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Eye Of Airsile- Round 1 VS Nofu: An Innocent Mistake

“Um…master? Wasn’t this tournament thingy supposed’ve started already? I’m bored…” a somewhat short boy with blonde hair said. His light brown clothing marked him as warrior, but he carried no weapon, and was currently scratching his head.

The black anthropomorphic panther stopped walking ahead of the boy and turned to face him. His large ornate necklace glittered in the sunlight as well as the bracers on its ankles, tail slowly swaying from side to side. “You must learn to have patience; everything has a time and a place. And NOW is not the time to be complaining about not having to fight.”

The boy stretched. “Yeah, I know what you mean. I mean, it’s almost a shame that we’re not off fighting monsters or anything…I thought I would WELCOME the break…” The boy felt a light tug on his pants, as if it was caught on something.

“Hmm?” He turned around and looked down. He saw a small black and white creature staring up at him with bright red eyes. From the looks of its arms, it appeared to him it was a bird of some kind. “Uhh…master? There’s a weird bird here…”

The panther walked back to where to boy was, and looked down. He saw the small bird and stared. The little bird stared back, its gaze stuck on the ornate necklace which the panther wore.

“Penguuu…” The bird reached out for it.

“It is not worth your life, little friend.” The panther said low and firmly. “If you touch it, your very being will be sucked out of your body.”

The little bird was startled, and its eyes started to tear up. “Pengu….”

The panther, realizing his mistake, sighed. “I am sorry. I did not mean to frighten you.”

“Well, I don’t think that being a big, mean cat is helping you much master.” Karlo replied matter-of-factly. The panther dug into the bag he was carrying on his back and pulled out a small biscuit. He then bent down to lower his eye level closer to that of the bird’s.

“Be still now little one.” He held the biscuit out to the bird. “I won’t harm you, really.”
The little bird stopped sobbing, took the biscuit and began to nibble into it. The panther patted the bird’s head gently. It cooed softly.

“Aww, I think he likes you.” Karlo snickered.

The panther glared back at him. “Do not judge his behavior as primitive; he’s a very clever creature, and you could learn from him.”

Karlo took a step back. “Uh, I’d rather NOT- I mean, come on master, he’s a freaky looking bird thing…”

“KARLO! Mind what you say to others!” the panther quickly chastised. The little bird, now finished with his small meal, flapped his flippers and gently flew through the air, landing on top of Karlo’s blonde hair, and laid in it. Karlo stood there, unsure of what to do.

“Umm…master? Lil help?” Karlo didn’t move, clueless to what the bird was doing.

“I think he wants you to say sorry and be your friend, so you’d better apologize to him.” The panther tapped its foot. Karlo reached up on top of his and gently patted the bird.

“Nice little birdy…I’m sorry; you’re not weird…hey, his hair is really soft!” Karlo continued to pet the little bird. The panther smiled.

“I’m glad you are learning to be more understanding; your time with me has not been wasted after all.” The panther felt a little proud, thinking of how much Karlo had changed since first taken under his tutorage. Karlo was now trying to gently push the little bird off of his head, trying to put it on the ground, but it had fallen asleep, and was keeping a tight grip in Karlo’s hair.
Vogel was waddling around the town, desperately looking for his friend. He was the same species as his friend, albeit a bit larger. “Pengu? Penguuu? Where are you? Where did you off to again?” Vogel put his flippers on sides, taking in deep breaths, tired from having to chase after him for so long. He turned a corner, and saw Pengu sleeping in a stranger’s hair (“Yet again…” Vogel thought) very contently. He saw the other creature standing next to the boy and gulped. Vogel had only had contect with that kind of creature once before, close to his size, and it had tried to eat him.

Vogel didn’t want Pengu to become his next meal.

Vogel rushed in as fast as he could to the boy. “HEY! PENGU! Get down from there!!!”
Karlo turned and saw yet another bird of similar markings, yet larger in size waddling up to them rather quickly. It appeared angry.

“HONK! HONKHONKHONKHONKHONK!!!” the larger bird said.

“Gah! There’s two of them!” Karlo exclaimed before falling over on his butt.

The panther sighed. “Although you still have the grace of rogue bull elephants trying to tap dance…” he muttered to himelf. He saw the large bird still honking, apparently worried about the smaller one. “Do not worry, master penguin. I do not eat meat unless I’m very close to death from starvation.”

The larger penguin looked at the panther with a puzzled expression. “Ah…I promise I will not eat you or your little friend,” the panther said in simpler terms.
“But he won’t let him go!” Vogel said, before starting to peck at the boy, trying to make Pengu fall out of the boy’s hair. The boy got up and started to run.

“Hey! Oww! I would drop him if I could!” Vogel started to chase after him, and the panther chuckled at the slightly comical scene.

“Give back Pengu!” Vogel said, trying to peck the boy’s feet again.
“Master, help! This crazy bird won’t leave me alone!” Karlo said, trying to avoid the larger bird’s attacks. The panther was barely able to keep his laughter in, seeing how desperately Karlo was trying not to getting pecked.

“Hold on, I’ll try to calm him down or get the ‘pengu’ off of your head, whichever comes first…” the panther said, wiping a tear of laughter from his eye.

“Well, hurry! I’m getting tired!”

The panther sighed. “Well, calming the other one won’t work…” He closed his eyes, and a few moments later, started to glowing in a blue-ish color.

Karlo started to rise off the floor. “Ahh…” he looked down and saw himself floating off the ground, slowly rising. “Ahh, help? Help please!” he said, confused. He saw the larger penguin floating up as well. “Oh!” Karlo understood then; his master was using his aura to levitate the two of them.

The larger bird, confused to what was going on, tried to flap his arms, to try and figure out why he was ‘flying’ again, but only succeeded in turning himself upside down.

“Please do not struggle…” the panther said, eyes still closed with a strained look on his face. Pengu gently floated off of Karlo’s head and softly placed on the ground. The turned the larger penguin right side up before placing him gently on the ground as well before letting Karlo fall to the ground. The panther opened his eyes, and fell on one knee while taking sharp, small breaths, his blue glow fading away.

“Owww…” Karlo said getting up, rubbing his nose. He saw his master’s state and rushed over to him. “Master!” His master raised on paw quickly.

“Leave me, I’ll be ok…” The panther slowly stood up, still breathing heavily. The Pengu had woken up, and was hopping up and down.

“Well, I’m glad you enjoyed your little nap…” Karlo said, a bit disgruntled. The larger bird was looking at the panther strangely.

“I assure you,” the panther said, breath returning to normal, “I’m only dangerous to those who wish to cause harm to me or my students.”

“Pengu! Pengu pengu.” Pengu said, rubbing his belly happily. The larger penguin kept looking between the small happy penguin and the large anthropomorphic panther.

Karlo leaned over and whispered to his master, “I don’t think the big one likes us very much…”

“He is just distrustful of me, rather than you.” He replied solemnly.

“But you haven’t done anything to him!”

“But, a species closely related probably did…”

The larger penguin was honking to the Pengu, and the panther was able to catch what the larger one was saying. “Hey! We should be trying to gather supplies!” the larger one said, slightly reprimanding the younger.

His straight face cracked slightly. Word of the Eye has traveled quicker than I thought…this is very bad…I need to destroy that evil eye before anyone tries to miss-use its powers… He coughed loudly to get the large bird’s attention. “Are you traveling far?”

The larger bird turned, and stared at the panther before replying. “We’ve going to Greenland.”

“Interesting destination,” he replied. “I’m new to this planet, and may have to visit there one day. I am Nofu, and my young student whom the small one has taken a liking to is Karlo.” He walked over slowly and gently patted Pengu’s head, smiling while being careful to not reveal his sharp teeth, lest he scare them again. “I know this little friend’s name by his obvious speech pattern; what is yours?”

“Oh, I’m…” The bird hesitated, and rolled his eyes. “Vogel. Long story. We’re both penguins.” He paused and looked Nofu over again. “…Are you SURE you’re not hungry or anything?”

“No, we are not hungry.” Nofu politely replied.

“Uhh, I’m still a little hungry actually…” Karlo said. Grumpily, Nofu reached into his bag and tossed a small biscuit to Karlo. Pengu began to reach out to Nofu.

“Pengu pengu pengu!” Pengu said, making a grabbing motion with his flippers.

Nofu took notice, and got out a few more. He bent down to Pengu’s level and gave it to him, who promptly began munching on it. Nofu offered one to Pengu.

“Well, if Pengu likes it…” Vogel took the biscuit and pecked at it, eating it slowly.

Nofu smiled again, again being careful not to smile too much and show his teeth. “See? I won’t hurt those who are innocent.” Pengu kept on happily eating his while Karlo grumbled something about having to eat the same thing over and over.

“Well,” Karlo said after a few bites, “this place isn’t so bad…I think it’s a bit boring, you know…” He glanced around. “I’m used to big monsters, and poisonous snapalogians trying to attack us…”

Nofu stood up and chuckled. “Give it some time; things usually have a way of finding us.” He turned his attention back to the two penguins. “What are birds like you doing here during a fighting tournament?”

Vogel was taken aback. “Wait…what?”

“Master, what is he saying? I can’t understand a word he’s saying.” Karlo replied, frustrated by his limited language skills.

Nofu ignored him for the moment and kept talking to Karlo. “Little creatures like you have no business here. You should probably leave before someone finds you and thinks they have to fight you.”

With a look of terror on his face (while grabbing his pearl necklace), he turned and ran.

“Hey, didn’t that one guy say that the only people here are contestants? But…that doesn’t mean that penguin is actually a contestant…is it?” Karlo stared after the fleeing penguin, and the Pengu who was happily dancing around singing some non-sensical song to himself.

Nofu sighed. “I guess the large one is after all…” He took off his sword and passed it to Karlo. “Hold this.” He began chasing after Vogel.

“AHHHH!!!” Vogel was running with his flippers over his head, waddling like crazy. He lept into the canal, and floated in the water. “Ha! Cats don’t swim!”

Nofu, without breaking his stride, dived into the water expertly after Vogel. Vogel was stunned, about a cat liking the water. Not wasting any time, he swam away from Nofu, but was quickly thrown upwards as a large wave formed under him and propelled him out of the water and back onto the road. Nofu calmly climed out after him.

“Eep!” Vogel took off again, running back to where he had left Pengu, wanting to pick him up and carry him off away from danger. Pengu was pulling on Karlo’s pant leg.

“Huh?” Karlo looked down.

“Pengu?” Pengu held out a deck of cards. Karlo merely scratched his head.

“He wants to play you Go Fish.” Vogel explained, forgetting that Karlo couldn’t understand him. Nofu calmly walked back.

“It’s the game where you draw 7 cards, then ask the opponent for a certain type of card. The object is to make 4 of the same kind together.” Nofu explained, trying to shake himself dry. Vogel eyed him carefully.

“Oh! Ok.” Karlo sat down, and Pengu dealt out the cards to each of them.

“Pengu!” Pengu smiled, happy to have found someone to play with. Pengu held up an eight of clubs; non-verbally asking Karlo for any eights. Karlo sighed and handed one over to him.

“Got any jacks?” Karlo asked. Pengu handed him over one jack. “Hey, I think I understand this game now…”

Nofu gave a small chuckle while watching the two play. “Understanding and winning are two different things.”

Vogel was still feeling uneasy, and so in an effort to stop Nofu from doing anything to him, leapt for and pecked Nofu’s exposed ankles.

“OWW!” Nofu tried to say but instead roared out loud, shaking the ground a little. Both Pengu and Karlo was oblivious to it; Karlo since he was desperately trying to win, Pengu because he was so happy playing cards was ignoring everything else.

“Got any kings?” Karlo asked, staring intently over his cards.

“Pengu!” Pengu happily shook his head.

Karlo sighed. “Darn, I thought you had one…” He drew a card from the deck. Nofu, meanwhile, was hobbling back in pain from Vogel’s pecks.

“Will you stop fighting me now?” Vogel asked, prepared to start pecking again.

“I did no such thing!” Nofu replied, rubbing his tender ankles. “I haven’t been fighting you seriously yet! If I wanted to hurt you, I would, but I don’t!” Karlo passed another card to Pengu.

“Wow, you’re really good at this game, Pengu!” Karlo scratched his head, confounded how a small animal could be winning a card game. Pengu drew a card from the deck, then layed all his cards down together into sets of four; four fours, four jacks, four aces, four queens and four nines.

“Pengu!” Pengu smiled happily from winning the game, hopping up and down again. Karlo sat there, with his mouth agape.

“WHAAAT??? How?!?!” Karlo pointed at Pengu. “How are you beating me?!?”

Nofu stood up straight. “Like I said earlier, he is a clever bird; you need to use better strategy.” He looked over at Vogel with a scowl. “Think very carefully about what you do next, penguin, as you may him my humor may disappear.”

“You said we HAD to fight!” Vogel honked back.

“Indeed, fighting is the aim of the contest, but there are other ways to compete, in a sense…” Nofu said. “So,” he looked down at Vogel while smiling widely, revealing his teeth. “would you be so kind as to give up nicely instead?”

Vogel stared at Nofu’s large teeth. “AHHHHHH!!!” Vogel took off running. Nofu merely stood there, watching the penguin flee.

Vogel had gotton some distance away before stopping and taking a few deep breaths. With that, he suddenly remembered that he felt Pengu behind, and stealthily made his way back. He stuck to the shadows, and watched as Nofu stared at Pengu’s and Karlo’s card game. Vogel carefully and as quietly as he could climbed up on a few boxes, and then leapt at Nofu.

“RAAAAA!!” Vogel landed on the side of Nofu’s head, and Vogel tried pushing and pulling to make Nofu unsteady and fall over. However, it didn’t affect Nofu at all.

“You…do realize I heard you coming, correct? And that your chosen method of defeating me is obviously not effective.” Nofu merely stood there, easily pulling Voegl of from his head. He punched the bird, sending him flying a few feet away. Vogel got up quickly, and began to flipper slap him, but Nofu easily sidestepped the bird’s attacks.

Karlo and Pengu still were completely engrossed in their game.

“Got any kings?” Karlo asked, and Pengu handed him over one, and Karlo placed down his set of kings. “Okay, your turn. Hey, I think I’m winning this game!”

“…Pengu?” The small bird held up a seven. Karlo shook his head, and Pengu drew another card. In the meanwhile, Nofu was easily winning his fight, although Nofu was clearly putting in no effort at all; he easily dodged Vogel’s attacks, and only delivered gentle punches and slaps to the bird, and still had kept his sword sheathed. One slap sent Vogel tumbling across the ground, scattering Karlo and Pengu’s card game.

“…It would appear that I have made Vogel disrupt your card game you were playing. I am sorry.” Nofu apologized to the small bird, lest it started crying.

Karlo saw that Pengu was going to cry, and quickly gathered up the cards. “It’s okay, how about we play Snap instead?” he said, cards in hand. Pengu raised a single, oblivious to what snapping was due to his lack of fingers. “Oh, you don’t have fingers, sorry…Well, how about Slap instead? We each take turns pulling a card from the top and turning it over. Whenever we see a Jack, we slap the pile! And whoever slaps first, gets to keep the stack!”

Pengu honked happily, and began to play eagerly, flipper raised and ready to slap down. Vogel picked himself up and waddled over to Nofu.

“How come you’re so good at fighting?” Vogel asked.

Nofu smiled, this time keeping his teeth unbarred. “You see, little bird, I have spent many years in training both my body and spirit; I am in fact in charge of instruction for Karlo, which is a hard task in and of itself. You see, he is quite free spirited, and not too focused in many ways…”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. I mean, watching after Pengu is pretty hard; he’s always running off on me, even when he shouldn’t. It’s a little frustrating but…I really like him…” Vogel reflected.

“So then, if you care so much for him, they why did you bring him to such a place?”

“Well,” Vogel scratched his head, a bit emberassed. “I didn’t exactly BRING him here, he sorta…joined by himself. And we didn’t come here; we just got a bit lost. We just floated off course, I guess.”

“Oh?” Nofu’s eyebrows and ears raised slightly.

“It’s a long story-“

“Pengu!” Vogel and Nofu turned to see Pengu standing next to Vogel holding a clear stone rock on a leather necklace, much similar in design to the one that Vogel was wearing.

“Umm…where did you get that?” Vogel asked.

“Pengu pengu.” Pengu pointed to Karlo and smiled. Nofu had a sudden thought.

“Wait a moment…you did not know this was a fighting tournament when you joined, correct?” Nofu asked. Vogel nodded.

“Did you both write your names down?” He asked the two birds.

“PENGU!” Pengu exclaimed happily, smiling. Nofu stomped over to Karlo and tugged on his ear.

“Why did you give that to him!” Nofu asked.

“Oww, oww, Master, that hurts!” Karlo said, slightly in pain from Nofu’s strong grip. “I just wanted to make him happy, so I let that little Pengu have it!”

“Did you not full read the rules as I instructed you???”

“Well…yeah…sorta…kinda…skimmed over it?”

Nofu tightened his grip on Karlo’s ear, and Vogel calmly pulled out the scroll he was given from Skieerhet. Sure enough, it was a list of rules for a fighting tournament. Vogel sighed.

“Why didn’t I read this sooner…” he sighed. He skimmed down to the bottom of the page. His eyes rested upon one rule: “You must keep this gemstone safe and in your possession at all times. The only time the necklace is to leave your possession is when you give it, or forfeit it to another player. In order for the victor to win the fight, it/he/she must take the necklace without resistance from the opposing player.”

Vogel looked up in alarm, finally realizing what Nofu was talking about, while Pengu was happily dancing with his new shiny necklace.

“Umm…Pengu?” Pengu stoped dancing and looked back at Vogel.

Skieerhet was casually leaning on his windowsill when he saw a most peculiar event happening below him. 4 objects were running by, each yelling something as they passed:


Skieerhet sighed to himself. “That’s what happens when you don’t read…”
Here it is; my first round entry for Eye of Airsile. Hope you like it! ^_^

Note: I will edit/fix this tomorrow. Right now, I'm turnign this in sos I'll be on time ^^;
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Hey, here it is, the reference sheet for my character Clementine for the Nightmare OC tournament. There's the story:

Age: Originally 16
Height: 1.65m
Weight: 45kg
Measures: ... Do you really expectme to give that info?

About: Last living member of the Fontnoire Family from France, an old family suspected of practicing sorcery. Anyway, Despite of the influence of her family, at the time the german troops entered french territory, a secret team of 80 soldiers were sent to the Fontnoire mansion to investigate about the paranormal phenomena and the supernatural powers of the family. Unfortnately, an unexpected rising of the citizens of the town were the Fontnoire family lived, forced the soldiers to use the mansion as a frontline base. The Clementine's father tried to stop them, nothing would've happened if not for an accidental shot from one of the soldiers, resulting in the death of Clementines father. When the rest of her family refused to reveal the secrets of the mansion, the soldiers executated the remaining members of the family.

This unleashed the Clementine's fury, and se got even more furious when her Friend; Roberto tried to protect her from being shot by the back. Roberto died, and Clementine started to decimate the soldiers, one by one, till no one remained alive, after that, she retired to a strange subterranean construction called "The garden of the midnight wonder" or "The Stone garden" built under the mansion, and the place of ryths of her family for generations. 4 months after that, Nightmare came to visit her.

Fighting: Being so young is not an advantage sometimes, Clementine has very little fighting experience. She's a smart girl, so, very often she is very passive at fighting, observing an acting as she thinks is the best way. Her style is pretty more intuitive when shes has no time for observing the enemy: she attacks the way she feels it can result more effective dependng on the situation. Her lack of experience is mostly compensed by the abundance of experience coming from the entity living inside her: The dark maiden. Bye inheritance, she has natural high resistance to physical pain.

The dark maiden: The last one of an ancient interdimensional being race, that lived among the humans at the time the Inhabitants of atlantis were wiped out from the face of the earth by the wrath of a raising god. The rest of her race were exterminated along with the atlants. After that she passed thousands of years sleeping, until the ancesters of the Fontnoire discovered her place of resting and built a house over that place. Since then she began to being worshipped by the family, and in each generation a member of the fontnoire was chosen to be host of her. That way she can walk and see the outside world, because without a host and outside of her homeworld, she will die in matter of hours. In exchange, the host gains increased strenght, speed, senses and an almost unlimited healing capability (an amputated limb can regrow in about 10 or 20 minutes, while wounds smaller than that heals almost instantly). The dark maiden gives the host the power
of surviving for years without eating or sleeping, as she feeds on psychic energy coming from emotions o thoughts from living beings.

A commonly used hability is to make grow extra limbs or tissue, which density, hardness or texture can vary depending of what the host needs at the moment. This gives the host a very high defensive capability, being able to withstand, grenade impacts and other types of explossives. If needed, She can jump or run truly fast to avoid danger, at abou 90-120kmh for a few seconds.

The host becomes inmune to poison, diseases, and the effects of age. It presents a moderated tolerance to radiation, because any damage caused by that is inmediately regenerated.

Weaknesses: Any directed-energy weapon blow can kill both the dark maiden and the host, in this cases, the shield of th dark maiden becomes ineffective and her best choice is to avoid the blows. Also, the battle performance depends of the level of concentration of the host; if it is too upset to concentrate, it becomes very difficult for the dark maiden to coordinate an attack. The dark maiden can in any moment take control of the host's body, but she will do it only to escape or hide in some place, an rarely to ignore the host's will and quickly supress a threat.

Miscelaneous: The artifact in her legs is actually to help her walking while she's not using the dark maiden's powers. When she was 10 years old, she fell from a horse over a rock on the ground, as result she she broke her back and started to have an abundant bleeding, she would've if not for the decission their fathers took: Make her the dark maiden's host 10 years before they planned. That way Clementine was able to survive, but since the wound on her back wa inflicted before she became the host, it will take a couple of years to heal it using the regenerative hability of the dark maiden. Anyway, to help her, her father built that structure to give her a little more movility.

The dress she's wearing in the ref sheet an the last panels of th audition is a little strange to be from the 1940's, and it is because it's made to be used as a ritual clothing during the rites of the family. Originally, the skirt was the same lenght of the dress she uses in the first pages of the audition, but sometimes the skirt got stuck in the artifacts she uses for walking, and so, she decided to shorten the dress, so she can move freely, that's why she picked that one to attend the nightmare's offering of entering his tournament.

Even when she has lost every single person she loved along with her desire to live on, she's still being a kind person, definitively not as joyful as she once was, but is easy to talk to her, or ask her for help if needed.

Clementine is the host the dark maiden loved more of all she had through the years. And actually she stopped feeling the need of protecting Clementine for her own profit, right now she protects her because she loves clementine as if she were her daughter.

I wrote this really really quick, so, it may have some errors, heheh, sorry.
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This was done by :iconspirogs: Thanks! ^

Pengu/Penguin a.k.a. "Vogel"-
Species: Penguins.
Size: 1' and 1' 6", respectively.
Age: The exact number is a BIT off due to math (age is counted differently); but essentially about 2 and 12 years old.
Weight: Hmm, that's a tough one; there was no scale where they lived. ^^; But if one WERE to take a guess...probably...20 pounds and 40 pounds?
Language: Native Penguin. Pengu's speech is only understandable by Vogel, who has been around him long enough to understand him. Vogel can be understood by anyone who can talk to animals. Both understand English, although Pengu's vocabulary may be a bit short and Vogel doesn't get all of the "long words" .

Back story: Vogel decided one day to go and visit a different part of the world, so he took drastic action and took off a large chunk of ice and set off. Unfortunately for him, Pengu decided to jump on, and since he didn't have the heart in him to just kick him off and force him to swim back to shore, Vogel let Pengu stay. His original destination was Greenland (which is icy; go figure.) However, due to Pengu being there, his supplies started to run low quickly. They've since traveled around the world and (somehow) even other worlds and dimensions.
The two have known each other ever since Pengu was very young; Pengu feels very attached to Vogel. They seldom argue, and always care for each other.

Pengu looks like a emperor penguin, only shrunk down to kid size. He has red eyes and yellow tufts of hair (they aren't fully grown in yet ^^; ). His 'head-loop' is essentially a [long] flap of skin from his head. No one knew why it grew, it just did. It can go down to a bit lower than his neck, and shoots up into an exclamation mark when scared and turns into a question mark when curious or confused.
Gets hungry easily, and will search for food, often oblivious to dangers around him. ^^;
Since he's a little kid, is more likely to make friends and play instead of fight, but he will if he has too.
Is cute, sometimes will use that to his advantage sometimes, but not often.
Likes to explore; naturally curious.
Has a sharp and piercing cry when sad.
Can fly for short periods of time by flapping his arms. This is possible due to his lighter weight, and also his *almost* limitless energy. ^^;
Ticklish in the belly. ^_^

Was given this name upon entering an older tournament; means 'bird' in German.
Has a fun side, but usually doesn't show it since he's too busy trying to keep Pengu out of trouble.
Used to be able to fly, but now can't since he's too heavy (and not hyperactive ^^; ).
Thinks things through; since being in a new environment, he wants to make sure he knows what he's doing (unlike Pengu who just go forth and try something with knowing ANYTHING about it).
Has a 'back pouch'; a tragic accident happened when he was young, although he doesn't remember much of it. His back was sliced open, and could not be healed. A solution came up to heal the body, yet still keeping the wound in the back open, creating a "pouch" of sorts. And so it was made, and Vogel was able to live safely. The back pouch is usually closed, and opens only when Vogel flexes it open. When closed, you can't tell it's there. When opened, it looks like a white line on his back. It can hold 3x its apparent size; plenty of room for food supplies (like for his trip to Greenland)

Both can peck toes, to make an opponent's feet bleed or them fall over.
Pengu can stiffen his fluff in order to make himself nearly impervious to physical bludgeoning (smacking) damage [this only happens when he gets angry, which is rare], but is still weak to piercing and slicing (bullets/arrows and swords) damage. Vogel then picks up Pengu by his head loop and uses him like a ball-and-chain.
Both can bend forward to roll up into *rough shaped* balls [live ammo anyone?]. They can bounce off of things with relative safety; Vogel can only keep it up for about a dozen or so "bounces" before unrolling, Pengu can take about a half dozen more.

Both can run abnormally fast for penguins; Pengu especially so given his youthful energy. However, "abnormally fast for penguins" means "average human's run speed".
Since they're both relatively small, they can hide into small spots and cracks easily.
Both are excellent swimmers, and can hold their breath for awhile.
Are more likely to make friends than enemies.
Hardly ever fight with each other, are great friends.
Pengu is just too cute to hit. Why would anyone with a heart want to hurt that little, innocent, young Pengu?
Can slide on their bellies for a bit, depending upon how rough and slick the terrain is.
Both are unshatterable; if frozen, if an opponent tried to punch/shatter them, they would remain solid, albeit still feeling the impact of the blow.

Aren't very strong. Being together helps...a little...
Can't take a lot of physical damage.
If you're evil enough, who cares about cuteness?
Are clueless to what they got themselves into. Almost always.
VERY small. Easily picked up and/or thrown. (or worse, kicked...)

SPECIAL INFO: Pengu has an innate Luck/Improbability Sapping Aura. The range of the aura isn't very large, and it takes awhile for the effect to become strong enough to visibly prove. When you are out of range, your own luck will return at about the same rate as it was drained (unless you have outside help). This ability drains both Luck (attacks missing) and Improbability (This that shouldn't happen, but still can; like an enemy being distracted by a half-dozen apples falling off a tree all at once). Pengu's aura ONLY protects him when he is unaware to the danger, otherwise his natural luck is the only protection [even though Pengu is incredibly lucky at avoiding harm whilst Vogel is only pretty lucky].

It should be noted that the Luck/Improbability sapping aura doesn't mean misfortune will befall you if you just sit next to him for awhile. Something could fall out of the sky and hit you, a hundred dollar bill might be carried by the wind near you, or absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. Generally speaking, the more OP a move is, the more likely Pengu will be fine. He's a very anti-OP character.
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This was a comission done for me by :iconthemindofanartist: Thanks! You did a great job!
Name: Nairb. No real reason behind the name; was just given to him before the tourney started so others could call on him if needed, since he had no real name, save for the title of “Id”.

Age: 16 years of existence, though no true “age” has been established.

History: Spawned from a young boy’s mind as “Id”, has been growing and feeding off of his emotions ever since his existence began, 16 years ago. Has no “real” body; is a semi-solid demonic-spirit creature (not even HE knows what he truly is) who can flex his grip on his existence, and lives off of others to survive, except for when resting in dreams or people‘s subconscious; this enables him to live/exist Nitemare’s world without any expenditure of his life, although controlling a person would certainly make him feel healthier and stronger. Wants power and control; and is looking for another stronger, better host to control when his current one dies so he can live on in a new body. Enjoys torturing people, both physically (including making numerous cuts, as well as such tactics as controlled drowning) and mentally (including constant scaring of his victims to verbal/mental harassment); prefers mental torture because his victims last longer than through physical torture.

Personality: Cocky, arrogant, rude, overall ass to practically everybody he meets. Taunts his opponents CONSTANTLY to get into their heads. Often quotes movies, music, and famous people, both old and new. Uses opponent’s personal history and what they care about most against them. Will make friends, but only to use them for his overall benefit. Plots a lot before hand, but if gets agitated, doesn’t think straight. Curses a bit, but not TOO excessively, except maybe if in a lot of pain ^^;...

Weapon: His hands, which fingers extend out two inches and sharpen into blades; his feet, which he can grow small talon-like blades on the heels as well as the toes. When not in use, has human-looking hands and feet. Uses environment as a weapon as well.

Fighting Style: A strange combination of stealth, animalistic instincts, and kickboxing. Hides in shadows and waits for the prefect moment to strike, and depending upon the situation, either unleashes a quick barrage of attacks, or one-hit-kills like stabbing through the victim’s chest: although prefers to keep them alive as long as possible to “;play” with them. Defiantly does NOT fight head-to-head or brawls.

Pros: His sneakiness enables him to move quickly throughout the area quickly and quietly. Ability to shift his form prevents him from being crushed under and large objects; can make himself more or less solid as the situation demands. Is an expert at psychological warfare/torture, and is pretty good at physical torture.

Cons: Can’t deal out or take a lot of physical damage. Doesn’t kill his victims quickly, giving them time to counter-attack and recover. Takes some insults personally, distracting himself from the fight. Is a prime target for “good” people, and is marked as a backstabber for “bad” people, so friends he can trust are hard to come by. Can’t keep constantly shifting how solid he is, for it tires him out when he does it too much. Sunlight weakens him slightly, makes it harder for him to shift his physical form.

Note: Although he doesn’t wear clothes, he may “dress up” with stuff he finds from others, searching closets, etc., but will quickly abandon them if he needs to shift through objects.

Is a semi-solid demon-spirit thing, so direct attacks wont hurt him, but the impact will- if, say, shot with an arrow, it would get stuck in him, and he would have to materialize his hand a bit stronger in order to pull it out, thusly making the hand susceptible to damage. In order to cause actual pain, he needs to be in a solid form- the easy way would be to get him tired from constantly shifting his form from, say, continuously throwing large objects on him.

Can take over people’s minds, but only from entering the victim’s body via an open wound (natural orifices such as the mouth don‘t count). The bigger and more recent the wound, the easier it will be. Killing the person under his control doesn’t kill him, but it does weaken him greatly. He could (technically) control the dead body and make it move like a zombie, but he would still be stuck inside; controlling dead bodies doesn’t give him any life force as well, so it would drain it instead. He is always keen to try and avoid such situations.

His voice is slightly raspy and deep; more like someone sick than someone evil sounding...

EDIT: NO, this is NOT a fan-made creation of Nightmare! Because Nairb CAN'T manipulate himself to the extent that Nightmare does, nor does he have a legion of creatures under his control, and Narib can be a BIT more elloquent. And Nairb doesn't smoke...or always wear clothing...
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Whisper. Rush. Move. Go.

I have a small problem, you see. I sometimes have a bad memory, and remember things that never took place. Like for instance, thinking I had a backpack full of soda, when it was empty. Or a $20 bill I gave to somebody, but I never gave it. It was all just a dream.

…or is it?

Why is it that my dreams are so vivid? Why do I remember details so minute, yet can’t remember people’s names? Why is it that I remember things that never happened? And why do I remember things from dreams I don’t even remember having?! It’s all too confusing…like why do I have these…”episodes”? Why is it that my body tries to kill itself with a sudden blood clot? What am I trying to stop myself from doing?

…and why can’t I find any answers?

I dimly recall one dream, not too long ago. A long, yellow dragon was slithering atop of a long-forgotten supermarket, and would occasionally try to break into the car I was in. I was in silence from fear. Somehow, he manages to squeeze his paw that now normally would not fit in, and places it upon my face. Next thing I know, I see nothing but old cartoons from the 70’s. For some reason, I responded emotionally to them. Then I was awake, dazed and confused in my dark room as I tried to make sense of it. Why was the dragon testing me? What did it want from me? Why did I feel like…it got what he wanted? And how did I know that it’s a he? I pushed the dream aside, and got ready to help work on the garden. The hard, busy work pushed all thoughts aside as I concentrated on finishing the best way possible.

A few days after, I met a complete stranger. The funny thing was, I didn’t know him, yet somehow, I remembered him as somebody…familiar. Someone friendly, someone that I knew for a while. I felt like going up to him and greeting him warmly, but I held myself back. Come on, I thought to myself, what would I say to him? Hello, I kinda know you and I don’t know why? I didn’t want to seem crazy, so I let the incident pass, although I did watch him leave very carefully. I remember I slept soundly that night, so soundly I almost missed work in the afternoon. I rushed to get there, and the hectic pace tired me out, so when I returned home I just changed my clothes and fell asleep. That night I dreamt.

I was in a field, overlooking long, wide plains. The wind was blowing the long yellow- green grass, making it like an earth-tied ocean. I felt at peace, happy even. I felt like flying. The absurdity never entered my head of the fruitless of trying, so I wasn’t in shock when I started to gently float up. After about a foot or two, I looked down. I was flying! I was so happy at this that I thought to myself, “Well, this is a good time to see how fast I can go” and instantly ZOOM I was hurtling along at breakneck speeds. It was kind of what happens when you go really fast on a bike; the not-to-apparent fragileness of the bike, paired with breakneck speed. It was like that; with that sense of reckless speed when you know it’s too dangerous to even TRY going that fast, but not really caring. Then, I stopped. Just instantly stopped, like I was in a movie and someone hit the pause button. I wondered to myself, why am I not moving? Then everything instantly blurred away, myself included.

All I saw was black.

I was on the ground, with my face pressed into the soft green earth. Things felt…well, for lack of a better word, real ! I could feel the grass, the gentle breeze of the wind, the shade from an overhanging tree. I could see the sky, a light blue with a few gentle clouds rolling through, with birds flying by overhead. I closed my eyes, at peace with this gentle place.

But something was wrong.

Realizing this, I opened my eyes again and stood up. Everything was still the same; blue sky, gentle breeze, shade from the tree, birds overhead…wait...the birds looked…odd. I stared closer at them up in the sky. Sure, it looked normal enough. A small flock of 9 birds, all in a V-formation, flying overhead. I stared for a few seconds more, trying to figure out what was wrong when it hit me- they were too big. Simple, yet strange enough explanation; those birds were too big. This puzzled me, and as I kept looking, I realized that they had hands, too. I looked at my surroundings again, and realized something else-I had no idea how I was able to see them so well, considering how far away they were. I looked at the roots of the tree, to hopefully understand the nature of some things here, that maybe, nature had some…strange sense of purpose.

I saw I was wearing orange socks.

This thought humored me greatly. Orange socks? Me, wearing orange socks? I thought I had outgrown orange when I was a little kid. I laughed so hard, that tears began to pour out of my eyes. I wiped them away with my hand, tears still streaming down my face. I was able to control my laughter when I had yet another strange thought.

My hand was…fuzzy?

I stared down at my hands. Sure enough they too were orange, but they were covered in hair. And the tips didn’t have nails, but…claws?

I stared at my feet again. They weren’t feet but actually PAWS.

My rear end went up on end, and I twisted my waist to look behind myself.

I had an orange tail, out on end from fear- and a sudden thought shot through me:

this is my story. I made this one day when I wanted to type something up, and was too lazy to retype my old story, so I just started typing. 3 tries and 1 1/2 hours later, I made this. I don't know why I started this genre; I guess the story just ran away with me. I'm writing this linda like know I would react to things, so I write in detail things "I" would look at in detail; as well as using SOME real-life parts in there too.

If you steal this, you will get blammed, banned, and/or horribly burned with the possibility of legal action.

Part 2-[link]

HA HA! Didn't expect THAT ending did ya? I left ya on a cliffhanger!!
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Sorting It Out.

I woke up with a yelp in my own room. I stared at the darkened corners of my room, the window with the streetlight passing dimly through, at my hands and feet to check and make sure I was still me. I tried to calm myself down. Just a dream, I kept repeating to myself, just a dream. After half an hour, I was able to let myself fall back asleep.

I woke up tired that day. I had to go help cut my grandfather’s lawn. He lets it grow nice and thick, so I always have to hack through it in order to cut it back down to normal. I reached down past my bed for my watch, but it wasn’t there. Sitting up, I realized that it was on my penguin doll sitting on the corner of my bed. It was your average looking penguin doll filled with small plastic bean-bag beads- orange beak, orange flippers, round white tummy, black eyes. One eye had been chipped slightly giving it the impression of anger. I picked up my old watch and sniffed it. Yeah, I know, it’s weird, but I sniffed it. It’s a kinda nice smell though. Since having the watch for over a year and wearing it nearly every day, the band that holds the end tie in place and the back of the watch head have absorbed my sweat in minute amounts to give it a certain…sweet smell to it. The watch head smells a little mustier, and the band smells a bit sweeter. I put it on, got dressed, loaded up the car, and tackled grandpa’s lawn. It was really hot that day, and working around 1p.m. didn’t help either. I was able to rest for about an hour before I got cleaned up for work that night. I closed up at around 9:30, came home, changed and went to sleep.

No dreams.

I got up the next morning full of pep, so I decided to go play around with an old hacky-sack. I’m pretty good at it, but I used to better as a freshman in high school. After getting bored with that, I went online, browsing through random games to see if any piqued my interest. Afternoon rolled around, and I left for work a little early that day. Some passing young salespeople were pushing men’s cologne. They were advertising about how it had pheromones to attract women or something. I never used anything like it before, and since I was going to run out of my old spray cologne soon, I bought a bottle from them. Work passed without incident again. I came home at around 10:00, played games online until 11:30, and then I put back my watch, changed my clothes, and fell asleep.

I dreamed again.

For some strange reason, I was back under the tree again. The usual scene of peacefulness was disrupted by a swish-swish feeling. I looked behind me and sure enough, I had that tail again. I was able to cope with it, since it already happened once, and it was only a dream; it couldn’t hurt to look around a bit. So I looked around and spotted a small forest, not 10 feet from where I started. I walked along a path there for a while. It was sunny, and the sun streaked through the trees quite nicely. It disturbed me slightly that I could still feel these things, but I pushed it aside. I began to wonder if there was any faster way to travel.

I picked up my pace.

I started into a light jog, since I’ve never been a good runner and all, but I was surprised how easily I was able to run. I ran faster, and amazingly, I was still able to keep pace without being tired at all. I went into an all-out sprint. My arms pumped and my legs slammed the path, pushing myself faster than I could have ever achieved. It was exhilarating-running at full sprint, nothing stopping me, tearing through the forest like some Olympic athlete on steroids. I thought to myself “wow! This is really fun!” while continuing to push myself harder and harder. I started to bend forward while running, letting my hands take some of the work off of my feet-no, paws now I reminded myself. I pumped myself harder, starting to get out of breath. Just for the heck of it, I decided to jump. Just run and jump, jumping ahead, seeing what would happen. I prepared myself, and pushed off the ground hard with my legs.

I FLEW. Oh, I flew through the air at least 10 feet easily. I landed on my paws and kept going. I laughed with excitement, realizing what I just did. 10 feet! 10 FEET! I FLEW! I FLEW! I began to laugh manically, despite a slight pain starting to arise in my lungs. I felt like stopping when it was too late. I had exited the forest into a small cliff which I ran off of. I panicked for a moment, and then thought to see if I could land safely. After all, I was a cat I figured, and I wasn’t going to let some small cliff bother me. I saw the ground coming up. My brain flashed with quick calculations, determining direction, velocity, distance from the ground, the softness of the rolling hills below me. I twisted myself in what would normally be an unnatural way, contorting myself sideways. I landed on all fours on the ground, safely. I paused for a moment from the impact, and then stood back up. I had made it. I was proud of myself, yet in that moment felt awkward over experiencing all of my senses being rushed; the feeling of the ground beneath me, smell of the day’s heat. Why did I feel all of this? Weren’t dreams less…real? I turned around and saw that I had landed near a small village. I decided to go and ask the townsfolk for some answers to why I was this way when something unexpected happened.

I woke up.

My mind pondered why this dream was a recurring one. After all, I was never really “into” anything “furry”, and I was only dreaming, so I couldn’t be feeling things so realistically. I mean, I was awake, not asleep, and this was my reality. Me, with two hands, two feet, and hair on my head. Not me with four paws and hair all over me. I spend the morning pondering over the facts from last night. It took me awhile to realize this but, I had REMEMBERED THE WHOLE THING. It’s very rare for me to remember dreams, and even rarer still to remember it entirely. Why did this reoccurring dream stay with me so? Why did nothing make sense? Why was I so…attuned to myself that I could make myself feel things that didn’t happen?

With a small groan, I got up and reached for my watch. It was missing. Strange, I thought to myself, I left it right here…I pushed the thought away, but it was harder to get it out of my mind than before.

I decided to leave these mysteries alone for another day and got dressed for work.

For some strange reason, orange hairs stuck to the bottom of my pants.
Part 2 of a hopefull continuing series. I'm going to call this Chimerical Machinations, since it holds true to a key element in the story. I'm probably going to write more, neglecting other games and such to hammer out yet another blockbuster part3. Keep commenting!
This is mine; if you steal it, legal action wil be taken.

Part 3-[link]
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Name: Gregor Samsa

Name: Gorger (Smith or Ex or whatever slap dash moniker lets him into large cities)

Age: Gregor is thirty, Gorger is technically twenty one years old, having been created fully formed when Gregor was nine.

Height: Gregor is 5'9'', Gorger is 6'2''

Weight: Gregor is a malnourished 110 lbs. Gorger lives up to his namesake, but prefers to gain density as opposed to visible mass. He is 200 pounds.

Background: Gregor had a German father and a Ukrainian mother. Gorger has no blood, and, by proxy, no DNA. Gregor was born in Alaska. Gorger was created in Gregor's head.

Race: Unmortal


Gregor Samsa was an average, All American, Joe Everyman.

His hair was a dull brown bowl cut, flecked with gray. His eye color was the reverse of this. His face was plain and unmarked. He was barely noticeable and instantly forgettable.

Most maniacs are stopped dead early on in their careers because they ring very deep alarm bells in the people they meet. The alarm bells state very clearly: Run! or Hit in mouth! Really hard! Thus they are easily caught. Gregor may only have been half as crazy as the other inmates of the Asylum, but he was kept in the maximum security wing for an entirely different reason. He was so normal, so average, so boring that he didn't ring alarm bells in other people. Which made him the most dangerous person there.

Growing up, he had had many friends and family who simply adored him for what he was: Nothing. He wasn't particularly smart or athletic, and all who knew him praised him for it. Not knowing any other way of living, Gregor had taken the ersatz praise the way any other person would for real achievements.

His friends and family were glad he was average. They knew what happened to people who were exciting; things happened to them. They incited riots, designed bombs, sold drugs, bought sex, and listened to New Wave music.

And so, in an attempt to spare the world from yet another Ted Kacinski or Elvis Presley, Gregor had been conditioned from birth to be absolutely nothing, and for a time, all was well.

However, unbeknownst to them all, something was happening to Gregor.

Slowly but surely, Gregor's unconscious feelings of distaste for his fellow man had begun to coalesce into a malevolent cloister of violent ideas deep within the bowels his skull. That's right. His skull has bowels. Everyone's does. It's in the bible.
This sort of thing can be treated nowadays with proper attention, therapy, and medicine, but not if you are conditioned from birth not to complain about anything.

To make matters worse, Gregor was a latent psychic, the genetic heir to a Ukrainian psion named Serkitt, who had had the ability to manipulate energy and physical matter with his thoughts.
The passive aggressive abuse inflicted upon Gregor daily repressed his powers, stunting them, and redirecting them into *guess where* his subconscious neuroses. More specifically, the voices in his head. Well, voice singular would be more accurate. With the influx of psychic energy, Gregor's imagination had become a killing field. All the vindictive urges, morbid fantasies and waking dreams were able to osmose the randomized power, causing them to mutate reptilian psyches of their own. Survival of the fittest won out, and the sole remaining voice was gifted with mammalian and primate brain levels as well as a rudimentary poltergeist body, attaining something akin to actual life.

Late at night, Gregor could hear it talking to him. It was a talking voice, a mocking voice. A voice, that, had it had fingers, would have used them to point maliciously at every mistake, every fall. To pry into his secret fears and insecurities and exploit them. To stretch wider the cracks in his already fractured brain.
The voice preached the joys of achievement, ones that Gregor, the hopeless worm, could never hope to attain in a million life times. The words were faint and easy to ignore at first. But as more time and even more nothing and unachievement passed, the words grew stronger and more forceful. Until eventually, they pounded the inside of his skull like a thousand rhinoceri taking tap dancing lessons. Gregor suffered in silence through all of it, good little boys not being allowed to complain, after all.

Meanwhile, his parents had been cutting loose and definitely not practicing what they chose to preach. The fatal flaw of their already somewhat idiotic plan was that to impose such a strict regimen on their household, they would have to follow it as well (what with them living there and all). The willpower of Mother and Father Samsa could not hold a candle to their son's, so they began having secret parties in the middle of the night, bringing under one roof as much sex, violence, drugs and Devo as they could get their hands on.

In the midst of one of their Heroin-tini parties, Gregor's mother accidentally shot her husband in the chest with an antique derringer pistol she had been using as a mime trumpet. She was of course very upset about this, and luckily for her, her husband's brother was just sober enough to be present but still just high enough to try and "comfort" her. Gregor was nine and a half years old when he witnessed this. He could no more stand it than a marshmallow could stand microwave radiation. He exploded.

What happened that night was too horrible for words. But his actions gave the voice a name: Gorger.

Unable to cope with what had happened, Gregor fled into the cold, cold mountains where he attempted to starve himself to death. Years went by and nothing much happened.

That is, until Gregor was discovered by the local authorities lying comatose in a cave. He was barely alive when they found him and half frozen to death. He had survived at a bare minimum by drinking the water that dripped into pools from the stalactites on the ceiling of the cave and feeding off of roots and his excess body fat, all of which were gone. Despite his apparent listlessness, he fought like a wild animal, gravely injuring several of the officers. One of them thought, “what the hell.” and shot Gregor in the back of the head.

It was not until they were all driving back with Gregor stowed in a body bag that they realized their fatal mistake, or rather, didn’t. Gregor spontaneously reanimated and slaughtered the officers. It was only through the use of an extremely heavy sedative that an end was put to that. Only one officer made it back alive, but by that point, he was rather insane himself and could not give credible proof as to what had really happened.

When Gregor had been put on trial, the plead was insanity. Unsurprisingly, everyone agreed. Thus he had been committed to Goldstein’s Memorial Hospital And Asylum.

Unfortunately for Gregor, his problems did not end in a nice comfy padded room and a warm (albeit restrictive) jacket.

Gorger continued to talk to Gregor.

As before, he ridiculed Gregor for never doing anything with his life, for not even trying to escape again. He chuckled derisively at Gregor’s every failure. He laughed at every fall, and tripped him when he tried to get up.

Although it was Gorger who had done the talking that drove Gregor to his actions, he had taken no active part in it. Gregor’s subconscious (which was a good deal cleverer than he was) had wisely repressed the memories of exactly what happened that horrible night in order to preserve his fragile lucidity and thus prevent Gorger from growing stronger.

There would be no peace for Gregor, not even in death.

You see, the thing nobody (not even Gregor) realized was that although Gregor had been killed, Gorger had never died.
In his last moments of fading life, Gregor's spirit had been ripped from his decaying body by Gorger, who then stripped himself of the poltergeist body he had won by cannibalizing every other neurose in Gregor's mind, previously. Gorger consumed Gregor's corpse and used the resulting chemical energy of Serkitt's combusted DNA signature to energize the empty homunculus Gregor would then call home. This energy, combined with the poltergeist body, created a nearly fully-functional body for Gregor to live in.
The new body was a thing of pure imagination. It would bleed if cut, but the blood would have no DNA. Because the golem's cells were created from a marriage of waves rather than particles, they would not degrade or collapse from disease, hunger, thirst, or exhaustion. But it would still die if taken apart physically (shot or stabbed fatally, dismembered, etc.) It did not need to sleep, and indeed, could not. It could not produce tears. If it needed to, it could dream.

Gregor had been given a second chance.

But recently, something new had been happening to Gorger; deprived of his old body, having put it on indefinite loan to his other half, a new one had begun to grow in its place. This was not like the poltergeist body; Gregor had imagined that one, making it as human as a child with no empirical knowledge of physiology could.
This new body was one only something like Gorger could imagine; it was human shaped, and that was about all you could say for it. It was a killing machine.

With "muscles" like rock, and "reflexes" like lightning, Gorger would be unstoppable.
As time passed, Gorger found he could become more visible and move farther and farther away from his original host body.
It wouldn't be long now…

Physical description:

Gregor's hair is a dull brown bowl cut, flecked with gray. His eye color is the reverse of this (gray flecked with brown). His face is plain and unmarked.

Gregor wears whatever he can to stay warm.

Since his Gorger-assisted escape from the Asylum, Gregor has not taken off the anemic green inmate uniform issued to all patients. He still wears it under all the rags he's stolen and wrapped tight around his limbs and abdomen, the fur from the animals he's found dead, and the brown rain leather trench coat given to him by an old, blind fisherman who told Gregor to call him Thaddeus just before committing suicide.

    -    -    -    -    

Gorger wears a white tank-top undershirt (widely known, thanks to HBO, as a "wife-beater") with the word PEACE in jagged red block letters on the chest.

He has on a pair of loose trousers that may once have been black but have now faded to gray from constant use. There's a red star-shaped patch on the right knee.

On his feet are a pair of black steel-toed boots.

His skin is bordering on gray. He looks like he doesn't get enough sun.

As time passes, and Gorger is plunged again and again into the land of the dead (and his Aura of Menace becomes more heavily refined), his skin deadens its color, abandoning (subconsciously?) its pretense of humanity.
His skin is a slug grey.

His brown hair has been shaved close to his head, it's still there, but only as a fuzz the height of a centimeter.

His eyes are dead and hollow, black as a solar eclipse, and empty as the soul of a doll. No pupils.

His teeth are spread in an evil grin. They resemble shark's teeth, pointed, triangular and multi-rowed. His gums and tongue are black. Gorger does not produce saliva, sweat, blood, or any kind of bodily fluid.

On his fore-head are the six dots normally associated with members of the Shao-Lin monastery. However, these ones are slightly different.
They are arranged in the same manner (two vertical rows of three parallel to each other), but instead of being the traditional 2-D incense burns, they are three-dimensional red orbs, each one about the size of a pinky nail.

In his left hand, is a knife. The knife is very business-like, it has no delusions about what it does. The blade is a foot long, and the cutting edge is notched. The blade is pyramidal, in order to leave wounds that never close up properly. The knife's grip actually incorporates a set of spiked brass knuckles.

Gorger holds the knife with the air of an artist holding a paint brush. And considering how busy he is, something is probably dripping from it.

Unique Abilities/Qualities:

Gregor has the inability to die from natural causes. Because his new body is formerly imaginary, its cells do not degrade. However, he can still be killed by an external force.

It's really more of a curse than blessing. Just because you can go for weeks without food, sleep, or water, doesn't mean it's pleasant.

Gregor's criminal circumstances have forced him to hide in the wilderness, general obscurity and abject poverty. He is often hungry and cold. He has taken a vow to never eat meat again. Which is why he cannot hunt.

If Gregor is not exposed to a sensation for a long enough time (say, about a month), he "forgets" it. This means that he won't be able to perceive said sensation until he receives a bulk dose of it. Gregor most commonly forgets the following on and off in his life of seclusion: Color, pain, taste, and music.

Occasionally, he can summon brief bouts of berserk strength in self defense or outright terror.

Gregor also has extremely limited psychic powers. Gorger's continued existence puts a heavy and constant drain on Gregor's powers. Using what little scraps of energy are left to him, he can use one of the following abilities once per day: he can telekinetically move a 1 pound object 1 foot, hear 30 seconds of surface thought through telepathy, pyrokinetically light 1 cubic foot of dry and combustible material on fire, or pull one other willing or unaware being into the fabricated "world" representation of his mind, and back out again. Immediately after using any of these powers, Gregor is weak and completely drained, he may not be able to move for another hour, depending on his current condition. In any case, he'll have to wait another 24 hours before using any of his powers again.

    -    -    -    -    

Gorger has inhuman strength, hyper reflexes, the ability to consume souls for energy, and physical contact with an organic creature's life blood will heal his wounds and energize him. Gorger doesn't need to breathe or sleep, but he does need to eat.
Gorger has no sense of smell or fear.

Gorger's sense of pain is extremely dull. He feels it, but it bores him. He doesn't get excited about it either way, unless it crosses the line into extremity; chopping off of, or impaling, or any wounds that make holes that you can see through. Flesh wounds are like scratches, they disinterest him. His scale of pain is like that of a human's, but scaled up a bit.

He also has an Aura Of Menace. The Aura makes the air in the area around him colder, clammier and harder to breathe. It tips the scale in favor of "flight" on the human adrenaline scale, it makes people more nervous, more forgetful, more distracted. Artificial and natural lights within the aura will dim and eventually die under continuous exposure. Light from an external source, like the sun, will filter through more darkly. The Aura varies in radius depending on Gorger's energy level. The minimum is five feet and the maximum is one mile.

He is also well versed in the art of Shaolin Kung Fu, having trained at a monastery for a time (using Gregor as a sleeper cell) before deeming his teacher and fellow students weak and devouring them, body and soul. The incense burns have long since faded from Gregor's forehead, but Gorger keeps the gems as a reminder of his strength. Gorger strives to separate himself from Gregor, and as such, he is very occasionally plagued by such fits of individuality and machismo.

As long as Gregor is alive, Gorger can never be completely destroyed and will always snap back into the world of the living. It takes three days for him to traverse the plane of the dead and reach the world of the living.
If Gregor should be slain however, Gorger would be sent to Hell permanently (upon dying), along with Gregor.

Gorger shares the sensation of pain with Gregor. If Gregor is harmed, Gorger feels that harm.

Gorger can diminish his energy at will and become invisible. However, in this state, he will have to gain back his stolen energy from scratch in order to be restored to his full power. While invisible, it is hard for Gorger to manipulate physical objects, he lacks dexterity and speed.
As Gorger gets closer to fading away, his strength and reflexes diminish. Only his voice remains strong until the very end.

In lieu of simply dissipating his collected energy harmlessly to become invisible, Gorger can cause his temporary body to combust in a thermal explosion four miles in diameter. Of course, if he does choose to do this, he might run the risk of hurting his spiritual anchor, Gregor, should he be near.

If Gorger is at his average power level (completely solid, completely visible), he may be destroyed in two ways.

The first is to wear him down by repeatedly damaging his body and forcing him to expend energy to repair it. Gorger has one finite supply of energy, and it fuels every aspect of him. He can spend it in many versatile ways, but it's all drawn from the same well. He could teleport or throw energy blasts or repair himself, but doing so would cause him to become less solid and less visible.
At a certain point, Gorger would just collapse and cease to exist if he ran out of energy. He would then have to make the three day trek across the barren plains of the dead. Whenever he is "revived" in this manner, he starts with an energy level just barely above the one that is insufficient for him to exist. So he has a limited time to find energy before he collapses when he is "reborn," a bit like trying to keep your head above water with a weight attached to your foot. Were it not for the buoy of Gregor's mind, Gorger would not be able to rise at all.
Simply existing physically in reality puts a drain on Gorger, which is why he can never rest.
But, Gorger is not motivated by a need to exist and feed, that is simply means to an end. Gorger can feel all life as pinpoints of fire and noise on the metaphysical representation of his "brain." Every time he kills, a light goes out, and he is afforded a little more peace in his head.

Gorger can never become lost. He is aware of himself in relation to all other living things on whatever world he is on, but he cannot pinpoint specific living things unless he knows their name and face. In terms of direction, he can only pinpoint large clusters of sentient living things, like cities.

Gorger "spawns" in a random location upon reentering the world of the living, but it's always on the same planet as Gregor.

To "kill" him instantly, one would have to target and destroy his nucleus. It functions like, and is in the same area, as a human heart, but in actuality is more closely related to the furnace of a star. Like the nucleus of an atom, it keeps him stable/from collapsing. It is very difficult to puncture his nucleus with a melee weapon, but relatively easy with a ranged weapon, provided it is up to the job. A pistol probably wouldn't do it, but a Magnum would have a much better chance. To collapse the nucleus, you must pierce both sides; front and back. Just piercing halfway through or breaking the surface will cause him to "leak." Depending on how much energy Gorger has stored in his nucleus at time of leak, this could be very bad for you and your face.
While Gorger is leaking, the amount of time he can spend in reality without absorbing energy is cut in half.
The same does not apply to ranged energy. Magical fire or any magic will just be absorbed by him. However, psychic energy has the potential to deal grave harm to Gorger. Because he is the product of a psychic's mind, energy from other psychics' minds is anathema to his flesh.

If a being reads Gregor's thoughts, he/she forges an unclean bond that is pseudo-similar to the one between Gregor and Gorger. Meaning, that without access to Serkitt's special brand of energy, the being will wither and die under the pull of Gorger's existence after roughly two weeks. While bonded in this manner, Gorger has access to every facet of the being's mind; including magical abilities, memories, and surface thoughts.
If someone tries to read Gorger's mind, they will see or hear nothing (only blackness) while attempting to mind-read, but they will not become bonded. However, Gorger will be able to pinpoint the being's exact location.
The anathema rule applies here as well. If a psychic tries to read Gorger's mind, they will not get any information, but they can harm him in this way, though it would probably be easier to just hit him with intentionally harmful psychic energy.
If a psychic tries to read Gregor's mind, however, they are just as doomed as any other mental Peeping Tom in that situation.

While in his diminished (invisible/transparent) state, Gorger can possess a living host.

He can possess Gregor at any time. When the two are together in this manner Gregor/Gorger can be eliminated permanently like any other being, though his sensation of pain is still greatly repressed. He would not possess Gregor unless he absolutely had to, given the vulnerability of that state.

While possessing someone who isn't Gregor, the host is heavily exposed to his Aura of Menace, and will eventually wither and die within a number of days. Provided Gorger does nothing Gorger-powered, Gorger can remain inactive until the host dies.

Gorger can use possession as a method of drawing energy, but doing so will kill the host instantly.

Gorger has no sense of aim, hence his life-seeking energy blasts, or his energy blasts that are area effects. He could not fire a gun to save his life, and he lacks technical expertise.


At his average power level (completely solid, completely visible) Gorger has twenty four hours of inactivity (not absorbing anything) before he fades away.
Absorbing one ordinary human equals five hours; energy gained is exponential by how powerful the absorbed living being is. A bite out of a human equals one minute of inactivity, OR, one minute of backward body propulsion in time, healing any wounds he might have received in that time.
Gorger can absorb fire, putting it out. One cubic foot of fire equals one hour. Gorger can absorb chemical energy in acid, turning it into water. One cubic foot of acid equals one hour. Gorger can absorb electricity. One lightning strike equals five hours. One car battery equals one hour. Gorger can absorb magic. One spell equals one hour.
Teleporting costs him two hours. A one handed energy blast costs him one hour. A two handed energy blast costs him two hours. Forming his knife costs him one hour. A Kill-Driver costs him twenty four hours. A punch or a kick costs him one minute. An average power level punch or kick can shatter stone.


Gorger hardly ever reaches the absolute peak of his power. Should he do so, he would take on a new and terrible form. This is the main goal in his existence. It takes a lot of energy to assume monster form. One nuclear power plant equals one monster form. One haunted house equals one monster form. One federal reservoir turned to blood by the staff of Moses equals one monster form. One thousand people equals one monster form. One absorbed Kamehameha equals one monster form, Et cetera. While in Monster Form, Gorger can remain inactive indefinitely, but each movement will cost him five minutes (minimum, to say nothing of attacks or energy or self-repair).

Monster Form:

Gorger has doubled in size.

The skin is a stone gray now, with vivid red warpaint-like markings making vicious and curved tattoos and sigils across his body. (similar to the tribal markings of the Aborigines in shape)

He now has four sets of arms (for a total  of eight): two under the regular pair, and one protruding from the shoulder blades and curving over his shoulders.

His rib cage is open, and within it, two beady red eyes and a small jagged pair of jaws are all that is visible.

Across his stomach is a broad mouth with greenish cube teeth and a lolling blue tongue.

The teeth in the mouth on his face have become long, thin, and jagged, like daggers.

The Shaolin dots on his now domed fore-head have rearranged themselves and are now connected by a thin red line, forming a pentagram.

His eyes are now empty pits.

On his upper back is a single eye as big as a dinner plate. It is outlined by a thick red Omega symbol. Ω

All his joints are now pointed and dagger-sharp.

All his nails have lengthened 4 inches.

He is now completely bald, and on the top of his head is a solid red circle.

His pants are now shorts.

His beloved knife has lengthened its blade, making it an equally deadly sword.

The PEACE on his shirt has been transferred to his lower back, but now it reads WAR.

When Gorger is in his monster form, his Aura of Menace is enhanced into an Aura of Nightmare. It has the same qualities, but the cold reaches subzero, the air becomes downright toxic, and no light can penetrate. Also, the victim will perceive themselves as smaller compared to Gorger.


Cohesive with Gorger's final form are the monsters, Reg, Rog and Rogerg. They were first generated when Gorger absorbed a dam full of human blood, and the latent sentience of that liquid splintered and crystallized into three unique minds, fertilized and marinated in the dark juices of the petri dish of Gorger's "mind". The letters of their names are, like Gorger, able to be used to make up the name "Gregor."
Rog, Reg, and Rogerg can only exist physically if Gorger has excess energy to spare.
They are strong and fast, and share all of Gorger's powers, that is to say, they can draw on the same pool of energy he does until they disappear (when Gorger can no longer sustain them). Any energy they absorb by eating flesh or souls goes to the shared pool of energy. Gorger has priority access to the energy pool, and they will always disappear before he does. When they disappear, they do not "die", but instead hibernate in Gregor's mind.

Gorger's Minions

Rog is squat and heavily muscled. His skin is pale like a dead fish, but oscillates between lighter and darker shades of grey depending on his mood.
His face consists solely of his mouth, which is large, filled with greenish cube teeth, and equipped with a lolling blue tongue that has the tensile strength of an anaconda.
He has two floppy ears that are prehensile.
For clothing, he wears a cardboard oblong tunic/poncho with ROG crayoned in red on every available surface. He doesn't wear a hat.

Reg's body is elongated and skinny. It appears to have been carved from stone or molded from clay from its color and texture. Reg is statuesque, resembling a chiseled model more than a living being.
Reg has ears that are multi-chambered and pointed, like a bat. They sit parallel on the sides of his smooth, bald head, positioned like ear muffs and raked backward like fins.
His face is missing. There’s a hole there, with cracks around the edges, filled with darkness. In the darkness, Reg’s ruby eyes and ivory teeth flicker and hover like phosphorescent insects. There are other holes across the gray body. Reg can move his facial features around to any one of them.
Reg wears his chest bare (and empty, as it is a rib cage), and around his waist he wears a gold "belt". The belt is really more of a hoop and hovers in place with no visible means of support. Attached to it like a curtain, are curtain rings. They hold up the body of his garment; a raggedy red tunic bottom half that comes down to his ankles.

Rogerg prefers to be called "Frunz." Frunz is built like a combination between a frog and a newt with no tail, with the exception of his hands and feet, which are humanoid and triple jointed. He is covered in Gorger's Aborigine tattoos. His skin is stone grey. Instead of a head, he has a single eye that sits flat like an egg on a dinner plate between his shoulders, outlined by an Omega symbol. He draws out his bones and uses them as various weapons. The bones are effectively indestructible (they regenerate if damaged), but they will not regrow inside his body. He cannot grow two of the same bone, if he pulls one out. He puts them back when he is done with them. He cannot speak.

Rog, Reg, and Rogerg can only exist if Gorger has enough energy to go into Monster Form. He can choose to have them exist separately (while being normal sized) or part of him, or he can assume a monster form without them that lacks the extra arms, eye, and (their) faces. This form will last longer and be more potent physically.

Quotes from Gorger:

"I AM NOT BLANK, I AM THE WOLF THAT ATE HIM/HER!" (I consumed that person you knew, and our relationship ends there. Stop thinking you can channel any person I've murdered by talking to me.)

"If I started caring about what people thought, I wouldn't get anything done." (dismissive retort)

“Faster, faster, straight towards disaster!!!” (You're all going to die!)

“This Is No Fun!!!” (I have been harmed severely!)

"Choke on your blood!" (I am angry at you.)

"Here's Mud in your eye!" (This will hurt you a lot.)

"Ha ha. Ha." (laughter)

"I can see your breeeeee-eeaaaaaaath..." (you can't hide from me.)

“Nicely punished, Einstein.” (Wow, you just figured something out about me/I think you are an idiot.)

"Don't worry, THIS'LL ONLY HURT A LOT!!" (You are about to get hurt while you cannot fight back and you will probably die.)

"BLANK I'M GOING TO EAT YOU!!!" (I know your name, and am in the act of pouncing to enact a devastating death-blow. No commas.)

"GOING TO EAT YOU." (I may not know your name, but you are about to be eaten.)

"ForGet me NOT, I've got more mud to sliiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnggg..." (I am dying and fading away.)


Jee has dark brown skin and bright blue eyes. Her light brown hair is braided into corn rows across her skull and culminates in a pony tail of dreads at the back of her head. She has three gems on her forehead. They are arranged in a triangle. They are purple. She is equally composed of Gregor and Gorger. Jee will be Gregor's weapon against Gorger. He will create her to fight back, but she will prove to be too unstable for anyone to control. This is mainly because her creation will be rushed. Gregor painstakingly sewed her from personified metaphysical components like "conscience" and "reason", represented as beads and threads in his mind.
Her birthplace is the "Pipe Dreams" area of his mind. Originally, Gregor wanted to create a beautiful dress for her to wear. However, Gorger discovered her prematurely, and in order for her to be "complete", she needed a clothing archetype. Gregor botched the job and Jee ended up being clothed in the same outfit as Gorger, with the exception of her knee-high steel toed boots and boxer-bandaged fore arms. After that, Gorger tried to "indoctrinate" her by removing three of his red forehead gems and placing them alongside her three blue ones (crafted by Gregor). This six gems eat each-other and become purple.
After that, she becomes the closest thing (between Gorger and Gregor) to an actual human. However, occasionally her gems will (polarize?) into one color or the other, making her even less "human" than either of her forebears. When the gems are blue, she is infused with the full extent of Gregor's intended psychic powers, as well as a cold and unflinching logic syndrome wherein she would "destroy life to save it." When the gems are red, she becomes a sort of Gorger concentrate, incapable of any rational thought beyond exterminating all local life. When the gems are purple (dormant) she has no extraordinary abilities.
Her relation ship with Gregor and Gorger is one of mutual destruction. Her polarized changes are essentially random but are more likely to go in one direction than the other, and are likely to happen sooner, when she is in close (visible) proximity to either of the two. When she is near Gorger, she becomes quicker and stronger, and has a giddy and careless attitude.
When Jee is near Gregor, her brain activity is accelerated tenfold and she becomes more ruthless and coldly logical. In contrast, Gregor becomes a much better person. He acquires a new warmth and empathy, becomes more courageous and selfless, wise and fair, much less of a coward.
Being near Jee also alters Gorger's temperament. His sense of physical pain and tactile sensation is intensely focused. He experiences emotion, sometimes at random. If both Gregor and Gorger are near Jee, they will both suffer under her influence but she will remain unchanged. Gorger has to touch one of her gems to force her to change.
The gem touch rule also applies to Gregor. if both Gregor and Gorger touch Jee's gems at the same time, something catastrophic will probably happen.
Also, Gorger has a chance to "reabsorb" Jee if he should physically defeat her in combat, and vice versa.
Being near Gorger grants both her and him an additional ability. Her body will exponentially radiate unstable energy, and Gorger's Aura of Menace will approach Black Hole viscosity, decimating (through entropy) all positive energy/life around him. Gorger can't absorb Jee's chaotic energy with this unless he physically strikes her (leading to defeating her eventually, mentioned previously). If Jee strikes Gorger, the same applies in the opposite direction. Gorger has to touch one of her gems to force her to change.


Gregor is a coward. Gorger is a psychopath. Rog and Reg are always eager to please Gorger, and apart from Reg's relatively sophisticated vocabulary, they have minds like children. Simple, but simple in the way an ambush is simple. Rogerg has no definable personality, he is merely obedient.
Jee is rebellious and anti-social, but also an extrovert and an optimist.

That's the short version.

Gorger's personality, like his strength, becomes more powerful the more energy he has. At lower levels, when he is most "hungry," he is not inclined to speak, or come to that, to think.
In his monster form, or when he can manifest Rog and Reg, his intelligence is close to that of a supercomputer. Consequently, he has trouble formulating new ideas beyond his prerogative of destroying all life. Only recently has he begun employing rudimentary strategy beyond what is called for on the battlefield.
Gorger is all about necessity. The concepts of good and evil have no meaning to him. Only the concept of energy, that is, he perceives all energy as belonging to him, and everybody else is just moving it around until he gets to them. It doesn't matter to him how you use it.
However, at higher levels of energy, Gorger appears to take on an introspective and terrifyingly thoughtful personality, regarding humanity. Particularly, those humans who, cognizant of this fact or not, seem to emulate his methods with alarming frequency. He realizes on and off, depending on how much he's eaten, that he hates these people most of all.
Which is strange, because, as mentioned before, Gorger generally has no concept of emotion. But he does hate these people. He hates them so much that he has often gone out of his way to single them out and kill them in favor of targets with more energy.
Bit by bit, Gorger is evolving. Until now, his semblance of humanity was limited to the witty conversations he'd have with his victims pre-mortem. But now, there is a method to his madness, however alien. The words he says have forethought and meaning beyond merely disturbing those he comes in contact with.
Gorger is a lover of music. He loves all of it, every tune, every genre. He views each song as belonging to itself, rather than its inferior human maker.
Gorger is not your friend. Gorger is not your personal army.

Gregor is a coward. A miserable, self-hating coward. He has little time for thought these days. Gregor lives in perpetual fear of Gorger, of Gorger taking complete control and becoming invincible, of people trying to cure him and Gorger killing them as a result, of being judged for remaining alive in spite of Gorger (in general), of dying, of Gorger no longer needing him and being killed as a result, of Gorger killing more people, of Gorger taking control of Jee, of becoming more like Gorger, of becoming Gorger, of rain, of going to sleep, of Gorger killing Jee, of being left alone, but NOT of being forgotten. He would LOVE to be forgotten. By everyone and everything. He pines for a wingless Clarence to sweep in and undo his existence.
Gregor lives in constant fear. However, in the absence of Gorger, he has been known to acquire an almost Falstaff grade of thought, philosophy, and practicality. He does not experience guilt for his actions, because those memories have been repressed. Any guilt he experiences would be a result of some more recent error on his part, like Gorger killing someone.

Rog is incredibly slow, but he's too slow to be fooled. Together with Reg, their muddled arguments and eternal disputes over who dad likes best make up one whole Idiot Savant, solving problems by inadvertently bungling up everything else, all while only half paying attention. In the presence of Gorger, however, they are single-minded and ruthlessly efficient, although their Idiot Savant power is lost in this state.
Reg is a good speaker, or would be, if he could manage to talk like a human. He is incredibly cunning, but not very intelligent.

Rogerg has no opinion on anything, but follows Gorger's orders blindly. When left to his own devices, he begins to have ideas about individuality, leading to him creating a nickname for himself, and other minuscule acts of defiance that probably won't ever amount to anything.

Jee is rebellious and anti-social, but also an extrovert and an optimist. She has a sense of humor that blurs the line between child-like and sophisticated, and as Mike Patton would say, shE rEEks Of InnOcEncE. She is, ironically, the most human out of the whole bunch. She is never crass or cruel, neither cold nor carnal. In a relationship, she would take things slow and take the time to enjoy the kisses and cuddling before moving on to sex. Which she would also enjoy.
She likes Gregor in a pained, obligational sense, the way an asylum worker must like a petulant invalid. She hates Gorger but is secretly thrilled with his devil-may-care lifestyle and hates herself for it.
Ultimately, Jee has the potential to live a normal, perfect life, something neither of her forbears are capable of.
Inside Gregor's mind, she feels trapped. Trapped by her surroundings, trapped by her fear of the unknown beyond her lair, trapped by the conventions of the stereotype of someone who is trapped, and trapped in the sense that she can't avoid the gnawing fact that she doesn't need to eat, sleep or breathe.


…in the end of the universe, Neverwas sat on a hill of clover. Neverwas had stone-grey skin and a black jumpsuit that looked like it was made of metal. The suit had grayish-white shoulder, knee, and elbow pads, and a belt, boots and pair of gloves of the same color. On the chest of the suit, three strange circles with lines radiating out of them were inscribed in the same grayish-white color in a vertical row. The circles somehow contrived to be the same while also looking completely different.
Neverwas had strong cheekbones, a lantern jaw, and his brown hair was receding slightly into a widow’s peak. His hair had been immaculately combed so that it looked almost as if the individual strands were laminated on his head. His nose was broken, and it had a jagged scar running diagonally across it. He had wrinkles around his squinty eyes, but that wasn’t what was extraordinary about them.
The eyes had no white or pupil; in fact, one could say they were ALL pupil. This, coupled with the nine red gems arranged in a circle on his slightly domed forehead was enough to make quite a lot of people with acute memories scream quite loudly.
“Neverwas” smiled and the un-light of nearby nebulae glinted off his pointed teeth.

Neverwas is Gorger in the distant future, or one of the possibilities of what he might become. Neverwas renamed himself after Gregor "left" him at some point in time. For a time, Neverwas functioned as an Angel of Death, killing off planets and galaxies too sick to go on living without harming themselves and others. He continued doing this until there was nothing left. These days, he just wants to be left alone. Neverwas has had a lot of time, separated from Gregor, to define himself. He still kills out of necessity, but has developed compassion. He is, at close quarters, good-natured. He has also realized, that, as a being of entropy, he does not need to absorb energy ever again, not when he can summon the crushing power of a black hole whenever he wants.
The circles inscribed on his DC Superhero-style jumpsuit are the insignia of a prophecy held by the Dogon tribe. The tribe believes that one day, a race of amphibious aliens named the Nommo shall return to earth to…do something, I can't remember. That prophecy fulfilled itself sometime in the year 4000, when the Nommo arrived to help what was left of humanity build a space bridge to escape the second ice age. Immediately following this gesture of interstellar civic-minedness, the circles became meaningless, and Neverwas chose them to mean Neverwas/entropy, Gregor having left him the day before for another galaxy.

Neverwas also has a monster form, but he can assume it whenever he wants, it being a matter of necessity that he would rather relax on his hill of clover rather than crush it.

It towered three stories above… Its body was translucent and the color of darkness. At the same time, it was somehow opaque. Its texture was like that of stone, but also of water. Dim great shapes, like clouds or whales or boulders floated beneath the surface of the thing's skin. The body was emaciated and the limbs were elongated. The head floated above the shoulders without a neck. It was bone white, a death mask sculpted into the visage of Neverwas' homely mug. Dark blue swirls crawled across the skin of the beast. The three circles blazed like suns, etched in pale blue on the thing's chest.

Neverwas is also owed a favor by Charon, the ferryman of the river Styx. Being that Charon's wages are generally single coins, he is quite cheap, and will probably never pay Neverwas back. Neverwas has tried to claim his favor before, but Charon is generally unsatisfactory in that department.
Neverwas "received" the favor by giving Charon the staff of Moses.
Since Neverwas lives at the end of the universe, the river Styx has dried up and Charon rides a neon blue dromedary with rubies for eyes.
Charon is a figure shrouded in what looks like a tatty black curtain, wrinkled and dusty. Only his pale bare feet and pale bare forearms, one hand of which is clutching the staff, are visible.


Gregor separated from Gorger in the year 4001 and gained some new powers.
He can, at will, become intangible, invisible, silent, odorless or tasteless. But only one at a time. His clothes and held objects also receive these qualities.
He never gets tired and if he is allowed to run continuously, he will build up speed exponentially.
Occasionally, he can summon brief bouts of berserk strength in self defense or outright terror.
He can use one of the following powers once per minute: he can telekinetically move a 1 pound object 1 foot, hear 30 seconds of surface thought through telepathy, pyrokinetically light 1 cubic foot of dry and combustible material on fire, or pull one other willing or unaware being into the fabricated "world" representation of his mind, and back out again.
He also possesses a blackwood staff which allows him to part water or conjure blood.
If it is raining, Gregor's skin cannot be pierced and his bones cannot be broken.
In winter, or while in a city, falling from great heights will do him no harm.
If he looks into a mirror and says his name, the mirror will shatter and Gregor will receive a double. The double is completely identical and could even take his place if the original dies. The double does not possess a blackwood staff.
He does not need to breathe, eat, or sleep, but prolonged periods without such things will impact him in a severely negative way; he just won't die from it.
The Gorger you will be fighting lacks a bond with Gregor, as Gregor has not been born yet.

The Gorger you will meet will evolve as time passes.

Round One: Indistinct, slightly blurry, lacking forehead gems, aura of menace, knife
Round Two: More distinct, has knife and aura. No forehead gems.
Round Three: Fully Formed, with knife, aura and forehead gems.

At no time will he have his minions or monster form, unless you decide that he should gain enough energy during your entry to have such things for the first time.

He is uncreated. This involves a very specific visual aid.
Starting with his head, his body empties, leaving only the outline and a blank emptiness within. He makes a speech bubble that is also completely empty. Then, when his body is a completely empty outline, the whiteness disappears, leaving only the outline, then that too is gone.


My favorite character Gorger's back story, physical description, and powers.

Compiled and fleshed out while listening to When You're Evil by Voltaire, Such Horrible Things by Creature Feature, Stepfather Factory by El-Producto, Clickety Clack by Sage Francis, Inside The Fire by Disturbed, and Harvester Of Sorrow by Metallica. You should, too.


People seem to enjoy drawing this guy. If you need more of a visual reference, just look here: [link]


Anybody ever wonder what Gorger sounds like? The closest comparison in real life is Mike Patton. If you don't know what THAT sounds like, play The Darkness videogame. Mike Patton is the voice of The Darkness. LISTEN HERE: [link]

A note to my opponents in any OC Contests, the preview picture seen at the top of this here page is my favorite and by far the most accurate to my mind. So, yeah. If you wanted my opinion, there it is.


Current preview picture courtesy of :iconcaindraka:.
Praise him! [link]

Previous preview picture courtesy of :iconjeff3333:.
Praise him too!! [link]

Gorger's theme song is "I Will Wait For You" by Connie Francis.
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oh wow! i don't know how i got hacked into this...

AGE: 20 M

joins the Nightmare Tournament for the fun of it. He loves being challenge He has a major issues against Marcky >> ~Oh-FeelShy 's character. Though very Athletic and Smart. He's still HUMAN. The armband serves as a shape-shifting weapon (look at character sketch... and no! that's only for LULZ). Power of Champions LOL!

he'll be closer to death for everytime he uses the arm band
given by Nightmare (Kanon is purely human so he wouldn't survive, so in exchange for power... he will slowly die for everytime he uses his power). He's Mr. Popular who doesn't show a bad side... until Marcky comes along @w@
(he really hates Marcky
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Alright! :D Here is my character whom I shall be using in the Nightmare Tournament!
Well, actually, characters. Yeah, I'm talking about that guy behind Dark.
I shall make a seperate sheet for him ^^
Onward to the details.

Name: Dark

Age: 15

Height: 5 Feet

Weight: 101 lbs

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Nationality: American

Abilities: Dark is a songstress, therefore she can use her voice for many things besides speaking. Such as deafening her opponents, increasing/decreasing someone's mood, boosting/weakening one's strength, and repelling some creatures. Along with summoning her scythe and pyramid with chain.

Weapons: Scythe [Summoning Incantation: Ku-Ren] and pyramid with chain [Summoning Incantation: So-Ru-Te] Edit 12.12.10: I CHANGED THE INCANTATIONS! HAHAHA. *SHOT*
NOTE: The incantations do necessarily mean anything. They are just the chimes that her weapons respond to and these specific weapons only respond to the sound of her voice, so if anyone else tried it, nothing would happen.

Personality: Dark is a kind and somewhat motherly person. She tends to call people 'dear' or 'hun,' that is, if she knows them well enough OR they are a child. However, she can be scary when she wants to, but that is rare, so no one has to really worry about that. She is also one of those people who put others' well-being before hers, it is just the way she is.

History: Dark lives with her father and brother back home in America. Her mother died of a horrible cancer when Dark was only 11, so it has affected her greatly. However, she has come to get used to the fact that her mother was not there anymore, so she is not as depressed. She thinks about her sometimes, though, who would forget someone so close? Not Dark, that was for sure. As time passed, Dark became the motherly figure in her homestead. She has become tom-boyish, too, though, since she only lives with two males. She did not mind though. She loved them and was glad that they were at least still here. Then, one day, after she returned home from a trip she had with her friends, she discovered that her family was missing. No note, no calls, the car in the driveway was still there. She became extremely worried and started to search for them. In her search, she came apon a wounded creature [Guess who] and brought him back to her home, since it was starting to get dark out anyways. She helped him heal and as time passed, she has learned many things about this creature. Even his name. However, she did not know what species he was, neither did he. It did not matter after a while, all she knew is that she had made a new friend, as strange as he may be.

+Small, so she can hide easier
+Light, so she can evade/run away swiftly
+Skilled in handling weapons
+Is a songstress, so she can use her ear-shattering screams to her advantage
+Good problem solver

-Short, so it is hard for her to reach things
-If she uses her powers too much, it will start to hurt her
-Is not that strong
-If someone is in danger, she will automatically try to save/help them instead of herself. [I guess that is a weakness..]

Dark and Luis (c) ~xdarksoul07x
Nightmare Tournament (c) ~NightmareTournament
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My character for *NightmareTournament, hosted by the lovely *FanArtPoodleAfro with the help of a ton of judges I know. I debated for a while over whom to enter before I realized just how perfect she would be. *facepalm* XD (Of course, I knew as soon as the regal *QueenGwenevere said she had characters "perfect for the tournament" that there would be other dream-influencing characters in the tourney, and that this would greatly reduce my chances of getting in. [I mean, come on. It's Queen G!] Hopefully her skills are different enough to merit a look.)

She's bound to get flattened because her only real power is tying knots in thread. And reacting to whatever comes out of that, hopefully with enough speed and skill to matter. But I like to think that in this, she is akin to myself, and we share the wonderful being-flattened bond, as I shall inevitably be crushed in this tourney just like she will. Poor thing!

She sounds sort of like young Anastasia from the animated movie, but without an accent.

I am actually proud of how this ref sheet turned out, in contrast to my entry comic. -_-

For a little more information on Myth, please see the Artist's Comments under this deviation: [link]

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Disclaimer: IF I happen to make it into the tournament, I would prefer any opponents of mine not kill, dismember, or otherwise reduce her to a quivering mess. Of course, I realize that in tourneys, all of this is fair game, especially with the Nightmare Tournament. It's only a polite request. If you can get around it, please try. If you can't, please tell me in advance so I can prepare for the crushing blow of seeing her in a splattered mess ;)
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