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nearly 3 years old, dusted off and did some lousy editing

designed to be more plausible to exist than...say...some other super robot thing(i think)
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I remembered today that a while back someone had wanted to see me draw an Uller mech from battletech. Pictured is the A. Variant of the uller, featuring a gauss rifle and 2 medium extended range lasers.
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The Uziel Mech from Mechwarrior 4.
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I havent designed a Battletech 'Mech in a long time (not since I was 12 or 13). Since i've been messing around Mechwarrior 4: Mercs w/ Mektek a bit lately, i decided to see if I can design one after 10 years.

This is the "Apophis" (not sure if the name's been taken by any official 'Mechs yet). Something I rigged up last night when I was bored.

-Tech-Base: Clan
-Mass: 55 tons

-Internal Stucture: Endo-Steel - 3 tons
-Engine: 275 XL - 8 tons
-Heat Sinks: 13[26] - 3 tons
-Gyro: - // - 3 tons
-Cockpit - // - 3 tons
-Armor Factor - 202 - 10.5 tons

Weapons and Ammo:
-ER PPC - RA - 6 tons
-3 ER Med. Lasers - LA - 3 tons
-ER. Med. Pulse-Laser - RT - 2 tons
-ER. Med. Pulse-Laser - LT - 2 tons
-LRM-5 - RT - 1 ton
-LRM-5 - LT - 1 ton
-AMMO (LRM) - 24 - RT - 1 tons
-AMMO (LRM) - 24 - LT - 1 tons
-BAP - CT - 1 ton
-LAMS - CT - 1.5 tons
-Jumpjets - CT - 1 ton
-Jumpjets - RL - 1 ton
-Jumpjets - LL - 1 ton
NOTE: I used the old Battletech books for the stats, so they're probably outdated.

Battletech (c) FASA/Microsoft
Art and Design by me
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the assignment in this project was to design a robot that would fit within the "war between man and machine" as depicted by the terminator movies. I designed a bipedal hunterkiller type thingy and gave it a chrome finish.
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With semester exam next week, certainly not a good thing to drew stuff like this, but meh need it to outta my mind or else i won't be able to concentrate (pretty cool excuse eh?)

anyway, for a while i'm stucked with artist's intersection, whether i'm going for old Advent style as seen here [link] or going with new design style, the newest one has more of Orbital Frame/Machina style, cause based on the story i made, the Advent supposedly be a relic type robot. So with the new design some of typical gundam design element is totally removed like vent, hardpoint, machine joint, etc........

Anyway the new style still currently under development, might gonna revised it again or even trashed it.

Edited (Again):
Changing some parts again like feet & head design a bit, also adding the wings now
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Ground Units starting from 1-8
1-Light Main unit (IFV)
2-Light AA
4-Medium Main (walker) unit (variable weaponry)
...5-Self Propelled Deployable Artilery
6a-Prototype of Heavy (walker) unit / Brute
6b-Final of Heavy (walker) unit / Brute
7-Field Commander (mech)
8-Commander (mech) Arm Concept

Air Unit starting from 9-11
9-Heavy Gunship
10-Light F/A
11-Giant transport concept
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Finally Completed the 7th set. This batch contains mechs of my own design, some reimagined TRO 3055 stuff, some commissions for the 3063 TRO, and other misc commissions by individuals.

NOTE: Mech's are NOT scaled.

Starting off, this is my own take on the "Daimyo" from the 3055. Came out a lot heavier looking than I originally wanted, but otherwise satisfactory. Some of the leg-parts look a bit bent, but too late to fix that now. :(
(EDIT: Scaled the Cockpit up so the mech looks smaller).

The second is a "Gallowglass" from the 3055 TRO. I moved one of the Large Lasers to the other side of the body to make the thing more physically balanced. Otherwise, it's the same thing.

The 3rd is a heavily redesigned custom "Cataphract" for the 3063 TRO. Kept the over layout from the original, but changed the form quite a bit. The 3063 variant carries a Gauss Rifle, a ER PPC, 2 ER Medium Lasers, and a medium Pulse Laser.

The 4th is the custom "Sentinel" for TRO-3063. It's been heavily modified from the original. It carries 4 ER medium lasers and 2 Light PPCs.

The 5th is the "Goryo"; something I sketched up months ago in class. Finally had the time to finish it up last night. It's a 50-ton clan mech with 2 ER PPCs, 4 ER med. lasers, and 2 LRM-5s (ammo: 1 ton). It's backed by 15 double heat sinks to keep the thing cool. It's a bit slow for it's size, afaik (6/9 movement).

The 6th is the redesign of one of my first BT mechs; the "Typhon" - original here: [link] Overall, it still looks like the old one, but it's been modified so it looks like the bigger version of the Goryo, to the left of it. Thanks to Solaris Skunk Works, this mech is now functional within the CBT game. It's a 95 ton clan mech with Gauss Rifle (ammo 2 tons), a UAC/20 (ammo 2 tons), 1 Heavy Large Laser, 1 LRM-20 w/ Artemis IV FCS (ammo: 2 ton), and 2 medium Pulse lasers and a head-mounted Active Probe. This is backed with 18 double heatsinks.

The Seventh is another of my own designs - the "Diablo"; a 70 ton IS 'mech. It's armed with an ER PPC, a Medium Pulse laser, a flamer (mouth), a 3-HMG array, 2 SRM-6s, and a Hatchet with TSM. This was one of those rare mechs that was drawn before the stats were created. Originally, it was going to be my fan-mech "the Draugr" but then it came out too blocky and I recycled the drawing for this instead.

The 8th is a custom Jenner for the 3063 TRO, and the last mech that I will work on for the project. Has 3 MRM-10s and 2 ER Medium lasers. There are some alignment problems with this one. But it's too late to fix it now. :(

The 9th is the "Aesir", a commissioned design based on the Blackhawk KU. Has a MML6 and 8 Medium Lasers, and a TAG. Fudgered up on the cockpit a bit, but oh well. :(

The 10th is the "Miko", a commissioned design. It's probably the strangest Battletech 'mech I've ever drawn, but that's because I've been asked to make it look like a miko (japanese shrine priestess). Definitely came out very japanese looking, but I guess it would be fitting for it's theme. It's made to look feminine for that purpose. It's a 80 ton 'mech with a ER PPC, LRM-15, SRM-4, ER Medium Laser, a C3 Master, Targeting Comp, some other stuff.

The 11th is a redrawing of the 3063 Nightsky I did mid last year. I felt like redoing it b/c the original looked like a piece of sh17.

The 12th and final one is the King-Sandman. A 100-ton big brother of the Shadow Hawk. It's armed with a RAC-5, 2 Medium Lasers, 2 ER PPCs, and a Jump Jet pack and search light (?). I noticed a design mistake on one of the ankles, but seems a bit late to fix that now. :(

Battletech (c) Catalyst Game Labs
Mechs (c) their respective owners
Art and Designs by me
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More mechy concept art.
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another mecha sketch...again, i did this over a year ago...thought i should upload summat so you all know im not dead.
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