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When Koh goes to sleep every night, he checks his cave for Toph Bei Fong.

Toph Bei Fong doesn't read books. No, not because she's blind. She just gives them a blind stare until she gets the information she wants.

Toph Bei Fong does not sleep. She waits. (Explaining why she can sense Combustion Man coming for the Gaang in 305 The Beach.)

Toph Bei Fong is the reason why Ozai is hiding during the Day of Black Sun, not the solar eclipse.

There is no rear head behind Toph Bei Fong's hairbun. There is only another fist.

When Toph Bei Fong does a pushup, she isn't lifting herself up, she's pushing the Earth down.

Toph Bei Fong never asks what time it is, SHE decides what time it is.

Toph Bei Fong ships only Tokka. But she'll consider between Kataang and Zutara for her beta ship.

The Great Walls of Ba Sing Se were originally created to keep out Toph Bei Fong. It was epic fail.

Toph Bei Fong once ate three 72 oz. steaks in one hour. She spent the first 45 minutes having sex with Sokka.

Toph Bei Fong once blew up a Fire Nazi airship just by yelling: "BOOM!"

Time only waits for Toph Bei Fong. Nobody else.

A Toph Bei Fong-delivered Bouldershot is the preferred method of execution in 16 regions all over the Four Nations.

Toph Bei Fong always knows the EXACT location of Lost Princess Ursa "San Diego". She just won't reveal it to keep the suspense on Avatar fans.

Some people wear Avatar pyjamas. The Avatar wears Toph Bei Fong pyjamas.

Tokka smex is so erotic even just a tongue wrestle can make readers, hearers, and watchers to insantly experience fangasm, orgasm, and other kinds of 'gasm.

The last thing you hear before Toph Bei Fong gives you a Bouldershot? No one knows because dead men tell no tales.

Toph Bei Fong can love only Sokka. For everyone else, she just not kill.

Toph Bei Fong smells what The Boulder is cooking...because he is her personal chef.

The Boiling Rock is the military code-word for 'Toph Bei Fong's Basement'.

Toph Bei Fong's ovaries produce ova that only accepts Sokka's sperms. Other guys' sperms get killed instantly.

There are only two things that can cut diamonds: other diamonds, and Toph Bei Fong.

Unless you're Sokka, trying to 'penetrate' Toph Bei Fong will only have her privates bite off your privates. Aang the effeminate learned that the hard way. (To those who concern: CHSSSSSSSSSSSS...)

Toph Bei Fong can actually kill you by Metalbending the iron nutrients off your body (Like Magneto from X-Men 2). But she prefers to Bouldershoot you anyway.

Toph Bei Fong disapproves the Zutara Trinity because it makes her feel equal to two other people who are awesome-but-less-awesome-than-her. She does approve Tophology that worships her. (Tongue-in-cheek, Zutarians. Tongue-in-cheek.)

Toph Bei Fong is so awesome, Tony Stark even lets her be Iron Man during Sozin's Comet.

Toph Bei Fong's glare can cure cancer. Too bad she's blind. (Thanks, EB.)

Touching Toph Bei Fong's hairbun can increase your life expectancy by 6 years, but receiving her Bouldershot for touching her hairbun decreases your life expectancy by 300 years. Do the math; It totally defeats the purpose.

Perfect sight is now considered overrated because of Toph Bei Fong.

Toph Bei Fong eats Pedobears and Tokka haters for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and other meals in between. So don't mess with Tokka.

The key to Toph Bei Fong's heart is sarcasm and shenanigans. Giving her girly stuff like flowers will have her Bouldershoot you at your gut.

Should Toph Bei Fong die, it would only be if she gets tired of her human form and wishes to ascend to a higher plane of existence.
Because they beg to be spread to Toph fans worshipers. What do you expect?

I'll admit most of them are based on Chuck Norris Facts. [link] But come on, people.

BTW: You can suggest some Toph Bei Fong facts of your own. Do it because she demands so.

UPDATE: Toph's blessing, TFU has accepted this submission. Yay!

Chuck Norris - Belongs to Chuck Norris
Toph, Avatar - Belong to Bryke and Nick
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It was a bright and sunny day. Tails the Fox was walking over to Cosmo's house for a visit. Little did he know what was going to happen. He knocked on the door and Cosmo answered it. "Tails! Its nice to see you!" she said with a smile. "Hi Cosmo!" Tails said smiling back. "May I come in?" "Sure!" Tails stepped inside. He took his shoes off and then sat down on the couch in the living room. Cosmo then came over and stat next to him. "Its nice of you to visit today." said Cosmo. "Oh don't mention it! I visit whenever I can Cosmo." "That's good!" said Cosmo. Then Cosmo looked down at Tails' socks. "Hey Tails, why don't you take your socks off?" Tails looked confused. "Umm...why?" he replied back. "Oh, i just thought that you could take them off if you're staying for a while." "Umm....okay." Tails did as Cosmo said and took his socks off, exposing his orange bare feet. "You have very cute feet Tails." said Cosmo. "Uhh...thanks." he said still looking confused. "You don't mind if i massage them?" "Sure I guess" Tails then put his feet on Cosmo's lap. Cosmo then felt his feet with her hands. "Oooh....they're so soft." she said. She then gently started rubbing Tails' soles. Tails suddenly felt very relaxed. "Oh...this feels kind of good! Keep doing it!" Cosmo did, gently rubbing up and down his soles with her fingers. Sometimes she did it hard. "Oh yes...." Tails said. He wiggled his toes. "Hehehe, I love it when you wiggle your toes Tails! Its cute!" she said. "Oh you mean like this?" Tails wiggled his toes again. Cosmo giggled, then started massaging Tails' toes. She started massaging them gently. "Ahh yes..." Tails spread his toes wide. Cosmo massaged each toe, after a while she stopped. "Okay, how about we play footsie now?" "Sure!" replied tails. Cosmo then took off her slippers and then her socks. She wiggled her toes. "You have cute feet Cosmo." said tails. "Thank you!" giggled Cosmo. Cosmo then placed her feet sole to sole with Tails'. They then started pedaling their feet a bit. They giggled a bit both exchanging grins. Cosmo then curled her toes and started to gently scratch Tails' soles. He moaned a bit. Tails then curled his toes and did the same to Cosmo. "Ahhh....." Cosmo moaned. They kept doing this. Then Cosmo spread her toes wide. Tails then spread his toes wide. They then interlocked toes, slipping their toes in between one another. "Oh...this feels good." said Cosmo. "Yeah." Tails replied. They then started pedaling again, their toes still locked together. After a while, they unlocked toes and they both giggled a bit. At the end of the day Tails started walking out the door. He then stopped and looked back at Cosmo. "You know....we should do this again sometime." Tails said. "I enjoyed it." "I'm glad you did." Cosmo said with a smile. They then kissed each other and then Tails left. Tails started walking back to his house smiling, thinking back on the fun he had.
Just thought i'd do a short story quick about Tails and Cosmo playing a little footsie. I hope you enjoy. Give me credit because this was my first short story i've done on here, and its not my best either.
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One day Phineas and Ferb were sitting outside, under the tree they always sitdown in, and when they were thinking on what they are going to do today, Isabella walked in their yard saying her catch-phrase "Watcha Doing" Phineas replied "Nothing much, we really don't know what we want to do today", as Phineas was still thinking on what to do today, he staired down on Isabella's feet and got a evil looking grin on his face

Phineas then said "I know what we are going to do today"

Phineas then write down what they need for what they are going to build to Ferb, then Ferb ran to the store, to buy the items

Isabella said , "So what are you guys making'

Phineas replied 'O those are things I made up, to make Ferb busy, come to my room Isabella, their is something I want to do to you, that you might enjoy

Isabella smiled as she followed Phineas to his room, Isabella then said, 'So what did you want to do to me;

Phineas said "Just sit down here on my bed, and let me remove those nice pink shoes you have on, and those nice long white socks"

Isabella did what Phineas said, she sat on his bed, while Phineas walked up to her and remove her shoes and socks and started rubbing her feet with his thumb touching her sole

Phineas said "I hope you don't think this is too weird or anything Isabella"

Isabella replied "No, actually it fills quite nice, thank you."

Phineas done this to Isabella for 10 minutes, and then started to sniff her feet a little bit

Phineas: "WOW your feet smell really nice, you must of cleaned them everyday, mind if I..... kiss them???"

Isabella: "I don't mind"

Phineas then started kissing her feet all around, making Isabella giggled almost each time,

Phineas did this for 5 minutes and said, Ok now I want to get to the fun part, this might be really ticklish too

Isabella: "go ahead"

Phineas then sticked his tongue out and started licking both of her feet Up and Down, Up and Down, really fast and really slow,  changing speed every minute

Isabella was sitting down Laughing REALLY hard, but really enjoys the foot Fetish

after 20 minutes of doing this Phineas kissed her feet a few more times, then stopped

Phineas said "I really enjoyed that Isabella"

Isabella replied "I enjoyed that so much too"

Phineas: "Should we do this again, at some other time

Isabella: "Sure Maybe Tomorrow"

Phineas: "Alright!"

Phineas then give Isabella her Socks and shoes back, Isabella then put the back on her feet

as Isabella left the room, I will see you tomorrow Phineas, and maybe you should work more on my toes next time

Phineas replied "Sure, I will"

Isabella then left his room and went back home with a smile on her face, and couldn't wait till tomorrow.
This is my first Foot fetish story, tell me what you think of it!
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Tails and Cosmo had returned home from their date at the fair.
"That was the best," Cosmo remarked after shutting the front door behind them.
"Thanks for such a great day, Tails," she grabbed his arm and then kissed him on the cheek.
"Anytime, Cosmo," Tails blushed.  
"Listen, I'm a bit tired from after all that."  Especially after laughing my head off from having my toes tickled, Tails thought.  "I'm just to going take a quick nap.  Wake me up later, okay?"
"Okay, Tails," Cosmo replied.  "I'll make us some dinner in the meantime.  After all, you deserve it."  She took his hands as they shared another kiss together.
Tails headed upstairs to his room.

Half an hour later, Cosmo peeped into Tails room to find him sleeping on top of his bed.  She quietly walked over to the bed, climbed up on stretched herself out over Tails.
"Tails?" she called him softly.
Tails gave a little yawn and slowly opened his eyes.
"Cosmo?" said Tails.
Cosmo lent down further and kissed him.  She then slowly let herself fall on him and put her arms around him.  Tails too put his arms around Cosmo and then they began to make out.  When they stop kissing to look at each other in the eye, Cosmo had one hand behind Tails' head.  She tickled him with one finger on the back of his neck.
"Heeheeheeheeheehee stop that, Cosmo!"
"What's the matter?" Cosmo replied.  "I thought you enjoyed that little tickling sensation you had today.  So wouldn't another one from me be even better?"
Tails was speechless.
"I wonder what tickles the most," said Cosmo, as she got off Tails and knelt by his side.
"You could have a ticklish tummy."  Tails again giggled out loud while Cosmo tickled his belly with both of her hands.
"Or you could have ticklish knees."  Cosmo tickled one of Tails' knees with each hand.
"Heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehee!" Tails giggled.
"Or you could have a ticklish nose."  She tickled his nose with one finger.
"Hmhmhmhmhm Cosmo you're too much!" Tails remarked as he sniggered.
"Or," Cosmo suddenly pointed out.  "You could, of course, have ticklish…"
Cosmo held up Tails' foot and started to untie his shoe.  Once undone, she took off his shoe and put it down, before tickling his socked…
"Do you have ticklish toes, toes?  Do you have ticklish toes?!" Cosmo sang as she tickled Tails' socked toes.

Eventually, Cosmo stopped tickling and gave Tails a breather.
"Well, that was fun," Cosmo remarked.  "You did say you wanted me to play with your piggies earlier, didn't you?"
"When (pant) I said (pant) "play", I didn't actually mean (pant) "tickle"," Tails replied while trying to catch his breath.  "Though I admit it was (pant) pretty fun."
"So I guess you meant something more like this," Cosmo pointed out as she pulled Tails' sock.  She took hold of his big toe.
"Now, this little piggy went to market," Cosmo narrated as she shook his big toe about.  Tails giggled a bit from the amusement.
Cosmo continued to count the 'Five Little Piggies' on Tails' toes, until she reached the final piggy.
"And this little piggy went…" Cosmo let go of Tails' pinky toe and then starting tickling his sole in circles with her first two fingers, and going "Wee wee wee wee wee wee," over and over on a loop.

Cosmo kept on going, "wee wee wee," all over Tails' sole until she was quite out of breath.  She put his foot down and clasped beside him on the bed.  She laughed and put her arm around him.  Tails laughed as well from the thrill of the experience and his arms around her too.  
Cosmo looked up at Tails and said, "Tails?"
"Yes, Cosmo?" Tails said back.
Cosmo got up and crawled over to the end of the bed.  She then took hold of Tails' bare foot.
"You just have the cutest feet in the whole universe," she remarked.
"Oh, no," Tails blushed.  "I mean, come on.  You're only looking at one."  He folded the toes of his bare foot up and down.
"Oh, you're right!" Cosmo giggled.  "Silly me."
She undid Tails' other shoe, pulled it off, then slipped off his sock.
"That's better," Tails' in Cosmo said in unison.  They both giggled together.
"Now there was another request you gave me earlier today," Cosmo pointed out.
She began to message both his soles, one with each hand.
Tails moaned in pleasure as he wiggled his toes.
Cosmo giggled.  "Quit it, it's cute!"
"Then how 'bout messaging them instead so they can't wiggle," Tails suggested.
So Cosmo did.  She stopped messaging his soles and moved her hands up to his toes.  After a few minutes of messaging his toes from underneath, Cosmo climbed onto Tails' legs and began messaging his toes from the front.  Tails let out another moan of pleasure.

After of few more minutes of having his toes messaged, Tails sat up and started messaging Cosmo's shoulders while she was still messaging him.  She then let out a moan of pleasure, but continued to message his toes while he messaged her.
Several minutes of messaging each other later, Tails put his arms around Cosmo and kissed her on the neck.  She blushed, turned around, threw her arms around him and kissed him.  Soon they were lying down on the bed, snuggled together in what seemed like an endless smooch.

Suddenly, Cosmo ended their romantic moment.
"Tails," she gasped.  "We forgot about dinner!"
"You're right," Tails' jumped.  "It must be cold and ruined by now!"
"Come on."  Cosmo grabbed his hand and made a dash for the bedroom door.  But then Tails' stopped her.
He took both of her hands.  "Promise me will have some more 'fun' together after dinner?"
"Sure thing, Tails.  Anytime," Cosmo replied.
"Maybe even some more 'feet fun'," Tails added, lifting up his foot and wriggling his toes.
"Sure thing, Tails," Cosmo replied once again, then broke out of her blush.  "Now, come on!"
They both dashed out the bedroom door, still hand in hand.
A sequel to Tails and Cosmo's Tickle Fun.

P.S. The second half of the second paragraph is another reference to a scene from Australian Playschool that I've remembered for nearly 20 years!
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Many didn't know how he got there, or the context before he arrived, but there he stood, on the ground, with three giant girls standing around him. He was both thanking and cursing his luck, he did not know how they would treat him, but at the same time, he did like giatnesses. Upon closer inspection, as they looked down at him, he recognized them as Yue, Suki and Mai from the show Avatar: The Last Airbender.

"Aw crackers and milk," he muttered. "Hehe, moo. Wait... this isn't the time to be quoting Naruto Abridged." Just as he finished muttering to himself, Mai picked him up and held him, her palm flat, and brought him up to their eye level as they inspected him. "Hmm, a little person," Mai said, contemplating him with some interest. "He looks cute," Yue said, smiling kindly at him. "I wonder how much fun he is," Suki said, smiling slyly.

"Uh... you know I can talk right? You don't have to talk about me like I'm not here," Many said, feeling a little irritated. "...Sure is rude," Mai said. "I'll teach him some manners," Suki said, and grabbed him before any resistance could be made by either Many or Mai. "Ok, but don't hurt him," Yue said. "Oh don't worry, he'll be fine," Suki said, and took him away from the other two.

"Well, let's see if you can avoid being stepped on," Suki said, putting many down and raising her foot above him. "Crud," Many yelled and ran as fast as he could. He didn't stop, though their was the ever present thud behind him that let him know Suki was right behind him, and he didn't want to die. Suddenly, he was jerked up and dangled as she held him by the shirt. "Ok, you're pretty good, so do one more thing, and I'll pass you off to someone else," she said, and since Many didn't have much of a choice, and eager to get away from her, agreed.

Suki took off her boots and sat down, stretching her legs. "Give me a nice foot massage," she said, and placed Many by her big stinky feet. He gagged slightly at the smell, and got to work, trying to let his mind wander. He wasn't sure how much of it he could take, but he started to get used to the smell, and barely noticed it after about ten minutes, when she switched to the other foot.

After another ten minutes, Suki was satisfied and kept her word, she brought Many back and gave him to Mai. "Good timing, I just finished a meal and I could use a stomach rub," she said, and lay down, pulling her shirt up to expose her stomach. She set Many on it and he got to work, slowly. He was glad she wasn't being difficult, but then thought this was too easy. Though the only times he heard her stir were content sighs, and he didn't complain.

However, after about five minutes of rubbing Mai picked him up and pulled her shirt back down. She pulled out a knife and put Many on the flat of it. "Don't fall off. If you do, I'll make you spend half an hour in my shoe," she said. Many didn't really like the prospect of spending more time with another girl's foot, so he tried his hardest not to fall off, though she twisted and moved the knife almost the whole time he was on it. Many didn't fall off though, and was relieved when she picked him up. "Pretty good, for a little boy," she said, and then tossed him to Yue, who caught him.

"Don't worry, I won't make you do anything," Yue said, and gave him a small kiss, which covered most of his body, and she put him on her shoulder. He was glad for the reprieve, at least one of these girls was gentle. She walked around, giving him a view from her height, and kept him from falling off her shoulder. Eventually, she sat down, and took him off her shoulder.

She then nuzzled him against her cheek, and he started feeling more like a pet now. He didn't know why, but that was bugging him more than the other stuff he'd been through. It vanished when she hugged him against her chest, and he smiled slightly. Suddenly, she pulled him away and stuck him in her mouth. In her mouth, Many was slightly stunned from the situation, and she slid her tounge over him, coating him in saliva.

Yue spit him out quickly, and Many gave her a 'what the heck' look once he wasn't disoriented again. She just giggled and Many glared, and started walking away. He was grabbed by Yue though, who said, "sorry, but I thought it would be funny." Many didn't understand why that would be funny, but he let it go, he couldn't be mad at her.

Many then spent the next few hours with the company of the giant girls, and realized that he had no way back home. He looked up at the three and decided that this situation was fine for now, they had grown on him in the short while he had been here with them.
I was searching deviantart the other day and I come to search for the avatar girls in giantess form. I didn't really expect any to turn up for these three girls, but still, I didn't think it was really fair. Thus, I wrote this, to give them one giantess appearance.

I'll still do those stories in my most recent journal, but this was something I wanted to do more.

Also, just so this is clear, I did not come up with the line "Aw crackers and milk. Hehe, moo." That line is from the two geniuses vegeta3986 and masakox, who created the totally awesome Naruto abridged. I totally reccomend it to any person, whether you like Naruto or not. Go search for it on Youtube. Now! GO!

Yue, Mai, and Suki are all a part of Avatar: The Last Airbender, owned by Nickelodeon, Viacom, and created by Mike Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino. I also reccomend this show, but don't watch it on Youtube. Go buy the DVD's... what, you're still here?

Shouldn't you be watching Naruto Abridged or buying the Avatar: The Last Airbender DVD's now? Geez, get a move on will ya?

I don't think this warrants a mature content warning, but if you happen to be a minor and get mentally scarred by this, kindly tell me so I can spare others that fate.
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Okay, this is not exactly a TV show cartoon character BUT he is a cartoon and I wish that he could be tickled like the story will detail bellow. This is from a comic book series known as Calvin and Hobbes. If you have never read this, you need to start reading NOW! It’s a hilarious comic and recommend it 100%. NOW onto the story…

Calvin had just come home from school. Tired and ready to just finish his day, and as he opened the door to his home and shouted to his mother “I’M HOME!!!” Hobbes had leaped from the spot on the carpet from which he was laying and tackled Calvin right out the door.
“Did ya miss me?” asked Hobbes.
“Nope, and you sure didn’t miss me.” replied Calvin.
Calvin stood up and dusted himself off.
“You know I might end up in a better mood if you’d stop doing that every day.” Said Calvin
“But what’s the fun in that?” replied Hobbes.
Calvin walked up the stairs to his room.
“Hey there Calvin.” Said his Mom. “Your father and I are going out in just a minute and we can’t find a babysitter. Think you could behave yourself until we get back?”
I can but I don’t know about Hobbes. He always gets me into trouble.”
“Right dear. I’ll keep that in mind.”
And about an hour later, Calvin’s parents left him alone to do whatever he wanted.
Calvin sat in front of the television and flipped on cartoons. Hobbes joined him shortly. As they watched the television they had a very intellectual conversation.
At some point, Hobbes’s tail had flicked against Calvin’s arm a few times and each time it did, Calvin flinched just a little. Hobbes made a mental note of this as they headed back up to Calvin’s room. Calvin layed on his bed for a moment then sat up to read a comic book.
“I’m Bored” said Hobbes.
“Read a comic book.” said Calvin.
Hobbes hopped up on Calvin’s bed and began to poke at Calvin’s arm.
“Stop it Hobbes that’s annoying.” said Calvin.
Hobbes thought for a moment. He wanted to play but Calvin wasn’t sharing any attention. So Hobbes poked at Calvin’s rib cage. Calvin jumped through the roof almost and shot a look at Hobbes.
“What was that for?” yelled Calvin.
“Nothing” said Hobbes with a smile.
“I oughta hit you for that.” said Calvin.
But Hobbes thought first and began to poke at Calvin’s ribs some more. Calvin began giggling and then collapsed on his bed with laughter.  He tickled Calvin’s armpits and watched as Calvin laughed and yelled for help.
“Coochie Coo!” said Hobbes.
Calvin was kicking at Hobbes to get away.
Hobbes stopped tickling and took hold of Calvin’s feet. Still in shoes and socks from his long school day. Calvin was unable to do anything as he caught his breathe.
“What naughty feet you have here!” said Hobbes. “I think they need a little attention as well.”
Hobbes pinned Calvin’s ankles to the bed and took his shoes off.
“Hey what are you doing?” shouted Calvin. “Don’t take off my shoes! Are you nuts? Hey stop!”
With that, Hobbes removed Calvin’s socks as well. After Calvin’s feet were bare, Hobbes took his nails and began running them across Calvin’s feet rapidly.
“Phew! Your feet stink!” said Hobbes as he tickle tortured those ticklish feet. “Lets see if we can tickle the smell off!”
Hobbes used all his nails on Calvin’s left foot and scrambled his fingers all over the arch, heel, and toes of Calvin’s trapped foot.
Hobbes moved on to Calvin’s right foot.
But hobbes was having too much fun to stop! He took Calvin’s feet in his hands and began to lick the captive feet in front of him.
Calvin screamed as Hobbes licked in between his toes and tickled his feet. Hobbes had discovered Calvin’s weakness…. And after he let Calvin go, he vowed to tickle again

Part 2: Sweet Dreams
(this is a 2 part thing)Its short but its sweet.
Hobbes point of view:
Hobbes was fast asleep and in his dream he saw a large lollipop in the distance. he aproached it and it began to speak.
"Do it Hobbes!" the lollipop said.
Hobbes was confused...
"Do what?"
"Lick me of course!"
Hobbes thought the idea of a lollipop sounded good right then. so he lay down on the lollipop's stick and began to lick the lollipop. The lollipop began to wiggle and laugh as he licked it. The more he licked the more addicted he got to it. Then he decided he wanted to save it for later, so he used his tail to clean off the lollipop. And the lollipop laughed even more! Then Hobbes awoke. He was laying on Calvin's leg and tickling his right foot the whole time. Calvin was panting for air.
"Why did you do that?" asked Calvin.
Hobbes wasn't sure what to say so instead continued to lick Calvin's foot for another few minutes until hefell back asleep.
(Calvin's point of view)
Calvin couldn't sleep. He tossed and turned underneathe his blanket. As he rolled around his right foot poked out of the blanket and suddenly he was comfortable and was slowly shutting his eyes when he felt Hobbes move on the bed and lay down on his right leg.
At first Calvin didn't mind but then he felt the warm tounge slowly drag itself from his heel right up to his toes. Calvin giggled and tried to push Hobbes away but to no use. Suddenly the licking began to speed up and Calvin's giggle quickly turned into a laugh. Calvin squirmed around on his bed trying to escape Hobbes tickle torture. But Hobbes just wouldn't stop. Hobbes tongue would slip in between his toes causing a spike in his laughter and then the licking continued right in the middle of his ticklish arch. Right when Calvin couldn't take anymore, Hobbes awoke.
Calvin looked at Hobbes.
"Why did you do that?" demanded Calvin.
Suddenly Hobbes turned back to the trapped foot and began licking it again. Calvin tried hard to fight against Hobbes but the tickling was just too much. Calvin didn't have enough time to regain energy and so Hobbes tickled him to sleep
Calvin is tickled by Hobbes from the popular comic book series
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Homer and Marge had just gone out for their anniversary date where they go on a "date" to help add excitement in the marriage and the bedroom, but that's their thing. They decided that Bart and Lisa were mature enough to stay home alone for a couple hours. But even though Lisa was two years younger than Bart, she was left in charge of Bart and Maggie. As you can imagine, Bart had quite a cow!

Bart came up with a plan to get his revenge on Lisa. He waited for his parents to leave. He stayed in the kitchen while Lisa watched documentaries in the living room. As he predicted, Lisa fell asleep on the couch. She should have never done that....

Lisa awoke in her room tied to her bed. Bart was standing next to her. "Bart what are you doing! Untie me or Mom and Dad will be getting some rather angry phone calls!" yelled a very angry and confused Lisa.

Bart replied, "This is for Mom and Dad putting you in charge!"

Lisa said, "What!? It wasn't my choice! The only reason I won't let you drink dad's beers and shoot people with your BB guns is because I would get in trouble if you got in trouble!"

Bart said, "Well too bad sis, you get what you pay for."

Bart ran over to Lisa's feet, took her socks off and started tickling her feet. "Haha! Bart quit it!" said Lisa.

"What was that? I can't hear you over the laughter!" said a smart-ass Bart.

Bart continued to tickle Lisa's feet. He rubbed his finger's between her toes, scratched her soles and played this little piggy with her toes. Lisa started to cry after several minutes, she begged for Bart to stop but he wouldn't.

After a while, Bart put Lisa's saxophone on her feet. He blew into it very hard causing a great vibrating sensation on her bare feet. Lisa was surprised that it tickled so much. It was like a cold, dry raspberry but on her feet.

Bart kept tickling Lisa until she passed out. He had planned for this, he positioned her so it looked like she had fallen asleep and ran downstairs. When his parents came in, he said Lisa fell went to bed early.

The next morning during breakfast, Lisa said that she had a strange dream where Bart tickled her. Bart asked if he blew the saxophone on her feet. Lisa looked at Bart in disbelief and Bart smiled. Later that week, Marge asked if Lisa would watch Bart and Maggie. Lisa said, "No! Please hire a babysitter! Please!"
So I got a request from Montaraz13. He wanted Bart (from the Simpsons) to tickle his sister, Lisa. I don't usually do men (boys) tickling women (girls) but I'm an open-minded person ;)

Hope you like it Montaraz13!

All characters belong to Fox.
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The Simpson family was sitting in the kitchen eating their breakfast.
Hurry up kids, Marge said or you?gonna be late for school. No problem mam, said Bart, if I?ate I?just stay at home for the day. Homer gets from his chair and started looking for his keys. Marge he wined, were are my keys?? I can?ind them anywhere. Look at the door, they could still be on the door! Right said Homer, see you tonight he said. With this Homer left to work. As he left the house, the school bus stopped at the front door. See you this evening kids said Marge. Bart and Lisa said bye and jumped at the school bus.
Bart had already some practical jokes in mind for the day. He would draw some graffiti at the wall of the principal?ffice, throw a rat in the girls bathroom and some more stuff.
At lunch he made his plans come true and cached a rat, he went to the little girls room and threw it in there. Screams filled the room. Willie and principal Skinner ran to the girl?oom. Aargh, it seems like there? war out there Skinner, said Willie. Oh, we?see who started the war Skinner said. When they arrived they saw the two Simpson kids arguing. Oh Bart, Lisa said, how could you do this? Just a practical joke replied Bart. Lisa turned to the principal and told what Bart had done.
Well young man, that will be a couple of weeks of detention, he said.
Oh you lousy sister Bart said, I?get back to you.
Bart almost immediately knew how, he would write his sister a note that someone loved her, he would sent her somewhere where he could make her very very scary.
He sent her to the park after schooltime.
Lisa found the note in her school books and she immediately fell for it. Who could it be she thought, who would love me??
Bart off course had his detention, but you all know Bart, he lied to the principal and said he was ill and had a stomach ache. Alright Skinner said, you?free to go now, but you still have detention starting tomorrow. Yes said Bart.
He went off to the super market and bought some black clothes and some rope.
Now he had to hurry to be at the park in time. He arrived and saw his little sister waiting for her love. Hahaha, he said quietly, i?get her now. He put on the black clothes and disguised himself. He slowly got behind Lisa and grabbed her. She screamed, but couldn?et loose. Let me go she said. Bart blindfolded her and grabbed her arms behind her back and tied them together. He then pushed her and tied her legs together. He picked her up and continued his way to the woods.
Lisa screamed and tried to untie herself, but she could not get loose. When they arrived at the woods, Bart removed her blindfold and removed his black clothes.
So it was you Lisa said, come on Bart, let me go, what are you gonna do to me?
Good question Bart said what could we do to you?
While Bart thought of that an ant climbed up to Lisa?eg and started running to her feet ( who were off cours bare in her shoes ). Ahaha, she said, that tickles, hihi.
Oh Bart said, is my little sister ticklish? Well, then i have something in mind for you, be right back. Hey, where are you going to? Bart didn?ook back anymore. Bart started to look for little twigs with leaves on it. After he found a couple he got back to Lisa. He picked her up to a nearby branch and untied her legs. After this he tied them again to the branch. So you?ticklish he said, let?ee how much you could take he said. Lisa screamed, oh no Bart, don?ickle me, i?xtremely ticklish, don?o it. I?do anything for you.
You shouldn?ave told it to the principal he said, now you?have to take the penalty for it. He removed both of her shoes and looked at her pretty tiny feet. Here it comes he said. He started moving his fingers up and down Lisa?are sole.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH STOOOOOOPPPPPP !!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN?AKE THIS. Bart moved his fingers even faster up and down her sole and tortured her on and on until Lisa couldn?ake it really anymore.
Hahaha, Lisa said, now, you have had your pleasure, let me go.
Oh no, little sis Bart said, i?ust getting started.
He pulled of a leave and started stroking this at her other sole and between her toes.
He continued doing this for another five minutes.
And now, for the big finale he said, i?onna tickle you until you wet your pants.
He sat down behind Lisa and started tickling both of her bare soles with his fingers. She screamed and begged but Bart wouldn?isten. He tickled harder and harder and Lisa screamed harder and harder and this went on for about 15 minutes but still Lisa hasn?et her pants and Bart was not happy.
Oh man he said, and as he said it he thought of something. Didn?e had some pencils in the back pocket of his pants. BINGO!!
Oh no, Lisa said, not the pencils please Bart not the pencils. He slowly moved one pencil at her arche, then at her heel, the bare sole and right between the toes.
Hahahahahahaahah STOP!!! He started drawing circles at her sole and ran up and down with the pencil. Lisa screamed and begged. He did the same thing at her other foot. He really thought that his sister had great feet. After he tickled the other foot with the pencil he stopped. He started massaging her feet and tickled them every now and then. Lisa was still laughing but you could see she was enjoying this.
Bart got bored after a while and tickled his sisters feet for another half hour with his fingers. He scratched her soles and arches tickled right under her toes.
After this Bart untied her and apologized for the heavy torture. You shouldn?ave told it he said. Oh, that?ll right Lisa said.
They went home together and Lisa thought of something, a great way to pay Bart back for what he did. She still got the rope and Bart had a very good bed to tie him up too. This night when her parents were out and grandpa was babysitting, she would get back to him.
And she did. Homer and Marge left the house for a pleasant evening of opera. Homer off course thought that it was everything but pleasant and was still wining as they drove the car from the drive way. Be good kids Marge said. We will! Lisa said this with a big smile on her face.
Bart was feeling very tired and went to his bedroom. I?ff to bed he said.
Lisa waited for an hour and then went upstairs. Being the babysitter he was, grandpa already felt asleep, and had absolutely no clue what was going on.
Lisa went to her room and picked up the ropes. Being a very hot day, Bart fell asleep with only his shorts on and no blankets on his bed. He layed stretched out on the bed and Lisa giggled a bit. She jumped on top of Bart and before he knew it his hands were already secured to the bed. Lisa went to the other side of the bed and secured his ankels to the sides of the bed. Bart was now spread tied to the bed and you could see at his face that he was getting scared.
What are you gonna do? He asked.
I could see if you?as ticklish as i am, was Lisa?esponse.
Oh please no Bart begged, don?ickle me.
Why not said Lisa it?ayback time Bart and i?onna enjoy this.
She quickly ran up and down Bart soles with her fingers.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH STOOP !!! Please LISE, don?ickle me!!!!!
She paid no attention to this and tickled Bart even harder.
After a couple more minutes she stopped and left Bart tied to the bed. Lisa went to her room and came back with a really big turkey feather which she was studying for a school project.
Bart saw the feather and immediately started to beg Lisa not to tickle him with the feather.
But Lisa wouldn?isten to Bart and started stroking the feather at his tummy, sides and his ribs and armpits.
Lisa still moved the feather at his tummy but she started to go to his feet. She moved the feather up and down Bart?ender and extremely ticklish soles. Bart screamed and begged her to stop, but Lisa continued tickling him for another half hour with the feather.
Then she stopped. Have you now learned your lesson she asked.
Hell no he replied.
Then i?onna tickle you for another half hour Lisa said.
But Lisa was already at Bart?ummy and started tickling it with her fingers. She also tickled is sides, his ribs and his armpits. The last five minutes of the half hour she only scratched at his bare soles and tickled him right under his toes.
Learned your lesson now she asked again.
Haha, sure yeah, haha, as long as you don?ickle me anymore.
Alright she said, she untied Bart.
Nighty night she said, sweet dreams.
Oh yes, Bart thought, i?onna dream about tying you up and giving you the longest tickle torture a human being can bare. He smiled and fell asleep.

i'm srry for my bad spelling in this but this was the first tickle story i ever wrote.
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Part 1

Naruto's clones held kiba down as others removed his sandles
"lets see how ticklish you are" said naruto. He traced his fingerup kibas soul causing him to giggle and squirm. Then naruto made another clone and they each attacked one foot each
"ahahahahahahahahahahaha sto haha p hahaha it hahahhaha. Pleas no hahaha not my feet HAHAHAHAH."
Then naruto changed tactics and
Started licking kibas feet making him go ballistic espeshily when who sucked toes. "hahaha naruto HAHAHAHAH stop  hahaha please HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I can't take it HAHAHAHAH" but naruto couldn't hear kiba. He was transfixed on the flavour of kibas feet. He began licking harder and faster all over kibas feet. All the way from top to bottom, in-between the toes and even on the top. "HAHAHAHAH stop HAHAHAHAH I'm going to HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA pass out HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH HAHAHAHA hahahahaha aa er" and with that kiba passed out. Naruto didnt realise for a while licking the feet in a trance like state. He quickly stoped when he did and releaseed his clones and licking his lips as the memories of the clone licking the other foot flooded into him. He then looked down at the unconscious kiba and stared for a while at kibas feet which where now completely covered in wet slippy serliva. He woundered what the rest of kiba tasted like or even what he would feel like in his stomac. Not to hurt kiba or anything but to throw him back up or something after. Naruto started taking off some of kibas cloths to make him easer to swallow not till hes naked though. Kiba was now shirtless, barefoot and only had a pair of swimming shorts on. "light vore jutsu!" naruto shouted. His mouth began to widen as kiba began to shrink to the size that akomaru used to be. 
Kiba awoke to find his head going down narutos mouth. Still sleepy from before it did not click to what was happening. His head went into narutos moth a long Toung swishing round his face drenching his entire head. Then naruto began to drag kiba in more. Kiba giggled as the Toung swayed across his chest but it wasn't until his feet left the floor that is klicked "OMG Naruto what are you doing get me out" kiba began panicking as more and more of him was swallowed. Eventually only kibas feet where left sticking out of Narutos mouth who proceded to give them a light tickle.  " Naruto get me out now. I mean. Ah HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA STOP IT HAHAHA.". And then Naruto swallowed the rest. Kiba froze as his body slid into a ball shape in Narutos stomach. It was squishy, warm and almost, comfortable. Big dollops of slime slid all over his body, dripping onto his head and down his face. If he was not so worried about the fact that stomach acid would soon enter and kill him painfully it could actually be quit comftable. But it never did. "ha" said Naruto "I bet you thoght you where going to die, didn't you? Don't worry, this is a special jutso so you are safe. Eventually I will through you back up." kiba didn't like the fact of being part of sick but would be glad to get out. Well maby a bit longer, it was very warm in Naruto
Kiba found himself being squeezed by the walls as his head was began to be pushed up. Next he found himself falling into a bath tub half filled with stomach slime AKA sick. The slime felt gross but good at the same time as Naruto through up some more slime over Kibas head for good measure. It dripped down his hair and face onto the rest of his body. " well time for you to get cleaned up" said naruto "I will be back soon for more fun later" and with that naruto vanished as kiba spent a bit more time in the bath of slimy sick. It was strangely nice as it coated his body as he lay down. When he got back up again it was all stringy. Adding to slimy texture of it. Kiba pretended he was in one of those quiz shoes and poured buckes of the sick over his head like what happened to the kids when they got an anser wrong. Eventually kiba began to get himself cleaned up. 

Kiba was still in his swim shorts cos he couldn't find his own clothes and non of naruto's fit. Tired from being part of sick he fell asleep on Narutos bed. 
Meanwhile Naruto was out getting some suplys. He thought back to kiba all slimy and those lovely feet. He wanted to get kiba messy again and try a few new things too. Naruto bought lots of messy foods, ninja rope to stop kiba escaping, slime, fethers,brushes, baby oil and much more. 

Naruto returned home to find kiba asleep on the bed. Perfect naruto thought. This makes things much easer. Naruto tied kiba in an X position on the bed. Naruto decided that he would start by tasting kiba. The taste was just so addicting before. 

Kiba woke up to find Naruto standing over him. Naruto had stripped down into swimming trims too and was facing away going through several bags. Kiba tried to move but quickly found that he couldn't. "hey Naruto! Why the hell am I tied up" shouted Kiba. "good your up. well I did say we where going to have some fun later and I have decided that it's now. " Naruto responded cooly. "anyway. We can't have you drawing atetion to us sooo..." and with that naruto put a sweaty dirty sock in Kibas mouth and tied another one you'd his head to keep the first in place. Kiba gagged in disgust as the sweat soaked out of the thick Cotten sock and into his mouth. Also with his his sensitive nose Kiba was almost instantly knocked out.  But sadly it didnt so kiba had to just put up with it. "I made those sockes especially for you" smother Naruto "i had some spare time after tying you up so I wore 2 layers of those thick Cotten sock and big winter boots. Then I did an hour exercise.  Not only that but with Bush brows and guy sensa. I was really swaeting after that. Anyway lets get started Naruto started pinching Kibas sides getting him laughing through the gag. He wanted get kiba nice and swaety to increase the flavour. An hour later and kiba was coves with glistening sweat. "don't worry kiba. Well do some proper tickling later". Naruto said. He than reched for a big bottle of syrup. He then began to pour it onto Kiba who was still panting through the gag. Naruto started by pouring it on to the palm of kibas hand and than made a thick trail down into kibas armpit where Naruto let it pool up. He then repeated this on the other side. After that starting at kibas neck he made squiggly paters down Kibas shirtless sweaty body to the waste line of kibas swim shorts and back up again making sure that he went far enough for syrup to trickle down Kibas sides. Eventually the whole of Kibas torso was comleatly covered in syrup and sweat. Next for the legs. Naruto stuck to the insides und underneath bit of kibas legs, making sure to get behind the knees which where very sweaty. Now saving the less to last Naruto moved onto kibas feet. Getting a thin pice of special string naruto made a lope which went on to the ankle. Naruto then fed the long pice of string up to kibas little toe. He hinged it on to the underneath of the toe and brought it back to the lope on Kibas ankle. Naruto fed it under and a then moved on to the next toe to repeat the process. This way it can be tightened if nesasery befor tying it off. Quickly all 5 toes where held back, attached to the anckle. He then did the same on the other foot. Now for the syrup. Naruto completely encased kibas feet in layers and layers of syrup even inbeetween the toes. Now for the fun to begin

Kibas point of view: the sock was vile. The flaver, the feel and the smell where all so nauseating. Then the tickling. Kiba had already started sweating befor Naruto began. It was hell having to breath so deeply through the socks. When Naruto started pouring on the syrup Kiba was too tired to do anything. He just lay there as the sticky substanc covered his body. It felt cool against his swaet soaked skin and felt strange pooled up in his armpits and bellybutton. Kiba suspected that Naruto did that on purpose to cause him more torture layter on. When Naruto tied back kibas toes and poured on the maple syrup Kiba jerked slightly. It felt even strange on his feet as it dribbled down his arches and inbeetween his toes. Kiba was now feeling Gooy and sticky all over. 

Back to Naruto: Kiba looked so cute like that. Naruto couldn't wait any longer. He started at Kibas right armpit sticking his Toung in deeply and licking up the arm to kibas palm. He could feel Kiba shiver and giggle slightly into the gag. Naruto kept licking up and down until there was only a slight bit of syrup left in the armpit. Naruto was saving that for later. He then repeated this on the other side. Each lick mixing up the syrup with kibas sweat and his serliva. "wow kiba. You taste so great". Kiba just grunted but not as agressasivly as Naruto thought. Could Kiba be enjoying this? Naruto was now done with some syrup left in the ampit like befor. Naruto now moved down Kibas body to the waist line of the swim shorts. He started lapping up the syrup of kibas left side. He maid his way up to kibas ribs making him giggle slightly. He also nibbled a few times on some of the ribs getting louder giggles and almost laughs. And then on to the armpits again. Naruto stuck his Toung right in causing Kiba to howl out in laughter into the gag. Naruto licked and licked until the arpit was a lake of serliva. "mmm delicious. " Naruto thought out loud. He was about to move onto the next armpit but had an idear. He took out a food pill and began to crunch it. "this food pill will increase my serliva." explaid Naruto "not only will I get more flavour but it increase the torture for you." , Kiba groaned. Naruto now went to the other armpit and dub right in. Serliva poured out his mouth quickly replacing the syrup with a thick layer or slime. Kiba laughed even louder into his gag this time as naruto went down his side this time to the waste line. Naruto then moved on to the front of kibas body. Naruto climbed  onto the bed on all fours with kiba in the middle. Naruto lower his Toung to Kibas naval (bellybutton), stuck his Toung in deep causing Kiba to shiver and then made a quick short lick. Kiba jerked violently and laughed into the gag. Naruto then started quickly licking at Kibas navel. Again and again his serliva soaked Toung tickled  and slurped at his naval. Kiba was in ticklish agony. The licking sent tingiling sensations shooting down his spine mixed with extremely tilish feeling causing him to laugh and laugh. Naruto started exploring Kibas torso licking up all the syrup and leaving a wet slimy trail of serliva behind. He licked at Kibas nipples making them get harder and more ticklish for later . This is great Naruto thought "kiba is sweating even more and it super tasty." an hour later and kibas arms and torso where completely covered in a thick layer of slimy serliva. "wow" naruto exclaimed " that food pill worked a treat. Now time to move closer to those tasty feet of yours."

Kibas point of view: this had to be the strangest experience of his life. The Toung against his skin tickled like hell yet there was something about it that kiba liked. As Narutos Toung went up his arm Kiba felt all his mucles relaxing. It was still strange but part of it was enjoyable. "Naruto will think that im wired if he knows that I'm kinde of enjoying this" thought Kiba so he grunted at Narutos remark as convisingly as he could. When Naruto went up his sides it tickled alot more but as the Toung glided over his ribs it caused him to shiver in delight. But the part for Kiba was when Naruto took the serliva increasing food pill and licked all over his body. It felt so good. Like a wet slimy massage. However there was still the torture of it. Sending electrical tickle sensations down his spine and all over his body. It was maddening. So he was relived when Naruto finally stopped. The thick layer of slervia that covered kibas torso was cool in the light breeze through the window. It felt almost like before when kiba was in the bath with Narutos special vore slime. Kiba had figured out that it wasn't actually sick but special sick like slime made by the jutsu that had stringy and lumpy parts to make it feel grosser.

Naruto: Naruto started with Kibas thighs. He licked up towards the swim shorts with his toung darting in slightly. Kiba imediatly started laughing forcing him to breath hevier into the sock causing him to gag. Naruto found that the knees where the best part. Not only that but it seems to be one of Kibas most ticklish spots too.  "mphahahaha" came the muffled laughter from Kibas sock filled mouth.  "come on Kiba I know your enjoying this" said Naruto nodding to a small bulge in Kibas swim shorts. Kiba's face, which was already a deep shade of red, got even redder. Naruto laughed and continued licking sending Kiba back into hysterics and hoping that he wouldn't notice that a small bulge forming in his swim shorts too.

Kiba: Kiba never knew he could be so ticklish. Each lick sent him into deeper and deeper laughter. But as Naruto traveled up his thigh it started to send pulses of electricity into his groin. Kiba was laughing so hard though that he didn't notice until Naruto pointed it out. "how embarrassing" Kiba thought. As Naruto continued licking the knees where the worst. One of Kibas most ticklish spot. Only a few people new about it and used to exploit it as much as they could. It would make him hall backwards and if anyone was there Kiba had to come up with some lame excuse while the attacker roles around laughing at him. Kiba thought about how that would seem like heaven if Naruto ever found out. Especially with that big mouth of his. 

Naruto: "that was good" said Naruto "behind your knees where nice and sweaty". now on to your feet...

End of part 1

Extra: Whilst Naruto sat in the room with a tied up Kiba still fast asleep he wondered what it would be like with Sakura. Kiba tasted nice but what about being able to do this to the girl of his dreams. He drooled whilst thinking about Sakura instead of Kiba. Tied down like that how him to have his fun with. Tickling, licking etc. But then what little common sense he had kicked in resized that once Sakura escaped she would hunt him down and brutally murder him. The last thing he thought of before snapping out of it was Sakura screaming his name whilst smashing his head in "Narutooo!!!" 
"Kiba will do" Naruto thought quickly
(my first one)
This is a friendly thingy with Naruto 'torturing' kiba out of Bordem. Basicly tickle torture.

All characters are copyrighted to whoever owns the anime Naruto (if you know tell me please) and hope you enjoy :)
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NaruSaku Tickling Story
A Day of Fun

Talking thinking a biju InnerSakura Narration

It was a normal day in Konoha. The sun was shining, the leaves were rustling in the wind and a certain blonde ninja was making his way to his favorite kunoichi's house. As he ran Sakura stood in her living room, thinking about the recent events of this past week.

'I still can't believe you're letting Naruto come over!' Sakura's Inner yelled at her
'Aww, come on! It won't be that bad! We're just gonna hang out or something!' Sakura replied.
'But you know that he's gonna try and kiss you are something!'
'No way! Naruto's been gone a long time. He's more mature now… at least a little more…'
'Fine, but I'm keeping an eye on him!'
"Finally…" Sakura sighed.
She turned to the window, scanning the streets for her teammate.
'Naruto… Sakura sighed again, '</i>He really has done everything for me…</i>
Sakura walked over to the door, straightening out her skirt as she opened the door.
"Hey Naruto!" Sakura greeted him, smiling.
"Hi Sakura-Chan!" Naruto replied rubbing the back of his head as he blushed, "I'm really glad you asked me to come over."
"Yeah, well my parents are out of town and I thought it would be nice to have some company," Sakura said nonchalantly, or so she hoped.
"Well, whatever the reason, I glad you asked me," Naruto replied, smiling, "So… what do you want to do?"
"Well, I bought a couple movies… if ya wanna watch one," Sakura replied, motioning him to come inside.
Naruto yawned and took off his jacket, hanging it up on the coat hanger near the door before he followed her into her living room.
"Sure, that sounds great," He replied.
"You okay?" Sakura asked, "It's not like you to be tired."
"Hehe, well I haven't gotten much sleep lately, but I'm good!" Naruto replied grinning as sat down slowly on Sakura's couch.

Sakura smiled back and popped in the movie before sitting beside him. She looked over and smiled shyly before scooting closer and resting against him. She could practically feel the heat coming off his blushing cheeks, but he kept his cool. About half way through the movie Sakura looked up and saw Naruto completely out, breathing in and out slowly.
"I guess he really was tired…" Sakura muttered.
She stood up and pulled him down the couch, so he could lay down. She swung his feet onto the couch and pulled off his shoes, Naruto stirred slightly, wiggling his toes, but didn't wake.
'He really is cute…' Sakura thought, glancing down at his feet, 'I wonder if he's ticklish?'
She ran her fingers up his sole and the reaction was immediate. Naruto gasped, jerking his foot back and giggling madly.
"Aah! Sakura! W-what are you doing?" Naruto shrieked.
"Tickling you! What does it look like?" Sakura replied grinning wildly.
"I know that! I just meant why?" Naruto explained quickly.
"I dunno, just looked like fun," Sakura answered, shrugging. "Well, could you not?" He half pleaded, trying his best to not look scared.
"Why? Ticklish?" Sakura asked, an eyebrow raised.
"No! It's just… annoying, that's all!" Naruto shouted in defense, his eyes looking around nervously.
"You sure? Cause you sure look nervous," She wondered aloud, smirking at him deviously.
"Y-yeah! D-definitely!" Naruto said, a panic in his voice.

"Then you won't mind a little… test?" Sakura replied grinning evilly.
"W-w-what kind of test?" The jinchuriki stuttered, cowering into the couch.
"Oh, nothing much," Sakura started, keeping her face straight. "All you have to do is not laugh!"
"That's it?" Naruto questioned, a little unsure.
"While I tickle your feet!" The med-ninja added, breaking out into a grin.
"U-umm… w-why don't we just watch the movie?," The blond ninja suggested panicking and taking a couple quick breaths as he looked around the room.
"Oh come on Naruto!" Sakura goaded, smirking as she watched him squirm. "If you're not ticklish then it shouldn't be a problem!"
"R-right… yeah! Okay…" Naruto conceded, "I just have to hold it in for a few minutes and I'll be good! I can do that, right? Right!?"
"Great!" The pink haired kunoichi exclaimed, pulling his feet into her lap. "Let's get started!"

Sakura spidered her fingers on his heels, moving up really slowly towards his arches while still wiggling her fingers. He tensed up, his soles wrinkling as he screwed his face with focus, pursing his lips and closing his eyes tightly. Sakura grinned and ran her fingers up and down his arches, over and over as he struggled not to laugh. Naruto tensed up further, letting out a sole giggle.
"Are you sure this doesn't tickle Naruto?" Sakura asked smirking as she kept up her ticklish attacks. "It looks like your having a hard time."
"N-n-n-ooho I-I-I'm g-g-ooohoood!" Naruto sputtered, breaking out into a grin.
Sakura grinned wider, tickling slower as she moved up towards his clenched toes. The blue-eyed ninja's eyes bugged as he started to giggle, trying with all his might to keep from laughing.
"Looks like I found a sweet spot!" The pink-haired kunoichi exclaimed, pulling up his toes and digging her fingers into the ticklish flesh underneath.
"I thought you weren't ticklish?" Sakura said innocently, still scribbling her fingers all over his soles.

"Okay, as long as your sorry," Sakura replied grinning as she stopped her assault. "Who knew you were that ticklish!"
"Heehehey, it's noohohot my faaahahahahault I'm… a little sensitive…" Naruto pouted, blushing as he tried to stop giggling.
"A little!?"
"Okay, okay, very ticklish… everyone's ticklish somewhere and my feet are my most ticklish spot!" Naruto cried in defense.
Sakura froze, turning away from him quickly.
He looked at her, grinned evilly and said, "I bet you're ticklish."
"Oh no! Naruto! NO!" Sakura shouted in panic, backing up quickly towards the edge of the couch.
"Oh yes! You tickled me, so I tickle you! It's only fair!" Naruto replied grinning as he jumped onto her. *grins and jumps*
"NO NARUTO!" She shouted, throwing him back onto the couch as she fell to the floor.
"Yes! I just need a little help! KAGE BUNSHIN!" Naruto yelled, his clones appearing, jumping on Sakura and holding her down as the real Naruto descended.
"NO NARUTO! STOP! PLEASE!" Sakura shouted, squirming around as the clones held onto her.

"Nope!" He said laughing as he started to tickle her armpits.
"Naaaaahahahaharutoooooohohohohoho! Staaaaaahahahahahahahap!" She giggled, struggling to get free.
"Getting worked up I see," Naruto said smiling as he noticed her shirt had slid up, exposing her stomach. "Ooh! Let's try that tummy of yours!"
"NO! NARUTO! NOT THERE! PLEASE!" Sakura shouted, struggling even harder than before.
"Not there!? Hmm, must be ticklish!" Naruto speculated, grinning.
"I don't think I have…" The blond jinchuriki said quietly, looking down at her and then breaking out into a grin. "Nope! Tummy it is!"
He scribbled his fingers over stomach and she convulsed into laughter.
"NICE!" Naruto exclaimed, grinning brighter than before. "Let's try down here!"
Naruto kept his fingers wiggling, tickling Sakura's stomach right above the waistband.

"Not there!? Isn't that what I said when you tickled my toes? Hmm?" Naruto asked as he continued to tickle her flanks.
"Well, I guess I can stop…" Naruto sighed, as he stopped, dispelling his clones at the same time.
"Thaahahanks…" Sakura panted, laying back, exhausted. "That was really bad!"
"Yeah! You're really ticklish!" Naruto exclaimed, grinning. "Who knew!"
Sakura blushed.
"Yeah, but no where near as ticklish as you!" She retaliated.
"Hey, you were tickling my most ticklish spot!" Naruto protested.
"You were too!" Sakura reminded him.
"Yeah, well, wait till I tell Ino!" Naruto said grinning.
"You wouldn't!" Sakura gasped, her eyes widening in shock.
"Wouldn't I?" Naruto asked, smirking as he raised an eyebrow.
Sakura glared, looking at him like he was her next meal. Naruto gulped, looking towards the door quickly and then turning to make a run for it.

"Not so fast!" Sakura growled, grabbling his ankle and starting to tickle his foot.
"AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! KAAAAAHAHAGE BUUUUHUHUHUSHIN!" Naruto laughed, a clone appearing behind Sakura and starting to tickle her stomach.
"STAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAP!" Sakura yelled, squirming from his clone, but managing to keep up her attack. "YOOOOOOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOU FIRST!" Naruto shouted back, trying to pull away. *tries to pull away*
"HEEEEEEEEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEY!" His clone laughed, trying to keep up it's own assault.
Another of Naruto's clones appeared, grabbing Sakura's clone's foot and tickling it mercilessly.
"AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" It shouted, starting to tickle Naruto's first clone's belly button.

"Uh oh…" Naruto's other clone yelped.
"Uh oh, is right!" Sakura's clone shouted, leaping onto Naruto's clone and tickling its soft soles.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…" It shouted, dispelling almost immediately afterward.
"Aaahahahlright…" Sakura sighed, dispelling her clone and likewise receiving the tickling it got, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Wooow…"
"Yeeeeaaahahahaha…" Naruto sputtered, still giggling.
"Y-yooohohohour noohohot goohohoing toohoho tehehell Inooho, aaare you?" Sakura asked as she recovered, looking to him for confirmation.
"Nooohohoh… aaahahas loohong aas yooou prooomise not to…" He panted beginning to rebound from the tickling, "Tell K-kiba… or Neji… or… well anyone."
"I won't if you won't"
"Deal" Naruto agreed, grinning.

"You have a beautiful smile Naruto…" Sakura sighed dreamily.
"W-w-what?" Naruto asked shocked, his eyes widening.
"What?" Sakura repeated, just as shocked.
"D-did you just say I have a beautiful smile?" He reiterated, still stunned.
"W-what!? No! Y-you must have misheard me!" Sakura said panicking as she though. "I can't believe I said that out loud!"
"You did!"
"No I didn't!"
"You so did!"
"Fine! Whatever…" Naruto surrounded, turning away from her and pouting.
The pink-haired kunoichi bit her lip, blushing as she crawled over to him and whispered, "Can I ask you something?"
"Sure…" He replied, turning to look at her, blushing at their closeness and then looking away.
"Two things actually"
"Well… first… you're whisker-marks… are they… umm…" Sakura began, looking around awkwardly.
"Are they what?" He pried, looking back at her.
"Are they ticklish?"
"T-ticklish? Umm… w-well, kinda… but… n-not really…" The blond stuttered, unsure of what to say.

"Can I try?" She asked shyly.
"W-well… I guess… but you can't laugh no matter what happens, 'kay?" He replied, turning towards her.
"Sure," She promised, kneeling and scooting closer as she gently stroked his cheeks.
"Mmmmmm…. W-woooooow… I-I-I haaaad noooooo ideaaaaa…" Naruto sighed, leaning closer and closing his eyes happily. "T-thaaaaat feeeeeels sooooooo gooooooooood!"
"Naruto…" Sakura whispered grinning as she kept up.
"Y-y-yeaaaaaaaah?" He muttered back, smiling dreamily.
"You're purring…"
"W-what!" He asked shocked as he pulled back, stopping only a few inches away and looking back towards her hesitantly.
"You want me to keep going?" She asked, rolling her eyes.
"W-well…" He sighed, biting her lip.
"Aww, come here ya idiot," She called, sitting down on the couch and patting beside her.
"Yay!" He cried, grinning and hopping up next to her.
She caressed his cheek with one hand as he began to purr, leaning down slowly and resting his head on her lap, his eyes closing in contentment.
"I love you Naruto," Sakura whispered, smiling and continuing to stroke.
"I love you too Sakura-Chan, He purred back absentmindedly.
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