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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Moveset:

Gender: Male

Species: Robot (Maverick)

Game Series: MegaMan X

First Appearance: MegaMan X (1993)

Health: 950,000 HP Points

Power Ranking (Out of 7)

Intelligence: 4
Strength: 6
Speed: 5
Stamina: 4
Energy Projection: 7
Fighting Ability: 6


He used to be a Maverick Hunter prior to the first X game and was ranked S-A Class in Sigma's 17th Elite Unit prior to his commander's rebellion against humanity. He appeared in multiple games of the series as a boss character and was playable for the first time in Maverick Hunter X, a remake of the first Mega Man X for the PlayStation Portable.


Vile will teleport himself onto stage, getting into his fighting stance.

Entrance Quotes:

#1: Disgusting human race…I will destroy you.

#2: You think you can defeat me with a weapon like that?!

#3: I'm going to tear you apart!

#4: I've no time to waste with you…

#5: You stand no chance of defeating me…

Against Zero: I shall destroy you, than I shall destroy X!

Against Sentinel: Machine…you're nothing compared to me.

Against Akuma: I will show you what TRUE power is demon.  


Attack Layout:

Ground Level

Standing Light: Straight Punch (48,000)

Standing Medium: Hook Punch (61,000)

Standing Hard: Power Punch (80,000)

Standing Special: Vile Uppercut (80,000)


Crouching Light: Low Kick (47,000)

Crouching Medium: Low Reach Kick (62,000)

Crouching Hard: Energy Blast (81,000)

Air Attacks

Air Light: Straight Punch (53,000)

Air Medium: Arrow Kick (65,000)

Air Hard: Axe Kick (80,000)

Air Special: Double Overhead Fist Smash (80,000)

Unique Moves

Punt Kick (F + H) (92,000)

Special Moves

Cherry Blast (Qcf + L) (90,000)

Vile's main Vulcan attack, this attack can catch opponents from across the screen with a small round of ammunition. This attack is capable of shooting through weak projectiles.

Zip Zapper (Qcf + M) (95,000)

This Vulcan attack is very fast, but lacks the range that Cherry Blast has. This attack can only catch 2/3 of the screen but is accurate, fast and can be aimed around using the analog stick.

Go-Getter Right (Qcf + H) (100,000)

Vile's main rocket punch weapon, sending out a very fast flying fist into opponents that explode on impact, working almost like Cyber Akuma's standing Hard punch from Marvel superheroes vs. Street Fighter, only more powerful.

Front Runner (Dp + L) (100,000)

Vile's main Cannon attack, this attack works as a standard projectile as it travels like a very fast fireball. This attack can be aimed using the analog stick and holding down the attack button.

Fatboy (Dp + M) (120,000)

A more powerful cannon that travels at a slower speed than that of Front runner, but can break through more powerful projectiles and cause a wall bounce to those who are close enough to the wall (1/3 from the wall)

Popcorn Demon (Dp + H) (150,000)

Vile's most powerful missile attack, quickly sending out a missile that will break off into 3 separate missiles, causing a powerful amount of damage on contact. These missiles move slow at first, but move very fast when it breaks off into 3 separate missiles.

Cerberus Phantom (Qcb + L) (95,000)

Vile's standard laser, this weapon goes the entire length of the screen and can shoot up to three different directions by aiming with the analog stick. This attack can break through fireballs with ease.

Straight Nightmare (Qcb + M) (120,000)

Vile's most powerful laser, this attack has a small build-up time before shooting, but the amount of time that the laser lasts is longer than that of Cerberus nightmare. This laser, however, cannot be aimed and can only fire straightforward.

Dragon's Wrath (Qcb + H) (120,000)

Vile's flamethrower weapon, this attack goes in an upward arc as Vile does a flip kick into the air. The flames can even get some airborne enemies and can stop projectiles.

Quick Homesick (Dpb + L) (95,000)

This cutter weapon travels in an arc like a boomerang when Vile fires it, being able to catch airborne enemies and cancel out fireballs (the cutter is also destroyed, but the recovery time is very fast)

Parasite Sword (Dpb + M) (105,000)

This attack works somewhat similar to Mu-12's "Arrows of Heaven" attack from Blazblue. Vile will launch a cutter that will go forward for a moment before starting to grow and flying at an upward angle. This attack can knock airborne opponents out of the air and cancel out projectiles.

Bang Away Bomb (Dpb + H) (100,000)

Vile's Napalm attack, Vile will launch a napalm blast that, upon hitting the ground, will cause a path of fire to shoot up and damage opponents. This attack also explodes on impact with the opponent.

Sword Bouquet (Down + Down + A) (90,000)

A two part attack, the input having Vile summon a small purple ball onto the ground. Upon kicking the ball, then using an attack button to kick it, the ball will explode and cause a wave of swords to spike out of the ground until it connects with a wall and the attack ends.

Buckshot Dance (In the air, Qcf + L) (90,000)

This air Vulcan has a wide spread of attack range, capable of catching airborne enemies easily in its line of fire and sending them back down to the ground.

Banzai Beetle (In the air Qcf + M) (100,000)

An air-only missile, Vile will launch a missile that will grow wings and casually glide through the air until it either flies off screen or connects with the enemy, causing an OTG bounce to airborne opponents.

Infinity Gig (In the air Qcf + H) (110,000)

A powerful Rocket punch that Vile uses in the air, this punch being able to home in on opponents by sitting still for one second before flying very quickly at the opponent, this attack causing an instant OTG bounce to airborne opponents.

Hyper Combos

Necro Burst (Qcf + AA) (285,000)

The ultimate Energy blast, Vile will launch a huge energy beam from his shoulder Vulcan, shooting all the way across the screen and is aimable like Ryu's Shinkuu Hadoken. This hyper combo does a very good amount of damage.

Burning Dive (Dp + AA) (280,000)

This attack works almost exactly like Dormammu's Flaming orb HC, Vile will cause form a large ball of fire and then kick it at the opponent, the ball homing in on the opponent, following the opponent until it hits them.

Level 3: Goliath/Brown Bear Rider (Qcb + AA) (Punch = 75,000, Laser Blast = 90,000, Electric Shocker = 100,000, Dash Charge = 140,000)

Vile's famous rider armor from MegaMan X is now his level 3 hyper combo, only this is the Brown Bear Rider, the upgraded armor that Vile MK-2 uses in MegaMan X3. This hyper combo is capable of giving punch attacks, laser blasts, electric shocks and also dash charges. This hyper combo lasts for 10 seconds before the armor disappears and Vile gets back into his fighting stance.

Victory Pose:  

Vile will turn his back to the opponent, the camera then facing his face as Vile aims his shoulder Vulcan at him with his left eye glowing red.

Victory Quotes:

#1: Worthless piece of garbage, did you think you could defeat me?

#2: What a worthless gesture! I can't be beaten that easily!

#3: You've wasted my time…It's time to report to Sigma…

#4: Your time is up…time to say goodnight.

#5: I don't care if you hate me…for you're nothing to me.

Against Zero: Your powers are still nothing Zero, now you will pay for your insolence.

Against Sentinel: You're not even worthy to be my servant…you are nothing.

Against Akuma: You're pathetic demon…now die!

Assist Quotes:

Call Partner:



"Useless to resist"

Last Person Switch Out:

"I can't be defeated THAT EASILY!!"

Color Scheme:

#1: Purple/Gold

#2: Blue/Silver (Vile MK-2)

#3: Green/Yellow (Vile V)

#4: Blue/Dark Blue (MegaMan X)

#5: Red/White (Zero)

#6: Red/Purple (Axl)

I hereby give Capcom full rights over this moveset and are welcome to use this in any way/shape/form that they desire.
One of MegaMan X's main villains is here to stay in the UMVC3 universe, and is sure bringing everything he has. Vile possesses almost all his weapons from MegaMan Maverick Hunter X. Vile tracks Zero as he is brought into the universe of UMVC3, closely following behind him and arriving in New York. He quickly meets up with Albert Wesker and the two of them decide to work together to achieve their goals.

Theme Song: [link]

Enjoy Everyone. :)
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Let's get it out in the open: I play pokémon. I have since I was a kid and they first came out, and I've played nearly every single game that's come out. It's a fun pastime, and there's usually at least one good pokémon per batch, so I keep coming back.

However, sometimes the new games bore me, and sometimes I long for older games. I've played Red and Blue a few times (Blue especially), but recently I decided I'd go for a different kind of game. I had played LeafGreen as a rom, but never the actual cartridge, so I decided to go out on a limb and buy a used one. I wasn't expecting much other than a fun time, but that wasn't what was in store for me.

I started up the game as normal. There wasn't any saved data, so I started a new game, picked a girl (I always play girl characters; it's just something I've done forever) and named her Ghi. And this is where things got weird.

As always, I grabbed the potion from my mailbox, because I sure as hell wasn't going to lose my first battle. I headed downstairs and outside, ignoring talking to people, since I knew what they were going to say anyway. However, when I walked into the grass, I got two steps in before it stopped me. Then, rather than the normal peppy music, the normal music continued and the game just sort of stopped. I thought it had froze, but just as I was about to turn it off Prof. Oak came walking out.

He sauntered up to my character, like normal, and started talking. However, it wasn't the normal speech. He started off with, "Oh, it's you. Did you get into a battle? No? Fine. Follow me, it's not safe here." My sprite followed his, walking at half-speed or so, and we finally got into the lab.

Now, at this point I was taking careful note of everything that was wrong with the game, because it was trippy. Nothing seemed off, really, except that there was only one pokédex sitting on the table. Oak stood in his place for a while, and then Gary started talking.

"Gramps, are you going to say something this time, or can I get out of here?" That was odd in and of itself, but then Oak responded.

"Yes, sure. You can both pick a pokémon. Go ahead and choose from those three." Now, before I could do anything, Gary walked over, grabbed a pokéball, and a textbox popped up.

"I'll take this one." Gary said.

"Fine. Go ahead, then." Oak said. After that, Gary started walking away, but as he got to the bottom of the screen, his sprite stopped and turned around to face Oak.

"Maybe you should stop spending all your time looking at that damn machine and get on with your life." Gary said, and then he walked out. I waited a little bit after that, and then I realized I could move. I went and picked up the Bulbasaur (which was funny, because I was going to pick it anyway, but Gary picked up the Squirtle), and then I waited for Oak to talk. When he didn't, I went and talked to him.

"Bulbasaur." He said after a long pause. "Good choice. Train it well." And that's all he would say.

So, I left. The game seemed to play like normal at this point. I went up towards Viridian City, fought a few battles on the way, and eventually got to the pokémart, where the cashier forced the package on me. Taking it, I made the trek back to Pallet Town, and headed to Prof. Oak's.

As is probably evident, I was very excited at this point, because Oak had just been full of surprises during this game, but I wasn't ready for what I found. First off, there were no aides walking around in the first part of the lab, so it was oddly empty. Then I got towards the back and became very confused.

Oak was standing facing a pokémon sprite. It was a sprite of a Celebi, and it just bobbed up and down in front of Oak. After a moment, a textbox popped up:

"Take me away from here."

Then the screen went white. A pokémon cry I couldn't place, but I assume was Celebi, sounded a few times while the screen was white, and then it rapidly started flashing through screens. Some of them looked like gyms, some like routes, and some were just plain bizarre, but they only lasted for a few seconds each, so I didn't see many details. After about a minute of this seizure-inducing flash, the screen went dark. At first I was upset, because I thought that was all there was and the game had finally just crashed, but then the screen lit back up.

And now everything was different. The first thing that jumped out was the scenery; the game did not look like a pokémon game. It was obviously better quality graphics than LeafGreen, and it looked like a jungle. Even stranger, my character's sprite was now the original Red and Blue version. In other words, I was now a boy sprite in a strange, new world.

I opened the menu, but I no longer had many choices. I had the POKéMON option, and the BAG option, and the EXIT option. But that was it. Confused, I looked in the POKéMON option, but I had no pokémon on me. Not too surprising, considering the circumstances, but I was still a little upset. I liked my Bulbasaur.

There was an entrance to a cave towards the top of the screen, so I moved upwards. Inside, the cave was half-good graphics, half-old school pokémon graphics. In particular, there were a whole bunch of boulders that required Strength to move sitting around. One was immediately in front of me and blocking my path, but I had no recourse, so I walked up to it and tried to push it out of the way.

Instead of moving, it turned into a sprite of my character, so there were two old school graphics. When I moved away, it followed me. Other than that, it did nothing, so I ignored it. I moved around the cave, looking at the scenery, but it wasn't very interesting, just a maze and a pool of water.

In the next screen, there were a bunch more of the boulders, and every time I touched one of them they would turn into a copy of my sprite and follow me, so I soon had a nice little line of eight or nine doppelgangers following me. Then I saw a pokéball lying on the ground, and I went right for it. The textbox that popped up was odd.

"It's a Caterpie! But it's sleeping. Let's not wake it." I checked my POKéMON menu again, and I now had a Caterpie, no level listed, that was asleep. About this time I realized that the menu was in the normal LeafGreen graphics.

I moved farther through the cave until I found a few more pokéballs lying on the ground. The next one I picked up said, "It's a picture of my dead UNOWN. That's not very nice…" A little odd, but alright. The third pokéball said, "It's Oak's genetically engineered ONYX!" Sure enough, I now had an Onyx in my party. The fourth, and final pokéball, popped up a textbox that said, "It's a KABUTOPS, fully restored!" Like before, I now had a Kabutops in my party. Seeing as I had walked through several screens with no battles at this point, I was mostly ignoring the pokémon, so I didn't really look up their stats or anything. I was more intrigued by the bizarre gameplay.

As I exited the cave, I was at the top of a cliff. I walked to the edge and a textbox popped up: "JUMP?" it said, and then a YES/NO box popped up. I clicked YES, seeing no other option, and my sprite jumped off the side.

I landed at the bottom of an apparently very tall cliff, but it was the cliff itself that really got me. There were skeletons embedded in the bottom of the cliff, what looked to be otherwise rock, and they were pretty clearly human. Talking to the cliff did nothing, so I took the only exit out of the screen. It led me to another cliff, but this one had two sprites overlooking it. As I got closer to the edge of the cliff, I could see trees looming up in the distance, as far as the horizon.

I stopped looking at the distance and focused on the sprites. It was Prof. Oak and the Celebi again, looking over the cliff. I walked up and talked to the Celebi, but the cry I had heard when the screen went white sounded again, and nothing else. So, I talked to Oak. It took a little while, but a textbox finally popped up (though Oak's sprite didn't turn to face me).

"This place is so nice." Oak said. His sprite finally turned to face me. "It's… Ghi, isn't it? I'm sorry you look so different now. I didn't mean for that to happen." A box popped up with two options: WHERE AM I? and WHAT? I chose WHAT?, because I was more interested in that.

"I didn't mean for you to come with us. Me and… Celebi." The textbox disappeared for a second and then reappeared. "When I was a trainer, I wanted to be the best, and I did pretty well. As I got older, I decided to leave the fighting for the youngsters and instead catalogue every pokémon. And I did very well. As you probably don't know, I have seen many pokémon no one else has. And, honestly, it disturbs me."

Another textbox popped up with two more choices: LIKE WHAT? and WHAT HAPPENED? Not wanting to repeat myself, I chose WHAT HAPPENED?

"The world is a terrible place. Adults send children out to play with monsters. When I was young, there was more training, more preparation. Nowadays, those little schools are all that prepares children to interact with vicious creatures. More than that, after seeing so much of the world, I just don't trust it anymore. So much of it has been industrialized, so much of it has been taken over by humans… people don't worry about the children, because there's very little left for the pokémon. That was when I decided."

Once more, a textbox popped up, two choices available: DECIDED WHAT? and WHEN WAS THIS? Obviously, DECIDED WHAT? was more interesting, so I picked that one.

"I decided I would fix the world, through whatever means. It took me many years, more than you can imagine since I had the help of Celebi, but I did it. I made Team Rocket, to get my funding up. I organized Team Magma and Team Aqua, which let me catch Kyogre and Groudon. That was all I needed to complete my goals."

The textbox appeared again, the choices: WHAT GOALS? and WHAT DID YOU DO? I chose WHAT DID YOU DO?, though I honestly wasn't putting much thought into it anymore.

"I ended the world. With those two legendary pokémon in the hands of a true master like myself, as opposed to those bumbling fools, I tore apart the sea and earth. With Celebi's help, I traveled through time, strategically destroying continents and islands, so that I could reduce human control to a minimum. By the time you showed up, I was almost done. Celebi had decided to show me one last glimpse of the past, to try and make me reconsider, but it didn't work. However, I didn't expect you to show up when you did."

This time there was only one choice: WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?

"I thought I would go to the future and see how I had fixed the world, but you got pulled along with me. You never really should have existed. You were a potential life in a time that no longer exists. That's why you look like you do; your timeline has been crossed, erased, and corrupted to such an extent that you really only exist as an anomaly." The textbox disappeared and Oak turned to face Celebi. Celebi's sprite bobbed up and down and it's cry sounded, and then the textbox appeared again.

"I know. Thank you for helping me. I won't bother you again." Oak said to the Celebi. It turned and faced my character, moved forward a step, but then stopped and backed up two. It spun once and disappeared. A textbox appeared under me that said, "WHAT HAPPENS NOW?"

"Now… now we wait. Celebi is gone, so there's no going back. I intend to explore this world I've made until it eventually kills me. In a way, I'm just as much an anomaly as you, so there's nothing else for me to do."

A different textbox appeared: "WHAT DO I DO?"

"You can do whatever you like. I have no answers past this point. We're all that's left of humanity; out there is pure wilderness. But, I'm leaving. I wish you luck on whatever you decide." As the textbox disappeared, Oak moved away, walking past my sprite to where I had walked from.

My sprite moved towards the cliff. As I stepped against it, another choice popped up: END IT? and TRY TO SURVIVE? I hesitated. On the one hand, END IT sounded interesting, but TRY TO SURVIVE made it sound like I might get to keep playing. I ended up caving to the chance that something interesting would happen and I chose END IT. My character stepped off the cliff and fell, disappearing over the side.  

Then the screen went black. Much as I tried, it didn't respond. I ended up waiting for half an hour, hoping something would change, but nothing did. Finally, my battery died, leaving me with nothing else. I grabbed another pair of batteries and loaded the game up again, but instead the game started up like normal, as if nothing was wrong.

There was no continue option (I was really kicking myself that I hadn't saved when I had the chance), so I tried to recreate the circumstances. I started a new game, named everything the same, moved in the same motions, as best as I could remember. But, nothing. The game just continued like normal. Finally, after I played through until I delivered the custom pokéball to Prof. Oak, I gave up and consigned myself the fact that this was just going to be a normal game.

I've never found that bizarre event again. I played through LeafGreen like I had intended to and tried restarting again, but it never worked. No matter what I try, I can't seem to get back to that place. And I can't help but wonder what would have happened had I chose TRY TO SURVIVE.
So, this is kind of new territory for me, but I blame my dreams. As so often happens, this was inspired almost entirely by my dreams.

The entire sequence from after the white, seizure-inducing flash, when Ghi's character's sprite changed, up until the character walked past the human skeletons embedded in the bottom of the cliff to find Prof. Oak - That was all directly from my dream. The graphics really were just like that, with old-pokemon graphics on top of very detailed ones, I really found a few pokeballs with odd things in them, and I jumped down a cliff with a trail of doppelgangers to find skeletons in the cliff-face. It was a weird dream.

I thought it would make a good story, and I figured I'd try my hand at creepypasta. Not the creepiest of stories, but I hope it works.
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A hissing sound coming from the large machine broke the uneasy silence. Laika, wearing a blank expression, looked up to see if he was coming out at all, but there was still nothing. Despite his facial expression, thoughts of anxiety filled the Net Savior’s mind. Would he come out alright? How would he react to being in the Real World? How would Laika HIMSELF react to seeing him in the Real World?

“Laika?” a brown-haired man poked his head out from behind the machine. The device slightly resembled a steel coffin, with many buttons and flashing things. On one side, there was a glass window that allowed one to view progress from inside.
“Yes, Hikari-hakase?” Laika replied, holding his breath.
“You and Netto can come see, now. Searchman’s transfer is complete, and he came out just fine.”
Laika exhaled with relief. This joy, however, was interrupted when the younger boy next to him whined.

“Oh, so SEARCHMAN gets to be a part of the experiment.” The boy said haughtily. “Why couldn’t Rockman? He could be human again and stuff!”
Dr. Hikari sighed. “Netto, you know Saito is different from other navis. That makes it impossible for us to do that.
Netto frowned. “…I know, Papa…”
Laika looked at them both quizzically, then walked over towards Hikari’s side of the machine, figuring it was none of his business.

He was a little excited about seeing his own navi in the Real World. He could personally show Searchman all the things he told him about, see how tall he REALLY was, and hang out with him in general. Taking a breath, he leaned down to observe the sleeping body before him.

Searchman had the same expression, even when asleep. Laika grinned to himself and shook his head. He looked almost the same. The same bright orange hair, the same facial structure, and even the same build.

Then he realized something crucial was missing. His expression considerably changed.

Next to him, Netto snickered. “Dude! Your navi’s naked!”
This was just a short little story I came up with and typed at 11 PM. :O_o: It was mainly done for the goofy ending, but it could go into a bigger story if I ever feel like continuing. Please excuse the stupidity and inaccuracy in it.

Basically, Laika volunteers Searchman as part of an experiment that could turn navis into humans. And yes, I doubt clothes are made ON them when they are being made into the Real World. But they are obviously provided some when they come out.

...Mmm. Naked Searchman. *drool* *slapped*

Netto Hikari, Yuuichiro Hikari, Laika, and Searchman.EXE are copyrighted (c) to CAPCOM
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My hands slip through strands of black, through hair belonging to a face I no longer recognize. All that I learned from Zelda, I have applied to myself. My eyes, my body, my birthright, all are hidden so that I might walk among my companions without scrutiny. My given name… I no longer remember it. So long has it been since any who mattered knew me by it.

They call me Ashei.

Auru, Renado, Shad, three who would think to call me their friend, three who would seek to thwart the King of Darkness without need for the cycle. They are the bravest people I have ever known. They stand defiant in the face of an overwhelming power, a hunger that would stretch across fields, across deserts, across mountains.

Were the cycle to falter, were the hero to fall, I would trust the future to them.

Yet here I stand: An imposter.

I wear armor of gold I'd like best never to use. In my hand, a blade I shall never touch. The cycle binds us all. Only I understand this, only I can comprehend the power it holds over us. We will never change it. We will never come close. So many times have I thought to end this façade, this charade, this mask of defiance.

My life remains an unending chapter, a story with no resolution. Those around me will die with grace. They will die surrounded on all sides by loved ones, by family. I will have no such luxury. I will have no such death. I shall walk beside them till the end, only to continue into the next generation as the old one passes into the earth.

Why must I live while others perish?

My mother—my father—they aged as they should have, passed into the final years as one. They lived as one. Fought as one. Loved as one. Never were they forced to extend their lives for the sake of another, for the sake of a kingdom. Why do I remain in my youth, some unnatural of the fey?

The sword is drawn back to its sheath.

I exit the room with the practiced routine of a mountain woman. I stand tall; I dominate whatever room I enter. But as I enter this room, as I see my companions gathered around the map, my gait slackens.

I've watched him since he was a boy, watched as his life followed the same twists and turns, watched as he came close to love, but hungered for something more. But I could not prepare myself for first sight, for seeing my father once again in the flesh, once again taking on the hero's mantle.

My son.

He casts a gaze across the room, passing over Telma, ending on me. Blue eyes. My father's eyes. He is the spitting image of the great hero, tunic's natural green darkened by blood stains and dirt smudges. It is so familiar, a callback to another time, another age, another cycle.
This is the second of a series of short segments meant to bridge the gap between Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess, including that oft taboo element known as the hero's child.

Entry Zero can be found here: [link]

Few of these chapters will exceed one 500 words in length, so do not expect an epic.
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        It was a normal day in Summertime, and I had recently learned how to clone Pokemon on my Emerald version, thanks to my cousin. I was probably the happiest nerd you would find for miles at that time. Within a few months, I had all the Pokemon cloned that I had needed. Eventually I stopped playing my game altogether, since I had gotten bored of it, because I bought it used. It came with several legendaries, and the Elite Four beat more times than I could count. Then Pokemon Diamond and Pearl had come out. My mom had pre-ordered them for me for my birthday, and I was just completely ecstatic. I pulled out the guidebook, my collector styluses, and then finally the games. Immediately I opened the Pearl case, took out the cartridge and placed it into my DS system.

        I played that game all summer long, and hardly ever touched my Pokemon Diamond. I was at Cynthia's last Pokemon, which was her Milotic. It's health was in the red, and I had only one Pokemon left. I bit my lip and I tapped my screen to launch the final attack

        "TORTERRA used Tackle! TORTERRA's attack missed!" I clenched my DS tightly.
"The foe's MILOTIC used Ice Beam!" It hit Torterra without fail and my heart sank as I saw his health slowly decrease.
        "TORTERRA fainted! SYLVIA is out of useable Pokemon!" What I did next sounded like a hybrid of a moan and a scream as I fell backwards onto my bed. "Crap!! No!!" I set my DS to my side and stared at the ceiling for quite some time before resuming my game. I saved and closed out, then flipped through my guidebook out of boredom. I soon came to the page of  Route 219, 220 and 221 and saw something called 'Pal Park.' The name rung a bell, and I looked some more and discovered I could transfer old Pokemon onto my Pearl and Diamond versions. I turned my game back on and saw on the start menu the option to transfer my Pokemon. I looked at the cartridge I had in and it was my Emerald. My face lit up and I immediately began to transfer old Legends and other high-level Pokemon onto my game.

        I continued this for several months, since you could only transfer over 6 Pokemon at a time. Eventually I managed to use my new Hoenn-and-Sinnoh team to beat Cynthia and continue with my story. Afterwards I started playing my Diamond game, and thanks to my new Action Replay, I managed to get through it much faster than my Pearl version. I once again managed to beat Cynthia, and managed to unlock the ability to Transfer Pokemon over. I realized I was running low on Pokemon, so once I was done I saved and turned off my DS, then turned it back on to play my Pokemon Emerald.

        Since it had been so long since I last played my Emerald version, it took me a while to get used to the flat graphics. Unfortunately, that also meant that it had been a while since I had cloned any Pokemon, and I forgot how. So, I went to my YouTube to watch the video I had made of me cloning Pokemon. I instantly remembered, and resumed my game and went to my PC. I had a Feebas, a Tyranitar, a Swellow, a Regice, a Regirock, and a Moltres in my Party. I went to a semi-empty box to switch out my Pokemon to clone. One of which was a level 50 female Bellossom that had already been in the game since I bought it. I closed out, saved my game, then went back into the boxes, switched out my Pokemon, then talked to the lady in the Battle Tower. Selecting the appropriate options, I then turned off the game. As I booted it back up, the usual blue screen came up saying the file was corrupted, but I heard a faint noise that sounded like a Pokemon cry as the game screen came up. I thought it was odd, but just shrugged it off. As I went back over to see my Pokemon, I had my original team. I went to the box, but I nearly jumped when I saw that something was missing.
        The Bellossom was missing. I looked everywhere in the boxes, but could find it nowhere. I sat there in silence trying to think, when I realized that I must have lost her during the cloning process. I let out a deep sigh, knowing I would never find her again, but the heavy feeling went away fairly quickly, since it was a used game and almost none of these Pokemon were mine.

        Within a few weeks, my Emerald version once again became obsolete, and was used for nothing but to transfer Pokemon to my Diamond and Pearl, then was just forgotten and buried in my case, with the rest of my games. And before long, I eventually got bored with my Diamond and pearl and let my DS sit in its case for months.
        However, being my bored self, I laid down on my bed, looked over the edge and saw my case. Hesitating a bit, I reached down and grabbed it. Unzipping the pouch, I saw my Pokemon Emerald version sitting there on top, like it wanted me. I picked it up, then opened my DS and popped in the cartridge. I turned on the DS and tapped the screen to play my Emerald version. Immediately the blue error screen came up, saying the game was corrupted. I shrugged it off and pressed the A button to continue, then once again heard an odd sound that was similar to a Pokemon's cry as the startup screen came up. I skipped through the intro and started my game. I was standing in front of a PC box, inside the Battle Tower. I headed out the door, and was soon overwhelmed by nostalgia of the old style and music. I ran around for a bit before having my Swellow use Fly to Fortree City, just for the heck of it. Which would soon be something I regretted.

        Heading onto Route 120, I ran around in the grass and battled many Pokemon. Going further South, I decided to go over to the little tomb where the previous owner caught Registeel, but was interrupted by a Pokemon before I could head up the steps. I was in shock as to what came up.
        It was a level 50 female Bellossom. I blinked in astonishment, because I knew they were impossible to find in the wild, let alone in Pokemon Emerald. I then suddenly remembered about how I lost that one Bellossom when I was cloning. My Swellow came onto the field, and I wasn't sure what to do. I selected ATTACK, in hopes of weakening it and getting the Bellossom back

        "SWELLOW used WING ATTACK! SWELLOW's attack missed!"
        "ZERO's BELLOSSOM used SOLARBEAM! SWELLOW fainted!" Wait, what? How could that Bellossom use SolarBeam on one attack? And wasn't it supposed to be a wild Pokemon? I stared at my DS screen like I had no idea what it was. Without giving me the option to run, Entei was then sent onto the field, and I thought I saw the Bellossom frowning instead of smiling. I selected ATTACK once again.
        "ENTEI used FLAMETHROWER! It's super effective!" I saw the line of flames hit the Bellossom, turning it red. When the flames died, I was startled by what I saw. The Bellossom was still there, but it was a much darker color and it actually looked burned - the petals were half gone, and it looked like she was bleeding.
        "ZERO's BELLOSSOM used GIGA DRAIN!" I watched in horror as I saw the life sucked out of my Entei. As the health bar slowly went down, it looked like Entei was going gray in color, and looking... withered?
        "ENTEI has fainted!" What? How?? A hundred things were going through my mind as I tried to process that my Entei had been beat by one move. A Grass-type move, at that. I looked back at the Bellossom to see that she had gained health, but didn't look any better, but it looked slightly larger. Again, Tyranitar was sent out, not giving me the option to run. This time, it automatically gave me the option to fight. I selected a move and watched the battle go on.
        "TYRANITAR used CRUNCH!" I saw my Tyranitar use Crunch, but it did little damage. Soon after I saw a bite mark appear on the Bellossom, and blood trickle down her.
        "ZERO's BELLOSSOM used SOLARBEAM!" Tyranitar's health down faster than I could blink. "TYRANITAR fainted!" With that, Moltres was sent out. I selected the option to run, instead of trying to attack.
        "ZERO's BELLOSSOM won't let you run!" ... The hell? Why couldn't I run?
        "ZERO's BELLOSSOM used GIGA DRAIN!" Moltres' health went down quite a bit, but it didn't faint. This time, I saw the Bellossom grow. I tried to run again.
        "ZERO's Bellossom won't let you run!" "Zero's BELLOSSOM used GIGA DRAIN!" "MOLTRES fainted!" The Bellossom grew even more, and I could see even more details on the sprite. The left flower was completely gone, the petals were burned, there was the bite mark across her stomach with blood coming from it, and all her colors were much darker than what they should be. My Regice and then my Regirock were sent out, and both met the same fate.
        "IMPOSTOR is out of useable Pokemon!" What?? My name wasn't IMPOSTOR, it was ZERO! The screen went black, then resumed to route 120, but the Bellossom was standing in front of me, still dark and burned. I decided to press A to talk to it.

        "So... Have you had enough, impostor?"
        "What?" I said out loud to myself. "What are you talking about?"
        "You're not ZERO." A YES and NO option came up. I selected NO. "You're lying..." I was scared at this point. "ZERO would have never gotten rid of me... You're not ZERO... You're an IMPOSTOR!" The Bellossom lunged forward and it looked like it ran into me, like your rival on Diamond and Pearl. "Go away, IMPOSTOR!" It ran into me again, this time I actually went backwards. "GO AWAY" It kept running into me, pushing me back a little more each time.

        "GO AWAY"
        It continued to say this as it shoved me back down the stairs, to the side and over to the edge. All I could do was stare in horror at this. I attempted to move, but my controls weren't working. I panicked and started pressing every button, but nothing worked. The next thing I knew I was standing  at the edge of the cliff, with my back turned to the water, with the giant Bellossom in front of me. She had stopped pushing me, and I regrettably pressed the A button.

        "You're not ZERO... You're just an IMPOSTOR! GO AWAY!" And with that, the Bellossom shoved me one more time, off the cliff, into the water. I shrieked and tried to move, but I couldn't go anywhere. I just stayed in that one spot, going in circles, until I could only see my waist up, then my head, the hat, then, I was gone. Horrified, I watched as the screen went back up to the Bellossom and zoomed in, like a Legendary battle. The screen went black, and my heart was racing as the screen came back up with the large Bellossom sprite in front of me, all burned and bloody. Another text box came up. I gulped, then pressed A to get through it.

        "I knew you weren't ZERO..."
        "You're an IMPOSTOR!!" I covered my ears as I heard a shrill, high-pitched Bellossom cry come from my speakers, which resulted in me dropping it on my bed with the sound still coming, getting louder and louder. I quickly uncovered my ears to go and turn off my DS. I continued to fumble with it when another text came up;

        "You cannot escape me, IMPOSTOR!!" it got louder and I tried to turn off the volume, but it didn't work. Again, I fumbled with the power switch before the DS finally turned off. I sat there a moment, then took a deep sigh and laid back down on my bed.

        It was about a week before I finally decided to play my DS again. Cautious, I slowly slid the power switch and watched the screen come up, but it went black after I pressed A to get to the main menu. I cringed, thinking it was broken, but I thought wrong. On the screen came up the Bellossom.

        "I said you cannot escape, IMPOSTOR..."
Ahaha, my first ever Pokemon Creepypasta! :dummy:
Blame ~TeamRocketsPikachu and ~amypansey for getting me into them >.>"

And all of this, except for the obvious, is true. I did get bored with Pokemon Emerald. That battle did happen with Cynthia. I did love cloning Pokemon on my Emerald version. And I did lose my lvl.50 Bellossom while I was attempting to clone Pokemon. I was completely devastated :iconwhutplz: So I told ~TeamRocketsPikachu and =WarriorKloneomon about it, and they said I should go for it.

I'm aware this isn't the best Creepypasta ever, but I did just make this in a few hours, cut me some slack xD;



My Other Pokemon Creepypastas:
:bulletyellow: Queen Bee [link]
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I'm such a pitiful sight now, aren't I? Look at me...old, alone and full of regret. So much for the world's greatest pokemon trainer. I'm nothing more than a monster. I wish there was some way to go back to days of my youth and take back those words that sealed my fate.

Hm! You say you don't know me. I can't help but wonder if that's a good thing. You may not know my face, but surely you might have heard my name before? My name is Red. I was once declared the youngest champion in Kanto's history and the only one to hold the title for so long. But that title is a false one. I'm not a champion. I'm nothing more than a senile old man. I said something I shouldn't have. My mother always warned me that I should never make a wish out loud because someone might be listening.

Ah, so you do know who I am! That will surely save time. I'm guessing you've come to find me to ask me how I became the champion and how I managed to hold it. The tale is not a happy one and I am not eager to share it.

What's that? Speak up! Oh, you say you have time? That doesn't change anything! The horrors I have seen are not to be told to anyone. Besides, I wouldn't want to give a kid like you nightmares for the rest of your life.

You aren't scared easily?

Tell me something, do you believe in ghosts?


Perhaps you're brave to make such a statement...or very ignorant. But my time here is short. Since you seem to have a lot of gall and courage, and because you're a stupid little kid who doesn't know what you're in for, I'll tell you the story of how I, Red of Pallet Town, became the pokemon league champion at the age of ten.

When I was a wee youngster, I had a dream. I wanted to become the very best trainer in the world. I believed I could do it while I was still ten years old. But adults always sneered at me, telling me it was impossible. No kid had ever become the champion, much less a pokemon master, at such a young age. I still held onto that belief anyway, but I was annoyed at how many people shot down my dream.

So annoyed that...I declared, "I would sell my soul to become the best!"

And that's what happened.

The day I received a Charmander from Professor Oak was the day I realized I was being followed by a spirit. It showed itself to me after I stepped out of the lab.

I see that look on your face, you smug little brat. Wipe it off.

It seemed to look like a Gastly evolution. It didn't have a name but I simply called him Ghost. It had red eyes, a purple body and two weird hands floating in front of it. It wasn't any pokemon I had ever seen before in my books or at school, which excited me. I tried to show it to Professor Oak, but he couldn't see it. Ghost was only visible to me.

No matter. I decided to use Ghost in my very first battle outside of Pallet Town, which was on a wild Pidgey. I know I'll never forget that encounter. I sent Ghost out against it and used my Pokedex to help me. As surprising as it sounds, Ghost did have some data. It was a Spirit type and it knew only one move.

That horrible horrible move...Curse.

Ghost used Curse and the Pidgey had just...vanished. Right into thin air. I didn't know what had happened. All I knew was that Ghost put a scare into the Pidgey so badly, it didn't even want to fight back. Ghost had made it disappear. I could tell Ghost was strong and I realized I could achieve my dream after all.

I didn't know what really happened. Not until I got older.

Ghost made himself visible in all the battles I was in. When it cursed all the opponent's pokemon, it continued to pulse with dark energy and cackle. It even cursed the trainer. The trainer vanished, just like their pokemon. Whenever I looked back at where that trainer once stood, I always saw a tombstone.

But I was just a stupid little kid. I was winning. I could beat anyone - even the Elite Four - as long as I had Ghost. And pokemon don't kill people. That's what I thought anyway.

My journey through Kanto was short and easy. No one could stand up to Ghost. Not my rival, Blue, not Giovanni and not the Elite Four. I was crowned champion, something that made me so happy.

As I left the Indigo Plateau, Ghost had come out of its pokeball and faced me. It grinned and started to point at all the tombstones where I had seen the trainers I had battled. And for the first spoke.

"We killed them..."

I had realized just what I had done. I really had sold my soul and this...thing...was proof of it. It fed on the souls of the people and pokemon I ordered it to use Curse on.

I couldn't face myself. I couldn't face anyone. I had killed so many innocent people and pokemon...all to become a master. Suddenly my dream wasn't as important as being alive. Kanto had become so barren after my journey. I feel like I'm the only one left... no no...GET OUT! GET OUT OF HERE!

Don't look at me like I'm crazy! Just get out!

It's knows I've told our story...if you value your life, RUN!




I've been expecting you, Ghost.

It's my turn now, isn't it? My turn to be cursed?

I'm not ready! Damn you, I wanted to live a life! I still have some life in me!



... heart...I can't...physically...touch you...



G h o s t c u r s e s y o u, ...
Psst, if you liked this, why not check out my Creepypasta gallery? You might find some more that you like!

A lot of people enjoyed my Lost Silver spinoff and suggested I try to do one for Creepy Black as well. I got bored tonight and went digging through my files and I found I still had the Creepy Black Retold rom. Since I was in the mood to write and didn't want to do romance, I decided to do this!

I'll be honest here, I don't ever write in the first person POV. This was also an experiment of sorts. I also made it second person-ish so it seems like Red is talking to YOU. I think I pulled it off, but that's just me...

I know it's short. But unlike Gold's Time of Dying, I couldn't go into complete and utter detail about Red's journey. It would have been repetitive and taken too long. So I just covered what the creepypasta told us.

It was fun! I hope you guys enjoyed it!

And if anyone wants me to write a spinoff of another creepypasta, I'm all ears. All you have to do is suggest it.

Edit: Fixed up some mistakes and details.

Disabled comments because I am no longer involved in the Creepypasta fandom and have no desire to read comments. Thanks for your support, everyone.
Comments disabled by owner.
It wasn't a new copy of Soul Silver I had gotten possession of. I already had Heart Gold, but...

My friend, Endgame, had finally informed me there were certain Pokemon you could get only in Soul Silver and only in Heart Gold, but I wanted both. It was fun to have both versions, really; I could be a girl in one and a boy in the other! Or maybe not.

Either way, Soul Silver--I had gotten one off of... where else? ...Ebay, and it was used, yes. But I was sure it wasn't hacked; for one thing, everything worked fine. No weird things happened!

I had attained a party of Marble, an Eevee(who I wanted to evolve into an Umbreon); Ruffles, a Wigglytuff; Lynched, a Poliwhirl; Chi the Espeon(I bred her for my Eevee); a Typholsion named Fluffy; and lastly, a Girafarig named Ki.

After a month or so of owning Soul Silver, Endgame suggested to me Platinum--that way, I'd have even more fun! After all, just the first two generations wasn't quite so fun; platinum would have two further generations, so to speak.

Plus, I was starting to get obsessed with Pokemon.

So within a week, Dad had found me a used Platinum; he said it was barely used, and I was happy for this fact. So I popped it into my DS, asked Endgame if he'd help me trade my Eevee from my HG to Platinum, and got ready for this event.

He happily agreed, and we set it up; Marble was transferred safely to Platinum and now she, along with my Turtwig, were pals.

I soon got my first three badges; I was somewhat irritated that Marble wouldn't evolve, but at least my Turtwig, Naturi, was a Torterra(I did some 'grinding,' as Endgame called it), and I had caught a Bidoof named Bobba and a Shellos called Strawberry.

Within another month, I'd gotten all of the badges, gone through the Elite Four without incident(having caught a Stunky, called Puri, as well as a Ponyta called Fai). Everyone, but my Eevee, was evolved--and I was starting to get worried. Why wouldn't my Eevee evolve? I played mostly at night, and I had given her a Soothe Bell which would've made her like me more in this game...

I was complaining to Endgame about this when he suddenly sent me an image. I clicked on it--and instantly went into "oohs" and squeals. It was such a cute Pokemon! It was a orange bulb with two orange spikes on both the top of its head and the bottom of its small body; and it had blue-cyan energy around it. "Rotom," he told me it was called.

"I want one!" I typed to him happily, lying on my bed as always; my laptop on its side table.

'then go to the old chateau in the eterna forest.'

"Eh? there's an old house there?" I exclaimed, before typing out 'there's a house there?'

'yes, there is. go there, and go upstairs, then through the center door and into the very leftmost room.'


Happily, I grabbed my Platinum and set off to search for the so-covered Rotom. What would I call him?

As soon as I entered the house, a Gastly attacked me; Marble was sent out, and I saw that she was close to the next level. Squealing, I had her Bite the Gastly. It fainted, and when I exited the battle with a level-up, she evolved. I was so glad, I popped up her menu to switch from Pokemon to Pokemon curiously, watching her Umbreon's animation...

Then finally, I noticed something and went to, as always, ask Endgame about it.


'Yeah, it's in a kinda light purple box too.'

'wow! well, i should teach you about ev training... it'll take a while, but i will.'

'Ev training?'

'it is something that helps your pokemon be stronger; effort values...'

'And PKRS is important?'

'it's called pokerus, and yes. it doubles the ev points you get...'

And then he'd explained it all, and I was eager to try. I then continued beating up Gastlys.

After a while(130 or so ev points in sp.atk for my lovely new Umbreon), I decided enough was enough and I'd go find that so-wanted Rotom!

Happily, I entered the room Endgame had said to, and walked up to the tv. He'd said it might be creepy, but I didn't care.

Soon, Rotom exited the tv and I had caught it(in a free space in my party), and nicknamed it Tricky.

Curiosity took over, and I entered each room one by one. When I entered the last one, at the very right of the hall, I was surprised to find Marble was following me, like in HG/SS. It was interesting; in Platinum, they didn't follow you usually...

There was a girl in the room, and I watched with interest as she turned to face me and Marble.

The Umbreon sprite, however, ran ahead and, to my shock, I heard clear high-pitched screams coming from the mic; I dropped my DS and hurried to close my door, panting hard, eyes wide.

Then I returned to my DS, which had closed. I swallowed, took it, and opened it gingerly. I wish I hadn't; the screen was tinted red, everything was varying shades of red...

It wasn't blood, though. It was like in those pictures of doomsday things.

I was watching the screen cautiously, staring around for anything. My Umbreon was in the center of the screen--and the poor girl's sprite was under it. Somehow, they overlapped so exactly that Marble's maw was over the part of the girl's sprite where her head and body connected...

In an instant I realized what was going on. Marble was tearing apart this poor girl--and even as I watched, my crazed Umbreon tossed the poor thing's body. The girl crashed--with a real-sounding crash from the mic--into the wall; I swore I could hear something breaking, maybe a bone or two.

I quickly yelped, shut my eyes, and mashed down on the control pad after feeling my way across the surface of my ds. Soon, I opened my eyes and blinked. The screen wasn't red-tinted anymore.

Marble wasn't following me, either; she was back in her pokeball, but I was cautious.

I re-entered the room--and nothing. Not even any blood. Not any creepy music or anything. It was just the normal music, and I frowned. Might as well as make sure Marble was back to normal...

I opened up her screen. The purple PKRS bar was gone, but there was a face right where Endgame had said it would be after the PKRS faded.

It wasn't yellow and neutral, however... It was an angry red with slanted eyes and a frown.

Freaked out, I quickly left the menu, switched my Gastrodon with Marble so Marble would be in the back of the party, and hurried into Eterna, where I changed out Marble for a Murkow, which was my Flier--the one I used for the HM, Fly.

Eventually after a week, I asked Endgame to help me trade my favorite Pokemon to my Heart Gold.

At this time, I had forgotten all about Marble, but now that I looked at her lovely level-60 visage...

I sighed and put her into my party, replacing the Murkow. Yes; those guys would go ahead into Heart Gold, and Marble would return to her mother...

The trade went through without incident, and Endgame told me about the Ruins of Alph--they were interesting, I thought; I'd taken a glance into one and finished a puzzle, but then I had left.

He said there was much more to it, so I went there curiously, searching. I discovered much more, and with Marble following me, happily went into them to search for the deeper, hidden secrets that Endgame said were in them.

The first Pokemon I came across was an Unown; its shape was hard to discern, but Endgame pointed out in the end that it was G. Another one was E; the next one was a T...

Then the next one was a R--and then this one was an I... The next one was a D.

Now I knew what was coming next, but I still went on; the next Unowns that appeared spelled out "OF THE INFECTED ONE".

The Infected One--must be Marble.

I pulled up her status and checked it, then shuddered as I saw her sprite was different now; her eyes were wide and bloodshot, pink-white with red veins and small black pupils, there was white stuff around her maw, and there were claws on her paws now. Her usually-yellow rings were also now glowing a sickly white-gray.

I tried to leave the Ruins, but it wouldn't let me go up the stair. It kept saying "Marble wants to stay here!" when I tried.

So I finally resorted to using an escape rope; this let me out of the Ruins of Alph. But how to get rid of Marble? Release her, or... more drastically, get rid of the cartridge itself?

Shaking my head, I decided I would just release her; I hightailed it to Goldenrod--my favorite city of all--and tried to get to the Pokemon center.

Everything was different as soon as I entered it, though; Marble was walking in front of me, 'leading' me up to the counter. Nurse Joy looked quite... sad; her head was bowed and her skin was kind of pale.

When I took a step ahead, her sprite seemed to look straight toward me and I spoke to her, despite Marble separating us two.

"My... What have you done...?"

My eyes widened.

"Marble... has Pokerus. It is a rare but non-fatal form of virus that makes a Pokemon stronger... Or, that's what I used to think."

Somehow, she exited the area behind the counter and walked up to my side.

"Please, Sophia, follow me..."

I felt a bit afraid, but I still allowed myself and Marble to be led, watching with curiosity.

Then I realized, as soon as we exited the center, everything outside was... kind of gray-colored with red accenting colors.

"This... Look at the chaos."

She was right; there were no people around, and I couldn't hear any music at all, or any sounds.

"This... This happened when some trainers abused Pokerus... Or, rather, a rare form of it... I... wish we'd never discovered it... It has no cure, and it is best advised to let Pokemon go if they contract it."

Then a menu popped up--the yes/no option menu. I knew right at that moment that Joy was demanding that I let Marble go. I glanced at my DS screen, gauging my options.

Poor Marble.. would probably starve or something out in the wild; I'd raised her since birth, after all, and the games never said anything about Pokemon that had been raised solely by birth other than that they were stronger.

I swallowed and went to the computer, withdrawing my Murkow and replacing someone; I have no idea, but it definitely wasn't Marble.

Then I exited the Center, bid farewell to Joy(who said "You're going? Good luck. You won't find much, I assure you..."), and flew.

Where? I didn't care; I just closed my eyes, strolled, and clicked. Then when I opened my eyes, I saw I was in Blackthorn. Nurse Joy was right; there was nothing--it was the same colors as in Goldenrod; gray with tinted redness...

When I entered the Pokemon Center, all I saw was Joy. And from this, I assumed everyplace else was the same; gray with red tinges, no music, no sound at all; no people... Only the Nurse Joys were 'alive,' so to speak.

And Pokerus-infected Pokemon had done all of this?

I swallowed. There was, obviously, only one thing to do.

I went to the computer and chose Marble. From there, I chose "release".

It asked me thrice, not just once, if I wanted to release her. I replied yes.

When I finally did, it was a loud, angry howl - and then she was gone.

To be safe, I  restarted my Platinum as well, then shut off the games.

In the morning, I turned on my Heart Gold hesitantly and left Blackthorn's Center. Everything was normal now; cheerful, upbeat music, and everything was back to normal. Everyone was 'alive' again, and I was rejoicing so happily that I talked to every single person in the game.

Weeks passed and I was fine, having beaten Platinum once again, and having forgotten trying to raise an Umbreon--they were all bad news, I'd decided.

Endgame told me to go get a Rotom again, and I sighed. I would, but hopefully I wouldn't have to end up with a pokerus-infested Pokemon again...

I caught Rotom once again, and then out of sheer curiosity once again, I went over to the last room down the hall. Once I entered, I froze. There was that girl again. She seemed to smile at me--and then she turned around, facing the wall, and she took a few steps forward.

Then she vanished into the wall.

I stared in shock, but then I heard a few barks. My father shouted for me to come, so I dropped my DS on my bed and ran into the living room where he was, yelling at me to stay here while he went to where the gun cabinet was...

I heard a gunshot, and I felt my blood run before getting up slowly right before my father shouted "it's alright!"...

I came outside now, wondering what it was--and it was a black dog.

I walked over, noticed it was foaming, noticed its now-dead eyes were pale pink with red veins and it was snarling, and then noticed it was wearing a quite nice red collar.

I checked the tag, and it said: "Marble."

Choking on air, I ran back to my room, took up my DS, then dropped it again in shock.

Marble the Umbreon was sitting there in the center of the room, snarling; I could hear her snarling through the mic, through the DS's speakers, and - dare I even say it? It even sounded like her snarling was coming from outside my door...

I quickly left, turned off my game so it wouldn't save, and threw the Platinum cartridge across the room, where it ricocheted off the wall and slid under my bed.
ONCE AGAIN for :iconpokemoncreepy-pasta:~ 8D;

Okay, I'm hoping this one is... well, fairly more creepy... I hope it is. I went kinda crazy with two things I wanted do; and one was, of course, using an Umbreon--I love Umbreon, but I wanted to make it creepy. Not many people think Umbreon is creepy.

I do, 'cause it hides in the night and its rings glow somehow, and it's awesome. But yeah. 8D;

Cynophobia is fear of dogs, by the way.~

So, uh... Yeah. I'm hoping you guys enjoy this. XD

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
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Chapter 1: Confusion

    A pair of liquid black eyes reluctantly opened.  The immediately snapped shut again after contact with the bright light, then inched open once more. The creature moaned.  He felt drained, exhausted, and confused.  He lay upon thick grass, and as he lifted his head, he could see a lake in front of him.

   “Okay, this is wrong...” he thought, watching as a breeze stirred the surface of the water and shifting the position of a lone cloud overhead.  A shout from behind caused him to jump.

   "Hey, MegaMan!" The voice called.

   He looked around.  A brunette boy with chocolate colored eyes and a blue bandana tied round his head stood there.  "I'm right here." He said smiling.

   "Lan!  Lan, thank goodness!  Something weird is going on.  It looks like the human world, and there's no dimensional area, and it's not that weird place on the net, cause you're here..." MegaMan cried, leaping up.  Lan had a confused look on his face.

   "Uh, MegaMan?  Are you feeling okay?" He asked, sounding a little worried.

   "Lan, listen to me!  I'm talking to you right now!  Pay attention!" MegaMan yelled, angry at the fact that Lan hadn't grasped his words.  Lan stared blankly at him for a minute before speaking again.

   "Did I wake you up?  Sorry, I didn't know you'd be all cranky."

   "I'm not cranky, just confused, Lan.  I don't know what's going... hang on..." MegaMan paused.  "You can't understand me, can you...?" He uttered a few random words, and Lan, as expected, looked just as clueless as before.

   "Feeling better now?" Lan asked gently, after a few moments of silence.

   “Nope. Just a whole lot worse..." MegaMan thought, his face falling into an expression of sheer hopelessness.  Lan knelt beside him and reached out a hand to stroke MegaMan's head.  All at once, the NetNavi realized how tall the boy seemed at the moment, and the fact that he had no helmet to cover his head.

   He lifted a hand toward his head and caught sight of it out of the corner of his eye. It was a bright blue paw.

   As fear gripped him, he fled from Lan's touch and scrambled over to the lake.  Peering into the water, he began to hyperventilate. He was now a strange four-legged blue creature with fins on its head and a dark blue ruff around its neck.  With a glance behind showed a similar dark blue frill down his spine leading to a fishlike tail.  This was almost enough to make him faint.  The only thing that even slightly showed what he had been was a pendant hanging from a leather cord around his neck with his own symbol on

   "Hey, I know what's wrong! We've been in one place for too long, right?" said Lan, following.  MegaMan stared at him, his right eye twitching.

   “I've been turned into a finned freak and you think we should take a walk?!” MegaMan thought angrily.

   "C’mon, let's go home.  Mom will be happy to see us!" Lan said, digging in his pocket for something.  MegaMan immediately perked up. Perhaps Dr. Hikari would know what was going on!

   Lan seemed to find what he was looking for and pulled it out. It was a red and white ball that fit in the palm of his hand.

   “Huh?  What's he planning to do with that?” MegaMan thought, eyeing it critically.

   "All right, MegaMan! Return!" said Lan, holding it out.  Without warning, the ball opened and MegaMan felt a wind tug at his body.  A second later, there was a click as he found himself shut inside it.

   "Wha... Lan!  Lan, what did you do?!" He screamed.  He twisted his head around in the confined space, feeling utterly helpless.  This isn't a PET, and it's not related at all to the Internet.... What on earth is this thing?

   "You want out now? Okay then, come back out." Lan said, watching the wriggling PokeBall he held in his hand.  It opened again, and MegaMan appeared on the grass, panting. "That's weird. Usually you're okay with poke-balls. Maybe Dad and the professor can figure out what's wrong..." Lan muttered.

   An image of Dr. Wily towering over a burning city while wearing a lab-coat and laughing his head off popped into MegaMan’s mind, making him feel apprehensive.

   "Oh well, let's go.  The sooner we start walking, the sooner we get to Pallet Town!" Lan said smiling.

   “Pallet...what?” MegaMan questioned in his mind.  Lan walked away, whistling tunelessly.  MegaMan hesitated, and then trailed behind him, unsure of what else he could do in this situation.

   Several hours of walking took the two walking down a sidewalk in a small town.  People walked on either side, but MegaMan stayed close to Lan, his side brushing against the boy's leg.  A quick look around showed normal people, though most were carrying or walking with strange creatures of many shapes and sizes.

   "Ah, home sweet home!  I can't wait to see Mom and Dad!" Lan said, smiling widely.

   “Home? You've gotta be kidding me!  This doesn't look at all like DenTech City!” MegaMan thought.

   "Lan! MegaMan!" A voice rang out happily.

   "Mom! It's you!" Lan cried out happily.  He spun around and was immediately caught in his mother's embrace.

   "Oh, Lan!  You've been gone too long!" She said.

   "We missed you too, Mom," Lan laughed, hugging her back.  MegaMan turned his attention away from the two to observe the street they were on.  This definitely isn't DenTech, but strangely it was their house.  They had entered the house in a matter of minutes.

   Mrs. Hikari made Lan some food, which he ate with gusto.  A bowl filled with some odd brown stuff had been placed in front of MegaMan, though he ignored it.

   After a while, Lan lay on his stomach, quietly flipping through a magazine titled “The Elite Four: A Look at the competition at Indigo Plateau.”  MegaMan curled up next to his side, silent for the moment.  In truth, he was thinking hard.

   “Okay, think, MegaMan.  What the last thing you remember... I... was with Trill... we were about to be attacked...right? And if this happened to me, did it happen to the others too? Trill... ProtoMan... Roll... And their NetOps? I don't understand what's going on, but I do know something's not right.”  He stood and leaped to the open window.  He poked his head out and screamed, "TRILL! PROTOMAN! ROLL! CHAUD! MAYLU! SOMEBODY!"

   Lan looked up from his book, evidently surprised.

   "MegaMan, what's wrong with you today?" He asked.  MegaMan couldn't think of anything to say (not that it would've made a difference).  "Okay, now I'm really worried about you. Come on, let's go see Dad now." Lan said setting down the book and standing up.

   D-Dr. Hikari and the..."PROFESSOR!!!" MegaMan immediately lost his head, tearing around the room and letting out a long, loud wail.  Lan managed to catch him around the abdomen and dragged him downstairs.  His mother looked up, surprised at this.

   "Bye Mom.  I gotta take MegaMan to see Dad. He's been acting really weird," Lan said, struggling to keep a hold on the thrashing Vaporeon he held.  He managed to get MegaMan out the door and down the road.  They stopped at a large building outside of town, and Lan shifted MegaMan so he could knock at the door.  It opened immediately, revealing a grey haired man wearing a lab-coat.

   "Ah, hello there, Lan.  Your father's out in the back with Tracy," He said.

   “Tracy? Good Lord that must be the crazy professor's name!” MegaMan thought.

   "Okay.  But could you have a look at MegaMan?" Lan asked.

   "Sure thing.  What's wrong with him?" The man asked, stepping aside so Lan could come into the lab.

   "He's upset!  He won't stay in his PokeBall.  It's almost like he's a completely different Pokemon..." Lan explained.

Po-kay-what now?

   "Hmm... Maylu's Espeon had the same problem.  I'm not too sure what this is, Lan." said the man, leaning close to carefully examine MegaMan.

   "Maylu?" said Lan.  MegaMan looked up, overjoyed.

   “Yes!  He remembers her!  That must mean he remembers Roll too!” MegaMan thought happily.

   "Maylu?  You mean that ugly, snobby girl who lives a few blocks down from us?" Lan asked.  MegaMan felt like the world had shattered around him.

   "Lan! Why would you say that about such a sweet little girl?" said the man, obviously shocked.

   "She insults MegaMan and me all the time, and she treats us like dirt!" Lan said looking upset.

   “What?  The real Maylu would never do that!” MegaMan thought, staring wide-eyed at his NetOp.

   Who're you two talking about?" Another boy asked, walking in.

   "Oh, hi, Tracy!" said Lan, brightening up.

   "Never mind us, Tracy. How is Venusaur doing?" The man asked.

   "It's recovering nicely, Professor Oak.  It'll be in top shape when its Trainer gets back," said 'Tracy.'

   "Lan! You're back!" Dr. Hikari said, following Tracy into the room.

   "Hi, Dad!" Lan called excitedly.

   "We weren't expecting you until next week, at least!" Dr. Hikari said surprised.

   "Yeah, well, MegaMan and I missed you." Lan replied.

   "Yuichiro, MegaMan is acting just like Maylu's Espeon," Professor Oak explained.

   "That's not good.  Son, are you sure this is the right Vaporeon?" asked Dr. Hikari.

   "Dad! I'd know MegaMan anywhere!  Of course it's him!" said Lan.

   “Vaporeon? Is that what I am now?” MegaMan thought dimly watching the conversation in silence.

   "I'm just saying.  That one time you went to that school party, you came back with the wrong Eevee," said the doctor.

   "But this is MegaMan!  See?  He's got the charm I gave him!" Lan protested, pointing at the object hanging from MegaMan’s neck.

   "Hmmm... Did he bump his head during training or something?" Professor
Oak asked.

   "No," Lan answered.

   "There goes my 'amnesia' theory..." said Professor Oak.

   "Amnesia would fit.  I was wondering why I wasn't hit with a Hydro Pump
this time!" Tracy said, a smile tugging at his lips.

   "But he still seems to know who I am," said Lan.  The others were
thinking up excuses.

   “If only I could speak normally...Well, at least I can try...” MegaMan thought.  He formed a word in his mouth.  "N-N...N-Netto-kun!"

   The humans fell into stunned silence.

   "Netto-kun?" Lan repeated confused.

   "Netto-kun!" MegaMan replied, feeling a little more confident.

   "Amazing... MegaMan can talk!" said Professor Oak.

   "Wow!  MegaMan, can you say something else?" said Lan, looking excited.  
MegaMan opened his mouth again...

   "Va." Was, sadly, all that came out of his mouth.

   "I guess that's all you can manage... But that's okay," Lan said, petting
MegaMan’s head.  The former NetNavi stared up at him sorrowfully.

   “Please understand, Lan. I want to talk... I want to figure this all

   The moment was interrupted by a loud CRACK!  They all looked up at the
door in alarm.  It sounded like there was a scuffle outside.

   "Calm down!" Someone shouted.

   "FLARE! FLARE, FLARE, FLAREON!!!" Came in response.

   "Who's there?" called Professor Oak. The people outside went quiet, and
then there was a knock at the door.  Tracy ran over and opened it.  MegaMan
Now I have begun the ultimate weirdness...and soon, the ultimate evil... READ CHAP. 2 IF YOU DARE! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! *cough cough* Okay, I'm bored. I want chai...

Thanks to :iconnobodyswanderingsoul:, for correcting my many mistakes!!!!

next chapter: [link]
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I play Pokemon, even though I'm more or less a legal adult. Once Black and White come out in the states, I intend on purchasing one of them, if not both. For the sake of revisiting my game before the new ones came out, I popped in Soul Silver and began to play. In retrospect I realized I saw it, but what I failed to notice at the time was that there was a brief burst of static, featuring what a Heart Gold/Soul Silver sprite of the Lavender Town ghosts would have looked like if they appeared in the game against a black background. As I worked on training the hell out of my team so I could take on the group I refer to as the 'PCC Pokemon League', a bunch of students who go to my college and the anime club I am a part of(or was, seeing how I rarely attend the events), I encountered, weirdly enough, a ghost. The Lugia/Ho-oh summoning music played instead of the normal wild encounter or legendary encounter music. The ghost was at level 60, at half health and it was burned. Its cry say the least. It sounded like an odd hissing noise rather than the electronic noise that is a Pokemon's cry.

What makes this weird is that I don't have a ROM of Soul Silver, nor did I pick it up at some shady guy's stall. This was a legit copy I bought at Best Buy and, I cannot believe I am saying this, have come to the conclusion that something-or someone-possessed my cartridge. As Cinder, my Typhlosion, was sent out, I pretty much thought 'why the hell not?' and decided to fight the ghost. However, when I gave it an attack, I got the following message:

Cinder refuses to use Flamethrower. Cinder does not attack!

Since my Pokemon refused to fight, I decided to run. Nothing stopped me from running, and I thought the ghost would leave me be.

Boy, was I wrong.

I put the game down for a bit to use the restroom. When I got back, I got the wild idea to grab this digital voice recorder I purchased at OfficeMax to help me in my classes and keep it with me in case the ghost showed up again. Sure enough, it came back. I was able to catch the weird hissing noise it made before I ran like hell from it. I then uploaded the sound into my computer and copied it to send to a college buddy of mine to slow down for me. A few hours later, he IMed me and transferred the file to me, IMing me with this:

I gotta warn you, Uxie(nickname I got from another Pokemon-loving friend), this shit is weird! Dx

Ignoring his words, I played the file. I swear I could feel my heart stop.

"I won't leave you..."

I swallowed. Hard.

As if on cue, my DSi, which I had left open, turned on. Hands trembling and clammy with sweat, I picked it up.

I was staring at that damn ghost sprite!

No hissing noise this time. Instead, I heard a chillingly familiar voice, a voice that immediately brought back memories. Sure, it had a bit of a digital distortion, but I immediately recognized the tone, the sound, the fear it caused in me.

It was the voice of my father.

"I won't leave you, Vicky...I never will..."

I wanted so much to scream, to drop the game and go running to my mom for help, but somehow, I knew it wouldn't happen. I felt like I had no voice.

"I can never rest...I refuse to rest...I won't leave you..."

At that moment, I suddenly remembered I could speak. As crazy as it sounds, I actually SPOKE to don't know what the fuck it was that possessed my game.

"...Why? Why won't you leave me?"

"...Forgive me..."

I couldn't let go of the DSi. I was paralyzed.

"...Thirteen years...I made you suffer for so long...Forgive me..."

With that, the ghost vanished, the voice now a whisper as it said 'I'm so sorry...' as its sprite vanished.

About two years ago, my dad passed away. From what I understand, he fell into a fire pit and burned over fifty percent of his body. He went comatose at the hospital and had to be taken off of life support. He was sixty.

The ghost was gendered male, at level sixty, at half health and afflicted with a burn. It made sense.

My dad had infiltrated my game and attempted to reach me from beyond the grave.

I could feel hot tears well up in my eyes.

He verbally and mentally abused me for thirteen years, starting from when I was a little girl to when I turned thirteen. I spent four years hating him, wishing death on him. I could not forgive him for what he did. When he finally died, I felt like I had been the one who pushed him into the fire, like I was the one who pulled the plug.

As one final reminder of him, when I went to swap Pokemon a few days later, I discovered a male Shuppet at level sixty with the nickname 'Leslie'. Curious, I put it in my party and right away, I got a message saying the Shuppet had mail on it. I took the mail and read it.

I love you. Forgive me.

There is no way in hell you can get a message like that with the terms and words for letter writing in the game.

I still have that Shuppet.
it's half pokemon creepypasta(failpasta?) and half me-coming-to-terms-with-my-dad fic.

the part about my dad dying is true. he did die 2 years ago and he did abuse me for 13 years. the part about him invading my copy of soul silver is not.

btw, is it me, or does the gen 1 sprite for the ghosts in pokemon tower look creepy as fuck?

EDIT: in light of the release of black and white, i submit to you an alternate ending that allows me to write a sequel: [link]
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Sketch Turner, a Comic artist and freelance Rock musician, is working on his new Graphic Novel known as the Comix Zone.  The story of the Comix Zone is about an organization known as the New Earth Alliance protecting earth from an Alien-Mutant alliance attacking earth.  Finishing up the final pages of the graphic novel, a freak Storm appears in New York and one of the main villains of his graphic novel escapes from the very pages and sends Sketch and his pet rat, Roadkill, into the world he created.
With the help of General Alissa Cyan, Roadkill, and his other protagonist creations, Sketch is gonna have to fight the main villain's armies of mutants, aliens, and other rogue's gallery of characters.  Sketch will soon learn that his little world he created is as real as his life.  And it's a long hard road out of the Comix Zone.

Sketch Turner: Sketch is an Artist and Rock musician, who created the Comix Zone and ends up teleported to his newly created world.  He is assisted by Alissa Cyan of the New Earth Alliance, Roadkill, his pet rat; The Titanium Warrior, Tiberius Rex, and Cerberus.  Throughout his adventure, he soon gains powers of his main protagonist known only to the characters as the Chosen one.

Alissa Cyan: General of the New Earth Alliance, Alissa is a no nonsense woman who thinks Sketch is a part of the story.  She sends him on missions with fellow operatives to stop the invasion and even jumps into the fray to help fight against them as well.

Roadkill: Sketch's Pet Rat who also was teleported and caged by the main villain's henchmen.  Having been teleported and hit in the tail by lightening, Roadkill has gained electric powers and can shock the enemies when he is let loose.

Titanium Warrior: Being part man and machine, Titanium Warrior was written to be partner of the hero.  He was killed but brought back with his personality intact.  He is very skeptical about Sketch being the "Chosen One" so he really just levels with Sketch and considers him more of a friend than someone to team up with.  He is armed with missiles, two mini guns in his chest, and jet boosters in his feet.

Tiberius Rex: Knowing that the aliens use mutants against earth, the NEA recreated dinosaur DNA, more specifically a Tyranosaurus Rex DNA code.  Mixing it with a human's DNA, Tiberius was born.  Trained by Navy SEALs, Marines, and other Special Forces, Tiberius was the perfect mutant soldier…Or was written to be that.  Tiberius is more laid back than Sketch expected, but is ready at anytime to fight the aliens and mutants.  He wields an experimental Assault Rifle and uses his teeth when hungry for mutant flesh.

Cerberus: A Dog Mutant who is mentally unbalanced due to his DNA being of both Doberman Pincher and Akita as well as being humanoid.  He rushes into the mutant horde headfirst like a berserker and wields a huge sword.  He is a bit paranoid when Sketch comes around him, sometimes he thinks Sketch is a bad guy and he has to then be put on a chain, then other times Cerberus treats Sketch like a partner.

The Main Villain aka MORTUS: Sketch was finishing up the story and could not think of a name for one of the three main villains. That was until lightening brought the villain to life, that was when Sketch yelled out the name "MORTUS!"  The other characters just call him the main villain, but soon call him MORTUS.  He teleported Sketch and Roadkill to the Comix Zone and begins drawing up more creatures for Sketch and the NEA to fight.  He is almost all mechanical and considers himself a mutant.  He wears a Duster and a hood to cover his face, only showing his gleaming, dead, robotic eye.
Well I had said before on my list for games that should be remade that Comix Zone was one I'd get to. I got the main story intact, But I extended it a bit more. It would actually consist of 10 Chapters since it'd be a graphic Novel that Sketch was making. And I added three characters to help Sketch. And I even hinted at a sequel or two if a remake was to be done.
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