice, "Have you seen Brittany?"
At this point i could hardly process words. "What?"
"BRITTANY, SIMON. HAVE YOU SEEN BRITTANY." I think it was intended to be a question, but the way he shouted it made it sound like more of a declarative sentence. He shook me so hard my glasses almost fell off.
"" i replied.
Alvin cursed and turned to Jeanette. "Jeanette. Have you seen- aw, shit, forget it, you don't know what's going on half the time anyway..."
With that, he ran off.
I watched him go, and muttered, "What the heck was that about?"
Jeanette shrugged. "i don't know. Wanna go find out?"
I shook my head. "Not really. We'll find out eventually anyway."

"She WHAT?" I exclaimed, dropping the ill-fitting shirt on the ground at Theodore's feet. We were still in the store. He had just filled me in on what had gone down while i had been in the dressing room.
His eyes were wide. "I-I don't know," he replied, picking up the shirt and putting it on a rack nearby. "She was here and then she was running out of the store... Alvin went after her- and speaking of Alvin, i think we're making a hu-"
"I've gotta find her!" I interrupted. "I bet she found out about him cheating on her! Oh gosh, I bet she's flipping out!" I started toward the exit.
Theodore grabbed my arm. "Ellie, NO. I really need to tell you something about Alvin. It's just... I really think we're making a hu-"
"Theodore. I've got to go!" I interrupted again, agrivated now by his random acts of persistence. I yanked my arm out of his grip, and ran out of the store as quickly as possible.

I completed my sentence quietly as I watched Eleanor go:
"... a huge mistake..."

I ran all over the mall, looking in every store I passed. I was sure I was never going to find her in this maze of a mall until I spotted a blur of auburn hair and a pink shirt going out of the doors. I ran as quickly as possible after her, slamming the doors open. i watched as she sat down on the sidewalk, rubbing her eyes. She looked like she had been crying. I walked over and sat down next to her.
"Britt..." I said quietly, touching her arm. She looked over at me, and i could see she was gritting her teeth. We were silent. She looked back at the road. "Brit, what are you doing?"
"Waiting for Dave," she replied, looking at me again, her expression a bit softer this time. "I called him. We're going home."
"Why?" I asked, even though I already knew.
"I don't want to talk about it," she replied, looking away and pouting again.
"Did you and Alvin get in a fight?"
"Something like that," she answered, still avoiding my eyes.
I pursed my lips. "Mmm-hmm. Really though."
"Really though," she mimicked my (somewhat higher than hers) voice. I stuck my toungue out at her. She returned to her normal voice and repeated, "Something like that." we were quiet while I gave her a doubtful look. She turned her head away, nose in the air. Suddenly, she said, "You may want to text the others and tell them we're leaving."
I nodded, and pulled out my bright green Rumor. I texted a message and sent it to the other four. It said:

Apprntly Brit's made the executive decision that we're goin home. Come outside and wait for Dave w/ us.

I slid the phone shut, and looked over at Brittany. "Brit, you know you're going to have to talk to me about this eventually, right?"
She just kept looking straight ahead.
My phone vibrated. It was a text from Theodore. As soon as I went to open it, I got another, from Alvin. I opened Alvin's text instead, figuring Theodore probably just said "K" or something really short like that. Alvin's text said:

WHY??? Wht hppnd neway? Ask her! WTF IS GOIN ONNNNNNNNNN????????????

I chuckled at Alvin's awful texting and replied:

Idk, she wont tell. Altho I bet you know EXACTLY whats up w/ her, you douche

I sent it and slid my phone shut, just in time for it to vibrate again. This time it was Simon. He said:

Okay, Jeanette and I will be there in just a minute. Unfortunately we are on the wrong side of the mall.

I slid the phone shut and looked over at Brit, who was looking around the parking lot very quietly. She looked tired. I patted her back quietly.
Suddenly, we heard a voice behind us. it was Alvin. "Brit, what happened?" he asked, plopping down next to her.
"Don't. Talk to me." she replied, breaking up the words as if they were two seperate sentences.
"She's mad," I informed him.
"No shit," they said at the exact same time. They glanced at each other, and Brittany quickly looked away and fixated her gaze on something straight ahead and far away.
Alvin sighed, played with his phone absentmindedly.
Theodore came out of the mall, and sat next to me with a loud "Ugh". He grimaced and rubbed his butt.
"Didja sit down too hard, Theo?" I asked, chuckling.
He nodded. "Freaking concrete..."
I laughed, and leaned on his shoulder. He put his arm around me and kissed me on the nose.

Next thing we know, Eleanor and Theodore are kissing right there on the sidewalk.
"Yep, that's okay, guys. Becuase everyone in the whole fuh-reaking world realllly wants to see that," Simon commented as he walked out of hte mall, Jeanette close behind.
They appeared not to hear him.
Finally, Dave arrived. Alvin and I stood up, but Theodore and Eleanor were obviously not paying attention. Dave honked the horn and Theodore jumped, startled. Eleanor's hand flew to her mouth. "Ouch!" She said in a muffled voice.
"Are you okay?" Theodore asked, leaning in.
"Yeah, I'm fine. Your tooth hit mine when you jerked away like a spaz," she said jokingly, getting up and climbing into the car.
She sat in the back, and Theodore sat next to her. i glanced at Alvin, who I could tell was wondering if I was going to sit with him-- which I wasn't. I climbed into the back, making Theodore sit in the middle, and sat by the window. Alvin frowned, but looked over at Dave and asked something, which i assume was if he could sit in the front, because Dave replied:
"If you're not going to jack around and distract me."
Alvin whooped and ran around the car to sit in the front. I swear, Alvin is fourteen, but still acts about eight.
The car ride back to the house was long and rather boring, for me anyway. I pulled out my iPod and listened to some loud, hardcore music (which, in this case, was Fall Out Boy) while staring out the window.

The ride back was so much fun! "Livin On A Prayer" came on and God knows there is no way to listen to that song and NOT sing along loudly and yell "KEY CHANGE!" at the key change. Me and Simon and Theodore and Eleanor and Jeanette were all like, "OHHHHH WE'RE HALFWAY THEH-ERE WOAH-OH! LI-IIVIN ON A PRAYY-YER!" while Brittany sat in the back and listened to her iPod.
I don't know what's gotten into her lately, but I'm determined to find out, and when I find out, I will fix it.
Oh, Alllllvin, you're so sweet.
okay, this took me TWO FUH-REAKING HOURS to write, but it's still my least favorite part yet. It's about seven thousand different kinds of bad. Annnnyway... that's just my opinion.

Tell me what you think!! Comment comment COMMENT! :huggle:
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As soon as we arrived at the house, Brittany packed up her things and left without saying a word to anyone. She walked over to our house, opened the door, went in, and locked it behind her. Jeantte tried to go after her, but I stopped her. When Brit gets in one of these moods, it's not even worth it.
We sat in the living room, watched "Glee" (only because me, Jeanette, and Theo insisted upon it), and played a couple rounds of Phase 10, and Theodore won several times. Alvin punched me in the arm because he knew I was feeding Theodore the cards he needed, helping him to kick Alvin's butt for once.
I denied it, of course.
The night ended when, during a game of Spoons gone wrong, Alvin knocked over a bookcase and got us all sent to bed.
I laid on the couch and stared at the ceiling, unable to sleep. I looked over a Jeanette, who was reading "Sense and Sensibility" by the light of her phone.
"Haven't you read that book already?" I whispered.
She looked up, jumping. "I'm sorry, what?"
"Shhh," I hushed her. "You'll wake up Dave. And I said, haven't you read that book already?"
She nodded. "Yeah, but this is my copy. Simon gave it to me last Christmas, along with the complete Jane Austen collection," she said, her cheeks flushing a bit at the mention of Simon's name.
I smiled, and looked over at her as she marked her place and hugged the book to her chest fondly. After a minute, I asked, "You really like him, don't you?"
She nodded again, smiling. "Yes. Yes I do. Goodnight, Eleanor."
With that, she turned over, still holding the book as she pulled her quilt up over her shoulders and slowly drifted off to sleep.

I woke up the next morning to Simon ruffling my hair. I opened my eyes, and watched as he walked to the door and left, presumably for work. I smiled to myself and sat up, stretching.
"Well look who's bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!" Eleanor commented as she walked into the room and leaned on the doorway, holding a cup of steaming coffee and a peice of bacon.
I smiled. "Good morning, El."
Theodore walked in, pinching Eleanor's butt as he walked by her. He sat on the couch, saying to me, "You missed breakfast. Sorry. I can make you, like, an omelet or something really quick if you want me to."
"No, that's okay," I replied, shaking my head. "I'll just have coffee."
I was on my way to the door when Alvin ran in, skidding on the hardwood floor in his socks, and shouted, "Everybody freeze!"
Obeying, Theodore and I froze immediately. Eleanor lazily sipped her coffee and took a bite of the piece of bacon in her hand. She sighed and asked, "What do you want, Alvin?"
Alvin grinned. "I know what we're going to do today."

Eleanor rolled her eyes and muttered, "Oh god. This is not good."
Alvin bristled and said, "I'm going to ignore that, Eleanor." he paused for a moment, as if for effect, then continued, "Let's all walk to the pool. Tonight is Midsummer Night's Swim, did you know that?"
I frowned. "Really? The pool people always put out the news the day of. It's so annoying."
"I... don't know," Jeanette said, leaning on the side o fhte door frame opposite of Eleanor. "I was actually thinking about going down to the library to visit Simon and..."
Eleanor snorted. "Really? Are you sure you want to do that? I mean, I love Simon, but not enough to go to the library and have to deal with the library girls."

I had never visited Simon while he was at  work. The prospect of talking to Simon while Michelle was around and not being sure what she was going to say was nerve-wracking and moire than enough to scare me away. But I had never thought about the other library girls.
I was about to ask what she meant when Theodore nodded, and added, "Yeah. Michelle and company, not exactly the friendliest people in the world."
Alvin nodded. "I mean, why would you even bother, Jen? Every girl in the place has a crush on him... Well, with the exception of Eileen..."
"And Eileen's his ex, and we know he's still not really over her, so..." Theodore trailed off.
Eleanor suddenly asked, "Okay, I never knew with those two: Who broke up with who?"
At the exact same time, Alvin said, "She broke up with him" and Theodore said, "He broke up with her".
Eleanor turned to me and looked at me expectantly.
I shrugged. "I don't know."
She sighed. "Whatever. The point is, we think it would be better for your mental health if you didn't go to the library."
I frowned, and thought for a minute, then finally gave in and said, "... fine. I'll come with you guys then."

I walked into the library, and spotted Eileen right off the bat. She was standing behind her desk, looking through a pile of papers. She looked as great as ever. I walked over, humming "Come On Eileen" quietly as I walked behind her desk to get to mine.
"Simon Seville," she said, without looking away from her papers. "If you hum one more note of that song, I will disassemble Michelle's laptop, rebuild it as a machine gun, and shoot you in the skull."
I chuckled. "I bet you will. Nice skirt."
She smiled, but still didn't look away from the papers she was rifling through. "Thanks, Si."
I walked over to my desk, still looking at Eileen over my shoulder. My attention was drawn elsewhere when I heard Michelle knock over a pile of books on a cart nearby. i turned around, and saw that Seth, her older brother, was sitting at her desk, eating a muffin and saying loudly:
"Oh gosh, look at how this crumbly muffin is getting all over Michelle's half of the desk... oh... oh gosh... These goshdarn crumbs are just everywhere!"
Michelle ran over to her desk, looking like she might explode. "Seth! Quit it! Move. Now."
He got up, laughing, and walked off.
She glared after him, and pulled  out the wet-wipes she kept in her purse at all times. She started scrubbing furiously at her desk, muttering under her breath.
I walked over and sat in my seat, which is next to hers. We share a desk. I sighed. "I'm sorry, Michelle."
She looked up, suprised, then shook her head. "Oh, it's okay. I was just about to wipe it down anyway."
Michelle has OCD. If you don't know, that stands for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. In her case, it means that she cleans everything and has a fear of messes, dirt and germs. She also is extremely organized, almost to a scary degree. She labels everything. EVERYTHING.
"Do you want me to pick up those books for you?" I asked after a long pause, grinning.
She nodded, without looking up from the one spot she had been scrubbing for six minutes.
I walked over to the books she had knocked over when she had seen her brother making the mess, and kneeled, starting to put them up. When I thought I was done, I noticed one that had slid underneath the cart. I picked it up, and saw that it was "Sense and Sensibility", the sole copy in the library, the one Jeanette had read so many times before I had gotten her her own. I smiled fondly, and put it up.
Yay! An update. Woo. So, now you've met Eileen (whose OC Profile will be up soon) and Michelle. Tell me what you think of them (even though you just met them)!

Okay, WHY doesn't dA have a category for fanfiction in literature? Am I the only one who has noticed this?!

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All three Chipmunks were awake at the same time for the first time in days. Theodore was rummaging through the trunk and getting everything packed for their trip into the woods.

Simon was checking the G.P.S to make sure that all the maps were up to date. Alvin stood on the edge of the woods looking into them almost as if he was trying to see past them.

Alvin let out a sigh and turned to his brothers, "So are we ready to go? Is everything packed?"

Simon touched the screen of the G.P.S a few more times then nodded, "All set for navigation."

Theodore poked his head up from the trunk, "We're all set plenty of  food and water,clean and dry cloths and first aid supplies", Theodore placed three rather large back packs on the ground and closed the trunk.

Alvin took a deep breath, "Don't worry girls we're going to find you", Alvin walked back over to the car and picked up his pack, placing it on his back.

Simon followed suit and so did Theodore.

"Okay they have been out here for just under a week so we need to work fast." Alvin put his hand out so it hovered in the air between them. Simon and Theodore did the same so that their hands were all touching.

Alvin started to give a pep speech, " My brothers, remember the Hawaiian word for family, ohana,  it has a deeper meaning then just family though it also means no one gets left behind, no one gets forgotten."

The chipmunks all lifted their hands to the sky and cheered,

Theodore paused for a moment, "Ohana? Did you get that from Lilo and Stich?"

Alvin chuckled lightly, "So what if I did, it was still a good speech." Theodore smiled at his brother and laughed, "It was."

"Okay Simon how far are we from the estimated crash site?", Alvin asked, not waiting for a answer before setting out into the woods.

Simon checked the G.P.S as he walked along side his brothers, "Well it looks like we're about five miles. It should take us about an hour to reach it."

Alvin smiled, "Good."

The first five minutes of their hike went by rather quick and quietly. Theodore was mostly keeping his eyes on the ground beneath them, "Guys...", Theodore looked up at his brothers but kept walking at a steady pace.

"Whats up?", Alvin asked.

"Well what if we find them and... their not okay?" Theodore had been thinking about this the whole way across the country but this was the first time he had mentioned it.

"They will be alright when we find them, don't worry Teddy", Alvin smiled reassuringly.

"When we find them what are we going to do?", Theodore asked wanting to go over the plan once more.

Simon piped up to remind him," Well first we see to it that they are able to travel out of the woods with us. And if they are too week from hunger to make the trip then we take care of them until they are able to", Simon nodded, mostly to himself once he finished his explanation.

About half an hour later they came up to a deep gorge in the ground with a river running along the bottom.

"Well this could slow us down quite a bit unless we can find a way over it", Simon checked the G.P.S as he spoke looking to see where the closest way over was.

"Well it looks like there is a way around this but it will take us about two miles off course."

"No need, we can go over here", Alvin was pointing at a fallen tree that he was already walking towards  

"That doesn't look safe", Simon observed as he hurried to catch up to his brother.

"We don't have time for safe", Alvin retorted as he started sizing up the log

Simon opened his mouth to protest but was cut off by Theodore, "Hes right Simon we have to hurry."

Simon let out a sigh and nodded. He made his way over to the log and knelt next to it. Simon gently nudged it to make sure it was stable, "Okay we're going to have to go over it one at a time."

Alvin nodded and started across it not wasting any time. He reached the other side and waved back to his brothers. Simon took a deep breath and slowly made his way across without incident.

Now it was Theodore's turn, he stood at the edge looking down. It wasn't to far of a walk, "I can do this... Its for Ellie".Theodore told himself in his head.

Theodore slowly stepped out onto the log and began to make his way across. He started to lose his balance and almost fell but he manged to regain his composure and press on. When Theodore reached the other side he had not realized that he had been holding his breath the whole time.

Theodore took a moment to breath as Simon was checking the G.P.S. Theodore stood with his back to the crevice, he couldn't stand to look at it anymore.

By the time Theodore felt the ground beneath his feet giving way it was to late to react.

Theodore began to fall over the edge, Simon being the closest reacted on instinct and with out thinking about it dropped the small device in his hand as he threw one hand out to Theodore and the other behind him for Alvin to grab.

The small thing bounced down the side of the crevice. Alvin had his feet firmly planted on the ground as his heals began to dig into the ground from the added weight of his two brothers hanging over the edge.

Theodore looked up at his brother who had caught the strap of his backpack. Simon had one foot on the edge while his other was dangling.

"Alvin! Pull us up!", Simon yelled in a strained voice.

"I'm trying!", it was taking all of Alvin's strength to keep his brothers from falling.

Theodore looked up at his straining brothers, he felt Simon's grip on him slip. Theodore took a deep breath, "There is no way you can pull us up Alvin..."

"Theo! Don't talk like that",Alvin yelled as his arms were starting to burn with pain.

Theodore slowly reached up to the clasp that was holding the arm straps of his backpack together. Simon's eyes began to well up with tears as he shook his head and mouthed No.

"Save her", Theodore's voice was barely a whisper.

Theodore released the clasp and Alvin and Simon were both flung back onto the ledge, Theodore's back pack still in Simon's hand.

It took Alvin a few seconds to register what had just happened. He sprang to his feet and quickly rushed to the edge and looked over searching for some sigh that his brother was still alive,"Theodore!", Alvin called out. There was not sigh of his brother not even a small glimpse of green.

Alvin fell back onto his rear as he soaked in what had just happened. Simon scooted over to his brother and hugged him.
Chapter two!
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Jeanette sat next to Eleanor and checked her pulse," How are you feeling?"

Eleanor ran her fingers through her hair but grimaced when she felt how tangled and sticky it was, "Well my head hurts like I just got kicked by a horse and its going to take me a week to clean the blood out of my hair but I think I'll be okay."

Brittany walked back into the clearing that the Chipettes had set up a small camp in she was holding her hands behind her back, "Well I searched around the crash site for anything we could use but found nothing... Well, except this!", Brittany pulled a small dirty doll from behind her back that looked like Theodore when he was younger.

Eleanor smiled and tried to sit up but immediately regretted it. She grabbed her ribs and winced. "Ow!"

"Take it slow. You have a few bruised ribs", Jeanette warned her.

Brittany walked over to her sisters and handed Eleanor the doll, "He looked lonely without you",

Brittany smiled down at her injured sister.

Eleanor held the doll up to her face and nuzzled it, "So where's Miss Miller?", Eleanor asked.

She had just woken up about a hour ago and had just now realized the absence of her guardian.

Brittany and Jeanette looked at each other and frowned, "Ellie... She...", Brittany's lower lip began to quiver as she began to explain. "She didn't make it Ellie."

Eleanor shook her head and held her Theodore doll close and began to sob deeply, ignoring the physical pain it caused her. All three of the sisters huddled together and took a few minutes to mourn their loss.

Eleanor regained her composure and took a shallow breath, "How long have we been out here? And where are we?"

Jeanette wiped the tears from her eyes and calmed down to answer her sisters questions, "We've been out here almost a week, and as for where we are I'm not to sure but I think we are in the Appalachian mountains."

"What are we going to do?", Eleanor's eyes began to fill with tears again.

"Well for now we have to wait for you to get better and then we will have to try and find our way out. I tried to fix the radio in the plane but it was damaged beyond repair", Jeannette grimaced at the memory of the cock-pit and the dead pilot.

"How are we on food?", Eleanor was sure that she knew the answer but was hoping she was wrong.

"Well as of this morning, we're out...", Brittany's shoulders slumped when she finished her sentence.

"We've been taking turns going out into the woods and looking for food but there doesn't seem to be much growing here that is eatable", It was Jeanette's turn to answer.

"I'm going to go check the plane again and see if I can find anything even a pair of leather shoes would do for now...", Jeanette trailed off while she stood up and began to make her way towards the edge of the clearing. "I'll be back in about twenty minutes."

Jeanette's stomach grumbled, she put her hand over it and grimaced.

She pressed on to the wreckage. She went over the damage again. The main body of the plane sat in the middle of a small clearing. The trees around had been damaged by the crash landing.

Jeanette made her way inside the plane and looked around, for the most part the passenger area seemed undamaged save for the luggage that had been tossed about by the crash.

Jeanette had been looking around inside for about five minutes when she heard something outside. She went to the window and looked out side expecting a few deer, her eyes went wide when her gaze fell   the source of the noise.

She ran outside and stood in the doorway of the plane, just staring not wanting to believe what she saw.

Her voice came out as a whisper, "Simon?" Jeanette could not believe what she was seeing, Standing in the clearing were Simon and Alvin.

Simon shrugged the bags off of his back and ran at her lifting her in the air and hugging her, "You're alive!", he shouted as he held her so tight she thought her ribs would crack.

Simon put her down and loosened his grip on her,"I'm so glade that you're okay."

"Jeanette where is everyone? Are your sisters and Miss Miller okay?", Alvin hated to interrupt such a nice moment but he wanted to make sure everyone was alright.

The smile faded from Jeanette's face as her thoughts fell back onto Miss Miller,"My sisters are okay I'll take you to them."

Jeanette held onto Simon as if she was afraid that he would disappear. "Miss Miller didn't make it...", Jeanette looked up at Simon with sad eyes then turned her gaze Alvin.

She gasped,"Where is Theodore?" Alvin looked down and shook his head.

**Back at camp**

"So are you feeling okay?", Brittany asked Eleanor.

"Iv been better", Eleanor smiled weekly at her sister.

The sounds of foot steps could be heard coming from the woods. Brittany turned her gaze expecting Jeanette to come into the clearing carrying one of pairs of designer shoes for dinner.

The sight that greeted her was something far greater. Jeanette did come into the clearing but she wasn't alone, Alvin and Simon were walking close behind her.

"Alvin!", Brittany ran and jumped into his arms.

Eleanor turned her head to look at the group. She smiled when she saw Simon and Jeanette walking hand in hand and Alvin and Brittany hugging and for the first time since she woke up her heart was filled with hope.

She kept eyes on the area that the group had emerged from waiting for Theodore, "He always was slow", she thought to herself.

Eleanor's smile began to fade when Theodore did not come from the woods. "Where is Theodore?!", he voice came out louder then she had meant it to.

Simon looked her in the eye and his eyes began to fill with tears. Eleanor looked over him and noticed that he was carrying an extra backpack, "Where is he?"

Simon looked away,"We... lost him Eleanor..."
Chapter three!
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Brittany gazed out the window, she watched as the landscape moved by quickly.

She looked around the cabin of the Chipette's airplane and let out a sigh.

"Whats wrong?", Eleanor asked as she looked up from her magazine.

"Why didn't they come on tour with us?! I miss Alvin... Don't ever tell him I told you that", Brittany ranted.

Eleanor pulled her fingers across her lips mimicking a zipper.

"Don't you miss Theodore?", Brittany asked hoping she wasn't the only lonely one.

"Of course I do but this helps", Eleanor reached under her seat and pulled out a small bag. She unzipped the bag and started rummaging through it. "Here it is", she pulled out a small doll of Theodore.

"You still have that? I thought it was evidence", Brittany gave her sister a confused look.

"Well it would have been if there had been any money in it", Eleanor giggled and turned the doll around showing Brittany the stitching on the back where she had sown it up.

"I wish I'd thought of that", Brittany groaned.

"Why don't you just call him next time we land?", Eleanor suggested as she put her doll back in her bag but not before giving it a quick snuggle.

"I can't do that", Brittany huffed.

"Why not?", Elanor asked with a puzzled look.

"Because then he'll know I miss him", Brittany said in a very matter of fact tone.

Eleanor sighed and went back to reading her magazine.

Jeanette and Miss Miller walked in to the seating cabin from the small room for watching T.V.

"How much longer till we land?", Jeanette asked as she took her seat.

"It should be a few more hours until we land in New York", Miss Miller informed.

Brittany rested her head on her hand and looked out the window as she drifted off. She started thinking about when they left to go on tour.

** A week ago **

"I'm going to miss you", Theodore said as he hugged Eleanor.

"Me too Teddy", Eleanor kissed Theodore deeply with a goodbye kiss.

Jeanette and Simon silently held each other.

"I wish you would have come on tour with us Alvin", Brittany complained .

"I'm sorry Britt, I just didn't want to spend the last real summer I'm going to have, working", Alvin hugged Brittany and whispered in her ear, "You know it's not too late. you could stay... just pretend that you're sick."

"I can't Alvin the venues are already sold out I can't... wont do that to our fans", Brittany gave Alvin an annoyed look and stepped back from him.

"Come along dearies we have to be going now", Miss Miller gathered the girls and headed for their plane.

Jeanette and Eleanor waved goodbye to Simon and Theodore, Brittany refused to do the same for Alvin.

Alvin stubbornly looked the other way as the girls boarded their plane.

**A few minutes before the crash**

How could I have been so stupid to get mad at him over something like that... I'm calling him as soon as we land, Brittany thought to herself.

The plane was quiet. The girls and Miss Miller where all doing their own thing.

Suddenly the plane was rocked by an explosion on the right wing.

"Whats going on?!", Brittany screamed as the plane began to descend.

"Every one strap in!", the pilots voice came over the intercom.

The girls and Miss Miller did as they were and told and buckled in.

"I don't want to die!", Jeanette shouted.

The ground got closer.

Brittany closed her eyes.

The plane made contact with the ground.
The second part the the prologue
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     I woke up to a rainy,cloudy day.Dave was already awake in his room creating new songs for us to sing.I jumped off the couch trying not to wake Alvin up.I looked at the clock.It was 7:00 A.M.An early start for me.I've never woken up this early.I usually wake up at nine,when Alvin's snoring gets the loudest and wakes me up.I looked over at Alvin's side of the couch.He wasn't there.I walked around,terrified,hoping he wouldn't scare me."Alvin.....come out,come out wherever you are...."I said.I lurked around hoping I would find him before he finds me."AAAAAH!"Alvin jumped out from behind a curtain screaming and pinned me down to the floor.I shrieked when he screamed.He kept staring into my blue crystal eyes as he held me down."Why did you scare me like that?!"I asked.
     "Because I had to.It was either that or a tackle down.Anyhoo,what I wanted to tell you was that we have to stop Dave from moving you three out and I gotta plan."He grinned at me.I tried pushing him off.
     "Do you literally have to be pinning me down?!"
     "Yes."He grinned again and stood up.I stood up after him.
     "What's your plan?"I dusted off my dress and made sure it wasn't dirty.
     "I can't tell you.You'll have to wait until it's ready."Alvin said.I was too curious and I knew how to get an answer out of Alvin.I hugged him tightly.
     "Oh,come on,Alvy.Please tell me."I fluttered my eyelashes at him hoping it would work.He looked at me and bit his lip.I knew it was working.Then,he closed his eyes.
     "Nope.I can't tell you."He peeked at me from one eye.I was now running to the kitchen.Alvin whistled at me while I ran on four feet.I turned around,gave him a look,and ran inside the kitchen."Brit.....wait!"He ran up beside me."Don't be mad at me,but I really can't tell anyone.......especially not you."I got as pink as my pajamas.Grr!As much as I wanted to hit him,I couldn't.Alvin held me by my arms and kept looking into my eyes."It's nothing personal,but it's a surprise for you."I smiled and got excited.I didn't know what got into me.We both walked out of the kitchen and into the living room.Dave stepped out of his room and looked at us.
     "Up early?"He asked us as he sat down on the couch.Me and Alvin nodded.We knew he was going to tell us something...and we knew what he was going to tell us."Alvin.I have to talk to Brittany.Do you mind going to your room?"He looked at Alvin.
     "Yes,I do mind.I need to be with Brittany always."He hugged me from my hip.Dave gave Alvin a mad look."Okay,okay!I'm going!"I watched as Alvin slowly walked to our room and closed the door.
     "Brittany,I have bad news for you and your sisters."He struggled to say,but he finally spoke."You'll be moving to Claire's today.Permanently.You will be living with her."He looked at me.I could see a tear in his eyes.We've been living with him for a long time now.He hugged me as I hugged back.I slowly headed to our room and started packing in my pink luggage.Alvin looked at me and ran to Dave.He screamed at Dave like I've never seen him scream before.
     "How could you do this to me?!You knew I love her and now you ruined my life!......I hate you."Alvin madly walked into our room.I slowly walked after him and packed everything in my pink luggage.After I was finished,I watched as Jeanette and Eleanor sadly packed too.The doorbell rang and it was Claire.
     "I'm here for the girls." Claire told Dave when he opened the door for her and she stepped in.Dave pointed to our room.
     "They're packing up."Dave replied as Claire walked to our room.
     "Hey girls!Are you ready?"We slowly nodded."Oh,come on.You'll have fun living with me!I can take you guys out for Sundae Sundays and Movie Fridays!And we can go shopping over the weekends!"I kinda smiled,but not much.We started walking out the door.It was still raining and my clothes were getting soaked but I didn't care at all.We walked out until Alvin grabbed me by my arms.
     "Brittany!"He held me and hugged me tightly.I looked at him surprised.
     "Alvin....I'm moving out now.There's no way you can ch...."Alvin slowly got on his knees and pulled out a little pink box behind him.
     "Brittany......will you marry me?"Alvin opened the little box and a shiny diamond ring was in it.I froze there staring at it.
     "Alvin...."I smiled,"We're fifteen,not eighteen."
     "Who cares!If you marry me,I promise to never let you go,and we can live together!Nothing can break us apart."He smiled sweetly as I stood there frozen in the rain,in the middle of a proposal.
Alvin takes Brittany in for a surprise.
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     After filming for Chip-Wrecked,the chipmunks where exhausted and headed home.Brittany and Alvin stayed up late,which led to hearing Dave and Claire's conversation on the phone.A bummer,as for Brittany and her sisters will be now living with Claire.


     Me and Alvin were listening to Dave and Claire's daily night conversation by phone when something hit our ears that stung like a bee!

Dave: Are you sure you can keep up with the girls?

Claire: [on phone] Sure.I'll keep them safe and sound with me.So,I hear you have trouble most with Alvin and Brittany,am I right?'s all over the news,magazines,and even in my job.They want me to take pictures of them kissing as proof that they're dating.

Dave: Yeah.I'm glad I can trust you with them.Well,it's time for me to hit the hay now.I'll tell them to pack tomorrow morning.Night.

Claire: Night,Dave.

     I couldn't believe it!Dave.....was giving us away? Claire?! No,this couldn't be.....could it?Me and Alvin watched from the living room as Dave closed his bedroom door and went to sleep.I looked over at Alvin.I could tell he wasn't happy at all.I knew that frown and I've seen it before.
     "No,you can't leave me.We're suppose to be together......forever!" Alvin grabbed me from my arm tightly."You're staying with me."
     "Alvin...I know....I love you,but this is....hard to put it. I mean,I love you,but I can't believe we're moving away!Imagine Ellie and Theo when they hear the news." I slowly put my ears down as Alvin loosened his grip a bit.
     "Yeah.I have to stop Dave!I still have one more day with you to change everything.Come on." Alvin pulled me to the couch,picked me up,and laid me on the right end of it."Let's hope tomorrow's a better day." He layed on the left end of the couch as we both shared the same blanket. I nodded to him and closed my eyes.I tried falling asleep,but Alvin kept moving around.I couldn't see anything after he turned off the light,but I felt movements on the couch.I didn't know if it was Alvin or a creepy monster getting on the couch to kill me so I hid under the blanket and hugged myself.Something furry slithered passed my legs....I let out a shriek,but someone's paws covered my mouth.
     "It's me,Britt."He uncovered my mouth and let me speak."I just felt so lonely on the other side."
     "Gosh!You scared the nuts out of me!Don't EVER do that again!" I said as Alvin started to chuckle.
     "You....were scared?"He chuckled as he locked his paw with my paw.
     "....yes!Even fifteen year old teenager Chipettes get scared!" I replied as I giggled.I realized he was still next to me."Even though I can't see you,doesn't mean I can't feel you." I felt his tail brush up my leg and inside my dress.I hesitated and hit his arm.
     "Ow!Why'd you do that for?"He sobbed his arm as if I hit him as hard.
     "For inappropriate behavior as a fifteen year old."I replied with a smart answer!....usually something Jeanette would say.
     "Yeah,whatever.So,can I sleep next to you?I'm really sca..."I hit him on the arm harder,"...OW!Now why did you do THAT for?"I smiled to myself,glad he couldn't see me smiling under the moonlight that came through the windows of the living room.
     "For still being inappropriate.You know I follow Dave's rules and I can't let you sleep with me.You know that's gross,right?"
     "Not for the...Love Doctor!Anyways,why are you such a Daddy's Girl?"
     "Me?A Daddy's Girl?!Yeah,right!Pfftt....daddy's girl."I said.
     "Hmm...I bet you'll be my girl soon and I'll be your Daddy!" He grinned under the moonlight and purred.I kicked him on his legs."OWW!I can tell you love hitting me."I giggled as he hugged me tightly."Please,Britt.I don't want you to leave me.I know you'll be living in our neighborhood and that I can walk twenty steps to Claire's house,but those are twenty steps I didn't have to walk before!"I hesitated and decided about letting him sleep with me on my side.
     " go to your side and go to sleep."I felt him brush along me as he moved down to his side under the blanket.After three minutes of silence and Alvin snoring,I fell asleep.

After filming Chip-Wrecked and after Brittany and Alvin overhear Dave and Claire's phone conversation,they find out that the Chipettes will be living with Claire.
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     I was speechless.No words came out of my mouth.I wasn't sure if I was sweating or it was just the raindrops on my fur.Alvin had a huge grin on his face still on his knees.I smiled and finally said,"YES!"I leaped into his arms as he spun me around,holding me tightly.
     "I knew you wouldn't leave me!"Alvin said as he smiled.I looked at Claire,and she was smiling!She brisk walked back into Dave's house and left me,Alvin,Jeanette,and Eleanor standing outside in the rain.We all looked at each other in surprise and confused wondering why Claire did that.Claire rushed out of our house and looked at us with a smile.
     "I know how much you guys love each other and it's just the cutest thing.I couldn't separate you six even if I wanted to."Claire looked at Alvin."And you were actually smart enough to think about an engagement for no separation?Now that is smart for a situation like this."Claire looked at the little diamond ring Alvin had just slipped on my finger and smiled.Alvin wrapped his arm around my waist as I watched as Simon and Theodore ran out of Dave's house and hugged my sisters.Nobody cared that it was raining,nor that our clothes were getting soaked.Dave stood at the doorway trying not to get wet.I smiled as we all walked back into our house.Claire and Dave were in the kitchen making hot cocoa and Smores for us while we were on the sofa wrapped in towels by pairs.I looked over at Theo and Ellie; they were sleeping leaning on each other wrapped cuddly in a towel.I looked over at Si and Jen; they were talking softly and giggling.Alvin snuggled closer to me as I quickly turned his way and accidentally kissed him,again.
     "Whoa,daja vu."I smiled at him and remembered the first time I accidentally kissed him in the cafeteria in school.Alvin quickly pulled me close and kissed me for awhile.I was shocked and mad,but that faded away so I just went along with it.Alvin softly stopped kissing my lips.I looked at him."Wh.....what was that for,Captain?"He grinned.
     "That was for being hot,Helper."He winked at me.I rolled my eyes and giggled,knowing he was trying to charm me.Good thing it doesn't work on me.
     "Here you go."Claire placed a platter full of Smores on the coffee table in front of us.Dave placed a platter full of hot cocoas next to the platter Claire had just brought."Enjoy."Claire walked back into the kitchen and had her hot cocoa and Smores with Dave.We finished our snacks and we all sat on the doorstep watching the raindrops hit the floor.In the kitchen,Dave and Claire were discussing about our engagement."They're not really getting married,are they?For sure,I know you wouldn't let them."Claire asked.
     "You got that right.They can get married when they're at least 35."Dave looked at Claire.
     "Dave!"Claire playfully hit Dave on the arm."You're just exaggerating.They can get married at 20."Dave sighed and nodded."What,you worry too much about your boys."Claire smiled.
     "It's not that.It's just that soon,they'll grow up and lead their own lives.I'll stay to live here alone."Dave looked down.
     "Dave,you have me."Claire smiled."I live practically five feet away from you!You won't be alone.We can watch movies on Saturdays or go out for dinner.How does that sound?"
     "Wonderful."Dave smiled."Now,if Alvin asks for a wedding,I will say an engagement is enough for now."Claire chuckled with Dave.
     Later on that day,we were all set and ready to go to bed.We were all tucked in; Dave and Claire stood on the doorway."Night,kids."They both said.We all replied,"Night,Dave.Night Claire." and went to sleep.Claire turned off the light and slowly closed the door when the doorbell rang.They looked at each other confused wondering who might it be at this time.Dave looked outside the window and saw,standing there was.........Ian.
...........................................................................New series starts here!!
The whole family goes in for a huge surprise at their door.
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Brittany walked into living room where Jeanette was reading a book Simon had given to her for her birthday.Britany thought this would be the perfect opprotunity to talk to her sister.
Brittany:Hi Jeanette!
Jeanette:Oh Hi Brittany.
Brittany joined her on the couch. Considering the shyness Jeanette has, this would be easy.
Brittany:Can I talk to you for a minute?
Brittany:Before we found out that Ian was evil, I happened to bump into Alvin.
Jeanette:I see. Same thing happened to Eleanore, only with Theodore.
Brittany had heard about Eleanore bumping into Theodore, but she predicted it was far more romantic than when she bumped into Alvin.
Brittany:Ok I see, so have you bumped into any of the chipmunks let's say... Simon?
Jeanette looked up from her book and looked like she was thinking.
Jeanette:Well, there was a time I bumped into Simon before we found out Ian was devilish.
Brittany smiled a little, not enough to convince Jeanette what she was really doing.
Brittany: Would you care to tell your little sister about it?
Jeanette:Theraply speaking, it would be good for the soul to tell what's on your mind. I guess I could.
Brittany:Then close the book and take a seat!
Jeanette did just as her sister commanded. She took off her glasses because she just wanted to.
Jeanette: Well it all started when the bell rang.
>Flash Back Effects<
Jeanette(N)*: I was late for Art class, you know how I hate to be late. Well I started to run and right when I got ready to turn to the corner when I bumped into someone. I was confused because if it was a foot it would hurt more. My glasses got knocked off, but I could tell it was Simon. I could also tell his glasses were knocked off.
Jeanette:Oh , um, Excuse Me um um....
Jeanette(N):I pretended not to know his name for occasional reasons.
Simon:My name is Simon.
Jeanette:Oh, excuse me Simon for being so clumsy.
Simon:I should be the one apologizing.And well, you being clumsy isn't a bad thing to me.
Jeanette(N):I knew I was blushing but I was still confused. How could Ian say Simon was mean? Any ways he picked up my glasses and handed them to me.
Simon:I think these belong to you.
Jeanette:Thanks.My name name is Jeanette.
Simon: A real pleasure to meet you Jeanette.
Jeanette(N):I was putting on my glasses when I caught Simon without his. I would never forget those dark blue eyes. Once he put his glasses back on, he got up and took my hand and helped me up. That's when I finished daydreaming.
Jeanette:Oh no! I'm late I better be going!
Simon:Wait, what class are you going?
Jeanette:Art, why?
Simon:That's where I'm heading. Do you mind if I walk you there?
Jeanette(N):I felt my cheeks getting hot, I knew if Ian found out, I would get in big trouble, but it was just a walk so I said yes.
>Flash Back Ends<
Brittany:How ROMANTIC!So you think you like Simon?
Jeanette was thinking about it. Did she like Simon? Would she be able to cuddle Simon like Theodore and Eleanore? Brittany was her sister, she could trust her.
Jeanette: I guess so-
Brittany was wide-eyed at her explosion. She then looked at her sister who looked afraid and confused.
It was Jeanette's turn to look wide-eyed.
Jeanette:Your not going to tell Simon, are you?!?!
Brittany:Would a fellow sister ever do that?
Brittany then left to go check on Alvin.
Alvin:Ok I hired my cousin Chip to act like he's going to steal you from me. Unfortunatly, there's a catch.
Brittany:What's the catch?
Alvin:Well he's been picking on me ever since I was born. So he thinks I am still puny, so he said he'll do it if I send him a picture of the girl he's going to steal kissing me.
Alvin:Should we do it now to get over with it?
Brittany:Fine, this better not be one of your tricks Alvin, and if the school finds out, all the pretty girls will think Simon is hotter than you.
Alvin:Are you saying I'm H-O-T!
Brittany: Just pucker up and get ready.This will be the first and last kiss you'll get from me.
Both of them started getting closer to each other until Alvin ruined the moment.
Alvin:This is not going to work if we do it slowly. It builds up suspense and my stomach feels bad.
Brittany really wanted to get it over with, not that she didn't like the idea of kissing Alvin, in fact, she didn't think this was going to be the last kiss she'll have with Alvin.
Brittany:Is that Simon and Jeanette kissing behind you!
Alvin turned around, not noticing that Brittany grabbed the camera. She grabbed his arms and put him close to her. Within seconds there lips touched for the first time. Both of them felt sparks. The wonderful kiss ended.
Brittany:That was, was...nice!
Alvin:Same here!
Brittany:Darn it! It just so happens, I didn't take the picture.
Alvin:Well, then should we do it again?
Brittany:How else will Chip do the job?
And so then they kissed again, Brittany's tail was reaching Alvin's tail. They locked they tails as the sign that they will will be more than friends.
The part about Jeanette bumping into Simon wasn't in the movie, but considering that they never had a special moment like TheodoreXEleanore and AlvinXBrittany, I think they deserve one. I still don't own the chipmunks or chipettes :(
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Jeanette:Brittany you totally embarrased me last night!
Jeanette was talking about the triple-date that happened last night. Jeanette looked over at Simon a few times while her two sister's and their boyfriends sang "kiss the girl" and it looked like Simon was really shy.
Brittany:But you got you wanted. You got yourself a boyfriend!
Jeanette:Not exactly. I told him I was sorry about you and Alvin embarrasing us and I told him we could just be friends.
Brittany:What?!I went through all that hard work for nothing!
Jeanette:What work could you have possibly gone through?
Brittany:Didn't Alvin tell you? Chip raped me!
Jeanette:Hey thank the doctors the results came back negative, your not pregnant.
The two sisters sat at the kitchen table waiting for Teddy and Ellie to make breakfast. They heard footsteps, but it turned out to be Simon...Half asleep.
Simon slipped on Theodore's toy truck. Hitting himself on the arm.Both girls laughed a type a laugh that says "We're laughing with you, not at you".
Simon:Geez, I'm just so clumsy! I hate myself! I'm so stupidly clumsy!
Brittany:Oh Simon, don't worry, it's cute!
Both Simon and Jeanette looked at Brittany.What did she just say?
Jeanette had to do something, somehow she got jealous, she didn't know why, but she did.
Jeanette:Simon! Your arms bleeding! Is it OK?
Simon:I might be smart Jeanette but I'm not a doctor!
Brittany:Let me see.
Brittany got off her chair and ran toward Simon, she held his arm looking all over it.
Brittany:I don't think it's sprained or broken. But it does need a band-aid.
Jeanette looked at Brittany suspiciously.
Brittany heard footsteps, she hoped it was Theodore and Eleanore ready to make breakfast, but it was Alvin.
Alvin:Good morning Jen.*Yawn*
Jeanette:Good morning Alvin.
Brittany looked at Alvin suspiciously. "How could he say good morning to Jeanette before me? Why did he call her Jen?"She thought
Alvin:Good morning Britts. Wait, why are you holding Simon's hand?
Brittany was confused at first, but then she spotted her hand holding Simon. She quickly let go.
Brittany:He fell and hurt his arm, I came to check on him.
Alvin:Don't you think that would be Jen's job.
Brittany felt embarrased so she broke the akward moment.
Brittany:Since when did you call my sister Jen?
Alvin:Well we are all living under one roof like a real family, why not make nicknames, Britts.Sometimes you call Simon Si!
Jeanette choked on her mini muffin hearing what Alvin said.
Alvin:Jen! Are you ok. She's choking!
Alvin wrapped his arms around Jeanette and started to do the Heimlich maneuver. Luckily, the muffin came out.
Simon:Jen! Are you ok?!?!
Jeanette:*Cough* I'm...*Cough* Ok.Oh Alvin, thnk you so much!
Jeanette wrapped her arms around Alvin. Alvin uderstood the hug was for him saving her life, but both Brittany and Simon felt uneasy.Luckily Theodore and Eleanore came into the kitchen.
Theodore:Who wants breakfast?
Eleanore:Um, Jeanette, Why are you hugging Alvin?
Jeanette:He saved my life!
Eleanore:Way to go Alvin!
Brittany:Um, Theodore, whats for breakfast?
Theodore:What do you think Ellie?
Ellie:Lets make bacon and eggs Teddy!
They gave each other a gentle kiss, which made Alvin remember his daily kiss for Brittany.Alvin pulled Brittany to his lap.
Alvin:How is my babe with beautiful blue eyes doing this fine morning?
Alvin leaned in to kiss her soft lips.But Brittany shifted her head so that Alvin would kiss her cheek, Alvin ws confused at first, but then settled in.
After breakfast, Alvin went to sit on the couch to watch T.V.
TV:Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob Square-
TV:You get the limo out front!Oooh oh oh, hottest style ever-
Alvin:Ahh! The horror! My eyes! Get this chik off my screen!
TV:The cheetah is a wild yet interesting species. Observe how the predator gets ready to-
Simon:Alvin! That's educational. You should learn a thing or two about the cheetah!
Alvin pointed the remote toward Simon. He continously clicked the on/off button.
Alvin:Dang! The remotes broken.
Simon rolled his eyes.
Brittany of course noticed. The way his dark blue eyes rolled of annoyance.She shook her head. "No I belong to Alvin"she told herself as she picked up the dishes from the table. She did wonder what made Jeanette like Simon. She looked over at Simon who's glasses were off from the fog.She saw his gorgoues eyes.
Dave came into the living room handing Simon a sheet.
Dave:Simon, could you?
Simon:Ok, I guess.
In about 15 seconds Simon handed the bill to Dave. Brittany noted how smart he was.
Dave:Oh and Simon, don't forget to practice "Hey Soul Sister" and "Replay".
Simon:On it Dave.
Simon hopped off the arm chair and went outside to practice.
Simon:Your lipstick stains...
Brittany also noted his amazing dreamy voice. She shocked herself because, she had a crush on Simon.
TV:Tonight on Cops: A woman accused of robbery and murder, a man kills a three-year old, and a hooker murdered.
Dave:ALVIN!Change the channel!
Okay I have to be honest. The part where Simon fell and Brittany said it was cute, was from the story AATC Summer. I just changed it a bit. This is season two, not a different story from Alvin and chipmunks. Still don't own the chipmunk or chipettes, not even Dave!
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Brittany: Wake up in the morning feeling like Alvin Seville,
Jeanette: Got my glasses, I'm out the door I'm gonna hit this city.
Eleanore:Before I leave brush my teeth with a bottle of pop,
All: Cause when I leave for the night I ain't comin back.
Dave: That was great girls!
Brittany was sitting in Alvin's bed, of course Alvin was okay with it, he put his arm around her  shoulder, but Brittany squirmed a bit.
Dave: Okay, boys have you practiced "Replay".
Alvin:Duh, it's like the hottest song ever.
Simon:I have.
Theodore: Yes Dave.
Dave: Then start.
Alvin:Johny's like a melody  in my head that I that it keeps on going so I'm singing my Na na na na every day it's like my iPod stuck on replay replay
Jeanette was looking over at Alvin, "What does Brittany see in him?" she thought to herself. She observed him, his nipped ear, his brown eyes, his amazing voice, could it be she was having a crush on Alvin?
Eleanore:Who are you looking at, Jen?
Jeanette: Ahh! Oh Ellie, you scared me. I'm looking at no one.
Eleanore put her hands on her hips, and she raised one eyebrow.
Eleanore: Come on Jen? Your looking and sounding suspicous.
Jeanette:Okay promise me you won't tell Brittany, or else she'll get super mad!
Eleanore:I swear.
Jeanette: Okay, um, I-IthinkIhaveacrushonAlvin.
Jeanette said it like a single word, but not too loud.
Eleanore:You have a crush o-!
Jeanette:SSHHH! Don't tell Brittany!
Eleanore: I don't have to.
Jeanette:What do you mean?
Eleanore pointed behind Jeanette. Jeanette turned around to find Brittany. But she didn't look mad.
Jeanette:Brittany please don't get mad, I can't help it if your boyfriend saved my life and looks cute!
Brittany:I'm not mad.
Jeanette:I totally understand your mad but-wait your not mad?
Brittany:I'm not mad. Let's go talk somewhere private. Dave can we go to the porch outside?
Dave:Well let's see, 10 minutes to get Alvin to know which song to sing, 15 minutes to get Alvin focused, and 30 minutes to get Alvin to stop singing which makes a total of 55 minutes.Sure go ahead.
All three girls ran to the porch. Jeanette, as always, looked nervous and shy. Eleanore sat on the chair with Jeanette. Brittany sat on the chair across them.
Brittany:I'm not mad because, I'm not that into Alvin anymore.
Jeanette:Since when?
Brittany:Since... Since I had a crush on... on, on Simon!
Eleanore: Brittany!?
Jeanette looked shocked, but actually she was okay with it.
Brittany:I don't know if you still have feelings for Simon, Jen, but I'm dying to ask him out.
Jeanette: Go ahead, I'm not that into Simon anyways.But I do wonder what made you like him.
Brittany: Well, he has this amazing voice, he's smart and-
Brittany&Jeanette: He has gorgeous blue eyes!
Brittany:Yeah. Now why do you like Alvin?
And so both girls talked with their littlest sister hearing everything.
That afternoon, the boys were doing homework, at least Simon was,
Alvin: Hey Simon, can I borrow your homework?
Simon: Alvin, I'm not going to let you cheat!
Alvin:No I'm not going to copy you! Not after last time *shivers*. I going to feed it to Claire's labrodar, I wanna see if the "My dog ate my homework" excuse works with goody goody guys like you.
Simon:No Alvin. Oh and don't try to ask Brittany, Jeanette, Eleanore, or Theodore.
Alvin:Man! Hey speaking of my girlfriend, have you noticed she's been acting weird around both of us?
Alvin headed off toward his bedroom and gave a look toward Simon as if to say "Let's talk in private". Simon put down his books and headed to Alvin's messy room.
Simon: What do you mean?
Alvin: Well I've noticed she squirms and looks uncomfortable, but when she's around you she's all comfortable and actually scoots just a bit closer to you.
Simon:Wait you don't mean, she has a crush on me!?!?
Alvin:Naw, the bus driver does!Duh, she has a crush on you!
Alvin waited for Simon to say gross or eww but Simon looked as if he were thinking, then he did a half smile, then a whole smile.
Alvin:Wait don't tell me you have a crush on my girlfriend!
Simon: Hey, how can I not? Her beautiful smile, her sense of humor, her kindness, and, oh, her beautiful blue eyes!
Alvin: Hey that's my girlfriend, your talking about.
Simon: You know what Alvin, I don't see you calling Brittany by her name, you always call her "my Girlfriend." Do you even love her?
Alvin: Of course I love my gir- Brittany.
Simon:No Alvin, I mean really think into it.
For the first time, Alvin did exactly what Simon said, his answer shocked himself.
Alvin: No, I don't, I guess I like her as a sister (doesn't mean she is).
Simon:What are you going to do now?
Alvin: Break-up with Brittany.
Alvin headed to Brittany's room, on the way there he bumped into Jeanette who was holding a basket of laundry. They both fell on the floor, with Jeanette on Alvin.Quickly Jeanette got off of Alvin.
Jeanette:Sorry Alvin, the basket was blocking my view. I didn't mean to do it on purpose!
Alvin: I understand, here let me help you with that.
Alvin helped Jeanette pick up the laundry, after that Jeanette said her thank you and when she she left, she had a small smile.Alvin went to Brittany's room to find her on her bed reading a magazine.
Brittany: Oh hi Alvin.
Alvin:Hey Britts, I need to talk to you.
Brittany:What is it?
Alvin:I think... I think we should-
Brittany:End our relationship?
Alvin:How did you know?
Brittany:I'm a professional. and we should start seeing seeing other people.I'm okay with it.and by ending this whole thing, you could start spending time with other people for example... Jeanette?
Alvin:I guess?Thank god your not those girls who cry for every little thing.
Well part 2 of the season.I am toking a poll out of 100 people, should the Brittany an Jeanette g back to their origanil guys? I still don't own the chipette or chipmunks or Dave.
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I sit down on the cold, hard sidewalk grimly. My purple ribbons are hanging down from my little chocolate brown bun and were swaying in the breeze. My green eyes stared at a big puddle on the street. It had rained intensely last night, which made me unable to sleep. When it was pouring hard in the hours of darkness, I had many thoughts about my science associate for the science fair project.

My science partner is Simon Seville, the one I had a crush on for a long period of time. Sadly, I can never tell Simon my true feelings for him. The words can never slip my lips. Although, I don't understand why I am worrying if Brittany and Alvin, or Theodore and Eleanor are not boyfriend or girlfriend yet. I mean, even though Alvin and Brittany always argued with each other when they were nine-years-old, they have now become more kind and caring to one another. Eleanor and Theodore always got along together and still love baking food together. Both, Simon and I got along just fine back then, but I still don't know if he has feelings for me. My true love might have found a much more beautiful girl to be in a relationship with then me. However, I don't think Simon pays much attention for getting a date, mainly my sister, Brittany, wants to have a boyfriend desperately.

Every day before school, Brittany will be looking in the mirror for hours to make sure her hair looked decent. Eleanor would always tell my time-consuming sister that she looks fine, and I always nod off the question and tell my younger and older sister we have to go to school. Brittany would always moan in annoyance, but come along with Eleanor and I down the stairs to the front door. It can become a huge hassle to deal with every single weekday. Unfortunately, tomorrow is Monday, which means that I can't have much time to think things over about the science project, and sleep-in.

I remember when I was constantly excited for school in my younger years. There weren't any complications back then about love or anything, but now everything is changed. People laugh at me and have their own little cliques that I can't join in; I have to be the outsider. Why do I have to be the clever one? I always ask myself annoyingly. It's good to be a nerd when it comes for tests and all school related assessments, but not for the social structures of life at school. All of a sudden, I hear footsteps walking towards where I was sitting.

I didn't know if I should shift my eyes from the grim, coal-colored street, or not. The sounds of the feet touching against the cold, hard sidewalk came closer to where I was located; my heart was pounding hard beneath my chest. Unaware of my own actions, I put my small fingers over my sensitive ears, and while having my eyes squeezed shut. Unexpectedly, someone took a seat right beside me, and I felt a familiar hand touch my shoulder. Surprised by the sympathetic touch, I opened my emerald, green eyes and I fixed my eyes on my science partner. My eyes bulge wide out of my sockets, and my small mouth drops. Simon, the chipmunk I have a crush on, gave me a attractive, shy smile.

"Sorry for startling you, Jeanette," Simon apologizes while his cheeks burning red with embarrassment. "I noticed that you looked depressed, it made me real concerned; is anything wrong?" Simon's charming blue eyes stare at me in deep concern. My eyes narrow down at my peach-colored knees, and I knew that I had to give him a honest response. My eyes lock on his eyes, feeling sheepishly about the action I just took. I then reply softly, whil:

"I don't feel like anyone cares about me. Everyone thinks I am a total geek, and treats me as if I am a piece of garbage. It feels as if the world is stepping over me." Simon stares at me in disbelief and takes his warm, comforting hand off my shoulder, but, unexpectedly, puts both of his hands on my slender shoulders, and whispers to me comfortingly.

"You should never feel like that, Jeanette. Your sisters care about you as much as-" My embarrassed science partner stops in his tracks of what he was about to spill out of his mouth. Simon's cheeks become a deep red, making me puzzled by Simon's actions.

The embarrassed chipmunk, Simon, takes a long, deep breath, gets up, and asks me if I want to work on our science project, and smiled shyly. I nod my head and smile back, blushing. Simon then gives me a helping hand to get up from the sidewalk, as well. I hold on to his warm, tender hand, making me have an awkward feeling forming in my heart. We then walk into my cream-colored house and went inside the house to start our science project.
This is the first chapter of my new story called: "Young Love" a fan fiction for the canon love couple of Alvin and the Chipmunks!~ :love: In each chapter, there will be a switch off of perspectives. For example, Jeanette is narrating this chapter, Brittany next one, and then Eleanor. ;P It's going to be an on going pattern throughout the story. ;) Hope you enjoy the first chapter of the story~ c:

P.S. The Chipettes and the Chipmunks are in there 80's form, but in junior high. ;)

Jeanette Miller and Simon Seville © Ross Bagdasarian
Story © ~Aquathebuizel or me! 8D
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Hearing a deep thump against the dirty, bumpy concrete, continuously, made my heart pound harder beneath my chest. My small ears hear the basketball go through the net, clarifying that Alvin made another basket. I was multitasking by filing my nails and trying to watch the chipmunk that I am starting to have a completely different feeling for, Alvin. For some outlandish reason, I can't stop watching Alvin practice basketball; he has a big game tomorrow and wants to practice for a long period of time at the park's basketball court. I promised to go to his game, but I had plans with some friends to go to the movies.

Although, I love hanging out with my dear friends, but it feels uncomfortable to not go to Alvin's game to help and support him. My long, slim fingers grab a hold of my light pink cell phone. I turn my cell phone sideways and flip my phone, ready to text all the friends that I can't make it to the movie theater with them. My fingers jab the buttons vigorously and fast like a jet flying in the clear sky. I forward and send the text messages to all my friends and tuck my phone away. Instead of filing my nails, I was locking my eyes on Alvin.

Alvin is an amazing basketball player. He is really good at shooting the basketball in the basket and exceptional at playing defense- Wait! That is both positions! Well, to sum it up, Alvin is an outstanding athlete. The athletic chipmunk, Alvin, has played many games that he did a great job on. I have always tried to come and watch each and every game he played in. Eleanor, my younger sister, says that if I have true feelings for Alvin, I should give my whole support and make an attempt to make it to every basketball game he plays in.

To be honest, every so often I want to hang out with my friends instead. It's not like I don't enjoy watching Alvin's basketball games, I just want to have my own time such as going shopping and hang out at the mall. It's nice to relax and have your own space occasionally. However, even though one of my favorite places to go is the mall, I always prefer to be with Alvin. Plus, the school dance is coming up soon.

Ms. Miller, my mom, thinks it's rather strange for there to be a dance at my school. I always ignore her and tell her I think it is wonderful and great they are doing it, because people can then find their true love. Agreeing with me, Eleanor tells me it's sweet and romantic that I am determined to go to the dance and want Alvin to ask me to dance with me. I always feel my cheeks heat up when I hear Alvin or think about dancing with him, or better yet -kissing me!

Unexpectedly, I see Alvin coming towards the wooden park bench where I'm sitting at. He then takes a seat and grabs his bottle of water from the ground and takes a sip out of it. I watch his every move and don't say a word. My love is completely covered with sweat and has a tired look in his eye. Alvin then takes the water bottle away from his lips and places it down and gives me a sweet smile. Believe it or not, I feel as if I was sweating out of embarrassment and reply with an affectionate smile. Alvin then breaks the silence and asks:

"How did I do?" Alvin still has his cute smile on his face. My cheeks start to heat up; he obviously did an outstanding job, in my opinion. Also, I think he is the best basketball player out of the whole team. It seems as if the other team members don't do anything but stand around and run across the court. Finally, I got the nerve to reply back to his question:

"You did amazing, better than your basketball team mates can do."  Alvin let out a laugh and nodded his head. The chipmunk, suddenly, then lets out a yawn and told me that he wanted to take a nap. I gave him a confused expression.

"What are you talking about?" I asked in confusion. "I mean, where are you going to take a nap?" Alvin starts to narrow his eyes and places his head on my shoulder and whispers to me that he will take a nap right here on my shoulder. I blinked my eyes repeatedly to reassure myself that I am not dreaming at this very moment. Alvin then closes his eyes and puts his right arm around my back. Mimicking his actions I put my arm around his sweaty body, feeling as if we were the only ones at the park on this beautiful day.
Chapter 2 of my fan-fiction "Young Love." This time in Brittany's perspective. cX Hope you like it! 8D

Brittany and Alvin © Ross Bagdasarian Jr.
Fan fic © ~Aquathebuizel
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A loud harmonic sound came from the oven. I maneuver myself towards the warm stove and take out the chocolate chip cookies carefully. The cookies smell sweet and sugary, they always have that wonderful scent. Closing my eyes, I inhale the warm, soothing smell through my little black nose; for me, homemade cookies have the best blissful feeling when you take a bite out of them, an amazing feeling when you take them out of the oven and are ready to chow down the pleasant sweet, and have many different exceptional kinds of cookies.

Finally, I place the tray of chocolate chip cookies gently on the counter. I then stare at the sweets impatiently, wondering when Theodore is going to be back from getting an object from his room. The chocolate chip cookies made me tempted to grab the tasty treat from the tray. Softly, munching the cookie, I hear footsteps coming downstairs. My chocolate brown eyes grow wide in shock; Theodore was coming to the kitchen. My heart pounded hard beneath my chest, and I put my cookie right behind my back, feeling my cheeks burn a bright red.

Next thing I know, Theodore comes in the kitchen with an affectionate smile. He seemed to be holding something behind his back just like I am, except the chipmunk's object must have more value then what I'm hiding from him. Unexpectedly, we both ask each other the question at the same time:

"What are you hiding behind your back?" Both, the sweet chipmunk's and my cheeks flush a deep rose red out of embarrassment. An awkward silence fell upon us; no one came to break the stillness. Dave was out doing work, Alvin was with Brittany at the park, and Simon was out walking around the neighborhood. It seems strange to be with Theodore staring straight into his green eyes, when no one is in his house with us.

Suddenly, Theodore walks towards me and smiled shyly. "The answer to your question is that I have a present for you." I couldn't believe he was giving me a gift to me. It made my head spin in wonder what Theodore was holding in his hands behind his green sweater, soon to be mine. The chipmunk then revealed to me my precious gift: it's a crystal necklace.

My chocolate brown eyes gaze at the gorgeous necklace, it seems as though I have seen the wondrous necklace. Like I said before, the piece of jewelry had a beautiful crystal set under the gold centerpiece of the necklace. Out of the blue, I remembered that Theodore gave me the necklace just before we did that play back when we were nine years old. Plus, Theodore was a werewolf that time also. Realizing my actions, I was in a huff and refused to stare at him showing off his muscles to impress me; it was quite unusual for Theodore to be like that in front of me now; he seems as though forgot all about that night of the play. Next thing you know, Theodore asks the most obvious question:

"Do you remember when I gave this to you, Eleanor?" Nodding my head, I indicate this with as a "Yes, I did." Theodore then notices the cookie I was hiding from him the whole time and notices the batch of chocolate chip cookies and starts to laugh. "That's what you were trying to hide from me! You are such a silly goose, Eleanor!"

My cheeks burn a bright rose red: "Yes, I was." I began to giggle. Next thing I know, Theodore grabbed the scrumptious cookie and took a small bite from it. The pleased chipmunk then gave me a sweet smile of appreciation of my baking. Both of us look each other in our eyes affectionately and then knew what we needed to make this pastry taste better: a cold glass of milk.
Chapter 3 of my story "Young Love" c: Hope you like it! 8D
Perspective of - Eleanor
Next chapter perspective on - Jeanette

Eleanor and Theodore © Ross Bagdasarian
Story © ~Aquathebuizel
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Alvin slammed the go cart into a higher gear as he held the peddle down, almost pushing it through the floor.  His teeth grinding together in anger, Alvin cranked the wheel over in one violent motion as he turned a corner and came onto the same stretch of road that Brittany was on about a half a mile ahead of him.

“Uh oh,” Theodore said as he turned to look back at the street, the sounds of Alvin’s go cart screaming just reaching the house.

Speeding like a mad man, Alvin soon caught sight of Brittany ahead of him.  She was cruising along at about 15 miles and hour, convinced she had just won the race by default.  Jeanette, spinning around and looking at the big screen.  Saw exactly how fast Alvin was coming up on Brittany.

“Brittany!  Alvin’s back in the race!  He’s right behind you!”  Jeanette yelled as she stumbled to get to her feet.


Before Brittany could react, Alvin flew past her at a blistering 90 miles and hour.  The full tank of gas in Alvin’s go cart assured him a win now, as he drove with blind disregard for anything else on the road.  He wasn’t concerned with winning anymore, he wasn’t even aware that he had lost because of Simon’s cheat.  All he wanted to do, was get back to that house and strangle Simon!

The crowd was in an absolute frenzy as Alvin’s go cart came sliding around the corner on the final stretch of road back to the house.  Cheering him on, none the wiser to the events that had taken place in regards to Simon, they all gathered by the edge of the road.  Alvin, so angry at his brother he was almost seeing in red, quickly dumped the throttle and slammed on the breaks.  Stopping from a speed of 90 miles and hour, Alvin skidded along leaving huge black marks on the pavement.  Finally coming to a jerking halt as he broke through the toilet paper that was stretched across the road, Alvin ripped at his harness and got free.

“Um Simon, I think maybe you should go inside,” Theodore said as he went to hide behind Eleanor.

“I think maybe your right Theodore,” Simon said with a gulp, “He does look rather angry doesn’t he.”

Ripping his helmet off, Alvin threw it to the ground and started to look around for Simon.  It wasn’t long before he found him standing up in front of the TV, ripping his gloves off one at a time.  Alvin stormed up through the screaming crowd of friend’s and students who were congratulating him on winning.

“Don’t you move Simon!!”  Alvin shouted as he pointed at his older brother.

Pushing people out of his way to get up to where Simon was, Alvin was ready to enact some revenge.  Finally getting free of the crowd, Alvin began pushing up his sleeves.  His face all red with anger because of what Simon had the nerve of doing to him, trying to fix his race, to make his own brother loose so he could go to some stupid dance!

“Oh am I going to thump you a good one,” Alvin said as he cracked his knuckles.

“Now hold on Alvin,” Theodore said jumping in front of Alvin, “I wont let you!”

“Move Theodore,” Alvin said as he reached over and pushed Theodore out of the way, “He deserves a little roughing up!”

Getting through Theodore with ease, Alvin walked up to a very scared Simon and Jeanette.  Both of whom were not quite sure what to do now that Alvin was right here, with no more time to think Simon just closed his eyes and looked away.  Alvin reached and grabbed a hold of the front of Simons shirt and pulled him closer.
“Why?”  Alvin growled as he held his brother there.

“I had to,” Simon said opening one eye to look at Alvin.

“Is that so, well then when Dave ask’s why you have a black eye I guess I’ll just tell him that I had to!”  Alvin made a fist and reached back, ready to clock Simon one.


Everyone instantaneously became dead quite, if they hadn’t heard it at least once in real life before, they had heard it on one of the boys CD’s.  The gunshot that was Dave Seville’s yell, echoed endlessly as everyone stood dead in their tracks.  Not wanting to turn around as they heard the pounding foot steps walk from the parked SUV in the street, up onto the sidewalk and into the front yard.  Only daring to look when his back was facing them, the students one by one took their leave when they were sure he was not looking.

Alvin however was stuck right where he was, holding Simon by the front of his shirt with his fist rocked back ready to fire.  His eyes as wide as a goose egg, his two brothers with a very similar look on their faces.  Dave’s shadow quickly eclipsed over Alvin, like a blanket of punishment.

“ going on here,” Dave said with an obvious strain in his voice.

Nobody said anything, even Jeanette and Eleanor were frozen in place.  They had actually made eye contact with Dave, and the anger that radiated from his eyes was enough to turn them to stone.

“Alvin...Answer me!”  Dave shouted unaware of the escaping kids in the background.

Alvin’s eyes darted around, he decided first to slowly release Simon and put his hands to his sides.  Then taking a deep breath, he slowly turned around to face Dave.

“Uhhhh...Nothing,” Alvin said slowly with the best innocent smile he could muster.

Dave’s hand snapped like a whip as his finger pointed towards the door, his arm was so strait that you could use it as a level.

“Inside...all of,” Dave said still straining against yelling.

The five of them quickly hoped too and started running towards the front door, they knew they were in trouble this time.  Dave hadn’t been this angry in a long time, at least not since Alvin filled the pool with Jell-O mix that is.  Watching the kids scramble inside, Dave quickly spun around and looked at the now empty yard.  The only thing left were empty soda bottles and chip bags, along with other pieces of junk left behind by the crowd.  Scanning the area, Dave knew there was one more individual responsible for this mess still on the loose.  Like a hawk, Dave sighted his prey hiding behind a large oak tree.  She must had parked her go cart around the corner after he past her with his Durango moments before he got home.

“Brittany Miller!  You march your little tush over here this instant!”  Dave shouted as he pointed to the ground in front of him.

Spinning and putting her back against the tree she was hiding behind, Brittany cursed Dave’s extraordinarily good eyesight.  But its not like she could run or anything, even if she did Dave would tell Mrs Miller and she would get caught anyways.  So with a sigh, she picked up her helmet she had laid on the ground and walked around the tree.  Slowly walking across the street and into the yard, she stopped in front of Dave with her head lowered.

“Well, get inside,” Dave said as he tapped his foot.

“Yes Dave,” Brittany said quietly as she walked around Dave and headed for the house.

Dave watched carefully as Brittany made her way into the house, after she went inside Dave turned back and looked at his destroyed yard.  Then out at the road with all the tire marks over it.

“I need to get a babysitter,” Dave said with a sigh.

About 35 minutes later, the kids were all sitting in the living room.  The boys on one side of the couch, the girls on the other.  Dave was in the kitchen on the phone with Mrs Miller, he had been talking with her for close to 20 minutes now.  Filling her in on every last thing that had gone on.  Finally he said goodbye and hung up the phone, rubbing his eyes Dave walked back into the living room and stood in front of the kids.  They didn’t dare look at him, not sure what was coming next.

“Well girls, Mrs Miller is on her way to pick you up,” Dave said as he rested his hands on his hips and looked at the chipettes, “And she said your all grounded for a month.”

“A Month!”  Brittany shouted in protest, “But that’s not fair!”

Both Eleanor and Jeanette reached over and covered Brittany’s mouth to keep her from getting them in anymore trouble.

“She also wanted me to tell you that she is going to be returning your go cart to the dealership tomorrow,” Dave added.

Brittany was about to protest again, but her sisters were quick to stop her.  Going from the girls over to his own boys, Dave folded his arms and sighed.

“And as for you three,” Dave said sounding quite disappointed, “Simon and Theodore you both are grounded for a month, that means no TV, no video games, no nothing until I say so.”

“Yes Dave,” Theodore said as he looked off to the side.

“Yes Dave,” Simon said also as he patted Theodore on the back.

“And as for you Alvin, your grounded for 2 months,” Dave said as he looked to Alvin.

“What!?  Two months!  How come I am getting grounded for two months while they are only grounded for one!?”  Alvin asked in an outrage.

“Because Alvin, when I got home I found you ready to punch Simon!  That’s why you got the extra month tagged on!”  Dave shouted back, “I just cannot understand what would posses you to even think of doing something like that!”

“I’ll tell you why, its because smarty pants over here sabotaged my go cart!”  Alvin shouted as he pointed at Simon.

“You keep that lying up Alvin and I’m going to tag on another month,” Dave said stamping his foot.

“But but!!”

“No but’s Alvin,” Dave ordered as he was about to turn and walk away, “And no Chevelle concert for any of you either.”

“NO!!”  Alvin shouted as he jumped off the couch and grabbed Dave’s pant leg, “You can’t do that to us Dave.”

“Oh yes I can, watch me,” Dave said as he dragged Alvin along with him as he walked towards the phone, “I don’t know how you can expect me to let you go to a concert after you just lied to me like that on top of everything else you’ve done.”

“But you can’t do that Dave, not after all I went through to win that race!”  Alvin pleaded as Dave continued to drag him.

“Excuse me!?”  Brittany suddenly chimed in as she jumped off the couch, “But what do you mean you won this race!?”

“You heard me!  I crossed the finish line first, so that means I win!”  Alvin shouted back as Dave stopped to try and stop the arguing.

“Ha!  You don’t know do you!  You lost the race after Simon fixed it!”  Brittany shouted as her two sisters again tried to drag her back, “When he cheated that meant you were automatically disqualified, so I won that race!”

“Are you crazy!  He was helping you!  So I think that you were disqualified!”  Alvin shouted back.

“Alright you two enough!”  Dave shouted as he reached down and tried to pull the two apart.

“Ohohoho no Alvin, don’t think you can spin it around on me like that,” Brittany continued to argue, “There is no way I’m going to be stuck doing your homework for the rest of the semester.  We won the race!”

“Well I say we won, so there is no way we are taking you to that stupid dance!”  Alvin shouted as he pressed his nose right up against Brittany’s.

“I said enough!”  Dave really shouted.

The two stopped and looked up to Dave, they had made him really angry again with all their arguing.  Slowly backing away from one another, either one still sure they had one the race.  Dave stood back up and looked back at the kids.

“Okay, now what’s this nonsense about homework and dances?”  Dave asked looking around, “And I better get the truth the first time around.”

They all looked to each other at least once before looked back at Dave, none of them really wanted to tell Dave anything else he may punish them for.  But its not like they had any choices.

“Well?”  Dave asked getting impatient.

Simon looked around one last time, no one wanted to respond.  So finally, realizing it had to be him to come clean about the whole deal, Simon hoped down off the couch and walked over next to Alvin.

“We made bets Dave,” Simon said quietly, “We bet the Chipettes that if they lost, they would have to do our homework for the rest of semester.”

“And they bet us that if we lost, they would have to take us to the Valentines Day dance tomorrow as opposed to going to the Chevelle concert,” Brittany added when she finally decided to come clean.

“So that’s it huh, this whole thing got started over a couple of wagers?”  Dave asked not sounding too impressed.

“Yeah, pretty much,” Eleanor said nodding.

“Well isn’t that just great,” Dave said as he threw his hands up into the air, “Do you guys know that this is the second time you’ve done something like this?”

“This isn’t exactly the same,” Theodore said raising a finger.

“It is the same Theodore, the only thing that changed were the bets and the vehicles!”  Dave said looking at Theodore, “I mean, first hot air balloons and now go carts...I don’t even want to think about what its going to be like when you get your licenses.”

The kids all looked at each other, even Brittany and Alvin were starting to realize the extent of what they had done wrong.  They all felt bad about it, except for one of them.  He still felt bad about having made a huge mess and disappointing Dave like they had done, but Simon was sure that he had done the right thing by sabotaging Alvin.  Dave was looking at Simon as he stood there, an odd look of satisfaction on his face as he looked at the floor.

“Simon, you find something amusing about this?”  Dave asked when Simon started to crack a half hearted smile.

“Of course he does, he got to impress his girlfriend,” Alvin said glaring over at Simon.

“Alvin I don’t want to hear a peep out of you anymore, got it?”  Dave said as he started to push Alvin back towards the couch.

Alvin just huffed and walked back over to the couch on his own, still very angry at Simon.  Dave, realizing what Alvin was talking about now when he said Simon had sabotaged him, walked up to Simon.  Bending down, Dave put a hand on his eldest sons shoulder.

“Simon, you mind coming to talk with me in the other room?”  Dave asked very calmly and reassuringly.

“Sure,” Simon said looking up at Dave a little confused.

Dave kept his hand on Simon’s shoulder as they walked away from the others and went into the kitchen.  The others watched Simon as he left with Dave, Alvin watching him the most carefully.  When Simon turned to look back at the others quickly, Alvin reached his hands up and grabbed his own neck.  Making a face he pretended to strangle himself, insinuating to Simon that he wasn’t finished with him yet.  But before he could finish his little act, both Theodore and Eleanor, who were sitting together now pushed Alvin over and off the couch.

“Hey what was that for?”  Alvin asked as he lay on the floor and picked his head up.

“For being a big jerk, that’s why,” Eleanor said as she grabbed a hold of Theodore’s arm and wrapped her’s through it.

Leaving the room, Dave sat Simon down at the kitchen table and then sat across from him.  Putting his hands together and sighing, Dave took a minute before he looked up at Simon.  He didn’t look nearly as angry anymore, the color had returned to his skin and that little red glint in his eyes was gone.

“Alright Simon,” Dave finally said, “I want you to tell me everything.”

“But Dave I...”

“No buts Simon, now tell me how this all began,” Dave said hushing Simon, “I want you to start the night I told you guys about the concert, and don’t leave anything out.  Solely?”

“Okay,” Simon answered.

Simon and Dave would sit there for over an hour talking, Mrs Miller came during that time and took the girls home.  Yelling at them from the moment she got in the door, the boys were sure they could still hear her yelling down the street.  But with only that to distract them, Dave sent Alvin and Theodore to start cleaning up the mess outside while he talked with Simon.  Learning about everything, from start to finish, Simon even told him about the phone conversations he had with Jeanette prior to the race.  When he finally was done with everything, Dave understood the reasoning behind it all, that it had been Brittany and Alvin who instigated the race.  How Simon had fixed the race, and why he did.  And in all honesty Dave could understand 100% why Simon had done what he did, it almost reminded him of a younger self.

“Well Simon, I think I understand now,” Dave said as he leaned back to stretch his back, “And to be honest I may have done the same thing you did when I was your age.”

“Really?”  Simon asked surprised.

“Yeah, but then again back then when we had a crush on someone, we didn’t exactly hold a street race and sabotage our brother just to impress the girl,” Dave said with a chuckle.

“Haha, yeah I guess that is a little silly,” Simon said as he scratched the back of his head.

“Yeah, but Simon, I also want to tell you this,” Dave said getting serious once again, “Your still young, you have many years ahead of you.  And even though Jeanette may be someone you will be friends with, and perhaps more than that in the future.  You cannot just think of your brothers as collateral damage during your pursuit of this person.”

“I see,” Simon said looking off to the side.

“Your brothers are always going to be there for you, through thick and thin they will have your back.  Because that is what brothers are for, and today what you did to Alvin was the exact opposite of having his back,” Dave explained as Simon looked out the window at Alvin who was picking up trash, “Now what if you needed Alvin for something tomorrow, or maybe next week, or even a month from now.  Do you think after what you did today, that he is going to help you?”

“No,” Simon answered.

“Nope he wouldn’t,” Dave said nodding quite confidently, “And you know why?  Because his older brother, taught him that brothers don’t have to look out for each other.  Simon you don’t know exactly how much influence you have on Alvin and Theodore, you are their big brother!  You’re the one with all the answers, they always go to you for help with their school work, or to you when they have some sort of problem that needs fixing!”

“Not really...”

“Yes they do Simon, you just don’t see it,” Dave said excitedly, “Who was it that Alvin went to help for when he needed to upgrade the go cart?”

“Me,” Simon said as he started to think about what Dave was saying.

“You!  And who was it that helped Theodore with that huge science project last month that he got an A+ on?”  Dave asked as Simon started to look a little less depressed.

“He came to me,” Simon said as he looked up to Dave.

“Yes!  He went to you, and so did Alvin when he broke my old record player,” Dave said as he got to his feet.

“He did come to me to fix it!”  Simon said as he stood up on the bench, “They both come to me, because...”

“Because you are their older brother, and because they trust you more than anyone else,” Dave said peering down at Simon, “But you broke that trust today Simon, and I think its time you went out there and fixed it.”

“Your right Dave, I should fix it!”  Simon said as he jumped off the bench and ran for the kitchen door.

Dave watched as Simon ran out of the kitchen, through the living room and then out the door into the front yard.  Watching through the window, Dave watched carefully to make sure that Alvin did try anything funny.  Simon ran all the way across the yard to were Alvin was picking up empty soda bottles and putting them in a trash bag.  Theodore noticed Simon heading for Alvin, and quickly fallowed after him.

“Alvin!”  Simon shouted as he ran up to his brother, “Alvin I have to talk to you.”

Simon stopped in front of a very unamused Alvin, a Dr Pepper bottle in hand, he glared at Simon was great resentment.

“Alvin listen, I just wanted to say I’m sorry about today,” Simon said still excited after his talk with Dave, “I really shouldn’t have done what I did, and I want to try and make it up to you.”

Simon reached his hand out to shake Alvin’s, Alvin just looked down at Simons hand and the back up at Simon.  A very sour look on his face, Alvin simply turned around and walked away.  Sticking the bottle he hand in his hand into the back he held, and headed for the next one.

“Alvin please, I really want to say I’m sorry,” Simon pleaded as he walked up behind Alvin, “I feel really bad about what I did.”

“Good, you should feel bad,” Alvin said as he stuck another bottle into the bag.

“I do, I really do,” Simon said as he got closer to Alvin.

“Alvin, listen to Simon he is seriously trying to apologize,” Theodore butted in as he went to turn Alvin around.

Grabbing Alvin’s shoulder, Theodore slowly turned him around, not aware of the soda can in his hand.  Alvin, who had just about enough of all of this, gripped the can tightly and waited for Simon to come into his view.  When he saw that big smiling dork, he reached back with the can and pitched it right at his forehead, and it was a direct hit.  The metal can pinged Simon right in the head, knocking his glasses off and knocking Simon over.

“Ha!  Direct hit!”  Alvin shouted as Simon his the ground, “Serves you right traitor!”

Dave flinched inside the house, he knew that had to hurt.  He wanted to rush right outside and scold Alvin again, but he was going to let Simon do this one on his own.  Besides, Alvin deserves a little payback, though a soda can to the forehead wasn’t exactly an orthodox why to get sibling revenge.

Simon reached up and felt the lump on his forehead, Theodore was right at his side and making sure he was okay.  But Alvin had turned back around and was continuing his cleaning duties, he didn’t care if Simon wanted to apologize.

“Simon are you alright?”  Theodore asked as he helped his brother sit up.

“Yeah, I’m okay,” Simon said still rubbing the lump, “That was a really good shot though.”

“That’s because I threw it,” Alvin said after hearing Simons comment.

Noticing that Alvin was getting ready to just walk away, Simon quickly got to his feet.  Looking at Alvin as he picked up the garbage on the ground, Simon thought back to what Dave was saying.  And to how bad he had felt when he first concocted this plan.

“Alvin wait,” Simon said as he tried to fight back his tears a little bit longer.

“Oh for crying out loud Simon,” Alvin said as his shoulders drooped and he started to turn around,  “I’m going to bean you with one of these glass bottles if you don’t just leave me alo....”

Before Alvin could finish his rant, Simon had come up behind him, spun him the rest of the way around and wrapped his arms around him.  Embracing him in probably the only hug Alvin had got from either of his brothers, not quite sure what to do, Alvin just stood there while Simon cried.

“I’m really sorry Alvin, I just want you to know, even if you don’t forgive me that I’m sorry,” Simon cried, “I wasn’t thinking strait, and I wasn’t thinking about you.”

“Simon...jeez its okay,” Alvin said as he raised his hands to try and push Simon away, looking around to make sure no one was looking.

“No its not, I really screwed up this time I know it,” Simon said as he held onto Alvin tighter.

“You didn’t screw up were just trying to impress Jeanette.  I can understand that...I think,” Alvin said in an attempt to calm Simon down so he would let him go.

“I did Alvin,” Simon said as he sniffed and released his little brother, “I really did, and not because I was trying to impress Jeanette.  I failed because, I’m your big brother, and I should be supporting you no matter what.  I failed because, I didn’t watch out for you like I should have.”

Alvin’s eyes darted around for a second before he looked to Simon again, he really did feel bad for fixing the race.  Alvin had never seen Simon cry before, he was also so serious and dry.  But this, this was different from any Simon he knew.

“Alvin, I know you probably wont forgive me for this,” Simon said as he wiped away the tears from his eyes with his forearm, “But at least know that I’m sorry, and that...I love you little brother...”

Now Alvin was getting all choked up, he knew Simon was sorry.  And he was sorry for being such a jerk, and not understanding why he wanted to go to the dance with Jeanette so badly.  Wiping away a tear before he became too apparent, Alvin just sighed and threw his arms around Simon.

“I’m sorry too Simon,” Alvin said as he buried his face in his brothers shoulder, “I was the jerk.”

Simon hugged Alvin back, and the two stood there for a few seconds before Theodore came over and nudged his way into the hug.

Dave stood by the window, the phone up to his ear as he watched the boys hug.  It almost melted his heart, and it was enough apparently to change his mind about his punishment of the boys.

“Hello Mrs Miller?”  Dave said as he turned around and walked back over to the counter, “Yeah its Dave....No no no, everything is okay....Nope the boys are fine, they are outside cleaning up the mess.....No they can handle it on their own, I’m sure the girls are having a bad day of their own.”

Dave leaned against the counter and listened quietly as Mrs Miller talked, or yelled rather into his ear about her planned punishment for the girls.

“Well I’m sure they wont ever do anything like this again....Yes my boys will learn their lesson...Yup...Yup...Oh by the way Mrs Miller, before you go, I would like to bounce an idea of you...Great,” Dave smiled as he looked out the window, the scheme in his mind taking shape.

Outside, Alvin, Simon and Theodore were still holding each other, but soon it was rather obvious Alvin was starting to come out of the moment.

“Hey uh guys?”  Alvin said as he moved his head around a little, “Think we can uhhh, you know...let go of each other now?”

“Um, yeah sure, I think that was long enough,” Simon said with a little sniffle still left in his voice.

The three of them let go of each other and took one or two steps back, Alvin coughed a few times while Theodore kicked at the grass.

“So, we can all agree that no one at school finds out about that right?”  Alvin asked as he wiped his nose.

“Yeah, I think I can agree with that,” Simon said with a nod.

“Yup, agreed,” Theodore said as he turned to look back at the yard.

“Now we just need to finish cleaning up this mess,” Simon said as he looked at the yard with Theodore.

The mess truly was monumental, trash littered everywhere.  Not the mention the TV and all its components still sitting on the front lawn.

“You know, we could always get the wagon and uhh...”

“No Alvin!”  Simon and Theodore shouted seeing where Alvin was heading with that.

“Okay okay...jeez it was just an idea,” Alvin said as he stuck his hands in his pockets.

Before the boys could figure out what they were going to do about the mess, Dave came out onto the front yard, a big smile on his face.  Walking over to his boys, dodging the trash as he went.  Stopping, he folded his arms and looked to Alvin, Simon and Theodore.

“Well, I think I have found a more appropriate punishment for you boys,” Dave said with a nod.

“Uh oh,” Theodore said becoming slightly frightened again.

“Oh great, how many more months do we have to be grounded!?”  Alvin asked as he slapped himself in the side of the head.

“Nope, I’m not going to ground you,” Dave said shaking his head, still smiling.

“Say what now?”  Alvin asked dumbfounded.

“You mean your not going to ground us after all this?”  Simon asked just as confused.

“Nope, its going to be something much...much...much worse,” Dave snickered.

“Oh boy,” Alvin said as he tried to smile.

The music blared and the strobe lights danced off the walls of the gymnasium at the boys school, and Alvin was sitting in the corner, his arms folded and a sour look on his face as the Valentines Day dance went on around him. It seemed that everyone else in the room was dancing, as Alvin sat in his corner and scowled.  This truly was worse than being grounded, not only did he have to sit there in a dumb tuxedo, but he had to listen to the crappy music they played every year at these dances.

“Yuck!  I hate Pink,”  Alvin said to himself as he pouted.

Looking to his left, he caught sight of his rival and fellow sour faced dance attendee.  Brittany sat at the other end of the gymnasium, her arms folded and a sour look on her face.  She had wanted to go to the dance, but she was still grounded for the remainder of the month Which made her quite grumpy, and not in the mood to dance in the least.  Looking around, she found her sister Eleanor dancing with Theodore.  They were having a great time, and for Theodore this wasn’t much of a punishment at all.  And Eleanor was having such a good time that she completely forgot she was grounded.  Looking from there up to the speaker that was sitting right next to her, blaring music.

“I hate Pink,” Brittany grumbled.

Looking to her right, she saw Alvin sitting at the other end of the gym, he was looking at her.  Making a face, Brittany stuck her tongue out at Alvin, which was answered right back with the same.

“Jerk,” Brittany said to herself as she looked away and continued to pout.

Up on the stage and behind the curtain, Dave stood and watched the DJ play his music.  The school had asked Dave at the last minute to be the musical coordinator for the dance.  Holding a clipboard in his hand, Dave smiled when he saw Theodore and Eleanor dancing among the other students.

“Well at least two of them are dancing,” Dave said to himself as he turned around and went to check his clip board.

“Oh!  There you are Mr Sevoy!”

Dave heard the all to familiar shout come from behind the clipboard he was holding up in front of his face.  He was tempted to just turn around and try and do whatever he could to avoid the schools music teacher, but he knew that would only be a temporary reprieve.

“Mr Sevoy I just must simply talk to you right away!”  The plump music teacher said as she ran...or waddled rather up to Dave.

“Yes Mrs. Frumpington, what can I do for you?” Dave asked as he lowered the clipboard and tried to smile.

“Mr Sevoy, I must protest your choices for the music line up,” Mrs Frumpington complained as she pointed at her copy of the music sheet.

“Its Seville,” Dave pointed out as he rolled his eyes.

“Yes of course it is,” Mrs Frumpington said shaking her hand, “But what about this music, its atrocious!  This Pink, this this...DHT...and Tim McGraw!  And this this...whatever this name here says!”

“You mean Nickleback?”  Dave asked peering down at his list.

“Yes yes Quarterback whatever, I must know why you have no REAL music on this list,”  Mrs Frumpington demanded.

“But Mrs Frumpington, this is real music,” Dave said lowering his clipboard again.

“No it surly is not, where is the Bach!  The Beethoven!  The Motzart!”  Mrs Frumpington asked all in a tizzy.

“Ma’am, I don’t really think that these kids would enjoy...”

“None sense!  All my students have a unmeasurable love for the classic music!”  Mrs Frumpington shouted.

“Right....I’ll ask the DJ what classical music he has at the end of the next song then,” Dave said as he tried not to laugh.

“Be sure that you do Mr Sevoy, I just cannot stand this...this dribble for another moment.”

“Its Seville,” Dave grumbled under his breath and the rather eccentric music teacher waddled off.

Away from the terrors of Mrs Frumpington, Brittany had slowly started to get a headache from sitting so close to the giant speaker.  Covering one ear, she tried to hold out as best she could, not wanting to sit any closer to Alvin than she had to.  Noticing this himself, Alvin watched as Brittany covered her ear, finally letting his conscience get the best of him.  Alvin got up and walked down to where Brittany was sitting.

Brittany didn’t even see, and definitely couldn’t hear Alvin walking up to her, she didn’t notice until a hand appeared in front of her.  Alvin, holding his hand out was looking off with the same sour look.

“I don’t want to dance with you,” Brittany said stubbornly.

“Well than that’s something we can agree on,” Alvin said as he reached down and grabbed her hand, “I’m just asking you to come sit down by me, this speaker isn’t doing your hearing any good.”

Brittany looked at Alvin’s hand holding hers, then back up at Alvin who still wasn’t even looking at her.  Huffing, she got to her feet, making sure she didn’t snag her new pink dress on anything as she did.

“Fine, but don’t think this means anything,” Brittany said as Alvin started to lead her down to where he was sitting before.

“Likewise,” Alvin said flatly.

Out on the dance floor, Eleanor watched as Alvin led Brittany by hand back to where he was sitting, she nudged Theodore who had his back to it while they slow danced to some Enya song.

“Look Theodore,” Eleanor said as she spun around so they could both see.

“Oh yeah, you think they are going to dance?”  Theodore asked his dancing partner.

“I doubt it, they are both still to sour at each other to dance,” Eleanor said shaking her head as they swayed with the music, “I’m surprised they are even sitting that close to each other.  Holding hands even.”

“Yeah I guess your right,” Theodore agreed.

The two continued to dance, not talking for a moment and just enjoying themselves.  The other students around them also just enjoying the dance, this dance was definitely better than last years.  When everyone just sat on either side of the gym and starred at the people they would have liked to dance with, but didn’t have the nerve to ask.

“Hey Theodore, what happened to Simon?”  Eleanor asked Theodore when she noticed she hadn’t seen the eldest of the three in some time.

“He went outside to wait for Jeanette,” Theodore said with a sigh.

“But Jeanette said she wasn’t coming,” Eleanor said as she backed away and looked at Theodore.

“He knows, but he said he wanted to wait anyways,” Theodore said as he looked to the open doors at the end of the gym.

“Wow, poor guy,” Eleanor said feeling really sad for Simon, “Hey, how come you never wait like that for me after school?”

“Ummm...Because I’m 9,” Theodore pointed out.

“Great excuse Theo,” Eleanor said sarcastically as she rolled her eyes and went back to dancing.

“I thought so,” Theodore said nodding his head a little.

Sitting two seats apart from each other, both Alvin and Brittany did their best to try and not to talk to one another.  Even though Alvin was nice enough to let Brittany get away from that speaker, she was still angry over the race.  Thinking about it almost constantly, Brittany couldn’t help but wonder exactly what had happened.  Jeanette had told her what Simon did, he fixed the fuel gauge and emptied the gas tank.  But if he had done all that, how did Alvin get back into the race and beat her?  He was out of gas, and there were no gas stations near by, nor did she believe he had any money to buy gas.  Curiosity getting the best of her, Brittany looked over to Alvin to ask him.

“Hey dork,” Brittany called out.

“Yeah nerd?”  Alvin answered not looking.

“Not that I really care, since I technically won the race,” Brittany said as she moved a seat closer so Alvin could hear, “But where exactly did you get gas from to put in your tank after it went dry?”

“Well, considering I actually won the race,” Alvin said putting an emphasis on the actually part, “I suppose filling you in on the details of exactly how I pulled off wont hurt any.”

“By all means please do,” Brittany said as she folded her arms and got ready for a big fairy tail.

“You see, since I am so well connected.  Being famous and all,” Alvin said as he stretched and put his hands behind his head.

“Please,” Brittany said rolling her eyes.

“Wait for it,” Alvin said holding his index finger up, “It just so happened a good friend of mine with the State Highway patrol was in the area.  Seeing me stranded on the side of road, he stopped and let me use some gas from the spare tank he kept in the trunk.”

Brittany looked at Alvin, a brow raised as he sat slouched in his chair.

“There is no way that a cop stopped and gave you a tank of gas,” Brittany said as she shook her head and looked away again.

“No, it’s the gods honest truth,” Alvin said sitting up, “Trooper Decker and his partner Trooper Valiant, they were the ones who stopped and helped me out.”

“Whatever Alvin,” Brittany said as she turned in her seat, “Your such a liar!”

“Your just jealous I beat you,” Alvin said as she squinted.

“Shya, as if,” was Brittany’s response.

Backstage again, Dave continued to watch the DJ as he played the first slow dance of the night, looking out at the dance floor Dave still could only see Theodore and Eleanor dancing.  But he did notice that Alvin and Brittany had moved closer together, though he wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing.  But he couldn’t sit there and ponder it for long, as another familiar voice echoed behind him.

“Dave!  Its about time I found you!”  Robert Gallangine said as he strolled up behind Dave.

“Robert, I was starting to wonder if you were going to make it,” Dave said as he turned around and shook Roberts hand.

“Oh I wouldn’t miss this for the world!  Besides, I still owe you a favor for sealing the deal on that Timberlake deal,” Robert said as he shook Dave’s hand and patted him on the shoulder.

“Just doing my job,” Dave said with a smile.

“Oh don’t be so modest Dave!  Your more than just another employee, you are your boys are the motor that keeps Liberty Records running!”  Robert said laughing.

“That means a lot Robert, thanks.  And I’ll be sure to tell the boys that after the dance too.”

“You do that,” Robert said pointing at Dave.

“So, were our special guests able to make it here tonight?”  Dave asked as he rubbed his hands together in excitement.

“Of course they were, they’re unloading their stuff from the bus right now,” Robert said as he put his arm over Dave’s shoulder and started to lead him to the exit.

“Great, just let me know when they are ready,” Dave said as the two businessmen walked off.

The night air was cold, cold enough that Simon had to put his jacket on overtop his tux to keep warm.  He had been standing out there for close to an hour now, waiting for someone to show up that he knew wasn’t going to make it.  Looking down at the single rose he had brought with him, Simon wondered if maybe that he was being silly, standing out there in the cold like that for someone who wasn’t going to show.

“Maybe there are things that you just can’t fix,” Simon said as he looked at the rose.

Clutching the flower, Simon let his hand drop as he turned around and started to walk back inside.

“Now that doesn’t sound like Simon Seville to me,” Jeanette said as she walked up behind Simon, “The Simon I know can fix anything.”

Simon stopped, not sure if what he was hearing was real, or if his mind was playing tricks on him.  Turning around, he looked over at Jeanette ask she walked towards him.  Her beautiful blue dress swaying slightly as she walked.

“Jeanette?  But I thought that you weren’t coming?”  Simon asked as Jeanette stopped right in front of him.

“If you thought I wasn’t coming, than why were you out here waiting?”  Jeanette asked as she reached up to fix her glasses.

“Ummmm...that’s a good question,” Simon said not sure how to answer that, “I’d need to run a few tests and...”

“Well why don’t you think about it inside, there is a cold front moving in,” Jeanette said as she took Simon by the arm and began to lead him in.

“Oh yeah I saw that on the news before we left, the meteorologist said it was very odd for the area,” Simon said as they walked inside.

“I know, I watched the same report.  You think maybe we could see some snow?”  Jeanette asked.

“Well maybe if the barometric pressure is right and the moisture level in the atmosphere reached the correct percentage,” Simon said as they walked through the door.

Both of them smiling and talking about the weather, they walked into the warm gymnasium where everyone was still slow dancing.  The song coming to an end, Eleanor was quick to notice the two walk inside.

“Come on Theodore, Jeanette is here,” Eleanor said as she grabbed Theodore and dragged him over.

Not having much choice in the matter, Theodore went along with Eleanor to meet up with Jeanette and Simon as the rest of the students waited for the next song to start.

“Jeanette!  What are you doing here?”  Eleanor asked as she walked up to her sister.

“Oh, no reason in particular,” Jeanette said with a smile as Simon looked on, his hand clutching hers.

As the four talked, the stage became dark, which caused something of an uproar of whispers and comments from the students who were waiting for the next song to play so they could continue dancing.  After just a minute of darkness, a spotlight in the back of the gym turned on and fallowed Dave as he walked onto the stage.  Alvin and Brittany noticed right away, Alvin automatically sinking in his seat, not quite sure what his father was going to do to embarrass him.

“Good evening everyone,” Dave said as he stood in the center of the stage, “I’m sure your wondering why exactly I’m standing up here talking, as opposed to letting you dance to more music.”

“You got that right!”

“Get off the stage old man!”


Dave laughed at the onslaught of comments from some of the kids in the crowd, being used to certain insults and comments, Dave just let them roll of his shoulders as he continued his presentation.

“I assure you I’ll be off the stage soon, but first I would like to introduce a good friend of mine who would like to perform for you kids tonight,” Dave said as he looked off stage and a young man holding a guitar started to walk out on stage.

“Oh no,” Alvin said as he put his head in his hands, “Please don’t let it be Dave’s old opera singer friend.”

“Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to introduce Mr Pete Loeffler!”  Dave stood off to the side and started to clap, not a peep coming from the stunned audience or from Alvin or any of his siblings.

“Wait, isn’t Pete Loeffler the lead singer for Chevelle?”  Eleanor asked Theodore.

“Yeah, he is,” Simon answered for his speechless little brother.

The young, long black haired man walked to the center of the stage, his guitar in hand.  Reaching up and grabbing the microphone he looked over the crowd once.

“This song we are playing tonight is for a group of good friends of mine,” The young guitarist and singer said as he scanned the crowd, “Alvin, Simon and Theodore!  This one is for you and your lovely dates tonight!”

“Wait, did he just say it was for us and our dates?”  Alvin asked as he pointed at himself and them looked at Brittany.

“Hit it guys!”

(Play Song Track)

Reaching down and strumming his guitar, the rest of his band being revealed as the curtain behind them rose up.

“Now way...this is too freakin cool,” Alvin said as he got to his feet.

So you say you're ignored
As it is,
Well, give us your sad, sad trip

You're right, I get it
It all makes sense, you're the perfect person
So right, so wrong
Let's all live in your imaginary life

Running into the crowd as well, Simon and Jeanette began to dance, the excitement of the band getting to them as it did to everyone else there.

Assumed it's whether
We're right or wrong
We're doomed, and there's plenty for all

How dare you catch me counting?
How dare you call at all?
How dare you call it suffering?
How dare you call at all?....

As the band played, the entire gym full of students erupted in excitement.  Getting as close to the stage as they could.  Eleanor and Theodore had ran into the crowd, and joined in with Simon and Jeanette and with the dancing that was going on all over the place.  The walls to the gym shaking with the music.

“There is no way that something this awesome can be happening right now,” Alvin said as he rubbed his eyes to see if he was dreaming.

“Stop being such a dork Alvin, its obviously happening,” Brittany said as she rolled her eyes.

“Hey do you mind?  I’m having a moment,” Alvin said glaring back at Brittany.

....Press on these tannins
They double in time
The touch of life, once failed to mention so far

Of course the law is fountains
Or face to face remorse
A fast and restless blackmail
Like pent-up fetish force....

Simon and Jeanette stood in the middle of the crowd, they had been dancing to the music.  As they danced though, Simon noticed that Jeanette had something in her hand.  Looking at it closer, he noticed that it was the note he had given her a few days ago.

“Jeanette?  Is that my note?”  Simon asked as he stopped dancing.

“Yeah, it is,” Jeanette answered as she stopped as well.

“Oh...uhh, did you read it?”  Simon asked nervously.

“I did,” Jeanette said with a nod.

“And?”  Simon asked not sure what she had thought of it.

“Well I’m here aren’t I,” Jeanette said laughing.

...Do you want enough?
Do you want it all?
Should you need it at all?
Takes a minute to see
Do you want enough?
Do you want it all?
Should you need it at all?
Do you want it or not?

Finally letting the excitement get to him, Alvin grabbed Brittany by the hand and jumped into the crowd.  Forgetting all about the race, the two began to dance right next to their siblings.  This was by far the best dance ever!

You're right, I get it
It all makes sense, you're the perfect person
So right, so wrong
Let's all live in your imaginary life

Life, life, life.

(Stop Song Track)

The music started to dull, but the shouts and cheers from the students did not.  Everyone was cheering and calling for more, as the band on stage took a bow and waived.  In the center of all this were the Chipmunks and the Chipettes, having just had the most fun any of them ever had.  And all of them had all but forgotten about the race, being grounded or anything else that had gone on for the last week.  Right now, they were just happy to be there.

Alvin, who looked over at Brittany for a moment who was still cheering, noticed that they were still holding hands.  And even though they almost always never got along, it was actually kinda nice to be holding hands like this.

“Hey Brittany,” Alvin said as he leaned in a little so she could hear him over the roar of the crowd.

“Yeah Alvin?”  Brittany asked as she turned and leaned in to hear a little better.

“Thanks,” Alvin said smiling nervously, “For dancing with me I mean.”

“Hey, I had fun so...I guess I should be thanking you,” Brittany said smiling right back.

“Thanks everyone for being a great audience!”  Pete shouted into the microphone as his band all joined him, “And as much as we would like to stay longer and play for you some more, we have a concert to catch!”

There was a magnitude of cries for them to stay longer, as people were sad to hear they were leaving so soon.  But before they all left the stage, Pete pointed down at Alvin and his brothers standing amongst the crowd.

“And we will see you for our joint tour this summer!”  Pete shouted as he started to walk off the state, “See you then!”

With that everyone turned around and looked at Alvin, Simon and Theodore, their popularity had just gone through the roof in about half a second with those 11 words.  But with all that was going on, Simon managed to turn back to Jeanette and smile.

“So I guess my letter worked then huh?”  Simon said laughing a little.

“You could say that,” Jeanette said as she smiled back.

Holding the unfolded letter in her hands, Jeanette stood up on her tippy toes and gave Simon and quick kiss on the cheek.  Simon felt his face go red hot, and his glasses steamed up as Jeanette kissed him.  Smiling, Simon went all numb and fell to the ground in a heap.  Jeanette gasping when he hit the floor dropped the letter she held in her hands.  Noticing their brother went down, Alvin and Theodore cleared away the people from around Simon and bent over to see if he was alright as he lay on his back.

“Dude, are you alright?”  Alvin asked as he looked down at his brother, Jeanette and Theodore leaning over him as well.

“Simon, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to do that!?”  Jeanette said quite worried.

Simon just looked up at them all for a moment, before he grinned wildly and held up the letter in his hands.  The simple heart he drew in the center of the paper clear to him, the words ‘I’m Sorry’ written in the center.

“Are you okay Simon?  Say something!”  Theodore said as he shook his brother a little.

Putting the note down, Simon kept on smiling as he looked at his brothers and Jeanette.

“....Wow...That was awesome...”

“That was awesome?”  Alvin said confused, “What was awesome?”

“Jeanette kissed him,” Theodore informed Alvin.

“What!?  You mean Simon got his first kiss before I did!?”  Alvin shouted in horror.

“Alvin be quite,” Brittany said with a sigh.

“Yeah Alvin, your ruining the moment,” Eleanor added as she Theodore and Jeanette helped Simon to his feet.

The moment!?  The moment!?  What about my moment?”  Alvin shouted as he walked away and tugged on his hair, “I’m the romantic one!”

“Alvin, your hardly the most romantic one,” Brittany said as he grabbed his shoulders and tried to hush him.

“But my image!  My mojo!  He stole it from me!”  Alvin shouted.

“Alvin just hush already,” Brittany said as she started to push him out of the crowd.

“But but, what will all the girls think of me now...Beaten out to a first kiss by my brainy brother...Who likes math even!”

“ALVIN!”  Brittany shouted as they disappeared into the crowd.
Well I hope you all enjoyed it! And I hope that you also enjoyed the way I chose to add the music into the story. And if you guys have any suggestions please, send them my way.

Oh and one more thing, in this fic there are three characters with only small roles. But these three characters also happened to appear on different episodes the 1961 animated series "The Alvin Show"

The first person to find and name those three characters used, will get a cameo appearance in the next Installment of The New Adventures of Alvin and the Chipmunks, "Honolulu Hassle!"

If you dont know any of the characters and need to do some investigating, here's a link to a youtube acount. All the characters named in the fic, appear in one of the episodes on this acount:


Good luck!
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The New Adventures of Alvin and the Chipmunks
Episode 1:  One Sick Simon

The alarm clock read 4:59, and Dave Seville was watching it.  Knowing that any second now his alarm would spring to life in an attempt to wake him, only problem with that was he was already awake.  But despite his rather lively early morning disposition, the alarm went off on cue when the clock read 5:00.  Swinging his legs out of bed and out from underneath his covers, Dave stood up and stretched.  Cracking his neck a few times, he turned to look out his window, the sun’s glow just barely clearing the hills in the distance.

“Another great morning,” Dave smiled to himself, for him getting up in the morning on a Monday was much different than it was for most people.  The biggest reason for that was Dave actually loved his job.

After grabbing some clean clothes from his dresser, Dave headed to take his morning shower.  From there he proceeded to clean himself up for the days work ahead of him, he was just named Chief Song Writer at Liberty Records.  And today was his first board meeting with the board heads and Liberty Records CEO, Robert Gallangine.  Yep, today was going to be a great day.

Heading downstairs, Dave went about his duel morning duties as working man and single parent, getting his boys breakfast ready while he read the morning paper, made coffee and checked his E-mails.  The clock was ticking closer and closer to 6:00, which was the time the boys were suppose to get up to get ready for school.  Dave reached into a cupboard and pulled out a loaf of bread, sticking a few slices in the toaster, he turned to look at the clock again.  It was 5:45, only 15 minutes to go.  Checking to make sure everything was okay in the kitchen, Dave nodded and walked from the kitchen and up the stairs.  He walked to the boys door, covered with posters, warning signs and caution tape.  Typical pre-teen entranceway Dave figured to himself, cracking the door he poked his head in.  Alvin, Simon and Theodore were all still fast asleep, all of them completely unaware that their alarm clock was about to sound.

Going from the boys room to his own, Dave went back to his dresser.  Grabbing a tie from the top drawer, and a jacket from the closet just adjacent to the dresser.  Looking into his mirror he loosely placed his tie around his neck and started to adjust it, it was then his cell phone began to buzz and dance around on the dresser top.

“I wonder who that could be this early,” Dave asked himself as he reached and picked up the phone. Unplugging it from its charger, Dave flipped the phone open and raised it to his ear, “ Hello?”

“David its Robert,” The caller replied cheerily.

“Oh Mister Gallangine, what a nice surprise,” Dave said with a big smile.

“Dave Dave, call me Robert please, I feel like my father when people call me Mister Gallangine,” Robert said from inside his 80th story office in the heart of downtown Hollywood, the dark haired 30 something business man spun around in a large leather office chair as he grinned with his blue tooth earphone blinking in one ear.

“Of course Mister Gallangine, Oh I mean Robert,” Dave said embarrassed even on the phone.

“Don’t even give it a second though Dave, everyone seems to get stuck on the Mr Gallangine thing at first,” Robert said as he fiddled with a hackey sack, “But that’s not why I called you so early on this beautiful Monday Morning.  It appears there has been something of an incident that will interfere with our little meeting this morning.”

“And incident?”  Dave asked.

“Yeah, one of our board members, Mr Steller was unfortunately involved in a tragic accident this weekend,” Robert said as he focused on balancing the hackey sack on his fore finger.

“Oh that’s terrible, is he okay?  I mean, he wasn’t...”

Robert burst out laughing over the phone, almost hurting Dave’s ear, “No Dave, the old man threw out his back on the golf course on Sunday, the geezer couldn’t get out of bed this morning so he asked us to postpone the meeting until his aids could get him into a wheelchair and to his doctor.”

“Well that’s good at least...I mean its still terrible that he hurt his back and all,” Dave said nervously.

“Don’t worry yourself over it Dave, he’s a tough old bird.  But anyways, the meeting has been postponed to 2:00 this afternoon.  He should have enough medication in him by that time.”
“Of course, sounds great Robert,” Dave said nodding his head smiling.

“Outstanding!  See you at 2:00 then, great talking with you Dave,” Robert said as he took the earpiece out and shut it off.

“Great to talk with you too sir,” Dave said as he took the phone away from his ear, with a sigh Dave stuck the phone in his pocket and continued to fix his tie until it was nice and straight.  Even though his meeting wasn’t until much later on, he still wanted to look sharp while he worked on his latest songs today.

After he was done in his room, Dave walked back down stairs just in time to catch the toast he started pop out of the toaster.  Setting it on a plate, he grabbed the News Paper and started to read an article as he one handedly buttered his toast.  Yep, today really was going to be a great day!


The Alarm clock read 5:59, and Alvin Seville and his two brothers, Simon and Theodore were all fast asleep.  They’re subconscious minds very well aware that it was Monday, and the start of yet another School week.  And Alvin didn’t want to get up, because much like all the other kids that attended their school...they hated it.  Unless you were Simon that is.  But despite any effort one may be able to put fourth in their sleep against it, the clock jumped to 6:00 and the alarm sounded...and sounded...and sounded.  There was still no movement, not even from Simon who usually got right up when the alarm sounded.

Finally there was a sign of life from within the dirty clothing dungeon the three boys called their bedroom, Alvin raised an arm from under the covers and felt around in mid air for a moment before he found his night stand.  From there he ran his hand across the top, knocking over an action figure or two in his search for the source of the annoying sound that was keeping him from his sleep.  Finally, he found the alarm clock, and slid it off the table.  The sudden fall snapped the electrical cord tight and yanked the plug from the wall, silencing the clock once and for all.

Dave heard the thud of the clock hitting the floor all the way down in the kitchen, glaring up at the ceiling he shook his head and walked around the corner and shouted up the stairs, “Boys!  Its time to get up now!”

Alvin groaned, he heard all to clearly his father yell for them to get up and out of bed.  But despite the parental direction, he simply pulled a pillow over his head.  Theodore on the other hand slowly sat up in bed, wiping away the morning blur.  However, sitting up was about as far as he got, leaning back against his headboard he started to once again doze off into a deep sleep.  Now Dave, standing at the bottom of the stairs waiting for the sounds of feet pattering around upstairs, became impatient.

“Looks like I’ll have to do this the old fashioned way,” Dave said as he started up the stairs.  Not attempting to walk lightly this time, Dave swung the door open to the boys room.  Walking through a sea of dirty clothes and scattered toys, Dave finally reached the other side of the room where the large bay window was.  Grabbing a hold of the rope that held the blinds down, he gave one quick tug.  The blinds quickly rose up, letting the bright morning sun shine directly onto the three beds occupied by the unconscious chipmunks.

“Ahhhhhrrggahhhh,” Was the complaint that rose from underneath the pillow Alvin had covered his head in.  Theodore sat up and shielded his eyes from the sunlight, and groaning with protest.

“Alright guys come on, time to get up,” Dave said folding his arms and tapping his foot.

“I don’t want to go to school,” Alvin said as he held the pillow down tighter.

“No buts Alvin, its time to get up,” Dave said as he walked over to Alvin’s bed and pulled the pillow away.  Alvin shut his eyes and looked away from the window, the sunlight on a Monday was like poison for kids, “Beside’s, this is your last week of school before summer vacation.  So you only have to do this 4 more times and then you can sleep in for the rest of the summer.”

“The entire summer!?”  Alvin asked as he quickly sat up in bed, starring up at Dave with a puppy like face.  Dave suddenly realized he may have just said one of those things that a kid would never let a parent forget.

“Well maybe not the entire summer, there are going to be days you’ll have to get up early for concerts,” Dave added trying to recover while a half awake Theodore walked behind him in order to get dressed for the morning.

“Okay, but all the other days then?”  Alvin asked in that bargaining voice of his.

“I think I can deal with that,” Dave said nodding his head in agreement.

“Awesome!  Alvin said as he jumped up out of his bed, and just like that he was out of bed and throwing his clothes on for the day.  Dave smiled and headed for the door, but just as he was about to walk out, he noticed something a little odd about Simon.  He was still in his bed and appeared to be sleeping.  Which was extremely odd for Simon, the one out of the three who actually got excited about going to school.

“Simon?”  Dave said as he walked up the his bed, “Simon its time to get up.”

Dave sat down on the edge of Simons bed, Simon groaned and pulled his covers up over his face.  Dave tilted his head a little and pulled the covers back again, he reached down and put the back of his hand on Simons cheek.

“Simon, your burning up!”  Dave said alarmed as he pulled his hand away.

Simon rolled over again and faced Dave, his eyes all glassy and his nose was runny.  He coughed a little before he tried to sit up, but he suddenly felt weak and just laid back down.

“Sick?  I can’t be sick,” Simon mumbled as he clutched his covers.

“Hang tight Simon, I’ll go get the thermometer,” Dave got up and quickly walked out the door, leaving and curious Theodore and Alvin in the room with Simon.  Theodore was the first one to go to Simons side.

“Simon?  Are you okay?”  Theodore asked his older brother.

Simon started to cough violently, keeping a hand in front of his mouth Simon just had to try and sit up.  He felt like it was getting hard to breath laying down, lifting himself up with one arm while he continued to cough Simon was able to support himself with his pillow.  Theodore backed away a little when the coughing started, but went right back to his brothers side and grabbed another pillow to stick under Simons back.

“I’m fine Theodore, just a little cold,” Simon said with a notable wheeze to his voice.

“Jeez Simon you really sound terrible,” Alvin added after hearing Simon breath for a second with that awful wheeze, “What do you think you caught?”

Simon shook his head, he wasn’t entirely sure what he had.  He was fine last night before he went to bed, this had come out of nowhere.  As Theodore tried to help Simon feel more comfortable, and Alvin kept something of a safe distance.  Dave came back in the room with a cold towel and the thermometer, Theodore moved out of the way as Dave sat back down on the edge of Simons bed.

“Here ya go Simon, this ought to help a little,” Dave rested the cold towel on Simons forehead, the cold towel felt great to Simon.  It was almost as good as taking a swim on a hot and humid summer day.  While Simon relaxed a little with the cold towel, Dave turned the thermometer on and waited for it to adjust, “Alright Simon hold this under your tongue until it beeps twice okay?”

“Yeah,” Simon said with a nod as Dave held the thermometer up, Simon opened up wide and bit down on the thermometer.  It quickly started to work and the temperature rose very quickly, while the thermometer did its thing.  Dave suddenly remembered all about school, looking down at his watch he noticed it was 6:20 already!

“Oh man I completely forgot about school!”  Dave said as he sat up quickly and started to look around, “Alright you two, finish getting dressed then run downstairs and gather up your things.  We’ve got to get you too school.”

As Alvin finished getting dressed, something came to mind.  His earlier protest to stay home from school was all in vain, but Simon, he didn’t even have to say anything and he was going to be staying home.

“Wait how come Simon gets to stay home!?”  Alvin protested as he threw his sweatshirt on.

“Because he’s sick Alvin, I’m not going to be sending him to school like this,” Dave said as he started to scoot Alvin out of the room.

“But that’s unfair!  What if I’m sick too!?”  Alvin asked as he held onto the door jam as Dave pushed.

“Alvin trust me, your not sick,” Dave said glaring down at his son.

“I dunno Dave, I’m starting to feel it come on now,” Alvin started to plead, he did a little cough number while Dave looked down at him with arms folded.  He raised an eyebrow and blinked slowly a few time’s as Alvin starred back up at him.

“Alvin, downstairs now,” Dave said firmly.

Alvin huffed and folded his arms, spinning around he started for the stairs as Theodore squeaked past Dave and fallowed him.  The two made the corner at the top of the stairs and Dave listened carefully as the both ran downstairs.  Alvin quickly poked his head around the corner one last time, “So there’s no chance of me staying home today?”

“Alvin!”  Dave said ready to loose his temper.

Alvin took a hint and scurried downstairs, not wanting to push Dave any further this morning.  After Dave was sure those two were downstairs and getting ready, he turned his attention back to Simon.  He had closed his eyes again and was breathing heavily with that bad wheeze.  Dave took a deep breath, he had seen all three of the boys sick before.  But this time it was especially bad, Simon just had no energy.  Two loud beeps from the thermometer alerted Dave that it was done, walking over Dave sat back down and took the thermometer.  

“101.3!  Well Simon, there’s no way I can leave you home alone like this,” Dave said as he looked up at Simon.

“No its okay Dave really,” Simon said as he opened his eyes again, “I’m okay really I am, you can still go to wo....”

Simon started to cough again before he could finish, that was enough right there to convince Dave he had to stay home.  He was going to miss that big meeting today, but then again this was Simon who was sick.  And him along with Alvin and Theodore were Liberty Records biggest contract, there was no way they could be mad at Dave for staying home for something like this.

“Simon I’m going to make a few phone calls into work and find a ride for Alvin and Theodore into school.  If you need anything at all you just yell for me okay?”  Dave said as smiled.

“Okay Dave,” Simon said with a light nod.

Dave bent down and gave Simon a light kiss on the forehead, put a hand on his cheek.  Getting up Dave quickly went downstairs so he could get on the phone right away, both Alvin and Theodore had their backpacks ready and were at the table eating breakfast.  It was now 6:35 and school started at 7:15, Dave had to find someone to get them to school and quick.

“Hey guys listen up, I can’t leave Simon here by himself because he’s so sick.  So I’m going to call someone and see if they can’t give you a ride into school,” Dave said as he picked up the phone on the wall.  Dave thought about it for a second, and then it came to him.  There was one other person he knew for sure would be heading into school at about this time, “Oh I know the perfect person for the job!”


Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor held on tightly to whatever they could as the cool morning wind whipped across them in the back seat of Mrs Millers old car.  The elderly caretaker up front, more concerned with applying her 5th layer of make-up than driving, focused on herself in the rear-view mirror as traffic did what the could to avoid being plowed off the road.

“Ugh, Mrs Miller slow down!”  Brittany shouted up front as they passed a transit bus like it was sitting still.

“What was that dear?”  Mrs Miller asked not taking her eyes off her mirror.

“Nothing,” Brittany said with a sigh.

“Its okay Brittany, were only a few miles away from the school now,” Jeanette said trying to reassure her sister.

“Well it wont really matter if you don’t make it a few miles now will it Jeanette,” Brittany spit back.

“No not really I guess,” Jeanette replied.

As Brittany was about to start sputtering about something else, Mrs Millers cell phone that was tucked into the bottom of her purse began to ring.  Hearing this Brittany picked her head up and tried to get Mrs Miller’s attention again.

“Mrs Miller your cell phone is ringing!”  Brittany shouted.

“Speak up dear its hard to hear you when you whisper,” Mrs Miller said as she looked into the back seat, a small shrub flying over the hood as she did.

“Your cell phone!”  The trio shouted when they saw an incoming truck in their path.


Mrs Miller reached over for her purse in the drivers seat, turning the wheel sharply with her and narrowly missing a head on collision with the 18 wheeler that had been on its air horns for the past 5 seconds.  The girls breathed a sigh of relief as Mrs Miller pulled her cell phone out and flipped it open.


“Hi Mrs Miller?”  Dave asked when someone finally answered the phone.  Alvin and Theodore who were eating their breakfast peacefully suddenly looked up at Dave like he had just announced the end of the world.

“Oh hi David!  What do I owe this pleasure!”  Mrs Miller shouted happily as she swerved back into her lane of traffic again.  The girls holding onto each other as tightly as possible.

“Yes Hi Mrs Miller, I was wondering if it would be possible for you to bring Alvin and Theodore into school for me today.  Simon is sick and I have to stay home with him,” Dave said as he leaned up against the counter.

“Why of course David, we’ll turn around right now and head back your way,” Mrs Miller said as she started to look for a place to turn around.

“Wait...turn around!?”  Eleanore said her pupils shrinking to the size of a pin-point.

Before anything else could be said, Mrs Miller cranked the wheel around into a turn around.  A turn around that was clearly marked for State use only, as her back tires fish tailed around into the other lane.  The girls were squeezed together against the passenger side door, the G forces to much for them to fight.  Motorists laid on their horns and trucks jack knifed to a stop as the pink museum piece cut out in front of them.

“Thanks a lot Mrs Miller, I really appreciate it,” Dave said with a sigh of relief.

“Oh not a problem David, we’ll see you in a few then.”

“Right, thanks again Mrs Miller,” Dave hung the phone up and nodded, that was taken care of.  As he turned around in order to head back upstairs and check on Simon, he noticed the terrified look on Alvin and Theodore’s faces, “What’s the matter guys?”

Theodore just rolled his back and fell into the bench seat, while Alvin laid his head down.  Dave shook his head and was about to defend the friendly women when he heard a shout come from upstairs.  Forgetting about Alvin and Theodore, Dave spun around and hurried up the stairs and rushed into the boys room.  Simon was sitting up again and leaning over the side of his bed, Dave leaned in a little and looked at the floor.  Cringing, Dave looked away for a second and then back at Simon who was almost ready to cry.

“I tried to get up and go to the bathroom Dave, I just...”  Simon apologized obviously quite upset about it.

“Don’t worry about it Simon its okay,” Dave said as he walked up to Simon being careful to avoid the mess on the floor, “Do you feel like throwing up again?”

Simon shook his head no. Dave smiled at his son and reached over for the wet towel that had fallen from Simons forehead, using it to whip Simons mouth quickly, “I’m going to go grab the trash can out of the bathroom just incase, then I’ll go get some stuff to clean this up okay?”

“Okay,” Simon said as he tried to lay back down.

Dave smiled as he got up, going to the bathroom he grabbed a role of paper towels and the trash can.  Making sure to take the bag of trash out and putting a new bag in, also grabbing another bag to use for the mess.  Rushing back to Simon, Dave set the trash can down and then proceeded to clean up the mess on the floor.  It didn’t take but a minute to clean up, tying the bag shut Dave moved the trash can to the side of the bed.  Simon had closed his eyes again, the wheezing was really starting to concern Dave now.

Dave was snapped out of his worry when he heard the familiar sound of tires screeching and the trash can flying across the yard and landing in the street.

“What’s Mrs Miller doing here?”  Simon asked looking up at Dave.

“She’s going to take Alvin and Theodore into school for me, that way I can stay home with you,” Dave said rubbing the top of Simons head, “Now you try and get some sleep, and when I’m done downstairs I’ll come back up and check on you again.”

Simon nodded and closed his eyes, he really was very sick.  And the worst part of it was Dave had absolutely now clue where it had come from, or what he had.  He was going to have to call the doctor and have him come look at Simon.  Dave felt this was way over his head, and he absolutely hated seeing any of his kids sick.


Alvin crawled into the back seat of Mrs Miller’s car, sitting down next to Brittany and folding his arms.  Brittany glared over at him, “You have no idea what we went through to get here,” Brittany muttered in a vain attempt to make Alvin feel bad.

“No, but I have a feeling I’m about to find out,” Alvin said in a huff.

Dave ran outside with Theodore’s back pack in hand, handing it too him before he crawled into the car.

“Okay you two, behave at school today.  And Mrs Miller is going to pick you up at the end of the day and bring you home alright?”  Dave said as Theodore buckled himself in on the end of the seat..

“Yeah, wonderful,” Alvin grunted.

Dave eyeballed Alvin as he sat there with his arms folded, a sour look on his face.  Dave shook it off and looked back to Mrs Miller who was sitting in the front seat, the engine still running as the car sat parked on the sidewalk in front of the house.

“Thanks again Mrs Miller, I really owe you,” Dave said really great full for the favor.

“Oh think nothing of it David, I’m glad to bring them in,” Mrs Miller said waiving it off.

“Alright then, drive safely,” Dave said not realizing the visual abuse he was taking for the kids in the back seat, “Have a good day boys, see you after school!”

Mrs Miller put the car into drive and stepped on the gas, the old car peeling out back onto the street.  Nearly missing a few people out for a morning jog before straitening out and heading off into the distance.

“Maybe I should have made them ride the bus,” Dave said to himself, “Nah, they’ll be fine.”

Dave walked up the walkway and back into the house, the time was now 7:02, and his perfect Monday morning had quickly turned into what every other working man and women dread...Just Monday...


The first bell sounded just as the Chipettes, Alvin and Theodore ran into the school.  They had made it right in the nick of time, they had 5 minutes before the 2nd bell sounded.  Which meant they had better be in class.  After saying their goodbye’s and a few half hearted insults, the three girls and two boys parted ways to head off to their lockers and first class of the day.  Alvin who was still steaming about having to be at school, flung his locker open after he got it unlocked.  Theodore who he barely missed, just tried to avoid any inevitable rants.

“This stinks,” Alvin grumbled as he grabbed a math book out of his locker, “I don’t see how its fair that Simon gets to stay home today and we have to go to school.”

Alvin slammed his locker shut and walked off, Theodore quickly grabbed his books and ran after his brother.

“But Simon is sick Alvin, he couldn’t come into school or he would get everyone else sick,” Theodore added as he tried to keep up with his fast walking brother.

“Yeah well it still stinks, he gets to sit at home on the couch all day and watch TV while we are stuck here doing school work.  He doesn’t know how lucky he is,” Alvin said as they wove through the hallway traffic.

“I don’t think he is going to be watching much TV today, he seemed really sick,” Theodore said trying to defend their oldest brother since he wasn’t there to defend himself.

“Feh,” Alvin grunted as he kicked a paper cup that was sitting on the floor next to a trash basket, “I betcha he’s fakin it.”

Theodore shook his head, he knew there was nothing he could do to change his brothers mind.  The day would be mostly like that for him, and he didn’t need Simon around to tell him --that.


“It’s the flu,” A short dark haired man said as he took his stethoscope away from Simons chest.

“The flu!?  How can that be, its not even flu season?”  Dave asked flabbergasted at the Doctor’s prognosis.

“Just because its called Flu Season doesn’t mean you cannot contract the virus at any other time Mr Seville.  Lucky for us it seems to be a rather mild strand, Simons fever seems to be holding steady and his condition is stable.  He’ll be out of commission for at least a week however,” The doctor said as he packed up his equipment into his bag.

“A week?  Are you sure there isn’t something you can do to help him get better faster, it’s the last week of school and I don’t want Simon to miss anything important,” Dave said scratching his chin out of concern.

“Well I do have some mild Antibiotics that would be safe for someone his age, but they have to be administered through a hyper dermic needle.  And unfortunately I don’t have anything on me today that I can give him, its all back at my office,” The Doctor said as he stood back up and walked over to Dave.

“Could you come back tomorrow then?”

“Of course, I can be here late afternoon if that works for you,” The Doctor asked as he pulled out his PDA and looked at his schedule.

“Yes late afternoon is fine, thanks a lot Doctor Foreman,” Dave said reaching out and shaking the Doctors hand.

“Not a problem Mr Seville, its always a pleasure being able to come and check up on your boys.  My daughter get’s a kick out of the fact her dad’s the personal doctor for her favorite band,” The Doctor said with a smile as he and Dave walked out of the bedroom and started down the stairs.

Dave walked the doctor out and thanked him one more time before he left, as the Doctor to his car Dave stood in the doorway and began to worry.  The flu was a nasty illness to have, especially for someone Simons age.

“Well, I better go see if Simon feels good enough to try and eat something,” Dave said as he shut the door behind him.  As Dave walked into the kitchen, he suddenly remembered he hadn’t even called into work yet.  He was already over an hour late, and he could only imagine what kind of chaos that was causing.  Rushing over to the phone, Dave picked it up and started to dial the office.


The phone on Robert Gallangine’s secretaries desk began to ring, the young women sitting at the desk typing on the computer didn’t even look away from her screen as she went to picked up the phone.

“Mr Gallangine’s office.”

“Hey Mary its Dave Seville calling, is Mister Gallangine in?”  Dave asked as he rubbed his head, worried he may be in trouble.

“Oh Dave, of course hang on just one second.  Mr Gallangine had just asked me to give you a call after you didn’t show up, I hope everything is okay?”  Mary asked as she stopped her typing.

“Well things could be better, Simon had come down with the Flu,” Dave said as he moved around the corner and looked up the stairs and listened for anything.

“Oh no Dave, that’s horrible!  Give Simon my best,” Mary said as she reached over to the phone and looked for Mr Gallangine’s extension.

“Thanks Mary, I will.”

“Okay then, hold on one second while I page Mr Gallangine, he’s actually in a meeting with a new client,” Marry said as she finally found the extension.

“Alright, I can wait.”

Mary flicked Dave on hold and then hit Roberts extension, inside the rather lavish office, Robert Gallangine was in the middle of a conversation with his latest client when the page came in.

“Hold on one second guys while I take this,” Robert said as he leaned in and pressed down the page button, “What is it Mary?”

“Sorry to bother you Mr Gallangine, but Dave is on Line 57 for you,” Mary’s voice crackled over the speaker.

“Oh great, thank you Mary,” Robert said with a smile.  Robert reached over and flicked the blinking button on his phone and picked up his ear piece, “Dave!  I was starting to wonder where you were!”

“Im really truly sorry about this Robert, but I’m not going to be able to make it in at all today,” Dave said as he braced for the onslaught of yelling that was sure to occur.

“Really?  Oh that’s to bad Dave, I was really looking forward to that meeting with you today,” Robert said actually sounding rather disappointed.

Dave pulled the phone from his ear for a second and starred at it, why was there no yelling coming from the speaker, why wasn’t Mr Gallangine trying to reach through the phone and strangle him?  Why wasn’t he fired?

“Wait your not mad at me sir?”  Dave asked almost curious now.

“Mad!?  How could I be mad at you Dave, you’ve single handedly put Liberty Records on the map and made this company millions!  There is no way I could ever be mad at you, not after all you’ve done,” Robert said as he laughed loudly.

“Oh, well I guess I never really thought of all that,” Dave said scratching his chin.

“Of course you didn’t!  Your too humble for your own good Dave, that’s probably your only fault,” Robert said wiping a tear from his eye after laughing so hard, “Now then, what exactly is going to keep you away from the office today?”

“Simon’s come down with the Flu unfortunately, I’m going to have to stay with him for the rest of the week actually,” Dave as he leaned against the outside wall of the kitchen so he could talk on the phone but still listen upstairs.

“Really!? Well if that’s the case I couldn’t dare ask you to come in, I’ll give you the next two weeks off then.  Paid even!  How does that sound?”

“Mr Gallangine, really sir you don’t have to...”

“Nonsense!  There is no negotiating this, now you get back to taking care of Simon so he can get better as quickly as he can,” Robert said smiling as he got up from his chair and walked to the window.

“Of course sir, and thank you very much,” Dave said still not sure if he actually just had that conversation.

“Not a problem, I’ll talk to ya later Dave.”

“Yes sir,” Dave said with a nod.  Hanging the phone up, Dave took a huge sigh or relief, that was probably the most painful ‘I wont be in today’ phone calls he had ever made.  Leaning against the wall and closing his eyes for just a moment, Dave tried to enjoy the silence of a house void of kids running about causing havoc, it really was a beautiful sound to a single parent.  That silence was quickly broken though, when Simon began to cough again upstairs.  Dave opened his eyes and looked up the stairs, that coughing was awful sounding.

“Poor guy,” Dave said feeling terrible for his young son, “Hang on Simon I’m coming!”

Dave started up the stairs and back to Simons side, which is where he would remain for most of the day.  Simon would end up not eating for the rest of the day, he was still throwing up all of yesterdays meals.


The final bell of the day rung, finally it rung.  Alvin pushed himself back in his seat and held his arms out wide, greeting the wonderful sound of freedom.  It had been the longest Monday of his life, stuck all day thinking about how Simon got to sit at home and watch TV and eat snacks.  While he was stuck...learning...

“Thank god its time to go home,” Alvin said as he hoped out of his seat and started to collect his things.

“Yeah, now we get to go check on Simon,” Theodore said as he slung his back pack over his shoulder.

“Jeez Theodore, how many times am I going to have to tell you that he’s faking it!?”  Alvin exasperated as he rolled his eyes and headed for the door.

Theodore gave Alvin a sour look as the left their Social Studies classroom and headed for the exit, Alvin had been on a fit all day that Simon was faking his illness just so he didn’t have to go to school.  As Alvin and Theodore reached the exit, Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanore were waiting for them.  Brittany was impatiently tapping her foot, glaring at Alvin and Theodore as they walked through the door.

“What are you looking at,” Alvin grimaced.

“Come on an lets get going,” Brittany said as she lifted her nose and spun around and began to walk away.

“What’s her problem?”  Alvin asked as Brittany trotted off.

“Were sorry about Brittany, she’s just not having a great day that’s all,” Eleanore said as she looked back at the two boys.

“She failed her science exam,” Jeanette added.

“Ouch, there’s a bit of an ego deflator,” Alvin said as he walked off after Brittany.

Theodore sighed, Alvin was in just as a bad mood as Brittany was, which meant for a rather uncomfortable ride home for him and the two other girls.  Not wanting to be left behind by their moody siblings, Theodore, Jeanette and Eleanore took off after them in an attempt to catch up.  Mrs Miller was waiting in her car at the front gate to the school, which was about a 2 minute walk from the front entrance.

Brittany was the first to reach the car, after ignoring a friendly hello from her guardian, she slammed the door shut just as Alvin was about to get into the car.  Further angering the young chipmunk, after opening the door and sitting on the exact opposite side of the back seat.  Alvin folded his arms and looked the other way. The others climbed in, and Mrs Miller said her hellos before she stepped on the gas.  Leaving two very black marks on the street in front of the school.  The ride back was about 15 minutes, but as Alvin sit it was getting harder and harder for him to not say something sarcastic to Brittany.  Fighting it for as long as he could, he finally began to grin.

“So Brittany, I heard through the grapevine that your going to be attending summer school,” Alvin said trying not to laugh.

“Who said that!?”  Brittany shouted across the other three in order to get her message to Alvin, “You better tell me Alvin!”

“Oh so its true then?”  Alvin asked leaning forward, a mischievous grin spread across his face.

“No!”  Brittany said backing off for a second, “I just wanna know okay!”

“Well it’s really not for me to say, it’s a secret and all,” Alvin said as he rubbed his chin a little, trying to look smart, “But uhh, since we are friends and all, I can at least tell you it’s a very credible source.”

Brittany looked at her two sisters for a second, both of them being sure to look away so as not to get sucked into what was sure to turn into another squabble between the two.  Squinting, she had a feeling she knew exactly were that came from.  It had to have been Jeanette, she always sputters things off without thinking about them.

“Like who!?”  Brittany asked folding her arms and focusing on Alvin.

“Oh you know, just a person I know,” Alvin said shrugging his shoulders.

Brittany quickly unbuckled herself and crawled across the others, grabbing a hold of Alvin’s collar and knocking him in the forehead as she starred strait into his eyes.


“Someone...In your science class,” Alvin said grinning from ear to ear.

“Jeanette!”  Brittany shouted as she spun her head around and looked at her older sister, “Why did you say something like that!?”

“Honestly Brittany it just slipped!  I didn’t mean too,” Jeanette said waiving her arms frantically as she apologized.

As Brittany crawled back to her seat, yelling at Jeanette the entire time, Alvin was in stitches.  Making Brittany angry always seemed to cheer him up, he didn’t know if it was the odd twitch her nose did or how she blushed a color of red that could be seen through her fur.  It was hilarious!  As Alvin proceeded to slap his knee over it, Brittany was still flipping out on her sister.  Until that is she saw Alvin laughing so hard, it was then, in a split second that the single most evil and devious plan she had ever had was manifested.  Brittany grinned, she just had to get back at Alvin now, and this was going to do the trick.  Making sure to still look angry, Brittany buckled herself back in and then looked forward, now to start the first act!

“Well at least I’ll be able to attend summer school to make up that test, unlike Simon,” Brittany said looking off away from Alvin.

Alvin quickly stopped laughing at the mention of his brother, spinning his head around along with Theodore, Alvin pondered the statement for a second.  But before he could put more thought into it, he took the bait.

“What’s that suppose to mean?”  Alvin asked unaware of what Brittany had planned.

Brittany secretly smiled inside when Alvin responded, she had him now.

“Oh you didn’t know?”  Brittany asked as she turned around, “Simon isn’t going to make it to the end of the week.”

Now she had everyone’s attention, her two sisters looked to her with some confusion, she couldn’t risk trying to fill them in now, she would have to do it later.

“What do you mean he wont make it till the end of the week?”  Theodore asked, very confused and kinda upset by the comment.

“Well he is sick right?”  Brittany asked looking to Theodore in order to really seal the deal.

“Supposedly,” Alvin added quickly.

“Yes, he is,” Theodore said firmly in a rare showing of opposition to the middle brother.

“And you’re family doctor is Doctor Foreman, right?”  Brittany asked as if she was interrogating someone.

“Yeah he is, so what’s your point?”  Alvin asked very weary of what Brittany was saying.

“That’s what I thought, than I guess my worst fears will be realized,” Brittany said suddenly becoming sad.

“What fears!?  What do you mean Brittany!?”  Theodore asked frantically.

She was in like flint now, there was nothing that could stop her now.

“Well you see there is something about Doctor Foreman that you don’t know,” Brittany said looking back at the two boys, “You see, back before he was a real doctor, he went by the name of Doctor Death!!”

Theodore gasped, Alvin flinched a little but was still not buying what Brittany was saying.  Not yet at least, “Yeah right, your full of it.”

“You think I am?  Doctor Foreman used to be a hit man for the mob you know, that’s why they called him Doctor Death.  He would sneak in to hospitals disguised as a real doctor, and find people the mob wanted...Taken out!”  Brittany was really targeting Theodore now, she knew he was the pivot man in this whole thing, “He would find the person he was after, and then take a needle he had filled with poison.  The patient would be none the wiser as Doc Death injected them with the deadly liquid, and then just like he snuck in, he would sneak out and disappear!”

“Oh no!  Simon!”  Theodore yelled, believing every word of it.

“I don’t think so Brittany, I’m not falling for it,” Alvin said not totally convinced of anything.

“So you still don’t believe me huh?”  Brittany asked Alvin.

“Not a word,” Alvin said firmly.

“Fine then, don’t believe me then.  If you don’t want to do anything to help save Simon, than that’s your choice,” Brittany said shrugging and sitting back.

“No we want to save Simon!”  Theodore shouted.

“Sit down Theodore, she’s just trying to trick us,” Alvin said putting his hand on Theodore’s shoulder to keep him from jumping out of his seat.

“But Alvin!?”  Theodore pleaded.

“No Theodore, don’t buy into her stories, because that’s all they are...Stories,” Alvin said glaring at Brittany.

“If that’s what you want to believe,” Brittany said looking away.

The rest of the ride home was completely silent, not even Jeanette or Eleanore wanted to ask Brittany about what she had just said.  They of course knew nothing about it, but they were so shocked at what she said they didn’t even want to think about it.  Finally, through an act of the almighty himself Mrs Miller pulled up in front of the boys house.  Theodore nearly crawled over Alvin trying to get out so he could get inside and check on Simon.

“Have a good night boys, and make sure to tell David I said hi,” Mrs Miller told Alvin as he got out of the car.

“Sure Mrs Miller,” Alvin said almost as if he was deep in thought.

“Goodbye Alvin,” Brittany said as Alvin walked away, “And don’t forget to say goodbye to Simon for me!”

Mrs Miller was off like a flash before Alvin could even turn around to shout back at Brittany, as Alvin watched the pink Cadillac disappear down the street, he couldn’t but wonder if what Brittany was saying was true?  He remembered not to long back, the chipettes also had Doctor Foreman, but for no reason switched to another doctor.

“Nahh, there’s no way,” Alvin said to himself as he turned back to the house.


Inside, Theodore had run strait up stairs to check on Simon.  Dave was already up there checking Simons temperature again when Theodore came running in.  Throwing his back pack into a corner, he went over to Simons bed.

“Woah hold on Theodore, you can’t get to close okay?”  Dave said as he put a hand in front of Theodore to keep him from jumping up onto Simons bed.

“Why?”  Theodore asked looking up at Dave.

“Because Simon has the flu and its very contagious, you shouldn’t even be in the room,” Dave said as he got up, leaving the thermometer in Simons mouth.

“But Dave, I want to ask Simon something,” Theodore said as Dave took his hand and led him back out.

“He’s sleeping now Theodore, when he wakes up you can come in and ask him,” Dave said as he scooted Theodore out the door, “You guys are going to have to sleep downstairs on the couch tonight also, I don’t want you to get sick also.  I’ll bring down some spare sheets and pillows from the attic a little later.”

Theodore pouted as he started to walk away, looking back Dave just smiled.  In truth Theodore wanted to ask Simon if anything ‘strange’ had happened when the doctor was here.  But not wanting to anger Dave, he did what he was told and headed downstairs. As he started to head down,  Alvin met him half way.

“So how’s the faker doing,” Alvin asked with his hands shoved in his pockets.

“He’s asleep, and he’s not faking,” Theodore said angrily as he just kept walking.

“Sheesh,” Alvin grumbled.

Sticking his head into his room, Alvin quietly watched Dave as he checked Simons temperature.  The thermometer beeped twice and Dave took it out to look at it.

“Still 101.3, this fever just will not break,” Dave said as he let his arms drop down.

The movement on the side of Simons bed was enough to wake him again, moaning he opened his eyes and looked up at Dave.

“I’m kinda thirsty,” He said quietly.

“Alright buddy, I’ll go get you a glass of water,” Dave said as he rubbed his hand over Simons hand.

“Gingerale?”  Simon asked.

“Okay, Gingerale then,” Dave said with a smile as he stood up.

Turning to walk out, Dave noticed Alvin poking his head in the doorway.

“There you are Alvin,” Dave said as he walked up to him, “You think you could do me a favor and go wet another towel with cold water for me and put it on Simons forehead.  The other one is all warm now.”

“Yeah sure,” Alvin said as Dave walked passed him.

Turning right around and heading for the bathroom, Alvin was quick in getting the cold towel so he could get back to the room and talk to Simon.  And hopefully get him to admit that he was faking.  Almost running back, Alvin nearly tripped over the carpet as he skidded to a halt in front of him room.  Checking to see if Dave was in there first, the coast was clear and Alvin headed in.

“Hey there Simon,” Alvin said in a cocky tone as he held the cold towel in his hand.

“You shouldn’t be in here Alvin, I’ve got the flu,” Simon said weakly as he watched the towel in Alvin’s hand closely.

“Yeah sure ya do,” Alvin said as he turned around and jumped up into his bed, “I just wanted to ask you a few questions before I left, it wont take but a minute.”

“Okay,” Simon said pulling the covers up over his mouth.

“Great!  First question, this illness of yours.  Many of us at school were wondering today, just how it’s possible to come down with such a severe sickness in just one night.  Furthermore be able to show no signs the previous night!  As you can imagine, this has left a lot of us curious.”

“Well, the flu virus is very *cough* fast acting, it can attack and weaken the immune system in just hours,” Simon said as his eyes started to drupe.

“Good answer, very well thought out.  Then again you’ve had plenty of time to come up with explanations like that, haven’t you,” Alvin spun around and pointed a finger at Simon, but there was no reaction from his brainy brother, “He fell asleep?”

Alvin was annoyed now, Simon was so intent on keeping up this charade that he faked falling asleep.  A good trick, but Alvin could see through it.  Hearing Dave start to come up the stairs again, Alvin quickly jumped off his bed and went to place the wet towel on Simons forehead like Dave had asked, so he didn’t get in trouble.

But as Alvin went to set the towel down, the back of his hand hovered over Simons forehead and became very warm.  Being slightly alarmed Alvin stepped back for a second, then reached out with his other hand and placed it palm down on Simons forehead.

“Its hot!”  Alvin said quite alarmed, “Maybe he wasn’t faking it after all.”

“Alvin what are you doing?”

Alvin spun his head around and looked at Dave, he was standing the doorway with his hands resting on his hips.  A glass of gingerale in one of them.

“Simons forehead, its really warm,” Alvin stated still surprised.

“Of course it is, he has the Flu.  Now take put the towel on his forehead, then go wash your hands,” Dave said as he walked up to Alvin.

“Why do I have to wash my hands?” Alvin asked as he set the towel down.

“Because Simon is very sick, and I don’t want you to get sick too.  Now scoot, you and Theodore are going to be sleeping downstairs tonight,” Dave said as Alvin moved around him.
“Oh...Okay,” Alvin said feeling rather bad.

“What’s the matter Alvin,” Dave asked noticing the tone in his voice.

“Umm, nothing Dave, just worried about Simon that’s all,” Alvin said as he tried to smile.

“Well don’t you worry, he’ll be fine,” Dave said as Alvin started to walk out of the room, “Doctor Foreman will be back tomorrow at 4:00 to give Simon a shot that will help him get better.”

Alvin stopped in his tracks as he got out into the hallway, what Brittany had said suddenly came flooding back into mind.  Not that he believed a word of it, or at least he didn’t want to.  Alvin suddenly became very worried, he had never quite felt this way before.  It was like an entire flock of butterflies was stuck in his stomach, clutching his belly he frowned as he tried to understand what he was feeling.  Could he really truly believe something bad was going to happen to Simon?  It couldn’t?  It just wasn’t possible?  Not if he had anything to do about it.
Part 1 of my first Alvin and the Chipmunks Fan-fic, this is planned to be a series of Alvin and the Chipmunks shorts.

They are titled The New Andventures of Alvin and The Chipmunks, and are pretty much a continuation of the 1980's TV series, but instead takes place in current times. You may see songs and past events mixed in that were seen in the new Live Action/CGI movie, but this is taking place as if the movie never happened.

The whole thing couldn't fit in at once, so this first 'episode' is in two parts.

Alvin and the Chipmunks C of Bagdasarian Productions
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The New Adventures of Alvin and the Chipmunks
Episode 2:  Valentines Day Rush!

Hi!  Now hold on a second, this isn’t the start to the Fan-fic yet, first you have to read the instructions!  Yeah I know, what’s the deal with instructions you ask?  Well, its because I love music, and believe that reading music is boring.  So I decided to add a music track with this fic, now obviously I couldn’t add it to the story itself, so I had to enlist Youtube’s services to assist me.…

The link provided above is to the music track, But wait don’t listen to it yet!  You have to wait for the boys to actually start singing before you can listen to it!  As you read, you will stumble across the song lyrics, right above them will be your key to play the video and start the music.  And when your done with that song, you can stop the video and keep on reading until the next song!  Now I apologize that the songs aren’t actually sung by our squeaky stars, but I don’t have the ability to do something like that.  So until I can do that, I guess you’ll just have to use your imagination.  I know this is different, but I’m sure you will get used to it as my fics are released.  Enjoy!

Alvin, Simon and Theodore Seville, to some considered the biggest influence in the music world today, were bored out of their skulls.  They sat in something of a clump on the living room couch, Alvin in the middle with the remote in his hand.  Flipping through the over 500 channels they had for about the 10th time, Alvin still couldn’t find anything to watch on their huge plasma screen TV.  Simon had pulled his feet up onto the couch, and was reading an old issue of Popular Science.  He had read through this same magazine about 4 times in the past week, read every article and was about half way through the advertisements now.  Theodore was kicking his feet lightly as he dug around in a bag of chips, going all the way to the bottom, he pulled out nothing but a few burnt crumb’s.

“Ohh man!  I’m so bored!”  Alvin said as he tossed the remote over his back, fed up with channel surfing, “I thought weekends were suppose to be filled with fun and excitement!”

“Maybe we just need to find something else to do?”  Theodore suggested as he stuck his face into the bag to try and find another chip.

“Like what Theodore?”  Simon asked looking up from his magazine, “There’s nothing on TV, we’ve read all the books and magazines in the house, and Dave is too busy working on our latest song to play with us.”

Theodore’s shoulders drooped as he made a funny face, trying to think of something to keep him and his two brothers from dying of boredom, “Oh oh!  I’ve got an idea!  Why don’t we play pretend?”

“Pretend?  Theodore please, we’re too old for that kinda stuff,” Alvin said as he rolled his eyes and jumped off the couch.

“Yeah Theodore, playing pretend was fine back in kindergarten,” Simon said as he closed his magazine and set it too the side, “Besides, there has to be something we can do around here.  I’ll even read Dave’s Better Home and Garden magazines if I have to.”

Theodore watched as Simon got up and fallowed after Alvin who had gone into the kitchen, again letting his shoulders droop he pondered the subject again before finally getting up and fallowing after his brothers.

The refrigerator light flipped on as Alvin opened the door and peered inside, looking around for a second he reached in a pulled out a soda.  Turning around and shutting the door all in one motion, Alvin proceeded to crack his soda open.

“You know, we could always go outside and do something,” Simon said as he jumped up onto the bench seats that sat behind the table.

“And do what, my football is flat and we still can’t find the baseball bat,” Alvin said after taking a sip, “I still think the neighbor kid took it.”

“Alvin, he’s 3,” Simon informed his brother yet again as Alvin hopped up across from him at the kitchen table.

“So, he can walk can’t he,” Alvin said as he played around with an apple he pulled from the fruit dish.

Simon just rolled his eyes and leaned back, Alvin was right, there was nothing to do outside either.  This had to have been the single most boring weekends they’ve ever had, and it was all because Dave was cooped up in his office writing that new song.  Just as Theodore walked into the kitchen after he had disposed of the empty chip’s bag, Alvin jumped up again.

“That’s it,” He said as he stormed off towards the living room again, “I’m going to go see Dave.”

“Uh oh,” Simon said as he scurried after his irrate brother, “Hold on a second Alvin, you know Dave will get mad if you just burst in on him.”

“Yeah yeah Simon I know, trust me okay,” Alvin said as he grabbed Theodore on the way by.

“Oh like I haven’t heard that before.”

Dave was alone in his recording studio, a pair of headphones on as he played out the melody to his latest song on his old piano.  With his eye’s closed, he played this music he had put down on paper earlier, only peering over at his scribbled sheet music on occasion to make sure he was hitting the right note.  The high def microphones recording every note and tune and digitally recording it into the computer.  Than replaying it back into Dave’s headphones.

As Dave went about recording, Alvin slowly opened the door that led into the small recording booth.  Peaking his head in, he watched Dave for a minute as he played the piano.  Bobbing his head back and fourth to the tune, Alvin grinned and very quietly walked into the room.  With a little bounce to his step, Alvin slowly and nonchalantly walked up behind the unsuspecting Dave.  Stopping again to watch him only for a second as Dave, his eyes closed, swayed a little to the music he was playing.  Simon and Theodore, who Alvin had abruptly out paced in order to get here before either of them could stop him, peered inside through the door.
Clearing his throat quietly, Alvin grabbed a hold of a microphone that was hanging from the ceiling, it was the one that Dave used to record their voices for new songs.  Bringing the mic down to the perfect height, Alvin stopped again, took in a deep breath and...

“HI DAVE!!!”


Dave jumped out of his seat and ripped his earphones off, clutching his chest he spun around to look down at Alvin, who was simply standing there and smiling.

“Alvin!  Why did you do that!”  Dave shouted as he stamped his foot.

“Do what Dave?”  Alvin asked innocently.

“Don’t you play dumb with me Alvin,” Dave warned loudly.

“Hehehehehe, that was kinda funny,” Theodore said as he came through the door.

“Theodore, hold on,” Simon said running after him.

Dave sighed as the two other boys filed into the recording booth, so much for his peaceful afternoon recording session.

“Alright guys, what do you want?” Dave asked.

“Will you play with us?”  Alvin asked kindly as he rocked on his heels.


“Well we have nothing to do!”  Alvin pouted.

“Then go outside and do something,” Dave said as he turned around and sat back at his piano.

“You got it Dad!,” Theodore said as he turned to walk out the door.

“Not so fast short stuff,” Alvin whispered as he grabbed Theodore and pulled him back in, “What Dave?”

“What do ya mean what?”  Dave asked looking back at Alvin as he hung onto Theodore.

“What can we do?”  Alvin asked again.

“I don’t know, just do something,” Dave grumbled, “But do it outside!”

“What?”  Alvin asked one last time.

“Alllvinnn,” Dave said in a low roar.

Simon quickly came around and put a hand over Alvin’s mouth before he could cause any more trouble.

“What Alvin’s trying to say Dave, is that we truly have nothing to do.  And we were wondering if you could give us some ideas?”  Simon said as Alvin struggled to get out of Simons oddly strong grip.

“Hmmm, well if that’s the case and you truly have nothing to do,” Dave said as he scratched his chin in thought, “You could go to the corner store for me and pick up a few things I had planned to get later.”

“Grocery shopping!?”  Alvin shouted as he got his mouth free for a second.

“Ahheheheh, we’d love to,” Simon said getting Alvin in a head lock and covering his mouth again.

“Excellent, let me write you down a list of the things I need,” Dave said as he spun around on his piano stool.

Alvin finally pulled away from Simon and took a gasp of air, glaring up at his older brother and straitening out his cap.  Alvin was about ready to protest, when Dave added a single perk to his chore.

“And if you want, you can take the go cart,” Dave said as he scribbled on a piece of scrap paper.

“Awsome!”  Theodore shouted.

“You really mean it Dave?” Alvin asked when this chore seemed to change into more something he could get into.

“Sure, But!  You have to promise to keep it on the side walk and stay out of trouble,” Dave said as he turned around and handed Simon the list and a $50.00 bill, “And don’t go to fast either, I don’t want to take anyone to the hospital today.”

“You got it Dave!”

Alvin grabbed a hold of Simon as he was sticking the list and money in his pocket, as he started to run out the door he nabbed Theodore as well.  And just like that they were gone, leaving Dave to his recording once again.

“Ahhh, now that’s more like it,” Dave said of the silence that fallowed the boys departure.

It didn’t take long for the boys to grab their helmets from their room and run back down to the garage where the go cart was.  It was a little dusty, the last time it was used being the stink bomb attack on the chipettes last summer.  Because it was only a two seater, Simon and Theodore attached their old big wheeled wagon to the back with some rope and a couple zip ties.  That was where Theodore was going to sit with the groceries on the way back.

“You guys ready yet?”  Alvin asked as he stood by the garage door opener.

“Almost, you can go ahead and open the door,” Simon said as he checked over his knots one last time.

Taking the cue Alvin hit the garage door opener, the old wooden door creaking as it rose up letting the sunlight into the garage and onto the go cart.  Walking back over to his beloved machine, Alvin wiped what dust he could off the driver seat.  Jumping in, Alvin checked over all the controls once before to make sure he remembered them all.

“Okay then lets see,” Alvin said as he reached for a switch with a red safety cover over it, “Battery on!”

Alvin lifted the safety cover flicked the switch and a small red light came on next to the ignition, moving over to the next switch he lifted that cover and flipped the gas on.  Alvin could hear something working behind him where the motor was, that told him things were ready to go.  The light next to the ignition switch turned green, letting Alvin know it was ready to start.

“Ready Simon?”  Alvin asked as he put his helmet on.

“Ready Alvin,” Simon said as he finished helping Theodore into the wagon.

“Alright then, lets get this party started!”  Alvin reached over and held the ignition switch up, the motor started to turn over and spewed out a little smoke from the exhaust.  Then with one big blast of blue smoke, the engine roared to life.  Simon quickly ran up and jumped into his seat next to Alvin, throwing his helmet on quickly and buckling in.

“Simon, give us some tunes,” Alvin said as he put his hands up on the steering wheel.

“You got it,” Simon said as he reached into his pocket.  Pulling out an iPod, Simon unhooked his earphones and clipped the iPod into a base station that Alvin had jerry rigged to the dash of the go cart.  Booting it up, Simon quickly scanned through the songs in search of the perfect one.

“This one should do the trick,” Simon said as he pressed play.
The sweet sounds of an electric guitar soon started to echo from the speakers both in front and behind them, the song was perfect.

[Revvin' up your engine
Listen to her howlin' roar
Metal under tension
Beggin' you to touch and go....]

“Danger Zone,” Alvin said as he grinned, “Awesome.”

Alvin reached down and threw the go cart into drive, putting his foot down on the gas the go cart crept out of the garage and onto the driveway.  Picking up speed Alvin headed for the street, pressing down on the gas a little harder as he got closer.  Theodore in the back, held onto the sides of the wagon as he turned his head to look forward.  He knew that Alvin wasn’t going to keep this slow pace very long, and he was right.  As soon as Alvin hit asphalt, he pushed the peddle down as far as it would go.  The motor screamed as the go cart and wagon shot out into the middle of the street and started tearing away.  Alvin cranked up the volume on the iPod when the wind blowing past them became louder than song.

“Alvin,” Simon said nudging his brother, “Sidewalk!”

Alvin rolled his eyes, the sidewalk was boring, he wanted to get up some real speed and there was no way he would be able to do that on the sidewalk.

“How about a compromise,” Alvin said as he cranked the steering wheel to the right.

Almost throwing Theodore out when he suddenly turned, Alvin drove the go cart over the very edge of the road, keeping them out of traffic but still on level ground so Alvin could keep his speed up.  Simon grabbed a hold of the role cage over him as he almost was thrown out when Alvin cranked the wheel back to straiten out.

“Alvin,” Simon grumbled.

“Lighten up Simon and have some fun,” Alvin said laughing, “At least I haven’t hit anything yet.”

“Ohhhh, Alvin!”  Simon shouted when the thought of an accident crossed his mind.

The go cart sped off down the side of the road, Alvin not letting up on the gas for a second.  People on the side walk turned their heads quickly to try and catch a glimpse of the speeding object as it passed by them.  Making a turn onto another street, Alvin slowly let his foot off the gas.  A busy four way intersection was ahead of them, and he knew enough to slow way down and get up onto the sidewalk for that part.  Stepping on the brakes for the first time, Alvin slowly turned up onto the sidewalk at the next driveway.  Hitting the curb, Theodore was tossed around in the wagon as it bounced around.

“Ouch...” Theodore said to himself as he lay on the bottom of the wagon.

“Hey Alvin, you wanna try that again.  I don’t think we’ve broken the sound barrier,” Simon said loosening his grip on the role cage.

“Nah, maybe some other time,” Alvin said as his leveled his speed out.
Simon sighed and sat back in his seat, the four way intersection just ahead.

A State Highway Patrol cruiser sat idling just before the four way intersection, the two Troopers inside taking a quick break from the days work.  The Trooper at the wheel doing up some paper work while the other read the news paper, the only sound to be heard was the occasional car passing by or a bird singing.  That was until the sound a screeching tires caught both of their attentions, looking around for the source neither of them could see the car that made the noise.

“Hiya Trooper Decker!”

The Trooper at the wheel heard the shout and looked over and out his window at Alvin, Simon and Theodore waiving at him from the sidewalk.  The go cart idling quietly.

“Boys, long time no see,” Trooper Decker said with a smile as he put his work down.

“Yeah its been such a long time, we were starting to wonder if you had gotten fired or something,” Alvin said as Theodore giggled.

“Fired huh?”  Trooper Decker said letting out a little laugh, “No not quite, but I gotta ask boys, what on earth are you doing out here on that thing?”

“Going to the store for groceries!”  Theodore shouted excitedly.

“Groceries huh, wow I wish my kids would do stuff like that for me,” Trooper Decker said getting a kick out of the three of them and their go cart wagon mix, “Well you three be careful out here okay, people like to speed on this road.”

“Don’t worry Trooper Decker, I’m the best go cart driver in this whole neighborhood,” Alvin gloated, “I could probably outrun even you!”

“Haha!  Is that so?”  Trooper Decker asked bursting out in laughter, “Well lets hope it never comes down to that, okay Alvin?”

“You got it!”  Alvin said as he took his foot off the break.

Stomping on the gas peddle, Alvin made a quick traffic check before he peeled away from Trooper Decker and his partner.  The go cart caught a little air when he left the sidewalk to cross the road, knocking Theodore around a little more.  Getting across the road safely, Alvin made a sharp left and quickly disappeared from Trooper Decker’s sight.

“Huh, crazy kids,” Decker said as he looked back down at his paper work.

“Hey Sarge?  Were those the Chipmunks?  Or was I seeing things?”  Decker’s partner asked looking away from his paper.

“Yep, they live a couple blocks down from here.  Great kids, though that Alvin has a bit of a wild streak in him,” Trooper Decker said as he filled out his paper work.

“Oh, well that sucks, I should of asked for an autograph.  My daughter love’s their music,” The partner said picking his paper back up.

“You’ll get another chance soon, they’re usually out running a muck every weekend.”

“Cool, Katie will love that.”

The go cart sat in front of the corner store, a bike lock wrapped around the frame and a light pole while the boys were going about their chores.  Inside the small corner store, Alvin, Simon and Theodore had split up to get the shopping done quickly so they could get back on the go cart again.  Alvin had gone over to get the milk and butter, while Simon was getting the bread and some pasta for dinner.  Theodore, who was suppose to be picking out a couple boxes of cereal for the morning had been sidetracked by the candy isle.

“Hmmm, 2% or Skim?”  Alvin asked himself as he looked at his choices inside the cooler, “I’m thinking...2%”

Alvin grabbed a hold of the handle to open the cooler, but when he pulled to open it the door wouldn’t budge.  Stopping for a second to scowl at the door, Alvin tried again but pulled much harder.  It still wouldn’t open.

“Come on what’s with this stupid door?”  Alvin growled as he put his feet up underneath the handle and pulled as hard as he could.

“Those are sliding doors, Alvin,” Simon stated as he walked past with a loaf of bread in hand.

Alvin stopped pulling for a second and looked around, the door slowly slid sideways with Alvin still hanging on.  Slowly getting down, Alvin reached in a pulled out a gallon of milk.

“Those are sliding doors Alvin, ne ne ne,” Alvin mocked as he quickly slid the door shut.

“Hey Theodore!  Are you all done?”  Simon shouted to his brother from the other side of the store.

Theodore looked up from his candy stuffed hand basket, a candy bar sticking out of his mouth.  Looking around quickly, he ran over and grabbed a box of cereal off the shelf, not bothering to look at the label.

“Yeah, I’m all done,” Theodore said, the candy bar almost falling out of his mouth.

The trio met up at the counter and started to pile up all the items they had collected, when it came time for Theodore to put his items up, he set a box of Bran Flakes on the counter along with a basket full of assorted candies.  Simon sighed and pointed back to the candy isle, “Put it back Theodore.”

“But I like Bran Flakes?”  Theodore said innocently.
“No Theodore, the candy,” Simon said while Alvin laughed to himself.

Theodore pouted as he grabbed his basket full of candy and the Bran Flakes and walked back over to the isle he had got it from, Simon stood there and tapped his foot while he waited for Theodore to come back.  The youngest brother eventually wondered back, this time with a box of Lucky Charms in hand.

“Here,” Theodore said still pouting as he put the new cereal on the counter.
The cashier behind the counter giggled a little as she finished checking out the boys, Alvin had taken the opportunity while Theodore was putting the candy back to throw up a couple bottles of Pepsi.  Before Simon could notice them the cashier had bagged them and handed the bag to Alvin.

“The total comes to $32.43,” The cashier said looking at the register.

“Here you go,” Simon said as he dug the $50.00 bill out of his pocket.

Theodore helped Alvin gather up the four bags of groceries and carry them out to the go cart while Simon paid the cashier.  As Theodore crawled up into the wagon, Alvin handed him the bags to set in there.  Once they were all loaded up Simon came out of the store, sticking the change into his sweatshirt pocket.

“Well that wasn’t all that bad,” Simon said as he walked back over to the cart.

“Yeah, but that’s only because we had my mad driving skills to get us here,” Alvin said as he jumped into his seat.

“Well at least you got the mad part right,” Simon said as he unhooked the go cart from the light pole.

“Your just jealous,” Alvin said as he turned the go cart on.


The go cart once again roared to life, Alvin and Simon were starting to buckle into the harnesses, unaware of what was approaching them from behind.  Simon had started to put his helmet on when something suddenly flew past him and his brothers in the go cart, the wind from the passing vehicle knocking the helmet out of his hands.  Taken by surprise Simon looked up just in time to see another go cart come to a sliding sideways stop.

“What the?”  Alvin said to himself not sure exactly where they had just come from.
The go cart that had just stopped in front of them was brand new, its polished chrome wheels glistening in the sun, the spotless two stroke turbo 5000 sports engine roaring even as it idled.

“Wow,” Theodore said as he stood up in the wagon.

The driver and two other passengers unbuckled themselves, their skirts flapping lightly in the wind.  The driver was the first to get out, looking at Alvin through her tinted helmet visor.

“No, it can’t be,” Alvin said as he got up out of his seat and onto the curb.

The driver slowly pulled her helmet off, waiving her light brown hair from side to side as it fell loose form the helmet.

“Hey there boys,” Brittany said as she tucked her helmet under her arm.

“Brittany!?”  Alvin said in complete disbelief.

Eleanor and Jeanette both pulled their helmets off and walked around and stood next to Brittany, they’re rand new 4 seat go cart in the background.

“What’s the matter Alvin?” Brittany asked as she walked towards Alvin, “Did we scare you?”

“No!  You didn’t scare us!”  Alvin shouted when his wits returned.

“Speak for yourself,” Theodore said as he tried to crawl out of the wagon.

“Quiet Theodore!”  Alvin shouted looking back at his younger brother.

“Oh Alvin, don’t be so harsh,” Brittany said as she grabbed a hold of Alvin’s jaw and turned his head around so he would look back at her, “Its alright if you were a little scared.”

“I wasn’t scared,” Alvin said grabbing Brittany’s wrist and pulling her hand away from his face.

“If you insist,” Brittany said as she shrugged and walked past him.

“Where did you guys get this thing?”  Simon asked Jeanette as he walked up to her and their new go cart.

“Mrs Miller bought it for us as a special Valentines Day gift,” Jeanette said as she watched Simon check over the go cart.

“Valentines Day gift?  Who gives out Valentines Day gifts?” Alvin huffed folding his arms.

“No way!  This is the new Turbo Cart Sport 2500,” Simon suddenly shouted as he was looking the go cart over, “They’re said to be the fastest and most powerful go carts on the market.  I didn’t even know they were available yet?”

“Mrs Miller has a friend who works down at the ATV dealership, she was able to get a really great deal on it,” Jeanette added as she joined Simon in his inspection of the go cart.

“So what,” Alvin said as he leaned up against his cart, “I could still outrun that piece of junk no problem.”

“Maybe in your dreams,” Brittany said as she walked back past Alvin.

“You wanna make a bet to that affect?”  Alvin asked poking Brittany in the shoulder.

“Do you?”  Brittany asked as she looked Alvin dead in the eye.
Simon heard the wager in progress and quickly moved to intercept Alvin before he could make any fool hearty deals.  With cat like prowess Simon darted around both go carts and slipped in between Brittany and Alvin before things could get out of hand.

“Now hold on just a second,” Simon said as nicely as he could, “There’s no doubt in my mind that your go cart is much faster than ours.”

“Simon!”  Alvin shouted.

“Be quiet Alvin,” Simon whispered back through the corner of his mouth, “But uh, Alvin has been driving our cart much longer than you.  So it really wouldn’t be all that fair to you.”

Simon smiled as best he could as Brittany starred him down, hoping that maybe that would talk her out of any race.

“Fine,” Brittany said as she turned around and started to walk off.

Brittany signaled her two sisters to get back in the go cart as she put her helmet on, Simon took a deep breath, he had thwarted the deal before it was made.  The chipettes all jumped back into the go cart, but before any of them could even get buckled in Brittany threw the cart into drive and stepped on the gas, cranking the wheel all the way to the left the go cart did a full 360 before she wiped the wheel around the other way and sped right up to Alvin and Simon.  Slamming on the breaks she came to a violent stop right next to the boys, smoke from the tires floating past them.

“I could outrace you any day,” Brittany said as she flipped up her visor.

“Not a chance!”  Alvin shouted back.

Brittany glared at Alvin, and Alvin right back at Brittany.  Simon stuck in the middle not sure what to say to try and stop this, even before he could think about it Alvin had his helmet on and was crawling back into the go cart.

“Alvin!  Wait,” Simon said as he ran around the front of the go cart.

Simon grabbed his helmet off the ground and quickly jumped back in, Theodore had already crawled back into the wagon and was holding on for dear life as he saw Alvin punch the go cart into drive.  Like a flash Brittany had put the peddle to the floor and was off down the street like lightning.  Alvin hit the gas and made a hard left in order to get on her tail.

“Alllviinnn!”  Simon shouted as he was thrown back into his seat.

The Chipettes had a good lead, but Alvin had the peddle all the way to the floor and was gaining quickly.  Driving down the luckily empty side street, Alvin quickly got his go cart up to 40 miles an hour.  He was almost at his top speed, but he was still gaining quickly on the girls.  As Theodore actually laid down in the wagon to keep from being thrown out, Simon tried to talk Alvin down.

“Alvin please slow down!”  Simon shouted, “Its not worth it, they are faster than us on a straightaway.

“Clam it Simon I’m trying to drive,” Alvin said as he focused on the road in front of him.

Brittany looked into her rearview mirror, Alvin was closing in fast, only about 20 feet behind her now.  She grinned happily as Alvin quickly closed that gap.

“Almost there,” Alvin said as he ground his teeth together.

Alvin’s front right tire was right besides the Chipettes rear tire, he had caught up to them, now he could win this thing if he just....

“Wait what’s going on!?”  Alvin shouted at the chipettes started to pull away.

“Sorry Alvin!  Better luck next time!”  Brittany shouted back to them as they started to pull away.

Brittany floored it, and left Alvin in the dust.  Quickly gaining a commanding lead, the girls soon disappeared over the top of a hill.  Leaving a flabbergasted Alvin behind in their contrail.  Alvin let his foot off the gas and the go cart started to slow, Simon was able to let up on his grip a little.  About another 100 feet down the road, the go cart rolled to a slow stop.

“You see Alvin, I tried to warn you,” Simon said as he looked over at his distraught brother, “Their go cart is just plain faster than ours.”

Alvin didn’t respond, he didn’t know what just happened.  He lost, but he couldn’t loose he was Alvin Seville, the best go cart driver in the neighborhood.

“How could I have lost,” Alvin said as he looked up to the empty road in front of him.

“I’ve been trying to tell you that Alvin!  We were too slow!”  Simon almost shouted.

Alvin clenched down on the steering wheel, he wasn’t about to let this slide.  He was going to go and find the chipettes and really beat them now!  Throwing the go cart back into drive Alvin hit the gas, the wheels spun and then the engine sputtered.  And with one last puff of smoke, the engine stopped.  A little red light turned on underneath the gas switch.

“Out of gas,” Simon said rolling his eyes, “Great job making sure we had enough before we left Alvin.”

“Hey lay off, it wasn’t my job to fill the tank,” Alvin said slamming the steering wheel.

“What do you mean it wasn’t your job!  You’re the driver,” Simon yelled back.

“Whatever,” Alvin said as he unbuckled himself and jumped out of the go cart.

“Wait Alvin, where are you going,” Simon said as he jumped out to fallow him.

Alvin walked around to the back of the go cart, Theodore looking on quietly from the wagon.  Using all his might Alvin put his body against the back of the go cart and began to push.  

“Well what are you to waiting for, help me push this thing back,” Alvin said as the go cart started to roll slowly down the street.

Simon sighed and leaned against the other side of the go cart and began to push, Theodore jumped out of his wagon and began to push the back of it.  And slowly, the boys made their way home.

About an hour later, the door to the Seville residence flew open, and the trio of very tired boys dragged themselves in.  Groceries in they’re hands, they dropped them at the entrance and walked over to the couch where they just flew themselves down.

“That....was hard work...”  Theodore said as he huffed and puffed.

“Yeah...I never want to do that again,” Simon said as he tried to catch his breath.

As the boys sat there and tried to rest a little, Dave came in from the other room.  His finished sheet music in hand.

“Hey fellas,” Dave said when he saw his kids sitting on the couch, “That took a little longer than I thought it would, everything go okay?”

“Yeah wonderful,” Alvin said as he tilted his head over the back of the couch to look at Dave.

“Good,” Dave said with a nod, “And I see you managed to at least get the groceries inside the door.”

Dave smiled as he walked over to the four bags that were sitting in front of the door and picked them up.  Looking inside he made sure that everything he had put on the list was in there, and to his surprise not only was everything in there, but there were only 3 extra items in there.

“Great job guys, I only have 3 things in here I didn’t have on my list,” Dave said as he walked towards the kitchen.

The boys didn’t respond, they just sat on the couch.  Theodore was so tired he was about ready to fall asleep.  Alvin however was still thinking about how he just got beaten by Brittany in something that he thought he was really good at.  It was almost burning at him, he never lost at anything.

“Hey boys, you mind coming in here for a second?”  Dave shouted from the kitchen.

The boys moaned in protest, but got up anyways and lopsidedly walked into the kitchen.  Dave was taking the groceries from the bags and putting them up into the cupboards, when Alvin Simon and Theodore walked in and jumped up onto the bench, only to lay their heads down on the table.  Dave turned around, leaned against the counter and smiled.

“Well, I have some good news,” Dave said his arms folded.

“That’s great Dave, happy to hear it,” Alvin said giving Dave a thumbs up with his head still planted on the table.

“If you’d wait for just a second more, so I can tell you the news I’m sure you’ll be even happier,” Dave said walking over to Alvin and pulling back on his shoulders to lift his head up, “Mr Gallangine called me earlier today, and said that he got all four of tickets to the next Chevelle Concert.  Isn’t that great!”

“CHEVELLE!!!”  The boys shouted in unison, suddenly none of them tired anymore.

“Yeah, I was just as surprised to hear it as you are,” Dave said with a big smile, “But I guess from what Mr Gallangine said, they want to do a concert with you guys this coming summer, so they sent Mr Gallangine some tickets in the mail the other day.  And want you to attend so they can meet you”

“They want to do a concert with us!?”  Theodore asked pointing at himself.
“Yup,” Dave said with a nod.



The boys stood up on the booth and started to dance around, this was awesome for the boys.  All three of them were huge Chevelle fans, especially Simon as odd as it sounded.

“So when is the concert Dave?”  Alvin asked quite excited.

“Haha, its this coming Friday,” Dave said as Alvin grabbed a hold of his shirt in excitement.

Again shouts of excitement came from the boys, well except for Simon.  For some reason he suddenly had this horrified look on his face, like Dave had told him some horrible news.

“What’s the matter Simon?”  Dave asked as he set Alvin up on his shoulders to celebrate.

“Oh Nothing Dave...Its just that ummm,” Simon said looking around frantically.

“Its okay Simon, what is it?”  Dave asked as Alvin sat on Dave’s shoulders and looked down at the oddly depressed Simon.

“Well you see, uhhhh...Friday night is the Valentines Day dance at the school and uhhh,”  Simon didn’t really finish as he twisted the tip of his foot into the cheap leather of the bench seat.

“Oh, well there is always next year Simon,” Dave said of the Valentines Day dance.

“I know but, there is ummm....Someone special that I uh...”

“Simons got a girlfriend!!  Hahaha,” Alvin shouted from atop Dave’s shoulders.

“Hehehehe, who is it Simon!”  Theodore asked tugging on his brothers shirt.

“Now Alvin be nice to Simon, and Theodore that’s very rude of you to ask,” Dave said looking to his two boys and the back to Simon, “In that case Simon, I can call Mr Gallangine back and...”

“Woah woah hang on a second there big guy,” Alvin said tapping his father on the top of the head, “Your not thinking about telling him we can’t go are you?”

“Well Alvin its not exactly fair to Simon if we make him go,” Dave said as he reached up and grabbed Alvin.

“Okay that’s fine, then he can go to the dance and we will go to the concert,” Alvin said shrugging his shoulders.

“No Alvin, that’s not going to work either, “Dave said as he held Alvin in his arm.

“Why not!”  Alvin asked beginning to pout.

“Now Alvin don’t be like that,” Dave scolded, “I’m sure we can figure something out.”

“Why don’t you just bring your date to the concert with us Simon,” Theodore suggested.

Dave shook his head again, Dave only had 4 tickets and the concert was sold out.  So there were no chances to get another.

“No its okay Dave, I don’t have to go to the dance,” Simon said shaking his head.

“Simon, you don’t have to do that,” Dave said looking to his eldest son.

“Yes he does,” Alvin said nodding quickly.

“Alvin cut that out,” Dave scolded once more, “Now Simon...”

“Its really fine Dave, I don’t mind,” Simon said as he hopped down from the bench, “I’ll just go next year that’s all.”

Simon slowly walked out of the kitchen and then turned to go upstairs, pausing for a minute before he did, Simon sighed and seemed to rethink his decision again.  But he eventually just went upstairs and into his room, hearing the door shut Dave looked down at Alvin and gave him a funny look.

“Well that solves that problem,” Alvin said smiling.

“Alvin?”  Dave sighed as he put his young son down.

“What?”  Alvin asked innocently.

Dave just turned around and went back to putting the groceries away, leaving Alvin to ponder his previous actions.  Not wanting to be neutral in this, Theodore hopped down from the bench and ran upstairs to talk to Simon.  Maybe he could help him come up with a solution, so that everyone would be happy.  Walking up to his closed bedroom door, Theodore was reaching for the doorknob when he suddenly stopped.  Listening closely he could hear something coming from the room.  Pressing his ear against the door, Theodore listened.

Jeanette opened the door to her and her sisters room, tossing her new helmet onto her bed, Jeanette went about finding a change of clothes now that the ones he had on had gotten all dirty after tinkering with the go cart.  As she pulled her sweater off and started to reach for her top dresser drawer, the phone rang, reaching over she knocked a few items off the top of it and picked it up.

“Hello?”  Jeanette said as she put the phone to her ear, “....Oh hi Simon!”
“Hi Jeanette,” Simon said as he sat on the edge of his bed, cordless phone to his ear.

“I was wondering if I would hear from you,” Jeanette said as she laid down on her bed to talk, “Sorry about earlier today by the way, Brittany got a little out of hand again.”

“No don’t worry about it, Alvin was half the problem...again,” Simon said as he rested his head on his hand.

“So umm, what else is going on?”  Jeanette asked kicking her feet in the air as she laid on her stomach.

“Actually Jeanette, there is something I really wanted to talk to you about,” Simon said with a sigh.

“What is it Simon?  Is everything okay?”  Jeanette asked, stopping from kicking her feet.

“Not really,” Simon said as he rubbed his hand across his head, “Its about the dance on Friday night, I don’t think I’m going to be able to make it.”

“Your not?  But why Simon?” Jeanette asked surprised and disappointed.

“Something kinda came up, and uh...”  Simon really strained to tell her why, but there was a big lump stuck in his throat.”

“What Simon?  What came up?”  Jeanette asked as she sat up.

“Ummm, it’s a uh...A uhhh...Concert,” Simon said finally deciding the truth was the best route.

“A Concert?  But why would Dave schedule a concert for you guys during the school year?” Jeanette asked confused, “I thought you only toured during the summer?”

“No, we aren’t going to be in the concert, we are going to a Chevelle concert,” Simon said knowing exactly what was going to fallow.

“A Chevelle concert!?”  Jeanette said getting flustered, “Your going to go see a concert on our big date night!?”

“Yeah, its kinda work related,” Simon said holding the phone away from his ear a little in anticipation.

“Work related!  How can going to a concert be work related!”  Jeanette screamed now quite angry.

“Well they want to do a concert with us this summer and so they sent us ticket’s...”

“I don’t care Simon!  This was going to be our first official date Simon!  I thought you really cared!?”  Jeanette said tears welling up in her eyes and catching at the bottom of her glasses.

“I do care Jeanette,” Simon said as he got to his feet and began to pace, “Its just that Alvin and....”

“Alvin is not the boss of you Simon!”  Jeanette said yelling less and crying more now.

“I know he’s not,” Simon said as he held the bridge of his nose, his glasses almost falling off, “Please don’t cry, I didn’t mean for this to happen.”

“I know you didn’t Simon, I’m just upset that’s all,” Jeanette said as she stopped yelling completely and started to sob, “I really thought that you and I, we connected so well.”

“I’ll make it up Jeanette I promise,” Simon said wiping away one of his own tears, “I’m not sure how but I will.”

“I’ve gotta go Simon,” Jeanette said as she pulled the phone away from her ear and hanging up.

“Okay I....”

Jeanette hung up before Simon could say goodbye, he had never felt quite this horrible in his life.  Hanging up the phone, Simon walked over to the window in his room and looked outside at the darkening afternoon sky.  Letting his head fall, he put his hands on the window sill and just stood there.  He knew he was still young, but he really did like Jeanette a lot, and having made her cry like that...That made him feel like a horrible person.

“Move outa the way Theodore!”  Alvin’s muffled voice shouted from outside the door, catching Simons attention.

“No Alvin, leave him alone!”  Theodore shouted back as something slammed against the door.

“I said!”

With that last push Alvin burst through the door and did something of a somersault into the room, Theodore stumbling over and falling on top of him.  Rubbing the top of his head as he got up, Alvin looked in front of him and saw Simon looking out the window.  Grinning Alvin jumped to his feet knocking Theodore over again he ran over to his Simon.

“So casanova!  Who’s the lucky lady?”  Alvin asked as he patted Simon on the back.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Simon said as he turned away and started to walk over to his bed.

“Don’t want to talk about it?”  Alvin asked himself, “What do you mean you don’t want to talk about it!  You should be gloating to me and...I mean to just Theodore about how you have a new GF!”

“I said I don’t want to talk about it Alvin,” Simon said as he crawled onto his bed and laid down.

“Oh come on bro!  I want to know all the details,” Alvin said as he jumped onto the edge of Simons bed.

“No,” Simon said as he turned over.

“Oh come on your killing me here!”  Alvin begged, “At least tell me her name?”

“Alvin can’t you just leave Simon alone?”  Theodore asked walking up next to Alvin.

“Is that suppose to be a trick question or something?”  Alvin asked Theodore sarcastically.

Simon didn’t say anything or move, but Alvin let the question brew for a bit, he knew that Simon caved in easily when you bugged him enough.  So it was only a matter of time before he cracked.

“Jeanette,” Simon finally said quietly.

“Jeanette?  You mean Brittany and Eleanor’s sister Jeanette?  Or that creepy girl from English class?”  Alvin asked egging Simon along.

Instead of an answer, Simon chucked his glasses case at Alvin who luckily ducked and avoided it.  Taking that as a hint, Alvin decided it was time to take his leave.  Having the information he wanted, he just wandered out of the room leaving Simon and Theodore alone.  When Theodore was sure Alvin was gone, he walked over to Simon.

“Hey Simon,” Theodore said sheepishly.

“What Theodore?” Simon asked not moving.

“I overheard your conversation with Jeanette,” Theodore said as he poked his index fingers together.

“You mean you were eases dropping on me,” Simon pointed out as he rolled over and sat up.

“Yeah,” Theodore said kinda ashamed of himself, “But I didn’t really mean to, I just wanted to make sure you were okay and everything.  But ummm, I was wondering if maybe you wanted to talk about it?”

Theodore smiled and looked up at his brother as he sat on his bed, Simon really did want someone to talk to about it.  So with a sigh Simon nodded his head.

“Yeah,” Simon said.

“Okay,” Theodore said as he jumped up next to his brother.
This fic turned out to be 2 times longer than the previous one! So its going to be in 4 seperate parts of about 15 pages each. I hope you enjoyed the first part, and dont worry, the music is comming!

Alvin and the Chipmunks C Bagdisarian Productions
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     Dave stood there, frozen. "Ian? I thought we settled this. You'd stay with your job, and leave me alone." Me and the rest stood in the doorway of our room, listening.
     "Oh, I'm not here to bother you." He gave Dave a mischievous smile. "So, I just saw Alvin and Brittany are getting married." Ian pointed to the hallway that led to our room.
     "They're not getting married." Dave refused. Claire stood by him, trying to cover it up too.
     "Yeah, it was just a promise ring..... in their relationship." Claire quickly thought of something. Ian smiled at her.
     "Claire. Good to see you back. By the way, don't you think they were a lil' too happy for JUST a promise ring?" Ian looked at her, then at Dave. "I'm not trying to ruin it, it's just that.... they are very popular, and a wedding for them two..... there's gonna be too much paparazzi there. Everyone's going to wanna know about it..... all over the world. It'll ruin their own careers!" Ian gave us a stern look. "All those poor Alvin fans..... and Brittany fans. It's gonna be Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber all over again! Their fans are gonna fight..... until they break them up for good!" I gulped and quickly looked at Alvin. He looked back at me.
     "Of course.... I'm just tryin' to help." He gave Dave a wink and a little push on the arm. "See you around." With those words.... he was gone! Dave slowly closed the door, looked at Claire, and then turned around to look at us.
     "What was that all about?" Claire had one hand on her hip and turned around to face us. Dave walked over and sat on the couch, his head in his hands.
     "I don't know.... but it does sound like a lot of trouble." Claire sat next to Dave as we all walked over to them.
     "He was exaggerating. I do it all the time! Right, Brit?" Alvin gave a nervous chuckle. I gave him a serious look.
     "Look, Dave and Claire. I know this is a lot to take in right now, trust me, I'm still taking it in too, but we can sort things out later." I looked up at them. "Me and Alvin can wait a couple of years 'til we get married, right?" I smiled at Alvin.
     He gave me a look. "How much years.....?" I hit his arm softly with my arm. "Okay, okay. We can wait."
     "Yes. Getting married is a lot of responsibility. We have to pay for the whole wedding and stuff. It isn't that easy. And after you two get married, you'll think you're old enough to....." Claire looked at us worryingly, "..start a family." I widened my eyes and looked at Alvin. He was just smiling to himself and thinking of the idea. He looked back at me and chuckled.
     "What? I was just wondering how our pups would look like. Ahh, I bet one will look just as awesome like me. But of course not as awesome as the only awesomest one!" Alvin pointed to himself and grinned. Claire and Dave laughed. I kinda giggled, of course it would be cute.
     "Okay you guys. Let's just relax and think of this later." Dave turned on the TV and suddenly stopped at a news channel when he saw what was on.
     "It appears that the hit sensation Alvin and his female counterpart are getting married? This just in from YouTube, a video was posted of their engagement today in the rain. Awww, how sweet." The lady on the FOX Channel News said.
     "Yes, I agree, Karen. But you know this IS Alvin we're talking about. Who knows what he'll want to do with Brittany after they get married." The guy on the right said while the video of us played on the top right corner.
     "Awww, baby chipmunks!" Karen squealed as she smiled to the camera. We stood there, quietly. We knew it was Ian who had told the whole world about it. What were we gonna do now??!!!

------------------- To Be Continued.......
Continuing my latest short story of "Good-Bye"!!!!
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     Brittany burst through the front door and inhaled. "Ahhhhhh! Finally home!" She neatly set her pink purse aside next to the front door and twirled around several times. Jeanette and Eleanor both walked in after her, also setting their purple and green purses down neatly next to hers.
     "What's gotten into her?" Jeanette whispered to Ellie. They both exchanged looks. "Too much, chocolate?" They both watched the pink Chipette twirl around and around; her skirt lifting up a bit and twirling. "Errmm?" Jeanette slowly walked past Brittany, avoiding Brit to crash into her. Ellie followed. At the exact same time, the boys burst in.
     "I'm ho.. oof!" Alvin and Brittany fell to the ground and quickly sat up. They rubbed the side of their heads. "Watch where you're goin'!" Alvin stood up and dusted his red hoodie off. Brittany stood up too, and dusted her pink jacket off.
     "You might wanna watch where you're going too!" She glared at Alvin. While Alvin and Brit argued, Jeanette glanced over at Simon. In that moment, Jeanette felt as if they were the only two in the room. She stood there, gazing at Simon. She sighed in love. Next to her, Ellie noticed her older sister daydreaming. As she turned to face Theodore, she noticed Theodore was also looking back at her. Ellie quickly turned to face another way as her tail slowly wagged.
     Theodore blushed, and noticed Jeanette was gazing at Simon. He tugged on Simon's sweater. "Hey Simon. I think your love is daydreaming again." Simon turned to Jeanette, adjusted his glasses, and saw the beautiful purple Chipette looking in his direction. As soon as Simon noticed Jeanette, she quickly blushed and turned to Eleanor to start chatting. Simon chuckled and Theodore giggled. Dave burst through the door last.
     "We're having sandwiches for...." He had noticed Alvin and Brittany arguing and looked at them sternly. They quickly shut their little mouths. "We're having sandwiches for lunch. Jeanette, Simon... can you help me make them? Theodore, Eleanor... can you please set the table? Alvin, Brittany... wait quietly in the living room without arguing for once?" He carried the groceries into the kitchen while Simon and Jeanette followed. Eleanor and Theodore held paws and walked to the dining table. Brittany groaned and walked to the couch while Alvin followed.
     "I'm stuck here with you and it's all your fault." She hoped on the couch and sat down; she crossed her arms and glared at Alvin as he sat on the opposite side of the couch.
     "Oh yeah. My fault. You were the one who twirled into me!" He glared back at her.
     "I'm sorry if I can't twirl freely here!" She stuck her tongue out at him. He marched to her side and stood there, angrily. Alvin sat down next to her and crossed his arms. Minutes later, his anger faded away and love faded in. He glanced over at Brittany; she was falling asleep. Alvin chuckled and scooted closer to her. He quickly looked around the room and wrapped his arm around her.
     "Alvin! Brittany! Sandwiches are ready!" Dave yelled from the kitchen. Alvin jumped, and quickly unwrapped his arm from Brittany. She slowly opened her big blue eyes and looked at Alvin.
     "What are you--" Brittany was interrupted by Alvin as he quickly stood up.
     "Sandwiches are ready!" He hoped off the couch and ran to the dining room. Confused, Brittany followed him.
     In the dining room, Jeanette and Simon were sharing a sandwich while sitting next to each other; Theodore and Eleanor were sharing their sandwich while sitting across each other; and Dave was eating his sandwich with orange juice. Alvin and Brittany both hopped onto the dining table and walked to their plates. Brittany looked down at her half-sandwich and then looked at Alvin's. She noticed that his half-sandwich was the part missing from her sandwich. When Theodore and Eleanor got to the last bite, they looked at each other.
     "Here, you can have it, my beautiful green gum drop." He blushed and handed Ellie the last piece of their sandwich. Ellie looked at it and refused.
     "No, I want you to have it, Theo." She smiled at him. Theo looked at the piece in his paws and thought.
     "How about we share it!" He smiled brightly and stuck half of the piece in his mouth. "Lwike dwish!" Ellie didn't know how to share that such tiny piece, until she finally figured it out. She leaned in and bit the half piece that was sticking out of Theo's mouth. As soon as their lips touched, they both blushed. It was just like a kiss.... except for the sandwich piece. After they were done, they put their green plate in the dishwasher.
     On the other side of the dining table, Simon was calculating the math about who should eat the last piece. "Let's see here..... since I took twenty-four bites, you must have taken twenty-three bites. Therefore, the last piece is yours, Jeanette." He handed the last piece to Jeanette. She ate the last piece and they both carried their blue plate to the dishwasher. Dave was also finished after them and had put his dishes in the dishwasher.
     Last but not least, were Alvin and Brittany. When Alvin was done, he wiped his paws on his red hoodie and took his red plate to the dishwasher. He noticed that Brittany was almost done, so he hid in the dishwasher behind his plate. When Brittany was approaching the dishwasher and was about to put her pink plate in, Alvin stumbled out from behind his plate and yelled out. Brittany's eyes widened and she shrieked.
     "ALVIN! Don't scare me like that! I'm gonna get you back!" She put her plate inside and ran off into the living room while Alvin laughed and followed.
After a normal day of school, the boys and the girls are up to their usual antics; Jeanette is admiring Simon; Eleanor and Theodore admire each other; Brittany and Alvin argue..... then make up. Then for lunch, it's the same as usual; Simon and Jeanette are calculating their share of food; Theodore comes up with a cute way to share; Alvin scares Brittany after eating. Can Alvin cause even more trouble?
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     In the living room, Brittany lounged on the couch while writing on her diary; just like she did every day after school. On the other paw, Alvin sat at the other end of the couch-- playing Call of Duty: Black OPS on the family's Xbox360. Knowing Brittany, she'd start complaining sooner or later.
     "Alvin! Why don't you play that game in our room? I'm kinda busy here!" she groaned. Alvin barely glanced at her while he continued playing. He knew that their TV sitting in their room wasn't occupied, but he didn't try moving. He wanted to show who was the boss around here. And according to him, he was. So he waved a paw at Brittany while focusing on the screen.
     "Why don't YOU go to the room, huh?" he asked furiously. He retrieved his paw and continued playing while laying back comfortably on the couch. Brittany shut her diary closed, slipped it in between the couch seats, and marched up to Alvin's side.
     "I was here first! So, YOU have to move!" She crossed her arms furiously while glaring down at Alvin. He didn't even glance at her this time.
     "Brittany, don't make this hard. Just grab your little secret diary and walk your booty into our room!" he declared. "OH, YEAH! WINNING~" he shouted as he played. Brittany immediately marched in front of him, blocking his view from the game. Alvin quickly paused it and looked at her with a blank stare. "Hello? I'm kinda in the middle of something, here!"
     "And so am I! I got here first, and rules are rules. You gotta leave." Brittany pointed to the hall that led to their bedroom. Alvin hesitated and decided to set his controller down beside him. He sat up and pulled Brittany into his lap while smiling flirtatiously.
     "Beautiful, did I distract you from writing in your diary?" he asked innocently. Brittany just stared back confused, anger still squirming inside her. "I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have done that to you, sweet cheeks," he tugged gently on Brittany's cheeks, like if she were an adorable baby. She slowly removed his paws from her face and opened her mouth.
     "Yes... yes, you did. And why are you calling me that?"
     "Uh... as I was saying," he decides to soften up- after all, she is his crush-, "how 'bout we both do something together that we both agree on?" Alvin smiles warmly at her, placing her beside him. She manages to smile back, still not completely convinced.
     "Uh... like what?"
     Alvin looks around, brain-storming ideas. There isn't much they like to do together. But he has to think of something quick!... before Brittany throws him out again. What will he come up with now?
So, Alvin and Brittany chapter. Next chapter comes Simon and Jeanette, Theodore and Eleanor, and the cycle repeats. x3
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