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Similar Deviations
Crono is a dark style for the Murrine engine based on Shiki-Colors [link]

3 color options - Blue, Green and Pink.

This theme requires the latest Murrine engine. (0.90.3+)
The panels use the pixbuf/pixmap engine.

Forms on some websites use the default widgets from the theme. This can be fixed by global or site-specific userstyles (CSS). Opera can use custom CSS files by default in site-preferences (or global). Firefox users need to install the Stylish add-on.

See another screenshot here for preview image information - [link]
(Only difference here is the font UnDotum.)

License: GPL
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My little contribution to the Shift Linux project. - [link]

This is a pixmap + mist theme. (Engines included by default in Ubuntu.)

(CTRL+H to view hidden folders in your filemanager.)

1. Put the emerald theme in /home/username/.emerald/themes/
Open the emerald theme manager and select Shiftie from the list.

2. Put the Shiftie folder in /home/username/.themes/
Open the settings for Appearance and select Customize. Select Shiftie in the widgets list.

3. To use the star-here.png (shift logo) icon you'll need to put it in your current icon theme's folder and backup+remove any icons that are named start-here.svg/png. Your icon theme should be located in /home/username/.icons/.

If you're using an OS default icon theme you'll need to open the gconf-editor and select to use a custom application icon in the applications-menu.

After all this - Terminal > killall gnome-panel to refresh the panels.

Wallpaper is: [link]
The other ones are random pictures of Yuko Ogura that I've found on various websites.


- Fixed bug in tray where some icons moved 1 pixel up or down.
- Minor fix to the Metacity theme.
- Changed preview image. :p

- Made a MurrinaShiftie gtk theme. (Still requires the pixmap engine for the panels.) Should be a little bit faster though.
- New emerald theme - ShiftieGlass.
- Readme and better folder structure in the zip.

- Big update to the gtk theme. All the widgets have been changed.
- Shinier panel buttons.
- Old version with the old widgets also included.

- Metacity theme included. (Update: fixed the title text color)
- Emerald theme fixes.
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Simple and thin.

Full screenshot: [link]

Wall by: [link]
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Kemikal for GTK.

Requires the pixmap and mist engine.

Metacity theme and start-here.png icon included.

Icons are XubuntuStudio from
Font is AvantGarde LT Medium.

To use the start-here.png icon you'll need to check your icon theme. It should be located in /home/username/.icons/ (Press ctrl+h in your file manager to view hidden folders.) If you don't have the .icons folder you can create one and put your icon sets there. (This may however be different if you use any other dist than Debian/Ubuntu. If so, then open gconf editor and select to use a custom icon for the applications menu.)

Go to /.icons/your icon theme/scalable/places/ and see if you have a start-here.svg icon. If you have one, make a backup of it and remove the original. Now go to (or create) the 48x48/places/ folder and make a backup of the start-here.png icon (if any). Then put the start-here icon from Kemikal in that folder. Open a terminal and write killall gnome-panel to refresh the panels.

Update: Another color option included. :)
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:: Concept ::
This time I wanted to create a darker theme with a pixmap bg. Further all control-elements (buttons, scrollbars... etc) should be transparent.
To create this overlay effect and getting it displayed correctly wasn't as easy as I thought it would be and this may cause problems. This makes the theme pretty experimental as well... :)

:: Contents ::
+ 2xgtk
+ 2xmetacity
+ xfwm4
+ 2xemerald
+ gdm
+ userContent.css (Firefox3)
+ NowPlaying screenlet theme

:: GDM ::
If you have a widescreen monitor, please rename the file "bg-wide.png" to "bg.png" in the gdm-theme directory.

Because metacity resizes the titlebar if the title font is too big, I recommend to use the font "snap" as window title font. With other fonts try sizes around 7 and 8.

:: Note ::
To enjoy the theme in all it's sexyness be sure to copy the userContent.css to your firefox profile.
If you find any bugs please let me know (if you have a minute a screenhot would be much appreciated).
The pattern for the bg is from (modified of course).

:: Screenshot ::
The wallpaper (also used as bg for the gdm-theme) is from (slightly modified by me). Thx again Mando for letting me use it!
Icons: Smokikon by magnussuther [link]
Conky: [link]
Font: Snap (artwiz)

:: Changelog v0.5 ::
+ fixed the "This theme will not look as intended..." error
+ new expander style
+ widescreen gdm-bg

:: Changelog v0.4 ::
+ many improvements of the gtk-theme
+ new gtk version with tool- and menubar (Mirav2)
+ new Emerald and Metacity (Mirav2)
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Nothing Out Of The Ordinary.
Never got around to release this port. I started to work on it when I released NOOTO VS but then stopped for some reason. But now it's here and it requires the Aurora GTK Engine, 1.2 or later. The gtk is based on fratrip's Aurora Leopard.

Wall: Kristen Stewart



All my Visual Styles and Skins are "open source". That means you can make modifications and ports as long as you submit it with the same Creative Commons License I use, and a link back to the original work too. No need to ask for permission.
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Use with compiz-fusion for window and panel shadows.

Wallpaper is BASE - [link]



- Minor fix to the panelbutton.

- Decreased the metacity-borders to 0px for a more minimalistic look. If you want to resize your windows x-pos, the easiest way is to alt+middleclick.

If you don't have a 3rd mousebutton you can edit 2 simple lines in the metacity-theme-1.xml file.

Change the value to 3 here:
distance name="left_width" value="0"
distance name="right_width" value="0"

- Decreased the width between the captionbuttons.
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This GTK theme requires the pixmap/pixbuf engine (for the panel) and the latest Murrine SVN engine. It's based on MurrineGlow.

There are Murrine .deb installers for Ubuntu here: [link]

Or you can get the engine through subversion and compile it yourself.

svn checkout [link] murrine
cd murrine
./ --enable-animation
sudo make install

Just copy the [link] above and paste it in your terminal.

I'm trying to learn some more GTK stuff, so I thought the Murrine engine would fit well for this. It's pretty easy to configure. :)

I've included several panelbg graphics that can be applied to different panel heights. The standard is 26px. If you want 22, 24, or 30, you can rename any of those PNG images to panel-bg.png.

Wall: [link]
Icons: KDE4 oxygen.
Font: Futura MdCn BT

License: GPL
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Quick mod of Auriel GTK.

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Wallpaper "My Concrete Playground" by Aphaits [link]
Fluxbox theme [link]
Beryl and xfwm themes included
Conky by me: [link]

Version 0.2: Fixed background color of side pane in gedit etc
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