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Wolfram von bielefield montage photoshop du manga kyou kara maoh
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montage photoshop Yuuri Shibuya dans le manga Kyou kara maoh
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Voici encore un de mes dessin de Yuuri/Wolfram du manga Kyo kara maoh, je l'ai dessiner au crayon, et la colo je l'ai faite sur photoshop voilà ;) Vive Yuuram <3

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It's Wolfram from Kyou Kara Maou! <33

I like how it turned out, I wasn't liking it at first, but when all the color and stuff was fixed I was nicer.

Wolfram - © to Tomo Takabayashi, creator of KKM
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Shibuya Yuuri! <3

In his "Maou-form"... ^^

Copyright to Tomo Takabayashi, creator of KKM
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Wolfram von Bielefelt from Kyou Kara Maou
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Yuri Shibuya from Kyou Kara Maou!
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Heero Yuy Gundam Wing, oh yeah he's my fave!
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Whoa! I did two Ipod Peoples in the same day! cool!! :D
This time is Wolfram Von Bielefeld. Who will be the next one?... :giggle:

Other Ipods People:
* Yuuri Shibuya --> [link]
* Wolfram Von Biefeld --> [link]
* Ken Murata -> [link]
* Gwendal Von Voltaire -> [link]
* Gunter Von Christ -> [link]
* Conrad Weller -> [link]

Character from Kyo Kara Maou :)
Comments please!!!! ^^
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Yuuri Shibuya!!! :D

Other Ipods People:
* Yuuri Shibuya --> [link]
* Wolfram Von Biefeld --> [link]
* Ken Murata -> [link]
* Gwendal Von Voltaire -> [link]
* Gunter Von Christ -> [link]
* Conrad Weller -> [link]

Character from Kyo Kara Maou :)
Comments please!!!! ^^
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Other Ipods People:
* Yuuri Shibuya --> [link]
* Wolfram Von Biefeld --> [link]
* Ken Murata -> [link]
* Gwendal Von Voltaire -> [link]
* Gunter Von Christ -> [link]
* Conrad Weller -> [link]

Character from Kyo Kara Maou :)
Comments please!!!! ^^
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Yes Kyo Kara Maoh is an amazing anime! I have been watching it recently and I love this couple ^^

This is just a pic that I got off of...a website. I gimped it to add the words, becasue I am that cool.

Wolf is adorable and he is perfect for Yuuri! :3
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"Yuuri? Why are you wearing an orange scarf?" Yuuri's 11 year-old-daughter Greta asked him at breakfast on the morning of the 31st of October.

"Well, it's for Halloween Greta." Yuuri said grinning.

"Hal-o-...wen? What's that?" Wolfram, Yuuri's fiancé and Greta's self proclaimed co-parent asked.  

"It's Halloween, and it's an Earth holiday-celebration-like-thing." Yuuri explained lamely.

"I see, but why are you wearing that?" Wolfram continued still confused.

"The Halloween colors are orange and black, and since I already wear black all I need is orange; hence the scarf." Yuuri said pointing to his bright orange and jack-o-lantern covered scarf.

"Why are there pumpkins on it?" Lady Cecilie asked looking at knitted jack-o-lanterns on the scarf.

"Well, pumpkins, bats, black cats, spiders, and many other things are part of Halloween! People carve pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, like what's on my scarf, and they put them in their front yard." Yuuri explained awkwardly, "Though mostly the pumpkins are because my mom knit this and she wanted to put them there..."

"Does this mean we should carve pumpkins, dress up in costumes and eat candy too?" Conrad asked Yuuri simply after his fantastic 'pumpkin explanation'.

"You could if you wanted to, though I was planning on spending some time-wait how did you know about the costumes and everything?" Yuuri asked Conrad blankly.

"Well, I was on Earth for a while."

"Well yeah, but I didn't think you learned so much, I mean Halloween isn't even a huge holiday. You don't get any time off school, and it's only one day-" Yuuri answered rapidly.

"Does that mean we are going to wear Halloween costumes and get candy? Though I don't really get how the two are connected..." Wolfram cut-in curious about his Fiancés 'homeland' holiday that he had never heard of before.

"I guess...well you get candy by dressing up in costume and going door to door and saying 'Trick or Treat!". Yuuri explained yet again.

"Can I go trick or treating Yuuri?" Greta asked excitedly.

"Of course you can Greta." Yuuri said smiling, "I bet my mom could make you a costume in time."

"Don't you need a costume Yuuri?" Greta asked.

"Well, I'm almost 18. I'm a little old for trick-or-treating." Yuuri said rubbing the back of his head awkwardly.

"But Wolfram's coming and he's a lot older than you!" Greta pressed hopefully.

"Can I come too, Your Majesty?" Gunter asked excited to learn more about his king's life and costumes.

"Gunter, you're defiantly too old." Yuuri said sweet-dropping, "I don't even know how old you are."

"But, Your Majesty I want to be a part of this."

"You can be! Just don't come trick or treating."

"Fine I won't."

"Yuuri, when do we leave?" Greta asked eagerly.

"I don't know but we'll need to give my mom some notice." Yuuri answered Greta.

"Yes, and we must decorate the Castle!" Gunter cut-in.

"We'll work on that!" Some of the Castle maids stated.

"I'll help them." Conrad offered and left with the maids.

"We should go Yuuri!" Wolfram said grabbing hold of both Yuuri's and Greta's hand.

"Alright, bye guys!"

"Bye, Yuuri. Bye Wolfram!" Lady Cecilie called, "Have fun!"

When Yuuri, Wolfram and Greta arrived at Yuuri's home, or rather his bathtub, Greta immediately wanted to know what costumes they would wear and when they were leaving.

"I don't know Greta; you can be whatever you want!" Yuuri answered after the three of them had dried off and got into clean, dry clothes.

"Really?" Great said happily, "Can I be a Bearbee?"

"There are no Bearbees on Earth." Wolfram pointed out, "No one will know who you are."

"Yeah I guess, but-"

"Yuu-chan, what brings you, Wolfram, and Greta here in such a hurry?" Shouri asked Yuuri not realizing he was interrupting Greta.

"We're here for Halloween!" Greta said excitedly.

"I see." Shouri stated, "Wolfram too?"

"Yep!" Wolfram answered.

"Yuu-chan!" Yuuri's mom 'Jennifer' exclaimed while coming into the kitchen where everyone was with groceries in her arms, "And you brought friends! I haven't seen you in a while Wolfram."

"You neither mother." Wolfram answered.

"Are you here to arrange the wedding?" Jennifer asked Yuuri with vigour.

"No mom?!" Yuuri spluttered, "We're here for Halloween!"

"Yeah we need costumes, and we're going trick-or-treating!" Greta explained excitedly.

"Oh that's wonderful!" Yuuri's mother said, "Though when is the wedding Yuu-chan? It has been nearly 4 years since the engagement, has it not?"

Yuuri wasn't sure what to say to that, though luckily, or maybe unluckily for Yuuri, Greta stepped in at this point.

"I hope they get married." Greta said smiling, "I want to have two parents again though I already see Wolfram as my dad."

"Yuu-chan! You didn't tell me you had a daughter!?" Jennifer exclaimed happily.

"What!?" Yuuri's father, who just happened to walk in at this exact time, exclaimed in flabbergasted tones.
"She's my adapted daughter, but yes she's my daughter, and she's human." Yuuri explained to his confused father and overly excited mother.

"She is my daughter as well," Wolfram pointed out; once again, "After all I am his fiancé."

"Yuuri and Wolfram are my parents." Greta summed-up cheerily.

"I see..."Yuuri's dad said.

"Alright, you're here for Halloween, right?" Jennifer continued as if nothing surprising or unusual just happened, though I guess she would be used to all things 'unusual' because of her son the demon king on a different world and her other son, the demon king of Earth, "Does this mean you need costumes?"

"Yes, that's why we're here! Wolfram and Greta have never had gone trick-or-treating, and they want to go." Yuuri told his mother.

"Well then let's get going! We only have a few hours until dark." With that Yuuri, Wolfram, Greta and Yuuri's mother Jennifer were off to her sewing room to make costumes. It took them a few hours but in the end all three of them had fantastic costumes.

"Are we ready Yuuri? Is it time to go?"

"Yes Greta, it's time to go trick-or-treating!" Yuuri answered a very excitable Greta, who was psyched for her very first Halloween.

"Ready Yuuri?" Wolfram asked, also excited. Even though Wolfram was older, much older than Greta, he was happy to be experiencing his first Halloween with his fiancé and daughter.


"Don't forget your candy bags!"

Wolfram, Yuuri, and Greta headed off toward the nearest house to get candy. A large group of kids in crazy costumes ran by and Wolfram tensed slightly.

"Calm down Wolfram, we're safe here." Yuuri said simply to Wolfram as they walked.

"I know it's safe." Wolfram explained, "I just don't feel as comfortable without my sword."

"I know Wolfram, but I told you it's not safe to have it here, and besides its safe." Yuuri explained to Wolfram while trying to calm him down by laying a hand on his arm, "Also your sword wouldn't match you costume, and what if you really hurt someone with it! I'm confident that you can protect me without it."


"Trick-or-treat!" Greta said as the door opened to the first house they visited that night.

"Well aren't you are cute bear." The middle-aged women handing out candy told Greta.

"I'm a Bearbee!" Greta told the smiling woman while she gave candy to Wolfram and Yuuri.

"Oh, well I've never heard of that, but they are adorable." The woman told Greta.

"It's alright, they don't-" Wolfram started to say before Yuuri horridly interrupted him.

"Come on Wolfram, we shouldn't crowd this woman's door." Yuuri grabbed Wolfram's arm and led him off to the next house, with Greta in tow.

"What's wrong Yuuri?" Wolfram asked.

"Don't go around telling people that bearbee's aren't on from Earth, okay." Yuuri explained to a confused Wolfram.

"I wasn't going to say that." Wolfram said huffily, "I was going to say they're an endangered species."

Yuuri simply hit his palm to his forehead and said nothing.

"Are you having fun Yuuri?" Greta asked as they were heading towards their, probably, 30th house.

"Yeah I am, Greta." This was true, though Yuuri did wish the group of teenage girls walking on the other side of the street would stop watching Wolfram and giggling behind their hands. Haven't they seen a vampire before! Wait...

"Yuuri, what's wrong?" Wolfram asked Yuuri as they stood on the porch of extensively decorated house.

"Nothing, I'm just-"


A young woman, maybe 17, answered the door this time to give them candy, and she gave them all a handful of candy. She also gave Wolfram a look, that Yuuri didn't like, and coincidently, Wolfram didn't get.

"You're a vampire, right?" The girl asked Wolfram, slightly shyly.

"Yeah, it's apparently a common costume, but it works." Wolfram answered casually.

"It really suits you." She answered while smiling at Wolfram.

"Yep, we should probably go to the next house." Yuuri said, un-willingly irritated.

"Thanks for the candy, miss." Greta called back to the woman, who just happened to be watching Wolfram leave.

"Yuuri," Wolfram asked again, "you didn't answer my question; what's wrong?"

"Nothing, I'm just cold." Yuuri said shrugging.

"Yuuri, you've been upset every since those girls started pointing at us, or whatever they were doing." Wolfram pressed.

"They weren't looking or giggling at us, Wolfram, they were looking at you," Yuuri started, "Also that girl at the door wasn't just talking to you she was flirting with you."

"Wait, are you annoyed because girls were flirting with me?" Wolfram asked Yuuri, while Greta quietly giggled beside him.

"No I'm annoyed because you were flirting with them!" Yuuri said before he could stop himself.

"Are you jealous?" Wolfram asked as a smile threatened to appear in his face.

"Even if I was, it's not like you can talk about not being jealous, I mean-"

Before Yuuri could finish his not too well thought out sentence, Wolfram hugged Yuuri and said, "I knew you cared, or at least that I would make you."

"Wolfram, were in the middle of the street and people watching." Yuuri tried to explain to Wolfram, who still had his arms around Yuuri's waist. Can't help but feel that it is rather strange that a Vampire and a pirate are hugging in the middle of the street, then again it is Halloween and it is Wolfram. I like being near him, and I guess this isn't so bad...

"Yuuri" Greta interrupted Yuuri and Wolfram's 'cuddle', "We should probably go back soon; it's getting late."

"Yeah," Yuuri answered moving away from Wolfram and towards his home, "Let's go home."

The three of them arrived home, shared their stories, though Yuuri left out his and Wolfram's argument and 'cuddling' because he thought his mom would, well be his mom and make a big deal over it.

As the three of them piled into the bathroom to go back to the demon kingdom, Greta quickly pulled Yuuri's mom aside and told her, "The next time we come here it will be to plan their wedding."

"Come on Greta, we're leaving." Yuuri called to Greta.


They left through the 'portal' and into the demon kingdom.

"I hope you're right, Greta." Jennifer said smiling.

"Wow Conrad, you guys really did a good job!" Yuuri said, impressed with the work of the castle dwellers, "The entire place looks like Halloween town!"

"We're glad you like it." Conrad answered as he helped Yuuri out of the fountain that Wolfram, Greta and Yuuri were now standing in, soaking wet.

"We are also going to have a Halloween feast and ball." Ulrike told Yuuri, as she came into the open of the courtyard.

"Really, wow! It's a good thing we brought our costumes, huh Wolfram." Yuuri said holding up his costume that was in a bag for protection from the water.

"Sure is Yuuri."

"The events will be starting in two hours, your majesty." Conrad told Yuuri.

"This Halloween has been fantastic." Yuuri was saying to Wolfram, "I mean first the trick-or-treating and a feast and now a ball! There are so many amazing costumes, how did everyone get ready so fast?"

Yuuri and Wolfram were wearing their costumes and standing near the wall of the ballroom as they talked and watching the ball continue around them.

"They did all of this for you, you know" Wolfram told Yuuri, "We all care about you, and you are a teriffic king, and everyone is just doing their part in telling you that."

"They're having fun too, right" Yuuri said sheepishly.

"Yes, I think they are." Wolfram said smiling, "Yuuri?"

"Yeah Wolfram, what's up?"

"Do you want to dance?"

"I don't know, I mean it's...," Yuuri stuttered as he looked at Wolfram, "Yeah, sure I guess."

Wolfram took Yuuri's hand and they walked onto the dance floor. Wolfram put arms around Yuuri once again, and they started to sway to the music. They didn't even notice their friends, fellow castle dwellers, and in Wolfram's case family noticing them and watching them dance, smiling, quietly cheering, or thinking: finally!

Greata smiled at her parents and said, "I hope, along with almost everyone else here, that my promise to your mother isn't broken, Yuuri."

"Wolfram, sorry for being angry with you earlier, I mean know you-" Yuuri said apologetically to Wolfram as they danced.

"It's fine Yuuri," Wolfram said before Yuuri could finish, "it made me happy."

"Wolfram...does this mean you had a good Halloween?" Yuuri asked.

"Yes, yes it does." Wolfram answered. They stopped dancing as Wolfram looked at Yuuri and said, "Suki da yo Yuuri." With that said he kissed Yuuri softly and smiled.


"Happy Halloween, Yuuri."
I've written this Kyo Kara Maoh Halloween fic for, go figure, Halloween!

I am planning a few more KKM one-shot/related fics and I will write those after updating my "Famliy Engagemnt", and I will be doing a 'Fic challange' with my friend Snapelover415. We are going to see who can write the best 'what if Ayoma was gay?' fic! :dance:

Enjoy my Halloween fluff, and please comment ^^

Non of the charactors in this fic belong to me, and Kyo Kara Maoh does not belong to me; it's rights belong to the shows proper owners.
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Hinata was lying on the cold, hard ground of a forest floor, and it was late at night. She was on a mission with Tenten and Neji and they were camping in a forest that was somewhere between Konoha and their destination. Neji and Tenten were sleeping on mats on either side on Hinata and they were both fast asleep.

Hinata was cold and tired and staring at the canopy of their tent wondering what to do about her situation. You see she had lost most of the supplies that she had been carrying when had been fighting on mountain top earlier. The supplies fell off of a cliff because one of the enemy’s kunai slashed her backpack’s strap and caused it to fall off.

So now she was cold because she had no blankets. She had no blankets because they fell of the cliff along with the rest of her supplies. She thought it would be okay because it was a warm night, but she ended up waking up in the middle of the night shivering.  

Maybe, I should get up and find some way to warm myself up. But I need to get some sleep or I’ll have a hard time completing the mission tomorrow. All I know is I’m tired and cold, and if I stay like this too much longer I’m going to catch a cold, and of course I’ll be too exhausted to be terribly useful on the rest of the mission. Hinata considered her options while she lay on her mat, which she didn’t loss because Tenten was carrying it.

A sudden movement caught her attention and looked around to see Neji moving around under his blanket. He looks so peaceful, and warm. I wonder what he would do if he was in this situation? Well, first of all I bet he wouldn’t have lost his supplies. But if he had...I don’t know. Hinata soon came to the conclusion that if she wanted to be warm she needed a blanket. I wonder if I could take Tenten or Neji’s. But I don’t want them to be cold. I wonder if I could share the blankets with one of them. I don’t think Neji would mind. I’ll explain it to him in the morning. I’ll tell him that if I had caught a cold or something like that then I would at a disadvantage. Hinata came to a conclusion and decided to share Neji’s blanket.

She crawled over to Neji and got under the covers beside him, and she instantly began to warm up. Suddenly Hinata felt Neji move behind and she felt weight on her side. When she looked around she saw Neji’s arm gracefully flopped over her waist. She then looked around at his face to make sure he was asleep, she half wished he wasn’t. But she breathed a sigh of relief to see his eyes closed and his face calm. Almost as soon as she sure that he was still asleep, she herself fell asleep.
Neji woke up feeling quite warm and rested. But as soon as he moved to get up, he noticed that someone was lying beside him. He looked down to see Hinata asleep and curled up beside him under his blanket.

“Hinata” he said quietly so he wouldn’t wake up Tenten, as he gently shook Hinata’s shoulder.

“Neji!” Hinata said surprised as she woke up and looked at him. “I suppose you want an explanation.” Hinata continued.

“An explanation would help.” Neji said almost casually.

“Well, you see-” and she explained why she was sleeping next to him, and why she wasn’t in she own futon.

“Oh, I see so you didn’t want to jeopardise the mission or our safety, right.” Neji gathered from Hinata’s explanation.

“Right, sorry for the confusion, I should know that it would cold and got a blanket before you fell asleep but it wasn’t cold then. Then when I woke up and realized I was cold, I didn’t think you’d mind and I didn’t want to wake you-” Hinata rambled in embarrassment and relief that Neji wasn’t mad at her, before Neji cut her off.

“Its fine Hinata, I’m not angry with you. You did it for the good of the mission, besides I don’t want you getting sick.” He said calmly smiling softly down at her.

“Hinata?” Tenten asked suddenly from the other side of the tent where she had been sleeping moments before.

“Tenten, you’re awake.” Hinata commented awkwardly as Tenten continued to look confused

“I’ll explain.” Neji supplied.

Arigato Neji. Hinata thought as she left the tent to get some water from the nearby stream for tea.
Neji, Hinata, and Tenten returned to Konoha after completing their mission. The three shinobi reported their mission a success, and then Neji and Hinata returned to the Hyuga compound and Tenten returned to her house.

Soon after the mission was completed, Neji, along with three other shinobi, were assigned a new mission.

“Bye Neji...” Hinata told Neji as he left the Hyuga compound. She left the compound after that, she started walking aimlessly through Konoha, thinking.

“You alright Hinata?” Naruto’s voice asked from behind her.

“Yeah, I’m just thinking.” Hinata said as she sat on a bench beside the pathway, that she had been walking on.

“You don’t seem alright.” He stated taking a seat beside her, “Tell me what’s wrong.”

“Okay I will, maybe you’ll be able to help me...” Hinata said. She told Naruto... how she felt about Neji, how she was worried about how he felt, and how their engagement was going to be finalized.

Naruto was a bit confused, but he answered, “Hinata, do you not want to marry him.”

“I don’t know...but I think I would like being married to him.” She answered shyly.
“Hinata, I think he means more to you then you know.”

Hinata looked up at Naruto from where she sat on the bench. “Maybe he does...but do I mean more to him then...” Hinata said almost sadly.

“Hinata he’s your fiancé. Don’t you think he would be objecting to that fact if he didn’t at least care about you?” Naruto stated simply. Naruto had his hand on Hinata’s shoulder and his eyes looked directly into his while he said this.

“You know Naruto; you kind of look like you’re kissing her...” Sasuke’s voice stated from a few feet behind them.

“Sasuke!” Hinata have cried and half squeaked.

Naruto stood and walked over to Sasuke. “Gomen Hinata, I have to go.” Naruto apologized, “Sasuke’s getting possessive.”

“I am not” Sasuke said defensively.

“Hinata you know were dating, right?” Naruto asked Hinata.

“Hai, but-” Hinata started.

“When did she find out?” Sasuke asked confused, “We never told her?”
“Does it matter? She okay with it, right Hinata.” Naruto said.

“Yeah, I think you’re great together.” Hinata said smiling. She felt that she could be truly be happy for Naruto and Sasuke, now that she had realized how much Naruto loved Sasuke, and besides she had Neji. She smiled as she watched them walk away. Sasuke had his arm around Naruto and he was smiling down at him. They seemed to be talking about Naruto and Hinata conversation.

“You know Sasuke, you really are possessive.” Naruto commented.

“I-” Sasuke attempted.

“But that’s okay, because I am too” Naruto continued.

“Naru-chan...I love you.” Sasuke said smiling warmly.

“I love you too, Sasu-chan.” Naruto responded happily.
Well, here it is, Chapter 4!! :w00t:
I had planed on it being longer, but I disided to just post what I had. I'm not going to be writing for a while, becasue of the christmas holidays, so i'm posting this before i leave on my holiday trip.
I really like this chapter, though I think it should be longer...oh well if I had put in everything that I wanted it would have taken a few more weeks to put enjoy!
I have brought a little Sasunaru into this chapter, just becasue it's cute! :heart:
Merry Christmas! ^^

I don't own any of the characters in this fic...

Ch. 5 [link]
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This was an entry in KKM_MEDIA @ LJ monthly contest. And this won People's choice~! Wohooo!

I really love how I managed to blend the background image with the panel itself. It took me three hours to finish this manga page smoothly! And that's a freaking record! Wohoo~! Though I am not quite satisfied with the handle of Wolfram's sword. After some adjustments, it became sloppy. Well, I think my coloring with his uniform compensate for the crappiness. ♥
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My first YuuRam Wallpaper.^^

ca_pris for the brushes.
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Well I did this stamp because i love wolfram from Kyo Kara Maoh! and I think that Kyo Kara Maoh needs more stamps!

Feel Free to use it!
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Yeah...really random. I just felt like posting a little picture of Wolfram because, you kinow, he's so cute! especially in his frilly little nightgown! :lmao:
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***Please do not reproduce without prior permission.***



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Happy Valentine's Day!

Yuri and Wolfram from KKM.
***Please do not reproduce without prior permission.***
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