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A Holiday Surprise!

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 24, 2012, 1:25 PM


Apologies for the lack of activity lately-- I've been busy wish my comic work for Archie, as usual (I'm halfway done-- not long now!). But I collaborated with a few friends to put together a special treat for y'all this holiday season! I give you...

Ghosts of the Future: the Motion Comic!

Featuring the voice talents of Okida(Namesake Productions), :icondarkspeeds: , :iconcornelious-raidon: , :iconknuckles6k: , :iconkovabomb: and yours truly!

We're all looking forward to adapting more issues-- things are only gonna get awesomer for here!


Please Visit:

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:hooray: ENGLISH…

No surprises here but plans are already being discussed for a sequel to Disney's Wreck-It Ralph and one Nintendo legend will definitely be included for the next go-around. ^^!


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Welcome to the first 30 day challenge! This month’s challenge is:

Clean Media, Clean Mind

You’ve heard “you are what you eat” and it applies to more than just food. So the challenge is to clean up what sites you visit, videos you watch, and music you listen to. After the month is over, tell us via picture or journal how changing what you consume, has changed how you think, speak, and act.  Things to cut out of your media diet: sex, drugs, drinking, swearing, occult, and violence.

These challenges will be harder for some than others, so I’ve included three levels of commitment.

Level 1: baby steps
Cut out media that is blatantly sinful. I’m talking porn, violent movies, songs that swear every other word, etc. If it’s too hard to hold off for 30 days, consider how that itself is a problem. Are you making media an idol? Talk to a trust friend about it or a fellow group member. Also consider listening to a positive radio station:

Level 2: sprint
Cut out all media that glorifies sex, drugs, drinking, searing, occult, and violence. Yes, this means most comedy shows, popular music, and a lot of movies. Think about how much time you spend everyday absorbing negative media and what better things you could be doing with that time. Consider listening to a positive radio station:

Level 3: extra mile
Cut out all negative media and encourage friends and family to do so as well. Listen to positive radio: Research bible verses that emphasize the importance of a clean mind and draw or write a journal about it to share with the group.

Submit your journals and artwork here:…
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:hooray: ENGLISH…

Disney Interactive today unveiled its most ambitious gaming initiative ever, Disney Infinity. This all new game platform unlocks the freedom to create stories and play experiences starring beloved characters from The Walt Disney Company and Pixar Animation Studios. Disney Infinity allows players to both experience original adventures in some of their favorite Disney and Pixar worlds and to build their own worlds using the power of their imagination.

“Disney Infinity introduces a new way to interact with the best of Disney on one game platform, both now and in the future," said John Pleasants, co-president, Disney Interactive. “With this innovative approach to gaming, Disney Infinity will bring to life new characters, stories and environments from The Walt Disney Company over time in a way that will delight fans and gamers alike.”

In a way that only Disney can, Disney Infinity integrates collectible character figures that come to life in the game.  These figures provide experiences that are true to these characters and stories, as well as the opportunity to bring characters from various Disney and Pixar films to play together in a virtual “Toy Box.” This all-new game universe will launch in June across all consoles and will have a phased roll out across mobile and online devices throughout 2013.


EDIT: Don't take me rude, people... but I found amazingly hilarious the idea of some of you needing to shout out that this is a "rip-off" of Skylanders LOL Seriously, geeez XD
Also, I'm sure many other characters gonna be added eventually, I mean... it's just a launch trailer >_>

:hooray: ESPAÑOL…

Disney acaba de anunciar su nuevo juego-plataforma: Disney Infinity.
¿Por qué plataforma? Porque Infinity es básicamente un universo gigante -de Disney- donde se podrán ir integrando diversos sets de juegos, todos cortesía de la marca de Mickey Mouse, a través de realidad aumentada con unos pequeños juguetes. Infinity permitirá mezclar también estos universos, dando lugar a combinaciones de todo tipo y con personajes tan variopintos como Woody o Jack Sparrow (...), multijugador incluído para hasta cuatro personas.

Los juegos y personajes tendrán sus propios juegos específicos (según los reportes, al estilo de otros que ya han salido basados en las propiedades de Pixar), pero dentro del modo llamado Toy Box se podrán mezclar todos los universos y hasta crear algunos minijuegos gracias a un editor incluído en el paquete.

Disney Infinity estará inicialmente disponible para PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U, y Nintendo 3DS desde junio del 2013. Aún cuando a ojos de mucha gente parezca un vil clon, el concepto es bastante interesante y las franquicias de Disney le pueden agregar más valor todavía, por lo que es difícil visualizar un futuro donde este juego-plataforma no sea exitoso.


EDIT: No se lo tomen a mal, gente... pero encuentro sorpresivamente hilarante la idea de que algunos necesiten gritar al cielo que se trata de un "refrito" de Skylanders LOL En serio, vaya XD
Además, estoy seguro que muchos personajes seran añadidos eventualmente, o sea... es solo un trailer de lanzamiento >_>

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... that I want you to watch! 

I just got back from me brother's wedding overseas - had an awesome time and it was great to finally see my bro taking the next big stage in life, looking forward to seeing his kids in the future!

Anyways I'd like to point out some really awesome Sonic Comic Dramas that got me through some of the homework I did for the Academy of Art university a couple weeks ago. I'm going to make a proper list a little later so that I can conveniently go to it during my times of tedious work! Be sure to check these out when you get the chance!

Darkspeeds' recommendations:

  • SONICPOLO23's complete set of Sonic the Hedgehog #215: Family Matters

    Star!  Darkspeeds favourite moments/things:

    Silver and Rotor fighting and working together moments, Sonicpolo23 playing as Sealia (!), Sonic and Guntiver's friendly banter (that laugh that Guntiver did after Sonic's comment, so natural), Sonic and Flip (loved that part when Sonic nudges to Flip the 'cold' joke and expresses friendly sarcasm to Flip's comeback). Mmichael154's performance as Sonic the Hedgehog.

  • DONNIEGIRL12's  SONIC UNIVERSE #17-18: The Tails Adventure

    Star!  Darkspeeds favourite moments/things

    Butter and margarine scene, Antoine and Speedy's voices (also performed by Mmichael154!), song choices such as the Windwaker track used when Tails wakes up with T-pup, TheMobian voicing as the avian minions (Starbucks moment was amusing! And it's a clever cliffhanger tool well utilized).  

  • DARKCLOUD1267's  SONIC UNIVERSE #9: Knuckles Returns

    Star!  Darkspeeds favourite moments/things

    OMG, that Knuckles voice!!! Sexy and in character (though I wish I could hear his max potential as Knux - like when he's in desperation/sad/really furious), great job TheSuperSubwayBros. Vector and Ray's one-on-one moments, Vector's voice (voiced by Tylersampsonis1) - in which inspired me to give Vector a proper go in my more recent SCD's. 

  • DARKCLOUD1267's  SONIC UNIVERSE #1: Living Weapons

    Star!  Darkspeeds favourite moments/things

    HappyAsianVA's narration at every start of Darkcloud1257's SCD's (makes me look forward to more in future!), Nanko-Yuri-Haruno's hilarious interpretation of Marine's Aussie accent, Shadow's overall performance (by Chris BDude), Tyler s EXCELLENT and DIVERSE song choices (Yoshi's theme! Omg. It worked extremely well!), HappyAsianVA's Asian interpretation of Coconut Soldier (it gets me everytime, I couldn't help but chuckle...!), Shadow the hedgehog's super long grunt at Marine - Mhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhh..!!!!!)

  • DARKCLOUD1267's  SONIC UNIVERSE #21: "Salida" (Departure)

    Star!  Darkspeeds favourite moments/things: 

    GIRL POWER!! Treasure Team Tango being a fan favourite (and this SCD really motivates me to one day finish mine, all the project files and voices are still sitting in the back-burner!), PrincessRil's overall voice work (who played as Amy, Rogue and Vanilla!), Cream's ADORABLE voice (by KeeataUrameshi) - I especially loved when she says: "Sorry mother!" (gets me every time, trying not to melt in cuteness when I listen to that!), Rogue and Amy going at it to each other - Amy losing her cool...! (it makes me feel like, grrr Rogue, that b**ch! XXXD).

And that's it! Tell us your favourite moments, talk about the comic and tell us what you liked about each comic drama project! A lot of effort has been put into each and every one of them and I share my thanks to the project directors, the voice actors and everyone else involved in breathing life into these already awesome comics from the Archie Publications team. Keep up the amazing work guys!
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So, I woke up this morning, and I just was like...

" Damn, my viewers are AWESOME". Like, no seriously, no drugs or drinking influencein' my mind here, I swear in the name of the blue hedgehog Sonic I really was thankful for you guys. Like, I layed there in my bed like " WTF I DONT DESERVE YOU GUYS ALL I DO IS DRAW BLUE HEDGEHOGS" ( AND IM NOT SAYING THIS BECAUSE I CERTAIN AMOUNT OF WATCHERS OR PAGEVEIWS IM JUST SAYIN IT 'CAUSE ITS TRUE) And I mean all the watchers, unwatchers, pageveiwers, non-deviants...


So yeah, if you're feeling down or feel that I don't care about anything you guys do for me ( That including just viewing my stuff ) I wanna say THANK YOUUUU AND THAT I REALLY DO CARE



Now you have an awesome day, and make sure YOU KNOW that you are awesome, because you guys are beautiful and awesome ( lol I keep saying awesome what is wrong with meeeee)

Okay you dudes have a good day, and I hope this journal brightened you up. ( REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE COOL AS FRICK OKAY, COOLER THAN ICE CREAM)

okay Im gonna go eat things, like comics or whatevea
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So what's thie Sonic Art magazine all about?

First here's what would look like in the newsstand or local comic book store shelf.

Not bad huh? Just to clarify to everyone this is a mock publication that will be personally submitted (in person) to Archie Comics at Comic Con San Diego 2013 as a portfolio review (and as a gift too!). I plan to have a chat with Paul Kaminski (current Editor/Executive Director of Editorial at Archie Comics) and see what I need to do to gain a spot to work there in the near future.

And to be honest with you, many people here may think that I want to be one of the sequential artists, or be the one in charge of artistic direction (ie in the visual sense, like advanced story boarding ) of the stories that Ian writes for the Sonic series, or be one of those who help touch up the comic art (eg inker/colourist/letterer etc) but the reality is I'm not really interested in those aspects - and I know for a fact that there are TONS of pros far better than what I can do for sequential art. What I'd love to do is be able to create my own magazine (which is pretty much a sub-publication to what Sonic Archie Comics now already offer) that will directly link up with both aspiring artists and fans of the series and get their input for the publication.

Now this may at first sound like a crazy idea (because of all the legalities and red-tape that may occur between artist and publisher - anyone here kind enough to give me resource material that will link up to these 'artists creative rights' in the publication industry so that I can study it in advance? Thanks!) but really I've been doing this kind of thing for donkey years and it's something that I know that I have a talent for.

I get all excited when I can have the ability to hand pick my own team of artists every two months to help me out create this publication and bring it to life and where it should be - which is a magazine full of top quality illustrations and concepts that will help paint the world of Mobius. That kind of initiative, along with having fans get involved in contests and fan letters (where they can see their own stuff get printed on the magazine), is the kind of thing that gives me that 'spark' - it's exciting and a lot of fun for me to be able to get that 'spark'!

First impressions count and I want to deliver the best work I can to Paul. In the review process I want to get as much advice as possible to achieving my ultimate goal of working for Archie Comics - especially in the 'Sonic the Hedgehog' department. I'm sure there is lots that I'll need to do before I get there but at least this mock publication effort will be a start for me.

Anyways, you may perhaps would like to get a much better idea on what it's this mock publication is all about right? Here I present to you,

:star: The Idea & Application: :star:

Sonic Art Collection is a bi-monthly publication that hosts a unique gallery of pictures that represent snapshots of events from the 'SONIC UNIVERSE' & 'Sonic the Hedgehog' canon premise and timelines (past, present and future). The gallery can also showcase concepts (ranging from organic, environmental, structural, to abstract) that will help build a visual library of what the world of Mobius (and worlds outside of Mobius) has to offer to the reader.

Every issue contains a theme that will give provide a focus for artists involved in the project when illustrating concepts. Themes are used to reduce obscurity among the group whilst achieving a unified purpose creatively. An example of a theme can be 'Villains' where artists will combine their efforts to illustrate concepts that are based on bad guys as their main focus. Another example of a theme that may not necessarily focus on a subject matter is 'Revisiting SONIC UNIVERSE cover art' where artists involved will help re-create separate SKETCH & COLOUR variants of existing SU cover arts published by Archie Comics.

Each issue is split into four main sections –

    Essentially a letters/Sonic grams page where the editor can publish news about the publication and give fandom an opportunity to let their voices be heard in print.
    This is where Darkspeeds will take time to do research, prepare and complete a whole range of new art content – images that are NOT featured on any of the other 'Sonic the Hedgehog' publications' unless a senior editor requires to use them – that will fulfill the current issue's theme.
    This is where Darkspeeds will take time to contract highly competent artists for hire and get them on board for an issue to fulfill a creative objective. These artists will be known as 'Featured Artists' in the publication and will be given assignments that will have the artist create art that will provide a fresh visual perspective of the theme to readers. Darkspeeds believes that having a section containing art drawn in different styles by different artists is an attraction for readers. Readers will nourish their imagination further on how the Sonic universe is perceived after observing the concepts drawn by Darkspeeds and his team of artists working on the issue.
    Art contests are a great way to get the fandom/community involved – both proactively and creatively! People love to get their art featured in print, let alone the recognition of their creative efforts being a rewarding experience on its own. We have to keep in mind about the legalities behind fan art work submissions that are to be used for print – Darkspeeds needs to get advice from his senior editors and make sure that terms and conditions are created to ensure a preventive measure on lawsuits used against Archie Comics in future.

To further elaborate on the idea of showcasing concepts let's say that on Issue 3 of Sonic Art Collection the main theme is 'Avian Civilization'. The producer (Darkspeeds) will assign himself the task of creating a range of illustrations that will paint a picture of 'Avian Civilization' for the Art Gallery section (drawings of airships that the Battle Bird Armada uses, concept artwork of Babylon Rogues before they became a team, the Grand Battle Kukku lineage, historical Babylon Garden etc).

Furthermore, Darkspeeds will provide a creative direction for the 'Featured Artists' who will complete assignments correlating back to the creative direction and theme of the issue. For instance Darkspeeds will assign 'Featured Artist 1' to work on designs of armory/ weaponry/aircraft used by the Battle Bird Armada and 'Featured Artist 2' to work on examples of what people looked like that walked through the ancient  civilization of Babylon Garden – like the clothes they wore, hair styles, jewellery etc.

Regarding the online fandom the Sonic Art Collection will enable the introduction of an innovative approach to direct participation of fans - where a dedicated online forums page (such as is created and fans get a chance to vote what they want to be featured in the book (e.g. character illustrations, landscape artwork, concept art based off cultures and events in Mobius etc). In addition to fan participation, the Sonic Art Collection will host art contests (as explained above in point 4 in 'Sections' insert) that will further nourish creativity of fans of the series and encourage discussions of Mobius Prime within the Sonic Archie community.

It is important to note that the ideas of Darkspeeds' own theme, artistic concepts, as well as all images created by the featured artists based on the given assignment are to be approved by the appropriate senior editor/writer/head artist before publication can begin.

:star: In Conclusion: :star:

The purpose of Sonic Art Collection is to give readers an insight to exclusive artwork where 'SONIC UNIVERSE' & 'Sonic the Hedgehog' artists/writers are unable to cover whilst working on the main publications. Fans will be delighted with new content not featured in the regular comics, super specials and readers digest.


Now regarding the most recent announcement of an Fan Art Contest featured in the magazine (you can preview the advert here: Sonic Art Collection (Fan Art Contest Advert) by darkspeeds), as producer of this mock publication I'm here to address some questions raised in the aftermath:
  1. When exactly is the deadline? - As stated in the advert it is 1st MARCH 2013 (12AM EST if you want to be more specific). No more entries to be accepted after that time. Please ensure yourself plenty of time to prepare your masterpiece before the deadline.
  2. Can I go traditional? - Yes absolutely! As long as you scan the drawing or take a photo of it, though I highly recommend the scanned method, you'll get a much more crisp clear finish that way.
  3. I already got the book! - That's perfectly fine, how about you let me know who you like to send it to instead? Perhaps you've got a friend who desperately wants a copy of the book!
  4. So Archie has rights to my work? - Though it says in print that they do, this publication is only meant to be a 'mock publication'. Technically both Archie or myself don't have ownership to the artwork you send through to this contest, after all, you didn't have to sign anything right?
  5. Okay cool so what's the benefit of having my artwork published in the magazine? - Well for starters you've already taken some time to do something creative and amazing - which is awesome! The next cool thing to know is that should your artwork get published in the mag I'll be printing it and letting the guys at Archie Comics booth at Comic Con San Diego 2013 take a proper look at it! You'll get real life exposure to the pros who make the comic!
  6. What happens to all of the other entries that didn't make it to a top prize spot? - Not to worry! I'll be posting all other entries into my journal where they'll be visibly presented in thumbnail form. So you're still getting exposure no matter what happens!
  7. Does it have to be team specific or can I have a combination of other characters? - Yes it can be any combination you want. But I'll give more credit to those who create a full match - eg Arctic Freedom Fighters (consisting of Guntiver, Erma, Flip, Sealia and Augustus) or a logical match - eg Sonic + Blaze + Tails + Maine or another example is Mighty + Ray + Krazy Kritters FFs.
  8. Does it need a background? - Well a background would be nice! Remember we're looking for one major kick-butt masterpiece! Give it all you can muster you Sonic Archie fan artist!
  9. Can I include other characters/villains into the mix? - Well if it only can add value to your drawing. Please make sure that you make your prime focus to be the HEROES, not the villains (as awesome as villains may be). For example say you're creating a full scale war of Sand-Blasters vs. Dark Egg Legion Chapter, try not to overpower the HEROES with too many DEL soldiers or even the Grandmaster aka The Baron aka Uncle Beaureguard (as cool as Uncle Beau may be)! Oh and one more thing - non-Sonic Archie characters are not allowed. Keep it as canon as possible! Nuff said!
  10. Any other details you'll need from me before I post my artwork to your e-mail? - Well how about you give me your preferred name (to be published - online and/or in-print) and where you live (city and/or state). You should know this be now if you've been reading up on Sonic Grams!
  11. :bulletred: :bulletred: Additional rules have been added for further clarification :bulletred: :bulletred:
  12. Single characters don't count - though I didn't clearly state it - I did say 'draw your favourite heroes' which implies more than one character. Read the rules carefully and don't ever rush your work till you are fully aware of the requirements.
  13. Send all entries to DO NOT post your artwork on deviantART. Artwork can be posted on deviantART after the contest ends and the winners are announced.

I think that pretty much covers it all. Take your time with it guys and gals, you've still got more than a month to complete this! You're going to set yourself an example of someone who is able to provide some top quality drawings for publication so make every stroke count! Good luck. *thumbs up*
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[UPDATE] Thanks for the awesome two and a half hour session guys! Been lots of fun talkin' about Sonic music, college, travelling, economic crisis, voice acting, comics and loads of other stuff! Wait... Did I say economic crisis? lol

Anyways it was also cool to do some voice impressions on the spot and based off listener request! Once again I share my thanks to people and friends who have attended the session, couldn't have had a show without yas. 8-)

Hi guys! Just posting this for kicks. I really need a break from all of these crazy assignments due at School of Design. I'll be doing some vocal recordings based off the Sonic Archie characters that I'll be using for my latest voice demo reel.

When I'm done we can have a catch and just talk about stuff! I'll try to keep it to an hour since it's 1AM atm... lol See you there. 8-)

:star: SONIC UNIVERSE #47 Readout! (Program and Feedback)

Holy Walkers!! The entire live recording was just an experiment that came out of the hat but it turned out to be ALOT of fun! I couldn't have done this without :iconkovabomb: and without you guys who were most cool to tune in, give us feedback and see how much fun it is to do read-outs of the Sonic Archie comic series!

For your convenience I've made a list of what was crammed into 1 hour and 35 minutes of epic recording carnage!

 photo Darkspeeds-deviantART_03MAR_01_zps44a12c83.jpg

[UPDATE] I had a re-listen to this and boy did I screw up/LOLs/interrupt several times! X_X;; I'll take note not to be too giddy next time if I were ever to do one again. Sorry guys (and Kovabomb - who maintained composure throughout the live recording).

I also gotta fix the volume settings, make it a little more louder on Kovabomb's end. Also didn't like the fact that it gets cut sometimes while we're delivering the lines - probably it's preventable if I shut the webcam off. Some things to consider for next time.

:bulletgreen: PROGRAM :bulletgreen: -  [CHAOTIX QUEST Live Recording (feat. Darkspeeds & Kovabomb)] - :bulletgreen: PROGRAM :bulletgreen:

  1. Just Me and Chris talkin' bout stuff ~ Posting announcement of our exercise, preppin' up for the performance, Scourge's kick-ass voice! [00:00 - 12:30]
  3. CHAOTIX QUEST #47 (Live-Read out begins) [12:37 - 30:12]
  5. FEEDBACK to SonicPolo23! [30:15 - 31:12]
  6. KOVABOMB Suggests Feedback from Viewers: [31:15 - 33:00]
  7. Post this at Bumbleking forums? Darkspeeds takes a Break and KOVABOMB talks to Viewers [33:20 - 34:50]
  9. "Don't you DARE STEAL MY SHARD!!" [34:52 - 35:30]
  11. KOVABOMB as Shard and Sonic  [35:50 - 36:18]
  12. Darkspeeds desperate to do SHARD's voice (AND CHEATING!) [36:20 - 38:10]
  13. Q & A with Kovabomb (Who's your favourite Sonic Archie character to VA?) [38:12]
  14. Q & A with Kovabomb (Does Your Voice Get Hoarse When you VA frequently?) [38:46]
  15. Q & A with Kovabomb (Who would you voice in Sonic x Megaman?) [39:30]
  16. Q & A with Kovabomb (Kovabomb does the JOKER from Dark Knight!!) [41:00]
  17. Darkspeeds talks about Performance enhancement when reading out dialogue [43:55]
  18. Darkspeeds and Kovabomb (as SHARD and SONIC ~ bloopers!) [44:00]
  19. CHAOTIX QUEST #48 (Live-Read out begins) [46:50 - 1:07:00]
  21. FEEDBACK TIME! [1:07:15]
  22. Who has seen Wreck-it-Ralph? [1:09:20]
  24. Kovabomb does impression of TURBO? [1:09:35]
  26. CHAOTIX QUEST #49 (Live-Read out begins) [1:11:16]
  28. This is getting tense!!  [1:19:25]
  29. MIGHTY UNLEASHED??!? [1:20:03]
  30. CHAOTIX QUEST #49 (End!) [1:24:40]
  32. LIVE AND LEAAARRRN!!! [1:24:42]
  33. FEEDBACK 2.0 [1:25:04]
  34. Meet Tails! [1:30:00]
  35. Encore [1:33:30]

It's a shame that :iconevanstanley: wasn't on Skype, but it's all good - Kovabomb managed to brilliantly pull off all of the girl's voices (ie. Matilda and Thorn the Lop!).

Thanks again for being such a wonderful audience! Perhaps one day I'll we can do another - just for kicks. 8-)

:bulletgreen: FEEDBACK :bulletgreen: - [CHAOTIX QUEST Live Recording (feat. Darkspeeds & Kovabomb)] -  :bulletgreen: FEEDBACK :bulletgreen:

Ashley : OMG
Joanna : ...NO
Amaya : Woohoo!
KirbyChan : Oh wow, that is spot on O_O;
Ashley : You, my good man, ARE TURBO
shadowknux516 : YEAH! =D
Amaya : lol
TylerVA : *dies of happiness*
CHICAGOPDSTARS : Never n the red box!
Ashley : That was just EPIC
Vincent : MY GAWD!!!
ShadeKetchum1 : He's going Turbo!
Sen : That was... TURBOTASTIC!
SilverZeo88 : Can you do a Kamina scene?
DTrain2695 : Damn
Ashley : o.o Elson, you've not seen it?
Nightwing178 : OH MY GARD!
Ashley : You HAVE to see it!
KirbyChan : Can you do some King Candy?
RJManatsu629 : How... in mobius... DUDE ThAT WAS SPOT ON!!!
shadowknux516 : You haven't seen it yet!? D=
NankoYukiHaruno : that was great Kovabomb! 8D
Ashley : Honestly, the guy reminds me of the Mad Hatter
ShadeKetchum1 : SPOILERS!
Ashley : Even down to the voice
Nightwing178 : XD I get it
Ashley : You better XD
RJManatsu629 : That was a perfect terbo!
Nightwing178 : XD Come the NY
RJManatsu629 : I watched that today
Sonicpolo23 : We should when you come!
KirbyChan : I totally should be asleep by now. But this is just too fun.
Joanna : Yay!
Vincent : Is it bad that I practically hear a Country Scourge somewhere in there?
Vincent : O.o
Nightwing178 : I know My mom will kill me if she finds me awake XD
TylerVA : lol Vince
Nightwing178 : j
Nightwing178 : Epic music
CHICAGOPDSTARS : You're no Chrush 40 Elson! LOL!
Nightwing178 : XD
KirbyChan : I love your Mighty voice <3
Nightwing178 : For hr~
Ashley : His Mighty voice is pretty good ^^
Nightwing178 : FOR THE GIRL!
ShadeKetchum1 : I'm suddenly imagining Baron as a southern wardern with that voice.
WeridoKid : favortie voice to do ?
NankoYukiHaruno : hey Elson I gotta brb, but I'll be back ^u^
Nightwing178 : WHOA! He just sound like a die dog D:
Nightwing178 :…
ShadeKetchum1 : Stuff just got real!
TylerVA : These are the Best Sound Effects
Nightwing178 : I KR
RJManatsu629 : Yes
Joanna : Awesome
Ashley : And things just got intense~
Amaya : this is so great <3
ShadeKetchum1 : Sappy memories and emotions time!
WeridoKid : i'm yelling !
Ashley : Now things got emotional~
Joanna : T_T
Nightwing178 : did you run away elson?
RJManatsu629 : Wow... That's good TT_TT
Nightwing178 : T~T
Amaya : :'(
shadowknux516 : So Emotional :'(
ShadeKetchum1 : *tearing u*
KirbyChan : So many feels...
ShadeKetchum1 : *up
Nightwing178 : Pain without love
Nightwing178 : Pain can`t get enoughj
Nightwing178 : XD I found epic musc for you Elson!…
Ashley : And things are about to get reallly intense...brace yourselves folks
Nightwing178 : DEATHJ
KirbyChan : We're blasting off again!
Ashley : *braces* o.o;
Nightwing178 : FATITLY
ShadeKetchum1 : Uh oh. Prepare for the be UNLEASHED!
TylerVA : MIGHTY RAGE!!!!!!
CHICAGOPDSTARS : The collar is off!
shadowknux516 : MIGHTY used OUTRAGE! It was Super Effective! XD
Nightwing178 : XD Elson
KirbyChan : I'm kinda disappointed that there was no Mighty throwing tanks at people...
Sonicpolo23 : loving it
CHICAGOPDSTARS : If only we could sick mighty on Ken Penders!
Nightwing178 :


Ashley : This is still pretty good all the same ^_^
Nightwing178 : NOOOOOOO
ShadeKetchum1 : He kinda needed to get to his sister Kirby. I mean she just lost an arm to a missile.
KirbyChan : Yeah, but he was enraged. Plus he was using a tank on the cover. But I guess throwing engines at people is good enough
ShadeKetchum1 : And plus covers aren't always accurate.
KirbyChan : I can dream xD
Ashley : Sonic Unleashed theme~
ShadeKetchum1 : Yup.
CHICAGOPDSTARS : Elson humming. Did not expect this when I created an account to be here! LOL!
KirbyChan : I will be mad if Bunnie is legionized :I
Nightwing178 :… Your depressing music Elson XD
Amaya : lol
Ashley : Nice work guys XD
CHICAGOPDSTARS : Me too. i like her back to normal!
WeridoKid : loads of fun
Sen : AMAZING job!
Ashley : You two had all kinds of fun XD
Amaya : You guys did a fantastic job
Nightwing178 :… For the sad part T~T
Hedgehogtwins : Hi all!
ShadeKetchum1 : I know what happens with Metal Sonic. But no spoilers. Awesome Job!
MarriNoelle : My gosh. I loved that. It was amazing guys! ^-^
Sen : I came for the Mighty and stayed for the great voices. :'3
TylerVA : Again, pure genuis!
Nightwing178 :…
Joanna : Wonderful!
shadowknux516 : You guys did Awesome! *claps*
Vincent : Good work dudes. ^-^ Hope to keep hearing more! :D
Hedgehogtwins : its over...
RJManatsu629 : Your Ray is epic
Hedgehogtwins : :( :(
WeridoKid : this feels like YGS
Nightwing178 : The amazing ness of life
Nightwing178 : Cookies X3
Nightwing178 : Mighty flipped the universe
CHICAGOPDSTARS ban: SU 50, why not!
Nightwing178 : ROLF
KirbyChan : Can you do SU 50?
CHICAGOPDSTARS : Your good stuff?
KirbyChan : Aw man! D:
WeridoKid : any comic besides so long sally
Nightwing178 : Depression *tear drop
Hedgehogtwins : secret freedom fighters?
Hedgehogtwins : :D :D
Ashley : nHmm.. guess I'm gonna be trying my hand at Aurora for 162
Nightwing178 : An eye for an eye mate
Ashley : Gotta wonder how I'm gonna pull her off...
ShadeKetchum1 : Whoa! I'm suddenly scared of a plant.
Nightwing178 : Thats a good thing
Nightwing178 : How do you apply for the acting?
Ashley : Me?
Nightwing178 : In general
TylerVA : ^^^ same question
Ashley : Well, I found someone doing some Sonic Comic dramas and I did some practice voice acting on some characters
Nightwing178 : Yeah
Hedgehogtwins : sounds great
Ashley : Namely Nicole, Mina, Hope...
Nightwing178 : Nice
Ashley : I earned the part of Nicole for the drama, and Hope too
Nightwing178 : WOOF
ShadeKetchum1 : Sounds good.
Ashley : But I;ve gotta work on my Hope
Ashley : Aurora's gonna be different
Nightwing178 : I always wanted to act as nicole ever so badly!
shadowknux516 : Nice Tails voice, whoever voiced him! =D
Ashley : Nicole's really not that hard
WeridoKid : any idea for haveing someone proved a Mecha Sally in a Comic Dub ?
Ashley : I kept in mind that she often remains calm and, in turn, I kept my voice just as calm
Nightwing178 : If only I had the stuff to try out
Hedgehogtwins : yay!
Ashley : Not that I know of
Nightwing178 :… XD My character of many accents
SilverZeo88 : Didn't know Ratchet from TF:P was in Sonic?
Ashley : Right now, the director's gathering lives for 161 and 162
Ashley : And since he needs someone for Aurora I stepped up. I think I may have lines for Hope soon, I dunno for sure
KirbyChan : I thought Shard only had one boss. Harvey. Who's his second boss?
CHICAGOPDSTARS : I did that in my fanfic. Now there discussing it in the comic.
Hedgehogtwins : cool!
Nightwing178 : I wish I could, but I don`t hove the equiment to do this.
CHICAGOPDSTARS : I like being ahead of the curve
CHICAGOPDSTARS : Great voice work
WeridoKid : see ya...
SilverZeo88 : Thanks
Ashley : Good to know we were great ^^
SilverZeo88 : Awesome.
WeridoKid : and to see you in live action
Sen : Thanks for the fun time!
ShadeKetchum1 : Cool.
KirbyChan : You guys were great!
Ashley : Nice to finally see the face behind the voice~
CHICAGOPDSTARS : Made my early morning entertaining. ;)
shadowknux516 : Thanx Kova! You're so Awesome! =D
Amaya : Thanks guys. It was really fun
SilverZeo88 : Gotta juice!
Hedgehogtwins : thank you!
Ashley : Buy guys ^_^
Ashley : * Bue
Amaya : Night guys
SilverZeo88 : Night.
ShadeKetchum1 : Ok then. Goodnight!
Nightwing178 : NIGHT!!!!!!!

:star: Live Recording of SONIC UNIVERSE #47 Readout!

I was in the middle of colouring the latest drawing that I'll be posting up soon (one that features Mighty, Matilda and Ray)

However my good friend Kovabomb happened to pop up on Skype and instantly I had the urge to take a break and have a fun session doing a mock recording of SONIC UNIVERSE #47.

Wanna have a listen?

Click on the image below and expect some bloopers waiting to happen!

 photo OneHappyFamily01_24-03-2013_zps232d74df.jpg

And if :iconevanstamley: happens to drop by we'll get her to tag along and do the girls voices! :giggle:

:icondarkspeeds: = Mighty The Armadillo, Alan Quail, Munch Rat, The Baron (aka Uncle Beaureguard), Lord Mordred Hood
:iconkovabomb: = Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, Bow Sparrow, Friar Buck, Jack Rabbit
:iconevanstanley: (when she's available XD) = Charmy Bee and Ray Squirrel, Thorn the Lop

See you guys at the box. ;)
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Grab some popcorn and make sure you turn up the volume up HIGH, this is probably my best Sonic Comic Drama yet.

I'm immensely proud of this production, immensely pleased with Kovabomb's performance as Enerjak (boy he kicked ass, some of his lines are unforgettable - "It seems that you've scuffed my helment - HOW RUDE!!" & "... the power... Yeeeeess!") and Brenda's performance as Jani-ca (my most favourite performance of hers is when she is casting her magic with the Sword of Acorns to steal back Enerjak's powers and contain them altogether - by the power of the trademark 'Echidna Heritage Chant' aka "The servers were the Seven Chaos. Chaos is enriched by the heart! ...").

Oh and because I couldn't help but love Silver the Hedgehog, and that I have this hint of ego when it come to voicing the character, I gotta say that I vastly improved on my vocal performance for this guy (and I don't care if people think otherwise! I'm proud of what I recorded! So eat that! lol). He was a lot of fun to voice as - the fighting spirit, pain, and benevolence portrayed (oh and being his usual cool self of course). Time travellers with telekenesis powers and a kind heart totally rock.

Also, I can't believe that it's already been a month since I released the most recent Sonic Comic Drama: 'A Rabbot Reunion'.

It took me three weeks to complete this - I'm getting better at it! Anything that is at least 15 minutes long for a SCD project will take at least three weeks to
finalise from start to the end product.

Within the time this is what I do: I need to consult voice actors for the roles, I need to immerse myself and understand fully how the BGM will fit into each scene, I'll need to create the intro (and outro in some cases) for the 'Sonic Archie Scene Selects' interface, I need to do my vocal recordings should I be playing as a character, I'll need to enhance and edit the vocal recordings of my own and as well as the recordings sent in by my VA crew, then I compile the entire audio together through a series of VA recordings, SFX's and BGM, following that I do the video editing that incorporates the sound that will follow the comic art narrative, at times I'll throw in some bonus art to supplement new scenes of my own or even enhance certain moments that already exist in the comic art, finally I create the credits that will acknowledge the original copyrights, render the video and upload it on Youtube - all in the space of three weeks. Not bad since it's been an improvement from my previous project a year ago - The Silver Saga (The Animated Adaptation).

Now you know how the process works how about I tell you what I think of the results of this audio visual production?

Well I'm feeling super tired as per usual but immensely proud and satisfied that it's complete. Projects like these don't come so often in the context of the Sonic Archie fandom but I aim to entertain AND more importantly get people to start following this amazing series (and actually buying the comic - legitimately - to support it like I do).

Anyways to the Sonic Archie Publications crew you don't need to say anything back if you happen to see my stuff, I'm just happy to have the privilege to share with you my vision of the stories you guys make - and how I read it in my head every-time I get the chance (whether it be at the comfort of my old folk's home, at work during a break or even at the good old' bathroom (screw the newspaper! Ha ha!).

To my fellow voice actors - Kovabomb :iconkovabomb: and Brenda :iconnanko-yuki-haruno: - once again your vocal performances were most impressive and I thank you for being special guests to this very special SCD project - because it marks one year after my very first and proper production way back in October 2011. Oh and you guys have Kovabomb to thank for too - he was the one who gave me that little extra bit of motivation to finish off what I started. We'll celebrate later buddy. *thumbs up*

Alrighty then, time for a break. In fact screw the break I've got a Secret Freedom fanart piece to finish off! Ha ha...!

Oh btw, please do give a shout out to Evan Stanley :iconevanstanley:, it's her birthday today so don't forget to give your cheers to her!

:star: I'm THIS CLOSE!!! :star:

So far I've completed 10 minutes worth of video. I've only 4 more minutes left to finish this off entirely. SO CLOSE! SO CLOSE!!!

Oh and Silver has these messages to share with you. Completely random. Young viewer discretion advised... (paah, whatever...! lol)

See you guys real soon for the premiere! I CAN'T WAIT!!!

:star: 2 More Days To Go!! :star:

Join us for the premiere of 'Silver's Destiny Begins' on the 28th October 2012!!

This Sonic Comic Drama adaptation of popular American all-ages comic -SONIC UNIVERSE #28 will feature the voice talents of: :icondarkspeeds: :iconkovabomb: & :iconnanko-yuki-haruno:

2 more days to go people! I'm so excited that I can't wait to show off the next Sonic Comic Drama that I've been working on for the past few weeks!

Hope to see you all reall soon. You can listen to me scream in pain when demi-god Enerjak kicks my butt on one of the scenes! Mua ha ha! XD Fun times.

If you haven't seen the preview yet you can check put the video link just below ya.

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Alright Otakus! Last month we focused on trying a new skill, this month we want to focus on your skill in art! Whether it be drawing, painting, sculpting, or something else entirely. So here's this month's challenge!

Baby Steps:
Do a "draw this again" deviation:…

Do a "draw this again" and spend a whole page (8x11) just sketching something you personally need more practice with (hands, feet, eyes, hair, etc)

Extra Mile:
Do a "draw this again". Also sketch something everyday and compile all your drawings into one giant deviation.

Submit your deviations to this folder:… (Limit 3 per person)

:pray:Prayer Requests:pray:

Prayer request from BronzeLion

The Syrian rebels have most likely kidnapped another cleric, this time one of us Jesuits. Please, I am earnestly asking all of you to pray for his safety and return…

Prayer request from LovelyLolipoptart

My dad and my mom are fighting and it seems like he wants to find another wife. i dont want that to happen at all!! so please help pray for me and my parents, i want them to make up and not think like that anymore.</i>

Prayer request from anonymous

I'm currently struggling with selfishness and depression. I went through a horrible depression about three years ago, and now I'm doing much better, but the same feelings linger sometimes where I think of suicide and have really low self-esteem. Right now, I'm trying to help some people that are going through depression, but I just don't know how to help them and I feel like what I do just doesn't make a dent. I'm getting frustrated, because I don't know how to help/any help doesn't seem to be getting through to them. I know depression is a complex problem and a few words isn't going to fix everything, but I just want to help in some way. I just want the to get some kind of relief.
Also, this summer, I'm feeling a little lonely since I don't have much to do and I don't really have any friends. I hope that GOD will help me stop being so shy and will help me to be a more GODly person. I also hope He will take away this depression for good, and will help me to be a light for Him to lead others that are going through the same thing to Him.
Sorry for such a long request, but thank you for all prayers.  God bless!</i>

Prayer request from BronzeLion

The civil war in Syria is escalating and it has been causing so much suffering and death to the innocent Christians and Muslims there. Dozens of churches are being bombed all over Syria by the rebels and villagers are being massacred in hundreds. To make matter worse, the United States government and many Arab states are supporting the rebels in toppling the Syrian Republic.
A few hours ago, a Syriac Orthodox bishop was brutally beheaded by the rebels. Please pray for this bishop martyr, the Syrians, the country and for God's mercy and justice upon its good and evil men.

Prayer request from Mysticbynd

Please pray for my family. Our family business caught on fire and our gas tanks exploded. No one was hurt, but repair will be a nightmare and the whole incident will be bad for business. Please pray especially for my uncle since he runs it and has a newborn baby to take care of as well.

Prayer request from Sevslover6195

My friend just found out she has cervical cancer, please pray that it will be miraculously healed. And thank you to all who have been praying for my mom.

Prayer request from yoyonah

Lately I have been having a very, very, very hard time trying to believe in G-d. Now I want to believe, I definitely do, it just is getting so hard lately to do so.
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