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my second icons set. 50 software icons in PNG, WIN and MAC formats.

full preview here. [link]

additional sunbird and mozilla icons here [link]
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Full view is massive! :D

This is a spin-off of my Front Row Realistic Skin for mac [link] and I basically made .ICO files out of the mac skin for vista users.

.png and .ico

Iiro Jä;ppinen [] icon inspiration
Lokheed [] icon inspiration

my other icons: [link]
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Here's yet another set of minimal icons that work against dark backgrounds well. There are 20 standard icons, 1 folder icon, and 5 'group' icons (like the adobe one in the preview) for themes, like Adobe Creative Suite or MS Office.

All are 128*128 transparent-background PNGs.

Included Icons:
Adobe Stack
Generic Stack
Desktop/Window Stack
Office Stack
Favorites Stack
Start Menu
Google Chrome
Show Desktop (down arrow)
Internet Explorer
Illustrator (CS2 flower)
InDesign (CS2 butterfly)
Itunes/Music (music note)
Photoshop (CS2 feather)
Shut Down
Recycle bin/Trash
Screenshot (dashed square)
Task Manager (graph)
Word Processing

Dec. 21 Update:
Maps (compass)
Windows Media Player

(Font is Diavlo from exljbris)
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this is the drives set. my next set will most likely be folders.

feel free to use them for yourself. if you make money off these i will cut down your family tree :D

enjoy and support :)
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3 icons in PNG format.

PNG Download, Comments & Favs in Musett's DeviantART: Musett DeviantART
ICO, ICNS and icontainer available on:

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Well it is finished. An Icon inspired by the incredibly talented Jonas Rask. Nowhere as good as his, but I tried lol.

Surprise there is also another one I made with an apple remote. I'm pleased with the results. I didn't make the itunes note. I believe its from the original Leopard icons. *at least I hope* So it would mimic the same thing.

Errr.... I don't know what else to say lol. I like it... not as much as I love my seagate icon :love: lol

BTW. The Mac icons may not work properly still :( If not the PNG files are available too.

Enjoy! :)
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Made this a long time ago...very simple, not bad i think, for a change:)
2 versions (transparent+black)
PNG 256
ICO 256
ICNS 256
Please comment, and enjoy :)
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gaming icons in 3d cartoon style. thanks for those who suggested this pack. you can actually use the icons for game emulators like SNES and Sega. been playing a lot of old games lately and its really fun.

18 icons for PC and MAC.

full preview here. [link]

just added xbox 360, SNK, and gravis joypad. now all 30 icons.
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subject: launchers
software: adobe photoshop CS3

This is the second iconpack I release for dock software like Avant-Window-Navigator, Cairo-Dock, Rocketdock, etc...

Content: 147 different PNG icons - 6 different categories
Resolution: 512x512 pixels
Total FileSize: 12 MB

Click here to download

Customize it by yourself!:
For further customization, I added a "template" folder within the .zip archive, containing:

- a .xcf file [for GIMP]
- a .psd file [for Photoshop]
- the font I used in these icons

First you need to install the fonts, then you can edit the .xcf or the .psd.

To install the fonts:
-WindowsXP users: simply copy the fonts via drag&drop within the folder C:\Windows\Fonts
-WindowsVista users: just right click the fonts and select "Install"
-GNU/Linux users: Just copy the fonts within your desktop, then type in a terminal
sudo cp ~/Desktop/Cholla* /usr/share/fonts/
sudo fc-cache -fv

List of content:

- acidrip
- alcohol120%
- amarok
- amaya
- audacious
- audacity
- avidemux
- beep_media_player
- blender
- brasero
- cinelerra
- devede
- foobar
- frontpage
- gnomad2
- itunes
- k3b
- kaffeine
- kplayer
- mandvd
- mplayer
- nerolinux
- noatun
- nvu
- pitivi
- powerdvd
- quicktime
- realplayer
- rhythmbox
- serpentine
- sonata
- songbird
- sony
- soundjuicer
- totem
- vlc
- winamp
- windows_media_player
- xine
- xmms

Office and Productivity:
- 3d_studio_max
- access
- after_effects
- archicad
- autocad
- base
- bridge
- calc
- cinema_4_d
- coreldraw
- draw
- dreamweaver
- excel
- flash
- gimp
- illustrator
- impress
- inkscape
- math
- maya
- paint_shop_pro
- photoshop
- powerpoint
- premiere
- reader
- rhinoceros
- wine
- vmware
- word
- writer
- xsane

Internet and Communications:
- µtorrent
- amsn
- amule
- azureus
- bearshare
- bittorrent
- deluge
- edonkey
- ekiga
- emesene
- epiphany
- evolution
- filezilla
- firefox
- flashget
- gabber
- gaim
- gftp
- google_earth
- internet_explorer
- kmail
- kmess
- konqueror
- kontact
- kopete
- limewire
- mercury
- opera
- outlook_express
- pidgin
- psi
- revconnect
- safari
- thunderbird
- windows_live_mail
- windows_live_messenger
- xchat

- ccleaner
- disk_ defrag
- gedit
- kate
- kino
- registry_cleaner
- synaptic
- terminal
- tuneup_utilities
- vim
- your_uninstaller!

Folders Links:
- blog
- clips
- computer
- dark
- deviantart
- divx
- documents
- downloads
- home
- file_system
- hard_disk
- movies
- music
- pics
- recycle_bin_empty
- recycle_bin_full
- setup_files
- themes
- video
- wallpapers

- hibernate
- lock
- logoff
- reboot
- shutdown
- standby
- switch_user
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Click the preview for a better and detailed idea.

Please Respect Copyrights!!
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