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I took a render of Mega Man Zero and started messing around with the colours and such. I tried to do a "lightsaber" affect by using various brushes.
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Mega Man is what I'm thankful for this lovely year of 200X.

Good times.

Cut Man : Always loved this crazy kid. He and Guts Man sure were popular in the old 90's cartoon. I'd see him as the prankster of the group, if anything. And the rock paper scissors joke? Priceless.

Dr. Light : SANTA! Lol, not really. But the man deserves some credit. Him and every mall-Santa that looks like him.

Guts Man : :icongutsmansassplz:! No seriously, he is important to Mega Man history. We're sure he's the brawns and no brains type character, but his profile card says he's also sentimental and loves karaoke. We'll never know.

Elec Man : My all-time favorite robot master. Love the eyes. But oh dear lord please regard the terrible, egotistical, narcissistic personality "Powered Up" gave him. Although it is hilarious and I adore it. ENERGIZE!!!

Mega Man : But you can call him Rock! Nothing to say, except everyone loves him. Me included. :music: Super fighting robot ~

Ice Man : Eskimo Kid, Ice Climber, call him what you want. He's insanely adorable and I favor him over Popo.

Fire Man : "Powered Up" gave him a loud, southern accent and made him a pyro maniac obsessed with fiery justice. I, on the other hand, see him as a quiet, subdued individual. Huh.

Dr. Wily : This dude's crazy awesome. A moron, but still a genius. He needs more appreciation, and DARN he is fun to draw.

Bomb Man : No not Bomberman. Bomb Man. I dig that mohawk thing of his.

Feb. 28th: Update Side Info
This deviation was in progress over the course of a week, mid November-ish. It really set the stage for my later rendezvous with MS Paint works and clean coloring stuff.
I mentioned doing a MM2 group, but there's a good chance I'll skip it and come back. That game has way too much credit. Plus I've drawn all the characters before, which to me is no fun. When I did this MM1 stage select there were characters I'd never even attempted before. That's why if I'm ever going to do another one of these screens, I'll do MM3 next (fkn love that game). There's at least three in there I've never drawn.
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Possible Spoiler?...
always had this "fanfic" in mind but never got guts to do it...
well, I dont know what Mega Man and X's fans think about it, but I sure like to get this picture in mind ^^

Sorry for the Background...

Mainly for Series' fans:
As far as I am aware, Capcom has never yet told what happens betwen Classic MegaMan/RockMan and Mega Man X's History, so fans can have their own ideas, some think that X is a upgraded MegaMan/RockMan, others that, he is simply a new Reploid created by Doctor Light/Right.
Well, THIS is my idea ^^
personaly I find that mostly all about Bass/Forte matches MegaMan X better than any other character from the series.

* Forte isn't really a pacifist like MegaMan, Pretty much the hunter type, just like the Maverick Hunter X
* Forte is the only one from his time that uses an armor (pretty much like the one of X)
* Forte is the only one that also carries Crystals in his set.
* Forte is the only one of his time who's got the Dash ability (pretty comon for characters from the X and ahead)
* Although in small sizes, quite often Forte's helm's Blades come back with X's new Armors
* Although Forte is also known from his misteryous Purple Energy, at the end of "MEGA MAN THE POWER FIGHTERS 2" , if you finish the game with Forte and DUO, Duo tells the most unusual thing about Forte, he says that he senses the same Power of Justice in Forte like that of Mega Man.
* Not only Forte didn't faint to the mysterious Purple Energy (like MegaMan did at the End of MegaMan 8), according to DUO, Forte could have also converted that Energy...? Perhappes...

BUT!! Why is Him Blue??... Well if you Played RockMan and Forte (MegaMan and Bass) you know that Forte can't Charge his Buster. In this fanfic, it suposes that his inner power is 2 strong, and if he would do that, it'd blow his own Buster away. But after going thro a lot of psycological issues with MegaMan's faint and the world about to be taken over Doctor's Willy new Creation, Forte remembers what Protoman (Blues) told him (at the end of both Power Fighter and RockMan & Forte) that Rockman has allways been stronger than him cause Rock fights to protect.
(I'm telling these cause I doubt I'll ever make this fanfic)

By the Way, although that right arm at the left side... it isn't really Zero... it's his Body though ;)
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The next in the "you know who should be in smash brothers" series is the super fighting robot: Mega Man! alongside his dog Rush!

=============MOVE SET==================

B - Mega Buster - Press 'B' to fire the Mega Buster. Hold down 'B' to charge the buster then release to fire. Mega man can walk around freely while charging.

Side B - Rush Jet - Mega Man will hop onto Rush's back and rush will transform into his jet form and fly forward a medium distance, mega man will then jump off of rush and rush will revert back to his normal form.

Down B - Power Slide - This attack does very little Damage if any, however it is a great way to doge attacks. Mega man will hit the ground and slide forward in any direction he is facing.

Up B - Rush Coil - Rush will produce a spring from his belly and propel Mega Man into the air.

Kirby Hat - Kirby claims a Mega Man helmet and is able to utilize the mega buster.

Final Smash - Upgrades - Rush and Mega man combine into an upgraded version of mega man, in this form mega man can fly and his mega buster is replaced with a powerful arm cannon, due to the upgrades not being completed, mega man only has a short time in this mode.

=============STAGE NOTES================

20XX - A Virtual Reality Model of one of the countless cities of 20XX.

RED LINES - Walkable Terrain


GREEN 1 - Background is a skyline of a future city in the year 20XX... or is it? randomly the Scenery will ripple into a grid are we inside a VR machine!?

GREEN2 - Dr. Wily is at it again! he will swoop in and out between buildings weakening them if they get too weak, they will tumble an some may fall onto other buildings changing the stage setup entirely when all the buildings fall the VR machine will kick in and bring them back up only to start the simulation over again!

=============STAGE MUSIC================

Default Theme - "Mega Man Anniversary Collection Theme"
Track 1 - Dr. Wily's Theme 1 (MM2)
Track 2 - Zero's Theme (MMX2)
Track 3 - Megaman Trigger's theme (TvC)
Track 4 - Courageous Heart (MM: B&C)
Track 5 - Central Highway (MMX)


Assist Trophy: TANGO
Mega Man's cat from Mega Man V! Tango will appear clean itself and then meow transforming itself into a large Buzzsaw it will then bounce around the stage for a short while before reverting back to its feline form and vanishing.


Taunt 1 - (Mega Man Powered up Victory stance)

Taunt 2 - Rush relays message from Dr. Light

Taunt 3 - Kneels down and pets Rush


1 - Mega Man
2 - Upgrades (Final Smash)
3 - Rush
4 - Dr. Thomas Light
5 - Dr. Albert W. Wily
6 - Roll
7 - Auto
8 - Eddie
9 - Beat
10 - Tango
11 - Bass
12 - Treble
13 - Protoman
14 - Duo
15 - Robot Masters (MM1-3)
16 - Robot Masters (MM4-6)
17 - Robot Masters (MM7-9)
18 - Stardroids (MMV)
19 - Sunstar (MMV)
20 - Bio-Devil's
21 - Dr. Mikhail Sergeyevich Cossack
22 - Kalinka Cossack
23 - Mega Man Killers (Enker, Quint, Punk, Ballade)

===============STATS (From 1-10)==========

WEIGHT: Medium

===============SIDE NOTES===============

Victory Music: Robot Master Defeated MM4

Stage theme: Mega Man Anniversary Collection Theme
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EDITO: And here it is: the final versions!

My 8 robot master group, in order of their creation (not the order they were drawn, mind you):

They're rough beta renderings so they're still subject to change!
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The redone version of my earlier upload. I deleted the old one already. Fixing the eyes was easier than I thought it would be. I can now say I'm proud of how this came out.

And yes, I know he looks different from the games. I like to try and draw things in my own style. Even if that style is highly inspired by the artists at Capcom (except Akiman, he sucks)

And when renaming the file, I added a number two at the end... realizing I might get people saying "But Alia wasn't IN MMX2" I made it a six instead.
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Well, I finally finished the inks. Coloring this is going to be SUPREME hell. :work:
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Tribute to one of my childhood heroes.

Rockman X in his full X3 armour attire, the Max Armour.

This is by far one of my fave armour designs in the entire Rockman X series =D

That aside, yes, I admit to having a poor background sense. Mauybe I shouldn't have added one in x_X
Oh, this was drawn from memory BTW, so I think its more than probable that there'll be mistakes in the pic.
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So Out of boredom I created some Robot Master for the Classic Mega Man Series

Volcano Man is a Fire and Brimstone Robot Master designed to Research and Monitor Volcanic Activity. He claims the lands formed after underwater volcanoes go off and he sells them.
(I could went with Inferno Man... or Lava Man or something)

Dragon Man is MY OWN VERSION of Dragon Man (which is probably a common Fan Robot Master... like Blade Man, Volt Man, Shield Man etc. etc.) He is a Martial Arts Robot Master, wise in the Way of the Dragon... or... he could be a flaming shotoclone :XD:

Like most Dragon based Fan Robot Master, Dragon Man (who probably has the same names) uses Fire Based Attacks

Pumpkin Man and Pumpkin Woman. I couldn't decide which one would sound better so I designed the both of them.

Pumpkin Man is a Jack-O'-Lantern Robot Master equipped with A Triple Barreled Pumpkin Seed Cannon, some Pumpkin Bombs (a la Green Goblin... or Hobgoblin.. whichever) and a Butcher Knife (despite it being the wrong kind of knife to carve pumpkins with)

Pumpkin Woman is a Witch themed Robot Master equipped with a Magic Wand - Witch's Broom Combo for flight and casting spells. Her Iron Skirt can deflect most attacks. Her Skull Shoulder Pads shoot laser eyes and Her Enchanted Hat can attack/possess their targets.

Pumpkin Woman also has a Support Partner, in the form of a Robot Black Cat named Scratch.

Scratch, I guess, would be the Evil Counterpart to Tango, as Gospel/Treble is to Rush.

Scratch is named after a Record Scratch and can launch disc blades, use is claws and pounce.

-Volcano Man is a kind of tribute to early robot master designs... particularly Wood Man, Fire Man, Heat Man and Stone Man... somewhat.

-Dragon Man is partially influenced by the Mecha Dragon from MM2, Snake Man from MM3, and Jupiter from Rockman World 5/Mega Man V (Gameboy)

-There was going to be a Candy Corn Robot to accompany Pumpkin Man...

-Pumpkin Woman is influenced by Splash Woman, the first female Robot Master... or Robot Mistress from Mega Man 9? She also looks a bit like that one detective girl from that DS Game I never played because of my lack of Next-Gen handhelds...

I'll upload a better version later... maybe after I upload RUBBER MAN?! :shrug:... eh maybe...

Mega Man/Rockman Series © CAPCOM
Designs by me, :iconprojecthazoid:
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This pic i create for my friend. i aply colours and efects on the PS for practice, and aply a single background based in the promotional pics of MMX5. its single, my friend have to aply colour in future too ^^. Hope you like \o/

Bom, eu apliquei cores e brinquei com alguns efeitos sem compromisso, e oresultado ficou bem legal ^^, este desenho fiz para meu amigo FLP colorir, dae as cores vão ficar phodas, estou treinando para tentar chegar pertinho do nível dos desenhos do RMX5 e do RMZ, espero que gostem ^^.
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