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This is digital-addict
Instead of inking this on paper I just scanned the sketch and resketched over it and colored it in PS.

Here's a short story as well (chuck full of typos.)
After Raf went through a long and painful training program he finally learned "Mechanical Summon". This allows him to spawn mechanical weaponry at will.

Andro: Try it out.
Raf: OK here goes nothin.
*Raf summons a somewhat normal looking gun. *
Raf: This is it?
Andro: Your first summon is always your main weapon that fits your body, power, and skill level... Shoot it.
*Raf aims at rock in the cave and pulls the trigger.*
Raf: What wrong with it??
Andro: Let me see it.
*Grabs the gun and shoots towards a wall in the cave. *
*A ball of energy shoots of and destroys the entire wall. *
Andro: Looks like you got yourself a "Psycho Gun"
Raf: Psycho Gun?
Andro: It uses mental power and converts thought waves into energy. I can't even summon one of these. I’ve only seen one. My father had one. Try to use your thoughts.
*Raf shoots several normal sized rounds*
Raf: Nice...
Andro: Follow me.
*They walk deeper into the cave*
Andro: I wasn't just teaching you that trick.
Raf: What do you mean?
Andro: Power up.
*Raf powered up to his maximum*
Andro: You can go further than that. I can prove it.
*Powers up a HUGE ball of energy and shoots it towards Raf*
Andro: If you let that explode your a goner. I suggest you do something.
Raf: !!!!
*Raf puts his hands up to block the attack.
It connects pushing him back. *
Raf while sliding back: It's too powerful!
Andro: you better hurry, the cave wall is right behind you.
Raf: !!!I can't stop it!!!!!!
*Raf’s heel is almost touching the wall. *
Raf: No-NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
*Huge explosion n light stuff*
*the cave caves in*
*Andro moves a rock off of himself and stands up*
Andro: ...I...I I guess you wasn't ready... I'm sorry Raf...
*A large pillar of light shoots out of the rocks.
Raf rises out flooded with blinding light*
*Raf looks at his arm to see the little gun has become a huge arm canon. *

Andro: I knew you could do it!
Super Raf: What am I? What happened to this gun? It changed.*
Andro: You reached a level long forgotten. It's called Super. As for your gun, It changed with you.
*A fleet of Enforcers can be seen flying in*
Andro: That's my Q. I have nothing more to teach you. Good-bye... For now… CHAOS CONTROL! *Blip*
*Super Raf looks down at his gun, then looks the fleet of enforcers.*
Super Raf: Yeah... bye... for now.
*A ball of energy starts forming at the end of his gun. *

Oh yeah! Raf used "Mechanical Summon" to upgrade his head gear too.
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Fighters ready!

The cage doors begin to open. Large hidious demons begin to emerge.
Rush: "Lets see if the "prince" can live up to his name.."
Stratus: "Heh, let's see if the "Son of Sonic" can live up to his."
*They stand back to back. as the demons close in."
Stratus: "Try not to die. I don't wan't to be blamed for the death of a cousin."
Rush: "Nevermind that. This is it, we attack on the count of 3."
Rush: 1...
Stratus: ...2...

Stratus is Andro. Andro is just a code name he get's later after he get's all that armor n stuff.
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see the sky painted grey
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I've been stuck on this design for a few days now actually. I just couldn't figure out what to do for his neck down... Heh, I suppose all I needed was a little sit down time at 4 in the morning blazing some 'The Haunted' One Kill Wonder album... to come up with something.

Goddamn I love this band!

Anyhoo... This is for a story I'm writing. I wonder if anyone could guess who he really is?

This might not be his final design but I'm sure it's really close if not the final. Also his sword will change. ... I want his mask so bad. I'll draw up a better view of his mask later.
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An OC ;0

Her name is Bernadotte, she's a female wolf.
Short info: Her gray& White colours and the square shaped markings on her fur makes her think she looks boring. So she tries to wear as much fun stuff as possible. c:

Bernadotte (C) Me
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Another OC >w<

Her name is Piano. :3
She belongs to a religious tribe ;D Which.. I haven't worked on much yet. XD

Art, Piano (C) Me
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what do you think should i draw more?

Paylo was my Plusle i had in pokemon sapphire. she was an awasome fighter. (i didnt care enough to catch the other one) i trained her to fight by herself and she rocked!! but since my game was stolen i have had to keep her in my heart with my other lost babies. but now since i saw that pokemono group i hought she deserved another chance at life ^^ so here she is as a (CHIBI) lightening Priestess from feudal japan!! tel me what you think ^^

oh facts on her:
she os 5'1" with shoes
she does have a tail
she looks 12 but is 17 (its mostly cause shes short)
if she fights its with a staff
her moves are thunder wave, thunderbolt, flash ,and swift
she carries around berries all the time
her cheeks spark when shes frightened
she likes meeting others
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This is originally a design for Patch Together, but the back isn't done yet

Rather simple because it's my first try XD

Armada Galaxy, Art (C) Me
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While trying to do the numerous pics I owe (and stressing about several things IRL), I went on another sketch-bender like the one that spawned my muse, Skank...this time, however, it centered around Zuki.
Arguably the best image from it was this one, of her giving her "dear, grumpy Uncle Heckfire," which got me thinking about something I was told once by a psychologist: each of my major characters represents some part of me, and when I go on one of these "sketch benders," it's kinda like a food craving, I need more of whatever the character being drawn represents. It then occurred to me what Zuki, constantly smiling and innocent and prone to hugs and spontaneous outbursts of affection, represents: joy and love. Pure, unfiltered, untempered happiness and innocent delight at the world around her.
C'mon, Heck...would it kill you to smile once in a while, huh?
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The growling bellies of very hungry vixens. I thought this was a funny idea for hoodah and kitsunezero characters, I hope they don't mind ^^;.
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