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Astrid sighed, and hugged her arms around her middle.

"Things are going to be so different now..."

They'd be looking to Hiccup for direction now. So many people were anxious for him to wake up, and not just because he was the chief's son, or because they actually gave a damn about him...

"'Course," Ruffnut agreed in her usual, gruff voice with surprising tender fingers to tread her mane. "The dragons are everywhere now, and not in the 'Imma' eat your food' way. This whole situation is completely messed up."

"I didn't mean with the village." Those nails grazed Astrid's hairline, tickling the skin before her ear as fingers repeatedly smoothed back the finest wisps of hair, defiant even to the influence of water. "I mean...well, I do mean with the village. But Hiccup's going to be making the decisions—or his dad will at least listen to him. We have to rely on him." Astrid gave a false laugh, as if trying to find the situation humorous. "Did you ever imagine it would come to this? Hiccup? He saved us and then he..."

Almost died for them.

Ruffnut didn't laugh with her. She continued to fiddle with the hair.

"Yeah, he turned into something, didn't he?" It wasn't a question to be answered so Astrid focused on the sensations to her head, suddenly feeling uncomfortable. Then she heard what she had been dreading: "You're really going after him, aren't you?"

Astrid remained silent for a beat longer.

"Yeah," she finally exhaled. And again, stronger, "Yeah. I really am."

~Laugardagur ...That one-shot I wrote ages ago with Astrid and Ruffnut bathing. :giggle: :no:

So many things I hate and like about this. I like the backwall. I hate the tub. D: Hate the water more.

Also, perspectives got f***ed.

Ruffnut looks so pretty, but not so much like Ruffnut. Astrid looks likes Astrid though, which is nice.

I don't know what they're looking at. Wonky eyes are wonky.

**I was supposed to be writing the consummation scene for Hiccup and Astrid in CtL, and was looking through my old stuff to review what I've covered, when I got distracted by memory lane. I like forgetting about old one-shots, then re-reading them and being pleasantly surprised by the story. The writing is more juvenile and relatively unrefined, but I found its simplicity pretty enjoyable.

The next thing I know I was drawing this. :doh: I get inspired by the weirdest things. Day wasted.

Astrid and Ruffnut © Dreamworks
Deleted movie scene © Me
Hair fetish © Ruffnut
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He's just a cuddly wuddly maybe berserker.

*I've got a little series going on Tumblr*

I meet Snotlout
I meet Astrid

Fishlegs © Dreamworks
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Can't explain it much more than that. We both like workin' out. And my boobs :)

I felt like making cute comics okay?

**I've got a little series going on Tumblr**

I meet Fishlegs
I meet Astrid

Snotlout © Dreamworks
I don't know who I'm copyrighted to. Meatball probably.
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these were 3 different doodles I jsut sprung together into one file to save me time from psoting all of them individually XD -shot- and there's just a random little Astrid -w-;;; omg you know what I htougth while I was drawing the doodle in the middle? I was thinking, omg I've already drawn this before owo;;; ( lol omg it's really old but here it is [link]) and then I was all *face palm* fail. But this one looks better -u- *smacked* I hope you like them -3- they were just random doodles :shrug:

Hiccup and Astrid (c) to Dreamworks HTTYD
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Haha I always liked this couple. They seem really cute. XD Even though there is no evidence of this couple what-so-ever looooool And yeah I know I failed on FIshlegs -w-;;; I havent drawn that kid in forever x_o;; XD;;; And yeah. I think I had problems with porportion in this picture too XD;;; But it was just a random doodle -u- I hope you like it >u<

Ruffnut and Fishlegs (c) to Dreamwork's HTTYD
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lol I thought that part was funny XD Cause I never heard Hiccup say something liek that hahaha Urmmm this is a spoiler for How To Speak Dragonese.. I suppose.... >If you read the book you shuold know what's going on XD But I'll just leave you people who haven't wondering

Camicazi seems to be very poud to be a girl XD

Camicazi and Hiccup (c) to Cressida Cowell
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Note from Master Rohan
I thought up this little picture and story a few days ago while I was hunkered down in the bathtub under a load of pillows waiting for a bad storm to pass over. You just never know when creativity is going to strike! :laughing: I think this is also my first time drawing "chibi" versions of the viking teens. Enjoy! :D

The Viking Teens and the Tor-naydee

Narrator: "As the winds kick up fiercely in the late night hour, the viking teens in the bunk house are hastily awoken by Master Rohan and then quickly run outside toward the storm shelter."

Master Rohan: "Hurry everyone! No time to waste!"
Snotlout: "Wow, this is some wind!"
Tuffnut: "I bet I could fly if I had wings."
Snotlout: "If you had wings, you COULD fly."
Tuffnut: "But if I had wings, and I couldn't fly, then I would be so sad that I wouldn't want wings."
Snotlout: "Just shut up and run!"

Narrator: "As the vikings near the shelter and start settling in, Master Rohan pauses outside, waiting for Hiccup to return from a small mission. In a moment, Master Rohan sees Hiccup running down the path leading to the dragon paddocks."

Master Rohan: "Hiccup, did you tell the dragons to fly away?!"
Hiccup: "They were already gone except for Toothless, and I told him to fly really high above the clouds!"
Master Rohan: "Good, get inside!"

Narrator: "With Hiccup inside the shelter, Master Rohan secures the door and sits down on the floor of the cramped room with the restless teens. An oil lamp in the center of the room casts eerie shadows on the walls."

Hiccup (to Tuffnut): "Hey! You're on my leg!"
Tuffnut: "Leg, shmeg, we're about to die! At night! Which is almost as bad as dying during the day!"
Astrid (hitting Snotlout): "Get your hands off me!"
Snotlout: "I was just holding you, babe, because you looked ---- frightened."
Astrid: "You're the one trembling! Now let go of my arm!"
Ruffnut (sleepily): "Can I go back to bed? I was having such a pleasant dream with flying fish and talking seals."
Fishlegs (curious): "What did the seals say?"
Ruffnut: "Something like *makes seal sounds* aark aark."
Fishlegs: "Oh."
Tuffnut (panicking): "We're moments away from death, and all you care about are talking seals?!?"
Snotlout (getting up to bop Tuffnut): "Why don't I go ahead and speed you on your way?!"

Narrator: "Tuffnut tries to stand up quickly to move away from Snotlout, but finds himself anchored down by something."

Ruffnut (head jerks to the side): "TUFFNUT, YOUR HELMET HORNS ARE LOCKED WITH MINE!"
Astrid (grabs Snotlout's arm): "SNOTLOUT, SIT DOWN!"
Hiccup (to Tuffnut): "OUCH! YOU STEPPED ON MY LEG AGAIN!"
Master Rohan (whistles loudly): "QUIET!"

Narrator: "All of the viking teens quietly calm down and return to their spots on the floor."

Master Rohan (regaining composure): "Now, we are going to sit here quietly and wait for the tornado to pass."
Hiccup: "So what is this tornado...thingy? We don't have them in Berk, at least, I don't think we do."
Fishlegs: "Is it a MONSTER? Because it sounded like something big was breathing out there!"
Astrid: "Is it a demon?"
Snotlout: "Is it a dragon?"
Tuffnut: "Is it going to eat us?!"
Ruffnut: "If it's hungry, I vote we feed Tuffnut to it."
Snotlout (raising hand): "I second that."
Hiccup (Hand on chin thinking): "Wait, wait, wait. If it's a dragon.....maybe I can go talk to it, you know, I'm really good at talking to dragons, so maybe I can talk to it and ask it to fly some place else.....and eat some....sheep.... or maybe rocks."

Narrator: "Hiccup starts to get up to go outside, but Master Rohan quickly grabs Hiccup's right arm and motions for him to sit back down."

Master Rohan: "A tornado is a cloud that spins really fast, and when it touches the ground, it pulls up just about anything into it. So unless you can talk to clouds, Hiccup...and they reply...I suggest you just stay right here."
Tuffnut: "We're doomed! I knew it! DOOOOOOMED! Valhalla, here I come!"
Ruffnut: "I say we go back to my plan and feed Tuffnut to it."
Snotlout: "I second, second it."
Master Rohan: "We are NOT feeding Tuffnut to the tornado!"
Tuffnut: "Thank you. You are SO wise."
Hiccup (looking up): "Listen! What's that sound? Sounds like........something.....churning....."
Fishlegs (blushing): "Sorry, that's my stomach. Dinner didn't really agree with me."
Hiccup: "Oh. *chuckle* Sorry."
Snotlout: "Maybe if we're all really quiet, it won't know that we're here and it'll go hunt for food someplace else."
Master Rohan (sly smile): "Excellent idea, Snotlout. Let's all be very still and quiet."

Narrator: "Impossible as it may sound, the teens sat very still and quiet, staring at each other wide-eyed for an incredibly long three minutes."

Astrid (angrily under her breath): "Snotlout, I swear that if you touch my arm one more time, I'm gonna punch you in your face."
Snotlout (whispering): "Hey, THIS face could turn away tor-naydeeyoes if it wanted."
Astrid (whispering): "Fine, then go outside and prove it."
Snotlout (whispering): "Well.....well.... it's really dark out there, so it won't see my face---"
Tuffnut (to Ruffnut): "Sister, I'm so sorry for most of the things that I've done to bother you ---- well, SOME of the things that I've ---- well, just a FEW of the things I've done to bother you."
Ruffnut: "You know, you really shouldn't open your mouth."

Narrator: "Suddenly a loud beep errupts from a small box that Master Rohan is holding."
Tuffnut (panicked): "AHHHHHHHHH!!!"
Fishlegs (astonished): "THE BOX! IT SPEAKS!"
Master Rohan: "Everyone, you can relax. That's the all clear signal. We're safe and can go back to the bunk house now."
Snotlout (standing up): "I wasn't scared. Not for a moment. I LAUGH at danger!

Narrator: "Snotlout chuckles and fake punches Astrid in the shoulder. In a blur of motion, Astrid hauls back and decks Snotlout in the jaw, sending him reeling back down to the ground. Astrid pauses a moment to fix her bangs.

Astrid (in a polite tone): "When a lady says she doesn't want to be touched, don't touch her."
Ruffnut (highfives Astrid as she passes by): "Nice move!"
Tuffnut (bending down to Snotlout): "Wow, you're really dumb."
Snotlout (grabs Tuffnut's nose): "SO ARE YOU!"
Tuffnut: "OUCH! My father gave me that!"
Fishlegs (escorting Ruffnut back): "You were so calm tonight. You never seemed a bit frightened even though we were in great danger."
Ruffnut: "Danger? I'm still in bed, dreaming, right? I'm STILL in bed asleep, right?"
Fishlegs (thinking): "Well, if you're dreaming, do something that you would only do in a dream."
Ruffnut (shrugs): "Makes sense." (reaches over and gives Fishlegs a big kiss)
Fishlegs (euphoric): "You're not dreaming; I'm dreaming....."
Hiccup (to Master Rohan): "I hope Toothless and the other dragons are okay. You know, maybe we should make this shelter bigger so that we could bring the dragons in here too if something like this should happen again."

Narrator: "Master Rohan reflects for a moment upon what such a scene would look like: vikings agruing with vikings, dragons sparring with dragons, someone getting their feelings hurt and boom! Everyone instantly gets barbecued."

Master Rohan: "NO."
Hiccup (tagging along behind Master Rohan): "Oh.....okay. Well, hey, what about if --- hey! What if -- hey, you're not listening to me! We could---- hey! Oh frittering Freja, forget it."

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An illustration for this short story. :D


A New Years with Hiccup and Astrid

As the sun began to set on the last day of the year, Astrid wondered to herself where Hiccup was. She hadn't seen him for three days now, and she rather hoped that he would at least be in the village for the giant celebration that was already in full swing.

After all, HE had asked if she would attend the festival "with him" -- words which he had emphasized with several wiggles of his eyebrows and a large wink -- and she had agreed.

But where was he?

Though she wouldn't admit it, she was getting worried that something unexpected had happened to him.

Slowly winding her way through the pockets of reveling vikings that decorated the streets of the village, Astrid came across Tuffnut and Snotlout, both munching roasted fish on a stick and asked them if they knew where Hiccup had journeyed to.

Much more concerned about the steaming tasty treat than about Hiccup, Snotlout merely shrugged his shoulders and said, "Who knows! He took off like three days ago on his dragon."

Talking with his mouth very full, Tuffnut added, "I think he flew off to go look for mermaids ---"

"MERMAIDS?!" Astrid skeptically exclaimed.

Bursting into laughter which launched tiny bits of partially chewed fish toward Astrid, Tuffnut pointed a finger at Astrid, "I HAD YOU FOR A MOMENT! HAHAHAHA!"

With a roll of her eyes and a sigh, Astrid pushed her way past Tuffnut and kept scanning the boisterous crowd for any sign of the one viking that she really wanted to see more than any of the others.

As a rather merry rhythm cascaded down the streets and vikings of all ages and shapes danced and laughed and feasted and joked ....

..... Astrid wandered off from the swirling festivities to the peaceful quiet of her favorite perch of rocks that jutted out over the sea.

Looking out over the shimmering crimson waves, Astrid propped her chin on her fist as she watched for Toothless and Hiccup.

Every now and then, she would THINK that she saw the shape of Toothless swooping across the sky, but it would just be a bird or another dragon flying to its nest before the coming night.

And then a very familiar shape pierced through a clump of billowy, pink clouds.

Gliding across the sky, bee-lining straight toward the island was ...... Toothless.

Her heart suddenly quickening, Astrid stood up and started to run back to the village, but then stopped as she saw the dragon and rider change their path to rendezvous with her.

Suddenly, Astrid heard a very familiar and happy voice excitedly cry out to her.


With a gentle whoosh of wings, Toothless began to land near Astrid, who looked up in a mixture of relief, joy, curiosity and irritation at the dragon's rider, who was beaming with an enormous smile.

Not even waiting for Toothless to come to a complete stop, Hiccup unexpectedly jumped off the dragon and for a moment, looked rather valiant and courageous to Astrid as the viking sailed through the air......

.....and then awkwardly hit the ground and tumbled down hill past her.

Finally coming to a stop, Hiccup woozily sat up and grabbed his head as he announced to the approaching Astrid,

"I think ..... I need more practice ..... on that dismount ....."

"ARE YOU ALL RIGHT?!" Astrid asked wide-eyed as she stooped down to help Hiccup up.

Hiccup waved a hand, gesturing that he was okay, as he slowly wobbled in place. "I'm fine; I'm fine ..... just some bruises ..... nothing broken ...."

Lowering her head to look Hiccup in the eyes, Astrid inquired, "Hiccup, where did you ---?"

But before she could finish, Hiccup stammered out, "I got something special for you, Astrid .... something special for you for tonight."

And with a smile radiating from his face, Hiccup pawed at his tunic and pulled out a rare and beautiful white and red flower.

"Since there aren't any flowers growing on Berk this time of year, Toothless and I had to travel really far to find this beauty .... for a beauty."

Surprised and speechless, Astrid's mouth slightly gaped open in awe as she extended her hand to receive the precious gift.

And then a few petals separated and wafted through the air in slow motion.

Hiccup's expression dropped as he saw the flower loosing petals.

"Ohhhhh .....

"...... I guess my little stunt back there ruined your flower."

But catching one of the petals in her hand, Astrid smiled all the more and remarked,

"Hiccup, it's a wonderful gift.

"And even if it had only one petal .....

" ..... I would cherish it."

Leaning in and giving Hiccup a kiss, Astrid then secured the remnant of the flower in her hair and extended an arm toward her friend.

"Come on, Hiccup; we've got a celebration to attend."

Still recovering from the tumble and the kiss, Hiccup clung to Astrid's arm in dreamy stupor and cheerfully wobbled toward the jubilant sounds of the festival.

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Narrator: "With the guys well on their way back to the village, Astrid and Ruffnut come out of hiding and clean the vines off of their surprisingly willing accomplice: Toothless. Astrid rewards him with a basket of tasty, fresh fish and marvels at how easily he helped them prank the guys. It was almost as if Toothless could read her mind and knew what had happened earlier that day."

Astrid (giving fish): "Great work, Toothless! You taught those guys a lesson they'll never forget. I've never seen them that scared in my life!"

Ruffnut (chuckling): "I've never laughed that much in my whole life!"

Astrid: "Me, too. And Toothless! My, my he seemed to be enjoying this whole charade quite a lot----maybe too much. If I hadn't whistled for him to come back, I bet he would have chased them all the way back to the village!"

Ruffnut (curtsying): "And what did you think of my performance?"

Astrid (laughing): "Terrifying! I've never heard such horrific shrieks and howls before! How did you learn to make them?"

Ruffnut: "When you've lived with Tuffnut for as long as I have, you learn to scream, schreech, and shriek to get him to go away!"

Astrid: "Then you will need to teach me how to do them, all of them."

Ruffnut (holding up Tuffnut's vest): "I will, but first, can I at least stomp Tuffnut's vest into that mud over there? Please! Please!"

Astrid (petting Toothless): "No, Ruffnut. We're taking the clothes back to the village just like we found them---even Tuffnut's. Okay? (pause) Okay? (pause) Ruffnut?"

Narrator: "Astrid turns around to see Ruffnut frozen like a statue, pointing to something that has not just caught her attention but also unnerved her. Following the angle of Ruffnut's arm, Astrid sees a dimly glowing form slowing moving out of the dense forest and toward them. The girls and Toothless watch spellbound as the light grows brighter and starts solidifying into a shape."

Astrid (eyes wide open): "It looks like---"

Ruffnut (arm starting to shake): "A man------a viking---"

Astrid (jaw drops): "He's missing an arm----"

Narrator: "Astrid and Ruffnut look at each other in terror and immediately know what the other is thinking."

Ruffnut: "Fishlegs's story!!"

Astrid: "Time to go!!"

Narrator: "In a flash, both girls jump onto Toothless's back. With a swallow of the last fish, Toothless extends his wings and shoots into the sky away from the glowing apparition and the appropriately named haunted hot spring."

"With Toothless tearing through the sky at terrific speed, the girls quickly catch up to the guys, who are by now quite winded from the long, all-out run of panic and are taking a breather in a field.

"Astrid and Ruffnut give each other a sly look and without having to say a word, Toothless banks and spirals downward toward the guys. Ruffnut unties the sack holding the guys' dry clothes and shakes its contents out as they dive bomb the guys' location.

"But what was intended to be a gesture of goodwill, unfortunately becomes an added jab of payback as the wind catches the clothes and scatters them all over the field.

Ruffnut (putting a hand to her big-toothed smile): "Oops!"



Hiccup (pointing up): "Look, there's more falling over there!"

Snotlout (scratching head): "Uh ... how can it rain clothes?"

Fishlegs (snatching his fur shirt from a bush): "I don't care! At least it's not wet!"

Tuffnut: "Hey Snotlout! I found your stinky shirt! How much will you give me for it?!"


Tuffnut: "Five! I drive a hard bargain!"

Hiccup (pondering as he jumps to grab his coat from a low tree limb): "Wait a second --- Conveniently falling clothes .... A roaring monster that just happens to show up tonight ......... Toothless???. No. Surely not. ----- But then ........ *gasp* ..... TOOTHLESS!"



Afterword from the artist/author Master Rohan

This whole story started when I was sitting in one of the rooms at my doctor's office. On the wall, he had a print of the Norman Rockwell painting "No Swimming" which shows a bunch of guys running from a lake that they weren't supposed to be swimming in (which became the inspiration for picture #8).

And that was how this silly story started. :aww:

~Master Rohan

<--Part 8
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Yes, olive is a color XD

Hazzah! Done with all four of them! :dance:

Twas fun to make lol

Tuffnut © Dreamworks
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Friggin LOVED how Tuff came out.

He's so sexy lol

Anyways, yeah, my vision of older Tuff. :heart:

You're missing some horns on that helmet bud!

Tuffnut © Dreamworks
Art © Me
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I had a lot of fun drawing Ruffnut and Fishlegs. :heart: They're so adorable! :iconyayzplz:

I love how Gretna is all "yeah whatever... you should see them at home..."

Haha! Now, to post more! >D

Ruffnut and Fishlegs © Dreamworks
Gretna/Art/Design © Me
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This is for :iconfjordmustang: ~FjordMustang; it's a belated HTTYD Holiday Giftle!

She always reminds me of a strong independent woman so I took a Charlie's angels concept and applied it to HTTYD fandom ladies if they were to have been BAMF Valkyries, because they all have the attitude :D

It's highly stylized but I had fun with it for sure :meow:

Left = Camicazi
Middle = Astrid
Right = Ruffnut

Happy Winter :hug:
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OMG babies!!??? Newbs of all sorts: babies and parents...

Yeah. This was for ~Megcull who asked 100 years ago for some cute baby-parenting scenes with the Astrid/Hiccup and Ruffnut/Fishlegs pairings...mostly based off my writings.

It was perfect because this is going to make her head explode from cuteness, I'm in a hypothetical children phase anyhow, and now I can plug the two stories about the babies. [Svenan the younger at top, Frostbite at the bottom]

Oh and by the way it is bitch hard to draw a newborn baby because they look like old men and it's really awkward to be looking up newborn baby on google and have hundreds of refrences to look through while your boyfriend walks by and gives you a bunch of
and then having to explain it's for your a fanart request of your greatest obsession.
So to say, he slumped off, relieved that my biological clock hadn't sprung it's alarm but my nerd points sky-rocketed in his book [not necessarily a good thing, lol].

Anyway enjoy your cutespasms. I'm out!

Cheers! :blowkiss:
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Better in full view!

This was a request from :iconconniecamaro: as she had won first place [CoNGRATS!] in the HTYD-Fanarts group mini contest and she wanted an art of Ruff and Astrid on the nights before their weddings.

I infused info from my stories into this so if you had read the Seasons series, it makes a lot more sense and is that more cute.

Astrid is staying up late, trying on her ceremonial headband and accessories and looking at a drawing Hiccup had drawn and given her in one of the most terribly romantic chapters I ever wrote: [link]

Ruff is huggling a body pillow [wanting it to be Fishleg's most likely] and is sleeping with the D&D dice he carved and gave to her. Also it looks like a Terror managed to destroy her bouquet. Here's the chapter about the dice: [link]
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Girls steampunk version.

I may do another one for them.

(c) dreamworks
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Formal dress.


(c) Dreamworks
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You ask and you shall receive. Official Twiccup. I am coloring this later!

(C) dreamworks
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I just saw How to train your Dragon-movie and I LOVE IT! :dummy:
So I wanted to draw something about that movie. X'DDD

In this comic Toothles have drawed something at the sand.
And if Hiccup is going to step on Toothles´s drawing... X''D


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Whoah! O____O I realized that I haven't drawn any pictures of Astrid. Me and ~Mion-93 were talking about HTTYD and Momo said that
she thinks Astrid is cute and awesome as an character. SO, I SAW MY CHANGE AND TADAH! HERE WE GO~!! XDD
I really enjoyed of drawing older Astrid. O__O She's so fluffy!! I had a lot problems with Stormfly.. XD She doesn't look as derpy as her should look!
But meh!! ^^ I'm still waiting and waiting for HTTYD2~! I have to watch the trailer every day! XD
OOOAH YEAH!! I OWN THIS PIC TO ~Mion-93~!! ^^ Hope ya like it, you damn Astrid~ >:3
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I get that inspiration when I saw first time the poster of Tangled-movie. :la:

I was like: "That man looks like Hiccup.. and that girl is like Astrid.. That horse would be Toothless and that little lizard.. IT'S LIKE TERRIBLE TERROR. LOL."

And.. HERE WE ARE! :dummy: Tangled was really good movie, it really reminds me about HTTYD. :meow:

Original pic here: [link]
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:star::star::star: LOST? Just found yourself in the middle of a comic you've never read? :star::star::star:
:spotlight-left: Click here to go to the first page! :spotlight-right:
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Lines by :iconblademarilyn:
Color by :icontacianja:
Homestuck (C) Andrew Hussie

Taryn's post of it: [link]

:bow: :bow:
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NEXT :pointr: BUT IT'S NOT 1979 ANYMORE.


:star::star::star: LOST? Just found yourself in the middle of a comic you've never read? :star::star::star:
:spotlight-left: Click here to go to the first page! :spotlight-right:
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I had this in here saved for a while but I finally just finished it... :XD: hahaha Been needing some httyd love lately... :] Enjoy... :love:

Made with deviantART muro

HTTYD (c) Dreamworks
HTBG (c) me
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Yeeeesss... :iconicameplz: I will never stop with the HTTYD Fanartz! >8D hahahaha *shot*

These doodles just kind of came out of some random thoughts that seem to keep coming back to me... :/ Such as the fact that nearly 96% of my drawings of Hiccup are of him as a giant! :XD: hahah *shot again* I deserve that... :( lol But, yes, this is true... but what can I say it's just too much fun to do!! :XD: HAHAHAHA--*shot thrice* Man, I'm so messed up for drawing this... :D Astrid's definitely too much fun to draw super mad...

So, yeah, I did a little comic-ish thing based on that... at first it wasn't really supposed to... but then that's what it turned into... which explains why it's all super crammed at the bottom!! XD haha This seems to happen a lot with me... :/ lol I hope that you can follow it... ^^; I numbered it... but I'm not sure if you can all read it that well... If not I could probably write it out here if you ask... : O (Oh, and the fairy is me if you couldn't tell... XD lawl)

But, yeah, then there's the troll-Astrid that I couldn't resist drawing after what my dear :debfoxikun: did over here --> [link] hurr hurr... :iconhurrhurrplz: She was just too cute NOT to draw that way!.. :XD: haha

I'm not going to say if any of these pictures are spoilers or not though.... ;P heheh Keeps ya wonderin'...

Enjoy! :D

HTTYD (c) Dreamworks
HTBG (c) me
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This is... wow... this is old... :XD: hahahaha This was actually one of the first HTTYD pics I did aside from the first one I posted (which explains the Jolly Green Giant look.. lol) ... 8I

... and I've waited this long to finally just put it up anyway... :XD: hahaha despite still being unfinished... (I don't really want to finish it now since I'd like to preserve how it was... but I will MOST likely just redo it someday... :I )

It was a cute concept I really wanted to try... maybe now after a year I can do it better... XD hehehe (Wow.. it's been a year... 8'I )

Um.. yeah... Enjoy! :D hehe

HTTYD (c) Dreamworks
HTBG (c) me
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While chatting on =captaincuttlefish's chat board I asked what should I draw because I was pretty bored. ~Vogard suggested I'd draw a steampunk themed Night Fury, and I was like "Holy crap! I drew a steampunk Night Fury long while ago and it is hiding somewhere in a pile of papers."

Well I found it and I tweaked it! Not bad for someone who is horrible at drawing robots! XD

So here ya go!
Steampunk rules!

Night Fury © Dreamworks

Steampunk Night Fury design © me!
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A Kiriban prize for :iconvogard: for winning my 35K pageview kiriban.

He wanted the HTTYD characters and my three OC's to be My Little Pony-ized. I couldn't turn the background into a Vector. I tried, but it turned into crap when I attempted it.
Yeah, it took a long time to find the muses to work on it. Heck I'm finally getting back into my artwork after a while of stuff and drama which is finally settling down.

Anyway, here ya go!

Characters left to right:
Fishlegs, Astrid, Hiccup, Rune, Ireth, Ulfr, Tuffnut, Ruffnut, and Snotlout.
HTTYD © Dreamworks and Cressida Cowell
MLP © Hasbro, *fyre-flye
Art, Ireth, Rune, and Ulfr © Me

I took the screenshot of part of the movie. C:
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Woooo!! I made it for the HTTYD contest that :iconhttyd-fanarts: is hosting!
Let me tell you, it was hard coming up with something modern but I got it!
Toothless is a sports luxury car, and the Deadly Nadder is a Moped!

I suck at drawing waves...XD

References: Moped: [link]
Car: [link]

How to train your Dragon © Dreamworks and Cressida Cowell
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