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That Little Jack Horner fellow was saying a dracorex might be a juvenile pachycephalosaur. I personally think it's more likely a stressed out pachy that still has to prove himself, and thus needs a head more suitable for butting.

But it occurred to me that I have another two-in-one here! The head-dome isn't for butting, it generates an energy shield! On the back it just protects the body.. but flipped onto the head (those side horns fold down, see) it can RAM INTO YOU with the shield. :D
That neck design was tough, and the tail was almost as tough.. but you can see how they make a cool shape, but can still move into a perfectly straight line! (I considered building a pile banker into its spine, but nahhh)
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Yeah I'm inspired. Time for more DCs :D
this design just came to me when I manipulated some robot parts in my head.. I imagined.. some humanoid robot legs... with the feet turned around backwards.. walking around crablike... and the rest did itself :)
Junket is an expert at clambering, and those jets let it jump when speed's necessary. It's okay at biting and okay at shooting, not really great at either compared to some. Still, looks pretty cool :D
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You know that's right.
This skunk is scrappy. I tried to accentuate the awesome deadly body of a skunk.. with the claws.. and the tight short legs.. that are sturdy.. and the longish but really flat wide body.. well I kinda gave it more spinal definition than it needs, but.. that tends to happen whenever I do an isometric view. I hope you appreciate that, btw. The tail was killer and I still don't think it's quite right, but keep in mind that those segments can move side to side a bit in addition to up and down. Plz to also keep in mind that smokescreen generators can be equipped with other things too, not just standard obscuring smoke.

And it can burrow :D
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Finally finished! 

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Saeko, Finally something new thats not life drawing, I drew this during the life drawing breaks, with the brush pen on cardboard, really fun this media. hope you enjoy it, and please share it , as alway I really appreciate it!
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She's back! and hotter than ever! It has been a while since the last time I did some art of her. safe enough to publish here :D . I tried to push a little bit the shapes here and there.

This art was done as one option for the entrance page of Jigglygirls.

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My solar system gijinka dangerous and dark form :D
Does it look kind of... um...serious? :XD: (hehehe, I know it does)
Personification of the dangers and the 'other side' of the planets we know :D
see more HERE: [link]
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New My Senior, IE-Kun drawing~ :D

It's time to see what's under Spartan-kun's hoodie haha
They finally revealed Project 'Spartan's' (The new default browser for Windows) official name:

Microsoft Edge


See more My Senior, IE-kun stuff here~…

((I have to thank the people who gave me links about it on my FB page, I wasn't updated the past days. So, I'm very thankful! :D ))
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This is just a random strip for the month of hearts  and I decided to make one from the recent browser designs I made My Senior, IE-kun by ROSEL-D:)
nothing too serious for now ok? haha

I'll consider making some strips from time to time (since It's fun)

I would love to hear some fun facts from you which I may have missed in my research :D I love making trivia/fact based comedy strips
Thank you very much!


see more here:…
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Haha! Get it? Get it?

Yeah...a lame, cheap-shot idea I've had for a long time now. I'm sure I can't have been the only one to think of it. But my little sister is an Edtard, and...I'm mean. I guess.

Don't get me wrong. I actually did enjoy the movie (to my great shock), but I just can't read the books. And no matter what the story is, the fandom is absolutely joke-worthy.

So...I made this obscenely quick, poorly-executed gag. Enjoy.

Edward Cullen from the Twilight series, by Stephenie Meyers, as if you didn't already know that.
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This is a gift art for my pal, Irish Wolf, whose birthday is today. :party:


For those of you who don't know, featured here is Brigit Muirenn, a 1920's Irish-American who works as a thug alongside her many brothers for their influential family. The guy is Patrick "Guns" O'Keefe, also Irish but technically neutral in the gang wars, who sells weapons and various other black market paraphernalia. Brigit fell head over heels for Pat when he greeted herself and her brothers using fancy Celtic words, and proceeded to come on stronger than a hurricane to a China shop. Pat did his best to resist, as not only was she much younger than him (They're 18 and 30, respectively) but she was a Muirenn, cousin to one of his friends/woman he once tried to woo/one of the most dangerous women in the city.

But come on, just look at her. One man can only put off such cuteness for so long. :rofl:
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Another one of them Life Noir chibis. Wheeee.

Brigit Muirenn, Fiona's eighteen year old cousin. AKA one of the Muirenn street thugs. AKA quite possibly Patrick's death sentence. Ain't she cute?
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Finally done!

For those who don’t know, Aisha swells up when some comes in contact with water due to a slime-related curse from a magic box. She’s from a comic you can find here.

This is my (long) belated part of a trade with :iconsidneymt:, who drew Mattie for me. Thank you again for your patience!

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I did NOT color this.

:iconmcwafflez45: did a wonderful coloring job on the last panel of (he got the idea from a comment by :icontheenglishgent: ). : D

I forgot to mention on the original comic, but McWafflez was the one who actually gave me the general idea of Raine giving Pyre the dream while she slept. :)
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What usually jumps to mind when people say not to abort because that fetus has so much potential to be the scientist who cures cancer!

Potential and what-ifs mean nothing.

Based on how often Dictator Kax suggests killing people (it's basically the punishment for everything), I can't imagine her dictatorship having a population over a billion (incidentally, if there were only 1 billion people on earth, we'd have enough resources to all live like Americans...).

It's a bit vague what Dictator Kax's contingency plan for the future of the empire is... Clone herself, most likely.
Comments disabled by owner.
Villains are notoriously bad at getting people to work for them in way that don't backfire, if the heroes nearly never having to deal with 10000000000 now-unemployed henchmen is any indication... y'know, I'm surprised this doesn't break the economy... The Great Depression saw a 20%-ish unemployment rate so I'm going to assume 20% of the population out of work is enough to cause problems for a nation. And considering how pervasive the villain's forces tends to be, I'm going to assume they're the size of those "too big to fail" type companies, if they're not a kingdom of evil on its lonesome. Though maybe this is less of a problem if the villain's henchmen aren't human because humans are racist like that and you can kill monsters with reckless abandon and get away with it and goblins, orcs, demons, zombies, ghosts, and succubi don't seem to get/need a living wage beyond "rape and pillage" Though to be fair, many historical armies considered "rape and pillage" as a soldier's wage bonus... IT'S NOT WAR UNLESS YOU'VE GOT A SOUVENIR! Soldiers love souvenirs.

Though even with coercing people, there's limits to the coercion. They're supposed to be scared of you, not actively working against you or being intentionally negligent when you're not looking.

Well, coercing people into hard labor doesn't seem that hard since you can use a normal not badass person so they can't be that powerful... but coercing people who are significant quantities of badass... >_> that's treading on thin ice.

Anyway, "health insurance" might be a really stupid running gag.

Though considering that KaxenLand is a bit on the crapsack side, comprehensive insurance that isn't a scam would probably be a good idea.

Though on account the KaxenLand education system is built on brainwashing children...
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Personally, I don't think school uniforms are a bad idea aside from when it involves mandatory skirts for girls or when the uniforms are ludicrously expensive... But I also have an obsession with uniforms so I'm totally biased.

Also, cool dictators have cool uniforms. Evil bastards are always cooler when they make everyone dress snappy!

Also, a proportion of any given population is stupid enough to follow anything they deem attractive and forgive all its flaws... Like Edward Cullen and any villain that gets Draco in Leather Pants treatment.

But the one argument against uniforms that always pissed me the hell off is "MY KID CAN'T EXPRESS THEMSELVES IN UNIFORMS!"

Apparently you have a child who is incapable of human speech, is a talentless hack who cannot do anything of interest, and has no personality outside of wearing products that commercials and peer pressure tell him to buy. GREAT KIDS. :roll:

Because rarely are the people who cite self-expression talking about shirts their kid personally made, it's always some raunchy shirt they bought or those stupid rubber band bracelets that schools think are the workings of Satan (but for some esoteric reason, never ban rubber bands) or whatever "scandalous" thing is popular at the moment with them young whippersnappers.

Though I can totally support going against the more insipid things schools have gone against. Like when kids get suspended because nail clippers are clearly part of some nefarious terrorist plot or when schools have rules against "gang colors" but then "gang color" gets defined as something nebulous like ANY SHADE OR AMOUNT OF RED. GANGS CAN'T OWN RED. It's even more baffling when the school's mascot color is... red... O_o HOW DOES THAT WORK?! Though McDonald's says it owns red and yellow (and the name McDonald) and will sue your ass over it. T-Mobile also thinks it owns magenta and will also sue your ass over that magenta square.

...this is why lawyers will all be shot when I'm a dictator.
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Cinderella was rolling around in the fireplace like usual, with her stepsisters looking on. “Ellaaaa,” they said (for that was her name), “come out of the fireplace. This is why you can’t have nice things.” Cinderella stopped briefly and sat up to face them. “My stepsies, how many times must I tell you? I am to be addressed as THE DARK QUEEN CINDERELLA, MISTRESS OF ASH!” Her father, hearing the commotion, came down to investigate.

“Ella, what’s all th-”
“ELLA. What is the meaning of this? Why are you in your rags again? We’re going to the prince’s ball tonight - wash up and get properly dressed!”
“I am properly dressed, father. Only these tattered wraps and the ashes of my dear mother are capable of sealing my-”

Long story short, the Dark Queen Cinderella was grounded and sent to her room without supper while the rest of the family went out that night for an episode of royal gallivanting. As she lay moping on her floor, her fairy godmother snuck in through the chimney and squatted next to the girl. “Heyyy, what’s the matter, Duck Queen Sanderella?” Cinderella explained her situation to the magic woman in a manner very favorably biased towards herself. “Well shucks,” said the godmom, “that blows balls. But you know what? I think I might have a spell for you!” And with that, she transformed Cinderella into a pile of ashes.

Apparently, the fairy godmother had been larping with her friends earlier that afternoon, and had swapped out the macro for Princess Spell with Fireball. WHOOPS. She still had other enchantments, though, so she cast another one to transform Cinderella into an infernal apparition - much to the girl's excitement. Cinderella thanked her accidental murderer and dove into the crust of the earth, because that’s a thing she could do now.

She then erupted from of the ground outside the palace where the ball was being held, and waltzed in on a path of molten glass. Everyone stopped dancing and looked at her and was like “Hey, is that a fire person?” and then she was like “IT IS!” and everybody screamed and ran while she had a great time. She kept this up until midnight, after which the enchantment wore off and she turned back into a pile of her own ashes. And her father, who had recognized his daughter, was like “No, Ella! Not you too!” because this was the same way he had lost her mother.

“Curse you! I swear, I shall have vengeance, fairy godmother Dracula!” and so the man left to avenge his daughter - Ella Belmont.

Epilogue: Cinderella’s enchantment is a recurring one, and she terrorizes a different ball every night until her father learns of this and seals her in an urn.


Well, that was what I was up to this week. I had fun writing this story, right up until the end where I just kind of gave up because I didn't know how this would actually conclude. I feel like this is typical of my written work - I can write up to what is depicted in the picture, but not much further beyond that.

Cinderella's outfit is very plain. I've come to realize that I don't make very elaborate costumes (vast spans of unpatterned cloth), so I suppose I'll have to try to work on that a bit more in the future. 

I think I might try making a couple more of these pieces inspired by folk tales, since they provide an interesting framework of themes to try to design around. Well, we'll see what the future holds!

Made in Manga Studio 5

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The Block Parade was once a militia that marched 100 strong through the streets day after day, beating up punks and keeping the peace. Then the mayor was like “Dudes, you can’t keep obstructing traffic like this,” and the militia head was like “Come on, man, the old mayor was cool with it,” and the mayor was like “No,” and so there was much weeping and hugging and the Block Parade was disbanded. That is, all but three.

Millet Flauer (member #14) was on a school trip at the time and did not get notice of the dissolution. Her absence didn't make it any less official, but she was upset enough upon her return that she was determined to hold on to the Block Parade and restore it to its former glory. It has been 8 years since then, and net growth has been 0%. Good job.
Oh yeah, she also carries a ceremonial sword around with her, given to her under the table by the former head of the Block Parade with his blessings.

Barley Masche (member #2) technically has seniority over Millet, but ceded leadership to her because he would rather follow than lead. The Block Parade is funded by donations, only accepted in pennies. Barley carries these funds in a water jug, to remind himself of the weight of the people's support, and also because he really likes metal money. Back when the militia was at its peak, it was rumored that he slept on a hoard of coinage.

Rye Wisquey (member #95) stuck around because he believed in the Block Parade and what it stood for. But then he got a job and he left. Shortly after, however, his son Malt “the Kid” (member #101) enlisted. Malt is a very quiet boy, always watching and listening, trying to learn what is happening around him. Frankly, he is scared of Millet, but tries not to show it because it would just give her more power over him. Barley’s cool, though. He pays for his drinks.

Postscript: it should be noted that in addition to the mayor, punk citizens also protested the actions of the Block Parade, insisting that it was totally wrong to beat up people in the name of peace because they have spiky hair. The Parade then went through 28 amendments of their mission statement until they settled on beating up hoodlums indiscriminately.


So in this one, I am trying a bolder approach to lines and color: mainly with bold lines and bold colors. I don’t know what it’s supposed to be called, but I will call the thick dark shadows “manga shading.” I’m trying to go for a more visual impact in this and embracing a more exaggerated style. Palette-wise, I tried to use a lot of saturation and yellow/magenta/cyan. All in all, it was refreshing to move away from the duller, darker palettes.

The other sort of new thing I tried in this piece was to start off the sketch with silhouettes instead of skeletons. I think I might try doing it like this from now on, so the character is more defined by their shape than by a generic anatomy with smaller shapes tacked on to them. And then I will try to match it to a proper skeleton afterwards.

Made in Flash
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EDIT: Added a nice background

Here is a picture I drawed.

I figured two deviations about being vomitted on was not enough.

It never is.

Made in Flash.
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Name: Natsume Ritsu.
Gender: Male
Nicknames: Ri-chan, neko-chan.
Race: Half-breed. Cat/Human hybrid.
Age: 28.
Birthday: June 18th
Body Type: Lithe, physically fit.
Height: 6’2” (188cm)
Hair: Ginger orange. Reaches down past his rear. Tail reaches his knees.
Eyes: Mauve. Occasionally wears contact lenses of various colours.
Handedness: Ambidextrous.
Scars: His torso has a mosaic of old scars from cuts, burns and bruises that didn’t fully heal. He has a scar on his right thigh from surgery to repair a broken femur, which happened when he was around thirteen.
Love Interest: Unattached (though there are rumours).
Language: Fluent in Japanese, English and Latin. In the process of studying Russian, but only knows the basics at present. Also well-versed in sign-language, though Ritsu may not know signing that is regionally particular.
Personality: There are many sides of Ritsu. He is calculating, logical, and pragmatic when it comes to languages and medicine, but is typically absent-minded and a flake in social scenarios. He is good at sensing emotional discontent in others, and is a good shoulder to unload upon; he will sit and listen and offer whatever comfort he can, but generally avoids giving advice as his cynical views on relationships often hurt more than they help. Ritsu is also someone who can be unintentionally cruel – he is the affectionate sort and enjoys being in the company of others, but suffers from abandonment issues, so he does not view any relationships on a serious level, and will pull away/disappear if the other person seems intent on making it serious. The cruelty comes in the form of aloofness, used to absolve himself of responsibility for the other person’s feelings.
Mannerisms: Has the cutest “mew?” face, especially when caught off-guard by sudden physical affection (like hugs from behind). When thinking, if he has a pen, he’ll dangle it between his teeth. Wears glasses for effect, not because he requires them to see. Enjoys having his hair messed up if his head is skritched, but otherwise, keeps it and his tail brushed, so that the messiness is controlled. Always wears his tie loose, and prefers to wear a doctor’s jacket, whether actively practicing or not. Will occasionally run his hand into his hair when in thought. Physical displays of affection include nuzzling and gentle licks (if he trusts the other person enough).
Likes: Hot milk in the place of coffee and tea (though he will drink tea on occasion). Sushi and seafood in general. Ramen. Pizza. Warm biscuits with butter. Melon pan. Nuzzling. Having his head skritched. The coolness brought by most rainstorms. The feeling of snowflakes in his hair.
Dislikes: Sweet things, soda included (though he is okay with most juices). Beef. Potato chips. Humidity (bothers his hair). The reality of being unloved by the general population for being alive. Forcefulness. Being judged. Dishonesty (himself included if the situation occurs). His height (when it makes others uncomfortable).

**Fun fact: A Kemo-neko's tongue is drier than that of a human's but wetter than an actual cat's, so their licks have a different friction and sensation than either species.

Background Details *more to come*

Ritsu has both human and feline DNA in his blood. It’s not really clear in society how where this genetic anomaly originated from – rumours are secret experiments that were abandoned before the results began appearing in the offspring of those tested (or following generations of same), but nothing has ever been officially confirmed or denied. Those who are born with this anomaly are designated as “Kemonomimi” and typically shunned by the rest of society. If not shunned, then objectified, continually reminded they are not truly human. Of course, there are some who treat the “kemos” with respect, but they are few and far between.

Ritsu was abandoned by his parents when he was three; they were fed up with the “humiliation” of having given birth to a “kemonomimi”’ and chose to leave him in the parking lot of a store, in a district he’d never been before, than give up the house and their marriage. Ritsu was picked up by a nice couple before he wandered too far, who took care of him for the next few years. They taught him English and Japanese in tandem; he excelled at languages from the beginning and was as fluent in both as any kid his age would be with a language. Ritsu was home-schooled during these years, but didn’t suffer too much loneliness for peers as his parents were quite attentive and fond of him. However, when Ritsu was almost ten, his adoptive mother was deported on passport troubles, and his father returned to the United States with her; they were not allowed to bring Ritsu with them as they never officially filed paperwork to legalize an adoption.

Orphanages only deepened Ritsu’s trust issues, and were the beginning of many years of abuse and bullying. Being forced into a public school only deepened the reality that he was anathema to most of his peers and the adults. His excellent grasp of academics and good reflexes in gym period, kept him on the good side of the school faculty, and he got through high school without much resistance. Any friendships he did have were ephemeral, ended by the other person with little warning. He got into a good medical University and devoted his time to studying basic medicine and reflexology. His biggest challenge now is finding a job – despite his qualifications, the hospitals and smaller doctor’s offices prefer not to bring a “genetic anomaly” into their space.

Ritsu has been in a couple relationships, but they quickly became master-servant in nature, wherein Ritsu was treated not even as a “pet” but like a toy to be played with. As a result, Ritsu wants nothing to do with serious relationships, tired of getting his hopes up and being hurt in the process. That said, Ritsu does like physical affection (head skritches, hugs, massages (both given and received), so while he can gain an odd companion still, he is wary of their loyalty and will go his own way if their attachment seems to hint at romantic permanence.


My newest adoptee. :heart: I really do have this thing for tall redheads, don't I? *smacked*
Again, I don't know when/if I'll get the chance to write any long stories about this handsome dude but his backstory just pulled together after another crossover with ~pink-KILLER's characters from The Way to Your Heart. :lol: That is a commission to be requested soon. ^/////^

Ritsu, his character profile and story © me

Artwork © :icongaku-pon:…
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Name: Jack Fiets
Title: Knight/Knave of Diamonds
Age: 27 (will live longer than a normal human because of his lineage)
Height: 5'10"
Hair: Snowflake white with streaks of blood red
Eyes: Crimson (streaks of violet appear when he uses his ability)
Handedness: Ambidextrous but favours the left
Scars/Marks: Some wounds from fights, but nothing significant. Has a diamond shaped birthmark beneath his left eye.
Love Interest: Chrysalis
Territory: Diamond Empire
Personality: Chivalrous (often to an annoying degree though sometimes done intentionally to annoy). Considerate. Attentive. Warm. However, cold and calculating in a fight.
Mannerisms: Leaning close and touching his fingertips to the face of the person he's talking to when they're being difficult with answers. Pinching the corner if his glasses between his thumb and forefinger and tipping them in a way to catch the light in the glass. Flips between a sweet smile and taunting smirk, audience dependent. Naps more than sleeps because of nightmares.
Likes: Coffee, hazelnut blend (if he can get it). Red meat (medium rare) with caramelized onions. Fish, especially Tarot Pyke with lemon. Otherwise, prefers a vegetarian diet. Milk in coffee only (though that's changing to more because of Chrysalis). Thunderstorms, forked lightning. Fiction novels. the sea-salt scent of the ocean.
Dislikes: Poultry. Juice. Most pasta. Potatoes (exception: yams). Sweets. Deck swabbing. History texts. Being confined to one place for too long.

Background Details *more to come*

**Jack is one of the Card Suits, quadruplet siblings with special abilities that are divided amongst the four main continents. Please see the link in the comments for more details on their lineage and abilities**

Unlike his siblings, Jack disliked staying in the castle of the Diamond territory. He understands his role as its defender, but he quite dislikes being confined. Since his specialty is swordplay, he preferred going out and looking for rule-breakers to discipline. Quite often, he’d be challenged by ambitious individuals, seeking to take down the Knight of Diamonds, not just from enemy territory but the Diamond inhabitants too.

The closest Jack has been to defeat without needing to use the breadth of his ability was at the sword of Captain Angela Diamant, a well-known, mostly respected pirate of the Diamond Seas. She’s also well-known to other territories, though not quite as respected. Being impressed with Jack’s abilities, Captain Angela offered him a place on her crew, a varied band of bounty / treasure hunters, which Jack immediately accepted. Being confined to a ship for days to weeks brought new scenery and new challenges, exactly what he needs to keep his skills sharp. He still defends the Diamond continent, often using his new occupation for reconnaissance and information retrieval, but returning to the castle as its defender when needed. Captain Angela puts his place in her crew at a higher priority than letting him go entirely, so she does give him leave provided his loyalty remains unquestioned. Jack has no reason to risk his new career, so he gives no reason for Angela to doubt him.

Jack has a soft spot for Chrysalis, having saved her from a band of known troublemakers while The ________ (still need a ship name) was docked at Karat Kove. He can’t help wanting to protect her from the world, though this is long before he finds out she is a Wayfinder and she truly does need his protection. She seems fragile to him, ephemeral, as if he could lose her if he turned his head for a moment. He rather enjoys being “her” knight, and often plays the role to excess, much to the chagrin of their shipmates; Chrysalis doesn’t seem to mind though.

Captain Angela has forbidden Jack to use his “Card” ability without her permission, as he is weak to bouts of bloodlust when he uses it. She is currently unaware that Chrysalis has been able to reach him when he loses control.


For information on the Card Suit Siblings, go here: Card Suits
Card Suit Siblings

Born from the union of a mortal woman, Vanille Tertia, and the demon, Arkanial, these individuals all contain special abilities that are related to their sight. They wear glasses in order to see as an ordinary human.

The abilities were meant to exist in one individual (as is the case with Joker, see below), but Vanille's second pregnancy ended with quadruplets, and the four abilities divided amongst them.

(This is just an overview of their abilities, the limitations, etc. so that I don't have to repeat the information in their profiles.)


The four individual suits live in separate territories of the same name (exam

Jack Fiets © me
Artwork belongs to :iconfunnifox:…
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Name: Ashura Daman
Title: Captain. Also called a variety of names by his lover.
Age: 28
Height: 6'1"
Hair: White with scattered black stripes and blue tips.
Eyes: Gold
Handedness: Right
Scars/Marks: Various cuts and marks from fights over the years.
Love Interest: Past: Elliot. Present: Sabato [ ]
Employer: The Elusive One
Personality: Acts confident and perverse to fill the void in his heart. Is considered a jerk by anyone who knows him and Ashura would prefer that to people thinking he's weak. Abides by the rule "survival of the fittest" unless someone is causing harm and torment for personal pleasure. Incessant flirt.
Mannerisms: [need time to word these properly. Hahaha.]
Likes: Mocha lattés. Meat (leans towards carnivore). Midnight snacks. Sweet things. The rain (unless he's tracking something). Sabato. Sex (yeah...).
Dislikes: Vegetables. Tomatoes. Snow. People trying to get to close to him.

Background Details *more to come*

Ashura suffers abandonment issues faced when his mother abandoned him in the wild while they were being chased by predators. He keeps himself together by believing she didn't come back because she wasn't able to escape, but every so often, he dreams of seeing her living happily and celebrating that she was no longer burdened with a bastard child she never wanted.

Growing up in the wilderness, Ashura learned the cruelties of life. Only the strong could survive on their own, and that's what Ashura wanted to be. He wouldn't commit to relationships, seducing (or blackmailing) others into casual one-night-stands, and unlike his usual pursuit of wilderness law, Ashura has no desire to procreate. He'd sleep with women if approached and bored, but much prefers male lovers. Never above taking what he wants, which only increases his poor reputation. As he got older, Ashura started working as a soldier-for-hire, eventually accepting a contract position as a guard captain for The Elusive One.

Elliot Monrey was the first one who showed not disgust for Ashura but sympathy, seeing beyond his callousness when Ashura blackmailed Elliot as a method of interrogation (details won't be written here). Opening up a wound Ashura thought he'd long plastered over, Elliot soon became someone Ashura pursued seriously. Even as Elliot insisted he was in love with another, Ashura didn't want to let this one slip away.

On one of many freelance missions (which The Elusive One would send him on sometimes), Ashura came across an Anomalous Qwaris named Sabato, whom the human race is bent on destroying, as they claim he's a menace. Ashura saw nothing of a menace, only abuse of power dealt by the humans. Going against the mission, Ashura aided Sabato's escape. They continued to meet in unexpected ways.

Many rejections and circumstances tangled up with Elliot later, Ashura returned to his heartless, wild state. He'd finally accepted that he was unlovable and no longer wished to put himself in situations that would lead to being hurt. Until Sabato returned, bringing with him a confession Ashura never expected.


Ashura Daman © Me
Artwork belongs to :iconcrestvyne:…

Elliot Monrey © Me
Sabato © :iconwhispertothestars:
The Elusive One © :icondoomdweller:

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Requested by :iconrosco-128:.

A group of Australian Army soldiers prepare to storm into a room where several soldiers from [Insert Evil Country Here] are hiding in.

Prior to enter, one of the Australian Soldiers prepares to drop a hand grenade into the room.

Note: I'm not sure what's the actual phrase that's being said when a grenade is thrown in the Australian Army. Perhaps the whole "Fire in the hole" phrase is no longer in use anywhere... but if someone knows this for sure then I'd like to know.

Title will remain as it is as I'm uber-lazy at picking good titles. =P

Auscam was a b*tch to make. I need a PS brush to make that work easier. T_T

Other than that here's another finished request :) Not one of my finest but I did my best at coloring it.

Will get on the next one ASAP.

I hope you like this.

See'ya in the Battlefield! :salute:
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Requested by :iconklein01:

A new day is starting in World War 2 Europe.... and the first order of business is.... killing natzees! :iconaldoraineplz:


Anyway, here we see a US Army Soldier in typical WW2 uniform (I tried to be accurate but I improvised several details), holding a M1A1 Thomson Submachine Gun. He's pin down in the corner of a building and is unable to run across the other side of the street due to a well placed MG-42 crew. In addition, a little rain (Note, It's NOT pouring out there so there still sun) and the sun right behind the enemy MG position make things quite harder for this GI Joe.

This is not inspired by anything in particular and the project started as something far more simplier but I couldn't resist trying to make it more complex and... well. You can judge by yourself.

Be gentle. ^^;

One thing I tried to replicate was the impact of bullets in a solid surface like a wall. Bullet impacts in detail are amazingly rare (Given the sort of art I do). I hope they're good because I've been mostly playing around with some PhotoShop brushes to achieve that.

I hope you guys like it.

See'ya in the Battlefield! :salute:

PS: Made myself a new Avatar, 'though I may change it again in the near future. :)
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Requested by :iconrobotmonkey91:

Two soldiers of the Swedish Army are fighting against [Insert random enemy force] in the forests of [Insert random location on Earth].

Both are holding Ak 5 assault rifles: [link]

Not much to say... just two soldiers fighting off an unseenable enemy (Which is another way to say they're in deep trouble =P ). Ence the use of the term "Fog of war" as title.

If you look closely to where the soldier on the left is firing you'll see small flashes which represent where the enemy forces are. If you can't see them... then the title applies perfectly! :D

The Ak5's do look a bit small but that's an issue of perspective... I still have to practice more. :| The STANAG magazine that the right soldier is loading looks indeed shorter that it should be. That was me screwing up again.
Another part I screwed up was the arms of the left soldier. :( They look too small.

I have drawn this before the "Why I joined the Deutsches Heer" picture but I didn't got into coloring after I uploaded that picture =P

The thing that cost me a lot of work is that damn camouflage pattern the swedes have :XD: : [link] That's totally made with the pencil tool. So it wasn't as easy as other patterns I colored.
I guess I should have done some brushes for this pattern. ;P

It's also amazing how I can spend half the time working on details that I will later blur or cover with another layer making them hard to spot. ^^; I need to work on my coloring process.

Anyway... I hope you like this. Now I'm oficially out of linearts to color. I'll see if today or tomorrow I can get into finish drawing those two Leopard 2A6s MBTs I promised a while back. Wish me luck :XD:

And see'ya in the Battlefield! :salute:
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This is Natinae, a character that belongs to my friend, :iconnatinae:  I thought she looked super cute so I decided to draw her ^_^ I was originally just going to do a sketch, but I liked how it turned out so I decided to finish it. Hope you enjoy :la:

Character and designs belong to :iconnatinae:
Art by :iconlunalli-chan:
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So, here's my OC, Serenity, again ^_^ For this, I was designing a new outfit for her and also wanted to give her a bit of a tougher look than I usually do. And I'm back to my forest backgrounds XD I just love drawing trees :D I think I'm really improving at it too. Still need to work on bushes/leaves, though. Anyway, hope you enjoy!
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Did a lot of experimenting with this one (and I even drew a background again!!) I really like how it turned out. Hopefully I can remember how I did everything for next time ^.^' Anyway, hope you enjoy!
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