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One Piece OC, as done by :iconfeyfeyfey250: He will be a Shichibukai but I'll use him for other positions to, as I always do :D On the other hand, he WILL be my main One Piece OC. Anyways, heres the info :)

Art: :iconfeyfeyfey250:
Gazapo D. Beytle: ME

Name: Gazapo D. Beytle(Bay-Tul)
Age: 36
Race: Human(Devils Fruit User)
Rank: Captain/Pirate(Yonkou)
Devils Fruit: Uddo Uddo no Mi(Wood Wood Fruit, Type: Logia): Allows the user to create, absorb, manipulate, and turn into Wood. The user can also gain energy by absorbing water, and multiply endurance with sun light. They can further absorb these qualities from plants and trees. Wood is also flexible, allowing the person to take blunt attacks without any real damage, although they would be influenced by the force of the attack(s) none the less(Meaning, impact would throw them around like a rag-doll) If attacked at a slow rate, once the weaker outer layer of wood is tarnished, sap can fill in the spaces in time. This sap is also sticky enough to catch any weapons used against it. It's greatest ability though, is that it allows him to transfer his body over vast distances, spawning from only one tree or more, then rooting through the earth. This can also work on the wood of ships, and allows him to regenerate if left within tree form or in a tree itself. In a similar fashion, rooting into plants or said trees for only a short while can regenerate the first few layers of his Wood-Man body in good time, and boost the sap release.
Bullets, while they would normally damage wood, can be stopped if the person is skilled enough with the fruits abilities. While not on the level of the Ice Ice Fruit, it can get pretty close. Also, while the outer layer is its weakest point, any further just continues to get stronger. Meaning the more damage done on the outside, means stronger defense overall. Not being an element limited to itself, Wood can be affected by multiple other factors, giving it multiple weaknesses at one point, none at another. One element alone can atleast damage it. Ice, can both damage it, and should a limb be broken, it cannot regenerate until nearly a day later. This ofcourse, doesn't apply to areas simply frozen, as the flat surface of his body can simply be rid of ice by outside sources(shattering the layer of ice on his own, or having it melt off naturally etc.). The ability to absorb natural energy and assorted similar aspects from both his surroundings and other trees, also gives Beytle an incredible immune system.

Strengths: Defense, Offense.
Weakness: True weakness depends on surroundings, Range(when compared to most Logia)

Personality: Happy overall. Beytle is a happy go lucky guy, who does every sort of possible activity known to man. Charity, Helping the neighborhood, he takes care of it all. He also refuses to kill(Although he can get pretty close, but thats just a sign of skill).
Theme Song: Thelonious Monk, [link]
Bounty 298,000,000
Jolly Roger *Look above*
Crew: Bonsai Pirates
Likes: Peace, love, understanding, raising his plants.
Dislikes: Rage, Disrespect, Cruelty, Pirates being considered criminals by trade alone.
Weapons: Meitou/Sword(Hebihaku) *Also one of the 12 Saijō Ō Wazamono (Supreme Grade Sword). Its well known for holding extreme power, while being the lightest of the 12.
Ship Dragonwood (An extremely large version of an average boat, It uses many large oars and a roots beneath it to move, aswell as power up its defensive ability. Three large trees form pillars along the straight form of the ship, at their peak, the living quarters of both Captain and Crew, protected by a natural defense when asleep. The head of the ship is one of Dragon design, but with more of a demonic, old world shape. It was a simple monstrous set of fangs, which was rather pulled out, and stretched. Within it, lies the ships most powerful weapon. The massive spear that lies within is set to the top surface within the bottom of the ship, ready to be fired only by the Captain. Along with this true weapon, the minor cannons are led by a unique system, to be revealed later :D)

History: It is unknown where Gazapo was born, but he was raised for a short time(up until 12) on Karate Island. He soon left to the Red Line, and resided training in the Groves there. At age 18, he left his hidden home and went off to sea.
By age 21, Gazapo had been named 'Diamond-Cutter Beytle' for his masterful Swordsmanship, being the first to openly cut diamond. Within this year, he would find the Uddo Uddo no Mi, and gain the powers of a Wood-Man. This would multiply his bounty from 287 Mil, to 387 Mil in mere weeks. Within this time, Gazapo would kill hords of Marines and Bounty Hunters. Suprisingly, his past persona was one of a devil. This made his bounto of 387 be stamped forever, and he would hold that bounty until a few years after.
At age 27, Gazapo would fight for the title of Worlds Strongest Swordsman. He would match his opponent, and refuse the title. Within that one battle, he saw enough pain and damage to know, this wasn't right. The battle was so great that they boosted his Bounty yet again. Refusing his demon ways of the past, he left the destroyed island they had made into an Arena, and vowed to change the world of Piracy for the better.
After knowledge that he could have gained the title of best Swordsman, along with repeat victory against any Marine that attempted to capture him and his newly formed crew(even two Admirals, seperate, but multiple times). It was at this time that the Marines began to inject the idea of it being a cover into the next generation. For those that knew better, it was bussiness as usual.
In the next few years, he began to form bonds with many of the new age wonders to the pirate world. With confidence in both his Crew and his purpose, he continued to best his enemies, using combat as only a last resort, but refusing bloodlust, and death of the enemy. The few Devils Fruit users that have fallen into the sea at one time or another, have left a harsh mark on his otherwise repenting soul.


Nickname: Diamond-Cutter.
Devils Fruit Type: Logia.
Sword-Style: Esterospada(Foreign Blade Style. It's a mainly extremely close combat or defensive style, with techniques from the old days that involve a more european style overall, with flowing counter and fade away movements. It also includes a few useful ranged techniques, both medium and long distance. )


-Esterospada: Mugoi-Senjou(Foreign Blade Style: Brutal Nymph): Drawing his blade at extremely high speed, it releases an almost invisible blade of air. While it normally can slice through multiple ships/people easily, his non-killing ways have made this a more blunt attack, used to push foes away with pure blunt force. It gives it greater strength at close range, rather then the pure fatality rate it once had.

-Esterospada: Joushouki(Foreign Blade Style: Rising Spirit): Draws sword at high speed, hitting the foe with both the hilt and the strong gust of wind it creates.

-Esterospada: Genkaki(Foreign Blade Style: Singing Spirit): Draws most of the blade, then flicks the point of the sword at high speed. This releases a bullet-like blast of air.

-Esterospada: Muatejutsu(Foreign Blade Style: Six-End Technique): One of his original sword-techniques, slicing forward and to the right, down and to the opposite, then side to side to sheath the blade. It creates the picture of a three-lined star, with six points.

-Esterospada: Hachiatejutsu(Foreign Blade Style: Eight-End Technique): Same as above, only with two extra side to side motion slashes. Its usually a killing technique.

-Esterospada: Ryuu-Suima(Foreign Blade Style: Dragon Swimmer): Slashing the ground around him, an energy wave is sent at the foe. Bringing the surroundings with it, it takes the form of a snake-like wave.

-Esterospada: Tokomunashii(Foreign Blade Style: Endless Void): Draws or slashes the blade sideways, spinning in a circle to create a powerful vaccuum that can cut for 10 seconds after its initial creation.

-Esterospada: Fukyuugoei(Foreign Blade Style: Immortal Guard): The absolute defense created by his lightspeed close range sword handling. It creates the illusion of severel blades as it blocks.
Techniques(Devils Fruit):

Tree-Top Dart: Unlike most techniques, this is actually his saliva, in the form of sap, focused and hardened into a toothpick of sorts. It can be used as an extremely fast projectile, and unless aimed correctly, has little fatality rate.

Tree-Top Claw: Hands turn into wooden spikes. The edge of these claws are said to be sharper then most swords or edged weapons.

Tree-Top Trident: Rooting into the ground, wooden tridents continue to burst from the ground to attack foes.

Tree-Top Spear: Arms turn into wooden spikes, growing forward to stab the foe.

Tree-Top Blade(s): Fingers turn into wood, creating thin blades.

Tree-Top Missile: After an arm(s) turns into wood, it grows larger before shooting out at high speed as pillar of wood. A blunt force attack, similar in form to Tree-Top Spear.

Tree-Top Staff: Branches grow out of his elbows, used in hand to hand combat.

Tree-Top Explosion: Multiple branches form from a few, to every point of his body. These branches can further link into plantlife in his surroundings, or stab multiple opponents.

Tree-Top Destroyer: Combining both arms, a single massive branch forms. A much more powerful version of Tree-Top Missile.

Tree-Top Execution: Though more powerful when both arms are combined, a single arm can be used. An army of branches extend outwards, piercing through anything they touch.

Tree-Top Armory: Creates weapons from his wooden body. This includes Swords, Staffs, Axes, Daggers etc. Wood can also be controlled and molded to aid his crew with their own weapons.

Tree-Top Wall: By rooting into the ground, he summons a focused series of trees, forming a powerful barrier. Due to it taking time in most situations, its not used very often.

Tree-Top Powa!: A pun technique in name, its actually very powerful. By forcing both his legs to root into the ground, and his arms, his entire body is flooded with energy making it extremely durable. It has been shown to be able to take normal cannon-fire with minimum damage.

Tree-Top Cutter: An axe kick from above, using wood transformation to create a powerful long ranged attack.

Other Abilities

Onihaki(Demon Disposition): A powerful Haki. Unlike the normal King's level Haki used by those with the will of D. Beytle uses his memories of how he enjoyed killing, to strike not only a tactical advantage, but an extreme fear into his opponents, as apposed to shock. Injecting the persona he used to be into his foes, most cannot claim to have seen or been through the same, allowing it to take hold over their emotions. On the other hand, those with similar experience have only the strength of said Haki to fear.
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My awesome One Piece OC, as done by :iconfeyfeyfey250: I'm really happy with it.

Art: :iconfeyfeyfey250:
Leone Martello: ME
Name: Leone Martello(Admiral Chashishi/Silent Lion. Admiral Chashi for short)
Age: 31
Rank: Marine Admiral
Likes: Marines, World Government, Order, Respect, Animals.
Dislikes: Pirates, selfishness, disorder.

Ship: Ekiouza/War Throne - A large ship, though not as large as others Admirals base ships. It is a thin and long battleship with a Lions head design at the back, and a throne at its head. While its not loaded with as much cannons, it has two large ones at the end, along with a medium sized on within the Lions head. It has one more large cannon at its head, directly under where Leone would sit in his throne. The ships real strength lies in its massive armory, holding many high class weapons and a wide spread amount of the highest quality Marine generated weapons. It also holds and extremely high defense of sea-stone and crystal infused armor.

It is most similar to this [link] but every point is clad in an assortment of royal armor. Instead of three steam towers, there is only two, and they are much smaller. The growth of technology over the years has made this ship the strongest offensive force of the Navy. Its most well known fact are its special "Blade Projectiles" Which shoot large blades or javelins as apposed to cannonballs.

Personality: His most significant trait is his extreme hate for Pirates. Nomatter what the personality, he considers even holding the name of Pirate a death warrant. Outside of this hatred, he is a pretty nice guy. As long as he is respected, he does the same, despite character flaws. Even criminals are safe to an extent, as long as their not Pirates. Leone usually tries to free or purify those with negative lifestyles or influences, even going so far as to be at their hearing and speak on their behalf(As long as he has done his research, and deemed them worthy) It seems his only negative trait is his murderous hunger to wipe Pirates off the face of the earth, a trait the World Government seems to take advantage of(Or atleast think they do ;)) He also has a habit of giving to charity.

*This next area is assuming you DONT know how Zoan Devils Fruits work.*

Power/Ability: Neko Neko no Mi: Maderu Furui Shishi(Cat Cat Fruit: Ancient Lion Model): Turns the user into a Lion. This Devils fruit is a rare secondary Lion Species fruit(presuming their is another) that transforms into the long forgotten Barbary Lion,(Thought to be the largest form of Lion, and often considered extinct).

The first form puts the person in a 50/50 stage, although the same cannot be said for it overall power level. All senses are amplified to even more primal hights, surpassing most Zoan types(so much so, that the person will be be granted great power even in human form). The same could be said for its strength and endurance, allowing it to easily take most sword blows with ease(Its fur is about a half a inch longer the other Lions, and can add to the defense). While its speed isn't totally left out, its really up to the persons ability to make the slight upgrade worthwhile. The overall shape of this form is much bigger then most halfway forms seen for Zoan types, easily surpassing 7 feet, with overall muscle mass obviously consuming most of the body. The fur and mane are brown and dark brown in color. The mane also grows from the areas were he formally had no hair at all, though only a sideburns worth is manifested.

Its second form is its full Animal Mode, which turns the user into a massive, long furred(by todays standards) Lion. It easily matches the largest Tiger. In this form, the user is given incredible endurance(more then Battle Mode) and all senses are further pushed. Sadly, it cant stand up in a fiery battle, atleast not anytime soon. If the user can push themselves hard enough, transforming to this mode can become fast enough to dismantle that weakness.
Fighting Style: Hisantsume(Flying Claw): A martial arts form, somewhat similar to Karate. It uses the same self defense techniques, along with more mid-air techniques, with his sharp nails as an extension. While in normal Human Form, this technique doesn't stray much from simple Martial Arts, with a deadly secret.

In Battle Mode, the technique takes on a form closer to Drunken Fist, although this is just the master level form of the Martial Art, called Gisentou Hisantsume(Deception Lead Flying Claw). This form uses a more gentle and loose form, allowing his killing intent to become hidden. It has been shown to fool even seasoned fighters, concealing his full strength in a stance and form that seems to hinder such power. It also uses all claws at once in its strikes, throwing away any use of the punch.

*While Hisantsume can be considered the outer strength variant of his Martial Art, the more powerful Gisentou Hisantsume can be called the inner strength version.*


:bulletyellow:Hisantsume Techniques:bulletyellow:(Can be used while under the influence of Zoan fruit, although strongest level is usually used):

- Tantoute-Toku(Daggerhand Shield): Slashing the areas before him with his claws at high speed, he creates a shield. The longer he does this, the larger the shield becomes and the easier it is.

- Takaryu(Falcon Fist): A powerful, but superfast punch. Its speed is so great, the entire hand and most of the arm becomes like a sword stabbing its opponent. It is more dangerous the closer it is received.

- Inseiryuu(Meteor Axe): An axe kick with such speed, its cuts through the body like and axe. Unlike Falcon Fist, the blade like affect isn't as clean, usually taking out chunks or opening up wider, more impact oriented wound.

- Onikichou(Demon Entry): Using a single finger, he remains focused, then thrusts it forward creating a thin, almost invisible blast of air. While not too destructive, it can easily pierce the human body and fragile objects/surroundings. It remains the strongest technique of the first form.

:bulletred:Gisentou Hisantsume:bulletred:: (More striking technique then pure destruction. It uses every point of the hands and arms together with unique and hard to read "Drunken" footwork)

- Akachan-Dageki(Infant Strike): Side to side strike with a curled two fingers. Used in the right situation, it can cause severe damage.

- Adaruto-Dageki(Adult Strike): Uppercut with four fingers/claws, it can also be used on an angle. Easily more deadly then the first technique.

- Musha-Dageki(Warrior's Strike): Forward thrust with open hand, all five claws/fingers used. It can penatrate with great force.

- Koushaku-Dageki(Prince's Strike): Powerful slashing strike with hands going up down or opposite to slash like a sword. Resistance of the enemy plays a big part.

- Kingu-Dageki(King's Strike): Winding both arms back, he then sends them forward in a inward sweeping motion. It can both release a massive impact, and also slice multiple wounds from entry which will then be blown open by the energy released and the movement afterwards.

Bio: Leone was born into a Pirate family, his mother and father one of the few(if not the only) couple raging among the seas. His was a family based on pain and sorrow, which seemed to clash with the birth of a loving and caring little boy. Even so, he loved his parents, since they acted so dofferently with him personally. Over the years, he would see many things, and grow to hate the horrible men and women he could do nothing about.
By the young age of 17, Leone had watched his parents grow older, and retire to a small village to control a worldwide criminal ring. He would live there with them for 4 more years, before word reached his parents about a certain remark. Not considering that his inner circle had something to do with the villages prime source of income, he talked openly of becoming a Marine, to bring peace to the world. These words would bring great anger to his parents, as they quickly threw away any love they had, and ordered him killed on the spot. If it hadn't been for a cargo ship owned by a World Goverment spy, he would never had escaped. He tarveled to Karate Island, living their for a few months before Marines picked him up.
Soon after revealing all information of his families doing to the Marines(and placing over a five-hundred people in Impel Down as a result) Leone was allowed the lowest rank, left to clean the barracks and so on. His love for purity and happiness seemed infinite, as he worked to the fullest extent. Gaining knowledge on both Goverment and Battle, Leone threw himself into study whenever he wasnt on the job. By age 23, he was a Rear Admiral.
On his 24th birthday, he was graced with a travel mission by his superiors. Traveling to a now demolished ruin within his home of South Blue, he was set to look out Pirates said to be holding immense amounts of treasure, aswell as decent bounties. Fighting his way through(and after a life altering battle) he found their Captain had been hiding a powerful item of history, a Devils Fruit. To Leone's luck, the Captain had been to scared of rumors and such to eat it, and layed it too far away to simply run and feast away.He would wait to master his Martial Arts before eating it. When he finally did(at age 28), Leone would take a bite, setting an entire chain of events to come. In the end, his power would multiply so greatly that he would be promoted to Admiral, and a suprise it was. Who Kizaru, Aokiji and Akainu once saw as a simple weakling with pure intentions, was now a beast in the same class as them(Ofcourse, each had only been Admiral for a short time before Leone).
The primal abilities of his Devils Fruit would become clear, as the once spiteful, but controlled Leone was now replaced with the fierce and destructive Admiral Chashi. A wierd name, to be given to a wierd man. He was now the ever calm and silent, who quickly turned into a cold-blooded Pirate killer. Even so, his clear view on right an wrong earned him respect from his piers, as even his fellow Admirals grew to enjoy his company. He could now protect all normal citizens, and freely wipe asmany Pirates off the sea as he wished.

After countless trips to his vacation home(?) at Karate Island, his skill was now crawling ever closer to a god. Although Leone believed in justice and a World Goverment rule, he questioned those he didn't see. He claimed to earn respect equal to the Gorōsei(Five Elder Star, the highest authority of the World Government) should be a true Marines goal, second only to purifying the sea of Pirates. Thought this angered a few member of said group, most welcomes the thought with open arms and a smile. Should an Admiral gain such power, it could only be good in the long run.
Soon after(about a month after becoming Admiral) word spread across every ocean about Leone. His ruthless and demonic nature(atleast when it came to Pirates) put his name before all three of his fellow Admirals. Many within the Marines think he surpassed them as soon as his point of view was accepted by the Gorōsei, while Pirates out of both fear and tales of his battles, believe it without a doubt. As of now, he hasn't shown his true power enough to prove the rumors wrong or right. Fleet Admiral Sengoku and most of the Shichibukai have both stressed intense fear of him, simply because he has no true emotions(or atleast has yet to show any), should a single rule be broken. This is proven when Leone is denied access to their meeting about the war with Whitebeard, after personally asking to attend. Sengoku further admits that both his original power, and the ability to further improve make him a greater warrior then Aokiji. It is said he now resides in Impel Down, as its hidden security. This may be because of his powerful Haki(Sometimes thought to be Haoushoku level)
Leone secretly runs a worldwide guild of Pirate Hunters, named Tenraisentai(Divine Fleet). They have members within every sea, and even the Grand Line. The 7 strongest members(Including Leone at the top) are called the Zentoku(Virtues, also known as the Divine Seven) And are named for each of the heavenly virtues(Prudence, Justice, Restraint, Courage, Faith, Hope and Charity). Atleast 2 of the members(not including Leone) are considered as much of a threat by Pirates as the Shichibukai, although all 7 are considered great powers. While they are not immune to law, the members gain free killing rights within their territory and designated spots their sent to(As long as the person is a Pirate). The top 7(Or should we say 6) are given freedom for every crime, as long as they meet a certain amount in bounties. Its safe to say with Leone as leader(Taking the name of Kougi/Justice) that they remain within the law, since even though he only hates Pirates, Leone demands a certain amount of respect from his strongest members.
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Finally! My Espada OC request drawn by :iconaxelblade: SO SO SO GREAT. I'm VERY happy with it. He is a somewhat cultural mixing pot. His Zanpakutou is Voodoo based, while his hand to hand combat is Muay Thai based..and he likes Opera.Well, here is his info.

Art: :iconaxelblade:
Espartero Baldomer: ME

* EDIT: I decided to change the name. Check it out.

Name: Espartero Baldomer
Age: Somewhat Ancient Arrancar, about 1,800 years old(about 26 in looks)
Race: Arrancar
Rank: 2nd Espada
Zanpakutou: Huesorey(Bone King)

Strength: Offense, Speed, Hand to Hand Combat(Similar to Muay Thai, should Cero not be in use.), Swordplay(Although no true form exists, many fear his use of a sword, for the raw power of its slash.)
Weakness: Healing Kidou, Defense.
Likes: Calm, Martial Arts, Music, Beauty in all forms, Halibel, Exotic Coffee(strictly with cream).
Dislikes: Noise, Long Distance, Cruelty, Coffee(With little to no cream).
Theme Song: Behind Blue Eyes: [link]

Personality: Espartero is usually a nice guy. Although he is an Espada for a reason, he does enjoy fighting and killing, but he prefers to kill quickly and not play with his food. He appreciates all music, but enjoys Opera the most. He is very sexual, and likes to flirt(Voodoo belief has deep connections to the act) All people he kills, he later prays or speaks to, in hopes of gaining a friend for the future. He also seems to enjoy company and conversation, as he speaks with many of his fellow Arrancar whenever theres a chance.
The one thing he will NOT stand for, is wasting time(Sasori anyone?) When such a moment does arrise, he wont hesitate to drop into pure evil, like somany of his fellow Arrancar. He thinks all time excluding fighting WORTHY opponents, should be spent ' playing ' with women. In the future, Espartero is revealed to be somewhat depressed, and actually a decent person, like Nel(Who he had had contact with in the past). This is because he believes in killing only when needed, to reach a goal. Others around him have no such emotional restraint.
Another point, would be his habit for using unqiue, and very RAW metaphors. Although he knows plenty of true ones, of great calibur and knowledge, he continues to suprise his companions with correct, yet almost TOO deep a words.
His true reason for following Aizen, is neither fear nor respect(though he has his doubts, he knows full well Aizen wouldn't just throw him away like he does others. A high level Espada, who gained such rank through pure training, is too rare a find.) Espartero hopes(due to his religion) to live in a world of the dead. In reality, his somewhat pure soul(compared to other Arrancar) hopes for defeat at some point. Espartero more or less joined Aizen, simply because he believes in death as a higher tier. Its safe to say, if he had no connection to the ancient art of Voodoo, that he may never have joined Aizen in the first place, or already followed Nel's path.

Abilities: Espartero is known for his ability in combat. He can be considered the 11th Squad Captain type character of the Espada. Hand to Hand, Swordplay and raw physical power are his strong point, along with a powerful Sonido. His Cero Blade Technique is a specialty he is known for, beheading his enemies in a single stroke. This killing technique is similar to Byakuya's Senka(Flash Blossom) in affect, except it destroys the heart in a single piercing with his Cero Corte. This special technique, called Angustia has given him the nickname 'Heartbreaker' within the Espada.
Although its not focused upon, Espartero actually has the strongest raw Reiatsu out of all the Espada, giving him the strongest Cero and Bala, although the enhanced strength is weakened by slightly slower speed. His reiatsu is so great, it actually hurts others. As Aizen puts it " He Summons pain one could not imagine. "
*Unique Ability: Cero Corte(Cero Blade): Ability to summon a blade of Cero energy from the hand/arm. Usually in a energy form with a rising current, it can be manipulated to any type of bladed weapon.

Gran Cero Corte(Grand Cero Blade): Espartero's form of Gran Rey Cero(Although he can use both normal and Gran Rey Cero) Creating a massive blade of spiritual energy(Orange in color, his universal Reiatsu color) Its extension phase can be killer, extending at such a speed, it could pierce an enemy from a distance. It can also be used normaly, to cut and slash. Halibel has noted, its power is almost twice the raw power of a Gran Rey Cero, due to it being restricted to the form of a blade.

Zanpakutou: Huesorey(Bone King): *Look to link below for picture*

Resurrección Phrase: " Crawl, Huesorey! "

Resurrección: [link] Techniques are as follows:


Gigante Cero(Giant Cero): His transformed(so-called 'Beast Hands' ) can release much larger and more powerful Cero.

Damballa(Father of Voodoo Deities/Loa): His bone spines cover their designated areas on his body, defending the body. Reiatsu can also be put into the spines, to better the shield and extend over them.

Kalfu(Voodoo Demon/Deity, often compared to Satan): Goes into a powerful spin. This makes his entire body a weapon, being able to shred the foe, or bluntly damage them, should Damballa be in use.

Premero Barón: Cementerio(First Baron: Cemetery. Named after Baron Cimetière of the Voodoo Faith.): As Espartero collects blood(by simple contact with the blood lost by foes) the empty bone tubes on his back fill up. Should one get full, he can sacrifice it(There are only six, one under each sharp spine on his back.) in order to summon Hollow Beast. By using a catalyst, you choose the element(Reaching down and touching the ground will summon and Earth Elemental, The air around you will make Wind, Creating a spark with his claws or anything else can make Fire, getting wet or touching water makes Water Element. On the rare occasion of fighting a Thunder/Lightning element, or near high-tech, he can create Lightning Element.)
These monsters can only spit their element in blasts from their mouths, but they act on his mental command, and can react quickly. Although they are big(somewhat like bulls) they can still charge at high speed, and have an extremely high endurance, allowing them to fight for long amounts of time.
After a tube is used, that tube shatters, only reviving when Resurrección is used at a later date(atleast 3 days later). The creatures themselves, although in bull shape and with different elements, are all shaped the same. Skeletal bulls, with bright red eyes and a dark aura.

Segundo Barón: Cruz(Second Baron: Cross. Named after Baron La Croix of the Voodoo Faith.): The claw shaped spines on his back extend or grow. They can grow long to attack foes, or grow stronger in mass for more damage. Both can be used for massive attacks on far away enemies or to do large amounts of damage. When this is used, Espartero's claws can also extend to snipe or slice foes.

Resurrección: Segunda Etapa: Espartero forces himself into what would seem to be a berserk rage, using the dark arts. His eyes are covered in black reiatsu, while his normal reiatsu(orange in color) flares up. In this form, his speed is amplified, and use of Cero Corte is much more powerful. The powerful reiatsu is also able to attract somewhat. Like a magnet, it can force opponents closer, and off balance. Espartero's muscle mass is multiplied, making his body grow in size a bit. His mask also grows longer from its three points, creating extensions similar to horns.
His Gigante Cero can now be considered similar to Cero Oscuras in strength, but is limited in range, more so like a shotgun blast, rather then a beam. This works well with his close combat style. His Hierro is also advanced, lowering its weaker properties compared to his other skills.

Resurrección Power Level: Master.
Combat Techniques/Skills:

Angustia(Heartbreak): A Sonido and Cero Corte combination, phasing in and out of view in a single step, and piercing the heart with a blade of Cero energy. The blade is usually stabbed through the side, into the chest area.

Rosabrote(Rosebud): A lightning fast technique, using either a bare hand thrust or Cero Blade. Espartero dashes forward, piercing the foe through, then appearing simply at the opposite side. The entire proccess is usually unseen, visible by only the most powerful onlookers. * If the hand(s) is used, the heart or rib-cage is usually ripped out.
Bio: Espartero was born Ryushin Jahime, a japanese raised Muay Thai prodegy. Along with Muay Thai, Ryushin practiced every other sport he could get his hands on, suprising many as he made it to national level. Sadly, a hollow attack left him at the mercy of forces he knew nothing about. After years of climbing up the ranks, and going pro, Ryushin would fall to a hollow at age 24.
Through the twists and turns of hollow transformation, Espartero was born. Although his heart was certainly gone, and a rare evil consumed him, his personality seemed almost untouched. Just like in his former life, he quickly rose to Vasto Lorde level. After a few hundred years, he was able to pull off his mask, he had become an Arrancar.
Hundreds of years passed by, as Espartero was one of very few existing Arrancar. At the time, the entire hollow world had yet to see an Arrancar, since Arturo Plateado. As the two shared certain traits, Espartero was called the second coming of the great Arrancar. He continued to get stronger, until finally, he met Aizen.
*Aizen offered him a place beside him, but stressed that should he show signs of weakness, he would be replaced. Espartero made it to 2nd of the Original Espada in no time at all. Soon, his fellow Espada would be replaced by new, homemade Arrancar. Espartero wouldn't grow weak, he would only get stronger.
A suprise to Aizen and his followers alike, Espartero(along with two other former Espada) came out of a guantlet of training, their powers even further evolved. Aizen found it necessary to create yet another powerful group of Arrancar. These three Arrancar, would be his last line of defense, and recruit and upgrade more Arrancar on their own, for Aizen's needs. The so-called 'Hollow Royal Guard' was named 'Lo Inmortal' or 'The Immortal". Since then, they have been the true reason behind Aizen's rule over the hollow, and Espartero and one other of the three have trained the Arrancar who now take their position in the Espada(Espartero trained Halibel, none of the three trained Barrigan). Espartero has been the only one which Soul Society has come in contact with, although they think the minor vision they saw was a simple Soldier-Arrancar, of the low ranks. It is unsure what Espartero and his fellow 'immortal' are to be used for, after the Winter War. Perhaps they may even join in, or have they followed their own path?

2nd Espada History Path(Continued from paragraph marked with *):

Espartero soon found it necessary to do training of his own. Although considered one of the strongest Espada, truth be told, he was scared of the stories he heard about Soul Society. While Aizen was still hiding among the Shinigami, going about as a Captain(early into his Captain career) and believing it was impossible to be defeated, Espartero held a much more acceptable view. Knowing how powerful his own side was, he had a hard time believing Soul Society didn't have MULTIPLE tricks up their sleeve. He thought to himself " There MUST be Master-Class warriors in Soul Society. I must improve! "
Exiting the early stages of Las Noches, he walked into the distance, vanishing from the eyes of Aizen and the Espada. Soon, Halibel was born, and deemed stronger then Espartero by Aizen. His Fraccion gave him the information, before departing. They claimed, that Aizen's word must be true, and left him alone in the vast landscape. Espartero would train to greater heights, before heading back home. He later declined battle with Halibel for rank, refusing to show his newly obtained power. Content with being a Privaron Espada, he was deemed the 102nd. Future years under Aizen would show extreme amounts of abuse from Halibel's Fraccion, although Halibel herself has hinted fear of Espartero.
*Extra Details:

- His Reiatsu is Orange.
- That Tattoo is half of his Number 2 Espada Mark.
- That silver-ish thing on his hip IS the hilt of his zanpakutou.
- It has been hinted he and Halibel have a 'Relationship' of sorts.
- He is on friendly terms with most of Aizen's army, including Stark and Ulquiorra(Grimmjow has been shown to enjoy his company, and all ranks of Arrancar under Espada, excluding Halibel's Fraccion, call him Espartero-sama.This includes even Barragan's Fraccion, although its most likely due to fear.)
- His normal Cero is similar to electricity, sending multiple bolt-like beams at one time(usually 2-3 at once)
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Voiceactor: Gideon Emery.
Themesong: Mistakes.

Yaaaay! My first One Piece OC to be introduced to you guys! XD

I actually have a whole bunch of One Piece OC's, but this guy is DEFINITELY my favorite. Nothing beats well-muscled beasty men with fishy lips and sexy stripes plus fierce personalities, am I right? I just really really love him. The FMI Arc doesn't help, can't wait for the new chapters :'D

BACKGROUND STORY [ long story is long ]
Parsa was born on Fishman Island where he spent most of his life. His mother, Vesper, was a Dusky Dolphin Fishwoman who worked as a jewelry seller and was a loving lady that did everything for her family and her lover Skooma. Skooma was a Leopard Shark Fishman that owned a bar in the Fishman District and provided the majority of their income. Since the bar was frequently visited by pirates Parsa had very early contact with them, but he came to only get to know the good and adventurous side of them, making him already dream as a child to sail over the seas when he grew older. He grew up very sheltered and was a bright boy who spent most of the time outside, as he would rather play with his friends instead of clinging to his mother all day long. When he was 7 years old his parents disappeared one day when they surfaced to get some new supplies. They had disguised themselves extra carefully, but one of their clostest friends, Kjeld, suspected that something might’ve happened. His worst fears should prove true as the Tenryuubito had made them their slaves after they fell prey to hooks that they set out in the ocean. Since they didn’t want to endure such a life they let the rings around their necks explode and consequently died on the streets. Kjeld returned to Fishman Island and gave Parsa into the care of the orphanage and albeit he didn’t tell the boy what happened to his parents he should find out about it only a couple of days afterwards. At this very moment his hatred for man was inflamed and despite his tender age you could hear his contempt when he talked about humans and to some it even seemed as if he used that to hide his grief over the loss of his parents. After his territory would from now on be the Fishman District, he soon got to know other people that had suffered a similar fate – including Arlong, who had already made a name for himself. Even back then he admired the Sawshark for his resolute personality and his precise world views. For him Arlong had always been a role model although their relationship was rather platonic at that time, since they only rarely talked to each other. There’s no doubt however that Arlong’s hate may have rubbed off on Parsa and encouraged his opinion on humans even more. Like many other fishmen he was impressed by Arlongs idealistic goals and vowed to one day fight by his side to show the humans that they were the superior race. In the meantime further incidents fueled his hatred. At 10 the sight of his right eye was taken by a thug when Parsa hung around the Sabaody Archipel to watch the amusement park from afar. His reasons were both racist and discriminatory: he wanted to see whether fish also did bleed red blood like humans and he also wanted to ensure that he would truly just be as blind as a fish. However, before his other eye could also be affected he could escape. At the age of 12 Parsa fell prey to the same hooks that once caught his parents, but he could free himself just in time before he’d also become a slave. As a result he has now two deep cuts in both of his fins. When he was 16 years old there were rumours of Fisher Tiger, Arlong and Jinbe going around. As Fisher Tiger attacked the holy land Marie Joa and freed the slaves many fishmen joined his crew and formed the Sun Pirates. At this time Parsa was still too young to help them, so he turned back to the Fishman District and declared it his territory. The following years he would gain a name for himself among all those pirates and criminals, sometimes even fighting until death with them. Because of the wild nature of his combat style he was soon simply known as “the Tiger Shark” as those animals were notorious for their relentless attacks. Despite his youth he managed to stay on the top and when Fisher Tiger died 3 years later he had gained a lot of combat experience. It was during this time period that Jinbe, Arlong and the other Sun Pirates returned to Fishman Island for a short time. Parsa took a hold on that chance and had a couple of serious talks with Arlong, claiming that he could lend him a helping hand in his campaign against humans. Although Arlong very well remembered him he declined the offer, but they remained as friends. The last thing he heard from Arlong was that he had gone to the East Blue. Soon after Parsa also left the island and joined the Deepsea Pirates. They were a group of fishman that despised the humans, all for their own personal reasons. As they raided the seas they left a bloody trail behind them and since Parsas combat style against humans was extremely brutal, they soon started to call him “Maneater” – a title that fit well, because no human opponent would ever escape his jaws. He preferred using his physical attributes, such as fangs, claws, strength and even his shark tail. Since they inflicted so much damage in such a short amount of time they soon earned themselves bounties that should rise in the years to come. However the pirates seperated 8 years later and they all walked their own paths. Parsa carried on his crusade against the humans and received through one of his lone battles the large scar that stretches from his right chest to the shoulderblade. His nomadic life should come to a stop 3 years later when he heard rumours that Arlong had beend defeated by a group of men in East Blue. He finally returned to Fishman Island with 28 years and only occasionally left to cast his wrath upon the neighboring islands. Now at age 30 his world view didn’t change the slightest. Although he never joined another pirate crew again it’s very likely that he’ll eventually leave the island once more to complete his work in honor of all those that suffered through the hands of humans.


Parsa © belongs to =Berrykitten. Steal and die.
One Piece and Fishmen are copyrighted to Eiichiro Oda.
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Here's my second and last One Piece OC c: Two are definitely enough for deviantArt.
I'm totally jumping on the bandwagon with making a One Piece OC that's paired with one of the canon characters.
So yeah, she's Arlongs girlfriend. Oh god please don't kill me haha, I just couldn't resist the urge. I usually really HATE OC x Canon ( but I love Arlong )
I completely blame :iconakumasoul: for persuading me XDDD

Eh, getting her design acceptable was really hard, I still think her face looks way too human-like. I don't know how to make it better though, I stared at pictures of those fish for ages and couldn't come up with anything decent x_x Her colors were also really really hard to decide. All in all her design was more difficult than Parsas, but I still like Parsa more haha. These red stripes on her legs are actually patterns on her legs, not some kind of tights.

I guess she's also kind of an OP-Version of me ( only prettier -brick'd- ), because she got influenced a lot by my personality. XD

Oh, and a little fun fact: she and Parsa know each other and albeit only barely, they really really don't like one another. When they meet they always exchange glares and snappy comments. XD This is also why Parsa thinks that Arlong has a bad taste with women haha.

Background Story
Kilara was born on Fishman Island and she spent most of her years there. She was usually helping out her parents with their grocery, but actually prefered to explore the oceans all by herself. During that time her dream of seeing the whole world developed and she knew that someday she’d have to leave the Island. As a teenager however she was occupied with the debates going on whether or not they should try to get to know the humans or not and she couldn’t quite decide for heself if she agreed with Otohime or Fisher Tiger. She also started to hear about the rummage of the Arlong Pirates that they were causing in the Fishman District and curious as she was, she couldn’t help but venture into that forbidden place. Despite the dirty look of those streets she would soon start to get to know a few of the people living there, including the very captain of the Arlong Pirates, Arlong himself. While she had always thought his opinion on humans was quite an overreaction – which led to many discussions between them – they eventually became close comrades despite their notable age difference back then. As time passed on she started to discover deeper feelings for the Sawshark, but didn’t tell him at first since she didn’t want to destroy their friendship. In the end that changed though as she admitted to her feelings despite knowing that Arlong wasn’t exactly a guy for being lovey-dovey with someone. While there was no sweet and romantic love confession, he made it clear the he felt the same and they have been a couple eversince. Granted, when she heard about Fisher Tigers death her opinion on humans started to change too and she didn’t trust them the slightest anymore, but there was still no hate inside of her. Around that time she asked Arlong to let her join his crew as a Navigator and when he agreed she would sail with them for the next years to come. However at some point she temporarily left the crew, only to find that they had been captured by the marines when she returned. This left her with no crew, no comrades and even with her lover being gone, forcing her to continue her journey on her own. Two years have passed since then and she’s determined to free her crewmates from prison as soon as possible as she still hasn't given up on them yet.


Kilara © belongs to =Berrykitten. Steal and die.
One Piece and Fishman are copyrighted to Eiichiro Oda.
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do not use by murasaki55 My Art Is Not Your Template, ETC by Enjoumou Stamp: Effing Dollmakers by Enjoumou
...I hate to have to put these here, but some people evidently don't understand these things -_-

:star: PLEASE NOTE!! I've been getting a lot of questions from people wanting to know if I would be willing to release a blank template so others can use it. To save anyone else from asking, the answer is always going to be "No" (the only exception I could possibly make is for a close friend). I made this design for myself so that my OCs could have profiles that are unique to me as an artist, and that's important to me. So please, don't ask me if you can use it. Instead, make something that can be unique to you as well! ♥

General Information

AKA "what couldn't fit onto the sheet"

First Appearance

On Sabaody Archipelago with the Heart pirates and the rest of the Supernovas.

Home Island

Currently unnamed, though it is located somewhere close to Loguetown and Reverse Mountain.


Remi's epithet, "Harpy," originated from a bitter comment that her marine ex-husband had made about her when he found out about her being a pirate. Since the marines were trying to figure out what they should call her at the time, that nickname was what went onto her wanted poster, much to her annoyance.

Fighting Style

Despite always having been on the athletic side, Remi has never really been much of a fighter. When provoked, one would typically find themselves with a wrench embedded into their skull and that would be the end of it. However, once she became a pirate and acquired her Devil Fruit it was decided that she ought to learn a few combat maneuvers. Remi would much rather stay behind the scenes doing what she does best and taking care of whatever needs fixing, though she will fight when she feels that she is needed. She prefers to fight in the air, as in her Gargoyle form she is able to move about more freely and while most of her techniques are defensive, she tends to use her opponent's force against them.

Devil Fruit: Ishi Ishi No Mi rename pending

OP: i'mma kick yer ass so hard u'll starve rollin' by Enjoumou
  • Meaning: Stone (refers to the fact that Gargoyles are made of stone)
  • Class: Mythical Zoan
  • Date Eaten: After officially becoming a member of the Heart Pirates (Law assisted her in the theft of this fruit from a marine base, in exchange for her joining the crew and becoming his mechanic)
  • Abilities: Allows the user to transform into a winged creature made of stone, also granting the user a bonus in strength (enough to support the weight of this form, but she does not get superhuman strength) however she is rather slowed down in this form. Later on, Remi learns to to turn select parts of her body into stone in order to block attacks quickly.





  • Law: Remi has a very brother/sister-like relationship with her captain, and gets very irritable if someone mocks him within her earshot. They're constantly giving each other crap and making smart remarks, but Remi is very loyal to him and trusts in his decisions, even if she doesn't like them (though that doesn't stop her from bitching about it regardless). They always have something to say to each other and Law is literally the only person who can get away with calling her by her full name.
  • Bepo: She's pretty protective over Bepo as well, and finds him endearing. They usually get along, save for the occasional mishap.
  • Shachi: not enough info on him yet
  • Penguin: not enough info on him yet
  • Dakon & Hakon: (shared OCs between Zim-Shady and I) These two are twin brothers who are not so smart but exceptioanlly skilled at what they do and therefore are worth keeping around. Haven't figured out much about them yet, they mostly add comic relief at the moment and piss Remi off. It usually falls to her to knock their heads together.
  • Jean Bart: They get along fine, during downtime they can be seen playing card games and drinking beer together.
  • Indy: (OC) redoing


Yet to be revealed.

Love Interest

  • Phoenix Marco
  • Status: "Talking" (pre-timeskip); Lovers (post-timeskip)
  • History: Remi's relationship with Marco began as a purely physical thing, although neither of them had intended for it to happen. They had hit it off quite well and spent a good portion of that night talking, when one thing naturally progressed to another. The next time they met, they spent quite a bit of time together and before Marco left, he gave her a vivre card as a means to contact him. Remi continually denies that she has feelings for him, claiming that she 'isn't the relationship type of person' despite having been married in the past (she's pretty jaded in that respect) yet she can't seem to stay away from him and is slowly falling for him. Of course, Marco can see right through her denial but understands that she needs some time to get herself together before she can openly admit her feelings. However, two years after the war at Marineford they are officially a couple.

Misc. Information


Other Profiles

Alander Van:
Esparza Senka:
Indiana Van Asch:
Mara Leitner:…
Portgas D. Jack:

One Piece & all characters (c) Oda
Remi is my fan character
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do not use by murasaki55 My Art Is Not Your Template, ETC by Enjoumou Stamp: Effing Dollmakers by Enjoumou
...I hate to have to put these here, but some people evidently don't understand these things -_-

:star: PLEASE NOTE!! I've been getting a lot of questions from people wanting to know if I would be willing to release a blank template so others can use it. To save anyone else from asking, the answer is always going to be "No" (the only exception I could possibly make is for a close friend). I made this design for myself so that my OCs could have profiles that are unique to me as an artist, and that's important to me. So please, don't ask me if you can use it. Instead, make something that can be unique to you as well! ♥

update: few small changes! Firstly, added his epithet, "Corona" (big thanks to TigerBites for helping me out with that! it's perfect! <3) which refers to corona discharge. Secondly, you might notice that I've changed his eye color (or not LOL). Mara's mother and grandmother both have those ice-blue eyes, while hers are brown like her father's. So after a bit of thought, I figured it'd be neat to have them reappear in Jack ;p Genetics! |D

LOL this was done purely for fun, I don't even know that the RP will even get that far into the future but I figured so long as I'm making profiles for all my OCs, why not?? ;p

He doesn't have an epithet yet, because I'm still trying to think of a good one for him. and his head's blocking part of his name but i guess it's kinda obvious whose child he is :XD:

So anyway, this is grown up!Jack, son of Ace and Mara. I think he's stolen that sash from uncle Marco ;p and while I don't have anything in-depth to write here (he's barely a few days old in the RP's current events and you try having profound interactions with a newborn xD) I did think of some stuff while i was doing this, so here we go:

:bulletblue: his birthday is actually the exact date that he was born in the RP irl, because why not?

:bulletblue: his name comes from this whole playing card theme that I had wanted to do, but in the storyline, it was Luffy's suggestion for a very different reason.

:bulletblue: until he's around two years old, people constantly mistake him for a girl despite Mara's efforts to dress him in boyish clothing. Zoro finds this fact HILARIOUS.

:bulletblue: he has an aunt who is at least 7 years younger than him (Mara's half-sister).

:bulletblue: despite Ace's opinion of Gol D. Roger (or perhaps because of it) Jack is very proud to be the grandson of the late pirate king.

:bulletblue: due to piracy being an extremely dangerous lifestyle, he began training in combat at a very young age, as not one member of the crew and extended family was ignorant to the fact that he would need to learn to defend himself no matter who could claim to protect him from danger.

:bulletblue: he sleeps very little during the night, but will fall asleep at random points during the day and often in the middle of a conversation, much like his father, though he rarely appears to be the least bit sleepy and is generally quite lively and full of energy.

:bulletblue: he is generally good-natured and polite when meeting new people, though the instant someone gets on his bad side, he becomes outwardly, stubbornly obnoxious and it is very VERY hard to get him to change his mind or earn his forgiveness.

:bulletblue: due to the environment he's grown up in, he can be selfish and overconfident, and will sometimes lie or manipulate to get things to go his way, and it usually works.

:bulletblue: with so many other people around all the time, he can be quite possessive over his things and values anything that he can truly call his own. he's not a fan of sharing, especially when it comes to food, meaning dinnertime can often be mistaken for a war zone.

:bulletblue: before anyone points this out to me or asks, there is no reason at all for why his right ear in particular is pierced. it's not supposed to mean a thing (I know people like to speculate on a guy's sexuality based on which ear is pierced, but in Jack's case, the right side was just the side I happened to draw it on and nothing more XD It's a huge and stupid stereotype in the US so I just thought I'd be clear on that).

One Piece & all characters (c) Oda
Jack and Mara are mine~
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do not use by murasaki55 My Art Is Not Your Template, ETC by Enjoumou Stamp: Effing Dollmakers by Enjoumou
...I hate to have to put these here, but some people evidently don't understand these things -_-

Here's a profile for Mara to go along with all the others I've uploaded :3 Mara is pretty much the oldest character I have that is still 'active' and therefore I've spent loads of time developing her. because of that, this profile is pretty long and probably tldr, lol.

also, if you happen to see any holes or areas where I haven't provided an adequate explanation, please do point them out to me so I can fix it! :3

:star: PLEASE NOTE!! I've been getting a lot of questions from people wanting to know if I would be willing to release a blank template so others can use it. To save anyone else from asking, the answer is always going to be "No" (the only exception I could possibly make is for a close friend). I made this design for myself so that my OCs could have profiles that are unique to me as an artist, and that's important to me. So please, don't ask me if you can use it. Instead, make something that can be unique to you as well! ♥

General Information

AKA "what couldn't fit onto the sheet"

First Appearance

After the Alabasta arc and before the Skypiea arc. In the RP she is in, she joins the crew shortly after Koshi Toshi (Zim-Shady's OC).

Home Island

Mara is from Rumble Cay, which is a tropical island on the Grand Line. It is typically hampered by various weather disasters and considered inhabitable by the marines who happen to pass by, and because of this nobody ever dares venture too close to find out whether or not this is true. Due to the constant storms, the island is flooded year round and all of the inhabitants live in a village built atop the trees. The climate is hot and very humid, though the temperature drops quite significantly at night during the colder seasons. The violent weather on the outskirts of the island makes trading impossible, thus the island's inhabitants are largely self-sufficient (aside from what they can scavenge from the occasional shipwreck). Many of the villagers ended up on the island due to being shipwrecked near the area and then being washed ashore, afterward settling and making the best of a life there. Some even find love amidst the miserable conditions and quite a few children have been born on Rumble Cay (Mara being one of them).

Attempting to escape Rumble Cay is considered a suicide mission, as people very rarely make it back after failed attempts.


Mara gained the epithet 'Knockout' because of her fighting style, which consists of hitting pressure points on the opponent and "knocking them out." Get it? har har.

Fighting Style: Kyūshojutsu (attacks on pressure points)

"A Pressure Point refers to an area on the human body that may produce significant pain or other effects when manipulated in a specific manner." - Wikipedia
  • Examples:… &…

  • Origins: When Mara was young, she witnessed a fight between a group of thugs and a single old man, and watched as the old man proceeded to incapacitate each thug with a mere touch. She was instantly enthralled by this technique, and from that day forward she would relentlessly pester him to teach her everything about it. He refused, stating that it was too dangerous for an irresponsible girl like her to know such things (though she was still able to pick up a few things just by observing). One day when Mara was 15 and the future of Rumble Cay was at stake, he revealed to her that he was very ill and saw no other option but to pass on all he knew of the pressure point techniques to her. Shortly before he could finish doing so, he passed away.

    Since then, Mara has made Kyūshojutsu her primary means of attack and incorporated speed into her techniques; she has been training with leg-weights for a long time in order to become as fast as possible in order to be more efficient. She gets up with Zoro every morning to run and train, always looking to improve and be in the best shape possible, motivated by the fact that she cannot stand to lose a fight. What she lacks in physical strength, she more than makes up for in speed and resilience.

  • Attacks: coming soon

Devil Fruit: Naoru Naoru No Mi

  • Meaning: Heal

  • Class: Paramecia

  • Date Eaten: Sometime after returning from Skypiea (the fruit was found while adventuring there)

  • Abilities: Allows the user to heal from most wounds and afflictions, even regenerate lost limbs (though a beheading would very likely kill her, as she would need to grow a new body in order to survive that). It also causes the process of aging to be somewhat delayed, immunity from diseases and poisons, and as a side effect it has caused her to become rather masochistic. She has taken this ability even further by purposely creating situations in which she would become injured, resulting in a very accelerated rate of healing. Most of the crew members disapprove of this method, however Roronoa Zoro aids her in this endeavor by lending a sword when needed and cutting off a limb or two. This ability is constantly active, and it cannot be used to aid others.


  • 65,000,050: received after the events at Enies Lobby. It would have been lower, however Mara tends to draw a lot of attention to herself. She initially had 65,000,000 but it was later increased by 50 beli because she messed with a particularly spiteful marine captain.

  • Wanted Poster: She hates it and wishes her poster looked a lot cooler; she sulked almost as much as Sanji when she saw it for the first time. Her grandmother about choked to death on her tea when she saw it for the first time.
    Mara's Poster 2.0 by Enjoumou


Undergoing some revision, check back soon!



  • Luffy: She absolutely adores her Captain and always loves to goof off with him. They also share a reckless streak, so each is usually on board with the other's stupid idea when it involves potential bodily harm. She trusts him completely and usually Luffy is the only one who can convince her to do something she really doesn't want to do (i.e. staying out of a fight).

  • Zoro: Mara considers Zoro to be her closest friend (she never did relate very well to other girls). They tend to hang out and sass each other. He is one of the few crew members who encourages her training methods and by extension, her masochistic behavior (even helping her along by cutting off her limbs and keeping track of how fast they regenerate). She respects his commitment to his training and his drive to become the best at what he does, and every morning she spends time training with him (though she obviously doesn't use the same weights, dear god lol).

  • Nami: She is usually the first to confiscate Mara's sharp objects and scold her for being so careless with her own body, but despite that they get along quite well, and Nami is usually one of the first whom Mara will go to when she's in need of advice.

  • Usopp: Along with Nami, Usopp is usually one of the first to chastise Mara for her reckless behavior. Aside from that, she enjoys his company and they've always got along well.

  • Sanji: Mara respects Sanji's strength and generally seems to like having him around, though she often gets annoyed by his extreme attempts at showing affection. After Sanji gets together with Toshi, she finds him easier to be around (if not even more annoying about flaunting his relationship).

  • Chopper: Mara has a special bond with Chopper, as he was the one to nurse her grandmother and all of her friends on Rumble Cay back to health when they were in danger of succumbing to illness, therefore she especially has a soft spot for him and is very protective of him.

  • Robin: They both share a bit of a morbid side. They get along, though Robin's tendency to keep to herself hasn't really encouraged any bonding between them. They get along fine, though they don't seem to have much in common.

  • Toshi: (Zim-Shady's OC) redoing

  • Mika: (Nemuri-Tonbo's OC). Mara and Mika get along very well, and Mika often assists Mara in training her ability (since Mika's ability allows her to fly, so she can bring Mara to absurd heights and then drop her, timing how long it takes for her to fully heal). She's also never lectured Mara about her extracurricular activities the way Nami and Usopp tend to do.

  • Franky: Mara thinks Franky is hilarious and since he's generally pretty cool with everybody, they also get along well.

  • Hoshi: (Zim-Shady's OC). Since Hoshi has been mostly anti-social for the most part, Mara hasn't developed much of a relationship with her, aside from gossiping about Ace a little and the fact that Hoshi has a huge crush on Mara's father ;p

  • Brook: Mara likes the often zany persona of Brook, and usually appreciates his jokes and demeanor. They get along pretty well.

  • Senka: (my OC) Mara liked Senka at first...until, due to special circumstances, Senka betrayed the crew and put them all in danger, including Mara and Ace's unborn son. Afterward, it took a very long time before Mara could forgive her for that. She was bitter and angry toward her long after the rest of the crew had forgiven Senka.


  • Alander Van: Father (estranged until timeskip). Mara's relationship with her father is, at the time of this writing, shaky at best. She is very much like him, though Van is very lighthearted, and he trained her during the timeskip. Thanks to that, they managed to bond a bit and she has accepted him as her father, but despite this she still harbors some resentment toward him and it shows in their interactions. She won't admit it but she's very upset that he had known about her existence, yet had chosen to stay away from her and her mother all those years. However, they are very slowly growing closer.

  • Mayu Leitner: Grandmother. Mayu raised Mara, and although she was often strict and a bit of a hardass, she was always very loving toward her granddaughter and worked hard to ensure that Mara had a fulfilling childhood despite the absence of both her parents. She has consistently been the one person Mara always knew she could count on.

  • Lesia Leitner: Mother (deceased). Mara had no relationship to speak of with her mother, and to this day she hasn't forgiven her for it.

Love Interest

  • Portgas D. Ace

  • Status: Lovers

  • History: The two didn't start off on the best of terms; Mara was very unimpressed and annoyed by his protective nature, mistaking it for arrogance and believing she had to prove to him that she could handle herself in a fight, which inevitably led to Mara taking every risk possible and Ace nearing his wit's end attempting to keep his brother's crew-mate from being killed. After a prolonged period of time together, Mara realizes that she was wrong about him, while Ace is finally able to see the better side of her and they begin to develop feelings for each other. However when Mara confesses, he initially rejects her, believing that her feelings for him must be some kind of mistake (due to the scars of his childhood, he does not think himself worthy of being loved like that) though after a series of traumatic events she confesses a second time, and finally Ace stops holding back and reciprocates.

  • Relationship: Mara's relationship with Ace most closely resembles that of two best friends; they're not terribly romantic with each other, at least not in public, and they tend to show affection through teasing and playful interactions more than anything else. In terms of romantic displays of affection, Mara tends to be more open to those whereas Ace will become somewhat embarrassed by them. His overprotective nature will usually balance out her reckless ways. However they are both prone to being incredibly stubborn, which certainly causes tension in their relationship (as one might expect when you put two hotheads together). Still, after all that they've been through together, they are pretty solid and would readily go to the ends of the earth for each other.

Misc. Information

  • "Outfit Maps": (a compilation of all Mara's outfits throughout the story)

    Outfits Map: Mara (part 1) by Enjoumou  Outfits Map: Mara (part 2) by Enjoumou  Outfits Map: Mara (part 3) by Enjoumou

  • Abilities Chart:

    OP: Mara's Abilities Chart by Enjoumou

  • Astrology Sign: Leo (I chose her birthday at random, but it fits her rather well)

  • Colors: Lavender and yellow (thanks to Nemuri-Tonbo for help on that one!)

  • Theme Songs: Dangerous by Within Temptation; Invincible by Adelitas Way; Stand My Ground by Within Temptation; I'm Not Alright by Shinedown
    With Ace: All Or Nothing by Theory Of A Deadman; The Saltwater Room by Owl City (ffff it's. so. pretty. *combusts*)

  • Tattoo: Mara has a small black flame tattooed on the spot above where her heart is. She got it sometime after Thriller Bark, when the crew learned that Ace's vivre card was slowly burning up. She trusted in Luffy's decision not to rush to his aid, and concluded that she was overreacting because she missed him. So when the crew arrived at the Archipelago she went and got the tattoo in honor of him, to help herself feel a bit closer to him (Sappy, I know, but Mara is very impulsive so I think it fits). Some number of years later she gets a second tattoo on the inner side of her left forearm; the letters "PDJ" which are her son's initials.

  • Ideal Voice Actor: Shailene Woodley [sample: here, here & here ]
    I think I initially began to associate her voice with Mara because they sort of resemble each other; long brown hair, brown eyes, thin with somewhat long and slender limbs. Mara doesn't have many similarities to the characters that Shailene plays so the tone would be quite different for her, with more tenacity.

  • Notable Tropes: Leeroy Jenkins, Good Thing You Can Heal, Attack! Attack! Attack!, Daddy Had A Good Reason For Abandoning You, Dark And Troubled Past & Mutilation Demonstration.

  • Memes: "Couple Development" Meme, "Couples Meme", "Character Through Time" Meme

  • A Troll QQs About Mara (I'm all for constructive criticism, but this one just fell flat. A good read if you'd like some laughs though!)

Other Profiles

Alander Van:
Esparza Senka:
Indiana Van Asch:
Portgas D. Jack:
Remi Thayer:

One Piece & all characters (c) Oda
Mara is my fan character
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The straw hat's astronomer... Hoshizora!!
My one piece original character/strawhat :S (because I have that less of the life to make one ;D)

This is him after the timeskip/two years!…

OP fanatics, please the read the description. Might clear up somethings for you ;s

Name: Hoshizora "The Starry Eyed Knight" Age: 17

Starsign: Aquarius

Appearance: Hoshizora or "Zosh" as he's informally called, is a young 17 year old boy. He has luscious/wavy glowing platinum blonde hair with splashes of sunshine yellow in them. His body is slim built and he wears a sparkling and flowing satin like shirt that's stylishly baggy/spacey (seen "Stardust" well it's like this… ...except for dudes).

Brief History: Descended from gypsies who dabbled in stargazing and astrology, Hoshizora was always into the fascinating world above, that illuminated the darkness. His father had always entertained him with stories of their cosmic surroundings and taught the positive notions of the night and its beauty.

They were constantly harassed and ridiculed by others who instead believed the things that mattered were what was on the ground. In spite of this, his father taught him that in spite of whatever darkness you may facing, a light for your ways will always be there as long as you choose to look. This was shown in the dream they both shared to one day harness the energy from a star to power dying life.

Being er... "unofficial residents", he and his father's astronomers were constantly move from town to town, avoiding the hazards of the authorities. In turn, Zosh grew closer the stars and the sky because no matter where he went, they stayed there. The crazy routine continued until his father stumbled upon something during a stay in a tattered town. He discovered a very close, dying star. He knew exactly what this meant. The positioning and location marked everything for the arrival of a killer meteor, ready to annihilate the whole town if they weren't ready. Zosh, however, saw something else. If the timing was right, they could finally control the power to revive the terrible state of the current town around them and rebuild it much greater than before. His father was thrilled for his son's enthusiasm and discovery but was more concerned about alerting the town to safety.

Naturally, everyone took his warnings for the area's fate as crazy talk. As much as they tried, no one would listen. On the day of the meteor's expected arrival, his father ordered Hoshizora to flee as far as his legs would take him. He was convinced that he and his remaining colleges could make this town well again in spite of the terrible future to come. Shocked, thinking only of the lives of his father and him, Hoshizora begged him to escape together. Seeing how much this distressed his son, his father blatantly agreed and ordered him to pack their stuff in the caravan for their departure.

Immediately after he entered, the door slam behind him, it was locked. His father, on the other side of the door whispered how proud he was of his son for appreciating the stars and how much of difference he'll make in the world if he just follows his light. That was last time he heard his father speak, as all he could hear later was the galloping of oxen driving the caravan away from that doomed town. The final thing he saw that night was the brightest flash his eyes had ever experienced.

Later he continued his gypsy like lifestyle traveling from place to place in the astronomical footsteps of his father. He learnt how to be independent and the reward discoveries that come from exploring everything in a new light (leading him to consume his devil fruit despite not knowing what the heck it is). The strawhats meet this starry scholar on their stop on all island covered with meteorites. Awed by how incredible his powers and skills are as astronomer/meteorologist, they recruit him as their latest crew member.

Fighting style: Swift and graceful but also quite playful ;} Think Peter Pan meets Starfire'.

Abilities: Devil fruit user
Name- Yagayaku Yagayaku No Mi (Shine Shine Fruit)
Type- Parmecia

Abilities- Grants the user the power of star light/shine. Although there is already a light themed fruit, this is quite different, having a more 'cosmic/sparkly' quality rather 'speed of light'. The fruits also gives the user the the ability of flight.
His moves are split into different styles:

"Star shine" burning light energy/shining attacks
Eg. Star Shine Flamethrower (sparkly, bright, purplish blue and yellow flames) & Star shine cannon (fires a horde of strong shooting stars) & Star shine rainbow (whips of colourful light)

"Star shard" when mirrors are used to his disadvantage, he "solidifies" light into a meteorite like quality.
Eg. Star shard shuriken & Star shard shield

"Flare range" Blinding light attacks/techniques
Eg. Flare sight (eyes becoming blindingly bright) Full body flare (whole body gains that affect, drastically lighting a large area)

Special/ultimate powers

"Supernova" Gains the power of the sun. Only obtains the ability after an extremely hot day or a full moon during the night.
Eg. Supernova Slam (brings down an incredibly powerful ball of light/a star aka the sun and slams it into the ground) & Supernova Storm (The ball, instead of being slammed, explodes into something like a meteor shower)

"Holy Light" Activated only during the most crucial of times through faith/hope. Completely white appearance.
Eg. Holy chains of truth (act on their own, they imprison & destroy anything emiting strong evil) & Holy Saber (a giant/buster sword of concentrated energy)

Accessory related abilities:
Star map Bangle: An opaque bangle with the map of the stars and constellations drawn all around it, so that when his skin glows, a projection of the map appears!

Magni-circle: A necklace that acts as a magnifier for his powers, for example putting it up to his eye as monocle will concentrate his flare sight ability.

WOOOW That was long anyway....

Personality + Relationships:
Zosh has a very youthful personality and an optimistic outlook to life and adventure. He can be quite reckless when he needs to have fun but normally, he'll go about everything with a cool approach. To go with that, adventure and discovery are what he dearly craves. He's an astronomer so has the constant urge to "discover what's out there"; sleep is never an option for this light bulb. Although being quite popular with the girls for his sweet innocent charm, he remains completely oblivious of love and relationships. He struggles to be affectionate and outwardly emotional however manages to controls fear/sadness/clinging emotions quite well likewise to Robin. (he's also quite educated crew members, taking a strong liking to books and science)

Luffy: Zosh is basically the twin of this guy but less of the wildness/naivety. They're always hyped for some quirky adventure. He never argues with Luffy's opinions or views, giving his full excitement to each.

Zoro: The two don't speak too often but there's no doubt Zosh shares a deep older brotherly bond with Zoro. He's always happy to help him but he believes strongly in Zoro's independent strength.

Nami: They're opposites when it comes to some traits, for instance Nami relies on others for most tasks while Zosh is incredibly independent and far from lazy. Others however such as the navigating meets star gazing/constellations skills allow the two to be very fond of each other.

Usopp: The inventions created by Ussop are what keeps Zosh thrilled and interested; like wise with Ussop to the Yagayaku Yagaku No Mi. He plays along with Sogeking quite realistically and with great enjoyment ; it's unknown whether or not he's knows it's still Usopp...

Sanji: He doesn't really take much notice of his cooking's skills since food isn't really his niche, but he's quite fond of Sanji's stylish attacks and footwork. Sanji however, is a little bitter towards Zosh's luck with the ladies...

Chopper: Thinking of him as a fun little brother, Zosh loves to entertain chopper and educate him on the stars + planets through fancy light shows ;3

Robin: They both share a quirky interest in sci-fi novels and the crazy histories of world; the two get along very well. (on a random Easter egg type note, the void century has some sort of a link with star power harnessing;)

Franky: The fierce energy they both have are what bonds these two together although Franky's less than conventional emotions may put him off ease. Zosh is constantly blurting ideas to Franky about Sunny improvements... like an outdoor cinema ~

Brook: They're both highly amused by the act of shining lights within Brook's skeletal body so that his hollow eyes, ribs and everything else glows in a robo skeleton fashion! (Geoff, Craig Ferguson anyone?)

Misc. He would be Norwegian in the real world. He very much enjoys playing the panpipes. When in deep happiness or joy, he begins glowing sub consciously.
Theme: Upbeat, flowing and a little space like techno quality. This:… or this… mixed with a bit of this…

Potential VA:
English - Greg Ayres (Kaoru, Ouran High School Host Club. Cabaji, One Piece. Bido FMA)
English - Johnny Yong Bosch (Itsuki Koizumi, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimya)
Japanese - Daisuke Namikawa (Shota Kazehaya, Kimi ni Todoke)
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This my one One Piece OC two years after/time skip/new world/whatever

(I haven't actually gotten up to it, only 450 now, but I do know they split up then rejoin. I don't really know any details so **PLEASE DON'T POST SPOILERS**)

Well good old hoshizora here, or zosh as a nickname (original, younger version of him with full details here: ) has spent his time in a land far far away, sound familiar? He find himself on a distant sky island, a very special one that is so far from ground, in fact almost reaching space. This island is a highly developed, alien kingdom, where knowledge is wealth. Crashing violently into the palace, he amuses the dopey yet hearty king while angering the shady vizier (since he 'landed' on him), who almost tries to kill him before the king's orders subdue the action. Despite the chaos, Zosh couldn't care other wise, and is determined to return to Luffy and his nakama. However, he can barely make out where he is, let alone how to get back to Sabaody Archipelago.The king has pity on him and when he discovers that Zosh is a skillful astronomer, provides him a place to stay, in the city's great library. In this mysterious and advanced kingdom, Zosh finds himself in a knowledge filled paradise. However later, a huge disruption in the palace, the shocking murder of the king and the rise of his evil and magically powerful vizier, turns this striving kingdom into a crumbling hell. The scholars of the city's great (well used to be) library explain that he must help them protect not only the people but also the many invaluable books and documents of advanced astronomy which have been scattered around the worn torn country. Zosh is left to postpone his own problems and bring light back to this paradise, as the "starry eyed knight"!!

His age when he rejoins btw is 19

His newest abilities include upgrades and fusions of his existing Yagayaku Yagayaku devil fruit powers (again, see my original Hoshizora deviation for a greater description on his powers)

Star shine range (basic, burning light attacks)
"Star shine bow" an arrow of concentrated energy, which pierces and burns through any surface

Star shard range (attacks which he solidifies light, in a meteorite/space rock sort of fashion)
"Star shard Mallet" A heavy mallet, capable of crushing even the strongest of structures

"Star shard Giant Shuriken" An incredibly large and lethally sharp shuriken, light enough to throw, strong enough to slice

Fusion attacks
"Shining star shard Meteor" Zosh cover himself in a heavy coating of solidified light and blasts off with a flare of shining fire, charging at an enemy or obstacle with burning speed and crushing power.

Accessory related abilities
His giant telescope serves as a magnifier for his flare sight powers (attacks where his eyes are glowing with blinding light). Previously, he used his Magni-circle necklace which magnified his powers by x50. This bad boy however gives him x1000 times the concentrated energy making him one bright kid ;}! It folds down to one large cylinder he can hold easily as a back pack. The technology in the sky island he was at granted him to acquire many computer based, astronomical measuring tools (placed within the cylinder).
He also has glass buttons on his shirt to increase the range of his full body flare (an ability in which his whole body glows with blinding light)

Zodiac sign related abilities
This is a very complicated technique, where he calls on the stars and constellations to aid him. They are only available with the respective stars are in position (which he finds out via his telescope/cylinder thing)

"Light of constellation no.I Aries" grants him with fiery momentum and burning speed, so that he may charge powerfully at obstacles.

"Light of constellation no.II Taurus" covers him in a special kind of light which greatly increases his physical strength.

"Light of constellation no.III Gemini" provides him with deadly twin blades which work perfectly together in harmony.

"Light of constellation no.IV Cancer" grants with large, razor sharp claws and quirky agility.

"Light of constellation no.V Leo" allows him to incinerate foes with an ear shattering and bright/fiery roar.

"Light of constellation no.VI Virgo" illuminates his eyes and even his mind, boasting his intellect and observation skills.

"Light of constellation no.VII Libra" a disk of heavy/strong energy appears in each hand, perfectly equal and balanced. Once he lowers one of his hands holding either disk, he creates heavy shock waves.

"Light of constellation no.VIII Scorpio" he quite literally takes on the form of a scorpion, having a lethal and piercing tail with a burning tip.

"Light of constellation no.IX Sagittarius" allows him to summon a hundred shining, burning arrows to pierce his foes.

"Light of constellation no.X Capricorn" adds some sort of light boosters to feet, allowing to leap at great heights.

"Light of constellation no.XI Aquarius" Summons a large wave of light, drowning enemies in a bright burning sea

"Light of constellation no.XII Pisces" the most powerful zodiac ability, it allows him to manipulate water through communicating with the moon.

Tools: Sai
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This is the crew of the Checkered Pirates!! ... Part 2!!

Ellie "The Panthress" Ferris is the younger sister of Tyra, but decided to take a different direction than her sister. She decided to become a shipwright. Her small and nimble hands pack quite a wollop when there's a hammer or a chisel in them. She ate a neko-neko-no-mi (cat-cat fruit) as well, but she became the panther model. She admires her big sister greatly, and doesn't hesitate to do anything she says.

"Impenetrable" Wade is the sole merman in the group. He's a blowfish merman, meaning that he can expand air sacs in his body to erect a wall of spikey scales on his skin. He's the ship's cannoneer, going so far to even carry a cannon on his back. He's immensly strong, so even if they run out of gunpowder on the ship, he can just lob the cannonballs at the enemy's ship and cause just as much, if not more damage than their cannons.

Ben "Gunslinger" VonDon is the resident sniper and self-titled "Maveric" of the group. The interesting thing is, he doesn't even carry any guns on him. His whole body can be a gun. Thanks to the hou-hou-no-mi (gun-gun fruit), he can make any part of his body transform into the barrel of a gun. However, each one of these barrels have one shot per transformation. So as soon as he fires a bullet from, let's say, a finger, he has to revert that finger back to normal before he can transform again and fire another bullet.

"Magic Touch" Shane is a fairy from an island within the grand line. Being 4 feet in stature, she's the second most unthreatening member of the Checkered Pirates. However, she's potentially the most deadly among them. She's able to create certain scales on her skin that are imbued with different effects; such as sleep, infatuation, even fear. These scales are much like the ones on a butterfly's wings, and are just as fine. She's the musician aboard the Endgame, and always knows how to get a good festive time going.

That's it for now~! Stay tuned for more!!

These characters © Me
One Piece © Eiichiro Oda
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This is the crew of the Checkered Pirates!! ... Part 1!!

Kent "Mohawk" Hawke is the ship's nervous navigator. When surprised or frightened, his usually flat mohawk springs forward, much like a cockatoo's crest. Coincidentally, the devil fruit he's eaten is the Tori-tori-no-mi (bird-bird fruit), cockatoo model!

Tyra "The Lioness" Ferris is the melee specialist aboard. Fighting exclusively in hand-to-hand combat, she's never one to back down from a challenge. She's eaten the neko-neko-no-mi (cat-cat fruit), lion model, making her a force to be reckoned with as third-in-command.

Alicia "Crimson Cleaver" Fredora is an ex-marine cook, now turned against them in revenge for her lost eye. She wields a special weapon; a large meat cleaver that heats its blade with every strike against a solid surface, especially effective against skin and bone, as it sears whatever flesh it touches with its superheated blade.

Carlton "Wild Breeze" Kaze is the free-wandering spirit aboard the Endgame, the Checkered Pirate's prized ship. Wandering randomly aboard one day, he likes these jolly, fun-loving pirates so much he decides to stay with them for a while. He utilizes a metal-tipped boomerang to attack his enemies, along with his use of the kaze-kaze-no-mi (wind-wind-fruit) which he ate as a young child.

That's it for now~! Stay tuned for more!!

These characters © Me
One Piece © Eiichiro Oda
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Ben Von Don showing off one of his abilities.
Due to the Hou-Hou-no-mi he ate, he's able to turn parts of his body into gun barrels. This ability is called the Ten-Finger Shotgun. As you can probably tell, this is when he turns all ten of his fingers into guns and fires them off for greater damage but less accuracy.

One Piece © Oda
Von Don © Me
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:iconvioletheartplz: Read first, please :la: :iconvioletheartplz:

:star: Description presentation based on [Tenshi no Fuu Profile]

:star: This character is from our fancomic : ONE PIECE - ODYSSEY AT WORLD'S END, you can find the story [HERE]

:star: You can see the original drawing [HERE]

:star: I was inspired by Hawkeye from The Avengers :la:

:star: [Edit : 8/12] Change of the music theme.


Eugene Elfrith

:bulletwhite:Race / Origins : Human, from Baterilla (South Blue).
:bulletwhite:Birthday : June, 18.
:bulletwhite:Bloodtype : S.
:bulletwhite:Age : 23.
:bulletwhite:Height : 185cm.
:bulletwhite:Hair colour : Salmon Red.
:bulletwhite:Eyes colour : Spectrum Green.


:bulletwhite:Strength (STR) : 15.
:bulletwhite:Dexterity (DEX) : 18.
:bulletwhite:Constitution (CON) : 10.
:bulletwhite:Intelligence (INT) : 16.
:bulletwhite:Wisdom (WIS) : 15.
:bulletwhite:Charisma (CHA) : 16.


:bulletwhite:Affiliation : Marine ; Cipher Pol (former)
:bulletwhite:Rank : Lieutenant.
:bulletwhite:Family : Unknown.


:bulletwhite:Haki : Unknown.
:bulletwhite:Weapon : Bow and Arrow. (His arrows are made of Seastone)
:bulletwhite: He also have some assassin and spy abilities.
:bulletwhite: User of the Rokushiki. (Six Styles)

      - Target : Eugene shoots three arrows at the same time toward one opponent.
      - Silver Rain :
      By turning on himself, shoots several arrows on every directions for reaching all the opponents on the area.
      - Silver Bullet :
      Aim at one opponent, causing high damages or may kill in one hit.
      - Shave "FireWorks" :
      Uses "Shave" ability to move at extremely high speeds for shooting several opponents faster.
      - Moon Step "Silver Arrow" :
      By using the "Moon Step" ability, he jumps off the air then shoots high speed arrows.


:bulletwhite:Strengths :
      - Loyal to the Marine. - Never gives up until his duty is accomplished. - Really dexterous and discreet.

:bulletwhite:Weaknesses :
      - Despite his dexterity and speed, Eugene has not a strong physical constitution. - Because he never gives up, he is ready to die for his job.


:bulletwhite:Theme Song : "Unknown Soldier" - Breaking Benjamin
:bulletwhite:Colour : Silver
:bulletwhite:Fashion Style : "Spirited Military"
:bulletwhite:Voices :
      - (JP) : Takahiro Sakurai. - (ENG) : Yuri Lowenthal. - (FR) : Paolo Domingo.

(Since I'm French, I used to watch animes in their original version and in French Dub version. I also play video games in both English and French language, so I decided to choose voices in the three languages.
And I love voice actors in those three languages ! XD)

:bulletwhite: MARINE Original Characters :bulletwhite:

ONE PIECE OC - Ward D. Zack by HirotoStardust

:bulletwhite: WHITEBEARD - Original Characters :bulletwhite:

[Veronica Burn] | [Grace]

:bulletwhite: ST JOHN - Original Characters :bulletwhite:

[Baldassarre Benedict] | [Vane Woodes] | [Jack Rackham] | [Buskes Cossa] | [Alcantra D. Soto] | [Roche Gerritz] | [Duncan Wimund]

:bulletwhite: CIPHER POL - Original Characters :bulletwhite:

[Snow Meiron] | [Deep] | [Cardinal] | [Acid] | [Wisteria] | [Zero]

        Copyright Statement 2 by Sophibelle

Made by : :iconhayatophantom:
Eugene Elfrith : © :iconhayatophantom:
ONE PIECE : © :iconodaplz:
Profile Sheet Texture : © It's owner (found on Google)
ONE PIECE - ODYSSEY AT WORLD'S END © The:star:Star:star:Project
Please do not use without permission.
「Group」 | 「nonsense_STAFF」 | 「Tumblr」 |
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:iconredheart-plz: Read first, please :iconbummiesplz: :iconredheart-plz:

:star: Description presentation based on [Tenshi no Fuu Profile]

:star: This is an antagonist character from our fancomic : ONE PIECE - ODYSSEY AT WORLD'S END, you can find the story [HERE]

:star: You can see the original drawings [HERE] & [HERE]

:star: You can click for full view !

:star: Yeah, I know he's super skinny but it's made on purpose x)


Baldassarre Benedict

:bulletred:Race / Origins : Human, from Axis Mundi Kingdom (Grand Line). (Non-canonical).
:bulletred:Birthday : October, 25.
:bulletred:Bloodtype : S.
:bulletred:Age : 35.
:bulletred:Height : 190cm.
:bulletred:Hair colour : Neutral Grey.
:bulletred:Eyes colour : Aqua Mint.


:bulletred:Strength (STR) : 10.
:bulletred:Dexterity (DEX) : 13.
:bulletred:Constitution (CON) : 9.
:bulletred:Intelligence (INT) : 18.
:bulletred:Wisdom (WIS) : 18.
:bulletred:Charisma (CHA) : 18.


:bulletred:Affiliation : St. John Pirates.
:bulletred:Rank : Captain.
:bulletred:Family : Unknown.


ONE PIECE OaWE - Life Life Fruit by HayatoPhantom

:bulletred:Devil Fruit : Life Life Fruit (イノイノの実 - Ino Ino no Mi)
:bulletred:Haki : Busoshoku Haki.
:bulletred:Devil Fruit Family : Paramecia.
:bulletred:Weapon : None.
      - Marionnette : His main ability. Grab one of his hair and turns it into a thread which allows to control dead bodies. - He also uses abilities of the corpses he manipulates.

(His other attacks will be revealed after the Timeskip !)


:bulletred:Strengths :
      - Determined to achieving his goals. - Good leadership. - Good speaker who knows how to convince people.

:bulletred:Weaknesses :
      - Is carried aways by anger. - Treats his crew mates as insects. - Willing to sacrifice everyone for his own sake.


:bulletred:Theme Song : "Nemo" - Nightwish
:bulletred:Colour : Dark Red.
:bulletred:Fashion Style : "Holy Prayer".
:bulletred:Voices :
      - (JP) : Junichi Suwabe. - (ENG) : Doug Erholtz. - (FR) : Feodor Atkine.

(Since I'm French, I used to watch animes in their original version and in French Dub version. I also play video games in both English and French language, so I decided to choose voices in the three languages.
And I love voice actors in those three languages ! XD)

:bulletred: ST JOHN - Original Characters :bulletred:

[Vane Woodes] | [Jack Rackham] | [Buskes Cossa] | [Alcantra D. Soto] | [Roche Gerritz] | [Duncan Wimund]

:bulletred: MARINE - Original Characters :bulletred:

[Ward D. Zack] | [Eugene Elfrith]

:bulletred: WHITEBEARD - Original Characters :bulletred:

[Veronica Burn] | [Grace]

:bulletred: CIPHER POL - Original Characters :bulletred:

[Snow Meiron] | [Deep] | [Cardinal] | [Acid] | [Wisteria] | [Zero]

        Copyright Statement 2 by Sophibelle

:bulletred: Made by : :iconhayatophantom:
:bulletred: Baldassarre Benedict : © :iconhayatophantom:
:bulletred: ONE PIECE : © :iconodaplz:
:bulletred: Profile Sheet Texture : © It's owner (found on google)
:bulletred: ONE PIECE - ODYSSEY AT WORLD'S END © The:star:Star:star:Project
:bulletred: Please do not use without permission.
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:iconyellowheartplz: Read first, please :iconbummiesplz: :iconyellowheartplz:

:star: Description presentation based on [Tenshi no Fuu Profile]

:star: This character is from our fancomic : ONE PIECE - ODYSSEY AT WORLD'S END, you can find the story [HERE]

:star: You can see the original drawings [HERE] & [HERE]



:bulletyellow:Race / Origins : Human, from Northern Land Micqueot (North Blue).
:bulletyellow:Birthday : July, 11.
:bulletyellow:Bloodtype : X.
:bulletyellow:Age : 19.
:bulletyellow:Height : 165cm.
:bulletyellow:Hair colour : Caramel.
:bulletyellow:Eyes colour : Shock Pink.


:bulletyellow:Strength (STR) : 9.
:bulletyellow:Dexterity (DEX) : 14.
:bulletyellow:Constitution (CON) : 9.
:bulletyellow:Intelligence (INT) : 15.
:bulletyellow:Wisdom (WIS) : 10.
:bulletyellow:Charisma (CHA) : 18.


:bulletyellow:Affiliation : Whitebeard Pirates.
:bulletyellow:Rank : 1st Division - Quartermaster.
:bulletyellow:Family : Unknown.


ONE PIECE OaWE - Phase Phase Fruit by HayatoPhantom

:bulletyellow:Devil Fruit : Phase Phase Fruit (ソウソウの実 - Sou Sou no Mi)
:bulletyellow:Haki : No.
:bulletyellow:Devil Fruit Family : Paramecia.
:bulletyellow:Weapon : None.
      - Traverse : This is not a real attack. Grace uses it avoid opponents' attacks but avail it to hit them. - Snare : Grap an opponent and made them phase into a solid matter. Then, release them while still phasing. - Feather : "Float" onto the air then hit several opponents on ground. - Clog : As her Snare attack, made phase one or several opponents until they suffocate.


:bulletyellow:Strengths :
      - Always optimistic. - Due to her Devil Fruit ability, she's good for spying or hiding from Marines and other pirates. - Resistant to physical attacks despite a not so strong constitution

:bulletyellow:Weaknesses :
      - Can't breath while phasing, so she can't phase during a long time. - She can act like a spoiled child. - Don't always appreciate her Captain's orders.


:bulletyellow:Theme Song : "What You Don't Know" - Monrose
:bulletyellow:Colour : Yellow
:bulletyellow:Fashion Style : "Summer Delight"
:bulletyellow:Voices :
      - (JP) : Chie Nakamura. - (ENG) : Kari Wahlgren. - (FR) : Sybille Tureau.

(Since I'm French, I used to watch animes in their original version and in French Dub version. I also play video games in both English and French language, so I decided to choose voices in the three languages.
And I love voice actors in those three languages ! XD)

:bulletyellow: WHITEBEARD - Original Characters :bulletyellow:

ONE PIECE OC - Veronica Burn by HirotoStardust

:bulletyellow: MARINE - Original Characters :bulletyellow:

[Ward D. Zack] | [Eugene Elfrith]

:bulletyellow: ST JOHN - Original Characters :bulletyellow:

[Baldassarre Benedict] | [Vane Woodes] | [Jack Rackham] | [Buskes Cossa] | [Alcantra D. Soto] | [Roche Gerritz] | [Duncan Wimund]

:bulletyellow: CIPHER POL - Original Characters :bulletyellow:

[Snow Meiron] | [Deep] | [Cardinal] | [Acid] | [Wisteria] | [Zero]

        Copyright Statement 2 by Sophibelle

Made by : :iconhayatophantom:
Grace : © :iconhayatophantom:
ONE PIECE : © :iconodaplz:
Profile Sheet Texture : © Its owner (found on google)
ONE PIECE - ODYSSEY AT WORLD'S END © The:star:Star:star:Project
Please do not use without permission.
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Name: Leon Ketler

Age: 19

Height: 6’ 0”

Weight: 174 lb

Hairstyle: Looks like Ed’s from FMA but goes halfway down his shoulder blades

Bounty: 340,000,000 Beli

Devil Fruit: Oni Oni no Mi (Demon Demon Fruit)
[Type: Zoan]
[Model: Fire]

Likes: Food, Music, Drinking, Friends, Practicing with his swords, and Having a good time.

Dislikes: Arrogance, murderers, and

Personality: Laid-back, but serious when need be,

Dream/Goal: To avenge his parent’s deaths by finding the Hell Rider Pirates and defeating their captain, “Crimson Blade Vincent”

Worst Fear: Hurting innocent people, especially when he goes berserk as a half-demon

Personality: Laid-back, but serious when needed

Occupation: Pirate/Captain/Swordsman: Nitoryuu style

Crew: Tengoku Pirates

Bio: Leon's parents were Elite Navy Officers stationed at Tengoku Isle. They lost their lives 8 years ago, when they were taken hostage by the Hell Rider Pirates during a raid and then taken to the guillotine to be beheaded for all the townspeople to see. Leon watched from among the crowed as his parents beheaded by their captain, “Crimson Blade Vincent”.

Over the years after the raid, Leon lived alone in his parent’s home and every time a ship pulled into the harbor he would sneak on and steal a few chests of Beli when they weren’t looking. When he was at the age of 15 he snuck aboard a pirate ship that docked at his home town, he stole a small treasure box that was about 1’ 5”-2’-1’ (height-length-width) from the storage room. After he got off the ship he went up to his old home and opened the box to see that it’s filled with Beli and jewels along with a strange black pear looking fruit sitting on top of the Beli.

Leon is a Peace Main and has eaten a devil fruit that is so rare, that it hasn't even been put into the Devil Fruit Encyclopedia, much less be categorized! The Oni Oni no Mi fruit, it allows the him to shift between being human and half-demon (horns, claws, fangs, red eyes, hard as rock skin, insane demonic strength, etc) When Leon is normal he has near super human strength and rock hard skin. But when he's in half-demon form, he loses his rock hard skin and gains insane demonic strength. Also, because his devil fruit is of a fire demon, he gains fire manipulative powers similar to the Mera Mera no Mi except he can still take damage from physical attacks, however, he can only manipulate fire when he's in his half-demon form. There's also a risk of being in half-demon form; Leon will burn up twice as much stamina. If the he goes unconscious while in half-demon form, he will loose control of himself and go berserk like a real demon. At times he can pretty oblivious (not idiotic) like Luffy but he always knows how to have a good time, cheer people up, and make them laugh.

Dea De Luca (c) Me

One Piece (c) :iconodaplz:
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One of my newest One Piece OCs.

Name: Mare (Ma-reh)

Age: 18

Height/Length: 6’ (w/tail)

Weight: 100 lb

Occupation: Pirate

Crew: Tengoku Pirates

Position: Scout, Assistant to the cook and the navigator.

Bounty: 170,000,000 Beli

Weapon(s): Crystal bladed Trident

[Description]: The blade is comprised of 3 crystals she found that are incredibly hard/strong and are attached to a spear pole that she had stolen from.

Likes: Fried fish, swimming, singing, and exploring.

Dislikes: Fishmen, Marines, Greed, and Arrogance

Personality: Timid and curious, but open and trusting once she’s familiar with someone

Dream/Goal: Travel around the world

Worst Fear: Being taken away from her loved ones again and being captured and sold

Bio: Mare was born in the depths of the ocean within the Grand Line around Durata Island. About 2 years after Mare was born, Pirates showed up on the island, searching for her mother. So when the pirates came after her, she hid Mare away in a small underwater cave that lied beneath the island; near a cliff where a Cherry Blossom Tree stood strong at the top. Mare’s mother was unfortunately captured by pirates and taken to Sabaody Archipelago and eventually, sold to the World Nobles. At that point, Mare was heartbroken; crying herself to sleep as she stayed the sea cave where her mother had hidden her.

The years past and Mare began to mature, but the loss of her mother still pained her deeply, but didn’t cause her cry as much as she did as a child. She had learned to fend for herself… for the most part… She would steal some fish from the local fishermen by cutting their fishing nets and grabbing a couple fish. One day, Mare was sitting on a rock just off shore and was singing in memoriam of her mother and was spotted one of the inhabitants of the island, a young girl, and in turn began a rumor that spread that there was a mermaid living around the island of Durata. That caused Pirates, Marines, and others to dock at the island’s pier and stayed for days searching for her. A few months after the rumor had spread, Mare spent most of her time hiding inside the cave.

One day, a Fishman carrying a spear on his back showed up on the island looking for Mare and found her in the cave where she was living. Mare was cautious about him and kept her distance from him. Over a few days the Fishman was able to gain her trust. Mare finally came outside of the cave and felt comfortable enough to swim around the island with the Fishman. However, soon after, a pirate ship sailed and dropped anchor near the cave where Mare had been hiding. As the pirates approached, the Fishman grabbed Mare by the arm and revealed that he was the captain of that pirate crew. As he began to pull Mare by the arm, she resisted and quickly grabbed a sharp stone from ocean floor and stabbed the Fishman in the eye and grabbed the spear that was resting on the Fishman’s back and placed the blade against his throat, threatening him to leave. After having his own spear being pressed against his throat, the Fishman left her and the island. Mare went back into hiding from the world, and soon after, the rumors began to die. While looking at the spear she had acquired from that Fishman, Mare noticed a small blue glimmer from within the cave’s walls. Mare pulled away a few rocks that were in the way, and found 3 long pieces of a blue crystal, Mare decided to just keep them hidden.

She later joins Leon’s crew as a Scout and also assists the cook by gathering some fish and the navigator by reading the ocean’s currents.
(still in progress)

Mare (c) Me

One Piece (c) :iconodaplz:
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This is one of my One Piece OCs, Dea. She's part of my other One Piece OC, Leon's crew, the Tengoku Pirates. BTW, the description of her devil fruit has an AiW reference. Can you pinpoint it? :meow:

(still in progress)

Name: Dea De Luca (Day-ah, Deh, Luke-ah)

Age: 21

Height: Base - 6’ 5”

Weight: (varies)

Occupation: Pirate

Crew: Tengoku Pirates

Position: Entertainer/Musician

Bounty: 200, 000, 000 Beli

Devil Fruit: Daishou Daishou no Mi (Size Size Fruit)

Fruit Description: Allows the user to manipulate the size of any object. The user's right hand manipulates the object's growth, while their left hand manipulates it's shrinkage. However, the user can manipulate their own size at will. This fruit has a permanent consumption side effect of either increasing or decreasing the consumer's base height.

Likes: Shopping, singing, dancing, music, parties, money, tricking guys out of their money.

Dislikes: Seafood, People who are clingy, Murderers, Alcohol, and bugs.

Personality: Friendly, Open, Flirtatious when it comes to most men,

Dream/Goal: To become famous and perform all over the world.

Worst Fear: Being called/treated like a freak, monster, abomination, or an outcast.

Bio: Dea grew up in the Grand Line in a small town just outside of the Alabasta Kingdom. She was raised in an orphanage till the age of 6, then adopted by a newlywed couple. However, that newlywed couple were a pair of thieves. They raised Dea just as their own, they did adopt her after all... However, they raised her to be a cunning thief! Her act was so seamless that she never got into any trouble with the city guards or shop owners. However, the guards were slowly catching on to them and eventually captured her parents. Her parents, however, left Dea with most of their loot so that she may be able to care for herself. Since then she's been on her own, mostly tricking men out of their money and working as an entertainer in the town's bar.

Dea De Luca (c) Me

One Piece (c) :iconodaplz:
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after doing my bleach OC i decided to go for a One piece one too. If anyone is wondering the aura from his Devil fruit is a kind of radiation

Bleach OC [link]
Dragonball OC [link]
Naruto OC [link]
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something i'v been cooking up in between issues of ryak-lo.

had some fleeting ideas for dragonball OC's and doujinshi for ages now and i randomly woke up the other morning brimming with ideas so i ended designing these guys and gals.

there is some story to them, but after colouring it ill just put a quick rundown for now. basic outline is that, it's several hundred or more, years after the events of DBZ. Due to dying in battle and diluting their DNA down with humans, Saiyan's are an extinct race, and earth is without guardians

resulting in the usual evil doers coming to earth looking for the dragonballs. the Namekian's appointed 7 guardians from various worlds to watch over the dragonballs, instead of having them randomly scattered across the world. the guardians guard a ball each. they're charged with defending the ball with their lives from invading forces and earthlings seeking the dragon's wish for unworthy reasons

the 7 guardians are all swordsman each with weapons created by the namekians also. these swords special recesses for the dragonballs themselves, from 1 to 7.
when a dragonball is placed within the users sword it will give them a boon of power, however if all seven are used at once it will use the power of the wish and they will once again be scattered across the earth and turned to stone for one year, but doing so gives the user tremendous power.

well that's all ima write for now. but i'm considering maybe writing this into a proper pic or even maybe putting out the odd doujin page every now and again if there's any interest for it :)

1 star rapier
2 star cutlass
3 star katana
4 star spatha/buckler
5 star scimitar
6 star longsword/shield
7 star claymore
(there is a reason there's 8 people instead of just 7. the centre guy is a replacement for the 7 star keeper)
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Another OC of mine. this time for naruto

Bleach OC [link]
One Piece OC [link]
Dragonball OC [link]
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One Piece OC: Ryuji Yasaka, South Blue native, former captain of the Dragon Pirates, visiting his nakamas' grave when coming back from training.

A gift for my brother Clow (^_^)
It's one of the main OCs from his fan-fiction "The Dragon Warrior & the Hearts Hunter" that you can go and read here (in French ;p) > [link]



Ryuji is a former pirate captain who left his native island with his fiancée to cross Grand Line. He lost his whole crew just before reaching Sabaody Archipelago in a fight against another pirate - Fuhen, the Immortal - two years before the actual storyline (the scenario happens just after the Thriller Bark Arc).
He's now blind but keeps on training to protect a small islang lost in the fog on Grand Line, fighting any pirates disembarking on the land of the ones who saved him and took him in.
Until he meets up with Luffy and the others...

Related Deviations

Background Elements: One Piece Anime © Eiichiro Oda & Toei Animation


Comments are disabled for the reasons stated here > [link] :bow: I deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused by it.

Comments disabled by owner.
One Piece FAN-FICTION: Clow's (OC) using his Devil Fruit, the Kari Kari no Mi

:damphyr: Story at Memoirs of an OC, Story.III SP: Log Diaries


~EXTRACT (Marco's Diary)~

They then walked in Fuu's cabin, and I patiently waited at the doorstep. Then, the brother had pulled a quill pen from his pocket, and started drawing symbols in mid-air with it, right above our Sleeping Beauty – the power of his Devil Fruit, I guess… The chain of black ink signs then went twirling around the head of our sleeper, and she had opened her eyes… just like that…

Kari-Kari no Mi Devil Fruit ID:

~More Deviations about Clow~

Bust Pose Reference: One Piece Anime, 8th Opening Enies Lobby Arc © Eiichiro Oda & Toei Animation

Clow, One Piece OC © =TenshiNoFuu

"Memoirs of an OC" One Piece Fan-Fiction © TenshiNoFuu on


Comments are disabled for the reasons stated here > [link] :bow: I deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused by it.

Comments disabled by owner.
One Piece FAN-FICTION: Fuu (Outsider Character 異界人) Complete Character Profile

:damphyr: Related story on "Memoirs of an OC 異界人 回想録"

:snowflake: ~NAME~ :snowflake:

Fuu (real family name unknown), 風 (Kanji Significations: Wind, Breeze, Air, Manners)

:bulletwhite: Race: Human | Origins: Real World Native

:bulletwhite: Birthday: January 30 (Aquarius) | Age: 20s (the timeline and ages developed in the fan-fiction differ, so to make it easier to imagine, just consider that Fuu is 29 days younger than Ace)
:bulletwhite: Blood Type: O+
:bulletwhite: Height: 1,72cm (5,75") | B.W.H: 88C-62-90
:bulletwhite: Hair: Hazelnut soft curls, mid-back length (Hair-curls Tutorial > [link] ) / Eyes Colour: Amber

:snowflake: ~STATS (RPG Style, AD&D rules)~ :snowflake:

(3-18 scale with a normal distribution in a normal population, scores such as 3-6 and 16-18 being quite rare unless you’re a hero or a bakemono)

:bulletwhite: Strength (STR): 7 Chibi!Luffy would be 3 ; 9 for Nami & Robin ; 10 for Usopp & Brook ; 15 for Franky & Big!Chopper ; 16 for Sanji ; 17 for Zoro & Luffy ; 18 for Garp & WhiteBeard
:bulletwhite: Dexterity (DEX): 13 Big!Chopper would be 10 ; 13 for Franky & Robin ; 16 for Sanji, Nami & Luffy ; 17 for Zoro, Brook & Usopp ; 18 for Yasopp
:bulletwhite: Constitution (CON): 8 Nami & Vivi would be 10 ; 12 for Chopper & Robin ; 15 for Brook-milk-healing & Sanji ; 16 for Luffy, Zoro & Franky ; 17 for Ace-Logia ; 18 for Marco-regeneration
:bulletwhite: Intelligence (INT): 17 Luffy would be a baka 5 ; 7 for Zoro ; 8 for Usopp ; 10 for Sanji ; 12 for Brook ; 16 for Chopper Franky ; 17 for Nami & Robin ; 18 for Ohara Scholars
:bulletwhite: Wisdom (WIS): 15 Luffy would be a reckless 6 ; 7 for Usopp & Chopper ; 8 for Zoro ; 10 for Franky & Sanji ; 14 for Brook ; 15 for Nami ; 17 for Robin ; 18 for wise King Cobra from Alabasta
:bulletwhite: Charisma (CHA): 18 (Race-related) Usopp & Brook would be an unpopular 6 ; 8 for Franky ; 12 for Kawaii!Chopper ; 13 for Nami & Sanji ; 14 for Robin ; 15 for Zoro ; 17 for magnetic-baka Luffy

:snowflake: ~STATUS~ :snowflake:

Paradox Hunter (alongside her brother Clow), officially considered a pirate for accompanying them (enjoying a free cruise with them as a gift from her brother...)

Wanted under the name 天使 の 風 "Tenshi no Fuu" (shortcut for 天使人 の 風)
:bulletwhite: Bounty: 80.000.000 Berries, with a subprime of 100 millions for her death (Reason > having messed up Marine Ford Battle & having teleported a Buster Call back to HQ)
:bulletwhite: Epithets used in the newspapers or by the Marines when in need of big titles: 白ひげ の 守護天使 (Shirohige no ShugoTenshi = WhiteBeard's Guardian Angel) ; マリンフォード の 奇跡 (Marinfōdo no Kiseki = the Miracle of Marine Ford)

:damphyr: Crew Affiliation: WhiteBeard Pirates (official information for the Marines) & Mugiwaras (practical, by spending more time with them) > final decision still on-hiatus, the arm-wrestle contest between Luffy & WhiteBeard having been interrupted mid-way...

:damphyr: Family:
:bulletwhite: Present on Grand Line > her brother Clow (one-year younger), freelance author of the "Chronicles of One Piece"
:bulletwhite: In the real world > both parents are well and alive + one other younger brother (teenager)

:snowflake: ~ABILITIES~ :snowflake:

:damphyr: DEVIL FRUIT
Hoshi Hoshi no Mi | ホシホシ の 実 | Fruit of Wishes

:bulletwhite: Devil Fruit Family: Paramecia / Category: Fruit that shouldn't exist in this world / Origins: An author's careless mistake...

:bulletwhite: Effect: Turns your life energy into 'magical' energy, which in turn can be used to turn a wish/desire/thought into reality (similar to the concept of KI and MANA in other fandoms)

:bulletwhite: Powers & Ability used:
'Spells' with incantation time and 'mana-points'cost' depending on the desired intensity / Elemental Affiliation: Light and/or Wind
Flying Spells: wings, floating sphere
Supporting Spells: light shield, teleportation circle
Recovering Spells: healing kiss, restoration aura
Attacks: available but rarely used ("zero-killing-intent" type of person, to the bitter disappointment of her nakamas...)

:bulletwhite: Side-effect:
On the short-term, when Mana Points are exhausted it hurts her own body until she faints of exhaustion.
On the long-term, it shortens her life-span.

:damphyr: WEAPON
(received in Story V. and built by Usopp & Franky, its purpose being to make her stop using her Devil Fruit power in battle): Silver Gun
:bulletwhite: Projectiles: Icy Winds, type "Coup de Vent", 7 levels of intensity ("1" being a small bubble of cold air, and "6" being able to turn a Sea King into an iceberg...)

:snowflake: ~PERSONALITY~ :snowflake:

Outsider Character (ordinary girl coming from the real world, plain normal out there but of course not on Grand Line)

:bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: Key Characteristics :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite:
Shoujo manga fan (easily moved), often lost in her thoughts, has out-of-place reflexes and habits (side effect from her origins)

:damphyr: Characteristics generally positive:
:bulletwhite: Composed, smart, philosophe (was quite a good student in the real world)
:bulletwhite: Strong-willed, responsible, protective (as long as it concerns others)
:bulletwhite: Independant, stubborn (used to live alone and take care of everything alone)
:bulletwhite: Smiling heartfully to nearly everyone (part of the "I-like-you-until-you-prove-me-wrong" category of people)

:damphyr: Characteristics generally Negative:
(N.B/ hates herself for being a normal useless girl and therefore tries her best not to show any weakness so that she won't end up being a burden on the heroes)
:bulletwhite: Not fan of One Piece (normal behaviour radically different from the one of Shounen manga characters)
:bulletwhite: Easily getting too much involved (downside of being responsible and protective)
:bulletwhite: Thinking too much about things (downside of being smart and philosophe)
:bulletwhite: Dense, weak-minded and easily doubting herself (lack of confidence only showing when it concerns herself)
:bulletwhite: Selfless, reckless, unable to consider counting on others (downside of being too independant)

:damphyr: Side Characteristics:
:bulletwhite: Non violent, supporting type of fighter (not afraid of defending and countering, but can't bring herself to attack)
:bulletwhite: Pacifist and not ashamed to be so (even ends up being scolded by her nakamas for offering help to their enemies after a fight)
:bulletwhite: Claustrophobic & afraid of heights when she can't use her wings (= feeling of powerlessness coupled with a bathophobia)
:bulletwhite: Loves analysing a situation from her OC point of view (with references from the real world)
:bulletwhite: Feminist, taking pride in being an independant woman (despise the "useless-princess-role" the most, and would rather die than become that useless)
:bulletwhite: Loves dancing but is terrible at singing (N.B/ report from some surviving witnesses: "a bit like the opening of Hell's Gates")
:bulletwhite: Dislikes perverts and playboys the most (even hopeless idiots and murderers can somehow be justified to her eyes, but not perverts)
:bulletwhite: Side facet of her personality when pissed off (but she seldomly gets angry) = 'Kuro Tenshi' Black Fuu, with a frosty unwavering glare (instrumentalized by Nami to frighten reluctant collaborators, ever since Story V.)

:damphyr: N.B/ acting really OOC (i.e. violent, incoherent, flushed...) in front of a certain someone (tsundere in love relationships)

:snowflake: ~ADDITIONAL INFORMATION~ :snowflake:

:damphyr: TRADE-MARK SENTENCE (especially after having done something big): "Waaaaaaahhhh!!! My brother is going to kill me..."

:damphyr: THEME SONG: "Hear Our Prayer" by Kajiura Yuki > Song on YouTube

:damphyr: COLOUR THEME: White & Beige | FASHION THEME: Innocent Bohemian

Leather bracelet (on her right wrist) adorned with 6 pendants, 5 of them being the Mugiwaras' "birthday present" for her (received in Story I.), and the last one being a glass pearl containing Ace's Vivre Card, his "thank you" gift (received in Story II.)

:damphyr: FLOWER & PERFUME THEME: Orange Blossoms | JEWEL THEME: Amber

:damphyr: FOOD THEME: Sakura Mochi | ANIMAL THEME: White-winged Dove

:damphyr: ASTRAL ELEMENT: Wind | TAROT CARD: The Moon (XVIII Major Arcana)

:damphyr: SEIYUU (Japanese Voice Actress matching her personality): Yumi Kakazu, 嘉数 由美 (More Info on Wikipedia)


Fuu, One Piece OC © =TenshiNoFuu
One Piece, Tony Tony Chopper © Eiichiro Oda & Toei Animation
One Piece, Devil Fruit | Vivre Card Concepts © Eiichiro Oda

Standing Base by ~Destinys-Heart at [link]
Smiling Base by *Pixelena & =trixychuu at [link]
Windy Pose from "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" © Gaku Tsugano

Background Element: One Piece Anime © Eiichiro Oda & Toei Animation


Comments are disabled for the reasons stated here > [link] :bow: I deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused by it.

Comments disabled by owner. tablet pen's acting spastic at the moment, so until I get it fixed/replaced, my stuff will be done on SAI.

Heeeeeere's the captain!

Forename: Corey
Surname: Arabella
Age: 19 (Pre TS), 21 (Post TS)
Birthday: January 29th
Origin: North Blue
Height: 179cm
Crew: Flintlock Pirates, Rackham Pirates (former)
Role: Captain
Epithet: "Sundance"
Personality: Corey is an overly modest person, mainly because of her deeply rooted fear of being genuinely proud of herself, as every time she was in the past, it would lead to an unfortunate event. However, many people do not notice that she is hiding anything due to the fact that she is a very good actor.
She also goes to ridiculous lengths to carry out simple tasks. For example, she wanted to become a pirate as her brother who worked as a marine practically disowned her as his sibling after accidentally shooting their father. Because she had little-to-no experience on the sea, she decided to join the only pirate crew who came to her town, the all-men Rackham Pirates, so she sculpted her body for two whole years and covered up what little bust she had in order to be accepted into the crew.
Although her main reason to is now gone, she still cross-dresses in order to make sure that her male identity is the only part of her that has a bounty, thus letting her walk around normally in public without getting noticed.
As a person, she gets along very well with male company and isn't above acting immature in less tense situations.
Fighting style: Corey is an expert marksman and relies mostly on firearms during battle. She is very good with working with her environment, and is able to ricochet bullets off of buildings and other surrounding obstacles and hit her opponents with a perfect shot. She is capable of using other weapons, but nowhere near to the same degree.
Due to her training, she also has a high amount of upper body strength.
Bounty: 45,000,000 Beli

One Piece © Eiichiro Oda
Corey © Me
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I've been rather busy on SAI recently and decided to finish every single one of the Flintlock Pirates' personal jolly rogers that I've been adding to their profile pictures. So here they all are in order of when they joined, and expect to see all of the new ones alongside full body pictures.

:bulletred: Corey - The whole crew's representative jolly roger which is a fusion between the designs of their former crew's two flags. It also has her bandana, hat and two of her signature flintlock pistols.
:bulletred: Theodore - A simpler JR that has his Bear-Bear Fruit ears and teeth (also, he's a "modified bear").
:bulletred: Chagi - A dragon skull that reflects his epithet "Golden Dragon" along with his sword, Tsunekitai
:bulletred: Kyle - His JR has his goatee, one of his many, many hats and four of his different ends to his Subete Staff.
:bulletred: Avery - Avery's has crossed drumsticks for his position as the crew's musician, fire in the background to reflect his hairstyle and a profile of a skull just like the pirate he was named after.
:bulletred: Devan - His JR has his goggles, odd hair curls and three crossed bones to go with his bug theme. He also has a compass needle because of his position as navigator.
:bulletred: Renée - Just a regular JR with her hairstyle, one of her fighting knives and a cooking knife.
:bulletred: Skylar - Another simple JR with her hairband and bazooka.
:bulletred: Jean - He has a more "traditional" JR with his beard, eye patch with a red cross on and glowing red because of his Pulse Pulse Fruit powers.
:bulletred: Dahlia - A JR without a lower jaw and completely modeled around her Green Green Fruit abilities and position as the crew's botanist.
:bulletred: Hector - His JR has a sailfish skeleton for his fishman species and a lightning bolt to reflect his incredible underwater speed.
:bulletred: Barnaby - Barnaby's has a sinister looking smiley JR with his hairstyle, headband and hippy glasses. In the background is his favourite rifle and a crosshair.
:bulletred: Michio - He has a regular skull wearing his red bandana as well as a pipe (the main weapon of all pre-teens in One Piece) and a rope that reflects his interest in various different traps, snares being one of his favourite types.

One Piece © Eiichiro Oda
The Flintlock Pirates © Me
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Here's the second member up.

Forename: Dahlia
Surname: Hanari
Age: 24
Birthday: May 15th
Origin: Grand Line (First Half,a Spring Island)
Height: 171cm
Crew: Flintlock Pirates
Role: Botanist
Epithet: "Dryad"
Personality: The "quiet one" who is probably the least socially interactive of her crew, however she gets very talkative if the subject concerns or relates to her and her interests. Despite this, she does enjoy discussing research with Jean and Hector, and is (sometimes) willing to magic up some vegetables if Renee needs them. Her emotional responses to exciting or alarming situations are repressed by large amounts (an after effect of several years of training to repress physical pain), making it appear that she doesn't care about what is happening to those around her. During battle, she sometimes takes too much advantage of her ability to regenerate the "plant" parts of her body (anything that's still part of her "human" body such as her neck or torso doesn't regenerate), which can make her over-confident and vulnerable to sneak attacks, yet she is trying to redeem herself of this flaw by attempting to use her devil fruit powers as more of a last resort for fights where most of the crew is involved.
Devil Fruit: Green Green Fruit (Mido Mido no Mi)
Type: Paramecia
Abilities/Powers: A bizarre fruit that allows the user to become any plant that grows on land. Whilst in plant form, the user is highly vulnerable to blades and flame-based attacks (With the latter, it can take at least 24 hours to recover from it). Also, the standard devil fruit weaknesses apply as well, which can be awkward seeing as plants need water to survive (although simple drinking water consumption and exposure to mild rain showers does suffice most of the time).
While turning fully into this "force of nature" is normally used by Dahlia for disguise or espionage purposes, under the right weather conditions, her preferences of using the fruit involve converting her arms into strong wood, sprouting roots out of her legs for support purposes, sowing seeds from her fingertips that sprout on contact, changing her hair into vines that are capable of constriction and converting her spine into a stem to increase her flexibility. Another side effect of the fruit is that it formed chloroplast-producing cells around her hair, which give her the ability to photosynthesize, although as she is still a fully grown human, she still needs to eat.
The Flintlock's new ship - the Caballero Prospero - is made predominantly out of a new form of wood made by Dahlia herself by combining genes of various trees into one. Once detached from her body, any plant she grows can live for as long as she does, so it amazed her when she realised how much faith her captain had in her even after announcing this.
The consumption of this fruit at a young age was the main reason why Dahlia decided to study botany, as knowledge is most definitely power with this devil fruit.
Bounty: None (currently)

One Piece © Eiichiro Oda
Dahlia © Me
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