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Realm icon pack:
I tried to focus on the simplicity/usefullnes but to the style as well. I made this icon pack in one day so I didnt have time to make very meny icons, but I might release more icons in the serie.

- 32 icons in PNG. + ICO. fileformats.
- Readme and Preview file.

Copyright ©2007 Miika Ahvenjärvi |
Only for personal use. Eny commercial purposes are strictly prohibited. Wallpaper on the preview is a modification of my own wallpaper.

Filesize of the pack: Extremily low. (1,5mb)

If you download, I would appreciate if you :+fav: , thank you!
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Legal notice: All icons referencing a product or brand may not be commercially used.

6 Icons for a 6 Macintosh programs/locations.

- Hard Drive
- Monitor
- Finder
- X11
- GarageBand
- Quicktime

iTunes is located in the main pack, just incase you suggest it. Which brings me to my next point - I'm not familiar with Mac's at all, so if you have any programs you'd like to suggest, go ahead ;)

PNG format, 512x512. Again not familiar with Macs, if they need to be altered for them to work properly with the dock, just say.
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The icons have been featured as part of fediaFedia's Omnimo 3 Rainmeter theme in the software collection of German computer magazine c't, No. 26, 2010/12/06.


The packet includes 116 system and 165 application dock icons in 128x128, 48x48, 32x32 and 16x16 pixel size.

Additional Links:

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Just as I have updated my previous set Radium, I've also decided to update iVista (well its one of my most popular icon sets, so why not?) Most of the 100 icons in this pack are created from scratch. Unfortunately I've not created the icons at 512 x 512 pixels, so the Mac port of these icons will not be considered Leopard Ready.

Anyway, I hope you like this set of icons, and enjoy.

Formats avaliable for download
iVista² PNGs
iVista² Windows Icons
iVista² Mac Icons (up to 256 x 256 resolution only)
iVista² IconPackager

Legal Information
These icons are copyright © and are intended only for personal desktop use. You may not redistribute or modify these icons and release them without my written permission.

Distributing these icons commercially or using them with intent for monetary gains is prohibited.

If you are interested in using these icons commercially or for personal projects, please contact me at

Copyright © 2007 gakuseiSean
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Boxes vista-like : Operating Software Icons
©2006 by TPDK

Theses icons are based on the new packaging for Windows Vista.
26 icons for various OS (13 icons in two categories : box with disc and without disc). Sorry if I forgot some but I put a selection from recent and famous OS.
Free for non-commercial use.

.png format & .ico format in 256x256 pixels.

Original icon design from ©Microsoft ©Windows ©Vista by Microsoft Corporation. Alls rights reserved.
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my second icons set. 50 software icons in PNG, WIN and MAC formats.

full preview here. [link]

additional sunbird and mozilla icons here [link]
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Ajust's Glass Folders Readme:

Included in zip:
PNG Folder (15 x , 256 by 256 pixel, PNG images based on the windows vista virtual folders.)*

*Drawn from scratch!

Free for private use.
Not for commercial use.
Please don't redistribute these png files as your own.

Ajust XD


Here's the constructor set (PSD file): [link]

[EDIT 20090316]
Sheesh I can't believe how many views & downloads this set has gotten!
I'm glad you guys are liking it :)
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Longhorn Icon Pack
Release 2

- Added Forward icon;
- Added CD/DVD Drive icon;
- Added Control Panel icon;
- Added Device Manager icon;
- Added Games icon;
- Added Hard Disk icon;
- Added Printers & Faxes icon;
- Added Speech Recognition icon;
- Added Sticky Note icon;
- Added WMP icon;
- Added Search icon;
- Added Collaboration icon © Robert Stein III
- Added Globe icon © Robert Stein III
- Improved Contacts icon
- Improved Documents Storage icon
- Improved Run icon

+bonus Longhorn Pearl and Glass logos

- Added icons from LH build 4074
1. Contacts icons:
- Company (offline, DND, online);
- Group (offline, DND, online);
- Person (offline, DND, online)
2. Other icons:
- Folder
- Keyboard
- Mouse
- Message
- Mobile Syncronization
- Pictures Stack

[Flahorn@deviantArt | Watch Me]
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These pack includes 868 PNG icons 128x128pixels wide.
These wonderful icons are the result of a hard work made by the developer of, which will be included within KDE4.
The GNOME port has been wonderfully made by nanolx, and widely available on the web.

Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies of this license document, but changing it is not allowed.
This version of the GNU Lesser General Public License incorporates the terms and conditions of version 3 of the GNU General Public License.

To install Oxygen-Refit icons within Ubuntu [or on any other Gnome based GNU/Linux distro, like Fedora, Linux Mint, etc.], please refer at this link or my blog.

Like Oxygen Refit? You'd also like my hydroxygen iconset.
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The second part of my Hydro series. I didn't bother with many icons in this pack as I doubt many people will use them. I like them but you know...

Based of Windows 98, I created the 5 graphics:
- Plain folder
- My Documents
- Recycle bin (empty and full)
- My Computer

All icons are PNG format, at 512x512 size.
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