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A mock-up of a style I would like to see being used in Windows 8.
I just wanted to express my views on the future of Windows, and since I found this wonderful contest, I decided there couldn't be a better way to share my ideas...


Changes I would like to see in Windows 8:

1. Do away with AeroGlass! I would really like to see a different view on the use of transparency - there should be a greater degree of window opacity.
2. Bring in a black and grey carbon-themed skin.
3. Make the Start Menu feature a cut-down version of Explorer to allow you to actually "start" directly with your files.
4. Improve the logon screen.
5. Separate the permanent elements of the taskbar and the open windows into two separate bars.
6. Make the more common buttons simple to access.
7. Add transparency to inactive windows in order to bring focus onto active ones.

What I would like to be kept the same:

1. Keep the Window switching method in Windows 7, but use names instead of icons.
2. Keep Flip3D (though I hardly use it any more ;) )
3. Maintain the stability and the performance speeds experienced in Windows 7 (which is now my primary OS).


Critiques are enabled.


Salman Arif
Ideas Unlimited...
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This is an exclusive mockup for Gaia 09 - A project to raise awareness for climate change:

Climate change and the conservation of our planet is one of the most important issues facing us today. A group of designers and themers have tried to find a way of contributing their own part. How though could a website about desktop customization help to combat global warming?

A mentionable majoritiy of co2 emission is produced by industry. Private households also add significantly to the problem by using multiple fridges, televisions, cars and - last but not least - personal computers. So what can we do to support the movement? With this project, we want to raise awareness for the issue and remind users of nature and its beauty. To remind you of shutting down your computer at night if it's not in use. To turn your gadgets off instead of having them on standby.

With this voluminous release of skins for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux we want to bring attention to the topic in the community and hope to make you think more about the issue and your own ecological footprint.

We hope this project will reach a lot of people. If you want to help us by writing an article, blog entry or an interview feel free to contact us!

Join this project on [link]

We are currently looking for artists, musicians and writers to join our team! So come over and join this project for a great cause!
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finally finished.. :phew: %100 brushed!

please add it to your favs.. i need your support.. :please:

media: photoshop cs3, wacom intuos3 6x8" tablet
reference image: [link]

2007 © Emre Husmen
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129 layers
time - 2 weeks
wallpaper: Corn Field by Kano89

Many tnks for my friend SinedRock for ideas and point of view!
i like this project, and the taskbar i need more work, but, how i do not have more time this is my entry! Is not finish!

I do not have nothing to say, only that I liked a lot of participation! learned a lot too! because I did not have the habit of making these "mockups" before starting my work.

I would like to ask you a :+fav: and wish me good luck ;)

Remaining 1 day for the new - Come to check - Tomorrow 06/13 - Innovating Your Concepts
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I literally had 2 days to finish this project just to meet the deadline and I finally uploaded it with 10 minutes left to spare. I really wish I could have devoted more time into this but realistically, I had other priorities.

Regardless, "Contagious" was the initial emotional response after I drove a Scion (TC to be particular). I was in California visiting my sister and she has a fully loaded 05' model. I took it for a cruise down I5 and eventually absorbed that contagious Scion feeling.

Design Brief:

For this design piece, a subtle cf-based front end is mixed with the racer boy colors of vibrant red and black. As it progresses through the body lines, a balance of abstract thoughts and rhythms finally emerge. It is also complimented with an import model and a set of 18" Volk Racing RE30's to commemorate the Scion's presence in the import-tuning culture.
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Probably what I would use if I still was in window...

Inspired in: [link]

scroolbars inspired by kowoolo and icons by David Lanham
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Hmm, so this is my version of myself as the Mad Hatter of Alice in Wonderland.
I really like how it turned out. :D

I have been working on this on my free time in the last two weeks or so, and I'm thankful to finally finish it.
Digitally painted in Photoshop CS2.

When I saw the Picture Yourself in Wonderland contest, I thought I had to do draw something for it, or else I wouldn't be ME, since I am quite a fan of the film. :3

So here it is.
:D I hope you like it.
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Full view recommended! The detail isn't shown well in the preview pic/smaller version.


An artist created this. I created this. It speaks with its own language. A language of colors. Behind this work lies my failures, yet I refused to give up until it shone with my strengths and weaknesses, as apparent or invisible as they may seem. I created this to be symbolic and unique. Fractals rely on other fractals. Patterns hide within patterns. They work together. This is not a single fractal, it is many. Nature never relies on one single pattern for every creation. It has the harmony of many. I attempted to recreate just a fraction of my inspiration's flawless work.

Every artist relies on human senses to convey emotions through their talent, ingenuity, and equipment. Speaking visually relies on designing a stunning array of colors, shapes, and textures which must be craftily spun into a piece others can admire and appreciate. The style of creating must begin with a type of art, chosen between talent area and preferences. Yet, myriads of mediums exist to express every way to communicate without words. Major rifts in this area occur in choosing to be an artist of a certain sense, or of a type. The word “Artist” sparks thoughts of visual art, as is the most traditional path. This is also the path of my artistic ability.

Choosing a path towards visual mediums leans towards traditional art and recently a new dawn of digital art has emerged as technology has blossomed. This hardware is built for numerous sectors, and gives each a helping hand each year. Movies are getting more digitally edited, gamers are getting better graphics straight from their desktops, and objects can be printed from 3D models. Paints, pencils, chalks, canvas and paper are still a very valid form of visual art, yet we are giving way to a wave of digital artists. This new breed is armed with programs, tablets, math, and a more convenient way to share and communicate each and every piece through the Internet. I am amongst those in this revolutionary group. Art is shifting to meet the modern age, and I follow suit using my talents. I have chosen this path, for I am an “Artist”. I speak visual, I design digital.


Original size-- 4000x5000

At least 4 hours were put into this. Probably more like 6.

All fractals previously unused and rendered through Apophysis for use in this contest.

Nvidia® claw logo owned by Nvidia®, 2008, 2009. Used with permission.
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"Mom!!! I touch the sun!!!!"

When you are a kid nothing is impossible.....

I take this photo in the summer, you can see the mother with her 2 childs. :D

I correct some leves and i made the frame, that was the only thing that i do in photoshop.

i send this photo to the "Against the light" contest >> [link]

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1 Fav Up!!

I took some references and I made A Mario Fella!

An all time classic mixed with the deviant fella!

Hope you like it!!
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