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Coloured, finally!

Flaming Ghost Pokemon
Evolves into (coming soon)
Fire/Ghost Type
They say that Burnshee often gather to the remains of homes and buildings that have burned to the ground. It is also said that seeing Burnshee near your house is considered a warning that your home may burn down.
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Boxer Pokemon
Evolves from [link] , Evolves into (coming soon)
Fighting Type
Papuncha have powerful punches, learning to throw all of their massive weight into a single punch, only makes attacks like Mega Punch and Focus Punch that much more intense.
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Eh, the lineart is a little sketchy on this one :(
but I cool thing I like about this evo line, is they all wear the red band, I thought that was a neat little feature

Brawler Pokemon
Evolves from [link]
Fighting/Ice Type
Pulbearize use their massive size to intimidate foes before fighting, and usually it works. When fighting larger opponents, Pulbearize won't stand down and will give it their all. They have been known to take down giant Steelix with ease.

(what's Steelix plural? Steelix? Steelixes? Steelixi?)
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HT: 8'06"
WT: 323.4 lbs
pollution pkmn

POISEIDON are incredibly fast and have an acute sence of smell and taste. They are only seen near the surface when they smell oil from an oil spill; to them it is like a treat. The ship that caused the spill must leave or be evacuated quickly since the poisons this POKEMON secrets is highly corrosive and can eat through metal.


Two POISEIDON can never live in the same area; firstly because they are very aggressive towards each other and secondly because they would kill the entire ecosystem in the area with their toxins in a matter of a week. If two of these POKEMON ever meet they dart, ram and bite at each other until one scares the other out of the area.
poison/ water type
evolves from poiskull by lvling up while holding poison barb

sig. move:
poison spout*

pp: 10
atk: 40
acc: 100
effect: poisons the foe
effect%: 100
type: poison
class: special
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teh magically healing dragon ish here to eat you >:3


HT: 9'03" ( i know i said it would be shorter but deal with it k?)
WT: 177.8 lbs
healing pkmn

ISURAGON are gentle creatures that dislike violence and often refuse to do battle. Instead they will hypnotise any potential opponets by twisting and swaying in the sky in some sort of elaborate dance. This dance is so soothing that it can calm an enraged GYARADOS in its tracks.


During the evolution process ISURAGON concentrate all their healing enegy's into crystalized orbs. If any of its orbs are stolen it loses all its healing abilities, goes into a state of constant morning, and its colouring reverses. Those who steal the orbs become cursed, able to heal anyone but at the cost of their lifespan.

dragon flying type
evolves from AIDRA at lvl 45

sig. move:
gamble heal* see AIDRA
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i really like the design and pose on this one
i can just imagine this thing winding up
and pounding pikachu into the dirt XD

HT: 8'00"
WT: 149.0 lbs
undead pkmn

UNDREAD are protectors of graveyards. Each UNDREAD chooses a grave site of their own after evolving and stay there the rest of thier lives, mantaining and watching over the area. If any unauthorised people enter their cemetery they summon the disturbed spirits and focus their energy into a powerful punch attack.


It is unknown whether this POKEMON is truly alive or not. After being studied it was found to have only slight brainwave activity and no heartbeat. It was also found that when near humans and other POKEMON it can drain their brainwaves to increase its own. This is thought to be its form of feeding. When it 'dies' it simply turns into a pile of dust.
ghost fighting type
evolves from zombaby at lvl. 32

sig. move:
spirit blow

pp: 5
atk: 100
acc: 80
effect: may paralyze foe
effect%: 10%
type: ghost
class: physical

fighting and ghost are my fav types EVAR >:U
so this is like
a dream come true <:

also i got a better bone colour <:

hand fixed
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What's this? You said there would be less evil Fakemon? Think again, pyoh!

Ball Ghost Pokemon
Ghost/Flying Type
The mask on their face ties them to this world. If the mask is discarded or removed, it will slip back into the spirit world and search for another mask.

Evolves into [link] at lv 30 while holding a Reaper Cloth.

Please don't steal, as this belongs to me. Ask to use or enjoy it where it is. Thanks!
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Another fakemon. I know it looks kinda like a Drifloon mixed with a Darkrai, that was sorta the theme I used for this one.

Dream Pokemon
Psychic/Ghost Type
This Pokemon steals people's dreams with its tentacle. It can then view these dreams at will or show them to other people.

No Evolution

Please don't steal, just enjoy it where it is. Thanks!
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I know the colored pencil is horrible, i'm going to update it later on. I've already started experimenting with inking in photoshop and its going quite well. Anyways, this is the evolution to Necramans, which i posted a few weeks ago.

Reaper Pokemon
Ghost Type
Evolves from [link] at lv 30 when holding a Reaper Cloth.

I'll come up with a 'dex entry later, for now enjoy and don't steal!
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I change a lot of this pokemon recently, because i see a cool lobster in the pet shop were i work, and it give my many ideas XD this one is one of my favourites n_n

Cambie mucho a este pokemon reicentemente, por que vi una langosta muy copada en el pet shop donde trabajo, y me dio muchas ideas XD Este es uno de mis favoritos n_n


Type: Bug/ water

The King Lobster pokemon. It defends its territory brutally. Such areas are often very small, comprising less than 20 meters around their burrow, which digs into solid rock. They usually only deal with opponents who it thinks powerful, but if they are beaten and robbed of their home, or they will not hesitate a second to take home to a weakest pokemon.

Colour: Purple

Gender: 87.5% M/ 12,5% F



HP: 80
attk: 120
def: 85
speed: 60
spc attk: 75
spc def: 80

TOTAL: 500
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I like a lot this guy....

Me encanta mucho este tipo....


Type: Bug/ water

The Lobster pokemon .When it are alone, this pokemon does very little but that anchored itself to the seabed and sleep. He loves to beat duel with other members of their species. But these battles are often inconclusive, and that their mood is often very variable, and any time one gets bored and goes to sleep.

Colour: Blue

Gender: 87.5% M/12.5 % F



HP: 60
attk: 50
def: 55
speed: 30
spc attk: 65
spc def: 40

TOTAL: 300
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Strange, isnt it? XD

Raro, no? XD


Type: Water

The bottom of the sea Pokemon. Live at depths of over 6000 meters in the sea, which have only been studied Lordeep those that evolved in the lakes to spawn as Salmoun, and where there were, because their mobility is often very limited. They usually stay in the bed where they are, and move with the three pairs of wings that serve as legs.

Colour: gray

Gender: 50 % M/ 50% F



spc atk:75
spc def: 105

TOTAL: 505
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For :iconflairina:

i changed it a lot. perhaps too much, lol.

Original here [link]


this is a fake, fan-made Pokemon.

Nefenalae © Flairina

Pokemon © 1995-2008 Nintendo, Gamefreak, Pokemon USA
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Name- Croolar
Type- Ghost/Dark
Species- Jester Pokemon


The final evolution of Creely and Creech, Croolar, is sadistic in nature. Like Creely, it enjoys pulling pranks. But unlike Creely, Croolar picks on both Pokemon and Human alike. They reside in very populated cities, frightening trainers by night and sleeping by day.
Croolar is a Ghost type but also has Dark type powers. the 5 spheres attached to its head tentacles contain very concentrated dark energy. These tentacles also act as five extra arms.

this is a fake, fan-made Pokemon.

Pokemon © 1995-2008 Nintendo, Gamefreak, Pokemon USA
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Name- Creech
Type- Ghost
Species- Jester Pokemon

EVOLVES FROM- Creely [link]
EVOLVES INTO- Croolar [link]

When Creely evolves into Creech it loses most of its joyful nature. Creech reside in dark alleys, basements, or anywhere dark and gloomy. They usually stay out of humans' way, unlike Creely. the three balls attached to its head contain energy Creech uses for attacks.

this is a fake, fan-made Pokemon.

Pokemon © 1995-2008 Nintendo, Gamefreak, Pokemon USA
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FWIKER, the Trapped Pokémon. FWIKER are wandering Pokémon that can sense approaching death. It is believed that inside its wicker-woven lantern resides a soul that cannot accept its death. Rare as they are, FWIKER sightings are recorded historically during times of warfare and strife.

Name Origin: FlIcKER and WIcKER [hard woven fiber formed into a rigid material, usually used for baskets or furniture]
Type: Ghost
Ability: Levitate
Evolution: Fwiker ---Level 35---> Sakrifwik
Moves Learned: Grudge, Punishment, Block, Shadow Ball, Imprison, Curse, Shadow Sneak, Will-O-Wisp, Pursuit, Smokescreen, Night Shade, Smog, Disable, and starting move Astonish

Base Stats:
HP: 95
ATK: 35
DEF: 60
SP ATK: 35
SP DEF: 60
SPD: 30
TOTAL: 315

:iconreadplz: :iconcommentplz: :iconccwelcomedplz1::iconccwelcomedplz2: :icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: :iconthankuplz:
For a very critical reason, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all future :+fav:ers and :+devwatch:ers of my works. :D :D :D

Now, here's a Fakemon fit for Halloween [if only I was able to finish my silhouettes before November]: Fwiker, the Trapped Fakemon! Fwiker is based on traditional Japanese and Chinese lanterns [kudos to :iconkktheprophet: for correctly guessing the basis of my Post-Halloween 2010 Fakemon Silhouette #1], but instead of paper, it is made of wicker, a sturdier material. This is because Fwiker actually has a trapped spirit inside it [the Dex rumors are true, lol], referencing Spirit Orbs this time. Also, Fwiker's presence during death mirrors mythological being capable of sensing death, possily the Angel of Death or the Grim Reaper himself.

On a side note, I really like Fwiker's name, as it sounds both ancient Greek or Celtic, and mysterious as well. It must be the letter 'k' or the lack of the letter 'c' to it. I don't know, I just like it! :D :P Fwiker, Fwiker, FWIKER!!! Haha!

Fwiker, to be honest, is a newer creation of mine. It was actually created as a basic stage for my gimmick Halloween Fakemon. The reason behind this is because of the new Gen V Pokémon Darmanitan. In the page of Fwiker's evolution, I will discuss why, but right now, it is enough to know that Fwiker is equivalent to Darmanitan's basic stage, Darumaka.

Move-wise, Fwiker concentrates on its Ghost-typing and eerie origins. It has creepy damaging as well as strategic status moves that makes it the eerie death-sensing Fakemon that it is: Astonish, Disable, Smog, Smokescreen, Pursuit, Shadow Sneak, Curse, Imprison, and Block. As a confused and restless spirit, Fwiker combats with Night Shade, Shadow Ball, and bestows Punishment to those threatening it. Also, it can burn its foes with Will-O-Wisp, a reference to its evolution's gimmick as well as its Spirit Orb basis. :P

Like Darumaka, Fwiker evolves when it reaches Level 35. The Daruma Pokémon and my Trapped Fakemon also have the same 315 stat total, but their similarities end there. Mirroring Drifloon this time [apart from the immunity from Ground types, since Drifloon is Flying-type and Fwiker has Levitate], Fwiker has a high 95 HP, five more than the Balloon Pokémon. However, Fwiker is made of sturdy material as compared to Drifloon, so it gets 60 on both defenses, as compared to Drifloon's 34 Defense and 44 Special Defense. As with offense, Fwiker is only a confused trapped spirit, and it doesn't really mean harm, so it gets low 35 on both offense stats, and an even lower 30 Speed, while Drifloon is built a little offensively, with 50 Attack, 60 Special Attack, and 70 Speed. It is worthy of note, though, that Drifloon has 348 stat total, 33 points higher than both Fwiker and Darumaka. :)

Fwiker is a good Sponge for fiery fighters, but sadly, that is all that it can do. It doesn't have the fuel to dish out powerful damaging moves, but it can burn with Will-O-Wisp to lessen the opponent's attack or slowly but surely reduce the opponent's HP via the Ghost-typed Curse and Block, with Fwiker' defenses stalling the battle longer. Ooh, quite a number of Fire references there, did you notice? :P

Fwiker is mine!
Pokémon © Nintendo
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DELFIGEIST, the Haunt Vessel Pokémon. Known to be ghost ships in the past, DELFIGEISTs stay concealed adrift due to its bodily fog. DELFIGEIST's sturdy belly and fins cause accidental shipwrecks whenever it crashes into sea vessels.

Name Origin: DELphInidae [family of whales], FIG [a widely cultivated tree], and polterGEIST [a paranormal phenomenon when an invisible entity manifests itself by creating noise or moving objects] or GEIST [German term meaning ghost or spirit]
Type: Ghost / Water
Ability: Fog Blanket
Evolution: Orcloud ---Level 32---> Phantorca ---Level 44---> Delfigeist
Moves Learned: Same as Phantorca plus Double-Edge and Crunch, and relearnable Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, and Wood Hammer

Base Stats:
HP: 140
ATK: 85
DEF: 90
SP ATK: 85
SP DEF: 50
SPD: 80
TOTAL: 530

:iconreadplz: :iconcommentplz: :iconccwelcomedplz1::iconccwelcomedplz2: :icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: :iconthankuplz:
For a very critical reason, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all future :+fav:ers and :+devwatch:ers of my works. :D :D :D

EDIT 05242010: Changed the name from Delphigeist to Delfigeist. While working on a Weepinbell alternate evolution, I just noticed the naming convention in Pokémon: there should only be 10 letters in a creature’s name. Victreebel suffered losing that last ‘l’ while Feraligatr had to give up its ‘o’ to abide by this rule. ‘Delphigeist’ has 11 letters, so I had to get rid of one letter. Good thing my creative juices are rushing that the name change to ‘Delfigeist’ has naming convention support. As listed in the name origin above, I changed ‘-phig-‘ to ‘-fig-‘ and supported that change with the fact that some fig trees have thick, wooden trunks, much like Delfigeist's ship-like underbelly. Delfigeist is a ghost ship, so having a common tree in its name wouldn’t hurt one bit.

And now, the final stage of my Ghost/Water-type evolution line! I present... Delfigeist! Walrein better watch out for this beefy goodness!

Unlike Orcloud and Phantorca, Delfigeist is based closer on ghost ships than an orca. Apart from the sail-like fog-fin on its back, Delfigeist has its bodily fog lower in its belly, revealing a ghost ship-like underbelly. Its sturdier body now allows Delfigeist to use the freakish move Double-Edge [it has recoil, be warned]. Its fins now resemble thick, wooden ship paddles, granting the use of the move Wood Hammer. In addition to these are its sets of fangs, granting it Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, and Crunch moves. But like its preevo, Delfigeist still has the Fog Blanket ability.

Flavor Text: Fog Blanket. Covers the field in fog.

When Delfigeist enters battle, its ability, Fog Blanket, immediately reduces all other battling Pokémons' Accuracy, even that of an ally, by a level similar to the effects of a Sand-Attack until the weather is changed. That's the negative side of things. On the positive side, Delfigeist and its double-battle partner will have increased Evasion equivalent to one use of Double Team. Note that Delfigeist does not get any Accuracy reduction from the fog since it produces the fog itself. However, it still is susceptible to other Accuracy-reducing moves and abilities. Moving on, changing the weather will only remove the Accuracy reduction, so Delfigeist and its double-battle partner will retain the Evasion boost as long as Fog Blanket had been activated. Be wise enough to partner Delfigeist with a Pokémon who can attack without missing!

Like its pre-evolutions, Delfigeist shares the same stat total with Walrein, while it shares stats similarities with Wailord and, this time, the rest of the bulky Ghost-types. Delfigeist has a monster HP at 140 like Wailord's 170 and Ghost/Flying-typed Drifblim's 150. Also like the Float Whale and the Blimp, Delfigeist is built with decent offensive stats at 85 on both Attack and Special Attack. Like Walrein and its lipids, Delfigeist and its sturdy ship-like body grants it a high 90 Defense. Being part Ghost means Delfigeist should be sneaky, but being a huge Water-type orca tones down this sneakiness to a good 80 Speed. What's sucky about Delfigeist is its rather low 50 Special Defense, a wacky 5-point evolutionary increase from Phantorca's 45! Woah!

With these stats, I'd say Delfigeist can be an obvious Physical Wall with decent offensive stats and Speed to dish out fair amounts of damage to the foe. However, it can also assume the role of a Staller with Fog Blanket, Rest, and a good choice of moves for the other three slots. Badly Poisoning the foe is a great strategy that comes to mind if you want a Staller Delfigeist on your team!

Delfigeist, Fog Blanket is mine!
Pokémon © Nintendo
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MOSQIATOR, the Armor Insect Pokémon. This valiant Pokémon fights head-on using its elongated mouth to joust like an IRON LANCE. Despite having wings, MOSQIATOR is known to only hover because of the heaviness of its metallic body.

Name Origin: MOSQuITO and gladIATOR
Type: Bug / Steel
Ability: Clear Body
Evolution: Riglee ---Level 25---> Buoyarc ---Level 35---> Mosqiator
Moves Learned: Iron Lance*, Megahorn, Horn Drill, Drill Peck, Poison Jab, X-Scissor, Steel Wing, Spike Cannon, Air Slash, Silver Wind, and whichever moves Buoyarc and Riglee learned upon evolution.

Base Stats:
HP: 85
ATK: 95
DEF: 115
SP ATK: 50
SP DEF: 90
SPD: 85
TOTAL: 520

:iconreadplz: :iconcommentplz: :iconccwelcomedplz1::iconccwelcomedplz2: :icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: :iconthankuplz:
For a very critical reason, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all future :+fav:ers and :+devwatch:ers of my works. :D :D :D

Long ago, there were Armor Pokémon named Donphan and Tyranitar, and an Armor Bird which is Skarmory. Generation III came and there were the Iron Armor Pokémon Aron, Lairon, and Aggron. Now, I introduce to you my very own Armor Insect Fakemon, Mosqiator! Buzzapper has waited for over a month for his partner to bask in the light of :devart:!

I don't really love Bug types that much, but as with Buzzapper, I thought of having strong Bug types to catch and train. I liken Mosqiator to Flygon, too, like Buzzapper, since the Mystic Pokémon is really strong and resembles a dragonfly despite not being Bug-typed. This gave me the idea that Bugs can be as strong as Dragons, too. Actually, there are a lot of one- and two-staged powerful Bug types already [they are used by Aaron in Platinum and in rematches with Bugsy in Heart Gold and Soul Silver], but there isn't a full three-staged, Bug-type evolution line to mirror pseudo-legendaries like Dragonite, Tyranitar, Salamence, Metagross, and Garchomp. That's also why I created Mosqiator and, uploaded a month ago, Buzzapper.

Mosqiator is based on an adult mosquito. However, instead of the common Bug/Flying typing, I decided to do a Bug/Steel type, because I imagined the mosquito's proboscis as a lance. Then, expanding to its body, I gave it a steel armor, and threw in some gladiator characteristics [instead of a knight; I have other plans for that, hehe], hence the headdress and the name origin.

Like Buzzapper with Fighting as its "third" type, Mosqiator has the Flying type, since it has wings. But Mosqiator has a minor "fourth" type, which is Water, because both Riglee and Buoyarc are part-Water type. This is the complete metamorphosis I am talking about in Buoyarc's page, that not only did its whole anatomy change, but also its secondary type. This draws inspiration from a lot of other Pokémon that changes [not 'adds'] second types upon evolution, notably fellow Bug-types Pineco-Forretress and Surskit-Masquerain, plus the pseudo-legendary Larvitar-Pupitar-Tyranitar.

As with the coloration, :iconwierd1123: has been pointing out how he likes the shiny colors of both Riglee and Buoyarc better than the regular ones. Well, it's good that he noticed it, because it is only through the continuity of the regular-shiny coloration that I am able to connect Riglee to Buoyarc and now to Mosqiator. Riglee's regular colors are of shallow waters with blue, light blue, and spring green, while Riglee's shiny colors [which is Buoyarc's regular colors] are like deep waters with dark blue-green, fresh green and faded green. Now, Buoyarc's shiny colors points to being Steel type, which is Mosqiator's regular colors, composed of silver, gray, and faded dark green, thus connecting my mosquito line with each other despite total metamorphosis and anatomy change. However, Mosqiator's shiny color is a tribute to the Roman gladiator's armor which is an inspiration to its being part Steel. Also, I noticed most Steel-type Pokémon have green shiny colors, so I decided to go with Steelix' golden yellow palette.

Mosqiator mirrors Buzzapper in a number of ways, even in movesets. While Buzzapper has STABbed Thunder, Thunderbolt, Bug Buzz, Signal Beam, and U-Turn, Mosqiator boasts, in parallel, Iron Lance*, Steel Wing, Megahorn, X-Scissor, and Silver Wind. Note that Buzzapper's Signal Beam and U-Turn are Special and Physical moves, respectively, which are inverted in Mosqiator's case, having a Physical X-Scissor and a Special Silver Wind instead. Also, that Silver Wind move fits Mosqiator's silver armor and wings to a tee.

Flavor Text: Iron Lance. The user jousts to topple the foe down using a steel-hard lance.
[Steel-typed, Physical, 10 PP (16 max), 120 Power, 85 Accuracy]

Simply put, Iron Lance is technically a Steel-typed Megahorn. It has 120 Power, 85% Accuracy, 10 PP which can be max-ed at 16, and damages Physically. However, Iron Lance is not limited to a horn like Megahorn is. Iron Lance can be used via any pointed appendage as long as it can be extended. I'm not a fan of creating new moves. However, I created this specific move because there is no powerful Steel-type move fit for Mosqiator. The strongest Steel-type move is Jirachi's Doom Desire at 120, and it seemed exclusive to the legendary Wish Pokémon. Next to that are Iron Tail and Meteor Mash, both of which seem unfit for an armored mosquito [Mosqiator has neither a thick tail nor punching fists]. Iron Head is ok, but it isn't powerful enough for my taste, having only 80 Power, and it wouldn't utilize Mosqiator's primary weapon, hence the conception of Iron Lance.

Buzzapper has the Fighting "third" type, while Mosqiator has Flying, so the EleHopper's Jump Kick and Hi Jump Kick are the Armor Insect's Air Slash [to include at least another Special move to Mosqiator; all the rest are Physical] and Drill Peck. Buzzapper's Normal moves Mega Kick and Extremespeed are answered by Mosqiator's Spike Cannon [a move totally fit for Mosqiator because of that amazing spiky headdress!!!] and Horn Drill. Finally, Buzzapper's unique Flying-typed, paralysis-inducing Bounce is translated to Mosqiator's Poison Jab that can inflict err... poison.

Like Buzzapper and Flygon, Mosqiator has 520 total stats. Though no stats of Mosqiator is as high as Buzzapper's Speed at 130, Mosqiator stays true to being the Armor Insect: Mosqiator's Defense is at a very high 115 while its Special Defense is above average at 90. It also has great HP and Speed, both at 85. Offensively, one can tell that Mosqiator is built Physically not only by moves but by that 95 Attack as well. As a form of sacrifice to balance everything, Mosqiator only gets 50 in Special Attack.

Mosqiator is a total Waller with those defenses and the resistances of the Steel type. Also, that 95 Attack stat is promising when paired with moves of high Power, making Mosqiator partly a Physical Sweeper as well. If I were you, though, I would consider using Silver Wind because Mosqiator can take hits as you try your luck for that one stage increase in ALL stats which the Clear Body would prevent from lowering. Weak as it is, Riglee's Aqua Jet is worth the mention here, too, since it is a Physical priority move, useful for finishing off faster opponents with a sliver of HP left. Just watch out for Fire-type moves, since they will deal 300% more damage to Mosqiator.

Mosqiator, Iron Lance is mine!
Pokémon © Nintendo
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The second ghost type fakemon.

Name and/or dex entry suggestions are welcome :)
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Nameless ghost type fakemon.

Done with tablet in photoshop. I haven't used photoshop very much so I decided to start practicing. Rather quick doodle.

I'm amazed by how something can look so cute :P

Comment if you like. Name suggestions are welcome!
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Dungbeetles for the win!

These would equal Caterpie - Metapod - Butterfree.
It's a larvae that evolves into a pile of dung
that evolves into a dung beetle.

Quite harmless but smelly fakemon.
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This fakemon is for my Moann Pokedex.

Chromajaw evolves from Sharpedo when it levels up in the Ghiaccio Expanse (A frozen Wasteland).

Type: :iconwatertypeplz:/:icondarktypeplz:
Classification: Sea Hunter Pokemon
Pokedex Entry: Chromajaw are quite adept to hunting in the waters of the frozen north. Their massive jaws can crush ice in their way and sleek body allows them to slip in and out of crevices with ease. Chromajaw are also very effective in or out of the water.

Inspiration: Killer Whale and Torpedo Submarine

Pokemonand Sharpedo are (c) Nintendo and Gamefreak
Chromajaw is (c) Me
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Please view this in full view.

EDIT: Redid the actual starter.

This is the Grass Starter for my new Fakemon Pokedex for Pokemon Opal/Mercury, and later on, Jade.

The region this takes place in is Moann: Land of the Dragons.

The featured fakemon are the following:

Type: :icongrasstypeplz:
Classification: Signaling Pokemon
Pokedex Entry: Adaptable and friendly, Alichen, can be found in all sorts of climates. The small colorful flap under their throats is used to signal messages to other Alichen that may be in the area.

Inspiration: Anole and Lichen

Type: :icongrasstypeplz:/:icondarktypeplz:
Classification: Sneaky Pokemon
Pokedex Entry: Mossitors spend most of their time lazing in trees, hiding amongst leaves and moss of their own coloration. They wait their until an unsuspecting rodent passes their way then they snatch it up in their powerful jaws.

Inspiration: Tree Monitor and Hanging Moss.

Type: :icongrasstypeplz:/:icondarktypeplz:
Classification: Vicious Pokemon
Pokedex Entry: After growing too large to be satisfied by small rodents, Mossitor evolves into a Komodoss. Known for their savagry when hunting down prey, Komodoss are swift and can utilize their jagged maw to it's fullest purpose.

Inspiration: Komodo Dragon and Moss.

More to come soon...
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Another Fakemon for my Moann: Land of the Dragons Pokedex in Opal/Mercury.

It is also my entry for :iconraymaxxp:'s contest! :p

Type: :iconghosttypeplz:/:iconflyingtypeplz:
Classification: Ghost Ship Pokemon
Pokedex Entry: Armadan are believed to be created whenever a ship is lost at sea. Unable to float anymore, it becomes a ghost and flies back to it's point of origin. Once there, however, it no longer has a purpose as a ship and roams the area in deep melancholy causing havoc whenever and wherever it can so as to make everyone else as miserable as it is.

Inspiration: Ghost ship.....haha. Also the flying ship in Peter Pan :p

Pokemon is (c) Nintendo and Gamefreak
Armadan is (c) Me
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Cool Fakemon, eh? When I'll submit the next one, I will explain you something about Jrooky and his counterpart, Maild. It's a long story :)

Masteria is one of my fave fakemon made by me! I like its eyes and its colours!

Masteria is(c) me
Pokémon(c) Nintendo/Game Freak

Oh, maybe you've already seen this fakemon. What can I say? Some things never change!
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Ok. Bansigh is an old school fakey of mine. It's the first ghost fakemon I've ever made. Now I have a bunch of them but I still support these little girls.. Even though Willowasp has changed a lot since the day I've made it. I also changed Bansigh's expression, in order to make it more banshee-like: actually it was supposed to be a witch Pokémon before but then Mismagius came out and they were very similar to each other. Also I had totally forgotten about Misdreavous when I had first made Willowasp and so they were almost IDENTICAL (the consequence is a total re-drawing). Oh, and you do recognize, if you are a Ruby Gloom fan, that I drew those tear-like spots under Bansigh's eyes from Misery U.U Ok maybe not only them.
Willowasp & Bansigh(c) me
Pokémon(c) Nintendo/Game Freak
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It's so disappointing when the pokemon comes out too small... I added some fake sprites for that reason.
It's not Drifmill, but it's pretty cool too.
Do you think I should go on with the pokédex?

Schytle(c) Byona
Schyter, Scizor(c) Nintendo/Game Freak

No, I didn't write ScyHtle by mistake. I did it on purpose ^^ It sounded better
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Horochi, the extinguish pokemon

each of its 8 heads discharge large amounts of water, only deployed in situations where fires get too hot to handle. other than water, it can also breathe icy foam by suddenly lowering pressure in its pipes, or scalding water by tightening pipes to increase pressure.

type : water / steel
ability: torrent

grass knot - darn you swampert
Flash cannon - STAB special
Earthquake - nasty electrics which resist flashcannon and have high sp def

explanation: water typed attack that does 2.5 times damage against fiery foes, unlike other water attacks which only do 2 times. so if against charizard, it does 2.5 times. whereas against macargo, it does 5 times because 2 X 2.5 = 5. getit? =)

evolves from twinguish @ level 32 [link]
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Regigaia - sprite here - [link]


The other regi of the family, regigaia embodies mother earth herself. spending the most of its eternally long life underground, it only appears either at the most tranquil of moments or at times when nature's balance is being offset. Due to prolonged contact with nature, regigaia, though a ground type pokemon, is completely immune to grass and water typed attacks.


Type: Ground
Ability: Earthen
Regigaia is completely immune to water and grass attacks

Move sets

Physical sweeper
Item:Choice Specs/band

1. Earthquake
standard move on a ground type with a massive attack stat, combined with a 1.5 STAB woo~
2.Rock Slide / Stone edge
cover those nasty flying / ice pokemon. both moves work fine, just your choice on accuracy or power
3.Hidden Power Ice / Fire
Ice for covering flygons, salamances, dragonites and garchomps. Fire for scizors which resist all your moves.
4.Cross Chop
ice, normal n dark coverage. esp weavileprovides great damage too =)

physical Tank / staller
Item: leftovers / choice specs
1. Substitue
with so many immunities and great defense, HP, why not
2. Earthquake
3. Leech seed
sub leech happyness
4. Toxic / protect

substitute on an incoming switch or predicted switchout, leech seed and protect for extra HP. toxic for extra damage. your choice =) earthquake when they fail to break your substitute in one turn. however, skarmory screws up this strat. ass skarmory. ass

great attack, defense stats, though with abysmal speed, its likely to be abused by the likes off starmie, aerodactyl, weaville etc

strat: some basics, liek switching in on water, grass or electric moves. or maybe make use of bronzong with a support trick room set up. this works even better in double battles. earthquake, trick room with bronzong levitating. gyroball against icy foes. should work great in theory, but when trick room runs out, its kinda hard.

***My first fakemon submission!***
crits comments all welcome!
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Yet another Regi, regitric was born only after industrailisation was introduced to the pokemon world. it often lurks around active power plants, feeding off energy through its arm sockets and discharging them when threatened.


Type: Electric
Ability: Motor Drive
When Regitric is hit by a electric move, its speed increases by a level.

Move set
Thunderbolt / Thunder
(Basic boltbeamer)
Shadowball / raindance

special based sweeper, standard strat to switch in on predicted electric moves, even on thunderwaves. massive special stat, with thunderbolt for accuracy as its strongest STAB move. or you could use thunder coupled with raindance provided you predict a switch.

***btw this ones a female. the male has protruding power sockets***teehe
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