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SHIT this took a long time. Oh's finally done! :faint:

VOICED BY JOEL: :lol: :iconarcanji: :lol:

Well, this was me and Joel, bored one afternoon. We decided HAY LETS MAKE A FLASH. Came up with this idea, which is basically about the whole goodies always win, baddies always looooose.

When we were recording it, Joel decided he wanted to take the piss out of the Death Note dub, and exaggerated lights voice :D.

Anyway, I hope you enjoys it! It's kinda long, but hopefully not TOOOO LONG. Mwahahaha. :love:

Cupcakes bleed yes.
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Ho my god...we dids it. Part two for you.

Thanks again to Jess, Joel and Monica for teh voices! :D

Jessica: :iconaofie-fionn:
Joel: :iconarcanji:

:cake: PART ONE: [link] :cake:

AND NO. DO NOT ASK FOR A PART THREE. NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. too muuuch woooorrrrkkkk.

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This is what happens when Joel and myself...spend too much time...on Skype. It JUST HAPPENED, I have no explanation. :lol:

We was hyper and coffee'd...or at least, I was. :crazy:

(Joel draws monster bunnies in his spare time...he required no coffee. :fear:)

Joel's DA Page: :iconarcanji:
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...Sooooo unprofesh...:shakefist:

Another RANDOMNESS flash...I dunno why we do these, but it's hellish fun tiems when we do. :lol: We did it cause Mr Joel found out how to make the L computer voice thing - so we decided to PLAAAAY with it! :evillaugh:

Fun fun fun to make! Hope you enjooooy watching it!

Joels DA accountlyness = :iconarcanji:

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Well, at least you got the Seizure of Joy, Malfoy Boy! :lol:

Random scenario I've been wanting to draw all week...sept my GODDAMN COMPUTER has been failing beyond all past fail's. Everytime I tried to save it, it DELETED all my work! I was cross, but I think it's fixed now. So all is good and mostly seizure-less! :sun:
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Pwn'd by Draco's

Draco's wand is longah. And who else reckons Mr Malf used to beat Draco with his pimpy snake cane...:devilish:

HA, oh yes and my sister, :iconscampicub: just showed me this! GO NOW: [link]

And hither is where to find the the quote what inspired this piece of random: Harry Pottah, Defly Hallowz, page 14, bout half way dahn.

I think it was the "Voldmort compared lengths...Lucius Malfoy made an involuntary movement..." bit that got me mostly. :innocent:
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(It will take a long time to loaderingering! Gedda coffee. :lol: )

I stressed.

There are jammy bits in it, but this flash deleted itself about 4 times. It jammed up and corrupted itself about 10 times. It's taken about three days after i'd animated it just to get it to the uploady stage...and I don't dare touch it in case I corrupt the file again.

OH WELL it's finally dun. This was a creation I decided to make after watching Forrest Gump a little while ago. I just saw many HP parallels. The initial recording was about 10 mins long so I'll post that in a journal for you to hear soonish. :lol:

There are also Jackson tributes because I was in the middle of making this thing in the early hours of the morning, and that's when I got the breaking news that he was ded. I wasn't exactly a fan but can't deny he was a legend...(a creepy one :fear:)

Hope you enjoys it!

Joels account: :iconarcanji:
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This is the first creation I have made on my new laptop. Hooraaaay! L toadily started the click here virus. :nod:

Thanks to Joel for the voices: :iconarcanji:

Thanks to DJ-Delinquient for the musics: [link]
Direct link to song download: [link]

lol don't panic, they are safe linkys! take my wurd :lol:

And thanks the hacker-folks who started the CLICK HERE virus. Cause although it was a pain in the arse, it actually got pretty funny towards the end. (INMYOPINION)

(omg dudes, dont worry I hasn't haxed the buttons at the end :'D)

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Oh my god, I dunno. I really dunno. I was in a weird impkillery mood. Don't ask. Just have a Merry Christmas and don't ask. :lol:

I originally wrote the rap at the end to be the main flash - but then I sort of got this imp idea out of nowhere(christmascoffeefrommarks'n'sparks NOTJUSTANYCOFFEE,M'N'SCOFFEE.) and that was it. Chucked the rap in at the end though cause Joel did epic good jobs at recording it and making the beets. :D

Anyway, Joel would like you to know that he seriously didn't want me to kill off the imp. It was all my idea. Joel is imp-friendly...

He also didn't want to have a Grinchified face in the end but I CLEARLY WON THERE. :'D)

:santa: Joel: :iconarcanji:

:santa: Impy Theme: Frosty Waltz by Kevin McLeod: [link]

:santa: Credits Theme by Meebs on Newgrounds: [link]


:santa:Xmas-Rap Lyrics:
(I'll make the song downloadable for you at some point.)

It’s that time of year again,
Where santa crawls out of his den,
He breaks ya chimney, eats your pies,
Then he selotapes yo’ eyes.

He does this so that you’ll not see,
He’ll leave shit underneath your tree,
And in the morning you will wake,
For breakfast you’ll have Christmas cake.

If you find some lumps of coal,
Be reflectin’ on your soul,
Cause this is santa’s way of sayin’,
Yo’ been BAD and I will kill you.

Lolol no, I’m only messin’
He wont kill you, don’t be stessin’,
Just have bitchin Christmas fun,
Eat your din dins, yum yum yum,
Go to bed and get some sleeps,
Next comes new year, check my beets.
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Poor Diddykins...:(

EDIT: Haha, for people who can't remember, when the scene first goes to Harry in Deathly Hallows, he has just stepped on a mystery cuppa tea outside his bedroom door in Privet drive...and then he later figures out that it was probably a donation of LUV (<--lol no) from Dudders.

REMEMBAH? No? Go check XD
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