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The Darkness Within
Title Screen Caption:"Unleash Your Darkside!"

(Scene opens with the stars in the sky; pan to the bottom to see Danny, Sam and Tucker watching the night sky on a hill; Tucker dozes off and sleeps until Sam punches his shoulder to wake him up)
Danny: Life is good.
Sam: Yeah.
(We see they are holding hands)
Tucker: So... since I had to give up my mayoral status seeing as how it ruins my personal life... the world knows your secret... what’s next?
Danny: I’ll tell you.  First, Sam and I are going to stay together for a long time. I’ll be right back, I have some other business to take care of. (Goes ghost and flies off)
Tucker: Where’s he going?
Sam: (Smiling) Getting a new addition to his family.
Tucker: Is his mom pregnant? (Sam sighs in anger)
(After a while, he sees a pink car driving up the hill; he lands in front and driving the car is Jazz and the passenger is Danielle)
Danny: Hey guys, uh girls.
Jazz: Everything is set, thanks to Clockwork, Dad is going to believe Danielle is an actual relative. (Hugs her new “cousin” hard that her face turns blue) It is so good to have another girl in the house.
Danielle: (Gasping) Can’t breathe! (Jazz lets go, Danielle rubs her neck) Thanks for letting me stay, Danny.
Danny: Anytime. (He sees something; a shot of what he’s seeing for a moment, a green smoke) Can you guys wait for me with Sam and Tucker? I’ll be back. (Danny flies off, reaching past several hills until landing; the camera spins around his left until we see him watching Amity Park filled in green smoke)
Vlad: (Off screen) Long time no see, Daniel! (Danny turns around to see...)
Danny: Plasimus! What are you doing back on Earth?!
Vlad: Revenge.  I’ve had one month in space planning payback, and I know how. This gas is made of some special chemical I’ve found that erase memories... I’ve made some... friends that help made this, erasing the memories of every human on Earth since my speech on the Disasteroid.
Danny: What? But that means....
Vlad: No one will remember you saving the world or your identity.  And I paid your parents a little visit... and "thanked" your father for leaving me in space.
(Danny gasps and makes a high speed fly for Fentonworks; Vlad makes his escape, laughing into the night; Danny reaches Fentonworks and finds his father on the ground, injured and with cuts with several doctors and Maddie around)
Doctor: He’s alive... injured... but barely alive.
Jack: Just a broken arm... and leg... and, well never mind.
Maddie: This boy tells us who did it, right Ricky?
(A boy with dark blonde hair combed back comes in; he wears a brown jacket, blue shirt, black pants and white shoes, imagine him DP-look alike of Remy from FOP)
Ricky: Yes ma’am, it was Phantom... Danny Phantom.
End of Opener

(The next day is worse)
Lance Thunder on news: Day 2 of memory loss.  All the Earth can remember is the disasteroid and mayor Masters, who has disappeared, leaving Deputy Mayor to fill in.
(Pan back to see Danny watching this on the news with his four friends)
Lance Thunder: And in related news... Richard Johnson Jr., son of one of the GIW leaders, claims Danny Phantom is responsible for hospitalizing Jack Fenton.  Guys in white are now on hot pursuit, and a bounty is on his head... 5 million dollars.  (Danny turns of the T.V.)
Tucker: 5 million? Dude, can you sell yourself? (While Danny glares at the now off T.V., everyone else glares at Tucker) I know, not helping.
Danny: I can’t believe this! First, Vlad erases everyone about what I did.  Then he puts my dad in the hospital.  Now, he probably hired that kid to frame me!
Sam: Calm down!
Danny: Why?! My life got better and now this! (Walks away)
Jazz: Where are you going?
Danny: The ghost zone, to blow off steam!
(In the Ghost Zone, Danny is smashing through several rocks, but still full of anger)
Danny: Vlad! I’ll make him pay for all this! (As he growls in anger, until he notices where he is) I’ve never been this far from the portal before, or at least the 2.0 portal. (He flies away even farther, until reaching a floating rock) Plasmius... he’s gone too far... (Behemoth comes out of nowhere, roaring at Dany) I'm in no mood! (Danny keeps walking, leaving a confused Behemoth to watch, moments later, as his eyes roll to the left, he sees his reflection; in Danny’s voice, we can tell how angry he is) What are you looking at? (He gets up and glares into his reflection) For once, it’s not you I’m ticked about... it’s Vlad. (He makes a fist and smashes his fist into the reflection; the glass falls and it shows to be a giant container, a black goop appears in the container and some of it is on Danny’s fist) Gross. (Yawns) I’ll start looking for Vlad tomorrow.  He better hope he never sees me! (Danny flies off, but the strange goop that he left follows him, slowly... as if it were alive)
(Danny reaches the Earthly side of the new 2.0 portal, which isn’t that different looking from the original; Jazz and Danielle are both there to greet him)
Jazz: How do you feel?
(Danny turns human as he walks past them)
Danny: Lousy... (Not even looking at them as he reaches the stairs...) I’m going to bed.
(As Danny walks away, the two girls give each other a look of worry for Danny)
(Within Danny’s room, he watches the outside of his window from sitting on his bed; Jazz steps in)
Jazz: You need to let it go.
Danny: Do you mind? I’m trying to wait for the guy who almost wasted my dad right now... I don’t need you right now.
(Jazz walks away; an hour later, Danny isn’t sleeping, instead he is looking into a scrapbook of the month since the Disasteroid; inside are pictures of him and his friends with him and Sam holding hands and kissing and Tucker makes “bunny ears” behind him, shaking hands with school kids that messed with him and eating cotton candy with Danielle)
Danny: Face it Fenton, the best thing ever is gone... for good. (Danny throws the scrapbook away) Vlad will pay for all this... I’m making sure that the name Danny Phantom will haunt him whenever he remembers what he did to my dad. (Falls asleep as he lies on the bed, without getting the covers on and an grumpy look on his face) Vlad will pay... Vlad will pay... (Quieter as he falls asleep) Vlad... will... pay...
(In the deep night, the odd goop goes out of the portal, flowing up the stairs and into the living room, where Danielle is asleep; reading her thoughts)
(Danielle sleeps in her regular clothes, drooling)

Danielle’s thoughts: Mmm, meat... more meat. No, no more radishes... bad radish.
(The substance ignores her, backing away; flowing up the stairs and enters Jazz’s room)
(Jazz sleeps with her teddy bear)

Jazz’s thoughts: Wow, that boy on the news was cute.
(The ooze flows away and about to go down the stairs... until it senses Danny Fenton’s thoughts)
Danny’s thoughts: Plasmius... Vlad will pay...
(The ooze flows into the hall, reaching Danny)
Danny’s thought: He’s gone too far now... my life... my dad... my reputation...
(The ooze flows around Danny, taking on a similar form of Dark Danny, smiling with see through eyes and mouth and reaches Danny’s face)
Danny’s thought: He’s ruined my life, now I’m going to show him no mercy, no... Mercy...
(Danny opens his eyes... he’s dreaming; looking down he see everyone in Amity park carrying him, chanting “Danny! Danny! Danny!”; this is good until a green smoke flows in, making everyone disappear; Danny falls and looks up, seeing the smoke taking the form of Vlad’s smiling face; as he keeps falling, Danny looks to the right and sees his dad in a hospital bed with Vlad Masters standing next to him; then he sees Ricky Johnson saying “Danny Phantom did it! Danny Phantom did it!” and soon he sees glaring eyes around him)
Danny: NNNNOOOOOOO!!!!! (Darkness)
(Danny wakes up and sees a white town full of buildings, no one around)
Danny: What the...
(An evil snickering occurs)
Danny: Vlad?!
(Danny glares as he looks around, but sees someone he never thought he’d see again)
Dark Danny: Not even close!
Danny: You!
Dark Danny: Heard how your life went from Heaven to the exact opposite, so I brought some... (His shadow grows and grows until is comes out, smiling evilly at Danny with see through eyes and mouth) help.
(Danny runs screaming)
Dark Danny: (To his shadow) Get him!
(The shadow rushes towards Danny; Danny hides behind a building, but is found when the shadows around him lifting him, it’s the shadow’s hand)
Danny: No!
(As he is moved next to its face, a giant white glove grabs Danny and saves him; Danny sees his savior is a giant Danny Phantom, with white skin and no face; he is placed on a building to the left as the two giants fight)
(The Danny giant punches the shadow as it pushes him hard; the two fire ghost rays at each other and they are cancelled out when they collide)

Danny: This has to be the weirdest dream I’ve ever had... (Jokingly) okay, bring on Tucker in a prom dress... again!
(As the two fights, each giving each other brutal punches, they each unleash a ghostly wail, until the giant Danny falls after 10 seconds of wailing)
Danny: Oh no!
(The shadow reaches out for our hero and grabs him)
Danny: Let go of me!
(The shadow merely smiles at his anger and brings him closer, until the Danny giant grabs the hand Danny is in and pulls him in)
Danny: Now I know what the rope in tug of war feels like!
(The giants look at each other; the Danny giant speaks in Danny’s voice)
Giant Danny: He doesn’t belong there! He still has something left here; he can fix this entire catastrophe the right way!
(The dark giant speaks with two voices; one is Dark Danny’s voice, the other a deep, darker version of Ricky Johnson)
Giant Shadow: I know what he wants, and what he wants... and I want, will be where it belongs!
(The “Danny of War” ends, with the shadow as the victor, it holds Danny in the palm of its hand)
Giant Shadow: I will help you... I am the answer to your prayers... I am your best friend... your every wish... your ultimate desire...
(Danny looks in horror)
Giant Shadow: Forget family... (Danny has an image of Jack, Maddie, Jazz and Danielle smiling) Forget friends... (An image of Tucker, Clockwork, Frostbite, the Ghost Dog and Wulf appears in Danny’s head) and forget love... (An image of Sam smiles appears in Danny’s thoughts) Only revenge must remain!
(Danny is thrown into the “mouth” of the being and is lost in perpetual darkness, fading darker; Danny Phantom appears in a dark emptiness and instantly, he cracks and leaving a human Danny floating in midair; a darkness starts flowing on his body, oozing all over him)>
Danny: No!  NNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!  (It covers his head as he screams)
(Two blue eyes turn green, they shut, when they open the eyes have no pupils or coloring, the person is breathing heavy)
Danny: Wow!  That had to be the weirdest dream I’ve ever... had? (The darkness is gone, showing a Danny Phantom look alike; from the bottom to top, the figure wore a pure black costume with two white straps around under his knees, white straps around the bottom of his elbows, a half egg shape on his chest with a black DP emblem, gray skin, no mouth, the blank eyes, pointed ears and black hair with two white lines in the middle; he looks into his reflection, the window of some building; as it pans away, we see he is in the middle of town, staring into a window of a large glass building)
Danny: What the- Is that... me?
(We end with this “new” Danny Phantom looking at his reflection)
End of Chapter 1

(As Danny floats in midair, still gazing at his reflection, he lifts his hand at touches the window)
Danny: Fenton... (Puts his hand on his face) How the heck did you get from your room to the middle of Amity Park, floating in front of a window, looking like a ghost you’ve never seen before? (After he looks at his now dark left hand, he realizes it) The goop... it changed my look... where... Where did it come from?
(A GIW helicopter then come flying in, with our two favorite operatives inside, seeing Danny)
Agent O: It’s Danny Phantom!
Agent: K: Sure doesn’t look like him.
Agent O: He must have changed his look to fool us.
Agent K: Let’s go in, for the money the bosses are offering... I’ll take that chance!
(Danny notices this and instantly flies away, but faster than normal)
Danny: Whoa! (Comes to a sudden stop) What the heck? I just flew 20 blocks in less than 2 seconds!  I never could do that before! (His moment to his thoughts end when he is hit with a laser; Danny turns to see more GIW operatives aiming their blasters at Danny) Oh no, my fan club. (Danny lets his new speed get him out of the new predicament) This is... cool!!! (Flies to the ground, behind a school bus) This new look made me faster... (Aims for a parking meter and fires a ghost ray with his pinky, thus destroying the meter) My ghost powers are even stronger too!  I wonder how strong I got. (Lifts the bus with just his right pinky, with no problem, even when he puts it down) I could barely lift my dad with both my hands! Uh oh... (Looks up to Valerie Gray, obviously thanks to Vlad’s “Amnesia plague”, she can’t remember it’s Danny Fenton)
Valerie: Nice new look, Phantom, but it won’t look nice or new for long. Don’t worry; I’m also here for the reward money, nothing... too personal.
(Valerie aims her blaster for Danny, but he goes intangible and phases through the ground; Danny phases out of the ground, next to the Nasty Burger)
Danny: (To his reflection in the window) I like you so far, but I wish you were a little less ghostly for the public. (His body then molds and soon, he is Danny Fenton with a fishing hat, brown jacket, khaki pants and boots) A little tacky, but it’ll do.
Agent O: Hey, you in the tacky clothes! (Danny turns around to see the Guys in White, in a new tank) Have you seen-?
Danny: (Points to his left) He went that way!
(The tank heads in that very direction)
Agent K: I can almost taste that money!
(As soon as they are out of sight, the clothes on Danny, except the hat, mold into his normal clothes)
Danny: You know what-? (Holds the hat in his hand as he then spins it hen his finger) You’re a definite keeper.
(Morning rises as in Casper High, Danny explains to Sam and Tucker what happened last night)
Tucker: And you told your sister and cousin already?
Danny: Well, Jazz thinks she wants to study me and Danielle is all “Can I have one for Christmas” but it’s too cool for even me to believe.
Sam: And you can change your look?
Danny: Yeah, pretty cool. (Looks around to make sure it’s safe in the hallways, then shifts his body into his new ghost mode) I don’t even need the rings.
(The two are both excited at this)
Sam: Change your look again!
(Shifts to Danny Fenton)
Tucker: Nah, how about that guy from the pirate movie?
(Danny shifts into a Jack Sparrow look alike)
Sam: Nah, too tacky, try something I could hold hands with... something with style.
(Danny shifts, this time into a look similar to the end of “Masters of all Time” but without the tie, and a red cap worn backwards)
Sam: Now we’re talking!
Danny: Nothing on Earth could do what this does.  Maybe this is the goop from last night? (Sam holds his hand) But in the mean time... (As the two pull in for a kiss, a certain jock insults them)
Dash: Hey look!  The lovebirds are finally together!
(Suddenly a whole crowd of students comes in laughing at them)
Sam: Yeah, so?
Paulina: So... it’s adorably dorky.
(We see Danny let go off Sam’s hand, then it clutches into a fist)
Dash: Yeah! So why don’t you and your girlfriend go make out in the dark, Fent-Omeo! (Walks away laughing)
Danny: Not this time you bone-headed monkey... (We see Sam and Tucker react to this in surprise)
Dash: (To the group of students) I always knew that... (Hears what Danny just said) What did you just say to me?! (Danny crosses his arms, remain silent; now furious, Dash grabs Danny by the shirt) I said: What did you say to me?!
Danny: Oh I’m sorry.  I didn’t realize you were practically deaf. I’m not bothering to repeat myself, go find a nerd to repeat it for you!
Tucker: (Taking some offense) Hey!
Paulina: Fenton standing up to Dash?
Kwan: This is weird!
(Dash let’s go of Danny)
Dash: (Chuckles) This is new!  Look who’s finally developed a spine!
(Danny then pushes the taller student to the locker; everyone, Sam and Tucker, Paulina and Kwan, the other students all gasp)
Danny: Look who’s about to lose a spine!
(Sam gets in between the two, ending this sudden mess)
Sam: Danny!
(Dash backs away)
Kwan: Come on Dash, show Fenton who the King of Casper is! (Dash looks frightened as a wicked, evil smile appears on Danny’s face) Dash!
Dash: Y-you know... he- he isn’t worth come on... (Rushes away)
Sam: (To Danny) What was that about?
Danny: Oh so when I stand up for us without my powers, I become the bad guy to you guys too?
Tucker: Dude that would’ve been cool if you weren’t so... creepy.
Sam: You know Danny; your look isn’t the only change.
(Sam walks away, with Tucker following her out fear from this new Danny)
Danny: (Scoffs) What’s she talking about? I love the new me! (His eyes go pure white, his smile leaves) Until I find Vlad... anyway.
(Jack’s hospital room, he lies on his bed unconscious, Danny Phantom looks in from the window)
Danny: Dad... I’m sorry this happened. I promise Vlad will pay. (His eyes look to the right and sees a jar with flowers and a note reading “Sorry this happened old chum; Vlad”; Danny glares and phases into the room and grabs the jar; he smashes it and the flowers in his grip) You’ll be sorry alright.
(At home, Danny is at dinner, with Jazz and Danielle sitting left and right respectively from him, and his mom in front; obviously they must have introduced the younger female Fenton to Maddie)
Maddie: Well, sorry meeting you hasn’t been at a good time.
Danielle: It’s okay...
Maddie: Anyways, you’re welcome to stay if you are some niece Jack never remembered... at any rate, none of you are to leave the house at night now.
Jazz: Why is that mom?
Maddie: Because of the Ghost boy and the bounty of his head.
Danny: (Somewhat annoyed) We can handle ourselves.
Maddie: But he’s gotten dangerous.  Your father is in a hospital bed now, thanks to that Ghost boy...
Danny: (Gets up angrily) Forget this... (Knocks his chair down) I’m going to bed!
(As he storms off, everyone is shocked at this sudden behavior of anger; as he reaches his room; Danny slams the door and rests his back on it, crossing his arms)
(Off-screen conversation)
Maddie: What’s gotten into him?
Danielle: Can you blame him? He’s upset for his dad.
Jazz: I’ve seen him moody before, but not like this...
(Off-screen Conversation ends)
Danny: Why is the whole world against me today?  Even the people who haven’t been infected by Vlad are starting to turn on me... this whole mess is Vlad’s fault! (Takes up natural “Going ghost” stance) Okay, you... whatever you are... (From his right, his body goes complete black as it oozes around his body and in a flash, the “new” Danny comes in) Let’s find him and pay him a visit.
(Within the Ghost Zone, Danny flies through looking for Vlad)
Danny: Now, where can I find that cheese head? (Sees a familiar location) Walker’s prison... someone should know there!
(Within the prison, Walker and several of Danny’s enemies are having a conference)
Walker: With Vlad returning, we should expect a plan of his involving one of us, so... (An explosion occurs, and out of the smoke comes new Danny Phantom, but with a deeper voice)
Danny: I was in the neighborhood, and found you were having a party without me. How rude!
Ember: Is that... the dipstick?
Skulker: Well, the ghost child’s new look is real... but it won’t look new for long. (Charges his arm blaster)
Danny: Where’s Plasmius? You better tell me or...
Johnny 13: Or what; you and what army? (Danny pushes Johnny 13 so hard, he is sent flying into a wall; Johnny’s shadow then comes out, about to lunge at Danny, until Danny grabs it by the ghostly tail and tosses him away)
Kitty: You’ll pay for what you did to Johnny! (Blows a kiss at Danny, but just at reached him, Danny grabs it in his hand and crushes it to dust, releasing it from his hand as it falls, and everyone gasps)
Danny: My turn to play!
Skulker: Play with this! (Throws a punch, Danny catches it and smashes the robotic fist and pushes Skulker away with great force)
(Danny flies and grabs Ember by the pony tail, spinning her around and knocking down Amorpho, The Lunch Lady, Poindexter, Ghostwriter and Kitty then releases the hair, sending Ember flying; Hotep Ra arrives with bandages lashing out that Danny grabs and pulls to slam him into the ground; Aragon arrives in dragon form and roars in Danny’s face, only to be punched in the jaw, Danny pulls off the medallion and then punches Aragon in his humanoid face; Behemoth grabs Danny, then he quickly escapes the grip and socks him in the stomach)
Box Ghost: (Behind Danny) Be- (Gets punch by Danny before he finishes; Box Ghost is sent hurling towards Klemper, Medusa and Lydia)
Technus: This isn’t possible.
Spectra: You were never this strong.
Bertrand: (Shaking) Don’t hurt me!
(Danny’s eyes squint, a gesture to hint out he is smiling sinisterly; outside the prison a grunt is heard, the several crashes, Danny stands in a room where his enemies are all on the floor in pain; Vortex, Undergrowth, Nocturne and everyone; Danny looks to see the only ghost he hasn’t attacked yet is getting away)
Danny: (His deep voice growls and his ghostly glow turns black) Walker! (As he walks towards where Walker left, Danny quickly looks over his shoulder to see his frightened enemies screaming at him and leaving) Good riddance...
(Walker runs out into the field and finds Danny Phantom outside in the air)
Danny: Going somewhere?
Walker: What are you doing here kid?
Danny: Where’s Plasmius? How did he unleash the Amnesia Plague? What did he do to my dad?
Walker: What does that have to do with anything?
Danny: EVERYTHING!!! (Flies at full speed towards Walker, knocking him into a wall)
Walker: You can’t do this! (Grabs Danny by the neck and shoves him onto the wall) This is my prison!
Danny: (Blasts Walker away) You’re playing with the new Danny Phantom, Walker!  And when you play with me... I make the rules!!!  Now where is Vlad?
Walker: My prison! Go find justice somewhere else!
Danny: (Coldly) It’s not justice I seek anymore... It’s vengeance! Now where is he?
Walker: Have any idea what he would do to any of us?
Danny: Worse than this... unlikely.
Walker: You’re different kid, no jokes, no laughter, no wimpy sidekicks...
Danny: Call it ghost puberty if you want... but we’re not done. (Grabs Walker’s left leg and starts spinning in a circle) The ride ends and you’ll not risk blowing chunks on your prison if you tell me where Vlad Plasmius is. (Spins even faster)
Walker: I-I... I CAN’T!  None of us know!!!
Danny: Well, well, well.  That’s to bad you bone-head... for you...
(Walker lies on the ground, tired and unable to get up)
Walker: Okay, fine.  You win, ghost kid.  I give up.  I’d rather be in one of your little thermoses than go another round with you.
(Danny stands next to the weakened warden, looking down)
Danny: (Scary tone of voice) Who said anything about a thermos?
Walker: Huh? I- I don’t understand?
Danny: Oh, you will. (Fires ice blasts on Walker’s wrists and ankles) You will... (Walker gets a worried look) It’s like this! (Raises his arms) I’m through with my enemies ruining my life!  First: Vlad erases what I did from the world’s memories.  Second: he injures my dad!  Finally: some kid gets paid by him to frame me for it! (Ice starts forming between his arms)
Walker: I give; I said I give up!
Danny: You’re giving up more than the fight!  Just like... (A small glacier forms in Danny’s arms, big enough to smash the Fenton RV) how I gave up doing things like some teenage twerp superhero! (Walker isn’t exactly clueless, as he knows what Danny is going to do with that giant chunk of ice)
Walker: No... NO!!! YOU CAN’T!!!
Danny: (Sarcastically) Really?  Why can’t I?
(Danny’s mind drifts into his memories as he remembers...)
Walker: You’re different kid, no jokes, no laughter, no wimpy sidekicks...
Danny: Call it ghost puberty if you want...
Danny: Not this time you bone-headed monkey... (We see Sam and Tucker react to this in surprise)
Danny: Look who’s about to lose a spine!
Tucker: Dude that would’ve been cool if you weren’t so... creepy.
Sam: You know Danny; your look isn’t the only change.
(After the memories; Danny now has a look of realization, his voice returns to normal and his glow returns to being white)
Danny: They were right... I have changed...
Walker: (Still expecting to be smashed) Don’t... no DON’T!!!!
(Nothing happens; Walker opens his eyes and sees Danny and his icy boulder is gone)
(Back in Danny’s room, still as the “new” phantom)

Danny: I almost did something there... something I was completely against doing and against everything I stood for in my life... and what scares me most is that I have no idea why I did it in the first place... (He looks at his shadow and soon enough a burst of lightning flashes outside and his shadow takes on the form of Dark Danny’s, then in another burst shows it takes the form of a tall muscular being, then back to normal; you can tell what Danny’s reaction is) What was that?! (He looks out of his window; we pan out from this window to see all of Amity Park; Danny off-screen) What’s happening to me? (Lightning strikes)
End of Chapter 2
(Different from how it appeared on Butch's website)

This story is based off of SpiderMan 3 and all Venom related stories of Spider-Man incarnations.

The main thing here is that I didn't like how Danny's secret was revealed to the world so everyone gained world-wide amnesia. Danny's parents were unfortunate victims, while Vlad decided to almost kill Jack.
I decided to change this from before... if its a tv movie, it will be two deviations and a single episode, on deviations... since TV movie are two episode put together

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Danny Phantom and Characters (c) Butch Hartman
Season 4 and Ricky Jones (c) DragonRex1
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Fight to the Death</u>

By quikshadow

Rating: K or K+ either way I'm implying death, graphical scenes and perhaps some cussing. Swearing will be kept down to a minimum...
There will be warnings if anything goes over that level.



The robed figure in front of me glowed with unearthly power. Fear washed over me as his large green eyes glared right through my soul. My ghostly life force started to ebb away. My vision blurred as my ghostly body weighed heavily. Tiredness swept over me and I hit some kind of ground as my sight was filled with the swirling purple sky.

My mind began to loose focus and somehow I knew I was dying. Too tired to fight the cliché flashbacks that flickered before me. My family, my friends and all the people I ever known smiled down on me. Then I saw my late grandmother. She smiled warmly down and reached out with her soft crinkly hand.

I hadn’t seen her since I was a child and had always looked up to her. She was here now, my family looking on with encouragement. Light glowed from somewhere inviting me and I could no longer resist.

I closed my eyes I was so tired of fighting, saving people and ghosts a like. I knew I was living on borrowed time and now I had to go. My grandmother appeared again and I reached out to her.

I accepted her warm embrace and light filled my vision.  


Chapter 1: Land of Dreams</i>

Danny yawned silently, his eyes drooped and his body felt lethargic. It was Monday morning and he hated Mondays. He loved how he could stay up late, sleep in and go out with his family or friends on weekends. However, when Monday came he was tired from having his sleeping patterns slightly out of whack and grumpy for not being able to indulge in a sleep in.

He hated Mondays with a passion.

Two days in a weekend wasn’t enough, three would’ve been so much better and could do a whole lot more fun stuff. He scrubbed his face trying to wipe the sleepiness away wondering why his mind wandered so aimlessly. He was glad his thoughts hadn’t settled on the string of nightmares he recently was having.

His birthday was coming up and he was going to be 15. Soon he'll be off to college to start his academic career in achieving his dream of being an Astronaut. He gazed lazily in a simple bliss. He knew he wasn’t a genius like his sister or inventors/scientists like his parents so he knew he had to work hard to achieve what he wanted.

However, at the moment everything was working against him.

He snapped from his gaze as he realized who he was looking at. It was Sam. She gave him a small smile from across the class. He blinked as if he suddenly woke up and returned her smile. He cut off their silent communication by facing the front, where the teacher was lecturing about some thing related to a book he couldn’t even begin to care about. He wanted to concentrate, so he could ace the test that was bound to come and then he could get good grades. However his mind was still in a foggy state of sleep and showed no signs of waking.

He hated Mondays.

At some point later the bell rang signaling the end of the first period class. Danny was relieved since he was beginning to be pulled under by sleep and was unable to resist. He walked out of class and joined the mass of students in the hallways. A metal can was thrust under his nose. His head rose in surprise but he kept walking. He looked over to find the owner of the can was Sam.

“Looks like someone’s still sleeping,” she smirked, “You’ll need something to wake you up. I’m so not dragging your sleeping ass back to your place”

Danny took the can of drink to find it cold and moist.

“Thanks,” he smiled realizing she handed him an energy drink

“Why so tired?” she enquired, “It’s not like we did a lot on the weekend”
“Ghosts,” Danny replied as if that was the obvious explanation to everything
“Attacking?” Sam frowned, “I thought you said it was quiet lately”
“I’m dreaming about those suckers,” Danny muttered distastefully as he swallowed the sweet drink
Sam cast him a worried glace, “Not Nocturne* is it?”

Danny shook his head, “No, not him. I’m dreaming about ghosts... well ghost related...”
“Maybe your subconscious is fighting ghosts when you aren’t?” she joked
Danny forced a chuckle, “Yeah maybe”

Danny took another gulp of drink, beginning to feel more alert. Energy drinks were a great way to wake up but it only lasted so long…

“So you’re having nightmares?” she guessed

Danny shrugged. It was quite obvious he was having nightmares due to his tiredness. They were bad enough to keep him awake and he even dreaded to sleep. But he wasn’t going to admit that to Sam even though he knew she’ll figure it out on her own.

“About a ghost in particular?” she implored

Danny shrugged unwilling to say anymore.

She took his silence as a yes and pressed on, “Is it a ghost we faced before?”

Danny snorted and took another gulp of drink.

“A new ghost, huh” she surmised, “What does it look like?”
Danny stopped growled, “Look just drop it ok? Its just a stupid dream!”
Sam stopped with him and glared, “Danny you know as well as I do that we deal with the supernatural every day and you don’t think that a ghost is causing all these dreams so you would be too weak when he comes along and face him. What’s worse is that you’re hiding it from us. I thought we were a team!!”
Danny rubbed his eyes hearing her frustrated voice, “I know, just not now Sam”

He walked away. Too tired to deal with anything at the moment.

Sam folded her arms, “Boys!”

She turned around to find Tucker. She’ll need some back up if she wanted to ever find out what was wrong with Danny.


Danny yawned knowing his energy levels were spiraling down once again. Another caffeine hit would have been great but what he really needed was sleep. Good old fashioned sleep and it was always snatched away from him. He shuffled his feet along the pavement, his mind wishing to be home right now and sleep. He would change to his ghost form and fly home but he knew his Dad was fiddling around with the ghost shield lately and a new defense system that seemed pick his ghost energy signature, whilst in ghost form, and automatically fire at him. Last thing he wanted was to dodge ecto-beams only to smack into a ghost shield.


Danny turned his head and glanced at his approaching friends.

He smiled through his sleepiness, “Hey guys”
“Wow dude. You look like something a ghost werecat dragged in,” Tucker commented
Danny looked at him with a grimace, “Gee thanks for the compliment Tuck”

Sam passed and stopped in front of him.

“You need to tell us what is going on,” she demanded firmly

He knew this was coming. He avoided them all day or ignored their imploring looks. He knew Sam filled Tucker in on all the details. They meant well but sometimes Danny found their caring to be a pain. Danny stopped and looked at Tucker for some kind of help but he was clearly curious and worried too. He sighed.

“Come on we’re your friends!” Tucker muttered almost in a hurt voice
Danny rubbed his eyes too tired to deal with this stuff, “Alright, alright! I’ll tell you guys! Just stop bugging me!”

Sam gave a triumphant smile as they walked over to a near by bench and sat down.

“So what’s up?” Sam asked
“Dreams,” Danny said promptly
“We know that, what kind of dreams?” Tucker asked

Danny grimaced, almost feeling sick.

“Death dreams…”

Tucker frowned unfamiliar with the terminology that Danny was using.

“I keep seeing… people dying,” Danny elaborated wearily
Sam was quiet for a moment then she asked, “Do you know them?”

Danny shook his head and rubbed his eyes again. His face scrunched with some inner pain.

“No but… I see them dying in the most horrific way. I can’t do anything but watch…”
“Do you see who does them?’ Sam asked quietly
“Not really. Sometimes I think I see a ghost but then I don’t. It’s a shadowy figure and sometimes… it’s a first person view as if I’m doing them…”

Danny’s stomach rolled as images assaulted him. His memories of the dream, clear as day, surfaced. It was like a graphical horror movie but he could never look away. He could feel their fear, hear their screams and smell their blood.

He felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Danny! Calm down!”

Danny looked through the images to find his friends staring at him with worried eyes. He swallowed bile that came up and slowed his breathing. His heart was thumping in his chest as unknown fear crept up on him. There was something more than the blood and gore of these dreams. Someone wanted to torment him with disgusting images, invade his privacy by being in his mind…

“Look, we’ll figure out something” Sam said reassuringly

Danny looked at her in disbelief wondering how she could be so confident.

“We should start in looking at what we do know and then finding out more about Death Dreams,” Tucker thought out loud, “It may not even be ghost related”

Danny swallowed. Ghosts he could deal with but anything else was unfamiliar territory. Sam gave a glare to Tucker as she saw Danny’s startled reaction. Tucker immediately took the hint and continued to think in his head. Sam turned back toward Danny.

“Tucker is right in a way. We have to find out more about what is going on,” Sam agreed

Danny nodded unconvinced.

Sam knew that dreams were a way of the subconscious or the paranormal to tell us something. They could even be omens or a foretelling of the future. She wouldn’t share these speculative thoughts as she didn’t want to frighten Danny more than he was already, especially when these ideas may not even be relevant.

Danny was normally a confident person. He had his ups and downs and he was adorable in his own way but she never seen him so scared before. She’s seen him scared but not like this and what was worse she couldn’t do much to protect him.

Danny stood up. His friends stood up with him and they continued together in silence. Tucker fiddled around with his PDA. Sam guessed he was doing some research on the internet… or looking up his love infatuation Bethany Barks. Bethany Barks was the latest teenie bopper, plastic shallow singer that couldn’t sing for her life but is widely popular for her looks and her naive stupidity. She had the unfortunate situation where Tucker could rant about her nonstop or worse, meet another fan. She was glad Danny didn’t fall for the obvious boy infatuation trap.

They reached a cross street.

“See ya guys later! Me me on Tro at 9:00” he waved as he ran down the cross street

Sam and Danny waved back. Danny snorted, it was unlikely he would be awake at that time to go on the online social site but if he was he would. Sam and Danny continued walking together. Comfortable silence formed between them. Danny wasn’t in the mood to chat due to his tiredness and the recent revelation and Sam didn’t want to strike up unnecessary and awkward conversation so they walked together in peace.

Soon Sam stopped and Danny turned to her.

“I’ll see you tonight on Tro if you’re on” Sam muttered, “We’ll  figure something out” You’re not alone in this! We’ll help you!
Danny smiled a small appreciative smile getting the under current of her tone, “I know, thanks. I’ll try to be on tonight”

Soon Sam turned off and walked towards her house, leaving Danny alone once again. He finally reached his home and entered. He gave greetings to who ever was on the couch before climbing the stairs and entering his room. He dumped his backpack on the floor and flopped down on the bed. His body was so exhausted like he went ten rounds with Skulker and lost.

Sleep claimed him as soon as he closed his baby blue eyes.


The house was dark. The pale moonlight revealed certain objects like the living room couch or the old TV. The house was silent except for the low hum of kitchen appliances and cricket chirps from the outside.

A dark figure climbed the stairs of the silent home. The sinister intruder had dark intentions this night.

The second floor was reached. The carpet muffled its footsteps as it made its way down the hallway. Loud snoring was heard from one of the bedrooms but it was ignored as the figure approached one of the closed doors. It opened it quietly and easily. Silently making its way towards the bed it drew out a glimmer of silver.

A knife.

A knife would be an understatement. It was longer and menacing with its wavy blade, as if it was made for ritual purposes or some other sentimentality. It was sharp and rang with deadliness.

A large soft lump protruded from the bed and a soft snore emitted from it. On closer inspection, within the tangled sheets was a teenage girl under her twenties. She cuddled up to a scruffy bear that resembled to Einstein. One of the greatest scientists of recent times redefining how people looked at the universe. This girl was smart and caring. She always over achieved and matured quickly to cover her inadequacy among her social peers. She had a bright academic future a head of her, too bad it was going to be cut short.

Her time was up.

The blade rose above her head, gleaming deadly in the dim light. With one quick motion it hit its mark.

A high shrill scream pierced the silent night air.

* Nocturne appeared in Frightmare, trapping Danny and others in the land of dreams to 'harvest' their sleeping energy.

I apologize for any grammar or spelling errors. I have proof read this but may have missed things... I need a beta reader....

This is also posted at my account Quick-Demon for easier navigation for future chapters - [link]

This is from my recent deviation Fight to the Death. I wrote a piece with that pic and since people would like to know what will happen to Danny this came about...

Also Danny is almost 15 in this story. I dunno if his birthday was ever mentioned.
He was born sometime in 1991 (so I heard)... that means he's gonna turn 18 this year! lolz ^__^

Im not sure if I should continue with this... this is probably the shortest chapter I've ever written but its mainly a sampler... testing the waters and such.

Feedback and comments are much appreciated!! :D

Enjoy or Destroy!!

(c) Danny Phantom to Butch Hartman, Nickelodeon and all that
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Sirrus meets the Warners

By Timothy Bettencourt

Sirrus is standing at the gate to his plane with Fifi. Fifi wraps him in a tight hug.
FIFI: Ah weesh vous did not have to go.
SIRRUS: Me too. But this could be my big break. If I get this part on the new show, I could finally make my place in cartoons. Maybe we could be a famous comedy team.
FIFI: Ohh, Ah do not think Ah could keep up with vous.
SIRRUS: Well…you wouldn’t be the one doing the chasing.
They both laugh a little till the overhead speaks.
ANNOUNCER: Flight 397 for Burbank, California now boarding.
FIFI: Ohh, this is it.
They share a kiss and hug.
FIFI: Bon voyage, my lizard of L’amour.
SIRRUS: I’ll call, I promise. (gently rubs her hair) Besides, I’m not going away forever. Three weeks will go by in no time.
Fifi smiles and gives him a little hug. As Sirrus tries to turn away, Fifi grips him tightly and gives him a passionate kiss, making steam shoot out his ears. When she stops, he melts and reforms grinning sheepishly.
FIFI: For zee road.
Sirrus gives her one last hug and walks onto the plane. He stops before getting into the seating area and thinks to himself.
SIRRUS: Ah man. Five seconds and I already miss her.
He walks into the passenger area and regards the stuartist, who is Hello Nurse.
SIRRUS: Excuse me, miss.
She turns and when she sees Sirrus, she becomes very intrigued by his sleek physique and exotic stripes.
HELLO NURSE: Oh! Well hello there, handsome. (she leans down and gazes into his eyes and flutters her lashes) What can I do for you?
SIRRUS: (to the camera) UH-OH! She’s got that old ball-and-chain look in her eye!
We see that her pupils have turned into a ball connected to a chain with an ankle brace. Sirrus then spin changes into an overweight cat version of Lenny from “Of mice and men”
SIRRUS: (in a dopey voice) Gee George, where do I sit, George? Where do I sit?
HELLO NURSE: Umm…right this way.
SIRRUS: Okay, George.
They walk through the coach section of the plane passing many different toons, including Pinky and the Brain, who are carrying a bucket of mayonnaise. Hello Nurse then motions him to a row. He takes her hand and shakes it foolishly.
SIRRUS: Gee, thanks a lot George thanks a lot!
He then takes his seat and spins back to himself. Hello Nurse shrugs and walks away.
SIRRUS: Oh goody! A really long flight, without Fifi, and a blonde Bimbo wants to try and date me. Is this trip gonna get any better?
The three Warners then appear in the three seats next to him and act zany a’la “Plane Pals” for 12 seconds and regard Sirrus.
YAKKO: Hi, mister! This is our second trip on a plane. We’re gonna be your seat mates for the next 19 hours!
Sirrus looks to the camera and smiles.
SIRRUS: Maybe this won’t be so bad, after all.
Dot then leans close to him.
DOT: Want some of my mayonnaise muffin?
SIRRUS: No thanks. I just had a peanut and mustard one. But I appreciate the offer.
Sirrus then turns to see Wakko looking at him with his tongue hanging out.
WAKKO: How’s about a kiss?
Wakko gives a kiss on Sirrus’ nose and Sirrus turns away and covers his face and waves his other hand at Wakko.
SIRRUS: (southern girl voice) Oh you ol’ thing, you.
The planes are sitting on the runway like cars in a traffic jam, with pilots shouting like New York drivers.
The viewing screen in the front of the cabin comes on and a flight attendant speaks to the crowd.
ATTENDANT: For your safety, this aircraft has been equipped with a number of safety features should we face any emergency, such as our fuel tanks explode and we smash into a mountain.
The Warners and Sirrus lean forward looking excited.
YAKKO: Neato!
DOT: Cool!
SIRRUS: Sweet!
WAKKO: Faboo!
ATTENDANT: In case of air sickness, note the air discomfort bags in the seat in front of you.
Wakko reaches into the seat in front of him and pulls out a bag and taps Sirrus.
WAKKO: Hey mister, what’s this?
SIRRUS: A vomit bag.
Wakko looks in the bag and looks frustrated.
WAKKO: Oh poo! I got jipped! There’s none in here!
SIRRUS: Maybe the good stuff is at the bottom.
The Warners and Sirrus then inspect the bottom of the seats and the Warners produce candy.
YAKKO: I got Snickers!
WAKKO: I got a Jawbreaker
DOT: I got Reese’s!
SIRRUS: (his head in the seat) I got a rock…
The three Warners look at him and he pops out with a box of candy in his hand.
SIRRUS: Candy that is!
The four laugh until the attendant onscreen makes an ahem and taps her foot. They then grin sweetly and zip their lips.
ATTENDANT: Note the life jackets under your seats. They will keep you afloat during a water landing, unless you are captured by a giant squid and dragged screaming beneath the waves.
The Warners and Sirrus reach under their seats and each pull out a life jacket.
DOT: This really isn’t my color. I’m a winter.
SIRRUS: Oh yes. Silver really would look nice with your fur.
DOT: Oh, thank you. And I must say those stripes look fabulous on you.
Sirrus puts a hand on the back of his head and flutters his eyes.
SIRRUS: Do you really think so?
DOT: HEHE! Okay everyone! Life jacket test!
Wakko then pulls out four air pumps and they all pump up their jackets till they explode. When the smoke clears, they are all blown into their seats and Sirrus pulls out a clipboard and a pencil and checks something off.
SIRRUS: Yet another successful explosion by the good folks of Acme!
An old man in front of them turns around to glare at them.
OLD MAN: SHH! SHHHHHH! Do you four know what that means?
YAKKO: You have a slow leak?
SIRRUS: Or-SOMEBODY-has had chili!
The old man turns red and sits down.
The planes are crowded on the runway and a sign to the left reads:

Runway Condition:
(care for some?)
ATTENDANT: In case of air pressure suddenly dropping, such as from a cargo hatch blowing out into thin air, oxygen masks will drop down.
Wakko pulls out a straw and pea and is about to shoot when he is tapped by Sirrus.
WAKKO: Okey-Dokey.
Sirrus takes the straw and shoots the pea at the overhead, dropping four masks. They each take their mask. Sirrus regards Yakko.
SIRRUS: Trade ya.
YAKKO: Okay.
They switch and Sirrus is tapped by Wakko.
WAKKO: Trade ya.
The four then proceed to switch repeatedly until the mask lines are in a tangle. Sirrus looks at it and smiles.
He then takes then lines between his fingers and makes them into the shape of the Eiffel tower.
WAKKO: OHH! Do Don Knotts wearing a blue tux riding a unicycle juggling toasters and a woman in a bikini riding on his shoulders.
SIRRUS: Throw in a goose wearing a tutu and we could recreate his honeymoon.
YAKKO: (blows a kiss to the camera) Goodnight, everybody!
The plane then compresses and shoots into the air leaving a trail of flame behind it.
The Warners and Sirrus and grimacing like wind is blowing them back. An old woman turns to them and glares at them.
OLD WOMAN: Quit making those stupid faces!
YAKKO: What kind of faces are we supposed to make?
OLD WOMAN: Silent faces. Just sit and behave like good little children.
Sirrus, Yakko and Dot then spin change into Sunday clothes holding their hands in prayer with halo’s over their heads. The old woman then sits down shaking her head. Sirrus then spins back and turns to Wakko making a gookie face and he pulls out the eating tray.
WAKKO: Hey mister. What’s this?
SIRRUS: For eating.
Wakko then wags an eyebrow and pulls out mustard and two slices off bread. He spreads some mustard on the tray and places the bread on the tray and takes a bite.
WAKKO: Delicious! (gives a burp)
SIRRUS: I hear it goes good with a side of fries.
Sirrus then gets a ring from his phone and he answers it.
SIRRUS: Y’ello?
DOT: I’ve got the most dreamy news! Rod just asked Patty to go steady!
SIRRUS: (valley girl accent) No! Seriously?
DOT: For sure!
SIRRUS: OOOOHH! Cindy must be fuming!
The old people from before turn around and yell.
BOTH: This is ridiculous! You four have been driving us nuts ever since this lizard got on the plane! Have you no curtesy?
SIRRUS: PEW! Have you no breath mints?
The two old people sit back down grumbling.
YAKKO: Gosh, you sure are a lot of fun!
SIRRUS: Oh pishaw!
YAKKO: No really! Nobody we’ve ever met has been able to keep up with us before like you do.
SIRRUS: Ah, thanks.
DOT: All we know is that we like you.
SIRRUS: You have no taste.
DOT: But we like you.
YAKKO: Therefore, on behalf of the Warner brothers-
DOT: And the Warner sister-
YAKKO: I want to make you our special friend!
The Warners give him a kiss and hang a heart reading “special friend” around his neck. Sirrus has a big smile and stands up with a crowd of people across the bottom of the screen and he holds the sign like he’s won an academy award.
SIRRUS: Oh thank you! You love me! You really love me!
He then blows kisses to the people and wraps the Warners in a hug.
SIRRUS: I love you guys!
???: Excuse me.
The four look and see Hello Nurse leaning down. Yakko and Wakko go crazy seeing her.
They both leap into her arms and give her kisses on the cheek.
DOT: Boys! No offense
SIRRUS: None taken. So, what can we do for you?
HELLO NURSE: Well, there are some people who are complaining about the noise you four are making.
YAKKO: You mean the two people who are sitting in front of us?
SIRRUS: I’m surprised they can still hear.
The Warners then burst into laughter.
The four then sit politely and grin sweetly at her.
HELLO NURSE: You know, I don’t think it’s you four, per say.
SIRRUS: What’s “per say” mean?
SIRRUS: (looks to the camera) Yep, she’s a natural blonde.
The Warners giggle but Hello Nurse looks angry.
HELLO NURSE: I think that the problem is that you three are a bad influence on this fine young lizard.
SIRRUS: You mean, you don’t want me to be their special friend?
HELLO NURSE: (in a shout) NO!
Sirrus and the Warners look hurt and slump in their chairs.
YAKKO: Now you’ve gone and hurt our feelings.
The four then sniff and cry and howl like wolves.
HELLO NURSE: (grabs Sirrus by the arm) You will be coming with me to first class. (regards the Warners) And as for you three, I am tired of your antics. I swear, I’m going to go grey at 29 because of you. I would rather cuddle with PORCUPINES then let you ruin this young man! Now GOODBYE you little mutts!
Hello Nurse then begins to walks away but looks at Sirrus and he and the Warners make sad faces. She begins to regret it, but they then make silly faces and she turns red with anger. The Warners and Sirrus laugh hysterically until Hello Nurse walks away dragging Sirrus with his claws scratching at the ground.
DOT: What are we gonna do? He’s the only special friend who really liked us, Yakko.
WAKKO: But we’ve never tried to take on Hello Nurse before!
YAKKO: Well sibs, there’s a first time for everything.
The three then sneak into first class after Sirrus.
Hello Nurse tosses Sirrus into a chair and sits next to him.
SIRRUS: What you do that for?
HELLO NURSE: Because you don’t know what those three will do to you.
SIRRUS: You mean they’ll drive me crazy?
SIRRUS: Like this?
Sirrus then hoo-hoos across first class like Daffy Duck painting a mustache on every face, including Hello Nurse. He then hits her with a mallet, tosses a pie in her face, squirts her with a seltzer bottle and honks her nose and lets out a screwy laugh. He then spin changes into Porky Pig.
SIRRUS: Th-th-th-th-th-th-That’s all folks!
He then spins back and bows at the applause he receives but Hello Nurse pulls him back into the chair.
HELLO NURSE: Could you please calm down?
SIRRUS: Why? It’s fun!
HELLO NURSE: But it’s rude!
SIRRUS: But that’s what makes it funny!
HELLO NURSE: Listen, you really shouldn’t pull antics like that. It won’t earn you many friends.
SIRRUS: What, you’re saying it’s better to hang around with you? That’s a bit arrogant of you.
HELLO NURSE: Well, I may not be as crazy as those three, (she sits in his lap and looks seductively at him) but I can be lot’s more fun!
SIRRUS: Now just a minute! I have a girlfriend back home!
HELLO NURSE: How’s she gonna find out? She’s miles away with no way of knowing what’s happening except your calls.
SIRRUS: She’s special to me!
HELLO NURSE: But that won’t keep you from getting lonely, will it?
SIRRUS: Geez, lady, when’s the last time you had a boyfriend?
HELLO NURSE: Longer than you think.
She then tries to give him a kiss but stops when she notices a putrid smell. They both look to see Yakko in a farmer outfit.
YAKKO: (cowboy accent) How’s it going buckaroos? Jim Tom Clementine, Rockford, Tennessee.
Sirrus grins and spins into a cowboy.
SIRRUS: (cowboy accent) Billy Beergut, Dallas Texas.
HELLO NURSE: Uhh, Hello Nurse, Burbank. I’m the stuartist on the plane.
SIRRUS: Well, what a coincidinc!
YAKKO: Why’s that partner?
SIRRUS: Well, everybody says that my head is in the clouds!
Yakko and Sirrus laugh hysterically and Sirrus slaps Hello Nurses back.
SIRRUS: Boy, that sure is a kicker, ain’t it?
YAKKO: Sure is! Anyway, I always say a man needs a philosophy in life.
HELLO NURSE: Could we please drop the insane banter?
YAKKO: Anyways, there are two types of fertilizer in this world.
Yakko and Sirrus then spit onto the floor.
YAKKO: There’s your solid cow dung-
Yakko pulls out a putrid smelling bag and Sirrus does the same.
SIRRUS: Then there’s your sloppy pig doo.
YAKKO: Right-o buddy boy! Now, with your cow dung-
Hello Nurse then takes Sirrus and shakes him back to normal and runs over to a man reading a bible.
HELLO NURSE: Pardon us, father, but could we have these seats?
The book lowers to reveal Wakko.
WAKKO: Certainly, my child.
Wakko walks away and Hello Nurse sits down and makes a fart noise. Her face turns red and she reaches under her bottom and pulls out a whoopee cushion. Sirrus then spin changes into Goofy.
SIRRUS: Gosh! I didn’t know ladies could do that.
Hello Nurse shakes him back to normal and Dot walks up with a cart in front of her.
DOT: Coffee? Tea? Monster?
DOT: Coming right up!
Dot pulls out a small box and a Minotaur bursts out and roars, making Hello Nurse shrink in terror, but Sirrus smiles at it.
SIRRUS: Hiya handsome!
The monster licks him and goes back into the box. Hello Nurse is shaking with fear.
HELLO NURSE: Maybe some decaf later.
DOT: You don’t look well, ma’am. Is there a doctor on this plane?
Yakko pops out of the over head wearing a doctor uniform.
YAKKO: I’m a paramedic! (puts a hand on Hello Nurse’s forehead)  This woman needs nitrogen!
DOT: You mean oxygen.
YAKKO: Well, how about some hot air?
SIRRUS: I think she has plenty of that!
Before she can complain, Yakko pokes a tube to a helium tank into Hello Nurse’s mouth and she blows up like a balloon.
HELLO NURSE: (high pitch voice) Get me down!
Yakko and Sirrus wink at each other and pull the tube. They appear in a football announcer’s booth.
YAKKO: There it goes. It’s going, going-
Hello Nurse hits a brick wall with Wakko on top holding a brick and a bucket of cement.
SIRRUS: Oh, too bad! It hit the wall!
Dot runs up to Hello Nurse.
DOT: How do you feel?
HELLO NURSE: I’m in bad shape.
DOT: Wrong! This is bad shape.
Dot then ties Hello Nurse into a knot and Yakko and Sirrus appear next to her dressed as a rich man and Duck Dodgers respectively.
YAKKO: Hmm. A preclassical Notre Dame Design depicting woman versus high prices. Six of seven eights.
SIRRUS: Ohh, indubatabubidly sir! But no one knows art like DUCK DODGERS IN THE 24TH AND A HALF CENTURY!
Hello Nurse untangles herself and looks to see the three of them standing in their costumes. She angrily walks over to them until she looks out the window and sees Wakko sitting on the wing with a sign reading “Let him be our special friend”. She grabs Sirrus and sits back in her first seat holding him close, but back in his cowboy outfit, and Yakko is still in his farmer outfit.
YAKKO: Now, you’re goose fertilizer is a whole ‘nother story.
SIRRUS: WEEEEE doggies, is that a fact! That stuff stinks to high heaven!
They both pull out a putrid smelling bag.
YAKKO/SIRRUS: Care to take a whiff, missy?
Hello Nurse screams and leaps into a seat with Sirrus in her lap. She looks out the window and sees the Warners all holding a sign reading “PLEASE let him be our special friend!” She then gets up and sets Sirrus down.
HELLO NURSE: Wait here!
Sirrus spin changes into Mindy.
SIRRUS: Okay, I love you, Bye-Bye!
Hello Nurse rushes into the cockpit and speaks to four pilots with airline hats with their backs to her.
HELLO NURSE: I’m being terrified by three little dogs with clothes that won’t leave me alone with my man! You have got to do something!
The three chairs turn to reveal Sirrus with the Warners in pilot outfits.
WARNERS/SIRRUS: What did you have in mind?
Hello Nurse turns burning red and grabs the Warners.
HELLO NURSE: I can’t take it anymore!
She then opens the hatch and tosses them out but Sirrus grabs them before they fall. He pulls them back in and they are all caught in a net by Hello Nurse.
SIRRUS: Who’s flying the plane?
They all look to see that Pinky is at the controls of the plane.
They all scream as the plane makes a dive bomb for the ground. The plane then sputters and stops before hitting the ground.
HELLO NURSE: What happened?
WARNERS/SIRRUS: Ran out of gas!
They all smile sweetly at her and she goes insane and dashes out of the plane screaming. Sirrus smiles and regards the camera.
SIRRUS: You know, I like her. She’s silly!
He and the Warners wave at the camera as it iris’ out.

Sirrus must now travel to California for a chance to become a cartoon star. On the plane, he will encounter that smartmouth ladies man, that adorable british slob, and that kickass princess cutie; the Warners! Will he lose his mind? Or will he gain new friends?
Note: I have never liked the character of Hello Nurse because she never did anything but stand around and pout her lips. I figured this would give her a little more character. Please don't hate me for it.
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Grim Tales From Up Above

Chapter 4

It was later than he should have been out, too bad that he didn’t care.  Junior was in a world where only Her and himself existed.  It had been about a month since he came to the world of the living and he really forgot how good his own body felt.  He was nervous about being a skeleton again, but she said that he was cuter this way.  Now he was strolling around in the moonlight with his crimson red, beautiful demon girlfriend, with her clinging to his arm.  

The first kiss she gave him was a simple peck on the lips.  The second was a REAL kiss that he was sorely unprepared for.  She noticed and helped him figure it out.  They barely said a word while they sat on a hill in the cemetery.  He told Her about coming here and missing his family and about fighting angels and Oogie Boogie.  He didn’t tell her much about Minnie or Sadako because it would just have been awkward.  

“I don’t want to live here anymore.”  She said abruptly

“Huh?  Why did you move here anyway?”

“My dad was taken prisoner and they were going to come after me.  He needs help, but I can’t do anything.  Junior…Will you help my father?”  She held herself close to him and gave him those eyes.  What else could he do except say yes?

Her tail was rubbing against his leg as she kissed him again.  “Thank you.”  The reaper was ready to be the hero of the day.  He remembered what happened last time with Minnie and how his mother had saved them.  It wouldn’t happen this time.  

Only moments later did he begin to think twice.  Junior stood at the gates of Hell in his Neo-Reaper form with Her behind him.  Sally, the squirrel who tended to the gates of Hell, tried to argue with him, but she was out of her league.  He wanted to ask her why her father was put here or who did it.  Unfortunately, he was under her feminine charm and he only wanted to make her happy.  Why ask questions?

A large monolith stood at the center of an island surrounded by molten lava.  Junior approached the stone tablet with caution as well as curiosity.  Something else was there; fear.  He had never seen this before and yet he felt such enormous fear of it.  A moment more of thinking and he might have turned back, until Her came up from behind him and whispered into his ear, “Do it.”  The scythe began glowing a bright green preparing to break the seal placed on the stone.  SLASH!  

With a fiery explosion the stone crumbled and a figure appeared.  He was tall and resembled Her in appearance and dress.  His claws were much more menacing and his eyes a deep yellow.  He stared down at Junior with a wicked smile, “Thank you.”  His voice!  It was so girly.  And it echoed.  “Little reaper, you have done well.  I didn’t think you would betray your own father.”   Junior was confused.  “The father imprisoned me and the son set me free.  How interesting.”  The fiend laughed at the irony.  

Junior looked at Her in disbelief of what was going on.  What had he done?  She couldn’t look him in the eyes, she averted her eyes.  Junior didn’t want to hear anymore.  But the monster kept talking.

“I have some business to attend to up above.  But since my daughter has become so fond of you, I think I’ll let you two lovebirds spend all the time you want together.  I’ve quite enjoyed myself in Hell, but now I am interested in seeing Heaven.”  He disappeared in a cloud of smoke before Junior could try to stop him.  The next thing that happened was worse than he could ever predict.  A strong wind began to blow, he closed his eyes at it’s fury and when he opened them he had become a human again.  

Junior looked back at Her who had also been bewitched.  There were tears in her eyes as she silently pleaded for understanding.  He turned his back to her and started walking away towards the gates.  She didn’t move her body, only her eyes followed him.  Death was alive.  Love was evil.  Nothing made sense.  

He could feel her eyes on him every step of the way.  He had been betrayed, he should hate her.  He didn’t.  He told himself not to look back.  He knew he couldn’t leave her if he looked into her eyes again.  He did it anyway.  He gave her a smile and gestured at her to follow.  She dragged her feet as she walked to him.  

He put his hands in his hoody pockets and looked over towards a huge rock wall covered in thorns.  It was impossible to see where it led because there were clouds near the top, but the sign at the base gave it away; “This way to Heaven”.  Junior found a firm rock and grabbed hold of it in order to hoist himself up.  A few meters up he looked back at her and reached out his hand, “Come on, we have to go.”

“We can’t stop him.  He’s going to kill everyone in Heaven and Earth.  I’m sorry.”  She watched him climb the wall as gripped the thorny vines drawing blood.  He ignored the pain and continued upward not knowing what he was getting himself in to.    Junior had done something wrong and he had to go fix it because no one else might.   So, up to Heaven he climbed.
This chapter as you can guess by now was inspired by Bleedman's "Second Coming" pic. The general interpretation of it is that Junior and Her are going to save Minnie. I disagree with that because Bleedman already said that there were two separate sagas, one with Junior and Minnie, the other with Junior and Her.

There are two chapters left with no where to go but up(Get it? The climbing the wall thing upward to Heaven. Guess it's not funny.) Be prepared for a battle that will shake Heaven, Hell, and Earth.

I am most proud of this chapter because the whole fanfic was made especially for it. I have Chapter 5 done, but still unsure about releasing it. I don't wanna pull a Bleedman by leaving anyone hangin, but maybe I'll get lucky and someone will run across this and fanfic my fanfic. That would be cool.
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After making the Avatar series finale, Aang was beat. He felt rather tired and wanted to settle down with his now-girlfriend, Katara. But he also felt he should show Nick how happy he was to work with them. He was lounging in the Nicktoons Lounge at the Nick Animation Studios, thinking of what to do, when SpongeBob Squarepants walked in. He greeted Aang with an enthusiastic "Hi" and Aang did the same. Then Aang spoke up.

"Hey SpongeBob, do you ever feel we should do something for Nickelodeon?"

"Oh, come on, Aang," SpongeBob replied as he bought a flavored bottled water from the vending machine. "We do things for Nick everyday: we give them great entertainment that kids around the world can't get enough of."

"No, I mean, give something back to Nick. Like, throw a party or a celebration of sorts."

SpongeBob gave Aang's idea some thought. "You know, that is a good idea. Nick has actually never thrown a fiesta for past and present Nicktoons; why don't run that by the management?"

"That's sounds terrific," said a voice outside the entrance. Danny Fenton walked in and sat across from Aang. "I mean, since when has Nick ever held a party for all the Nicktoon greats? If we don't run this past them, who knows how long management will take to think of it."

"The only thing concerning me is, what should we do?" Aang asked. The three protagonists thought about this for a minute, then...

"I know what we could do," SpongeBob said, snapping his fingers. "We could hold a concert and play as a band! I already know how to play guitar and bass!"

"And I could play the keyboards," Danny chimed in.

"I could play the drums and maybe even sing," Aang added.

"Well, since we know everyone's position, what kind of music shall we play?" Danny pondered.

"I got another idea," SpongeBob said excitedly. "You guys know that band, Genesis, that toured as a reunion last year? We could play their music! I could be like Mike Rutherford, Danny could impersonate Tony Banks, and Aang, you're a spitting image of Phil Collins!"

Aang thought it over and finally smiled. "Come on, guys! Let's take this idea to the President of Nick! We're gonna rock out loud!!"
The meeting between Aang, Danny, and SpongeBob and the Nickelodeon President was quite extraordinary. The President approved the idea for the concert and gave all the time the guys needed to plan and get ready for it. They all knew they were going to need back-up players, so Aang recruited Sokka to play guitar and bass, and SpongeBob brought in Patrick Star to play drums alongside Aang.

"So, how should we do this concert," Patrick asked. The set list for the concert would include Genesis tunes from lots of different albums. They all agreed to start off with "Land of Confusion", given the state the world was in right now. Then they would go into "No Son of Mine" and "Driving the Last Spike", then do an old medley. Then they would perform "Throwing It All Away", "Hold On My Heart", "Home By The Sea", then "Mama", a drum duet between Aang and Patrick, then "Domino", then finish with "I Can't Dance". Then they would come back for a three song encore: "Tonight, tonight, tonight", "Invisible Touch", and "Turn It On Again".

"Hey, how about during "Invisible Touch", we get our girlfriends to come out and join us on the stage," Sokka asked.

"That's a terrific idea, Sokka," Aang said. They all agreed that Katara would join Aang, Suki would pair up with Sokka, Sam would be with Danny, and Sandy would go with SpongeBob. Only Patrick didn't have a girlfriend. "Now, let's talk about the stage setup," SpongeBob said as he pulled out a few hand drawings of stage schematics.
About a month later, after many rehearsals, and building the stage rig, the Nicktoons tribute band to Genesis, now known as "The Carpet Crawlers", were ready for the show. Many members of Nicktoons, past and present, were gathered at the Hollywood Bowl in LA. Everyone was excited and pumped for the show. The structure for the stage resembled the Nickelodeon "Splat" Logo, which was covered in lights similar to what Genesis used on their tours. On either side of the stage were two splat shaped HD video monitors. Everyone began cheering as the lights dimmed and the MC for the concert, Mr. Krabs, walked onto the stage. He took the lead mike and bellowed, "Good evening, Nicktoons! Are you ready for a stellar concert in your honor?!" The crowd cheered in approval and Mr. Krabs continued.

"Good; now, let me introduce the band! On drums, all the way from Bikini Bottom, USA, the heaviest, headbanging drummer under the sea, Patrick Star!" A light shined down on Patrick as he stood up behind his drum kit. He was dressed in a tan t-shirt with his usual Hawaiian shorts, and a matching Hawaiian head band tied around his head. He raised his drum sticks over his head to the crowd.

Mr. Krabs moved on with the intros. "And over here on guitar and bass guitar tonight, all the way from the South Pole, please welcome, Sokka of the Southern Water Tribe!" Sokka saluted the crowd with one hand, as his other was holding his bass guitar. He was dressed in his usual water tribe gear from the last season of Avatar.

"Now the three main men of The Carpet Crawlers," Mr. Krabs announced. "On guitar and bass guitar tonight as well, also from Bikini Bottom, USA, the greatest Nicktoon star ever, give it up for SpongeBob Squarepants!" SpongeBob, wearing a casual sport jacket with a black t-shirt underneath, bowed to the roaring crowd.

"And over here on the keyboards," Mr. Krabs called. "All the way from Amity Park, TX, USA, the only thing hotter than his ghost powers are his fingers! Ladies, give your love to Mr. Danny Phantom!" High-pitched screams of fan girls filled the air as Danny nodded and winked to the audience. Danny was wearing a casual version of his ghostly costume, but his white hair and green eyes indicated he was in ghost mode.

"Finally," Mr. Krabs said. "On drums and lead vocals tonight, all the way from the Southern Air Temple, he just saved the world from annihilation, he's the last of the Airbenders, the one, the only, Avatar Aang!" The crowd roared it's loudest yet as Aang ran onto the stage and took the mike from Mr. Krabs. He was dressed in his airbender getup from the last season. "Alright, everyone," Aang yelled. "Let's get going! Patrick, count us in!"

"You got it, Aang! 5, 4, 3, 2..."

The song "Land of Confusion" kicked in as scenes of the band flashed on the screens and the lights shined bright reds, oranges, and yellows. Then Aang began singing:

"I must've dreamed a thousand dreams,
Been haunted by a million screams,
but I can hear the marching feet,
They're moving into the street.

Now did you read the news today,
they say the danger's gone away!
But I can see the fire's still alight,
there burning, into the night!

There's too many men,
too many people,
making too many problems.
And not much love to go round,
can't you see
this is a land of confusion!

This is the world we live in,
these are the hands we're given,
use them and let's start trying,
to make it a place worth living in.

Oh, Superman, where are you now,
every thing's gone wrong somehow,
the men of steel, men of power,
are losing control by the hour.

This is the time,
this is the place,
so we look for the future.
But there's not much love to go round.
Tell me why, this is a land of confusion!

This is the world we live in,
and these are the hands we're given,
use them and let's start trying,
to make it a place worth living in.

I remember long ago -
when the sun was shining,
and the stars were bright,
all through the night.
And the sound of your laughter,
as I held you tight
So long ago....

I won't be coming home tonight,
'Cause my generation will put it right.
We're not just making promises,
that we know, we'll never keep!

Cause their's too many men,
too many people,
making too many problems.
And not much love to go round,
can't you see
this is a land of confusion!

Now this is the world we live in,
and these are the hands we're given,
use them and let's start trying,
to make it a place worth fighting for.

Yes, this is the world we live in,
and these are the names we're given,
stand up and let's start showing,
just where our lives are going to!"

The song finished up, and everyone cheered as Aang thanked the crowd. The band would play a lot more songs, and before they knew it, the show was over. Aang, Danny, Patrick, Sokka, and SpongeBob grouped together and took their bows to the crowd. Afterwords, the band was back in their dressing room, and all their girlfriends were waiting for them. Katara told Aang that the Nickelodeon President had seen the whole show, and was very proud of them all. All the girls thanked their respective boyfriends for letting them come on stage, and all recieved kisses. Every member that night felt great, and knew, like their audience, would be a night no Nicktoon would ever forget.
This fan-fiction was inspired by SOL-Master, who writes pretty awesome Nicktoon stories. The story goes like this: Avatar Aang, SpongeBob, and Danny decide to hold a concert to celebrate the Nicktoons' 17th birthday. They agree they will play as a Genesis tribute band and recruit Sokka and Patrick to back them up. The result: an explosive celebration for all Nicktoons!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Nicktoons mentioned in this story, nor do I own any of the Genesis songs or ideas.
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In a raining day at Mickey's house, Mickey and Mario are both playing "Super Smash Bros." and  Pluto is cheering them up.

"I'll win this time, Mario!" Mickey said.
"You think so?", Mario replied.

Upon their 'battle', they are visited my Minnie and greets to them, especially to Mickey: "Mickey, Hello". Mickey is now only focusing to beat Mario, while Mario is replying Minnie with "Hi, Minnie."

"I'm so exciting about tonight, aren't you?", Minnie asks to Mickey.
"Minnie, do you want to lose me against Mario?" Mickey replies to Minnie, thinking, he is helping Mario.
"I beat him four times in a row", explains Mario

Minnie, now a bit angry and disappointed, anwseres "Maybe… Oh, Mickey Mouse! You forgot it, didn't you?!"
"Oh, no. I wouldn't forget it… about what?", Mickey askes confused to Minnie.
"Of our anniversary!" she replies sighly.
"Aha, anniversary… of what?", Mickey askes again.
"of Super Smash Bros.?" answered Mario randomly, because he was focusing in the game too.

Minnie gets annoied , due to the fact, that Mickey has forgot their anniversary (and probably hearing Mario's answer too).

"I can't believe, you forgot our anniversary! Oooooh, I hope you both will have fun with your other 'dates', you lazy pigs!" Minnie said angrily to her boyfriend and his good pal and turned her back to them.

"Minnie, wait!", Mickey scouted
"Pfff, girls.", Mario said after delievering a Smash attack to Mickey' characters.

Mickey found a newspaper arcitle with mini-golf on the cover to surprise Minnie.
"Minnie, I would never forget our anniversary." Mickey said to Minnie to surprise her.
"How so?", Mario wonders, while trying to forget the part with the lazy pig.

Mickey shows her the article, but unknowly accidentally shows her another article with Hawaii, which makes her exciting and Mickey surprisingly shocking… because it's cost is almost 1000$. Minnie  gives him a kiss and leaves happily the house.

"Geesh, what a bossy girl", Mario said, after Minnie left the house, "not to mention, she is also foolish enough, to think, that you're doing your anniversary by-"
Mickey, now in panic about going in Hawai for almost 1000$ and wihtout knowledge, what to do.
"What am I gonna do, Mario?!" cuts Mario in mid-sentence. "A trip in Hawaii…for 999,99$?!"

Seems Mickey thinks, he is screwed, he found a newspaper arcitle, which stands 'Earn 999,99$ for a mindless day's work', which makes him exciting.
"Oh boy! This is gonna be easy as pie!", Mickey scouts.
"I don't know, Mickey. A mindless day's work…It seems like an experiment rather than a-", Mario is against the idea, but Mickey cuts his sentence again.
"Ah, don't worry, Mario. It's not like, something what will happen.", Mickey replied.
"If you say so…", Mario foreshadowes to the audient, telling them, things will get worse.


Upon at the apartment, where the day's work is, before Mickey enteres to the door, he gets sucked from down and is trapped in a chair.
So much shock for Mickey, The Mad Doctor appears in front of him, which gives Mickey such a scear.
"The Mad Doctor?! You?!" Mickey said horrifined
"So, the mouse is in the trap…" the doctor explained, "I was expecting an idionic fool would come here, but since it's you, it's time for the experiment"
Mickey is shocked and confused: "What are you gonna do with me?1 What's going on?!
"Let me introduce my fellow…" he said to him.
"… What?" Mickey askes confused.
"Yes,  a fellow… a GIANT fellow of mine!" Mad Doctor answered.

The Mad Doctor presses one of the buttons to opens a large underdock, which a large scary alien come out from it. The alien (also know as Warschein Lichkeit) is covered with red armor, has two swords each one of the side of the arms, has a metal mouth mask and has multiple yellow horns (scary, isn't it?).

"So, that means, it was all a trick to-" Mickey said to the doctor,  but he cuts his sentence, after the doctor places Mickey's  head with a brainswitcher.
"to switch your brain with the alien? Nya, of course!", the doctor finished the line.

After the he presses buttons, The Mad Doctor laughs maniacly like a mad doctor. Both Mickey and Warschein are shocked with the electricity as they got switched… but in a ironical twist, the maschine is now taking from brain-switch into body-fusion (due to the hatered of the alien to the people who destroyed it) and will blow up in ten seconds.
The Mad Doctor makes his eyes wide, turns to the audianc and says with the last words: "I should have stayed back in the 30s."

-somewhere else-

"So, this is the place to get the money." Mario arrived as least, thinking Mickey is in trouble. "Wow, the apartment looks like the same house from 'The Exorcist'. I hope, Mickey won't be  possessed by a demon or-"


"WHOA!!! What the heck was that!?"
After the explosion, he heard (it was very loud), Mario rushes to the inside of the now-destroyed apartment and enters. He sees no sighs of Mickey, only  the destruction in the laboratory. Mario also sees a skeleton, who is now collapsing into thousand of bones, which Mario admit that things are going bad.

To make thing even worse, loud cracks can be heared in the remains and Mickey jumps from the remains with a roar and growls to Mario.
"M-Mickey!?", Mario scouted in shock about Mickey's bizzar look.

Due to the body-fusion (and probably the infection of the Einst alien) Mickey has now a grey-paled face, has sharpteeths, crawls for hands and feets. He also carries two grey shoulder-parts with yellow horns, black armor for his leg, red armor for his arms and an Einst-chest. He… It is now called Einst Mickey.

Noticing Mario, the hybrin-monster turned to him growled. Mario, now scared about the fact, that Mickey is now a monster, is trying to control the hybrin.

"Ok… well, I, Mario and you, Mickey… well, Mickey Mouse… you're Mickey Mouse…",
Mario is saying to the monster.
Einst Mickey is really confused about it.
"Just… just look at your wallet and you'll see", Mario replied.

The monster takes the wallet from the red short and sees pictures of Mickey and his friends. The first one in with Mickey riding on the boat in 'Steamboat Willie', the other pictures are showing Mickey with him friends Donald, Daisy, Huey, Dewey and Louie, Goofy, Max, Pluto, Clarabelle, Horace and Chip 'n' Dale on tour, and the last picture is showing Mickey and Minnie holding hands while laughing and smiling in the camera.

"Those are your friends Mickey, especially the girl next to you, Minnie." Mario explained.
"Friends?..." Einst Mickey askes confused.
"Yeah, friends. And Minnie is probably waiting for you, buuuuut…"
Mario is trying his best to calm the monster down.
"There's the hook: we need to get you out of this… form, Mickey", Mario says to Einst Mickey.

"Aehm, hook?", the monster is more confusing.
"Well, yeah... getit? Because the problem is still hanging in the hooks" Mario explains to Einst Mickey, "and not be confused with Captain Hook, buddy".

The confusing monster is murmuring about the word hook Mario mentioned: "Hook, haken, hook, ha-"
It suddenly stoped murmuring, and his face turned into a vengefull and hatefull expression.
"…Haken… HAkKEN." Einst Mickey growls again.
"… What?", Mario askes him confused about the german word of hook (Haken).

"HAAAAAKEEEEEN!!!" the monster screamed and roars to Mario. It climbs up from the laboratory to the outside while creating a trail of wrecked spots, caused by Einst Mickey and shouts the word 'Haken' repeatedly in hate and anger.
"W-Wait! Stop, Mickey!", Mario shouted to Mickey, "What do you think, where you're going?! What's wrong with you?! MICKEYYYYYYYYYYY!"

Upon reaching the rooftop of a building, Einst Mickey roars in anger and hate, until it hears a giggle of Minnie, who is wearing a cute white dress and enters in a caffee-place. Einst Mickey growls again and murmurs with another name, which it hate it too: "Kaguya…"

Mario, knowing about the situation is getting worse, has to do something to stop the monster.
"Ok, I know, things are looking not so good right now, but whatever it is, I need to stop it, before things are getting even worse." He is using the metal pieces and parts to create something to stop Einst Mickey.

Minnie is singing happily, that Mickey remembered the anniversary, while drinking a cappuccino
"I wonder, what Mickey will say about this?" Minnie askes to herself.

Just in time, Einst Mickey appears from the frontdoor angrily.
"Oh, Mickey. Nice to see you again.", Minnie greets Mickey, unknown to the fact about Einst Mickey.
The hybrid starts to growl again to Minnie and comes near to her.
Minnie think, that Mickey finds her so attractive in this dress and teases him: "Ah-ah-ah. Not till we're on the boat."

Before Einst Mickey is trying to jump her, Mario (with a metal helmet, which looks like a really ugly dragon head, and a metal armor) arrives just in time to punch the hybrid in the face and to save Minnie from the monster.
"Minnie, it's a trap!"

Einst Mickey slashes and punches Mario's armor, but Mario counters its attacks  and punched back. Scared of the fake 'monster', Minney drags Einst Mickey and ran away. Mario is chasing them on the road by jumping on the roofs of the cars and busses. While running, she thinks, that they distracked the 'monster', but eventually, Mario takes her from the roof of a bus. Minnie screams to the 'monster', but as much of a surprise for her, Mario takes off and throws the helmet away, thinking it was kinda of a stupid idea of his.
"Minnie, it's-a me, Mario!", he explains to Minnie
"Mario? What are you doing there... and... what's wrong with Mickey, What the heck is going on!?", she askes in confusion.
"... Well, let's just say, if you weren't so bossy and didn't called us 'lazy pigs' back then, you mght wonder why."
"..." she is not amused.

The helmet, Mario throw, hits not only the Beagle Boys, but also Pete and Phantom Blot, who were planning to defeat Mickey. They all are getting hitted in the head, except Pete, who gets hit in the…'between the legs'  (well, the helmet can bounce and Mario is a hero … right?)

The chase-scene is getting more hectic, when Einst Mickey is running to Minnie and Mario with all four while roaring.

"What are we gonna do?" Minnie askes.
Mario sees a crane with a hook, which gives Mario another idea.
"If the monster doesn't like hooks, then he won't like this one either".
He grabbed the hook from the crane and swings, alongside with Minnie, with a good speed to a building.

"Just stay there, I'll be back." Mario tels Minnie to stay.
After placing Minnie in a high building from Einst Mickey, Mario swings off again to face off the monster and Minnie only commenting to Mario: "Give him, Mario! Save my Mickey and beat the living crap out of this monster!"

Mario swings to the monster and uses his feet to kick Einst Mickey. With success, Mario hit it and both of them are jumping to another building.

Aftter the landing, Einst Mickey groans to Mario and is running forward to him to slash him, but Mario dodges the attacks and he hits it with an upper-cup-punch. The monster, now a bit angry, draws two horns from his shoulders, which they transform into REAL swords. Mario takes his Fire  Flower and his Hammer Suit and transforms into 'Fire Hammer Mario', holding two strong fire hammers for each hand. The two of them are battleling with their weapons. Einst Mickey is trying to slash the hammers, but Mario dodges the attacks as well. He uses the same upper-cup-attack, but this time with hammers. After the successful attack, which Einst Mickey is in the air, Mario jumpes to the monster and is about to deliever a hard 'Doulbe Hammer Strike' attack. Einst Mickey makes a 'To-worry-about'-expression and saying to itself: "Oh, oh" and…


After Einst Mickey is falling to the telephone line, the electricity manages to split the monster into Mickey and Warschein again. Warschein grabbed Mickey in one hand and bounced back  with one big jump. It grabbed Minnie as well with another hand and crashes into an advertising poster. Mario comes to the place by jumping (hey, he IS Mario).
"Ow, my head.", Mickey comes to his convictions again and sees Minnie.
"Monster Alien?", Mario reminds them about the large alien.
(The good news is, Mickey is back to normal and the bad thing is, Warschein Lichkeit has returned. O_O).

Warschein Lichkeit is almost in victory, as he prepares to eat Minnie, Mickey screams to it:
"Let her go!"
The alien roars to the mouse and freed itself from the poaster. It growls to Minnie, knowing that Warschein will win. Mickey furious bites one of Warschein's fingers to free himself, but it noticed that and throws him away.
"MICKEY!", Minnie cries over Mickey.
A little sound of 'ouch' can be heard from Mickey.
"Oh, don't worry, Minnie. Mickey just landed in soft garbage.", Mario replies to Minnie.
"Geesh, talking about being a fish and getting the hook."

Upon hearing the word hook, which translate into Haken, Mickey hears a voice talking to him: "You're Haken Browning, the bounty hunter from the Endless Frontier."
Now, Mickey stands up and looks himself and thinks: "It Showtime."

Warschein, who is now going to eat Minnie, is distracked by Mickey with a "Hey, ulgy face!" The alien and Mario turned to Mickey, who surprisingly looks so badass with a black longcoat, black jeans, brown shoes and his black cowboy hat while holding a rifle with a underslung piledriver in the front and a fold-out bayonet in the back and a very long handgun-revolver.

Mickey only says with a smirk before the fight against Warschein: "Let my girl go, before I'll kick your ass… personally."

Much of Mario's confusion and Minnie's amaze about Mickey new and badass style, but also Warschein's anger, about the fact , that Mickey is now acting like Haken Browning, the bounty hunter from the Endless Frontier, who destroyed it, alongside with the princess Kaguya Nanbu.

The alien, angered about Haken's possible return,  roars to the bounty hunter and wants to finish him off. Mickey/Haken shoots with both of his weapons to Warschein, while running forward to him. It runs forward to him too and tries to smash him with one single powerfull punch. It seems like, Warschein won the battle, but it turns out, that the little smoke, he created, sees Mickey/Haken is standing here and before he shoots a powerfull laser from his long revolver and saying "Adios, Ugly Bad!", Warschein took its eyes wide, as it couldn't believe he lost again.


He blasted the laser into Warschein's chest near to the edge. Mickey/Haken is swinging his strong lasso to trap the alien (after all, Warschein is now weak because of the blaster) and rescues Minnie.
"You-You saved me...", Minnie thanks Mickey/Haken afterwards.
"I wouldn't lose my girl to someone else, Kaguya." Mickey/Haken replied to Minnie, who is blushing and has and idea… she took one of Warschein's red armor pieces and hit herself in the head. After that, she puts the piece back to Warschein and she is now Minnie/Kaguya
(Get it? Minnie to Mickey and Kaguya and Haken… wow)

Mario, who was stuned by the awesomeness of Mickey (the reason why he didn't take more action), came back to his convictions and kicks Warschein's leg, which is causes to fall off the building and come back and fall off repeatedly. Mario, Mickey/Haken and Minnie/Kaguya watch it and find it really funny.


In Mickey's house again, Mario with some friends (Sonic, Wreck-It Ralph and Reiji Arisu) are playing poker, while Mickey and Minnie are in vacation.
"So, the alien, Mickey fought, came from our dimension?", Sonic askes to Mario (Yes, there are a video-game universum and a cartoon universum)
"Not gonna lie, guys, but it turned out, that it survived during a fight against the Endless Frontier-gang and entered as a lifeless statue in Mickey's world till Mickey is fused with the alien.", Mario explained the whole thing.
"Well, that's explains, how the alien survived, but the one thing that I don't understand is, why it attacked Mickey and Minnie." Ralph is wondering about Warschein's attack.
"It's not really simple to answer, but the alien mentions only to people.", Mario replied.
"Wait, who are those two people?", Reiji asks.
"Well, only Haken and Kaguya… I'm not really sure.", Mario
"Oh, dear god,", Reiji sighs, "you have no idea, what Haken and Kaguya are REALLY doing, don't you?"
Mario gives the audianc a confused look, since he doesn't what Reiji means with that.

Mickey/Haken and Minnie/Kaguya (now having a romantic and erotic night) are traveling to Hawaii on a boat by Warschein (probably forced by Haken).

Well, this fanfiction is an inspiration of 'Runaway Brain' and 'Einst Mickey'.

The story is like a remake to the short 'Runaway Brain', exepct Mario is a second hero beside Mickey, Dr. Frakenollie and Julius will be replaced with The Mad Doctor and Warschein Lichkeit (and Einst Mickey), two fight-scenes and an epiloge.

Mario Mario - Nintendo
Mickey Mouse - Disney
Minnie Mouse - Disney
Haken Browning Namco
Kaguya Nanbu - Namco
Warschein Lichkeit - Namco
Einst Mickey -mine

Pluto - Disney
The Mad Doctor -Disney
Donkey Kong (DK) - Nintendo
Wreck-It Ralph - Disney
Sonic - Sega
Reiji Arusi - Namco

All characters (except Einst Mickey) are not mine.

Have fun reading.
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Victor: ...Okay, that should do it. Now, I'll just practice putting the ring on the bride's finger.

*Victor places ring on branch, feels rumble from ground*

Victor: What the-

*Emily rises up from ground, Emily grabs Victor's arm*

Emily: At last, my groom!

Victor: ....What?

Emily: We're married!

Victor: What are you talking about?

Emily: You put the ring on my finger. That means we're married.

Victor: Whoah, hey, I thought that was just a tree branch! I never meant to marry you!

Emily: Oh..... well, we're still married!

Victor: Ma'am, I'm already engaged to someone else! I can't-

Emily: You married me while you're engaged!? You disgusting little-

Victor: Look, I didn't come out here to get insulted by and married to a gross, decaying corpse!

Emily: Gross!? we're all of thirty seconds into our marriage and you bombard me with insults!? What kind of man are you!?

Victor: How can we be married!? There isn't even any justice of the peace around here!

Emily: The ring is what truly binds a couple in holy matrimony, but I think you're missing the point!

Victor: No, I'm not! I never meant to marry you! That isn't even a decent ring, I found it in a box of Cracker Jacks!

Emily: Well if that's the way you feel, we're through!

Victor: Whoah, hey I .....I mean, yes, yeah we're through.

*Emily throws ring at Victor's head, then falls back into ground*

Victor: Well, that was weird. Now, how did those vows go again....
Here is a long overdue request by my friend NicktoonsSquad, a joke about Corpse Bride! The premise of this joke is 'What if Victor handled that scene with Emily differently?'

Sorry for the long wait NicktoonsSquad!

Corpse Bride is owned by Warner Bros.
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Disclaimer: I do not own Simon or Jeanette or the Chipmunks and the Chipettes. I just wrote this fan fiction about them.
Homework Help

It was a Friday night and after much pleading  Dave allowed Simon  and Theodore  to spend the night alone without Miss Miller while he took Alvin to his Mr. Heart Throb photo shoot that Saturday  morning. He told them he would be back Saturday afternoon and the only rule he gave them is they were no allowed to have any friends over including the Chipettes.
A little bit after Dave left, Eleanor called, inviting the two over. Theodore agreed to come over but Simon decided to use the night to study since he would have peace and quiet for once away from Alvin. Britney whom had no interest in the boys coming over without Alvin, convinced Miss Miller to take her shopping for a few hours.
Jeanette  sat on her bed frustrated with her own homework, she just couldn’t  get it and she knew none of her sisters could help her sister could help her. It was way over their heads, that’s why she convinced Eleanor to call the boys, Simon was in her advanced  class and he was the one who could help her.
'I wish he would have came,  I need him here to help me.' She thought with a pout crossing her arms. Of course that wasn’t the only reason, Jeanette really loved him and she wanted to spend time with him. She knew without Alvin with them to bother Britney they would stay longer if they both came. Their normal visits were short cause Alvin and Britney ended up fighting, ruining everything.
Suddenly she had wonderful idea,  'I’ll do what Brittany does, I’ll sneak out and go see Simon, just like she has done to see Alvin tons of times.'
She stuck her head out and heard Eleanor and Theodore downstairs. She had heard Theodore mention earlier when he arrived, that they weren’t allowed to have friends over and part of her felt guilty that she was gong  to cause Simon to break the rules but she really wanted to see him.
'It should be fine, I am just going there to get help with my homework right? Besides I should be gone before Theodore gets back so no one will know. It will be our little secret that way Simon won‘t get in trouble.' She convinced herself as she tiptoed down the stairs.
She had almost made it to the door when her book bag got caught on the coat rack knocking it over.  Eleanor and Theodore heard the noise and  poked their heads around the corner. Eleanor noticed Jeanette’s book bag around her shoulder. “Where are you going at this time of night?” she asked with a quizzical look on her face.  A little flustered Jeanette came up with a lie that she hoped her sister would believe, she couldn’t tell her the truth with Theodore standing right there. “Um..I am going to the library to study.” she said picking up the coat rack and opening the door. “Alright but are you sure you wanna go alone?” Eleanor asked in almost a motherly tone. “Yea, we could go with you since I know Simon won’t be there to escort you like he always does.” Theodore offered kindly. Jeanette winced at the mention of Simon and knew if she didn’t leave right then and there she would spill her plans to them. “No, I am fine.” she said quickly and left out the door. Theodore and Eleanor looked at each confused and shrugged their shoulders going back to their cooking.
Jeanette quickly walked down the sidewalk to the Sevillie house constantly looking over her shoulder afraid she was gong to get caught by someone. She sighed a sigh of relief when she reached the front door.
Upstairs Simon sat on his bed his homework sprawled out front of him. His nose was in his science book that he was reading intently when suddenly the doorbell rang making him jump and knocking all of his homework onto the floor.
“Rats!” he said frustrated as he rushed to his feet to answer the door. He ran down the stairs nearly tripping on them on the way down. When he reached the door he was out of breath but who was there made him even more.
“Jeanette!” he gasped surprised to see her standing there. In his stomach little butterflies danced at the sight of her. He had liked her ever since  he first laid eyes on her and it made him so nervous around her.
“Hi Simon.” Jeanette said with a shy smile.
“Wha…what are you doing here?” he stuttered nervously.
“Well…I needed help with my math homework and since you are in that class with me…um I was wondering if you could help me with it.” she said just as shyly as before as she nervously fidgeted with her ribbon.
Simon’s heart leapt inside his chest when he heard that she was there for him and he really wanted to say yes right away but he remembered what Dave had said about not having friends over. He rubbed his shoulder as  he thought to himself for a moment of what he should do. 'Well maybe it would be okay for a little while. I will be just helping her with her homework. No harm in that right?'
He looked at her and gave her a shy smile. “Sure. Come on in, my homework is upstairs in my room.”
Jeanette nodded with another shy smile and followed him upstairs silently. When they reached the boy’s room, Simon began picking up the books and papers that he knocked on the floor a moment before. Jeanette stood awkwardly in the door way unsure of what to do. Although she had been in the room before this was the first time she had been there alone with Simon and it made her very nervous.
Simon looked up at her from his crouching on the floor. “Jeanette…um you can sit on my bed If you would like, I am almost done picking up these.”
He was feeling just as awkward and nervous being alone with her.
Jeanette began walking over to his bed when she tripped on one of his stray books that was on the floor and fell over backwards.
A sharp pain shot in Jeanette’s right ankle and she gasped from it.
Simon dropped the papers he had in arms to the ground and rushed to her side. He knelt down next to her, his eyes full of deep concern. “Jeanette, are you okay?”
“I think I twisted my ankle.” Jeanette said cringing in pain.
Simon looked down at her ankle and touched it ever so gently. Jeanette was surprised by how soft Simon’s touch was on her skin and how wonderful it felt spite the pain.
Simon thought back to the first aid books he had read and was pretty sure he remembered what they had said to do.
“Jeanette, do you think you can put pressure on it?” he asked with still much concern. “I am not sure” she said looking at him helplessly.
“Okay Jeanette, I am going to help you to my bed so you can rest your ankle. Lean on me for support.” He carefully wrapped his arm around Jeanette and helped her stand up being very cautious not to hurt her worse. As he helped her he was fully aware of how warm she was and how wonderful she smelled.
Butterflies fluttered in Jeanette’s stomach the moment Simon put his arm around her small frame. His arm was so warm and comforting to her that even though the movement made her ankle hurt worse it was numbed by Simon’s touch.
She laid her head on Simon’s shoulder as carefully helped her to his bed.
He helped her lay down, grabbing Alvin’s pillow from his bed to elevate her ankle with.
Simon then carefully sat on the edge of the cautiously slipping off her shoe and gently began massaging her with his fingers in soft motions. Jeanette looked at him with surprise, she had no idea he knew how to do that. “Simon, where did you learn to do this?” Simon looked up at her with a gentle smile “I read a book about it. The massaging is supposed to help release the muscle tension.”
“Of course.” Jeanette said with a smile and a giggle. It was just like Simon to take something he read and apply it to a real life situation.
Simon smiled back her sweetly. “Lay still or you are gong to make your ankle worse.”
She nodded and laid her back against the headboard not taking her eyes off as Simon as he continued to massage her ankle. Simon looked back at her and for a moment they were caught in each other’s gazes unable to do anything else, Simon had even stopped massaging her ankle.
As they looked into each other’s eyes they both searched each other’s eyes for the thing they both hoped for in their hearts.  That they loved each other. They both wanted to express it but neither of them was sure if they had the courage to do so but they had knew they had to.  Simon was the one to take that  leap.
“Jeanette.” he took her soft hand in his. “There is something I want to tell you.”
Jeanette nodded hoping with all her heart that what he was about to tell her was what she had been longing to hear.
“I…I…” Simon struggled to get the words to come out. 'Come on Simon, just tell her how you feel.' he told himself.
“I love you, Jeanette.” he said quickly feeling himself blush immediately so he caste his eyes down to comforter worried about what her response would be.
It took a moment for Simon’s words to sink into Jeanette but when they did she couldn’t believe it was real. She had to make sure it wasn’t just an amazing daydream. “Really Simon?” she said looking at him surprise in her voice.
Simon looked up at her with sincerity in his eyes, “Yes Jeanette, I have loved you since I first met you.” he sad as he gently caressed her hand.
Jeanette’s heart soared to the heavens. “I love you too, Simon Seville. I always have.” staring into his eyes so deeply that her eyes almost expressed her love before she did.
Hearing those words Simon’s heart also soared. “Oh Jeanette, you have no idea how happy that makes me feel hearing those words from you.” he said as he gently lifted her hand to lips and kissed it.
“Simon, I am happy too. It’s like a dream come true for me.” Jeanette said with a sweet smile.
“Me too, Jeanette.” Simon said as he scooted close to and wrapped his arm around her. He laid on the bed next to her holding her close in his arms being very careful not to bump her elevated ankle. Jeanette cuddled close as she could with her ankle and laid her head on his chest. She became lost in the feeling of how safe and loved she felt is in his arms. She closed her eyes breathing in deeply his delicious scent, it washing away all of her pain.
And Simon loved having her his arms he leaned down breathing the scent of hair and then he kissed the top of her head. “I love you, Jeanette.” he whispered gently to her.
“I love you too, Simon” she whispered back. Simon smiled as he laid his head back against the headboard still holding Jeanette close listening to her quiet breathing, after a few moments he could tell she had fallen asleep.
Simon couldn’t ask for a more perfect moment to have the girl whom he loved so deeply, asleep in his arms. He didn’t want the moment to ever end but he began to slowly feel his own eye lids get heavy and he drifted off to sleep.
A few hours later Theodore returned from the Millers and walked upstairs to their room. He saw that the light was still on so thinking Simon was still studying and not wanting to disturb him he quietly opened the door.
To his surprise he saw his older brother asleep with the that he knew that he loved deeply in his arms. Theodore smiled, happy for his brother.
“Don’t worry, Simon. I won’t tell Dave. Sleep well my dear brother. You too Jeanette.” he whispered as he turned out the light and closed the door as he left.
What starts out as Jeanette wanting homework help from Simon turns out to be much more.
It's a cute romantic SimonXJeanette one shot.
I hope you all enjoy it and leave comments.
Oh yeah if anyone would be interested in drawing a fanart of Simon and Jeanette for this fan fic, contact me. It would be greatly appreciated since the one that is here is just something I drew and has nothing to do with the fic at all.

ChippieSimon94 drew my preview pic!
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Chapter 6: Father/Sponge Bonding

In the town of Future Bikini Bottom, a large portal appeared and out of it came Sandy, Rocky, Patrick, and Squidward.
Patrick laughed. “That was fun. Let’s do it again.”
“Nit-wit.” Squidward frowned in annoyance as he looked around. “Where are we anyway?”
Sandy answered, “We’ve landed twenty years into the future. This has to be where SpongeBob is.”
“The future, eh?” Squidward said as he looked around at all the high-tech stuff. “Well, since we’re here, I wouldn’t mind having a look around to see what awaits me.”
“I wonder what future pizza tastes like.” Patrick wondered.
“We don’t have time to look around.” Sandy mentioned. “We have to find SpongeBob before he gets into trouble and messes up somethin’ around here.”
“She’s right, boys.” Rocky said as he put his hand on Sandy’s shoulder. “After all, you two were recruited specially for this mission. So, it’s best to stick with the assignment you were both given.”
“Yes, sir!” Patrick said as he saluted while Squidward just groaned in response.
“Now come on!” Sandy signaled as she began to run off. “He could be anywhere.”
When Sandy and the others ran off, they went past an ally with a dumpster in it. Unknowingly, crying was heard next to it.
Sitting next to the dumpster was SpongeBob as he wiped a tear out of his eyes.
“Mr. SpongeBob?” a voice asked as SpongeBob gasped to see Junior standing next to him.
“Oh, Junior, it’s you.” SpongeBob realized until he lowered his head. “If that is your real name.”
“Uh…is it?” Junior wondered as he sat down next SpongeBob.
“Well, I heard Sandy call you something else like…’SpongeBob Jr.’.” SpongeBob mentioned. “You have the same name as me.”
“I know! Isn’t that great?!” Junior said as he hugged SpongeBob. “My mommy and daddy named me that. My daddy said it was mostly his idea, but they only call me that when they’re mad at me most of the time. Also, they usually just call me ‘Junior’ like the way my brothers and sisters call me that.”
SpongeBob giggled. “Sounds fascinating, Junior, or should I say…SpongeBob Jr. Ha, ah, ah, ah, ah!”
Junior giggled also which was a bit like SpongeBob’s own laugh. “Buster wonders why you cry so much. So…why DO you cry so much?”
SpongeBob sighed sadly and explained, “Well…I don’t normally cry so much, but…I’ve known Sandy for a long time and she’s always been my best friend. But, there are times when I secretly think she could be the love of my life.”
“I know exactly what you mean.” Junior suddenly said.
“You do?”
“Yeah, Crash and Twitchy are kinda like my best friends and I love them.” Junior said as he smiled. “So, I guess that makes them the love of MY life.”
SpongeBob chuckled a bit. “Well…this is a bit different.” But then he sighed sadly again as he pulled the small box out of his pocket. “I just never realized how impossible it was to win that love of my life, especially with Rocky standing in my way.”
“Ooh…” Junior said amazed. “That Rocky doesn’t sound like a very nice guy.”
“You’d be surprised.” SpongeBob said as he opened the box to let Junior see the pearl. “If only Sandy could see that.”
“Wow…” Junior stared at the pearl with big eyes. “It’s so pretty.”
“You really think so?”
Junior nodded. “Uh huh, Mommy has one just like that. She said Daddy gave it to her a long time ago.”
SpongeBob stared at the pearl, a bit puzzled until he closed the box and put it back in his pocket. “I guess your dad and I think a lot alike.”
But then, a small metal ball suddenly dropped in front of them.
“Hey, someone dropped something!” Junior smiled as he was about to pick it up until SpongeBob stopped him.
“I don’t know, Junior.” SpongeBob said in uncertainty. “There’s something suspicious about it.”
But suddenly, the ball opened up and let out a holographic screen. “Wow, you’re right!” Junior said as he stared.
Then the screen turned on to show a picture of none other than DarkEvil LaserPants, who still looked the same as he did last time. SpongeBob gasped at this.
“Oh no…” SpongeBob trembled as he backed against the wall. “It can’t be…it just can’t be!”
“It is.” DarkEvil said coldly. “You feeling scared a bit?”
“N-N-No.” SpongeBob said in a trembling voice. “But how did you get back? What do you want?!”
“Oh, I already have what I want.” DarkEvil answered, “You.”
“Me?” SpongeBob questioned. “But…you don’t have me.”
“Don’t I?” then the screen changes to show an image that makes SpongeBob and Junior gasp in shock.
SpongeBob couldn’t believe what he saw. “He looks kinda like…”
“No!” Junior cried as his eyes started to water as he bit on his fingers. “He’s got my…he’s got my…he’s got my daddy! Whaaa!!!”
“’Daddy’?” SpongeBob asked in a surprised tone.
Then the screen switched back to DarkEvil. “That’s right, SpongeBob. I already have your future.”
As SpongeBob saw Junior still crying, he suddenly stood up with a determined look and he stared DarkEvil in the face. “Let Junior’s daddy go, DarkEvil! It’s me you want!” but then he got a confused look. “Wait, that didn’t come out right.”
DarkEvil just laughed and said, “Oh, don’t you worry, SpongeBob. You’re the one I really want to destroy. So, I’ll be coming for you soon.”
Then the screen shut off, and SpongeBob saw the ball close up and gave a small self-destruct. He then turned to Junior, who was still crying.
“Hey, don’t cry, Junior.” SpongeBob gently said as he walked over to him. “It’ll all be alright.”
“But, SpongeBob, he has my daddy.” Junior mentioned as he continued crying.
“But, Junior, I think I’m starting to understand that I’m your daddy also.” SpongeBob pointed out, “Just…from another time.”
Junior gasped in shock as he smiled. “Really?”
“Oh yeah,” SpongeBob said as he then raised his hand. “And I promise as your dad, I’ll save your other dad from DarkEvil LaserPants, and fix everything the way it’s supposed to be.”
Junior smiled and hugged SpongeBob. “Oh, thank you, Daddy!”
“Sure thing, Junior.” SpongeBob replied as he hugged him back. “But where can we start now?”
“We can go to my house.” Junior let go and suggested. “Maybe my mommy or my brothers will know what to do.”
SpongeBob scratched his head. “Well, I guess it’s worth a shot. Let’s do it!”
“YEAH!!!” SpongeBob Jr. shouted as he jumped in the air.
SOLmaster now brings you chapter 6 of Future Shock 2. This is has be my favorite chapter along with chapter 3. I hope you enjoy this chapter also.
But, it looks like DarkEvil LaserPants is back, and he captured SpongeBob good future self. Hopefully SpongeBob can stop him again.

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 4: [link]
Chapter 5: [link]

SpongeBob SquarePants (c) Stephen Hillenburg
Rocky, SpongeBob Jr. (c) :icondprider43:
DarkEvil LaserPants (c) Me
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Danny read an e-mail with a sigh. It was from Tucker, telling about how awsome it was in Hawaii. Tucker's Dad was going to Hawaii on a business trip and had invited Mrs. Foley and Tucker along last week. He had only been in Hawaii for a week, but Danny couldn't help but envy his friend just a little. He clicked out of his e-mail when an IM box appeared. Danny smiled at the purple text on the screen.
GothGurl3: Hey Danny, whats up?

DFenton: Not much, you?

Danny wrote back in green.

GothGurl3: nothin, r u gonna tell your parents about phantom?

DFenton: I don’t know, do u think I should?

GothGurl3: They’re gonna find out sooner or later, it should be at least because u tell them

DFenton: I guess, when though?

GothGurl3: y not now?

DFenton: well I guess I could…

GothGurl3: but?

DFenton: nothing, other then the possibility that they try to rip me apart molecule by molecule, and I’ll never c u again!!!

GothGurl3: don’t b silly, if your parents don’t except u then you can still come by and c me anywayz

DFenton: thanks Sam, that’s helpful

GothGurl3: u know what I mean

DFenton: I know, but I've seen my future without you guys.And I really don't want it to happen

As Danny sent the response, Jack Fenton called down the stairs.

“Danny, your mother and I are going to the grocery store with your sister, you coming?”

Danny turned from the computer. “No thanks Dad.” he yelled back up the stairs.

“Alright Son, we’ll be back in a few hours.” Danny heard the door shut as the three older Fenton’s left through the front door. He turned back to the computer and saw that Sam had replied.

GothGurl3: u have a good point, but if u tell them, then maybe you won't turn evil, u need 2 tell your parents soon, if u don’t then they might find out when its 2 late, what if u get hurt?

DFenton: sam, I’ve fought pariah dark, fright knight, vlad, skulker, ember, technus, freakshow, the guys in white, the list goes on. Nothing bad has happened

GothGurl3: yet danny

DFenton: fine, ill tell them in a few hours

GothGurl3: few hours?

DFenton: they went shopping with jazz just now…

DFenton: actually, will u b here when I tell them, it might help some

GothGurl3: sure danny, just give me a time.

Danny was about to type back when his computer screen went completely black.

“What the heck?” said Danny annoyed, he pressed ctrl, alt, delete at once but nothing happened. He tried the power button but with no avail. Then, words began appearing on the screen.

‘Danny, come here.’

Danny looked at the words for a moment before typing on the keyboard. 'Sam?' still nothing.

“Technus, is that you, get out of my computer.” said Danny angrily.

The computer screen flashed and new words appeared.

‘I’m not a ghost Danny, I’m a human like you are. Or should I say, like you were?’

Danny stared at the screen slightly confused. The screen flashed with new words.

‘Danny Fenton, Danny Phantom?’

Danny gasped quietly. Whoever this person is, they knew his secret.
Hey everyone, here's DP:Unplugged in celabration for Phantom Day! Today, Danny Phantom aired for the first time 3 years ago so this is part of how I'm celabrating. Happy Phantom Day everyone!!!

Disclaimer: ...sniff I don't own The Matrix, and I don't own Danny Phantom, Nick does... BUT THEY DON'T DESEREVE DANNY, THEY CANCELLED HIM. FLY PHANTOM, FLY! ... Uh, yeah, anyways... R&R please!
Ch. 2- [link]
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