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Voiceactor: Gideon Emery.
Themesong: Mistakes.

Yaaaay! My first One Piece OC to be introduced to you guys! XD

I actually have a whole bunch of One Piece OC's, but this guy is DEFINITELY my favorite. Nothing beats well-muscled beasty men with fishy lips and sexy stripes plus fierce personalities, am I right? I just really really love him. The FMI Arc doesn't help, can't wait for the new chapters :'D

BACKGROUND STORY [ long story is long ]
Parsa was born on Fishman Island where he spent most of his life. His mother, Vesper, was a Dusky Dolphin Fishwoman who worked as a jewelry seller and was a loving lady that did everything for her family and her lover Skooma. Skooma was a Leopard Shark Fishman that owned a bar in the Fishman District and provided the majority of their income. Since the bar was frequently visited by pirates Parsa had very early contact with them, but he came to only get to know the good and adventurous side of them, making him already dream as a child to sail over the seas when he grew older. He grew up very sheltered and was a bright boy who spent most of the time outside, as he would rather play with his friends instead of clinging to his mother all day long. When he was 7 years old his parents disappeared one day when they surfaced to get some new supplies. They had disguised themselves extra carefully, but one of their clostest friends, Kjeld, suspected that something might’ve happened. His worst fears should prove true as the Tenryuubito had made them their slaves after they fell prey to hooks that they set out in the ocean. Since they didn’t want to endure such a life they let the rings around their necks explode and consequently died on the streets. Kjeld returned to Fishman Island and gave Parsa into the care of the orphanage and albeit he didn’t tell the boy what happened to his parents he should find out about it only a couple of days afterwards. At this very moment his hatred for man was inflamed and despite his tender age you could hear his contempt when he talked about humans and to some it even seemed as if he used that to hide his grief over the loss of his parents. After his territory would from now on be the Fishman District, he soon got to know other people that had suffered a similar fate – including Arlong, who had already made a name for himself. Even back then he admired the Sawshark for his resolute personality and his precise world views. For him Arlong had always been a role model although their relationship was rather platonic at that time, since they only rarely talked to each other. There’s no doubt however that Arlong’s hate may have rubbed off on Parsa and encouraged his opinion on humans even more. Like many other fishmen he was impressed by Arlongs idealistic goals and vowed to one day fight by his side to show the humans that they were the superior race. In the meantime further incidents fueled his hatred. At 10 the sight of his right eye was taken by a thug when Parsa hung around the Sabaody Archipel to watch the amusement park from afar. His reasons were both racist and discriminatory: he wanted to see whether fish also did bleed red blood like humans and he also wanted to ensure that he would truly just be as blind as a fish. However, before his other eye could also be affected he could escape. At the age of 12 Parsa fell prey to the same hooks that once caught his parents, but he could free himself just in time before he’d also become a slave. As a result he has now two deep cuts in both of his fins. When he was 16 years old there were rumours of Fisher Tiger, Arlong and Jinbe going around. As Fisher Tiger attacked the holy land Marie Joa and freed the slaves many fishmen joined his crew and formed the Sun Pirates. At this time Parsa was still too young to help them, so he turned back to the Fishman District and declared it his territory. The following years he would gain a name for himself among all those pirates and criminals, sometimes even fighting until death with them. Because of the wild nature of his combat style he was soon simply known as “the Tiger Shark” as those animals were notorious for their relentless attacks. Despite his youth he managed to stay on the top and when Fisher Tiger died 3 years later he had gained a lot of combat experience. It was during this time period that Jinbe, Arlong and the other Sun Pirates returned to Fishman Island for a short time. Parsa took a hold on that chance and had a couple of serious talks with Arlong, claiming that he could lend him a helping hand in his campaign against humans. Although Arlong very well remembered him he declined the offer, but they remained as friends. The last thing he heard from Arlong was that he had gone to the East Blue. Soon after Parsa also left the island and joined the Deepsea Pirates. They were a group of fishman that despised the humans, all for their own personal reasons. As they raided the seas they left a bloody trail behind them and since Parsas combat style against humans was extremely brutal, they soon started to call him “Maneater” – a title that fit well, because no human opponent would ever escape his jaws. He preferred using his physical attributes, such as fangs, claws, strength and even his shark tail. Since they inflicted so much damage in such a short amount of time they soon earned themselves bounties that should rise in the years to come. However the pirates seperated 8 years later and they all walked their own paths. Parsa carried on his crusade against the humans and received through one of his lone battles the large scar that stretches from his right chest to the shoulderblade. His nomadic life should come to a stop 3 years later when he heard rumours that Arlong had beend defeated by a group of men in East Blue. He finally returned to Fishman Island with 28 years and only occasionally left to cast his wrath upon the neighboring islands. Now at age 30 his world view didn’t change the slightest. Although he never joined another pirate crew again it’s very likely that he’ll eventually leave the island once more to complete his work in honor of all those that suffered through the hands of humans.


Parsa belongs to =Berrykitten. Steal and die.
One Piece and Fishmen are copyrighted to Eiichiro Oda.
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Here's my second and last One Piece OC c: Two are definitely enough for deviantArt.
I'm totally jumping on the bandwagon with making a One Piece OC that's paired with one of the canon characters.
So yeah, she's Arlongs girlfriend. Oh god please don't kill me haha, I just couldn't resist the urge. I usually really HATE OC x Canon ( but I love Arlong )
I completely blame :iconakumasoul: for persuading me XDDD

Eh, getting her design acceptable was really hard, I still think her face looks way too human-like. I don't know how to make it better though, I stared at pictures of those fish for ages and couldn't come up with anything decent x_x Her colors were also really really hard to decide. All in all her design was more difficult than Parsas, but I still like Parsa more haha. These red stripes on her legs are actually patterns on her legs, not some kind of tights.

I guess she's also kind of an OP-Version of me ( only prettier -brick'd- ), because she got influenced a lot by my personality. XD

Oh, and a little fun fact: she and Parsa know each other and albeit only barely, they really really don't like one another. When they meet they always exchange glares and snappy comments. XD This is also why Parsa thinks that Arlong has a bad taste with women haha.

Background Story
Kilara was born on Fishman Island and she spent most of her years there. She was usually helping out her parents with their grocery, but actually prefered to explore the oceans all by herself. During that time her dream of seeing the whole world developed and she knew that someday she’d have to leave the Island. As a teenager however she was occupied with the debates going on whether or not they should try to get to know the humans or not and she couldn’t quite decide for heself if she agreed with Otohime or Fisher Tiger. She also started to hear about the rummage of the Arlong Pirates that they were causing in the Fishman District and curious as she was, she couldn’t help but venture into that forbidden place. Despite the dirty look of those streets she would soon start to get to know a few of the people living there, including the very captain of the Arlong Pirates, Arlong himself. While she had always thought his opinion on humans was quite an overreaction – which led to many discussions between them – they eventually became close comrades despite their notable age difference back then. As time passed on she started to discover deeper feelings for the Sawshark, but didn’t tell him at first since she didn’t want to destroy their friendship. In the end that changed though as she admitted to her feelings despite knowing that Arlong wasn’t exactly a guy for being lovey-dovey with someone. While there was no sweet and romantic love confession, he made it clear the he felt the same and they have been a couple eversince. Granted, when she heard about Fisher Tigers death her opinion on humans started to change too and she didn’t trust them the slightest anymore, but there was still no hate inside of her. Around that time she asked Arlong to let her join his crew as a Navigator and when he agreed she would sail with them for the next years to come. However at some point she temporarily left the crew, only to find that they had been captured by the marines when she returned. This left her with no crew, no comrades and even with her lover being gone, forcing her to continue her journey on her own. Two years have passed since then and she’s determined to free her crewmates from prison as soon as possible as she still hasn't given up on them yet.


Kilara belongs to =Berrykitten. Steal and die.
One Piece and Fishman are copyrighted to Eiichiro Oda.
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This is the crew of the Checkered Pirates!! ... Part 1!!

Kent "Mohawk" Hawke is the ship's nervous navigator. When surprised or frightened, his usually flat mohawk springs forward, much like a cockatoo's crest. Coincidentally, the devil fruit he's eaten is the Tori-tori-no-mi (bird-bird fruit), cockatoo model!

Tyra "The Lioness" Ferris is the melee specialist aboard. Fighting exclusively in hand-to-hand combat, she's never one to back down from a challenge. She's eaten the neko-neko-no-mi (cat-cat fruit), lion model, making her a force to be reckoned with as third-in-command.

Alicia "Crimson Cleaver" Fredora is an ex-marine cook, now turned against them in revenge for her lost eye. She wields a special weapon; a large meat cleaver that heats its blade with every strike against a solid surface, especially effective against skin and bone, as it sears whatever flesh it touches with its superheated blade.

Carlton "Wild Breeze" Kaze is the free-wandering spirit aboard the Endgame, the Checkered Pirate's prized ship. Wandering randomly aboard one day, he likes these jolly, fun-loving pirates so much he decides to stay with them for a while. He utilizes a metal-tipped boomerang to attack his enemies, along with his use of the kaze-kaze-no-mi (wind-wind-fruit) which he ate as a young child.

That's it for now~! Stay tuned for more!!

These characters © Me
One Piece © Eiichiro Oda
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All the scars Yasu's gained over the time he's been here.
Here's the most significant-

1. When Big Daddy (Reine's Father) stomped Yasu's face during their big battle.
2. When Reine punched him during an intense argument over her- left three small puncture marks along his cheek from her glove spikes.
3. Gained from both training with Erica and from the fight with Big Daddy
4. Training scars from Erica (Left arm too)
5. From Big Daddy's Megahorn attack- nearly took Yasu out.
6. Burns from Big Daddy's flamethrower- Yasu dove through the flames, covering his face with his arms in order to deal a devastating blow to BD.
7. Knuckle scarring from training and fighting

That's all folks~!
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A new gijinka for the :iconpokecrusade: club which I hope to get into~
Coloring the ref sheet now
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So, my second upload.

Here's the story...

Wanted to make an oc of one piece, my favorite anime / manga, n all im watchin right now, i dont have a tablet to draw on the pc, or a scaner, so i used an image of trafalgar law (or wathever his name is) redid it in fotoshop n added a smoker-like style

I like it pretty much, yeah, so here it is.

Amm.. yeah credits to whoever needs/wants
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This is my friend ~cruentuslamia's One Piece OC Sadie~!! I created a monster and got her into One Piece and now she has an OC!! 2 to be exact; Oc and her lover.

I personally love her character and her design. Her background story was very well thought out as well as a very creative dream/goal she wants to realize. ^^

Here's Sadie's bio:

NAME: Sadie
AGE: 16
DOB: April 6
RACE: Skypiean
HAIR COLOR: Silver with blue tips
EYE COLOR: Pale blue
DEVIL’S FRUIT: Neko Neko no Mi Zoan Type: Tora
ABILITIES: Hand-to-hand combat using her animal form or hybrid form and knowledge of plants
WEAPONS: Uses her claws/fangs from her fruit
DREAM: To find a rare and legendary metal plant called the Iriduim Passiflora, which was known as a God.
LIKES: Plants and animals, artifacts and ancient ruins, flying, books, and seeing new places
DISLIKES: Usopp, liars in general, and people who take away free will (i.e. tyrants)
CREW: Straw Hat Pirates
JOB: Horticulturist
PERSONALITY: Bubbly, but tends to hide her true feelings
BIO: For her 10th birthday she ate the Devil’s Fruit on accident that was given to her from her childhood friend Leon. Out of fear of God’s wrath, the villagers exiled Sadie to the forbidden forest and into God’s land. Her and her father escaped in the middle of the night to shore instead of going through God’s Trial. Meanwhile, her mother felt so guilty for sentencing her own daughter to death that she committed suicide. When her father found out he decided to live with his daughter in the forest to continue his research as well as protecting his daughter. When Sadie turned 13, her dad was killed while protecting her from the Gurillas. While he was dying, he gave her a small piece of metal that belonged to the legendary Iridium Passiflora and asked her to return it to the flower. That same day Leon decided to set out on the blue sea to find a safe place for the both of them to live. She tried to stop him so that he didn’t have to sacrifice anything for her out of guilt, but when he told her he was doing this out of love for her and left, she had never felt more alone.

For the next 3 years living on God’s land alone, she tried figuring out exactly what her father meant with excessive research as well as waited for Leon’s return. She developed a close bond with the plants and animals within the forest and they all grew to trust each other and protect each other. Whenever people venture into the forest, she disguises herself in her tiger form for her own safety. When Luffy and his crew appeared, she decided to help them since they both had the same goal to defeat the false God.

She’s scared of her fruit especially since her own mother and villagers exiled her to her death in God’s Forest. She couldn’t fully transform back into a Skypian from her tiger form, so she wears high shoes and gloves to cover the tiger stripes on her feet and hands. When she turns into a tiger, she’s a white Siberian Tiger with black stripes and black wings that turn back to white when she takes shape again.

Since she's very into plants and animals, she has a pet plant that's bigger than her. It's a Venus Fly Trap only with a Hibiscus flower for it's head named Sally. She was brought aboard the Going Merry when Sadie joined the Straw Hat crew and sits next to Nami's tangerine trees. Sally has a mind of her own and loves Sadie, but tries to eat everyone else. Everyone except Zoro for 2 reasons: his swords could slice her and he scares her to death in general. She keeps trying to find a way to eat Luffy even though he tastes like rubber and nothing happens while he laughs.


Sadie's personality around her nakama:

LUFFY: Carefree and fun loving though he‘s an idiot, but he’s an all around great guy
ZORO: Cool and mysterious, but she’s not too sure about him since he’s always silent and off alone in a corner. He’s very serious, so he tends to scare her sometimes.
NAMI: She’s strong and independent, but goes overboard when it comes to using people
USOPP: Hates him with a fiery passion because he is annoying as hell
SANJI: He’s sometimes an idiot and goes a bit overboard on the swooning, but she loves him anyways. She feels bad when he wants to protect her and she doesn’t want him to.
CHOPPER: Coolest person alive! …animal… personanimal… thing… lol respects his medical knowledge though he can be gullible.
ROBIN: Gets along with her pretty well and enjoys talking about archaeology and books with her, but not so sure if she can trust her
FRANKY: Thinks he’s ok and good to have around, but he really needs more clothes… or at least some pants.
BROOK: He’s an interesting fellow and loves his music. But occasionally creeped out with his underwear obsession and jokes

:iconcruentuslamia: © Sadie
:iconzoro4me3: © Artwork
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I realized I never even posted a profile for my One Piece OC, Jenka. O.O Hmm... well, here ya go!:


NAME: Kobaiyo Jenka
AGE: 18
DOB: July 31
HAIR COLOR: Aquamarine
EYE COLOR: Grey-blue
DEVIL'S FRUIT: Medi Medi no Mi (aka Mind-Ming Fruit, derived from the word "meditation")
ABILITIES: Move objects with her mind, can make herself "fly", and create psychic energy in the form of a shield, ball, or beam. Derived from the word "meditation".
WEAPONS: 2 kodachi
JOB: Marine Biologist
MEMBER STATUS: Marine Biologist (some cases to other pirates she's known as "survivor" since almost everyone knows of the Kobaiyo's fate)
FIRST APPEARANCE: Logue Town in East Blue
JOINS CREW: After Whiskey Peak
DREAM: Revenge for her family, reform the Kobaiyo Pirates, and master the art of kodachi style
LIKES: Fighting, adventure, marine life, and grog
DISLIKES: World Government, Yahagi, the cold, and cats
PERSONALITY: Keeps to herself, tough and determined attitude, yet cunning
BIO: Jenka pirated with her father, Captain Kobaiyo Aaron her entire life and ate the Devil's Fruit on accident when she was about 11 yrs. She traveled with her father in the Grand Line until they were ambushed and massacred in the New World when she was 11 yrs. Only herself and the first mate Haji survived. Now 7 yrs. later she has been training and searching for the demon Yahagi who murdered her father and nakama.

She always has her right arm wrapped hiding a spiral scar. Since Yahagi's demonic power (who ate the Yajuu Yajuu no Mi, meaning "beast monster") and her telekinetic power fused together, it created a curse that whenever her scar is revealed and unwrapped she will lose control of herself and go on a killing rampage with a terrifying power that's almost impossible to stop until the scar is hidden again. Jenka believes that if she kills Yahagi, the curse will be lifted.

She first meets the Mugiwara crew in Logue town where she was forced to work under Col. Smoker with Tashigi since she was captured by him. In exchange for her life, she agreed to help them fight pirates until she found the perfect time to escape. After the commotion on the execution platform with Luffy, she managed to finally escape on her own small ship and re-entered the Grand Line once again. She crosses paths with the Mugiwara crew again after she was saved by Crocus and Laboon from drowning since her ship was wrecked by Reverse Mountain just a couple days earlier. Recovered with no ship, she agrees to travel with Luffy and his crew as a guest, not a member so she can gather information faster about Yahagi.

Even though she swore to not become attached to anyone until her revenge was complete, she couldn't help but grow more and more fond of the Mugiwara Pirates. The one person she slowly and secretly grows more in love with is Zoro, who she constantly fights with purposely to rid herself of those feelings, but ends in failure. Her reason is because she thinks if she has any friends or nakama, Yahagi might kill them or use them against her; in a way, she wants to be alone to protect those around her, even if it means sacrificing friendship and love. Unfortunately, it only makes her feel more loving towards her nakama and falls deeper in love with Zoro.

As she travels with the crew, she's constantly being segregated by Sanji and Zoro since they always want to do things a man should do and protect the women. Thanks to her independent tomboy attitude, Jenka won't stand by it and always wants to fight along side them. Usually she fights first nitouryuu style with both her kodachis then uses her power.

She has always loved the sea since it has been her home her entire life while sailing with her father. Because of that, she is extremely curious and fascinated by the sea and the creatures living within it. She studied the biology and oceanography of the 5 oceans and helped her understand a great deal about the strange creatures as well as somewhat navigate herself through the different temperatures and salinity of the oceans. She uses her knowledge (as well as combining hers with Nami's navigation/weather knowledge) to help the Straw-hat crew, especially through the Grand Line. Because of this, she is known as the "biologist" when being labeled by other pirates and enemies.

She's a true pirate who loves to sail and search for adventure. Luckily with the Mugiwara pirates, adventure comes swiftly and often for them all.

On a last note, Jenka is proud and very prideful with her family's "Kobaiyo" symbol. She either wears a necklace of the symbol or has it stitched somewhere on her clothing. The symbol is the gold warped Osiris symbol in the picture above.


Jenka's personality around her nakama:

:rzero: LUFFY: She's pretty happy around him since she's one to respect her captain, even if he is an idiot. But he's a kind, loyal, and powerful idiot.

:beer: ZORO: She's half and half: she can get along with him and admires his strength, but holds a grudge against him for being an ex pirate hunter. She can sometimes be shy around him too when her feminine side appears from time to time.

:orange: NAMI: Not really a fan of Nami. Mostly because she'll use people for money or take bribes for favors.

:target: USOPP: She's alright about Usopp, but gives him a a hard time about standing up and be a man instead of being a coward. Other times he annoys her.

:tea: SANJI: She uses him for food, but not like Nami in a sweet voice. She demands food from him and he obeys. Other than that, she tries to avoid the perverted cook.

:snowflake: CHOPPER: She finds him to be a cute little reindeer with a wonderful passion of becoming stronger. She respects him.

:bookdiva: ROBIN: Like Zoro, she didn't trust her at first, but after a while she learned to appreciate her abilities and knowledge of the world. She also finds her to be an important member of the crew.

:star: FRANKY: Not too happy to be around him. She likes his inventions, but his personality in general makes her nervous and embarrassed. She really wishes he'd put on some pants...

:music: BROOK: She likes Brook and tends to talk to him a lot, especially since he's the only one who can closely relate to her past. Like Nami, she punches him in the face every time he asks about her underwear. She could listen to his violin all day.
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[Full View please~]

YAY~!!! Another full page wonderfully colored commission for ~CrazyFishie!! :w00t: This time she wanted a group pic of the Devil King Pirates as if they were in the newest Wii video game One Piece: Ultimate Adventure~!! The Devil King Pirates is the name of the crew in ~Shidyk-kun's One Piece fanfic. ^^ They all replace the Straw-Hat gang with their "job" in the camp of the video game.

The characters are as followed (going counter clockwise) & position in game:
:star:KAGURA: DF booster - Fishie-chan's OP OC with the blonde hair and dark skin.
:star:JENKA: storage - My OC with the swords looking bored lol
:star:SHIDYK: save point - Shidyk-kun's OC writing in the log notebook
:star:RAYO: medicines - Shidyk-kun's other OC observing the mystery jewel
:star:JINKO: cook - Cooking some grub for the gang
:star:KIBO: upgrade tools - The merman making a useful tool
:star:NICK: build tools - Doing the pirate thing: drinking grog! lol

So yay for full picture!! :XD: Sorry this took so long... a full picture takes time. X_X Not to mention detail. I used exact reference from the game to make the background and positions and stuff. ^^

heehee I spy Pandaman~!! PANDAMAN FTW!!! OwO

I really hope you like it hun! :w00t:

:iconcrazyfishie: © Kagura & Kibo
:iconshidyk: © Shidyk, Jinko, Rayo, and Nick Olas
:iconzoro4me3: © Jenka / Artwork
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My Oc kitsune from One piece :heart: :D

Name: Kitsune
Age: 17 (D.O.B: February 11)
Gender: Female
Height:1.70 cm
Hair color: dark blue
eyes color: silver
Status: Architect
devil fruit: Hie Hie no mi (ice)
-Ice Time
-Ice Time Capsule
-Ice Age
Treasure: her knifes
likes: Relaxed time,foxes,drawing,the sea
Dislike: annoying persons,insects
Dream: "to become the best architect,and find her brother"
Personality: Relaxed, serious

hope you like my one piece oc :D
kitsune (C) me
base (C) ~yaoiF-ckinRules
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Hola there~ :heart:
well here it is Kitsune big file. (big files are big)
To anyone that don't know
here is a little bit more info(now I'm lazy) -> [link]


:bulletblue: Her surname is a mistery but starts with R.
(and no, is not like D. something.) kitsune never talks about her surname, or change subjects while talking about it.
:bulletblue: she tends to get lost easily.
:bulletblue: She has a crush on Sanji, but denied it 'cause she is afraid of loosing a friend.
:bulletblue: she treated Ace as his big brother (Met him in alabasta when kitsune get lost)
:bulletblue: She doesn't know how to use her devil fruit well, she prefer fighting with her knives.
:bulletblue: when she freeze (devil fruit) it doesn't hurt but if she take more than 5 min sun she faints (that is why she is so pale)
:bulletblue: she loves roku as his father, but roku loves her as a little sis.
:bulletblue: In her wanted poster she is name as "Ice fox" and her bounty is 60.000.000 beries.
devil fruit -> [link]
Sean (brother)-> [link] don't draw him yet...^^;
hope you like it, any question feel free to ask :)

kitsune(c) me
straw hats, ONE PIECE (c) Oda
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Captain of the Voodoo Child Crew

Bounty : 230.000.000 berry

Ex prisoner of Impel down's level 6 (did escape during luffy's mess)

Devil Fruit : Yamoyamo no mi ( Gecko devil fruit : zoan type)
-> he can quickly regenerate his body, stands on verticals surfaces and produces toxines (many types of poisons)

Nemesis : Whitebeard
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do not use by murasaki55 My Art Is Not Your Template, ETC by Enjoumou Stamp: Effing Dollmakers by Enjoumou
...I hate to have to put these here, but some people evidently don't understand these things -_-

07/24/12: OTL well, I started this two months ago, but... finallllyyyyy Senka's profile gets an update! 8D omg I'm so happy with this because I feel like I finally nailed her design! For a while in 2010, I had considered sticking her on the shelf for good because I didn't have much use for her (she was originally created because Zim-Shady wanted a girlfriend for Zoro in the RP, but that didn't end up working out because Zoro is practically asexual they were a little too much alike and it felt too forced) but then we planned out this whole arc that I figured I could use her in and everything just fell into place. I'm glad I didn't give up on her /happytears

And yes. I'm pairing her with Luffy XDDD Because apparently I love a challenge, LOL. Actually I never would have considered it, until Zim-Shady suddenly wanted to see them together after her introduction RP, hahaha! I have to admit, I like it. >3

:star: PLEASE NOTE!! I've been getting a lot of questions from people wanting to know if I would be willing to release a blank template so others can use it. To save anyone else from asking, the answer is always going to be "No" (the only exception I could possibly make is for a close friend). I made this design for myself so that my OCs could have profiles that are unique to me as an artist, and that's important to me. So please, don't ask me if you can use it. Instead, make something that can be unique to you as well! ♥

General Information

AKA "what couldn't fit onto the sheet"

First Appearance

After the Fishman Island arc (we're trying to fit something in between Fishman Island and Punk Hazard, lol)

Home Island

Futsuujima is a small island dedicated to serving as a home base for an elite group of bounty hunters. They have been allied with a particularly corrupt group of marines for many years, though dealing with them is mostly left to the leader, a man who only goes by the name "Mars." There are not many children on the island, as it is not exactly the best place for raising a family but occasionally children are born and raised there to become bounty hunters just like their parents. The profits of bounty hunting tend to be quite nice and it shows in the architecture around the island. Most buildings are constructed of wood and concrete, and the inhabitants live in wooden homes. Being a base for bounty hunters, however, the island also contains many holding cells scattered throughout the base that are used for containing captured pirates (alive or otherwise) as they await the arrival of the marines.


Her epithet, "Raven" was given to her based on the fact that her Devil Fruit allows her to change into the bird, so it's rather self-explanatory.

Fighting Style

Senka uses a pole arm to fight, both in her human and raven forms. In the latter form, she is able to clutch the weapon with her talons or carry it with her beak in order to fight in the air; ravens are known to be very acrobatic birds and so this method often proves to be quite effective. It's a lightweight weapon, though it is taller than she is and is sometimes a pain to lug around.

Devil Fruit: Tori Tori No Mi, Model: Raven

  • Meaning: Bird
  • Class: Zoan
  • Date Eaten: After learning of the secrets that were being kept from her, Senka stole this fruit from the man responsible, wanting any kind of revenge she could get.
  • Abilities: Senka can transform into a raven, which includes flight, mimicry and an agility bonus.


  • 5,000,000: received after the events of Futsuujima had transpired. Mars reported her as a criminal who had assisted in the escape of the Strawhat Pirates, in an attempt to shorten his own sentence...
  • Wanted Poster: (coming soon)


Senka was born to a normal middle-class family. Her father and her uncle were both fishermen who had started their own business catching and selling various kinds of fish in different parts of the grandline, and would often bring Senka and her mother along with them on their trips out to sea. During one of these trips when she was five years old, their boat was ambushed in the night by a group of bounty hunters who had mistaken the vessel for a pirate ship they had been tracking for a while. They invaded the bedroom where the whole family slept, immediately killing both Senka's father and her uncle when they attempted to attack the hunters and then shooting her mother, who had thrown herself in front of Senka.

However, the bounty hunters only realized their mistake when they shone lights on the fallen family members and saw that they did not match the descriptions of the pirates they'd been after. Spotting the young girl huddled in the corner of the room, they opted to take her back to their headquarters with them and raise her as one of their own, reasoning that it was the least they could do after having killed her family in error. Once they had brought her back with them, it was easy to gain her trust. Senka remembered nothing of the incident, having been so traumatized at the sight of her family being murdered that she had blocked it from her memory entirely, and when the bounty hunter leader told her that they'd saved her from a group of horrible pirates who had killed her family, she believed him.

As the years passed, Senka came to think of all of the bounty hunters as her family, with the leader being like a father to her, never guessing that she was being lied to. They raised her with their own ideals, instilling in her the belief that all pirates are horrible monsters, and after having told her that her family had been murdered by them it was not a difficult thing to do. They trained her in all of their techniques, eventually sending her out on her own missions once she had proved herself a capable fighter. She was always very eager to prove herself worthy, always willing to take on any mission they would give her because as far as Senka knew, they were the only reason she was still alive and she was determined to do her best to repay them. She was extremely loyal and an asset to their organization.

Senka happened to encounter the Strawhat pirates while stationed at a popular port rather far away from Futsuujima. It was a popular place for pirates to stop and stock up on supplies while passing through on their journeys, so Senka and a small group of bounty hunters were on a stake-out that day, watching for any pirate with a bounty they could capture. She could hardly believe her luck when Monkey D. Luffy walked by...

As far as personality goes, Senka is somewhat of a loner, having never really had many friends or opportunities for goofing around. Her life with the bounty hunters was all about training and preparation. Her only way of joking around seems to be in the form of sarcasm or snarky remarks. She's the type of person who will make self-deprecating remarks about herself in order to diffuse a situation. She makes no excuses for her past actions, rarely provides explanation unless pushed to do so, and instead merely accepting the consequences, something that often comes across as a bit of a martyr complex (which some find annoying) when it's actually her attempt at displaying maturity and taking responsibility for her actions. For someone so good at blending in and playing a part, she is actually incredibly socially awkward when she doesn't have some sort of planned-in-advance script to rely on. She is very good at dealing with her enemies, negotiating, remaining calm in a crisis and coming up with ways to get out of a jam.


(will be updated later)


  • Esparza Damir: Father (deceased). Fisherman. He was a somewhat serious man who didn't tend to joke around, but cared more for his family than anything else in the world. A strong and dependable man who could always make you feel secure and at ease.
  • Esparza Mila: Mother (deceased). A driven, focused woman who gave up her career in interior decorating when Senka was born so that she could stay with her daughter full time. An exceptional storyteller who could capture the attention of a room with her animated recounts. Mila always knew just what she wanted in life and how to find her own happiness.
  • Esparza Vedran: Uncle (deceased). Fisherman; brother of Damir. A man who could always make one laugh, he was witty with a smile so contagious that it spread like wildfire. Always willing to help when he was needed, and even when he wasn't. He loved a good card game and always spoke of seeing the world one day.

Misc. Information

Other Profiles

Alander Van:
Leitner Mara:
Indiana Van Asch: soon
Portgas D. Jack:
Remi Thayer:

One Piece & all characters (c) Oda
Senka is my fan character
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do not use by murasaki55 My Art Is Not Your Template, ETC by Enjoumou Stamp - I Do My Own Stunts by stop-tracing
...I hate to have to put these here, but some people evidently don't understand these things -_-

update: 12/12/13: HEY LOOK 12-12-13 isn't that cool. Anyway I've been wanting to update this pic for a LOOOOOONNNNG time. Because I just wasn't happy with the other version, for a variety of reasons. This one's a little better xD

hey look she actually finished something :dummy:

~Nemuri-Tonbo and I are doing these pics of our OCs to match the new opening theme in One Piece, if you haven't seen it it's here -->…

This was loads of fun to do :D and yeah I know Mara's like more naked than Nami now but I really love drawing torsos XD they're fun! So yeah this is part one because I'm gonna do another one from the part in the vid where everyone's got "ONE PIECE" written on them somewhere.

LOL this song will be in my head forever ;p

Other Opening shots:
Mara: 'We Go' Opening part 2 by Enjoumou
Senka: 'We Go' Opening part 1 by Enjoumou
Mika: 'We Go' Opening by Nemuri-Tonbo by ~Nemuri-Tonbo

One Piece & all characters (c) Oda
Mara is my fan character, for more info see this deviation:
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I fail at titles so from now on I'm using whatever random lyric or song title that I happen to be listening to XDD BUT THIS ONE SOMEHOW FITS imagine that.

Anyway. YAAAYYY for coloring that helps to hide mistakes >>; *kicks ground*


Oh yeah, comments on the pic, well I think the part I'm most proud of is actually the shoes XDDDD;; And I'm working on getting better at backgrounds, excuse the mediocrity please ^^;;;
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Biografia en español: [link]

This is my Original Character from a "Rol Game"

my english is not good. sorry:


ALIAS: The Fallen.

AGE: appears 22 years (died age)

Gender: male

BIRTHDAY: April 23


His mother was a inhabitant of Skypiea who fell in love with a pirate with hair and eyes red as blood from the blue sea (no shanks). The fruit of this relationship was born Fallen who possessed the wings of the inhabitants of Skypiea and the father´s hair. Being a mixed blood, his mantra was much weaker than the other.
-The love of his parents became taboo because of the laws of the new god, Enel.
The pirate-red hair disappeared along with his entire crew, although it was murmured that they will most likely have been sentenced to eternally sail in a vacuum.

His mother and he managed to escape thanks to Gan Fall. But their lives were not at all easy. His mother was expelled from his family for fear preist´s reprisals. And Fallen, meanwhile, suffered from the constant taunts of children and adults to be considered an aberration (son of an inhabitant of the blue sea and one of Skypiea).

While Fall-Gan went to the relief of a call, the priests of Enel gave with them thanks to tip-off hideout.

-While they was trying to flee to the brink of Skypiea he was captured by one of the priests. He was there when he pulled his wings on the ground because a monster like him could not take them, He was a disgrace to the people of pure blood of Skypeia.

Her mother in a risky move he wrested from the hands of his captor and threw him over the edge. When he fell saw as a great light fell where seconds before his mother was. It was the Enel´s judgment.

- When he awakening he saw that he was not in Skypiea, he was in a strange castle. It was impossible to survive this fall. And in fact, he had not survived.

-His body was dragged by the waves on the shores of Thriller Bark. Gecko Moria and the doctor Hogback gave him a second "life" for possessing a curious body (not usual in the blue sea.)

-During this time he worked without any willingness as a soldier at the orders of Moria.

On Thriller Bark was where he was called as the "Fallen" (because he literally fell from heaven as demons, and his wings were torn).

-A Shichibukai defeat at the hands of Luffy his will was released allowing escape. But now he was alone.

Lost-hope, he hasn´t got any illusion in a unknown world.

Then, he met some intriguing people. they though having different dreams they shared the same fate and together formed the ohara pirates, and they gave meaning to this second "life".


-Lonesome, lazy and very shy, stronger and submissive when he loses his nerves.

-He does not like to fight but he easily fall into provocations. When he is fighting may sometimes appear until the very possessed by Ares.

Not usually fond with people for fear of being damaged. But when he really appreciates someone, he is very protective, risking more than the account by their people.

Not usually talk much but when I drop everything for a year together and makes use a lot of swearwords (he is educated but is poorly spoken too).

He is clumsy, a bit raw and confused. Sometimes he fear but many others remember a little child. he is the duality personified.

-His passion is the biggest drawing and art.

-he feels a strong complex on his body, both in the sky for not fit with the people and now in the blue sea to be a walking corpse with multiple scars.

-He does not like to promise to come but when he does it does really.

DREAM: he want know if his father is died or alive.

CREW: Pirates of Ohara. (Moria Ex-Pirate)


Captain. (although sometimes does not behave as such, at which point the second in command has to take over ).

REWARD: Unknown.


= skin: pale purple tone with a (dead). Dark circles. And scars all over his body.

= type of nose: type Nico Robin

= type and color of eyes: Dark, small and slightly ragged. his eyes looks as closed but they are open.

= hair: Red, unkempt, short and with a long braid with a small front left side.

= height: 5.42 (167 cm). Lower than normal for their age.

= complexion: normal, a little gross.

= other features: A tattoo of a climbing rosebush on his left arm and a small red vertical line dark under his eyes. Three earrings in his left ear and one on the right. Numerous scars all over his body caused by his fall vacuum and the operations of "improvement" by Dr. Hogback. The two scars on his back are the more older, which were formerly had its wings.


black boots, black short stocking. Above this clothes he wears a sleeveless coat color purple gray width covering his body because he doesn´t like show his scars. he wears a long black scarf around his neck.

AKUMA NO MI: nothing

WEAPONS \ special items:

gauntlets in the form of dragon claws and a black sword with roses set, unique legacy of his father. he always carries hung to back. It is suspectes that it could be manufacturated with the same metal that mihawk´s sword (but his shine is red). it is not know its real power because Fallen never uses it or knows how to do it.


although he carries a sword he never uses it. His way of fighting is hand-to-hand. He often used his glauntlets with claws for tearng to the enemy. He is no vey fast but he compesates this debility with physical force. he has the basic level of mantra ability beaceuse his mixed blood is less powerfull.


-his favorite food was salty food that is why since he became a zombie is an ordeal for him not being able to eat their favorite dishes.

-Although he looks harsh, he loves animals, especially birds. he can not ignore a suffering animal.

- he doesn´t drink anything alcohol. A small cup and it goes up immediately to mind and he is becoming in a bad beast.
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Other of my nakamas from Ohara Pirates, our Minstrel-entertainer ^__^
She is a little innocent half vampire.

Biografía en español: [link]

Art © Vtophya
Blue Bloodsucker Kitari © Kitari
ONE PIECE © Eiichiro Oda
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en español: [link]

*ONE PIECE is a creation by Eiichiro Oda
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:iconredheart-plz: Read first, please :iconbummiesplz: :iconredheart-plz:

:star: Description presentation based on [Tenshi no Fuu Profile]

:star: This is an antagonist character from our fancomic : ONE PIECE - ODYSSEY AT WORLD'S END, you can find the story [HERE]

:star: You can see the original drawings [HERE] & [HERE]

:star: You can click for full view !

:star: Yeah, I know he's super skinny but it's made on purpose x)


Baldassarre Benedict

:bulletred:Race / Origins : Human, from Axis Mundi Kingdom (Grand Line). (Non-canonical).
:bulletred:Birthday : October, 25.
:bulletred:Bloodtype : S.
:bulletred:Age : 35.
:bulletred:Height : 190cm.
:bulletred:Hair colour : Neutral Grey.
:bulletred:Eyes colour : Aqua Mint.


:bulletred:Strength (STR) : 10.
:bulletred:Dexterity (DEX) : 13.
:bulletred:Constitution (CON) : 9.
:bulletred:Intelligence (INT) : 18.
:bulletred:Wisdom (WIS) : 18.
:bulletred:Charisma (CHA) : 18.


:bulletred:Affiliation : St. John Pirates.
:bulletred:Rank : Captain.
:bulletred:Family : Unknown.


ONE PIECE OaWE - Life Life Fruit by HayatoPhantom

:bulletred:Devil Fruit : Life Life Fruit (イノイノの実 - Ino Ino no Mi)
:bulletred:Haki : Busoshoku Haki.
:bulletred:Devil Fruit Family : Paramecia.
:bulletred:Weapon : None.
      - Marionnette : His main ability. Grab one of his hair and turns it into a thread which allows to control dead bodies. - He also uses abilities of the corpses he manipulates.

(His other attacks will be revealed after the Timeskip !)


:bulletred:Strengths :
      - Determined to achieving his goals. - Good leadership. - Good speaker who knows how to convince people.

:bulletred:Weaknesses :
      - Is carried aways by anger. - Treats his crew mates as insects. - Willing to sacrifice everyone for his own sake.


:bulletred:Theme Song : "Nemo" - Nightwish
:bulletred:Colour : Dark Red.
:bulletred:Fashion Style : "Holy Prayer".
:bulletred:Voices :
      - (JP) : Junichi Suwabe. - (ENG) : Doug Erholtz. - (FR) : Feodor Atkine.

(Since I'm French, I used to watch animes in their original version and in French Dub version. I also play video games in both English and French language, so I decided to choose voices in the three languages.
And I love voice actors in those three languages ! XD)

:bulletred: ST JOHN - Original Characters :bulletred:

[Vane Woodes] | [Jack Rackham] | [Buskes Cossa] | [Alcantra D. Soto] | [Roche Gerritz] | [Duncan Wimund]

:bulletred: MARINE - Original Characters :bulletred:

[Ward D. Zack] | [Eugene Elfrith]

:bulletred: WHITEBEARD - Original Characters :bulletred:

[Veronica Burn] | [Grace]

:bulletred: CIPHER POL - Original Characters :bulletred:

[Snow Meiron] | [Deep] | [Cardinal] | [Acid] | [Wisteria] | [Zero]

        Copyright Statement 2 by Sophibelle

:bulletred: Made by : :iconhayatophantom:
:bulletred: Baldassarre Benedict : © :iconhayatophantom:
:bulletred: ONE PIECE : © :iconodaplz:
:bulletred: Profile Sheet Texture : © It's owner (found on google)
:bulletred: ONE PIECE - ODYSSEY AT WORLD'S END © The:star:Star:star:Project
:bulletred: Please do not use without permission.
:bulletred: 「Commissions Open!」 | 「The.Star.Project Tumblr」 | 「NONSENSE Tumblr」 | 「HayatoPhantom on Twitter」
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:iconblueheartplz: Read first, please ! :iconbummiesplz: :iconblueheartplz:

:star: This devil fruit is from our fancomic : ONE PIECE - ODYSSEY AT WORLD'S END, you can find the story [HERE]

:star: Based on a Gambooge.

.: DEVIL FRUIT - Life Life Fruit :.

:bulletblue:Owner : [Duncan Wimund].
:bulletblue:Name : Ishi Ishi no Mi.
:bulletblue:English Translation : Mind Mind Fruit.
:bulletblue:Type : Paramecia.


:bulletblue:Eaten: By accident.
:bulletblue:Date of Consumption : Childhood.
:bulletblue:First Use :Unknown.


:bulletblue: User can move objects with the mind.
:bulletblue: Can create energy shields.
:bulletblue: Can create energy blasts.
:bulletblue: Can cause psionic blast on enemies' mind.


:bulletblue:Strength: Can attack from a distance, causes internal damages.
:bulletblue:Weaknesses : Must stay focused, Seastone.

:bulletblue: ST. JOHN PIRATES - Devil Fruits :bulletblue:

[Life Life Fruit] | [Dragon Dragon Fruit] | [Skull Skull Fruit] | [Decay Decay Fruit] | [Ivy Ivy Fruit] | [Void Void Fruit]

:bulletblue: MARINE - Devil Fruits :bulletblue:

[Cryo Cryo Fruit]

:bulletblue: WHITEBEARD PIRATES - Devil Fruits :bulletblue:

[Phase Phase Fruit] | [Summon Summon Fruit]

:bulletblue:Mind Mind Fruit © :iconhayatophantom:
:bulletblue:ONE PIECE © :iconodaplz:
:bulletblue:Devil Fruit ID Base © :icontenshinofuu:
:bulletblue:ONE PIECE - ODYSSEY AT WORLD'S END © The:star:Star:star:Project
:bulletblue:「Commissions Open!」 | 「The.Star.Project Tumblr」 | 「NONSENSE Tumblr」 | 「HayatoPhantom on Twitter」
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:iconyellowheartplz: Read first, please ! :iconbummiesplz: :iconyellowheartplz:

:star: This devil fruit is from our fancomic : ONE PIECE - ODYSSEY AT WORLD'S END, you can find the story [HERE]

:star: Based on a Lemon.

:new: [Edit 8/29 : Owner added.]

.: DEVIL FRUIT - Phase Phase Fruit :.

:bulletyellow:Owner : [Grace]
:bulletyellow:Name : Sou Sou no Mi.
:bulletyellow:English Translation : Phase Phase Fruit.
:bulletyellow:Type : Paramecia.


:bulletyellow:Eaten: By accident.
:bulletyellow:Date of Consumption : During childhood.
:bulletyellow:First Use : During her first mission as a Whitebeard Pirate.


:bulletyellow: User is able to phase through solid matter.
:bulletyellow: User can kill another being by phasing them into a solid object.
:bulletyellow: User can walk or "float" onto the air.
:bulletyellow: User can phase other people.


:bulletyellow:Strength: Can easily spy, resistant to physical attacks.
:bulletyellow:Weaknesses : Can't breath while phasing, electricity, can't swim, Seastone.

:bulletyellow: WHITEBEARD PIRATES - Devil Fruits :bulletyellow:

:bulletyellow: ST. JOHN PIRATES - Devil Fruits :bulletyellow:

[Life Life Fruit] | [Dragon Dragon Fruit - Model : Bahamut] | [Skull Skull Fruit] | [Decay Decay Fruit]

:bulletyellow: MARINE - Devil Fruits :bulletyellow:

[Cryo Cryo Fruit]

:bulletyellow:Phase Phase Fruit :iconhayatophantom:
:bulletyellow:ONE PIECE :iconodaplz:
:bulletyellow:Devil Fruit ID Base :icontenshinofuu:
:bulletyellow:ONE PIECE - ODYSSEY AT WORLD'S END The:star:Star:star:Project
:bulletyellow:「Commissions Open!」 | 「The.Star.Project Tumblr」 | 「NONSENSE Tumblr」 | 「HayatoPhantom on Twitter」
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