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Blue is the colour of the Squids love for Sephiroth :D

Done this in Watercolour, Acrylic, Copic markers and PS8
wanted to only spend 2 days on it but Due to doin other stuff took 3 days.

it was by Popular Demand that i do more art of Sephiroth and his Squid xDD
i dont know whether u should think this is good or just be Horrified :D but i hope u like :heart:

tnx for viewin~
this pic was follow up to the middle pic in this deviation [link]
LOL i encourage Everyone on DA to do pics of Sephy and his Squid GO GO GO!!! :D theres not enough!
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EDIT: colour version is here >>> [link]

This has been Lying on my PC for a week or two now.
i was looking thru pictures and decided to Submit as a lineart.
im gonna watercolour it tonight and then Submit when i finish it at some point in nxt few days.

Its A Final Fantasy X pic of Tidus and Yuna in the Macalania woods when they Kiss for the first time.
i was motivated to do this after i re-cleared it recently and seen that scene.

FFX!!! Waht a Really Great Game!!!

took 2 days to do lines. 1 for pencil and 1 for ink

tnx for viewing
hope u like.
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Ummmmmmmmm these are a few pictures i drew in College this last week in my sketch book while i was Bored and then i coloured them yesterday also outta boredom.

there jus like playing around with ideas and practice...

1. Infinite sadness.
picture i drew of a girl who has her Heart broken

2. Squid For Sale.
I dedicate this to :iconterra86: she will know why :D
All FF7 fans will get the Sephiroth with a Squid Joke xDD
*EDIT* alot of people dont get the Sephy n Squiddy thing...
its like a Pun for Safer Sephiroth xDD

3. Drop the Star
Jus a picture of a Star Keeper. was doing this while tlkin to a guy in my class and not doing college work as usual :)

Pics are jus quick mini illustrations so didnt make the Quality so great *swt*

Hope u like :D
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:heart:Happy Valentines day:heart:

Ya. was iffy whether to deviate this or not :///
done it really fast sometime last week and left it laying on my desk forgotten about but just decided to throw it into my gallery before Valentines day ends.

lol added to the other 42145539 valentines day pictures submitted :D

Concept is pretty straight forward.
Edward from FMA falling to his Death!!!!
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I Never ever do art trades. i always say no but some days ago ~Kapot noted me asking if i would do a art trade with her so i for some reason said ok cause of a weird mood i was in.

ill do her Cloud if she does me Sephiroth.
so yesterday when i woke up i done this.
took about 3-4 hours.

i might do a few more art trades but more than likely it will only be with my friends on DA :D

Hope u all like and i hope ur happy with it Kapot <33454
now I WANT MY SEPHIROTH!!!! xDD :heart:
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This is my aproach on HellBoy Art.
ive always respected the work of Mike Mignola.

This is given to my Brother Sider for his Birthday
Happy Birthday.

I did this illustration in Copic Marker.
it is my first time colouring a picture with markers even tho i had bought them ages ago XDD

if anyone is good with Marker work can they give me tips/advice to improve myself??

Lineart is here>>> [link]

as some of u know i ranted on in my Journal about a guy who said because my art style is Anime/Manga thus i was not capable of drawing anything else so i drew this.

i really hope i proved my point.
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First Deviation of 08 :D

Just something simple to start off the Year.

for the last week or so ive been working on a set of KH pictures and this morning decided to take a break from doing them and done this.

Quick Sketch of Sora
Done on Watercolour Board 9x12
HB lead, 0.1 Liner
then Red paint Splatter onto the Heart
time taken, about 1 hour.

Tnx for Viewin :heart:
Happy New Year ~
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Full View or ur head will fall off :D

YEAAA i told *elsevilla id do him some Lullaby fanart to thank him for the Advice he's given me on my artworks.
if not for his Brilliant advice on my lines and Influence id be nowhere near the level im at now and i one day pray to be even near the level he is on. so im dong this to show my apreciation.
+ i always want to Draw Lullaby XDD

i wasnt gonna Deviate the lines and just Deviate colour when its done but i think he prefers linework over colour so ill just Deviate the lineart also :)

Lullaby Belongs to my Master :iconelsevilla:
hope u like Man!!!
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Done this after i finished Port Royal area in KH2

i cut my thumb today :(
so when i was colouring this it was stinging holding the pen.
i had to use Super glue to fix it cause there was no plasters

it took me about 14 hours

i think i rushed this too much but im trying to get faster.
i dont like spending too much time on a picture. i get bored

I love Kingdom Hearts. im doing alot of KH art lately.

out of all the KH characters i think the one id least like to be is Donald. cause he`s a Duck and Ducks always look sad i think
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Blame Julie~:iconkitten-chan::heart:

another Quick one.
Not everyones cup of tea but guys dont draw enough of this stuff
*isnt Gay* i swear!!!
im as Manly as they come!!! Ask Julie!

Took about 2 hours. did it earlier today based on a Sketch i gave to Julie when we where at some Cafe yesterday which was ran by a complete BIIATCH!!!! :slap:
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