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segundo punto de libro para la escola Joso!!!!x3 x3
mis niños!!jajaja,que obsesion madre mia!
x fin,pude dibujarlos!!aunq me falta mi amado charlie!!!pero puede estar trankilo que el solito saldra en algun dibujillo que haga,,,jejeje
un aplauso para Jack,Edward,Emily y Sweeney en la rueda de reconocimiento!!!
Se cometio un crimen...quien parece mas sospechoso??¿¿
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Amélie in Cervantes Park (Barcelona)
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Tim Burton and film crew on the Set of Sweeny Todd, looking thoughtful...or maybe he's smoking something...?

Picture from Sweeny Todd Demon Barber of Fleet Street Production Book by Mark Salisbury(c)

I will not make this available for prints as this is not my own work, it would be a breach of copyright; it belongs to Mark Salisbury, as stated above, please, people, read descriptions.

Ths made Top Fave in my gallery on nd of March, 2008. Thanks Everyone!
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mirad primero ese que ese si que esta guapo de verdad!!!
tenia que hacer un punto de libro para la Joso!! y no sabia que hacer!!!=S
entonces me puse a mirar x el deviant y lo vi y me enamore!!!!!
podeis decir que me copiado,me da igual,pero solo tengo que decir que me encanta haberme fijado en ese dibujo xq si no aun estaria,,,que hago???jejejeje
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I was in the mood of drawing things of Tim Burton, so I drawed Johnny Depp (<3) in Edward Scissorhands too ^^
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despues de 3 meses sale esto....
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I would like to be Vincent Malloy
With a grim face and a zombie dog
Would like to be dreaming
Wandering in the fog
Nobody around me
I like to be alone
Nobody disturbs me
I could change them in stone

If only I were Vincent Malloy
With Vincent price deep voice
Walking among the grave
And quoting Allan Poe
Thinking it's my last eve
Nobody seems to know
But why should I worry?
For life is just nothing
And I want more of death
It is the real deal

I wish I were Vincent Malloy
With zombie dog and living doll
Nobody's beside me
My love have been buried
I'm searching for her under the mournful grind
I'm searching for fear inside my so dark dreams
I'll never get back from this freaky travel
When nightmares are too dark
There is no more marvel

I would like to be Vincent Malloy
For he had a wax museum
Playing with death
Instead of toy
With his own truth
And his own laws
He was an amazing person

I would have liked to meet Vincent Malloy
Telling him not to trick with ghouls
It is a game for mindless fools
And warning him against morbid
For it can only lead to scream
Telling him
As his mother said
Go outside and play
It's a beautiful day

I would have liked to be Vincent Malloy
Would have liked too feel like this crazy boy
Living in his own universe
Talking only in verse
But his soul is now a jail
And his dreams are like chains
Vincent died instead of playing
And he cried instead of laughing
It's sunny outside
And a beautiful day
If you want to be dark
There is a price to pay
this poem has been inspired by tim burton "Vincent".
i think you should read the original poem before mine
it is not a very good poem, it looks like it has been written by a child...but i really like tim burton vincent's, so i wanted to have one too...
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----EDIT : For a graphical experience that flows better, go check my own improved version of the same poster, originally created by Luke from, and completed by me!----

This is a conceptual poster modification of Batman Forever. Of course, I completed it fastly but efficiently. I think the guy who manages [link] or something like this put it on his site, not aware that it was me. He put unknown, it's okay, I do not deserve the entire credit. I explain it in the next paragraph.

I'm sorry to tell that I'm not completely responsible for this, a guy did it first. He deserves a bit more credits since he brought the idea and rendered it well. He brilliantly replaced Val Kilmer's face to Michael Keaton's one, and in the same line he replaced Tommy Lee Jones by the original Harvey Dent, Billy Dee Williams (Lando!). He also put back the Batmobile from the first two Burton Batflicks. This said, he has more Photoshop skills than I do.


What I did in this poster : replace the rest of the cast (Robin Williams as The Riddler, Rene Russo as Chase Meridian and Marlon Wayans as Robin) as it was completely rumored. I darkened the poster and I added "A Tim Burton Film" at the bottom in the BF police type.

This poster is not faithful to Burton's vision of the hero, as seen in Batman Returns. Of course, there are many rumor sites on the net showing some ideas Burton had for the sequel if he had done it... sadly Joel Schumacher took the lead... though Forever is still decent, I like it, considering the multiple flaws it has, and I can't forget how present it was in my childhood! But B&R... like any mentally ane person, I despise this...I can't say movie, I'll say this piece of garbage.

Soon, I'll draw my conceptual one-sheet promotional shots of BDW as Harvey/Two-Face and of Robin Williams as Riddler to show potential stuff Burton could have done with them, based on what is shown in Batman Returns mostly.

See ya folks!

Batman (c) DC comics
Batman Forever (c) Warner Bros.
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It's Priest. Have a little Priest.

The first Sweeney Todd fanart ever (on my part, haha).

I've been a fan of musical theater for several years now, but only started familiarizing with Sweeney Todd in the last few months (because I heard that it was to be adapted into film).

So, I've based the characters from the Tim Burton adaption of the show. I used Victor's and Emily's (from Corpse Bride) body formats for obvious reasons.

It took some number of hours that I do not know. I did not outline the background because I wanted the characters to stand out the most.

The picture is really grainey. It was either going to be grainey or blurry given my scanner's behavior today. I chose clarity, even though it's overpowering.
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All my dals :D
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