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EDIT SEPT. 29 2013:

Most of it is the same: exposition and introductions. I did make a point to add some basic physical descriptions, since I spaced on it when I first wrote it. I added some time prior to the Reaping to portray a more ominous setting. I rushed into it before, and I'm not fond of how it read. I also made a point to hint at her throwing proficiency that will translate into her knife skills. In retrospect I saw that her ability to get that good that quick screamed Sue, and that needed to change. Bitch has killer aim from day one; she just needs to get the hang of a different object.

I just need to read over Cha. 2 one more time and make sure I have everything where I want it. I expect to have its revised version ready soon.


Silly title is silly, but I couldn't come up with anything better.

I've been rather reluctant to post this since it's nowhere near completion, but even if I end up pussing out and not finishing it at least people can read the details of Evangeline's life. Easier than me having to explain it over and over!

Anyroad, this chapter took me a while to complete. I kept going back and fleshing it out more because I wanted to bring District 5 to life similar to how Katniss did for D12 in the first chapters of the real book.

I confess Evy has some elements of a self-insert, but then it's easier to write first person POV when the person is a lot like you. I based her personality off mine so I could gauge what my own reactions would be to the situations I put her in and write accordingly. Unlike My Little Pony or Harry Potter, there's no fucking way I'd actually want to BE a resident of Collins' world.

I was tempted to delete the paragraph where she's internally scolding Celest, but in the end I figured it was a realistic thought process. Plus she quickly realizes what a dick she's being for thinking it. It's one of those knee-jerk reaction/wait a minute I'm being stupid type of deals. I've definitely had those. :nod:

The Hunger Games (c) Suzanne Collins
The Storm and any characters not created by Collins (c) me
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Falling into empty space.
Covered by shadows of death.
I watch the world as it dies.
No longer among the living.
I see the future we all lost.
Our souls depart from this world into the next.
Some go to hell others to heaven to get what they deserve!
Endless suffer or endless glory.

The Earth dies with the rise of the sun.
The planet meets its fiery doom.
Everything turns to ashes.
The world dies in just seconds.
All that's living now its dying.
No more hope, no more sorrow no more life.
Time to face the judgment day!
The time ends and all burns.

Only ashes remain after the end.
The hopes we had are nothing but a fade memory of our world.
The dawn never came again only twilight.
All ended in the silent kiss of the burning sun.
Our souls faded in the magnificent heat of the fire.
Eyes closing and breath fading we cry our last tears.
No more tomorrow will be and no more night will come.
The time to be silent comes!

Death embraces us in her silent and cold hug.
That is our last kindness shown to us by end himself.
Dust to dust and ashes to ashes.
It's time for us to lie in our graves and fall into an infinite sleep.
Time for our flesh and bones to root in the polluted Earth!
Everything that has a beginning has an end.
We hear these last words as death cover us in burning fire.
We smile as our lives are drawing near their end.

We rest in peace in Infinity!
This something really old.

I found it yesterday and decided to finish it and this is the final result of my work.

I can't say it's one of my best but surly it has some potential to be a beautiful poem :):):):):):):):):):)

So I hope you enjoy reading it :)

P.S. On Monday I'm going to submit a very strong poem that has a great meaning to it and I'm really proud of it. So Monday is the day when I rock the known and set the start of craziness :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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So numb, so cold
I don’t even realize
I’m bleeding again
When did this happen?

I think this time
Was no accident
How can I be sure?
This was my own doing

Look for the evidence
There on the floor
Covered in blood that
Flows through your veins

I’ve finally gone too far
One mistake won’t be undone
I’ve taken my life with a knife
I’ve torn others apart with one cut

Eternity in personal hell
That’s the price you pay
For taking your own life
Before it was end game

Look for the evidence
There on the floor
Covered in blood that
Flows through your veins

Can’t move forward
Not allowed back
Stuck in the now
Till eternity ends

Eternity is forever
I had an interesting dream the other night, though when i first woke after the dream I could remember none of it except for this poem. Let me just say now that some of the wording is off and it may not flow right but this is how I remembered it.

As I was writing down the poem I began to remember the dream in more detail but some parts of it are still hazy. I'm going to tell you the dream since it goes with the poem and I hope that when you are done reading both that you will tell me what you think. But please rememer that I do not remember much of the dream so if I don't explain or if I am vauge on something it is because I can not remember all of the details.

In a stone room stands a woman dressed in a gown of a noble of old. You can tell that she is royalty because only royalty can wear the hues of blue and purple. The gown is simple in style but yet it has its own elegance that makes you want to stare at the one wearing it. The dark purple complements the woman’s pale skin perfectly and where on a shorter person the hem would trail on the floor for her it just barley sweeps the floor. A curtain of hair falls past her waist in a black so dark no other shade is visible. She holds herself as one of royalty would with pride, grace and power but that stops when you look in to her eyes. Her eyes hold a deep sorrow some old wound that time has not been able to heal.

She is worried because her kingdom is being torn apart by her enemies and no matter what she does it only gets worse. They call on her but she only fails them each time when the evil is not pushed back to where it rightly belongs. They look to her for hope but she has none to give for her own has been stolen away from her when her daughter was taken from her before she even got to know her. The daughter is the one for told in prophecy to be the one who can return the peace and chase away the evil. Years were spent trying to locate the daughter but to no avail. So the queen gives up and begins to believe that her daughter is dead and no longer apart of the world.

Because of the queens lose of hope she is weakened and is able to be influenced by any force and magic be it good or evil. So lost is she in her misery she fails to see the shadow of evil that has come to take her life. Locked in a room where only she has the key she stands looking out at her kingdom that she failed. In her hand she holds a dagger and with that dagger she takes her own life with a simple slice to her flesh. By the time her personal guard realizes that she is in mortal danger it is too late and all of her life and power bleed out on to the stones.

So heavy was her grief and so strong was her power that instead of moving on into oblivion her spirit is tied to the earth. Fate forces her to stay in the now to watch those whose lives she ruined by taking her own life. She is left with all of her memories of the past and of each day that comes but she is unable to go back and fix her mistakes. She is left to face eternity alone stuck in the now unable to move on to the future that was rightfully hers.

I know I didn't do too good of a job telling the dream but I tried my best. I hope I didn't confuse too many people and all that. If I am ever able to remember the dream better than what I do now I'll try and put the it up for you to see (that is if anyone is interested).

***Note: the display picture I found on photobucket and unfortunatly is not mine. Here is the adress for where I got the photo if you are interested in seeing what else the artist has done.
[link] ***
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Snap! The lifeless corspe falls to the ground. What used to be the district 3 male, is now a lifeless being. The whites of his eyes showing, nearly unbearable to look at. I turn away and see what remains of our supplies. That's why Cato killed him in the first place, he knows and so do I, that he was suppose to guard those supplies. He failed. The cannon fires and Cato rounds up any weapons from the rack that was under the shade and protection of our barriers.

Cato and Clove begin to walk away from the Cornucopia. There's no reason to stay here, no supplies, no campsite, and in my opinion, no allience. I think back to when I first left home, how my sickly brother's body was sprawled in the bed, chin covered in his coughed-up blood, breathing sounded like gasping. And in a blink of an eye, he was gone. Gone with the wind, leaving me alone to enter the games.

That's when I remember, the net trap I set up, maybe some poor tribute was stupid enough to fall for it. I hope it's Katniss, Cato will be pleased if I catch her. Maybe even better if I killed her. I think evil thoughts of how Katniss was eliminated from the arena. I stop in my footsteps.

"I'm going to go check on the net trap," I call out to Cato and Clove.

"Ok, we'll be moving ahead for now, just until they remove the rubble and body," Clove says. Cato doesn't say anything but turns away as Clove finishes. I go to my right and walk towards the trap, but in caution, other tributes may be awaiting for something to happen. The deep green grass turns into white flowers. They crumble as my feet walk over them.

"Katniss!" a voice calls over the hill, I run up to see something is sqirming under my trap, helplessly trying to break free. It's the girl from 11. I reconize her cause she's the youngest to be alive, but not for much longer.

My walking speeds up as I head down the hill. Her screams turn frantic as she catches a glimpse of me. "Katniss! Help! Katniss!" she calls over and over again. Now I'm standing over her and place my boot over her throat to prevent anymore. She chokes on her breath trying to squeeze more air out of her lungs. My spear clutched tightly and is raised at my shoulder. I'm about to finish and take off running, when Katniss comes running over the trunks and roots. I jab the spear into the girls stomach and look up. Katniss is now at the top with her loaded bow. That used to belong to Glimmer before the tracker jacker accident. Before I have anytime to react, her arrow flies and finds its home, deep in my neck. I stumble backwards and fall to the ground.

My eyes lay open as the pollen begins to seep through them, it doesn't matter anyway. I'm done for. I wanted District 1 to have a victor this year, I knew Glimmer couldn't make it too far, and I was right. So I had to aim for the victory. I promised my little brother I would win and bring him medicine when I returned. But since he's dead, and I'm dying, there's nothing I can do. I hear Katniss begin to sing a song to Rue, but it's blury. All I can hear is,
"Deep in the meadow,"
"Under the willow,"
My eyes close as my heart makes its final beat and I go into my last rest that I'll never reawake from. The gates of death open for me, and inside, I see the meadow, the willow tree, and someone sitting beneath it. It's my little brother. I'm with him at last.
first off, Marvel is mine and no one else can have him! I'll get u if u do!:chainsaw:

anyway Marvel's death scene of the Hunger Games a lot of people hat him but if u picture him better, u realize he has 2 do what he has 2 do to survive and go home alive.

play this song while u read it, [link]
ignore the sounds but the song is perfect for this

I :heart: U Marvel
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The History of the INVID

-3 million years  ago
  The earliest known Proto INVID ancestor was bee-like, flying, non migrating, nectovour with ants behavioral traits as well. It is an alien version of our insects, with an exoskelatal chiton and open circulatory system. The hive consists of Workers, breeding drones, immature queens (princesses), and a breeding queen. Communication is by Pheremones and Gesture (tail shaking, information dance etc.;). This Proto INVID begins to consume the nectar of the 'Flower of Life' exclusively.  The Flower of Life at this time has strong mutagenic and life-giving properties, But will only reach its full potential under the breeding and enriching programs of later INVID.

-1 million years ago
  With the Flower of Life to aid their evolution, the INVID evolve quickly (by Planetary Age standards) into Badger sized Cultivators of the Flower of Life. The flyers are half the sized of the large workers with Princesses and Drones being slightly larger then the standard worker. Queens are Dolphin sized, immobile, egg-producing creatures with empathic abilities, able to control their workers. They have borderline sentience. The INVID still consume the nectar of other plants as needed, but are becoming dependant on the nectar of Flower of Life.

  At about this time in their development, the INVID homeworld of Optera, A beautiful and abundant planet with a mild climate 5th planet from its small yellow Sun, is visited by the precursors of the Robotech Masters. The planet is studied briefly and some outposts are built. But the planet is abandoned and never seen as important, though a few mentions of 'Odd Properties' of one of its flowers are written about in their scientific archives and some samples taken. A small, white, long haired, canine mammal, is also taken as a 'Potential' pet and it's cloned decedents survive to this day on some of the Robotech Masters colony worlds. But other then this, Optera is one of the millions of studied and forgotten worlds recorded by the ancient Robotech Masters progenitors.

-750,000 years ago
  INVID grow larger, completely losing their chiton and developing an internal skeleton and closed circulatory system. Queens develop direct mental control over the Hive and can direct and communicate with INVID from their Hive/Family. Queens have problem-solving intelligence and begin using other creatures and plants as tools and living building material. They have changed radically in the short 250 thousand years since the Ancestors of the Robotech Masters left, as if that visitation has somehow spurred their own evolution. Perhaps some tampering or a stray microbe or cell somehow had caused this rapid advancement toward full sentience? Perhaps that one event set into motion the terrible chain of events that would forever scar the galaxy with devastation. There are those that believe this.
This is something for :icongppr: She has been having some trouble finding new stories from the Robotech New Gen era. And although this isn't exactly a story, it might amuse and entertain her I hope.

I have read a few varient and brief histories on the invid from authors of RPGs and such. And I have been deeply disapointed in the brevity, sketchiness and unrealistic nature of those histories. Especially with the emergence of the Regis and Regent.

So, this History is my attempt to give the Alien, Mysterious and Wonderful Invid a believable history that fits in with the series.
Hope I do not suck at this writting stuff :blushes:
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TDF weapons database

Main Turret Artillery

Tachyon Artillery: Tachyons are slowed down below light speed by a gravitation trap with rotating polarization (changing direction), that is the reason why the tachyon gun is U- shaped, and fires two pulses per shot. The tachyons want to get back over light speed, and accelerate after leaving the gun, when they hit matter they lose their strange energy and transform the matter into antimatter, and break through the lightbarrier. The destructive effect is because of this caused by the antimatter, so the usage of tachyon guns in atmosphere is limited to zero, also in space the range is limited due to the exhaust of ships engines and interstellar gas, this causes the red color of the pulses.

Effective range: mostly used in mid distance combat (100 000km), maximal effective shot was one Ls (lightsecond = 300 000km), but had limited effectivity, due to the high loss of tachyons
muzzlespeed = 0.5 c up to0.75 c

mostly used in destructive combat, it is the newest terran design, and thus only used on TDF ships. (probably some made their way into pirates hands by the hands of Avalon. Inc)

Plasma Pulse/ Beam - Gun/ Accelerator: Is the oldest terran weapon design for space combat beside the smaller mass drivers, they use Antimatter/ matter fusion plasma (high engergized matter) which is magnetically accelerated by coils, damage is mostly emp and melting damage, although the plasma causes little explosions sometimes, mostly used to disable other ships and to destroy their weapons.

Max effective range: 50 000 km, on further distances the plasma pulse or beam collapses
the TDF uses the Pulse beam system in combination with tachyon systems, because their energy drain is similar, smaller systems are the SSB III and the older MSB 1 systems (mortar and rapid fire), these older systems can be found on civillian ships, too.

Railgun MLRB 2 new development of the 24th century replacing the older gauss type Main Long Range Batteries, these guns reach, according to some sources a muzzle speed of 0.95 c for a 100 kg depleted uranium needle.

Effective range: ca 300 000 km, max range against relative stationary targets 5 lightseconds

Gauss cannon MLRB 1 the older design, introduced with the first HIVE ships, firing a 100 kg depleted  uranium needle at 60% of c, the fire rate is lower than that of the newer MLRB 2.

Effective range: ca 200 000 km, max range against relative stationary targets 2 lightseconds

Mass Driver SSB secondary ship battery, these guns fire different ammunition like explosive, massive sabot and scatter shells in a hull of plasma, they have small coil accelerators, but are also fired by a gas expansion, they work like a boosted artillery gun of the 21st century. Used also as close range weapons and  are used in the 10 000 km zone, firing at 30 % of c, the reloading mechanism is a revolver design. Sometimes they support the FLAK

Graviton Gun/ Gravitation Turret developed through the time of the threach war andserved as the main artillery within the TDF until the tachyon technology was developed. They fire a gravitation destabilizer field, which causes a chaotic collaps of grvity in its path, when it hits matter the atoms lose they coherence and dissolve- what is hit is destroyed without explosion.
However the singularitys collpse after only 75 000 km, making the Overlord, the only ship with this armament inferior to ships with tachyon guns in a turret engagement.

Spinal Artillery

PAC Particle Accelerator (Cannon) class 1: the heavier one used on superdestroyers (Juggernauts like Nephilim) and in a smaller caliber on the tactical destroyers (Aegis). They fire high density Pb+ (lead ion) beams at almost 99% of c, being the weapon with the longest range in the TDF. The record, set in a field test by the Scythe is 10 lightseconds (relativly stationary target)

PAC Particle Accelerator (Cannon) class 2: fires at 80% of c and with lower density than the class 1, is used as secondary and defensive artillery on the larger ships or as main spinal artillery on smaller ships (Blizzard....) record is 4 ls

PLAC Plasma Accelerator (Cannon) fires a plasma beam with a higher antimatter part (10 AM to 9 M) at 90% of light and in a higher density than the normal plasma weapons, it is in fact the mid range (and maybe most destructive) weapon of the Nephilim class (max 2 lightseconds)

IPP Ionization Pulse Projector HIVE artillery firing a highly ionized beam/ pulse of energy which disables other ships, when they are not shielded

Plasma mortars, mid range rapid fire artillery, fires high density plasma bolts at speeds between those of the plasma turrets and the PLAC

Interceptor/ CIWS systems

Combination Gatling: the core of the TDF defensive systems is formed by the combinated plasma/projectile gatling which is in service since the introduction of the MIB mk3 batteries, which came in service with the Overlord class, it can work in 3 modes, plasma, projectile and combinated. The system itself is a 8 barreled gatling gun, with 4 plasma and 4 projectile barrels. Firing mechanism is similar to that of the bigger SSBs mass driver. This gun was first installed in pure gatling turrets with one or two guns, in the more recent mk IV they are installed in a turret together with a plasma grande launcher.

Plasma grande launcher: fires an instable plasma bolt, which explodes in an aggresive plasma cloud after a set distance, a similar system is the right side of the MFB mk VI

normal flak guns which fire explosive and scatter shells are also used and form the long range arm of the interceptors

IMLBs (Interceptor Missile Launcher Batteries) are used to intercept "difficult" targets like cruise missiles etc. or to stop mortar and tachyon fire on long distances, 5 to 400 missiles are stored per launchtube, the launchtubes can be reloaded by rotating the launcher into a vertical position and then reloaded by a mechanism in the base of the launcher (IMLB mk I & II, MIB Mk V) fire  small  10 cm missiles missiles which are also used on fighters up to the 1 meter diameter * 5 meter length antimatter warhead missile.

Missile Systems

Standard Missile Systems (SMS), 8 meter diameter silos, house manly the SM and sometimes the MMS, these missiles are used on the short distances (5 Ls).

SM/ MPM (Standard Missile/ Multi Purpose Missile), diameter 3 meter
They are equipped with classical fission and fusion warheads and antimatter/ matter fusion warheads, they exist in a short (12, 50 meter range max 150 000km) and a long variant (25 meter range max 1 Ls). 1 silo can house 10 big or 20 small missiles

MMS (Multi Missile System) 7 meter diameter, 53 meter long can carry one or two missile magazines with 8 pieces 1.2*10 meter and 1 * 10 meter each. Equipped with  classical fission and fusion warheads and antimatter/ matter fusion warheads. The "mother"- missile releases her package just outside the interceptor range of the target

Heavy Missile System (HMS, Missile System XXL) 14 meter or 15 meter diameter silos, on the more modern designs they release their payload in direction of flight. Normally they are loaded with MMSs (4 units), JCMs (Jump Capable Missile) 10 meter diameter and 53 meter long (1 unit) and ISCM (Inter System Cruise/Capital Missiles) 10 meter diameter and 53 meter long (1 unit), only sometimes they are loaded with SMs. JCMs are able to open their own jump poins and are use for example to attack a target on the other side of a planet, the ISCM use  Jump points opened by the firing ship or accompagning smaller ships, so the name is rather wrong and should be something like UHCM (Ultra Heavy Cruise/ Capital Missile).

3 meter MPM, SM (short/long)

7 meter MMS

10 meter JCM ISCM 53 meter long
Not up to date... but I finally got an reason for an update

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"Cato!" A voice shrieked, making Cato jump. "Cato!"


Cato ran blindly towards the noise. It couldn't be Clove who was screaming. Clove never, ever shrieked like that. Never shrieked with such open terror in her voice. As he ran, he saw fire girl running away into the woods, and Thresh running back over to the grassy area. Clove, meanwhile, lay on the ground, crumpled like a broken doll.

He dropped to his knees beside her, his breaths ragged. Clove reached out for his hand, panting. Blood ran down from her forehead.

"You stay with me," he ordered. "You have to stay with me, Clove, do you hear me? I can't lose you, Clove. I can't!"

"I don't want to die," she rasped, her breathing ragged. She blinked, tears running down her forehead.

"You won't," Cato said, feeling hopeless. Tears were running down his face now, too. "You'll be ok, Clove. I promise."

She just shook her head, blood mixing with her tears. Her breathing was slowing now, and the girl Cato loved looked more scared then ever.

"Don't leave me!" He shouted desperately, gripping her hand like a vice. But he knew. He knew. Clove was fatally wounded, and there was nothing he could do for her now. Finally, just before her breathing stopped completely, she reached up, and touched his face. And then, the canon fired.

She had left him for good now.
why do I do this to myself? seriously, this is getting ridiculous.

And in his arms is the bleeding,
Love of his life.

And she cries,
Kiss it all better,
Iím not ready to go.
Itís not your fault love,
You didnít know, you didnít know.

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The things that I recall, though it's only one
And then suddenly it's gone, so I'm out of luck
When did I get them, why'd I lose them all?
There's only ever just a hint of what I can recall

Trying one time, trying my best
A hundred times, put my head to the test
All that I can ever see's your smiling face
But I've never gotten far enough to see the rest

The belt line wraps around the world
As it flirts around the morning sun that mopes around
We don't need to fall for all its crazy schemes
We can follow our desires, doing what we please

Trying one time, trying my best
A thousand times, but my head needs a rest
Rain begins to settle on my eyes, I sigh
I'll never hear that voice again, makes me wanna cry

I know nothing at all
Does it offend you at all?
And what you don't know never kills you, it's a damned lie
Think 'bout you all the time
Til you keep me up at night
But if you ever found out, boy, I bet that you would laugh

But feelings can't be counted
God knows that I tried
And then I found that all the warmth you shared had flew right outta my mind
Bye bye, I guess that we'll
Never meet again
That's just one feeling that I got, I guess I'm stuck right here forever
I found I couldn't smile, nothing to do, nor to remember

Donut holes are just what you're like
'Cuz when you take away the outer core there's naught inside
Were you ever really here or in my mind?
I know that I could never prove it, so I'll never try

Try one more time, try do my best
A hundred times, but my head needs a rest
All that I can ever see's your smiling face
So once again I go to sleep, body stuck in bed

If we lived in a world
Where every boy, every girl
Never forgot their precious memories to time, ahh
I would be so relieved
But I can't hope I'd achieve
So give me something else to fill the hole you left me, please

I tried to count my feelings
The ones I had lost
But then I found even your voice had disappeared, flew right outta my mind
Bye bye, I guess that we'll
Never meet again
That's just one feeling that I got, I guess I'm stuck right here forever
As I begin to cry, I know there's nothing to remember

The hole opened inside me
The one that you left
Now it's the only thing about you that I'll keep with me forever
Proving that you existed
I'm empty inside
And now my heart is torn to ribbons, no there's nothing to remember

But feelings can't be counted
God knows that I tried
And then I found that all the warmth you shared had flew right outta my mind
Bye bye, I guess that I'll
Be stuck forever

But in the end, something had changed inside, the name I'd lost forever
I took a breath and calmed myself, and opened up my eyes, ah
Opened up my eyes, ah
Opened up my eyes, ah
Your name I now remember

The return of Hachi! I didn't realise he'd released a new song until after the New Year....oops. I should check niconico more often >.<

Anyway, I love this song way too much. I hope he produces a few more Vocaloid songs before going back to his own projects, he's always been one of my favourite producers <3

You can use these anywhere, just link back to my deviantart, and if you do use them somewhere, I'd love to see the final product :D



I don't own the song Donut Hole-that belongs to Hachi. The Vocaloid Megpoid GUMI belongs to Internet Co Ldt, while the Vocaloid engine is maintained by Yamaha.

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        The first thing I noticed was the water seeping into my clothes.
        Stunned, I opened my eyes and looked up at the bridge above. There was a giant rip down the middle, as if there was a sudden earthquake. I was positive it wasn't there before I went onto the bridge. Come to think of it, why was I down in the water in the first place?
        My eyes widened as large chunks of debris started falling from the destroyed bridge. I dove down into the water as chunks of rock splashed down all around me. I kicked my legs and swam away from the area, and swam to the surface, gasping for breath.
        "Oi! Are you going to float there all day, or swim out of the way and let us pass?"
        Kicking my legs, I turned and took a look at the giant boat now headed my way. Perched on the bow was a girl about my age, staring intently at me. "Who are you?" I asked. "I don't remember seeing a boat when I was crossing the river…"
        The girl chuckled. "Of course you didn't. You were alive then." I began to laugh, but stopped when I saw her serious expression. "This is not a joke, little girl," she snapped. "Get onboard. We need all the new recruits we can get."
        Without warning, some areas of the ship sank in, one on top of the other. They were all rectangular, and led up to the top of the ship. It was like a makeshift ladder, but I had never seen one like it before. I swam a few feet away. "I don't think so," I replied. "I just met you, and you want me to get on your boat? I have to go somewhere, excuse me." With that said, I started to swim towards the shore.
        The girl blinked. "Not anymore you don't. Just face it, little girl; you're dead. Now if you don't get onto this ship right now, you might as well put up a sign that says 'Here I am, come destroy me!' No, unless you come with us, you'll only get yourself wounded or worse, since you have no way to protect yourself."
        I stopped and stared. And laughed. "Dead!? I'm not dead! I feel perfectly fine! This is exactly where I was a few minutes ago!"
        "Feel your heartbeat. Now."
        "Fine then." I lifted one of my hands and put it to my breast in an exaggerated fashion.
        Surprised and slightly frantic, I unbuttoned the top of my shirt and put my hand to the bare skin of my breast.
        Again, nothing.
        A cold feeling dripped down my spine. I stared at my chest, the girl, and my chest again. "What the hell is going on?" I whispered.
        "I told you already; you have died. I'll explain everything, don't worry. Come onboard, we'll need you. Face it, there's nowhere else to go."
        "It doesn't matter!" I shouted up to the girl. "I'm not about to get aboard a ship that nearly tried to run me down, just because I'm 'dead,' if that's even true! Now leave me alone, I have to go to work!" I swam over to the shore, shook off as much water as I could, and started walking towards the city.
        The place was not like I remembered it the previous few times I went. Grass and trees were everywhere, most shooting up out of buildings. Speaking of which… I could see some taller office skyscrapers shooting up out of lower structures.
        Wow, it's really quiet, I thought. Wait a minute… where is everybody? I turned slowly in a circle. Usually the city was loud and busy, with people hurrying down the sidewalks and honking their horns in traffic. Now it was so silent that my ears started to hurt. I was standing in the middle of the road, and yet the only cars in sight were the ones parked on the side.
        Things were becoming stranger by the minute. I was walking to work from the train station and then… I frowned. I couldn't remember what happened after that. It wasn't the "it's-on-the-tip-of-my-tongue-I-just-know-it" kind of forgetfulness. Instead, my mind was completely blank.
        But I didn't exactly have time to think about that when a smashed-up car with a teenager hanging out of the windshield arrived at my feet.
        The girl was initially unconscious. As I dragged her out of the car, I noticed lines of blood on her skin, but when I dabbed at them with my shirt, there were no gashes underneath. "That's strange…" I muttered as I set the girl in a sitting position leaning against a tree.
        Suddenly the girl's eyes shot open. "Wh-what's going on?" she exclaimed, looking frantically around the area. Then she looked down at her body. "AAAUGH! I'm covered in blood!"
        "Calm down!"
        "I can't! I have no idea where I am or what happened to me earlier –" she looked about ready to burst into tears.
        I sat down next to the girl and ran my fingers through my hair in the way that feels like you'll pull it all out by the roots. She appeared out of nowhere… has she forgotten everything? Or is it the same thing that happened to me? The other girl on the boat said that I was dead… but I certainly don't remember dying! Then again, I can't remember anything that happened in the past few hours… maybe I should just go talk with her, in case she is... correct. It's worth a try, at least.
        I stood up. "C'mon. I think I know someone who can explain all this."
        I held my hand out to her, but she shrank back. "Leave me alone!" the girl snapped. "I just met you, I'm not going anywhere with you!"
        I sighed. "Which is better, getting an explanation, or sulking under a tree next to your decimated car?"
        "Move, undetermined soul! I must speak with Elizabeth!"
        I slowly turned around to see a man that, looking back, I can't really describe. The only thing I can is how I felt; utterly hopeless and fearful. These feelings were so strong, I could only gape as he pushed me aside.
        "Elizabeth Lockhart, age 27, you will make a perfect soldier for me," the man growled. "You have been judged as evil, doing horrible deeds with even worse intentions for the majority of your life. Once you have received my touch, you will do as I command."
        I'm certain the feeling was mutual, for she didn't squirm or protest as he placed his palm to her forehead. He held it there for several minutes, muttering something in a language I didn't understand. The entire time, a grey glow surrounded her, until the man finished and took his hand away. "Do you know what you must do now?" he hissed.
        I can't explain it, but the girl (Elizabeth?) was changed. Maybe it was her expression or the way she held her body now. In any case, she certainly didn't look as afraid as I was anymore. "Yes, my lord," she said with a horrible smile. "When may I start?"
        "Once you are ready." With that, he disappeared.
        Automatically, my body relaxed. Bending over, I inhaled deeply, trying to rid myself of the cold hopeless feeling I had just seconds before. "Elizabeth?" I called over to the girl. "Are you… are you okay?"
        She stood up and brushed the grass and leaves off her bottom. "Don't ever speak to me like that again," she snapped. "You are not my equal, and until this war is over, you never will be! You filthy undetermined scum." With that, she disappeared, just like the strange man.
        Groaning, I collapsed against the tree. I hope I'm not going batshit insane, I thought.
        "Excuse me! Are you Gail Parkins?" a voice whispered uncomfortably close to my ear.
        Scrambling away on my hands and feet, I looked up and saw a boy a few years younger than me hanging from a lower tree limb. "And who are you?" I called up. "Are you going to perform some ritual over me too?"
        The boy jumped to the ground. "No, no, I'm not here for… well, what you saw. I'm a scout, from the ship earlier. I was sent here by Captain Harriet to find you. If we go quickly, it shouldn't be too far down the river…"
        "Will I be safe from… that man?"
        "It's the safest place I know of."
        "In that case, I'm definitely coming." I hauled myself off the ground. "Lead the way." Just what the hell am I getting myself into?
FINALLY. all the STUPID formatting is COMPLETE! *collapses with exhaustion*
now if I could only figure out how to enter emocons...
this is the writing project I'm working on. it was originally an assignment for my creative writing class. I then tried it for NaNoWriMo, but I died around 6000-7000 words. procrastination got the better of me I guess... >.<
the story is about a girl who wakes up and finds out she's *gasp* dead! hence the whole afterlife aspect of it. what she doesn't know, but quickly learns, is that the souls that have been judged are now at war. all the people who died as adults are getting judged first, to help the war effort. and the people who died as kids... have to fend for themselves. there's an entire crew of children souls living on a ship, which she joins. and there's going to be some sort of chaotic type of being that's causing the war in the first place. I just haven't gotten there yet.
if you comment, I'll reply, so COMMENT!
EDIT: I'm breaking this story up, to make it easier to read. so this is part 1!
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Disclaimer: I DON'T OWN ANYTHING! I wish… =.='''
ATTENTION PEOPLE: JuniorxMinnie couple =D
A/N: Okay, this is my first fic. Yeay for me! =D Here are the details. Hope you guys like it. =D
In this fic Junior, Minnie and Mimi are a little bit older, Jr. is 14 and Minnie and Mimi are 13 years old. Junior and Minnie are humans, no walking skeleton boy and no zombie girl. Somehow Minnie is still naughty since her trip to Hell. Why? I don't know, I just thought it would be damn funny! XD She has her demon powers and she's wearing that beautiful green dress she had in Hell. Junior has new clothes! =D He's wearing black baggy jeans with a silver chain on left side, a pair of black and white sneakers, a black belt with a silver buckle, his black gloves, a black tight t-shirt, on top of that he's wearing a unbutton white shirt with his sleeves tucked up and an undone tie, he also has a silver necklace with a little skull on it. Mimi is on her devil form, has the same clothes and she has a cute pair of black gloves, because in this fic, she has hands! XD (just don't ask me how she got them… ^^'") And now…THE STORY! =D  ENJOY! =D
The Closet
Junior was going upstairs. He was really tired, having cool demon powers rocked but it also left him exhausted. Unfortunately, that wasn't the only thing leaving him exhausted. Somehow, Minnie was still acting all weird. She was still all over him like in Hell, but even worse! Junior wouldn't mind this, he had to admit she was kind of cute, except for the fact that SHE WAS HIS OWN SISTER, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! So he had been practically avoiding her ever since they had returned home.
But that wasn't his only problem. He was also been avoiding Mimi at all cost. Jeff and Mimi had come to visit him and thanking him for everything he had done for them and they stayed host in Junior's castle. The problem was that Jr. had been noticing that Mimi had been giving him the eye. He soon understood that she had become attracted to him as well. Unfortunately, he wasn't the only one to notice that. As soon as Minnie found out Mimi's intentions over her brother, she got pissed off and jealous. She never let up from both of them when they were alone, in order to prevent herself if Mimi tried something upon her brother.
Junior was about to enter his bedroom, so he slowly tried to open the door in order not to make any noise so it wouldn't call any attention. But surprisingly, the door opened itself and a hand pulled Jr. by the tie and quickly closed the door behind him. As he turned to see who it was, he got surprised. It wasn't his sister as he expected, it was…
"Mimi!? What are you doing in my room?" Junior asked almost shouting because of the big scare he caught. However, he soon understood the reason as Mimi started to walk towards him with an evil grin on her face. Junior quickly turned around to the door.
"Whoa! Look at the time! Gotta go!" but as he was opening the door, Mimi stopped him, by slamming the door with her hand and locking it with a key and then breaking the key in two. She then turned to Junior. Jr. was already in panic, but that freaked him out even more!
Mimi was about to kiss him. He was helpless, he couldn't escape! If only he could control his powers… As she was only inches away from him, someone tried to open the door and finding it locked, that SOMEONE started banging at the door. Obviously, that interrupted, for Junior's luck, the kiss. Mimi was now annoyed for the interruption…She got even more annoyed when on the other side, she heard Minnie's voice.
"Brother, art thou alright?" Minnie asked.
Junior was petrified, he couldn't move nor speak. Getting no response from her brother, Minnie got worried.
"Please brother, open the door!  Let me i-" but before she could end her sentence, she was cut off by her brother, who had suddenly snapped from the trance, and started banging at the door and yelling. "OUT! LET ME OUT! LEMME OUT, LEMME OUT, LEMME OUT! AAAHHHHH! MIMI, LET GO OF ME!" Junior yelled back at Mimi, who was trying to pull him away from the door.
As soon as Minnie heard that name, she wasted no more time! She turned herself into her demon form and knocked the door off! Unfortunately, Junior had been able to loose from Mimi and he was behind the door in that precisely moment, ended up being under it. When Minnie realized what she had done, she used one of her tentacles to grab the door and threw it aside. She quickly kneeled beside her brother, who was laid flat on the floor seeing little pumpkins running around his head (XD), and took one of his hands on hers.
"Brother, art thou alright?" she asked worried. As answer to that, Junior gave her an "Oww…"
She then look at Mimi and her worried expression gave place to a cold one. Both of them started to send each other death glares, that as soon as Junior got up, scared the crap out of him! (XD) Only when Minnie looked at Junior's direction, her hatred instantly disappeared. Only then, Jr. noticed that his sister was wearing her demon outfit…He couldn't help but blush… A LOT!
"Minnie looks…HOT!" Junior thought to himself. But as soon as he realized of what he was thinking of, he quickly turned around, shaking his head and screaming to himself: "GEEZ! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING JUNIOR!? SHE'S YOUR SISTER! THAT'S VERY WRONG! THAT IS…FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!"
He then heard his sister threatening Mimi: "Shouldst thou ever lay your tainted hands upon mine brother, I will…" but Jr. cut her off: "Well, this "friendly" reunion… this unexpected moment… was really… hum… nice… and… hum… unexpected…yeah. But I kind of… really ha-have to go, 'cause I have things to do and… hum... pla-places to be, so… hum… I'll just be on my way… and… ya know…" Junior lied as he made his way to the exit. But Minnie called him: "Brother dearest?"
"Oh man…I hate when puts the "brother" and the "dearest" on the same sentence …She only calls me that when she's up to something…" Jr. thought to himself. Yet he turned to face his sister. "Yeah…?" Jr. asked hesitantly.
"If it is not much to ask, I would request your presence in my room. There is…something, I would like thee to see…" Minnie said smiling.
"Su-sure…Why n-not..?" Jr. said a little bit nervous and followed his sister as she exit his room. As they were arriving to Minnie's room, Minnie stopped at the door, leaving Junior suspicious.
"Brother first, I insist." She said, offering her brother a fake smile, to hide her true intentions. As soon as Junior was inside, he got a little bit nervous.
"So…hum…w-what did you want to s-show me?" but his thoughts were interrupted, as he heard the door close behind. He quickly turned around, only to see his sister locking the door with a key. (Man, what's their problem with keys!? Dunno! XD)
"Mi-Mi-Minnie? Wha-what are you do-doing?" Junior asked frightened.
"Do not fear brother, I mean no harm" and she made the key disappear from her hand. "I just wish to spend some quality time with thee…alone." And she gave Junior an evil grin.
"Oh crap…" Junior murmured as he started to take a few steps back. She then moved towards him. "Minnie stay back!" Jr. shouted at her. "Minnie, I am warning you! Stay back or I'll…I'll do something so bad and…and evil that you going to regret about it!" Junior tried desperately to make a great excuse to keep his sister away, but he couldn't think of anything. And it seemed that Minnie wasn't even listening to him, so he ran to the nearest window, but for his luck, it was locked. He then turned around and his sister was only two steps away. She was about to hug him but he quickly lower himself and avoided his sister's hug. He then ran towards the door, grabbing the knob and pulling it with all his strengths. "Come on! Open up! Open up you stupid door!" Jr. yelled against the door.
"Why is brother in such hurries to leave?" Minnie asked innocently as the same time she continued making way towards her brother.
"MINNIE, LET ME OUT! LET ME OUT, YOU HEAR ME!? LEMME OUT, LEMME OUT, LEMME OUT!" Jr. yelled on top of his lungs at the same time he was briskly shaking the door in hopes that it would open. (Too bad it didn't! XD) And to make things worse, the knob broke, sending Junior flying through the air, landing by his sister's feet. He quickly got up to face his sister. "Minnie, as your older brother, I demand you to open that god damn door right now!" He said trying to look as calm as possible, but he was too scared and embarrassed to make a position of an older brother.
"Brother may leave as soon as I get what I desire." And with that she advanced towards Junior, grabbed him by his tie and pulled him closer to her.
"Minnie, you can't do this to me! I'm your bro-" but Junior was cut off when Minnie pressed her lips softly against his. Junior's cheek turned bright red and his mind went blank, Minnie took the chance to move her arms around his neck. After more a second or so, she broke apart from the kiss and looked at Junior's eyes. Jr. was stunt, what the heck had just happen!? Minnie had kissed him and he… he had like it… That was just WRONG! But for some reason, it didn't feel like it… in fact… it felt kind of right and pretty good… As soon as Junior returned from his dream-land, someone started to bang at the door. (Man, what's their problem with doors too!? XD)
"Oh oh… That's Mimi! Man, I'm so doomed!" He then turned to Minnie only to see a dark aura around her! She was pissed! He had to think fast! If those two faced each other, there was going to be a world war three! (RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! XD) They were going to kill each other! So what was worse? To be stuck with his own sister, who almost chopped his head in Hell only because she loved him and couldn't stand the idea of seeing him with another girl or to face Mimi, who could throw at him kettles and flat-irons? Well… HE RATHER BE STUCK WITH HIS OWN SISTER! Why? Well, that's simple! If his sister almost chopped his head off when he DIDN'T have any girl over him, what would she do, if he'd prefer having Mimi all over him? That was even scary to think of… Now imagine Minnie really, but REALLY, pissed off and add her freakish demon powers… Well…HELL YEAH! He could live with kettles and flat-irons being constantly throwed at him until the end of his miserable life! He just couldn't live DEAD! (Hell yeah! Sister it is! XD But wait… isn't he already dead? XD) So he grabbed Minnie's hand, "Come on!" opened the closet door, throwed some blankets to the floor and pushed her inside. He then entered the closet and quickly closed the door.
Right on time, because the door of the bedroom didn't hang much more and broke. Mimi entered and stared at the room. Finding the room empty, she reached for one of Minnie's pillows and started to rip it off, imagining she was ripping Minnie's head. Minnie had already had enough and tried to stand up to knock some sense into her, but as soon as Junior noticed of what she was about to do, he quickly grabbed her arm and pulled her, that caused Minnie to lose her balance and fell over her brother. As a result, that made Junior hit with his head against the wall, making a small noise. However, that was enough for Mimi to hear and she looked into the closet's direction. "We're dead." Jr. murmured. Mimi advanced towards the closet. "We are SO dead." Jr. said as he hugged his sister tight and held his breath already preparing for the worst… Mimi reached for the closet door and as she was about to pull the door, they heard a voice. "Mimi, where are you?" – It was Jeff! Just then, Mimi turned around and left the room.
Junior let a sigh of relief. "That was close…" He then turned his head front, only to find his sister's face close to his. He blushed; he had completely forgotten that she was on top of him. "So…hum… I think we're safe for now…" Jr. said avoiding his sister's eyes. Minnie took the opportunity to get even closer to her brother. Now, their faces were only inches away from each others. Junior was blushing madly; "Mi-Minnie…what are you do-doing?" Jr. asked very nervous and embarrassed, because he already knew the answer; he already knew where that was going to. "O-ok… i-i think i should b-be go-going n-n-now…" Jr. said embarrassed by this whole situation, as he tried to get up. (Torture! XD) But Minnie stopped him by grabbing his shirt.
"Minnie, come on-" but Junior was silenced by a gentle finger over his lips.
"Brother is whom I want." Minnie said in a loving manner.
"Yeeeeeaah… i-i know…b-but-" but before he could finish his sentence, Minnie quickly pressed her lips against his, giving him a quick kiss, and then pulled apart. "O-ok, i'm-i'm serious-" but he was silenced again with another quick kiss.
"Minnie stop it-" and she kissed him again. "Please-" Jr. tried to speak, but each time he tried to say something, Minnie stopped him with a kiss. "Minnie-" he tried, but she gave him another kiss, "this is-" and another, "very-" and again, "…nice…" he said, giving up to his sister's sweet and tender kisses, as she kissed him one last time; this time, a long passionate kiss. This time, Junior gave up and returned the kiss with the same affection; he put his arms around her waist and pulled her even closer to him. After a time or so, they broke apart. Junior's cheeks were in shades of deep red, he was speechless. Their faces were so close, that their breaths were mixing up together. Everything was quiet, a big silence surrounded them as they were both looking to each other's eyes; Junior was completely lost on those beautiful grey eyes of her, which were full of love and concern, full of love and concern only for him; He was completely lost on her. But the silence, that seemed to be an eternity, soon was broke by Minnie's voice. Although she spoke in a lower tone, she spoke only the truth; the words were still powerful, as they were full of love, tenderness and longing for her brother.
"I love you brother. Mine heart will forever belong to thee, young reaper." And with that, Minnie kissed him softly on his lips, before resting her head on his chest. Junior was just playing dumb! For some reason, he had always wanted this; he just hadn't realized it…until now. When he settled down is thoughts, he managed to say the words he never thought he'd say to his own sister:
"I love you too." and he smile as he rested his chin on top of Minnie's head.
(Hours later)
"Where the hell are those two?" Grim asked with Mandy following him as they entered Minnie's bedroom. Popping out of Minnie's closet, there was a foot, a black and white sneaker. Grim and Mandy look to each other. "Junior." they said in union. As they got closer and peeked inside of the closet, they gaze upon very unusual scenery that melted their hearts. (IF they had one! XD)
There in the middle of the blankets, all scattered over the floor, slept their two kids. Minnie was on top of Junior with her face snuggled on his neck, she had her arms around his upper-torso and one of her hands was grabbing his shirt to prevent him of going anywhere. Junior on the other hand, had his arms around her thin waist and was resting his chin upon Minnie's head.
"Well? What are you waiting for? Aren't you going to wake them up?" Mandy asked.
"Nah… It's not so important for them to be in that reunion. Just let them sleep for now" Grim said as they left the room.
In the room, the two new lovers stayed, sleeping cuddled on each other, having the best sleep of their lives…      
Hope you guys enjoyed!
Don't forget to leave review, please be nice it's my first fic =3
I'm sorry about any grammatical/spelling mistakes;
Dedicated to all the people that support the couple! =D
Junior & Minnie 4EVER! =D    =3
Or almost 4ever...fufufu... >#D
A fic with JuniorxMinnie pairing!
Okay, this is a fic I've wrote at 2008/2009, about Junior and Minnie from :iconbleedman:'s comic Grim Tales From Down Below.

In that year of school I still had english, now I don't, wich totally sucks... =.=
I wrote this on a notebook first, then I passed it to the pc and asked my english teacher if she could help me by correcting any mistakes, wich were LOTS of them, anyways there's probably still some mistakes I appolagize for that, I'm portuguese, writing in english is hard work for me, much less a whole damn fic! 8o

Still, I hope all of JuniorxMinnie fans enjoy this! :la:

Also a big THANK YOU to my English Teacher for helping me out with this fic, by correcting most of the mistakes! =D She was one of the best teachers I ever had! :clap: ;)

This was the first fic I ever wrote and probably the last one, since my english sucks! :dummy:
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