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UPDATE: 08-14-2010

If you don't like the wallpaper you can just replace it with your own ;P

To install these themes unzip the PS3 folder on your USB drive. Insert the USB Drive on your PS3 and go to Settings > Themes Settings > Theme > Install and select your USD Drive.

Terms of Use:

These themes are personal use only. The images and icons used in these themes are property of
Distributing these images and icons commercially or with any intent for monetary gains is prohibited. NO MODIFICATIONS, PORT OR REDISTRIBUTION WITHOUT PERMISSION..

By downloading this file you agree to follow these terms of use.

Copyright 2008-2010 StudioTwentyEight - All rights reserved.
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We all know this is inevitable. From DeBeers to AT&T, history shows how corporate cannibalism forms imminent monopolies. It's just a matter of time.
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A set of fully customizable classical 75 web icons in sharp, clean, minimal design.

Use them in your HTML or Flash projects as icons, buttons or just as optical treat. Perfectly fits the style of your web page as it contains only basic colors and outlines.

The included PNG files are optimized for small size (4-8 Kb). The included PSD file is ready for your customization.

Thank you for your time!

Download: [link]


* 74 pieces
* Included themes
- Dark version
- Light version
* Available sizes
- Normal
- Small
* PNG + PSD image format
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Needlz v4, final!
This is the updated version of [link] .
- changed background
- aligned content,
- added roll-overs,
- removed bold style from the copyright.
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Just some logo designs I´ve made some time ago. The selected one was the blue one.
The product was a project managment software.
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This is a JW FLV Player concept for [link]

I plan to code it this weekend along with some other concept I've made.

--Coming Soon...and no, you may not use this for anything at the moment!--

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UPDATE: I'm nearing the completion of this program. It does a lot more now, such as saving, loading and managing parameter files stored on the computer, flashing updates to the actual program on the control board (that was a BITCH to code), and, well, more (I haven't worked on it in a few months, can't remember exactly what's new). Anyway, here's a new display image. Shows nothing new, I actually made this last year for my portfolio for uni interviews. I figured it looked better.


Started about 2 months ago, this piece of software was built from scratch just by myself for a company.This utility connects to their products via an RS232 com port to send and receive data through it's very straightforward and clean interface.

Being the first time I have ever even attempted this kind of communication, I decided to use some familiar programs to get the job done. So, after hours upon hours of researching and experimenting, I figured out how to communcate data from Adobe Flash, to Visual Basic, to the control board, then back again.

Communication was a little complex since reading and writing data was done using a series of hexadecimal values, and since there isn't a whole lot of support for hex values in Visual Basic or Flash, a lot of converting was necessary.

Finally the moment came where I had successfully bridged the gaps between all programs, and had reading and writing happening flawlessly. Version 0.1 BETA features the ability to save and open preference files, complete with it's own file-type. Communication via remote GSM is under production.

a little bit of the reason I've had no time for icons!
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Download the New version here - [link]

New Pack available - MetroDroid

Now there is 7 main sections, with total 209 icons*3 colours - white, blue and black (overall 627 icons). The files are 256 x 256px ico files (from 16 to 256px) and 256 x 256px png files.


[Version 1.0] Windows Phone 7 Icons - CLEAN, LIGHT, OPEN.

The ZIP file include:

- 84 png files, 128 x 128 px
- 84 ico files, 128 x 128 px

History of changes:

[tmp] - MetroIcons template - BR 08052011
[2.40] - MetroDroid - BR 09032011
[2.30] - MediaStars - BR 20112010
[2.20] - MetroStation - MU 18112010
[2.19] - MetroStation - MU 22102010
[2.10] - MetroStation - MU 20102010
[2.00] - MetroStation - BR 19102010
[1.00] - Windows Phone 7 Icons - BR 01062010

Used Programs:

    My work must not to be edited, distributed, sold or uploaded anywhere without my writen expressed permission. If you have any doubts or would like to use it or have a special license for a commercial work, please note me, or leave a comment. Thanks.
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background based on [link] by zygat3r

comments pls :)
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Web Graphics fully editable in Adobe Photoshop CS layered PSD file – vector shapes, texts and effects.
It took me ~ 5 hours to finish and add final touch :) Hope you`ll like it.

• Work done in PhotoshopCS. Size 590 x xxxx pixels

• Fonts used:
default Windows/MAC/Amiga system fonts: Helvetica; Arial; Arial Narrow, Arial Black; Verdana, Tahoma & MyriadPRO fonts family [that comes with AdobeCS package]

• Archive includes:
djnick-mainfile.psd [with all editable: layers, vector shapes, texts and effect styles]

All forms and shapes are scalable as everything is drawn with Photoshop vector tool.

All buttons has its ON / OFF state [to see how they look when they are hovered with mouse].

Everything is easily editable with perfectly groupped, stored and named layers.

All work is done by me in Adobe Photoshop CS.

• FULL archive can be downloaded from this page:


• more stuff to download from here:

• or file-listing here:

• If you like this kind of web work, support me :)

djnick / deetronic //
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