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Natalie let out an irritated sigh in front of Hana's house in a cold winter wind. She was currently dressed in a black winter coat with dark blue jeans that had rips in them in several different places and wore brown ugg boots and had a red duffel bag slung over her left shoulder.

It was Friday and it was nearing dinner time meaning the sky had darken and Natalie wished she was at home right now. Instead she had made a bet with Hana and lost and now she had to spend all weekend severing as her maid. If she refused any of her orders, pictures and videos would surface on the internet of her being tied up while wearing very little clothing.

She began to walk towards the door and rang the door bell three times and as she waited for it to open she thought about running away. Before she could make up her mind the door opened showing Hana wearing a dark blue t-shirt with her long black hair resting on her shoulders with a black skirt and matching knee socks.

"Hello Natalie." Hana said with a cheerful smile.

"Hey." Natalie replied bitterly as she attempted to enter but was stopped by Hana.  

"Before you enter, you must swear here and now to give up any rights you have and swear your loyalty to me as a slave until you are allowed to leave here on Sunday."

This caused Natalie to close her eyes and grit her teeth as she was annoyed by this. "Yeah, fine whatever." She replied as she was allowed to enter the home and get out of the cold night. Once in, she dropped her duffel bag to the floor and removed her coat revealing a long purple sleeve shirt and she removed her boots to reveal her feet clad in tights which the color matched her shirt.

"So what is your first command Hanmnmph?" Natalie began to say but was quickly hand gagged by Hana.

"Now now my little pet, if you don't refer to me anything but mistress or mistress Hana, I will be force to punish you." Hana told her which forced Natalie to scowl back at her. "Now what were you saying?" Hana said coyly as she removed her hand.

"What is your command, mistress?" Natalie asked while feeling the need to be sick.

"Very good." Hana said as she played with her hair with her right hand. "See those clothes to your right? Grab them and go get change in the bathroom."

Natalie looked towards her right and saw what appeared to be a maid uniform. Sighing, she grabbed the uniform and began to head towards the bathroom. On her way though she came across a surprise that made her gasp.

Her other best friend, Alex. Was on the floor dressed in a maid uniform that revealed her stomach with white stockings and long white gloves and had her hands were chain in front of her with chains binding her two ankles and she was currently scrubbing the floor in an old fashion way with a pale and brush. When Alex looked up, Natalie could make out that she was gagged with a white wiffle ball gag that drool was coming out of.

"Nnnmpm." Alex moan out seeing Natalie.

"Why is Alex here?" Natalie asked.

"Oh yes that." Hana said with a light chuckle. "Well when you left after losing the bet I went over to her house and made a bet with her that you couldn't possibly get out of all those ties I did on you. She thought you could and we made a bet on it and once it was sealed I showed her the video and now here we are." Hana explained with a wide smile on her face.

"That sneaky side of yours is more dangerous then I thought." Natalie replied.

"Mmmrmhpm!" Alex added in.

"There is more to show I assure you, for now go get change." Hana ordered as Natalie walked off. "Pay attention pet, you're messing up your own cleaning job." Hana pointed out as a small puddle of drool was forming on the floor beneath Alex's chin.

"Nnnmphpm!" She grunted as she began to resume cleaning the floor.


Once in the bathroom, Natalie stripped down to just her light blue bra and matching panties and began to dawn the maid outfit. It was much like Alex's which was a black top that barely went pass her breasts and had short sleeves on and came with a matching skirt that had a short white apron over top of it. Instead of white stockings and gloves, Natalie got black color ones.

Once she was fully dressed, she placed her other clothing neatly in a pile on the bathroom counter and walked out into the hallway to see Hana waiting for her.

"You do look lovely Natalie." Hana said as she scanned Natalie with her eyes rapidly.

"What's your first command mistress?" Natalie asked with a pink face.

"Right, Alex is taking care of the hard floors so I want you to do the carpets." Hana ordered which there was a vacuum cleaner not far behind herself.

"Right away mistress." Natalie said as she began to move towards it but was stopped by Hana.

"Your outfit isn't complete yet." Hana said as she dangled two pairs of leather cuffs and a black wiffle ball gag in front of herself.

"Must I be bound?"

"Mistress orders it." Hana said as she rush passed Natalie and quickly gagged her with the ball gag.

"Mhphm!" She grunted into the gag as it already made her jaw ache.

After securing the ball gag into place, Hana bound Natalie's hands in front of her and then her ankles together with the two cuffs.

"There we go." Hana said as she tighten the last strap on the cuffs. "The chain between the cuffs is long enough so you can move, carefully. And you are to remain like this until I say otherwise. If you remove any of these restraints without a good and unsafe reason you will be punished. Understood?"

"Mphpm!" She replied though the gag.

"Good, get to work my pet." Hana ordered and she watched her pet slowly walk towards the vacuum and wheel it into a different room.

For the next hour Hana got to enjoy one maid pet remain on her hands and knees scrubbing the floor and another maid pet walking as best as a toddler could while vacuuming the carpeted floors. Once they were done, they both stood inattention before Hana and waited for her next grueling command.

"Nice job my pets, I am pleased." Hana said and soon after the doorbell rang. "Ahhh, that must be supper. Now remain here and don't make a sound unless you want a complete stranger to get the wrong idea about you two." She teased as she ran off towards the front door and Alex and Natalie lowly grunted to themselves. Hana soon return with the aroma of pizza following her.

"This way my pets." She said as she lead them into the living room which a large pizza box was set near a chair that had been turn around. "Alex you lay here." Hana ordered as she set Alex down on the floor right next to the chair so she was laying down on it with her forearms and knees with her back high in the air. "Natalie you lay here." Hana ordered as Natalie was laid down exactly the same as Alex but farther away.

Once they were set up the way she wanted them, Hana sat down on Alex's back so her own back rested against the back of the turn around chair and her sock feet rested on Natalie's back.

"Mrmrmrmphrpm!" They both grunted not believing they were being used as chairs.

"Pipe down or I will hogtie you both tightly while I enjoy my meal." She barked at them as she began to eat a slice of pizza which the smell made both bound women hungry and drool even more through their gags.

Hana took her time to eat her pieces of the pizza and thirty minutes later she finally got off both her pets and they both collapsed to the floor with sore backs.

"Oh come on, I'm not that heavy." Hana said as she grabbed the pizza box and set it on the kitchen table in the next room. "You both are free to remove your gag and hand cuffs so you can eat." She told them as they immediately took off their gags and handcuffs and sat at the table and began to eat though they drank more of their water then eating the pizza.

When they were done, they were allowed to use the bathroom before they were rebound and gagged.

"Hope you enjoyed your break, time to get back into the swing of things. Natalie, you take care of the dishes while Alex you get the fun job of folding laundry." Hana told them both which they moan at the tedious tasks they have been given and they shuffled off to where the laundry and dishes were at.  

Though boring, both knew the job was easy even in their bound state. However Hana had no intention of making it easy. She would walk back and forth the between the working girls watching them do their work like a hawk and every so often she would run her fingers along their exposed sides causing them to laugh which would cause the dish or shirt they were holding to be dropped and had to be rewashed or refolded.  

"Very good Alex, now you can take this pile of clothes up to my room and, opps!" Hana said as she accidentally lost her footing and fell into the pile of clothing causing them to fall over and needed to be refolded. "How clumsy of me, guess you're going to have to refold them all." Hana innocently said.

"Nnnrnrnrrmprhnmp!" Alex grunted out as she chewed on her ball gag in anger.

"Now don't give me that look, after all you are my pet." She said with a laugh as she left the room.

Alex began to refold the laundry, all the while thinking of ways to turn things around on the devilish Hana.

"Nope, dirty, has a spot, I see a speck of food, do it over again." Hana said as she checked the dried washed dishes and kept throwing them back into the dish water.

"Mmrmmmrphm!" Natalie protested this as she knew all the dishes were spotless.

"Do not argue with your mistress!" Hana said as she gave a light slap to her butt causing her to moan out. "Now do them again!" She barked and Natalie did so all the while thinking of nasty things to do to Hana.


It had taken them an extra hour to do everything, but they finally stood before Hana with their chores done and both were exhausted.

"Good job ladies, my parents will be proud." She said which caused both Alex and Natalie to raise an eyebrow in confusion. "You see my parents are gone this weekend, so I was told to do all these things before they got home late Sunday." She explained which caused her pets to look at her evilly.

"Tomorrow is fun day ladies, so let's get you into bed shall we?" Hana said as she lead them upstairs into one of the spare bedrooms. "Remove all your restraints and use the bathroom while I prep your night restraints, but I don't want to hear you two talking alright?" She told them and they did as they were told.

Once they were finished, Hana had them get into bed and lay on their sides and put them back to back. She took a long thin silk cloth and wrapped around it around both their torso's and arms and wrapped it from the top of their arms down to their elbows and when she was done, the top of their outfit was hidden beneath the blue silk material.

Hana took more of the same material and wrapped it around both their thighs and then wrapped it around both their ankles so that they were bound together from top to bottom. Once they were bound, she took two small lengths of the silk and pulled it between their lips and knotted it off behind their heads.

"There, that should hold you for the night." She told them both.

"Mmuncnnmfnntammmle." Alex tried to say through her gag that she was uncomfortable.

"Nnymmmahh." Natalie added.

"Trust me, it's far more comfortable then what you two will be experiencing tomorrow. So good night and sweet dreams." Hana said as she made her way towards the door and shut the lights off. As she was closing it, she stopped and stuck her head back in the room. "If you two so much remove one binding that I put on you, it will be hell for you two tomorrow." She said as she fully shut the door.

Both of them laid there, neither moving while listen to Hana's faint constant movements in the other rooms. Once everything remained quite for awhile, Alex began work her gag loose and with a few pushes with her tongue she managed to get it out of her mouth and it slipped down around her chin.

"Ahhh finally, can you get your gag off Natalie?" Alex asked.

Natalie remain still, unsure if to do so. After a little thinking she too removed her gag and it slipped down around her neck.

"Yeah, I'm going to blame you for this if she punishes us for removing our gags."

"That's not going to happen. We did all this stinking cleaning for her, now we turn the tables!"

"How we supposed to do that?" Natalie asked.

"Sometime tomorrow when she drops her guard, that's when we pounce on her and tie her up. Once she is fully bound, we'll turn this place upside down looking for any black mail she has on you. Then we'll torture the hell of her to make sure we got it all." Alex said with a devilish grin on her face.

"You don't really think she'll post that video of me and my struggles do you?" Natalie asked wearily.

"Hard to say, but tomorrow we'll make sure she don't." Alex said as she tried to shift her arms around. "Any chance you can move over?"

"Were tied together Alex, I can't move away from you if I wanted to." Natalie replied in annoyance.

"Damn, I guess we can't get free from these as easily from the gags." She said with a sigh. "I just wish this pillow was soft instead of being lumpy."

In Hana's room, she was holding a walkie-talkie and she shut if off after listening in on Alex's and Natalie's chat through the other walkie-talkie she hid underneath their pillow.

"Gang up on me will you? Good luck with that one ladies." She said with a smirk as she quickly fell to sleep.


The next morning both Alex and Natalie were woken up when Hana freed them from their nightly bindings.

"I guess I didn't tie those gags tight enough if they fell off while you were asleep huh?" Hana told them as she removed the last of the silk material from their ankles.

"Yeah I guess so." Alex said as she played along with her view as she got up and stretched her sore limbs.

"Breakfast is on the table downstairs, both of you eat quickly and then head to the bathroom up here and change into the new outfits I got for you both." She said as she quickly left the room.

"Finally I can get out of this skimpy thing." Natalie said as she made her way downstairs.

"I hope the next ones aren't as skimpy." Alex said as she followed her.

After quickly eating and drinking more of the water then the food in front of them, Alex was the first one done and headed to the bathroom. When she closed the door she looked at the counter to see two outfits which one had her name on while the other one had Natalie's name on.

After using the toilet and brushing her teeth, Alex removed her maid outfit and tossed it to the floor which reveled her pure white bra and panties and put the outfit on which resembled a catholic school outfit, but in skimpy way. The outfit was a white shirtsleeve shirt that stopped above her navel with a blue and black pleated plaid skirt and had black thigh high socks with two rings at the top of the socks with knee high black boots.

"Where the hell did Hana find this?" Alex wondered as she walked out of the bathroom trying to make her outfit cover more of her skin but it did any good. As she was about to call out to Natalie to say she was done, a hand was suddenly clamped over her mouth while an arm was wrapped around her chest.

"Mhpmphm?!" Alex moan out behind the hand.

"Get the jump on me will you? Well think again." Hana whispered into Alex's ear as she dragged Alex into her bedroom and shut the door.

"You done yet Alex? You're giving women a good reputation on taking forever in the bathroom!" Natalie shouted as she walked the stairs a few minutes later after Alex was jumped by Hana and found the bathroom empty. "Huh, weird." She said as she entered the bathroom and attended to her own business.

Once she was done, she checked out the outfit that had her name on it and saw that it was a skimpy nurse outfit which consisted of a pink sleeveless top that covered the most of her body except it showed off her cleavage with pink short shorts and white stockings with pink high heels. Once she had that on, she tossed her maid outfit onto the floor over the other maid outfit that was on the floor and made her way out into the hallway.

"I wonder what Alex is forced to wear?" Natalie wondered as she stepped out of the bathroom only to see Hana waiting for her. "Your command mistress?" Natalie asked as she looked for Alex hoping to see her hiding and waiting to jump Hana.

"Follow me my pet." She said as she lead Natalie to her room where Alex was on the ground with her wrists cross behind her back and held in place with red rope. Red rope was also tied around her elbows that were wrapped around the upper and lower parts of her breasts. Her thighs, knees and ankles were all wrapped up with red rope was well and a ring gag had been placed into her mouth.

"Nnnnnmmphm!" Alex moan as she struggled in the ropes, but only succeeded in digging the ropes into her exposed skin that it covered.

"So you two were going to jump me when my guard was down huh?" Hana asked as she placed her left arm around Natalie and looked at her straight in the eyes. "Well change of plans." She said as she pushed Natalie to the floor which she landed with a thud. Hana quickly sat on top of her and wrapped blue rope around her wrists and elbows.

She took a coil of blue rope and tied a breast harness around her chest area so her breasts would fully bulge out more in her outfit. She then bound her lower half much like Alex was tied up.

"Wait here." Hana said as she left the room.

"Great plan Alex." Natalie said sarcastically as she tried to move in her rope binding and found escape impossible. Hana soon return holding what appeared to be a waded up black panties that she wore for a few days.

"Your not." Natalie said as Hana had kneeled in front of her.

"Mistress commands you to open your mouth, or I will force it open and then shove in two pairs instead of one." She said which made Natalie to open her mouth and the panties were quickly crammed into. To finish it off, she put a muzzle gag on over Natalie's mouth which was connected to a harness which she strapped on over her face.

"Mmmmmmm!" Natalie grunted behind her gag as it made moving her mouth impossible with the straps and she could taste something foul from the panties that were place into her mouth.

"There, now I am the only one in control." Hana said as she ran her fingers up Natalie's sides which forced her to let out a squeal mhpm behind her gag. She continued this for another few minutes before going over to Alex and doing the same with her which caused her to wiggle all over the place while letting out jumbled squeals through her ring gag.

"Tickling is fun, but what other kinds of mind breaking torture can I do?" She wondered as she paced back and forth between the two struggling girls. As she was thinking, it was interrupted when a door could be herd opening and closing outside. Curious, Hana went over to her window to check it out and what she saw made her face pale.

"Dammit!" She cursed as she grabbed Alex and Natalie by the collar of their shirts and tossed them into her closet. "You two are not to make a sound alright!" She told them as she pushed the door close as she ran off downstairs. However she failed to put enough force into it and the door slowly opened back up and with her bedroom door open both bound girls could hear Hana talk downstairs.

"Hey mom!" Hana said which both Natalie and Alex could hear.

"Mom?" They both thought as they never met Hana's mom and both remained silent as they didn't want to meet her like this.


"So what are you doing home so early?" Hana asked innocently.

"Oh, a Blizzard hit my convention so it got canceled. Now I got to hassle my company to pay for all my traveling expenses. So keep it down will you?" Hana's mom said as she took out her cell phone and began to dial a number.

"You got it." Hana quickly replied as she ran back up the stairs with her mom shutting her phone and eying her daughter with suspicion.  


"Alright guys change of plans, my mom is home so this ends our weekend of fun. But I'll have you make up the rest another weekend." Hana told her two friends which they both protested through their gags.

As Hana was about to untie them, her mom threw open her door and she walked in and saw both Alex and Natalie bound in Hana's closet.

"Hana Smith! What I tell you about tying up company?" She sternly asked.

"Oh mom, this, this isn't what it look like!" Hana replied as she began to back off but before she could make some sort of escape, she was grabbed by the ear and dragged to the other side of the room. "I can explain!" Hana yelled out as her hands and ankles were quickly bound with zip ties.

"You can explain with a gag mouth young missy." She said as she quickly grabbed a white low cut sock off the ground and grabbed a long scarf that was also on the ground and placed the sock into her mouth and tied the scarf over her mouth.

"Mmmmhmphm!" Hana moan as she struggled and her mother went over to Alex and Natalie.

"I'm so sorry about my devious daughter, she has a thing for this you see." She explained while she quickly ungagged both bound girls. "Now why are you tied and gagged?" She asked sweetly.

"Hana made a bet that I took and lost." Natalie said.

"Hana then took the bet and tricked me into this as well." Alex replied.

"Then we were forced to be maid slaves for this weekend due to blackmail." They both said.

"Hana SMITH!" She yelled out as she looked towards her daughter who began to squirm away from her out of fear. "I'm so sorry, she gets this from her father." She said as she turn back to Alex and Natalie.

"Mmmmphpm!" Hana mhpm out at the comment.

"I said from your father!" She yelled back at Hana which made her wish she could go through walls. "Now then, do you two wish to be untied or." She said as she looked them over. "Or would you rather stay and be remained tied up and have some fun?" She asked them.

"We like to be untied." Alex replied.

"Alright then." She said as she quickly placed a strip of tape over Alex's and Natalie's mouth causing them to grunt through their gags in confusion. "I'll let you go once I get my little fun in this. My daughter has informed me of all your little tie up adventures so I'm sure you won't mind me having a little fun." She explained with a devious smile and Alex and Natalie soon felt Hana's fear.


An hour later, all three girls had been tied together and stripped down to just their underwear. Alex wore a matching red bra and panties, while Hana had a black color pair and Natalie had on a white pair. They were tied back to back to back with soft white rope and their arms had been completely cocooned in rope behind their backs while their lower legs were also cocooned in the white rope. Finally, their mouths had been stuffed with small different color cloth until their cheeks bulge which was followed by a long strip of tape being put over their mouths followed by two more placed in a X shape and then was followed by a thick scarf being tied over the tape and finally followed by a head scarf being tied over both their nose and mouth and all knotted behind their heads.

As they struggled, Alex and Natalie finally realized the terror Hana had felt. They had always herd tales of her being tied up for doing something bad, but they had thought the tie done on her was simple. But the over kill on the gag and the fact their arms had been cocooned in rope with the knot tied insides the rope binding made escape impossible without the use of a sharp object.

"You three are so cute, I could just tickle you!" She said and did as she ran her fingers along the souls of their feet and up and down their sides causing each of them to let out a muffled laugh which was barely hearable.

"Now I do have business to take care of, so." She said as she grabbed an egg timer and set it for thirty minutes and set it down in front of them. "You got that long to free yourselves, if you fail to get free then I'm free to have fun with your bound state." She said as she quickly left the room.

Seeing her gone, both Alex and Natalie began to struggle to get free. If the knot was tied outside of the rope binding they could have gotten free, but it wasn't and the rope was tied to good to wiggle out of. As they struggled, Hana just remained still waiting for the punishment she knew was coming.

Halfway into their time to get free, Hana's mom came into the room and was talking on a cell phone. Alex and Natalie assumed she was just here to check on them but no, she quickly laid on Hana's bed and watched them struggle while she talked to some stranger. Alex and Natalie couldn't believe she would do that with three tied up girls not far from her and if they were able to make gagged sounds how would she explain the noise to the person she was talking to, not that they could make any hearable sounds.

They decide to keep on struggling, hoping to find some way to get free but they only managed to wear themselves out. Soon the timer dinged and Hana's mom promptly ended her call which was her complaining to someone about a wasted trip.  

"Well, time is up girls." She said as she left the room and quickly reentered holding an ice bucket and two feather dusters. "I do hope my daughter hasn't told you about my little punishments. I hate for you two to know what is coming." She said with an innocent smile as she took out three ice cubes from the bucket.

She drew back their panty lining behind their backs and placed in an ice cube and let go of their panties and they all began moan out from the coldness and began to wiggle around. While they struggled, she grabbed two more ice cubes and placed one in both Hana's bra cups which caused her to struggle and wiggle even more that caused her to fall on her side with Alex with Natalie laying on top of the bound trio. As they laid there, still wiggling trying to get the ice melted and rocking back and forth from the uncomfort. Hana's mom began to brush the feather duster all over their exposed feet which sent all three girls howling with laughter behind their gags.

This went on for a few hours with Hana's mom switching between the feather duster and her fingers and replacing the ice cubes from time to time. When she was done it was getting late and all three girl's panties were wet from the ice cubes and Hana's bra was also wet from the melted ice cube water and they were all breathing hard from the intense tickling.

"That was fun, but now it's time to let you guys go." She said as she quickly unbound them and then allowed them to wash up and change and get something to eat. Once done with eating they all watched a movie before going to bed for the night.


The next morning Alex and Natalie stood in front of the doorway of the house fully dressed with their duffel bags in hand.

"It was fun having you girls, do come again." Hana's mom said with a warm smile as she broke the tape containing the footage of Natalie's bet struggles.

"Yeah it was." They both replied dryly.

"So we'll call you later Hana?" Alex said.

"Oh, don't bother. I doubt she will be able to answer." Hana's mom said as she tightly hugged Hana to her body with her left arm while Hana gave a look of please help me.

"Right then, see you later." Natalie said as she and Alex quickly took their leave.

"So we never talk about this day again?" Alex asked as they reached the end of the sidewalk from the front door.

"Not unless Hana says something." Natalie replied which they then herd Hana screaming for mercy from the house.

"I doubt that will happen." Alex replied as they both went home to find something to do so they could forget that this weekend never happened.

The end.
A story continued from here [link]

and I post this in honor of 70k pageviews!

Besides the fan service outfits, I think the highlight of this story is a mom who knows her ropes, and torture. :D So I hope you all enjoy this and thanks for reading my stories :)

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Belle of the Ball

  Carla walked up to the airport, bags in hand. She'd been thrilled to discover she'd won first place in the design contest for her ball gown design, and now she was on her way to a tropical hotel to recieve first prize, the very dress she designed!

  As she entered the airport, Carla was led to the room where she'd pose for a passport picture by a receptionist. "Huh, quiet here today huh?" Carla said as the airport seemed completely empty. "Oh, we're not technically open yet, you're allowed in cause of the special flight!" The receptionist replied. "AHHH!" Carla said, understanding better now.

  She was led into a small room with a camera behind a glass wall. "Say cheese.' The receptionist said as they got behind the camera. "CHEESE!" Carla said cheerfully.

  There was a loud "SLAM' as the back wall of the room smashed with the first as both moved toward her. When they moved away, Carla was standing flat and in the pose she took for the photo, including the wide, silly grin spread across her face! The receptionist walked in, picked her up, and carried her out just as the REAL receptionist walked in from the worker's entrance.

  The Receptionist carried Carla to a familier shop, "Well Carla, thanks for entering the contest!" The Receptionist said as she removed some clothes to reveal herself as Melissa, "Your prize said you'd be made your design, so it's time to turn you into your dress!

  Melissa laid the flattened Carla out on a metal table, "Aww, you look so happy! Don't worry, you'll like it!" She said as she started spraying a soloution all over Carla's body, front and back. "This stuff I'm using on you will help make you your dress! It'll rubberize you when heat is applied!"

  When she was finished spraying, Melissa put on some special gloves, and started massaging and rubbing Carla all over to really get the spray in, patting her some on her flattened chest, "I see alot of material to work with here!" she giggled. The Spray would bond with Carla's flattened form's cells to change the change when the heat was applied.

  After she finished, Melissa took her gloves off, "Now for step two!" She said. Kissing two of her fingers, Melissa seemed to blow a kiss, but when she did, a small flame circled her fingers, "Now for the heat!" She said, touching the side of the table. It rapidly began to heat up, causing the formula Carla was sprayed with to start it's process. AS Melissa watched, Carla's body began to turn black and take on a glossy shine, and within minutes, her body had become a solid chunk of rubber. After washing her off some to remove the last remains of the potion, Melissa smiled and said, "Time to get to work."

  Melissa quickly divided Carla into 3 parts using special enchanted sissors, her head, her torso, and her waist down. "I never get to make clothes the old fashioned way, Gotta get these melted down some." She said as she giggled some, and placed Carla's legs, waist, and tail into a sink like area to melt them down. She used her heating magic to start the process, then went to work on Carla's head.

  Spreading the effects of the first spell to both her hands. pressing some on Carla's rubber head caused it to heat up and become more easily molded. She pressed up on the backside of the head to add an indention, using a nearby dress maker's dummy to help make the indention the right size. She pulled on the edges to stretch them out some to make a brim, and with a few more heated touches, managed to remove the face's features from the top. "Well well, such a nice Hat!" She said, getting a bow and tying it around the back side.

  Turning her attention to Carla's torso, she looked at it thoughtfully. She managed to hollow out the flattened body to make it easier to work with. She puffed up the sholders into ruffles, and managed to lower Carla's neckline to show off more of a bustline. Her arms and hands became a pair of exquisite gloves, and as a finishing touch, stretched the bottom out to give it a more elegant look.

  By now the melted rubber in the sink was ready to work with. She poured it into a specially designed mold shaped like a ball gown with a metal bar sticking up thru it. A second mold was used to be the bottom part of the first. After an hour of cooling time, the mold was removed carefully from around the two parts, and they were connected together, leaving the inside of the gown itself hollow and allowing someone to wear it. After attaching an air nozzle to it, she filled the gown with air and inflated it into a large puffy and squeeky shape.

  Melissa soon was wearing her entire new outfit. "MMMMM, feels so good against me." She said, looking herself over and feeling down the side of the inflated gown, "Carla, you were SUCH good material! I'll make sure to show you off good when I go to the fashion show next week. Who knows, I MAY even change you back...someday! Needs some color, maybe some purple highlights around the edges!"
Heres a story to explain how Melissa got that beautiful rubber belle outfit she was shown wearing recently showing off her new assistant, you knew she didn't buy that thing! Melissa makes all her clothes using some very special 'materials' ;)

Written by :iconwarserebii: we hope you enjoy!
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“Hmmm,” Twilight Sparkle surveyed her book curiously. 'Unfinished Spells of Equestria.' A fascinating read detailing hundreds of spells throughout the ages that were developed, but never mastered, resulting in some rather...unusual consequences if attempted. For example, one spell was intended to create a perfect copy of the user. The Unicorn responsible for it attempted it repeatedly, resulting in him becoming the rather bemused father of seventeen baby hims. What's more, with a vastly different upbringing, they did not even end up like him in adulthood, all with vastly different Cutie Marks.

“Well this one seems easy enough,” Twilight had considered it an interesting challenge to try some of the less extreme spells out and see if she had what it took to finally complete them. While she had been considering a spell to imbue Earth Ponies with temporary magic of their own, she ultimately decided to try something less likely to scar somepony for life; a simple nourishment spell.

Developed for ponies who were too busy to stop for a meal, the spell was supposed to keep them nourished and feeling full for a full week, but the developer instead found his test subjects merely repulsed by any flavour. A later attempt found those afflicted severely addicted to their least favourite food, and one after that caused ponies to become completely blind to anything edible. It was of course worrying when test subjects began seeing the land as a desolate wasteland with no plant life to be found, but concerns were particularly raised when one individual found herself in capable of seeing other ponies.

Subsequent tests were cancelled.

“You sure you don't want my help, Twilight?”

“Not this time, Spike,” she smiled, “Seems the results have been rather hectic in the past, I'd hate to afflict that on you.”

“Then who are you going to test it on?”

“Myself of course. If things get too much for me, it shouldn’t be hard for me to work out a simple Reversal Spell. I'll be fine.”

“If you say so,” he shrugged before walking off.

Twilight quickly surveyed the instructions. She could already see where the Unicorn had gone wrong. The whole thing was full of more holes than a block of cheese. Still, there was a solid formula behind it, so the question was merely how she would fill the holes in. She was frankly surprised nopony had ever re attempted this one before.

A magenta aura engulfed her horn, and with whooshing zap of noise, she felt it engulf her body. While a brief tingling filled her at first, she quickly felt...nothing at all. That wasn't so bad, though, at least she wasn't hallucinating petal burgers everywhere.

“Well, this’s been a total waste of time,” she huffed. An entire afternoon of research and preparation, all wasted. As a matter of fact, she had been studying so long, she felt a big lunch was in order. “Spike!” she called out. He quickly poked his head out to see. “Could you get me that Daffodil Sandwich I put in the fridge yesterday? I’m starved!”

“Not a problem.” Vanishing down the stairs, Spike shortly returned with the sandwich on a plate. After a quick Thank You, the sandwich lifted into the air and flew towards Twilights mouth.

Taking the first bite, it suddenly became apparent that this may have been the most delicious Daffodil Sandwich in the history of Daffodil Sandwiches. After the first bite, she suddenly lost control and devoured it in a matter of seconds, gulping down a wad of barley chewed bread and flower petals.

“Hey uh, where’d the sandwich go?” asked Spike, who had apparently blinked after she took her first bite.

“Wow, I never thought a sandwich could be that good before! Spike, I can’t remember, um, did I do anything differently when I made it yesterday?”

“Not really. Maybe you left the stems on or something.”

“No, that can’t be it, there’s something… more. Could you make me another?”

“Sure, I guess.” Spike himself had quite the appetite, but he had never known Twilight to share it. “Want something to drink with that?”

“Hmmm, yes actually. Can I get a few glasses of water?”

“A few?…how many?”

“Oh just a few. Two or three.  Eight or nine. Twenty four-“ the cogs within Twilights head began turning. “…oh dear.”

Leaping back to her desk, Twilight glanced back to the history of the Nourishment spell. It had not been performed many times, so each time it malfunctioned differently. It was pretty obvious that it could potentially have the opposite of the intended result.

“Oh, this isn’t good!” she hopped onto her hind legs and pressed a hoof to her growling stomach. She could feel it rumble and growl. That pretty much confirmed it. “Spike…I think I may have just given myself an indefinite hunger…”

“Welcome to my world,” the little dragon said with a laugh, though Twilight was definitely not laughing with him.

“No, you don’t understand, if I’m right, I am going to go absolutely ballistic with hunger unless I’m constantly having food shoved down my throat! Oh no oh no! What am I going to do? I don’t know how to undo the spell, but how can I concentrate if all I want to do is eat? AND WHY ARE THE WALLS COVERED IN PUDDING!?”

Before she could utter another word, a cookie was shoved in her mouth.

“Relax. I’m here, remember?”

“Oh…haha…of course, sorry.” She said through a mouthful of mushed biscuit. “Thank you. Almost got to me there. I hope we have enough food…”

Spike would have laughed, but he had a feeling he would have to sacrifice his private candy stash. And his cake stash. And his chocolate bar stash. And his caramel apple stash. And, well you get the general idea.

But regardless, “You don’t have to worry about a thing, Twilight, you can count on me!” he saluted, before darting off into the kitchen.

“My little hero,” Twilight smiled happily before another fierce growl gurgled from inside her. “Oh wow, no time to lose…if it’s this bad starting out…” she began to bite her lip, feeling far too distracted to even finish her sentence.

Aiming her eyes at the book, she began to read. However, with her stomach growling all the while, by the time she reached the end of the page, she realized she hadn’t absorbed a single word of information.

“Come on Twilight, you can get through this, you’re smart, and you know there’s always a way! You’ve helped save all of Equestria no less than three times now! If anyone can fix this little problem it’s you, and furthermore…I’m so hungry right now I could SCREAM!”

“Um…Twilight?” the purple pony paused and turned to see Spike presenting a plate of cheese and cherry sandwiches. Not the most appetising combination, but they seemed pretty packed full, so she appreciated the big servings.

“Oh, Spike, thank you. I’m not sure how much longer I could have lasted,” she levitated the first sandwich to her mouth and annihilated it in just two bites, much to her own shock. “This spell is working much faster than expected.”

“I can see that…” the Dragon replied, shocked to see his dear friend glut herself on the food so messily. Her mouth was quickly coated in red cherry paste and his hasty work was almost immediately depleted. “Holy guacamole…haven’t said that in a while…”

“Uuurp!” Twilight quickly clasped a hoof over her mouth. Spike had worked quickly, but he had used two loafs of bread and more cherries than he could count; looking down, the purple unicorn noted an imposing bulge in her girth. Initially a bit shocked, she quickly smiled, “Perfect!”

“This is…good?”

“Yes! That’ll keep me full for a while, I’ll be able to focus completely now! Good work, Spike” she beamed before putting her nose back in the book.

“You’re welcome!” Spike smiled.

Levitating a quill and parchment, Twilight began to calculate. “Okay, that seems simple enough…ah yes, if I can just perform a few sections in reverse…but then how do I account for- Oh, I think I know…”

The road to recovery had been set, and peace had been restored to the Ponyville Library…for about two minutes.

Bulging as her middle may have been, it soon began to rumble and complain at her, apparently crying of starvation despite being ever so spoiled in the past ten minutes.

“Already? Oh no…Spike?”

“Hungry again?” he tilted his head.

“I’m afraid so…” she cautiously placed a hoof on her gut, just for it to shake loudly. “And by the looks of it, getting hungrier!”

“Don’t worry, I know what to do!” the young dragon declared before returning to prepare more food.

“Don’t worry, we just need to keep this up a little longer, I’m certain I’m almost finished.”

She continued to attempt her calculations as her stomach growled. In a surprisingly smart move, Spike brought out the second plate of sandwiches and placed them on her desk before hurrying back to retrieve a number of items from the fridge to slowly stem the tide of Twilight’s hunger, instead of trying to hit it off in one go.

Twilight appreciated this tactic, but sadly in practice, it wasn’t as effective as it was clever.

“Ptoo!” she spat a crumb covered plate after her mouth after trying a little too hard to eat the slice of pie that sat on it. “Spike, could you pick up the pace? I can’t even hear myself think over the sound of my stomach!”

Adamant to stay on duty, Spike dragged himself back towards the desk, sweat running down his forehead and a single pear clenched in his claws. “Maybe you should invest in earmuffs?” he managed to utter before pulling himself to his feet.

Looking back to see her dear assistant so exhausted, Twilight felt a sting of guilt hit her. She abandoned her desk and galloped right over to him, though found herself utterly shocked at the massive girth she had grown into over the last few minutes. Her hooves barely reached the floor with that thing!

Shaking it off, she kept her attention on Spike, “Oh Spike I’m so sorry. Look, I’m almost finished, it’s just getting so hard to concentrate!”

“Maybe we could use some help?”  he said, letting Twilight eviscerate the pear.

“Hmmm, good idea…Rainbow Dash! With her speed, you wouldn’t have to leave the kitchen at all! Good thinking, Spike!” Taking another quill and more parchment, she quickly jotted down a letter.
Dearest Rainbow Dash,
-Sincerely, Twilight Sparkle.
Folding it into a plane and sending it off, Twilight quickly returned her attention to Spike, who, looking tired again, presented her with a bag containing his candy stash, which he quickly began pouring into her mouth as she opened it expectedly.

“Spike,” she said while munching and biting up more and more of the sugary sweets, “I just want to thank you for helping me here. I know it’s your job, but in these few short minutes I’ve-“ she paused for a second after accidentally swallowing a jawbreaker, “-put you through quite a bit. From the bottom of my heart, I want you to know that I appweciate ebery-“ she began to slur her words, distracted by the utterly delicious candy filling the gaping hole in her appetite, “-thing wou’ve done todayh. You’re vah best helpa a “-it seemed she can come to one of his prized Giant Gummie Bears. The taste of clothe made it pretty clear he had been dressing it up, of all things. She swallowed it whole, finding that it seemed too tough to bother trying to chew, “-pony could awsk forw…”

As she swallowed down the Gummie Bear, she realized she had apparently finished the bag. In fact, the bag was gone. Her purple cheeks grew bright red as she realized that she must have eaten it. That cleared Spike of embarrassment, but in turn filled her with it.

“I need to fix this soon, I’m not sure how much more I can take…how much food do we even have left? …Spike?” It took Twilight a little too long to realize that Spike had also vanished.

She initially figured that Spike had just ran back into the kitchen for more food, but the clatter of plates could not be heard; if he was in there, he wasn’t preparing anything.

“Spike?” she tilted her head. He was gone; nowhere to be seen. A few seconds ticked by and Twilight put two and two together…though some might say she ended up with five.
“I can’t believe him! I know he’s tired, but actually running away? I swear, just one more sandwich and I could have cracked this darn spell!” her stomach roared and jiggled oddly, “And now I’m getting hungry again. Thanks a lot, Spike!”

With Spike’s apparent abandonment, it seemed Twilight would have to move her studies into the kitchen, wasting valuable time. But help was at hand when a familiar multicolored bolt of lightning crashed through her window.

“Twilight!” Rainbow shouted, “I came as soon as I got your note. What’s wrong? Parasprites? Did you turn yourself into a zombie, did something happen to-…” her eyes quickly widened in surprise as she set her sights upon her bloated friend. “-Spike…”

Twilight looked over in a wall mounted mirror and gasped. She knew her stomach had been growing from eating so much, but the sight of herself in full was astounding! She hadn’t even realized that her hooves were an inch or two off the floor. It was like she was laying on a purple beanbag; how embarrassing.

“Rainbow Dash you got here just in time!”

“Care to tell me what’s going on?” she said, still curiously eyeing the wobbly girth.

“I was just trying to perfect an old spell and…now I can’t stop eating!”

“…have you tried closing your mouth?”

“Rainbow, this is serious! If I stop eating for too long I get this gnawing hunger inside of me and I can’t concentrate, and if I can’t concentrate, I can’t undo the spell! I need your help!”

Hearing the distress in her friend’s voice, Dash quickly stopped her gawking and started paying attention. “Well of course I’ll help you, Twi. What do you need?”

“Food, and lots of it. Spike was helping me but I think my appetite was too much for him; he ran off just before you showed up. Anyway, there should still There should hopefully still be some in the kitchen, but…” she pressed at her stomach, “IIIII can’t be one hundred percent on that. I just need a lot of it really quickly while I put the final calculations on my spell.”

“Ha! Thought you had a challenge for me! How-“ Twilight blinked and Rainbow had reappeared, clasping jars of jam, loaves of bread and an assortment of fruit with her front hooves “-is this for service?”

“Oh Rainbow, ou’re a lifesaver!” the gorged pony praised as she began to gorge on these new offerings.

“Can’t have my friend going hungry now, can I?” Rainbow slapped her knee and laughed her throat sore, “…sorry, that was inappropriate.”

After pushing Twilight back to her desk, Rainbow Dash set to work grabbing armfuls of food and dumping them down on the desk next to the parchment. The first time, she watched slack jawed as Twilight obliterated what would have easily fed the Apple Family for a week in just a few short minutes (the still sealed jars slowed her down a bit), all the while she still threw around magical jargon that went right over the Pegasus’s head.

Flying back for more food, Dash wisely spent her time searching the cupboards and fridge instead of gawking at her friend. With her sonic speed, she was a far more efficient feeder than Spike, try as he may have. Twilight’s spirit began to gradually rise; it was close, but she had now gone several minutes without feeling the need to consume get in her way.

For Rainbow Dash, it was practically turning into a game; finding a challenge was basically written into her DNA, after all. She found herself throw grapes and grass sandwiches at Twilight as though she were a basketball hoop. The self-hexed heroine was now simultaneously so comfortable and so in-tune with her need to eat that she was catching each bite on sheer instinct, barely even realizing it.

“Almost-NOM-done! One more little-OM CHOMP-calculation and I should have-GULPCHEWCHEWNOM-all worked out!”

“Aww, already? I was just getting into this!” replied Rainbow, flinging Spike’s donut stash into Twilight’s mouth like ninja stars.

“Very funny,” she humoured in between bites, “But really, thank you for the help. I know this has to seem pretty surreal; I hope this isn’t too hard for you…”

The rainbow haired Pegasus had to hold her mouth to keep from laughing “Too hard? Come on Twilight, gimme some credit!” she flexed her wings proudly and flew back to grab what was left of the food.

Over at her desk, with an Equals sign and a few letters, Twilight swallowed the last donut and beamed brightly. “DONE! I can’t believe how simple this was! Would’ve taken me maybe two minutes if not for this darn thing,” she pressed down on her stomach again.

Naturally this was a mistake, as doing this only seemed to aggravate her hunger, as indicated by a monstrous growl. But that didn’t matter, in a few moments she’d be back to normal…give or take a mountain of food. All she needed to do now was get another mouthful of food so she could concentrate long enough to cast the spell…

“One more round should do it!”

“Coming right up!” deciding to make this one count, Rainbow had scrounged up a massive armful of food; containing most of Spike’s secret food stashes, salt shakers, peanut butter jars, and even a massive bundle of leaves from the top of the tree. A Slam Dunk right into her friend’s titanic gut to finish off this game of feeding.
“Hungry or not, here it comes!”

Like a bolt of lightning, she was soon high above Twilight’s head. Her little mouth open in anticipation of the food, Rainbow quickly made her decision and basically dropped the lot on top of her.  It was quickly enveloped in Twilight’s magenta aura and slowly began to whittle down as she began to scoff it down.

“And down it goes!” the Pegasus laughed, seeing the massive bulges drop down Twilight’s neck and increase the size of her already massive stomach. “Let me help you out there.”
Hovering over the mass of food, she began to playfully kick at it, as if to push it down her friend’s throat faster. She of course had a good laugh over it…and then Twilight bit her foot.

“Yow! Hey, Twilight, careful, I-did you just bit my hoof?” By this point, Twilight had entered a sort of ‘food bliss,’ guiltily enjoying this massive meal, whether she wanted to or not. So far into this food bliss was she, that as her teeth clenched Rainbow Dash’s foot, she completely failed to realize this was not another sandwich, but one of her best friends. “Twilight…wh-what are you doing!?”

Things went from bad to worse as Rainbow saw herself enveloped by the familiar pink glow. And before she could protest any further, she was sinking gradually into Twilight’s mouth. Suddenly the situation became a lot less amusing.

“Twilight! Come on, this isn’t funny!” she began to pull herself out as she flapped her wings harder and harder. It was a valiant effort and she was indeed making headway on her escape, but sadly she was dealing with both Twilight’s powerful magic and her insatiable hunger. “I know you’re kinda new to all this, but generally speaking, FRIENDS DON’T EAT EACH OTHER!”
Regardless, Twilight did so, if unknowingly, and with a gulp, sent her dear friend into her massive stomach with the rest of the food.

“Mmmm, that was perfect! Excellent work, Rainbow, its good to know that-…Rainbow? Hello? Where did you go?” Deep within her, the pony could be heard screaming ‘YOU ATE ME IS WHERE I WENT,’ but under a mountain of food it could not be heard. Naturally, Twilight assumed the worst…or what to her knowledge was the worst.

“I can’t believe it! I lose control for one meal and I scare her off! What have I done to myself? Even a tough pony like Rainbow Dash can’t keep up with my eating! …but that’s okay, I’ve got the solution, now I just need to…” her face drooped into a frown as another rumble roared out from it.

Apparently she had forgotten about Stress Eating.

“Well…okay, I’ll just go into the kitchen myself. I mean there has to be SOMETHING left.” While this was not the case, Twilight would not herself find out; her gut had elevated her feet far from any hope of touching the ground. And of course, as the hunger began to gnaw at her, focussing long enough to teleport or levitate something was becoming less and less of an option.

“Oh Pony Feathers!” she growled, left with no choice but to pathetically try to lean in closer. “Come on Twilight, you’re Princess Celestia’s private student; I SHOULD BE ABLE TO GET INTO A FREAKIN’ KITCHEN!”

She lunged forward as best she could, only managing to almost roll onto her face (given her belly’s weight, this would not have ended well).  She was so close to fixing this! She could practically taste it (and taste was something she had recently become very well acquainted with).

“I can’t believe this…” she did her best to lie back, trying to find some comfort in the situation…and then she began to roll. “Hey, what in Equestria?”

The citizens of Ponyville were very much accustomed to bizarre scenes in the town, whether it was Big Macintosh dragging a house behind him as he hopped along, a stampede of bunnies, or an army of adorable locust eating everything in sight, and yet the sight of a purple unicorn with a stomach more than three times her size crashing through the front door of the library and into the street still managed to catch a lot of ponies off guard.

“Could this day get any worse?” Twilight asked herself, feeling all the food (and unbeknownst to her, friends) that she had eaten spinning around inside of her like a Bouncy Castle. Without warning, she lurched to the side as something suddenly blocked her path.

“Hold up there, Sugar Cube!” Applejack lowered her back hooves off of the now immobilized Twilight. Applebloom quickly stepped away, having just avoided being crushed.

“On second thoughts, think I’ll just hang out with Sweetie Belle today,” the filly decided before galloping off.

“Sure thing, Sis…now what in tarnation is this thing s’posed ta be? Some kinda giant grape?”

“Not quite…” Applejacks’s eyes practically popped out of their sockets as she heard the sphere talk back. “Twalight?! Good gracious, what happened t’ya!?”

“…it’s a long story…”

“Well ah’m all ears...ah’m bettin’ its quite the tale.”

And so Applejack listened to the tale of the nourishment spell…or, she would have, had Twilight been able to even focus on such a thing.

“Can’t talk, need food! Need it now!”

“Food?” asked the perplexed Earth pony. “You sure? No offence, but seems t’me like food’d be the last thing on your mind…”


Naturally confused, AJ was nevertheless began to roll Twilight towards Sweet Apple Acres; a good friend didn’t just leave you lying in the street bloated out of your mind, after all.

“Ah know you’re not in much of a talkin’ mood right now, but ah just wanna say I hope everything’s alright. Situation’s a might odd, but I’d be lyin’ if I said I haven’t seen ya like this b’fore, ehehe!” she of course referred to the day they met. Though in comparison to now, that bloated tummy Twilight ended up with looked positively anorexic.

Before long, the two arrived on the farm, and it took no time at all for Applejack to somehow start filling plates with Apple Pies and Apple Fritters, and Apple Strudels. Twilight of course devoured it in moments, much to  Applejack’s shock. Lacking supersonic flight, AJ proved practically ineffective compared to Rainbow Dash in terms of feeding, but at least these meals tasted a thousand times better.

Slowly, but surely, Twilight was able to gain some control and slowly explain her predicament.

“Well gosh darlin’, you’re gonna have one heck of a stomach ache when this is all over.”

“UuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!” Twilight belched in replied, blowing Applejack’s hat clean off.

“On second thoughts maybe ah should just stick to keepin’ yer gut full,” she decided, emptying a bushel of apples into Twilight’s mouth,

Regardless of her speed, Applejack’s feeding soon began to do the trick, and Twilight didn’t waste a single second trying to muster up the spell. In practice, it was actually quite tricky doing it while another pony shovelled food in your mouth. But, knowing full well about the consequences, she focussed every muscle she had (ones involved in eating exempted) into performing the spell. Her horn sparked and the ground beneath her shook as she finally managed to pull it off.

Applejack leapt as an explosion of purple and pink flew from Twilight’s horn, crackling and fizzling up a storm. Remembering Twilight’s words, she knew very well what this meant…and yet, Twilight still seemed to vigoriously snatch that pie from her hooves.

“Still hungry after all that?”

“BRAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHP!” another thunderous belch flew from her friend’s lips, this time untying Applejack’s mane, letting her hair flail about in the gust of wind. “I-I don’t understand, I don’t feel any better, I’m still starving! Oh Applejack, what have I done wrong!?”

“Hey, hey, hey! Calm yerself!” the toughened Earth Pony commanded a sense of authority, despite seeming so much smaller in comparison. “This is just another spell y’all need to learn. When was the last time y’all got somethin’ right on the first try?” Twilight smiled and nodded. She could always count on her friends to keep her under control. “Now, I’m just gonna get s’more food from inside and you can try again, okay?”

With another nod, Applejack galloped back inside as quick as she could. Only seconds had gone by and already Twilight was starting to freak out again; the hunger hadn’t even set in yet, but the idea of it had her just so very worried… she needed someone else to feed her NOW!

“HEYA TWILIGHT!” the only thing stopping the unicorn from leaping into the air in surprise was her own massive weght, as a familiar pink Earth Pony snuck on her.

“Pinkie!? What are-UUUUURP-doing here?”

“Weeeeeell, I was walking through town when I heard somepony spotted a giant GRAPE! I went looking for it, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I was feeling kinda down, but then I saw that little lightshow you put on, and then I saw the grape! And it’s you! My best friend is the giant grape!”

It would be lying to say that this was an unusual conversation for Pinkie. She’s have seemed like a saviour in light of Twilights situation, but unfortunately it wasn’t likely she was going to comprehend the situation, and the stuffed student was definitely not in any mood to explain her predicament yet again.

“Oh hey, Twilight, you’ve got some apple in your teeth! Want me to get it out for you?” She got a simple shrug in response, which to Pinkie of course equalled a massive Yes.
Immediately embarking on her newfound mission to remove a scrape of apple from her friend’s tooth, Pinkie inspected Twilight’s mouth closely and began to formulate a strategy (no hands, you see).

Unfortunately, given her current state, Twilight’s mouth was not a good place to be close to.

Knowing that taste wasn’t going to be much of an issue here, Applejack made her way back to Twilight carting a simple (but filled) Apple Cart behind her.
“Sorry, I took a lil’ longer than expected, but I should have enough here to give you the practice ya need. I just hope-WHAT IN THE WHAT!?”

Twilight as big as a blimp was one sight bizarre enough, but Twilight as big as a blimp and EATING PINKIE PIE, was not something the young apple farmer had expected.

“Twilight, what are you doin’!? Stop it, y’hear me! That ain’t nice!” A statement Twilight would no doubt agree upon, had she been in a state of mind that could hear.
Of course being a good friend, AJ wasted no time in procuring a rope and lassoing one of Pinkie’s kicking hooves just as it began to vanish down Twilight’s gullet.

“AJ, is that you? You need to try Twilight’s new game, it’s so squishy and moist in here!”

“Pinkeh,” she replied, pulling at the rope with her teeth, “Twah ish EATIN’ YA!”

“Yeah, I know! I’ve never been InInYa’d before! This is so cool! Ooh, and now it’s a waterslide! Wheeeee!” and with that, Pinkie forced herself down Twilight’s throat, sabotaging Applejack’s best efforts to rescue her.
This would have been bad enough, but with such a tight grip on the rope, which now slid downwards with Pinkie, AJ found herself similarly plummeting into Twilight’s maw.

“Well, this ain’t how I had mah day planned,” the orange pony declared before the purple pony’s tongue yanked her down to the depths of her engorged tummy.
And of course, left with no more ponies to devour, Twilight began biting at the air, and realizing she had nothing left to bite, began to regain her senses.

“BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHP!” she blinked, licking the taste of Friends off her lips. “Pinkie? Applejack?” It appeared they had also made a run for it as she went into another ‘feeding daze.’ The young student, now alone (as far as she knew) sighed  and sank her head; the idea that Applejack would flee her own home to get away from her was ridiculously upsetting.

“I scared them all off…Spike, Rainbow Dash, Applejack,  I know Pinkie would have helped if I got the chance to ask her…and I let myself go out of control again…looks like I’m going to have to put things right myself…” she felt a fierce growl from within and knew that the need to dine was returning.

She did not panic, merely looking around for something to eat, and quickly found it; Applejack’s abandoned Apple Cart. Still fully stocked, by the looks of it. “Good to see I haven’t destroyed ALL the food…” she frowned, knowing that she was about to undo that theory.

Levitation spells were ordinarily second nature to her, but the power to cast any spell at all gradually crept away as the hunger crept in. Knowing this, she used what little time she had to yank the entire cart towards her…a whole half inch (not a bad effort given her state).

“Come on, I can practically taste them already!” Twilight snarled at the cart. However, being unable to focus, she did not notice that the cart had been set ever so slightly downhill. And as pathetic a distance her efforts to pull it had brought, it was still quite a forceful attempt.
To be blunt, as the cart rolled into her and started rolling her off the farm, she wasn’t as happy for it to come to her as she had expected…

Meanwhile, a good way across town in a little shop known as Carousel Boutique, two more close friend’s of Twilight, Fluttershy and Rarity, were in the middle of a rather awkward misunderstanding.

“It’s okay Rarity, I feel fine, really…”

“Darling, it is most certainly NOT fine! I haven’t a clue how you can say you’ve forgiven me; I don’t even I’ll be able to forgive me for this!”

“I-it’s really not that big of a deal…”

“Fluttershy…” the white fashionista pony exclaimed in a distressed tone, “I gave you a facial with…average quality mud! Of all the worst possible things to happen, this…is The. Worst. Possible. THING!”

“Really, it’s not a problem-“

“Oh, I can almost see your natural beauty melting away, offended by my dip in standards!”

“…I’ll just let you have your moment, then…”

Rarity tended to take her glamour a little too seriously at times, as evidenced quite clearly by the loud sobs and moans of distress. After drawing this out far longer than she needed to, finally she pulled herself to her hooves.

“You’re taking this awfully well…I appreciate that…please excuse me, I’ll just go fetch you some of my favourite perfumes, hopefully that will make for a sufficient apology.”

“I actually liked that mud more than the expensive stuff-“

“No, no! I insist, it is the only way I will be able to sleep at tonight…”

And with that, she trotted off, leaving Fluttershy the only pony present when something massive in size crashed into the side of the building.
Almost jumping right out of her skin, Fluttershy quickly recognised the pained sound of her dear friend Twilight’s voice, and without hesitation, flew outside to find her. She was of course shocked to find that her friend was herself the thing, massive in size.

“Oh goodness! Twilight, are you okay? What in Equestria happened to you? Can I help you? Do you need help? Can you speak? I-“ she almost had time to gasp as Ms. Sparkle’s mouth widened and engulfed her midsentence.
This, of course, was followed by Twilight opening her eyes and darting her head around to try and find Fluttershy. Having no proof that she had been there at all, she at least was not stuck with the idea that she had scared her off.
…but then, she would have very much appreciated having a friend nearby at this point…

“Fluttershy? Flutters, darling?” Rarity galloped outside upon hearing the crash and being unable to locate her Pegasus companion. “Where did you go? I-WhoHOHAWWW!” she of course had come across Twilight.


“Twilight? G-good gracious, Twilight…I think I am in need of glasses; I’m not sure what I’m seeing right now…”

“Believe it,” Twilight replied, her voice harsh and bitter. “Due to my own incompetence, I have become an overfed, greedy blob of a pony who is too obsessed with food to cast even the simplest of spells or even stay conscious long enough to thank any of my friends for their hard work! So if that is what you are seeing, then no, Rarity, you don’t need glasses, YOU NEED A NEW FRIEND!”

“Oh my…” Rarity looked upon the bloated belly that made up most of Twilight’s body, imagining (or at least she thought) the imprints of struggling ponies that had gotten too close. Coming right out of nowhere like this, the image was quite confronting… “W-well, certainly there has to be some way I can help…?”

“NO! You can’t help, nopony can help me, by the looks of it! All I needed was to be full for a few minutes, and not a single soul could do that! Not Assistant Extraordinaire Spike, not lightning quick Rainbow Dash, and not Prize Baker Applejack. I was just too much for them to handle, apparently! So tell me, Rarity, what can YOU do to help me beat this hunger!?”

The two unicorns starred at each other for a moment, an awkward silence coming over them. And then, said awkwardness moved into Rarity’s smile…

“Well…maybe you’ve been going about this wrong.” She trotted on over towards the jiggling, crammed full stomach, raising an eyebrow from its owner. “If you’re dealing with an upset stomach, in my experience, stuffing yourself to the gills is never a smart option. Between you an me, when I was say, Sweetie Belle’s age, I’d occasionally overeat as well. But my mother always had just the right solution!”

“The problem isn’t that I’m overeating, the problem is that I’m hungry! Whatever you’re thinking, I-OoOOooooooooh…” Twilight shivered as the stress of hunger began to slowly melt off of her back. Rarity pressed her hooves against the massive walls of purple and rubbed lightly in circles, sending tingles from Twilight’s gut, to her spine, to her feet. “Wh-what are you doing?”

“Just a light ‘Belly Rub.’ I’ll admit I’ve never actually had to do this before, but you’ve given me quite a bit of space to work with!” Missing a beat, Rarity quickly threw her friend an apologetic look, but Twilight hadn’t even noticed the slip of the tongue.

“BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHP! BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURP! BRAHHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHP! Well it feels fan-HicUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP-tastic…” Inexperienced or not, Rarity’s gentle hooves proved miracle workers on her immense form. After feeling so uncomfortably full, and not to mention rolling around on her own stomach all day, this was bliss!

“I take it I’m leaving quite the impression! Feeling any better?”

“Oh, like you wouldn’t believe…” she replied, eye twitching. It took her longer than she’d have liked to do so, but the very second her brain picked up on how calm she was, her horn practically exploded with magic as she cast the spell.

“Goodness!” Rarity exclaimed, leaping back in surprise.

“You can do this…you can do this…” a headache began to slowly form in her noggin, but it was ignored; she’d live with a migraine for a year if it meant she had undone this spell!
Thunder seemed to crack and pink sparkles blew in all directions, and even the very ground seemed to shake as Twilight forced the unprepared spell into action. A small part of her whispered into her ear that her mountainous middle was the cause of the shaking, and that the hunger was setting in again, weakening the spell by the second…

“Need a hoof, dear?” Without even a hint from Twilight, Rarity stepped forth again and carefully rubbed her hoof across the surface of her friend’s belly.
To put it bluntly, Rarity may as well have turned into a dragon and punched the Hunger in the face.

Strong as ever, Twilight’s horn erupted in a beam of magic as the Reversal Spell was finally cast, showering the two ponies in a haze of glittery sparks.

“Rarity! Stop!” Taking her hooves off of Twilight’s stomach, the two of them began to wait…
The scene grew rather tense. Rarity did not know what she was waiting for, exactly, but Twilight felt anxious enough for the both of them. Seconds ticked away like hours, and sweat began to drip from Twilight’s brow…she was now completely exhausted, this HAD to work…

“Hungry?” Rarity levitated a flower in front of Twilight, smiling nervously.

“…no…no I’m….not…not at all…” and then, the biggest grin she could physically make grew upon Twilight’s face. “I AM COMPLETELY STUFFED!” she squealed with delight.

So ecstatic was she, that, forgetting her immense weight, she threw her hooves up and dived in to give Rarity a well earned hug. Naturally, she was feeling quite squished thanks to this.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU RARITY! I honestly don’t know what I could’ve done without you! I thought I was going to be stuck like that forever!”

“Oh Twilight, it’s no problem at all, that’s what friends are for, after all, right? Now, if you could please…get off of me?”

“O-oh…sorry,” she blushed.

It took some heaving and a world of effort, but with a little team work, the gargantuan gut of Twilight Sparkle was pushed up just enough to let Rarity escape its crushing clutches. However, in doing so, she saw something she probably would have preferred not to, pressed against the inside of Twilight’s form.



“I could have sworn I just saw Fluttershy’s face on your belly.”

Twilight grunted, “It isn’t THAT big…” Actually it was. Many times over. “Ooohg…I guess that need to eat was the only thing keeping me comfortable, I don’t think I’m gonna be moving for months after this…Oh Celestia, look at me!” she was only now beginning to comprehend how utterly ridiculous she looked. “This is…a lot more embarrassing than I expected…”

The cogs were beginning to turn in Rarity’s head. For just the briefest second, she could have sworn she saw Fluttershy’s face on Twilight’s stomach. Twilight’s form was massive, probably the biggest belly she had ever seen on a pony, and very obviously she had been eating a lot, maybe even things she hadn’t meant to…

“Oh. My. WORD!” she gasped, getting Twilight’s attention. “You…you…you…”

A murmur squeaked from within the purple blob. They had heard enough to know what was going on, and had taken great interest in the fact that the growling of their prison had finally come to an end. Was this the time for freedom?

“You would be perfect!”


“Oh, sorry Twilight I…well, you see, you’ve just reminded me that I need to find a model for my new line of BBM clothes.”


“Big Beautiful Mare. Ponies who are more comfortable in a larger size. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have brought it up, you’re ob-“

“Rarity,” Twilight rested a hood on her friend’s arm, “Today, you’ve saved me when I was ready to just give up. I’d probably be trying to eat somepony’s fence right now if it wasn’t for you. If my newly acquired girth can help you out, I’d be more than happy to let you borrow its services.”

“Oh are you sure, I wouldn’t want to-“

“I insist! I have to repay you for this.”

Eyes lighting up, Rarity engulfed Twilight in her own purple aura and gently began to pull her inside. “My dear, this shall be absolutely perfect! I have an entire set already planned out! Sequins, glitter, and the right application of elastic, they’re going to need to invent a new word for how fantastic you’re going to look!”

The contents of Twilight’s stomach gave a collective groan.

Twilight Sparkle is just busy at work, trying to finish some of Equestria's infamous 'Unfinished Spells,' in particular a spell to keep a pony nice and nourished so they don't have to eat for a period of time. She has absolutely no idea how out of control her day is going to get, nor what bad news this is for her friends...

Ever since I released by rather popular tale Pie Eating Contest, I have wanted to write more Pony vore. This was my favorite premise to work with, as supplied by my good friend :iconsibon13: (so I consider this a collaboration) and I got on it shortly after.
...however, as you can guess, I got a little distracted.

Just for the record, I feel this story is inferior to Pie Eating Contest. Its not nearly as whimsical or fun, and I really don't think it displays the characters as well. I also think it drags on longer than I ultimately felt it needed to be. But hopefully, if you can look past my first story, this should make for a fun Ponified story of vore.

Last time someone a little too disturbed by the idea of Ponyville eating itself. Let me just say here that I personally do not consider the eaten characters in this story doomed. If you enjoy this story with in mind that those devoured are also digested, then that is perfectly fine, the story is written to give you that impression, however, if you are one who believes that they escape unharmed, then you are also correct!
Besides, I love these guy's too much to let something that awful happen to them! :iconpinkiesmileplz:

And finally, special thanks to :iconsibon13: for coming up with the concept, as stated above, and to :iconthelonelyartisian: for making me interested in writing more pony stuff.
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    After a few minutes of hardening to the soft sheets, encased by a barrier of his cousin's cum, Adam thought about the possibilities of his last task.  He thought long and hard, thinking about the situation, his size, and how he will react after he returns to his normal height.

    Mary leaned up and the bed, still dripping with cum from her vagina, searching the area for a small little toy. She looked under pillows, surrounding sheets, and near areas on the carpeted floor. She lost him she thought frantically, trying to calm down and focus on her search.

    She took her mind off of finding Adam, and noticed the mess of cum still laying on her sheets. "I guess I should clean that up, Adam will have to wait to grow back..." Mary said, much to the disappointment of Adam. Adam tried to scream and get her attention but the dried wall of cum covered his mouth and muffled his screams.

    Mary got up out of her bed, wiping the excess fluid from her privates, wiping them on a towel she prepared to use on the bed sheets, to remove the cum puddle. She got on her knees to the side of her bed, preparing for clean-up. She sighed missing her favorite little toy, and hovering the towel over top of Adam's imprisoned body.

    Mary began to wipe the area of cum, Adam was underneath, dealing with each hard scrub with pain. After a few hard scrubs, Mary had gotten her whole cum mess cleaned up, and the cum, along with Adam, remained wiped all around the towel. She tossed the towel,with Adam, into the corner of the room, to clean later after she finished with Adam, if she ever found him again.

    Adam stayed on the towel, harshly beaten by a mere dishcloth, still attached. "Adam! Where are you? Without me, you'll stay that since forever!" Mary yelled around the room, searching again for him. Adam rested on the towel, unable to respond...passing out.
Adam is really in a pickle!
He needs to wake up and get Mary's attention so he can grow.

Hopefully Mary will find him before laundry day... four days away.

Where will the story go next?
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Introduction: Good [insert time of day here], reader. First, I thank you for taking the time to take a look at this, and I hope you will find it helpful in crafting a Kingdom Hearts Original Character [KH OC]. I've noticed throughout the fandom that there's a wide range of OCs out there, from the most ridiculous flat character to a believable, interesting, and multi-dimensional creation. I hope this guide will allow such creators to craft/refine a character.
Now then. I'm open to suggestions about this guide. Feel free to make suggestions.

Just because your character isn't from a world like Halloween Town or Atlantica doesn't mean there isn't a certain type of dress your character should follow. For example: Characters from Destiny Islands [both characters original to the KH series and those from Final Fantasy] often wear short- or no sleeved shirts and either shorts or loose pants. These designs are likely due to the tropical climate of the Islands. Tidus, Selphie, and Wakka all wear sandals or open-toed shoes. Continuing, Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion is respectable and multi-layered, whether the character be a guard, a researcher, or just an average citizen. So, if a character is from Destiny Islands, he/she probably shouldn't be wearing long sleeves and tight, heavy pants or three layers. Characters from Radiant Garden probably won't be walking around with ridiculously low-cut shirts or super-baggy pants. Make sure the attire matches the world.

Granted, characters like Isa/Saix, Lea/Axel, Aqua, Riku, and Xemnas/Xehanort have shown us that a character can have a unique hair color. However, this should likely be a straight, solid color and not multi-hued streaks. One or two may not be awful, but when in doubt, play it safe.

As for eye color, remember that golden/yellow eyes often dictate that the character has a high affiliation to the darkness. [Xehanort, Saix, Vanitas] and this should probably be avoided unless your character has entered the darkness [with no pun intended]. I've personally noticed that a lot of characters in the KH universe have varying shades of blue eyes, but I rarely see something like purple or orange or neon green. Try to be realistic in eye color. Even Axel, with his bright red hair, has blue eyes.

As for build: Females should not have unrealistically large chests and small waists. Males should not be muscular giants. Look at Zack. He's got muscle, but he's not huge. He's well-built without being large.

I'm going to say this flatly: AVOID CROSSBREEDS. I know it's hard sometimes, but think logically. Why would a regular human "mate" with a Heartless? Is that even possible? Heartless and Nobody: A Heartless is the darkness in a heart. A Nobody is a body and soul. So, if you have a union between the two, you essentially get a Somebody. Heart, Body, Soul.

This is an opinion, but Sora annoyed me for most of Kingdom Hearts I. Overly happy people get obnoxious. So do people who are down in the dumps all the time. Don't fix your OC on one emotion. They should have things that make them happy, sad, angry. Unless they're a Nobody, but I'll get to that in a moment. But a character should have a multidimensional personality with no major extremes. They shouldn't be ecstatic all the time, nor depressed.
Nobodies: Look, despite what Demyx says, Nobodies do not have Hearts. Yes, Roxas has emotions despite no memories. But this is likely due to the fragment of Ven's heart that Sora once had. The rest of Organization XIII do not truly feel emotions, but remember what it was like to before they lost their hearts. They act like what they think they should feel based on their memories. This can be quite tricky to write, as a new experience would likely lead them to conflict as to how to respond.

Riku has not instantly fallen in love with your character. Neither has Aqua. And certainly not Larxene. Nobodies cannot feel, therefore they likely won't fall in love.
As for Somebodies, keep in mind the canon: Sora obviously cares for Kairi. Riku is fighting him for her affection. So, characters will not instantly fall in love with an OC without time for affection to blossom. Instantaneous love is usually unrealistic, and you would do best to keep that in mind. Also, love does not mean lust. Remember that.
Siblings: Look, your character isn't Sora's brother. Your character isn't Lea's sister. Your character is not Terra's long-lost twin. Sibling relationships should be avoided.
Parent-child: I personally kind of like to see characters created to be children of pairings in the series [so long as that pairing is hetero, but that's my opinion], but only if said character can relate to the parents. Sora and Kairi's child will likely have a pretty optimistic outlook on life. Long story short, the OC's personality and appearance should reflect the parents.

Chances are your character is not in Organization XIII, especially if it's during the events spanning Chain of Memories to KH II. There are fourteen total Nobodies considered members, and one is arguably. Therefore, your character probably isn't number XV or XVI or XX or L or whatever. It's called Organization XIII for a reason.
Moving on: Your character is not a Princess of Heart. There are seven of them: Kairi, Jasmine, Alice, Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, and Belle. Not eight.

If the Keyblade Graveyard told us anything, it's that there are a LOT of Keyblades out there. And all those Keyblades were once wielded by users and Masters. So, your character can have a Keyblade. But don't touch the Kingdom Key. Leave the Star Seeker alone. Same goes for the Wayward Wind, the Ends of the Earth, the Stormfall... Keyblades such as Oathkeeper, Oblivion, and the Way to the Dawn should probably stay out of average hands. If your character has a Keyblade like those, then you better have a damned good reason as to why.
Other than that, we've seen many different weapons span the KH series. Chances are your weapon will fit, so long as it isn't "The Great Axe of Might and Terror" or "The Sugar Plum Lollipop Blade of Unicorns." Bleh.

I think this goes unnoticed in other guides, but gender does matter. Unfortunately, female characters have a very thin margin of being considered well-developed without being considered a mary-sue in one direction or another. Female characters immediately lift a red flag in readers' minds. For example: most original KH characters save Aqua are heavily criticized: Kairi is useless and can't defend herself. Larxene is a [another word for a female dog]. Naminé is a paradox, being a Nobody of a Princess of Heart. Xion's story is poorly written and her death is overly dramatic. It seems Birth By Sleep finally met that margin of an interesting female character without being overdone.
A good female character should be able to stick up for herself. Consider Belle vs. Kairi.
Kairi first.
Axel: Come on. I'm kidnapping you. -grabs Kairi's wrist-
Kairi: No! -tiny struggle- let me go!
Axel: No. -kidnaps-

Now, Belle.
Xaldin: What shall I leave behind? Belle? Or the rose?
Beast: Belle!
Belle: -elbows Xaldin hard in the [gut/groin depending on the size of your screen] and swipes the rose, runs-

Even Belle is better at defending herself than Kairi. Which is unfortunate. But I digress.
A good female character shouldn't be whining all the time. She should seem strong in at least some way, whether it be in battle or in emotion. However, a female character shouldn't be perfect. And this goes for every character: When a character gets hurt, it's immediately more interesting. But if it's a life-threatening wound that removes their limb or takes out their guts, it suddenly loses its drama. It's too much.

Male characters as well shouldn't be all knights in shining armor. They should have their own problems and weaknesses. They aren't perfect. However, their window of decency is much larger than that of a female character, as stated previously.

I'd suggest calling this Version One, as I'll likely come back and make changes. This is a draft, so please consider that. But I'll try to refine this as time goes on. And there are always exceptions to these guidelines, but I suggest only doing that if you've had practice.

I hope this helps you creators. Enjoy =)
Comments are encouraged. And again, please remember that this is a draft. I'll refine it with time, but for now I just wanted to get my point across.

I myself have made exceptions to these guidelines, but I believe I've done them in interesting and "classy" ways. Note me if you want further details.
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The Rematch

The just rising over ponyville when the letter was slid under the door of ponyville library, home of Princess Celestia's star pupil, Twilight Sparkle. The letter was in a plain, azure envelope, with a cursive script that read: "To My Most Hated Nemesis." About ten minutes later, the recipient of the letter came down the stairs, rubbing her eyes with a hoof and yawning.

"Spike? Spike where are you?" Twilight looked around the room, spotting a note left on a table and read it, sighing. "Great... Spike's off helping Rarity oso I have to tidy this place up by myself and- Hey, what's that?" She walked over slowly and levitated the letter up, turning it over and noticing it was sealed with dark blue wax, impressed in which was the image of a wand and cloak. Twilight gritted her teeth. She knew exactly who this was from. Someone who she hoped to never see again, and someone who wouldn't stop coming back... She broke the seal and lifted the letter out, starting to read.

"To the not-great and not-powerful Twilight. You may have gotten the best of me the last two times by cheating, but it's time to settle this once and for all! The great and powerful Trixie demands a rematch! You will meet me outside the town hall at midday, and I will finally show you who is the most powerful magician in all of Equestria!! Oh, and don't both calling on your pathetic friends. The great and powerful Trixie has dealt with them already. They won't come to your rescue this time."

Twilight lowered the note, her teeth gritted, steam coming out of her ears.

"TRIXIE! That's it! Enough is enough!" The purple unicorn flung open the door and raced out, dropping the note behind her as she dashed into the sunlight. Judging by the position of the sun, Twilight figured she had half and hour to get to the town hall, so immediatly started across the oddly empty town. There were a few ponies going about their normal duties, a couple waved to her as she passed, but the streets were definatly emptier than usual. When she arrived at the bridge leading to the townhall, she discovered why.

In the clearing outside the town hall, nearly every pony in Ponyville was assembled, shouting and cheering at something that Twilight couldn't see. She knew what it was, of course, as from the point that the croud was facing came the crackle of fireworks and a very familier voice amidst the applause.

"Yes, Ponyville, thank you, thank you. For Trixie's next trick, she'll make someone disappear! Someone who's been a pain in her flank for too long!" The crowd parted, whispering and murmuring, clearing the path straight from Twilight to the stage, where her azure nemesis stood. Trixie smirked down arrogantly.

"Mares and gentlecolts, prepare to witness Trixie's greatest triumph! An amazing feat that will be remembered for all time! For today, the great and powerful Trixie will-"

"WHERE ARE MY FRIENDS!?!" Twilight screamed at her, blasting a hole in the stage with a magical bolt. Trixie yelped and leapt to the left, recoiling from the blast and glaring.

"Twilight Sparkle wants to see her friends? Fine. The great and merciful Trixie shall reveal them!" She rears up, her cape blowing in the wind as fireworks went off, creating a thick cloud of smoke which obscured the town hall behind them. When it passed, five figures were dangling upside down from the balcony, bound securely in rope and gagged. All of them were struggling against the ropes, and the rainbow-maned one was shouting various muffled obceneties. Twilight's jaw dropped and Trixie grinned.

"As Twilight Sparkle can see, her friends are all unharmed. If she wants to get them back, all she needs to do is beat me in a magic duel. Whoever wins three rounds first, wins." She grins cruelly and looks to Twilight. "And when the great and powerful Trixie wins, all will see that she is the greatest magician in Equestria, and Twilight Splat-kle is nothing more than a bug to be squished beneath Trixie's magnificent hooves." She smiles and holds up one hoof, while the crowd gasped and chattered excitedly. Twilight glared, then nodded.

"Fine, Trixie. I've beaten you twice before, and this time will be no different." She walked to one side of the circle of ponies, while Trixie took up a position opposite her.

"Fine. In that case, Splatkle, let the duel begin!"

Instantly Twilight fired a powerful bolt of magic at Trixie, who deflected it with a magic shield before firing a few shots back. Twilight dodged them, hopping from one foot to another skillfully until they passed. She landed on all four feet, her horn glowing and her teeth gritted in concentration.

Trixie yelped as the ground around her began to rumble, the earth glowing with a purple aura before snapping up like a venus flytrap, holding her firmly except for her head, which stuck free. Twilight panted, holding the spell with a great degree of difficulty. "There! I win, Trixie. Let my friends go."

The azure unicorn just smiles at her rival, her confidence unphased even though she was held firmly in a trap. "Silly little Twilight, the round IS over, but Trixie is the one who has won." The unicorn's horn glows, and Twilight was suddenly engulfed in shadow. She looked up and whimpered, her spell faltering as a sixteen-ton, concrete statue of Trixie fell right on top of her with a loud SQUISH! Twilight's spell instantly faltered, dropping Trixie gently to the ground. She then walked over, looking up proudly at her giant stone likeness, then down at the purple tail that stuck out from under it's base, right beneath a discription that read: "The Great and Powerful Trixie, Squasher of Twilight Sparkle."

Trixie sniggered meanly, then grabbed Twilight's tail with her magic and pulled the perfectly flattened pony out from beneath the statue, holding her up for the crowd to see.

"Trixie thinks that round one goes to her." The crowd laughed along with her at the completely flattened mare, 2D from horn to hooves, her tongue sticking out and her eyes spinning dizzily. Her friends, watching from above, let out muffled shouts of anger and alarm, while Trixie simply paraded around the circle holding up the flattened Twilight. "And for my next trick..." Her horn glowed even brighter and Twilight squealed as she was stretched like a rubber band, before being fired right into the stone statue, slamming into it at high speed and splattering against it. The audience cheered and applauded while Trixie took her bows, Twilight peeling off the stone and fluttering to the ground, before slowly re-inflating.

Eventually Twilight staggered back up to her feet as Trixie was signing autographs, and panted heavily, stumbling closer.

"H-how! Y-you're not powerful enough to materialise objects! N-not even I could create something that big!" Trixie gives her a glance and rolls her eyes.

"That is because the great and powerful Trixie is better than you, and always has been. But it doesn't hurt to have this..." She lifts up her hat, revealing a golden headband. Twilight opens her mouth to speak, but Trixie cuts her off.

"Round two!!" Instantly Twilight was engulfed in a magic aura as Trixie picked her up with absolute ease, the purple pony panicking and struggling futilely. Trixie smirked, summoning up a large wringer, which whirred ominously, the rollers spinning as Trixie slowly lowered the struggling Twilight towards it tail-first. Trixie grinned to the crowd.

"Watch, mares and gentlecolts, as the great and powerful Trixie reduces this pathetic purple pony into a pathetic purple pancake..." Twilight squeals in fear as her tail was suddenly fed into the machine and began to be fed through, her plot being the first thing to be flattened after her tail, eliciting a long and drawn out squuuuuiiiiiiisssshhhhh... Twilight screeched and struggled as more and more of her body disappeared into the wringer and appeared on the other side, flat as a pancake and slowly folding up like a towel, until the last of her body was pulled through, silencing her. The purple unicorn was left flattened and folded up on the ground like laundry, while Trixie walks over and looks down at her.

"Tsk tsk, Twilight. Trixie wins again. I expected more of a fight then that. Oh well, onto round three." She instantly zaps Twilight with her horn, restoring her to normal. Before the dazed pony could react however, Trixie zapped her again, azure vines shooting up from the ground and wrapping around her ankles, then pulled her down, stretching Twilight out into a spread-eagle pose and holding her tight. She struggled and tried to counterspell the vines, but Trixie's magic was far too powerful. Meanwhile, the magician was walking away from Twilight to a spot on the other side of the circle of people, near her statue.

"As many of you may know, Trixie is rather distrustful of wheels. However, there is one type of wheel that Trixie quite likes!" She focused again, summoning up another powerful spell, then, with a large puff of smoke, she was suddenly sitting at the driver's seat of a massive, heavy steamroller, the roller itself being solid concrete with a metal rim. Twilight's face went pale as she saw the roller approaching, struggling desperatly and summoning her magic, trying as hard as she could to dispell the vines.

"T-trixie!! Wait! WAIT!!" She screams at her rival, but to no avail, as the roller passed over her with absolute ease, Trixie humming happily as she listens to the squishes, squelches and squashes coming from her rival beneath the heavy roller, flattening her thinner and thinner with every passing second, Twilight's body slowly sticking to the wheel. Trixie stopped after she had driven over her rival, then quickly switched to reverse and backed up again, going back and forth several times until she finally backed up completely, revealing her handiwork.

At this point, Twilight was flattened an inch deep into the ground, her body squished into a completely rectangular shape, her eyes looking in two different directions and her tongue sticking out, giving the impression that she'd been squashed silly. The crowd burst into laughter and applause, while Trixie smiled and took her bows, fireworks going off behind her.

"And that is three rounds! Trixie wins! And as of such, Trixie won't be releasing your friends, Twilight Flatkle." She hops off the rollar and wipes her feet on the flattened Twilight. "In fact, Trixie thinks that she'll squish them as well, while you watch!" She zaps Twilight back to normal, then turns to the five tied-up ponies.

Behind her, Twilight struggles to her feet, weakened, beaten, but brimming with a sea of anger.

"Don't. Touch. My. FRIENDS!!!" Summoning all her strength, she launched a powerful beam of purple light right at the pony. Trixie smirks, then turns, flinging off her hat and coat, and catching Twilight's energy right on her horn. She grins.

"And now, Twilight Flatkle, you've played right into Trixie's hooves." Twilight gasped, unable to stop her spell and suddenly feeling weak and dizzy. Trixie laughed evilly as slowly, Twilight began to reduce in size. However, at the same time, Trixie very rapidly began to grow, the crowd gasping in amazement as Twilight shrunk to a foot tall, and Trixie's size  rapidly increased to fifteen feet tall. The azure pony cackles as the spell ended and the tiny Twilight squeaked in fear, turning and running with Trixie chasing after her.

"Trixie told you, Splatkle, that when she beat you, she would show everyone that you were a bug to be squashed beneath her foot!" She blasts a bolt of magic at the ground underneath Twilight, tripping her, then before she could flee again, Trixie raised one massive hoof and slammed it down on top of Twilight, with a loud SPLAT! The azure mare laughed with malicious joy as she stomped again and again and again, flattening Twilight into a perfect disk with a tail, squished, squashed and splattered beneath her massive azure foot. She was not done yet though. Zapping Twilight back to normal one last time, she turned around and hovered the massive, azure expanse of her rump over her, swaying it tauntingly and raising her tail.

"You've always been a pain in Trixie's plot, Flatkle. Now it's time to become a pain BENEATH Trixie's plot!" Before Twilight could protest, Trixie slammed her huge, heavy rump right down on top of the tiny mare, Twilight's body creating a juicy squishing noise as it was flattened beneath the massive, plup butt. Trixie laughed maniacly, feeling Twilight's struggles and flattened Twitches beneath her as she ground her ass back and forth, bouncing heavily and occasionally slamming her ass down again, obliterating her rival in the most humiliating fashion and showing once and for all that Trixie had won.

It took almost half an hour for Trixie to finally be satisfied, and when she stood up, Twilight was flattened completely onto her plot, adhering to every curve and line and squashed into a completely stunned state. Her tongue stuck out cartoonishly, her eyes were unfocused, and her body almost looked like a second cutiemark on Trixie's butt. The azure mare summonned up a huge mirror in front of her ass and glaced back, smirking as she admired just how flat she had managed to make her pony rival. The crowd burst into cheers and applause, chanting Trixie's name, while Trixie shook her ass, the flattened Twilight slowly peeling off and fluttering down into the foot-deep double crater that Trixie's ass had made. Twilight's tail twitched weakly, but aside from that she lay completely still, dazed and stunned from her complete obliteration at the hands of her rival. The giant Trixie smirked and walked away, her ass swaying.

"I think I win, Flatkle. Come find me if you ever want a rematch. My butt could always use a comfortable cushion." She laughed evilly and walked away, leaving the flattened, humiliated and beaten Twilight in her wake. Today had been a good day for Trixie.

The End
It's been a while, but here we have a new story. Twilight vs Trixie in a duel to the humiliation. Who will win?

Trixie. Trixie will win.

I have a thing for Trixie squashing Twilight so... Enjoy!
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Gilda woke up screaming. She had been having a nightmare, but those had become such a common plague she was used to them by now. What made her scream was the agonizing pain that rippled through her left wing and lower back. She had never felt such pain in her life, and clawed blindly at the air, sure she was being attacked by some sort of monster. When she felt a weight try to restrain her arms, these suspicions were confirmed, and she snapped her beak wildly until she closed it upon something warm and yielding. There was a bark of pain, and Gilda felt something solid punch across her beak. She went limp after that, her brain rattled, and the agony in her back still bringing tears to her eyes.

"Are you going to calm the buck down or should I hit you again?"

Gilda's eyes opened, and she found herself looking into a pair of deep, green eyes. The eyes narrowed in a show of anger, and the head moved back, revealing it belonged to a large, black colt, his obsidian coat almost camouflaging him in the perpetually shadowed forest. She wiggled slightly until he lifted a hoof menacingly, and she stopped. The pony backed away, and Gilda slowly rolled to a seated positioning, whimpering softly at the pain in her wing, as well as her beak. Before her was a roaring fire, with several odd looking plants slowly roasting, mounted on a stick. She must have been out for a while, then, enough the colt was cooking breakfast. "Who are you?" she asked.

"You can call me Black Jack. Who are you?"

Gilda saw no need to answer some nosey colt. She remained silent, slowly flexing her wing, biting back whimpers each time. There could be no doubt: it was utterly shattered.

"Every few days I come into the Everfree Forest to enjoy some peace and quiet, away from all the hustle and bustle. This time, when I came, I saw a blurry figure racing across the sky. I figured it was some Pegasus twit showing off, so when I saw them crash, full speed, into the side of a mountain, I raced over to see if they were alright. You can imagine my surprise when I came upon a griffon. What's your name, anyway?"

Gilda didn't see the use in answering. She stood up to leave. "I don't know what you were expecting in return, Black Jack, but the joke is on you. I haven't got any bits to repay you and my wing is so busted, I doubt I'll ever fly again. Thanks for nothing." She started off.

"Not a very cheery bird, are you?" Black Jack asked. "Nursing a broken heart, huh?"

Gilda turned, glaring. She stomped towards Black Jack, who casually rose from his seated position and came to face her. He was larger than her, and by how hard he punched, significantly stronger. And her wing was still aching something fierce, as was her jaw, as was her chest. Broken wing, broken ribs. She was dizzy, which meant a concussion. If she tried to fight him, he would probably kill her. She sighed, and backed away.

"You must have seen the mountain," he continued. "It's not like you were racing someone and distracted, so you must have seen the mountain. Which makes me wonder, did you want to hit it? And, if so, are you now wishing you had hit it just a little harder, to break more than just your wing? Not many things can do that to a pony, but a broken heart sure can."

Gilda's claws dug large holes in the ground. She was shaking slightly, and once more turned to Black Jack, only to see he was now eating one of the roasted plants. "I'm a bit of an amateur alchemist," he said between bites. "Comes with being an Earth walker I guess. If you come back with me to Ponyville. I might be able to mix something up for the pain, but to heal all your aches, that will just take time. You're welcome to stay with me for a day or two, though."

Gilda looked down at the ground, and then shrugged, before following the black colt through the dark forest. If nothing else, she should get out of such a place as this. One wing shattered, belly empty, head still spinning, she would be easy prey for a pack of timberwolves or an ornery manticore, or a pony who wasn't as friendly as the black brute.


"Do you read all these?" Gilda asked, standing before a bookshelf in Black Jack's bedroom.

Black Jack nodded. One hoof brushed over the books, quickly reading the titles on the spine, until at last he came upon the one he wanted. "Here it is. I borrowed this one from a zebra," he said. "Trying to find the perfect prank to get Red Velvet back." Holding the book in his mouth, he trotted to the table, and began to flip through the pages. "Forget Me plant, Forget Me Not plants, Growth plants, Heart's Desire potions, Love potions, Invisibility… ah, here it is. Pain remedy. I broke three ribs a couple years ago. I doubt I would have been able to get through the nights without this one."

Gilda peeked over Black Jack's shoulder, looking at the page. There was a mixture of very odd writing (though, what could be expected from a species that had to write with their hooves or mouth,) and pictures of plants that Gilda recognized from the forest. "Have you got everything you need?" she asked.

Black Jack shook his head. "No, sorry. But I'm sure Zecora, the zebra who I borrowed this book from, has got some, and I'm sure she wouldn't mind lending it to me since this is a bit of an emergency. You can wait here. There's some stuff to eat in the kitchen if you don't mind pony food. I'll be back in a bit."

Gilda growled at him. "Why are you being nice to me?!" she snapped. "Green haired twerp. Why should you do anything for me?! Not like I would do anything for you."

Black Jack stared a moment, before casually saying, "Food is in the kitchen. Try not to break anything while I'm gone. That's Velvet's job."

Gilda watched the black plots shift side to side as Jack trotted out of the room, and then listened to the "clop clop clop" of his annoying hooves as he left the house. The front door opened and then slammed shut, marking his exit. Gilda was left alone in the whole house.

For a while, she was bored. She trotted to the kitchen, although she found she didn't have an appetite. She settled for knocking a bowl off the counter with her tail, but even that was boring. She walked back to the bedroom.

With delicate fingers, she flipped through the book Black Jack had been reading, until she finally found a page detailing a "Forget Me" plant. A claw brushed over the page, looking at the shape, and how it was described. She could make out some of the words. She guessed the plant was "blue" and "leafy." The picture looked like something she had seen in the forest. And, if she was reading the results of the plant right, the drinker would forget their most recent memories. The more they ate, they more they forgot. A rare smile spread across Gilda's lips. Yes, that was interesting.


"Thanks for coming gals," Rainbow Dash said. Her head was hung low, her steps were shaky, and her wing tips were dragging on the ground.

Twilight Sparkle gently bumped against her. "Hey, what are friends for?"

"Are you sure Gilda won't mind us tagging along?" Fluttershy asked. She was standing towards the back of the trio, even more nervous than Rainbow Dash.

"What does it matter what she minds?" Rainbow Dash muttered. "She's lucky I'm even coming. Probably just wants to brag about how great her life has been."

"Or maybe she wants to rebuild the bridge," Twilight Sparkle offered. "Maybe she's sorry."

"She can't be sorry. Ever since camp, she never apologized for anything. And how she treated you, and she thought she could just hide it from me! All you all did was try to be nice, and look at what she did!"

Awkward silence dominated the walk into Everfree Forest. Rainbow Dash shifted between nervousness and bitter rage, sometimes stomping forward with fire in her eyes, other times stopping almost completely. Fluttershy was nervous, as usual, although seemed to be putting on a brave front for Rainbow Dash's sake. And Twilight Sparkle simply walked. A week ago, Rainbow Dash had knocked nervously on her door, and showed her the letter, sent to her by Gilda the griffon. The letter simply gave directions, and asked if she would come over for lunch. Twilight Sparkle offered her company without being asked. And after all Gilda had put Fluttershy through, they thought it might be cathartic to face her aggressor.

Far off the beaten path, they finally came to a small, humble shack, which barely seemed to be holding together. Rainbow Dash lifted her hoof and gently rapped upon the door, but when no one immediately answered, she turned around and started to trot away. "Guess she's not home. Whole invitation was probably a prank anyway. Oh well, nothing to do."

Twilight Sparkle rolled her eyes, gripping Rainbow Dash by the tail with magic to keep her from flying away. Several locks could be heard clicking out of place, and eventually the door opened slightly. A golden eye peeked out of the shadows, the pupil shrinking, and then the door opened more to reveal Gilda, who wore a scolding expression. "The letter I sent said to come alone, Dash."

Rainbow Dash fluttered back to the ground, and trotted before Gilda. "These are my friends, Gilda. And if you're going to act like a bratty hatchling, then I'm not going to stay."

Gilda's eyes opened wide a moment, before she took several steps back, the door swinging open all the way. "I… didn't make enough stew for… everyone though…That's all I'm saying…"

"We can all share," Twilight Sparkle said, coming inside. "What happened to your wing? Are you alright?" she asked.

Gilda tried to position her wing behind her back, but bandaged and braced with a splint this proved impossible. "Flying accident," she said quickly. "Timberwolves! A couple timberwolves got me. They… leapt into the air when I was flying and…They leapt off each other's back to reach and… There's really not enough stew for everyone."

Twilight Sparkle used her magic to take hold of a quartet of bowls, and placed them on the table. She looked to the large cauldron, which was simmering and filling the house with delicious smells. Corn, celery, apples, nuts, Gilda had really gone all out for this lunch. "There's plenty of stew here," she said.

"Yeah," Rainbow Dash said quickly. "My friends aren't leaving, Gilda."

Gilda took a step forward, but almost knocked into Fluttershy, who was not fast enough to get out of the way. The griffon's beaked clenched, her eye twitched and her temper raced to boiling point, as she stared down at the yellow Pegasus who coiled into a tight, shaking ball. Gilda took a deep breath, and sighed, "Why don't you got sit at the table?"

In a blur, the yellow pony had zipped away. Twilight sat down beside her, and very gently rubbed her back, trying to keep her calm. Rainbow Dash made a show of squeezing between the two other ponies, which left only one seat for the griffin: as far away from Rainbow Dash as she could sit. Gilda cast a scolding, angry glare at Fluttershy, who whimpered pitifully. Her beak twitched, and she wanted nothing more than to yell, but she managed to take her seat without saying a word. Twilight Sparkle used her magic to fill the bowls and placed them down before the guests.

"So, Gilda… how have you been since… you were last in Ponyville?" Twilight Sparkle asked.

"I've been… alright. I saw you pull off the Rainboom, Dash," she said, meekly. "During the Best Young Flyer competition. I was… watching from a cloud… Congratulations."

"That was a year ago," Rainbow Dash said curtly.

"You know Gilda…" Twilight Sparkle said. "You were kinda mean to Fluttershy last time you were in Ponyville. Maybe you'd like to apologize for the way you treated her?"

Gilda looked to Fluttershy, and swallowed. "I'm… sorry… I was… I don't really interact much with ponies except for Dash and… I don't really know…You just bumped into me, you should watch where you're going but I guess I shouldn't have yelled at you like that… I guess… you were helping the ducks. They're kinda like my cousins. I guess…"

"Fluttershy, maybe you would like to forgive Gilda?"

Perhaps to occupy her mouth, Fluttershy opted to take a spoonful of the stew and gulp it down, followed by another, followed by another.

"Rainbow Dash… maybe you and Gilda would like to schedule another race? I know you've gotten faster in the past year. I'm sure Gilda has as well. I mean… after her wing has healed, maybe you and she can race again?"

"No," Rainbow Dash said quickly, and casually took a spoonful of stew.

Twilight Sparkle sighed. "Thank you for inviting… accepting us into your home, Gilda. And I must say, you are an excellent chef." Twilight took a sip of the stew. The taste was quite pleasant, actually, reminiscent of what her big brother would make after school. She took another sip, and another. "Would you like to come into Ponyville sometime and cook for us? I'm sure you and Applejack would be able to make up some marvelous dishes. Griffon can eat apples, right?"

Gilda looked down at her bowl passively. Even if it wasn't tainted with the "Forget Me" herbs, she genuinely wasn't hungry, and was actually feeling rather sick. She looked to Rainbow Dash, who refused to meet her gaze, and then she looked to the fire in the corner of the room. "We need some more firewood," Gilda said, and got up from the table. She left, slamming the front door with enough force that the entire shack shook and threatened to collapse.

She was gone for several minutes, but soon she returned, several pieces of firewood carried in a fabric bag draped across her one good wing. She walked inside, head held low, expecting… what? The ponies to greet her? To say hello? She heard nothing, and lifted her head, to see no one sitting at the table. Bowls still sitting there, still steaming, but no ponies to eat them. She had been gone for less than ten minutes, but they had taken the chance to bolt.

"Invite her over," Gilda muttered, tossing the bag against the wall, and once more making the whole shack creak and moan and shake. She slammed the door shut, and twisted every lock into place. "Bury the hatchet, yeah, that'll work. Why don't I just bury the hatchet in the yellow one's skull?" She walked to the table, sighing. "Fine Dashie, I get it. You hate me. I really, really get it! But by the winds, don't I even deserve a letter saying you've run off with your new friends? Would that really take too long?! A little note, Thanks for the stew! That's all, but no. What? Did the pink one come rushing in with some sort of super awesome party emergency? Or maybe you have to go out and save the world."

Gilda sighed and walked back and forth, something that always helped her gather her thoughts. "What was I even thinking? Slip her some "Forget Me" herb in a stew? And what… she'd forget about this stupid grudge against me and remember the good old times at camp? Heh, yeah… what I was thinking? Probably just managed to make her forget why she was here."


Rainbow Dash woke with a splitting headache, which was not helped by what sounded like thunder up above. The ground shook and rattled, her body bouncing up and down again and again until she managed to brace herself on four hooves. She attempted to take to the air, flapping her wings furiously, but found no matter how hard she worked, she could not get airborne.  What the buck had happened?

Far off, she saw a spot of yellow, immediately identifying it as Fluttershy. She raced over the quaking ground to her, quickly inspecting her for signs of harm or cuts in the skin, but found nothing.

"Rainbow!" came a voice, and she turned to see Twilight Sparkle galloping towards them.

"What happened?!" Rainbow Dash demanded.

Twilight Sparkle sighed. "Do you remember what happened to Applejack when she got exposed to the Poison Joke? Well… we're even smaller." Each of them took a foreleg, and they hoisted Fluttershy up to carry her out from under the table. They had just escaped from beneath it when a massive claw came crashing down, mere inches from them. The gust of wind the claws caused was so great, Twilight and Fluttershy were both knocked back, but Rainbow Dash buckled down and braced herself, not allowing the wind to overtake her. "Gilda, you bucking monster! You did this to us!"

Rainbow Dash stared at the towering creature, waiting for some sort of reply, and received it with Gilda's booming voice. "And what… she'd forget about this stupid grudge against me and remember the good old times at camp? Heh, yeah… what I was thinking? Probably just managed to make her forget why she was here."

"You'd better hope I never get big again, Gilda, because I am going to make you pay for this!"

Rainbow Dash watched as Gilda's foot once more lifted. The three, large toes stretched out from a massive center of the foot, covered in scrapes and scratches. Rainbow Dash watched as Gilda brought her forefoot down, the sight so frightening and awe inspiring, she did not know how to run. Magenta magic embraced her by the tail suddenly, and yanked her back to the relative safety under the table.

"She shrunk us!" Rainbow Dash screamed.

"No Dash, she didn't. Or at least that wasn't her intention. Just listen to her."

"Oh, mind wiping me. That's so much better!"

"Rainbow Dash, just calm down for one minute, please." Twilight sighed, and looked down to Fluttershy, who was starting to recover from the shock and confusion of being shrunk. "Look, Gilda didn't mean for this to happen, which means she doesn't want to hurt us… or at least you. If we can get her attention somehow, I'm sure there is a way to reverse this."

"And then I beat the living tar out of her," Rainbow Dash said, smashing her hooves together.

One by one, Gilda took the bowls of stew in her beak and walked into the kitchen, where she set them down in the sink. She was in no rush, and feeling generally depressed and lethargic, she only took one bowl and one utensil at a time. What was she expecting? Rainbow Dash to come barging back in, explain she got called away but now they could sit down for a nice lunch, alone? In fact, she did clear Rainbow Dash's seat last, first the spoon, then wiped the area around the bowl with a napkin, then cleaned the rest of the table, and then last, took the bowl itself to the sink. A twitch of anger surged through her, and she snapped her head, throwing the bowl into the wall with enough force it shattered, raining shards of pot and stew through the room. She sighed heavily, and then spread her legs, sitting down casually to wash whatever bowls were left.

The ponies had been rushing alongside Gilda, squeaking and sending sparks of magic out, struggling to get her attention, but she seemed preoccupied with her own thoughts. They threw their bodies against her feet, and Rainbow Dash even wrestled with her tail briefly, but nothing attracted her attention. When it was clear Gilda would be sitting down, they raced after her, struggling to adapt to their new bodies, and when Gilda came to a stop, Twilight Sparkle found it prudent to simply teleport the rest of the way. In a splash of magenta light, she was gone, only to reappear far into the kitchen. She was proud of herself, that despite her reduced stature, her magic was still as potent as ever. She looked back to Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, as if expecting some semblance of praise. They had stopped running, actually, and were staring at Twilight Sparkle, mouths agape. Twilight Sparkle looked up just in time to realize she had teleported right between Gilda's rear feet, and her massive lion rump was quickly descending upon her. Twilight Sparkle attempted a quick teleportation spell, but before her horn could even spark, the tons and tons of griffin flesh and fur had smothered her from the world.

For several breathless moments, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash stood before the giant griffon, terrified of what had happened to their friend. A sigh of relief escaped them both when, with an explosion of magenta magic, Twilight Sparkle appeared at their hooves, panting and groaning and shaking.

"I think, perhaps, we should rethink getting Gilda's attention," Fluttershy said.

Twilight Sparkle was shaking slightly. She was sore, but nothing seemed broken. She breathed deep, savoring the fresh, clean air, and sighed. "We're too far away from anypony. Even if Spike notices we're gone tonight and they send out a search party, we're so deep in the forest, it could be days and days before anyone finds us. And in the meantime, we'll have a giant, oblivious bird stomping around. Why does Gilda have to live so deep in the woods all alone, anyway? I thought griffons lived in Cloudsdale?!"

Rainbow Dash shrugged. "Griffons are from a land across the sea. I think maybe one or two live in Cloudsdale, but Cloudsdale was founded by Pegasi. It's a Pegasi city. Technically they're welcome, but only a few ever even go there."

"But… you went to Junior Speedster Flight Camp with her, didn't you?"

"Gilda was the only griffin that whole year. The only reason she attended camp with us is 'cause she doesn't have any parents, and she had to be put somewhere. Besides, she hated every minute of it. Sure, I got bullied cause I had some trouble stopping, but they had a field day with Gilda. I was the only one who ever talked to her I think." Rainbow Dash sighed, thinking to herself. She looked up to the griffon, who was now sitting casually in front of the fireplace.

Gilda spent a few moments feeding the flames, watching them dance and grow fat. The warmth was pleasant on her feathers and fur, and she took a moment to expose her neck to it, letting it soak inside her. Then her feet, and then her badly wounded wing. "Time," she muttered. "Time heals all wounds. Dumb dweeb," she muttered. "All ponies. Bunch of lollygagging dweebs, putzing about with their heads held high and their hooves making an awful racket. Why did I think Dash was any different?"

She stood, and headed for her bedroom.

"Look out!" Twilight Sparkle shouted, and leapt out of the way as a pair of massive feet came crashing down. Rainbow Dash leapt as well, but as Fluttershy looked up and saw the sight: the three massive toes and center foot, which was larger than her whole body and only growing larger, she found herself rooted to the spot. She screamed suddenly as the foot came down, but her scream was smothered as the bird foot came to rest fully. For painful moments, Fluttershy's fate was a mystery. Twilight Sparkle stared, sickened, expecting an explosion of red at any moment. Gilda took another step, and lifted her foot up. Rainbow Dash raced for Fluttershy, picking her up and carrying her somewhere safe, as the griffin's massive feet continued to stomp by.

"Are you alright Fluttershy? Anything broken?"

"My… my wing I think," she said, looking back at her left wing, which looked as if it had snapped in the middle. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she nearly fainted.

"It's alright," Twilight Sparkle said. "It's a clean break, it looks like. It'll heal soon. I promise."

Fluttershy nodded, and got to her hooves slowly.

Gilda soon came back in, an odd, square something carried in her beak, and a satchel carried beneath her wing. She took up residence at the fireplace, and watched the flames a while, her long, feline tail swaying behind her.

"Twilight," Rainbow Dash said. "Stay with Fluttershy, alright? I'm going to get Gilda's attention even if it kills me."

The purple unicorn nodded, and Rainbow Dash raced forward as fast as her legs could carry her.

Gilda took the picture out of her beak and held it in her fore claw. It was an old picture, well-worn and faded, taken Graduation Day when she could finally kiss camp goodbye. There was Gilda, an arm around Rainbow Dash. Her other claw was up, and she was giving a thumbs-up to the camera. Rainbow Dash's smile was wide and relieved, stretching ear to ear. This was probably the only time Gilda had ever smiled on camera, too. Aside from the fact her beak wasn't as flexible as lips, she wasn't often that happy. She sighed. "Flip-flop," she muttered, and tossed the picture into the fire, frame and all.

She reached into the bag she was carrying, and took out a jar of minced herbs, blue in color. She unscrewed the jar slowly, and sniffed it. This was what was supposed to erase memories, at least that was what the book of potions said. "I put a couple pinches in the stew," she muttered. "I didn't want to give her too much, but I just wanted her to forget about last time… But if I take the whole jar, maybe I'll forget about Dash. Forget about the camp… and the bullies, and ever meeting Dash."

Gilda sighed, and shrugged. "Yeah, that'll work. Goodbye, Dash," she muttered, before fixing her beak over the jar, and tilting her head back. She could feel the herbs sprinkle over her tongue, and although they tasted absolutely awful, she forced herself to swallow. She used her tongue to brush through the jar, licking every bit of the blue plant up, before allowing herself to fall back. She was tired now, for some reason. Was it the herbs? Or was the lack of sleep for the past week finally catching up to her? It didn't matter. She thought she heard Rainbow Dash off in the distance, but that was probably just her imagination, and in another moment, she was asleep.

Gilda woke slowly. Her first thought, upon awaking, was of Rainbow Dash, which meant the herb didn't work how it was supposed to. She let loose as many curses as she could, hissing and screaming and shouting, stomping the ground, until her lungs began to feel fatigued and she was forced to take a seat, panting.

"Gilda!" came a voice as loud as thunder, and in an instant she whirled around, only to come face to hoof with a blue wall. Gilda had seen dragons and giants, even raced a few and won, but never in her life had she seen anything as massive as the blue pony standing before her. She turned in an instant, attempting to flap her wings but that only caused a surge of pain, causing her to crash to the ground. She attempted to run, but looking over her shoulder, watched as a massive wall of blue descended upon her. Just one of Rainbow Dash's hooves was twice the size of her body, so the blue wall could smother the poor griffin with absolute ease. The hoof was surprisingly squishy and warm, and Rainbow Dash did not apply enough pressure to hurt Gilda, only keep her pinned.  Nevertheless, Gilda was sobbing weakly as the hoof remained on her, and she continued to struggle and squirm, struggling to escape its embrace, sure at any moment the pressure would increase and she would go pop. For a brief moment, Rainbow Dash took some enjoyment in this. Not that she was hurting Gilda specifically, just how awesome it was to have another under hoof like this. But it got boring just as quickly, and Rainbow Dash actually lowered to her belly, resting on the ground and keeping her hoof there until Gilda finally exhausted herself, and just lay there, covering herself with a wing as if that might ward off the next crushing blow.

"Gilda," Rainbow Dash said sternly. "You tried to wipe my memory? You tried to make me forget my friends?"

Gilda looked up at her weakly, and then hid herself beneath her wing. Rainbow Dash stomped her hoof down next to Gilda, the gust of wind knocking the lithe griffon over the ground until her other hoof stopped her. "Answer me, Gilda."

"No!" she screamed. "I mean… I did but I don't care. I don't care if you know your friends or not. I just wanted you to forget… forget what happened. I wanted you to be able to come here and visit and not be pissed at me, alright?!" She stood up, staring at the giant Rainbow Dash, who was passively laying on her front, red eyes unyielding, never blinking. "I wanted to go back to the way things were. I wanted us to be best friends again. I wanted to believe you would always have my back and I would always have yours, like when we were at camp. You and I against the world, Dash. Don't you remember that?"

Rainbow Dash sighed. "I remember that, Gilda. But things change. I changed. If you want to be friends again, why wouldn't you just apologize for what you did?"

Gilda looked down, like a scolded child. "I don't know how…"

"Are you sorry for what you did to me?"

"Yes," Gilda said lowly. "I'm sorry for everything I have ever done to you. I'm sorry for ever meeting you and putting you through this and-"

"G, stop," Rainbow Dash said softly. She smiled, which calmed Gilda down a great deal. "Are you sorry to Fluttershy and the others?"

Gilda looked up at the softening stare of the blue Pegasus. "I don't know," she said, which was the truth, however much it made her stomach churn. "I think though…" She tried to smile. "I can understand why the pink one wanted to be with you so bad, never let you leave. You're just so damn awesome."

That earned a laugh, however slight, from the blue giant.

"And now, to have to spend all this time away from you, all alone. I know we didn't see each other much after camp, but I could always send you a letter or stop by for a visit and you could always come by for me. It was just… the door was open. But now we can't. And to lose you like that. You're the only one who ever looked at me without a scoff or a glare."

"My friends won't scoff and glare at you, but you have to work at it too. G, I know you've been through more than any griffon or pony should. I know your first instinct is to act tough and take on the world and never let them see you cry, but how has that turned out for you so far? Do you think you can just… lighten up a little?"

"I'll try… I will. I promise."

Rainbow Dash turned her hoof over, offering Gilda a flat surface. Gilda was still scared, but Rainbow Dash waited patiently until she finally climbed on, and lifted the griffon to her mane. She allowed Gilda to crawl forward, settling awkwardly in the long hair. "I missed you too, G," she said, as she trotted back to the others. "You put a blue herb into the soup? That's what you had swallowed yourself?"

Gilda nodded weakly. "I… I had a book. It's supposed to clean memories."

"I saw the herbs you were holding. You got the wrong one; you picked a plant called Shrinking Violets. It causes… well, shrinking." Rainbow Dash laughed, and when she came upon the other two ponies, she set Gilda down between them. To say Gilda was utterly petrified to be surrounded by the trio was an understatement, but she struggled to maintain a brave front. The idea that this was all some sort of trap had crossed her mind. Hell, for all she knew, this was just another nightmare.

"You stepped on Fluttershy, G," Rainbow Dash said. "Apologize to her."

"When did I step on her? Why are you all so huge?!"

"Gilda, apologize to Fluttershy."

Gilda looked up at the towering yellow pony, and swallowed a lump in her throat. Oddly enough, Fluttershy seemed more frightened of Gilda than the other way around. "I'm sorry," the griffon said. "I don't remember stepping on you, but I'm sorry I guess." She paused. "And I'm sorry for yelling at you. Look… in camp, if you ever showed weakness, you were going to get torn apart. You had to be tough and yell and shout at everyone, and eventually, I just don't know how to act any different than that. But really, you should watch where you are going."

"It's alright, little Gilda."

"And, I don't really know who you are," Gilda said, turning to Twilight Sparkle. "But… I'm sorry for whatever I did to you."

"Just… don't ever bring it up, please," the purple pony said. "Look, I'm happy that you two seemed to have reconciled, but in case you haven't noticed, the only sentient being within miles of this place is now even smaller than we are. Anyone have any idea what to do?"

"I have plenty of food, stocked here," Gilda  squeaked. "And the fire should last a while. We can just wait, and eventually someone will come looking for you ponies, right? Won't your queen notice you aren't home, and she'll focus on your magic?"

Twilight Sparkle nodded softly. "It's probable. Spike will probably contact her when I don't return tonight, and if she really focuses, she should be able to sense my magic. Maybe I can send out a few SOSs if I can get to a window. I just don't know how long it'll take, but it's better than nothing."

Gilda shrugged. "Yesterday I was living here all alone. I wouldn't mind spending some time with… a couple friends…"
In desperation, Gilda concocts a plan to win Rainbow Dash’s heart, and get back her best friend. Things don’t go exactly how she planned though.

Keywords: Griffon Gryphon My Little Pony MLP Rainbow Dash Fluttershy Twilight Sparkle Gilda macro micro shrink herbs butt crush ass booty anal vore AV feet paws stomp step hooves hoof unaware

This is an older fic, a request from someone on FA. I’m trying to be more active on this account and post some more stuff, but a lot of the stuff that I have been writing lately has been highly sexual in nature, and I don’t really feel like opening that can of worms on this site. Still, this and “The Return,” are two fics that I am really proud of. This one more so, because I just adore Gilda, and I think too often how much she clearly loves Dash is overlooked in favor of writing her as a pariah.

I really, really love Gilda, and beyond that, I think the demonization that the community puts her (and Trixie) through is unfair. There little things about Gilda, like in the beginning of her episode, she says “Only for you, Dash,” and does the flight school anthem thing. That one line kinda sums up her feelings for Rainbow Dash, and I found it touching. I think, if you watch that episode, it’s clear she genuinely loves Dash, which makes Dash’s rejection of her that much more heartbreaking. Now, I’m not idolizing Gilda and saying everything she did was justified and everyone acted completely unreasonably towards her. Gilda was clearly a bully, but I can’t help but feel like in a show that is so concerned with friendship and redemption, Gilda really deserves another episode where she and Dash reconcile. I do think they handled Trixie’s arc well. I mean, in her first appearance, she boisterous, but she really didn’t deserve to have her entire life fall apart just for being a showboat. It seems the future is looking brighter for her, and if there is ever a Villains Unite episode, I would actually like if Trixie is fighting on the side of the angels. And Gilda flying down and saving Dash from certain doom.

Just the same, I don’t think Gilda deserves total exile just for being a bully, when Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie are gigantic bullies (seriously, wtf was with everyone in Luna Eclipsed?) Most of all though, I can relate to Gilda: there have been times where I’ve seen my oldest, closest friends move into a new crowd, and you want to spend some time with them but their new crowd comes along. And there just isn’t room for you. You even look at the pranks: Gilda scared an old lady and yelled at someone. The pranks that befell Gilda: she got electrocuted, set on fire, her coat was soiled, and she crashed into pots and pans.

Anyway, I’m ranting. I loved this fic cause it’s a chance to portray Gilda in a way I don’t thinks she’s ever really been shown. The difficulty with writing someone like Gilda is you want to give her sympathy, without defanging her. I liked that Gilda was a bit of a bitch. Too often when someone wants to write the Changelings as sympathetic, they just make them outright pussies. I’ve only ever seen one Gilda fic where she tries to make amends, and that lasted like… one chapter, sadly. I did try to keep her violent temper, but have hopefully succeeded in showing something else about, and maybe a couple more bronies might start to feel a little sympathy for her. And maybe some new readers.

There is a sequel to this, but it involves not only giants and growth, but anthroization (?). So, not sure that one will come up. Maybe if this one does well.

Hope you enjoy.
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Idle Animation:

Notable Palette Swaps:

Walk animation:

Run Animation:

Dizzy Animation:

Edge Grab:

Basic Attacks:
Air Forward+A:
Air Back + A
Air Up+A:
Air Down+A:
Edge Attack:

Smash Moves:


Special Moves:

B :
B + Forwards :
B + Up :
B + Down :

Final Smash:






Victory Music:

Kirby Hat:

When Chosen:

Snake Codec:


Related Music:

Credits Music:
From what I understand, people really like the format I have for my Brawl Movesets and have been implementing them into their own. I've got no problem with this. In fact, I encourage it. So in that case, I'm going to have the template I've set up for myself and have it here for everyone to look at and use as they wish.

If you're wondering why I haven't gotten any new movesets out lately, its because I've been busy with my last semester. Since I'm out of class now, I may or may not get a few more of these out soon.
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Look Before You Sleep Rewritten (Vore)

There was a great gale blowing in Ponyville, and a few ponies were helping to get forest areas cleaned up. There were pegasi in the air placing the clouds in place in order for the upcoming storm to wreak its havoc.  Rainbow Dash was among them, and the sky blue Pegasus was in charge of the operation. She was telling Cloud Chaser which stormcloud to move, and shouting to Lightning Bolt that she needed to move out of the way.
As the flying ponies shot through the sky, arranging the clouds just so, beneath their feet, ponies down in Ponyville were also getting ready for the storm. An ivory unicorn with a beautiful purple mane was fixing a branch onto a tree, doing her part to help out. Rarity, the aforementioned white unicorn, still wasn’t happy with how it looked. She took a second to think, then perfected the branch by trimming the leaves took look like ponies. She admired her handiwork, saying ‘Perfect’ quietly to herself.
To her surprise, and anger, as soon as she’d the one this, the branch was immediately yanked down from the tree by a rope, making her take a step back in shock.
It was Applejack, bringing the branch down with a swift lasso. She spat out her rope, then gave Rarity an angered glare.
“Just leave the broken ones down, Rarity,” she said in her smooth southern accent. “Don’t y’all care about nothin’ other than prettifying?”
“Somepony  has to,” Rarity retorted indignantly. “You’re making an absolute mess of the town square, Applejack,” she continued, looking disconcertedly at the broken branches and leaves covering the ground.
“Yeah well the storm’s gonna make an even bigger mess if we don’t prune all these loose branches so that they don’t tumble down on anypony,” Applejack argued, convincingly at that.
“I simply cannot imagine why the Pegasus ponies would schedule a dreadful downpour this evening, and ruin what could’ve been a glorious sunny day,” Rarity said, disappointed with the horrid weather. “Think more practical-like, will ya?” Applejack said. “They accidentally missed a scheduled sprinkle last week, and they need a doozie of a downpour to make up for it is all.”
As soon as the last word had left Applejack’s mouth, the pegasi finished their work and the rain began to fall. The two grounded ponies felt the heavy drops of water on their bodies and noticed immediately. Of course, Rarity was first to react.
“Oh no, my wonderfully styled mane shall be ruined!” she cried, aghast at the very thought.
“You shoulda hurried up and finished the job already,” Applejack sighed, rolling her eyes a little.
Rarity began to make sounds of horror as the rain beat down on her mane, trying to find shelter.
“Oh, ah, it’s coming down to fast!” she wailed.  “Oh, ooh, ah, help me!”
Applejack was exasperated, and slightly irritated, but she was friends with the unicorn nonetheless, so she began to look for some kind of shelter. “Uh… there!” Applejack said loudly, over the heavy rain. “Hunker down to yer heart’s content while I finish things.”
Rarity’s hooves made much noise as the beat the ground, the unicorn sprinting towards the wooden table Applejack had pointed at. It wasn’t much, but it’d have to do for now.  Or at least she thought…
Rarity stopped in her tracks just before the table. She noticed the thick mud underneath it, and couldn’t bear the thought of crouching on that. “Ooh, no, no, no, no!” she hissed.
“What now?” Applejack moaned, walking back towards Rarity. After a short silence, Rarity whispered, “…I prefer not to get my hooves muddy.”
“Gah! There is just NO pleasin’ ya, is there?” spat Applejack, letting her contempt get the better of her. “Everythin’s gotta be just so.”
“Well, how does muddying my hooves serve any useful purpose?” asked Rarity, also quite annoyed by now. Intensity rose between the two as they began to realise each other’s flaws.
“Ya’ll wouldn’t know useful if it came up and bit ya!” Applejack said.
Rarity gave a small giggle, but she wasn’t happy. “That doesn’t even  make any sense,” she sniffed.
“Does so!” claimed Applejack, and the two argued back and forth like little girls. Their immature actions were a result of their opposite personalities, and they fought for quite a few minutes, each word getting them angrier with the other.
“Does so infinity!” Applejack shouted. “Hah!”
“Does not infinity plus one,” Rarity rebutted.
Tension rose as the pair stared into one another’s eyes, constantly getting crosser with one another.
A little part of Rarity recognised that this wasn’t going to end well, so she said, “What’s say we go our separate ways before one of us says something she’ll regret?”
“I reckon y’all are gonna say something y’all regret first!” Applejack cried, with no intention to end the fight without winning it.
“On the contrary, I believe it will most certainly be you who says something you will regret first.”
“I’m not sayin’ anythin’.”
“Nor am I!”
“Y’all just be on yer way then!”
“After you!”
Not taking their eyes from each other, the two slowly backed away, moving through the heavy rain and back to their homes, each going opposite directions.
Suddenly, an ear-splittingly loud burst of lightning struck, terrifying the two poor ponies. They ran to one another and huddled together, united by their fears.
“P-perhaps we should stay together for now and, um, find some shelter,” Rarity mumbled.
“Uh huh,” Applejack agreed. “Perhaps we should… and fast!”
These last words were sparked by the noisy gale moving around the girls, throwing leaves and sticks in their direction, not to mention the torrential rain.

Applejack could be found hiding underneath the aforementioned wooden table. A smile was finally on her face. “Ah, nice and dry down here. Well.. sorta,” she said, looking at the mud all over her hooves despondently.
“Hum! Unacceptable,” said the nearby Rarity, talking of the disgusting mud.
Quickly, the two’s eyes widened as they heard their names being called. To their surprise, as they recognised the voice they realised that it was their dear friend Twilight Sparkle.
The two ponies, tails and manes blowing in the wind, turned to see the purple unicorn standing on her own doorstep, shouting the pair’s names for a second time.
“Twilight?” the ponies questioned in unison, mildly startled.
“Come inside girls, quick!” cried hospitable Twilight, beckoning them with her hoof.
The two sprinted towards Twilight Sparkle’s house, the rain hitting their faces hard. Abruptly, Applejack stopped in her tracks, just outside of the house, as Rarity ran inside.
“Whoa nelly,” she said. “Is inside a tree the best place to be durin’ a lightnin’ storm?” she asked intelligently, referencing how Twilight’s house was built in a tree.
“It is if you have a magical lightning rod protecting your house like I do,” Twilight smiled. “Come on in!”
Rarity was very pleased. “We are most grateful for your invitation,” she said politely.
“Thank you kindly for yer hospitality,” agreed Applejack, stepping inside Twilight’s house – only to be stopped by Rarity, who pointed to her muddy hooves. “Oh, do be a polite house guest and go wash up, will you?” Rarity grinned, walking off. Applejack could only think of what she’d do when she got her hands on Rarity. She growled. “If I have to spend one more second with that fusspot Rarity I can’t be held responsible for what I might do!”
“Some storm, huh? The pegasus ponies sure have outdone themselves this time,” Twilight Sparkle said. “I hope you and Applejack don’t have any trouble getting home!”
“Um, it might indeed be a problem,” Rarity said, somewhat sheepishly.
“Well, you’re welcome to stay if need be,” Twilight said. “Spike is away in Canterlot on royal business. I’m home all alone tonight!” Then, an idea reached the unicorn, causing her to gasp. “You and Applejack should totally sleep over! We could have a slumber party!” she said, clapping her hooves in excitement. “I’ve always wanted one of those!”
Rarity blinked a second, horrified at the idea of spending a whole night with Applejack. Still, she had nowhere else to go and she could not reject Twilight’s kindness. Yet,  Rarity still couldn’t bear it.
“Oh, oh goodness, uh, I do believe I have another engagement scheduled for this evening that completely slipped my mind until just now, ha! Ooh, silly me, I can’t possibly stay here all night… with Applejack.” she lied, whispering the last part.
At that, Twilight Sparkle used her unicorn magic to bring a book down form her shelf and opened it in front of Rarity.
“Slumber 101 – All you’ve ever wanted to know about slumber parties but been afraid to ask…”
“It’s my own personal copy!” Twilight grinned. “It’s a fantastic reference guide. You should see the table of contents! I’ve been waiting to use it, and today’s the day! This is going to be so great!”
“Yes, uh, great….” Rarity said, with an uneasy laugh.
Meanwhile, Applejack had finished washing up and was outside, thinking of a suitable punishment for that prissy Rarity. “Hpmh,” she grumbled to herself. “I don’t know what I’ll do. Perhaps I’ll -,”
Applejack was interrupted by her own stomach grumbling. She must have been hungry. She dismissed it, but it didn’t quite slip her mind as she thought of what she’d do to Rarity…

Applejack walked slowly into the room, her hooves squeaky clean. She smiled at what  a good job she’d done, but immediately gasped as she saw what Rarity and Twilight Sparkle were up to.
“What in tarnation!?” she yelled.
Rarity was dipping her hooves in facial cream and masking Twilight with it, having already done this to herself.
“Now wait just a consarn minute,” Applejack said. “You make me wash all the mud off my hooves, but it’s okay for y’all to have mud all over yer faces?”
“Silly!” Rarity said softly. “This is called a mud mask, it’s to refresh and rejuvenate your complexion!”
Applejack grimaced at how much Rarity was getting on her nerves. What she was going to DO to that unicorn…
“We’re giving each other makeovers!” Twilight cried, with a giggle of glee. “We have to do it. It says so in the book.”
Applejack read the book’s title, and her first thought was exactly that of Rarity’s. “Oh hay, would ya look at the time… I gotta skedaddle on home, I’m mightly late for, er, somthin’… g’night!”
Applejack ran for the door, but was petrified by the lightning outside and rejoined the girls. “Or… maybe I’ll sit here for a spell,” she said.
“Hooray, slumber partyyyy!” cried Twilight enthusiastically.
Rarity immediately began to makeover Applejack, much to the orange pony’s disgust. She placed cucumber slices over Applejack’s eyes, confusing poor AJ.
“What in the world is this for?” she asked.
“To reduce the puffiness around one’s eyes, of course,” Rarity sighed, with a roll of her eyes, much to Applejack’s unmasked irritation.
“Puffiness shmuffiness!” Applejack cried, eating the cucumbers with one fell swoop. Sadly, it didn’t come close to quenching her hunger. Still, “That’s good eatin’!” she exclaimed.
Rarity gave an annoyed glare to Applejack, who was now only hungrier. She looked at Rarity too and instinct began to take over.
“Hee hee! Isn’t this exciting? We’ll do everything by the book, and that will make my slumber party officially fun!” Twilight Sparkle said, momentarily breaking the growing tension.
“Did you hear that, Applejack?” Rarity spat. “YOU certainly wouldn’t want to do anything to ruin Twilight’s first slumber party, would you?”
She was teasing Applejack with that last line, and the southern pony knew it. “Of course not,” Applejack said, “and you wouldn’t either.”
“So do we have an agreement?” Rarity said.
“You betcha,” grinned Applejack, planning just how everything would go in her head.
She spat on her hoof to shake with Rarity, and there came a sickened reaction from the ivory
unicorn. “You know, there’s gross, and then there’s just plain rude,” she sniffed.
Applejack wanted to get Rarity right away, but she managed to calm herself slightly. “You know, there’s fussy, and there’s just plain gettin’ on mah nerves!”
“Fortunately, I can get along with anypony, no matter how difficult she may be.” Rarity said haughtily.
“Oh YEAH? Well I’m the get-alongiest pony you’ll ever meet!” Applejack cried, completely unable to calm herself now.
“That’s not even a word.” Rarity said simply.
The tension levels were up there again, nothing but hatred as the two stared into each other’s flaming eyes. Just as Applejack was about to reply, Twilight Sparkle butted in, hugging the two ponies to herself and shouting “This is the best slumber party ever, yay!”
“Yay,” the two other ponies chorused unenthusiastically.

How am I gonna get Twilight outta the way? Applejack thought to herself, trying to figure out a way to make her plan work. She was watching Rarity and Twilight have their manes curled… and having the unfortunate experience of having hers curled too.
“Soooo, how are you getting along over there, Applejack?” Rarity teased, really getting to Applejack’s nerves now… on purpose.
“Just fine, Rarity…” Applejack growled.
“This is so awesome!” Twilight cried with a laugh. She had no idea that she was the only thing stopping the two from battling to the death. “Makeovers: check!”
Applejack was starving. Hmm, perhaps I can make that play into the way I punish Rarity…
“Ooh, it says here we get to tell ghost stories,” Twilight grinned.  “Who gets to go first?”
“Me!!!” roared Applejack. “I’d like to tell y’all the terrifying tale of the prissy ghost who drove everypony crazy with their unnecessary neatness! Woooo!” Applejack cried, making ghost noises.
“I’m sure y’all are familiar with that one,”
Rarity knew this was targeted at her, and decided to challenge the insult. “Never heard of it. But I have a much better one! It’s the horrifying story of the messy inconsiderate ghost how irritated everypony within a hundred miles! Owwooooo!”
“That’s not a real story. You made it up!” claimed Applejack.
“It is a ghost story. They’re all made up.” Rarity sniffed.
Applejack was madly irritated at this point. She’d chosen her trick, and was ready to spring, but suddenly the lights went out.
The girls could see again as Twilight Sparkle turned a torch on, and placed it underneath her face. “I’ve got one.”
“This story’s called the Legend of the Headless Horse.”
Lightning struck outside, and Applejack and Rarity were both visibly frightened, cowering next to Twilight.
“It was a stormy night, just like this one, and three ponies were having a slumber party, just… like… this one…”
“…and just when the last pony thought she was safe, there, standing right behind her, inches away, was….. THE HEADLESS HORSE!”
The lights went out again, and in a matter of seconds they were back on. Applejack and Rarity looked up to see… the headless horse!
They huddled together and screamed, horrified. The beast waved its arms angrily. Applejack and Rarity’s minds raced, thinking of hat it would do to them… when suddenly, it took the sheet (that was where its head should have been) off, exposing… Twilight’s face!
The purple unicorn ran to turn the lights back on, then ran back over to Slumber 101, and said, “Ghost story: check!”
Applejack and Rarity realised they were still embracing one another, and quickly broke apart. Each gave a little glare at the other, and Twilight broke the ice again by crying, “Now, who wants smores?”

Applejack sat happily enough by the fire, roasting three marshmallows to make a smore with. Behind her, Rarity was showing Twilight her way of preparing said delicacy.
“…Then you place one marshmallow on the top of the chocolate, and be sure it’s centred (that’s critical) and then carefully put another square graham cracker on the top. And… done! Tada!”
“Ooh!” said Twilight, interested.
Applejack hadn’t forgotten how hungry she was. The smore did look appetising, so she said, “Nah, ya just eat ‘em.” She grabbed the treat between her teeth and began to chew happily with her mouth open. It tasted wonderful. Rarity looked revolted at Applejack’s display, and for the icing on the cake, Applejack gave a small belch once she’d devoured the food.
“Hum! You could at least say excuse me,” she spat haughtily.
“I was just about to, but you interrupted me!” she cried. “…Pardon.”
Applejack sat and looked proud, while Rarity gave her eyes a roll. Sadly for the orange pony, she’d just been made hungrier. She would really need something big to eat, and she knew just what.
The poor orange pony didn’t know, however, that she was about to be subjected to even more of Rarity’s vindictive bullying.
“Smores: check!” said Twilight happily, crossing out another thing in her book. “Now the next item of fun we have to do is… Truth or dare!”
The hungry Applejack stared as Rarity said, “I dare Applejack to do something carefully an neatly, for a change.”
Fighting back, Applejack said, “Oh yeah? Well I dare Rarity to lighten up, an’ stop obsessin’ over every last little detail! … for a change.
“I think the truth of the matter is that somepony could stand to pay a little more attention to detail,”
“And I think the truth is somepony oughta quit with her fussin’, so the rest of us can get things done!”
Twilight watched in horror as the tension rose again, the two ponies full of nothing but hate and spite. They stared into each other’s eyes, grimacing at the thoughts of one another, and Twilight knew she had to stop them… and soon.
“Umm… I don’t think this is how the game’s supposed to work,” she said. “You have to give an honest answer to any question, or do whatever anypony dares you to do.”
Applejack knew that a meal always looked better and more appetising when it was wet. She had come up with a plan, and decided this would help things, if not hunger her more.
“I dares you, to step outside, and let yer precious tidy mane get ruined again!” she yelled.
Rarity gasped in fear. Ruin her beautiful, curled mane? No way on earth would she do such a thing!
“You have to, it’s the rule,” said Twilight.
“Hah!” cried Applejack, victorious and happy about it.
“Fine!” Rarity spat, pacing slowly towards the door. She was not at all happy about having to do this. Applejack watched happily as Rarity made her way outside. She licked her lips as her plan came together. She snickered as Rarity made little sounds of terror once outside.
Rarity stepped back inside, her mane soaking wet and dripping water all over Twilight’s floor, with the same going for her tail. She looked upset about this, and stood there shivering as Applejack laughed out of victory and just how funny Rarity looked.
“Okay, I dare Applejack to play dress-up, in a froufrou glittery, lacy outfit!”  Rarity cried spitefully, crushing poor Applejack’s moment of pleasure.
It was Applejack’s turn to gasp in horror. She gave Rarity a livid glare of contempt as she went and threw on an outfit. It was made of blue silk and had white and pink lace on the rim. It also had a blue silk hat and matching blue pearl earrings, with blue and pink flowers in Applejack’s hair. She wore pink bows around her front hooves a white pearl necklace, with massive puffy sleeves that also had white lace.
“Happy?” she said.
“Very,” Rarity smiled cruelly. Oh, what Applejack would do to have Twilight out of the way so her plan could work…
“Um… do I ever get a turn?” asked Twilight. It just seemed like more bickering to her.
“I dare ya to enter the next rodeo when it comes to town!” Applejack shouted.
“I dare you not to enter the next rodeo that comes to town!” Rarity shouted back.
“I dare ya to not comb yer mane a hundred times before bed!” Applejack cried.
“And I dare you to comb yours just once!” Rarity cried.
The two ponies were again full of anger. They stared at the other, each thinking of how much she hated that cruel, stupid pony.
“Uh, I think we should check off truth or dare and move on. Let’s see what our next fun fun fun thing is, shall we?” Twilight said, worried the two ponies would begin to brawl.
But as she checked Slumber 101, she was unsure of what the next activity was. A look of pure confusion on her face, she said, “Hmm, what does this mean? Pillow fight?”
“Oh please,” Rarity said indignantly. “I am not at all interested in participating in something so crude.”
Applejack was madly irritated by this. Rarity was above fun? What was wrong with this pony?! She took advantage of the situation and threw a soft, white pillow at Rarity’s face.
Little did Applejack know that this would unleash mean Rarity’s competitive streak. “It – is – on!” Rarity growled, ready to give the fight with Applejack her all.
The nasty ivory unicorn lobbed a pillow at Applejack’s face, hitting the poor pony. She’d suffered a whole night of Rarity’s bullying, and now this? Unacceptable! She knew how to fight back.
She wanted to give Rarity her ‘punishment’ right now, but she knew better than to with Twilight around. Instead, she kicked three pillows at Rarity, all of them hitting her in the face. Rarity tried to retaliate, but Applejack dodged all the pillows thrown in her direction. In fact, she grabbed them all and lassoed them back at Rarity, who unfortunately used her unfair advantage (unicorn magic) to stop them from hitting her.
Applejack was so cross with this prissy, dumb, obsessive pony. Why couldn’t she enjoy anything that involved getting a speck of dirt on her hoof? She just wanted to get Rarity, and discarded all parts of her that thought she should give Rarity another chance. By now, she was full of hate, and nothing more.
The two fought more and more, getting angrier and angrier. Twilight saw the pure hate in Applejack’s eyes, and the pure spite in Rarity’s, so she decided to try and break the two up. “Uh, girls, don’t you think we should take it down a notch?” she asked.
“I will if she will!” exclaimed the furious Applejack.
“She started it!” shouted Rarity pettily.
“Maybe we should just call it a night and get some sleep…” Twilight sighed exasperatedly.

Twilight was sleeping soundly, a smile on her face as she gave small snores. Applejack and Rarity had to share a bed, as Twilight only had one. Of course, neither was at all happy about this.
“Keep your muddy hooves on your side of the bed!” Rarity whispered.
“My hooves ain’t muddy!” Applejack whispered. Why was Rarity being so horrid?
“They were, there might still be a little on them,” hissed Rarity.
“There ain’t, see?” whispered Applejack, holding a clean hoof up to Rarity’s spiteful face.
“Ew!” Rarity breathed, and with one swift motion, she grabbed the whole cover and placed it over herself, leaving Applejack in the cold.
That was the last straw for Applejack. She was tired of suffering from Rarity’s cruel glares, nasty comments, mean actions and selfish ideas.
That was when she realised that right now, she would be able to carry out her plan without a hitch. Twilight was fast asleep, and Applejack was still starved. Now was the perfect moment.
Applejack yanked the cover off, waking Rarity, who’d fallen asleep at this point. She stood up, throwing the cover to the floor.
“Applejack?” murmured Rarity sleepily.
Applejack grinned devilishly. She picked Rarity up by her back legs, fully waking the unicorn now.
She knew exactly what she had to do. She licked Rarity’s hooves, giving them a taste first. They were wonderful.
“What are you DOING?!” hissed Rarity.
“It’s called revenge,” smirked Applejack. She stuffed all of Rarity’s left back hoof into her mouth, wrapping her tongue around it and tasting its divine flavour.
Rarity tried to let out a scream, but nothing happened. She was too shocked by what was going on.
“Delicious,” Applejack said, through a mouth of hoof. She took it out of her mouth, licking her lips at just how tasty it was. She decided it’d be better to eat Rarity a different way.
She ran behind the bed, and picked up the pony’s face by her cheeks. Rarity watched in awe as Applejack opened her mouth as wide as she could, which was actually rather wide. She gave Rarity’s ear a playful lick before stuffing Rarity’s whole head into her mouth. She managed to get Rarity’s face into her mouth, licking the delicious purple mane with her tongue.
“APPLEJACK!” Rarity shouted, but it was muffled, therefore not waking Twilight. Applejack used her strong hooves to push Rarity’s shoulders into her mouth, shoving most of Rarity’s head down her gullet. It felt great. Applejack savoured Rarity’s taste as the unicorn kicked and struggled. Applejack knew she didn’t have quite a full grip on Rarity yet, and that it was still possible for the unicorn to escape her fate.
Applejack pushed Rarity’s shoulders further into her mouth, forcing Rarity’s head into Applejack’s stomach. Rarity shouted something, but it was inaudible due her being inside Applejack.
Applejack licked Rarity’s shoulders, feeling them in her throat and enjoying their wonderful taste. She gave a tiny hiccup, making Rarity feel strange, and struggle more. Applejack had gravity on her side, and threw back her head to gulp down Rarity’s torso. Applejack lavished the taste of Rarity’s prim flat stomach, pressing it against the roof of her mouth to speed up the process of swallowing it. She now only had Rarity’s back legs, plot and tail sticking from her mouth. She stuffed them in to find they taste even better than the front legs. The majority of Rarity was now inside Applejack’s expanding stomach, where the unicorn kicked and struggled. Applejack puckered her lips and sucked as though she was eating spaghetti, and Rarity’s tail disappeared down Applejack’s gullet. She had had to balloon her throat to swallow the unicorn, but with a rather swift motion, Applejack, making a loud gulping noise, swallowed Rarity.
Applejack looked down at her gurgling, bloated stomach. It was humongous, making strange noises as it struggled to digest Rarity. It jiggled as Applejack tried to move, almost grounding her. It sloshed and the unicorn inside kicked its walls desperately.
Applejack moaned in pleasure as she felt her heavy, excessive gut. She stroked it with her hooves, only to feel Rarity squirm inside.
“Uuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrp!” Applejack belched, covering her mouth as not to let too much air escape. She wanted Rarity to breath. “Woo-nelly! Did yer hear that, Rarity?!” she grinned.
“UGH! You’re so disgusting Applejack! Let me out of here this instant!” came the voice from inside Applejack’s bloated orange gut.
“Well now yer in there, I can be as disgustin’ as I want! UARP!” Applejack said, with a small burp. “Agh! Applejack! This is horrible!” cried Rarity, kicking and squirming. Applejack licked her lips, savouring the taste of Rarity before she began to digest. Rarity never gave up in her struggling, but Applejack simply laid against the wall and relaxed, feeling her hanging, round, heavy gut.
She began to doze off, despite Rarity’s incessant kicking. “Rarity, you’re not gonna get outta there. Yer just speedin’ up the – hic! – digestion…” Applejack hiccupped. However, she was secretly enjoying Rarity’s struggling. She moaned in pleasure, knowing she’d never feel as good as she felt now. “Oooooohhh,” she moaned. “This was a great idea…”
Rarity was beginning to slow down.  Applejack hiccupped loudly, and that did it. Twilight had been stirring before, unknown to Applejack, but now, Twilight woke up.
“Uhh? Applejack…? Rarity?” Twilight said as her vision came into focus. She fully entered the world, only to see Applejack at twice her normal size.
“Applejack? Home come you’re so big?” she asked, confusedly. “You can’t put on that much weight from simply eating food.”
Applejack was the element of honesty, but she knew she couldn’t tell Twilight that she’d eaten Rarity, who was digesting in Applejack’s massive tummy as they spoke. Rarity kicked at the stomach walls, making Applejack moan a little.
“Did you hear me? How did you get so big?”
“Um… I don’t know…” Applejack lied.
Twilight’s eyes swivelled to the bed. “Huh?” she asked. “Where’s Rarity?”
“Uuaarp!” belched Applejack, unfortunately for her. Rarity squirmed slowly in Applejack’s humongous round stomach, struggling as she was digested.
“Applejack, you haven’t answered either of my questions.” Twilight frowned.
Applejack’s guilty conscience was beginning to get the better of her. She knew she had to tell Twilight; this wasn’t the kind of secret you could go without telling. As she was about to open her mouth to say something, she realised that she was still hungry.
And that she hadn’t had dessert.
“Twilight?” she asked softly, in her pretty southern accent.
“Yes Applejack?” asked Twilight.
“I can show you where Rarity went.”
“Oh, do please.”
The ravenous pony grabbed Twilight Sparkle by the hooves, and, thrusting her head back, Applejack threw Twilight into the air. The purple unicorn landed feet first in Applejack’s mouth, and got pushed down immediately by Applejack, forcing her feet down AJ’s gullet.  
“Applejack, what are you trying to do?!” Twilight cried.
“Showin’ ya where Rarity went!” Applejack shouted devilishly.
Applejack forced Twilight down her gullet, struggling with the size of the pony.  She licked Twilight’s back, lavishing it with her tongue and tasting its delicate, delicious flavour. She gulped Twilight down, making loud swallowing noises. She eventually managed to get all of Twilight down, pushing the whole unicorn into her gullet.
Now, with two unicorns in her stomach, Applejack stared exhaustedly at her huge, round gut. It was impossible for Applejack to stand up by now, and Rarity was now half digested, but the orange pony was still enormous. She felt her rotund belly, feeling the squirming ponies inside. She let out a moan of pleasure, enjoying the lasting taste of her delicious meal. Her bloated, heavy stomach was now of epic proportions. She listened to the sounds of digestion it made, sloshing and gurgling as the two ponies inside it kicked and struggled.
“Ahhhh… I’m glad I only slept over with two girls. I’m stuffed!” Applejack smiled.
“Applejack! You ate me!” Twilight’s voice came from Applejack’s huge belly.
“I told ya I was gonna show ya where Rarity went!” said Applejack, with a small hiccup. “Oooahh… I feel kinda strange… I think I’m gonnaUUUUUUUUUAAAARRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPP!” belched Applejack, surprising herself. There came a scream from her stomach as Rarity was digested. Applejack sighed happily, feeling the ponies squirm inside her massive gut. She hiccupped again, only to find Rarity’s eyemask in her hoof. She laughed, and, listening to the gurglings of her gut, slowly began to fall asleep.