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My Amazing Discovery

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 9, 2014, 3:47 PM
I have found a word that rhymes with orange!


-Hill in Wales
-Blorenge or sometimes The Blorenge is a prominent hill which overlooks the valley of the River Usk in Monmouthshire, southeast Wales. It is situated in the southeastern corner of the Brecon Beacons National Park.…

That oughta surprise you, who knew there actually was a word that rhymes with orange, which everyone believed didn't rhyme with anything, and it's the only legit word that rhymes with orange too!

In the comments, tell me your thoughts on this discovery :D


Journal Skin by: Zaellrin
  • Mood: Awestruck
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Recently i discovered the new logo may copied off of this website

Could it just be a coincidence?

Edit: Ok so its probably not copied, but the logos are still very similar.

This should be my last upload. by JapanYoshi
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Learn to make your own MMD/3D model ~offline

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 17, 2013, 1:34 PM
  • Mood: Euphoric
I've been gone a bit. Played some new games i've gotten like Scribblenaut and Reccettear and also beta testing FF14. So I'm going to continue to model on my lovely commission. But this time I will also teach you anything you want to learn about making your own MMD/3D model :) Welcome welcome in. Of course you need to ask what you want to learn or I'll just continue modelling XD And It doesn't only need to be for 3D programs. I know vocaloid, utau, mmd, pmd and all kind of other fun stuff.

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One faithful day i was going around on Deviantart, just minding my business, typing comments, uploading art or whatever we deviants do on here. the all of a sudden i noticed something different, suddenly :rabbithole: happend. Apparently DA changed their logo without the community having any say and on top of that everybody hates it. This is what i think of How Deviantart failed :

Why the new dA logo fails by Earldense

People are leaving the site, some people don't even dare or care to speak up and others only complain. so i thought about doing something instead of complaining  as you've all seen I've created my OWN version of the new DA logo because i know they'll never revert back to the old logo nor convert to something entirely new. I used the exact same :rabbithole: and just added a little tweak to complete the picture. the result ladies and gentlemen you all found (to my great surprise) "very exiting". 

Alternate New Deviantart logo by aNIGHTLYpony

When people saw THIS presentation of the new logo they DID like it, this might not say  "titties and balls" but  it clearly says "DA" and that's what all we've ever wanted am i right? in one night the concept of my logo reached over 1200 views, at the moment it has over 7500 views and was added to your favorites over 420 times! so..


I never expected this in my wildest dreams nor that this has got the attention of over 7 Senior members even. Even though the site's logo changed Deviantart is still good ol' Deviantart. eventually we''ll get used to it and the discussion will slowly fade over time i hope. Just remember that Deviantart also belong to the community. there are many more artists that have designed a logo by their image and i hope i've inspired you all to do the same because that,to me, is what being deviant is all about : taking that left turn. i think i've proven it's NOT the new logo everyone hates, it's the way it is presented.

Furthermore i'd like to share <da:thumb id="498394401"/> a BRILLIANTLY written journal by a very good man with his take on the logo and the relationship between us and the DA staff and i'd like you to share this,add a comment and add it to your favorites. i've also made you guys

>>>> DAhybridIcon by aNIGHTLYpony <<<< Free to use for everybody!

Thank you all for reading and thank you again for your support, cheers guys!
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  • Watching: Futboll
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  • Mood: Pissed Off
  • Eating: sunflower seeds
the admins want to take away our webcams because it "it has lost its original value." in their wordsAce Attorney Misc Emoji (Objection) [V1] it hasn't! people love the webcam feature. it lets people be funny and expressive with it. 

Last I checked da is a community for artist right? Pikachu rage well last I checked most community when they want to change something have a meeting with not just the people in charge but everyone. They never posted a poll so we could vote for certain changes like the new logo or the layout but I got over those now but this is some bullshit. mostly their reason, lost value, is it because the webcam is free? the 'substitute' for it is something you have to PAY FOR.RAGE

listen well admins people re making journals out of rage, people are making petitions against this. I'm sure soon people will start leaving because of this kind of crap you pull.kinda like youtube had happen. people went to dailymotion because at least there they had less bull crap. You don't want that do you? my only reason for staying is friends. The site crashed on me several times yesterday but before all of these changes it ran like a dream. now it's slow and crashes. getting a little off topic but back to my rant.

Da stop making changes like this. and everyone here are the petitions I mentioned.……
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Jinbo71, I'm getting sick of this. I really am. When I block someone, they should go away. But I see that you obviously want my attention, and congratulations you're going to get it. The back story? Ever since I've made my Breadwinners review, he's been going around like a spastic toddler taking whatever means he can to insult me, both directly or indirectly. I wanted to let this guy slide, but, okay a rule of thumb: if I block you and you're still causing me problems, you get this. Let's start here:…

He's admitted in the comments that I'm the one he's referring to. He even put a comment on my journal entry saying that I was having a hard time making the breadwinners script because it was so horrible. He linked to an article "Has Breadwinners been a Breadwinner" that I don't care about, saying "look at this and be enlightened" like anyone who didn't realize Breadwinners was God's gift to animation was an idiot. Mostly he's been taking potshots at me through various channels, like my tumblr. What does he have to say about the show?…

"The show itself is decent, if mediocre." Kay... if that's your opinion why is it so worth defending? He says that people are parroting me, which they have a tendency to do, but have you ever considered that they might... I don't know, genuinely share my opinion? I mean it's possible. I think that I stated my case against the show fairly well. I didn't exaggerate any of the show's flaws by my perspective. I believe that it's pandering, plays to the lowest common denominator, and made a rape plotline, not a joke, a plotline. He seems to have a problem that my opinions are "Everywhere." I searched "Mr. Enter breadwinners" and you're right, but most people are saying that I overreacted or the review wasn't very good.

I love on your channel that you have a "some opinions aren't worth respecting" stamp on your DeviantArt. You're right, you don't respect the opinions of people who go around insulting people for their opinions before even stating your own fucking case. The review you made was in retaliation to mine. And the potshots you've been making started coming before my review even aired. Yeah, um, here's his TV tropes edit history…

Now you can do one of two things Jinbo, you can shut up about me and forget that I exist or I can make a video about this. Oh, you claim that you can't avoid me or my opinions so this might be a problem. I saw this comment on your deviant art page:

"Look.....what you are saying to me is very rude...and....if you like newer nicktoons...I'm ok with please...please don't attack me....I did nothing wrong to you..." from CartoonAnimes4Evar, who I know to be one of my watchers. And you blamed me for it. 

Nope, no clue what you said. Normally when insults described like that come from me, I usually know what they are. What's the point I'm trying to get at? You're trying to get my attention. At the very least, keep it between us. So... stop talking about me; stop trying to defame me through TV Tropes; and go about your business. This is me asking nicely.

Since he is blocked and won't be unblocked, some one send him this.
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Oklahoma City Tornado

Journal Entry: Mon May 20, 2013, 8:40 PM

A tragedy hit Oklahoma today.  Many lives were lost.

"The tornado was estimated to be at least 2 miles wide at one point as it moved through Moore, in the southern part of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, KFOR reported" (

:bulletred: Powerful tornado slams Oklahoma City

We'd like to take the opportunity to encourage you all to keep the families and the victims of this sad occurrence in your thoughts and prayers.

layout designed by rockinrobin
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  • Mood: Neutral
Please read before reading the rest of the text below:

After seeing the amount of wolfaboos on places such as deviantART, YouTube, Facebook etc, I thought it would be interesting to try and reconstruct the life of the average wolfaboo and get an insight to just how arrogant and pathetic these uneducated people are. Another thing to point out is that the text below is written in decent-enough English, and that a wolfaboo would rarely, if ever, type/ write like that, just so you know. ;)

The daily life of a Wolfaboo...

Saturday morning. I woke up and saw it was 11:00am, but I remembered that having the wolf as my inner animal meant I had to stay up late last night and howl at the moon when my mother had gone out. I growled and stretched like a wolf would, because after all, I am a wolf, right? I looked at all my wolf books and stories all over my messy bedroom. I saw my Wolf's Rain DVDs, and I sighed with happiness. It was all true. Wolves really can leap at very high altitude, have a paradise of their own and can tear through thick metal armor with their bare teeth. Wolves are just soooo awesome, anyone who says they aren't or hates them are just stupid. Who could possibly hate the precious wolves that live on this earth?

So anyway, I went downstairs and saw that mother had left some Weetabix for me to eat for breakfast. EW, WEETABIX! I couldn't eat that. It wasn't meat, and wolves eat meat. So I decided to rummage through the fridge and I found some uncooked bacon. Being the lowest intelligent student in my food class, I obviously ate the meat raw. Yum, yum. It felt so great to have the wolf as part of me. I went upstairs and had a wash (although I hated it because wolves don't wash except with their tongues) and went to get dressed. I rummaged through my wardrobe and draws, and decided to wear my favorite "save the wolves" t-shirt and a torn pair of jeans (which I liked to believe were savaged by wolves) and decided to go on the computer. I went on DA and I was so happy. There were wolf drawings EVERYWHERE, but that's obvious really, because wolves are so awesome and only an idiot would say they're not. I saw some really cool drawings of some anime wolves and made-up wolves people had drawn. They had such amazing features like purple fur, green hair, bloody claws and teeth with lyrics from the song "Animal I have become". Then when I clicked on one drawing, I saw someone saying the wolf looked rather hideous and that wolves aren't' even cool. The wolf rage in me boiled inside, and I decided to reply to that wolf-hater comment:


I was so angry. How COULD they say that? Wolves deserve to live forever and humans should just die. Anyway, I also decided to talk to some of my wolf friends online, and tell them how I "almost shifted" into a wolf last night. They were totally ecstatic, the conversation went a little something like this:

Me: So i wuz like AROOOOO, and den de shifting pains started, i felt so woof like, wolfs r so cool.
Friend: omg, dat is totaly awesum. wolfs r like de best creechurs ever, they r so majestik and speshul. i have a woof as my inner animal too!
Me: wot is ur woof name?
Friend: DarkMoonBlackHeartHowlingWolfs
Me: omg, dat is like sooo awsume. its totaly orignal and no one else has a name lik dat!
Friend: wots urs?
Me: KibaWolfMoonPaw
Friend: dat is awsum!

When I was on YouTube watching a "save the wolves" video, I saw a load of hater and dislike replies in the comment section. Once again the wolf inside of me raged. BECAUSE WOLVES ARE, LIKE, THE BEST ANIMALS IN THE WORLD. I started threatening those evil wolf hunters, and I called them names like "evil humans" and "anti-Christs". I said I would kill them with my pack and wolves would get their revenge. I also said that humans were sooo evil and that wolves are better in every way. Me and my fellow wolf friends decided to team up and try and beat the anti-wolf community. I mean, come on, who could hate wolves? But then I saw this comment:

User: I hate wolves. Grey wolves aren't even endangered, and they are a nuisance and danger to people, which is why I support hunting.

I almost fainted when I saw that comment. GREY WOLVES ARE ENDANGERED. ITS TRUE! All those humans, so cruel and nasty! I am sooo glad I have the wolf as my inner animal and spirit, I would hate to be pure human. I started ranting about how my life sucked as being "part" human, and that the wolf inside of me was raging to be free. Anyone who says I am not a wolf is stupid. People can turn into wolves! Its true, because my friends have done it, even though they have posted no evidence whatsoever! WOLVES ARE AWESOME!

The End.
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Lazy cat icons (most from :icondeejay-alien:)

Sexy, flirty and horny

:iconlazyinviteplz: :iconsexylazeplz: :iconnipplelazeplz: :iconbralazeplz: :iconlazeplz: :iconlazesexyplz: :iconlazyshyplz: :iconlazeflirtplz: :iconlazysmplz: :iconlazymachoplz: :iconlazymacho2plz: :iconmachozoomplz: :iconlazyroseplz:
Bloody, scary and dreary

:iconlazycryplz: :iconlazycryheartplz: :iconlazypoolplz: :iconlazykickplz: :iconlazyweepplz: :iconshotcatplz: :iconlazyshadowedplz: :iconlazygallowplz: :iconlazydieplz: :iconcatkickplz: :iconlazybleedplz: :iconlazeoverkillplz: :iconlazyraveplz: :iconlazybloodplz: :iconlazepoolplz: :iconlazystabplz:

Lazy, lazy and laaazy

:iconlazywaveplz: :iconlazewaveplz: :icontoolazyplz: :iconlazingplz: :iconlazyflipplz: :iconlazyposeplz: :iconbenchlazeplz: :iconcoollazeplz: :iconlazysulkplz: :iconrazycryplz: :iconlazyroll-plz:

Randomly lazy

Circle Faces

:iconsothereplz::iconblushingplz::iconblankstareplz::iconimveryhappyplz::iconicameplz::iconimspeechlessplz::icondurrhurrplz::icondelightfulplz::icongivemesmilesplz::iconcryingplz::iconohjoyplz::icondizzy-plz::iconicameepicallyplz::iconfrownyfaceplz::icongaspplz::iconretardthinkingplz::iconraepfaceplz::iconshnitzelplz::iconimretardedplz::iconiloveitmoreplz::iconimsrspervplz::iconimpressedplz::iconverynotimpressedplz::iconimrlynotimpressedplz::iconleleleplz::iconidontthinksobetchplz::icondontkillmeplz::iconwhatbombplz::iconthinkingplz::iconsaywhaplz::iconfrageplz::icondizzy-plz::iconangry-plz::icongrin--plz::iconlll-plz::iconomg--plz::iconoo-plz::iconsnooty-plz: :iconohdearplz:  :iconimseriousplz: :iconnewlightplz: :iconhappylightplz: :iconbelieve-itplz: :iconyababt: :iconwthplz: :iconawesomefaceplz:  :iconerikxplz: :iconcurtisrxplz:



:iconfatlaplz: :iconweirdlaplz: :iconcreepylaaplz: :iconrainbowwaveplz1::iconrainbowwaveplz2::iconrainbowwaveplz3:



onion head


Block faces


Phoenix Wright

:iconorlyedgyplz::iconfrillmanplz::iconhoboplz::iconpheenieplz::iconhobohatplz::iconobjectionv2plz::iconsaysplz::iconapolloplz::iconincourtplz::iconphoenixincourtplz: :iconapollolockeddoorsplz:



My Little Pony
Clapping Pony Icon - Twilight Sparkle Clapping Pony Icon - Applejack Clapping Pony Icon - Rarity Clapping Pony Icon - Pinkie Pie Clapping Pony Icon - Fluttershy Clapping Pony Icon - Rainbow Dash
:iconponyclapplz::iconapplejackclapplz: :iconrarityclapplz::iconpinkiepieclapplz::iconfluttershyclapplz::iconrainbowdashclapplz:  

:iconpuffsharkplz: :iconnyancatplz:

(sparkles above)

:iconamericapartyhardplz: :iconjapanpastaplz: :iconchibipolandplz:

I got a lot of these plz accounts from  :iconsaiiko: Go check out saiiko's gallery! There's lots of good stuff!
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-They always complain about every contrived romance in the show.
-but they're always asking for Korrasami to be canon the most (Come on, why are they even trying anymore? The creators have pretty much already confirmed that the series will be ending without any stupid romance whatsoever)

-They claim how they love the fact that the series focuses now focuses more on friendship than love triangles
-and then immediately shun away every character who's had screentime with Korra except for Asami

-They claim that they're happy with Korra and Asami getting screentime together as FRIENDS
-and then they completely go apeshit with treating every single Korra/Asami screentime scene like it's romantically canon

-They claim that they love Korra and Asami as strong independent female characters
-yet also enjoy all the fanart of them being dumbed down into completely OOC oversexualized Mary Sues who only depend on each other to live

Long story short, no, I do not hate (most) Korrasami shippers because they like Korrasami. I hate them because the ones I have seen are fucking downright HYPOCRITES.
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