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The very little known oc twosome . XD My zora Ruuk and :icondevil-kitty:'s Zora, Zolie...just like in the rp we r duin..dont they look happy together XDDD

Before math to [link]
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..eheh..weve all heard or thought of this at one time or another if ya played Twilight Princess......wouldnt Link's sword n shield be magnetized as well as some of his gear when he was upside down in the goron mines?
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heheheh well this is just another picture i made for mah new friend :iconakhrrana: as another art trade! XD, this one featurin our Zora Oc's Ruuk(left) and Sharky(right), again, we became friends while we were grubbling in our failure at :iconlock-of-hyrule:'s Zora OC contest...and we decided, to grubble together XDDD,
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From a while back. Taken from my great grandmother's balcony.
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Again, at the Hiroshima/Nagasaki memorial.
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Have I mentioned that I love winter? I love winter! I want to go skiing.
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Had this idea in my head for ages but never had the time to do this. and well here it is.
took me about two hours
its like 2:30 am I think Sharky should sleep now Gnight
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this is Sharky <_< she ate a Wiimote

ooooooo iiit rummmbllles
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This is a picture of a Zora camp just me and my Zora friends at camp <_< and Fishy of course heheh he is my friend too but a little more that that XD

Zohrra :iconzohrra:
Sharky :iconakhrrana:
Ruuk :icongafagear:
Jeff :icongpenn76:
Anemos :iconalmiux19:
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Alright, I'm putting out a challenge to all of you who own an original character that belongs to the Zeldaverse.

The challenge is relatively simple.

You must draw your OC as each of the above races, it be a full body shot... but can't be any less than a bust shot.

It doesn't have to be colored.
It doesn't have to be digital.

Also, the two races you may have conflict with are the Gerudo and Goron races.

If your character is a male... for teh gerudo race you can either draw them as a female (as I did) or draw them as a male gerudo (similar to Ganondorf)

If your character is female... you have the choice of making them a male goron... or go ahead and draw them as a female goron (though there is no known female goron in the zeldaverse)

You may NOT:

Take the character and just dress them up as the races. They must ACTUALLY be the races. Pretend they are locked in a room of spirit masks of these racesa nd they proceed to try them on. XD

Now hop to it!



Why do this meme??

It's a chance to discover WHY you made your character the race they are currently! It also gives some of the unloved races a chance to be drawn... and it's good practice too!
The challenege really pushes your abilty to retain the character even if a lot of the physical attributes change. So you get to see if your character is dynamic enough to survive a race change and stay recognizable. ;)
Spheira fails the Gerudo section. XDD


Spheira belongs to moi~ <3
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Here's the colored version of the lineart I submitted for ~oot-anni

It's also a full-body shot of my design for Farore, the goddess of courage in the Legend of Zelda saga. <3

Whee glowies!

Farore belongs to Nintendo
Art and design belong to moi!

I'll edit it tomorrow.

...this is what I get for coming back to this after nearly 5 hours of swordfighting for a friend's movie. DX -is barely able to type-

[EDIT] Nevermind, fixed the error right now cause it was gonna bug me like WOAH if I left it. XD

-passes out from fatigue-
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Ok, so I shall say one thing that you MIGHT notice in this turnaround, especially if you're drawing Abyss and you get to this part.

You may notice that the marks on his horns.... aren't constant. This is because I am a freaking lazy bum and I like to ad lib a LOT.
Now you may say "But Petty! You have such a nice, detailed, well-laid-out plan for the markings on the Spheira-Abyss Turnaround!".
And I shall point out to you "But if you look at Abyss and Spheira-Abyss' designs.... how much of those markings are SHOWING?"

I thought so.

ANYWAYS, Here's the final turnaround for now, besides the weapons/items/actions sheet I have to do. The bio is... a bit rough, mainly because Abyss' bio depends on so many factors from so many other people besides myself and we really haven't sat down and fleshed much. (Again, I am lazy and usually the fleshing comes from just basic RP's that turn into epic monstrosities... like the RP where Abyss was actually "created" ...... thank you SO MUCH Mel. <333 XD I still credit you as Abyss' mom. Seriously.)

[EDIT] Oh hey, I forgot a little explaination about some of the side drawings, the middle of just his eyes is what they would look like if he turned off his glow, and the bottom is what he looks like when he's VERY pissed.

So without further ado, everything you've wanted to know (and more!) about our little Abbykins!~ -slaughtered suddenly-

(PS... if you see typos I missed.... HELP ME AND TELL ME.)

Name: Abyss
Age: As old as Hyrule itself
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: Varies due to body composition
Race: Zalmunna
Birthday: The new year (January 1st by our standards)
Weapon of choice: Twin lances (constrcted of shadowmatter)
Family: Six "siblings": Tenebran, Dimas, Majora, Naharl, Oscuri and Stygia
Timeline: N/A (spans all timelines, pre-series and post)

Bio: Abyss is 4th oldest of the seven Zalmunna, created by the goddesses to uphold the balance of nature by keeping dominion over the realm of shadow opposite the Paladins (also known as the Siderans) who held dominion over the realm of light. He is the most reserved of the seven, he takes his job seriously whereas some of his siblings would see theirs otherwise (looks sideways at Majora and Dimas). Though persistent with his duties, he does take the time to relax and pick up new skills, as learning for enjoyment's sake is one of his hobbies (also being immortal helps with the motivation for this, not much to do when a millennium seems like nothing to you).
Eons came and went with little or no consequence between the Zalmunna and Paladins, balance was kept (for the most part, much to the distress of, again, certain Zalmunna) and all was right with the land, this being a time when the Paladins and Zalmunna would walk the land freely and would command respect of those who dwelled on Hyrule's surface. Every so often, a meeting between these two parties would be held in an area referred to as The Bridge, (proper name is Lycoris) an area of perfect balance between light and shadow where neither party held dominance over the other. It was at these meetings that Ziven, leader of the Paladins, and Abyss began to see each other as more than just members of opposing parties.
Their meetings became more frequent, coming to The Bridge more often to see each other outside of the conferences between the two sides until they were (relatively) inseperable. Chand, second in command of the Paladins, soon ousted Ziven from power, banishing him to the realm of shadow (resons for this are still shady, Tessy, if you can gimme an explaination why, I'll update this). Abyss, of course, found him, and to explain his presence, told his siblings Ziven was his new "servant" (the whole relationship between them a touchy subject to Abyss).
It was obvious it could not last, however, as the realm of shadow itself was slowly poisoning Ziven's body, eating away at his very essence. Knowing this, Abyss decided it was time to take action, leaving Ziven with a pendant imbuned with some of his essence (unbeknowst to Ziven) and also a curse which would, evetually, save his life. Without explaination to the one he loved, he left the realm of shadow to ravage the land, gaining more power as he did so and, ultimately, throwing off the balance of nature. He even allowed the very essence of shadow to consume him, transforming him into a mindless monster and causing the land to be thrown into chaos. When the Goddesses sent their chosen Hero to rid the land of this fiend, the Hero failed to do so, getting killed in the process (kudos to Rue for this addition. Looooved it.).
After this, the goddesses themselves stepped in, stripping Abyss of his power and imprisoning him by binding him to the soul of a hylian (I wonder who THAT could be, hmm? ;) ). However, this was according to Abyss' plan, and his foresight allowed there to be a crack in the seal the Goddesses' bonds since not ALL of his essence was imprisoned there. The chaos Abyss had caused was not easily mended, evil tainting the world and even some of the minds of Hyrule's residents. This evil began the ultimate search for power by one man who had been given the gift of the Triforce of Power by the Goddesses themselves, and he later went on to conquer and ursurp the throne of Hyrule (though he was later defeated by the next Hero chosen by the Goddesses). Before and up until this man's reign, Abyss had remained dormant inside of the Hylian he was bound to, a boy named Spheira.
Dormancy did not last long as when monsters attacked the boy's home, killing his parents, he was awakened by the cry of help made by Spheira. Abyss heard his plea, broke some of the bonds on his power and was able to momentarily possess Spheira's body, pulling him and his sister through their barn wall and to safety. After this feat of power, Abyss was sent into a state of dormancy, though Spheira now had access to the power Abyss possessed through the breaking seal.
Abyss stayed in this state for seven years, coming out of it when Ziven located Spheira (merely by chance) and broke the seal on Abyss with the pendant given to him long ago. This opened the channel between him and Spheira, allowing Abyss full access to Spheira's mind and body, and vice-versa (for the most part). Abyss is now and will forever be bound to Spheira's soul through the bond placed upon them (if you want more information on this, see the Spheira-Abyss Turnaround sheet

:bulletred: Very serious and calm, it takes a lot to make him truly angry, but when he is, whoever caused his anger might want to run.
:bulletgreen: He's incredibly intelligent, and speaks as such.
:bulletblue: He does have a softer side, showing it only around certain people. A true smile can be a rare thing for him.
:bulletpurple: He is very trustworthy and keeps his word when given. He is also a veritable fountain of advice and will dispense it freely if one asks him for it.
:bulletred: Because he is/was a keeper of balance, he will do his best to judge any given situation fairly, acting not in the favor of one party or another unless it is a special circumstance.
:bulletgreen: He has a high set of morals and will not go against them in any situation.

Physical: Because he is of the Zalmunna, who are (as Winna put it) shapeshifters at heart, his body structure is not technically a constant, though he keeps it that way for himself for the most part. Depending on the level of power, he will look various ways, the form he took looking much different than his normal one. The glowing marks on his body are a testament to his power and status as one of the highest of the beings inhabiting the shadow realm. They have no specific meaning except as a means of identification and, again, a status symbol. The brightness of the glow from these markings varies depending on the amount of power being exerted at the time or his mood or overall amount of energy.

:bulletred: Pre-seal- Since he is of the highest order of shadowbeings, Abyss commands a lot of power. His specialty is creating weapons and other physical objects from shadow though he is adept at most other casting outside of healing, which is an area he has not been able to master. Other than that, he is able to cast a wide rang of magic from creating portals to various sections of the shadow realm to writing messages in the air.
:bulletgreen: Post-seal- Abyss' "almighty range of power" is limited at this point to what SPheira's mortal body can physically handle. If a spell is too powerful or requires Zalmunnan as the anchor language, it will start to harm the body anywhere from mild irritation to actual bleeding and deterioration of the flesh depending on how powerful or how long a spell is cast/enacted. (more detailed information on this section can be found on the Spheira-Abyss Turnaround sheet )

:bulletred: His siblings- Abyss doesn't really hold any of his siblings close to him, save Oscuri. She is the only one he does not mind spending time with and, in fact, he is the only one who really can keep her calm and actually make sense of the cryptic messages that come from her mouth. Of his other siblings; he holds respect for Tenebran's decisions and will question them, to a point, but will back down when ordered to do so; He treats Naharl with an air of indifference for the most part; He believes Stygia to be barbaric and bloodthirsty; Majora he is perfectly fine with as long as he is not teamed up with Dimas or any of his other siblings for that matter, Majora treats Abyss with a fair deal of respect even if Abyss is younger; finally, Dimas and Abyss just don't get along. They don't. Dimas loves to make Abyss' life a living hell, period. If he and Majora team up on Abyss, there is bound to be a lot of cursing and fighting to be had amongst those three.
:bulletgreen: Syba- Syba is/was Abyss' subserviant poe which is, basically, a poe that is assigned to a shadow of higher power for a specific purpose. Depending on its master, the poe may be allowed to, relatively, retain their original form it once held in its past life. Syba's short life had not been a happy one, killing herself at a young age due to an abusive father and absence of a mother, becoming a poe due to the regret that she never really had a true family. Abyss sanctioned her because she had potential in the area of shadowhealing, an area that he (quite frankly) fails at. Eventually, she became like a daughter to him and she vowed never to abandon him until she could repay him for his kindness to her. When Abyss set her free and allowed her to rest in peace, she was not able to rest due to her vow. (Eventually she was able to rest peacefully after saving Spheira's (and Abyss';) life in the first Myriad Path tournament, leaving behind only the bead that was in her hair. Spheira has kept this with him since that day hoping to meet the person that saved his life.)
:bulletblue: Ziven- Ziven is Abyss' one and only love. He would do anything for him, including sacrifice his own life if it came down to it, which is nearly did since his master plan to save Ziven had a very high chance of getting him killed, permanently losing his sanity or not working at all. He feels at peace when with him, and he is one of the only people who can make him truly smile. The two of them are practically inseperable and if Ziven were to leave or be killed, Abyss would not be able to live.
:bulletpurple: Spheira- Abyss and Spheira's souls are bound by the seal the Goddesses set upon Abyss in order to restore balance. Their relationship is actually fairly healthy for what other characters have described as a parasitic relationship (lol, Isolde). Their relationship is not parasitic, however, as with a parasite you can remove them without little consequence. With these tow, it's symbiotic. You remove one, they both die. Although Spheira can be immature, Abyss respect Spheira's opinion and thought and will take them into consideration when using Spheira's body or borrowing his mouth to speak. (ore on this relationship can be found on the Spheira-Abyss Turnaround sheet )

:bulletred: He can play the flute after teaching himself to. He also carved his own instrument to his tastes. He does not play any other instrument because he did not have the desire to learn any others.
:bulletgreen: While Abyss can speak multiple languages, he prefers to speak in Zalmunnan, though has been forced to just hylian as of late due to being trapped inside of Spheira. When speaking his native language, he is actually more casual with his speech, whereas other languages are formal only.
:bulletblue: (requested by Winna) Abyss flails about when Dimas strangles him with his own hood.

Likes: Ziven, playing the flute, learning for enjoyment, spending time with the one he loves, basic household chores (cooking, keeping things clean, sewing, etc.), giving advice

Dislikes: Certain siblings, having pranks pulled on him, ignorant people, those who would harm Ziven, Most of the Siderans/Paladins, Having to explain something more than twice

:bulletred: Eons of experience
:bulletgreen: Incredible intelligence
:bulletblue: Able to cast large, powerful spells without much thought (only when not bound to Spheira), and has a fast casting time
:bulletpurple: Very hard to enrage

:bulletred: Trapped in a mortal body
:bulletgreen: Can't heal worth crap
:bulletblue: Average speed, not nearly as fast as Spheira, even when using his body
:bulletpurple: Target Ziven, you have a good chance of making him do what you want.



If you have ANY questions or if you can think of something I have wrong or left out, PLEASE PLEASE tell me. I want to make these turnaround as accurate as possible!!


Abyss Headshot
Abyss' "Monster" form
Spheira Turnaround
Spheira/Abyss turnaround
Misc. Items Ref sheet (coming soon)
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UPDATE: Now with origins and more details about team members.

This is my first Deadly Alliance artwork about Egyptians! I was about to finish last week but it slowed me down to focusing on my early drawings. This is also a (late) birthday present for :iconseth19931:. However, Seth19939 is not the only one who loves Egyptian mythologies so much: :iconnileheart:, who draws her favorite Egyptian gods, Thoth, Horus and Re (or Ra), and :iconsheepydoodle: (also known as :icontimburtonclone:), who draws the comic book story called "Almighty They Have Fallen", a story about Set, the God of Chaos, and takes place from Ancient Times to Modern Age. I hope you like this artwork and I got more!

Leader: Heliosphinx and Prince Tutankhamen
Alignment: The Temple of the Ancients
Allies: Powerslaves, Shedumaru and Salkar, The Harbingers of Olympus and the Exhuminators
Enemies: The Brotherhood of Chaos, King Kilmaatkhan and the Kilmaats, the Brotherhood of Apep and Akhenaten and his Aten Army (Idolus Xoanon)
Location: Egypt

The Pharaoh's Guardian is the Ancient Deadly Alliance and the Egyptian Deadly Alliance as well the team member of the UN-GDI & the Temple of the Ancients. Two heroes in one united team of demigods to fight the ultimate evil such as the dark forces from Apep and the mysterious invaders from Aten Army. This team is based-themed with the ancient gods of Ancient Egypt.

The Journey begins...
In the ancient times of Ægyptus, a war has broken out when tension has turned from civil war into Great War. During the time of war, Heliosphinx was chosen by the Gods of Aegyptus and was send into the desert of Uruk to find and recover the Blade and Shield of Osiris at the ancient temple, guarded by soldiers of Urukian and the Eye of Uruk itself from the palace. Along the way, he passed the obstacles that he faced for testing his skills and basic magic and arrived at the temple. On the temple, he stands alone between them and the only way to get in the temple is to sneak pass the guards. While inside the temple, he recovered the Blade and Shield of Osiris so easy, but not just he passed few traps, he is the chosen one by the prophecy (although he didn't know of.) As soon he recovered the ancient weapons, he fought the guardian to pass his final test and then he fought his way out of the palace, killing all the soldiers in his way in and out of the temple. As he was about to escape, the Eye of Uruk blast him away and fell off from the cliff into a mysterious temple with a portal after he got hit by the ray. After the fall, he survived and discovered the unused portal with the amulet on the corpse's hand. He entered the portal alone to his unknown destination.

...and Destiny awaits
Meanwhile, there's another story that it will collide soon. In Luxor, a young prince named Tutankhamen is having a birthday party at his palace. He has a normal but great life to become the next pharaoh of Ægyptus. While finding his loved one, Nefertiti, his father, the current pharaoh of Ægyptus named Akhenaten, has a surprise for him but Tutankhamen must wait until he spoke with Nefertiti. Before he talked to his loved one, he found a note from his advisor while on the way before entering the courtyard. At the courtyard, he spoke with Nefertiti and was convinced that there was conspiracy going on, plotting against him during his birthday. To uncover the conspiracy, he must find out alone throughout the palace. While looking through the secret passages, he picked up a strange artifact and gauntlet on the altar then returned to the surface of the palace. Upon his return to his room, he was surprised that he got stumbled to his father's room and everything has come to close of suspicious: Akhenaten has a surprise for him and his advisor has become the suspicious one. But he will find out who is the conspirator later and head to the throne room. While on the way to the throne room, something has happened at the treasure room and all his family treasures are gone except the sarcophagus, leading to the secret passage of unknown thieves. His guards was about to stop him but he entered the sarcophagus and tracking him down alone. But then suddenly, after he tracked down the thief, he was murdered by true but unknown mastermind.

Two heroes' first meet
Following of his death, Heliosphinx has stumbled at the dungeon of Luxor palace and finds his way out of the dungeon. When reached from the dungeon to the balcony of the altar, a funeral ceremony has begun and he saw the mummified Tutankhamen, lying on his sarcophagus before sealing his fate. However, Heliosphinx sensed something suspicious down there and there was an evil presence on the work; they're going to sacrifice to his Sun God, Aten, without knowing. Heliosphinx disrupted the ceremony by break the sun panel then revealed himself to Akhenaten. Then all Hell broke loose as Akhenaten's advisor suddenly summoned the demons of the Underworld and they escaped through the portal but Akhenaten didn't grabbed his son as Heliosphinx saved Tutankhamen until he woke up. As he regains his life back, he slays the demon in one blow with his gauntlet blade that he found it at the underground palace. The two are united to fight the demons for their stand until the two warriors of Horus and Anubis, Heruthep and Nekro, join forces with two young heroes and kill all remaining demons. But one demon has slipped away and grabbed Nefertiti then threatening them to surrender the Blade and Shield of Osiris but Heliosphinx refused to surrender the weapon and Tutankhamen rushes to rescue her but it was too late, the demon killed his loved one and the Prince went mad with grief and rage. After the battle is over, the war has begun when Luxor is invaded by the army of Seth. They retreated to Heliopolis where they can be saved from the onslaught.

Looking for answers
When they have arrived at the Temple of Heliopolis, they've learned from their masters when they explained why and how the war has begun: it was because the Sacred Crowns of Ægyptus were stolen and the Gods of Ennead did not responded to others when Akhenaten replaced them with his one Sun God, Aten. In order to recover the sacred crowns and stop the war, they must go to Abydos and find warriors to recruit but Tutankhamen must remain in the temple and finding a way back to human again but it take time for finding the solution.

At Abydos, meanwhile, Heliosphinx and his two fellow companions witnessed the city museum is closed and the square is less populate than ever; this once great city has become the depressed city of Ægyptus because the treasures and jewels were stolen by thieves few days ago. However, they need more help than they can get; they entered the tavern where all the mercenaries are gathered for a higher price by their contracts. There, they met Baseta, a warrior dancer of Bastet; Sodek, the charming archer of Nile; Tethruphak, a magician from Hermopolis; Ramuthep, the mighty warrior of Amun; Sekethria, the deadly warrior with her bloody claws; Kheprithak and Serkethep, the two Insectoid warriors of Khepri and Serket; Bes-Ket, a cunning but mischief thief; Khemuthep, a magician of Khemun; Khonsuthep, a travelling warrior of Khonsupolis; Monthuthep, a valiant warrior from Monthupolis and Typhoon, the assassin of former Set Army. But when the trouble starts when Typhoon, Baseta and Sekethria is being chased by the corrupt authority for their crime and murder, the fight has begun. During the fight, they managed to escape from troubled tavern, rush to the docks, steal the enemy boat and head to the City of Anubis, Cynopolis.

Meanwhile, Tutankhamen has another mission for the Temple at Luxor to avenge Nefertiti's death. He was sent into his father's palace by nightfall to find out what was going on since his death. He woke up in his sarcophagus at the treasure room and sneak through the main hall where the ruthless warlord and his men replaced the statues of Ægyptian Gods by the Sun God Aten. Somehow, he familiarized of his father's work but he doesn't know who they are but he will find out soon enough once he found out about their plans. When he reached his father's chamber without been detected by the guards, he discovered the plan that his home was invaded by Apep the God of Evil and his army, it was revealed as the coup to overthrow his family. Not only he discovered the plan, but he recovered the stolen jewel from the museum and ancient relic that it was stolen few years ago. Then he returned to sarcophagus and teleported back to Heliopolis with enemy's plan and stolen artifacts.

In Cynopolis, Heliosphinx and his fellow companions are arrived and they seek answers from Nekro's master and Grand Master of Anubi Embalmer at the temple. In order to get answers from Nekro's master, they must eliminate the barbarians' presence near the city limits. There, they eliminated the barbarians and met Gebu, Shunothep and Nufutina during the battle. The trio joined their group and return to the temple. The answers was revealed to them as Nekro's master explained about why the sacred crowns are so important to stop the war and bringing Ra back to restore order and peace to this land once more but the only problem is that Aten is in the way; only Tutankhamen can get Aten out of the way if he discovered the truth. Their first task in their hand is to get the crown from Abydos King by clearing out the army of Set from entering the city. After convincing enough to the city guards' trust while in battle, they were brought into the Abydos King's palace for reward, but the king was ill and he needs the medicine and antidote from the medic but all what they need is the recipe for the antidote from Nekheb, the City of Nekhbi and only Tutankhamen can find it.

Tutenkhamen's Quest
Tutankhamen was sent into dark city of Nekheb to find the recipe and second stolen jewel from the museum, if he can find one. There, inside the laboratory, he must find the antidote for the Abydos King at the infirmary. When he picked up the recipe, he hears a voice of Osiris and he was tasked to free one prisoner with the help of Wadinja, a magician from Per-Wadjet so they can recover the stolen jewel. So he rushes to the prison and found Wadinja as she fought the prison guards and freed his old magician friend and master, Nekrobet. After freeing him, they fought their way to the warden's room, where the second stolen jewel is kept there, and defeated the warden and his elite warriors. After they recovered second stolen jewel, they discovered the second plan to extradite the slaves into unknown location and bizarre creation for their personal army. Tutankhamen took the plans and handed over the recipe to two magicians as they are teleported to safety before the soldiers arrived.

Back to Abydos, Heliosphinx and others are expected of the arrival of Nekrobet and Wadinja and they brought it the recipe for the antidote. After they waited for 5 minutes, they received the medicine and antidote then rush to the palace and saved the king. Soon before they were rewarded the sacred crown, his two advisors snatched the crown and revealed themselves as true conspirators. They followed to the underground sewer and caught them up the cult's hideout as they discovered the truth about Luxor: someone is replacing all the gods into one Sun God of Atenism while the cult group is bringing Apep back into chaos. Heliosphinx and heroes defeated the cult group and destroyed the unholy statue of Apep. So ends the problem of Abydos and reclaimed the sacred crown.

They returned to Heliopolis temple with success, they must find all the crowns from each city that they must bring Ra back into this world. Each city that they went into war: Horus, Anubis, Bastet, Sobek, Khamun, Thoth, Ptah, Set, Nekhbet and Ra. Osiris is from Abydos. They must go in separate ways in form of a team. Heliosphinx goes with Tutankhamen, Heruthep and Nekro to Hierakonpolis and Cynopolis; Baseta and Sekethria are going to her hometown of Bastet, Bubastis; Sodek, Gebu, Shunothep and Nufutina are going to Crocodilopolis; Khemuthep, Ramuthep and Bes-Ket are going to Elephantine; Tethruphak, Nekrobet and Wadinja are going to the city of Hermopolis; Kheprithak and Serkethep are going to Memphis; Typhoon is going alone to Tanis, the City of Set and Nekheb, the City of Nekhbet and Khonsuthep and Monthuthep are going to find the Ancient City of Ra.

The Sacred Crowns of Aegyptus
On Heliosphinx and his fellow companions' side, they head first Cynopolis and asks the Grand Master Embalmer for receiving the crown but the crown was stolen by Apep's cult and hired army of mercenaries. However, there was a tension between the City of Horus and the City of Anubis and it's closing into war between them. When they found that the mercenaries were unmasked as the army of Heru, they heard the voice of Orisis as he explains to them that they were both deceived by one true mastermind, working together with Apep and causing chaos. So Heruthep and Heliosphinx are going to his home city of Hierakonopolis while Nekro and Tutankhamen remain in Cynopolis to find the hard evidence to convince the Cynopolis King to make a treaty and truce.      
In Hierkanopolis, they entered the city and they were warm welcomed by Heruthep's people then brought them to King's throne room and was given a task to eliminate the Anubi camp at the valley by nightfall. This is their chance to show the proof that the Army of Anubis is not involved. At nightfall, they infiltrated the true enemy's camp, disguised as Anubi Army camp at the valley and discovered another cult temple for Apep, praying inside the cave, and prisoners of war from both sides. There they met Nekro and Tutankhamen once again and they have the same task as well to proof Cynopolis innocence. They infiltrated the cave and saw two crowns on the altar, where they're worshipping the evil god. In order to stop them, they must kill all of enemy warriors at the camp and free all prisoners then arming them with weapons and armors they lost.      
Then, they attacked Apep's worshippers and killing them who standing their way. The cult leader is attempting to escape from them but Tutankhamen stopped and decapitates him then grabbed the third jewel for the museum and two crowns of two gods.      
Once they destroyed the temple, the two kings and their own army has arrived. Before they are about to start a war, the four heroes approached them and show the head of Apep's cult. They were convinced and believed that they were both deceived by Apep. Now the children of Horus and Anubis has finally put their tension aside and united to fight the true evil of Apep and the Kings granted their sacred crowns to Heliosphinx and Tutankhamen while Heruthep and Nekro were honored by Hierakonpolis' Battle Sage and Cynopolis' Embalmer (Nekro's master) then they returned to Heliopolis.

Meanwhile at Baseta's home, Bubastis, she and Sekethria are wandering around the city to find Apep's cult until they found someone: a greedy nobleman with his pair of female warriors and his son. This is what they are looking for: he has bought the Sacred Crown of Bastet from the palace because the King and Queen made new crowns for themselves. Not only they found the Sacred Crown of the Gods, Sekethria saw a tattoo on the nobleman's neck and so they follow them. When they followed greedy nobleman and his son, they found their place which is heavily guarded by his male muscled guards but Baseta has a plan and her companion agreed with her.      
So at night, Sekethria is at the tavern where the nobleman's son is heading there while Baseta seduced the guards to let her in by her charm. While she's inside, she has to take out her "competitors" at the dressing room. Baseta kills her competitors with her sharp nails on her claws and feet in cold blood then she cleaned herself up and heading to nobleman's room for a lap dance.      
Meanwhile at the tavern, Sekethria is drinking wine-like blood, calmly waiting for nobleman's son until he's finished with women dancing and get drunk. When he reached Sekethria, he watched her beauty face as she simply smirked, a devilish but sexy smile then she stabbed him silently, killing him as assassination and forced him to walk out the tavern, leaving him dying with bleeding. So then, the trouble starts at the tavern.      
Back at the nobleman's house, Baseta danced for him of his pleasure then suddenly, threatening him and forced him to interrogate. She was convince when the nobleman explains that he's secretly a salesman, worked for Apep's cult and the mysterious Aten Army and stole the Sacred Crown of Bastet from the treasure room by tricking them and the fourth jewel from the museum. After she gained the information, she killed him and took the stolen jewel and crown then escapes from nobleman's house through the window before the guards arrived, leaving a note. As she jumped out from the window, she bumped accidentally the Demigoddess of Hathor named Hathratiti and Baseta helped her. What she doesn't know is that Hathratiti was sent from Heliopolis to provide them to escape the city and they go get Sekethria at the tavern before the nobleman's soldiers arrived.      
But, right on time when the bar fight is over, Sekethria survived without a scratch and they must flee the city from the greedy nobleman's soldiers. With the help of Hathor, they disguise as peaceful Camp-Followers in cloaks and walked out of the city without violence in the street as they're heading back to Heliopolis.

At near Crocodilopolis, a land of great jungle and the City of Sobek, Sodek and the trio walking through the swamps of the Nile which is favorite hotspot for him; but not for them. As they reached the city walls of Crocodilopolis, they encountered Hapi's warrior named Hapyron the spearman from Akaria and he was been pursued by Sebeki warriors then he was caught for trespassing.      
They were taken to their palace and warm welcomed by the King; however, Sodek is unlike to any of his kinsmen. They were given a task to take any trespassers in the city walls with the help of Hapyron. Their true task, however, is to uncover the conspiracy plot about the war between Crocodilopolis and Akaria, the City of Hapi and the underwater kingdom of the Nile.      
On the jungles of the Nile, they found the enemy camp and discovered the meeting between the barbarians and the soldiers of Akaria. Then, Sodek and his companions fought them and interrogated one of the survivors from Akaria. It was revealed when they learned about their plan of intention; they must unmask the conspirators before Crocodilopolis accusing Akaria for stealing the Sacred Crown of Sobek and stopping the Agents of Apep. They're all agreeing with their task and travel to Akaria, guided by Hapyron.      
And they are arrived Akaria through the cave entrance and swim underwater. As they entered the City of Hapi, Hapyron explains why they were accused of stealing and it was because of their King is not what he used to be, he has become cruel and corrupted king and refused to make peace with the surface dwellers. In order to convince the King to surrender, they are going to the Akarian Palace to infiltrate. They entered the dungeon and finds themselves that the real King was imprisoned by the imposter King and his Agents of Apep and he has taken over Akaria. They freed the real king and his loyal army, battled their way to the throne room and encountered the false King of Akaria at the balcony, where all the army and people are gathered. Sodek and the others must hold them off from the real King while Hapyron must defend his true King while battling the imposter. When his true King is badly injured, Hapyron fights the false King, interfering, and challenged him to death. He slays the false King in public and pushed his corpse off from the balcony, revealing the tattoo on his neck, shocking and believing that it was the false King. As the Agents of Apep surrendered, the public and the army cheering and chanting Hapyron's name as a hero and savior of their true King.      
Soon after they arrested the remaining Agents of Apep and destroyed the statue of Apep, they were given a task to send a message to Crocodilopolis for apology and handing over the crown to their King. They returned to the surface of Crocodilopolis through safe passage by the portal they granted and Sodek gives the crown and message to Crocodilopolis King and he was very convinced, he was been fooled by the false King of Akaria as the servant of Apep.      
Now Crocodilopolis and Akaria are at peace and joined forces to fight Apep and the heroes were rewarded with the Sacred Crown of Sodek and the fifth jewel they have recovered from the barbarians' hand then they're leaving to Heliopolis.

At Khemuthep's home, Elephantine, he and Ramuthep are he heading to arena while Bes-Ket is haggling the prices and stealing golds from the mercenaries. Whey heard the news about the grand prize of the tournament is the Sacred Crown of Khmun and Amun, Ramuthep is going to enter the tournament to win two sacred crowns for bringing Ra to this world and stopping Apep from spreading chaos.      
At the tournament arena, they met Ureanos and his fellow companions of rebellious fighters, the Powerslaves. They have won only won for the prize money and met Heliosphinx and Tutankhamen before the tournament starts. As the Powerslave left the City of Khmun, they met them again and gladly to join them for support if it's necessary to keep eye out for Agents of Apep.      
The next day, the tournament has started and Ramuthep must compete any opponents in his way while Khemuthep will be his retainer and healer while Bes-Ket is looking around the spectators and see if the Agents of Apep is there or not with his help of Heliosphinx and Tutankhamen. Ramuthep's first match was easy but he wants more matches to fight. Matches after matches, his fans went wild and he's ready about to face his next opponent, the ten champions of the arena in a last standing warrior. After a great tense of hard battle, Ramuthep stands tall and win but he has to face one more opponent: the Great Champion of Arena. Ramuthep remembers his childhood back at Thebes when his father is killed the insane champion, beheaded and banned by the officials; this is what is he waited to avenge his father's death. Somehow, he's got weakened by the spell and someone is chanting the spell in whisper. Bes-Ket spotted the hooded whisperers and snatched their golds, disrupting their spell and exposed them in public as the Forbidden Children of Apep, the Apepi. Heliosphinx and Tutankhamen captured the Apepi while Ramuthep was restored and saved by Khemuthep's healing spell so he can finish his opponent once and for all by decapitate his head.      
As he opponent's mask removed, it was revealed that it was his father's former partner and rival and it has a tattoo of Apep. Now he knows why did he joined Apep's evil cult many years ago.      
The tournament is over and they have acquired the Sacred Crowns of Khmun and Amun and taking the Apepi warriors for interrogation. Ramuthep has finally avenged his father's death and honored him so his soul can finally rest in peace.

In Hermopolis, civil unrest has broken out at the grand library every day. Many of the rebel fighters tried to burn the scribes written by one famous Tethru Scriber and records. Many have tried and many have failed and prevented by hundreds of Tethru soldiers.      
Upon the arrival of Tethruphak, Nekrobet and Wadinja after the unrest, they investigated the Grand Library of Hermopolis and discovered that one of the scrolls is missing then later spotted by Tethru guards and the owner of Grand Library. Tethruphak remembers her as his teacher and they were given a task to find and retrieve the stolen scrolls from the rebel group by midnight before the next riot on their precious library.      
As they looking around the city to find any suspicious activity on the rebels, the people of Hermopolis are staring at Nekrobet because he's unlikely the necromancer and trickster. But despite that he's from the dark city of Nekheb, he's a friendly and kind-hearted Nekheru and he's the only.      
When they found the hooded rebels, spotted at the market, they follow them through the alleyway and discovered their hideout, heavily guarded with the password. But thanks to Wadinja's Spell of Disguise as one of the rebels and entered the hideout with the password granted. When they are inside, there is no one but the doorway on the floor under the carpet, leading to the underground sewer and, eventually, the cult's hideout.      
However, it was not the cult of Apep from behind time, it was the jealous Tethru Scriber who was banned from the library years ago and now he led the hired nomad Tethru warriors as angry mob, not the rebels. Tethruphak and his companions interrupted his speech of vengeance and convinced him to surrender but it failed and the only Hard Way is to fighting them, swords against sorcery. Tethruphak can only to disarming them while Nekrobet scares them off. The jealous Scriber had enough and challenged Tethruphak alone to death. Tethruphak used the correct spells to counterattack while his opponent used all of his magic to kill but it doesn't work; he overused his magic power stop him. When corrupted Scriber was about to kill him, Tethruphak delivers the final blow on his enemy and knocked him out. After a magic battle, they restrained the mob with the help of Wadinja's magic and recovered the scrolls and the sixth stolen jewel then they takes the rouge Scriber to the surface as well the other prisoners.      
On the surface, they brought them to the courthouse and gave the scrolls to the famous Scriber. Then, they granted the reward of their good deeds by accepting the gift: the Sacred Crown of Thoth and the Staff of Hermopolis.      
Now the unrest ended as the rouge Scriber and his henchmen are sent into prison and the heroes are heading back to Heliopolis for their success.

In Memphis, Kheprithak and Serkethep are helping the To-Tamens, the Children of Ptah, for the upcoming battle against the Forbidden Children of Apep. However, they need it more materials for their greatest war machine-like statue, size-like titan, and the two heroes are agreed to help them. But they are going to need their guide, Ptah-Tokhamen the greatest craftsman in Memphis.      
Onto the troubled mines where the materials are needed, Ptah-Tokhamen led them to safe passage and find out what was happened to the mines and why it has been delayed. As they're investigating the mines, they found a survivor and listen to his story before he died. It was Apep's saboteurs who are the responsible for disrupting the mining and released the untamed giant creature, running amok in the caves. Now they must find and stop them and tamed the giant creature in the cave.      
Deep in the cave, they found Apep's warriors, controlling the untamed the giant scorpion and beetle to restrain them and stealing the resources. To stop the warriors of Apep from escaping with stolen resources, Kheprithak and Serkethep take control of both giant scorpion and giant beetle; crushing all the warriors of Apep and stopping them from escaping the cave to the surface but Ptah-Tokhamen stopped them first and used his Earth power to crush his enemies. After he crushed Apep's warriors, they brought their resources to To-Tamen with the help of tamed creatures as their transportation. As they are arrived in Memphis and gave the materials to them, the Army of Ptah is ready to join forces against Apep. First, they need the Sacred Crown of Ptah to summon Ra but, luckily for them, Ptah-Tokhamen created the real one while the King wears the normal crown.      
Their task is complete and they head back to Heliopolis.

Typhoon works alone in the City of Nekhbet and slaugthered hundreds of thousand Nekheru warriors and witches, single-handed with his twin sword, daggers and bow and arrow from barracks to the dark, abandoned palace, he took the stolen Sacred Crowns of Nekhbet and Wadjet and the seventh and final jewel from the tormentor. Then he killed the tormentor and left the city in ruins.      
Next stop is his former home, Tanis, the City of Set. There he met Nepeseru, the Demigoddess of Death, and they agreed each other of how to get the Sacred Crown of Set from the palace by assassinate all of King's officials, including his former commander that he served him long time ago. This is the exact revenge for abandoning him since the war when Osiris murdered.      
Nepeseru guided to the shadows of the alleyway to the former commander of his because he want him dead first. There he seeks revenge for his abandonment and kills all of his finest warriors, guarding the general's room. Before he was about to kill him, he learned that he and his conspirators are plotting to assassinate the King, framing him up as the assassin. Instead of killing his former commander, he spared him and keeping him alive for future reference.      
He goes to infiltrate the palace at night and overwatch the King from the courtyard to the throne room, looking for any suspicious activity on one of the officials. From shadows to shadows on his side, he followed one of the officials, leading to the dungeons where the secret meeting is taking place by Apep's cult. Hearing from the meeting, he learned their assassination plan is taken place at the parade, where the Army of Set marching for their preparation for war. Typhoon must stop them before the conspirators carried out the assassination.      
At the parade, Typhoon and Nepeseru must protect the king from the assassins and convince him to join the war against Apep. First, he must take out his targets by setting a trap before marching out then taking out the right targets with his senses and the help of Nepeseru's ability. There at the palace, she poisoned the corrupt officials' drinks and he killed the corrupted commander's warriors silently with his daggers. When he sensed the presence of his former commander at the balcony, he rushes to the balcony, just before his main target assassinate the King. As he reached the balcony, he unmasked the King's assassin and triggered Typhoon's former commander's troops that killing them by their armor, disrupting the marching parade to a halt. Foiling his evil scheme, Typhoon battled his former commander and killed his nemesis, once and for all. So ends the assassination plot of Apep's evil followers.      
After the parade, Typhoon's name was cleared and the King rewarded him as the new commander but Typhoon refused the offer and requested the Sacred Crown of Set so they can summon the true Sun God Ra. The King agrees with one condition: the truce must be made and the truce is already done when the message was received from Heliopolis. Now the Army of Set joined with the other Ægyptian Gods' Armies.

The Unknown Warriors of the Unknown God from the other world?
At the Golden Desert of Ægyptus, Khonsuthep and Monthuthep are searching the lost and ancient city of Ra and they have searching it for days and nights. When they heard screeching voice of the winged demigoddess, they follow the sound of the screeching falcon to their destination.      
When they reached to their destination, they found the Ancient City of Ra in Karnak but there is someone who reached the ancient temple first when they saw the camp nearby. Before they investigate a tent, a very large tent of the nobleman, the screeching demigoddess appeared from the air, halting them before they have trespassed the tent. Her name was Mayet, the Demigoddess of Justice, and she was protecting the nobleman's tent. They did not know who was belong to but they are convinced that she's the one who led the ancient city. Then, a nobleman comes out from his tent and his name was Thebus, the Demigod of Fertility and from Taweret, Goddess of Fertility, and he welcomes the warriors into his luxurious tent inside. While the warriors are resting up, Thebus explains why was been called by the voice of Osiris and they were brought themselves here in the Ancient City of Ra. To his account, before he arrived the ancient city, a strange army of black-skinned warriors from other dimension or the Underworld with glowing red eyes and strange weapons forged with the sun were the first to discovered the city and they did not found what they looking for, the Sacred Crown of Ra. This is what the warriors are looking for to bring Ra back to this world. Thebus and Mayet agreed to join on their side and they will find the Sacred Crown of Ra before the strange warriors find it.      
They decided to begin their scavenger hunt at night, Khonsuthep and Thebus are going to the temple to find the Sacred Crown of Ra while Monthuthep and Mayet are going to find the enemy camp and eradicate them all from the abandoned village to the camp.      
At the ancient temple, they found the entrance to the holy site but it was guarded by strange warriors and the only way is the distraction by throwing the stones to the other side, drawing the guards' attention away from the temple and then they rush to temple quickly before the guards returned. They have reached the temple and begin searching the crown inside.      
Meanwhile, Monthuthep and Mayet killed all the enemy patrollers at the ancient city so they can escape the city from them. They went into enemy camp and what they discovered something bizarre for what they never seen before: an unknown spaceship from the other world, not from the other dimension or the Underworld! So they went into the enemy camp and taking out any guards and warriors from their own tent. As soon they're going to the spaceship, they found slaves in a strange glowing cage and they've listen to their story of horrors what they did to them. Their answers will be found at the spaceship and so they are going to infiltrate the strange transport.      
Meanwhile at the temple, Khonsuthep guides Thebus to safe passage to find and recover the Sacred Crown of Ra, if it's there. Khonsuthep has the ability to see throught the darkness because he's the Demigod of the Moon. As they reached the temple's altar, they discovered the history of how the Ancient City of Ra forgotten and, shockingly, invaded by the black warriors from the sun, many years ago. Unknown to the outside world, they learned the dark secrets of Akhenaten's reign but only Tutankhamen will know the terrible truth. And so they exited the temple and head to the alien ship.      
Meanwhile at the alien spaceship, Monthuthep and Mayet sneaked in and finding any clues about the mysterious transportation. As they heard the scream from the torture room, they found a prisoner held in a chain, tortured and interrogated by two black warriors. Then, they killed the black warriors and freed the prisoner. That prisoner was Atumkhamen, Demigod of Solar. He explains why he was imprisoned for days and they claimed the Sacred Crown of Ra at the cargo bay. As soon he regained his power, they fought their way to cargo bay and recovered the Sacred Crown of Ra then set the ship in self destruct. Stealing of their transport, Atumkhamen knows the ship very well while the others don’t know how it works. They escaped from the main ship and picked up Khonsuthep and Thebus near the enemy camp. As they managed to escape from the enemy main ship, their ship is destroyed and all the black warriors are extinct for good.      
As they're returned to Heliopolis, the heroes are surprisingly shocked when the unexpected arrival as it landed softly on the ground. Khonsuthep's and Monthuthep's task is completed with their thanks of Thebus, Mayet and Atumkhamen as they joined the group.

The New Prophecy Revealed
After collecting the Sacred Crowns of Ægyptus, they are gathered at Heliopolis temple and placing the crowns to the altar then calls upon Ra for their help. While calling to the Sun God Ra, the army of black warriors has breached the temple and attempting to stop them. Soon before the battle starts, the answers to Tutankhamen was shocked when he recognized the symbol of the sun, it was the Army of Aten and his father could be the responsible for creating that war!      
Then the battle starts, the heroes defend the altar while the worshippers of Ra chanting to summon the one true Sun God. Then suddenly during the battle, a mysterious hooded man in black appeared then slaying the Aten Warriors with his holy sticks, cutting them in half, and holding them off reaching the summoning. When they recognized the sticks, it was revealed as none than other Osiris! As the intense of fighting and pushing them back outside, Ra has awakened and cleanses the intruders from in and outside of the temple, saving the heroes and the temple. Soon as the battle is over, Ra also awakened the Gods of Ægyptus who were asleep by Aten's power and thanking the heroes for waking him and returned to this world.      
Before the final battle is set, Heliosphinx is granted with his new and upgraded weapons and magic, the Sword and Shield of Ennead, and Tutankhamen was told by the truth when his true murderer was revealed; it was his father who was responsible for the killing and making him as a puppet prince after he died. He also revealed that Akhenaten and Apep are working together to create chaos and conquer all Upper and Lower Ægyptus by replacing the Sun God Aten and gaining influences to Apep's worshippers. He also told to the prince that immortal curse by the death of Nefertiti to fight on for his vengeance. Now Tutankhamen learned the terrible truth and he vowed to destroy his father and Apep. Now they are all ready into a final battle.

The Final Battle
The final battle take place at the City of Uruk, where Apep and Akhenaten make their final stand against the forces of the united Army of Ægyptus, so too the heroes of Ægyptus as well when arrived after they brought the jewels back to the museum.      
Thoughout the battle, they crushed thousands of Apep's children and Aten Warriors with their new powers with the help of the Gods and fighting their way to Uruk Palace to shut down the Eye of Aten and kill Akhenaten and send Apep back to the abyss from where he came. As they reached the gate to the palace, the heroes are struggling to fight the elite warriors of Aten and hold them off while Heliosphinx and Tutankhamen entered the palace.      
Inside the palace, the two brave heroes fought their way to the top and place the Orb of Ra into the Eye of Uruk's tower, transforming into the Eye of Ra and its wiping out the evil presence of both Apep's and Aten's influences and sparing the others with their greater goods. Tutankhamen suddenly rushes to Uruk's Throne Room and Heliosphinx follows him before he end up into a trap.      
At the Throne Room, Tutankhamen burst in and shouted hard to his father's name. There, he heard his sinister father's voice and said he's surround him in shadows but Tutankhamen resisted his evil spell and then Apep appeared as Heliosphinx arrived just in time join the prince's side. They were locked into epic battle with the God of Evil, Apep. As they were about the finish him off with one final blow, Ra's chosen demigod, Ra-Messes, suddenly appeared from the sun and joined their sides of two heroes and casted Apep back to the abyss from where he came. Two heroes welcomed and thanked him then they rush to find Akhenaten and stop him from escaping through the secret passage at the throne room.      
Down through the secret passage, they discovered something they have never seen before: the Father-ship of Akhenaten and they are set to unleash the devastated weapon like they never seen before. They must stop Akhenaten's madness before he created anew chaos. They fought their way into the Father-ship and finding a way to stop it but they got stumbled by Akhenaten and his Aten Warriors when they reached the weapons room. Before they face Akhenaten, they were unbelievable shocked when they witnessed the true form and true identity: Idolus Xoanon and he turned into a hideous monster form with 14 arms. They fought their way out to defeat him by cutting off his arms and destroying the giant head-like sun, revealing that he's connected with the doomsday device. Before they escape the castle, their nemesis said his last words and vowed that he shall return another day. As they escaped from the Father-ship, they use their magic to transform into the spirit sphinx and Tutankhamen transformed into the spirit of skeleton-mummified falcon to fly out from the underground castle before it crumbles down to the ground.      
The war is over, Apep and his evil children defeated and Aten is no more now the Ægyptian Gods has returned to this world. The heroes of Heliopolis has earned their title as "The Pharaoh's Guardians" and their names has been written in history and legends as their adventure continues.

Many centuries later, the Pharaoh's Guardians are recently discovered at Giza then recently later seen in Cairo after the 2012 Phenomenon. When they tackled the Brotherhood of Chaos down, they were recruited by United Nation Global Defense Intelligence. From the Secret World, they are the members of the Temple of the Ancients.

Team Members
A young demigod chosen by the Heliopolis gods. His origin remains a mystery until it was unearthed that he was hailed from the Sphinxopolis and one of the young chosen warriors and trained by his masters, including his uncle, at the Temple of Heliopolis and the gods. Now a noble hero of Ægyptus and the master of the Magic, Blade and Shield of Ennead, Heliosphinx sworn to defend Egypt from the forces of evil.

Prince Tutankhamen
Once a Prince of Luxor, Tutankhamen reign over Aegyptus while he defied the forbidden god, Aten, and worshiped to the true gods. Then he was murdered and conspired by his father, Akhenaten, and revived by the immortal curse as the mummy. After Akhenaten is the Aten Army is destroyed from the face of Aegyptus, his curse lives on as long he fights for justice with his friend and ally, Heliosphinx. As Harbinger, he was known as “The Prince of Dead Avengers.”

The Demigod of Sky and the Savior of Egypt. A noble warrior with pride and honor, Heruthep was a soldier who was trained by his master, a Battle Lord, fought thousands of Typhon warriors with his faith on his god, Horus, as well he made his stand against an army. After he survived the battle when reinforcements have arrived, Heruthep was chosen by the Temple of Heliopolis and joined Heliosphinx and his team.

The Demigod of Dead. Like his friend, Heruthep, he's proud and respectful warrior who fought dozens of undead warriors, Dark Anubis, Typhons, and Nekharus in every battle he anticipates. After many battles he fought, Nekro was chosen by the Temple of Heliopolis and trained with his necromancy from his old masters, the Necromancers of Necropolis.

The Demigoddess of War and skilled acrobatic and dancing warrior and assassin. Baseta was used to be one of the Camp-Followers during the war campaign and she was trained by an unknown group of assassins. She assassinated many of Basti's enemies with her cunning skills and tricks, manipulating and seducing and pretty much tricked everyone, from ruthless warlords to corrupt noblemen. After her assassinations, she was chosen by the Temple of Heliopolis where she joined Heliosphinx and his team.

The Demigod of River and Crocodiles. An archer who lives in the rivers and jungles from the Nile. Unlike his kind, the Sebeki, he's skinny but charming and handsome warrior which he was jealous by pretty much everyone, even from Abydos where he was most hated person but that doesn't stop him from being infamous archer of Aegyptus as the mercenary. After his mercenary work, Sodek was chosen by the Temple of Heliopolis and joined Heliosphinx and his team.

The Demigod of Afterlife. Once a powerful ruler of Egypt who was murdered by his brother, Set, and revived by his wife, Isira, as the ruler of the underworld. As Asari, he’s also Prince Tutankhamen’s mentor.

The Demigod of Wisdom. A magician and scribe from his magic school in Luxor and wielder of the Staff of Hermopolis. He was the honor student and the academy's favorite who read many scrolls and books for his studies, even his home work while learning magic. After he completed his academy schooling, Tethruphak traveled across Aegyptus and joined the Temple of Heliopolis where he trained with his new tricks and joined Heliosphinx and his team.

A Demigoddess warrior and mercenary who has a sweet taste of violence to her enemies and seeking wars with stain of blood. Sekethria was the daughter of the powerful warlord who was weak and now the strongest vicious warrior when she killed her sisters in cold blood and that led to her banishment as she wander the desert and survived until she found the battlefield at the oasis where the battle between Warriors of Anubis, Horus, Khanum and Neckebet. She slaughtered them all and claimed her own oasis until she was picked by the Temple of Heliopolis where she was trained and fully controlled her rage and joined Heliosphinx and his team.

The Demigod of Khepri. A strong dung beetle warrior with four arms to fight. He was a pit fighter who fought with honor for 500 wins until he retires from the ring as he goes on the quests for his simple deed of helping the people of Abydos, even from the battlefield during the Great War of Aegyptus. Then, Kheprithak was chosen by the Temple of Heliopolis and joined Heliosphinx and his team.

The Demigod of Amun. He's a strong muscled warrior wielding his two favored weapon: a war-hammer and the battle axe. He's the undisputed champion of the arena who fought dozens of champions from every city of Aegyptus until he learned about his brother's death. After he having quit the arena fighting career, Ramuthep was chosen by the Temple of Heliopolis and joined Heliosphinx and his team where he uncovered his brother's true death and killed his ex-manager for conspiring him and his brother and he's finally freed and honored his brother's name.

The Demigod of Deserts. A lone cold assassin from the deserts with no mercy and has no fears of his death. He was a soldier who survived the onslaught of the Heru Army and killed every single of them including the captain and the Battle Master in cold blood, using his Cloak of Shadowed Deserts from a dead assassin, daggers, and dual swords. After his mass killings on his many enemies including corrupted Thypons, Typhoon was chosen by the Temple of Heliopolis for his redemption and joined Heliosphinx and his team.

Part Demigod of Fortune, part mischief and thieving from band of barbarians and assisting with his allies by haggle the prices into cheap prices. But where did he come is seemingly a mystery but he was suggested that he came from the nomad land where he scattered to look for some valuable loots and weapons from the battlefield while fighting rival tribes off. After scavenging across the desert, Bes-Ket was chosen by the Temple of Heliopolis and joined Heliosphinx and his team.

The Demigod of Art and Crafts. He's a gentle craftsmen who can make weapons for his fellow companions which he was one of the greatest craftsman but he's also the tallest To-Tanem of Memphis. He likes poets as arts.

The Demigod of Solar. He defies Aten because he sensed corruption from Akhenaten's ambitions and true form of Akhenaten which he was captured in a spaceship until he was rescued by Khonsuthep and Monthuthep. After he's freed his capture, Atumkhamen joined Heliosphinx and his team to fight Atenkhamen and his evil army from outer space.

The Demigod of Earth. He's a kind earth creature known as Gebi who has a great sense of humor. Gebu lived in the swampy city of Gebopolis and learned elemental magic of Earth and healing at the academy and became of Cleric Class. After the academy, Gebu joined the Temple of Heliopolis and Heliosphinx's team.

The Demigod of Water. He's a Water Elemental who is the great water magician and good with fishes as his guide, using magical aquatic staff as his main weapon and blasting his enemies off. Shunothep and his sister, Nufutina, joined the Temple of Heliopolis and Heliosphinx's team.

The Demigoddess of Sky. She's a Air Elemental who is the great astrologist, studying the stars and signs, and Shunothep's sister. But she's also a Magic-User Class, casting the spells of four elements. Like her brother, Nufutina joined the Temple of Heliopolis and Heliosphinx's team.

The Demigod of Upper Egypt's Neckebet. He's wise, humble and gentle old magician but although some they describe him a trickster and necromancer by those who dislike him. Unfortunately for them, he's not so evil as they thought as Nekrobet mostly uses his non-necromancy magics and healing. He's the elder partner of Wadinja as he joined the Temple of Heliopolis.

The Demigoddess of the Lower Egypt's Wadjet. She's young magician who loves to seek an adventure with his elderly magician, Nekrobet. Wadinja was a student from the high school who moved to the academy due to her interest of teaching with magic after she studied with chemistry. After she completed her classes at the academy, Wadinja joined the Temple of Heliopolis and Heliosphinx's team.

The Demigod of Sea and River. A wise magician from Elephantine who commands the animals and has two war banners on his back, Khemuthep was one of the Beast-Masters during the Great War of Aegyptus until he was militarily discharged due to too much handling animals with care which he was let go from the army. Then, he was chosen by the Temple of Heliopolis and joined Heliosphinx and his team.

The Demigod of Serket. Serkethep is a mercenary who was hired by various factions in Aegyptus including the Asirs and the Herus for rewards (money is no option) until he was chosen by the Temple of Heliopolis and joined Heliosphinx and his team. He can fight with his claws and deadly scorpion tail and he's a friendly rival of Kheprithak.

The Demigoddess of Justice. She spread her wings to fly and she will strike down the injustice ones. Mayet was one of the judges who made right decisions on the innocents and the guilty ones, understanding their testimonies thanks to her secret special ability until she sensed the corruption with the courtroom and exposed the conspirators' lies to the public, resulted the true justice is fully dealt and done. After she resigned as a judge, Mayet was chosen by the Temple of Heliopolis and joined Heliosphinx and his team.

The Demigoddess of Death. She brings death and destruction upon her enemies (on the battlefield only, of course.) Nepeseru is a lover of Typhoon who helped him for information of their assassination plot while she's spying on the enemy with her disguises to blackmailing them.

The Demigoddess of Fertility. She's a peacekeeping fighter but not the way like Sekethria what she was doing violently. Hathratiti is the healer of the team who doesn't like bloody violence from the war, even from Sekethria who started the violence which she loath her.

The Demigod of Agriculture. A noble man who is friendlier to children which he has done to a charity work as a bard. At the night party, Thebus defended his guests including their children with his trusty broadsword against the band of raiders. After his charity work and noble deeds, Thebus was chosen by the Temple of Heliopolis and joined Heliosphinxe and his team.

The Demigod from the River Nile and of Hapi. He was a former royal guard who discovered the conspiracy and was about to warn the king but then he was demoted to the soldier of the Nile where he was forced to fight the rebels until he assaulted his captain and escaped from Akaria who is now a lone spearman until he was picked up by the Temple of Heliopolis and joined Heliosphinx and his team as well liberated Akaria and overthrew the corrupt dictatorship. He's a good swimmer and ambusher like Sodek.

The Demigod of Moon. A traveler and a warrior of the night, Khonsuthep was a soldier of the Khonseru Army who is later became a wandering mercenary, hired by the Heru Army to fight their ancient enemies and rivals. Then, he was chosen by the Temple of Heliopolis due to his great deeds and joined Heliosphinx and his team.

The Demigod of Warfare and Valor. He's a valiant nomad warrior with the great mind of warfare strategy. He was a soldier of the Montheru Army who went AWOL after the battle and was left behind. After he was recovered by the noble nomad tribe, he led the nomads to victory against the evil army of Apep. After he fought the army of Apep, Monthuthep was chosen by the Temple of Heliopolis and joined Heliosphinx and his team.

The Demigoddess of Life-Death-Return and the wife of Asari/Osiris. Isira was a servant of Isis who worshiped to her goddess until she was aided by Asari and made affair with him. After their affair, Isira gained her new power to help her fellow worshipers from the shadows of Apep and corruption which it led to her removal from the temple. After the unintentional incident, she joined Asari after his truth was revealed to her.

The Demigod of Sun and the warrior of Heliopolis and Ennead. Created by Ra, the Sun God of Aegyptus himself, and sent to fight Apep's evil army as well Atenkhamen and his Aten Army and helping all the armies of Aegyptus to convince them to put their differences aside and end the war once and for all. After the war has ended, Ra-Horakthy remained at Heliosphinx's team to continue his battle against evil.

* The story is inspired from Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.
* The characters are inspired mixed with the Egyptian gods’ description and styled from Crocodile Games' Wargods of Ægyptus.
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Well this is it, meet the Great Old Ones and Outer Gods of Mythos and my first Public Domain artwork for my project. It's my attempted artwork for deviantArt HQ's journal about the theme of Cthulhu. (I hope if I'm not too late.) As you can see the background that I found the artwork from Google search and the other done with Also, this is part of my project.


Leader Cthulhu (Great Old Ones) and Nyarlathotep (Outer Gods)
Alignment None
Allies None
Enemies Malachi the Imposter and his T'leth Army (the fake Cthulhu) and Fleet Admiral Molork (Syndrome Invaders)
Location R'lyeh (Somewhere on Southern Pacific), the Nameless City (somewhere on Arabian Peninsula) and Necronomicon, the Forbidden Realm.

The Great Old Ones and Outer Gods from the dark and forbidden dimension are the most powerful beings in the universe. They will conquer in our world, not before they crush their new enemy, the Malachians/T'lethian (the race of fake Cthulhu), first!

The Early Days before R'lyeh was discovered
In this origin is a mystery to us all but it came from well-known author H.P. Lovecraft, who wrote many of his works, including "Whispering in the Darkness" and "Call of Cthulhu", during the time of the early 20th Century. When Lovecraft past away, some of the well-known writes like Lin Carter, August Derleth and other writers wrote the darkest stories to read and Cthulhu, the Great One, have become most popular culture known to the world, from books to comic books to TV shows to video games and to movies.

However, whenever the ancient lost city of R'lyeh was discovered on the Southern Pacific is incredible or not is another story to tell.

The Rude Awakening
It all began when the strange spaceships descending into the other dimension, looking for resources for their expansion, all the creatures are watching the transports as its heading to the ancient city of R'lyeh and the Nameless City in the desert.

The first one is they're heading to R'lyeh, where Cthulhu, the Great One, is sleeping in his coffin, waiting for his return. Somehow, as these strange visitors entered his chamber, Cthulhu woke up so sudden as they are attempting to steal his values and he kills all of intruders and trespassers. As he destroyed the intruders' spaceship, he captured their commander and forcefully interrogated him to reveal their identities as the Malachians, his lookalike appearance of Cthulhu race, and motive. After the interrogation, he killed the Malachian commander and sucked his blood from his corpse.

At the Nameless City, the other spaceship has landed near the palace of the Black Pharaoh, Nyralathotep, and they are attempting to offer for cooperation for their needs of resources. But Nyralathotep sensed something evil when they're planning to kidnap his daughter, the Masked Mute, and slaughtered them with his darkest magic after he rejected the offer from these Malachians. After he and his men slain the Malachians, he learned that his daughter has been taken before he could rescue her but it was too late, the Malachian ship have escaped with two daughters, among the Masked Mute is the Secret Daughter of Cthulhu, Cthylla. As the last Malachians was about to kill Nyralathotep, Cthulhu has arrived and kill the remaining Malachian warriors. After they learned what the Malachians' true intention are, they must find and rescue their own daughter by gathering their fellow gods from Great Old Ones, Outer Gods and Elder Gods.

The Great Old Ones
Cthulhu went to visit his closed ally, Dagon the Father of the Deep Ones, and he's gladly to join at his side. He was challenged by the Malachians at his territory for their domination with their highly advanced warship. As they defeated their warship and slaughtered the Malachians, Dagon brought Cthulhu's three sons, the Demon Trinity Brothers, Ghatanothoa the Dark God; Ythogtha the Thing in the Pit and Zoth-Ommog the Dweller in the Depths. Now they must find Cthulhu's "half-brother", Hastur the Unspeakable Yellow King by entering through to the other dimension and things won't get easy.

Meanwhile, Nyralathotep went visit Shub-Niggurath at the Dark Woods but only to find that these strange blue clones-alike of Cthulhu were the first to hunt Shub-Niggurath down. He must follow them before they could reached her domain. As he reached to her domain in time, Nyralathotep encountered Shub-Niggurath and her loyal minions during the ceremonial event and warned about the impending danger until these blue clones-alike of Cthulhu attacked her domain but she crushed the impostors by her darkest magic of her forests before Nyralathotep could helped her; he was impressed. After his explanations to her, Shub-Niggurath agrees to help and find his daughter with one condition: freeing the Destroying Eye, Cyäegha, in Germany and perhaps he'll know where she is.

Meanwhile, Cthulhu uses his Necronomicon to open the portal of other dimension where Hastus, the Unspeakable Yellow King, will be there. Just before he was about to enter the portal, his sons, the Demon Trinity Brothers, likely wanted to join him but Cthulhu goes alone so they must stay at R'lyeh as he entered the portal for his personal business with his "half-brother."
Cthulhu entered the dimension where Hastur was expecting him to come to see his "brother" once again as he sensed his presence. To his "rude" coming, the brothers faced each other with eye-to-eye as Cthulhu explained to his personal intention to rescue his daughter. However, Hastur has the same problem like him although it was thought from Cthulhu's "new followers" at first and they agreed with one thing: they must put their differences aside and work together, even though they have to get along, to defeat their new enemy.
There on the other side of his dimension, a cargo cruiser of the Malachians is stealing some of their resources as Hastur shown him to HIS problem as his enemy is also stealing the eggs of Mi-Go; they must stop them by sneaking into the cargo cruiser, releasing the Mi-Go, and eradicate all the Malachian soldiers. After they eradicated the Malachians, they discovered their next targets: Azathoth, the Blind Idiot God, and Yog-Sothoth, the Beyond One. Cthulhu and Hastur set off their destination and warn them about the danger that they were about to face.

Meanwhile in Germany, Nyralathotep and Shub-Niggurath went to visit Cyäegha's domain and only what saw is the Malachian ship was empty and deserted so they simply walked into her dark castle she created. They've seen the blood of the Malachian soldier, meaning that Cyäegha would never leave her "bodyguards" unprotected. But they were wrong; Cyäegha is still protected and imprisoned by five lesser demons known as Vaeyen, serving as her "bodyguards", and surrounded by dead soldiers of Malachi; Nyralathotep and Shub-Niggurath are impressed and relieved. More better than this relieve, his daughter, the Masked Mute, is found which she was escaped from her captors and learned from her father's secret darkest arts. Adding to that, Ithaqua the Wendigo, was among Cyäegha's guest and learned that the Malachians has crossed his territory for too long.

All of them have agreed one thing so too as Cthulhu: gather all known Elder Gods and Outer Gods then destroy Malachi and his kind.

The Outer Gods
In the dimensional plane, Cthulhu and Hastur are searching the Blind Idiot God, Azathoth, for the request to fight against the Malachians if they have lucky. But they were stopped by Yog-Sothoth who believed that Cthulhu has violated the rules of Necronomicon for breaching the dimensional gateway. However, it soon find out that the Malachians were the first and the only one that they have breached the gateway in the first place and he was convinced by Cthulhu's intentions. Yog-Sothoth agreed and accompanied with them as he guided to Azathoth's domain.

As they found Azathoth's domain, they've entered his personal "castle" where he feast his own meal and entertained by his "living toys" at his chamber. There he meet Azathoth himself whose enjoyed himself by his chaotic activity like killing each other's minds, sleeping with his maids and servants, and torturing his prisoners. During the "lovely" dinner, Azathoth listened to their proposal and accepted their offer but one condition from Yog-Sothoth: don't make anything chaotic along the way which he has to get along with it if he can.

As they went to find the other Outer Gods and Elder Gods, they were encountered by the Malachian Armadas and they have to fight against the massive forces but Azathoth loves this when he attacked them chaotically in one blow. But when they were knocked down by the Malachians and were about to get killed, the mysterious allied forces saved Cthulhu and his allies and slain all the Malachians then brought them to a safe place; that mysterious rescuer is none-than-other Cthulhu's "twin brother", Kthanid the Eminence.

Cthulhu regained his consciousness and found himself in a warm large spring bath and surrounded by Elysian guards in the crystal cave of Elysia. There he found his twin brother, Kthanid, right in front of him, further away, and stared each other as they communicated each other. However, they may be twins but they differences are not getting along because Kthanid is the good version of his twin brother.
But during their conversation and explanations, Kthanid knows what the Malachians are up to something and Cthulhu didn't knew about it, not even all the Elder Gods, Outer Gods and Great Old Ones. Cthulhu demanded to know what his twin brother knows as they get out of the bath as Kthanid shows the way outside of his cave.
Outside on Elysia, Kthanid learned that the Malachians have discovered T'leth, the False City of Thethulhu, and planned to sacrifice his daughter and take the alien power to dominate the universe; Cthulhu will not allow it to use his daughter and he was very angry.

Cthulhu and Kthanid and their allies readied their weapons and army as  they're prepared for war on T'leth.

T'leth, the False City of Thethulhu
Before directly go to war against the Malachians and Tlethians, Kthanid suggested that there's a large base established not far from his crystal cave where they have largest ammunitions, alien weapons, war vehicles, and armada ships. But they have to take out all the Malachians and Tlethians in order to capture the base as they attacked them.
During their raid, they were assisted by his sons, the Demon Trinity Brothers, which they disobeyed their father's orders but have no choice but to help them to capture the base. Then, Nyralathotep and his allies have arrived as they're nearly capture the base and killed the enemy commanders.

After they've captured the base, they converted the alien arsenal into necromantic arsenal and prepared for war by refueling their ships, reloading confiscated weapons, and loading their war machines, then heading off to T'leth.

And just in time before the ceremony begins, Cthulhu sensed his daughter's scream of pain and ordered to attack the fleets of Malachian alien battleships to breach their defense line which they did. Then they destroyed T'leth's defensive walls and entered the City of T'leth as they fought the T'lethian Army through from the main gate to the plaza as they exterminate the Tlethian and Malachian warriors along the way without mercy.

Cthulhu went alone to find and kill Malachi himself and the T'lethian King at the ceremonial place where he stopped the ritual in order to free his daughter by cutting Malachi's hand holding the dagger. But despite his daughter is saved, Malachi has his new power and the Necronomicon of his version and T'lethian version to defeat Cthulhu but Cthulhu fought his nemesis and the T'lethian King as well his army by using his darkest power in the hard long battle but only to weaken their false powers which he discovered that their powers are not what to be seemed. Their true power, the Dark Aura was ultimately unleashed and eradicated all the Malachians and the Tlethians in striking blow.

As they've defeated the Malachians and exterminated the Tlethians, the soul of a dead Tlethian Queen came straight to his daughter's body as Cthulhu tried to stopped her soul but it was too late, his daughter is possessed by the Tlethian Queen or so what he thought.
As Cthulhu is checking to his daughter, he was surprised, Cthylla tricked them all from the beginning after she was captured and nobody knew, not even the dying Tlethian King which his dead wife's soul was suddenly possessed a dead female Tlethian warrior in a ugly appearance, thanks to Cthylla's dark necromantic spell taunted by her father.

With a sight of relieve of his daughter and Cthulhu killed a dead Tlethian Queen and her "new" body, the gods began the eradication of the False City of Thethulhu while Cthylla enjoying torture the Tlethian King as her pleasure and killed him like ripping the doll apart and Malachi is killed off from the cliff by Cthulhu and never see his nemesis again at least for now.

But it's not yet over of that as they have another intentional plan...

The Fall of T'leth and the Rise of R'lyeh
As the fall of T'leth and the rise of R'lyeh begins, Cthulhu and his brethren set their sight on our planet but there is another competitors as the Syndrome Invader leader named Fleet Admiral Morlok challenged Cthulhu with the iron fist. But Cthulhu and the Gods of R'lyeh has new but unlikely allies with the Deadly Alliance.

Team Members
The Great One. Dark Lord Cthulhu is the most powerful being of the Mythos and the lord of R'lyeh. He wield his own sword, forged with necromancy, entitled "The Blade of Cthulhu" and the ability of vampiric powers.

The Father of the Deep Ones. Dagon was once the Babylonian God now the father and master of the Deep Ones. He commanded his own army and closed ally of Cthulhu.

The Black Pharaoh. Nyaralathotep is the Outer God and he has many forms he can shape into with hundred names. He is the holder of the Necronomicon and he has a daughter, the Masked Mute.

The Unspeakable Yellow King. Hastur is the rival and "half-brother" of Cthulhu. He summoned his army of creatures like the demonic flies, the Mi-Go, and his pet dragon known as the Byakhee as well his army of demonic Draconians.

The Living Flame. Cthugha is the elemental lord of Fire and served by the Fire Creatures of his own, Fthaggua, Fire Vampires and many with elemental flame, including his only progeny, Aphoom-Zhah.

The Dark God. Ghatanothoa is the first born son of Cthulhu. He was described as mummified demon with wings and eyeballs on his chest. He's the leader of Demon Trinity Brothers.

The Thing in the Pit. Ythogtha is the second son of Cthulhu. He was described as the Deep One with one eye like Cyclops. But unlike his Demon Trinity Brothers, he's a fun timer and listens to Emo-rock music through his MP3 player.

The Dweller in the Depths. Zoth-Ommog is the third son of Cthulhu. He was described as the creature-like starfish with the head of the dinosaur. He's Gothic demon and very respected to his father and his brothers.

The Secret Daughter of Cthulhu. Cthylla is youngest blood relative daughter who followed her father's footsteps. Like Cthulhu's personality and powers, she is the sadist and loves to toy her enemies with the essence and her charm of fear and darkness.

The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young. This Dark Goddess, Shub-Niggurath, rules her Dark Woods and commanded her demonic Ram-men and her worshippers.

The Eminence. He's the good version and "twin brother" of Cthulhu and he wields the Blade of Eminence. He resides the crystal cave on Elysia.

The Father of Serpents. Yig is the powerful serpent god and commands his demonic Serpent-Men.

The Sleeper of N'kai. This furred frog god is the elemental lord of Water.

The Wendigo. Ithaqua is the abomination snow demon who lives in the very cold and dark territory of his, hunting down the unwary travelers and intruders and slays them gruesomely who trespassing in his domain with his bloody club and bare hands.

The Destroying Eye. The one-eyed being has many eyes on her tentacles and resides many places like the nearby farming village of Freihausgarten and the mountain of Dunkelhügel in Germany. She was served by toad-like monsters called the Nagäae. She was both protected and imprisoned by five lesser demons known as the Vaeyen.

The Blind Idiot God. The demonic Azathoth is the crazed god who loves chaos like killing each other's minds, sleeping with his maids and servants and eating the corpses of Malachi's men, dead and alive, as well keeping them alive as toys and slaves.

The Beyond One. Yog-Sothoth is the Gate and the Key of all other dimensions of his realm. He's very intelligent and more powerful than the idiotic god, Azathoth.

Based on H.P. Lovecraft's work, included with deities created by August Derleth, Clark Ashton Smith, Lin Carter, Brian Lumley and other associated writers who created fictional deities for the Cthulhu Mythos. They are now the Public Domains with popular culture.
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Meet the united knighthood of European Deadly Alliance, Shining Knights.

This is one of my biggest artworks that I've been worked on since Pharaoh's Guardians, Mythical Warriors of Sparta, and Night Guardians of Transylvania. Well this is one of them and it's 49 characters, almost 50! :XD: Anyways, I've separated each characters that I've drawn them one at the time and then put them together in one, big A, artwork!

This month was about the European Election and it seemed that the Far-Right has gained most seats and it's all about the euroskeptics. I'm pretty concerned and worried about the uneasy union after the financial crisis in Greece, immigrations coming from Northern Africa, and austerities in each EU nation. Let's hope they have some compromises to any party in the European Parliament so anyone can live for it if it's possible. If not, we're going to the emergency election. I'm not in a mood for politics but all I want it to see is democracy, peace, and stability in Europe.

Now let's talk about the artwork. First, characters. Can you see each character with pop culture references? Yep, you heard me right. You can see Tilin Spiral is the Spyro the Dragon-lookalike behind the Knights of the Inner Six and next to him is Berino and Wasko who is the Devon and Cornwall-lookalike from the Magic Sword: Quest for Camelot. And speaking of Spyro the Dragon, I was a huge fan of the Classic Spyro games but it wasn't until that Spyro was dumped after what I read from DragonTeens, ranting about that the upcoming Skylanders: Trap Team is not comparing Spyro games and killing Spyro fan's childhood memory. It was like Crash Bandicoot, one of my favorite games, was missing in action from Activision until the rumors were heard that Crash Bandicoot is no longer on Activision official website which means Sony bought the rights of Crash Bandicoot IP. We may don't know what happened to them but we'll have to wait for E3 just to be sure if the rumor is true.
Ugh, let's get back to the artwork. Long time ago, the team was once called Shinning Force, a name from Sega's Shining Force but now I called the name "Shining Knights". Also, before their official signature armor, they were once wore a colorful outfit but I changed that long time thanks to my old artwork that I've kept. Also, I've changed some characters' appearances that hummingbird, skunk, and armadillo were not the animals from Europe, they were all originated from Americas. So I changed it to Common Swift, European Polecat, and Mole. The rest is a long history.

Anyways, enjoy my mega artwork! :D

Leader: Arthur Waterloo & Albert Firelion (and the Knights of the Inner Six)
Alignment: The Virtue Knighthood
Allies: Black Soul Hunters, Fox Reynard Clan, Legions of the Empire, Wild Forest Clan, Holy Crusaders, and Sea Musketeers
Enemies: King Adler Heinrich Napol Hister and the Kingdom and Cult of Histerstein; Jovanian Army; Overlord Black-Talon and his Memphagor Army; the Sharukans; General Karma and his army; Kiakalogosian and Sargonian Army; Ophidian Army; and the Order of the Black Dragon
Location: Europe

Shining Knights is the Medieval Deadly Alliance, the European Deadly Alliance, and the International Deadly Alliance as well the team member of the UN-GDI and the Virtue Knighthood. The band of brave heroic knights from across greater European kingdoms united against the common threat from King Adler Heinrich Napol Hister and his evil Junta allies.

The Early Days
After the First Kingdom Wars, Arthur Waterloo was a farm boy who lived with his family. His father, Anvers Waterloo, was a member of the royal valiant knights which Arthur dreamt to become like his father and he's trained with him after his farming. Life was peaceful and good at the time.
But until one day, when Arthur was waiting his father's returned from the battle, he was killed during the battle and he was devastated and shocked and horrified to see it.

After his father's death, his dream of a valiant knight was shattered but his hope never stopped him when the time has come...

The Great Kingdom Wars
10 years have passed, Arthur was spending his time as a farm boy with his mother and friends, including his close-best friend, Siegfried Van de Hengst. He still misses his father, dreaming to become a valiant knight but his mother told him not to go to the castle where his uncle works there.

Until one day, Arthur was on his way home when he saw the Junta sympathizers beating up Siegfried and his family and stopped them from beating them to death. After he bravely stopped the sympathizers and saved his friend's family, his mother was attacked and his family's farm was utterly destroyed by fire. However, he saved his mother valiantly before his house collapsed by fire.
After the attack, Arthur was asked by his mother to sent the report to his uncle with Siegfried to the Castle Roosterstein. Getting into the castle is very simple but inside the city castle will be very difficult to find his uncle, Jacque Waterloo.

Arthur and Siegfried travelled to Roosterstein Castle with refugees and they're finding their way to his uncle's post. Along the way, they were encountered by Albert Firelion, the son of the wise king and the blood relative of the royal family, who was wandering around the market square. With the help of Albert, they found his uncle's post where other three known knights, Francois Noir-corbeau, Hector Munich, and Giovanni Del Toro, have gathered to defend Roosterstein from the Junta Army led by the evil charismatic ruthless ruler of Histerstein, King Adler Heinrich Napol Hister. There he found his uncle, interrupting the meeting over the strategy against the Junta invaders and begging to help his mother and his friends. Unfortunately, they were too busy for the moment so he has no choice but to help his mother and his friends and family; but that doesn't stop to convince his uncle to help them like his father did.
Few days later, the Junta invaders appeared at the fields outside of Roosterstein Castle and Jacque and his fellow knights are well-prepared while Arthur and Siegfried secretly donned their full armor as their disguise. On the battlefield they've sneaked into, Jacque and the knights hold the line to repel their force but shortly after that, it turned into a backfire when the allied troops were hit hard by their new devastated weapon. However, Arthur and Siegfried sneaked behind the enemy line and fought their way to destroy the weapon which they did for turning the tide to victory and battled the Junta commander in a fierce sword fight until Jacque intervened and defeated the Junta commander. Soon after the invasion is successfully repelled, they've unmasked themselves to reveal to them and surprised as Jacque reminded him of his late brother and Arthur's father as well Siegfried's ancestor.

After the Junta Army is retreated, they returned to the Roosterstein Castle as heroes and they greeted by the kings and queens of Roosterstein and Lionburg as they were knighted.
After they were knighted, Arthur, Albert, Siegfried, Jacque, Francois, Hector, and Giovanni as formed the knighthood known as the Shining Knights, a force of brave hero knights from across Europa anywhere they can find and help them to fight the Junta Regime.

United We Stand
Across the greater kingdom of Europa, the Shining Knights have become a very well-known knighthood as their tales have been told by bards and poets while the Junta Army were feared by their unstoppable force of truth, justice, freedom and democracy.

They battled not only the Junta Army and their evil allies, but the Jovanian Army in Giovanni's home kingdom and the south, the Memphagor Army and the Thanoi nomads from the north, General Karma and his evil army from the east, the Sharukans in the seas; the Kiakalogosian Army and the Sargonian Army in Greece, and the Order of the Black Dragon.
Kingdom after kingdom, the Shining Knights led the united front against King Hister and his Junta Regime while other brave heroes have joined the knighthood for their great deeds they've done. But there is only one great eastern kingdom called Tsarinstan that its needed to unite the front. However, their task is not so easy due to their strain relationship with other kingdoms from the west. The Shining Knights were sent to the Imperial Kingdom of Tsarinstan.

The Shining Knights have arrived in Tsarinstan countryside and they have encountered several ambushes by unknown masked group which they survived the attack and continue their journey the Tsarinstani capital city.
The Shining Knights have arrived the Tsarinstani capital and meet the emperor himself and convinced him and his army to join forces with the allied forces. However, during their diplomatic talks, they gained a little suspicion from the Tsarinstani emperor and Arthur and his fellow knights heard some whispers from the citizens that the emperor had a secret relationship with King Hister. So the knights follow the suspicious citizens leading to the underground resistance and discovered something unexpected: the real emperor who have exiled for years and they were told that the Shining Knights were lured into a trap and framed them for joining forces with the Junta. And the knights staged a uprising against the corrupted emperor and saved other fellow knights before they were get captured but fortunately, all the knights knew the corrupt emperor's deception and so too joined the revolution of the true emperor. The Battle of Tsarinstan has brought attention to Europa as their epic tale of heroic deeds, fighting the Junta Sympathizers loyal by the corrupted emperor of Tsarinstan. Soon after the battle, the corrupted and Junta leader is defeated and Tsarinstan is freed. Adding to their victory, the last four heroic knights joined the knighthood and the circle is complete to fight together against King Hister and his evil allies.

Their heroic tales of the epic battle continues as they participated in the Battle of the Southern Nations of Ocean Plate where they fought the Junta naval armada; the Battle of El Gizahna where they battled the evil cult and the Ophidian Army; the Battle of Barbarossa where they've repelled the counter-offensive from the massive Junta Army and liberated the eastern kingdoms of Europa; the Battle of Northlandy where they've invaded one of the Junta kingdoms and liberated the entire nation of Ravensburg; the Battle of Ottodrake where they've ended the Junta Black Dragons and sympathizers' uprising; the Battle of Three Kingdoms where they've liberated Roosterstein again, Lionburg, and Stallionia from the Junta Occupiers; the Battle of Caeserium where they've overthrown the Junta government led by the evil King Caligori Idraloini and his allies; and the Battle of Bulgenburg where they've battle the Junta Elite Army in a bitter winter.

The Battle of Histerstein
After many battles, the Shining Knights are preparing for their final battle in Histerstein now that all the allied forces from every kingdom of Europa in every corner, surrounding the Greater Junta Kingdom. But they have to rest for one night before setting off on the Junta soil.
But one that night, Arthur dreamt about his father but it was until that it was actually the real spirit of Anvers Waterloo who is guiding him ever since the start of the war. He also have been told that King Hister has the Chaos Aura and has massively strong defenses around the castle walls and tons of dangerous weapons. So they have a plan of how to weaken their strong defenses.

On the next day, the Shining Knights made plans for the assault by using left and right hook to make them a surprise but Arthur suggested to his uncle and his fellow knights that the powerful defenses that surrounded his kingdom so they decided to weaken their enemy defenses that its so powerful to be sabotaged and be destroyed before advancing which he did.
Thanks to his father's advise, they've gained the momentum of turning the favor to their victory. Even more, they've also discovered the Junta's resource: it was Adamantium, Vibramium and Helium that it were meteors crash landed many years ago. Now they know how they've build devastated weapons as they've destroyed their super weapons but they also took Adamantium and Vibramium as their main source of weapons as well for their allies, including freed workers and defectors.

With the preparation is complete and new materials are forged into their weapons, they've breached through the city walls and fought throughout the capital, freeing all remaining prisoners to join the fight.
After fighting throughout every district, they've reached King Hister's castle and breached through their defenses then entered into the castle. As they've entered the castle, the Shining Knights fought their way to find and defeat King Hister once and for all until they've reached the courtyard where the Knights of the Inner Six must face their nemesis while their fellow knights hold them the remaining Junta Army off.
At the throne room where King Hister was expecting them, the Knights of the Inner Six confronted their nemesis as Arthur confronted his greatest enemy for the first time. As they were about to fight their nemesis, they were stopped by King Hister's Chaotic power to manipulate them into their mind, tricking them that they were not truly heroes and made evil deeds blindly but all that is not true. Except for Arthur who is still believe that he's the valiant knight as he listened to his father and break free as his spirit gave him and his fellow knights to defeat King Hister: their Aura. And with their Aura has been unlocked, they've gained the favor for turning the tide, defeating the Junta Army and King Hister. But not with his final form of his Chaos Aura. The battle was hard and enraged until the spirit of Anvers Waterloo appeared before Arthur and was given a final gift to sent King Hister to hell by using his father's sword and defeated King Hister once and for all with the help of his uncle and the brave heroic Shining Knights with unity.

After King Hister is defeated, the Great Kingdom Wars is effectively over and Europa is freed from the Junta's tyranny at last. The Shining Knights are hailed as heroes.

When the kingdoms of Europe are at peace, the Shining Knights returned to their own kingdom and rebuild their home. But they will be united once more if the evil returns.
After the Greater Kingdom Wars, their adventures have begun as they travelled around the world of Antichthon, fighting evil and making new allies like Falcon Union, Fox Reynard Clan, Black Soul Hunters, Legions of the Empire, Wild Forest Clan, Holy Crusaders, Sea Musketeers, Lonley Dragons, Lycoonis Clan, and many other European Deadly Alliance. Even they've battle the Monarch aliens before the Battle for Earth in December 2012 A.D.

In the 21st century on Earth after 2012 A.D, the Shining Knights are now the team member of the United Nations Global Defense Intelligence after saved the European Union members and the President from anti-EU terrorists at Brussels.

Team Members
The Knights of the Inner Six
Arthur Waterloo & Albert Firelion - They're the co-leaders of the united European knighthood clan and one of the founding members of the Knights of the Inner Six. They're nationality is Belgian.
Arthur Waterloo is the son of the famous knight, Anvers Waterloo. He dreamt to become a valiant knight and the hero of Europa Kingdom. However, when he found out that his father was killed by the tyrannical King Adler Napol Hister and his evil army, Arthur leads his fellow knights to fight the ultimate evil Junta.
Albert Firelion is the son of the lord of his kingdom. When he leave his father’s throne, he handed over to his royal brother and joined forces with Arthur Waterloo and his uncle’s knighthood for his never-ending battle against the ultimate evil.

Francois Noir-corbeau - The Avian-like Raven who was the blacksmith now as the veteran knight since the First Kingdom War. After the the first war, Francois joined the Knights of the Inner Six as one of the founding members of the Shining Knights to fight the evil King Hister and his ruthless army. His nationality is French.

Jacque Waterloo - Leader of the Knights of the Inner Six and the uncle of Arthur as well his master. He battled with his brother against the forces of Adlerstein since the First Kingdom Wars with his cunning and excellent tactical strategies. He's from Luxembourgish.

Siegfried Van De Hengst - Arthur's best friend who was helped by him since they fought Hister's thugs and sympathizers at his family's farm. Donned with his grandfather's armor, he joined the the Knights of the Inner Six as one of the founding members and battled King Hister and his evil allies. His nationality is Dutch.

Hector Munich - The noble avian-like Golden Eagle who led the resistance into victory but that was only but temporally because of Hister's evil power so he joined the more powerful resistance like the Knights of the Inner Six as he became one of the founding members. His nationality is German.

Giovanni Don Toro - The brave Italian Minotaur knight who was the first knight of the order that protected and saved the people from being enslaved or worse. After he helped the resistance to fight against the corrupt, vile and ruthless king and his evil ally and the Jovanian Army, Giovanni joined forces with the Knights of the Inner Six as one of the founding members to fight the ultimate evil of King Hister. Due to his nationality, he's from Italy.

The Shining Royal Knights
Melvin Griffington - The gentle and polite Anthro-Griffin who is a member of the Royal Court of the Golden Griffin since the First Kingdom War. During the Great Kingdom War, Melvin fought King Hister's army in the Battle of Chateau of Corvusia with his men. Despite having lost in the battle, he and his surviving knights were aided by the Knights of the Inner Six and defended his kingdom from aerial invasion. After the invasion was repelled, Melvin joined the Shining Knights as he formed the Shining Royal Knights with Walter Walros and Ivory O'Hogus. His nationality is British.

Walter Walros - The Anthro-Walrus who was a member of the Tusk Knight brigade, defending the shores from the Thanoi barbarians and King Hister's Junta Army. After three waves he repelled with his fellow knights, the defenses were breached but it was repelled by the Knights of the Inner Six and pushed the invaders out from the city castle. After the invasion was repelled, Walter joined the Shining Knights as a member of the Shining Royal Knights.

Ivory O'Hogus - The Anthro-Boar who was a member of the Royal Knights of Hogginton and carried out his tasks from his superior officer. After he carried out his last task, O'Hogus was removed from the group due to his disobedience despite he did the right thing for his chivalry code. So he joined the Shining Knight as he heard the news about their impending victory from the neighboring kingdom and joined them as a member of the Shining Royal Knights.

The Shining Southern Knights
Stephano Athenos - The noble golden Avian knight who is the Archer Class of the knighthood. He defended his kingdom with his golden bow and arrow and slain the entire army of barbarians and Jovanian warriors. Aside from the battlefield, he's a quite well musician and loved with poetry from the ancient times. When the Shining Knights defended the city and repelled King Hister's Junta Army, Stephano joined the knighthood as the leader of the Shining Southern Knights. His nationality is Greek.

Marcos Sagrada - The charming Serpentfolk-like Cobra who was once a member of Port Knights, guarding the ports for the allied kingdom. His charm brought attention to lovely women and loves rose as the symbol his beauty and love and compassion. When the Shining Knight foiled the Junta's sabotage plot and repelled the attack, Marcos joined the knighthood as a member of the Shining Southern Knights. His nationality is Portuguese.

Carlos Crestpo - The calm Spanish Dragonkind knight who is one of the brilliant strategists of the Knighthood. He was one of the elite knights from the battlefield who survived the bloody battle and singlehandedly kill all of King Hister's allied army and returned to his kingdom. Now he joined the Shining Knights, Carlos is the member of the Shining Southern Knights. His nationality is Spanish.

The Shining Curtain Knights
Alfred Hinberg - The Avian-like black German Eagle knight who was a secretly member of the resistance who is truly defied King Hister and his Junta regime. After he escaped, Alfred came across with the Shining Knights and eager to help the resistance and free his village. After the village was freed from the Junta occupants, Alfred became one of them as the leader of the Shining Curtain Knights. His nationality is Austrian.

Lenny Storki - The young kind Avian-like Stork who was a squire and caretaker for the friendly knight from the elite. He was trained by his lord after his duty to become a knight if his lord failed and take his place. After his lord died in the battle, Lenny toke his place and defeated the Junta Army with the help of Shining Knights. After the battle is over, he joined the knighthood as a member of the Shining Curtain Knights. His nationality is Finnish.

Elrik Musikant - The Anthro-Sea Lion knight who loved music and poets. He was a member of the royal guard for the princess while he wrote a beautiful poetry for her and her family until his poetry was interrupted by the Junta Army. When the Shining Knights saved his kingdom, Elrik joined the knighthood as a member of the Shining Curtain Knights. His nationality is Swedish.

The Great Ten Shining Knights
Oaken Alkazharm - The Avian-like Eurasian Owl who was the veteran captain of the militia and once a great commander of the army. He led his army to victory with his excellent military strategies against many foes but it was until he was defeated by the Junta Army and forced to lead the resistance to liberate the kingdom and his people until the Shining Knights and his old friend have arrived and joined battle against the Junta Army. After his kingdom is liberated and his people is freed, Oaken joined the Shining Knights and he formed the Great Ten Shining Knights as the leader of the unit. His nationality is Polish.

Klara Spira - The beautiful Lizardfolk-like Basilisk knight who is the spear-woman and the Cleric class of the knighthood. She was a member of the honor guard for the king and the only member of the group until the Junta Army came to invade her home island and defending the king but she also defending her people then the Shining Knights came and repelled the invasion. After the invasion is repelled, Klara joined the knighthood due to her chivalry code and became a member of the Great Ten Shining Knights as the second-in-command of the unit. Her nationality is Cyprian.

Alida Brista & Zevgard Stalvas - The Serpentfolks who were the members of the militia. They've kept the rebels and Junta Sympathizers at bay until the Shining Knights came to defeat the rebels which they're now the cult dedicated to the Serpent Chaos Gods and destroyed the Curse of the Black Well once and for all. After the curse is finally lifted at last, Alida and Zevgard joined the knighthood as the members of the Great Ten Shining Knights. Their nationality is Slovakian.

Chez Repucats - The Anthro-Cat who is the bard and the ex-thief of the knighthood. Before he became a knight, Chez was a famous bard, telling the wonderful tales and poets of love, beauty, and adventures of brave knights and legends until the Junta Army came and occupied his home kingdom and forced to stop playing music about against King Hister. But that doesn't stop him until the Shining Knights helped the resistance to liberate the kingdom from the Junta Occupiers. After the liberation, Chez became a knight after he helped the civilians out from any danger in the city and freed the royal family from the dungeons with his sword and magical bard and became a member of the Great Ten Shining Knights.His nationality is Czech.

Polo Maltas - The Aquatoid-like Dolphin knight who was a member of the militia, guarding the ports and seas from piracy and helping refugees from the war created by the Junta Army. Until that day when the Shining Knights helped the allied militias, Polo joined the battle against the Junta naval armada in defending his home kingdom. After the incredible battle, Polo joined the knighthood and became a member of the Great Ten Shining Knights and the only member of the Aquatoid in the Shining Knights. His nationality is Maltese.

Lev Lthuriga - The Insectoid-like Hornet who was the captain of the honor guard for the queen of his kingdom. He was a war veteran from the First Kingdom Wars and a legendary soldier who chose his service to the queen and trained the recruits for the honor guard until the kingdom came under attack by the Junta Army and their evil allies. Lev and his fellow guards are protecting the queen but Lev is also protecting the children until the Shining Knights came helped the allies of his kingdom and repelled the invasion. After the invasion, Lev joined the knighthood thanks to his chivalry code of honor and became a member of the Great Ten Shining Knights. His nationality is Lithuanian.

Link Lativa - The Insectoid-like Ant knight who is the builder and the engineer of the knighthood. He was a construction worker with no military training who wanted to be a knight but he has to work at the construction site for the queen's birthday by building a most beautiful statue of Antastisa. Then suddenly, the Junta Army attempted to invade his kingdom and the statue he built is damaged by a catapult attack. Link doesn't want it see his work to be destroyed and so he grabbed his sword and shield to defend against the Junta troopers until the Shining Knights repelled the invaders and saved the statue. After the invasion was repelled, Link joined the knighthood after he became a fully knight and became a member of the Great Ten Shining Knights. His nationality is Latvian.

Tilin Spiral - The young purple Dragonkind knight who is the son of the legendary dragon knight who defeated the Junta Dragon Army of the east during the First Kingdom Wars. Inherited by his father before he died by illness, Tilin trained himself alone and then the academy by reading his father's book and the art of war. After the academy, he gained his first taste of battle against the Junta Army. Then during the battle, the Shining Knights came in and defeated the Junta's invading army. After the battle, Tilin joined the knighthood and became a member of the Great Ten Shining Knights. His nationality is Estonian.

Berino and Wasko Ljubljano - The two-headed Dragonkind who is the alchemist of the knighthood. Long time ago, Berino and Wasko were the greatest alchemist teachers of the academy and they were rival ever since until the accident happened when they have emerged themselves. Stuck forever, they worked together but not in a good way until the Junta Army invaded the kingdom and now they have to put their differences aside and helped the resistance fighters until the Shining Knights came to help the freedom fighters and liberate their home. After the liberation, Berino and Wasko joined the knighthood as the members of the Great Ten Shining Knights. They're also nicknamed Berniwasko due to their appearance as the two-headed Dragonkind. Their nationality is Slovenian.

The Shining Dragon Knights
Romelo Bulgario - The white Dragonkind who is the gunslinging knight of the knighthood. Romelo was a member of the Cannon Dragon Knight, a unit carrying their range weapons such as blunderbuss and muskets. During their patrol, Romelo spotted the Junta troopers trespassing the border with the invading army and they've attempted to stop them until the Shining Knights joined in and prevented their attempted invasion. After the invasion and foiled their evil plot, Romelo joined the knighthood and became as the Shining Dragon Knight. His nationality is Bulgaria.

Derek Drakon Rosario - The crimson Dragonkind knight who is the champion of the resistance against the Junta Dragon Regime. During the time of regime, Derek fought single-handedly against the Junta Dragon soldiers while saving peasants and the roses as his charm, hence they nicknamed him "the Rose of the Crimson Dragon". When the Shining Knights came to liberate his kingdom, Derek joined the knighthood and led the resistance to victory and overthrown the evil king and liberated the kingdom. After the liberation, he became as the Shining Dragon Knight. His nationality is Romanian.

The Shining Eastern Knights
Falco Kosovar - The Avian-like Peregrine Falcon knight who is the leader of the Shining Eastern Knights. Falco was also the leader of the resistance after the Junta Army have occupied his home kingdom. He led the group to sabotage their supply lines for the troops and freeing several prisoners of war and political prisoners but he must also to defend the innocents and refugees with limited resources. But when his camp was discovered by the Junta Army, the Shining Knights appeared and defended the innocents as Falco led the resistance to victory and liberated the kingdom at last. After the liberation, Falco joined the knighthood and formed the unit for the knights from the east. His nationality is Kosovan.

Ayden Alina - The Avian-like Common Swift knight who was a member of the resistance. A skilled sword fighter, Ayden was trained by her father until he was killed by the Junta Army while saving her and others. She then freed several prisoners and children before they were executed by the Junta Sympathizers and then on that day, the Shining Knights helped her and her people as they were liberating her home kingdom from the Junta Occupiers. After the liberation, Ayden joined the knighthood and became a member of the Shining Eastern Knights as a second-in-command. Her nationality is Albanian.

Lucia Corisa - The Anthro-like Rabbit knight who is the fiercest lancer of the knighthood. Trained by her mentor, Lucia defended her kingdom for several times single-handedly until the Junta Army invaded her kingdom and fought bravely alone then the Shining Knights came to defend her kingdom as she finally understand about the meaning of teamwork. After the defense, Lucia joined the knighthood for more battles as the member of the Shining Eastern Knights. Her nationality is Croatian.

Martino Donovin - The Anthro-like Lynx knight who is the Hunter class of the knighthood. Martino was once a member of the royal court now a mercenary who helped the resistances by hunting down those Junta Army commanders and the general who led the invasion and the occupation until the Shining Knights came to defeat the Junta Army, giving him an opportunity of completing his final contract. After the Junta Army is defeated, Martino joined the knighthood as the member of the Shining Eastern Knights. His nationality is Macedonian.

Ferris Montenegro - The Avian-like Common Pheasant knight who was one of the honor guards for the king. He served the king very well until the Junta Army poisoned his king before he surrendered to the regime and has to find the cure until the Shining Knights helped him with success with the right medicine. After the king was cured and the Junta Army is pushed back, Ferris joined the knighthood as the member of the Shining Eastern Knights. His nationality is Montenegrin.

Stefan Belgardo - The Anthro-Weasel knight who was a former soldier to the puppet government by the Junta Regime. After he refused to execute the villagers, Stefan abandoned his ranks and joined the resistance when the Shining Knights came to liberate the country. After the liberation, he joined the knighthood as the member of the Shining Eastern Knights. His nationality is Serbian.

Masafo Turkon - The lazy but brave Dragonkind knight who was a royal guard for the wise king. He tried to keep his guard up until he stopped the rebels from assassinating the king and chose to find and end the rebellion supported by the Junta Regime and the Junta Black Dragons. With the help of the Shining Knights which he was looking for real help, Masafo defeat the Junta Black Dragons with bravery and valor from the chivalry code. After the rebellion has ended with their coup was officially foiled, Masafo joined the knighthood as the member of the Shining Eastern Knights. His nationality is Turkish.

Rafik Bosnar & Hester Herzergo - The Ratling and the Anthro-Raccoon knights who were from ex-con artists and ex-thieves to the honorable valiant knights. Rafik and Hester were once notorious thieves of their kingdom until they've helped the resistance by stealing the Junta's food supplies and weapons. Before they led the resistance to overthrow the puppet government, the Shining Knights came to helped them, turning the tide into victory and the liberation of their own kingdom. After the liberation, Rafik and Hester joined the knighthood as the members of the Shining Eastern Knights. Their nationality is Bosnian & Herzegovinian.

The Shining Knights of the Elite
Kurt Feurstag - The proud, noble and strong Anthro-Stag knight who is the leader of the Shining Knights of the Elite. He was a member of the Nordstag Elite Knights and battled against the barbarians and defending the borders from the Junta Army then he led the resistance against the Junta Occupiers until the Shining Knights joined forces with Kurt and his people to liberate the kingdom. After the liberation, Kurt joined the knighthood. His nationality is Norwegian.

Zed Geneva - The Anthro-Fruit Bat or Batling knight who was a member of the elite knights unit. After his duty from the battlefield, Zed didn't defeated the enemy by himself and he chose his bored duty of guarding the treasure vault in the castle after he quits until the Junta Army invaded his kingdom and finally fought the enemy with the help of the Shining Knights while helping his former fellow knights. After the battle, Zed joined the knighthood and became a member of the Shining Knights of the Elite. Oh, about a strange zapper on his head, he got a shrapnel from a training accident and has gain a special ability to hear the frequency from far to close, making it easier to detect ambushes and traps. His nationality is Swiss.

Sara & Lukas Swanstein - The Avian-like Swan knights are the brother and sister of the knighthood. Sara Swanstein was a member of the royal guards for the noble prince's court while her little brother, Lukas, was a student to become a knight like his sister. On that day, the Junta Army has invaded a tiny and peaceful kingdom and Sara has to protect the prince but she's also worried her little brother. Fortunately, Lukas has managed to save his friends and other children out of the academy attacked by the Junta Sympathizers until the Shining Knights came to save the peaceful kingdom and the prince. After the attack is over and the invasion is easily repelled, Sara and Lukas are reunited and joined the knighthood as the members of the Shining Knights of the Elite. Their nationality is Liechtenstein.

Isaac Bergen - The Avian-like seagull knight who is the knighthood's naval captain. He was a captain of the coast with his majority of his career from the First Kingdom Wars. As the Junta naval army appeared, he received a help from the Shining Knights and pushed the invaders back from where they came then ended their barbaric activities for good. After that, Isaac joined the knighthood and became a member of the Shining Knights of the Elite. His nationality is Icelandic.

The Shining Micro-Knights
Count Dantés Monte-Cristo - A gentle noble Insectoid-like Vampire Butterfly knight who is the leader of the Shining Micro-Knights. He was a young tragic count who was framed by his rival count and was executed in full public view. Returned from the dead, Count Dantés has become a full Vampire Butterfly and vowed to restore the glory of his family which he did. Instead of killing his rival, he exposed his rival's corruption, ending his political career for good and averted King Hister's evil plan. Later, he joined the Shining Knights to fight the Junta Army. His nationality is Monacan.

Georgius Santos - The noble virtuous Holy Dragonkind knight with the Cleric class who was a member of the Heavenly Order of the Knights to the Pope. He defended the innocents and refugees and pilgrims from the arrogant and ruthless Junta Army after they've witnessed their mass killings in every village across the kingdom until the Shining Knights helped the Pope's Heavenly Knights and defeated the Junta Army division. After the battle, Georgius joined with them as a member of the Shining Micro-Knights. He's from the Vatican.

Armando Crowfus - The charming mischief Avian-like Crow knight who is the master thief became a knight after he unintentionally gave a stolen bag of coins from the knights' captain. Overtime, however, his life has changed forever as they nicknamed him "the Thieving Knight" due to his cunning tricks of thievery and deceiving his foes. After he heard the news of the Shining Knights, Armando decided to leave the knights' group and joined up with them as a member of the Shining Micro-Knights. His nationality is Andorran.

Martin Samario - The Lizardfolk-like Salamander knight who was a member of the tiny kingdom's militia. When the Shining Knights battled against the Junta Army and freed the tiny kingdom, Martin joined the knighthood as a member of the Shining Micro-Knights. His nationality is Sammarinese.

The Shining Imperial Knights
Volk Prussia - From former foot soldier to a royal knight, Volk was once a member of the great royal army defending his home kingdom from barbarians and King Hister's army. Until one day, he learned the corruption from his king and the prime minister and defected himself with his life until he joined the Shining Knight as the leader of the Shining Imperial Knights after he witnessed their fight for true justice and hope for every people of the kingdom. His nationality is Russian.

Kiev Ukranstov - The Anthro-European Polecat knight who was the member of the underground resistance. Before the Great Kingdom Wars, he invented flamethrower for the army but it was turned out that his "invention" is considerately dangerous to everyone if it fell into the wrong hand until the Junta Army stole his invention after the invasion. As he joined the resistance, Kiev redeemed himself by building a counter-weapon and reversed his creation into a tool for the greater good called "the Extinguish-Thrower", a powerful weapon of capable to disarm the weapons, even modern weapons. And with it, he led the resistance to victory, liberating town after town until he was aided by the Shining Knights to free the country. After the liberation, Kiev joined the knighthood as the member of the Shining Imperial Knights. His nationality is Ukrainian.

Boris Minsk - The Anthro-Russian Bear knight who was the member of the high order of the court. Boris is the war-buddy from the First Kingdom Wars until he defected himself after he witnessed the horror from the Junta's co-belligerent. Soon after that, Boris joined the good knighthood, Shining Knights and freed his kingdom. His nationality is Belarusian.

Antonov Moledanov - The Anthro-Mole or Moling knight who was a member of the underground resistance. He was a miner working at the mountains filled with crystals until the Junta Army took over the mines and forced to work for them until he rose up and revolt against their evil rulers. After the revolt was repelled, he and the others were sealed off and left them to die. But that doesn't stop him and his comrades as they dug out to safety until he has reached to the war camp of the Shining Knights and they were helped to overthrow the evil Junta monarchy. After the liberation, Antonov joined the knighthood as the member of the Shining Imperial Knights. His nationality is Moldavian.

Inspired from European Union and their future enlargement and partnerships.
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Added 3/27/09

Another older pic given new life with color, here's the Moblin I drew a while back. After the Fokka, I liked this guy the most, so he got some spiffy color.

I drew the newer pig type Moblin because I can't draw Bulldog faces.

(And I sorta like the pig look better...)

Moblin (c) Nintendo
Art (c) me
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Added 4/4/08

Here are a Miniblin, a Bokoblin, and a Tektite.

The Miniblin and Bokoblin I gave hooves to, to tie them visually to my Moblin, since they're related. I tried not to change them to much more, though.

The Tektite I'm just really proud of. I finally did a insectoid thing that doesn't suck! :dance:

Miniblin, Bokoblin, Tektite (c) Nintendo
Art (c) me
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Added 4/4/08

So, I drew a whole bunch of Zelda enemies. Why? I felt like it. :D

Here are a Moblin (based on the piggy ones, of course) a Fokka (yes, haha,) a Tinsuit (or Wosu,) and Horsehead, the last three all from The Adventure of Link.

More to come soon.

Moblin, Fokka, Tinsuit, Horsehead (c) Nintendo
Art (c) me
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I would like to draw something good but I failed ^^""" I 'm going to redo that.

Painter 30 minutes.
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3h30 Painted on Painter its... Paintful !
But haha ! It's so cute !
Art trade with :iconganea-rebecca:

Ganea is OC chara of :iconganea-rebecca:
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Colored one !
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I played with :icontamarinfrog: and her friends and I was really scared XD Seriously. I was playing as Mika and everyone was one of Tammy's characters. I felt so out of place and when I saw them play, knowing none but Tammy, I was a bit scared to go near them. Sad I know. 

I'm so used to Turf Wars, that when I play with a bunch of people I don't know for fun, I get a bit shy and just hide from everyone, let alone I freeze if I hit someone accidentally, expecting them to splat me. However, it was not bad at all. After two or so matches, I stook close to Tammy from time to time, and she looked like Angelo. She kinda broke me out of my shell, which is why in this comic, he comes to Mika to break her out of her scared shell.

After more matches, I began to fit in...most of the time, but I was still so shy XD I stook close to  new friends, AppleFrost and Cybera. I didn't know what Apple was, but Cybera was Jonquil. They made me laugh cause they would always play with me and jump and spin when they saw me. Thanks again so much everyone for making me fit in a bit. Really made me laugh and have a nice evening. I hope we can all play again sometime. Hope I wont be a burden. 

Everyone but Mika in this comic belongs to Tammy, while Mika belongs to Me
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Spyke and Marie's daughter was said to be the ugliest and most horrifying Inkling in Inkopolis. She was made fun of a lot and never made any friends.

Spyke would be the one to try to cheer her up. Most of the time it worked, but other times it would fail. Once she turned 14 and could turn squid and kid any time she wanted, she was said to the the most beautiful creature in Inkopolis. Sadly, after all that harassment, she became cold and doesn't trust anyone but her family.

EXTRA: Funny thing is, Shelly is one of the only few single characters I made XD She is still open if anyone has suggestions or any ideas for characters.
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So I look over my old Miiverse pictures and then see that one of my Inklings, Mika, played with :icontamarinfrog:'s very own Jonquil. I did a miiverse post of him being her squidpai. I just had to do this. Might make more, not sure.

Don't kill me Tammy *hides in snake's box*
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Download for full-view and best resolution! (3550x2770)

A sexy new lineart for the :iconhyrule-battletourney:. I was originally going to wuss out and not submit this for the mini-contest, but then I thought about it and figured that would be disrespectful to the people that did enter (I have a weird sense of logic), so I'm going to submit this anyways. I would color it (and I plan on doing so later), but I've got to dedicate the next 30 hours to homework, so coloring will have to occur after the deadline. And after spending a few days on this, I think I got what I wanted from it... would have uploaded it around 10-ish last night, but after working nearly 30 hours straight (it took a lot longer between the sketch and the inking over the span of a week, especially when I got stung by a hornet in the process, no lie), the instant I finished it, I just about passed out. So here it is now.

So here we have Minh and Razolius (who belongs to *Iris-Uriko-Briefs) having a little sparring match. It obviously isn't a serious fight, since Razo isn't going all out and Minh isn't getting horribly owned in the process. It was initially supposed to be a 'just getting started' situation, and the boys were supposed to look much more cocky, but they look more like they're having fun. Wasn't what I intended, but I like it all the same.

Razo and Minh seem to have similar personalities in spite of their different upbringings. I can see this either being a source of possible friendship... or possibly something to drive one another utterly insane. In the long run, all I can really say is that boys will be boys, and whether friendship or enmity awaits these two, that will be for the future to decide.

A note on the title: Razo isn't really a prince, but he's still nobility, so the title is still fitting IMO. :P A secondary title could easily have been "Beauty and Beast", but Razo doesn't like people commenting on how pretty he looks, so in order to avoid getting skewered, I went with the current title. :XD:

Also, I'm aware of how awkward Minh's posture may look... he's a contortionist, and he's in motion, so I doubt he really feels it. Plus I referenced a capoeira pose, so I believe it's within the realm of possibility for him to be in such a position. Y'know, more realistic than being a half-breed wannabe fishman/manfish with bad respiratory systems and gender issues.

The markings on their bodies are outlines in semi-transparent black. Anyone who wants solid black or a version without the markings, let me know.

Razolius © :iconiris-uriko-briefs:
Minh © :iconkearra:


EDIT: Third place! Oh my damn! :confused: Was not expecting that!
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So here we have Aloki, sporting a brand new art style! This is what my art will look like from now on, it's simple, quick, and easy to do.

What's that? April Fool's was yesterday?

YOU'RE LYING! :iconyoulieplz:

Anyways, in all seriousness, I just decided that I wanted to draw Aloki in the original Wind Waker art style (or at least as close as I could come to it). I must say that the beak looks a lot more aesthetically appealing in this art style. She also looks a lot chubbier now, closer to what she's supposed to look like, methinks.

Wind Waker texture found here: [link]

Wind Waker font found here: [link]

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Download for full-view.

Little thing I drew for Minh, a new semi-formal outfit, something he could wear to the Winter Solstice Ball. How he got it... birthday present from his troupe, lol. He turned 25 (on the Winter Solstice, lol), so they sent him a little something so he would have more to wear than just his one outfit. They sent him two outfits... one tailored to fit him as a male, the other as a female. I'll be drawing the other latter.

The lineart looks... pixel-y. That's because I drew it in a new program (Manga Studio EX 4) that I got from my parents, and I don't know how to use it. óxò Anyone who can direct me to some helpful tutorials will be loved eternally.

For now... enjoy?
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Livestream commission for :iconsontaiknux:
Took a bit more time on this one. Honestly don't get a lot of commissions to do action scenes, which I honestly like a LOT. Also; fire. Win.
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Livestream commission for :iconurtheart:
A competitive and recreational multi-circumstance sparring armor for Cathode, who favors the Red team.
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Livestream commission for :iconsabrext:
Meerkat cop gal. Can't say I've heard that one before! Being sabre's character, he'll have all the details on his page
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