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My name is Theodore. I'm an average teenage boy, in almost every way. Average strength, average dexterity.... The only things about me that AREN'T average are my video gaming "skills" (which aren't that much, but I do like to play games. The ones I DO play I master, because I stay at them for a long time...) and my intellect. I'm extremely smart. I don't think there's one puzzle game I haven't cleared on my first try. I love chess, and I play a lot. Of course, I WIN a lot, too, but...

Or, at least, that's who I WAS. Now....

My name is Tamatha. I'm an average teenage girl, in almost every way. Except for my intellect. I love to play chess. I win a lot, but that doesn't matter. I like the challenge. Er, any small challenge that I get, anyway. I don't know. I just love the game!

Or, at least, that's who I WAS. Now....

Five days prior

That's right. I've had two lives. Within a few days. I found that first note a few days ago, in my room. As soon as I read my REAL name, everything flooded back. That's right, I was a girl named Tamatha. I still know how to ACT like a girl, and I have both minds in me. I can even switch between them at will. It's just that knowing who I truly am inside, I prefer the "real me". Or, the old me. Or, whatever. You get the idea. Whenever I can, I use my mind as Theodore. There's just one thing that still bugs me, though. How did I change? When did I change? That's the one thing I don't know. The only thing I don't remember about Theodore. Right now, my mind is Tamatha, just so you know. I can tap into the other mind without it being active, and both minds are aware of each other. Completely aware of each other. I'll be going to school again on Monday, after summer break. I hope that I can figure out what happened there. After all, even though Tamatha has memory of what happened during the summer, Theodore doesn't. Theodore ONLY remembers school, up to the second to last week before the end of the year. And that's why I suspect that something happened during that time. It makes sense, logically. And, logically, if even ONE thing sparks a memory, I'll know....

The next day (four days prior to beginning of story)

So, I got up this morning for school. I got myself ready, and I went out to the bus. When we arrived at school, I looked around me. None of my normal friends sparked anything. Then I thought. What if the memory would only spark under THEODORE? Of course, I knew that the idea was risky. Theodore is still a different person, no matter how much he emulates me. There's no way that my closest friends would fall for it. And if THEODORE'S friends suddenly had a random girl walk up to them, they'd freak out. Still, running through a day as Theodore would be OK if I avoided my friends. I'm about to switch as I'm thinking this, so I guess I'll see you guys later.

As soon as Tamatha switched into me, I felt the familiar flood of odd feelings. Odd sensations. I've gotten used to them, though. I just don't know how to overcome them, since I'm a male mind inside of a female body. Her plan seemed to do SOMETHING, though. I glanced around me and, suddenly, I saw something that was familiar. And LOTS of memories flowed back into me. One, in particular, I have to chronicle. After all, it explains what happened to me. It explains everything....

Her name is Nora. She's a witch. Literally. I mean, she has magic powers. Let's see, what else. Oh, yeah. She WAS my friend. I made her mad once. She was waiting for me one day, when we were going to play chess. Well, I just plain forgot. The next day, she cast a spell on me. I mean, I'd known she was a witch, but I didn't expect her to cast a spell on ME. Things after that were really slow. After a couple of days, I noticed that my hair was a little bit longer. Not much, just a little bit. It was also a little bit darker. However, that wasn't the giveaway about what had been happening. The giveaway? My face. It was soft. It was sleek and smooth. It was round. It was... female.... A few days later, I saw the breasts starting to peek through. Meanwhile, nobody noticed anything. Meanwhile, as my breasts were peeking out and my hair was growing, my body was changing shape. I became slightly more and slightly more slender on my arms, legs and torso, a little bit per day. After about a week, I noticed my manhood had shrunk slightly. After about two weeks from there, I had one final thought as a male, before my male mind just blacked out. That thought was, "Wow. If I didn't know that I was looking at myself, I'd actually be in love here...".

Yeah, I know. Self-centered. Still, I had my memory back. I decided to let Tamatha take over again for today, since I'm not needed anymore and it would just be awkward for me.

So, Theodore passed the baton back to me. I checked his memory and, sure enough, he knew what had happened to us. That explained a lot. But, I'm not sure what would happen if I went to go confront her. I decided to let Theodore try on Friday. Boy, what a mistake THAT was...

Friday, the start point to the story.

"Hey, I don't think you know me. But I know you."

"Theodore. Of course I know you. What on EARTH do you want?"

"I came to apologize for what happened."

"What, the fact that you're too forgetful to remember our game?"


"Well, girls aren't as forgetful. How did you remember yourself, anyway?"

"I found my own note in my room. Reminding myself of who I am."

"I see. A failsafe."

"No, no! Just.... A hope."

"A hope? YOU shouldn't BE here anymore! I've had it with you!"

"Look, I'm sorry!"

"Sorry won't cut it!"

"Why are you so angry?"

"I liked you, Theodore!" Tears started coming into her eyes. "And YOU didn't notice it! I wanted you to be near me! Forever!"


"Well, I made a mistake in turning you into a girl. She didn't even remember me. And, to top it all off, you're NEVER near me!"

"Okay? So, just change me back."

"No! I can't! If I do, you'll just leave me again! No, I have a better idea!" And as soon as she said that, she shot a bolt of bright blue energy, which hit me right in the chest.

"What was that?"

"You'll see."

She's right. I did. The first thing I noticed was that, almost instantly, my arms felt like... well, actually, all of my body sort of lost all feeling. Not that I didn't feel anything, it's just that it seemed like all of my nerves had been tickled and were not as powerful. Anyway, I felt (well, as much as I could) my arms flowing around in the breeze. I couldn't move them of my own accord, though. They were long and stringy, just flowing with the wind. I started to shrink, as well. I felt even more stringy on my arms, and glanced over. They had become a pure white, and looked like they had been turned into elastic. I felt a breeze through my stomach now, too. I looked down. My body was splitting into two halves! I looked up, toward Nora. I tried to open my mouth, but I couldn't. My breasts pushed out further. Meanwhile, my lower body started to change into a pure white color, and my legs had almost completely vanished. After a couple more seconds, I could feel silky and frilly strands growing out of myself. Nora looked down over me and smiled.

"Wow. You turned out much more beautiful than I thought you would. Wanna see?"

She picked up both of my parts. Somehow, I could still feel my bottom half, even though I was no longer connected. She looked at me and smiled.

"Hold on, you need eyes!"

I suddenly had the ability to see a little bit again. Not much, just a little bit. Just enough to see what happened. I was in front of a mirror. And what I saw shocked me. I saw a white bra and a pair of white panties. And both were very laced, feminine and frilly. Just as I realized what I was, I lost the ability to see.

"See? Aren't you just perfect? Now, we CAN be together forever!"

I wanted to cry. I couldn't, but I wanted to. However, I felt myself being lifted again very soon. And this time, I felt something else alongside being lifted. I was being put on! However, THAT made me feel more comfortable. It filled the gaps; removed the emptiness I felt.

"There, is that better? Now, since you're a magic undergarment, you can't get dirty or smelly or anything. Basically, I CAN wear you forever. We CAN be together forever."

Odd. I feel as if I'm going to like that. I feel like I need to be worn. And you know what? I don't care anymore. I did when I first thought out this chronicle, but I don't anymore. I'm just going to take a rest. A very long rest....
Yeah, this was weird.... And kind of tough to write. Anyway, enjoy.

I DO like the whole "two minds, one body" thing, though. I think I'll be coming back to that.
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It's Whatever-TG Request

The repetitive scratch of busy pencils across paper sounded in the quiet biology classroom of Acer high School. The students were at work on a new worksheet that Ms. Gobbler, who sat at desk grading papers, had passed out. It was average day that about to become all but that. Craig Donaldson was scribbling down an answer when he noticed something peculiar happening to his right hand. He rose his hand up and watched as his fingers began to dwindle in size as his nails grow outward.

“Huh.” He whispered.

Craig sat upward in his desk and started taking in slowly breaths.  He pressed his thighs together as it began to reseed. Craig let out a mutter rocking back and forth within his desk at the feeling of this odd sensation. He shivered as his pubic hair sunk into their pores. Amber, sitting behind him, noticed her boyfriend’s discomfort. She leaned forward and whispered.

“Hey baby are you alright.”

“I don’t know. I don’t think so. I mean, something’s happening.”

Craig felt the warmth leave his arms as he lost masculinity. The hoodie he wore was getting heavier and baggy. Beneath him a soft round cushion was forming. His legs became slender and his thighs full. His shoes dropped to the ground drawing fixed faces to Craig’s position.

“Oh my gosh,” Someone gasped. “Dude your-your legs are.”

Soon the whole class turned their attention away from the lesson and toward Craig noticing his abnormal legs. They looked odd so petite attached to his large-well fading large bulky body. His pants were baggy along with his hoodie. His clothes didn’t seem to fit. But even with all this, Criag remained mostly unfazed.
Craig spread his legs letting out a sigh as something added to his anatomy that was never there before.

“Craig are you alright?” Ms. Gobbler asked looking up from her desk with a worried expression.  

“Everything’s fine Ms. G,” Craig spurted nearly unable to breathe. Craig sat up in his desk feeling his spine shifting and bulging. “Oh…..this…..Feels so……..weird.” He said gasping for air.

Craig grabbed the front edges of the desk pushing his chest out and arching his back. “Come out. Get out.” He gasped.

A squish along with a loud pop echoed throughout the room as Craig regained his breath. He took a few breathes feeling them rise and fall. He smiled in amazement. “Wow.”

Craig grabbed his chest feeling them. “Oh my gosh.”



Craig felt strands of hair drop down on his cheeks and brush his shoulders. He brought a strand to his eye line but his vision blurred upon a glace. He closed his eyes and shook his head somehow thinking that would return his eyesight. Miraculously it worked. Craig opened his eyes and saw each of his classmates faces with their jaws dropped wide open.

“What?” Once the words slipped from between his puffy pink lips at a completely different tone out into the real world, Craig understood the bewildered looks.  Craig brought his hands up to his face and laughed. “Holy shit I DON’T LOOK LIKE ME DO I?”

A few of his classmates shook their heads; some were silent, and Gobbler she just stared flabbergasted. Craig got out of his seat stumbling a bit but regaining his balance. He looked like a kid who tried to put on his parent’s clothes. Craig pulled off his hoodie and his pants dropped to the floor causing a unanimous gasp throughout the classroom.

Craig now stood in boxers and a t-shirt now in a fully female body. His legs were smooth and flawless. Stomach flat, breast perky, hair a long bleached blonde, and face cute and innocent. He was lovely.  

“Oh my gosh.” Amber said sitting frozen in her desk. “My boyfriend just grew boobs.”

Craig turned to his girlfriend looking down at his new assets. “I did and the look really nice.” He laughed.

“You’re not fazed by this at all?” Amber asked.

“Not really. I mean it didn’t hurt and I’m not dead.”

“But Craig your girl now,”

“A pretty hot one at that.” Kira a fellow classmate said from the other side of the room. Amber looked over to her unamused. “Not helping.”

“Sorry.” Kira replied.

“Craig you don’t think you need to go to the doctor or anything?” Ms. Gobbler asked from the front of the classroom.

“Nah I’m good. Surprised you haven’t called anybody.”

“I don’t know who to call or how to explain this.” Ms. Gobbler explained.
Craig looked down at his body passing his fingers down strong stomach.  “This is crazy weird.”

“ what now?” Amber asked slowly picking herself up out of her seat. She stood in front of her boyfriend who was now her exact height.

“I don’t know we wait it out I guess. I mean you-you still like me like this right?” Craig asked lowering his shield.

Amber took her boyfriend’s soft hand and smiled. “Of course I do babe.”

So they waited. Hours passed with no changes to Criag’s body. It wasn’t until about 12:00 A.M when Amber received the call from her boyfriend.

“Craig? Has anything changed?” She said sitting up in her bed. They had gone home for the night with each of their classmates swearing to keep their mouths shut until anything changes. “Have your parents come home yet?”

“Hey, yes, and no.” Craig said in his regular male voice.

Amber exploded with relief. “Oh thank god. Glad to have you back babe, how did you change back?”

“I don’t know it just happened. Either way I’m back to my old self.”

Amber giggled. “You really didn’t care about changing into girl did you?”

“Not really no, it was actually kind cool y’know seeing everything from a different perspective and I was a real looker.”

“Yeah, yeah you were Craig. Well I’ll talk to you later babe. Love you.”

“Love you too.”


Ms. Gobbler was about to begin her next lesson when Craig blurted out loudly. “Uh guys, it’s happing again.”

Craig held his finger up allowing his Classmates to watch his right hand became dainty and feminine. Within minutes Craig was his female self once more.

Craig followed the same routine as last time waiting it out and seeing what would happen. It was soon discovered He would eventually turn back at the start of a new day(12:00 A.M) but the moment he entered Ms. Gobbler’s room or around the that time(1:45) he transformed into a female for the remainder of the day. No one could explain it. Acer doctors, Craig’s parents, family members, the internet no one could explain what had happened to Craig Donaldson.

So not wanting to bring the press or the crazies to the small town of Acer and with Craig’s permission those who couldn’t explain it just got used to it. It became the norm. Few things changed like a few minutes before Craig changed he would leave the room and change into more fitting clothes. He would also apply this rule before he went to bed. His parents and friends still accepted Craig and Amber still remained his girlfriend. She enjoyed Craig’s optimistic view and it was nice having a “girlfriend” around.  

As for Craig none of it really bothered him. When people asked him about the trouble of having to switch from one gender to another he brushed it off with a simple.

“It’s whatever.”

Okay my last request for a sec. This one started out challenging because theDragonKing100 wanted a character that transformed into girl but didn't really care that he did. Most of the time when I do a TG and a character transforms out of their will they usually freak the hell out but this time I had to make an exception. Im really really glad that I did. I enjoyed this one and I hope you guys do as well. Now I'm taking a break off request for a second so I can get another chapter of Canon up along with the Conclusion of Werewoman. I'm still polishing WW draft and story, I don't want it to feel lazy. 

Also expect in the next few weeks another Jason/Trish adventure!!! 

Leave some feedback and hope you like it!!!
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"A... Paper factory..? Seriously? Of all of the places you could have gotten me to go to, and you chose to waste my time at a paper factory?"
Rainbow Dash turned to Twilight skeptically as the large facility came into sight, stopping for a moment, struck by disbelief that they walked this far to reach something so uninteresting. Twilight had held the same grin on her face for the past 30 minutes as Dash incessantly pestered her, trying to get Twilight to tell her where she was actually bringing them. Twilight looked back at Rainbow Dash, grinning teasingly.
"What's the matter? Didn't I tell you that we were going somewhere cool?"
"Yeah. Somewhere COOL. Not some stupid factory..." Dashie scoffed as they continued trotting toward their destination, trying to make it extra clear that she wasn't particularly thrilled at all.
Twilight shrugged off Dashie's frustration and turned to look back at the factory ahead of them.
"Oh come on now, i'm sure there'll be something here that you'll find interesting!"
Twilight knew exactly how Rainbow Dash would react to the visit to the factory, which may or may not have been a decent sum of her reasoning for picking this place out of anywhere else to go to. A few days ago, Dash had met a silly bet with Twilight about something that Twilight had her outmatched her in, which was book knowledge. Dashie had chosen to read an encyclopedia she had found lying on a table in Twilight's library, and after a whopping sum of five minutes, she was thoroughly convinced that she could take Twilight on in a trivia competition. The winner got to take the loser somewhere to spend the afternoon. It's safe to assume that Dash didn't exactly answer as many questions right as she had originally expected.

Upon entering the front doors of the factory and into the lobby, Twilight wasted no time in signing them both up for the soonest tour of the factory. Dashie had repeatedly insisted on going somewhere else while they waited for the tour to start, and Twilight didn't hesitate to remind her that they had a deal, and that once the tour was over, they could leave. Fifteen minutes passed, and a party of 6 ponies, including Dash and Twilight, had accumulated in the lobby, waiting for the tour. The party was met with a surprisingly enthusiastic tour guide, who wasted no time in introducing himself and the factory.
The tour had started with a relatively brief history of the factory as they had walked past a case full of portraits, paintings, and photos of important moments in the factory's history, and the factory's founder. Though the short little tidbit of history only lasted ten minutes, it felt like ions for Rainbow Dash, who had started to drag her hooves as she followed behind the group, bored out of her mind, Whereas Twilight was enjoying enjoying the tour so far, and was quite fascinated with what she had learned thus far.
The group had soon reached a large production floor, several large lines of machinery meant for perfectly flattening out paper were set up in neat rows along the production floor. The machines were composed of a long line of wringers and a conveyor belt, a large metal press, and a mechanism designed to fold the finished paper to fit into the small receiving bin at the end of the line. The tour guide had given an in-depth explanation as to how the machine functioned, who had first developed it, and other affiliated trivia. Unfortunately, the machines were deactivated for the day, so a demonstration wasn't available. The group of 5 had soon after moved on... not noticing their sixth party had seemed to have suddenly disappeared.
Dashie had poked her head out from behind the machine she had hid behind after everypony had left the room. She grinned and walked over to the control panel in front of the machine.
"Hmph.. This doesn't seem too complicated.."
The panel had only a start button, a stop button, and a knob for adjusting the speed of the machine. Dashie looked around to confirm that she was alone, and she had pressed the start button. She watched as the device whirred to life, all of it's components slowly beginning to function. She smiled, having actually found something amusing to do during this boring tour.She had looked around once again, now looking for something to feed into the machine. She had turned around abruptly, hoping to find something behind her to put through the machine. She felt a sudden tug on her tail, and before she had time to react, she had felt a pinching sensation on the end of her rump.

Her tail got caught in the first wringer of the mechanism when she turned around, and it wasted no time in beginning it's job. Dash gasped sharply and turned around, unaware as to what was causing the pinching feeling. Her eyes widened as the wringer started pulling her through, her rump slowly being fed through the two rotating metal rods, her tail, now pressed into a two dimensional representation of what it once was, could be seen on the other side of the wringer, followed by her now squished rump, and her slightly misshaped cutie marks. She started panicking as the wringer sped up, taking in her belly, alongside her hind legs, which were awkwardly spread out against her sides in an impossible way, completely flattened. She tried calling for help, but before she knew it, the machine took in her chest, forelegs, and head, all in a matter of seconds, a long squelching noise rang throughout the room as the mare was squished flat by the wringer. Her flattened body, now only about a centimeter thick, had flopped down onto the first conveyor belt, her face in an expression of dizziness, her eyes crossed, and her tongue protruding out of the corner of her mouth goofily.
Just before she had came to her senses, she got fed into the next wringer, her flat body easily passing through it, widening slightly and getting thinner. She had went through wringer after wringer after wringer, her body paper thin by the end of the gauntlet, her body being two times bigger in surface area than it used to be. She had uttered a slight groan as the conveyor had slid her onto the center of a large metal plate. She was able to regain her senses, looking up just in time to see a huge metal press quickly descending onto her. She only had time to let out a small squeak before she was pressed in between the press, and the metal plate below her.
The mechanism spend three minutes applying extra pressure, raising itself up into the air slightly, only to bring itself back down harder than before, squishing the poor Dashie over and over again. Finally, the large press had raised upward, having finished it's job, leaving Dash in a large square shape, looking like a large, light blue sheet, her body pressed flat so tightly that the physical features of her body had vanished, leaving only her face where her head used to be, just below a shape that resembled what her mane looked like before she was squished, and on the underside of her, her cutie marks on where her rump used to be, and her tail, squished into a faintly recognizable shape, similar to the way her mane had. She groaned again, barely able to remain conscious after such a brutal squishing. The plate had moved upward and tilted itself forward, sliding Dashie's square shaped body onto yet another platform, surrounded by several metal pincers.
Having been triggered by the completion of the previous function, the pincers had begun their job, four of them grabbing Dashie's four corners and folding her in half,she barely had the energy to react, her face getting folded in half, causing her to produce a muffled groan. Another pincer had closed itself on Dashie's fold, sliding along it to form a crease. The pincers diligently folded Dashie up into a nice neat square, no bigger than the size of a book, and placing her in the small receiving bin, the machine turning itself off, and the room growing quiet.

An hour after the party had left the production floor, the tour had ended and Twilight had snuck past the tour guide to see if she could find Dashie, assuming that she had gotten lost during the tour. She found her way to the production floor, looking around and noticing that there was a small green light on one of the machine's control panels. She remembered the tour guide saying that the green light on the control panel meant that the machine had been used. She tilted her head slightly, also remembering the tour guide saying that the machines had been shut off for the day. Out of curiosity, she trotted over to the receiving bin of the active device, stunned to noticed a something a familiar shade of light blue folded up in it.
First story I've ever written of this caliber, or type for that matter. I had intended to write this back in December, but then procrastination happened. 
Please, let me know how I did!
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You're a fairy that lives in the wonderful world of Hyrule...well, maybe not so wonderful. Fairies were..scarce, nowadays. Once, fairies were able to roam without the fear of being snatched up, but now the Hylians caught them whenever the chance presented itself. It frightened you to no end.
You..knew why they were doing this, but you wished you didn't. It only scared you more. The Hylians loved fairies for their magical abilities, and if they were to eat one, the fairy would give them stamina and heal them if they were hurt. It was a big bonus to have a fairy now, since there was a whole war going on in the kingdom. It was also a plus since if a Hylian caught a fairy, they wouldn't need to find another one. A fairy regenerates if they are killed, so if the Hylian chooses to digest one they don't need to worry. Of course, a Hylian could control their acids and not do that, but some were cruel.
You could say the main reason you were so terrified was because you didn't want to be caught by someone who would digest you. And who could blame you? It was a perfectly valid reason.

On one fateful day, you were resting on the log of a fallen tree, having just escaped a pack of monsters. The creatures were probably even worse than Hylians, since they had no minds, but they were easier to get away from. Though as you rested your tired out little wings, you barely noticed what was sneaking up on you in till it was too late.
You shrieked as clear walls came around you, the ends smacking against the bark of the tree. You heard a muffled "Gotcha!" and realized rather quickly you were inside a bottle!

Who caught you?:
A.) A teenager with blonde hair and fierce blue eyes. He wore a green tunic that had ancient designs woven into it, along with a strange hat that somehow went along with the outfit.
B.) A young man with blazing red eyes and dark skin. He wore a simple black tunic, his hat almost blending in with his raven hair.
C.) An albino man that had twin swords equipped on his back, with a red scarf that wrapped around his neck and covered over his mouth.
D.) A teen that was bordering adulthood, with long, braided black hair and grey-blue eyes. He had no weapons, but by his apparel you concluded that he was a mage of some kind.

(Please read description!)
• Nothing sexual, graphic, or gory unless we're using notes. So in short, keep it PG-13 if we're RPing in comments.
• No GTS. G/T for a reason. Sorry, but I'm just not a fan of female giants.
• If you want to switch and be the Hylian that caught the fairy, then say so. I don't mind.
• Oral vore only. I'm not comfortable with anal or cock vore, nor is there a reason for tail vore since Hylians don't have any tails.
• If you're not familiar with Legend of Zelda, that's fine. I can keep it simple and we don't have to focus on any game plotline. If you want to make it a world where it's simply elves and fairies, that's fine too. But that means option A and B won't be open to you.
• Romance is completely fine! Yaoi and hetero are both allowed.
• Your fairy can be a guy, it doesn't automatically have to be a girl.
• Don't be a canon fairy character. It wouldn't fit if you were. So be yourself or your OC.
• I'm not going to put an amount of lines you have to have. I just want you to reply with something that will keep the RP going. Remember, the longer the better.
• Try using paragraph form. No script.
• Use proper grammar or at least try. I will be driven off if you use text talk or if your grammar is painfully horrific.
• Do not bother me if I do not reply right away. I have a life.

Anyways! Now that that's out of the way, I can clear the choices up! Even if the first two are sort of obvious...but I'll fill in the details of what they'll be like.

Opt. A: This one is obviously Link. He's going to be rather kind and won't digest you. The only reason why he might even consider it is if he's in the middle of a battle and needs energy. Even then he most likely won't.
Opt. B: This is Dark Link, which should be rather obvious too. He's a little bit of an ass, so..about 85% of the time he'll digest you. Whether or not that's painful for you is your decision.
Opt. C: This is my OC Haelan. He's a bit of an ass too, but not as much as Dark Link. He's neutral, so it's not like he's good or evil. He won't digest you unless the situation calls for it or if he gets angry at you.
Opt. D: This is my OC Faolan. He's a wind mage and specializes in long-distance battle. That means he will have little reason to digest you at all, since he has his own magical abilities and will rarely get seriously injured in battle.

So there you have it! Happy roleplaying!
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Introduction of Character

Name: (First/Last)

True Name: [Nobodies Only]


Gender: Male/Female



Birth Date:

Death Date:



Affiliation(s): [Organization XIII, Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee, etc.]

The Character’s Appearance

[Try to include detailed description of character’s physical characteristics (shape of nose, freckles, moles, scars, shape of eyes, accessories, etc.), ethnicity, common attire, etc. DO NOT JUST PUT DOWN WORDS!]



About the Character

[Be as detailed as you can with your character’s personality. DO NOT JUST PUT DOWN WORDS! Go into depth with your character.]







The Character’s Relationship With Others

(How people view your character in general)

Love Interest(s):
First/Last Name [If possible] of Love Interest (How Character Feels About Love Interest; Ex: In Denial, Does Not Realize Feelings, stuff like that [Keep it short, sweet and to the point; No need to explain the situation, as you will explain it in the relationships section below])

[Repeat if needed]

[Look at Love Interest, only without the parentheses]



First/Last Name of Character (Canon or Original Character) - Detailed description of how they met and what their relationship is and/or where it’s going

[Repeat to desired amount]

The Character’s Abilities

Weapon(s): (What is it???)

Weapon(s) Appearance(s):
[Go in detail about the weapon, what abilities it has, etc.]

Element: [Organization XIII Only]

(On a scale of 1 - 10; 1 being terrible and 10 being the best)

Agility: /10

Weapon Handling: /10

Hand-to-Hand Combat: /10

Elemental Control: /10

Defense: /10

Offense: /10

People Skills: /10

The Character’s Familial/Biographical Information


[Look at Friends, but add parentheses to it in order to define who the person is in the family and whether they are active, deceased, etc]

Familial Background:

Character Background:
Well, since Kingdom Hearts 1.5 is coming to America, added with the fact that I completely neglected to post this, I've gotten the OC Template for Kingdom Hearts OCs!

I don't know if you guys know, but Kingdom Hearts has been my life! It's truly one of the most memorable games I've ever played. Hell, it even surpasses Assassin's Creed! And that's a shock for me. It was the first game I ever played on the PS2, and thus far I've beaten it so many times I know it as if it were second nature.

But I digress. As wonderfully beautiful and highly anticipated as it is, I'm not gonna keep rambling...mostly because it's early in the morning that I'm posting this. :iconboredomplz:

An example of how this could be used can be seen here

I've made a coded version of this template, since I'd rather much see people with how it was presented here. Plus, it's in case people are unsure of how to use coding. Just remove all the spaces and the text above it, and you'll be good!

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Mid-afternoon, waking up in a stupor
Brewing some coffee, get the mind moving.
Throw on some clothes after a good shower
Looks like you gotta be there in an hour.

Go out to the driveway, pull out the car keys
Give your dear Susie a kiss on the cheek.
Say you'll be back in an hour or two
Right after you're done at good ol' HQ!

Drive to the haven, oh woe was he
Greeted with the face of absolute glee.
"Arin, oh Arin," exclaimed him as he cried
"Wouldn't you like to give this game a try?"

They clicked in the cartridge in the ol Snes machine
"This game be dumb Jon, yes this game be!"
Jon stared at Arin with a look quite unclean
"no no, Arin; you're just being mean!"

Despite the game, their banter was clever
The two both noticed this unlikely endeavor.
"Please, oh please Arin; just an episode or two?"
"okay fine!" said Arin. "Three parts, and we're through!"

They played and played as they bickered and bantered
as Barry took footage, holding back laughter.
You most likely wonder who these two be.
You're probably quite trumped..

"Hey I'm Grump, and I'm not so Grump!
And we're the Game Grumps!"
A poem that I wrote as a tribute to the gaming duo Arin and John from Game Grumps. Enjoy :3

A narration of the poem on Youtube: [link]
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tickling mom´s friend in nylons
this happened when i was about 11 years old.
i was at the house of one of my neighbors friend doing nothing, just watching tv. it was only me and my friend. her mom arrived from her job and sat in the couch. she removed her shoes and put her feet in the small table in front of her. she picked up the phone and call somebody. she was there talking in the phone and me and my friend were sitting there watching tv in the same room. her hosed feet were beautiful in tan pantyhose. she was wearing a black dress and tan pantyhose. she is a tall brunnete and beautiful woman and was 44 years old at the moment. suddenly my friend stood up and told me that he was going to visit his girlfriend. she live in the same street that we were. so in the house was me and my friend´s mom and she was still on the phone. i went to the kitchen to drink some water and when i came back i sat on the floor near her hosed feet. she was still there on the phone. i started to tickle one of her foot very slowly touching just the hose. she just wiggle her toes but she didn´t remove her feet from the table. when i looked at her she was smiling but still on the phone. i tickled both hosed feet for about 25 minutes very lightly and all the time she was just smiling. at one moment she said to the other girl on the phone that someone was tickling her feet and that was feeling very good. she told the girl that one child friend of her son was doing the tickling but it was good because i was doing slowly and like that she can handle it. my friend came back and before he enter into the house i stopped the tickling. when she finished the phone call she stoop up and before she left the room to go to her bedroom she pass one of her hand on my hair with a big smile on her face. i tickled her after this twice but thats another stoy.
Jan 1, 2011

When there is no company, I define myself with tights. I wrap my bruises and prickles in triangles and silky stripes, making something sensuous; I pull soft cotton between my thighs and slowly swipe out wrinkles. I sway in front of mirrors, with saxophones serenading me from the machine on my mattress; I smile at my legs. They arc and stretch; they lift me upwards over nonexistent parading heads, and they hunt attention; they do not make a sound.

Without you, I sing to my dog and my nails and my feet. I make Frank Sinatra siphon my world from my eyes; he sings to me strongly and spins me with one light hand. He looks at my legs. My thighs freely flaunt themselves to wine red curtains and plushies from the past. There are no delicate dancers' legs to giggle behind the backs of mine. There are no men to ignore them; there are no men to push them aside and free them of their purple or pink or red or green veils in order to reach the more interesting parts. There is a clean and shining wooden floor without obstacles or distractions. My toes gladly curl; my feet fly and swirl; my fingers caress errant jazz.

You're not here, but it's okay. You will not lift your head and let it fall back on my lovely foam pillow – you will not hide your eyes from the sunlight and ignore my luminous legs. Today, it is me. Today, it is music you don't like, books you don't like, poetry you don't feel you do justice to. My heavy feet flutter. I am alone and enthralled; I am lovely and soft and full.
I dunno about this.
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"Now Todd I want you to look after you're step sisters while were gone do you under stand me?" Misses Thomson said as she walked to the front door.
"Sure thing." Todd said putting a cigarette in his mouth and began to light it.
"You're Sister Felisha can look after her self since shes 16 but don't let her have any friends over or let her go out shes still in trouble for skipping school last Tuesday." she said looking at him to make sure he was listening.
"Ok so is that for the hole two weeks that you are gone?." Todd said taking a puff out of his cigarette
"Yes now I love you see you when we come back from our trip."she said as she walked out side and into the car.
Todd waved goodbye and turned around and too a big drag off his cigarette "This sucks I'm stuck for two weeks having to look after my 16 and a 7 year old sisters." he said sitting down by the front door still smoking his cigarette. He almost missed Felisha trying to sneak out. "and were do you think you're going? mom said you're grounded while shes gone." he said looking at her.
"I'm going to hang out with Jammie." she said moving closer to the door.
"No you're not you're grounded." He said getting up and blocking the way out "now go back into you're room now."
"You're such a jerk! I don't know why mom and dad ever adopted you!" she said storming back into her room and slamming the door.
Todd frowned as he walked over to the couch and laid down "This is going to be a long 2 week." he said putting out his cigarette and taking a quick nap.

Felisha was pissed "How dose he think he is!" she said to her self over and over she went to her computer and went on DA were she saw her friends new manip were it was a picture of her sticking a little man inside her but cheeks. "If only I could do that to my dumb ass step brother then nothing would stop me from having fun these next 2 week." she said sighing to her self "easier said then done." she thought as she Google "how to shrink some one." after a few minutes of searching one link caught her eye. "Want to learn how to shrink some one? we can teach you the magic words to make it happen in real life!"  she clicked on the site and looked at all the spells listed through out the web site till she found the one she wanted. "This looks easy." she said to her self as a mischievous grin crawled across her face.

Todd was sleeping on the couch when he heard a door shut he woke up and looked to see his sister Felisha walking towards the front door. "Nice try now get back to you're room." he said starting to get up.
Felisha turned around with a grin on her face. "Aww brother if you want to spend time with me why didn't you say so?" She said as she moved closer to Todd.
"What are you talking about I don't want to spend time with you it's just that you are grounded and mom told me not to let you hang out with friends or go any were." He said pulling out a cigarette.
"Come on admit it you don't want me to go not because mom told you not to but because you want to stay close to me and have me all to you're self." she giggled now standing 5 feet away from her step brother.
"I want you all to my self?!" Todd said laughing "Oh my god! that's great funniest thing I have ever heard in my hole life!" he said still laughing.
"Oh don't worry brother you don't have to leave my side I'll just take you with me." She said grinning.
"Take me with you?" He said puzzled
"Hehe you'll see." She says and then begins to say the chant.
Todd hears his sister chant and begins to back up as the hair on the back of his neck begin to rise. "F-Felisha w-what are you doing." he says as his body begins to get smaller and smaller. "Felisha stop it!!" he says as he falls to the floor still getting smaller the pain then over takes him and he passes out.

Felisha looked in amusement as she picked up her step brother she sat on the sofa still looking at his unconscious form. "Todd are you ok." she poked him looking worried as he still didn't move...
"Todd..." she looked closer to see that he was still breathing she picked him up and took him into her room. After stuffing her miniaturized step brother in her cleavage Felisha went back onto her computer to tell her friends of what she just did. her first friend to respond Jammie who just lived down the street thought she was joking so Felisha invited her over to see for her self.
Ok well I was going to write more before submitting it but then it hit me... people like short story's that build up latter on and I wanted to know if I should continue with this story or just go back to my short ones.
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