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My own OCs that I created and drew for pictures and my stories in FanFiction.Net. Here's a bit of info...

Darrel "Darry" Fenton - Danny's half human and half ghost son in the future.

SpongeTron - Robotic clone of SpongeBob in the future.

Tommy Turner - Son of Timmy Turner. Sometimes a troublemaker.

Tammy Turner - Daughter of Timmy Turner and Tommy's sister. Very tough and girly. Has a crush on Jimmy Neutron. Meet the future kids in this link: [link]

Kaylee - New OC (might be used maybe) Darry's half sister from another universe. She's actually the daughter of Danny Fenton and Juniper Lee!

Nikki - Alien Time Fixer and friend of Darry.

Mudslap - Sister of Mudkip siblings. Very mischievous.

Mudshot - Brother of Mudslap and part of Mudkip Silbings. Often worries and overprotective.

Oddball - A toon experiment created by Lilo & Bubbles. Known as the class clown of ToonSchool.

Markl - A moody ghost who can shoot fire balls from his palms, overshadow kids, and feed on emotions from anyone.

Blitz - A mini snowman created by Jimmy and Lilo to create snowy weather in ToonSchool.

Cavean - Emperorian Prince of Artic Island and Penny's brother.

Penny - Emperorian Princess of Artic Island (Sometimes Penny x SpongeBob) Check them out in this link: [link]

Phantom Rider - Danny's Rider Form. (Don't ask why I drew it!) Here's the link and story that'll explain everything: [link]

XJ-900 - Female Robot, who's not really an ally of the future Nicktoons.

Lanny - 12-year-old robotic clone of Danny who was awakened in the future and has no memory of who he is and very shy.

If you like to draw or use them in FanFiction (if you're an author), PM me if you want to: [link]
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This is my own little version of King Mickey and Queen Minnie. I did it in paint so I am pretty impressed with how it came out XD
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I´m not sure what dexters invention is supposed to be. It just should look like an invention.
Dexter from "Dexters Laboratory"
Blossom from "the Powerpuff Girls"
Cindy and Jimmy from "Jimmy Neutron"
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I got pwetty pissed with people complaing about the chi one, and i know people will about this one but i don't give a fook, but Merry Christmas! The quote, is from KHII the first time the go to Halloween Town, and Jack is talking about going to go see "Sandy Claws" I love that part, specially when Santa is saying how Riku told Sora that Santa didn't exist. Infact i love that game ^^

Sora (c) Square Enix
Donald and Goofy (c) Disney
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It was done in TLKFAA online sketcher ^__^
It was fun. And it's my first oekaki ever!
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This is the first nicktoon comic I drew. Okay, maybe I drew some, but I'll submit new comics every week here starting with this one. It might need a but editing though... anyway, hope you like this!
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My darling...


for you...

a papu fruit...! <3


:iconwings-chan: as Namine (Kingdom Hearts) (me)

Roxas - a friend of me =D

:iconsorayahikari: Photo

Edit by me
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Only Named the "Original" Characters:

Jimmy Negatron: I never played the GBA or PC or whathever version, I only get the name!! Ok, he's the bad guy and who caused all the trouble in first place. I hope look evil, because Jimmy is so cute for do a "evil" version... really...

Ginny Neutron: She's my first Fan Character and her story is telled in the comic that I already draw ^^

Ginny Negatron: She's Jimmy Negatron's cousin (What a coincidence!) and it's a some kind of Robot with a lot of Gadgets and, she doesn't talk. In first place, she was a human being, but some strange situations make Jimmy transform her into a robot. All the people supposed that in fact, the only thing that still exist of Ginny Negatron is her body with some robot gadgets, but, the principal part of the life are connected within the twins of every world. If Ginny Neutron still has her soul, What's happen with Ginny Negatron's?

Coronel Sheen: I don't remember why is "Coronel"... ok, everywhere where is a Evil Guy, must be a Good Guy. Sheen from the another dimension is the Good Guy, always watching about Negatron's moves and every else. But, it's Sheen, and, you knows, sometimes it's too hyper for really notice what it's going on. But, if you need help for stop Negatron evil plans, you can count with the Coronel.

Cindy Orbex: She's Cindy from the another side. She is a careful, lovable, allways thinking in the people, carefree golden heart who go everywhere were people need love and... more love. Never thinking in herself, go were the wind and people need her, and that's include another dimension for help a maybe mad genius to get back his good side. Maybe. She loves him and she admit it. And think she can do something for him...

Nurse Libby: Libby from the other side. She doesn't like music, doesn't like parties, doesn't like fashion, doesn't like diversion. Her world it's work. For the another people, but no time for relaxing or something. She doesn't have sense of humor, and always lives with an angry face... ok... put the thing-she-has-in-her-hand (I don't know the name in english) it's funny, sometimes, but the mostly part of time if thinking in her people... The only thing that doesn't change it's she is the best friend of Cindy, I don't know how. Anyway, all the people love her... except when she comes to attend their...

Fortune Teller Carl: He lives in the Graveyard and he cannot go out of here. And in fact, he doesn't care. He can control Dark Magic and see into our futures... but he doesn't want know his. He's happy living with a lot of death things, around of a lot of Spirits of Deaths Thing... You know, he likes death things (Death Llamas?) Sure, he isn't exactly a bad guy, but if you want make another death things, welcome! if not, welcome too! He's open minded and help everybody who comes to the creepy graveyard. He's the best friend of Jimmy Negatron, especially because this Carl doesn't think about stop him. Not like the anothers. Nop. Thanks godness, never the both Carl meet.

Hugh Negatron: Instead you're thinking, he loves ducks and pies. The ducks in the wall and the pies in your face, but he loves ducks and pies. He loves Jimmy's results in trying to conquer the world and trying to keep the chaos in them (sound really evil in some way) because himself training Jimmy about doing that. His dream it's make the world something like this, but, since he cannot because he doesn't have the enough intelligent or resourses and he knows, he's happy with his son doing that. No matter if he finish watch this in the hell, he going be happy. In some sort of way, Jimmy Negatron it's a good son, isn't he?

Judy Negatron: She maybe loves his family, but not really take care about them. She in fact never put rules, never keep the house clean, never thinks about the dinner or something. She thinks if the kid need something, he have to care about it. It's her way. Ok, since he was 7 years old, but that's her. The good part of her, if this is a good part, if she cares about nobody stops her son plans. No matter if are evil or good. But she's always in the kitchen, reading some Magazines. Ok, except when somebody comes to stop the plans of her son...

The Guy in Black: It's the same guy in the chair in the Teen Genius one. Well, you already knows, but, I can't talk too many about him. It's too important for BAaD Comic. Not, really. But, is it really important for being a playable character in Operation Dimension?? I have to say it, but it's my favorite character...

The Nega Guy in Black: The big diference with his version in "Neutron" world is... What they are living. Nothing else. Yep, they actually have no difference =P

Mendel: He's new Ginny's Pet in Blasting Again and Double, but his original story, coming soon in the Comic =P

Nega Goddard: Goddard from the another side. A big machine of destruction. Nothing else. You know, he's Nega Goddard =
Did you notice that some characters have "weapons"? Well, this is supposed be a RPG Maker story, and, for this, some guys are "playable" characters. Here, their weapons and key abilities:

Jimmy Neutron - First Weapon: Sound Blast Gun (Taked from Operation Jet Fusion GBA Game) - Weapon Rank: Hi Range - Special Abilities: Brainblast, Summoning Mech, Goddard

Ginny Neutron - First Weapon: Baseball Bat - Weapon Rank: Low Range - Special Abilities: Combo, Frozen Look (I hope it's clear), Mendel

Sheen Estevez - First Weapon: Official Ultralord Sword (Glows in the Dark ^^!) - Weapon Range: Low Range - Special Abilities: Combo, Cheer

Coronel Sheen - First Weapon: Rope - Weapon Rank: Mid Range - Special Abilities: Cheer - Summoning Mech

Cindy Vortex - First Weapon: Bao Stick - Weapon Rank: Low Range - Special Abilities: Combo x3

Libby Folfax - First Weapon: Blossom YoYo - Weapon Rank: Mid Range - Special Abilities: Cheer - Cure Song

Nurse Libby - First Weapon: Syringe and Megavitamins - Weapon Rank: Low-Mid Range - Special Abilities: Combo - Cure Song

Carl Wheezer - First Weapon: Inhalator - Weapon Rank: Hi Range - Special Abilities: Cure Song - Summoning Florgus

Guy in Black - First Weapon: Inverted Katana, Laser Gun - Weapon Rank: Low-Hi Range - Special Abilities: Combo x2 - Frozen Look

Abilities Explanations:

It's doing original like a RPG Maker story, but my ideal type of game is a some sort of Kingdom Hearts type of battle but a bit less complex. Exists two types of Points: The Classic Hit Points (Your life) and Abilities Point (Use some you can do a special ability). The explanation:

Brainblast: You know exactly how works. But it's just works some times, not with all the enemies (Normaly with the bosses). You can create weapons and "Summons" in some battles if you use a brainblast.

Summoning: Call a "Mech" for change completely your fire capacity. Normaly are only for some especifics kind of enemies, but their damage power are a lot. The mech don't have Abilities Points and are uncappable to refill their HP in battle.
Summoning Florgus: The same thing of behind except that you call a Florgus named Sugarcupe (That's her name???)

Combo: Make a large cambo to one enemy.
Combo x2: A very large combo
Combo x3: Try to survive...

Frozen Look: Froze an area full of enemies with a single watch for few seconds.

Cheer: Fill all people AP

Cure Song: Fill all people HP

Goddard it's in the RPG Maker a some sort of "Magic" for Jimmy. In my ideal type of Game, Goddard can perform some tricks just like keep in the back, go and find, play-the-dead, tranform into a vehicle, you know... been Goddard :P. You just have to call one of the Jimmy abilities, Goddard (It's really original) and then call one of his tricks.

Mendel is the same for Ginny as Goddard is for Jimmy. The difference is Mendel learns less tricks, but sort of them doesn't have to be activated using the "Mendel" command, and acts just like Ginny's moves. The problem for Ginny comes when she aren't with Mendel. Mendel learns things like use his eyes for do Spiderman Web Tricks, be Invisible or use an attack like a Kamehameha ones from Dragon Ball. He's a bit limited compared to Goddard, but it's a lot useful in a character who is more action and less think.

Special Chapters:
I love a lot Hugh's Side Stories in some Jimmy's Episodes, so, I wanted put some sort of Hugh's Chapters some times in the game. He don't fight and anything, but doing little things like go to buy something in Hugh's way must be really funny. Maybe minigames or some sort of them. I don't know. Anyway, I want always, in all my stories have a little Hugh Side Story. My problem is, some times, it's really important for the story and is not a little part for do something funny with him. ^^!

Explanations: Please in the comments =P
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Here is a request and teaser poster for JusSonic's newest parody...JusSonic's Toy Story 2! I hope he likes it and so does everyone else here. Please comment! :D
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Sora and Kairi on the bed with fancy laptop
i want Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep already~_~
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