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When a search for a PdN stamp left me empty handed, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Please add this to your journal entry or favorite it if you support Paint.NET.
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What's Paint.NET? [link]
Paint.NET is free image and photo editing software for Windows. Features: layers, unlimited undo, brushes, select by color, scripts, special effects, and many other useful tools.

:star: Paint.NET USER STAMP :star:
Download [link]

Download [link]

:star: CREDIT
Stamp Template ~delade [link]

PART 1 of 2 - Both Parts Required

^1 --- ^2

~pdnuserstamp1-plz ------ ~pdnuserstamp2-plz
^Part 1^ ------------------ ^Part 2^

:star: HOW-TO USE

1) Highlight > Copy > Paste the code to the desired location.
2) Omit the guide arrows [<-- -->].
3) Omit the period (.) after : it is only there to force viewing of the code and you must remove it for the code to work.

:bulletred: CODE - Part 1


:bulletred: CODE - Part 1 and 2


DELADE DESIGN © Rights Reserved
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Yus. I use PDN all da tyme, so I made a stamp. Idk. I got bored :O :O

This is mah first stamp, so soz if it looks awful. I fail.

Btw, I obviously didn't create PDN and © to whoever created it roflol.
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I've used mspaint for a long time. When I got married nearly 5 years ago hubby introduced me to And I haven't gone back since.
It's the perfect mix of all the things I loved about mspaint, with some of the great things I desired from photoshop or gimp, but without the lag on my poor outdated computer.
Seriously, layers, anti aliasing, gradients, patterns, etc.
I still have to use something else to animate but I can do that free online.
If you haven't tried it's free!
What are you waiting for? Check it out!

Stamp template by: :icontimarena:
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I used to use nothing but MS Paint. But once I got Windows 7, with the new paint program, I felt it failed me hardcore. Lol. I always knew about Paint.Net and would use it for photo touchups and to make my MS Paint pictures transparent when needed. But now I use it all of the time. <3
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well this is my template for a stamp for btw photoshop eloments can open this file to.
if you need help just coment,
i wish i could use stamps =[
only the icon stamp thiny...

if you use this please add a lil msg on your stamp at the bottom saying:

template by : icongunezzue : template [ link ]

no spaces between : and the icon part you no right?

and fav if you could
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This is the new icon and logo artwork that I created for Paint.NET v3.0. I made it back in May 2006 using a combination of Paint.NET v2.6 and a very early, half-broken build of v3.0 (heh). The brush was authored separately and then imported, and was originally an 18-layer 2048x2048 pixel image. I experimented with having a shwoopy "reflection" on the top portion of the image, but ultimatedly decided against it.

The image that is in the icon is cropped from the top-right of a photograph I took up at Snoqualmie ski resort: [link] . It was then fed through the Oil Painting effect and some other adjustments were applied.

One of the goals with this was to have icon and logo artwork that was original, and that was available and useful for a wide variety of purposes. The old icon was only 128x128 pixels and thus could not be used very well in at least 2 scenarios: print (e.g., magazine), and Windows Vista (which wants 256x256 pixel icons). It also limited the size at which a full logo (which includes the "" name) could be authored at. Since I authored the icon portion of this logo at 2048x2048 pixels, I think I'm safe there for quite awhile :)

I think total time to create this was 30 hours.

Oh yeah, if you're interested be sure to download the full-size version. It's 4844 x 1216 pixels (the "full view" here is set to only 1600 pixels wide). I originally tried to upload this with a transparent background (yay for PNG), but apparently deviantArt doesn't handle that very well and put a black background behind it. If you want the transparent background instead of the white background, you can find links on the Paint.NET forum in the Pictorium topic: [link]
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Feel free to use these stamps on DeviantArt!
Please credit me if you use it on another website!
Leave a comment if you want to use it =)

EDIT: Added Paint and stamps!
EDIT: Added Sketchbook Pro, Canvas Draw, daMURO, ArtRage stamps!


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Gimp User [link]
Paint User [link]

Check my gallery for other stamps!

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okay, i'm not taking the credit for this, this shows up whenever you go back and forth in the Channels at the bottom of the page, normaly viewing Daily Deviations

i just resized it and stampfied it

This stamp is only allowed to be used on deviantART as thumb in Journals and such
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