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The Tozama lands comprised the territories owned by lords who opposed Tokugawa Ieyasu during the battle of Sekigahara. Because of this they were shut out of the Tokugawa government.

By contrast, the Fudai lands comprised the territories owned by lords who joined Tokugawa before the battle of Sekigahara.

The Shinpan lands comprised the territories owned by lords related to the shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. They enjoyed the best lands in all of Japan along with high prestige.

The Bakufu lands comprised the territories owned by the Shogun and staffed with Fudai/Shinpan lords on a rotating basis.

By 1664 Japan was well into its Edo period. Years earlier in 1600, the Battle of Sekigahara had determined the future of not only Japanese politics, but also Japanese society. Because there were no major conflicts after that, the rank of every lord and soldier would usually never exceed that of his ancestor at the battle. Hence, under the Tokugawa Shogunate there were few promotions or pay raises. Not only that but there were demotions for improper conduct, dress and court appearance.

This also applied to a certain extent to all social classes. If your father was a merchant, you would become a merchant and your son after you.

Due to a lack of actual war, the samurai class became dormant and indolent. Receiving government stipends of rice, they were expected to remain in peak condition while maintaining at least 3 lackeys (one for armor, another for your horse and a third to move other baggage). Over time many Samurai began to adopt more stylized forms of combat, stressing dueling rather than battlefield techniques. Whereas the main weapon on the field had been the bow and arrow, followed by the naginata and the matchlock musket; the main weapon of policing was the sword. After this period the sword would become falsely known as the main weapon of the Samurai.

For more information on this subject, see [link]

map base courtesy of wikipedia

2/19/12 EDIT:
map base source [link]
map base created by [link]
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It's Big Ass Map time!

I tried out other sizes of this map and nothing looked right, and I just couldn't be arsed about slicing it into sections and posting them individually, so here we go - one giant map of the world from my ComCom timeline, the year 2077.
The map shows the Earth-bound territories of the three main powers, the Communist Commonwealth, the League of Allied Nations, and the Progressive Union. Grey lines within countries show nations within a confederacy or personal union.

The map is set three months before the invention of the Atherton-Richmond Engine, the greatest invention in fusion technology the world had ever seen - and the cause of one of its greatest social disasters...

The ARE was a revolutionary type of fusion reactor, developed at labs in Cambridge, Britain, in collaboration with scientists from around the Progressive Union - a transnational organisation formed from previously communist and capitalist nations who broke away from the ComCom and the LoAN, and taking up the philosophies of Douglas Everret, who preached that humanities lack of scientific advancement would one day be it's downfall, and that scientific and social progress should be made at all cost.
Fusion reactors had been used for half a century by this point, but they were bulky, expensive, and difficult to maintain. The ARE were built in a solid-state, could be mass-produced, were cheap to fuel and run, and were immensely versatile - they could be built to any size bigger than a tin can, and the energy produced could easily be converted to any use that was needed.
Hailed as a triumph of modern technology and the saviour of mankind, the news of the ARE's invention went around the world within a day. A week later, the world was on the verge of war.

While larger, older fusion reactors powered many national grids in the world's more advanced countries, most nations still relied on fossil fuels. With the news of the invention of the ARE - and the promise of virtually free energy they brought - the price of these fossil fuels plummeted. Owners of fossil fuel stocks pumped and sold their fuels faster than ever, attempting to sell it off while it was still worth something. This just served to devalue it even faster. A week after the announcement, oil prices stood at 50¢ a barrel, and the world's economy, still built around that oil price, faultered and collapsed. Few countries didn't feel the impact of the switch, with the only ones even partly spared being the members of the Progressive Union, by virtue of their forward-planning (and a covert document sent to the various PU governments letting them know of the ARE invetion, a month before it's public release).

That's all I can think to write for now, I may update it later when I'm not busy. Comments and questions always welcome :)
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Another flag map made by me,this one in 1938 though :)
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"Flame War On!"

Ok no wait, hold on. I got the idea for this after seeing this poster [link] so this is just the counter arguments of opposite sides brought together.

Anyways, I'm not going to debate my beliefs against yours, that'd be silly. Here's what I got; If you don't like it, leave. Your belief is yours and mine are mine for our own reasons. The two are brought together here to show that everything can be generalized and explain in a misunderstood way.

No that's not exactly what Atheists believe and No that's exactly what Christians believe.

I need to spell it out that I know this isn't exactly what atheists believe, or at least how they would state it. This is the Atheist version of a similarly fashion poster I saw about Christianity. This isn't made to bash Atheists, it's to put the shoe on the other foot and go against people who generalize and mock the beliefs of others.
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Edit 8/18/13: Cleaned up.
~ * ~
A lot of my very good friends are Muslims, and I'm getting really fucking sick of people calling them terrorists. Muslim extremists can be considered terrorists...if they fly planes into shit.
Edit: Made it smaller/more compact.
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From left to right:
- Private, Infantry Division (stationed in Odessa)-1942
- Lieutenant, 2nd Calarasi Regiment (stationed in Southern USSR)-1942
- Private, Infantry Division (stationed in Austria)-1945
- Pilot, Romanian Air Force-1945
- Seaman, Black Sea, Danube Flotilla-1941
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Well this was fun to make. I could not really get a how too to work, so I just showed you what makes up a warbox. Here is the text needed to make the one shown above. That arsehole smiley is covering a : and B.

{{Infobox Military Conflict
| conflict = Battle of Orleans
| partof = The End Of All Things
|image=[[Image:Bundesarchiv Bild 146-1998-035-05, Schlachtschiff Bismarck, Seegefecht.jpg|350px]]
|caption=[[P|HMS Hood]] sinks after ramming Cthulhu
| date = November 30, 1938
| place = [[P|Cape Cod]] and [[P|Orleans]]
| result = Pyrrhic Human Victory
| combatant1 = {{flagicon image|US flag 48 stars.svg}} [[P|United States]]
{{flagicon|United Kingdom}} [[P|United Kingdom]]

{{flagicon image|Flag of Canada 1921.svg}} [[P|Canada]]
| combatant2 = [[P|Cthulhu]]
| combatant3 = [[P|Martians]]
| commander1 = {{flagicon image|US Naval Jack 48 stars.svg}} [[P|Frank J. Fletcher]]

{{flagicon image|US flag 48 stars.svg}} [[P|Alexander Vandegrift]]

{{flagicon image|Naval Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg}} [[P|John Tovey]]

| commander2 = [[P|Cthulhu]]
| commander3 = Unknown
| strength1 = '''United States'''

38,000 soldiers

128 tanks

1,243 guns and mortars

7 aircraft

1 battleship

2 cruisers

3 destroyers

'''United Kingdom'''

3 battleships

4 cruisers

4 destroyers


3 destroyers

| strength2 = 1 cosmic entity
| strength3 = 25 tripods
| casualties1 = 3,647 killed,
8,453 wounded
31 tanks destroyed
7 aircraft lost
13 ships sunk
| casualties2 = 1 wounded
| casualties3 = 23 tripods destroyed,
2 tripods captured
24 killed
1 captured
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[insert witty comment here]
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I have created this as sign of friendship and european brotherhood towards these nations and peoples that Romania or the medieval states that formed Romania, had the most conflicts or territorial disputes:

Russia-Ukraine (1. Tsarist Empire / 2. USSR)
Hungary (1. Kingdom of Hungary / 2. Austro-Hungarian Empire)
Bulgaria (Tsardom of Bulgaria (Second Balkan War & WW1)
Turkey/Tatars (Ottoman Empire/Tatar Hordes)

During those times that i mencioned in the parenthesis, most of the conflicts and disputes took place.
Now i am proud and happy to say that all those times are over and we have normal relationships.

So let's hope the future will bring us happy and better days and let's forget and forgive all the wrong things we did to eachother ! God bless !
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The cover for the pamphlet "The British Revolution", published by the Canadian Syndicalist Party c.1940, charting the collapse of the United Kingdom and the eventual creation of the Federation of Workers Republics.
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