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Similar Deviations
Here is my entry for the pixel art competition.

I came up with this idea because everyone seemed to be creating Platform like games and I wanted to be different (like always) so I created an isometric war game. I tried to get it looking like an old Super Nintendo and Amiga game... I think I succeeded, and if you have played a significant amount of games on these platforms then I would think that you know where I am coming from.

Total of 30 colours was used
Created in Photoshop 7
Resolution: 320*240
Time Span: Created in about one week.

If you were wondering what the menu icons mean, then here is what they are:

Top Left:
Numbers represent: Gold, Minerals and Gas.

Top Right:

Bottom Right (Menu):
Build Units
Build Buildings
Move Units

Middle Bottom (Menu Selections):
(From right to left starting to the left of the jeep)
Move Unit (O with arrow)
Attack Unit (Target)
Guard moving back and forth (S type Arrows)
Stop (Hand with S)
Guard standing still (binoculars)
Scrolling Arrows

Bottom Left:
War Tank = current unit selected (as noticed on the screen)
Jeep = current unit being built (progress bar above jeep picture)

[edit] I made the bottom control bar more defined; now it is a lot easier to recognise and doesn’t blend in so much with the rest of the picture. This is something I had wanted to do from the start but never got around to it until I realised once I finally uploaded the picture.
I also added the blood colour, so there are now 26 Colours not 25, because the blood looked pinkish and not red.

Another edit, this time I have taken in some advice and added shading to the cliffs in the back and around the water. I also actually edited the fire, even though I thought it looked alright, I edited it more and now it looks a little better. due to these edits the picture now uses 30 colours.
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Here is my submission for the Easter Egg Challenge.....

First submission
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"Origin of all that is good and mother to us all"

Click here to see it at different angles: [link]

Hehe well here's one of 2 sculpture pieces as my tribute to a magnificently brilliant game and entry to the Okami DA contest ^_^. I hope I can finish the 2nd sculpture in time. I pulled out some new skills and materials to make this piece. Where to start...

Umm well I used a wax clay called Castilene to make the initial sculpture and I made a mold and casted it in plastic. After putting it together and sanding it down, I gave her a paint job by hand. This was the tricky part since I'm trying to translate a 2-D style into a 3-D piece. The sword is made out of Super Sculpey. The reflector (shield) was made with a round scrap plastic from my casting process, Aves Apoxie, Super Sculpey and hot glue. The base was made with Super Sculpey and the plants were pieces of foam sheet. I wanted to strap a giant celestial brush to the back of Amaterasu but I'm not sure just yet. What do you think =P

I'll post a step by step journal in a bit with photos and explanations to the best of my knowledge. Thanks for looking and I hope you like it! ^_^
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My creation for the "9" contest - Luxo the Destroyer, named lovingly for the Pixar mascot.

Luxo is a deceptive hunter/killer, allowing his less than threatening appearance to lull targets into a false sense of security. What escapes the reach of his umbrella-remnant claw is retrievable by the razor-headed harpoon mounted on his shoulder. He travels via the rolling ball under his lamp base, which makes an ample crushing mechanism when the occasion calls for it.

• Desk lamp
• Lava lamp
• Flashlight
• Nails
• Desk chair wheels
• Steel ball

• Steel rods
• Rope
• Filmstrip reels
• Razor blade

• Wrench
• Umbrella
• Hacksaw
• Sewing spool
• Forks
• String
• Animal teeth
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Well, it's 9:09 on 9/9/09, the day the film "9" was released, and here are my entries! Let me start out by saying that I cannot wait to see this amazing movie! It's been a while since something completely original and creative has breached the animation world, let alone the entire film industry!

I pretty much came under the impression that if I did enter this contest, I'd be creamed severely by the amazing creativity of many of the other incredible artists competing, and by the looks of it... I was right (ha ha). But, rest assured, my wife convinced me to try anyway and toss my hat into the ring for a chance to win, so basically, here I am. (Gotta love the support of a wife! :)) Anyway, once I began on my first entry, other ideas kept popping into my head, and eventually, I ended up with 5 different creatures! Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to finish and upload all five tonight, but here are the first three so far! Hope you enjoy!

2/5: Neighborhood Golem.
Head: Car atop shovel of a tractor
Body: Water tower attached to other junk and machinary
Radio towers in the back
Arms: Pieces of abandoned houses
Other junk
Hands: 18-wheeler tire (R)
Car hood (R)
Filing cabinet (R)
Car bumper (R)
Wrecking ball (L)
Other junk
Legs: Wrecking balls (knees)
Other junk
Feet: Junkyard crane (R)
Junkyard magnet (L) guessed it, other junk :P

Check out my other entries!
1/5 Wraith: [link]
3/5 Wench: [link]
4/5 Thumbtrack: [link]
5/5 Puppeteer: [link]
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Well after a few late nights I seem to have managed to finish the piece at the very least. It didn't exactly come out the way I wanted because I just didn't know how to implement some things and well... Ran outta time. Love it when school collides with stuff like this. Started freaking out about making it on time too...

But oh well.

I was hoping to capture the brush in action and one of the most memorable fights for me was the spider boss.

So yeah, enjoy!

PS. Image is 3300 x 2550 but I set it to 1024. I think it can be downloaded for full size... never did anything this big.
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Another noise by me, however it wasn't originally a pin.

Frozen north is an unusual gem like noise that freezes all around it when it attacks.
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:star: OLD-

:star: NEW-

Its been 2 years 11 Months and 26 days since the old one was drawn.

ALMOST 3 years improvement!

I might TRY to look for another old thing in my gallery and redo it also... but I will have to be fast. D:

The reason I picked this is because I think its one of the oldest pictures that are still in my Gallery that I didn't delete.
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my entry for the beasts of nine creature contest
This is number zero the original first, With his first kill, he noticed the structure of the machines and took parts for himself. He has been corrupted by the machines, the only chance you have to run is when his humanity breaks through for a brief period.
he has no purpose he just kills, anything, robots or living things, what left of his soul has mostly burned away, the only part left of his humanity is his love of classical music.

comments are appreciated

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This is what I focused on...the Avatar is just a scene from this :P
It's not really a game or anything, but it is somewhat interactive. It's not that long because I only found out about the contest recently, but I may extend it sometime in the future. :)
Enjoy! :)
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