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Luv Giricco×Justin~~vV
They are too cute!!>///<
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Giriko and Justin Law from SOUL EATER
I drawn 1 and half years ago^^;
but I still love them!!!!
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I love Giriko×Justin Law and
Noah×Gopher lol
so I draw this picture!
I think they are friend like the family!!!
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YAAAAAY i finally finished = u =
always wanted to make a pic to this song [link]
(lol i had to do Soul Eater)
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lol why did i do this its so lame~

oh and in panel 2 Justin looks like a kitty-cat
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little idea i hatched in muh mind~~

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Giriko and Justin Law from Soul Eater. :love: i LOOOVE this pairing A LOT (really, really a lot). they are two of my favorite characters ever in one of my favorite animes ever.

made with sketch markers and pencil colors.
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FFFFFFFFFFFFFF Justin x Giriko :heart: :heart: -HEART SPAMMAGE-

Quite possibly my favorite pairing in Soul Eater :iconhurrplz: Even though somehow both of them are seme but everybody thinks Justin should be the uke for some reason? Honestly, I think Justin tops Giriko in the seme-ness ;//A//;

Well. This was really fun to color...Ilikedworkingwiththebrightcolors -SHOT-

Here's a Youtube video of the CG process of this picture, from the sketch all the way to the CG: [link]

Justin, Giriko (c) Atsushi Okubo
Art (c) me. No stealing please.
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Mmmm human souls -SHOT-

I kinda don't like this orz;; The stairs were originally curved but then it turned out weird |D And it looks more like a path? -FAILFAIL-

But I love evil Justin <3333 -FANGIRLS- AND I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HIM DO MORE 8D

Justin, Giriko (c) Atsushi Okubo
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..........because he's chill like that -SHOT- xD

Anyway, Justin Law from Soul Eater ^_^ He's become one of my favorite characters -- especially when it comes down to those kickass earphones 8D

Critique much appreciated~

Justin Law (c) Atsushi Okubo

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aaagh i don't even....
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Don't look at me like I know.

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When Giriko said 'some place', Justin didn't think he'd meant 'some place dangerously high upon a cliff outside Death City'.  

Justin gasped and wheezed as he stumbled up the cliffside, occasionally stopping for breath or for Giriko's help in dodging some of the more dangerous areas. They'd been climbing for what seemed like hours when Giriko finally came to a stop and helped Justin with the last few steps, "No stamina, that's your problem." Giriko chuckled watching Justin catch his breath. The younger boy sat on the flatest area he could find, shortly followed by Giriko who then pointed out from the edge of the ridge they were sitting on.

"Okay, now look out there and you'll see why I brought you here."

Justin turned his head to follow Giriko's line of sight and gasped in awe. The sun was just beginning to set over Death City, which looked incredibly small from where they were. But there was also the enourmous valley Death City was sitting in. The high stone cliffs were  absolutely amazing and looked so tall and magestic against the pastel orange sky. The city itself stood out immensely; the glinting lights from street lamps and houses, the people who looked as small as ants, and the centre piece of it all; Shibusen. The tall red spikes stood out, beautifully illuminated in the fading sunlight. The gothic skulls and giant candles looking so much more wonderful than ever before. Justin had never seen anything so beautiful in his life. It was almost like one of those once-in-a-life-time photographs you'd see on the back of a postcard, only this was reality. And it was spectacular.

"Wow, Giriko, this is amazing! I've never seen anything so beautiful~" Justin smiled

"Eh~? What about me?" Giriko asked, putting on mocking puppy eyes and nudging Justin's shoulder.

"Haha, okay, it's the second most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

"Better~" Giriko chuckled. He sat motionless for a while before speaking again "Hey, Justin?"

"Yeah Giriko-kun?"

"Do you like me? Y'know, as in the like like way.."

Justin smiled, "Yes Giriko. I like you a lot. Ever since I first saw you I liked you."

Giriko removed his head from Justin's shoulder and before Justin had time to complain, Giriko took the younger boy into his arms and kissed him passionately. It was so different from before; there was no hesitation from Justin and this time it wasn't just a simple kiss between two people. It was a kiss between lovers. Giriko broke the kiss slowly and stared into Justin's eyes, those beautiful blue eyes.

"Justin," Giriko began, "D-do you...want to.......go  all the way?"

"E-eh? H-how? I mean, we're both guys...." Justin replied sheepishly.

"Well, you.." Giriko whispered into Justin's ear.

The younger boy blushed, "You put it WHERE!? W-won't that hurt!?"

"It will at first but it starts to feel good after a while and they say the pain's nothing compared to the pleasure you get. But if you don't wanna, it's okay..."

"Giriko...." Justin thought for a minute, unsure as to what to do. He loved Giriko but he was also scared. This was his first time and he didn't want to make Giriko upset if he did anything wrong. 'At least I can't get pregnant...' Justin thought.

"Okay Giriko," Justin said, "Let's do it.."

"Fine by me~"

Giriko removed Justin's shirt, throwing it mindlessly to the side as he moved in to attack Justin's pale skin. He made sure to be gentle with the younger boy so as not to hurt him. At the same time, Justin shuddered and moaned under his lover's touch. He felt to good and he could feel his body heating up at every point.

"Justin," Giriko whispered, "I love you.."

That night was one neither of the two would forget. The pleasure they had felt, the way the connected, it was almost too good to be true.

The next day, Justin arrived at Shibusen like usual. Granted, his hips felt a little bruised but he didn't mind that. Besides, after school he'd go to meet Giriko at their make-out spot. He'd said he had some important news. Justin was so excited he didn't see where he was going and walked straight into Spirit Albarn who was currently dragging Stein behind him. No doubt he was trying to dissect another student....again. Spirit looked over to the younger student, "Idiot! Watch where you're going!" He shouted, before dragging Stein away with him. The rest of the day went pretty well; he had managed to scrape a B+ on his Soul Studies test, he somehow survived the terror of Gym Class and no one had beaten him up for his lunch money so he'd actually been able to buy a school lunch for once instead of going home hungry.

Finally, the bell rang to signal the end of the day and Justin raced down the steps of Shibusen to meet Giriko and one monotonous climb later, Justin was eagerly waiting on the older boy. A few minutes later, Giriko appeared, holding a large blue ruck sack.

"What's the bag for Giriko? Are we going somewhere?" Justin asked excitedly.

"No but.....I am." Giriko replied, his smile wavering.

"Huh? W-what do you mean?!"

"I'm sorry Justin but my dad wants me to come back home to Loef Village. He's found a job for me or somethin' and I can't refuse apparently. I don't want to go but I have to. I'm sorry..."

Justin felt tears welling up in his eyes, "No! Please Giriko! Y-you can't leave!! You're the only reason I have to live anymore! Please, don't go.." He cried, sobbing uncontrollably.

Giriko held Justin close in a tight embrace, not wanting to have to leave the one person he cared about the most behind. But he couldn't go against his father's wishes and he had to leave today, otherwise things would only get much harder for Justin. Giriko pulled something out of his pocket and placed it lovingly into Justin's hands.

"Here, I bought these for you since I know how much you like music an' all." Giriko leaned in and kissed Justin softly one last time, "Don't you ever forget me and I promise I'll see you again," he said, wiping a stray tear rolling down Justin's cheek, "Kay?"

Justin nodded sadly and wished Giriko the best of luck as he watced the boy the loved dissapear from his sight...

Four Years Later in Loef Village:

The battle had been fierce between the large stone Golem and the four (counting Ragnorok) students of Shibusen. Giriko smirked. Easy Victory. One student was paralysed and her weapon unable to leave her side. The other pink-haired girl was still trying to fight Giriko but he was much faster and could easily cut through her black blood. However, just as he was about to finish her off, a flash of light brought an abrupt halt to his attacks.

"Oi! What gives!?" Giriko shouted angrily.

"YOU SHALL NOT HARM THESE STUDENTS!" Justin shouted, his headphones making him shout.

"Fuck you!!! I nearly-" Giriko stopped and studied the boy in front of him.

The boy was roughly 18 years old. He had familiar blond hair, cut short under a white cap and blue eyes that were so clear you could've used them as a mirror. It all seemed so familiar and then he saw it. Clutched in the boy's hands. A pair of Skull Earphones he had bought for the boy he had loved and had to leave behind  four years ago.

'No friggin way...' he thought. He looked up at Justin, his eys were watery and his lips curved into a happy smile. Of course, neither Arachne nor the Shibusen students noticed this. However, Giriko did and smiled back, a silent message of recognition only those two could understand. A simple message from one to another;

"I missed you..."

Part 3 and final chapter of my fanfic Coffee.

Part 1 - [link]

Part 2 - [link]

I'm gonna get to work on my Hetalia fics nao~

Soul Eater (c) Atsushi Ohkubo

Original Image (c) Not Me
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Giriko x Justin - Coffee Part 2

Justin stared at Giriko, a look of amazement upon his face. Now he was following him to work!? Justin was so confused. What did Giriko want? Why was he here? Shaking his head, Justin grabbed his note pad;

"Um, what would you like to.......huh? Where did it...?"

Justin searched his pocket for his pen, but no matter how much he searched he couldn't find it. He set his note pad on the table next to Giriko (Who was still smiling and waiting patiently) and searched his shirt pocket and his pants' pockets. Justin sighed and re-tied his apron.

"Is this what you're looking for~?" Giriko smiled, holding Justin's pen.

"Ah! Yeah that's it! Thanks again Giriko~!" Justin said happily, "So what would you like?"

Giriko studied Justin for a moment; his brown eyes looking over every aspect of Justin's features, his eyes half lidded and dream-like in a way that made Justin blush lightly. Justin looked puzzled as a grin spread across Giriko's face before he replied, in a seductive voice;


"Huh...........H-HUH!?" Justin replied.

"I said 'You~' as in," Giriko began, "I want you."

Justin felt his face heat up dramatically. 'I want you'. He replyed those words over and over in his mind, just to be sure that was really what he said. Nope, he really said it! Justin freaked out and blushed redder than a tomato.

"W-W-W-W-W-WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!?" Justin shouted, dropping his notepad.

"I'm thinking that I like you. That simple enough for ya?" Giriko smiled.

"I-I'm sorry b-b-but I....." Justin paused for a moment. He didn't know how to continue that sentence. Instead he decided to retrieve his notepad and resume working. As he bent down to pick up the notepad, Justin jumped as he felt a hand upon his backside. His face became even redder as he turned to face Giriko;


Justin was cut off mid-sentence as a pair of lips met his own. Giriko was no longer sitting down, instead he had gotten up and was now holding onto Justin, his arms resting on his waist. And his tongue had made itself at home in Justin's mouth. For a while Justin was in utter shock. He had never experienced anything like this before. He was sure that this kind of thing was wrong but for some strange reason, it felt so good. Justin tried to break free of the older boy's grasp but to no avail so instead, he kissed back.

Giriko was surprised by Justin suddently kissing back. However, that only made him twice as eager and so he let Justin wrap his arms around his neck as he deepened the kiss. Justin let out a satisfied moan which made Giriko smile against his lips. Eventually, the lack of oxygen began to make Justin light-headed and so they broke the kiss for air. Both stood there panting hard. It had been a good seven minutes kissing after all. Giriko stared into Justin's glassy eyes, shimmering with lust while Justin regained his breath;

"What *pant* was that?"

"That my dear Justin," Giriko smirked, "is called a French Kiss~"

"Well, that was unexpected.."

Both Giriko and Justin turned to where the extra voice had come from. BJ was standing behind the counter holding a cup of coffee.

"Ah, Buttadaki-san!?" Justin cried, "I-I'm so sorry!! I promise it won't-"

"Hey, hey, it's okay Justin." BJ replied, "If you'd wanted some alone time with your boyfriend all you needed to do is ask~"

"B-but what about my shift?"

"Don't worry about it! You come into work everyday, heck you even come in when it's your day off! You deserve a break. Now, go have fun. That's an order~" BJ said, his tone kind and jokey.

And before another word was said Giriko grabbed Justin's hand and sped out the door;

"Thanks dude!" Giriko shouted as BJ watched the two leave, a smile on his face.

"Well, now that they're gone I can help myself to some coffee~"

Justin tried to keep up with Giriko as he sped along the road and through the park holding his hand;

"Wait! Giriko! Where are we going?!"

"You'll see~! There's some place I wanna show you!"
Part 2 of my fanfic Coffee.

Part 1 - [link]

Part 3 - [link]

Soul Eater (c) Atsushi Ohkubo

Original Image (c) Not Me
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There Justin stood on the steps of Shibusen, smiling at the sun as another day came to an end. It was to be like every other day; get to Shibusen, work, go to part-time job then go home. Simple, but today there was something different waiting at the front enterance. The headboy and some of his "assistants" were trying to throw something down the steps. It was a boy, about three years older than Justin, who was being dragged from the main entrance by the furry hood of his coat by three older students while the other two stood back to watch as the boy savagely kicked and writhed all over the place;

"Hey, c'mon! I'm here to see a friend of mine! You're supposed to let guests in!" he replied. It sounded as though he'd been hit several times in the nose.

"What's their name?" Jackson, the head boy, asked.


"Your friend," Jackson said gritting his teeth "What's their name then? Tell us and we'll go get 'em."

"Uh, " Justin watched as the older boy struggled towards an answer. "Um, can I phone a friend?"

Justin giggled at the boy's reply, drawing their attention to him. He straightened up as Jackson approached him;

"Whatcha laughin' at Justin-kanpai? Care to share it with the rest of us?"

Justin looked away, focusing his sights on the sky. He hated how Jackson would always pick on the younger students, especially him. That was why he hated being outside of Shibusen for too long. Jackson was, despite being head boy, a terrible bully to almost everyone in Shibusen. He ran everything in the school, along with his little gang of goons. Taylor, Aaron, Kobi and Dajiiro were his right hand men and they were the ones holding on to the boy who was still trying to break free of their hold.

"Oi, look at me when I'm talking to you, twerp!" Jackson laughed as he pushed Justin over, the others laughing like a pack of hyeneas on LSD.

Justin hit the ground hard on his shoulder. He could feel the tears welling up in his eyes;

"No, I can't let him see me cry. It'll only make things worse." he thought to himself but it was no use, he sighed as a tear rolled down his cheek. He tried to wipe them away secretly but it was too late;

"Hey, look Jackson! The babys gonna cry!" kobi smirked, his lip-piercing making a clacking sound against his teeth as he spoke.

"Awwww the poor widdle baby, did you hurt yourself?" Taylor snickered.

"S-stop it, " Justin sniffled, "Y-you'll be s-s-orry, you i-idiot!"

Taylor stopped laughing and, handing the intruder's other arm to Aaron, walked up to Justin rolling his shirts selves up. His tattooed arms grabbed a hold of Justin's shirt by the neck, hoisting him up in the air.

"No little punk's gonna talk to me like that and get away with it!!" Taylor growled as he raised his fist above his head. Justin closed his eyes and waited for the pain. When nothing happened he opened his eyes. Aaron was on the ground unconscious. Kobi was also on the ground but instead he was sitting clutching a huge bruise on the side of his face. Dajiiro and Jackson were still standing far back, however, this time they were staring in disbelief. Justin finally looked up at Taylor. He wasn't raging now; his face was twisted in sheer terror, like he'd just stepped on an electric cable.

Around his neck was a chainsaw blade. The cold metal hung dangerously close to his neck and attached to the other end was the boy who Aaron and Kobi had been guarding.

"I'd let go if I were you." The boy grinned maliciously as Taylor nodded and released Justin's neck. Justin got up from the ground and brushed himself off.

"Okay, okay, I released the twerp now let go!!" Taylor whined.

"Not until you apologise to my friend....uh,.." The boy leaned his head towards Justin.

"Oi, kid," He whispered, "what was your name again?"

"Um, Justin. I'm Justin Law. N-nice to meet y-you." Justin whispered back.

"Thanks kid, I'm Giriko."

Giriko turned his attentions back to Taylor and the others;

"Now where was I?......Oh yeah. So as I was saying, if any of you punks mess with my buddy Justin here....well, have any of you seen Texas Chainsaw Massacre?"

That did it. The moment he released Taylor the whole lot of them ran for it dragging Aaron, who was still unconscious, behind them.

Justin sat on the ground where he was and watched everything in awe. No one in Shibusen had ever stood up to Jackson and his goons before yet here was Giriko, he had never even met Justin before but he still fought all of them by himself. For Justin's sake.

Once they had gone for good, Justin got to his feet and approached Giriko slowly. Giriko noticed Justin moving towards him and turned to face him, a child-like smirk growing steadily across his face.

"They won't be back! You okay, Justin right?" he said.

"Y-yeah, I-I-I'm fine." Justin's voice seemed to give out at that moment, like he was nervous. ""What could I be so nervous about?"" he thought to himself.

"You sure? You look a little pale." Giriko said and without warning, he placed his hand on Justin's head to check his temperature.

Justin jumped at the contact, "W-w-w-w-what are y-y-you doi-ing?!" he stammered.

"You're a little warm, you sure you're okay? " Giriko seemed really concerned. It puzzled Justin somewhat. He had barely met Giriko and yet here he was worrying whether Justin was alright. Justin took the oppertunity to get a closer look at his rescuer; his brown hair was styled into three points, his eyes looked menacing and mischievious but also caring and his expensive looking clothes. They were torn and smudged with numerous things but they looked new. ""Must've stolen them.."" Justin cursed himself silently for thinking such mean things about the boy who'd just saved him.

"Oi, I'll ask again; Are You Okay?" Giriko asked, emphisising his words as he spoke.

Justin snapped back to reality and quickly nodded.

"I'm fine Giriko-san! Thank you for helping me, you really didn't have to.."

"I wanted to." came the quick reply.

That caught Justin off guard.' I wanted to'. Justin felt his face heat up and tilted his head to look at the ground. "Arigato.." was all he could manage before the final bell rang derailing his train of thought.

"Aw crap, I missed last period!" Justin cried before taking off down the steps to his part-time job.

Umai Bo Cafe was just round the corner from Shibusen so Justin never really had to worry about being late. There were other perks as well; the pay was good for one: $6 an hour, it was usually quiet and relaxing and best of all no one ever bothered him there. As he rushed through the doors to the kitchen, he rapidly changed into his uniform: a black, sleaveless waistcoat; a black apron and his name tag.

"You're early today Justin-kun." came a familiar voice.

"Ah, sorry Butadaki-san!" Justin replied grabbing his pencil and note pad.

"Oi, no need to be sorry!" said the older man,"And please just call me BJ like everyone else."

"O-of course s-s-sir." Justin stammered.

"Are you okay Justin? You seem kinda......out of it today." BJ asked.

"Oh, no really. I'm fine."

That was a lie. Justin was still thinking about Giriko and how impolite had been simply running off and leaving him there without saying goodbye but in a way he was glad he did. He felt really akward around Giriko for some strange reason that he just couldn't think of. Justin shook away his thoughts as the door opened and his first customer walked in.


"Oh hey Justin!" Giriko said smiling up at him, "So you gonna ask me what I want or what?"
A Giriko and Justin Fanfic I started ages ago. :pencil:

Part 2 --------> [link]

Soul Eater (c) Atsushi Ohkubo
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Nothing special. It's not really creativ but hah.. i love winter motives..

And i'm totally in christmas mood <3

Justin... looks (again! D:) like a kid.i

urg! I just noticed.. it looks a waay like an older picture from me... |DDD"
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Again giriko and Justin.. xD"
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I don't know... I like it D:

yay... finally a girijasu pic again~
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Yay ^^ Giriko and Justin together for Ayako- kotaru [link]
As render i used a drawing of Alikurai
Characters Giriko and Justin from anime " Soul Eater"
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This Took me forever! @___@
BUT IT WAS DONE WITH MY NEW TABLET! So it was worth it! 8D

I kinda failed at drawing Justin... did a little better at Giriko...
but hey I am still trying to get used to using this F---ING thing! D< *waves Tablet around in the air*

...I'M SORRY TABLET! *hugs*

Anyway, Giriko and Justin DO NOT Belong to me
... Neither Does Soul Eater
...which is the Anime/Manga they are from... GO WATCH IT!

** EDIT **
Yes! I made Justin the Seme... I have a fever and I am cranky... so DEAL WITH IT! D<
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Like the Title says... Don't ask....

Noah, Gopher [Waffles C:] , Justin, Giriko, and the Worm, all belong to the SOUL EATER Manga.

The song Lyrics at the bottom are from "Always" by Erasure.

... and yes, I know I did the lyrics wrong... I put one too many Harmony's ;A;
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This was simply a birthday present to me, by a friend of mine from school. All credit goes to her. xD

Yes, that is Justin Law and Spirit Albarn in the box in the background.
And Yes that is Giriko Sou in the foreground


Oh ya, and thats me beside him. xD;;;
She drew me so cute.. i'm not that cute D8;;
and my eyes aren't blue, they're grey/green, but it's still so spot on as it is.


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