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August Literature DD Round Up:iconirrevocablefate:
Features by IrrevocableFate 

Features by GrimFace242
Thirty Three Percent by UntamedUnwanted Bombadil by rlkirkland eugenics in bulk by straygod Ain't No Redemption - Chapter One by mnmccarthy Glass Memories by Oldsoul-Mira I'm An Again by ArgusPaul [songs of rain] by sea-rchlight what love is not. by amour-raven A Guide to Writing Dialogue by tie-dye-flag Floodgates by awholelotofflowers Pro-Choice by Yamiga Short Poem by smith4891 Andromeda by SavageFrog You Were Not An Aquarium Boy by IrrevocableFate
Features by neurotype
Teacher's Pet Sneaks Out by Rovanna Through all this Light by AllytotheQuaking Samantha Dunmore by ChildOfTheWest The Girls My Mama Warned Me About--- FFM Day 3 by RavenXNevermore My First Pet by raspil Grandfather by BlueStanza Faeriefire by Atheshya Trivela by trueshinken love people by boundlessgravity
Features by ShadowedAcolyte
making tea by kilkegard consensus + AUDIO by Wordeea The Son, the Father, and Whatever is Holy by The-Ditch-Digger Waiting by SilverInkblot Don't Fall In Love With A Writer by Milk-and-Pie Bad Luck by CailinLiath Liquor is one way out an'death's the other by grew-up-a-screw-up Crumb Tiger by PoeticWar Caitlin by hopeburnsblue Cresting Peaks by SpriteBlayde Spectra by somethingzenzen Love Letters from a Typhoon by Drunken-Splice Nervous Movement by joeyws91
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