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YAY I GOT THEM ALL DONE AT LAST WOOOOOO I'm so happy I got something done for once <3333

:iconmouseychu: - Mango
Don't have much to say about this one, your character is very cute of course <333

:iconayanoshao: - Toffee & Caramel Kitties
Uhh, sorry, I would have liked to put more work into these guys but everytime I tried they just looked SO bad. So I'll make it up to you some other time. Their sideburns are supposed to be like stripe patterns here.

:iconshelafox: - Glaceon
Again, not much to say, tis a Glaceon, hope you like it <3

:iconlady-ducky: - Tac
R.I.P. . . I hope I have represented this cutie well enough, she was so pretty, I just loved her patterning. . . Princess Tac ftw <3

:iconiphysik: - 9
WOAH this guy is hard to draw @__@; I totally respect you even more now for drawing 9 stuff so much. Still haven't seen this movie so I feel kind of awkward drawing the character but hopefully that's good enough <33

:iconphantos: - Gogglesaurus
Another hard one, I've never tried to draw a dinosaur before, Pokemon don't count lD; Urrr, well I hope I at least did okay, I honestly tried very hard even though it's just a sketch, but I dunno anything about drawing dinosaurs haha lD;

:iconhappypants3: - Homestar Runner
Homestar Wunner. Uhh, again, and again, not much to say, for something so simple, it isn't easy for me to draw lD

:iconmewoftheclouds: - Bolt
He doesn't look Disney enough -shot-

:iconharu-dozo: - Natsumi
Haha I draw your character a lot and I feel like I get worse everytime, I'm really sorry, I DID try with this though! So I hope you like it still ;w;

:iconjiiojioppo: - Malt
Your character is so cute but I fail at drawing it. Someday I want to try doing a serious pic of this OC though cuz it's just so cute, love that design <3

:iconchocolii: - Pimp Swellow
OKAY. I DO NOT KNOW IF YOU LITERALLY MEANT YOU WANTED A SWELLOW THAT IS A PIMP. Either way, THIS WAS FUN. And I'm seriously tempted to finish this. Hope it's pimp enough for ya <3

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Three out of twenty preliminary illustrations for the ballet of Sleeping Beauty, five of which I decided to upload.

Welcome to my favorite piece; please ignore the briars on the big branch, they're terrible.

A variant of this will be done as the final painting.
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Brian (Republic of Ireland) again!

"In all manifestations the each uisce is a fearsome creature who can deceive and torment mortals. A sleek and handsome steed, it almost offers itself to be ridden. When humans bridle and saddle them, they make fine horses, as long as they do not catch sight of salt water. When this happens, the each uisce bounds into the water with its helpless rider on its back; the horse may later devour the rider. Only the human liver will be rejected, which then floats to the surface.

It belongs to the same family of water horses as the Scottish each uisge and the aughisky and bears some relationship with the Welsh ceffyl dwfr."
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:giggle: Breeding between my DT Ramsque [link] and ~EquusEquidae's EqS Wun Juhmp Ahed [link]

Preston and Wun Juhmp's handler (let's call him Ricky) decided that while Ricky was getting Inca (Wun Jump Ahed) ready, Preston would take Ramsque on a walk down the driveway and around the property, so he'd be distracted from the mare, who would be in the south paddock (Paddock 1) for the breeding.

Preston led Rams down the driveway, along the stream and the pond, around near the owner's residence, and back toward the stable. A pretty good workout, right? Maybe he'll be a bit less exciteable. Ha, Wrong.

As soon as the paddock and the mare came into sight, Rams's head shot up and he let out a piercing whinny. Suddenly he veered away from Preston, and was prancing and dancing and rearing. Inca watched curiously from inside the fence. It took all of Preston's strength to keep the stallion from galloping away to the mare. Ramsque was desperate for the mare.

After a long and laborious struggle, Preston finally managed to keep Rams grounded long enough to lead him into the paddock. Both were sweaty from their struggles. But once the gate was closed, the halters came off, and the two horses ventured off on their own.


This is how I have always imagined Ramsque to act for every breeding. It kinda made me giggle on the inside to see the breeding pictures of him by others and he's standing nice and still, like a polite gentleman.


(not that those breeding pictures were bad, my friends. I loved them all!)

Ramsque: "But Preston, you don't understand! I NEED that mare! And I will drag you across the ground if that's what it takes!!"


Can't wait to design the foal!

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:Technical Stuff:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:
Ref: [link]
Background: [link]
Tools used: Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet and PS Elements 6
Estimated time: 5 hours
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I put this as a scrap because it isn't a good picture in itself but it just a picture I want to share with people because I can't get over just how amazing it is to find such a complete representation of a human form or at least of a recognizable shape in a natural formation.

Human beings always try to imitate nature through science or arts. But here we have a woman straight out of the victorian era (hair and dress and posture) emerging from the grain of the wood.

I can't help but think that, had I had sliced the piece of wood thousands of times before and after the visible slice and had I put the slices side by side, I would have probably witnessed the lady dancing. At least, I like to think that.

I think that people aren't as impressed by nature as the should be... or sometimes they just lack imagination. It doesn't kill to look at the world with the eyes of a child every once in a while. Look at a flower like you've never ever seen one in your life, look at the moon, a tree, clouds or the patterns in wood. That's the kind of things you'll miss if you don't.
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Just a little Easter celebration =^_^=
Our latest addition of hatchlings =)
This will be our last batch of chickens too, as we no longer have the hatching machine.
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Happy Birthday :iconphantos:!!!

This is her awesome dragon character Tennotsukai... really enjoying that cake XD The character description said something about eating a cow... so I thought, a cow colored cake and... this happened XD

Hope you have a wonderful birthday :aww:
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I have loved every single minute drawing this!!!
It's great fun ...:nod:
I love dramatic, high contrast images, just in case you hadn't noticed!!
Not much to do now, another couple of hours I think.

Thank you to :iconvioletmorphine: for allowing me to draw this:blowkiss:

A3 Bristol Board
Graphite pencils

Many thanks for looking:heart:
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working with a new style, and trying to perfect my idea of what a unicorn should look like C: I wanted it to blend in, therefore the somewhat monochromatic scheme. C:
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For a class, its a unicorn based mostly off of an Indian deer. I personally think unicorns are more deerlike anyways.
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