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Gred and Forge</u>

"Arthur and Fred,"

"I'm George! Can't you even tell us apart when we're Harry?"

"Sorry George,"

"Only yanking your wand, I'm Fred really-"

The hardest thing I ever had to do was walking into 93 Diagon Alley without you. For a place that celebrated pranks and good times it felt suddenly black and heavy;  suffocating. Nothing but a great big bloody reminder of every moment I'd ever spent with you. Each product stirred another memory - hours and hours of experimenting, blowing ourselves up, wracking our brains for ideas, searching the halls for willing guinea pigs to participate in our experimenting. How could I stand in that shop day after day selling people laughs? I felt like they didn't have the right to smile, not in our shop, not without you.

The first week was shit. I wanted to punch every customer that walked through the door. It was worse when the regulars asked after you. I'd always reply 'the selfish sod got himself killed and left me to look after the shop'. Drew me a few funny looks but I was glad. I wanted them to feel guilty for asking.

So maybe I didn't do it all for you. I couldn't have continued running that shop if I hadn't. I've always been a bit selfish like that.

I remember that last summer you mentioned wanting a plain and simple wedding, nothing like Bill's. I hope I can give you that. Turns out I'm getting hitched myself. Plain and simple, none of Mum's fussy, frilly, nitpicky nightmares (though I kind've want to see Ron in his old dress robes - it's my special day after all, reckon I deserve one laugh at least).

You'd like her. She's clumsy, got the feet of a giant and can't hold a wand in a kitchen, but funny and a bit mad. Your type, 'minds me a bit of Tonks. Maybe that's not a good thing. I should be sick of reminders of the dead. I get to stare at your ugly mug every day, after all. Your eyes. Your hair. Your great ugly freckles.

Even your smile now.

Your smile was always sadder than mine and a bit distant. Mine's like that now. We've never been more alike now that you're dead.

Sure we were top-ranking pranksters and a pair of formidable beaters to boot, but you and me - we were like pumpkin juice and Firewhiskey. You were the brains of the team. You also worried more. I took the challenges and you carried the weight of them; you always had my back. I hope you knew that I always tried to watch yours too. Really ballsed it up though, didn't I? The one time you actually needed me to save you, I wasn't there. I try not to think what the turn out would have been if we'd been fighting together that night instead of you and Percy.

Hah, well gutted for you. Could've been worse, at least you didn't lose an ear.

That night, the night we moved Harry out his Muggle house, the night it all started, I'd never felt so sick in all my life. I don't get nervous, but I had a feeling we were going to run into trouble. Maybe it was because I caught your eyes while crazy old Moody was sorting us into groups. They were darker, disturbed - you were trying to tell me something, to be careful maybe. I know you hated letting me out of your sight. Fair dos, let's face it, the shit hits the fan when you aren't there to keep me on a leash (or more like my ear hits the ground).

"You see...I'm holy. Holey, Fred, geddit?"

You can almost pin-point the moment when a person's heart breaks. I thought it would make you laugh, but your face looked flushed and serious... You didn't correct me. And suddenly we both knew we'd finally taken a joke too far. But nobody else mattered at that point. We were protecting each other the only way we knew how.

You knew I had a fragile pride - I was the vain one, popular with the ladies. You knew my ego had taken a real beating with Snape's curse. Swapping our names meant nothing to either of us: Fred and George, Gred and Forge. There's old magic in a name; your name's your soul, after all. In the wizarding world it's nothing short of criminal to give it away - not that we were ever strangers to illegal activity. But we were twins; two sides of the same sickle; different as we were alike; perfectly balanced - I lead, you followed. So swapping names was like swapping hats.

Maybe I was selfish, I should never have let you go ahead and continue the game but I didn't want to see that look on your face again. I knew you felt responsible. So you did the only thing you could think of to keep me smiling. My name and image, still intact and your's lugless. I thought that people would eventually guess at our prank, at our swapped identities, but suddenly everything was happening so quickly and then, one green flash after the other, you were cut off from me.

Her name's Nox. I don't know if I really love her. How can I, she thinks she's marrying you after all. I just know she'd make you happy. Don't be a git, I didn't give up my own life. I'm just sharing it with you.

I still get to hear your name every day, that's more than enough for me.


The Weasley twin sat hunched before the gravestone and traced the name carved deep into the stone with his finger: Fred

He sighed, pulling the collar of his jacket closer around his chin. '...It's so much easier seeing my name up there instead of yours.'

A Fred Weasley, Harry Potter fanfic one-shot.

Yeah, I know I've had this posted over on my other account, :iconchyss-starkiller: , but I like to keep all my F+G related works over here in the one place. Please people, don't come telling me that I'm plagiarising Starkiller's fic - I am Starkiller :XD:

So yes, this rubbish one-shot was my instant reaction to Fred's death in Deathly Hallows (my second reaction being my multi-chaptered fic, Twin Vice :lol: ). True it was a bit mean of me bumping off George in favour of Fred, but .... yeah, I have no excuse :shrug: Sorry Georgie! No hard feelings ;) Honestly, I wrote this ten minutes after finishing the book at 6:00am. T'was my way of coping... *cough* Well, that and lots of sex and beer. I'm such a healthy sod.
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It's a fact of life. Freedom doesn't come free. Or cheap. If George even once thought his ear was a high price for freedom, he didn't anymore.

It felt surreal, in the worst possible way... it felt like it wasn't another person that was lying there, but half of himself. "Wake up," he wanted to say, but the words caught in his throat as tears trailed down his face, wild and unstoppable.

"Freddie... Freddie..." he murmured, his voice choked and unrecognizeable.

He leaned over his twin, hands fisted in Fred's shirt as if he were silently willing his brother to sit up and say: "Fooled ya!"

No such thing happened...

George felt more than saw his family gathering around. They were all in mourning and they were all trying to comfort each other. If someone laid their hand on George's shoulder, he didn't feel it. All he could feel were his own sobs and his brother's name being repeated over and over. He couldn't tell if he were the one saying it or if it was his family or their friends.

"Freddie..." he said again, voice so quiet that he himself could hardly hear it.

Freedom just isn't free. Anyone who says otherwise has never experienced the price of freedom, has never lost someone in the cause for freedom. George knew, rather well, that Freedom's price was one of the highest prices one would encounter in life, if not the highest.

"George..." Arthur Weasley said quietly, a hand on either of the living twin's shoulders, "We're going to... move him to the Great Hall, now..." he was saying, sounding weary and sad.

George clenched his fists tighter, keeping a firm grip on Fred's shirt. "H-he'll be up any moment now..." he muttered, "We still have to... have to..." he closed his eyes, letting more tears stream down his face. Hadn't he cried them all already? He wondered where the water for all his tears were coming from.

"George... Fred isn't going to wake up..." Molly said carefully, quietly.

George let go of Fred's shirt and stood up shakily, "H-he will," he said, as if trying to assure his mother. "He... has to, you see... w-we have a big party to plan, you see... w-we won, you see..."

Percy and Arthur set to lifting Fred, who still bore that ghost of a laugh on his paling face. George turned away, covering his face with both hands and leaning heavily against the corridor wall. "We were supposed to do everything together..." he said in a whisper.

George couldn't remember the rest of the day. All he knew was that he spent all that morning, all that afternoon, all that evening, and all that night... just trying to wake up, having convinced himself that this was a nightmare. The battle hadn't even begun yet, he kept telling himself.

This was the price of freedom. Frankly... George wanted a refund.
This is for #WeasleyFanClub's 100 Theme Writer's Challenge... thing XD I don't even really know what to call it XD But anyway, I have two themes to write to (I was really inspired... so I claimed the themes, wrote them, and am posting them today XD) They're just drabbles, really, but I like them.

My themes were
27 - Freedom Isn't Free
50 - 50%

Both of which I wrote with Gred and Forge as my main characters XD That's Fred and George to anyone not familiar with my most favorite part of the Harry Potter series aside from the mega-prank-on-Umbridge part XD


This prompt is the Freedom Isn't Free one. For those of you who read my drabble before this, sorry to tell you in the description (I tend to read the story before the description, myself), but this has major Spoilers in it for the seventh book (I haven't seen the 2nd part of Deathly Hallows, but I'm assuming that it has the same basic content as the book XD).

Yeah... so... SPOILERS XD

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After walking out of the Twilight movie (an adaptation of a best-selling book that resulted in a cult following of fangirls, teenies and wannabe Mrs. Edward Cullen’s) I was struck with a horrendous and barely comprehendible thought.

Vampires are we know them have ceased to exist.

Gone are the days where supernatural creatures of the night wore long capes, hid fangs, got staked and were deathly scared of a common kitchen ingredient. Goodbye Dracula, you were great while you lasted.

Now they fall in love with teenage girls, act severely bipolar, kill fuzzy little cute animals that are completely innocent, and even sparkle in the sun, just like an ADD kid’s collection of shiny objects.

So, this movie, you may wonder. If it’s based on a book that has girls screaming around the world and boys wanting to rip their own brains out through their nostrils, it must be good, right?


You could not be more wrong.

I seriously cannot stress how completely wrong you are.

This movie sucks more than the vampires themselves.

Let’s start with the basics – the characters. I would have started with the plot of the movie, but that would have meant finding the plot of the book, which I believe is hiding somewhere in Mexico and won’t be appearing anytime soon. So, the characters it is.

Bella. Whiny, retarded kid who really doesn’t think that meeting a vampire is that big a deal. Especially one who thirsted for her blood. Let me repeat an exchange between Bella and Edward that appeared in the movie (I kid you not, this actually happened. At this point, I was covering my face with my hands and banging my head on my friend’s bent knee. But, alas, not even that could kill enough brain cells to make me forget how truly terrible this dialogue was.)

Edward: I’m a vampire.
Bella: I don’t care.
Edward: I kill people.
Bella: It doesn’t matter.
Edward: I wanted to kill you. I wanted your blood.
Bella: I trust you.

Fangirls in cinema: Oh, that is so adorable! He is so hot!
Me: What the freaking hell is wrong with you people?

This guy, one Bella had met practically one week before, had just told her that he wanted her dead and would drink her blood if he was given the chance. He did so while leering at her, something he seems to do for pretty much the entire movie. She dismissed it completely. This raised an extremely important question.

Is she as deaf as she is dumb?

I guess the producers of this movie thought they could get away with it though – seeing as most of the audience weren’t actually paying attention to what was being said, but instead drooled over the other main character of this movie.

Yeah, okay, I hear you. You’re wondering how the hell a movie can have two main characters. You’re saying that it doesn’t even make sense. Well. That’s what I said about the plot. But let’s not bring the plot into this. Hell, the plot has absolutely no part in any of the four books, nor the movie. So let’s just forget about it. I mean, Stephenie Meyer sure did.

Anyway. If we want to talk about stupid things that don’t actually exist, we might as well keep introducing the characters.

The other main character in this movie is Edward Cullen, the clichéd heartthrob who likes to kill animals in his spare time and drink their blood. I hear his favourite meal was Bambi’s mother. Thanks to his super vampire abilities, he can make his leaps bigger than the plot holes in this movie and seriously? That’s really big. He’s seemingly perfect and hates Bella so hard at the start of the movie, if his over-dramatic gasp/nose pinch in Biology is anything to go by. It turns out this hate was mistaken for a crazy desire to rip Bella to shreds and savour her life source, which in turn was mistaken for love. Don’t you hate it when that happens?

He spends a third of the movie hating on Bella, a third loving her, and about six minutes protecting her. Oh, and about a minute playing baseball. The rest of his role is comprised of pouting, glaring, leering and looking all emo whilst wearing eyeliner.

If I wanted to see guys wearing eyeliner and being all moody, I would Google Pete Wentz. At least he looks good while he does it. Plus, he isn’t a creepy albino who’s been dead for a long time and hits on girls too young for him. Hang on, I just lied. What I meant to say was that Pete Wentz isn’t an albino who’s been dead for a long time. There, all better.

Now, Edward has this family. They’re all vampires, and they all mope. Plus, they must communicate via glares and moody stares, maybe even blank expressions, because they hardly spoke at all during the 121 minutes from hell that was the Twilight movie. Edward’s “brother”, Jasper, got about 8 lines in the movie. Yeah, 8 whole lines. Believe me, we counted. Mostly, he looked blank. But that’s okay, because everyone else got what he was saying. Bella, it seems, spoke only through fluttering her eyelashes. It made me wish I had learnt Morse Code, because maybe if I had been able to decipher her fluttering, the movie could have been more interesting with a load more dialogue.

For the record – Jasper may stare blankly, Edward may leer and glare, but Bella? Bella just looks vacant all the time and doesn’t move her face (save her eyelids). In the next book, she is supposed to be catatonic, which means in the next movie, she’ll most likely act comatose.

But that’s okay. If she’s comatose, at least people will be able to pelt her lifeless body with small objects and enjoy themselves. Sadly, no such enjoyment was found in this movie.

There are, of course, humans in this book. Long story short, they’re either boys who love Bella, bitchy girls or Asian. Sometimes, for variety, they’re two out of the three – I’ll let you decide which.

Then there is Bella’s family, comprising of a ditzy mother, a step-father named something irrelevant who plays baseball (it’s the American pastime, Edward believes – like I give a damn what a fictional character thinks about anything) and a father who works as Chief of Police in Spoons or Forks or wherever the hell it was that Bella moved to. Her father’s name is Charlie, and he seems fond of giving Bella Pepper Spray and bottling up his feelings, words and emotions. No, sorry, my mistake. Everyone in this movie bottles up their feelings, words and emotions, not just Charlie. Sorry about that.

Bella only ever used the can of spray once, against one of the evil vampires who actually drank human blood. His name was James and he hunted down Bella for some inexplicable reason, because really. Who the hell would want to spend more time with that idiot of a girl? But anyway, he lured Bella into a ballet studio, was about to eat her (God, I was hoping he would. A life without Bella is a life I would treasure) but then Edward showed up and wham bam he’s dead, and would you look at that? The final fight scene lasted all of three minutes and mostly involved a punch or two. Really. More footage was shown of Bella and Edward sitting in trees than that of Edward fighting the bad guy.

What the hell is up with that?

The timing for the scenes in this movie was really messed up.

Edward and Bella spent so long leaning in for their first kiss that I was considering getting up and grabbing a soda, hoping that when I came back they would at least have their lips brushing. Did anyone else think of this? Or were they considering what else you could do in that vast amount of time, such as swim the English Channel or read The Da Vinci Code?

Now, as I walked out of the cinema, praising the Lord and finally valuing my life, I thought over a few things.

One: Why did Stephenie Meyer let them create that movie? I mean, has she lost the plot? Oh no, wait, she didn’t have a plot in the first place. My mistake.

Two: The tagline for the movie – if you can live forever, what do you live for? Well, to answer your question, I would live for the day that movies like the one I had just experienced would never be allowed to see sunlight. Or, I would spend my time wisely, hunting down each and every copy of the film and destroying it in a massive bonfire.

Three: Why the hell did Stephenie Meyer cameo in a movie of a book that she wrote? Just. Just no, okay? There’s no need to be a self-whorer, okay?

Four: One of the good things about being immortal would include being able to sit down in the cinema, watch Twilight and then walk out without lamenting about the 121 minutes of life that you would never, ever get back.

Five: Why did Edward keep approaching Bella, telling her that they shouldn’t be friends? If you don’t want to be friends with her, whether it’s because it’s dangerous, or because you just don’t want to, stop approaching her. Dumbass.

Six: Jacob’s a creeper, and whenever his face was on screen, two-thirds of the picture was taken up by his nose alone. Same with Bella and her front teeth.

Seven: Edward likes Bella because he can’t hear her thoughts, and that intrigues him – all he gets from her mind is silence. The thing is, maybe he can read her mind, but Bella just doesn’t think at all. Hey - it makes sense to me.

All in all, I found it to be a terrible movie. If you want to waste your life seeing a total asshole with supernatural abilities fall in love with a Mary-Sue and then have them look blankly at each other for the majority of the time they are on camera, be my guest and go see Twilight. It won’t let you down.
a review of the twilight movie by a friend. if you like twilight, don't read. simple enough.

she raises valid points.
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Title: Dark Roman Wine
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rated: T
Pairings: mainly Harry/Draco, but with sides of Ronmione, Lucissa, and Blaise/Pansy
Summary: It's been a year since the defeat of Voldemort. Harry takes Draco out to dinner. pre-established Drarry, with a surprise ending.


"Yes Ron?"

"I'm worried about Harry…he acts as if nothing happened."

"Ron, Harry needs to sort through this on his own. Soon he'll come to accept it."

"You think so?"

"I know so."


It had been a year since the war had ended. Well, technically a year and two weeks. This morning dawned a cloudy June 5th; Draco's nineteenth birthday.

Harry yawned and ran a hand through his hair as he padded into the kitchen graced with the sight of a properly dressed Draco sitting at the table reading the paper. Draco looked up from the article he was reading to look at Harry with his eyes. Merlin, how Harry knew he could lose himself in their silvery depths. Instead, he smiled and said. "Happy birthday, Draco…"

Malfoy gave a small quirk of the lips. "Thank you…"

Harry walked over and gently placed a kiss on Draco's lips, smiling at the soft, "Mm." he gave.

"Does that mean we're doing something special today?" Draco asked, feigning innocence, as he knew Harry always had something special planned for his birthday.

"Yes." And easy smile fell into place. "I've made dinner reservations at a restaurant."

"Oh? Which one?"


Draco raised an eyebrow. Harry knew full well that Draco had no idea where he was talking about and grinned. "It's in London. A Muggle place."

Draco half-sneered. "A Muggle place in London?"

Harry rolled his eyes. "Draco, you'll live. I happen to think that the food there is very good, and I know that you'll think the same thing. Besides, if you don't come with me, you won't get your real birthday present."

Draco gave a mock sigh of resignation. "Alright, I'll go with you Harry, but my real present had better be worth it."

Harry gave a shy smile. "Oh, it will be."



"Yes, Pansy?"

"Do you think Potter will be there tonight?"

A pause, and then: "I'm not sure."

"What about Weasley? And Granger?"

"I have a feeling they will be."

"Do you think Weasley will continue to apologize?" she spoke it in a monotone, but he recognized the pain for what it was.

Blaise sighed. "I hope not. It was… an accident… amidst a battle. Besides… we've already-"

"Forgiven him?" now she sounded bitter.

"Pansy… I'm done fighting them. Look at what it ended in. It's easier to pretend than to hold a grudge."

Pansy huffed. "I've only forgiven Potter because he made Draco happy."

"I know… but he might not be there…"

"Why not? If he loved Draco like he says he did-"

"He's got a lot on his mind, Pansy." Blaise's tone said that he was done talking, and the conversation ended there.


Harry took his chair across from Draco and ignored the waitress' funny look when he asked for two glasses of red wine to start with. It was never to early for wine, in Draco's opinion.

Draco let his hand rest in Harry's, listening to the quiet noise of the place and smiled when Harry did. Soon, the waitress returned with their drinks and asked Harry if he knew what he'd like to eat. Draco rolled his eyes, knowing that when they went out and a waitress (or waiter, in some cases) acted like this, it was because they particularly liked one of them and therefore would ignore their joined hands and the other person sitting at the table. Before, it had usually been Draco who all the attention was given to, but lately it seemed to be Harry. Then again, they'd been going to Muggle places ever since the war ended, and it was unlikely that a Muggle would ever be able to appreciate a pureblood wizard such as himself.

Without even looking at the menu, (Harry usually picked one thing he liked and then always got it whenever he went there again) he asked for the spaghetti that the place was apparently known for. Pausing to think as the waitress wrote, Harry then requested the mushroom ravioli for Draco. The girl looked over at the chair Draco was sitting in, seemingly as if noticing him for the first time. Raising an eyebrow, she slowly wrote down the order before asking Harry if that would be all. When he nodded, she retreated to the kitchen.

"Sorry about that, Draco." Harry said, referring to the way the waitress had ignored him completely.

"I know that you'd never go for a girl, let alone one with a face as hideous as hers." Draco sneered.

Harry sighed. "You shouldn't have to deal with this… not on your birthday…"

"It's fine, Potter."

Harry bit his lip, but fell silent, knowing not to push it. Instead, he settled for rubbing his thumb along the back of Draco's long, thin fingers. The Black's piano fingers, Draco had told him once.

Wanting Harry to know that despite what he'd said, he truly wasn't angry, Draco asked, "Am I allowed to guess what my present is?"

Harry chuckled softly. "You'll never guess." The Boy-Who-Lived was very sure of that. "But you're welcome to try."

"Hm…" Draco said, now wondering even more what it could possibly be, and finding that he truly didn't have any idea. They spent the next twenty minutes exchanging trivial conversation; about Quidditch, about who from their school year was getting married, and occasionally the Muggles seated around them would give them odd looks, but neither boy noticed... they were too interested in each other.


Narcissa sat in her room, dressed in black robes. She was looking at the picture of Draco she kept on her dresser. One for every year. Lucius walked in to stand stiffly behind her.

"The guests will be arriving soon."

She gave a shaky breath. "I know."

"Will you be able to greet them?"

She gave a small, determined nod before taking his arm and allowing herself to be led to the foyer.


Harry had paid for their meal, which, despite the service they had received, Draco had admitted was quite good. They had then left, although a few people had given them odd looks, which they attributed to the fact that they were homophobic and did not welcome the sight of two men holding hands. Slipping an arm around Draco's slim waist, Harry led them to a nearby park, where they both took a seat on a wooden bench.

Harry leaned in to steal a kiss, and Draco smiled. "Are you ready for your present now?"

"I've been ready since this morning."

Harry laughed, startling a couple walking by with their dog. "Alright, Draco. Well, I had been thinking…"

"Thinking?" Draco asked, frowning. Suddenly, Harry felt nervous.

"Yeah… I mean, we love each other, and we live in the same flat, and I just… I thought that, maybe you know… we should take it to the next level…"

Draco raised an eyebrow. "The next level?"

"I mean.. I-I don't have a ring for you… because I wasn't sure which one to get, but I wanted to ask you to marry me tonight anyway…" Harry found that he was holding his breath, waiting for Draco's answer as the blonde haired boy just stared at him.

Recovering from the shock, Draco leaned and pulled Harry into a warm embrace. "Yes… Harry… of course I will…"

Harry let out a sigh of relief and held the Slytherin to him. "Then we can be together… forever…"


Narcissa was the last to place her flower upon the ground, tears silently streaming down her face. Everyone else was silent, too, as they stood, gathered in the Malfoy family's cemetery; gathered around Draco's grave.

The boy had not lived to see his eighteenth birthday. He had not lived to see the end of the war, the final battle of which he had died in.

To those few walking around the park, Harry was the only one sitting on the bench, his hand next to him as if holding something invisible… something only he could see…

This is a fic for the surprise endings contest at #Drarry-For-Life :icondrarry-for-life: . I had this idea in my head ever since I found out surprise endings was one of the possible themes.

Hopefully it wasn't too easy to guess... ^^;

Beta'd by ~ShadowyObserver and ~HPalice4403

And, yes, the title is based off the song Dark Roman Wine by Snow Patrol, as that's what I happened to be listening to while writing this.

Harry Potter (c) J.K. Rowling
Dark Roman Wine (c) Snow Patrol
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         I appsolutly hate having to be schooled. Though Dumbledore promised me a good education, that my wings wouldn't be a bother. I had very large heavy 'Angelic' wings. I could place them in my back like a tattoo, but they're still so long and large that the end-feathers pass my waist onto my bottom. I was able to live with humans, but I was miserable. That's when Ms.McGonagal and Pro. Dumbledore found me. They told me it would be a tough year because the ministry would be watching the school, but I didn't ask why.
     I told the professor that I'd be there on the first day. I had a suit case packed with everything I had and I was welcome to get medical help from both the Med staff and a... Hagrid? Magic creatures teacher... I had my wings in and had been ready five minutes before bording the Hogwarts train. I had a Bearded Dragon as a pet... but the thing is... it was in fact, Magical. It even breathed fire. I was aloud to have it because Dumbledore said: "Any pet at all. Make it snappy."
     I had then saw a family of red heads with owls and a girl with a cat, and a boy with his owl. But they weren't part of a family. I tried to make it subtle and polite, so I stood up and walked over to the parents. I passed my ticket to her and asked as polite as possible. But seriously, train 9 and three quarters?!
"Are you boarding the same train?" I smiled at the other guest behind them.
"Oh yes dear, are you new to the school?"
   I sighed out in relife. She laughed at my condition.
"Yes! I'm so glad I found you guys. I'm new so I know absolutly nothing." I grimaced.
"Not to worry dear! Do you see that wall?" She poined at the wall with out any bench against it.
"Yes." I replied confused.
  "Well make a good run for it and you'll go straight through the wall."
"Uh... I-I don't understand, are you making fun of me?"
"NO! No dear, look. Fred, George would you please Vollenteer."
"Anything for you, love." The two identical twins said to me, raising their heads and began running with their carts at the wall. I could just hope for the best.
  They went through the wall and I didn't see them come out the other side. I turned back to the mother and I held out my hand to shake.
"Well then, that was scare!" I laughed. "I'm Shay, Shay Woods. Nice to meet you."
  "I'm Mrs.Weasly, these are my kids, and their friends, and my husbands."
  She pointed to each one. "Ginny, Harry, Hermione, Ron. OH, and there is Luna!" She pointed to a running girl, with bleach blonde hair and her shoes in one hand and her suit case and rat in the other. Her pink pointed sunglasses fallingdown her face.
  "I'm I late?" She asked, looking completely zoned out.
   "No, Loon-..." The mother shut her eyes slowly,"Luna. You're not late."
"Who's she?" She pointed at me with her shoes."
"This is Shay Woods. Shay, this is Luna Lovegood. Hermione Granger and Harry Potter."
"Hi." The boy with dark hair, Harry, stared at me strange and so did Hermione.
"Mabye I should go next." Ginny said. Her mother kissed her head and sent her off.
    Luna skipped her barefeet up and down around the others to me.
"We should go together. It's your first time."
"Thankyou Luna."  
    I whent to her side and whent to hold her hand but her shoes were in them.
"I'll hold your shoes." I only had my suit case and my bearded dragon on my shirt.
   I grabbed her shoes and put it with my hand holding my suit case. I held her hand and then we walked to the tram Nine wall. I looked at her with a grimace and she just smiled a closed sidways smile and waved to the Weaslies and Harry and Hermione. Then I looked up and down at the Tram Ten wall.
"Lets go." She and tightened our grip and I began counting.
"One." I screeched.
"Two!" She sung cheerfully.
"THREE!" We screamed.
    We ran and then when we were at the wall we hopped through it with a jump.
The air was nocked out of me and my Dark brown hair flapped down over my sholders, covering my little Dragon.
  "That was a rush!" Luna said hopping up and down.
"You girls to forever." The twins scoffed sarcastically dramatic.
I laughed and flipped my hair over to my other sholder.
  "I was just being polite and saying goodbyes." Luna said looking at the train.
"There's barely anybody here." Fred or George said to the other twin.
  "Uh, which one is which?" I whispered in Luna's ear from behind.
"The one most mischivous and has a large smile is Fred, George is slightly more calm and has a smaller smile." She was still zoned in on the train.
     "I see!" I smirked at the twins who just smiled back goofily.
  Luna began walking to the baggage claimes.
   "Wait! Luna, what do I do." I asked confused.
"Nothing, they send your bags to your Specific room and when you show up... it's next to your bed!"She giggled and hopped.
  "I hope I room with you." I crossed my fingers.
  "I don't know. You have to be put in a house. Slytherine, Hufflepuff, Griffendore, and Ravenclaw. I'm in Griffendore. I wish you luck!"
  "I feel kinda crummy now..." I Pouted cutely. Luna and I were almost the same.
  "Oh cheer up Shay-Shay! It's be okay... just hope you don't get Slytherine."
     I gulped deeply."What's wrong with Slytherine?"
"They're evil and mean and steal... They made up my name Looney."
"Looney is a cute name, just brush it off."
"You're right, You know I think you're one of my best friends since I've been here."
"So are you!"
  "Aww! So buddy buddy!" Someone said from behind me.
  I turned around and saw a boy with blonde-blonde hair and a smirk.
  "Yes, least I have one Creepy!" I hollard at him giggling.
"Least I'm not Looney."
  "What's wrong with being Looney?!" I stood up to his face with a big smile and teasing eyes.
   "Ha! I like you! See you around." He walked off with his long and fat friends lugging behind him.
     I turned around and saw Luna Gaping and so was Harry, Hermione and Ron... Ginny and the twins! All gaping!
  "What?" I asked.
"We've been the only ones to stand up to him, but not like that!" Hermione laughed.
  "We've got a dangerous Cougar!" Fred said mocking intrest.
"Crickey!" George said.
      I couldn't help but laugh with everyone.

    Luna and me dropped our bags off and kept our animals and our cages with us.
Harry and Hermione and Ron were behind us as we found great seats for coming early.
Ron and Hermione and Harry sat in one cart and Fred and George were in our Cart.
  I put my Dragon in his cage and Curled up in a ball on the other side of the boothseat and Luna doing the same on the other side. Fred and George were talking about somthing on the other booth. I had alot of Money left behind for me from my parents. Eight-Million Pounds. But My parents were killed when I was One year old.
  By a man in a Black cloak, that's when I was dropped on my Grandmother's doorstep. But once Granny died and I was 17, I figured I could live on my own with all this money. But I sold the house and moved to a simple appartment and saved my money I earned. I made a living.
   "Gosh I'm so hungry. Can't wait for the food Kart!" She lunged herself out of her seat and out the door.
  "... I feel so lonely." I faked sadness.
    Fred and George smiled at me and I think it was... Fred. Yes, Fred got up and sat with me. His long orangey Redish hair flopping around as he leaned over me. I just smiled back blushing.
  "See... You're aren't lonely anymore." He said.
"Nope!" I smiled back.
    "Quiz time!" George said as he ran to me and sat in front of me on the floor.
   He put his arm on my legs, resting them and got out a peice of paper from his pocket. The paper said ' Quiz of Matching'.
   "Know to know about you. What's your name?"
"Shay Woods." I said confidently.
  "What's your favorite color? I bet it's pink."
"No, total opposite. Black... but I love Red too." I mused.
"When's your birthday?"
"August 8th."
  "How old are you?"
  "What's your favorite type of guy."
     Fred and George leaned in closer as they smiled with dier intrest. Their eyes sparkling evil. Teeth bareing and waiting.
  "I like them bad! Really bad, like getting in trouble...but know how to get in trouble to an extent." I blushed and hid.
   "We're Bad." They both said evily.
    Then Ron and Harry were at the door and opened it. They saw us and Ron looked uncomfortible. Then he got an Idea.
  "Boys, stop trying to get every girl you see!" He made kissing sounds.
   Then Fred took off his shoe and threw it at Ron. It hit Ron right in the head and he got dizzy and blacked out. His eyes rolling to the back of his head and he fell face first into out cabin. Harry was just staring wide eyed.
"Uh oh!" George said uncaring. He looked to me and then Fred and then to Ron who was knocked out in ou cabin floor.
  "WHAT DID YOU DO?!" Hermione ran to Ron's side.
  "Fred hit him in the head... with his shoe." Harry's lips quivered and then he burst into laughter.
  "It's not funny Harry! He's knocked out."
    The Luna was standing next to Harry.
  "I was only gone for 2 minutes..." She said looking at Ron's body.
     "Well then... Welcome to hogwarts!" Fred and George said Smiling.
Fred and George and Shay. A loveTriangle.
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Let me begin by stating I don't believe in magic. It is simply a variation of illusions and the trick of the hand. For I am a girl of science, one that believes almost anything can be explained through logic. Reason I say almost is because something happened...something even I can't figure out. Now before you close this note, and get on with your own life, let me repeat that I only list the facts and the facts go like this...


It was a quiet, sublime morning, which was a near impossible task in my household. Had it not been for the fact, my siblings were off, whether at work or studying at institutes, the home would have been a buzz of chatter and life. Yet the peace did little to stifle my unsettling nerves that creped along the vertebrate of my spine. I took to work automatically, eating a simple meal of cereal with a plastic spoon.   Mind still hazy with fatigue, rehearsed muscles pulled on clothes and brushed at the mess of wavy locks that rippled down my shoulders. My mother called from the living room, warning me that if I didn't hurry I'd miss the first day of school.  A moan escaped my lips, along with what I assumed to be a, "Fine, coming". Today began my life as a high school student, but it also meant relinquishing my past friends to attend a new institute, in which I was utterly alone.

Somehow I managed to head to school on time and even find my homeroom. We discussed the class rules, and even got a short introduction of ourselves. As I discovered, people each knew each other from the local middle schools, leaving me the oddball which no one had any idea existed.  I paid little focus to any dialogue, mind only focused on the new Pokémon game that had been secretly stashed into the front pocket of my bag. Absent mindedly, my fingers ran along the surface, hesitating over the power button for a moment.

Before I noticed, classes came and passed, and soon came the period commonly known as lunch. Our teacher notified us that we could leave any items in the room during this time, to avoid having to lug it throughout the building. I abruptly strewed my bag across my desk, but not before grabbing the addictive game that had plagued my mind. It settled comfortable in my jeans while I grabbed the small paper bag that contained my scheduled sustenance that would last till dinner. Then I took to an empty wooden table, out of earshot for the rest of the students. No one approached me, or even acknowledged my presence in the cafeteria. In a way, I appreciated the barrier that shielded me, while the device that had made its way into my fingers blinked to life. The title screen loaded and I entered in my gender and a new name. Three poke balls appeared before me, a female Chimchar, a male Piplup, and a male Turtwig. Instinctively, I selected the Turtwig, seeing as I often took a passion in grass types. Rapidly, my fingers clicked keys naming the Pokémon Lin, due to remembering it represented the word "forest". I began my adventure, the timid Pokémon quickly exceeding level three.

That was when my head shifted slightly upward, watching fellow peers tossing away garbage and heading back to class. It was then I noticed my uneaten lunch, my stomach releasing a faint rumble. One hand still gripping the game, I devoured an apple, then half a sandwich. I dumped the rest into a nearby bin and headed toward my classroom, bent over the system as I walked. With luck, I avoided the twists of the hallways and the occasional rushing body, back into the room.  Many eyes drifted over my image, peeking nonchalantly to examine the interest in my hands.  I scoffed at them, savoring the fact that they didn't have a Pokémon as special as Lin. But as I sat in my desk, I realized the mistake I had made.

Hands plucked the game from my grasp, the boys looking at the screen with twisted grins. Pathetically, I attempted to seize my property from them, only succeeding in putting smug amusement on their faces. I longed to wipe the arrogance from their mouths, yet the teacher cleared him throat, my head turning to lock on to him. It was then I discovered I was the only one still standing up. With my cheeks a bright scarlet, I took my spot, eyeing the boys with evil intent. They simply shrugged off my cold shoulders, throwing me faces when the teacher wasn't looking. I put up with it, not in the mood to get into trouble on my first day.

Again, hours spiraled by, yet my head only held thoughts of ways to punish the bullies and retrieve the game. Unfortunately, I did not have the boys in any other classes for the rest of the day and I hadn't seen them even after much avail. Finally, as I was headed down the steps of the school, my shoulders lowered in defeat, I spotted them casually lumbering down the sidewalk. A fire burned within me, a desire to have Lin returned safely to me, consumed my logical senses. I bolted down the steps, charging in front of the group with an outreached hand. The males stood bewildered in front of me, till the eyes configured who I was. With a thin smirk stretched across his cheekbones, the tallest boy handed the DS to me, and then proceeded around me with his hands in his pockets. For a moment, I stood there, still, wondering why it felt too easy. Hadn't I accomplished my goal? For Lin was now again safe in my safety, away from the stark clutches of such ignorant beings. Then it hit me on the head…with a frying pan.

I stumbled with the switch, flipping the power button on. Like always, the screen booted up, along with the pleasant title screen. Yet as I eased open my Pokémon page and clicked on the stats of Lin, I knew something was wrong. Instead of the cute, friendly pal that had attached itself to my heart, I saw the mangled mess of flesh and bone. His once mossy skin tone was now a sickly repulsing mass of searing goo, while the branch that had adorned his head was mangled, along his blood stained feet that jutted out bones. A scream tore from my lips that echoed down two blocks. Yet no one came to ask what was bothering me to behave such as this. No, they only gave confused stares before deciding that I had indeed, lost my mind. Fury scratched at my heart, mingling with the terror that rocked me in my heels.

I didn't remember heading home, yet I was outside my school one moment and in my room the next.  Somehow I knew my mother had noticed my vacant expression and asked how my day went. My response was blurry though, just as my eyes were as I sprawled across the comforter on my bed.

Through the haze, a rectangle used for interaction appeared along the bottom of the screen. Don't be upset. I sniffled, wiping the weeping disgrace form my eyes. Despite the fact that this was an inanimate object, I was furious and snapped back, "Why not!? Those creeps mutated you! So tell me why I shouldn't be upset?!" The screen opened to Lin's status, the gruesome figure sending goose bumps along my arms. Because we are together again, for you rescued me, and for that I am thankful. We are friends, are we not? My head felt fuzzy, like it was filled with cotton balls. Still I selected the Yes option that lit the side. The Pokémon only seemed to abruptly nod; a curving smile enchanted his unnerving image. That's good, because the other Pokémon are frightened by me. But your different, you appreciate the things unseen. So I'll do you a favor. I can keep you safe, just as you had for me...

Then with that finished, the game booted, before switching off. Confused, I started the system again, finding Lin missing. That meant I had no other Pokémon beside the Bidoof that Lin had managed help secure. I had yet to name the female Pokémon but couldn't wrap my mind around the idea. Instead, I left it as it was, before I shut the screen. Now I was agitated, for my precious pal had disappeared. That night, I laid under my sheets, wide awake, facing the electronic with twisting thoughts. A deep foreboding lingered in my brain, answered as I made the trip to my homeroom in the morning.

Rumors spread fast amongst my classmates, yet the latest new had been proved true in an early morning television broadcast. It focused on a teenager that had fallen down the stairs just before dawn, succeeding in a hard blow to his head. The identity of the victim had been released, and I knew right away that my sick stomach had been correct; it was the tall boy that had tampered with my system.

When the lesson began, I feverishly asked for the bathroom pass. After a short lecture about using the restroom before or after class, he excused me and I snatched my bag from its spot. I sprinted to the girl's room, checked that it was clear, and booted up the Pokémon game. Just as I thought, Lin was back and he seemed even more pleased about himself.

Are you happy now? Now he won't pick on you again, he learned his lesson. My mind attempted to assess what was happening before me, only resulting in a nervous breakdown. "You did that?" I mumbled, clutching at the sides with bruising strength. He only responded with a childish giggle, enhancing his demented body.

I left that day, my mother picking me up early with great concern. Not only was I pale, my breathing had increased, while my heart stammered to keep up. The nurse hustled me out, signing me off as a sick student. My mother settled me into my bed with a cool glass full of water. Just as her comforting presence floated out, the game flashed to life.
Despite the fact that I had indeed shut it down, I flipped it open. Lin's stats were once again open and the black box hardened on the screen. You're still depressed. But you should be happy, it means you don't have any more problems, and we can be together forever. My eyes skimmed the words, unsure if it was meant to be English. "I'd wish you would just leave. I didn't want you hurting others. That's not what friends do." The box darkened, forming bolder letters. Then what do friends do? Vaguely awake, I sighed. Even I had no words to make him believe me, so I switched subjects. "That's not important, but what is, is that you harmed another human being. But I want to know how. Aren't you only pixels or a line of zeros and ones?" Now I noticed a hint of anger stir of Lin's expression. How can you say that? I thought we had a connection. Connection that was it!

Lin was a part of my game system, which meant he could be traded off. Frantically, I placed him up for trade and selected a Cherubi, any level and any gender. So long as it meant escaping Lin, I would put up with rough training all over again. Lin declines the trade. I blinked at the text, repeatedly confirming the trade, only for the same box to appear. Lin is getting irritated, he wish you would stop. However, I remained stubborn until at last the screen dimmed to a black space. Only Lin appeared to inhabit the space, the calming features shattered with nothing but a cry blasted from the speakers. I scrolled down the volume, a small jolt spreading from my fingers. A dot of red beaded my index, with the skin barely broken. The cry continued for several minutes, my head thumping loudly against my ears.

Love me, love me, love me, love me, love me, love me, love me, love me, love me, love me, love me , love me, love me, love me, love me…It repeated over and over, growing softer and more hoarse each time. Horror-stricken, I shook in tremors, breathing in exasperated gasps. "Leave me be!" I shouted back. This time he stopped, cutting off in midsentence. Because of our deep relationship, I will heed your words. But assured, I will return.

With that, his image faded, and a pillow of smoke billowed from my console. I sniffled, tossing the system out of the window from the third story. It cracked the screen, broke off into pieces, leaving it unable to be played ever again. Never mind that I had destroyed my escape from this warped world, I had managed to discard Lin forever. Or so I thought…

Four years passed and I had drastically shed my awkward skin. Now I had a multitude of friends, high grades, and a decent life overall. Lin was the past, and the past had long since been forgotten. Until one day, I headed to the park for a children's gift exchange. Intensely locked on to his DS sat a boy, isolated from the rest of the screaming, laughing kids. Curious, I headed over and he peeked up at with wide brown irises. He held out the device to me, mouthing "For you". I took it expecting a drawing or some random game that he was locked in. Instead the screen was black except for the small white text.

What do friends do?
This is my first Creeppasta. I've been inspired by the collection of stories that my best friend got me addicted to. Then at almost midnight, I had a sudden urge to write my own. I'm sorry for the length but I got to in to it, and I also wish to apologize that it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. Still it had a fitting ending, and I tried to follow guidelines by ~doldendraco14, which I kinda cheated. Still I appreciate critism.
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“Hey, Albus!”

His name was accompanied by a raucous laugh Albus knew well to be James’. He whipped around and saw his brother running towards him, Rose and Victoire in tow.

Albus smiled to see his cousin Victoire; she was probably the prettiest person he’d ever seen, even prettier than her mother. She had long, almost waist-length strawberry blond hair and eternally rosy cheeks. She had a Ravenclaw scarf wrapped tightly about her neck.

Rose had one hand on her hip and exploded, “How could you be hanging out with a Malfoy? Have you gone insane?”

“I think your father’s brainwashing has gone too far, Rosie.” Albus looked solemn. “And not too loud…he’s not too far ahead of us.”

James chuckled. “Well, little bro, I don’t care who you hang out with personally, but keep an eye out for those thestrals. I can’t be seen with first years so I can’t stick around and beat them off for you.” Albus knew his brother was anxious for Quidditch tryouts—he was gunning for a Beater position. There couldn’t be anyone better suited, in his opinion.

As he hurried away, Albus called after him, “Well, Victoire thinks it’s okay to stay with us, and she’s older than you are!”

Victoire smiled gently and gave Albus and Rose a quick hug. “Well, with N.E.W.T.S. this year, I’ve definitely got bigger things to worry about than being seen with first years. You two have a great Sorting, I’ll be seeing you in my House, yeah?”

Rose shook her head. “It’s Gryffindor for this Weasley.”

“Me too.” Albus’ grin was confident. Where else could he be placed? After all, he had the blood of the greatest good wizard ever seen coursing in his veins…

A warm hand slipped into his and Rose nodded her head. “Time to go then? Hagrid’s calling for the first years.”

Albus nodded and picked up his trunk and owl cage. A little snowy owl looked back at him and cocked its head; after hearing about his dad’s owl, Hedwig, Albus couldn’t help but pick a snowy owl as well at Eeylops’ Owl Emporium.

“Ready to go, Merlin?”

The little owl hooted and Albus felt a little more reassured. He quickly followed Rose to where Hagrid stood, by the edge of the lake. He was impossible to miss, even if Albus hadn’t grown up around him. Hagrid’s face lit up noticeably when he spotted Albus and Rose.

“Eh, it’s me fav’rit firs’ years!” He gathered them up into a big bear hug, and Rose’s cat, Luigi, mewed plaintively until he let them go.

“Hey Hagrid!” both kids chorused. He beamed down at them and tugged at his expansive beard.

“No time t’ waste, grab yerselves a boat.” Hagrid gestured to the rows of little candle-lit boats waiting to take them to the castle beyond the lake.

Rose dragged Albus over to a vacant boat, and was about to hustle him into it when another familiar voice caught Albus’ ear.

“Oi! Potter! Saved you a seat with me!” Scorpius stood in a boat a little ways down, waving frantically at Albus. Rose gave Albus a scathing look.

“You can’t possibly be thinking—”

“Sorry, Rosie.” Albus gathered his things once more and hurried over to Scorpius’ boat. He looked back and saw that Rose had turned a bright, angry red, but settled down when their cousin Derrick Weasley and the fair-haired Artemis Longbottom approached her about sharing her boat.

Rose had always been partial to Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood’s daughter, who had turned out to be uncommonly beautiful. Crimson-haired, tall and lanky, Derrick was every inch the jokester his father was. Albus decided that Rose would be perfectly entertained without him.

Albus settled into the boat across from Scorpius, who had finally sat down. He was flushed and poked a finger into Merlin’s cage for him to nibble.

“Can’t break away from the Weasley, huh.” Scorpius chuckled and reclined slightly. The boats began to move, and Albus felt excitement bubble in his stomach.

“Never.” The dark-haired boy grinned.

Scorpius pulled a slim pair of glasses out of his pocket and slipped them on. Albus marveled at how intelligent they made him look.

“Look, it says here in Hogwarts, A History that you can’t Apparate into Hogwarts grounds. That’s pretty neat, huh?”

Albus’ mouth fell open. The sounded like something Rose or his crazy Aunt Hermione would say.

“You sure you’re going to get into Slytherin like the rest of your family? You’re awfully brainy.”

Scorpius laughed. “Don’t tell my dad that. If I’m not a Slytherin, he’ll disinherit me, and I’m not particularly fond of that idea. Besides, you don’t know what Darkness lurks beneath this intelligent façade.” He wiggled his eyebrows and Albus chuckled.

The boat landed on the other side of the lake none-too-gently, and Scorpius scrambled out first, extending a hand to Albus. In a flash, their belongings disappeared, to be placed in their respective dormitories once Sorted.

Albus couldn’t contain himself for much longer. He wheeled upon Scorpius with a big grin. “I’m so excited for Sorting!”

With a chuckle, Scorpius patted his back. “Me too, although I’m sure it’ll be fairly anticlimactic for me.”

Minutes later they found themselves in the Great Hall, and Albus felt that shiver down his spine once more. He was ushered to a seat by Scorpius, who had a gentle look in his eyes that made Albus feel somewhat more reassured.

A couple of tables over sat Rose, who shot him a sullen look but was immediately distracted by Derrick, who was sparking his wand for Artemis Longbottom. She giggled and tossed her golden hair, while Rose merely rolled her eyes.

Suddenly, the candles above their heads exploded into colorful confetti, which scattered all over the tables in bursts of green, red, yellow, and blue. A magnified voice boomed over their heads, as an aging Professor McGonagall, now Headmistress, addressed the students.

“Welcome back to Hogwarts, children.” She beamed down at them in her matter-of-fact way. “I presume you all had a satisfactory holiday?”

The Hall erupted into cheers, and it took much hushing from the teachers lined up behind her to quiet the students once more.

“I won’t take but a bit of your time, but as you know, the first years must be Sorted, and then we shall introduce you to the faculty here at our respected institution.”

The response from the students was a mix of cheering and groaning this time. Silence settled once more, however, when the Sorting Hat made its glorious appearance on the stool that had floated over to settle in front of the teachers’ tables. It wiggled slightly and a mouth appeared on its face, which burst open into a jaunty sing-song:

“Though I might look patchy and worn
From my witty-wise decisions
Great witches and wizards are born!
So give me a try and you will see
Your future, your life, your destiny!

You may hear a brave lion’s roar
If when you try me on
I shout, “Gryffindor!”
Forthcoming and strong
With Gryffindor you can’t go wrong!

Or perhaps a badger’s toil
Sweet Hufflepuffs
Enemies can never foil!
Patient and loyal you’ll be
If Hufflepuff you hear from me!

Maybe your wisdom is your key
Then witty Ravenclaw
Is the place for you to be
If your goals are smarts and learning
Ravenclaw’s midnight candle you’ll be burning!

Or your strengths may lie in what seems
A sort of different means
To achieve ambition beyond compare
If mighty Slytherin is your fare

Slip me on, don’t you fear!
You may not be as you appear!”

There was only a moment of silence before Professor McGonagall took her place beside the Sorting Hat. She pulled out a long scroll and the students watched as it rolled down the steps up to the teachers’ tables and between the middle rows of tables.

“Abbott, Ginger.”

The Sorting Hat barely touched her golden curls before there was a cry of “HUFFLEPUFF!”

Albus watched nervously as the very first Sorted student skipped off to the Hufflepuff table. He gripped the edge of his own table until he was white-knuckled, and Scorpius laid a hand on his shoulder and smiled.

“It’s okay, we’ve got a while before us anyway.” Albus wished he could have returned the smile, but bit his lip to keep from whining aloud.

Scorpius couldn’t have predicted, however, how quickly the alphabet flew by. Soon, his head snapped up at the cry of, “Malfoy, Scorpius.” Albus looked over to see that Artemis Longbottom had been Sorted into Ravenclaw, and was being congratulated by a beaming Victoire.

To Albus’ left, the young Malfoy rose from his seat amongst a flurry of giggles and whispers, and strode confidently up to the Sorting Hat, placing it firmly onto his long blond locks.

The Sorting Hat seemed to take an awfully long time to decide, for it was almost a full minute before it thundered, “SLYTHERIN!” with a semblance of finality. The whispers grew louder as Scorpius was greeted at the Slytherin table, and they sounded unfriendly to say the least.

“Potter, Albus.”

Again with the whispers. Albus could feel the cold sweat forming on his palms as he pushed off from the table and walked mechanically to the Sorting Hat. What was once such a harmless piece of clothing all of a sudden seemed menacing.

It can determine your future, he reminded himself.

In one swift motion he jammed it onto his head, and forgetting everything his father had told him, cleared his mind and held his breath.


For a moment, Albus felt like he was floating. He couldn’t have heard it correctly. Slytherin? But…what could he had ever done…? Dizzy, he gingerly pulled the Sorting Hat off of his head only to see the astonished faces of practically everyone in the Great Hall, including the teachers and Professor McGonagall. The look on James’ face was pure murder, and even Victoire looked surprised.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” he stuttered quietly. It seemed as though Professor McGonagall was the only one who heard, because her face softened at the tears in Albus’ eyes and she laid a hand on his shoulder.

“Hurry off to your House table, Potter. It will be quite all right.”

If he had walked up to the Sorting Hat mechanically, the trip to the Slytherin table was even stiffer. The only smile that greeted him was that of Scorpius, who laid a friendly arm across his shoulders and squeezed when Albus sat down.

“Congratulations, Potter! I know it’s not what you wanted, but hey, we’re in the same House, right?” He took a deep drink of the pumpkin juice that had appeared before them. “Come on, it won’t be that bad.” The tears welling up in Albus’ eyes seemed to alarm Scorpius.

“My parents are gonna kill me,” Albus whispered.

“Weasley, Derrick.”

“Hey, isn’t that your cousin?”

Albus turned to see the family joker, Derrick Weasley, approach the Sorting Hat. It too, took a few moments, and Albus’ mouth fell open at its decree.


Derrick looked every bit as dazed as Albus had, as he took his place next to them at the Slytherin table.

“Blimey, didn’t see that coming.” He managed a lopsided grin, and mussed his dark crimson hair. “Mum was a Slytherin though, so I suppose it’s in the blood…”

Albus felt the hot tears prickling even harder now. “But! Both my parents were in Gryffindor, how could this happen? It must be defective, they don’t put Weasleys in Slytherin!”

Scorpius chuckled. “The thing must be getting old.”

The young Potter was so distraught about his situation that he didn’t even hear when Rose was Sorted into Gryffindor. He swore he heard James whoop loudly, and winced to think of his brother’s reaction the next time they met face-to-face.

Everything his father had said at the train station came rushing back; why hadn’t he told the Sorting Hat that he needed to be in Gryffindor, like his father had been? Was he really such a bad seed that even his subconscious didn’t fight for it? Why had he let his only chance slip away so easily?

The Sorting completed, Professor McGonagall set about introducing teachers. Albus could care less, and buried his face in his arms on the table.

“We are proud to announce a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher this year, yes, Professor Grimm retired at the conclusion of last term.”

Cheers erupted in the Hall once more, and the Headmistress looked horrified.

“Show respect, students! I’m appalled! Nevermind the disruption, however, your new DADA teacher is Professor Theodore Lupin. Please welcome him warmly.”

The shocked look on Victoire’s face told Albus immediately that she had no idea her boyfriend was the new DADA teacher. Teddy appeared from behind Hagrid, his hair and soul patch gloriously turquoise, and winked, seemingly to say, “Surprise!”

At least one of the teachers wouldn’t discriminate him for being a Slytherin.

“The rest of the teacher roster has remained the same as always. Professor Brahe, Potions.”
The professor was a strange sort of man, tall and with a mess of dark hair, who kept his hands plunged into the pockets of his robes and looked like the sort who would rather stare at stars all day rather than his students.

“Your Transfiguration professor, Professor Andras.” Professor Andras seemed like the most normal of the teachers standing in front; he had his arms folded neatly and looked very stern.

“Professor Stentoften, Charms. Sir Jafolo, History of Magic.” Two fairly unremarkable-looking old cranes. Albus spared a chuckle at the thought that the latter was ever knighted—he looked impossibly old and fragile. Probably a veteran of the Grindelwald wars.

“Professor Longbottom, Herbology...and Hagrid will continue to teach Care of Magical Beasts…” Professor McGonagall drifted off into a steady drone, and all Albus could focus on were his sneakers.

What was he supposed to do now? Slytherin? Would his family ever look upon him the same way again?

He glanced quickly over at Rose, who was cajoling happily with James at the Gryffindor table. No, he decided, family life would most definitely never be the same again.
Welp, here it is, the second installment of my lil after the epilogue fic. R&R, I worked really hard on that Sorting Hat song, yes, it's purely original!

Here's the first part if you missed it:


Derrick Weasley, Artemis Longbottom and a ton of professors (c) me
Everybody else (c) JKR
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It never mattered what I said
Nor did it matter what I did
Just as long as I fit the Description
I was forced to play the bad girl

Look at me and all my good deeds
Everything done for a noble cause
Never once did I aim to please
I only did what was truly right

Who are you not to see my soul
But then again don’t even look
Nothing said will change your mind
About if there is evil in my heart

My ways are not what you follow
Never your bright and cheery means
By my methods I can say are honest
Unlike yours which aim to please
I was thinking about the way people judge and the like. More or less, the inspiration to this poem came from my heroin, Elphaba, from Wicked. If you ever read the book or saw the play, you'll get it.
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Fragments of You and Me


WARNING this contains ShonenAi or Yaoi or BoyxBoy.  If you don't like, don't read!

                                         Fragments of You and Me

                                             Chapter 2- Déjà vu?

Deidara crouched in the thick underbrush.  Silently, the mouth on his palm readied the clay for battle.  Tobi crouched beside his Senpai, both waiting in baited breath.  “We’re gonna get them this time, for sure.” Deidara said, clenching his fist, making the lump of clay into a small bird.  Tobi suddenly felt a foreboding feeling.  With out thinking, he flung aside his mask, and clutched Deidara’s coat front.  “Senpai!”  He said as loudly as he dared, looking up at the blond with pleading eyes.  “Please, if I die, please don’t forget me!!”
For a few seconds, Deidara’s cerulean eyes met Tobi’s chocolate brown ones.  The blond forced the connection to break, and he turned away, face tingling.  “D-don’t be ridiculous!!  You’re not going to die!!  So stop with this semimetal nonsense, un!!”  His face still turned away.  Tobi still held fast onto Deidara’s coat.  “Please, Senpai, promise me!!”  He pleaded, voice ever more desperate.  Deidara sighed and turned to Tobi.  Upon seeing the usual happy face of his younger partner in such a desperate state, he did upon his instincts.  Before he could recognize what he was doing, his lips and Tobi’s were locked tightly.  Deidara broke away as quickly as he dared, not looking at his partner’s face.  “Um, okay….  I promise to never forget you…  Just put your mask back on…” and he turned to the approaching voices.  Just before Tobi and him leapt out, Deidara turned to his partner.  “I won’t let you die.”


“Sensei?”  Naruto whined.  “I wanna eat NOW!”  And his stomach growled.  Kakashi sighed and closed his book Icha Icha Paradise.  “Naruto, why can’t you go a day without complaining?” Sakura asked, shaking her head, looking over at the hyper active blond.  Naruto grinned, “Because that’s my way of the ninja!!”  And he pulled out a bag of potato chips, courtesy of Akaimichi Chouji, and began to noisily chomp on it.  Kakashi smiled and was about to reopen his book, when suddently he felt a slight chill run down his spine, tingling.  He pocketed the book and surveyed the area quickly.  “You notice it too, Kakashi Sensei?” Sakura asked, reaching her hand into her kunai pouch.  Kakashi nodded and felt his body tensioning, readying for battle.  Naruto looked from Sakura to Kakashi, obviously confused.  “Nande, ‘tebayo?” he said, just as Kakashi hooked his arm around Naruto’s neck and dragged him into the air, away from the ground which seemed to explode right under their feet.  Sakura had also leapt up into the air, away from the crumbling ground.  Naruto gasped and gripped the arm that threatened to choke him.
The three Konoha ninjas landed on the branches of an oak tree.  “Kakashi sensei….” Naruto sputtered, to remind him of the choking ninja still in a headlock.  Kakashi released him, and focused on the cloud of dust.  Two cloaked figures leapt out from the clearing dust, and landed on another tree’s branches.  The blond one shook the stray pieces of hair from his face, and looked up at the three comrades, his mocking smile all too familiar.  The other member, shorter somewhat, had raven black hair and wore an orange mask with only one eyehole over the right eye.  His hair was cut similar to Naruto’s haircut.  Deidara smiled cockily at them, now looking at them from atop one of his clay birds.  Naruto glared up at the other blond ninja and shouted, “AKATSUKI BRAT!!”  Deidara just laughed and sent a shower of clay insects raining down on them.
Sakura leapt out of the path of Deidara’s bombs.  Kakashi, once again, leapt off with poor Naruto in a headlock.  But he was late.  A clay insect already latched onto Naruto’s pant leg and it detonated.  Luckily, it wasn’t enough to blow off Naruto’s leg, it was just enough impact to send both of them flying off in deferent directions.  Naruto was flung at the ground and made a large crater, but he was up in 5 seconds, ready to lash out at the over confident blond.  
Kakashi was blown back, and hurled into the forest.  His back was slammed against a tree trunk and he heard something snap.  His body was also momentarily numb from the impact.  Wind blown out of him, he gasped and sputtered for air.
Finally, after several minutes of attempting to get air into his rebuking lungs, he was able to draw his first decent breath.  Dazed, Kakashi leaned on the tree, momentarily suffering from short-term memory lost.  He was so out of it, that it took the steely blade of a kunai barely striking his cheek to wake him from his blurry thoughts.  The masked Akatsuki member launched another kunai, the aiming was precise.  It took all the sense Kakashi had to doge it at the moment.  His head now clear, he stood the face the enemy.  Tobi aimed another kunai, and it flew out of his gloved hand.  Kakashi deflected it with a shunkuren and tossed two at Tobi.  The raven-haired ninja leapt away from them, and disappeared.  Kakashi looked behind him, above, and to the sides.  Did he run away?  And this thoughts were answered for him when he felt a sharp pain in his abdomenen.  Tobi had kneed him in the gut, and kicked his chin.  Kakashi flew through the air, and smacked against a tree again.  Grunting, he lifted his headband, revealing his sharringan.  He looked at Tobi with his dangerous eyes, observing him.  Tobi lunged forward with a kunai, but Kakashi saw through it, and grabbed his wrist.  “Lesson 1, you attack too hastily.” And he twisted Tobi’s wrist.  Flinching, Tobi broke free from Kakashi’s grip and clutched his wrist.  One thing Tobi did know how to heal, really fast.  As soon as his hand was placed on his snapped wrist, the bone was mended.  Kakashi, stunned, struck out at Tobi with a kunai, barely missing, cutting the front of the black, clouded jacket front open.  Tobi clutched the torn material; he threw an exploding note at Kakashi.  Kakashi was blown back by the forced, but was a decent distance away from it by the time it detonated.  The raven-haired ninja launched himself off a tree at Kakashi, his katana unsheathed.  Kakashi moved, but his arm was cut open, and bled freely.  A distant explosion was heard and a scream followed it.  A loud growl was emitted into the mountain air, and echoed around them.  I can’t let Naruto get into kyuubi form!!  Kakashi thought, on hand blocking Tobi’s kunai and the other about to land a punch on his opponent’s chest.  Tobi was knocked on to a tree by the punch, but leapt back up immediately, preparing another attack.  Kakashi blocked with one arm and gripped Tobi’s jacket front and flung him to the side.  “I need to attend something,” was all Kakashi said and he dashed off, but Tobi followed him, still engaging him in battle.  So, Kakashi punched the mask, in hopes of it slowing his pursuit down.  But, instead, it slowed Kakashi down.  When the mask pieces fell off, each chunking off where Kakashi’s fist made contact, to reveal a very familiar face.  Standing, glaring at him, eye patch over his left eye, was Uchiha Obito.

                                                  :------End of Chapter 2------:
Yay!! It's the second chapter!! n_n finally!! The third one's gonna be a while though... =.= But the second one is here!! nOn Yay!! I hope you like this one as much as people liked the first chapter!

ANd I have to say this again, okay?

This Fanfic doesnot follow the original Naruto story line. It is a fragment of my imagination, okay? OKAY!? Okay!! n_n

And yeah, please read and comment, i need tehm, and comments are luffed. n_n

And this just dawned on me, doesn't the title sound like a KH fanfic? o.o

<-- To chapter 1! [link] | [link] ---> FINALLY!! TO CHAPTER 3!!
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*~*The 7th Years’ Ball*~*

  “Hermione, help!” a high strung female voice broke the silence that formerly reigned in the room.  Hermione Granger, seventh year student and Head Girl at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, looked up from her Charms notes to see her good friend Ginny Weasley looking positively frantic.
  “What is it, Gin?  Did you forget about a Potions quiz again?”
  “No, I- can we talk in private?” the younger girl’s eyes were wild and wide.
  “Just close the door,” Hermione set her notes aside and made space next to her on the bed, “Now, what are you so upset about?”
  “Well, you know how the End of Term Ball for the 7th years is coming up in about a month, right?”
  “Yes…wait, who asked you?”
  “Neville did!  He said he’s always really liked me and never been sure how to prove it.  He hopes taking me to the ball can be a start.”
  “That is so sweet!” Hermione liked Neville as a friend, and knew that he had once had a crush on her but had never harbored any romantic feelings for him.  He was such a nice person; she was glad someone did, “I assume you said yes?” she raised an eyebrow.
  “Of course I did!  How could I not?  Only now I’ve got nothing to wear!” Ginny seemed close to tears now.
  “Okay, there’s a simple solution to all this.  There’s a Hogsmeade trip in one week.  Go down to Gladrags and get yourself some nice robes then.”
  “Two more problems presented there!  One, I know nothing about shopping for robes and two, I’ve got no money!”
  Hermione was suddenly struck with an idea, “Tell you what, I’ll go to Hogsmeade with you and get my robes as well.  I’ll pay for everything.  Consider it my apology for forgetting your birthday.”
  Ginny chuckled. Due to a large amount of stress from schoolwork and Head Girl duties, Hermione had completely forgotten her friend’s birthday.  Though she had apologized countless times, she was still trying to find a way to really make it up to her.
  “Okay, then, it’s settled.  By the way, who are you going with?”
  Before replying, Hermione pulled out her wand and cast both a Privacy Charm and Silencing Charm on her door.  She paused a moment, and then Imperturbed the door as well.
  “What’s with the security?” Ginny seemed bewildered.
  “I haven’t told Ron and Harry who I’m going with and I know they’re trying their damndest to figure out.”
  “Why?  Would they be jealous?” the wheels in Ginny’s head began to turn, and then it came to her, “You’re going with a Slytherin aren’t you?”
  Hermione nodded silently.
  “Well, which one?  I bet it’s Blaise Zabini.  He is so hot.”
  “No, not Blaise, though he did ask me.”
  “He asked you?  When?”
  “He sits next to me in Arithmancy.  We’ve been on friendly terms most of the year and he finally just came out and asked me one day.”
  “Damn girl!  You turned down Blaise Zabini?” Ginny was awestruck.  It was common knowledge in Hogwarts that Blaise Zabini was one of the most sought after boys in the school.  He had almost as many admirers- both male and female- as did Harry and one other person.
  “Yeah, but I think I’ve got the better catch.”
  “Well, you’re obviously not going with Harry.  He and Luna have been dating for close to a year now.  The only guy besides Harry who’s a better catch than Blaise is…are you serious Hermione?  You’re actually going with him?” she knew who it was, but it just did not seem possible.
  “With whom?” though the older girl knew her friend had discovered the identity of her date, she wanted to see how long it would take her to say his name.
  “You’re going with Draco Malfoy!” Ginny nearly yelled.
  “Now that’s why I put all those charms on the door.  Yes, we are going together.  In fact, I have been seeing Draco secretly since February.  We got together, if you want to call it that, on Valentine’s Day, actually,” a smile had replaced the nervous expression on Hermione’s face.
  “That is so cute!  Did he plan it?  Or was it pure coincidence that you met somewhere and before you knew it his lips were on yours and he was holding you tight like you might just fade away if he didn’t?”
  Hermione blushed, as Ginny’s tale was quite the opposite of how they had gotten together.
  “Have you been reading muggle romance novels again?” she asked, laughing slightly.
  “Dad bought them for me.  He said I would enjoy them…which I did,” she added as an afterthought.
  “Well, just so you don’t continue to believe in a fairy that never took place, that wasn’t how it happened.  We met in the Room of Requirement and were both depressed about being alone on Valentine’s Day.  We talked, he kissed me, and everything just went from there.”
  “Did you intend for that to happen?” curiosity still had the better part of Ginny Weasley.
  “No!  Can’t say I regret it though.  Draco’s the best thing that ever happened to me.”
  “Really?  What’s he like, one on one?”
  “Where do I begin?” Hermione paused, reflecting on her boyfriend of slightly more than four months, “First off, he’s amazing to talk to.  He’s intelligent and well read, and witty, and unbelievably sweet.  In fact, on our four-month anniversary, just sixteen days ago, we met again in the Room of Requirement.  When I arrived, he had laid out this picnic type of thing, complete with champagne, chocolate and strawberries.  There was soft music playing and between all that, we talked- and snogged- the night away.”
  “That sounds so nice…hey, is he as hot as everyone says?”
  The older girl raised an eyebrow, giving her friend a look that plainly said ‘What do you think?’  
  Ginny giggled; then said, “So are you going to tell anyone else?”
  “No.  We’ve discussed it, and decided people can find out for themselves at the Ball.  Except…I’m afraid of what Ron might do.  And Harry as well.”
  “You’ve got a point.  Now who’s Ron going with again?” the wheels in the youngest Weasley’s head were starting to turn.
  “Pavarti Patil, he’s had a major crush on her since last year.”
  “Okay, we need to talk to Luna and Pavarti and let them know what’s going on.  The last thing any of us needs is a fight breaking out in the middle of the ball.”
  “You’re right…” Hermione paused, this was turning out to be more difficult than she first thought, “All right, I’ve got an idea.  Find Lavender and bring her up here.  I’ll owl Luna and explain everything.”
  “Hermione Anne Granger how many times do I have to tell you not to touch your hair?!” screeched Pavarti as she, Hermione, and Ginny got changed in the seventh year girls’ dormitory.  Pavarti had insisted on doing everyone’s makeup and had called them all into her room in order to do so.  Hermione would have much preferred to stay in her private Head Girl room and panic, but Pavarti had done an amazing job with both her hair and makeup and she was very grateful.
  “Sorry, Patty, I’m just so nervous…”
  Ginny came striding over as soon as Pavarti had finished applying her makeup.
  “Hermione, you look amazing.  Malfoy…Draco will be totally dazzled by you tonight,” the youngest Weasley, despite harboring an intense dislike for the seventh year Slytherin, used his first name to save her friend the trouble of reminding her to do so, “You care more about his opinion than anyone else’s right?”
  “Well, yes, I’m not dating the rest of the school now am I?”
  “No, you’re not.  Now just stay calm.  And don’t touch your hair!” Ginny disappeared to fix her hair.
  Hermione looked in a nearby mirror and took a deep breath in hopes of calming herself down.  She took in her reflection.  Her dress robes were a deep shade of purple velvet, which perfectly matched the polish on her fingernails and the heeled sandals on her feet.  Her only jewelry was a small silver star on a thin, delicate chain and a small silver bracelet.  As in her fourth year, she had subjected her hair to enormous amounts of Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion and, with Pavarti’s help, had pulled it into an elegant knot at the back of her head.  Her lips were painted light pink and her eyelids had been covered in purple eye shadow.  Finally, Pavarti had dusted her cheeks with rose-colored blush and pronounced her ready.
  “I do look good,” she told herself quietly, “and everything is going to be fine.”
  “That’s the spirit, Mione!” Ginny emerged from the dormitory’s attached bathroom with a smile on her face, “Now how do I look?”
  Ginny’s robes were emerald green, much like the color of Harry’s eyes, with a gold brocade trim.  Her shoes were heeled sandals, like Hermione’s, only they had been subjected to a Color Change Charm to coordinate them with her robes.  She was wearing a small gold dove on a chain around her neck and a gold bracelet carved into the shape of vines of ivy.  She had refused to let Pavarti touch her hair, and had used a Straightening Charm as well as a Hair-Thickening Charm and let her red mane fall well below her shoulders.  Pavarti had subjected Ginny to bronze eye shadow, and crimson lipstick.  She had abstained from the use of blush, and simply applied a small amount of beige powder to the sixth year’s cheeks.
   “Gin, you look great!” Pavarti was also smiling broadly, “but now girls, I must get your opinion.  How do I look?”
   Pavarti’s robes were bronze and made out of a shimmery, shiny material something like silk or satin.  Her shoes were clear strappy sandals and she was wearing a small, pink heart necklace.  She had used a Curling Charm to mold her dark hair into thick, long curls, which fell below her shoulders.  Hermione didn’t know the names of half the cosmetics Pavarti had applied to her own face but they all coordinated perfectly and looked amazing.  She continued to smile, positively radiating confidence.
  “Patty, wow…here, let me prepare you for Ron’s response,” Ginny took a deep breath, “DAMN!”
  “Why would he yell damn?” Hermione was confused.
  “He’s been watching my dad’s muggle movies.  Oh, by the way, he really likes ‘The Princess Diaries’, but I didn’t tell you that.”
  “No, I found out from Seamus, who likes it as well,” Pavarti’s smile was now purely wicked.
  “I like the way you think.  So, are we ready?”
  It was as if a cold hand had gotten a death hold on Hermione’s stomach, she began breathing fast.
  “Guys, I can’t do this.  I’m too scared.”
  “Oh no you don’t!  We’ve already been over this,” Ginny seemed thoroughly aggravated, “You love Draco, you look amazing, and you don’t give a damn about anyone else’s opinion, especially Ron and Harry’s!  Got that?”
  “Yeah…yeah, I think I do.”
  “Good.  Now roar with me!”
  “Roar, did you say?” Hermione was now bewildered as well as nervous.
  “Not only are you dazzling but you are Head Girl and a proud Gryffindor.  Now roar with me!”
  “I don’t roar.  I growl.  And only occasionally…mostly when Ron gets on my nerves.”
  “Well we have to get your confidence up somehow.”
  “I saw something on a muggle commercial once,” Pavarti said, trying to remember, “it was, ‘Never be intimidated, just imagine the other guy in his underwear’.”
  “WHAT?!” Hermione yelled, “No, that’ll only make it worse!”
  “Besides,” Ginny grinned wickedly, “you need to save that for Draco…unless of course you’ve already done it.”
  “GINNY!  I’m going to kill you!  No we haven’t done it yet!” Pavarti looked surprised at this revelation but Hermione ignored her.
  “Whatever, that’s not the point!  The point is that you are going to go to the ball, you are going to have an amazing time and Ron is not going to punch Draco!  Now let’s go!”
  The cold hand on Hermione’s stomach had yet to relinquish its hold.  
  “I can’t do this…I’ll trip over my own feet, Draco won’t be able to stand me…I, I…”
  “I’m tired of listening to this!  Pavarti let’s go!”
     And with those words, Pavarti and Ginny each grabbed one of Hermione’s arms and escorted her from the room.
  “Girls have the oddest conversations sometimes,” said Harry as he sat down in the common room with Ron and Neville.  He was meeting his girlfriend, Luna, at the entrance to the Great Hall.
  “How so?” inquired Ron.
  “Well, I walked by their room and I heard something about underwear.”
  “Underwear?” Neville repeated.
  “Yeah, but it wasn’t about thongs so I didn’t stop to listen.”
  “Underwear?” Neville seemed to only be able to say this one word.
  Harry opened his mouth to reply but it was then that Pavarti, Ginny and Hermione descended the steps.  The three boys all stood.  Ron stared at Pavarti in awe for a moment until he yelled.
  “Glad to know you approve, Ron,” said Pavarti as Ginny sent her an ‘I told you so’ look, “You look nice too,” she finished.
  “All three of you look very handsome,” Hermione said, smiling as widely as Pavarti.
  Ron was wearing the dress robes Fred and George had bought him, which were light brown and mercifully lace free.  Harry was wearing his old green dress robes from their fourth year, only he had lengthened the arms and hem several inches.  Neville’s robes were a deep midnight blue, which went quite nicely with his red face as he looked at Ginny.
  “You…it’s…well…I…Ginny, you look nice,” he finished, grinning sheepishly.
  “Thanks, Neville, you do too.”
  “Well, shall we go then?” asked Hermione.  Harry got a look at her eyes and saw they were terrified despite her smile.  He got the impression that she would have preferred to remain in her room.
  “Where’s your date, Hermione?” asked Neville as the group left the common room.
  “Yeah, and how come you haven’t told us who you’re going with?” asked Ron.
  Hermione rolled her eyes, “I haven’t told you because when last I checked, it’s not any of your business, Ron.  But don’t feel offended because I have yet to tell anyone else.”
  Pavarti sent her the tiniest of winks over Ron’s shoulder and Hermione smiled slightly.
  “You’re going with Terry Boot aren’t you!  He’s been ogling you ever since our fifth year!” Ron proclaimed triumphantly.
  “No, I’m not.  Though now that you mention it, Terry did ask me.  Several times, in fact.  But he finally got the message and is going with Mandy Brocklehurst.”
  “Are you going with Ernie Macmillan?” Harry asked out of nowhere.
  “Absolutely not!  He’s so pompous I’d probably rip off his head before 10 o’clock!”
  “Anyway, he’s got his eyes on Hannah Abott,” Pavarti informed the group, “And before you all continue, Justin Finch-Fletchley is going with Susan Bones, Dean is going with Lavender and Seamus is going with Padma.  Anthony Goldstein’s going with Sally-Anne Perks and Michael Corner is going with Lisa Turpin.”
  Ron seemed to have run out of ideas and the group walked in silence for a while.  Neville had an ill-conceived notion of Hermione going with Colin Creevey, but she squashed the idea without hesitation.
  “Hermione…you wouldn’t be going with a Slytherin…would you?” asked Ron, who sounded as if he was praying that she would say no.
  “And if I am, Ron?” she replied acidly, glad they had reached the Great Hall.
  “You’ll find out in a few minutes.  Now, please excuse me, I need to find my date.”
  Hermione broke away from the group and smiled at Luna Lovegood as she approached Harry.  Luna had not been very surprised when Hermione had told her about her relationship with Draco and had enthusiastically supported them through both keeping her silence and vowing to prevent Harry attacking Draco.
  When she came to the door of room ten, the unused classroom they had agreed to meet in, she opened the door and went inside.  He was there, leaning casually against an old desk, the perfect portrayal of elegance.
  “You’re late,” he said, looking up at her.
  Hermione glanced down at her watch.  Surely she hadn’t taken that long getting rid of Ron?
  “Blame Ron,” she said shortly, “he was all but hell bent on finding out who I’m going with.”
  “You didn’t tell him, did you?”
  “Of course not, Draco.  You know I keep my word.”
  “You also said you’d be here at 7:45,” he sounded angry but his eyes sparkled with laughter, “I had to wait three whole minutes Hermione…and you know how I hate to wait.”
  He stepped closer and she looked up at him with raised eyebrows.
  “Well, I already explained myself and I refuse to grovel.  What more do you want, Draco?”
  “I can think of several things.  Most of them, however, are inappropriate for school.  This, on the other hand…”
  The couple came together in a soft, warm kiss.  Draco silently cursed Hermione for putting her hair up.  Despite all his past taunts about her hair, the thick brown locks on his girlfriend’s head were one of his favorite features of hers.  He contented himself with pulling her closer, so there was almost no space between them.  They pulled apart several minutes later.
  “Do we have to do this?” Hermione said quietly as they stood together, her head resting on his chest near his shoulder.
  “I’m afraid so, love.  Though I would love to stay here with you all night, we need to get this over with.  Besides, McGonagall would skin us alive tomorrow if we didn’t show up.”
  She chuckled at the idea, “you’re right.  I’m being silly.  Let’s do it.”
  “Before we do, however,” Draco withdrew a silver flask from the inside of his gray robes, “a toast.  To insanity and to true love.”
  He took a swig of the contents of the flask and handed it to Hermione, who eyed the metal container apprehensively.
  “Is this what I think it is?”
  “Dear, it’s probably stronger than what you think it is.”
  “To love and insanity,” she threw her head back, took a drink, and no sooner began to cough heavily, “Is that Filch’s silver polish?”
  “It could be…but it’s mostly scotch and something I stole from my father’s liquor cabinet over the summer.”
  Hermione handed back the flask and smiled, “Let’s get it over with.”
  The couple had been so long in the empty room that they were greeted with a stern look from Professor McGonagall as they arrived at the High Table.  
  “How nice of you to finally join us,” she said looking sternly down at them over the square frames of her spectacles.
  “I’m sorry Professor.  I had a last minute emergency with my hair,” Hermione said before Draco could open his mouth.
  “Well you seem to have come out of it just fine.  Now, please, the students await,” she beckoned imperiously to the dance floor and the throng of students surrounding it.
  Arm in arm, Draco and Hermione walked onto the empty floor and turned to face each other.
  “Lying to McGonagall, I never thought I’d see the day.  I think I’m a bad influence on you.”
  “It was only a little white lie.  And besides, it was a last minute emergency, only not with my hair.”
  “You know, I wonder if you’re nervous at all, Hermione.”
  “No…no, not really, why would you suggest it?” her voice sounded high even to herself.
  “Your fingernails are embedded in my shoulder,” he replied glancing down at her left hand.
  “Oh,” she blushed and removed the offending extremities from her boyfriend’s shoulder, “Sorry.  I remembered that the prefects are opening the dancing as well…and I just remembered that Ron’s a prefect.”
  Ron and Pavarti had come to a stop barely three feet from where Hermione and Draco were standing.  Pavarti turned Ron so his back was facing the couple and smiled at Hermione.
  “Don’t worry about me.  I can take Weasley,” he said as the song began.
  “It’s not you I’m worried about, it’s him.  Ron has a dreadful temper and I just know he’ll fly off the handle as soon as he sees us together.”
  “Well, if he does I can assure you right now that I will not hesitate to make his life hell.”
  “That’s one thing I love about you Draco,” she smiled as he twirled her. “You don’t mince words.”
  “Now, there’s got to be more to it than that,” he sounded almost pleading but his eyes still sparkled with silent laughter. “I mean we’ve been dating for close to six months now!”
  “Well, yes, there are several other things actually.  The most prominent of which is your-”
  The applause of the crowd at the end of the song drowned out her words, but Draco got the gist of it.  Hermione winked as he pulled her closer and a slow song began playing.
  “Come on,” Ron said to Pavarti as the first song ended. “Let’s get a drink.”
  He had a dark look in his eyes.  Pavarti was extremely nervous but followed nonetheless.  She and Ron got butterbeers, and joined Harry and Luna at a nearby table.
  “Are you thinking about what I’m thinking about?” Harry asked Ron as they sat down.
  “Yes.  Do you think Malfoy has her hexed?  What if she really likes him?”
  “Harry, use your brains for one second!” Ron snapped, “She’s hated him ever since we got here!”
  “But they have been working together a lot this year.  How do you know things haven’t changed?”
  Pavarti raised her eyebrows at how level headed and sensible Harry was being.  She glanced over at Luna and had a sneaking suspicion the younger Ravenclaw had told her boyfriend everything.
  “I just know, okay?  I’m going to go find out what’s up.”
  “Ron, don’t!” Pavarti put a hand on her boyfriend’s arm.
  “Why not?”
  “Because there’s no reason to!  They’re not hurting you, or anyone else for that matter!”
  “But they are hurting me.  This is bloody betrayal, Pavarti.  I never thought Hermione would do something like this.”
  He wrenched his arm away from her and stalked onto the dance floor.
  “Shit,” muttered Pavarti.  She downed the rest of her butterbeer in two gulps and followed Ron’s path, preparing to do some serious damage control.
  Hermione smiled up at Draco as they pulled apart from a long kiss.  Her happy moment was spoiled, however, when she saw the familiar head of Weasley red hair approaching from the corner of her eye.
  “Don’t hit him unless he hits you first,” she said very quietly.
  “Yes, mummy,” he replied in a bored voice, but squeezed her hand reassuringly nevertheless.
  “OY!  Malfoy!” Ron’s voice cut through the air like a knife.
  “What now, Weasley?  Can’t you find someone else to disturb?” Draco sounded and looked bored.
  “What’s all this about?  What’ve you done to Hermione, eh?”
  “Allow me,” she stopped Draco with a hand on his shoulder and stepped away from him to face one of her best friends, “Ron, I am doing this of my own free will.  I have not been hexed, jinxed, or cursed.  I did not lose or win a bet and I am not being paid.  Draco did not bribe me in any way and what I just said holds true for him as well.  I am here because Draco and I have been dating since February.”
  “February?!  Why didn’t you ever tell anyone?  Don’t you touch her!” Ron sputtered indignantly as one of Draco’s hands began to make its way to Hermione’s hair.
  “Weasley, get off your high horse.  Hermione and I have been dating for close to six months.  I will touch her wherever and whenever I want to.”
  “Not in public, Draco!” Hermione grabbed his hand and placed it on her waist, giggling and blushing.
  “You two are disgusting!  This is completely inappropriate!  I have half a mind to-”
  “Will you just give it a rest already?  Hermione and I have done nothing wrong except, if you want to call it that, crossing house lines.  Which are all but invisible, anyway.  You need to start living in the real world for a change.”
  “Ron stop,” Pavarti put a hand on Ron’s shoulder when he opened his mouth. “They’re not doing anything to harm anyone.  If you want to talk about this further, let’s try to find somewhere more private.”
  He glared darkly at Hermione and Draco, as if they were purest evil.  
  “Fine,” he spat, turning to follow Pavarti off the dance floor.  It seemed as if he would walk away, but he stopped and turned back one last time. “You’re a traitor Hermione.  A bloody traitor.”
  Hermione stepped back as if Ron had hit her.  Draco stepped forward, enraged, and towered over Ron.
  “Weasley, you are the most insensitive prick I have ever had the displeasure to know.  Hermione has hurt nothing and no one except perhaps your fantasy world, which I really don’t give a damn about.  And if I ever hear you call Hermione a traitor or anything else like that again, you will live to regret it.”
  Ron gave the couple one last look of disgust and stalked off after Pavarti.  Draco waited until he looked back, and then pulled Hermione into a comforting hug.
  “I can’t believe he would say something like that…he’s never been…”
  “Such a prick, correct love?” Draco asked quietly.
  “No, I mean yes, I mean…he’s not a prick,” she finished tearfully.
  “He seemed ready to throw away seven years of friendship over invisible house lines.  If that doesn’t make him a prick, tell me what does.”
  “Okay, maybe he was, but…” she paused to stop herself from crying. “Draco I am so sorry you had to go through that.  You didn’t deserve it.”
  “Us Slytherins are used to being attacked for no good reason.  Don’t worry about it.”
  “That doesn’t make it at all fair.”
  “You know, if you want to leave now, that’s fine with me.”
  “No, I’m fine.  I just need to calm down.  We both knew something like this would happen.  Is there anything left in the flask?”
  Draco pulled out the flask and handed it over.  Hermione took a large gulp, returned it, and raised one eyebrow.
  “I believe we were dancing?”
  Taking a gulp of the flask as well, Draco stowed it again and pulled her close as a slow song began to play.
  They danced in silence for a while, both trying to calm down and just enjoy the rest of the night.  Draco had never been one to listen to Muggle music, but that was what Dumbledore insisted on playing and currently a slow song by a group of 5 or so men was filling the hall.  He continued to hold Hermione as he listened to the words.

You are my everything
Nothing you’re love won’t bring
My life is yours alone
The only love I’ve ever known
Your spirit pulls me through
When nothing else will do
Every night I pray
On bended knee
That you will always be my everything

  It was then that Draco gained a new respect for muggle songwriters.  Completely unwittingly, they had captured all his feelings for Hermione in those nine simple lines.  He remembered his life before Hermione, how bitter and resentful he had been.  He supposed this was due to his parents.  As a child he had always had every material thing he wanted, but they had never been there for him when he wanted or needed to talk.  His father was too obsessed with restoring Voldemort to power and his mother had thrown herself headlong into supporting her husband.  Draco had no brothers or sisters, and was left all alone.  At least he was until he found Hermione in the Room of Requirement.  For the first time ever, someone seemed to care what he thought and felt, and wanted to talk to him.  Crabbe and Goyle had never been big conversationalists.  
  As he mulled these thoughts over, a rush of love and gratitude such as he had never known overwhelmed the Slytherin Head Boy.  He pulled his girlfriend closer as he tightened his grip on her waist.  He prayed that they would never be separated.
  “Draco are you okay?” her brown eyes were staring directly into his, which had become cloudy with unshed tears.
  “I’m fine…I just…” he stopped and restarted his sentence. “I just realized how much you mean to me,” as soon as the words left his mouth, he remembered a quote from a muggle romance novel he had found in his mother’s library, “don’t say anything.  Just listen to me. You are the answer to every prayer I’ve offered.  You are a song, a dream, a whisper, and I don’t know how I could have lived without you for as long as I have.  I love you, Hermione, more than you can ever imagine.  I always have and I always will.”
  “Oh, Draco,” tears had fallen down her cheeks now and she was grateful Lavender had used waterproof mascara. “That is so beautiful.  Am I really all that to you?”
  “All that and so much more, love.  You saved me from a lifetime of loneliness.  I know I couldn’t live without you.”
  “Well, I guess I should say my piece,” she wiped away her tears and continued, “I feel the exact same way, Draco.  I’ve never told you this before, but if you hadn’t found me in the Room of Requirement, I probably would have killed myself.  I felt so alone…it was unbearable.  Ron had Pavarti, Harry had Luna, and Ginny was dating Seamus at the time. It seemed like I was the only one who didn’t have somebody.  I was tired of feeling like that.  But then you came along and I realized that I didn’t have to any more.  I owe you my life, Draco, I love you for it and don’t think I could ever thank you enough.”
  “You don’t need to.  Just stay with me.  Forever.”
  “How could I not?  I love you, Draco.”
  “I love you, Hermione,” he said quietly as they came together in a warm kiss.  They stood together in silence for a long time after and both knew they were in this for keeps, and could not bear to be alone again.

  At the close of the ball, near midnight, Draco and Hermione left the Great Hall, both happy and more in love then they ever thought possible.  They turned a corner and saw Harry kissing Luna Lovegood in the moonlight.
  Draco rolled his eyes and Hermione gently swatted his arm.  She knew Harry would do the same, if not worse.
  “Oh, hello,” Luna’s voice rang out merrily in the entrance hall of the castle. “Did you enjoy the ball?”
  “Yes, we did…Luna, could you come with me, please?  We need to talk.” Hermione and Luna walked off together and left Draco and Harry alone.
  “She’s too good for you, you know,” said Harry quietly after the two young men had stared at each other in silence for several moments.
  “What do you mean?”
  “Hermione.  She’s too good for you,” he repeated.
  “Maybe she is, but all I know is that she saved me and I saved her, which was something you were incapable of, Potter.”
  “You saved her?”
  “She told me tonight that if we hadn’t met in the Room of Requirement she probably would have killed herself.  She was tired of being alone.”
  “Well then all I can say is I’m sorry.  I’m sorry I wasn’t there for her like she’s always been for me.”
  “What do you mean, Potter?” curiosity overtook Draco.
  “It’s like this, Malfoy,” he took a deep breath and began. “Growing up, my life was just short of hell.  No one gave a damn about me.  I lived in a closet and never had any real friends.  That all changed when I met Hermione.  She’s always stood by me, even when I was being a thickheaded prick.  She’s one of my best friends and if you ever hurt her, I promise here and now that I will kill you.”
  “But that won’t be necessary now will it?” Hermione and Luna had reappeared, only Hermione was at Harry’s side and Luna was at Draco’s.
  “Of course it won’t, love,” they shared a brief smile and then she turned to Harry.
  “Harry, don’t you ever be sorry.  You’ve had so much hardship and pain in your life and I’m so grateful to have you as a friend.  Besides, I never told anyone how I was feeling.”
  “You didn’t let on at all, either.  But I should have known.”
  “Harry, you’re not psychic or a Seer -thank goodness- you’re my friend.  And maybe this time it was good you didn’t know.”
  “What do you mean?”
  “Well, if you had somehow figured out how I was feeling and taken it upon yourself to comfort me instead of Draco, where would we all be now?” she raised and eyebrow and continued smiling.
  “Good point.  Friends?”
  “Always,” Hermione smiled and hugged her best friend.
  “I’ll talk to Ron,” he said after they separated, “He’ll come around eventually.”
  “Thank you, Harry.  Draco, we should go.  It’s nearly one a.m.”
  There was a mischievous sparkle in his eye that made Hermione smile as she took his arm.
  “Goodnight Luna, goodnight Harry.  I should be back to the tower soon.”
  “I’ll wait up,” there was a smile playing on Harry’s face.
  “I’m sure you will Potter,” Draco was smiling as well, “Good night.”
  The two walked away and the four all sensed that an unbreakable bond had been formed between them.
  “Want to go for a walk?” Draco asked as they drew closer to the entrance hall doors.
  “Sure.  Where are we walking to?”
  “Just to the lake, but I don’t want you to leave yet.”
  She put her arm around his waist as they walked down the grassy slopes in front of the castle.  She wanted to show him she wasn’t going anywhere quickly.
  “I meant what I said tonight, you know,” he said after they stood at the lake together in silence for several minutes, “about how you saved me.”
  “I know you did.  And I meant what I said, too.  I love you more than life, Draco.”
  “I love you too, Hermione.  I hope you can give me a chance to prove that every day we’re alive.”
  As he was talking, he took her hand in his and slipped something on one of the fingers.  Hermione looked down and saw a beautiful diamond set in a white gold ring on her finger.
  “Are you asking…” she found herself suddenly short of breath as she looked down at the ring and then up at Draco.
  He nodded, and she could see all the promise and sincerity in the world within his gray eyes.  She was overcome with a rush of love that it brought her to tears as she nodded and threw her arms around his neck.
  “I love you,” she whispered once the tears had subsided.
  “I love you too.  Don’t ever leave me.”
  Hermione pulled back and looked up at Draco.  She made sure to look straight into his eyes as she answered.
  “I won’t,” she said, and as the couple kissed in the moonlight, both knew it was true and that they would never be alone again.

*~*The End*~*
Trying to keep everything running as normally as possible, Professor McGonagall decides to throw a ball for the 7th year students at the end of the year. Drama abounds, tears are shed, and promises are made. Featuring Hermione, Draco, and an incensed Ron. The text in italics has been taken from either the 98 Degrees song "My Everything" or from The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks.
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