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He'll always be our superhero Love


Kiss jark's yellow Alien ass!

Anyway, this is for the Our Yellow Alien contest organised by blackhex. I hope everyone understands what is going on in this comic.. I get the impression that it's a bit unclear. Kind of hard to guage, since I know what's supposed to be happening. I was trying to communicate the idea with minimal text.
Well in any event, it was fun to draw Nod

Ah yes.. I forgot to mention that I used 2 images in the background from They can be found on Gambit's bio page and Thor's bio page respectively

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alright, here's the image with a black bg to contrast with the other one. i cherish a dark desktop as much as the next guy, but i still say the other one looks better.

thank you! - personally i do like this better in white. there is only one screen size on this - larger resolutions should just center the image on a black background. enjoy the fun! (but don't order the nuggets...)
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Do what he is doing!
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I thank miss caitiecometrue ~caitiecometrue for unconciously bringing this contest to my attention.

weee! one of my first studio shots.

film- delta ilford 100

camera- nikon fm 10

shoe- payless, $15!
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A tribute to those invincible heroines of Hong Kong cinema.

Artist: Dean Etheridge
Location: UK
Occupation: Technical Manager

Software used: Poser 4, Photoshop 6

Products used:
DAZ Victoria 3
ZetaStudios3D 'Midori'.
Kozaburo 'Updo' and DAZ/Lourdes geisha hair.
Clothing: DAZ/PhilC classic cheongsam set.
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This is my submission for the Pixel Art VG screenshot contest, on where we had to make a videogame mock-up screen from scratch.

As I want to make this mock-up as real as possible, I also thought about the story behind the game, combat mechanics (which is what you see here) and explain the elements of this screenshot that are not very clear. So, if you don't want to spend time reading a long chunk of text, just skip to the bottom of the description.

I opted for making a game that I dubbed "Omicron Zone" (which I wish I could make it true someday, but that's far from happening). Its genre is RPG with some strategy elements. The action happens in a near future, on where sophisticated machinery is being developed at enormous scales, but at the same time, energy resources are being depleted at similar scales. Scientists, on their continuous research of new energy sources discovered what could be a source of "infinite energy", which is located in a place dubbed "Omicron Zone", as this place doubles as a miniature "black hole". While important countries in the world are racing on finding ways to reach this energy source (some, though, by using their military strenght rather than scientific knowledge and diplomacy), a few independent individuals are also interested on it. One of them hired four mercenaries to do whatever is needed to reach this energy source. What they don't know, is that they're forcefully being dragged to an adventure of epic proportions.

Battle mechanics: combats are turn-based. The order of actions are determined by the character's speed status. Exceptions are robots. Some of them may have a higher speed stat than human party members, but they always move last, wheter it is moving through the battle scene or doing an action. Of course, that's to level the difficulty a little, as machines have a huge advantage over human troops in firepower and endurance. This, of course, doesn't count on combats on where all the units are mechanic. Also, you give the commands to a character per time, unlike other RPGs on where you give all the commands to your party and then wait for them to execute. Battle is won when all party members are either KO'ed/destroyed (in the case of mechanic units, they are out of combat merely by having their engine destroyed). Experience is shared between party members in equal fractions, no matter how many successful actions they accomplished.

-Explanation of screenshot elements:

Phase: we give the name of "phase" to the time that takes every unit in the battle field to perform a move. When all the units have already performed their respective actions, a new phase starts. The more phases it takes the player to defeat the enemy party, the less experience will receive at the end of the combat.

Time: this game includes a clock (which is not in real time, as 1 minute lasts for 30 seconds). It indicates the played what's the time, which is important for strategy elements. Fighting at nightime without the appropiate gear will reduce the accuracy of the attacks greatly. Depending of the player possesing night vision gear or not battling at night could be an advantage or a disadvantage respectively. Time doesn't affect indoor battle fields, unless they lack artificial illumination.

Weather: weather in the game influentiates in several aspects. There are several states of weather. They are: clear, sunny, rainy, foggy, storm, gale, sandstorm and blizzard. Clear affects nothing at all. Sunny may affect delicate machinery and other gear that overheat with ease, rendering them useless for a short time. Rainy affects visibility, agility and fire-based weaponry. Foggy reduces vision greatly and may affect delicate gear. Storm, in addition to the effects of "rainy" weather, will affect the performance of mechanic units. Gale will affect the accuracy of the attacks and will lower the agility of non-mechanic units. Sandstorm affects accuracy, critical hit chance and will damage delicate machinery and misc. gear, and blizzard will affect heat-based weaponry, will reduce visibility of non-mechanic units and could probably halt certain mechanic units for a short period of time. Obviously, weather doesn't affect indoor battle fields.

Unit commands:

Attack: uses weapon held in hand. Human units always can carry one weapon at a time. Mechanic units may have more than one. If that's so, an option to choose what weapon to use may appear. Some of the mechanic units' weapons have limited ammunition per battle, in order to even battle's difficulty.

Defend: will attempt to reduce damage and increase evade rate for a whole phase at the expense of not performing an offensive or supportive action.

Skill: each character will develop a certain amount of skills which depend mainly on their natural abilities. They will be, in general, much more effective than normal attack or supportive action, but at the expense of Skill Points (SP).

Item:will use an item that it's being held by a character. They could either be for supportive purpose (i.e: healing items) or attack items (i.e: explosives). Each character can carry a maximum of 9 items at the time of entering the battle field.

Status: will show information pertaining the unit the player is using at the moment. Useful to know how many health points (HP) and SP the unit has, for instance.


HP: health points, or "HP" indicate the health of a unit. When it reaches zero, the unit will be knocked out of battle (or destroyed if it's a mechanic unit). Can be restored with items and certain skills.

SP: skill points, or "SP" are indispensable for performing skills. Every skill requires a minimum amount of SP. If this minimum is not met, then the skill cannot be performed. It can be restored by using items. Some characters can naturally, but slowly, regenerate SP during battle.

Hit %: this percentage indicates how successful the attack will be. The greater the percentage, the greater is the chance of dealing damage to enemy units. Many factors influence on this percentage, being them battle field illumination, weather, characters' stats and weapons used. Also, when using weapons that allow "aim attacks" (which allow the player to aim to certain parts of the enemy's body, like legs, arms, trunk, etc) the accuracy will be reduced if the target is quite well concealed (like a mechanic unit's CPU).

Counter %: this percentage indicates the probablity of an attacked unit to retort said attack performed by the enemy party. In the case of mechanic units with multiple weapons, it will counterattack with its weakest weapon (and in the case of mechanic units, due to their high firepower, their counterattack's accuracy will be halved, in order to balance battle difficulty). It is better to dispatch units with lower counterattack percentage in order to lower the amount of damage that will be dealt by the enemy party.


Specs: all done in Paint Shop Pro. Over 20 hours were used to complete it. Size is 320 x 240 and the colors used were 34, which fit into the contest's requirements.
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love  /lʌv/
1. a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
2. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.
3. sexual passion or desire.
28. no love lost, dislike; animosity: There was no love lost between the two brothers.

28 damn definitions of love. Why?
I think that this picture is one of the best definitions of love.

What motivated me to make this photo was the coupple. I went to a party on the 22nd
with my friend Sean and I was just scoping the party for something to shoot.
I saw this coupple standing by themselves in a corner flirting. I pretended to talk with some people
near them while I took this shot. They didnt notice me so i got 3 or 4 shots of them flirting. This
one came out the best. Why? Because its real. Its pure. Its true. It captured their moment.

Exposure information:
Camera: Minolta x-700
Lens: Minolta 50mm 1.4
Shutter Speed: 1/60sec
ISO: 400
Film: Kodak BW400CN

Developed printed and scaned at local Walgreens

I chose a f/stop of 1.4 first off because the lighting situation wasnt the
greatest and second because i wanted a very shallow depth of field to
isolate the subjects in their moment. I chose a shutter speed of 1/60sec
because I didnt want to go to 1/30sec and risk their being a blur but I
still wanted there to be enough shot to make the photo.


This is one of my personal fav's.

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Winterdream 2005

As I am a cold sensitive person during winter I dream about spring. The idea was to show the coldness of winter but with a germ of spring.

Font: Neverwinter (coincidence? definitely not)
Location: 30m from the last Winterdream location, lawn infront of the woods.
Flower: plastic gerber (irl orange)

FULL FRAME could be a good choice. :nod:

• Mony •
Thanks a lot for all your care :flowerpot:
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Here's my second entry for the Megadeth contest.
Painted and sketched in Photoshop.
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Okay, here it is my entry for Wacom contest. Done with purely my imagination with no references. Hope y'all like it =) enjoy. And don't forget, if you like it, pls fav it, thank you.

I Dream of A Tree of Life

I dream and hope for the unity of mankind, bound to nothing but humanity.

A strong structure built by men, and an endless blossoming life given by women.

Trust, and bond that will withstand anything, anything beyond time and history.

An eternal tree of life.


Adobe Photoshop CS4
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