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if you like i can add more tutorials so you all can learn more how to create an awesome art!!!
i hope to see that pose in your gallery kangipluma :D
(did anyone notice that my toolbar got slimmer?)
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use it! :la:
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An interesting weekend project. This took me literally a whole Saturday to complete with multiple breaks and one exercise session in between.

Remember this Facial Expressions Buddy Sheet? ---> Well here's where you can start practicing the real deal! --->

Go on, do yourself a favour and make a start, you're never too young or old to learn new things or improve upon something that you're already good at!

Some info on this piece: two series I've only discovered these two graphic novel series during my revisit to the United States in 2011 (I was attending Comic Con International 2011 at San Diego with friends) - BLACKSAD and NORDGUARD. I'm starting to see the similarities in art styles and if I could ever get to their level I'd be over the moon.

Take note that the artist who drew Blacksad, Juanjo Guarnido, is someone who's worked in a Disney Studio (Montreuil, France) hence his art style reminds me of Tom Brancroft (who also worked at Disney Studio Florida). I just recently bought two of Tom's books (check out the description on this link), studied them and noticed the ascetics of the Disney style of animation/drawing characters. It's pretty amazing when you start making these connections because then I can set a benchmark of where I'd like to be when it comes to improving my technique of drawing humans and designing characters. I can learn alot from these guys and what they've learnt from Disney Studios, let's see how far I can go when attend art school next year in San Francisco!

Nevertheless the way I've approached this exercise was by applying what is known as observational study. I know I'm got at observing something and replicating it on paper - you can see examples of this when I did some at my local museum in the city. --->

Now there is a difference between observing and replicating what you see on paper from creating something completely from scratch! I cannot come up with something completely new until I've mastered the basics - it's just how I work. I don't feel motivated to draw something completely new until I'm confident in my basic drawing ability (ie human anatomy, dynamic poses etc).

There were some drawings that I did from scratch and check out a reference picture of the character - the only one evident of this is Blacksad himself (find him in the top-right hand corner). Notice how he isn't on par with the original style? Not perfect but at least I'm proud to say that I took initiative on that one. The rest of the characters I have either drawing directly from a comic panel or did that and modified the expression a bit to tailor what's available on the expressions list.

So yeah at the end of the day I end up with something pretty stunning - a wonderful collection of my favourite expressions of characters from two series I highly admire. It's stunning to look at and it's a great resource to use whenever I'm stuck on drawing an expression I want for a character I may be designing.

Good luck guys and gals - get started and get drawing!
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I got a ton of people asking me for a tutorial on my penny stand. It is really simple to do and you can make tons! Make them with colored wire, twist wire over the stand, and just have fun with it!

Feel free to use this tutorial- share it, favorite it, leave me comments! Just please don't claim the tutorial as your own. I know stands like this have been around longer than me, I just wanted to show you guys how I make mine!

If I spelled anything wrong or had any typos, feel free to let me know. I won't promise I'll fix it, but it would be nice to know just in case! Haha!


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All images, ideas, designs and content Đ A Bohemian Bazaar, by C. Blake Leaphart. All rights reserved. (unless stated otherwise.)
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Here's how to make Kirby in 3D, using the free program anim8or.

Since nobody ever downloads these, here's the link: [link]
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Well, you guys wanted a Blending tutorial, so here it is. I hope it is helpful... if not, let me know how I can make it easier. :)

P.S. the "this is how big your eraser brush should be" IS NOT compared to the picture next to it, lol. It is actually IN photoshop when your picture is much bigger.

I'm planning to do another one, hopefully on horse prep and manes and tails at some point soon.


Much thanks to stock providers:

~Dalakaar & *Phatpuppyart
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I get a lot of questions asking about Flash, and hopefully this will answer them :)
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Another photomanipulation tutorial. This is pretty much the same process of how I do all the blending of my images.

Please use this tutorial as practice or a guideline. Don't copy my work and call it your own. Be creative!

Sunshine by tamaraR
Stocks used for the deer imageGrass with deer… 

For the whale image go here for stock information -->…

My other tutorials:
Photoshop Manipulation tutorial by tamaraR SAI tutorial - going traditional by tamaraR SAI tutorial - going traditional CONTINUED by tamaraR

My Walkthroughs
Photomanipulation walkthroughStep 1: Idea (message, composition)
You decided that you want to make a photomanipulation. But what to make? There are so many photomanipulations already out there and mostly with the same theme. So you decide you don't just want to stick a pretty girl onto a beautiful background. No you want to be original and have your manipulation portray a message everyone can relate to.
Think of things that are important to you, that lay close to your heart. They can be emotions (love, hate, sadness, anger) or experiences, hobbies (art, sports etc), things you are struggling with. Or they can be global themes like (beauty, money, economy, eating disorders, war, relationships etc.)
Of course if you choose to portray something as love there are many ways to do so. Do you want it to be a surreal depiction of love, or dark, fantasy, sci-fi, conceptual, humourous... your choice will of course decide the whole 'feel' of the image.
So choose wisely as they say.
Now that you have your theme you nee
   Artist WalkthroughThis walkthrough focuses on:
- guiding you as an artist and improving your artistic skills
So having said that... let's get started!
I have been drawing for a long time. Since I was little I would draw all the time on anything I could find. That passion for drawing and art has always stayed with me. But the problem is talent or potential will only get you so far. If you really want to become a great artist you will have to put in many hours of work. And you would preferably have someone there to guide you. Even now I am learning about basic skills I wish I had learned years ago. That is the problem of being self taught... you have to figure everything out yourself. Of course there are benefits to that too. Self taught artists are generally very motivated and passionate people. I have only come to the point where I am now just because I am passionate and slightly obsessed with drawing. But I want to know more, learn more and improve more. So that is why I am setting up this little drawi
  <da:thumb id="311033675">
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This is a digital painting tutorial for beginners, and is the second part of Digital Drawing Tutorial.

The first tutorial was successful, and apparently helpful
to many. This tutorial will teach how to take your monochromatic drawing and fill it with colors.

Artistically speaking, this tutorial is very easy.
However, the painting does involve several features in
Photoshop that you may not be used to.

I've tried to make this tutorial as detailed and easy to
understand as I possibly can.

Hope it works! :D

Full view to watch this tutorial.

Souce file can be downloaded Here

View the end result Here.

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Well I made a speedie "how to paint wood texture without custom brushes walkthrough". I am a little bit uhm, (insert funny word here) because of people tell me "OMG I need your custom brushes!" You donīt need them really. You can do good texturing already with standard brushes.
This was a quickie, I _could_ have spent more time on it, this piece of wood texture took me actually 10 minutes.
No magic involved, not even a reference used. But that was how I basically did the wood panels [link]
here too. :)
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