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Web 2.0 Wallpaper... 1024 x 768, lemme know if u need any other resolutions..


EDIT: Have added the 1280 x 1024 version, click on download to download the wallpaper pack

EDIT: Have included the source files both png and psd in the zip file of this wallpaper. so that you can make the necessary customization to suit your requirements..
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Ahhhh, about time, right? Vista Reflections 2 has been my most popular web posting of anything, ever (that is not saying that much, but meh). I do keep up on all of its comments and such, and someone asked: "Why don't you make one for Vista?" To that, I said, "Why the fuck don't I make one for Vista?" Fun stuff, right? I set about taking the now seemingly crappy design of VR2 and making it actually look good and decided to style it like Vista. I kept the same look and idea to the entire thing, but this time around used an actual custom-made Windows Vista window; fit with the glass and all, it looks pretty sexy and pretty authentic.

Anyhow, I've included three resolutions:

I figured those were used most. Most other resolutions should look just fine using one of the same aspect ratios. Contact me if you need help or REALLY need me to custom make your resolution.

This is NOT made for any specific program. I know there are a few out there. I included directions on how to use it with LogonStudio Vista, but it should work with anything you've got. Let me know if you need help with that.

Bonus time! I was thinking of you guys, I've included the super amazing Photoshop PSDs used to make this mofo. Directions are included in the readme, but you are gonna be able to make this to use ANY background and have it look just as good as the original. If you don't have Photoshop, hit me with a message and I'll do my best to accommodate; I aim to please.

***IT IS TO YOUR BENEFIT TO RTFM, I'VE ALREADY HAD MANY INQUIRES THAT ARE CLEARLY COVERED. Saves everyone time, hehe. (use the readme.txt)***

Enjoy Vista Reflections 3, and let's get it to be more popular than its second counterpart!

Note: You are encouraged to make your own versions of it and share them with others. I thought about a watermark on this thing, but that is not my style. Please link back to my deviantArt account, please? :(
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4 colors - Blue, Graphite, Green, Pink
2 variations - 3 pillars or several pillars
2 sizes - 2560x1600 and 1680x1050.

Resize the larger one if you have 1920x1200. Resize the smaller one if you have a lower res than 1680x1050.

Tip: More colors can be added if you change the Hue in an image editor. In Photoshop you just have to press ctrl+u and change the sliders.

Pattern is from the generator at [link]
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I've always loved these simple pattern wallpapers. They're the only type i can stand for very long, other than a plain, solid colour.

So this is a little template to make your own. Click "Download" to get a ZIP file containing the Photoshop PSD.

The PSD will open very small. This is to keep the file size down. It's always annoyed me when people make a wallpaper, then have it in a thousand variations of colour and every possible resolution, making the download 50mb or something ridiculous.

So with this template, you can resize the image yourself to what ever size you like. It's built with adjustment layers, so it won't pixelate or blur. You can choose your own pattern or change the colour very easily.

The only problem is that you need photoshop to be able to do all this... so if you don't have photoshop and want it at a different size, i guess let me know and i'll see what i can do :P

Original pattern from [link]

I've put some more sizes and a black version for download here
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Grey Pattern is my new pack of the "RealPaper Collection".
6 versions with no text. No light include.

Please full view is better.

Enjoy ! :D

My last Wall of the "Real Paper Collection" here : [link] and the others here : [link]
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Requested by [link]
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Gallery Icon

- PNG formats only
- 256x256 - 16x16 px
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UPDATE (Oct. 19):

22 New Icons Added!

Current contents:

- 32 dock icons
Folder Icons:
- Pictures Folder
- Documents Folder
- Downloads Folder
- User Directory Folder
File Type Icons:

System Icons:
- 2 Computer Icons
- Show Desktop
- Registry
- Recycle Bin (Empty Icon and Full Icon)
- Control Panel
Application Icons:
- PowerPoint Icon
- Word Icon
- Excel Icon
- Publisher Icon
- Notepad Icon
- Windows Media Player Icon
Disc Type Icons:
- DVD Icon
- DVD-RW Icon
- HD DVD Icon
- DVD-DL Icon
- CD Icon
- CD-RW Icon
- Blu-Ray Disc Icon
- 1 Clock Icon
- 1 Clock Gadget (many hand types available)

*NOTE* All Icons are 256x256 so they will be clear when blown up by Vista. (.ICO Versions are not included in this version.)

Coming Soon:
- More Icons
- .ICO versions of each icon for use with windows folders, files, drives, etc.

I made these during my spare time as Dock icons for my computer.

I am not nearly done - I plan to have a set of over 50 similarly themed icons when I'm done.

Here are a few I have finished so far. As I finish more, I will update this page with the new ones I create.

I encourage you to critique my work so that I can perfect the icons I have already finished and the ones I will make. Thanks for helping!

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Free social media wood icon pack--17 different social media icons for all you web marketing needs. These are high-resolution, 500 pixel PNG images.



You may use this freely for personal or commercial work with no attribution necessary. You may not claim them as your own, resell them, or redistribute them as is. Please link to our download page if you like them!

Download here
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This is a PSD Template for customizing your own Preview Icon.
Anyone is free to modify and release his/her own version of the icon as long as credit is given to the original source upon release.

Will Stroud 2007

Let me know what you think.
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