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Stocks by: :iconkatanaz-stock:
Original Photo can be found here: [kids] [link]
Edited by: ~ignitepressure [Me]. :giggle:

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:music: *I need a soldier who can stand up for me* :heart:
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Windows 7.
Avatar = Cool Movie (I want my own bare naked avatar :laughing:)
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Hello. :D
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Again another wallpaper, not mine!
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Copper Moon Earrings

To make these lovely little moon earrings, I started with a sheet of copper metal and using my disc cutter cut the moon shape. Then sanded, drilled and textured it with a couple hammers. After that the moon is polished to a high shine and the earring wires are added.

Meaning of Materials:
-Copper for energy direction, healing, luck, love, protection and money.
-Silver for invocation, love, psychism, dreams, peace, protection, travel and money

To see more about these earrings or purchase go to [link]
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Amethyst Pentacle Necklace

This piece was hand made by me, I started off by hand shaping the circles. Then I made a star and placed it in between the circles. After it was all soldered together I added the beautiful faceted Amethyst cabochon.

To see more info about this piece or purchase go to [link]
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This is a hand-cut pentacle in a woven style with a hammered disc of brass behind to accent the pentacle.

To see more about this piece or purchase go to [link] or to see all my jewelry for sale go to [link].
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It's Mary Kenwood's last taste of December because Kira already scheduled her death on the 10th of the next month.

I love the cold weather. :heart:

Actually, this piece started out as something for practice purposes only but it ended up looking like this. :XD:

It's supposed to be Wedy from Death Note but I changed the clothes for the sake of, well, experimenting. After all it can be too boring if I keep drawing her wearing the same clothes that she wore in the manga or anime.
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...She's standing in her underwear
Looking down from a hotel room
And nightfall will be coming soon.

Oh my, my! Oh hell, yes!
You've got to put on that party dress.
It was too cold to cry when I woke up alone
I hit the last number and walked to the road.

Last dance with Mary Jane,
One more time to kill the pain.

--Mary Jane's Last Dance by Tom Petty

Yeah, as usual, it's kind of inspired by a song...
This is Wedy from Death Note. Merrie...... Mary.... however you spell it.

Her LCD monitor is displaying "L is dead...." but on her mobile phone's screen, L appears to be calling her.


Hahahaha. :XD:
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Sorry boys and girls. No background.

Although I actually made one with her standing on top of a building overlooking a city basked in the glow of the setting sun...

Unfortunately the entire thing ended up looking like she burned the city and watching it go down in flames! :O

So here you go. Plain and simple. No fire. I'm sure Wedy has been charged of larceny already. Let's not add arson to the list of crimes she committed in the past. :XD:

Teaser. Related to the following:

I shall end the teasers with Wedy. Mello and Near do not want to be teased. :XD:
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sketch I did a while ago, it still looks good XD

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Request for :iconakatsukiwizard:

I FINALLY FINISHED IT :D it took me more than a year, but I finished ur request!

No, it did not take me a year to do this XD but if I did draw this last year, it would not look as good


Bleach (c) Tite Kubo
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I drew this so long ago! XD summer of 2008?

What 'internet cover page' means that I will introduce my story with this drawing, but when (and IF) I ever publish this, I will use another cover page for that (which I'm making right now).

Oh, the figure behind Tobi is a young version on Nagato (I predicted that he was the akatsuki leader...I was right!!)
________________________________________ _______
This comic takes place 40 years before the present Naruto time...

The things you will be expected to see in the +200 page comic...
keep in mind, the list could change a little
~The explanation of how Nagato became what he is

~Why Nagato is the leader of the Akatsuki, and not Tobi

~Why the organization was named 'Akatsuki'

~How Konan fell in love with Pein

~Why Tobi created the organization

~How Tobi chose the members of the Akatsuki

~Why Kakuzu is a greedy bastard

~How Hidan became a Jashist

~Why Zetsu works alone

~How the other Peins came into the Akatsuki (not only the ones you know..there were others)

~Konan and Yahiko's wedding

~How each member got into the Akatsuki

~Zetsu's powers

~Why Zetsu and Yahiko will eternaly hate each other

~The unknown Akatsuki member

~Why Yahiko is the only Pein that has free will

~How Obito fits into all of this


The whole comic takes place about 40 years ago, starting with Kakuzu gaining immortality. It continues to show how the rest of the Akatsuki members get accapted into the organization (with respect to the original storyline). But... who will be the leader? Tobi, of course, is the leader now... but why?
Internet Cover Page: UR HERE
Disclaimer/ Fanart Page: [link]
Dedication Page: [link]
Page 1: [link]
Page 2: [link]
Page 3: [link]
Page 4: [link]
Page 5: [link]
Page 6: [link]
Page 7: [link]
Page 8: [link]
Page 9: [link]
Page 10: [link]
Page 11: [link]
Page 12: [link]
Other Comics
We Are Eternal pg.1 [link]
I Promise pg.1 [link]
Akatsuki Yaoi pg.1 [link]

________________________________________ _______
Naruto (c) Masashi Kishimoto
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Taken with a Polaroid SX-70 using 600 film
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"...because you're invading my personal space like you wouldn't believe!"

Base by :icontrixy-pix: [link]

I'm surprised I don't ship Mayu and Koyuki all that much. I think they would make a really cute odd couple, with the demonic guitarist from hell and the bratty girl who she would put into place, after both of them would act totally tsundere (Two tsundere's in one couple... sounds disfunctional) around eachother.

The demonic hatesex would be awesome. Koyuki tops.
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Neuro is a good listener, but if he ends up getting into something he doesn't feel interested in, Neuro is also good at feigning interest in your problems.
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A sick laugh caused her to stop as she slowly shifted her gaze in front of her. There was Shun, squatting down so the two of them were eye to eye. Through his long bangs, Mio could see his eyes, black, deep and wide with a frightening kind of madness.

“No,” she whispered, flinching. She felt the barrel of the gun brush the hair out of her face, the cold mettle slowly sweeping across her sweaty skin. The very feeling made her want to scream. Then, she felt something being thrust into the front of her uniform. Gasping she looked down to see the note she had left him that morning buried in the front of her shirt.

“I believe that belongs to you.” He told her happily as he stood to his feet.

“Why…” Mio whimpered, hunching over, feeling the paper crumple against her skin.

“Do you even need to ask?” Shun hissed, pointing the gun at her. Mio gasped, feeling like the floor itself had disappeared beneath her and she was falling to her inevitable doom. “Any last words?” Mio cried at first, desperate squeaks and screams leaping from her mouth as she struggled. Shun mearly laughed, his gun following every single one of her quick, frightened moves.

“I…” she cried, desperation getting the best of her. “I LOVE YOU!” The sound of another gunshot screamed through the air.

Again, from Afternoon Slaughter Time, my K-ON fic. Just took the two bases I did, cleaned them up and added a thing here or there.

And again, bases are by :iconsakura-wind:
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HOooooray! :icontonguewaggleplz:

I don't know if it looks good enough according to the WIP, it has been changed quite a lot - especially the sky. I didn't like the one with star field because it makes the picture looks different and less see it yourself, it looks hilarious. It doesn't even fit!!!!

Anyway I've added the fog/mist again....because they are meant to be together alongside with the spookiness.

I don't know and don't care if it looks creepy or not, I'm tired and will likely not giving a damn about it. By the way, I've changed the pavement color into variable colors because let's face it, pavement that looks like a clone is boring. So I added different colors on it (in reality, pavement does have different color - nobody's perfect, so does the pavement).

Don't know how long I have worked with this one, but I assume it must be a week or so....... Because I procrastinated a lot.

I survived through by having to torture my braincell with cheesiest B-movies ever made..... in fact I think it shouldn't have been made!!


Photoshop CS 2 + Tablet + Lots of patience (especially when you're doing the pavement) + references!

The picture itself was from imagination, but I had to look up at the bridge and the cheapo looking building, pavement and the spectres.


Thank you. And good bye.

On to the next drawing!
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The colored version can be seen here: [link]

Started in July 15th 2008. And finally the damn thing is done today. July 31st 2008.
Took me ages! :faint:!! And there will be more part II.

Ok, I added 5 new characters - Candyman, Norman Bates, Yamazaki Asami, Grim Reaper (there's a movie with the same name as him).
That's all of the character I could fit.
I actually managed to get Pyramid Head fitted in the picture. Hooray!
I saw Hatchet and was thinking of putting him in here, of course I couldn't find a place for him to be - well you can see I don't have enough space! D8<
Oh well, maybe next time for Roots of Evil II.

Oh yeah so the roots actually goes down to the origin of where it all began. They all come down to one. EVIL! :rofl:!!
If you haven't guessed it, it's the evil himself (Devil).

I wanted it to look like a goat skull so I went and found this: [link] [link] [link] [link]

(The third eye is just a made up).

The rest is also reference used. I can't draw without them. Some of the characters are way too complicated for me to do it out from memory.
The character that I had trouble with was Norman Bates. Good Lord, the dude is kinky in a sack. I couldn't find him dressing as his mom. So instead, I had to Google'd up. I searched for "grandma wig" and I found this [link]

Hope you guys digg it. I'm going to color but delays may occur.

((With many lack of sleeps and laziness, please do not steal this idea. I know it looks cool, but I don't like thief - I know not everyone does steal, but don't do it.))
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I did this within one and a half day - started on Nov 6th and finished the day after - cause this one will be colored as to be added in my portfolio that's why it has to be finished since I'll start with the coloring process and then moving on to the next drawing.

THIS IS NOT :iconjilubia:s OC!!! Remember that! Sure, it is inspired from her OC, but just because a character has two piglets, striped stockings - doesn't mean the character of mine is being stolen from someone else! I do my own research!

So yeah, she's Little Miss Death. Her name is Dementia - Death's daughter, she's from another comic of mine - it's a bit non-existence since I haven't started the plot yet or let alone create the comic! I haven't even finished with Ghostville!! :faint: - dammit, I've tons of thing to do but rarely have the time! All works being piled up :work:!!

She'll serve as my new OC! Her ref. and inspiration is below the bio.

Super awesomeness briefly bio

Full name: Dementia Grim

Race/species: Death/Grim Reaper (I know there're different kind of Death/Grim Reaper, so she's NOT related to Deth/Daeth who's from Ghostville)

Nationality: Unknown

Age: Ageless/Immortal - is beyond lifespan. (I don't know how old she should be so that's why I put her age as ageless/immortal/unknown).

Height: 150cm (4'11") (even though in the pic, she looks way shorter than a 4'11" = but then again nothing is meant to be correct)

Weight: 30kg (66lbs)

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Black with no color on the iris

Skin: Pale (not too pale, but it's half of it)

Attire: Black gothic lolita dress, black and orange striped socks/stockings, black dolly shoes - this one: [link] and this [link]

Weapon of choice: Sickle (good choice for her size while her father uses scythe - the grand daddy of all reaping weapons).

Occupation: Grim Reaper in training - but she's quite talentful with.....reaping human's souls.

Background: Apprentice of her father, she's a grim reaper but in a "gothic cute" version. She'd be the one that takes over his work when he's on vacation! :iconsecretplz:

In general, she works alone - that's how she preferred but she enjoys company with her father - the greatest daddy ever (awww!! :meow:).

Personality: She stands up for her rights for what she believes but will obediently to those she loves and respects but can be very rebelious at a time,
usually she's quiet however she can also be bubble and outgoing... that is if she is with a friend
She doesn't really have much of a friend since all she does is preferring to be alone but not completely isolated and ignored, adoreable at a time, wants to do everything by her way (which will never happen), she's not taking life for granted especially for beings that is mortal, even though her appearance is of a child - she really has quite a big responsibility in life and she takes it very seriously.
When she does the work, she does it very well. Being seen as arrogant and avoid people but the truth is, she's just shy only to the strangers.

Likes: Her daddy, mother, her 10 siblings (5 sisters and 5 brothers = Dementia is the youngest in the family) , 10 pets (all for each of them), uncles, cousins, her grannies and aunties, Halloween, her work, being nice to animals, friends (which she has very little of), gothic lolita, goth, graveyards, cemeteries (that's her favorite place), black dresses and striped socks/stockings with dolly shoes...

Dislikes: Ignorant, being completely isolated, people being too happy with their lives, arrogant, loudness (she enjoys the silence rather than loud and annoying), someone being annoying, bad smell, vampires...


Artistic note proportions: This little lady, stands on 4 heads 1/2 tall. Which in real life, it indicates a character is as on a child's height. How do I know this is basically just experience (I love do a lot of research and make understanding and comparison about the height in real life and fictional life - hard to explain. You need to draw and study it and you'll know, gaining by experiences).

And yes, I really know how Dementia sounds very similar to Pygmyink...actually there're a LOT of differences!! I'm going to have to make this comarison soon! Gosh, so many comparison!! Will I even have time!? :iconbwahplz:


References: I know what you're thinking, no I didn't "borrow" the idea from Poupee Jilubia - :iconjilubia:'s OC. I went for Google search of Gothic Lolita, Emily the Strange, Gloom Cookie... All are randomly ref.
The dress is here: [link] shoes: [link] and [link]

The trees are inspired by :iconpyromaniac:, Nightmare before Christmas and Gloom Cookie and real life trees (look it up for ref.).

BUT most of all this video started it all: The Birthday Massacre - Promise me

Download for details.

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OMG coolest thing ever. This pic means alot to me.
Theres me in the black, Goldenwolf in the blue, and Sandra Santara in the middle there :)
For years, and years, these two have been my like.. art heros :XD:

Honestly the first person who got me drawing fantasy animals was Sandra Santara. :heart: I was at a christmas craft fair years ago with my aunt, and found her art. I found a sweatshirt with one of her griffons on it, and a t-shirt with a winged wolf. I bought both those and still have them today. Also her feather paintings are OUTSTANDING.

Also theres goldenwolf. :heart: Another person whos art has never failed to inspire me. Ive watched her art since before i had an account here. Her art is so natural and spiritual, and way she can make anthros so real is just amazing. Shes the reason i got into working with watercolors and colored pencils.

This pic was taken at the Colorado Renaissance Festival, where they both have a booth. Go check out their art!!!!!
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I lost my original drawing of this skull design so ill just show you some things ive printed it on!!!
This is a tribal mountain lion/cougar skull i did.

You can buy these items here btw - [link]

Hope ya like it!
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*runs away crying* My scanner totally butchered this... its sad, cause i cant show people how much more better this is in real life...
Oh well.

I just started drawing, no reference, or anything, i was listening to robins music, and i think disturbed was on, so when i drew the rest of it, i stuck with listening to that theme of music XD

Hope you like it even thought its way better in real life :)
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Index Theme for 85xx

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Clean Theme is one of my favourite among my own self made themes because of the clean homescreen and transient homescreen wallpaper capabil;ity.

Hope all 85xx theme lovers enjoy this theme.

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Zune Theme for Blackberry.
My Newest Theme.

Plenty of Fledging inside.

Lovely Customised Wallpaper Looks.

Ultimate Zune Quickplay Looks.
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