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Colors for Tickle Magnet.

Tickle Magnet (c) Agency Publishing 2010
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For the contest that :iconstelthman: is holding.
Here is the process for it [link]

Download to see the size I worked with.

(no watermarks today. )

Original lineart is by :icontotmoartsstudio2:

Art (c) =totmoartsstudio2 and *FalyneVarger

20+hours over the last week
Photoshop Elements 5.0
Bamboo tablet
Lineart [link]
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$5 grab bag commission for :iconthelonewolf12666: of his character Kaylie.

It was nice to do a different type of werewolf. :D Normally I do the ones with a human stance.
Since it was a fun one I decided to push it a little farther than most grab bags.

Grab bag commissions are open btw!!
Note me if you're interested. They're only $5.

photoshop cs5
bamboo tablet
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This was just a quickie colorist piece I did as a sample for Agency Publishing comics. The pencils are not mine, they are © Agency Publishing for the "Tickle Magnet" comic.
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I decided to post some sample pages of some of the other comics me and Fantomaz have finished this passed year.

Here's a sample page of one of the comics we did back in March. Get the full comic at [link]
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Well, I'm happy to announce that what many of you have been waiting for has arrived. It's the illustrated version of the first chapter of my first story, The Magic Body Stocking - Chapter 1 - Lucy Loose Shoes. This story was written way back in 1999. I was 18 when the idea first came to me, so it's going way back. Some minor updates were made to the text, but it hasn't changed much. Here's a sample page from the comic, which is 14 pages.  Let me know if you want to buy it.
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Tickling in Art Class

Another boring day in art class … April stared out the window as the teacher lectured about some old dead artist that she didn't care about.  This was her month!  It was April.  Why was she stuck in a classroom on a beautiful day like today?

She felt a kick beneath her chair.  Annoyed she looked back.  It was Heather kicking the back of her chair.  "Pay attention," she whispered.  April sighed annoyed.  It was none of Heather's business whether or not she daydreamed.

"Ms. Moon?" the professor broke in.

April faced forward suddenly, having realized that the teacher was calling on her by her last name.  "Yes Mrs. Robinson?"

"This afternoon your group is going to do a painting of you, right?"

"Ummm …," April looked back at Heather a little confused.  Heather just kicked her seat again and looked at her annoyed.  She nodded with a stern look.  "Yes, I guess so," April said slightly embarrassed as the rest of the class giggled.

"Good.  Now remember, the painting could be any theme, but the assignment clearly states to paint your subject accurately, so no abstract techniques a la Picasso.  I want it to look real," Mrs. Robinson said and then she moved on to the next group.

"I didn't know I was going to be the portrait model," April whispered to Heather annoyed as the teacher conferred with the other groups.

"Well, if you actually showed up to class yesterday you would have had a say in the vote.  You should be grateful you're getting a free ride in our group."

"Free ride?!  You have some nerve …," April began to rant but was interrupted by another kick from Heather's high heeled shoe.  April looked annoyed at Heather's professional looking pumps and her dark business suit-dress and pantyhose. She dressed just like a teacher.  She was a teacher's pet of the worst kind, and the very definition of a "little goody two shoes".  But her petite frame and girly face under her huge glasses gave her young age of 19 away.  She was a pretty little nerd though, April had to admit, and oh so ticklish looking.  And April loved to tickle people, especially annoying little nerdy girls like Heather.

"Stop looking at me and look up front!  You're making us look bad!" Heather whispered loudly.

April sheepishly looked towards the teacher again.  "Is it all worked out then April?"

"Yes, Mrs. Robinson," April said quietly.

As the lecture progressed April's mind began to wander again.  She looked out the window, it was almost noon now.  The sun was high, the day was beautiful.  If only she had cut class today and not yesterday.  She heard a tapping at her feet and looked down to see Heather's foot tapping at her chair, no doubt trying to get her to focus on the lecture.  She looked at Heather's face, half covered by her huge glasses.  Her eyes were fixed on the teacher.  Heather looked at April confused.  "What?" Heather whispered.

April reached down towards Heather's tapping foot and lifted it off the floor.  "Stop tapping on my chair," she whispered back.

"Sorry," Heather said defensively trying to pull her foot away.  But she soon realized that April had gripped the back of her shoe in such a way that she couldn't pull her foot free without slipping it out of her shoe.  She suddenly became very nervous.  "Let go of my foot, April."

Realizing that she had Heather's shoe trapped, April decided to enjoy the situation a bit.  "Or what?"

"What do you mean, 'or what?'  Just let my foot go," Heather demanded growing more agitated.

"I don't have your foot, Heather," April teased.

"Yes you do!  You're holding it in your hand!" Heather tried to reach her shoe with her hands, but her leg was fully stretched out beneath her and she couldn't reach it no matter how she tried.

"I'm holding your shoe, you can pull your foot free at any time," April said.

"Shoe, foot, whatever, just let it go!"

"I'm not holding it that tightly, just pull it free," April said enjoying the situation much to Heather's annoyance.

Heather very carefully tried pulling her foot out of April's grasp, she felt her smooth stocking heel slide slightly out of the shoe, annoyed she push her foot back into the shoe while April laughed quietly.  "Very funny, Heather.  I'm not just going to pull my foot out of my shoe and let you keep it."

"Ok, so just leave it there then.  I may decide to let you keep your shoe on your foot, or I may decide to pull it off myself.  I guess ultimately, you're leaving the choice to me."

"You wouldn't dare!" Heather whispered beginning to panic.  The last thing she wanted was to have her shoe stolen off of her foot in front of the whole class.

As the minutes went by, April continued to hold onto Heather's shoe with a smile.  She paid close attention to teacher's lecture.  Heather did everything but pay attention, which was very unlike her.  All she could do was think about how she could get free of April's grip with her shoe still on her foot.  She looked around nervously as the other classmates giggled at her expense.  She refused to pull her foot out of her shoe.  She considered it very un-lady-like and improper to go shoeless in public and would be very embarrassed.  At least if April pulled it off her foot she could blame her, and maybe get her in trouble.  She wiggled her toes in her shoe fearfully at the thought though.  Her foot was extremely ticklish.  If she let April take her shoe off, she would certainly tickle her foot, which in stockings was even more ticklish than normal.

Eventually, the lecture ended and the teacher and many of the students left, leaving April and Heather in the same standoff.

"Okay April, this has gone on long enough.  Let me go," Heather said trying to act cool.

"hmm, you're probably right," April said smiling as she tugged gently on the shoe while gripping Heather's ankle with her other hand.  It slid very gently down Heather's soft nylon heel.  "But I think it's time a goody two shoes like you got taught a lesson."

"Okay, you win.  I'll stop kicking your chair.  I won't tap or anything anymore," she said starting to panic.

"Well, that's a start," April teased as she popped the pretty pump off of Heather's soft heel.

"Stop!" Heather begged.  "Okay, okay, you don't have to be the model if you don't want.  We'll let you pick the model.  In fact, you don't have to do any work."

"Oh, but I want to be the model.  We all know that I'm the prettiest girl in the group." April said as she teasingly slid the shoe off of Heather's panicking toes.  The remaining students laughed as Heather's cute little stocking foot was slowly exposed.  Her toes wiggled and spread in her sheer baby black nylons upon being exposed to the cold.

"Okay, you have my shoe.  See my toes?  Yes, I'm wearing thin pantyhose.  Got your jollies?  Now give me back my shoe so we can go," Heather said hoping that would be the end of it.

"But we haven't tickled you yet," April said as she gently stroked Heather's sole.  Heather shrieked as if it both pained and tickled her.

"I think we have a ticklish one here," April said as she tickled the ball of Heather's foot.  Heather squirmed and giggled so cutely that the other students couldn't help but join in the fun.  One student grabbed her wrists and pulled them over her head while another tickled her armpits.  Heather started to cry with tears of laughter as April tickled under her wiggling toes.  Meanwhile another student lifted up her other leg.

"I've been wanting to tickle the teacher's pet all semester," one of the boys said as he tugged at her remaining shoe.

"Nooo!" she screamed in protest when she felt the shoe come off.  And the tickling commenced immediately as two students tickled her toes and sole simultaneously.  Then another group tickled her sides and stomach until she fell off her chair and became a giggling mess on the floor.   The tickling only lasted about ten minutes, but for Heather it seemed to last hours.  She nearly passed out.  April, realizing that she had to go to her next class across campus, decided that she had punished Heather enough.

"Okay, that's enough guys, I think she's learned her lesson.  She won't be such a goody two shoes anymore," she said admiring the pump she had removed from Heather's foot, "especially since I'll be keeping this shoe as a trophy."

"You bitch!" Heather screamed weakly, but she was too exhausted to even reach for her shoe.  She screamed helplessly as the classmates left her in the classroom shoeless.  She sat there alone crying for a few minutes, wondering what she was going to do without her shoes.  Should she just go to her next class?  Or go back to her room to get shoes.  After several minutes of sulking she finally decided to go back to her room and change.  She was in no condition to go to her next class in this state.  So she prepared for the embarrassing walk to her dorm with only her thin nylons to protect her sensitive feet.

For the first time ever, she would not be attending her next class.  Students stared at her sympathetically and looked at her shoeless feet, but no one stopped to help her.   She walked on the cold walkways sobbing, but soon her sadness gave way to anger, particularly at April, for humiliating her and stealing her shoe.  She was not sure who took her other shoe, probably one of the boys, but she was livid with fury and would find a way to get revenge at both of them.

By the time she got to her dorm she wasn't crying anymore.  Her anger fueled her strength.  Her nylons were destroyed after trudging across campus in her stocking feet.  She pulled off her pantyhose and contemplated changing her whole outfit to something more casual like jeans and sneakers like the rest of the students.  This way she wouldn't be such a vulnerable tickle target in easily removable pumps and sheer hose.  But ultimately she decided against it, "I'm not going to let them intimidate me into dropping to their level," she said to herself, and, as always, she put on a new pair of pantyhose and conservative pumps to complete her outfit.

That afternoon, on her way back from classes, April started to feel very guilty.  She stared at the shiny high heeled pump she had stolen off of Heather, and couldn't help but feel empathy for her.  It was a new shoe, probably quite expensive.  April had no right to steal it from her and leave her shoeless.  She decided to call her and apologize.

But her thoughts were interrupted by her cell phone ringing.  April was surprised to see that it was Heather calling her.  "Hi Heather," she answered empathetically.

"Hello April," Heather said with no hint of malice much to April's surprise.  Nonetheless April felt it wise to apologize.

"I want to apologize for what I did today in class," she said sincerely, "I really am sorry I tickled you in front of everyone and took your shoe.  I will give it back to you tonight."

"Oh, thank you, April, I accept your apology.  Remember art lab is at 7 pm, and we're going to need you there early so that we can prep you for the painting.  Also, be sure to wear a dress ... something pretty but conservative.  We don't want to paint you wearing those ratty old jeans and t-shirts you usually wear."

"Fair enough ...," April conceded grateful that Heather wasn't angry, "... one problem though, I don't have any dresses on campus," she said sheepishly.

Heather sighed.  "You're a tomboy to the end.  Very well, I'll provide you with a dress.  We're about the same size so it should fit.  Just don't take it home with you.  You've already taken my shoes, I won't have you taking my dresses too."

"Yeah, sorry about that.  I'll try and find out who took your other shoe so that you get that one back as well."

"Do it tomorrow, I don't want you to be late this time," Heather ordered.  "We can sort out the return of my shoes before class tomorrow, just bring the one you have tonight."

"You got it, Heather," April said smiling.  She never realized how reasonable Heather could be.  "See you tonight."

That night, for the first time in the semester, April arrived on time for art lab.  She was even a few minutes early, since she knew she would have to change.  Not to surprisingly, Heather was already there mixing paints.  She looked up and smiled when she saw April enter.  "April, so glad to see you early for once."

"Well, I want to start taking the class more seriously," April said bashfully.  She pulled Heather's pump from her bag.  "Here's your shoe.  I made sure not to scuff it so I wrapped it in this hand towel."

"You're too kind," Heather said taking the shoe back and putting it back in her bag.

April noticed that there was a boy mixing paints with Heather who was not in their group.  She recognized him from the class.  "Who's he?" April asked.

"Oh, this is David, he's going to be our group member tonight.  Sam and Nelly couldn't make it tonight so he volunteered to help out."

"I see ...," April said a little confused.  She wasn't expecting to be painted by someone she didn't know.

"Don't worry, Mrs. Robinson is okay with it, I saw her in office hours earlier.  David needs to make up some lost points so she assigned him to us."

David walked up to April and held out his hand.  "I look forward to painting you," he said with a cheerful, but somewhat mischievous grin.

April shook his hand a little uncomfortably.  "Okay, thanks I guess," she said.  She looked around, trying to find the dress she was to wear for the painting.  "Should I change now?" she asked.

"Not yet, we want to pose you first, just to get some ideas," Heather assured, "Why don't you stand against the background there," Heather said pointing to brick wall with vertical pipes along each side.

"This is a strange background," April said approaching the wall nervously.  "What kind of painting is this going to be?"

"I'm not sure yet," Heather said contemplating as she looked at April in front of the background.  "I've got it," she said at last producing handcuffs from her bag.  She approached April and grabbed her wrist.

"Wait a minute ... what are you doing with handcuffs?"  April asked now quite suspicious.

"I'm going to handcuff you to these pipes," she said as she clasped one end of the handcuffs onto April's wrist and the other end onto one of the pipes.

"Wait a minute!" April protested as she tried to pull free.  "I didn't agree to this!"

"Of course you did," Heather said calmly as she tossed the other handcuff to David.

"No I didn't!  You guys are just supposed to paint me, not handcuff me to anything!"

"Oh don't worry, we'll paint you," David said smiling as he grabbed her free wrist and handcuffed it to the other pipe.  April tried to fight back, but was overpowered.

"What's with you anyway?" April said looking nervously at the chuckling David as he grabbed his brush and palette.  "Mrs. Robinson said we're supposed to paint a portrait, not some weird ... fetish painting or whatever it is you have in mind here."

"Mrs. Robinson said we could use any theme we wanted for the painting, I think our theme should be 'Damsel in Distress'," Heather explained, "and if you had actually paid attention and read the assignment, you'll notice it clearly says that the portrait is just a suggestion for this project.  As long as we paint our model accurately it could be any creative theme we want it to be.  I think we'll earn extra points for this theme.  I'm sure no one else is doing it."

"Uggh!" April groaned in disgust after realizing she had been tricked.  But she grew more nervous when David came awfully close to her with his brush.  "Hey!  What're you doing?" She protested as he dragged some red paint across her arm.  It tickled slightly but she didn't laugh.

"Painting you," David said chuckling.

"So is this supposed to be blood?" April asked looking at the red mark with disgust.  "Why don't you add all the twisted things you have in mind to the canvas and leave me alone."

"I think you missed the point," Heather said.  "The assignment said we have to paint our subject accurately, it doesn't say anything about a canvas.  You are the canvas, and we're painting you as accurately as we can.  Hear that David?  That means don't get any paint on the wall, just keep it on her."

"You're the boss!" David chuckled as he applied some green paint to her armpit.

"Eeeee!" April shrieked as her armpits were very ticklish.

"Wait, David," Heather said grabbing his wrist.  "You might get some paint on her T-shirt.  We have to change her first."

"Change me?!"  April exclaimed.

"Of course.  You didn't think we were going to paint you in those ugly clothes.  I told you as much on the phone today."

"But I'm handcuffed to the fucking pipes!  How can I change my clothes?"

"Simple!" Heather said producing scissors from the supply wrack.

"No!  Don't you dare cut my clothes off!"  April pleaded as Heather approached her with the scissors.  "No!  Please!"  April begged as Heather began to cut away her t-shirt.  She tried to kick Heather away, but David had caught her foot.

"Keep pleading, it makes the whole 'damsel in distress' theme more authentic," Heather joked as she peeled away what was left of her t-shirt.  Meanwhile David was holding April's low cut converse sneaker in his hand and noticed that her white sock looked rather thin.  He pulled up her pant leg to expose sheer white nylons underneath.

"Oooh, is the tomboy actually wearing pantyhose?" Heather teased as she cut away the top of April's pants, revealing the top of her white pantyhose.  "Very nice.  There may be hope for you yet.  And white is such an innocent color.  Perfect for a sweet damsel.  Were you trying to fool everyone into thinking you were just wearing plain white socks under those jeans and sneakers?  Here David, take my scissors," she said handing them to David, "cut away her sneakers so we can see her pretty nylon clad toes.

"No!  Not my converses!  I just bought them!" But her pleas fell on deaf ears as David cruelly cut through her sneaker with the large scissors.  Fearing that he was going to cut them some more, she slipped her slippery stocking foot out of her sneaker and tried to kick the shoe out of his hand with her other, still shod, foot.

"Thank you!" he said skillfully catching her foot much to April's dismay.  This time, he held onto to ankle so that she wouldn't be able to pull her foot out of the shoe as he cut it open.  He cut her expensive sneaker to tatters, and teasingly pulled it off her foot, making sure the strands of fabric tickled her foot as it slid off.  April couldn't help but giggle, as her feet were very ticklish, especially while wearing the sheer white nylons she now wished she hadn't worn.

Meanwhile, Heather had gotten another pair of scissors and made quick work of April's jeans, which were now in tatters and hanging only by a thread.  "I now declare this piece of art, ready!" she joked while ceremoniously cutting the final thread of her jeans.  April stood humiliated as she felt them fall to the floor, exposing her womanhood under the sheer white fabric.  "Ahh, no panties," Heather teased, "the only proper way to wear pantyhose."

"Okay, Heather, you had your revenge, happy now?" April asked shamefully.

"No, not yet," Heather joked staring at her contemplatively again.  "It's the bra, it won't do at all.  Not with the dress I have in mind."

"Oh God!"  April said despairingly as Heather snipped away her bra.  With the bra now fallen at her feet, April stood there naked, clad only in her sheer white pantyhose.  She was humiliated.  "You've had your fun guys.  Now unlock me so I can put this stupid dress on already and get this over with."

"Oh we'll get the dress on you.  No need to unlock you," Heather teased.

April sighed, passed the point of humiliation now.  "And how are you going to get the dress on me while I'm handcuffed like this?"

"Do you even need to ask?" Heather said grabbing her palette and brush from the desk.  "Ready, David?  I'll do the top, you do the bottom."

"No!  Nooooo!" April begged as the two started applying their brushes on April's sensitive body.  "Hahahahahahahahahahaha!" She started laughing hysterically as the brushes gently applied paint to her delicate skin.

"Remember, David, the dress should go below the knees.  This is a conservative dress after all," Heather instructed as she applied her brushes to April's sensitive nipples.

"Plehehehehease!  Hahahahahaha! Stohahahahahop!"  April squirmed and begged as the brushes tickled her nylon clad knees.  For the next two hours, the two artists painted a pretty pink dress onto April's ticklish body.  To April, it felt like days, and the brushes tickled her most sensitive parts.  She squirmed and writhed as the brushes tickled her neck, armpits, breasts, knees, the back of her knees, and even her pussy.

"Nohohohoho mohohahahahore!" she would beg as the two mercilessly tickled her with their paint brushes.  But the two would not let up.  They would not stop until they had the best looking dress they could paint on her.

Occasionally, April's squirming would cause Heather to make a mistake.  "Now see what you did?  You're not a very good model you know.  Don't you know that models are supposed to hold still when they're being painted?" she scolded.  Then she would apply some paint remover to a much larger area than necessary with a soft cloth that tickled just as much as the brushes.  "Now I have to start this section all over again," Heather teased, and the process lasted longer.

It got to the point where April had to force herself to hold still so that they could finish the painting and end her torture.  But it was quite difficult.  The brushes were just too ticklish.  By the last thirty minutes she was too exhausted to move much anyway, and she was just about ready to pass out.  Thankfully this allowed Heather and David to finish painting her dress more quickly.

Heather and David took a step back to examine their work of art.  "Looks good," Heather said, "but there's one thing missing."  The two of them looked down at her wiggling toes.

"No!  Not the feet!" April said between exhausted gasps.  "I can't take it anymore!"

"I think black flats will match this dress well," Heather said ignoring her pleas.  And the two went to work painting shoes on poor April's ticklish stocking feet.

"EEEEEEEEEEEE!" April squealed.  Her feet were by far her most ticklish part, and in her thin tight nylons she was utterly helpless against the assault of the paint brushes.  She squealed and screamed as the brushes passed over her soles, in between her toes, and on her heels.  She couldn't help but twitch and wiggle her toes, and try to pull her feet away.  But this only prolonged her torture because it would mean Heather would have to apply paint remover to fix the 'mistakes' her twitching made and start all over.

When they were almost done, Heather stepped away to look at her work of art again.  "Excellent!  Excellent!  I think it's my best painting yet.  You look like a real lady.  Despite what I said on the phone, I think I'll let you keep this dress after all.  It really suits you, much more than it does me.  David finish painting her shoes, I'll be right back," she said turning to leave.

Heather wasn't gone long.  When she came back, David was still painting her foot, and April was still laughing hysterically.  What they didn't know was that she had brought the professor.

"David!" Mrs. Robinson scolded suddenly.  David turned around nervously, dropping April's foot much to April's relief.

"See, they've been fooling around down here for hours, doing all sorts of kinky things," Heather explained to Mrs. Robinson.

"What!?" David exclaimed defensively.  "But this was Heather's idea!"

"He's lying, Mrs. Robinson," Heather said defending herself.  "The two of them have it in for me because I'm such a good artist.  They were the ones who stole my shoes today."

"You should be ashamed of yourself, David!" Mrs. Robinson scolded, "Heather's the best student in my class.  You, on the other hand, are the worst.  And I've known of your foot fetish since the beginning of the semester.  Do you think I don't notice when you stare at my feet all class, not paying attention to what I'm saying.  And now you and the other little delinquent, April, are committing all sorts of kinky acts in my art lab.  I should have you both expelled for this!  You really think I should believe you over Heather?"

April was stunned, but she was too exhausted from the tickling to defend herself.  David wasn't though.  "Please, Mrs. Robinson," he said, "give me one more chance!"

Mrs. Robinson looked at them a moment contemplating.  Then she started to admire the 'dress' that had been painted onto April.  Then she looked at Heather, whose smug expression told her everything she needed to know.  "You know ...," she started to say, "... I shouldn't be saying this, but you did do a really good job on that dress.  I can see you used some of the techniques I was lecturing about earlier today.  And this is a pretty creative way to interpret my assignment.  I did say to paint your subject accurately.  And you did indeed do that ... in your own way."

David smiled happily, realizing that he just might get out of this unscathed.  "Thank you so much, Mrs. Robinson," he said kneeling at her feet.  "I am grateful."

"You know, I just might recommend you for a scholarship, David, you really have talent," the professor said eyeing Heather.

"Now wait a minute, it wasn't all his idea," Heather said upon hearing the word "scholarship", "this is my group after all, and I am group leader."

"So, as group leader, do you accept responsibility for this painting?" Robinson smiled.

"Yes, of course," Heather said, "After all, the leader is responsible for the actions of the group."

"Good, so then I should only have to expel you," Robinson smiled.

"Wait, what?!" Heather panicked.  "No!  Don't expel me, please!"

"Relax, I won't expel you on one condition," Robinson reassured.

"Anything!  What is it?"

"Well it's clear to me that you did most of the work on this painting.  I can see a lot of your technique in the top part.  It looks very realistic.  But the bottom half needs work.  I'm guessing David painted that part."

Both students nodded their heads while April's head just slumped forward, still exhausted from the two plus hours of tickling.

Mrs. Robinson went on.  "Well, as leader, it's your responsibility to teach the other group members the techniques you've picked up.  Now it's clear that you're already beyond the level you should be at in my class.  It's now time to bring the rest of your group up to that same level by allowing them to paint you as accurately as you painted April."

"Wait ...," Heather responded after realizing what she meant.  "You mean you want them to paint a dress on me?"

"It's only fair.  You're the best painter in the group, you have to allow the other members to shine.  So you should be the model and let them be the painters."

"No way, I'm not letting them strip me and tickle me with their brushes," Heather said defiantly.

"Well then, I hope you don't mind being expelled," Mrs. Robinson said smugly.

"Okay!  Okay!  I'll do it," Heather begrudgingly agreed as she unlocked April from her handcuffs.  And with great pleasure, April put Heather into those same handcuffs and cut away her dress while David slipped away her shoes.  Just like April was before, Heather was stripped to her pantyhose and tickled for hours on end with the tiny bristles of their brushes.

In between hysterical laughter, Heather swore that somehow, some way, she would get revenge on Mrs. Robinson for putting her through this torment.
This story was done as a request for a young lady who enjoyed my stories. The character of April is actually based on her, and the characters of Heather and Mrs. Robinson are based on real people she knew from her art class. So enjoy "Tickling in Art Class"
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First of all let me just say sorry about how bad the Daleks look in this pic or how bad this pic is for that fact.

Origanly HomunculusLover was going to ask me to do this pic as a request but she did it herself. I don't normaly mix doctor who with tickling so i gave it a try plue it gave me a chance to traw something differernt tickling wise.

Homunculuslover version [link]
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A request for Drakhand006, her name is tela, shacked down to a table with hand tickling her....sound good to me=D.

hope you like it.

Drakhand006 [link]
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Commission 10 of 10 for :iconmorfe22:

“Kylie wants Gina to change her grade, but Gina refuses. Kylie confronts Gina in her office and ties her up before tickling her feet to get her to change the grade.”

Gina and Kylie © Fred Perry
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(in order to get around to posting the new stuff, I need to get all the old stuff posted first)


One of my favorite tickling shots from the project, namely because it didn't actually have any tickling at all, but rather showed those few last seconds just before the onslaught! Featuring my two goth girls Tootsie as the victim and Mab being assisted by :iconninjasammi:

(I really love the way Tootsie's feet came out in this one)
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(in order to get around to posting the new stuff, I need to get all the old stuff posted first)


Probably my favorite tickling piece in the project....:iconnessonite: getting to know :iconkd8lmno:'s girl Kairi
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Another commission from MirthGoblin. The girls of Chrono Trigger getting foot tickled by vines....
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WHEW! ok so it's been years since last i had a computer that could run my old animation programs... annnd seein as i just got my new compy i decided to get reacquainted with my old toonboom XD
so here we go! it's still super rough but i was just too stoked not to show ya XD
enjoy everyone!
animation and cagey hand (c) to me *snickers*

programs used: toonboom, adobe flash, audacity
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just proof that sometimes a suggestion can go a LONG way XD I'd never even seen a gamon before a certain individual mentioned him *snickers* thanks :icon3toedfootpaw:

and decided i wanted to showcase the poor little guy getting tickled hardcore XD and plus impmon is one of my old roomy's faves and I'm getting quite addicted to him too XD (his xmas image song is HILARIOUS)

and ok so i have this sneaking suspicion that anything blue is totally eventually going to be a popular victim..... Sonic, Lucario, Jon Talbain.... i mean come on XD statistics alone prove it.

program used- sketchbook pro (testing it out...still rather prefer photoshop)
time spent- 2-3 hours from sketch to completion
layers- 12 i think.....I'm tired XD

digimon (c) the creators
art (c) myself
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haha~! first commission done XD

this one's for :iconseraphon: of his umbreon bros, Zero (the younger bro) and Kuro being tickled by Zero's best friend Katrina.

i really dig those stocks Seraphon found *snickers* they filled me with all kindsa inspiration for this piece. and i had oodles of fun making it look a smiiidge dilapidated. squiggly lines for the win! I'm a little slap-happy from staying up all night XD

totally working with more exaggerated expressions lately. which i think made Zero look adorable in all his squealing glee XD though i gotta say I'd be headin right for Kuro's paws. i mean those "not gonna laugh! but can't control expression!!" ticklees just are so much fun to break down XD cause ya know that they're tryin to be all "I'm NOT ticklish!" when they're flailing around grittin their teeth and tryin so hard not to laugh X3

alrighty then.... time to pass out XD g'night everybody!...or g'day even!

art (c)myself
Zero, Kuro, and Katrina (c) :iconseraphon:
pokemon (c) nintendo
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This is a request that came from TickleTheater Community webforum: Ibuki tickles Chae Lim's feet (although I'm pretty sure Chae Lim never featured any SNK vs. Capcom game, but she's definitely an SNK nonetheless). Truth being told, I hadn't idea that this was the next "BftP" pic in the line. There's already a request to see the revenge, so this was just round one! ;p
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Not to look vain, but I can say this is the art that made me famous in the tickling scenery. After that, tons of requested pics were asked (and they still comin'!).

Sure a clash between two famous trio is fun, ain't it?
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Requested art: Ah! My Goddess' characters Belldandy, Urd and Skuld tickling Peorth.
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Taranee arrived to the tickling facilitis. And she is already having some fun. :D

I don't know the color of her clothes so I colored it to pink :)
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Here is some feet tickling with Clover..
I always thought about her ticklishness and about a year ago soooo I made this... pic.

I hope you'll like it :)
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It's an old one again. I made it on paper about a year ago.
It's my own work.
I made after a Terra tickling picture.
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Silk Talon Returns to break another spy Amber Nightshade.

Hope you all enjoy.

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I did this as a little birthday present for myself. Two of my favorite characters to draw, The Bride of Frankenstein and a Sexy WW2 German Scientist.

Hope you all enjoy too

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A defensless Amy Pond gets "STIMULATED" for information by some Daleks.

Hope you all enjoy.

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Would you believe this was made merely so I'd have a chance to draw a dreanei?

Naah, of course you wouldn't. It's obvious just an excuse to draw a anthropomorphic cow tied up.
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I did a pic of :iconsassysnake: 's character that I put in scraps, but it sucked because I did it out of memory, so I wanted to do a new one. This time I made a bit of research on appearance and such. Beside, reptile-women are nice.

The scenario is the über-original "ghost hands tickling Sassy with feather-duster". Yeah, you either come here for the tickling or the bondage, so why bother with a plot?
Also, why she's gagged? Well, let's just say that if you want those ghost-hands to stop, you just have to tell them. Get it now?

Hope you like it.

Sassy Snake is copyrighted :iconsassysnake:
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This would've been up yesterday if my internet-connection hadn't been screwing with me 24/7 for the last weeks.

This one's for all you tickle-fans out there watching me.

So, yeah, random tickle art. I was visiting my sister last week, awoke before everyone else thursday morning, was bored, did this, got home yesterday, scanned it, called my modem bad names for not connecting properly, uploaded them today, now comment and fav or I'll be a very sad panda.
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