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- Why -
                                  I thought I knew you.
                              I though you knew me.
                          Why is it when you need help you ask for me?
                      Yet your not there for me?
                  All I wanted was a hello,
                                                     but why do you make me feel alone?
             Who do you think I am?
           Do you not know of my powers?
          Why do you treat me like dirt,
                                                     and step all over me?
     If you want I can be your friend.
     I will never leave you,
                                      but you have left me.
   Give me a sign,
                        let me know if you want to go.
   Let me know if you don't want me as a friend,
                                                                      since I am still waiting.
- Why -12 years ago in Free Verse More Like This