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How awesome is this?
I'm so happy with it!!
It's like, it looks NICE, doesn't it?
I think it looks nice.
My first tattoo design!
I've been having this idea for a while now.
*'cause I wannit when I'm 18*
but I dunno...
I might have something simpler as a first tattoo though...
Anyways, yes.
Tell me what you think about this please. I tried very hard to make it look nice. And it's a new style for me. So yeah.

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I, a few weeks back, finished playing Okamiden for the DS.. LOVE IT!!! XD I cried at the end... WON"T GIVE IT AWAY. So Since I was in the mood to design charms, aka the bubble tea ones, I tried out these charm designs!!

I did characters that had more involvement with each other. I felt Kagu and Nanami had the most. Kurow too, but I felt that Kuni might have been the better choice.

As for the style, I combined part of the art of okami with mine. Like the eyes. But I found them eerily creepy in my style, so I had to change the eyes a bit. XD

I'm thinking about adding this to my list of charms to print at Printsess in august.. XD So what do you think?

charm designs (c) :iconanime-twin27135:
Okamiden(c) Capcom
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Tribal Heart
woke up one morning at about 4:00 am
deided i had a burst of drawing that needed to come out
and this is the result
i kinda like it though
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These sprites were edited by :icontangy-twist:

The First one is mine.
Nickname: Nikki
likes: Her Riolu, adventures, Sara, Veronica, dark, affection, running, art, black, red, white, other Pokémon, contests.
dislikes: Liz, bug Pokémon, the sun,
personality: Dark but affectionate towards Pokémon. She enjoys rain and snow, and abseloutly adores her Riolu, and hope he will someday be a Lucario. She is fun, but sometimes crashes other people's parties. <3
Pokemon: Riolu

nickname: None
moves:Quick attack-normal-pw/40-pp/30
force palm-fighting-pw/60-pp/10
The second one is Liz, (c) :icontangy-twist: and she has a Poochyena
The third one is Veronica, (c) :iconhallow-the-vampire: and she has a Torchic
The fourth one is Sara, (c) :iconrockenroxi: and she has a Piplup.
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My absolute FAVORITE picture of my Neo Queen Serenity costume I wore to Tekkoshocon 2007!!!!

I still can't believe I actually pulled this costume off! ^.^
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Name: Katalina Vetris
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Pokemon: Mamoswineee<3
Ability: Oblivious
Type: Ice/ground
Moves: Ice Fang, Earthquake, Take down, Icicle Crash
Wealth: Not the most wealthiest person you can usually see...More of the middle class, as she has been born into.
Occupation: Flame twirler/ exotic dancer.
Likes Coffee, dangah, new people, any sort of fantastic stuff.
Dislikes: Bastards, hoes, and whatnot. boring schtuff...
Personality: Katalina is an absolute thrill seeker. Ever since she was little she would do the most daring things to try to get people excited. Shes a person to easily get along with but a terrible person to hate or to get on her bad side.. Other than her normal attitude, when shes all rambunctious. She doesn't mind quiet times to nap or to just slug around...
Even in such times she can be extremely lazy, and just fall ontop of someone if she is tired enough...Boring conversations will make her doze off fairly quickly. She isnt one to 'sugarcoat' something..or to do things that she doesnt want..Though she will push you out of you're comfort zone...ESPECIALLY with someone she might have taken a shine to.

History: Growing up in a normal home nothing was ever anything special. So Katalina decided to make her own adventures, going on and finding whatever was the most interesting at the time. Eventually as she got older, her thrill seeking nature became more and more intense, to where she found herself risking being hurt every day with flame twirling. The reason she came to Poyi Island is because, not only of the job opportunities, but for the new people, new places, new everything! What else could attract her more than that.

It was like an absolute dream, there was no way she could pass up the chance. And of course her brothers wouldnt want to have the option of her pushing them into things they dont want to do..Like seeing who can do the best dive off of a cliff in water.

Other Information: Spicy spicy spicy food.
Fancy dew-hickeys.
Only prefers men please. :iconpoker-faceplz:

Room #: 221~! Come visit me~!


:bulletgreen:Xo-Xo: "Xoto was the first person I met when I arrived. Goodness he's so adorable, what can I say~? Heh such a cute kid. He can stay with me any night, as long as I can play with his hair~ :iconiseethatthereplz:"

:bulletred:Dallas: "I didnt get to talk to him much...but he seems really nice. I hope me and him can get along well. :iconcutiesmileplz:"
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Thanks for letting me post this! And thanks again for the sub!


No offense to anyone, but I always thought of Celebi as a sort of disproportionate, ungraceful character *by looks alone.* Mostly because of the Mickey Mouse-ish feet and tiny wings. On the contrary, its head has a very elegant shape to it.
The hardest part about this commission was matching my ideas for the head with the rest of the body. I felt that the wings had the greatest potential for some personal touches/creativity here, and although the commissioner originally wanted the design solid black, I couldn't help but add autumnal colors to it! (especially with all the leaves changing color here!) The shape of the wings... Flowing autumn leaves? Guardian of the forest/time?

See it however you will. One of the things I love most about turning stuff into tattoos is just this.
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miimlo0o0o0o0!! X3 you're a very nice girl ...l know we haven't talk too much but l think you deserve this ^___^
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The 8th Gym Leader of the fangame RoyalJade. It is a Poison-type leader (That it's the reason of her color scheme and details) and is named Moneva.
I really like this drawing, so I hope you like it as well! :D
Woaahh it passed a lot of time between my devs! I should get myself to do more stuff (Or upload more too XD)
Moneva/RoyalJade (C) RoyalJade
Art (C) Me
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Cute i know.Pink Pixel room!
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