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My Name's Red
The Color On
The Dead Rose
That Bleeds For You
Im A Single Tear
On A Suicide Letter
That Died For You
Im A Gravestone
In A Cemetary
With Etches in My Skin
To Only Remember Me
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Depressing Poems
Sorry --
What if she died?
And at the funeral her parents told you,
"You could have saved her from herself."
How would that make you feel?
And that night you went home
Sat in your room alone
And killed yourself
Just to be with her again and tell her
"I'm sorry."

Friends --
Why do people try to help me?
Do they care?
I guess they do
But all I do is hurt them
Especially Sarah
She keeps trying to help me
But all I do is push her away
She's my best friend
Why can't I just let her help?

Emptiness --
What if I died right now?
How would you fell?
Sad, depressed, torn apart?
Or would you feel nothing,
But an empty place that can never be filled again?
:iconxx-temari-xx:xX-temari-Xx 328 182 More Like This
Emo Poems
You make me smile when I feel suicidal,
You made me grin when I downed the gin.
Bottoms up, half a cup,
Poisoned with an Overdose of pills.
That sadistic smile's been haunting me for a while.
He wanted me to perish so him I couldn't cherish.
He took my love and sent him above,
But I fear I'll be going the other Way.
Shadows creeping on the wall, they all hate me after all,
They did this to my soul, now they have reached their macabre goal.
Gun to my head, I feel slightly dead,
No matter what's Before me.
Perfume with blood, spots on my hair,
My life is torturous, too much to bear.
Alone I cry, alone I die,
Misery has left me Cold.
When will this end, this hell on earth?
When will I be given new chances, new birth?
My pitiful life, filled with strife,
Who cares what Happens to me?
Demonic halo, angel of shadows,
Banished from heaven, or so it goes,
Bottemless pit, existance grit,
Condemned to Falling helplessly.
My arm hangs down, thoughts racing in my head,
My eyes laid on where you ha
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Poems from 2002+2003 old
I am the burden that keeps you awake
I am the fears that sing you to sleep
I am the flowers that lay by your grave
I am the tears you shall no longer weep
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Emo Poems
Regret --
Many things I regret
I want to take them back
But it's too late
I can never take them back
They've already hurt me so much
What can I do now?

Inside this HELL --
Light fades away
Darkness takes over
My control is gone
I can't be free
Alone and trapped inside this hell
Why won't you save me?
Because it's too late
I'm gone
Lost forever in the darkness
:iconxx-temari-xx:xX-temari-Xx 83 117 More Like This
Two poems
Two poems
Love Lost
I lost a love so pure and so true
Alone and scared I waste away
I lost a love - A love that's you
I pray that you will return one day
And I'm traveling endlessly and forever
My heart points me in your direction
And I'll keep looking - giving up never
Remembering your long lost affection
I gave everything to you and you took it
Ran away without a trace
I gave you my heart and like a bat you bit
But still in my mind I see your face
And as the days seem to grow longer
And time slows down
My love for you becomes stronger
The less you are around
So, my love, when you come back
You will so surely see
That the only thing in this world that you lack
Is me
I see the many blades of grass
Under the endless sky of blue
But something's missing amongst the pass
That one thing missing is you
With long hair and moist skin
My memory of you still haunts
The more I think of you the more I give in
My needs are to satisfy your wants
Left me broken, on the bay,
Within a night of sum
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Untitled Poems
You stab yourself in the heart
With a poison filled barb
We call it depression and
We're ready to medicate
Pop the pills and the pain
Goes away, and you give in
Welcome another happy addict
Cut the skin from my bones
The disgusting sinner falls away
Digitally stimulated and disconnected
Cake the make up on the slut
Remove the tumor implanted within
Fuck the regret you feel, it isn't real
Let loose the anger cannon inside your heart
Explosive emotions fill up the emptiness
Drug me up and spit me out
Eat the sins of your maker
Devour the love you feel
Atone for your imperfection
With pain you will pay
Tear away life, piece by piece
Skeletal regret will never repent
Lick the plastic breast of falsity.
Worship the idol of 'perfection'.
Dance around the store-bought hero.
Celebrate the mundane creativity.
Give into the bland world they've ma
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The Little Things
A touch on the arm
A smile
A compliment
One look into your beautiful, blue-green eyes
All I have
I keep in my mind
Replaying over and over
My playlist of you
Of all the little things
The only ones I have
For what good
Is money or possessions
When the one you love
Will never be yours?
When you have to imagine
How it would feel
For your lips to meet?
I'd never tell you
How much I love to hear you speak
How many times I've listened to you
Watched you from across the room
Or how many times I've feared
That you'd realize it
And you can never find out
That my eyes have never seen someone
The way they see you
That my heart has never soared so high
As it did when you touched me
Or that each second I realize more and more
I'm falling
I'm falling
For you
I Should Tell You
Your eyes
Your lips
Your hair
And over
And over in my mind
Do you notice how I look at you?
Do you care?
Beautiful, beautiful wisdom drips from your every word
Craving your approval every second
Of every
:iconjackharknessharter:JackHarknessHarter 114 38 More Like This
English Poems 2
Drowning in Depression
Can you tell she hides behind a mask?
One covered by giggles, smiles and laughs?
Can you tell she's the girl who always cries,
And makes up for it with all her lies?
She manages to smile,
When her heart screams to cry.
There are even days when she wishes to die.
She's the shy moon, hiding behind clouds
Keeping secrets hidden away.
She feels abandoned like a lost little dog
Wishing someone would just come along
Someone who'd like her, and just take her home,
Giving her love, giving her hope,
And helping her when her back's against the rope.
Maybe someday she'll have lots of fun,
And maybe, just maybe, you'll be the one
Who gets her to really laugh and really smile,
Even if it is for only a short while.
Waiting for her Love
She sits by the pond with a smile on her face,
Waiting for someone who'll make her heart race.
She looks around with a parasol in hand
Trying to find someone she can call her man.
With her eyes as blue as the cheongsam she wore,
:iconmizuhara-kon:Mizuhara-Kon 89 23 More Like This
SCSA20 Poems--the pain inside
I just want the pain to go away
      but it won't.
How am I supposed to
      erase this pain inside of me?
Come to my world
       and feel how I feel.
Somewhere I belong to this world
        but yet I don't.
Why won't you take me
        away from this world yet?
Please leave me be.
This world is no more
         then a dump.
But why am I here?
Why am I still living?
          KILL ME!!!
I guess I feel love
          after all.
:iconscsa20:scsa20 80 19 More Like This
Gone is what we used to be.
I regret it now; I finally see....
It's time to set these feelings free
That once almost destroyed me.
You probably don't think it's true,
But, yes, I was in love with you.
I just now realized that we're through,
And I think it's split my heart in two.
Even though I know we're over,
Sometimes I still look over my shoulder,
Hoping it's me that you're looking at, though you're holding her.
I can feel my heart freeze.....It gets colder and colder.
One day soon it will break,
But what difference does it make?
I have realized my mistake,
But, alas, it is too late.
To have ever loved in the first place
Was what brought me to such disgrace.
By staying here, I'm losing face.
By leaving, my hopes go to waste.
I won't try to get back together;
I don't think that would work, not ever,
But losing you's got me feeling rather
Not quite right....under the weather.
I know you may not get this letter;
That's probably for the better,
And while my rhyming scheme's not clever,
:iconmadhatterkyoko:madhatterkyoko 217 198 More Like This
My love . . .
My love you are gone from my view.
You do not know how much value you are to me?
My love you are gone.
And you're not here where you belong.
I know so day you'll come back.
So I can sleep soundly in my sack.
I love you my love.
And I know you'll come back.
Inspired by my love
One and Only
Erik you are my one and only.
Without you I feel so lonely.
You are perfect in my eyes.
And I love to surprise you.
I love to see your smiling face.
Others might think you're lonely.
But your not . . .
My one and only.
Inspired by Erik my one and only
Because of you
Because of you.
You never make me blue.
Because of you.
You always made me happy.
Because of you.
You always knew.
Because it's all about you.
Inspired by Erik
:iconyoyorulesinthefuture:yoyorulesinthefuture 94 34 More Like This
My poems.
My addiction;;
You’re the blood running through my cut up veins
You’re the air that I gasp to breathe
You are everything I truly need
Without you my life is dark and incomplete
You are the one who puts that smile on my undetermined confused face
I often wonder and question my life
Sometimes ask myself why I am still here
It’s as I am consuming the elixir and wine
After eating that plant from that thorny vine of life
That I realize I could still die in heaven and in hell
Because you won’t be there
I need you with me
You are the life support they put me on
You are the only reason I stay alive
You are like my rehab
Yet you are also like the needle in my arm
You are my disease
The disease that could end up killing me
I need you and want you so much
It’s an addiction
You are my drug
The one I can’t live without
The one that helps me
The one that makes me better
You are everything I need
Please never leave me
You mean most everything to me
You are the only one w
:iconstephh14d:stephh14d 79 10 More Like This
Untitled Poems
Erase this pain
Erase his face
Erase this love my heart intakes.
Please I scream I can't let go.
His face after 2 years is all I know.
I want to let go yet my heart yearns.
A certain song can make me cry,
A time on the clock can make me cry.
These little things remind me of you,
And what we often used to do.
I know you'll never care,
but without you its not fair.
I love you and care about you everyday.
But still there's not point of loveing you anyway.
I'm telling you this and I'm telling you now,
I'm trying not to love you but I don't know how.
So many tears that i have cried
-- they got me nowhere fast
so many cuts upon my wrist
-- you didn't get a scratch
these self-inflicted horrors
they make what once had been a dream
into a nightmare starring me
you'll never care i hurt myself
(i can't redeal the cards i'm dealt)
and as i'm trying to move on
this pain makes me fall farther down
this razor does not help a bit
:iconcar0l:Car0l 54 13 More Like This
My heart beats the same for everyone but him.
I cant breath, speak or move when he comes around the corner.
Motionless, shocked, in awe and in love.
Scream your heart out.
You will be heard.
Everyone is listening.
Your heart will scream.
Its pounding so hard.
I can hear it.
Wake up baby, it's time to grow up.
I've been staining this razor for too long.
I can't handle any of this anymore.
Do away with me and Slit my throat.
I dont know who did,
but someone put stars in your eyes.
I cant stop smiling when i talk to you.
Standing alone
Waiting for you to come and stand by me.
I miss you so much
This pain is so unreal
Why do i even have to feel?
Its killing me inside
My world is dark and Gray
Please come and stand with me, untill the end of day.
:iconjoojoobear:JooJooBear 68 14 More Like This
What These Eyes See
With these eyes, I look at thee
And see not what others see
Instead I see beneath the mask
To find out what, you need not ask
You need but look into your heart
To find out what you truly are
Your heart is black, far from divine
But shame on me, for so is mine.
My Angel
You are my angel,  and even though
Your skin may not be as white as snow
Your wings they are the deepest black
That would put to shame a witch’s cat
And instead of a halo, you have horns
The tips of which are sharp as thorns
You’re still my angel, and you should know
Whatever your destination, my soul will go.
I feel I’m trapped, nowhere to go
Time quickly passes and flows
I look around, but can see nothing
Nor hear a sound, nor feel a sting
I believe that you will truly find
That I am trapped within my mind.
What Lies Within
In shadow, in darkness, beneath everyone's guise,
Past the flesh, through the bone, hidden with lies,
A face, a secret, that the world won't abid
:icongraveripper:Graveripper 179 50 More Like This
Love Poems
To not be alone.
To have someone to wish goodnight to.
To have someone who always cares.
To have someone always understand.
To hear someone say,
I love you.
An aurora of peace and happiness,
The tender touch of love struck me down, unprepared,
When I looked into your eyes.
My heart was like stone,
Hiding away all pain.
Not allowing me to feel.
All it took was for you to say, "I love you,"
To free my heart.
Now I love and it's thanks to you.
I can say with all my heart,
I love you Juliana.   
Desires of the Heart
A desire of the heart,
A passionate flame.
The warmth of a star,
Burning bright inside.
The longings of a soul; for that indescribable light,
Like a moth to flame we fly towards love.  
My love Juliana taught me this.  
Delicate flower,
Blooming tonight,
With a heavenly fragrance.
That describes you,
My love,
My Juliana.
Stretched out on green grass,
With a warm sun overhead.
My mind drifts on the tails of the w
:iconzachthehurricane:ZachtheHurricane 316 156 More Like This
My poems
                                 Sorry I'm not "PERFECT"
Sorry I'm not smart enough for you,
Sorry I'm weaker than you,
Sorry I'm not as wonderful as you are all the time,
Sorry I'm not "a little angel" all the time,
Sorry I'm such a "disappointment",
Sorry I'm not completely obedient to your every whim,
Sorry I don't worship the ground you walk on,
Sorry I'm not the daughter you wanted,
                                               I just don't know
I just don't know what I should believe.
One minute you say you don't want me here, the next you want
:iconcara-doughnut-lady:Cara-Doughnut-Lady 110 126 More Like This
Sitting in a corner,
As I always do,
Lost in the nothing,
Surrounded by it too,
I turn to you,
Then you turn away,
A scamper here,
And a tumble there,
Is that all the effort that you got?
Laying on my bed,
The ceiling above,
Blank as always,
Boring as always,
Just like you,
Lying as always,
Denying as always,
Is it really that hard for you to see?
Turning the knob,
You invite yourself in,
Go away I tell you,
But you ignore me,
You scream and yell,
You beat my insides,
Making life a hell,
It brings you pleasure,
I know it does,
You like seeing me this way,
How many days I wonder,
Until I fade away?
Staring at me,
You glare,
Into insides beyond the mere,
I'm only a child,
A poor defenseless child,
How you love watching me crumble,
Being blown away by little things,
You love this more than anything,
And all you do is deny what I say,
My soul will burn,
And the insides split,
While you remain unswayed....
How little you see,
Understanding little,
Seeing little,
Nothing new for me,
:iconsasukesakatsukilover:sasukesakatsukilover 252 383 More Like This
                                                 As Long As You
  The first time we met, I could see,
That you and I, were meant to be.
Your eyes were so gentle, your smile so true,
When you first held my hand, I just knew.
  Now the time has gone by, through laughter and tears,
These days I shall cherish, for years upon years.
Those memories we have, shall never fade,
For those are the steps, that we have made.
  That was the past, the future is near,
I anxiously wait, for what will appear.
New homes, more laughter, and children so dear,
Everything will be wonderful, as long as you're near.
:icongatmatt9:gatmatt9 78 9 More Like This
Standing on my roof
Wind blowing in my hair
All alone was I
Because of my who I'd come to be
Others only stared
Then it began to storm
Salt tears on fresh rain
I fell off my roof
Sure soon to feel more pain
You caught me without harm
Even in the awful beating
Of the thundering rain
All the tourment of lonelyness
And all my inside pain
Your my sheild and Coat of Arms
My flag to show the way
After all the awful things I said
Even closer now you stay
And my heart this Rooftop Storm tonight
Forever will be warmed
By a fire I'll never let fade
:iconflaming-guitar:Flaming-Guitar 336 148 More Like This
Poems from the heart
I am a girl who isn't wanted around. By who?
Not by friends, not by family, not by you.
Yes, you.
Don't deny it. You know it's true.
I am a girl who is only in the way.
And thus, left astray.
For the rest of the day.
With loneliness, no longer afraid to stay locked away.
I am a girl who thought you loved me.
It turns out you'd be better off without me.
Used to get tingles when I said "we".
Used to think our love could grow taller than a tree.
I am a girl who is oblivious.
Isn't it obvious?
Why couldn't I see?
You didn't want me.
You'll never want me.
And that's the way it'll always be.
2nd Rate
That is just great.
I want you, and you know it.
But you're taken, and have back up.
I'll guess I'll just have to wait.
I'm only second rate.
You flirt and toy with my emotions
Compliments and flattery.
But I'm not on your list yet.
I guess I'll have to wait.
I'm only second rate.
You flip flop wives.
But will I ever have a turn?
I guess I'll have to wait.
I'm only second rate.
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