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Love And War…Mostly War

Saga 04 Chapter 01:Mega Mojo

<I’ve been thinking a lot about it lately.> Bell’s thoughts sounded in the void.

<Yea, we know.  But we have to do it.> The other girl sent her harsh sentiments to her.

<Why?  What would be wrong with just letting go?> The third voice said.

<Because I don’t feel like dying yet.  And neither do you.> The second girl was outraged at the thought of giving up.

<You’re right.> Bell couldn’t lie.  They weren’t speaking with words, so she couldn’t lie.  These were their thoughts and they couldn’t hide them from each other.  They all wanted to live and the fact was that they would have to kill three other lives to do it.  

<Besides,> the angry girl said.  <They killed your beloved Mandark, don’t you want them to pay?> Bell thought about it briefly and remembered how much she loathed those girls for killing him.  They didn’t deserve the second thoughts she was giving them.  She would kill them with her bare hands allowing Bell and the guests in her mind to survive.  

Buttercup and Bubbles lagged a little behind Dexter and Blossom on their way to school.  “Don’t they look so cute holding hands like that?”  Bubbles said enthusiastically.

“Cute enough to barf.”  Buttercup replied.  

“You’re just jealous Samantha isn’t here, aren’t you.”  Buttercup lunged at Bubbles only to miss and fall face first on the ground.  “I was only teasing.  You need to learn to cool it.”  Buttercup was irked with Bubbles attitude.  To Bubbles it was okay to tease Buttercup about Samantha because despite being separated Samantha was still alive and well.  (Unlike Bubbles first love.)  It still struck Buttercup hard anytime Samantha was mentioned, though.  Buttercup wasn’t going to get mad.  She was glad to see Bubbles cheerful after a long time of her being quiet and it wasn’t her place to stop progress.  

Dexter and Blossom approached the schoolyard happily talking about a newly released book they were eager to read.  They could not seem to hide their excitement to be with each other and were always radiant as they walked into school.  If they had been like any sane student and dreaded school, those thoughts would instantly vanish knowing that school meant a chance to be together for 8 hours of the day.  

The two spent the first half of the day passing notes in class.  Mostly ones with little hearts and meaningless pet names, but more and more the notes became longer and somehow evolved into a conversation about the Rowdyruffs and Jenny.  The brothers were taking refuge at Dr. Wakeman’s (Jenny’s mother) in Megaville’s suburbs.  Eventually, Dexter and Blossom came to the conclusion that there was no more time for waiting for an attack; they had to go after The Dark Star Council.  They had three new fighters to help them and with Samantha’s inside information, maybe they could formulate some kind of plan.

During recess the sisters and Dexter sat in the shade of their favorite tree and talked.  “Samantha won’t help us fight her dad.”  Buttercup argued.  

“You could talk her into it.  She’s kind of our friend.”  Blossom was realizing how undependable Samantha would truly be.  She wasn’t really allied with Earth, after all.  “Well, maybe we can find some other way.”

“We don’t know where their base is, so it’s impossible to attack them.  Unfortunately, they seem to have all sorts of information concerning us.”  Dexter said miserably.  He war right and all of them knew it.  They couldn’t do much of anything offensively.  

Luckily, the kids didn’t have much time to wallow in self pity because without warning the ground beneath them was shaking violently.  The children on the playground were panicking and the teachers seemed utterly witless.  Blossom suggested that maybe it was only a normal earthquake only to be informed by Dexter that there were no fault lines near Megaville.  It was scientifically impossible for this to be a natural phenomenon.  

In the distance, a shadowy figure was walking calmly amongst the quake.  Dexter pointed at the figure approaching them.  At first, the girls didn’t recognize it, but after a few moments their memories were jogged by the particular way the cape was flying in the wind, or maybe it was the hunched over way it walked, or even just the familiar presence of an old enemy.  With the familiarity came an unknown feeling.  Something that shouldn’t have been there.  None of them could describe it despite their attempts, but there was something new about him.

The quake ceased.  He stood before them.  His eyes were cold and unbelievably wicked.  Their expressions were of fear and uncertainty.  Mojo grinned.  “Long time, no see.  I hope you haven’t missed me too much, girls.”

“I’ll tell you what I’ve missed.”  Buttercup growled.  “I’ve missed kicking your butt!”  She came off the ground and flew towards him with her fist pulled back, preparing for a punch that would send him flying.  The earth split beneath her as she flew over it, the green aura surrounding her brightened as she neared him and then…

He had her throat in his hand.  Her body hanged limply in the air as he looked at her like a fisherman would do to a fish after taking it off the hook.  Buttercup wasn’t aware of her neck in Mojo’s grasp or of the little whimper that Bubbles had let out at the sight of her seemingly lifeless body.  All her sense seemed to fail her as her mind sank deeper and deeper into Mojo’s own.  She could feel his despicable presence all around her.  It was taunting her, insulting her, commanding her.  

Dexter was paralyzed in fear.  Bubbles and Blossom were on the ground motionless.  If he hadn’t known better he would have assumed they fainted, but he did know better.  Bubbles screamed for her sisters in the darkness.  She cried and cried for someone to help her.  No one came.  The abyss around her offered nothing but loneliness and despair.  At first, she had no senses to rely on.  She couldn’t see or hear or even feel the emptiness.  After a moment, she was able to see the vast darkness that engulfed her and was able to sense the lack of gravity.  

A new feeling swept over her, a warm feeling on her hands.  She lifted them to her face and saw the warmth for what it was: blood.  She screamed a cry that merely echoed into oblivion with no one to hear it.  She attempted to wipe the blood on her school uniform only to discover there were no garments there and she had put the blood on more bare flesh.  She knew the blood without having to think about it, it belonged to Bell.  Had she somehow killed Bell like she had wished to so many times?

Dexter rushed at the monkey holding Buttercup.  He raised a laser gun, doing his best to aim away from Buttercup, but it was too dangerous a shot.  Mojo glared at the insolent boy and a gust of wind lifted Dexter off his feet and knocked him into the tree, rendering him unconscious.  His powers were definitely evolving faster than Dr. X had predicted.  

<He’s doing a good job.  Looks like we’ll get the planet before recess is over.>  

“Shut up.  You like this sort of violence, I don’t.”  Bell watched Mojo reluctantly.  

<You didn’t seem to mind it when you killed Boomer.>  The girl continued.

“That wasn’t me.  That was you, using my body.”

<For something you wanted.  It was your brilliant plan, fearless leader.>

“Shut up.  The sooner this is over, the better.  I hope I don’t regret this later.”

<Why should you regret doing something that’s necessary?  Not everything is black and white.  Doing what it takes to survive isn’t wrong.>  It wasn’t the mean one, it was the other girl who was delicate and loving.  She was right.  Everyone wants to live.  The Powerpuff Girls’ deaths were a necessity.

KA-POW!  Mojo lost his grip on Buttercup as he was knocked down from behind.  Butch caught her and set her down gently.  Mojo sat on the grass massaging his aching back.  “Sons, why would you do such a thing?”

Brick and Butch looked at each other.  Brick spoke to Mojo, “We’re not your kids.  You’re hurting our…friends?  You’re hurting our friends we’re warning you to get out of here.”

Mojo nearly laughed at the thought of surrendering to them now.  He felt so powerful and invincible.  What could these boys do to him?  He soon realized that he was tired from all the force he had exerted and that fighting these two would be more difficulty than he was able to deal with.

Blossom didn’t like being rescued by Brick and Butch, but she was grateful.  After seeing Dexter laying in the hospital bed with the bandages wrapped around his head, Blossom nearly cried out of guilt.  The sudden realization that he was in constant danger while with her swept over her.  She kissed him on the cheek before returning home to her bed where she tossed and turned all night with nothing but dreams of Dexter dying and Mojo Jojo over his lifeless body laughing sinisterly.  She would break up with him tomorrow and not speak to him again.  That would be best for both of them.
The <text> is thought. I didn't want to use dialogue for scenes when Bell is talking to the mystery girls by thoughts. If you haven't figured it out, the other two girls exist within Bell's mind and have since before Bleedman's PPGD. This is the explanation I am giving for her mood swings. Kick ass Bell, Gir loving Bell and decisive smart Bell are all three separate girls.

If anyone is wondering about Bubbles' weird experience, it was one of Mojo's powers. All three girls were experiencing similar events, but I used Bubbles for the story. Blossom was seeing Princess dead because of her mistakes and Buttercup was being chained down and was helpless. Mojo was created from their sins and this is the result. The other powers that he has obtained may or may not be explained later in this saga. The earthquakes and wind powers do have a reason for existing, but I don't know if you'll understand til a later part of the story.

I hope everyone enjoyed this chapter and is prepared for more. There are multiple stories in this saga and I hope you enjoy it. Criticism is welcome.
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Grim Tales From Up Above

Chapter 6

She sliced her throat with the blade, but instead of blood spraying from her neck there was a bright light that emerged from her.  She lost all strength and hit the ground hard, as her body began to dissolve into tiny gold specks being blown in the wind.

Suddenly, the towering red monster, Him, started screaming in pain.  His neck was gushing with blood in the same spot where Her had cut her throat.  Junior got up and ran as quickly as he could from his once powerful adversary to the dying girl he adored so dearly.  He lifted her head with his skeleton hand, unable to say a word.  They were both in their original bodies now, simply staring at each other while she was dissolving.  

“Why?”  He finally managed to ask.  She smiled and looked in the direction of Him who was turning black and breaking up into little pieces of ash being scattered in the breeze.  Grim and Mandy were scratching their heads as they watched Junior walk towards them.  He approached his mother and without a word wrapped his arms around her, squeezing her tightly.  

It wasn’t until several weeks later was Junior finally able to talk to his mother and explain everything that had transpired.  She didn’t scold him or tell him how stupid he had been, she just asked if he really loved her.  He gave a nod and she retuned to him an expression of sympathy and understanding.

Minnie stood in the doorway of his room while he sat on his bed locked in a daze.  She couldn’t have understood what he went through, but she still wanted to know.  She sat there next to him trying to figure out what to say when he finally broke the silence, “I didn’t know her for very long, but I know I loved her.  And now that she’s gone I don’t want to do anything except cry.”

“Brother, it is okay to be sad.  Remember that you have an eternity to find love again, so don’t become lost in despair.  If you dwell on the past then you will never have a future.”  

The next few days gradually became better for Junior.  He found himself able to get up and enjoy himself a little bit.  Minnie even took him to a secret cave she had discovered in his absence.  He was awestruck by the ghosts that lived there.  There was even a headless horseman who Minnie had befriended.  (How she did it was a mystery, seeing it was impossible to talk to him.)  He gave them a ride to an interesting circus full of trapeze swinging zombies.  Junior let himself get lost in the sights and sounds of the circus.  

Junior was finally getting back to his old self.  The events that had transpired up above seemed like nothing more than a bad dream.  Despite everything returning to normal, he still missed Her and he missed living up above.  Well, he was the prince of the Underworld and had better just get used to it he told himself.  The siblings returned home at half-past midnight and crashed on the couch.  

Junior woke the next morning to find that he was in the backseat of his dad’s car with Minnie staring into a book.  He inquired to what was going on and was answered by his mother turning around from the front passenger seat.  “We’re moving.”  She said it as though he wasn’t supposed to be surprised.  So, of course, he asked where they were moving to.   “Your Uncle Nergal’s neighbors moved out.  We’re moving up to Endsville.”  Junior merely looked up at his mother stunned, as if waiting for her to say, “NOT!  Gotcha!” but it wasn’t a joke.  That’s when he looked out the window of the mid-size car to view a glimpse of his school as they passed by.  He couldn’t believe it.  

His dad offered to turn him human for school the next day, but Junior politely refused.  He was perfectly happy being the one eyed skeleton he was.  The Grim Reaper shrugged and went out to trim the hedges with scythe in hand.  Junior led Minnie to school, telling her all about his classmates and how shocked they would be to see him like he was.  Minnie carried her books close to her chest and stared at the sidewalk, she was excited to see all the kids and jumped with joy at the idea when Junior told her there was a school play coming up.  

Junior wasn’t paying attention to where he was walking because his head was turned to Minnie while he was talking to her.  So when she stopped suddenly, he didn’t know why until he turned his head to see a girl with red eyes and long dark hair standing only a few feet in front of them.  It was Her, standing there as alive as ever, as a human girl wearing a red dress and a backpack, fully prepared for school.

Back in the distance was the shadow of the Underworld’s queen, watching the three children go off to school.  A deep Jamaican voice asked, “You know dat ya shouldn’t of done dat.  Just cuz ya have the power doesn’t always give you da right.”  She wasn’t listening to him scold her.  Instead, Mandy just smiled at her kids going off to school.
I believe that this ending definitely deserves some explanation. For everyone asking "Why did Her killing herself result in Him's death?" Here it is:

Everyone has a soul. They wouldn't be alive if they didn't. But Him, somewhere along the line, discovered that if he were to get rid of his he would be stronger than anyone had ever been. What to do with his soul once it was separated from him? That's when he created his 'daughter.' As long as she was kept safe he would be powerful and also immortal.

Think of it like a daemon from the His Dark Material series or Davey Jones' heart from Pirates of the Carribean.

As for Mandy bringing back Her, I guess that's where things start to become contradictory because this would obviously lead to Him being revived. But I wouldn't get my happy ending unless I messed it up a little. Or maybe Mandy was able to seal Him away again and allow Her to go free like before.
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Love and War…Mostly War

Saga 03 Chapter 03: The Art of Perfection

No one would have expected Blossom to get less than an A on a test.  And yet, here she was, sitting in her desk, wide eyed and seemingly on the verge of crying.  How could this happen?  An F?  What was going on in her head at the time of the test to do this poorly?  Deep breath.  Exhale.  Okay.  She reviewed her test, flipping through the stapled pages until she discovered she had missed an entire page.  How could she have just passed up a page like that?  Things were a little better now that she had discovered the reason for her failure.  It was a careless mistake, one she would prevent from happening again.  

This was the difference between Blossom and Buttercup; her ability to stop and think before acting out.  She would have loved to cry and call herself stupid the moment she saw the test, but after taking a moment to look over her errors she realized she could have done fine on the test if not for overlooking the last page.  Ms. Meryl would certainly understand allow her to explain why she didn’t complete the test and give her the opportunity to correct the mistake.  

“Ya goin to Dexter’s today, or what?”  Buttercup asked as they left school.  Blossom nodded.  “Well, pick up some soda on the way home wouldja?  Here’s some money Professor gave me to do it, but I’m goin to be at Suzie’s house til way late workin on that science fair project.”  

“You two are going to enter the science fair?”  That was different.  

“We’re gonna simulate an earthquake using a model city and a motor we’re gonna put under the table.  We think we could rig it to do some crazy stuff!”  Well, that explained it.  Buttercup could seem so one dimensional sometimes.  That wasn’t true.  She had more to her and it took Samantha to bring it out.  

Blossom wore sweater over her school uniform, hugging herself tightly to keep warm.  The sidewalks were nearly deserted at this time of day as dusk set in.  She walked slowly, still thinking about Samantha and now, about Boomer.  She didn’t really understand them at first and considered them to be her enemies, but now they were two people that should be pitied.  After all she thought she knew she still failed to see things the important things.

In her thoughts, she wasn’t really paying attention to where she was going and was caught off guard as her shoulder bumped into someone else’s.  “Why don’t you watch where you’re going?”  The arrogant, nasally voice was indisputably that of Princess’.  “Oh!  It’s you.”  They stared at each other for a long time.  Examining the other, a silent contest where the first to look away was the weaker.  

“I’m on my way home.  I don’t have time to chat.”  Blossom began walking away from Princess.  She didn’t get more than 10 feet before she felt a hard blow at the back of her skull.  She was sent at a light pole, snapping it in half on contact.  She struggled to sit up on the pavement, holding her head and wincing at the terrible amount of pain caused by Princess’ strike.  That didn’t feel like it came from her.  She doesn’t have any guns or weapons at all.  Then, how did she do it?  

Princess stood with her arms crossed, looking condescendingly at Blossom.  “Did that hurt?  Good.”  She laughed menacingly, rewarding herself for the cowardly act.  “Next time, maybe you’ll pay attention to where you’re going.”  She turned to walk away.

“Wait!  If you want to hit me from behind, that’s fine.  You wanna gloat about it?  That’s fine, too.  Just tell me one thing before you go: How did you do that?”

“Do what?  What did I do?”  Princess looked at the blue mailbox next to her.  “Are you asking about this?”  She gave a swift punch at the sturdy metal container, putting a huge dent in it and knocking it into the road to be hit by a truck.  
Envelopes were drifting downward like rain as the two girls stood just feet apart, glaring fiercely.  

Blossom could never in her life have guessed how fast Princess would be.  One moment she was there, the next moment she was gone.  Blossom was startled.  She had no time to be surprised because a second later she felt a hard blow to her stomach.  Princess had reappeared with her fist squarely in Blossom’s gut.  

“What?  Did you think that I couldn’t hurt you without my rockets?”  Blossom felt tears well up in her eyes from the pain.  She couldn’t understand what was going on.  Princess had somehow acquired super strength.  “You’re not as smart as you think you are, you know that?  You’re still sitting there, trying to figure it out.”

Blossom was tired of this.  She jumped backwards, obtained her footing and formed a fighting stance.  Princess did nothing.  She looked at Blossom with her provoking grin and mouthed the words, Bring it on.  Blossom was flying at her with her fist pulled back, ready to give the first and last punch, but she was too slow.  Princess disappeared again.  Blossom deduced that she must be moving faster than her naked eye.  She couldn’t really vanish like that, so it must be super speed.  This made her scared.  Even she couldn’t move that fast without immense stress on her body.

“Up here, Blossom!”  It was Princess calling her from in the sky.  She could fly!  Whatever.  Just beat her first and ask questions later.  Buttercup’s strategy, right?  The two girls engaged in combat above the city, Blossom now holding nothing back.  This reminded her so much of the fight with Bell, a fight that showed her just how incapable she was.  To Blossom’s relief, Princess’ moves were starting to become a little slower.  She must have used up her energy showing off earlier and now they seemed equally matched.  

Kick.  Punch.  Dodge.  Blossom unleashed a flurry of bodily attacks, all doing a fair amount of damage.  Princess, however, stood her ground.  She was determined to win this despite the pain that Blossom must be causing.  Her eyes began glowing a shade of yellow, heating up exponentially every second.  Blossom was now sure of it.  She had heat vision, too.  This confirmed her suspicion; Princess must have drunk Chemical X.  

The beam shot at her with amazing speed and accuracy.  Blossom had seen it coming, but never stood a chance of dodging it.  Her course sent her for a building, which she passed through, causing a massive hole in the structure and then falling to earth with a BOOM! And finally, surrounded by a crater 20 feet wide.  She thought she could dodge it or counter it with her own attack, but what happened?  

Princess knew all too well what happened.  She did it, that’s what.  She had trained her body and mind to work seamlessly together and to achieve any goal she was focused on.  This was what she learned from watching Brick work tirelessly to perfect his fighting and to sharpen his super powers.  This is what she had accomplished in the same manner and now she could see the fruits of her labor.
“I’m gonna let you off easy this time.  Don’t expect me to be so nice if you mess with
me again.”  

Blossom entered the bedroom exhausted and in no mood for conversation, so she ignored Bubbles when she was questioned about her sweater, which was now torn to shreds.  “Long day.”  And on top of everything, she forgot to grab the sodas she was charged with buying.  She collapsed onto her bed without a thought of showering or changing.  

Princess’ arrival home was far louder and happier.  Her was eager to be near, drawn to the taste of victory.  Bell was eager to listen to the story as well.  Samantha pretended not to care, but even she couldn’t deny her contempt for Blossom, the know-it-all bookworm.  So, Princess told her story, probably a little too well because in her new version she had leveled a city block with her awesome powers.  

The day wouldn’t be easily forgotten.  Especially because Dr. X was more than happy to put Princess in charge of the girls’ very important mission.  “I think it’s about time we show what happens when someone refuses the exclusive offers we give.  The Rowdyruff Boys insulted us by thinking they could just say no like they did.  Princess, you will lead this attack.  Your job is to capture the facility and the two boys.  I’ll decide later if I want them alive or not.”

Princess knew that this was an honor to be made commander over Bell.  He had chosen her over two of his daughters.  The only problem was that if she succeeded in capturing the Rowdyruffs she might also be killing Brick.  He was only another boy and had been mean to her on several occasions, but her affection for him had grown so dangerous that she was sure to sabotage the mission, if not on purpose then subconsciously.  

Lined up in front of her was Samantha, Her and Bell.  “This should be a piece of cake, girls.  So, let’s get this done, okay?”  The girls responded cheerfully, with an “Aye, Aye!”  Silently, Princess prayed for Brick and Butch to somehow be safe from the inevitable doom she was about to deliver.
Well, I had a request for some action and I guess it was sorely needed. This isn't the pinnacle of it though. I don't know if I want to give this foursome any kind of team name yet. They're gonna give the Rowdyruff Boys hell, you can be sure of that.

Before hitting the big fight scenes, I needed this chapter to give more insight into Princess and Blossom and if I didn't give these two a conflict the later conflict might seem to out-of-the-blue.

I'll stop talking so much and give you the last point. I hope I communicated Blossom's rationality and need for understanding clear enough because as unlikely as it seems, that will be her most important quality by the end and without it, she may fail.
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                                                    Chapter 2:
                                    “The grim reaper's worst debt"

Outside of the grim reaper's palace, at the underworld's capitol, a portal opened and through it came a tall brown haired young woman, Rose.
As soon as she closed the gate with her high tech-scythe, she began to run towards the gates of the palace, she was waiting for answers for 19 years and she will not wait a spare moment!
She found the doors opened and heard a voice with a Jamaican accent, her grandfather, the grim reaper was introducing someone:

"And ‘tis is me' wife, Mandy! Queen o' teh underworld!"

Her grandmother's cold voice was heard:

"How do you do?"

"Quite fine thank you! Grim! I believe it is now my turn to be introduced!"

Rose froze an inch before the doors, that voice! That cold heartless voice!
Even after 19 years it was recognizable!

Rose stormed through the doors and looked around the room:
Her father, Grim Jr. was sitting on the couch, still wearing that same dark set of cloths, his one eye was a little shaky.
Her mother, "Her", was sitting near Jr. with an intrigued look on her blood red eyes.
Her grandfather, Grim, was standing, trying to look as impressive as he can (though his skeletony legs were shaking so much that it looked as if his cloak was vibrating).
Her grandmother, Mandy, still blond and beautiful after all the years of her life, looked completely unconcerned and even bored, she was just backing her hand away after it was politely kissed.
And the hand kisser himself was just getting out of his bow, it was Dick alright! Rose recognized him even from behind.

She was full of fury, she could feel her skin becomes red, horns growing through her long hair, crab pincers growing in stead of hands and her hight changing upwards, she summoned her scythe and charged.
Her grandfather can explain things once Dick is dead!

She was closing in, her blade only a few more meters from Dick's bare neck, when suddenly all turned dark.
She crashed into something, something hard as steel, it closed on her from all sides and lifted her up, she could see again and now she found herself in the grasp of a giant metal hand of a giant metal.... giant?

Dick finally turned around and said:

"Good! No need to introduce your granddaughter Grim, we met earlier today!"

Rose struggled to talk but the hand was too tight on her chest for her to gather enough air, Dick continued to talk, this time he sounded a little show-offy:

"I should introduce my companion, this is Danezer, my warden, he is a battle giant who is very loyal to me, I summoned him here not only to make sure your grandchild acts nicely but also to..."

Rose managed to gather the air and shouted:


The hand pressured further on her chest and she wasn't able to get another word without suffocating.
A great thundery voice was suddenly heard from beneath the giant's helmet:


Dick smiled and pointed at one of the couches, it was pushed towards him and he sat on it comfortably, the rest of the people in the room were all staring at him, then he said:

"Oh yes! I forgot that you were about to introduce me to your relatives Grim! How rude of me! A thousand apologies! Do proceed!"

Grim's jaw fell to the ground, literally, he stood there for a few moments doing nothing but staring from Dick to Rose in Danezer's hand.
Only after a very strong elbow to the ribs by Mandy did Grim pick up his jaw, reattached it and began to speak.
Everyone’s eyes pointed at him, he looked as if he was pointed on by a spotlight (Rose saw that it was Danezer's right eye, it seemed to shine like a spotlight while his left one was not visible through the eye slits in Danezer's helmet).

"Umm...Yes!! Am! Ti's is.... Dick!"

Everyone kept looking at him with shock (except for Dick who looked amused, Danezer whose expressions were not visible and Mandy who buried her face in her palm), Grim kept muttering:

"We....We.... Met in...In one of Lucifer’s party's! He’s an aquantice! An’ a good friend o' Lucifer! We meet in events once in a while!"

"I never met him!" Said Mandy with an annoyed tone

"Actually you did!" Said Dick "A few years ago at Nergal's party, I believe you were drunk!"

Grim, Grim jr. "Her" and Rose all muttered "typical” under their breaths at the same time.
Mandy looked murderous, Dick looked entertained, Danezer’s grip seemed to loosen a little bit but Rose was too dizzy out of the lack of air to try and release herself.
Just when it looked like Mandy is about to do something painful, Grim broke the silence by saying:

“So… anyone wants some tea?”

Dick raised his hand and said:

“It would be lovely, I’ll take one sugar please! And do be hurry, we have things to discuss!”

“I’ll have one too! No sugar…Darling!” said Mandy, clearly pissed by Grim’s disturbance if judging by her tone and stare.
Grim lifted his scythe, waved it and two teacups appeared out of nowhere, one reached Mandy who drained it with one sip and the other reached Dick who held it and gave a few small and polite sips.
It began to get stormy outside and Grim Jr. went to close the window (walking on his tiptoes for unknown reasons), Rose was just about to say something when Dick finished another sip and spoke:

“The cleaver of you might have guessed that this is no social visit”

He gave another sip during which “Her” spoke to him:

“I understand that my daughter’s potential behavior might encourage you to keep her in her currant state, but I promise you that I’ll keep an eye on her once you let her go!”

Dick looked at her and then at Rose and finally at Danezer’s spotlight eye, he nodded and Danezer released Rose to the floor where her mother picked her up and took her to the couch where she was placed comfortably between her parents.
Dick spoke again after another sip of tea:

“I came to inform you Grim that you owe me a debt, and I am here to collect!”

“What?!” shouted everyone at the same time, all giving Grim a sudden very angry look, he responded by saying:

“Ey! Even I am not stupid enough to have a debt to ‘tis guy!”

“But you are stupid enough to have a debt to the Devil!”

Everyone looked at Grim again with anger, Dick kept talking, a sound of sadistic pleasure in his voice:

“You let it slip near him that you are adding sand to your dear wife’s hourglass and he convinced the “superior authorities” to leave the punishment for him to give in the form of a debt!”

Dick smiled:

“The freedom of you and all the relatives of yours who came from the pairing with Mandy! Even those connected just by marriage! Or not alive to be here!”

He was referring to Minnie Mandy of course, who was Jr.’s sister and Rose’s aunt and was presently dead in heaven even though she was revived once, but she returned to heaven eventually.

“I know that he never claimed the debt because he realized that Hell is not so different from the underworld except it’s hot, and that you will be reunited with a certain lost dear one!”

They all bowed their heads, except for Mandy who said:

“It’s good to hear some truth around here! But how exactly are you involved in all of this?”

Dick suddenly pulled a small pack from his coat and pulled out of it a deck of cards, playing all sorts of dealing games with them while saying:

“Let’s say that Lucifer never had a very good poker face! He had a high stakes Texas hold’em game last night and he lost! So in order to lighten his debt to me, he transferred your debt to him to me!”

He sat and finished his tea, meanwhile Mandy, “Her” and Rose sneaked very frightening looks at Grim who seemed to become smaller by the second, Grim Jr. then asked with a shaky voice:

“And… h…how are you going to collect… the…d…debt?”

Dick got up and strode near to Danezer while saying

“I’m glad you asked! Well, you have two choices, first one is to be locked forever in my realm of darkness, dear Danezer here always wanted me to give him some proper subjects for him to experiment new torture techniques on!”

Danezer seemed suddenly even larger then before, his spotlight was passing coldly among the family members, Mandy was about to speak when Dick spoke first, and this time there was excitement in his voice:

“The other option is a dual, a dual to the death between me and her!”

He pointed at Rose

“I’ll even make it simpler, all she really has to do to win, is knock me out cold, makes it even harder for me then for her isn’t it?”

Rose couldn’t believe it, has fate really granted her what she wished for so fast?

“An’ why do you want te’ fight her?” asked Grim

“For the same reason that I did what makes this girl so anxious now to fulfill her part in this option with great pleasure! The same act that made her so vengeful towards me!”

“An’ it is?”


Mandy raised her eyebrows while saying “Practice?!”

Dick looked at her:

“Why yes! I do not believe in unpractical training, but I’m afraid the though opponents in my world are running short at the moment, if I am to stay in shape and keep my powers fresh in mind, I need to face a challenging opponent! Whose better then this hybrid of powerful outworldly species that is so willing to end my life?! Who was better then a powerful girl like Alexandra back then?!”

“Let’s do it! I’ll knock you off and then kill you in such pains you will beg me to hurry!” shouted Rose, even though she was still hurt.

“Easy now Rose Mary!” said Dick “This is not only up to you!” He looked at Grim who stared at his feet for a few moments before saying:

“Would you mind giving me a few moments to t’ink it over? Alone?”

Dick nodded and said:

“Take your time! I’d rather not leave in such a weather anyway!”

Grim left to another room, Dick laid on the couch, Danezer pulled a huge Axe and began to sharpen it and Rose dared to ask meanwhile:

“How did you know about me? And about Alex?”

Dick smiled again, he seemed to be complimented by the interest:

“Let’s say that I had friends, friends who were intrigued by death, those friends had the means to know about certain things that happen in other worlds and underworlds.
I came to know about your babysitter’s use of old Chinese magic, it was only a matter of time before she would have used it to manipulate time and space, thus tipping me off to her location!”

Rose realized it now, the trip to the field near the stream, it was already then that her beloved Alex doomed herself.
Dick said:

“I know you must be thinking I’m a monster, that I am the worst foe you ever came to face when it comes to evilness, I am complimented of course! But don’t flatter yourself thinking that I see you in a similar way”

Rose still couldn’t move so well, she could barely close her pincers, but she spoke in a strong hateful voice:

“Yes! I’ve heard that there were people that suffered worse things from you then I did!”


“Well! But then I must be the strongest one of your enemies who is still alive, I’ll take their vengeance for them!”

“I’m afraid that we come from two very different worlds Rose Mary, I still have worse enemies among the living! They simply use wit more then skill during combat, not much of a practice!”

“Her” was the next to talk she sounded rather assertive:

“But you do give us a loophole! I mean! Surely someone knocked you out in battle before! Right?!”

Dick seemed to ignore her for a few moments, then he pulled his deck of cards again and said:

“This conversation begins to bore me!” he threw a set of cards towards all those who were present in the room  (including Danezer who had to scrap them from the floor with his axe) and said in a greedy voice:

“Texas hold’em? … Anyone?”

Meanwhile, at a small Room in the back of the castle, Grim was walking from one end of the room to the other, deep in thought, suddenly, a voice came from the shadows:

“You wish your granddaughter will stay alive yet you also want to preserve your family’s freedom but you know how dangerous Dick is!”

The voice came from a cloaked figure that was sitting in the shadows, Grim’s advisor:

“And you think that you have been pushed into a tight corner!”

Grim buried his face in his palm and said:

“Am I not?! No matter what I choose t’e rest of t’e family will hate me for eternity!”

“Perhaps! Or maybe you could offer an alternative!”

Grim looked at him and answered in anger:

“Don’t you understand?! There is no othe’ alternative!”

“Perhaps not a visible one, but did you come to notice that Dick has a very interesting way of getting certain debts paid? Hmmm?”

Grim scratched his skull and gave the advisor a confused look, the advisor answered:

“Have you not noticed that he is willing to consider debts as currency by themselves?”

Grim walked to the window and looked at the rain outside

“But, who is there o’ owes me E’s life?! I am t’e grim reaper! T’e angel of death!”

Then suddenly it stroke him, he turned to his advisor and said:

“Quickly! bring me a telephone!”

“Do not worry Grim, let me take care of it!”

A few minutes later Grim strode joyfully into the guest room and after spotting Dick he came and whispered something in his ear, Dick nodded and said aloud:

“But only if they come here really soon! Your wife is the only one here with a proper poker face!”

Three strong knocks were heard on the door, Grim Jr. was about to get up but Dick lifted his hand and Jr. froze in his place.
Dick pointed his cane at the Door just as a lightning was seen in the sky to reveal a tall white haired man and a small white haired girl standing at the doorway, both of them had something very scary in their stare.
Ohhh is it getting crowded in here or is it just me?
Let's approach this like a comic page:
Does Lucifer really has a bad poker face?
Will Grim Jr. call Dick sweetheart again?
Who is Grim's advisor?
Does he know good pizza places?
And how can you play Texas Hold'em with a giant in the size of a multifloor house?

Answers for some of these questions will be given SOON

Rose (C) Bob-dude
Grim and Mandy (C) CN
Grim Jr., Her, Minnie Mandy and other characters (C) Bleedman
Dick (C) Me and :iconcgi1:

Chapter 1- [link]
Chapter 3- [link]
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Wreck-It Ralph's Christmas Part 1

Written by Eugene "The Good" Wario

"Christmas bells those Christmas bells
Ring out from the land
Asking peace of all the world
And good will to man"


It was a few days before Christmas Eve, a few months after the "Incident" that caused much turmoil at the station. People were getting their shopping done, wrapping presents, and decoration their trees. There were many members of the goodwill foundation to help the homeless.

The train was lopsided when it arrived at the station, because it carried a 9-foot man without shoes. The same person was also carrying a ton of boxes containing a number of objects. Also on board was a little girl who was carrying a bundle of candy canes. The two of them got of the train (in the process of relieving the load that tipped it) and started walking into Game Central Station. As usual, the Surge Protector stopped one of them.

"Name?" said Surge Protector, as he looked at his notepad.

"Niko Bellic" said the big man, who was obviously lying and aggravated.

Surge Protector gave him dirty a look.

"Wreck-It Ralph"


"Fix-It Felix Jr."

"Anything to declare?"

Ralph grabbed a list from his pocket to Surge Protector. "Okay, now for the girl.  Name?"

"Sarah Sugarmama" Said the girl, who was also lying, yet she was just being an annoyance.

"Name" said Surge, automatically.

"Vanellope von Schweetz"

"Anything to declare?" Surge inquired.

"A booger of candy canes."


"By a booger, I mean a gross. Ya-doy!"

Surge just looked at her. "...Alright, you two may go."

Ralph and Vanellope left the Sugar Rush station and entered Game Central.

"I can't believe you called 144 candy canes a BOOGER!" exclaimed Ralph.

"Come on Stinkbrain, It was just a joke!"

"I know... by the way, are those all single stripe?"

"I'm sure of it. Besides, the double stripe branches would of disappeared while taking the canes off the tree."

"Oh, I see. Was it hard to...OOF!"

Ralph accidentally walked into Satan (Pronounced Sa-TEEN), Bowser, and Zangief... simultaneously. Ralph also dropped all the packages that he was carrying.

"Sorry Ralph!" Said Bowser, as he picked up some wrapping paper.

"We should have watched where we were going!" said Satan, as he picked up a few of Ralph's packages.

"No," Said Ralph, as he collected the boxes from Satan "I'm pretty sure it was my fault this time."

"Are you going to Bad-anon tonight Ralph?" Zangief asked ask he placed some gifts into a bag.

"Yes, I just have to drop off my packages in my game."  He responded as he collected the rest of his wares and left with Vanellope.

"Boy do you have the capacity to wreck everything." Said Vanellope, being her usual frisky self. "You wreck buildings, parties, candy lands, even economies!"

Ralph chuckled at Vanellope's little joke, then he asked Vanellope a question.

"Speaking of candy lands and economies, how is ruling Sugar Rush going?"

"It's going quite well; I talked to Professor Layton a few days ago to discuss the idea of a constitutional monarchy. It's the best democratic idea for our game so we can not confuse players with a new layout."

Ralph and Vanellope boarded the train to Fix-It Felix Jr. (Felix was able to build a special car for Ralph so he could fit). Ralph boarded his special car and Vanellope boarded the one in front of him.

"You know Vanellope, I am glad that tomorrow is Sunday and that the arcade is closed. It gives me more time to wrap presents."

To be continued.
Part one of a Christmas and Wreck-It Ralph Fan Fic

Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]
Part 4: [link]
Part 5: [link]
Part 6: [link]
Part 7: [link]
Part 8: [link]
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Chapter 3

Minnie's head was resting on Junior's chest while she peacefully dreamed of a dark and dreary underworld that she had since forgotten about.  She lifted her head and looked up at her sibling.  "Big brother?"

Junior yawned as he woke from his sleep.  "Yea?  What's up?"

"I wanna go home now."  He looked at her confused.  He didn't understand what she was talking about.  He really had forgotten all about the underworld.  "Brother, don't tell me that you have forgotten about our mother and father.  Surely they are waiting for us to return?"  

"I'm not sure I understand..."  SMACK!  It hit him.  How could he have just forgotten everything?!  Alright, time to leave.  He simply summoned his scythe and smiled at her.  They stood up and with a swipe of the blade a portal to the underworld was open.  

"Halt reaper!"  It was the same stupid angel.  Why wouldn't he just give up and let them go on with their lives?  It wasn't going to end until Junior shut his mouth once and for all.  With that in mind, Junior summoned his new powers and transformed to his reaper form.  

"Brother!  This isn't needed.  Please, let's just go."  She cried to him for reason, but it wasn't going to change his mind.  Junior was set on getting back at the bastard for all he'd been put through.  

Junior leaped at the angel with such speed and ferocity that his pompous blue foe was caught off-guard.  With a cheap slash at the angel's arm Junior drew first blood.  That was a lucky blow as far as the angel was concerned.  An under handed dirty demon trick that would cost the child.  

In a few minutes Junior was on the ground covered in his own green blood.  Minnie was once again standing on the side lines watching her brother helplessly.  She covered her eyes as the angel raised his blade in preparation to deliver the final blow.  And then...

Nothing.  She heard nothing.  Minnie removed her hands from her eyes to see her mother with her hand gripping the angel's right wrist, halting him from attacking.  She was standing there expressionless holding back the titanic beast.  Minnie realized that it wasn't her mother's strenght holding back the angel, but her glare that stopped him in his tracks.  He was scared of her, just like everyone else that had ever been in contact with her.  

Minnie scarcely remembered her mother holding her as an infant.  Her mother wasn't very affectionate or easy to talk to, but the love was there, it was crystal clear if you let yourself see it.  

Mandy let go of the angel allowing him to fall to the ground with a loud thud.  She turned her attention to her daughter with those piercing red eyes.  Minnie wasn't alive, but if she was she wouldn't have been able to breathe at the sight of her mother's soul stealing eyes.  Without warning Mandy smiled, "I thought you were ready to go home?  Are you going to stand there all day or do you like fighting angels?"  She turned around, kneeled down, lifted Junior into her arms and carried him to the portal.  

When they emerged on the otherside Junior reverted back and was once again reminded of current circumstances.  Minnie's body was scattered on the floor.  Uncle Jack, Aunt Sally, and his father were all standing around the corpse.  Minnie and Junior approached the scene in silence.  

Mandy looked at Sally.  "You're good with a needle, right?"  
I really wanted to see Grim Tales be concluded. I am pretty sure that Bleedman was going to have Sally stitch up Minnie's body. It seems to be the most logical way for her to end up like she is.

Now that I finished this, I want to have Her show up and start that story up. Unfortunately, I have no idea what Bleedman's original story would have been with Her so I don't know where to start.

Any ideas?
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Your Future Enemy

The Ultimate Sponge

Everything was dark at first until SpongeBob opened his eyes to see what happened to him.
“Huh?” SpongeBob wondered as he looked around. He saw he was now in what looked like an auditorium that was full of teens for an assembly, and he was sitting by none other than Sam and Tucker. “Sam, Tucker.” SpongeBob said happily. “Thank goodness you’re here. Where’s Danny?”
But before they could answer, Mr. Lancer was on stage announcing, “You’re future is not carved in stone, people. But it may be carved with a number 2 pencil.”
Sam and Tucker just groaned, “Oh, please.”
SpongeBob just looked at them oddly. “Uh…guys? What’s going on here?”
“Weren’t you listening, SpongeBob?” Sam asked as she looked down at SpongeBob from the chair behind him.
“Yeah,” Tucker also said next to him. “It happens to be the most important test of your lifetime.”
“Test?” SpongeBob questioned.
“As most of you have forgotten, you will be taking the Career Aptitude Test on Saturday.” Lancer announced as the words ‘C.A.T’ appeared on a giant screen behind him. “Do well like Miss. Fenton here who got the highest score in the history of the C.A.T. And a successful future will be assured.”
“C.A.T.?” SpongeBob questioned. “I don’t know anything about a cat test!” he then stood up in his chair and yelled, “WHAT’S GOING ON HERE?!”
This made everyone in the auditorium stare at him including Sam, Tucker, Jazz, and Mr. Lancer.
“Mr. Fenton, you’re foolishness is a sign of what is to come if you don’t put your mind on your C.A.T. test.” Mr. Lancer said.
“Fenton?” SpongeBob questioned about what he said. “But my last name is SquarePants.”
But, Mr. Lancer just continued, “Such as having a career at the Nasty Burger should you fail like Irving ‘Third Degree’ Burn here, who got the lowest score in the history of the C.A.T., and you will be doomed to a career at the Nasty Burger.”
“Hey,” Irving said. “Working at the Nasty Burger takes brains you know. If those 42 Nasty secret herbs and spices in our Nasty sauce overheated, it could cause an explosion that could take out a whole city block.” But no one in the auditorium seemed to care, and he just left as he groaned. “Oh, who am I kidding, my life is over.”
Then, Mr. Lancer held out a pamphlet. “These aren’t just the answers to your test, these are the answers to your future.” Then he put them in a briefcase and handcuffed to his wrist. “So, study. “Remember, it’s your future. Do you want fries with it?”
SpongeBob just go an odd look as he slumped back into his seat. “But…but…I already have a job.”
Then Tucker whispered, “Ghost fighting doesn’t count as a real career, SpongeBob.”
“Ghost fighting?” SpongeBob questioned with a confused look.

Later on, SpongeBob was pacing around in the kitchen of Fenton Works. “I don’t get it.” SpongeBob told himself. “I’m here in Amity Park, but where’s Danny? Why does his teacher think I’m him? Why do Sam and Tucker think I fight ghost?” then he looked on the table where a sample of the C.A.T. was. “And WHY do I have to take a cat test?”
Then Jazz came in to see how he was doing. “SpongeBob, why aren’t you preparing for your test?” she asked. “Don’t you want to have a promising future?”
“Jazz!” SpongeBob called. “You gotta help me! Something weird is going on, Danny’s missing, and I can’t get back home to Bikini Bottom!”
Jazz just looked at him oddly. “SpongeBob, what are you talking about?”
“What do you mean what am I talking about? Your brother Danny. Ever since I landed here, I haven’t seen him at all.”
“SpongeBob, you’re my brother.” Jazz told him. “And all I want is for you to succeed.”
SpongeBob gasped in shock. “But, I’m not your brother. I don’t even belong in this world! Danny does!”
Jazz just got a confused look. “I think you might be a little stressed out by this test. But, don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll have a very promising future ahead of you.”
Then, SpongeBob’s eyes suddenly widen in realization. “Wait a moment…the future. Come to think of it, this is just like what Danny told me earlier.”
“Who’s Danny?”
But SpongeBob just continued, “If that battle from before had thrown me into that portal, then that must mean…” SpongeBob then put his hands on his head as he cried, “OH—“
“Time Out!” a voice shouted that caused SpongeBob to freeze when he was about to fall over and Jazz to stop when she was about to sneeze.
Suddenly, a portal appeared, having Clockwork come out along with another ghost that was asleep.
“So, it is true.” Clockwork said as turned into a child and floated past SpongeBob and Jazz. “It would seem that the path of this story will now be walked by someone else this time.”
Then Clockwork took out a medallion and put it over the young ghost’s neck, causing her to wake up.
“Huh? What?” the ghost wondered. “Where am I?”
“Amity Park, before you were born.” Clockwork answered as he turned into an old man, and then pointed at the frozen SpongeBob. “That there is a sponge, my employers believe him to be a threat to the world this time around. Will you be a dear and dance a little dance for our guest.” He asked as he turned into an adult.
Then the ghost glared angrily just as Clockwork pushed a button on his staff. “Time In!”
Clockwork disappeared, and then time began moving again. SpongeBob fell on the ground shouting, “NO!”
Then Jazz sneezed as SpongeBob got up in front of her, grabbing her shirt as he shouted, “What’ll I do, Jazz? I’m not allowed to be here!”
“This is where you live.” Jazz answered oddly until she spotted the ghost behind him. “But if you really feel that way, I don’t want to see you or anything you might do here in the next several minutes.” She lied as she began to walk out.
SpongeBob just groaned in frustration. “Aww…So much for getting her smart help.” But then he turned around and spotted the ghost behind him, causing him to scream. “Aah! Who are you?”
“I am Box Lunch!” the ghost shouted. “Daughter of the Box Ghost and the Lunch Lady!”
“Oh…” SpongeBob said now understanding. “I guess if Danny were here, he would say, ‘Yikes!’.”
“And now…you will face the test of my box and lunch faced doom!” Box Lunch shouted as she made a bunch of boxed food float around her. “And now- and you probably knew this was coming- beware!”
SpongeBob looked around unsure what to do. “Oh no, what do I do?” he frantically looked around until he smiled. “I know! I’ll look for Danny! He’ll take care of Lunch Box.”
He sped off as Box Lunch shouted, “Lunch Box? I AM BOX LUNCH! And you shall not run away from me!”

Outside the Nasty Burger, Mr. Lancer was laughing until his Nasty Burger suddenly floated away from him. “Fast Food Nation!” he said in shock.
Inside the Nasty Burger, SpongeBob suddenly bursts through the front doors as he yelled, “I’m looking for someone by the name of Danny Phantom here!”
Everybody in the restaurant just stared at SpongeBob until their nasty burgers, fries, and drinks started floating around. Then Box Lunch phased in and tackled SpongeBob onto a table and pinned him down. Everyone started screaming and running out of the restaurant.
“Prepare to taste defeat, and perhaps a nice side salad with that.” Box Lunch nicely said.
“Uh…” SpongeBob said as he weakly smiled. “Sure.”
“Too bad!” Box Lunch yelled. “You shall feast on my empty calories of doom!”
SpongeBob yelled, and then managed to throw Box Lunch off of him and stand up. But then Box Lunch lunged a bunch of food at SpongeBob, knocking him over the front counter, and allowing him to hear a conversation.
“Let’s get out of here,” the Nasty Burger employee said.
“No! You can’t leave!” Irving shouted. “As a duly deputized Nastronaut, you took an oath to protect the Nasty Sauce from overheating at all cost.”
“At minimum wage?” the girl employee said. “I don’t think so.” Then she and the other employee left.”
Then Irving followed and shouted out the door. “You can kiss Employee of the Month goodbye!”
SpongeBob came out from behind the counter after hearing the conversation, “Hmm…This gives me an idea. And I’ll bet Danny would do the same thing also.” SpongeBob said as he grabbed the condiment packets. “Of course I remember him telling me that this caused disastrous consequences later on. But, I’m sure it’s no big deal.” He then ran over to the stove and heated up the packet.
Box Lunch had lifted up a bunch of condiment packets as she smirked. “Prepare for—Huh?”
But SpongeBob had slid out holding a smoking ketchup packet. “Fire in the hole!” he yelled as he threw the packet toward the ghost just as it exploded. But when the explosion was about to hit SpongeBob, he quickly blew a protective bubble with his bubble wand that pushed the protected SpongeBob out.
Outside the Nasty Burger, Sam and Tucker were on the ground just as SpongeBob fell flat on his face next to them.
“SpongeBob, who was that ghost you were fighting?” Tucker asked.
Sam helped SpongeBob up as he mumbled due to the fact that there was a large yellow envelope stuck on his face.
“What was that?” Tucker asked confused.
SpongeBob pulled off the envelope and answered, “Sorry about that. But, I ran into Box Lunch, who just so happens to be the daughter of the Box Ghost and the Lunch Lady.”
“Yikes.” Sam and Tucker both said in unison.
“Ah ha!” SpongeBob yelled in triumph. “I knew he would’ve said ‘Yikes’.” Then he looked down and spotted Clockwork’s Time Medallion, and he picked it up. “I know this thing…”
“What is that thing you had on your face?” Tucker asked about the envelope.
SpongeBob looked at the envelope he was holding, and he opened it up to see something. “Holy krabby patties! These are the answers to the cat test!” he said in shock. “These are the ones Danny told me about!”
“SpongeBob, what the heck are you talking about?” Sam asked. “Who is this Danny you keep bringing up?”
“And what are you gonna do now that you have the answers?” Tucker asked.
SpongeBob had a puzzled look as he looked at the answers and the Time Medallion in each hand. He instead turned around and wondered out loud. “Where is Danny? Why do I have the answers instead of him? WHAT’S GOING ON HERE?!”

At Casper High, SpongeBob was now walking with Sam and Tucker in the halls since he apparently now goes to that school.
“SpongeBob, you’re really doing the honest thing.” Tucker asked.
“I must say, SpongeBob, this has to be the most honest thing you’ve done.” Sam smiled.
“Thanks, guys.” SpongeBob said as he turned around and smiled. “Danny might’ve cheated, but I certainly won’t. And who knows? Maybe the future will be better this time.”
Sam rolled her eyes. “There he goes again with this imaginary Danny person of his.”
SpongeBob reached the Faculty Lounge and took a deep breath as he knocked on the door. ‘This is it.’ SpongeBob thought. ‘I’ll prevent this horrible future from ever happening. Of course I have no idea what it might lead to later on.’ But then he began to sadden. ‘But what if it still happens because I end up failing that test for Danny if he never comes back to take it? Then he’ll certainly have a horrible future for sure and it’ll be my fault this time.’
Then, the door opened and Mr. Lancer came out. “Yes, Mr. Fenton.”
“Actually, it’s Mr. SquarePants.” SpongeBob kindly corrected.
Mr. Lancer just frowned and SpongeBob giggled nervously as he said, “Uh…Mr. Lancer…I have something I need to give you. It’s the…the…”
When SpongeBob was about to pull out the test answers from out of the back of his pants, he stopped and screamed, “I CAN’T DO IT!” then he ran away crying with Mr. Lancer staring oddly.
Sam and Tucker had surprised looks as they ran to follow SpongeBob.

Later on in Danny’s room…or for now, SpongeBob’s room, he was with Sam and Tucker as he was telling his story to them.
“So like I said,” SpongeBob explained. “This is Danny’s room and you are his friends as am I. I’m also from the world of Bikini Bottom.”
Tucker couldn’t help but giggle. “Bikini Bottom?”
SpongeBob laughed also. “Yeah, it is a wonderful place to live.”
Sam just frowned as she asked, “But, if what you’re saying is true then explain that thing.” She pointed to the Time Medallion SpongeBob was holding.
SpongeBob held it out and explained, “This is a Time Medallion. This happens to belong to a ghost called Clockwork.”
“Clockwork?” Tucker questioned. “It sounds like someone from the future.”
“Future.” SpongeBob said remembering something, and then he turned to the C.A.T. test answers on the table.
He walked over to it, as Sam stood up and said, “SpongeBob, first you chicken out in returning it and now you’re gonna cheat?”
“Of course I’m not gonna cheat.” SpongeBob answered. “I’m not even gonna take the test.”
“Not take the test.” Tucker questioned. “But what about your future?”
“I’m already a great fry cook.” SpongeBob smiled. “Besides even if I do look at the answers, it wouldn’t matter anyway. Danny will be here to take the test. Where else could he have gone?”
Sam and Tucker looked at each other as SpongeBob begins to slowly open the envelope. But then, SpongeBob just tears it open and takes out the answers staring at them for a few seconds until a giant glow came into the room.
They see it’s someone that looks like a combination of the ghosts, Skulker and Technus. Sam and Tucker sigh in relief until they say, “I mean…’Oh no, a ghost’.”
SpongeBob gasped in fear at who he saw. “Who…Who are you?”
“I am SkulkTech 9.9, the future Ghost World’s greatest hunter.” Skulker introduced.
Then Technus introduced, “With its greatest techno villain as his operating system.”
“You guys are working together now?” SpongeBob asked.
“Is that an ‘ew’ or a ‘yikes’?” Tucker asked.
SpongeBob struck a thinking pose. “Uh…I think Danny might make this an ‘ew’ moment. What do you guys think?”
But while he wasn’t paying attention, SkulkTech made a bunch of large metal tentacles come out that grabbed SpongeBob and swung him around.
“SpongeBob!” Sam yelled. “Why aren’t you going ghost?”
“Because I can’t go ghost…” SpongeBob yelled as he swung into Sam and Tucker, knocking them out of the room.
Then SkulkTech pulled SpongeBob close as Skulker said, “Say goodbye…”
Then he lowered him to Technus. “Ghost sponge.”
“What sponge?” SpongeBob asked in a scared tone.
But right when they were about to finish SpongeBob off, there was a beeping tone. “Someone’s hacking into the system…again?” Skulker asked. “I thought we fixed that?”
“We did.” Technus mentioned. “It must’ve accidentally synced up with somebody else’s PDA!”
Then their jets operated as they flew out of the room intangible, taking SpongeBob along with them.
While the three were flying in the air out of control, Skulker yelled, “What are you waiting for? Activate the Purple Back Gorilla Override!”
“Don’t tell me how to do my job!” Technus snapped back.
While they were flying, SpongeBob struggled out of their mechanical claws, and when he got out, he screamed as he fell toward the ground. But, SpongeBob managed to grab onto a flagpole.
“Phew,” SpongeBob said in relief. “Glad that’s over. At least this flagpole isn’t a fake.” But then it suddenly broke having SpongeBob fall into a dumpster. “Well, at least I ditched that SkulkTech guy.” But then a metal tentacle suddenly grabbed SpongeBob and shocked him.
“You’re not in your ditch yet.” Skulker said.
“But we’ll gladly dig one up once we’ve finished you.” Technus added.
While SpongeBob was still trapped, he suddenly heard a voice call out, “I wouldn’t bet on that!”
Then SpongeBob saw Sam and Tucker running toward him as Tucker used his PDA to shut down SkulkTech and he landed on top of a street light unconscious.
“Thanks for the help, guys.” SpongeBob told his friends as he stood up.
“You know, SpongeBob,” Tucker said. “I don’t understand why you couldn’t just go ghost.”
“I told you I can’t.” SpongeBob mentioned.
“Never mind that for now, Tucker. Let’s just see if we can get this thing off.” Sam said as she and Tucker tried getting the claw off of SpongeBob.
But then they stop when they spot SkulkTech’s medallion fall off and they all glow blue as they disappear.

They soon fly out of the Time Portal and into Clockwork’s realm.
“Where are we?” Tucker asked as he, SpongeBob, and Sam look around.
“I know this place.” SpongeBob recognized. “This is Clockwork’s lair.”
“We got here right after his medallion fell off.” Sam remembered.
“And I think I know how to get us back.” Tucker said as he grabbed a Time Medallion. “Ah ha!” but he realized he was still here. “Nothing huh?”
“No, but nice bling.” Sam joked as she walked off somewhere.
SpongeBob stared at the medallion as he wondered, “I have the strangest feeling something is supposed to happen next, but I don’t know what.”
“Is it this, SpongeBob?” Sam asked as he and Tucker walk over to she what’s she’s looking at.
On a portal, they see Dark Dan Phantom shooting ecto-blast everywhere in Amity Park as he smirked evilly.
SpongeBob gasped. “It’s…Danny’s evil future self.”
“Actually, I think I’m seeing YOUR future and you’re kinda a jerk.” Sam told SpongeBob.
“What?!” SpongeBob asked in shock. “But that can’t be!”
Then they watch more to see a bunch of futuristic police cars, helicopters, and tanks surrounding Dark Dan. But he just smirks and fires his Ghostly Wail at them, blowing it all away.
“Okay, you’re REALLY a jerk.” Sam told SpongeBob again.
SpongeBob just had a shocked look. “But that’s not supposed to happen. Dark Dan is Danny’s evil future self.” Then he crossed his arms and frowned. “Besides…There’s no way I can ever grow up to be that ugly.”
“Alright, SpongeBob, just tell me one thing.” Sam said. “Who IS this Danny guy and where is he?”
SpongeBob just shrugged and Tucker turned to SkulkTech with his PDA. “Let’s see if this future boy knows anything about…” but then SkulkTech floated in the air and went through the Time Portal. “I didn’t do it.”
“I did.” A voice called out and they turn to see Clockwork. “I sent him back to his own time, or should I say forward to his own time.” Clockwork explained as he turned into an old man. “You see, time moves forward and backward, repeating all its moments…Oh, why do I bother, you probably don’t even understand.”
“Clockwork!” SpongeBob said as he smiled in joy.
“That’s Clockwork?” Tucker asked.
“SpongeBob SquarePants,” Clockwork said as he turned into a child, looking at the sponge. “I can see you’ve been doing a few things lately.”
“Yes, I have.” SpongeBob said. “I was hoping you can tell me what I’m doing here in the past and where Danny is.”
Clockwork answered, “You have stepped through my Time Portal and reached a certain point of time.” He then turned into an old man. “As for Danny, well…I’m looking at him right now.”
“Really?” SpongeBob asked excitedly and looked around. “Where? Where?”
“Uh…SpongeBob?” Sam said as she pointed to him. “I think he means you.”
“Me?” SpongeBob asked in confusion. “I can’t possibly be Danny.”
“How should I explain this in terms even you can understand?” Clockwork explained, now an adult. “You see…you have caused a disruption in the time stream which has caused a Time Paradox.”
“Time Paradox?” SpongeBob asked puzzled.
“Yes,” Clockwork nodded, now an old man. “You are now serving in the place of Danny Fenton, and now everything Danny has ever done in his past has now been done by you.”
“Me?” SpongeBob asked in shock. “You mean I’m now Danny Fenton?”
“Correct again, SpongeBob. Which also means…he is now you.” the child Clockwork pointed at the Time Portal which shows Dark Dan lift up a car and throw it.
“Oh, tartar sauce.” SpongeBob said as he slapped his forehead. “I guess that means I really am now living the moment where Danny cheats on his cat test and becomes evil.” But then he gets a smile as he pounds his fist into his hand. “But it also means I can prevent it before it happens by not cheating.”
“On the contrary.” The old man Clockwork said approaching SpongeBob. “Just because you’re walking in someone else’s shoes now, doesn’t mean you can alter it however you like. Time must move the way it was meant to be and must walk the same path no matter who’s walking down it.”
SpongeBob had a confused look. “I’m…not quite sure what that meant exactly. But if it means I have to go through all the things Danny went through…I WANNA GO BACK HOME!” he then ran away screaming. “WHAHAHAHAHA!”
The adult Clockwork then pushed a button on his staff. “Time Out!”
SpongeBob then froze and ran backwards to where he was before. “WHA!” SpongeBob then stopped. “Whoa, did I just cry backwards.”
“You cannot outrun time.” Clockwork mentioned.
“Oh, yes I can.” SpongeBob said as he began to run away as fast as he could.
“Time Out!” the old man Clockwork said as he stopped SpongeBob again and made him run backwards into a wall repeatedly.
“I could do this all day.” Clockwork stated as he turned into an old man. “But, I have a schedule to keep.”
Once SpongeBob was frozen again, Clockwork was an adult again grabbed his scythe and went up to SpongeBob.
“How is it that he can freeze time for SpongeBob, but not us?” Tucker asked Sam, who was frozen in time. “Sam?” he waved his hand in front of her, but then looked at his medallion in realization. “I knew these medallions were good for something, it’s like a get out of time free card.”
Clockwork went up to SpongeBob with his scythe. “Like I said, time must walk on the same path.”
When he was about to slice SpongeBob, Tucker grabbed his scythe. “Sorry, no sudden death overtime in this game.” He threw a Time Medallion to SpongeBob and Sam.
Once SpongeBob was unfrozen, he looked around. “Hey, what happened?”
Sam smiled as she held her medallion. “We leveled the playing field. Just get the bad guy-“
“You three have seen too much. You three must be eliminated before you permanently alter the time stream.” Clockwork stated. Then a bunch of different time versions of Clockwork appeared. “Nowhere to run.”
SpongeBob looked around franticly. “Think, Sponge. What would Danny do?” then he spotted the Time portal. “Sam, Tucker, this way!” he grabbed a hold of his friends and quickly jumped through the Time Portal.
“Just as I expected you to do.” Clockwork smirked.

Soon, SpongeBob, Tucker, and Sam reached the future of Amity Park. “Man,” Tucker said amazed. “If this is what we have to look forward to, I’m definitely not taking the C.A.T.”
SpongeBob sighed as he looked around. “It’s worse than I thought. And now I’m partly responsible for it.”
“You’re definitely responsible for it.” Valerie said as she showed up on her jet sled and shot an ecto-blaster at SpongeBob.
SpongeBob quickly ducked as he screamed, “Valerie!” he kept running away as Valerie kept shooting at him. “You have to listen to me! I don’t belong here!”
“It’s no use playing innocent with me.” Valerie shouted as she shot a net at SpongeBob which he got trapped in.
SpongeBob whimpered as Valerie walked up to him. “Why must I always get attacked whenever I go to the future?”
“Been waiting a long time for this.” Valerie growled as she aimed a large cannon at SpongeBob. “Goodbye and good-“
“Valerie, no!” Tucker cried as he and Sam got in front of SpongeBob.
“Don’t shoot!” Sam also cried.
Valerie got a shocked look. “Sam? Tucker? It’s not possible! This is a trick! You can’t be alive!”
“Wait?” Tucker said in shock. “Not alive? That’s our future? I’m DEFINITELY not taking the C.A.T.”
The C.A.T.” Valerie wondered. “That’s the last time I saw you alive. The big explosion at the Nasty Burger, you, Tucker, SpongeBob’s family.” Then she angrily aimed the cannon at SpongeBob. “And it was all your fault!”
But then, an ecto-beam suddenly hit Valerie, knocking her away as she screamed. Then SpongeBob, Sam, and Tucker look up to see Dark Dan Phantom floating above them.
“Actually, that was me.” He said as he looked at SpongeBob. “And you…eventually.”
Then Dark Dan landed in front of them. “Sam and Tucker, it’s been a while. Ten years to be accurate.” Then he waved a green beam at the two, freezing them. “So to what do I owe this little blast from the past?” then he spotted Sam wearing a Time Medallion. “Clockwork. Meddling again
“Wait just a darn minute!” SpongeBob yelled out. “How can I turn into you? I mean, I don’t even have ghost powers!”
Dark Dan looked at SpongeBob, and smirked. “Looks like I was a lot more foolish and stupid then I remember.”
But then a blast suddenly hit Dark Dan, knocking him back into a building. But he quickly got up to see Valerie with her wrist-ray smoking. When she tried firing at him again, Dark Dan flew over and grabbed her arms. SpongeBob managed to get out of the net just as he saw Dan punch Valerie away to the ground.
“I suppose for our respect for our past I should let you live.” Dark Dan said angrily as he grabbed her. “But that’s not how I work.”
Then he punched Valerie away with SpongeBob watching. “Oh no, Valerie!” he quickly stretched out his arm around a fire hydrant and pulled himself back as he slingshots himself ahead of Valerie and has her crash into him to soften her landing. It didn’t hurt SpongeBob one bit.
SpongeBob stood up just as Valerie opened her eyes. “You’re from the past, aren’t you?”
SpongeBob wasn’t sure how to answer. “Uh…he, eh, eh, eh. I guess you can say that.”
“Almost…forgot how sweet and adorable you were back then.” Valerie said before she passed out.
SpongeBob’s eyes brightened up. “You think I’m sweet and adorable?” then his eyes widen. “Oh no, almost forgot about Sam and Tucker.”
Then he quickly ran away and spotted Dan in front of Sam and Tucker about to kill them. SpongeBob angrily picked up a rock and threw it at Dan’s head, causing him to drop Sam and Tucker, unfreezing them.
“Quick, guys! Run!” SpongeBob called out.
“Run?” Dark Dan said as he smirked. “Where are they going to go?”
Then he uses his Ghostly Wail while SpongeBob covers his ears and Sam and Tucker stop to see the Fenton Works building along with the Op-Center about to fall on them. But Tucker managed to tell Sam, “For the record, I blame you.”
SpongeBob gasped in shock as the building fell on top of Sam and Tucker, and when he tried to run after them, Dark Dan grabbed the back of his shirt and picked him up. “Uh, uh, uh.” Dark Dan smirked.
SpongeBob got a horrified look when he saw the building fall on Sam and Tucker, but then Dark Dan suddenly shocked him with an ecto-beam and tossed him toward the building. SpongeBob got back up and suddenly smiled as he spotted the two Time Medallions on the ground. “Hey, it’s their Time Medallions. That means they’re back in their own time period safe and sound.” He looked at his own Time Medallion around his neck. “And with this off, I can-“
“What?” Dark Dan said as he picked SpongeBob up by his necktie. “Go back with them? They’re doomed anyway, and you’re not going anywhere if you can’t remove your Time Medallion.”
Dark Dan took off SpongeBob’s Time Medallion, and then shoved it in his mouth having SpongeBob swallow it as he passed out from exhaustion.

Much later, SpongeBob groaned as he began to wake up. But he realized he was unable to move his arms due to the fact that he was tied up with a glowing rope. The first thing he saw was a statue of the Fentons along with Sam and Tucker.
“Mr. and Mrs. Fenton? Sam? Tucker? Jazz?” SpongeBob wondered as he saw an inscription on the statue. “’Gone but Not Forgotten’?” then he turned to see a statue of Mr. Lancer only it just had the inscription ‘Gone’. “Aww.” Then he looked around at the ruins of the Nasty Burger. “What happened to the Nasty Burger?”
“Strange how one massive fireball of highly combustible condiments can ruin your whole future.” Dark Dan said as he came over.
“Dark Dan.” SpongeBob said a bit scared. “This is all a horrible mistake.”
“You think it’s a mistake?” Dark Dan asked. “The only great mistake you ever made was turning into me.” He then made a portal appear in front of him.
“But that’s the thing, you see.” SpongeBob explained. “I’m not supposed to become you. A friend of mine is your real past self, and he was able to stop you. Just like-“
“Like you will?” Dark Dan asked as he changes to look just like SpongeBob. “Oh please. Whoever your friend is doesn’t seem to exist anymore. And even if you are my past self now, this just makes things a lot easier for me.” He then grabbed SpongeBob and tossed him into the Ghost Zone as he screamed.

While SpongeBob was now in the Ghost Zone, he struggled to break free from the rope until he realized he was unable to.
“Well, here I am.” SpongeBob said as he floated in the Ghost Zone, “Floating helplessly in the Ghost Zone while my new evil future self, who was originally my friend’s evil future self, is walking around like me and planning to cheat on the cat test to assure his future of evilness.” He sighed depressively. “I guess this proves I can’t defeat him like Danny did. I don’t have any ghost powers or the strength and tallness to do so…I’m just me. But at least it can’t get any worse than this.”
Well, well, well.” SpongeBob turned to see a much more buff and tougher-looking version of the Box Ghost ahead of him. “All this time we were wondering on how we’d take the fight to you, and here you are wrapped up like a present.”
SpongeBob started to tremble in fright. “B-B-B-B-Box Ghost?”
“Beware…” Box Ghost said as he made energy into the shape of a box in his hand and shot it at SpongeBob, knocking him back into a fat Ember.
“Ember!” SpongeBob exclaimed. “You look kinda different. Did change your hair…or is it your makeup?”
“Or is it that I went to seed right after you destroyed my vocal cords with that Ghostly Wail of yours?!” Ember angrily shouted.
“Uh…no?” but Ember just blasted SpongeBob away on her guitar.
SpongeBob was knocked into the side of a wheelchair and he looked up to see an old Johnny 13. “Uh…You wouldn’t happen to be Johnny 13, would you?” SpongeBob asked nervously.
“Been waiting a long time for this, punk.” Johnny growled as his Shadow blasts SpongeBob away as the future ghosts continued to beat up SpongeBob along with SkulkTech and Kitty who joined in.
“Come on, guys.” SpongeBob tried to explain, but was weak from the beatings he took. “I’m not responsible for all this, I…I am responsible, am I?”
SkulkTech grabbed SpongeBob with his claw as Skulker said, “Of course you are, runt. You’re responsible for all the horrible that happened to your world and ours.”
“To everyone you ever come in contact with.” Technus added.
Ember grabbed SpongeBob, and pushed him away, “Your family, your friends, and most importantly…us.”
The ghosts charged up their attacks about to finish off SpongeBob while he just floated there.
‘I’m doomed here.’ SpongeBob thought. ‘I can’t do what Danny would do if he were in this predicament.’
SpongeBob looked up to see the ghosts about to attack him, and he flinched with his feet in the air as he clacked them together. But then, they oddly glow green as a sonic wave appeared out of them that started to push the ghosts away as they screamed, and the rope holding him together disappeared.
Once the wave stopped, SpongeBob opened his eyes to see he was still alive and that the ghosts were no longer there. He smiled and looked at his shoes. “I may not have Danny’s Ghostly Wail, but I have the next best thing. My Ghost Repel Shoes. But the real problem now is how will I get out of here and back to the present? What would Danny do?” he stopped pondering when he thought of something. “Go see Vlad! Well…I don’t think Danny would do that. But this time, I’m doing what I would do.”
SpongeBob then used his Ghost Repel Shoes to jet over to Vlad’s portal.

Once SpongeBob came out of the Ghost Portal in Wisconsin, he heard a voice call, “Come to kick a defenseless old man in his weakened state?”
SpongeBob turned around to someone sitting in a chair. “Vlad, is that you?” he saw Vlad turn around now old with a beard. “Vlad! You look…nice.”
“I can see you’re here in your naïve self.” Vlad said as he walked over to SpongeBob. “That’s something I haven’t seen in years.”
“Mr. Vlad Masters!” SpongeBob shouted as held onto his shirt. “My evil future self, who really wasn’t supposed to be my evil future self is in the present about to kill my friends. But, I can’t get back because a medallion is inside me, but now- and I can’t believe I’m saying this- I need your help to get back before it’s too late!”
Vlad pushed SpongeBob off of him. “Calm down, boy. You really expect me to help you?” he turned away from SpongeBob sadly. “You have done terrible things all these years, and now you expect me to believe you are not as you seem?”  
“Well…no.” SpongeBob answered sadly. “The truth is I had my own evil future once. And it was one that I was able to stop on my own. But he didn’t take away my friends’ lives or caused pain and misery to all of my enemies like Danny’s did. But now that Danny’s not here and his horrible future is now mine…” he got a determined look. “I have to stop it. Vlad…do you still have those Ghost Gauntlet thingies?”
Vlad went to a table and grabbed the Ghost Gauntlets as he put them on. “You mentioned before that you have a medallion lodged within you keeping you rooted in this time period.”
“Right,” SpongeBob nodded. “And I can’t wait that long for it to come out on its own. But if you can use those retractable claws to pull it out of me, I’ll pop over to the present.”
“Or I could just destroy you now and prevent this future.” Vlad mentioned as the claws of the Ghost Gauntlets came out. “Didn’t think of that.”
SpongeBob had a scared look with his mouth wide open as a shadow on the wall showed Vlad using the Ghost Gauntlets as he stuck it in SpongeBob’s mouth as he screamed. But Vlad was easily able to pull the medallion out of his body.
When it was over, SpongeBob was panting heavily as he looked at Vlad. “You didn’t destroy me.”
“Foolish sponge,” Vlad said. “I said I COULD destroy you. I never said I would.”
SpongeBob smiled thankfully. But then he quickly ran to a table and put on the Specter Deflector. Then he ran over to Vlad and grabbed the Ghost Gauntlets from him.
“Thanks, Vlad.” SpongeBob as he glowed blue. “I’ll always remember this. Even when I’m kicking your butt with my friends.” Then he disappeared back into the present.

In the present, Dark Dan was laughing evilly after having stuck the Fentons, Sam, Tucker, and Mr. Lancer to the boiler of the Nasty Burger when it was about to explode.
Then Dark Dan stopped when he heard familiar screaming. Then he spotted SpongeBob falling out of the sky, wearing the Ghost Gauntlets as he punched Dark Dan away.
SpongeBob then walked over to everyone as he said, “Don’t worry, you guys. You may not technically be my family, but your Danny’s family, and I won’t let the people he loves be destroyed.” Then he looked at Mr. Lancer, who had a look of shock. “Oh, and…I’ll save you too.”
But then, an Ectoplasmic Energy Constrict tied around SpongeBob, and pulled him away into Dark Dan’s grasp.
“You actually came back.” Dark Dan glared at SpongeBob. “You must be an even bigger fool than I thought.”
“If you were really my new evil future self, you would know.” SpongeBob replied.
“Then getting rid of you will be easy.” Dark Dan smirked as he punched SpongeBob away.
SpongeBob hit a light post, but was able to get back up and see Dark Dan coming straight at him. SpongeBob gasped as he quickly rolled out of the way, having Dark Dan’s punch miss.
“Even if you do have ghost powers of your own, I still have my own sponge-like abilities!” SpongeBob smiled as he held out the Specter Deflector.
“Like the ‘Twirl de Specter Deflector’!” SpongeBob said as he quickly twirled over to Dark Dan and slapped the Specter Deflector on as he grunted in pain.
“And the ‘Karate Slice with a Helping of Ghost Gauntlets’!” SpongeBob smirked as he jumped in the air and flew toward Dark Dan with a karate chop while wearing the Ghost Gauntlets.
Dark Dan crashed into a gasoline truck, and his fiery hair caused it to explode. SpongeBob covered his eyes from the brightness until he wiped his forehead and walked away. But Dark Dan managed to come out and remove the Specter Deflector. While he was still walking away, SpongeBob gasped when Dark Dan grabbed him by his necktie.
“What makes you think you can possibly defeat me?” Dark Dan angrily asked SpongeBob.
SpongeBob angrily answered, “Because I made a promise.”
Dark Dan just laughed. “To who? Your friend’s family?”
“No!” SpongeBob yelled. “I made a promise…to Danny!” then he clacked his shoes together, causing the Ghost Repel Shoes to activate and push Dark Dan away from him.
“That’s not possible!” Dark said in shock while he was on the ground. “How can that thing be able to defeat me?”
SpongeBob just walked over to Dark Dan, and said, “I may not have ghost powers like Danny, or not be strong and tall as him. But there is one thing I have that Danny doesn’t.” he cleared his throat and suddenly jumped in the air with a blissful, joyful, and ecstatic smile. “MY CHEERFUL, HAPPY, AND OPTIMISTIC LOOK ON LIFE!!!”
Dark Dan just continued to have a shocked look as SpongeBob activated his Ghost Repel Shoes and it pushed Dark Dan all the way into building.
SpongeBob then landed on the ground as he got a proud look. “If only my friends could see me now.”
Then Dark Dan pushed himself out of the building now looking beat up. “So…that’s it, isn’t it?”
SpongeBob smirked. “Oh yeah.” Then he took out the Fenton Thermos and sucked Dark Dan into it.
Dark Dan groaned as he got sucked in. “I’m too weak to escape, and you’re too late to save them.”
Once SpongeBob closed the lid on the thermos, he got a happy smile. “I did it…and I actually did it as me.” But then he turned around and saw the boiler about to explode with Danny’s friends and family still on it. “Oh, barnacles!”
He tried running as fast as he can to it, but knew his own running wouldn’t be fast enough in time to reach it. “I’m not gonna make it!”
“NOOO!!!” SpongeBob yelled as he jumped toward the boiler.
But then it already exploded as the force pushed SpongeBob back while he was in the air. But then, time suddenly stopped. A portal suddenly appeared, and out came a child Clockwork. He put a Time Medallion around SpongeBob’s neck, and unfroze him.
“No, don’t hurt me! I tried my best!” SpongeBob shouted until he opened his eyes. “Huh? Clockwork?”
Clockwork smiled as he pointed somewhere, and SpongeBob turned to see Jack, Maddie, Jazz, Sam, Tucker, and Mr. Lancer completely safe.
“They’re okay!” SpongeBob smiled in relief. “But how?”
“Time is like a story.” Clockwork told SpongeBob. “Each time it is told, it can be told in many different ways. Whether it is told by the same person or by someone else.”
“You really did know what was going on all this time.” SpongeBob said, now understanding. “You knew all of this wasn’t supposed to happen this way.”
“Time is always moved on the same path with many different options.” Clockwork stated. “You had the chance walk the same path Danny took. You had the choice to change it the way you wanted, but instead you risked everything to try and protect the ones your friend cared for.”
SpongeBob giggled in embarrassment. “Well, I had to. I just couldn’t let everyone go like that. Speaking of which, where IS Danny anyway.”
Clockwork answered, “As we speak, he now walking the same path you once took in your past. Telling his own story in his own way.”
SpongeBob’s eyes began to widen as he seemed to immediately understand. “You mean…”
The old man Clockwork winked.
“Whoa,” SpongeBob said still in shock. But then he turned back to Clockwork. “You think we can go and see him? Please!”
“Very well.” Clockwork nodded as held up his staff. “Time Out!”
Here's the first story of "Your Future Enemy" Where we have SpongeBob in the Danny Phantom movie "The Ultimate Enemy"

Plot: When SpongeBob lands back in time in Amity Park, he is surprised to see he’s when Danny Fenton was about to take the C.A.T. test. And not only that…he seems to be playing the role of Danny while also being himself due to the fact that people seem to keep thinking that he belongs in this world no matter how many times he denies it. When SpongeBob comes across the answers to the C.A.T, he tells Sam and Tucker that he will do the honest thing and return them. But then chickens out when he starts thinking he would still fail if he takes the test unless Danny were to somehow show up. But during an attack by SkulkTech, he, Sam, and Tucker end up in Clockwork’s realm, discovering SpongeBob’s possible future although he knows that it’s supposed to be Danny’s, and even learns how he caused a Time Paradox when he and Danny fell through the Time Portal. When he soon ends up in the future of Amity Park, he not only finds out he’ll now be an evil ghost in the future, but now has to keep Dark Dan from destroying Danny’s friends and family. SpongeBob now has to walk the same path Danny took and even though he doesn’t have ghost powers like Danny did, he can still take on Dark Dan by thinking like Danny.

Like I said before, I won't be using every scene in the movie, just the ones where Danny actually appeared and was within earshot of. But this story does have differences from the movie.

Well, I hope you enjoy and comment. And next time will be Danny in Future Shock (the SpongeBob story I wrote)

Intro: [link]

SpongeBob SquarePants (c) Stephen Hillenburgh
Danny Phantom (The Ultimate Enemy) (c) Butch Hartman
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Last time on Danny Phantom: Unplugged…
Danny gasped quietly. Whoever this person was, they knew his secret.
Danny jumped out of his seat and stood next to his chair.
He glared silently, daring whoever was possessing his computer to make their next move. He took a battle stance ready to attack or if necessary, retreat.
Danny tensed at a mechanical sound indicating the strange cursor had returned.
It beeped again and moved the vertical line quickly to the right leaving a trail of words behind it.
The Matrix has you Danny…
Danny cocked his head. What the heck was the “Matrix”, and how did it “have him”?
“Very funny Tuck.” he said taking a step forward. No longer feeling tense, he sat down and reached for his cell phone. The plastic felt cool to the touch as he flipped it open and pressed “4”. Tucker’s PDA.
He held the phone to his ear and counted the rings. I can’t believe I fell for this, I am SO gonna kill him.
Wait, what? Tucker never lets his PDA ring more then twice. Unless he’s with someone, put it down, or he’s trying to prank me with his computer. Danny sighed and caught his breath in his throat as someone picked up on the other line.
But it wasn’t Tucker.
Ooh, cliffy…

I was gonna leave it here but, I figured I owe it to ya’.
Tucker’s mom’s voice swam through the earpiece.
“Hello Danny!” She said cheerfully.
“Uh, hi Mrs. Foley.” He said trying to sound a bit more natural.
“Um, is Tucker there?”
“No actually, did you want to talk to him?”
“Um, sure if I could please.” He said. Then almost as a last thought, he added.
“So, why didn’t Tucker answer?” He asked trying to be polite.
“Usually his PDA is never out of his sight for ANYTHING.”
Mrs. Foley laughed a little over the line at the well known fact.
“Yes, well Tucker has gone to a dinner theater with his father and the restaurant he went to wouldn’t allow electronics because in the show, they spray a bit of water on the audience.” She chuckled shortly. “Poor kid, he almost went into withdraw.”
Danny felt the blood drain from his face. He laughed nervously.
"Um, thanks Mrs. Foley. I'll call Tucker later." He didn't say goodbye in his haste to get off the phone and drove his attention back to his computer.
He put down the phone next to his keyboard and looked back towards his computer. It wasn’t doing anything. It was just sitting there. Like it was waiting for him to do something.
Positive it was a ghost, he glared and stood up.
“Alright,” he said ready for anything. “Who wants to get their butt kicked this time?”
Once again, the computer blinked sending the green cursor flying across the screen leaving another trail of words behind. What they said, however, puzzled Danny.
Follow the Yellow Brick Road…
Danny raised an eyebrow. What the…
“Dude,” he said beginning his witty banter. “You really need to find some more better quotes.” He said reaching slowly towards a nearby drawer. He slid it open and pulled out a certain green striped cylinder with the word “Fenton” on it.
“I mean seriously, Wizard of Oz was so many years ago. Try something more recent like,” He swung the Fenton thermos into firing position.
“Hasta la vista… baby.” He said attempting the Arnold Schwarzenegger type accent.
He uncapped the thermos and pushed the button on the side causing a bright bluish light to burst from of the top.
After a few seconds the light subsided and Danny’s computer was back to normal. Danny’s IM window showed on the screen with the text he had previously written. He glanced at the times and…oh crap.
“9:29?!?” He exclaimed pushing any concern about his most recent ghost encounter to the back of his mind. He looked down towards the corner of the screen where the current time showed 9:38 in solid black. Based on the fact that when you're on an IM chat, time goes alot slower unless actively typing, he came to a conclusion. Sam’s not going to be happy with me… He sighed inwardly.
He surveyed the list of actions that he and Sam had done across the internet with the IM system and found that Sam had logged out at 9:32, great.

Probably on her way here in case I need ghost help. Danny thought annoyed.

He stood up and walked over to his bed where he fell backwards and gave a deep tired sigh. The sigh you would give to get out the most of your feelings and frustrations.
Danny looked absently around his bedroom and allowed his thoughts to flow freely. School troubles, grades, friends, ghosts, secrets. But the one that stood out the most was, Which ghost was in my computer? Danny tilted his head towards the device.

Oh well, I’ll’ check when I release it back into the zone. Probably just wanted to scare me or something. Well, it didn’t work.
Danny smirked to himself. But even though he claimed it was nothing, he knew that something was definitely up, and he had not seen the end of the new ghost.
Not by a long shot.
Suddenly, Danny heard a familiar sound. Another machine had come to life... by itself that it. This time, the printer.
The smaller machine had busied itself making a humming noise as it printed something onto a blank sheet of paper.
The printer stopped short and spit out the rest of the paper and let it rest in the tray. Danny rolled sideways off the bed and crawled towards his printer with slight caution. I thought I got rid of that ghost... He thought to himself. He reached out with his right hand and grabbed the paper. His eyes examined the words with more caution.
Turn around Danny...
Danny raised an eyebrow and glared at the page. What the- The thought was unfinished as his eyes captured a single color.
Hey everybody, dodges rotten fruit I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I’m here now aren’t I?
Disclaimer: … Do I really have to say anything?
Anyways, here’s a new chapter.

Hey everyone, sorry about not updating. Hopefully it won’t be too long before the next update. Please forgive me, my schedule has me running ragged.
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(Its early morning, but still dark; Danny Phantom is seen flying from GIW copters, all after him)
Danny: (Deep, aggressive voice) You bozos can’t stop me!  Not as long as I’m stronger than ever! I’ll rip Vlad in half... and that Johnson kid isn’t out of trouble either.
Agent O: Danny Phantom!  Surrender at once.
Danny: Give me a break.  (Lands) There’s not human or ghost that can stop- (As Danny speaks, the Sun rises and instantly, his body starts smoking and he is kneeling in pain; scream in pain)
(The GIW are just as confused)
Agent O: Maybe this isn’t Danny Phantom after all.
Agent K: How many other ghost kids are there?
(Somehow, a part of Danny’s costume extends an reaches into an alley and pulls him in)
Agent O: How’d he do that?!
(As Danny seems unconscious, the three circle him in fear and confusion; he awakes)
Danny: Feels like I was cooked in an oven. (Sees the GIW coming in; fires a new ghost stinger, a bolt of lightning that shocks the copters, causing an overload of energy in the copters) My new toy has a mind of its own... (The copters escape as Danny’s attack causes a short-circuiting) But your toys... your toys are risky, enough power and you risk being cooked! (Waves) Bye-bye! (Reverts to human, still aggressive, leaves) As soon as I can, I’m going to the source of my current problem! (Danny walks out in his normal clothes, he observe himself) Too weak- (His body shifts, the red on his body turns black and he gains a black sweater) Much better.
(Class, Danny sits with his feet on the table, wearing a dark sweater)
Lancer: Although the Ozone can protect us from solar radiation, some creatures are not as lucky as humans... (Sees Danny) Mr. Fenton, I’d appreciate it if you paid attention!
Danny: (Flatly) I’d appreciate it if you shut up! (Everyone is shocked to hear this)
(Cafeteria; Danny devours down a drumstick viciously)
Sam: What was that about?
Danny: The world’s forgotten me, my dad’s in the hospital, everyone thinks I did it... you’re the smart one, you do the math! (Sam shows she takes offense with a glare)
Dash: (Walks up) Hey, Fen-terror! You owe me a rematch, if my allergies weren’t acting up...
(Danny pushes Dash; Dash is sent flying into a table; as Danny walks up to him, students gather behind chanting “FIGHT, FIGHT!” Danny looks back and glares at them, causing the chanting to die down; he walks to the doors to the hallway, where Tetslaff is there)
Tetslaff: Where do you think you’re going Fenton?
Danny: Wherever I want... (Walks past her; as he reaches his locker to get his bag, he see Ricky Johnson Jr. walking proudly with a hand-held camera) Johnson.
Ricky: Danny Fenton, was it? Sorry for your pops. I’m just taking pictures of my time as a student here. Too bad your dad got maimed by Danny Phantom.
Danny: You know, I never thought he’d do something like that.
Ricky: And you were wrong! Thinking him a hero is a bigger joke than your dad!
Danny: (Leaning on the wall) You’re a joke, Johnson. You lied, didn’t you? Phantom may have been a problem, but he’s not a monster.
Ricky: (Rudely) He is to me. I have my reasons to watch him fry, and I don’t care if he was involved or not!
Danny: My dad was innocent, and Phantom has saved millions.
Ricky: Who cares?! As long as Danny boy gets toast, who cares if your dad can’t walk or the town gets smoldered without the Phantom?! Who’d believe you? (Smiles evilly, Danny coldly stares at him; holds a newspaper of Danny Phantom near Fentonworks on the cover) Pictures don’t lie.
(Danny fiercely grabs the young man by the shirt and lifts him up)
Danny: You do, “pal”! Who paid you to lie about Danny Phantom?
Ricky: No one did! Besides, I have my own personal reasons to see him splatter! I don't remember what I was doing near Fentonworks, but I saw my chance at payback. (Sarcastically) Where should I start?
(Flashback of Ricky going to his car outside Casper High, which gets covered in meat, he turns to see a pre-emblem Danny battle the lunch lady)
Ricky: (Voice over) It took me half my life saving to get the smell of meat of my new car! (New flashback of the school dance, Ricky brings a beautiful brunette to the from of the school when they see Danny Phantom battle the Dragon Ghost, the girl runs away screaming) My only girlfriend left me! (New flashback of Ricky on a laptop when an inside part of it comes flying out of the window, where he sees Danny battling the first mechanized Technus; Ricky glares) I failed my mid-terms! (Ricky is shown at Floody Waters, when the water is turned off by the employees when they see Danny battle Johnny’s shadow, Ricky gets stuck on the now dry slide) I gained a slight claustrophobia that day... but then he went too far... (Flashback of the Nasty Burger explosion)
Irving: Okay, we may need to fire some people to pay for the damages... Johnson, Ricky... that is all.
Ricky: WHAT?! Why just me?!
Irving: You have the highest paycheck. (As Irving leaves, Ricky sees Danny Phantom flying away with the C.A.T. answers, glaring at him; end of Flashbacks)
Danny: That’s it?! You framed him for some stupid accidents?! (Danny lets him go; Ricky walks away while Danny glares at him) I think I’ll pay a visit after school.
(Later, after sun down; Maddie, with the goggles and hood on, is in GIW headquarters with Chief J, the boss of the GIW at the end of “Double Cross My Heart”, one of the leaders of GIW and the father of Ricky, who is also there)
Maddie: Thanks to your son, I’ll finally be rid of that Ghost boy.
Chief J: I always told him, I didn’t to raise some weakling.  He had problems with that ghost kid, I tell him fight back... and all he said was it won’t work.  I’m proud of you boy!
Ricky: I told you I could do it pop! All I wanted was your blessings and the town to not treat me as some nobody. (Someone they didn’t expect comes)
Danny: Oh, you did something alright!  And I’m ticked... (They all look at the window to see who just entered)
Ricky: You!
Maddie: Think you can hide from us in that ridiculous new appearance?
Danny: (Deep aggressive voice) I got nothing to hide, especially from an army of idiot hunters who couldn’t catch a cold!
Ricky: Joke all you want, pal! (Holds a newspaper of Danny Phantom near Fentonworks on the cover) Pictures don’t lie.
(Danny fiercely grabs the young man by the shirt and lifts him up)
Danny: You do, “pal”!
Ricky: I know what I saw!
Danny: You didn’t see me near the Fenton home when Jack Fenton was injured!
Ricky: Well who else could have done it?
Danny: What about the other ghost?! Green skin, fangs, bad hair and cape; ring any bells or do I have to ring it for you?!
(Chief J presses a button on his glove, alerting his men)
Chief J: Let go of my kid!  I think whatever happened to you mouth and eyes must have rubbed of on your brain! (Danny does let go, but instantly grabs the older man with his right arm, lifting him up)
Danny: You’re the head of this Goon Squad! If you don’t get rid of that stupid reward, I’m gonna-
(The Guys in White burst in)
Agent O: Don’t move kid.
Agent K: Don’t even think about it!
Danny: (Coldly) Why bother thinking it? (Throws the man in his arm at the men and flies out the window; Maddie fires at Danny, causing him to charge a full fist plasma blast at her, but stops abruptly as he realizes what he’s about to do) Mom... what am I doing? (Puts his hands on the sides of his head and flies away, in shock)
Maddie: As much of a threat he was before, he’s somehow become worse!
Danny: What is happening to me? (From Danny’s POV, we see his hands) This didn’t happen until... (POV ends) There’s only one group who can help me now.
(As he flies, Vlad Plasmius is watching from above)
Vlad: This is unexpected.  This will be some much more enjoyable than I ever hoped! (Laughs in a somewhat insane, high-pitched voice)
(Within the Ghost Zone, we see Danny reach the Observants’ Observatory, where they are all shocked to see him)
Danny: (Normal voice) Observants, I need help.
Observant leader: You’re a wanted ghost now!  Tell me why we shouldn’t lock you up?
Danny: I helped Earth more times than you have.  At least consider this a thank you for turning in Vortex.
Observant Leader: What do you need from us?
Danny: This look of mine, it comes from some black thing all over me.  Get a piece of it... if it’s safe.
Random Observant: What do you mean “if it’s safe”?
Danny: See for yourselves... (An observant reaches out and black tentacle like objects come of the arms of Danny; as they back away in fear and confusion, Danny grabs one of the tentacles and pulls it off) Here.
Observant who grabs it: Where did this thing come from?
Danny: Part of the Ghost Zone... the darker part...
Observant leader: It can’t be...
Danny: You know what this is?
Observant leader: Of course, we created it... and in a way, so did you.
(Hours later)
Danny: So, what did your tests say?
Observant: It is... it’s called the “dark-shadow”.  It came from your dark self. (You don’t need me to say how Danny reacts to this) Maybe it’s best if we show you. (He points the remote to an eye-shaped screen where an Octo-ghost gets covered in the “dark-shadow” and turns black with red eyes and attacks instantly) This substance was made to use his powers to good use, but we didn’t just take his power, we took his evil insane mind.  The subjects proved insane, the dark-shadow feeds of a host’s negative emotions: anger, hate, and greed... anything that causes aggression; up to the point where it is no longer controlling just their emotions. (The tentacle that Danny ripped off bursts through the wall and wraps itself around Danny’s leg)
Danny: Seems to like me more.
Observant: Since you’re similar to your “evil other”, you’re more resistant to its grip on you... at least as long as you don’t overuse its power, then its influence will be gaining control.
Danny: Control? That’s what my mood swings are all about?
Observant: Apparently, if you don’t get rid of it... the emotional and mental grip on you will be complete. (See Danny leaving) Where are you going?  You’ve got to find a way to destroy that thing!
Danny: Not yet, there’s at least one bit of unfinished business I’m not done yet.
Observant Leader: Get rid of that thing!
Danny: (Deeper voice) Not now!
(Back in Amity Park, in the hospital; Maddie and Chief J are with Jack in the hospital bed)
Jack: Maddie?
Maddie: Rest Jack.  The ghost boy will pay for what he did.
Jack: Ghost boy?  No, it was that ghost from Vlad’s party... the one in the white cape.
Chief J: So there was another ghost... (Later, with Rick, pointing at him in his office) You lied to me!
Ricky: Okay! So it was another Halloween reject!  So what?
Chief J: I can’t someone in the family lie about a ghost attack for some vendetta.  It’s against everything the GIW was made for!  Someone was harmed and all you wanted was payback! You’re fired from the junior division! And not just that... I’m sending you to live with your uncle for the rest of the school year and grounded for that long too; no job, no money, no television!
Ricky: What?! You can’t do this!
Chief J: I just did. (Pushes a button and speaks over the intercom) Get the guards; I got a lying rat for them to get out of here!
Ricky: NO!!! (Rick is thrown out of the office room; he pounds his fist to the floor and sees a Danny Phantom picture on the wall, ripping it out) You made him suspicious! All I wanted was to get even... now... (Rips the picture in half) nothing would make me happier than to break you in half!
(Later on the news, three Fenton kids watch)
Chief J: Because my... (Shudders) son, Ricky Johnson, lied for a personal grudge against the ghost child; we must regretfully withdraw our reward for Danny Phantom... until we know for sure.
Danny: Well, that’s one problem out of my hair. (Gets up and heads for the door)
Jazz: Danny, I know where you’re going.
Danny: Then don’t wait up.
Jazz: (Grabs Danny’s arm) Don’t even think about it.  Or at least think it through.
Danny: (A dark tentacle comes out of Danny’s sleeve and pushes Jazz to the ground) I have no time to think it... (“Goes ghost”) Only to do it! (Flies off, going intangible through the walls)
(Danielle helps Jazz up)
Danielle: What's happened to him?!
Jazz: (Tears up) I don't know...
(Danny is shown flying around looking for just who he runs into)
Danny: Vlad...
Vlad: Hello Daniel.  I like the new look. (Observes the “new” Danny) Hate the skin,  the loud mouth is finally gone and the pointy ears are my look... but not bad.
Danny: Save your breath... while it lasts. (Danny rushes at Vlad with full force) You should have stayed in space! (Voice starts getting deeper from here; Danny tackles him into a building) Come out and play, old man!
(Vlad disappears)
Vlad: Oh Daniel! (Danny looks up and sees four Vlad’s charging one huge ball of power together) You’re not the only one to change in a way! (The blast is launched straight at Danny, sending the Ghost boy pummeling to the ground) Ouch! (Vlad laughs hysterically as we see an unconscious “new” Danny on the ground)
End of Chapter 3</u>

(Vlad laughs hysterically)
Vlad: Goodbye... old friend. (Leaves, but Danny gets up, his voice deep and his glow darkened)
Danny: I’m not done yet, “old friend”!
(Danny follows, but a certain boy who hates Danny is in his beaten down old car nearby)
Ricky: Danny Phantom... I hate that freak brat!  He’s ruined my money, my job, my love life, my school life... (Sneezes) my health... (Car breaks down) MY CAR! (As he gets out, he sees Danny fly in the air) Him! (Sees where he’s headed) I’m following you ghost kid, and when I find out what you’re up to... I’ll use it against you.  Payback time!
(On the other side of town, near Fentonworks, four people close Danny meet up)
Jazz: Good you came.
Sam: Remind me again why were here.
Tucker: Sam, something is wrong with Danny... you know it and you of all people should notice.
Danielle: He’s your boyfriend.
(Sam looks down on her right hand and sees the ring she obtained from Danny in “Phantom Planet”)
Sam: Let’s find him.
Jazz: Maybe we can find a clue at Vlad’s manor.
(At Vlad’s manor, Vlad is in his lab underground)
Vlad: Now that that little pest is gone, I have other... fatter fish to fry! (Laughs)
(The very pest reaches Vlad’s front door)
Danny: Alright Masters... knock, knock! (Smashes the door down) Plasmius! (Ghost sense goes off, the sense being a dark blue smoke coming out of his nostrils) Company... (Looks up and sees the vultures, which stop midair when they get a good look at the intruder)
Vulture #1: Oh boy! This is not worth bird seed! (Fly off in fear)
Danny: They maybe are vultures but they’re total chickens! (In the basement lab, Danny knocks down the door and reaches Vlad) Hey, Uncle Vlad!  I thought I’d say “hi”... and let you know its payback!  For me and my dad!
Vlad: Daniel!  I had a feeling you would survive.  I must admit... you are a more unique individual.
Danny: If this is another “You’re more like me than you’ve known” speech... shut up.
Vlad: And that... is my cue! (Fires an ecto-ray at Danny, pushing him into a wall; Danny walks out seemingly un-phased)
Danny: You fool! Pain is my friend now... let me introduce you to it! (Fires a darker shade of green energy out his hands at Vlad; knocking him down) Very painful or sort of painful; I’m hoping it was very.
Vlad: (Getting up) If you think that I thought was painful... you’re in for a real surprise, Daniel! I am going to defeat you, once and for all!
(Fires a blast that Danny easily dodges and stands on the ceiling)
Danny: And I’m going to tear you limb from limb!
Vlad: (Sarcastically) Oh, I’m so scared!
(Outside, Dani Phantom lands out from of the destroyed door and Jazz’s red car reaches with Sam and Tucker in the backseats)
Dani: Danny was here!
Jazz: How can you tell?
Dani: Vlad would never leave the door open... (Sees the ruined door, funny moment) Or tear it off the hinges and leave it inside the house...
(At the bottom of the hill is another funny moment, a running Ricky Johnson, out of breath as he stops, heading to where he saw Danny Phantom go)
Ricky: Like it would kill our former mayor to spend millions on an escalator to his house...
(Within the lab, Vlad is on the floor and is weakened)
Vlad: (Reverts to human form) Please... have mercy...
Danny: Sorry, ran out of mercy hours ago!
Sam: Danny!
(Danny looks back and sees his friends behind)
Danny: (Fiercely) What are you all doing here?
Jazz: Taking you home.
Danny: I’m busy, come when I finish this fool off.
Tucker: Dude, he’s defenseless.
Danny: So was my dad...
Dani: You’ve changed Danny. You don’t joke, you don’t have fun.  You’re all busy, aggressive, being a jerk.  You don’t even smile anymore!
Danny: Don’t like this year’s model, too bad.  Boohoo for you.
(Tucker gets in front of Danny, blocking him from Vlad)
Tucker: Listen to yourself! (Danny grabs Tucker and lifts him by the shirt) Dude, I’m your best friend!
Danny: If you were my friend... you’d leave me to this! (Drops Tucker, scaring him back; Vlad is shown running away) Now look! You let him get away!
Dani: Danny, quit it! (Tugs his arm)
Danny: Go change your diapers! (Pulls his arm out of her hands; Sam gets in front)
Sam: See, you’re even like this to us!  The very people you’re closest with! (Points at him with her right hand, where her ring is) Don’t you even look at yourself?
Danny: You know Sam, I never figured out why I liked you that much.  You’re so bossy, so annoying, so individual... (Makes his hand go through hers and grabs the rings, smashing it within his fist in front of her face, shocking everyone) Now stay out of my way, the next thing I break is Vlad’s bones!
(Danny exits the room after Vlad on foot; Sam gets on her knees while the others circle her, sharing her sadness; Sam picks up the rings broken remain with tears coming from her eyes)
(Within the main room of Vlad’s lab is Danny, entering)
Danny: Come on, let’s get this over with. (Vlad pulls a lever) I said COME ON!! (A large green rock falls on Danny)
Vlad: Ecto-ranium!  From the asteroid; no ghost can handle that! Time for a good-bye party, I’m inviting all your enemies! (The rock begins to move upwards; Vlad’s joy ends abruptly) No! Impossible!!!
Danny: (More deep voiced than ever) Impossible, “Unc-y Vlad”? Let me say it in English: “I... AM... INVINCIBLE”!!! (Crushes the rock to dust)
Vlad: Maybe... (Presses a button that releases several cannons that aim at Danny) Maybe not... (Grins; Sam and the rest come in; Danny crosses his arms on his chest and circles into a dark green orb) Oh no... (Runs into an elevator hidden behind a picture of himself with his cat; the rest all run out)
(Outside is Ricky panting on the ground, he hears a loud explosion)
Ricky: I must be near! (Gets up, but falls down) Note to self: After raking in the dough from ruining that kid, fix car and join a gym.
(Back in the lab, Danny’s attack has destroyed all the machinery around him)
Danny: Get back here, Masters! (Pulls open the elevator doors and sees Vlad has already reached the top floor) MASTERS! (Vlad is in the top floor with an ecto-bazooka ready; Danny goes up the elevator shaft) YOU CAN’T GET AWAY FROM ME!  I’LL CHASE YOU DOWN TILL THE END OF TIME!!! (Reaches the top floor; phases through the door) Surprise! (Vlad fires the bazooka)
Vlad: Ha! (Smoke clears, nothing happened to Danny) No! (Fires blast after blast, each having no effect, till Danny comes up and crush the tip of the weapon with his hand and throws it away)
Vlad: I still have more than enough energy to deal with you! (Goes ghost, but Danny punches him, changing him back to human form) or not.
(Danny grabs him by the shirt and lifts him)
Danny: Now undo that Amnesia Plague, or I’ll erase more than just your memories!
Vlad: Fool, I can’t!
Danny: Can’t or won’t?
Vlad: Both, but mostly can’t; thanks to you.
Danny: What?!
Vlad: You’ve destroyed my lab and all the materials needed to make the plague or its cure.
Danny: So get more.
Vlad: I can’t, the world I found them is rare with the minerals.  Besides, even I found them, they’d be useless now, in Earth years, only every 10 years are they useful in making the chemicals that caused the Amnesia Plague... much less the cure for it! This would have been easier if you came here and snuck them out or even asked.  Even I was surprised you’d react this way!  Sorry, 10 years...
Danny: 10 years?! (Lifts Vlad with both arms, carrying Vlad by his back and walks to the window) You don’t even have 10 minutes... and without those powers... 10 seconds. (As he prepares to let go, he hears a crying) What is that ridiculous sound? (He recognizes the sound; a shot of Sam crying with the broken ring is shown to us) Sam? (He sees a mirror to his right and lets Vlad go on the floor, as he walks up, his reflection changes into Dark Danny; in Danny’s mind, he hears his own screaming “I’ll never turn into you! I’ll never turn into you! I’ll never turn into you!”)
Dark Danny: Too late, you already have... (Snickers and changes back to Danny’s real reflection)
(In Danny’s mind, he sees himself flying in front of the building looking at is reflection, which is his natural ghost look; the reflection looks away in sadness and disappointment, disappearing and replaced by Dark Danny; Danny can realize at this moment what he’s done, he gets on his knees and covers his face as though he were crying)
Danny: What have I become? (He looks over to Vlad and sees a part of Danny suit stretched out and grabbed Vlad by the neck, tossing him out of the window; Danny quickly flies out and grabs him, leaving him on the ground, Vlad is knocked out by the sudden fear) What have I done?! What’s this costume doing to me?! (He flies up and lands on the rooftop) The Observants were right; the Dark-Shadow is taking control! (Pulls his own face) I gotta get it off! (Struggles in failure; sunrise begins) It’s too late, it won’t come off! (The sun hits Danny, causing him to scream, a scream that can be heard downstairs by certain people he knows)
Sam: Danny! (Only Sam rushes to the roof)
(Ricky Johnson reaches the manor)
Danny: (Steaming body) The shade is in pain, I can feel it screaming, but why?! (Sees the sun and remembers Lancer’s lesson) Solar radiation! Sunlight makes you burn... I should have guessed that before! (He stands while leaning on the edge; Sam walks in from the stairway and sees the shade oozing off Danny Fenton in his pajamas, unfortunately, so can Ricky, from below)
Ricky: Danny Fenton?
Sam: And I thought I hated the morning sun!
Danny: (When the process is over, he looks towards a shadow in the shape of his Ultimate Enemy) Why didn’t I know your weakness? Did you block it out when I started to resist? (The shade glares at Sam, knocking her down the stairway she came, hurting her arm when she reaches floor, Danny can hear her scream in pain, Danny glares at the Dark-Shadow) Get away from me! I thought you were the answer to all my prayers, but I was wrong. I don’t want anything to do with you! (The shade lunges towards him, but Danny steps away; the shade sees Ricky and smiles; a drop of its face falls off and lands on Ricky’s head)
Ricky: Ick... (The goop disappears) Hey, where’d the goop go? I’m out of here! (Runs away)
(After it screams one last time, the shade dissolves into dust from the sunlight; Danny falls to the ground, too weak to get up)
(Later in the afternoon; Danny sits on his bed; Sam comes in and sits next to him, she wears a cast around her broken left arm)
Sam: You dad’s meeting your cousin.  He totally believes her when she says that she’s really your “third cousin once removed” and is letting her stay. (Danny doesn’t even look at her) Danny?
Danny: How can you stand me?
Sam: You weren’t yourself.
Danny: I was! I was fully aware of what I did and had enjoyed it until I noticed what was really happening to me.  I treated you like dirt, I showed you all nothing but my ugly side, I was obsessed with getting revenge; you can forgive me... but I can’t.
Sam: Danny...
Danny: I’m sorry Sam, I’m not giving up my powers, but until it is safe... I can’t be more than one of your friends.
Sam: W-What?  Danny... you can’t...
Danny: Sam... Please leave me alone... (He shows her face, he had red eyes full of tears)
(Sam agrees to do and gets up, exiting the room; she gives Danny one last look, normally she’d be full of anger and unhappiness, but for once, she should sadness; she feels more bad for Danny than for herself; this ends with Danny looking out the window and closes his eyes, tears coming out of them)
(At Ricky Johnson’ new home, and ugly brown house near the bay, later during the day at sunset)

Ricky: I’m going out for a walk Uncle.
Uncle: (Remains off screen) Fine, boy.  Just be home for dinner.
Ricky: Right... (Walks down the street) Fenton... this is his entire fault!  I swear... (Raises his fist in anger)... I’ll humiliate him! Torture him! Ruin him! Make him wish he were dead and grant it in a way he’d regret making that wish!!! (He notices something dark on his hand) The goop? (He walks into an alley and wipes the dark spot with his coat sleeve)<?i> What’s it doing on my hand? (Nothing happens, no “goop” on his sleeve, still where it is)</i> Wait, it IS my hand! (Sunset ends, the dark-shadow then spreads all over his arm, then it appears all over his other hand) What the- (Screams as something happens to him; his eyes go pure green and he falls on all fours, screaming in pain; pan to the left to see his shadow is changing shape, a muscular, hairless, huge fanged shape; before this ends, we see darkness, with a green pair of eyes open up out of nowhere, a huge snarling mouth full of fangs as the face screams in a monstrous voice and a huge tongue sticking out, eating the “camera”)
The End... or is it?
Part 2

My idea for season 4's premiere is meant to have some of the show's humor while bring in some dark moments.

Danny's new appearance in the story is based on Darkspine Sonic
When I get the chance, I'll do something with htis page

Special Guests
Eric Roberts as Dark Danny
Christopher Daniel Barnes as Ricky Johnson (Haunting)

Danny Phantom (c) Butch Hartman
Story & new characters (c) Me
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Grim Tales From Up Above

Chapter 2

Being in school is no treat for a child by any means.  Especially to a twelve year old little boy who has just left home and dreams about his family every night.  Junior sat by the window hypnotized by his own reflection.  He had skin, a full head of hair, and another eye.  The girls in his class said his eyes were pretty and that since they were two different colors that it must mean something special.  They had no idea.

Junior slipped the cell phone out of his pocket slyly to check the vibration.  It was a text from Uncle Nergal telling him to walk home today because he couldn’t pick him up.  It was a nice day out, after all.  When the final bell rang Junior picked up his backpack and started on his way.  He still had mied feelings about this whole situation, but he had made friends and was happy to be living with his uncle.  

Endsville wasn’t  a very big town, so walking through the suburbs with no noise wasn’t  very extraordinary.  Despite that, Junior started feeling uneasy.  The wind blew some of the autumn leaves past him as he marched quickly to get to his uncle’s house.  Something just seemed strange.   

When he first saw her, he thought she was Sadako.  All he could see was the back of a young girl.  She had long dark hair and a white one piece.  She turned around in curiousity to the approaching footsteps.  WOW!  Look at those eyes!  And what beautiful red eyes they were.   She seemed startled at his presence, she must have been in very deep thought before he interrupted.  

He was quickly approaching her.  What should he do?  They had already made eye contact.  Should he just give a nod?  How about a simple, “Good afternoon.”?   Good thing she acted first.  “I’m lost.  Do you know where Wallabee Way is?”
She was very forward.  That plus her red eyes gave him the creeps.  She could very well have been the Queen of the Underworld.  “Sure…I’m headin that way if you wanna walk with me.”   They went two blocks without saying a word.  It was very awkard.  He wanted to ask her for her name and who she was going to see or anything to find out a little bit about her.  She was very pretty and he didn’t want to mess up another chance with a girl.  The flashback of Flonne and the cafeteria loomed in his head from the previous week.

“I’m Junior.  I guess I’m introducing myself a few minutes too late, huh?”  He tried to hide the fear in his voice.  Talking with girls wasn’t his strong suit.

“Nice to meet you.  I just moved here, so I kind of got lost on my way home from school.   I’m kinda embarrissed about it, actually.”

“I just moved here a few weeks ago.  The houses and roads all look exactly the same, I got lost a few times too.  Think about it this way, if you didn’t get lost, you wouldn’t be walkin home with me.”  He thought it would be a good way of getting her to smile.   And it did.

They reached her porch and Junior became totally clueless as to what he should do.  He had to ask her out!  She was just so pretty, he had to try.  “Wanna go to a movie Friday?”  He just kind of shouted it.  It was embarrissing.  He sounded so stupid.  Way to go idiot!

She was caught off guard by the question.  She smiled at him and nodded her head in agreement.  With that note, she opened the door and entered without a word leaving Junior on the porch scratching his head.

Time?  Movie?  Phone number?  Your name would have been nice.

All he thought about that night was her.  Her eyes.  Her hair.  Her voice.  Her.  Her.  Her.  It was all about Her.
Chapter 3[link]

Well, this is it. Junior has met Her. I guess it's love at first sight. The big question is: Why is she disguised as a human?

Her's bio at snafu made it appear as though she were as evil as Him. I don't much like that idea, so I'm takin it a different way.

Notes: The address that Her is looking for is a "Finding Nemo" reference.

About Junior and Sadako(the girl from the Ring), they are boyfriend and girlfriend, but please keep in mind of how old they are. At this age a boy will fall for pretty girls with ease despite any other girls he might already be crushing on. Plus, he just moved away from home. He needs a good friend to get attached to.
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