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What the hell I was thinking when I make this?

XDDDD I don't f*cking know...!!!!

Just about the last part... :/ I really wonder why Hidekaz-san forgot Native Americans? ._.

Axis Power Hetalia and USA//Alfred F. Jones belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
New Spain-México//Daniel García Hernández belongs to :icontifamex:
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"Du bist mein" means "You are mine" in german...

Okay! In both World Wars, Germany tried to add México their side

In WWI, the Zimmerman telegram was sended to Mexico's president, but he refused the offer because México wasn't in good conditions for the Revolution's fault...

England stole that telegram and gave it to USA XDUUUU Bad Iggy! Bad!

In WWII...well, Germany tried again and México gave the same excuse of "we aren't in good conditions for that"...

Also...USA was trying to add México to the allies...and England too :XD:

why? Easy, Mexico was their major source of oil...and If them join to the axis...well, bye bye~ oil!

Until April 23, 1942. Germany attacked a mexican oil tanker, called "Tamaulipas". In May 13 and 14 of the same year were attacked the tankers "el Potrero del Llano" and "el Faja de Oro"

In total were six mexican tankers sunk by Germany...and then, México join to the allies

Doitsu was very mad!!! D:

...I can't stop of laugh with this explanation, sorry XDDDDDD...

Ah...about the flags in México's wrists...:/ well, the two reasons why joined to the allies! XDDD

I know...I fail drawing the american and british flag :I


Axis Power Hetalia and that sexy german Germany//Ludwig belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
México//Daniel García Hernández belongs to :icontifamex:
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Esto es de lo que te hablaba :iconchami-ryokuroi: ;3

Well, this is like a personal project XD...

You know, in September, Mexico will fulfill 200 years of the Independence!!! :iconlawooplz: Also...100 years of the Revolution XD

So, I'll do some stripes about the Conquista, Colony and Independence :dummy:

I hope don't disappoint anyone ^^;

:bulletblue:Who's Tochtli?

Is how Daniel [[México]] was called by his grandpas before Antonio changed his name...Tochtli means 'bunny' in nahuatl :meow:

:bulletblue:Who are Acamapichtli's brothers?

Mexica/Aztec Empire wasn't the only empire here in Mexico, also existed Chichimeca Empire, Tolteca Empire, Tlaxcalteca Empire, Olmeca Empire, Teotihuacan Empire, Maya Empire...and just in the south..because in the north were more! :XD: Daniel had a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG family

:bulletblue: What's an ahuehuete tree?

[link] :meow: ah! by the way, the ahuehuete tree where Hernan Cortez cried exist yet

:bulletblue:The god Spain => [link]

Axis Power Hetalia and Spain//Antonio Fernández Carriedo belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
Mexica (Aztec) Empire//Acamapichtli belongs to :icontifamex:
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Duh! Its Canada, cabrón!
Ok, the "cabrón" part was added once I saw one of the new episode of RayWilliamJohnson xD [link]
I LMAO'd and I decided to add it xD
CandaxMexico needs more love D:!
Really! This nations are like super BFFs! D:
And I'm sure they love each other :iconpervyfranceplz:
[link] There's some info of Mexican-Canadian relationship... yeah, it's wikipedia xD
Also they visit each other's house pretty frequently! A million canadians visit Mexico during a year, and more than 200,000 mexicans visit Canada.
Plus, Canada helped Mexico when Tabasco was really damaged by floods D:
...Actually I think it's the only nation that frequently helps Mexico in times like those.
Therefor, I'm sure Mexico loves him!:iconyaycanadaplz:

Canada/Matthew Williams (c) Hidekaz Himaruya.
Mexico/Alejandra González Hernández (c) me.
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"Je veux ton amour et je veux ton revenge, Je veux ton amour".
(I want your love and I want your revenge, I want your love)

Inspired by Lady Gaga's Bad Romance & Ke$ha ft. 3oh!3's My first Kiss.

In 1862 France took Mexico over, during the Second French Empire. I won't go in details, but Francis ruled in Mexico for 5 years, until June of 1867.
So this allows a little France x Mexico? xD
IDK, I like France, and both of these countries are kinda pervs (possibly Francis influenced Mexico?) so xD

Here are some details about the French Intervention in Mexico, if you want to know [link]

Francis Bonnefoy (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
María Alejandra Adela González Hernández/ México (c) Me (:
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I've been listening to german songs and... somehow this came out.
I ignore how Mexico got into this xD
And the song that brought this up was... Deutschland by Die Prinzen.
Nice song xD Made me laugh a couple times xD
Like at the very begining were it says "Of course a German invented "Wanna bet...?" ... Many thanks for the enjoyable hours c:"

I think that as soon as I finish the italian classes, I'll start german c:
I'm falling for the language and its sound c:

Ludwig/Germany (c) Hidekazu Himaruya
María Alejandra Adela González Hernández/México (c) *DreamingSoLoud
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Tittle: Independent
Mexico: *Waiting*
Spain: *Is writing something. Stands up* Here it is.
Mexico: *Observes* *Gets Nervous* (Thinking: I never thought Spain would be looking at me that way... Stop looking at me!)
Spain: *sighs* Mexico!!
Mexico: Eh? What?
Spain: Look how much you have grown! You are a man now!
Mexico: We-well, of course!! I just beat you after all! Stop touching me! I'm not a brat!
Spain: You are still my baby, though~
Mexico: Hell no!!

Extra> [link]
Errr, should I add a translation? I mean, I think it's really self-explanatory... so it shouldn't be difficult to understand what's going on..
In case you want a translation, tell me.
sorry, I have so many uncompleted drawings, this was one of them XDD (I finished a few so expect me spamming ur inbox (if u watch me) for the next few hours/days, sorry lol)

I came up with this with some of the comments on the picture of Mexico's independence I did for Sept.16
Sorry it's so.... not detailed XDD
Hopefully it gives the effect I want.
Oh, there's an extra part coming, by the way.

Extra> [link]
Tengo demasiados trabajos incompletos y este era uno. XDD (Como este, acabo de terminar otros asi que perdonen si empiezo a subir demasiadas cosas en las siguientes horas/dias XD)
Esto lo hice basandome en algunos de los comentarios en mi otro dibujo.

Pues, como que Juan Carlos se ve algo grosero no? XDD perdon Toñooo, es que andaba emocionado.
No tengo mucho que decor mas que que me gusto hacerlo y como quedo, nomas que les pido perdon por la muy mala calidad del scan.

Hay una parte extra, por cierto, que la voy a editar y subir enseguida.

Juan Carlos (Mexico OC) © Skrlt
España aka Antonio from Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya

PS: No es Juan, ni Carlos, es Juan Carlos TT^TT (perdon por se tan drama queen por algo tan peque, pero es que... no se.. juan y carlos solos se oyen,.... mehh)
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Continuation to this > [link]


Spain: Well, see ya later
Mexico: Eh? You have to leave already?
Spain: Well, you see, I have to go sign like, 20 more of those (the independence papers. In case you don't know, Spain had lots of colonies that acquired independence around the same years as Mex)
Mexico: I see
Spain: *whisper* Plus, I don't have anything else to do here
Mexico: Well,... I know that you don' have any reason to come back, but...

If you want to you can come visit... I don't know, come to eat tacos or drink beer, or something...

The fact that I am now independent doesn't mean we can't see each other anymore.
Spain: My baby!!!
Mexico: Spain!! get off, get out, back off, JUST LEAVE ALREADY!!!

He's not so rebellious now that mommy daddy is leaving XDD
Poor of Antonio, a lot of his kids were leaving him around that time XD (I know they weren't all at the same time but him having to go sign more papers about independence, well sounded sort of funny ^^u sorry Antonio TT^TT Now it sounds sort of cruel OTL)
But as I already said before, I don't think Antonio would be so dramatic about it... more like he would be happy for all of his children.
I feel like it's a little meh... But I still like it because of their expressions >w<

Sorry if you don't understand my writing =.=u!! I will change it if there's trouble.
Continuacion a esto > [link]

Ya no es tan rebelde ya que mami papi se esta llendo no? XDD
Pobresito Toño, todos sus niños lo andaban dejando en esos tiempos. (Ya se que no fueron todos al mismo tiempo, pero eso de que tiene que irse a firmar mas papeles de independencia, pues... Sonaba algo gracioso ^^u perdona Toñooo TT^TT ahora se oye algo cruel OTL)
Pero como ya dije antes, no creo Antonio se haya puesto todo dramatico, pienso que se hubiera sentido feliz por todos sus peques ^^

Siento que esta medio raro este strip pero pues me gustaron mucho sus expresiones >w<
Perdon si no entienden mi letra =.=u lo corregire si se les dificulta leerlo.
Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
Mexico OC (aka Juan Carlos) © skrlt

(Enserio que me estan dando ganas de cambiarle el nombre XDD)
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Spain- Let's go, Mexico! It's late, you have to go sleep!
Mexico- Shut it! You are not my boss!
Spain- If you don't got to sleep, the "Cucuy"* is gonna come for you!
Mexico- Damn, Spain, you are gonna pay for this! ...In the morning...

*Cucuy is like the boogey man or the devil (laos known as "coco" or "cuco", I'm pretty sure every mexican kid knows about this, because parents have scared all of us at some point with this.

So comment or the Cucuy is gonna come for u.

EDIT2 A sequel/prequel [link] to learn who is actually to blame for el coco

EDIT Ok, I "researched" a little (Wikipedia FTW). The Coco/Cuco/Cucuy, comes from Portugal (So, everyone, we can thank Portugal for our childhood misery XD). The name is due to a ghost with a pumpkin head, which has to do with coconut or something like that. Also, I discovered, Cucuy is known between the Mexican-American people, so since I grew up in a city close to the border that's how I learned to call it cucuy XDD).

Para aquellos que no lo conocen (no estoy segura si el cucuy es conocido en algun otro pais), el cucuy, tambien conocido como el coco o el cuco, es un ser inventado que los padres y adultos usan para asustar a los niños.

Asi que comenten o el Cucuy se los va a llevar.

EDIT2 Una secuela/precuela [link] para que vean quien tiene la culpa del coco.

EDIT Hice un poco de "investigacion" (Wikipedia, por supuesto XD). El coco, al parecer, viene de Portugal (Asi que, todos, podemos agredecerla a Portugal por nuestra miseria infantil XD). El nombre viene de un fantasma con un cabeza de calabaza, que parecer ser tiene algo que ver con coco (la fruta). Ademas, descubri,que el nombre "Cucuy" es mas conocido entre la gente Mexico-Americana, y como yo creci en una cuidad pegada a la linea Mexico-EUA, me lo aprendi asi. Asi que, como casi todos lo conocen como el coco, le voy a cambiar al comic.

Sources [link] (English)
[link] (Español)
Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
Mexico (Juancarlos) © ~skrlt
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Por que eventualmente uno se harta de tanta violencia.

La mayoría de éstos hechos son inventados, puesto que si puedo creer que hayan pasado/puedan suceder.

Vestido corto por que no supe como doblárselo para hacerlo largo. Si les gusta, comenten, se agradece el comentario.
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    I must sa that you always are in my mInd, because you are Loveable, Outstanding, Variable, Enthusiactic and... the love of my life. You, sir, are perfect for me, despiting your mistakes.

    Would you be my valentine?

Perhaps I was in a romantic mood. Happy capitalism in a heart shape day. Quesadilla Burger ftw.

Mexico's design (c) ~SupremeChocolateLove
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Si a nadie se le había ocurrido, me reíre en serio.
(No offense to the fangirls whatsoever)

Sé la historia detrás de su paradero y la razón por la cual sigue allí, gracias. :heart:

Austria (c) Hidekazu Himaruya
Mexico's design (c) ~SupremeChocolateLove


Unless that I allow you to.
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Version en Español [link]

I ASK READERS TO CLICK ON MY ID IMAGE TOO, you don´t have to see it, just clicking it would be enough and it would be nice :)

Hi, a new one although mexicans are not the only latins that do hold grudges for a long time.

I had fun trying to draw other characters, but the only one that I liked how it ended up was Italy -_-0 (he´s so cute that ruining him would be hard)

As always please tell me your opinions and stereotypes of Mexico, mexicans and latins in general.

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I ASK READERS TO CLICK ON MY ID IMAGE TOO, you don´t have to see it, just clicking it would be enough and it would be nice :)

I was going to post another Hetalia strip called "weapon of choice" but since the issue about this happened I found myself in need of doing some sort of response.

All the mexican inventions are completely true, research if you want because I don´t have enough space to explain all of them.

And Im also not the only one that defended México with humor, Dross, a guy from Venezuela that lives in Argentina also made this [link] however his response contains hard language, so be advised.

By the way, all those INVENTIONS ARE REAL.


Hi there, you probably saw in the news that a BBC program called top gear made some racist comments (claiming them to be humour) about mexicans while presenting the mastretta mxt, a mexican sports car [link] .

This is my response in counter humor,the thing that bothered me was the things they said about mexican food, I wouldn´t have mind if it were any other country, but UK critizisism food! ( again this is not personal, none of my comics are, in fact I know people from England and we get along quite well, not to mention how well we mexicans get along with Irish and scotts).

OH, And all those inventions are true (direcxtly or co-directly) those we´re all made by mexicans, however some weren´t patented inside México. Mexico exports brains and intelligense, theres a statistic that says that everyday 4 mexicans with doctorate level leave the country everyday, so if you though about mexicans as illiterates then think again.



Any questions about México feel free to ask and please comment. As always leave your suggestions, comments and opinions about everything and anything, special international perceptions and affairs between your countries and México, if you would also add your stereotype of your own country (and of Mexico and mexicans).

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In case you were wondering Trotski was killed in Mexico city in 1940 by a soviet mexican agent.

Mexico actually was socialist during president´s Lazaro Cardenas administration, even our eductional sistem tosay is socialist (more or less) and for the other part we know ourselves and our goverment for being really corrupt (probably thanks to all the innesessary burocracy) to the point that people consider corruption not only a good option but a civil right. We have improved but we are still a long way to go.

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:bulletgreen::bulletwhite::bulletred:ESPAÑOL :bulletgreen::bulletwhite::bulletred:
Oficialmente recordamos la batalla de Chapultepec el 13 de septiembre de 1847, cuando la batalla comenzó el día 12 y terminó el 14 después de varios bombardeos a l castillo donde se encontraban la mayor parte cadetes del servicio militar, que oscilaban entre los 14 años de edad, no tenían la obligación de entrar a la batalla, sin embargo se quedaron a defender a su país. Incluso distrayendo a los gringos que los atacaban para que los demás cadetes pudieran escapar. La batalla y la guerra se perdieron, incluyendo territorio mexicano que abarcó Alta California, Texas, Utah, Nuevo México, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona y partes de Wyoming y Arkansas.
Esta vez he usado a Adelita para representar no la pérdida del territorio, si no la perdida de jóvenes soldados que dieron su vida por la patria. En el regazo de Adelita está Juan Escutia, joven cadete que antes de ver su bandera en manos enemigas se cubrió con ella, lanzándose al vacio. Se dice que los soldados estadounidenses que atacaron el castillo no sabían que los ocupantes eran niños sino hasta después del ataque, y escuché por allí que un soldado irlandés dijo “¿Qué hacían los hombres mientras estos niños resistían en el último reducto?” Siendo la razón de la expresión de Alfred. Comencé esto temprano el domingo al estar leyendo reportajes de la fecha histórica pero al medio día se me cerró la garganta y tuve que descansar, luego el lunes me ocupé y hasta ahora termine y no me agrado mucho que digamos el resultado.

:bulletgreen::bulletwhite::bulletred:ENGLISH :bulletgreen::bulletwhite::bulletred:
September 13th of 1847, the battle of Chapultepec. The battle started the 12th and finished the 14th. In the castle were cadets from the military service, young boy of 14 years old. They not had the obligation of fight, but they stayed. Fighting for their country, distracted the enemies so the others cadets could escape. The battle and the war was lost, included Mexican territory (Alta California, Texas, Utah, Nuevo México, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona y partes de Wyoming y Arkansas).
This time I used Adelita representing the loss of the young cadets who gave their lifes for the motherland. On Adelita’s lap is Juan Escutia, who took the flag before see it on the hands of the enemies. It’s said that American soldier who attacked the castle did know that the occupants were children until the attack finished. I read on somewhere that an Irish soldier said “What did the men while this children resist in the last stand?” That’s the reason for Alfred’s expression. I started this on early Sunday because of historical reports of the battle but my throat was closed and I had to rest. And the Monday I was busy so this is the result, I don’t like it at all.

Axis Power Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
Texture `Princess-of-Shadows
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To be realist, Mexican people celebrate Halloween for the influence of USA, and forget our own celebration, at least the people with more influence of our neighbors like on the north of Mexico.

By other hand, poor Adela, Alfred didn't invite her... xDD

yes I know this sucks, I have no excuse for that,


Seamos sinceros, mis paisanos mexicanos celebran más el halloween que nuestro propio día de los muertos, es la globalización despues de todo... pero aún asi sigo peleandome por eso.

Dije que Adela era voluble y vaya que lo es, primero dice que no le importa y al final acaba chillando con Arthur porque no la invitaron a la fiesta de halloween, y eso que es vecina de Alfred.

Ya sé que se ve de la chingada, no tengo excusas para la mala calidad que le estoy poniendo a todo lo que hago, además que Adela parece capirotada.

Axis Powers Hetalia
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Un dia cuando :icontifamex: hizo a mi Adelita con Daniel, dijo que iba a ir al infierno por hacerla sin pedirme permiso. Pues ahora, estoy segura que tendré que crear un nuevo infierno para meterme yo por hacer a Daniel sin pedirle permiso.
Pa acabarla se rompio la hoja y Daniel no salio tan bishie como quisiera T_T ¡Perdón!

*se va rodando lentamente por comer tantos cacahuates y mandarinas de la vendimia del panteón*

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Alfred F. Jones/Estados Unidos de América (c) Himayura Hidekaz
Fernando Díaz del Río/México by me ;3


Bueno, qué les digo?
Es una visualización chafa de todo esto.

Texas ya no nos queria y le quedaban mejor a Alfred. [??]
-Fin de la clase de Historia-
EPIC FAIL! :icongermanyfacepalmplz:
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Estados Unidos/Alfred F. Jones (c) Hidakaz Himayura
Nueva España/Fernando Díaz del Río by me :3

- - - - - - - - - -

Bueno, que les digo? xD Ya tiene rato que no subo nada, a parte de que ando trabajando en otro dibujin de México para esta fechas de fiesta.

Se supone que me me gusta septiembre, pero desde el año pasado no me agrada del todo porque empiezan los exámenes :iconcryforeverplz: Pero ni modo :T

Ahhhhh :iconblushplz: Estos dos individuos son unas cositas feas xD Solo eso xD
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México/Fernando Díaz del Río by :iconhakuzu:

Feliz Cumpleaños~~

-y ese Deviantart sin dejarnos usar la buena Ñ-

Escudo proporcionado por Google Images:heart:
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No tengo tanto tiempo asi q vuelo!!!

La ropa la mi memoria x,D de un catalogo de AVON(?) donde salia un tipo....del cual no me acuerdo su nombre pero canta la del "aventurero"...y salio en "hasta que el dinero no separeeeee(8).." ese!! y tenia una pose parecida

asi que intente acordarme..XD y algo asi quedo

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Este Comic -mini comic-
sale de una broma XD que a mi SIEMPRE me matara de la risa.......bueno
ni broma una triste realidad (triste? a mi me da risa) que muchos mexicanos viven.......

es queeeeeee..ajajajajajajjajaa
enserio creen que es eso!! AJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA
okokoko les explico

-tenia q´poner a un mexico como el "indiorante".....adivinen quien quedo xD charly!-

:bulletred: N.Mexico: -con el himno nacional- Oye Mario...hay algo que no entiendo
:bulletgreen: S.Mexico: (genderbender) Eh? que es Beto?
:bulletred: Te acuerdas de "masiosare" el extraño enemigo?...Por que la neta yo no.....
:bulletgreen: .......
:bulletred: asa ptm! por eso preguntee! <- eeeee~ XD
:bulletgreen: es "mas si osare" seras p*ndejo! como puedes llamarte mi hermano? ya ni la friegas
:bulletred: o no que te suena a "masiosare"?


XD es que en el Himno nacional hay una parte que va "Mas si osare un extraño enemigo Profanar con su planta tu suelo ,Pienso ¡Oh patria queri..tararrara-eso ni importa ahora-"
Y honestamente la mayoria canta "masiosare" , y hay una CONSIDERABLE cantidad de personas que piensan que "masiosare" es el extraño enemigo AJAJAJAJAJ
-por eso me da tanta risa-

-perdonen mis chistes malos...pero lo amo!-

:) y es algo con que los mexicanos viven XD ¿Es "masiosare" un extraño enemigo?
Oh tan epic

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Dialogos :D
España: Debes Abrigarte~
Nueva España: p..pero es tu bufanda!
España: Nada de Peros Carlos!

No se, se me hizo muy lindo el Dibujo, aunque odio como dibujo mis perfiles! me salen fatales Dx
Bueno...espero y les guste uwu

Spain: You should keep warm
New Spain: b..but it´s your Scarf!
Spain: No Buts Carlos!

I dont Speak English at all uU
sorry jajajaja
But It´s a Progress Right?
Well, the draw is cute *A* -nothing to say in english uU-

LPH: Latins Powers Hetalia
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LONG TIME AGO I WAS AN ARTIST...[Or abortion of...] Now? welp, Now I'm Nothing.
Yes Yes. But..Taa'daa! I have a new tablet, so my old 'proyects' will resume....i think.
you know..I'm very Laaazy.

France/ Francis Bonnefoy (c) Hidekaz.
Mexico / Raquel Aragón Hernández (c) Me.
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Ommgggg..lo terminé @a@ Lo terminé *festeja* asdfasd perdón por tardar ó3o estoy a punto de graduarme y tengo muchas vuelts y eso xD Digan NO a las graduaciones (?).
Bueh..esta vez pondré poca información :I ya que ando apuradita..

please,Look the northen Region of Mexico! ^^

Advertencia: No quiero burlarme de algún estado,no es mi estilo,esto lo hago por diversión,y si te sientes ofendido por algún dibujo o lo escrito abajo,lo siento~ .
no quiero causar polémica por algún dibujo pff.
Notas importantes:

* Todos los estados [si no es que alguno se me olvidó ponerselo..o no se ve] tienen un lunar en una zona especifica de la cara,lo que significa el lugar aproximado donde el estado se encuentra dentro del país. [ejemplo: Sonora lo tiene en la parte de arriba de la ceja izquierda porque está al noroeste del país, pero Sinaloa lo tiene en la misma ceja,pero por abajo..osea,significa que Sinaloa está abajo de Sonora].

* No pongo el segundo apellido de los estados,simplemente porque el apellido materno de todos es "Aragón" [so, Mi México se apellida Aragón,sería algo así como que son adoptados (?)] .

* Muchos se preguntarán por que algunos tienen ojos de color,o son blancos o algo así en México la mayoría es moreno! ,bueno..les recuerdo que México es un país mestizo,y por lo tanto hay de todo y para todos.

*Algunas personalidades no van muy acorde al Estado,no hay problema..Mi poca información sobre ese estado es lo que me hace randomear tanto, Si eres de ese estado o sabes algo más sobre el ...Me encantaría que compartieras tu gran sabiduría conmigo! :'D Y yo lo pongo en la Descripción del susodicho.


Human Name: Claudia Aguilar.
Occupation: Construction company.
Age: 21
Likes: Little babies,Food and Sports.
Dislikes: to be called weak or submissive. [but..she is.]
Pet: she doesn't have one :c
Keyword: Adorable.

Claudia is an adorable,sweet and lovely girl who have four little sisters [the Mary Islands],she's serious and nervious with other people,and sometimes she isn't taken into account.

human Name: Pedro Gonzáles.
Occupation: tequila distiller & sometimes Mariachi.
Age: 22
Likes: Tequila,Parties,Food,the Beach,Football,Sing.
Dislikes: Get Bored.
Pet: .....An Agave? (?).
Keyword: He Doesn't have a nickname,sorry. (?)

Jalisco is a thin boy with jet black Hair,he's cheerful and Partier,pedro loves the tequila, he's very good singing.
he has a scar under his eye but nobody knows why.
He's good with the women and children,he enjoys the life bro!.

Human name: Beatriz Márquez.
Occupation: ...she's a baby! D: <
Likes: ...things of children?
Dislikes: When others treat she as a girl [But..she is...]
Age: Around 8 or 9.
Keyword: ...Little baby-girl,d'aww.

Beatriz is a very independent girl despite his age.
she doesn't like to be treated like a child,because she want to be another state of Mexico,she's the second smallest state in the country. and almost never take attention to their advice, despite being pretty smart.

human name: Benjamín Juárez.
Occupation: Unknow...
Age: 19
Likes: The animals,Sleep,enjoy the Life.
Dislikes: well,when they call he "lazy" [HE ONLY LIKES SLEEP (?)].
Pet: ...monarch butterflies?!

Benjamín is the sleeping beauty,but..Wait! He isn't Lazy,he really work,and very Hard,Anothers States make fun of he because he always sleep..well, LEAVE BENJAMIN ALONE (?).

Human name: Jaime Bastidas.
Occupation: Charro/Horsemen.
Age: 17
Likes: charrería [go google it],Horses,etc.
Dislikes: Huh, the Federal District? [D.F,Mexico city] (?).
Pet: His Horse, Ivo.

Jaime is an energetic and lonely boy, who can not sit still for a moment,he needs to feel free to be Happy.
His Only Frend is Ivo his Horse,altough he is a lonely boy,he isn't a bad person,or bitter,he's cheerful and charming boy,but he's a bit Shy.

Tlaxcala :
Human name: Mateo Flores.
Occupation: ...he's a little boy,he doesn't work at all.
Age: 6.
Likes: football,sports,play marbles etc.
Dislikes: ..Girls. [What?,he's a little boy,he still does not know how good of women (?)].
With Mateo [Matty for friends (?)] is the same story that Beatriz,but..he's the Smallest State in Mexico,and the Youngest too,he have 6 years, and is the little brother of the Mexico state.

Puebla :
Human Name: Rosario de los Ángeles.
Occupation: ..Unknow.
Age: 23.
Likes: ...Eww, Traditions? (?).
Dislikes: most people,rebellious teenagers [She's Like a Grandma! Dx]

Puebla is one of the eldest states [in Age],she's traditional,serious,responsible,protective and a bit emotionless.
But,she's really sweet with people who she thinks worth.
She thinks she's the older sister of all the states [sorry Rosario,but you're not.]
She only talk when she thinks is necessary,thanks to that almost no one recognizes her's a mystery of the life..

Human Name: Rocío 'Chio' Martínez.
Occupation: She work in a restaurant.
Age: 19.
Likes: People,Music,children,give a ride sometimes,culture,travel,talk with friends.
Dislikes: the Bored people.

'Chio' is the most hyperactive girl in Mexico..Uu
She can not be in the same place for a long time..She gets bored easily.
she's one of the most important states in the Country,and it's one of the eldest of those. [Same with Puebla,but both are different..very different].
She's VEEERY Cheerful and playful,she like to travel and play music with her Shakers.
she is very intertwined with the Caribbean countries since the new spain era's.
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Awws~ perdonen si está feo y/o se ve perezoso el dibujo, xDDD es que..pueees..está hecho feo y perezosamente e-eUU
Solo lo subo para pedir que tengan paciencia DD: Plz,estoy en semana de examenes:iconchibispainplz:,hasta el jueves subiré dibujos "decentes" XDDDDUU uff...el Lunes con exámen de Historia *-*! amo historia WOOHO! :D

América (c) Himaruya-san
Spain (c) Himaruya-San
México (c) Neko Di'Jones
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At the nigth before Christmas NORTE (North Mexico) and his brother MEXICO (South Mexico) are celebrating a posada and the piñata is France (North hates France...)

Is for the contest :iconhetalia-artists-ve:

Las Posadas is a nine-day celebration with origins in Spain, now celebrated chiefly in Mexico and Guatemala, beginning December 16th and ending December 24th, on evenings (about 8 or 10 PM).

France (c)Hidekaz Himaruya
North&Mexico (c) GYRHS
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My part of the art trade with *Carolraven
Hope you like it :la:

Sorry for my bad english... u_uU
She requested me her Brazil OC's teasing Norte.

Maiara, Paulo and Amazonia (c) *Carolraven
Norte and Mexico (c) ~GYRHS
Hetalia (c) Hidekazu Himaruya
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El día de muertos es mi celebración favorita en el año, ya que tiene una gran base historica y cultural, tanto así que la UNESCO ha declarado a la celebración del día de muertos como patrimonio cultural de la humanidad.
Aquí represente a México con mi OC rodeado de los motivos usados en el altar de muertos como las velas y las flores de cempazuchil.

The Day of the Dead is my favorite holiday of the year, as it has great historical and cultural base, so much so that UNESCO has declared the Day of the Dead celebration as cultural heritage of humanity.
Here representing Mexico with my OC surrounded by the motifs used on the altar of the dead as candles and cempazuchil flowers (cempohuaxóchitl).

sketch [link]
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