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The infection...... its spreading. a design so infectious it should be quarantined.

one of my entries into the skin a scion contest

remember to dance :dance:
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"Mom!!! I touch the sun!!!!"

When you are a kid nothing is impossible.....

I take this photo in the summer, you can see the mother with her 2 childs. :D

I correct some leves and i made the frame, that was the only thing that i do in photoshop.

i send this photo to the "Against the light" contest >> [link]

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Soo.. it's finally ready !!! took me maany nights to paint this... and month to think the composition colours etc etc... before starting to paint...

took about 5 nights to paint it so about 40+ hours...

almost no one didn't type how they did their pics or what was their idea... but i will =)

so i painted this digitally... so gategory is digital painting :D

i wanted really do it in really different place than others and think beyond the mainstream... no existing city nor jungle or desert... and for the skin no tribals, flames, brush strokes or characters...

my first idea for the skin was shattered glass... but when i had painted the environment... i realized that it wouldn't look so fitting and cool...

soo... i tought mutilated metal would be very fitting... like it's hammered together in ancient times :O uuu....

i hope it flourish in the contest !!!
me too wanna win something sometimes... :phew:
never have ;<

comments & critiques are always welcomed as always :D

EDITTO: tonal changes and fine tuning here and there...
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This idea started with the factory red Scion xD. As the sporty stock shell/skin comes off and rises away from the car, it reveals a black xD with a snake skin paint job on a body kit inspired by the Desert Horned Viper Snakes with its distinctive horn behind its eyes.

I also integrated some carbon fiber parts with the snake skin paint job to create different textures but at the same time, still complimenting each other.

The body kit is my own design and 100% air brushed. This whole piece was done solely with Photoshop CS.

Here is the base car I used. [link]
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finally finished.. :phew: %100 brushed!

please add it to your favs.. i need your support.. :please:

media: photoshop cs3, wacom intuos3 6x8" tablet
reference image: [link]

2007 © Emre Husmen
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I literally had 2 days to finish this project just to meet the deadline and I finally uploaded it with 10 minutes left to spare. I really wish I could have devoted more time into this but realistically, I had other priorities.

Regardless, "Contagious" was the initial emotional response after I drove a Scion (TC to be particular). I was in California visiting my sister and she has a fully loaded 05' model. I took it for a cruise down I5 and eventually absorbed that contagious Scion feeling.

Design Brief:

For this design piece, a subtle cf-based front end is mixed with the racer boy colors of vibrant red and black. As it progresses through the body lines, a balance of abstract thoughts and rhythms finally emerge. It is also complimented with an import model and a set of 18" Volk Racing RE30's to commemorate the Scion's presence in the import-tuning culture.
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ok I try with this one it's baby of some other idea for this contest but i haven't time to arrange it .

how to :

wooden dude + fishing lines

raw shoot
throw out lines , normal color curves corretion sharpening , and improwe some elements (bacground shadows) c

message i think is clear enough ... thats why I gave such undesriptive title
more descriptive will be dedication :

I would like to dedicate this photo for people which have the spine stiffened by blunt pale of etiquette




thanks a lot for comments and faves it really helps move my lazy ass XD
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model: sunrays through a seashell

submission for the against the light contest.
if you like it, please FAV it! :+fav:

download to full view it
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