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Feel free to use this image for a background in your custom user boxes!

Here is the required code you need to use:

<div class="popup2-moremenu"><div class="floaty-boat">
<img src="IMAGE URL GOES HERE"/></div></div><div class="gr-box gr-genericbox">


This was made to match the free KiraKiraIchigo journal skin :)


Live preview currently on my main page :)
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:bulletpink: Si te gusta agrega a fav :D
:bulletblue: Créditos en mis favoritos (;
:bulletgreen: & si la utilizas dejame el link! así veré tus creaciones ! :star:
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textures ~ > [link]
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Matching custom box Background for my new Journal skin :)

Feel free to use this image on DA only
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Feel free to use this image for a background in your custom user boxes!

Here is the required code you need to use:

<div class="popup2-moremenu"><div class="floaty-boat">
<img src="IMAGE URL GOES HERE"/></div></div><div class="gr-box gr-genericbox">


This was made to match the free Falling Zs journal skin :)

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Zimbabwean Women Want Dignity. Period!

In the UK women buy more than three billion disposable sanitary products every year. It's something we take for granted.

But millions of women in Zimbabwe go without these basic products. As a result many are suffering from infection, depression and, in some serious cases, infertility. There have also been examples of women being beaten by their husbands who wrongly attribute their infection to infidelity.

As Robert Mugabe's leadership plunges Zimbabwe deeper into crisis - basic goods like sanitary products are becoming a luxury item only available to the rich.

Thabitha Khumalo from the Zimbabwean Congress of Trade Unions is angry about the lack of sanitary wear for women, which she says not only threatens women's health but also their dignity.

"Ordinary women cannot afford sanitary wear. We are inserting old pieces of cloth or newspapers, but the ink from the newspaper is causing infections, and there is no medication to cure this. It's immoral for the leadership to deny us our biological rights." she says.

Working in solidarity with the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, Action for Southern Africa has launched a campaign to raise funds to ensure that they can buy large quantities of sanitary products in South Africa, and distribute them free of charge to Zimbabwean Women. Thabitha and her colleagues are asking you to help the women of her country take back their dignity.

She urges you to donate generously. Your gift will make a huge difference now, and for many months to come, and provide the support that will improve women's lives.

Together we can lessen this serious and devastating problem in Zimbabwe.

Things you can do to help:

* Download and distribute the Dignity. Period! information leaflet.
* Raise awareness by reading and adding the related News article to your favourites.
* Sign the pledge to buy a Dignity. Period! wrist band. The purchase of just 1 wristband will help provide one months sanitary protection for 4 women in Zimbabwe.
* Set up a regular donation to the campaign. For 80p a month, 1 woman has protection for the year. For £2.50 a month, 3 women have protection for the year.
* Make a one'off donation directly to ACTSA. For £10, 1 woman has protection for a year.
* Donate to the campaign through JustGiving.
* If you are in the UK, sign the pledge to say that you will write to your MP asking him or her to sign the Parliamentary Early Day Motion
* If you are outside the UK, sign the pledge anyway, then contact your local government representative to ask them to join the campaign for dignity.

More Information

* The Dignity. Period! Campaign.
* Action For South Africa.
* Bodyform joins the campaign.
* This Is Zimbabwe's report on the campaign.
* Celebrities Back Tampon Rebels of Zimbabwe ' Sunday Times article.
* Youtube video of a Zimbabwean woman talking about the issue.
* Zimbabwe state security agents seize sanitary pads.

Please use this stamp in your journal footer or sidebar to help raise awareness of this issue. I have put as much information here as I can so that when people click through the link, they can find out what this is all about and what they can do to help. Thanks for your support!
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new logo.
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Buy two and get a free sketch comission ^^ (one single character of your choice, no background, half or full body) :dummy:. OR, buy two for 8 USD (no sketch)

Compra dos adoptables y tendrás gratis una comisión de sketch (un personaje de tu elección, sin fondo, medio cuerpo o cuerpo completo). O compra dos adoptables por 8 dólares (sin sketch). Y especial solo para paisanos :iconholaplz:: si eres de México, tomaré la equivalencia del dolar a 10 pesos ;), así que aprovechen! :XD:

Ok, I decided to try this adoptables thing since it's like so much fun... and also because I need some money ^^;

Whatever, this is oficially my first adoptables batch :icondummypartyplz:

The theme is kemonomimi boys in winter clothes... or at least is what I tried =w=

I really, really put a lot of effort on each one of them, so I hope they find good homes.

The base used for them it's mine, and it's not avaliable for others to use.



:bulletorange:First come, first serve.

:bulletorange:You may adopt as many as you want.

:bulletorange:Gimme 24 to 48 hrs to respond to your comments. I can't be the whole day infront of the pc ^^U

:bulletorange:Give me credit at least the first time that you use your adoptable (if you do)

:bulletorange:If you draw your adoptable, I'd love to see it ^^

:bulletorange:When you make an offer, ask first if the adoptable you want it's avaliable.

:bulletorange:After I confirm that the adoptable it's avaliable, I'll send you my Paypal via note.

:bulletorange:Send me a note once you have made the payment. It's the first time I`m using Paypal, so please, lemme know if there is a way to confirm that you are the person who send the money ^^U

:bulletorange:And the most important rule of all... Have fun and give your adoptable lots of love please X3. I love them so much, so I really want them to be loved by their owners too ÓwÒ

What you can do with your adoptable

:bulletgreen:You may give you adoptable a name, background story, personality, use it for rp games, writting and/or drawings, alter the design as you please, add/remove accesories, change it's gender or species, etc.

:bulletgreen:You can use it for yaoi/yuri/straight couples.

:bulletgreen:If you don't want your adoptable anymore ( TT.TT ), you can give it away, give it as a gift/price/trade, you can even resell it for the same or lower price that you paid for it, just tell me who will be the new owner.

What you can't do with your adoptable

:bulletred:Use it for comercial purpose.

:bulletred:Claim the design or the art as yours.

:bulletred:Use the character without have paid for it.

:bulletred:Use the character for offensive/hate/strong mature art.

About the payment and what you'll receive

:bulletpink:Each one of these cuties will cost 5 USD.

:bulletpink:Paypal preferably please, since what I need it's money, so I won't take adoptable or art trades, sorry ^~^U. If you really, really want an adoptable but don't have a Paypal, we can come to an agreement for points, but money will be priority. Remember 100 DA poits = 1 USD.

:bulletpink:You have 24 hrs to pay for the adoptable after you made an offer. If I haven't recieved the money by that time, the adoptable will be avaliable again.

:bulletpink:I can put an adoptable on hold for you, but only for 72 hrs. After that and if I have no more comments of you, the adoptable will be avaliable again.

:bulletpink:After the payment has been confirmed, the adoptable will be closed and you can start tou use it.

:bulletpink:You'll receive via note ( the full image of your adoptable (a transparent high res png without watermark, 900px high). Example….

:bulletpink:You can repost the full image in your gallery, but give me credit please

:bulletpink:Attachments: Full colour palette and original lineart (psd, sai and transparent png files). You can use the lineart to be coloured by yourself or by other artists, just don't erase my sign or name please ^.^

:bulletpink:No refunds after the payment, sorry.

Please, don't make rude comments about the price, I know I may not be that good, but I worked really hard on these adoptables, spent a lot of time on their designs, inking, colouring, shading and details, because I want to give the buyers my best, I'm not forcing you to buy them, and I'm not just asking you for money. I'm offering you my art, my hard work and all the passion I have for drawing. I can accept suggestions about the price but please, be polite.

Well then, here are the adoptables (finally XD)

From left to right:

Upper row
1.- Chinchilla - Belongs to :iconglass-moon-neko:
2.- Bunny - Belongs to :iconreina-liuba:
3.- Doggie - (keeping since nobody wanted him :P)
4.- Kitty - Belongs to :iconglass-moon-neko:
5.- Hamster - (mine, sorry, I love this one so much, hamsters are special to me ^^U)

Bottom row
6.- Fox - Belongs to :iconglass-moon-neko:
7.- Mouse - :iconphrysethadopt:
8.- Breaver - Belongs to :iconphrysethadopt:
9.- Racoon - Belongs to :iconphrysethadopt:
10.- Deer - OPEN
11.- Squirrel – :iconphrysethadopt:

And I think that's all :faint:

I really hope you like these little guys ^^

More adoptables coming soon ;)



Ok, me decidí a probar esto de los adoptables, ya que es bastante divertido ... y también porque la verdad necesito algo de dinero ^ ^;

Como sea, éste es oficialmente mi primer set de adoptables *fanfarria* :icondummypartyplz:

El tema es chicos kemonomimi en ropa de invierno ... o al menos es lo que intenté =w=

Realmente me esforcé mucho con ellos, así que espero que encuentren buenos hogares ÓwÒ

La base utilizada para éstos adoptables es mía y no está disponible para ser usada por otras personas.



:bulletorange:El primero que pregunta tiene prioridad.

:bulletorange:Puedes adoptar tantos como gustes.

:bulletorange:Dame de 24 a 48 horas para contestar a tus mensajes, no puedo estar todo el día frente a la computadora ^^U (aunque me gustaría XD)

:bulletorange:Dame de crédito al menos la primera vez que utilices tu adoptable (si lo haces)

:bulletorange:Si llegas a dibujar a tu adoptable, me encantaría verlo ^ ^

:bulletorange:Cuando hagas una oferta, pregunta primero si el adoptable que quieres está disponible

:bulletorange:Después de confirmar que el adoptable está disponible, te enviaré mi Paypal a través de una nota.

:bulletorange:Envíame una nota una vez que hayas realizado el pago. Es la primera vez que me utilizo Paypal, así que por favor, déjame saber si hay una manera de confirmar que eres la persona que envió el dinero ^ ^ U

:bulletorange:Y la regla más importante de todas ... Diviértete y quiere mucho a tu adoptable por favor, X3. Yo los quiero mucho, así que realmente me gustaría que sus propietarios los quieran también ÓWÒ

Lo que puedes hacer con tu adoptable 

:bulletgreen:Puedes darle a tu adoptable un nombre, historia, personalidad, utilizarlo para juegos de roll, escribir y / o hacer dibujos de él/ella, alterar su diseño a tu gusto, añadir / quitar accesorios, cambiar su género o especie, etc.

:bulletgreen:Puedes usarlo en parejas yaoi/yuri/hetero.

:bulletgreen:Si ya no quieres a tu adoptable ( TT.TT ), puedes donarlo, darlo como un regalo / premio / intercambio, incluso puedes revenderlo por el mismo o menor precio del que pagaste, sólo dime quién será el nuevo propietario.

Lo que no puedes hacer con tu adoptable 

:bulletred:Usarlo con fines comerciales.

:bulletred:Adjudicarte el diseño o el dibujo que recibirás por la compra.

:bulletred:Usar el personaje sin haber pagado por él antes.

:bulletred:Usar al personaje en arte ofensivo o de tipo “hater”, ni en dibujos con contenido para mayores demasiado fuerte.

Sobre el pago y lo que recibirás

:bulletpink:Cada una de estas cositas costará 5 dólares (americanos) .

:bulletpink:Paypal de preferencia por favor, ya que lo que necesito es dinero, así que no puedo aceptar trades por otros adoptables o por arte a cambio, lo siento ^~^U. (Si vives en México, podemos hacer negocio a través de mi cuenta de Banco Azteca :iconholaplz:). Si de verdad quieres uno, podemos incluso llegar a un acuerdo por puntos, pero el dinero tiene prioridad. Recuerda 100 puntos de DA = 1 dólar.

:bulletpink:Tienes 24 horas para pagar el adoptable después de realizar una oferta. Si no has enviado el dinero dentro de ese periodo de tiempo y no vuelves a comentar, el adoptable estará disponible de nuevo.

:bulletpink:Puedo poner un adoptable en espera, pero sólo por 72 horas. Después de eso y si no hay más noticias de ti, el adoptable estará disponible de nuevo.

:bulletpink:Después de que el pago haya sido confirmado, el adoptable dejará de estar disponible y podrás comenzar a usarlo.

:bulletpink:Recibirás vía nota ( la imagen completa de tu adoptable (un png transparente de alta resolución y sin marca de agua, de 900px de alto). Ejemplo….

:bulletpink:Extras: Paleta de colores completa y lineart original (archivos psd, sai y png transparente). Puedes colorear el lineart o pedirle a otros artistas que lo coloreen, solo no borres mi firma ni nombre por favor ^.^

:bulletpink:Puedes subir la imagen completa de tu adoptable a tu galería, pero dame el crédito correspondiente por favor

:bulletpink:No hay reembolsos, lo siento.

Por favor, no hagas comentarios groseros sobre el precio. Sé que no soy tan buena, pero trabajé mucho en éstos adoptables, invertí bastante tiempo en sus diseños, entintado, coloreado, sombreado y detalles, ya que quiero dar a mis compradores lo mejor, así que toma mi esfuerzo en consideración, no estoy obligando a nadie a comprarlos y tampoco estoy pidiendo dinero gratis, estoy ofreciendo arte, trabajo duro y toda la pasión que tengo por el dibujo. Puedo aceptar sugerencias sobre el precio, pero por favor, hay que ser amables. Como comúnmente se dice, hablando se entiende la gente.

Y después del choro mareador, aquí están los adoptables (al fin XD)

De izquierda a derecha:

Fila de arriba
1 -. Chinchilla - Pertenece a :iconglass-moon-neko:
2 -. Conejo - Pertenece a :iconreina-liuba:
3 -. Perro - (mío ahora, ya que nadie lo quiso al parecer ;w; )
4 -. Gato - Pertenece a :iconglass-moon-neko:
5 -. Hámster (este es mio, lo siento, me gusta mucho y los hámsters son especiales para mi ^^U)

Fila de abajo
6 -. Zorro - Pertenece a :iconglass-moon-neko:
7 -. Ratón - Pertenece a :iconphrysethadopt:
8 -. Castor - Pertenece a :iconphrysethadopt:
9 -. Mapache - Pertenece a :iconphrysethadopt:
10 -. Ciervo - DISPONIBLE
11 -. Ardilla - Pertenece a :iconphrysethadopt:

Y creo que eso es todo por ahora :faint:

Realmente espero que les gusten éstos chicos ^^

Más adoptables pronto ;)

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Pink Cross Bullet by UndeadZombiieSupport Me!Pink Cross Bullet by UndeadZombiieMore Progress Bars!Pink Cross Bullet by UndeadZombiieMore FTU ResourcesPink Cross Bullet by UndeadZombiie
I plan on making more, if anyone has any suggestions?
!!!Free To Use!!!
Credit is not necessary but is hugely appreciated
Please do not edit/reupload anything without asking me first.
Status Bar 0 by UndeadZombiie
Status Bar 20 by UndeadZombiie
Status Bar 40 by UndeadZombiie
Status Bar 60 by UndeadZombiie
Status Bar 80 by UndeadZombiie
Status Bar 100 by UndeadZombiie
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Deviation Notes is a userscript that lets you annotate particular sections of your deviations, using a technique known from other sites, called photo notes. Deviation Notes is where photo notes meet ART!

What Deviation Notes does:
:bulletblue: Allows the author of deviations to add notes on their deviations.
:bulletblue: Includes an edit mode that makes it easy to add, delete, move, resize and change the content of notes.
:bulletblue: Allows only editing by the original author, as the note data is saved as a code inside the Artist's Comments for the particular deviation.
:bulletblue: Allows standard dA formatting such as userlinks, emotes and icons inside the notes! Heck yes! :nod:

When photo notes meet art, it means that they can be used in a lot of fantastic ways! I was mainly inspired by the need to identify people in devMeet photos from the current dA World Tour, so it can simply be used for identification. But it can also be used as a means of adding explanations and "artistic commentary" to various parts of a piece, and additional information! I can't wait to see in what fancy way you creative people will use it.

:pointr::pointr: Click here to install Deviation Notes! :pointl::pointl:
Requires Mozilla Firefox and the Greasemonkey extension.

:note: Please note: It is required that you have this script installed to see notes on people's deviations. (If you add notes to your deviation, you may optionally want to link to this script in the description so that other people may install it and see your notes!)

Enjoy! :eager:

This script is dual-licensed; either CC-BY (above) or the MIT License applies.

Oh, and if you want to try out the script after you've installed it, check the notes on this deviation!

Edit June 12th: The script is now updated so that it does no longer impede the collection dragging and dropping on deviations that do not have notes.
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